If someone were to touch Duane's glamoured face, would it feel like his real one? Wild said person's fingers slide through his fake nose and onto what was once his real one, or would his hand stay on top of the glamour?

Nope, their hand would go right through and rest on scratchy, dessicated zombie face.

Do living beings have some khert resistance akin to first materials? Else any two bit wright could be a walking disintegrator by removing aspects from people's faces

Not just living beings, but the more complicated a material or object is, the more resistant it is to manipulation. The khert doesn't categorize complexity via how many atomic elements compose it but rather has its own categorization system based on the "rawness" of materials.

This resistance is different from the resistance of First Materials. First Materials have their own distinct, isolated internal networks that crowd out and repel the network at large. Complicated materials are just the opposite. Their complexity demands a denseness of multitudinous khert lines to describe and convey their fullness, and infiltrating those dense lines with external pymary hacking is at best slow, and at worst futile.

Babbling about my silly magic system is what I missed most all weekend *sunglasses*

"Some say Starfish has a rash that makes his testicles look like a large and shiny strawberry." Great, now Strawberry Fish are ruined for me forever. :-(


Yo dawg, just say that the bag is a pymaric with the "inner dimension" aspect switched out with a large storage locker or something. Problem solve-a-roonied.

Naw, "inner dimension" is too object-specific, not material-specific enough to sound like a viable material Aspect slot. The khert is concerned with materials, not the objects that humans fashion them into.

Is the Third Option something we could conceivably guess from stuff in the comic/formspring so far?

It was something people were trying to guess on here like, earlier in the year? Or maybe even last year? It's nothing outlandish even by Earth standards, cultures here have engaged in the practise.

If I were to take Matty and spin him around really fas a lot, would Chitz get dizzy?


Character concept: Armless tacit caster who's spells are colourless. Noone knows he's a wright because of how subtle he is. Yea or nay?

I think the khert would get pissed off and melt his brain just for cheekiness.

Re: Bottomless bags - highly secret application of extra Space aspect? Or extra aspects of Length, Width and Depth? Hard enough to do that it can't be scaled up much beyond suitcase size. Keeps it from breaking the system.

Yeah, pymarically expanding the bag's dimensions is no problem. The puzzler is why inserted items disappear from the senses. You could easily expand the bag and have it still look small, but then inserted items should be visible, "clipping" with the unaltered image, and would presumably be touchable just hovering in space at the wearer's side. I think raw pymary isn't quite the right path for it. The bag needs to have merits beyond just hiding the size of your luggage; it should lighten the load as well or else it doesn't seem like it'd be worth the expense.

I did like the idea of the portaling panel - the panel of FM that syncs to a twin somewhere in the world and creates a gate. It's simple but powerful. The Aspect switch here is purely one of coordinates, but you have the switch be on a constant loop, creating a field that takes anything that touches the panels through to the other side (with conditions in place so things wind up where they should be and you don't take the wearer's hand off when they stick it through). I think the big problem was having that twinned location be inside a Beadman's facility. Seems like a big privacy breach. So maybe you buy the bag and its twinned portal panel at the same time, and you put the panel in somewhere safe at home and then always have access to that larger space via the travelling bag.

Yep, that's the way!

PAP of your last Halloween costume

I wonder if anyone else thinks of pap smears every time you use PAP as an acronym.

"Respect the Khert, aspirant." I interpret this response as meaning he existed and was destroyed by the Khert in his quest. It's canon now, you said it!


What is Anadyne's natural eye colour?

Dark brown.

Can pymary target specific parts of a person's anatomy? Like, could you reassign the tone/density/firmness/whatever of the muscles in a mugger's legs to a stick, and then hit them with the stick while they struggle to stand up?

Pymary concerns itself with materials, their Aspects, and physical space. It can handle all three of those.

What's up to you is to know how to manipulate all these things to your advantage, and manipulate them in a way that makes logical and consistent sense according to the laws of the world. Not to delve too deeply into your off the cuff example, but do you believe there would be an Aspect slot for "muscle tone" in a stick? Not likely. The materials are too different, the Aspects aren't interchangeable, the idea makes little sense, and the attempt itself would probably go poorly for the wright trying it.

It would make much more sense to the khert to attack the bones if you want to knock your opponent down by switching Aspects with a stick. But then it sounds like you would snap their legs (which may be what you want). You also need to hit them with the spell, and if you're confident of doing that you may as well be launching an actual attack at them and not a debuff/handicap.

Are there rich people with whole doors designed in the fashion of Beadman's bags? Step through a door in the city and then suddenly looking out into the country a hundred miles away?

That would be illegal because.

I think I'm going to change how bottomless bags work. I'm not satisfied with the previous method, it is silly. I shall think on it while I'm in the car for six hours this weekend.

On that note, adieu until Sunday, Formspring.

How did the Red Berry Boys get their name? It isn't exactly the most fearsome of gang names.

Some say it's because their first lair was discovered in the Madishanian town of Redbury. Some say it was because the people who found that lair took the stone urns full of gooey crimson innards to be large vats of red berry preserves. Some say Starfish has a rash that makes his testicles look like a large and shiny strawberry.

No one knows for sure.

I demand that there exist a Black Tongue whose only specialty and claim to illegal magic is the generation of baked goods!

Did the pursuit of pie-mary keep him up at night? Did he endeavor tirelessly to create the perfect cookie-less cookie? Did he travel the world in pursuit of the tastiest chocolate Aspect and the gooiest marchmallow Aspect and the flakiest pie crust Aspect? Did he find them? Did he combine them into a mammoth confection the likes of which the world had never before seen? Did he try to take a bite out of it? Did the khert melt him like that creepy Nazi from the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark?

Respect the Khert, aspirant.

Is Knock a killer for the pay, the enjoyment or both?

Knock's a tough because the other option presented to her was to be a whore. She's learned to appreciate it.

Does Duane know positive things about constructs, like making/fixing, or just how to make them go boom?

Oh, no, he's never had any experience like that with 'em. He does have some pymaric knowledge - a lot more than Quigley anyway - and could probably be helpful if it came to dealing mechanically with a construct.

So are Cresce and Alderode suppose to be equally bad because Alderode has rampant sexism and a love for child plat soldiers. What does Cresce do that makes them as bad as Alderode?

I don't classify any country as "bad." The countries are countries, with their positives and their negatives. You can hate Alderode and love Cresce or hate Cresce and love Alderode or hate everyone :D But I want you to decide for yourself who has the moral high ground.

Cresce has flaws. We'll see them as we move further into the country. Same with Alderode's flaws.

Does Duane know about constructs?

Absolutely. Crescian constructs are objects of terror to Aldish soldiers.

Oh, so Quigley DIDN'T make Chitz........that is useful information. And Holy Crap, I totally forgot about Third Options. (I assume it's horrifying.)

A beautiful person who bought one of my story incentives on Kickstarter wants a Quigley tale. I think it will be about the creation of Chitz.

So is part of the reason Alderode and Cresce hate each other because Cresce is run by strong females and Alderode is run by a bunch of misogynistic men?

That certainly doesn't help :D But Alderode is much, much more patriarchal than Cresce is matriarchal. I mean, men in Cresce can do whatever the heck they want, whether it be work as a nanny to a bunch of kids or become Lord General of the Royal Army. Women in Alderode are stuck in only a handful of roles. In Cresce, the genders are equal. In Alderode, men are superior and women need to get their asses back in the kitchen.

How developed is scientific thought in Kasslyne? What of the principles of scientific method do they have figured out? Did they have their own Bacon, Newton, Descartes? How developed are physics or chemistry? Do they know Newton's Laws or Thermodynamics?

I'm more into fantasy than sci-fi. I once thought to really bone up on my physics and chemistry and weave it into pymary and wouldn't that be legit! But then I decided fuggit, I'd rather use that time to learn how to draw better :D

Can you store information with pymary? Supposedly yes, since spells are stored, after all. Using the same methods, can you record a khert-formatted description of a physical world object, to later reconstruct it out of raw Aspects?

Possibly, if

1) You have some definite matter to assign the Aspects to. Aspects are not in themselves matter, they are only descriptions of how the matter they are assigned to will be treated by the world. The only exception to this is Aspect isolation, when you isolate things like Edges or Heat, but this isolation is only what happens in the brief seconds between you ripping these descriptions from their materials and the khert swooping in to dispose of them. Aspect isolation is in essence a hack.

2) You keep your objects simple and constructed out of basic materials. Pymary only has words in it to deal with basic materials. You ask about reconstructing pie in the question after this, but pie is made out of many things that are in turn made out of many things. You can theoretically construct, perhaps, the water in the pie, but how would you go about constructing the flour? The apples in the filling? All of these base components are incredibly complex. The pie itself is a mad storm of complexity. Much easier to ask your mom to bake you one.

3) You remember that unless you are working with First Materials, your material/matter and your Aspects will be obliterated by the khert when you stop maintaining your spell. You could put a pie glamour on a lump of mud, make it taste like pie, smell like pie, be slightly warm, have a sophisticated flakiness when you bite into it-- But when you walk away from this pie, it will either be mud again, or the khert will obliterate it entirely.

Will we be seeing the world from Matty's POV in the comic?

It's in the script!

Glass, this is important and relevant to my life. How do you ask someone for oral in Tainish?

Oral on a guy or oral on a girl? Let's come up with some clever Aldish euphemisms...
(guy) Will you taste my vliegeng? - Lulimal da vliegeng?
(girl) I dropped candy in my lap. Could you find it? - Gatim masallaga la sam'sopin. Tilimal?

Or the more direct approach.
Put your mouth on my privates NOW. - Fhomabi sa talopos la edam'iyan LOWE.

Did Quigley make a prototype Chitz that was basically an enormous First Earth-suffed backpack Matty had to lug around?

Haha, naw. Quigley doesn't know how to make pymarics. That was Vienne's territory.

Is healing possible through pymery?

It can assist in healing by sealing and sterilizing wounds but its application in medicine is limited.

What would Duane think about Uaid?

Dude, Uaid is awesome. Even Duane could not deny Uaid's awesomeness.

Uaid and Duane Vs. KMD and Elka!

That would be a bit of a slaughter :D

How badly viewed women who use pymery in Alderode? What does Duane think about it? What whould Duane think about Vienne?

There's a very narrow school of acceptable pymary for women in Alderode. It mostly focuses around cosmetic enchantments, glamours, bit of temperature manipulation; delicate things like that. Women are forbade by law from practising pymary at large unless they go for the Third Option, which is something not discussed in polite company.

All the same, Duane would not have scorned Vienne for her pursuit of pymary for Reasons. He would have disapproved of her for entirely different reasons having to do with associating with the March and pursuing rebellion against the government and the glorious system of Alderode.

'Quigs could do more stuff if he had Silver. He could do less stuff if he had Earth.' Okay, fine, I'll be specific: Could First Silver give Matty normal vision? Considering how bad it is now, would First Earth be able to do anything at all?

First Silver could hold enchantments complicated enough to replicate normal vision, yes. First Earth would take a vast quantity to even match what Chitz can do, so it's not really a practical alternative. False eyes like Duane has use First Silver and some kind of FM gemstone, usually, which is why they're so crazy expensive and difficult to obtain.

"Glass, where did Duane get his eyes from?"

One day we'll see.

Are there any Plat & Silver equivalents to the "Squib" -- people born into a certain caste without the corresponding racial bonuses to their Pymary stats?

Naw. The khert connection is part of what makes Plats what they are. If a person didn't have it, they wouldn't be a Plat. But you do have unfortunate Plats who just aren't smart enough to do pymary. They can't wrap their head around the language or they have no ability to judge distances. They have all this pressure on them to become wrights and earn their keep, but they can't handle it. Sometimes they kill themselves. Very sad, really.

My dosh is now yours. Good luck on the rest of the kickstarter :)


In book-related news, I finally have a printer once and for all squared away. I even have their file templates now so I can start laying out pages once this book cover job I'm working on is done. Progress!

What grade First Material is copper(or whatever stuffs Chitz; I can't quite remember)? What would Quigs be able to do with Matty's sight if Chitz had First Silver? What about First Earth?

Copper's midgrade. Quigs could do more stuff if he had Silver. He could do less stuff if he had Earth.

Does Matty have depth perception? Could you add more button eyes to Chitz to give Matty 360-degree vision?

Matty doesn't really have depth perception, no. The buttons don't do anything but mark Chitz's face, and the direction in which the internal enchantment shoots out the khert-sounding "sonar" that bounces back contour info. I'm not sure 360 degree vision would work as Matty's human brain isn't set up to process it. But maybe.

On the other hand, the pymaric dildo idea has the potential to go horribly, horribly wrong. "Too bad I already have a First Silver dildo. I think I'll melt this one down and make something more practical. Thanks, though!"

The nerd in me is considering proximity issues and imagining all the ways this wouldn't work or would prove to not be what you want, but yes, also, melting cock.

>mfw i read "What would be KMD's idea of an ideal date?" as "What would be your idea of an ideal date?" at first

Ech. Knock and I don't have much in common.

Since a pymaric can send visual information to a person, could you also use one to send tactile information? You could make a pymaric dildo, send the tactile information to yourself, gift it to a nympho, and have ALL the sex!

Bad anon! Bad!

If my math is accurate, 500 Kg of First Silver would be ~1.6 cubic feet. If forged into a small tactical costume (Bigger than power armor, smaller than gundam) would that make for a devastating war weapon?

If it was enchanted in clever ways, sure. You could permanently assign all kinds of useful Aspects to it. Make it as impervious as diamond, as flexible and light and breathable as fine silk, as heat resistant as something really heat resistant, and shockingly pink to confuse and frighten your enemies. I guess you could add fireball shooting gloves and telescopic vision in the visor and a thousand and one other things, but mostly I think the pink would do it.

"if you have an entire Uaid's worth it doesn't matter 'cause you're going to wind up with an enormous network and lots of space anyway." So, since Uaid has lost some chunks of leg, is some of the info from his network is lost? Or was there extra space?

We shall see :D

Have you considered offering a woodcut version of Unsounded? You can hand-make every copy in your own home!

Only if I can resurrect a famous engraver to make all the plates. "I SUMMON YOU, ALBRECHT DURER. You will replicate every page of this weeaboo webcomic inverted in glorious timber! WELCOME TO HELL."

So is First Earth common/cheap enough that Uaid can be repaired without too much trouble?

We shall see!

So when you say that Sette might get "pretty sick" from the discs, do you mean that she will hallucinate about glowy-eyed corpses and giant birds with teeth? Also, I had a dream where the Kickstarter suddenly jumped to over $40,000.

If I had 40k scott-free... I would do exactly what I do now, only there'd be more Pumpkin Spice lattes in my life.

What would be KMD's idea of an ideal date?

Enormous meal, lots of booze, hit up the playhouse, or a wrestlin' tourney, or an execution, get the blood pumpin', have some laughs, then messy sex somewhere filthy. She gets to be on top.

Do you like BBC?

I like Sherlock and QI and the occasional recommended episode of Doctor Who. I don't actually own a tv though, so everything I watch is either on Netflix or downloaded :)

Was Matty's confusion over Quigs being bloody (versus him actually being wet) due to Chitz's poor color and texture vision?

Chitz doesn't relate any colour or texture, just very rough shapes and contours. The world is a blorby, colourless, textureless muddle to Matty.

What the heck was up with Matty's face in the first panel of chapter 6 page 75?.

I probably drew it badly. I don't draw that well, anon.

I have the opportunity to take a job in New York or in Oregon, and I'm strongly considering Oregon for no other reason than I'd be able to read Unsounded updates at 9:00 instead of midnight.

Oregon is a pretty place. I was watching Kindergarten Cop the other day and realised it was in Oregon. Move to Oregon.

Sorry, it didn't send: In Chapter 3, there is a part in the dialogue that always leaves me puzzled: "Da knew I'd need help. And he knew.. I whould help you." pg.36. What does she mean by that? Duane doesn't say much, is it becouse he knows what she mean?

Oh, yeah, that would be confusing if you thought Sette said all that. Duane says the second part. That balloon could probably use a tail.
Sette: Da knew I'd need help.
Duane: And he knew... I would help you.

Well, if you have your own store, you could put up the reward tiers as offers with limited numbers. And then you could offer those whenever you have time for it, instead of all at once.


If I were to take Chitz and spin him around really fas a lot, would Matty get dizzy?

And puke all over you D:

Would the khert interfere with technology developed on khert-less continents, such as gunpowder or the internal combustion engine? Do any of the foreign peoples that the people of Kasslyne have encountered have more advanced non-pymaric tech than they do?

Well, there IS no khert on other continents, so it can't interfere. Where there is no khert, there is no pymary. The second question I have no idea. I don't really care too much about the world outside Kasslyne and haven't done much thinking about it.

What are the grades of first materials?

Ean is lowgrade, relet is midgrade, va is highgrade, salia is superior, rennghul is silver, which is literally in a class of its own. First Materials are rated according to their khert dimension per square inch or so. The larger their internal network, the more commands and Aspect they can hold, and the more sophisticated a pymaric they can be crafted into. Pure quantity of FM can often bypass grades. First Earth, for instance, is lowgrade but if you have an entire Uaid's worth it doesn't matter 'cause you're going to wind up with an enormous network and lots of space anyway.

- Duane doesn't responds. Is it becouse he understands her or just already lost in thoughts?

Hmm, did you forget the first part of your question?

What do you spend most of your money on?

Rent. And porn.

(Just kidding. My rent's not really that high.)
budget fashion food fun games spending

Considering how well you did with the kickstarter, you could probably just take preorders for the second volume and then you wouldn't lose all that money in fees.

I may indeed do that. Kickstarter DOES have a sort of userbase that generates pledges you might not normally get, but we'll see how it goes. Some clever programmer out there should rig up software similar to Kickstarter's that works with Paypal and publically keeps track of pledges and allows for rewards tiers, and all that.

Anadyne's eyes and KMD's hair - glamour or something like Sette's tail?

KMD's hair is pure salon magic, baby. Anadyne's eyes are a simple glamour she has stuck on to a hairclip. Crazy glowing eyes are the first thing I'd wanna do with cosmetic pymarics :D

Hey, shadow followers! I seeeeeeeeeeeee you! All of you! Who are you? I don't bite, I promise! Well, I do, but it's kind of nice! No, it isn't, that's a lie. Seriously, though, who are you guys?


I had a nightmare last night that you'd sold the rights for Unsounded prints exclusively to Walmart. Your site was covered in video ads that couldn't be muted.

Hey you! I missed your pasty face.

Are there guns in Kasslyne? Could there conceivably be, somewhere, that just aren't widely used because you could have pymary-driven ninja-star shooters and exploding spiders instead?

Naw, guns are boring.

"...maybe? Is that a Tolkien reference?" That's a Minecraft reference. ~.^

There are "Far Lands" in Minecraft? I thought there was just Bedrock, The End, and the Nether :O

Also ho damn dat Kickstarter project and its pledges so far. Unf!

I know, right? And lemme tell you about what dicks American businesses are. I can't get any of them to fucking talk to me about printing. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I thought I had a printer squared away but now they've been putting me off for over a week when I checked in with them to get a new quote for the much larger number of books I'ma need. Why do I have to beg these pricks to take my money? I even had a friend of a friend at Dark Horse recommend another printer to me. I contacted her for numbers, exchanged a few emails, now it's a week later and I still got no quote.

Goddamn. It's like they WANT me to go to China.

Are the tranq discs coated in an actual anesthetic or does it use some pymary hoo-hah to knock you out? Sette has plot armor but a child receiving a full anesthetic dose meant for an adult is usually well, fatal.

Maybe she'll wind up pretty sick~

Does Nary know that Ana and Knock are working for Stockyard? He doesn't seem like the type to lose track of family members.


What would Vienne have thought of Bastion?

She would have thought him obnoxiously attractive, quite full of himself, and a bit prissy, and maybe given Matty some chocolate pudding and then told him to go play with the nobleman in the expensive clothes.

What do the people of Kasslyne know about the peoples of other continents? Do they have any particularly odd tales about them (i.e., they're all ten-foot-tall hair-covered behemoths with five fire-breathing heads and an excellent taste in skirts)?

Sette has a sailor friend back in Hanghorse who would tell her bizarre stories about foreigners he'd encountered in his voyages around the continent. Some of them worship strange gods that look like goat-hounds with ony one horn, and others claimed there was no khert and no pymary where they came from, and they spoke in accents that sounded like broken pottery, and they said they rode whores instead of dogs, and they milked clowns instead of swine, and they had miniature maneless lions they kept as pets to chase their mice and make them feel bad about themselves.

Does Kasslyne have foxes?


If someone from Kasslyne travels in one direction to see what lies beyond the ocean, will he/she eventually reach the Far Lands?

...maybe? Is that a Tolkien reference?

There are a couple of "X" and "West X" sets, but no "Y" and "East Y" ones... does this indicate a generally westward expansion of civilisation on Kasslyne?

Just coincidence I think.

Is the Tain ginnal highly Gold in population due to it being their ancestral home, or have the demographics balanced themselves in the past few centuries, leaving only a nostalgic name, like New England (sort of)?

The demographics are pretty even but it's kind of hard to tell how many Gold are there. Tain's where Soud Vaghal (the gold mountains) are, and the Mmatont hide out in those mountains and on Anchert, so the government has a tricky time keeping track of them. Vits likes to keep all the castes evenly distributed throughout the country and disallows inter-ginnal/province travel without approval for that reason. If you let the castes get too concentrated, they might get restless, or decide to band together and do something inconvenient.

There are two big lakes connected by dual rivers in Cresce. What's going on on that island-y-thing formed by them?

That's where Sonorie palace is. The Queen chills there.

Why is Goodbye Island named Goodbye Island? What's on Goodbye Island?

Goodbye Island's the home of Sharteshane's naval fleet. It's heavily fortified, dotted with prisons and execution yards, and if the Sharte navy brings you there as a prisoner, goodbye to ya.

Do the Hanretians resent Rachshanian control? Is there a resistance movement of some kind? Or do they think of themselves as Rachshanian by this point?

I'm almost certain there are underground resistance movements, but Rachshanian rule and Rachshanian culture are pretty well entrenched by this point.

Do softi blooms smell nice, or are they just full of drugs?

They smell syrup-sweet and delicious and intoxicating. Mmmm.

What are the political climates between Hanret and its direct neighbours?

To be honest, most of Kasslyne's countries are relatively blank slates in my head; empty canvases for some day when I want to tell other stories in the setting :) There's not much to be said about them right now.

Sette's feet are remarkably clean for someone who never wears shoes. Despite what happened when Duane tried to make her take a bath, does she actually look after at least her foot hygiene? Perhaps to prevent her enemies from following her paw prints?

I think she'd only leave prints if she was walking across white tile. Otherwise I kind of take artistic license with her feet. I'm sure they should be darker but enh :)

What are the approximate heights of Sette, Duane, Quigley, Matty, Jivi, and Starfish, respectively? Does Sette win as shortest?

Naw, Matty's shortest. I know I did this height question not too long ago.. here we are.

"Duane is ridiculously tall, a fact you don't really appreciate until you see him around some adults. He's 6'2" or so. Quigley is 5'8, Toma is an even six feet, Elka is 5'6". Jivi, Sette, and Matty I have no idea but they line up according to height in that order."

I guess Starfish is an inch or two shorter than Quigs.

Glass, I finished that horrid reading today by skipping large sections of description. (We get it. IT'S NICE OUT.) Do you think if you had to write out Unsounded as a novel would it be as long as it is now or longer/shorter?

Oh, God, it would be so much longer XD Ask anyone who ever RPed with me. Brevity is not GlassShard's cup of tea.

I am proud of you for doing your reading! You are responsible and intelligent.

What did you think of the debate?

Meeeeh. Barry seemed sad or constipated or just too preoccupied thinking about awesome Anniversary sex later with Michelle. He didn't show well.

Is all that First Earth falling off Uaid salvageable for anything?

Sure, it's First Material. Earth's pretty low grade though, its uses are limited.

I...i think I'm starting to crush on Anadyne. Am I a weirdo? T_T

Absolutely not. She has sexy magenta eyes.

The Presidential Debate is on! Watch it with me on Youtube! http://www.youtube.com/politics?feature=inp-lt-ype-60

"You'll see for yourself soon enough" "You'll meet her next chapter" "We shall see" Stooooop you're making the next chapter sound even more awesome then I initially expected! Whould you consider to shorten the break this time? Now that you're rich and all

I'm not rich XD Most of that money goes towards Kickstarter fees, getting the books and incentives made, and taxes. The break's gotta be a month, man.

The next chapter is pretty... something... though. I mean. It's something.

So, our world has birds with boobies so big they can't really stand up straight (on the males!) and birds with feathers in their faces, and all sorts of avian nonsense; what's the most bizarre bird in(on) Kasslyne? (not the toothed one)

The most bizarre bird in Kasslyne? You'll meet her next chapter :3
The saw gun is way more awesome than a plain old dart gun. Sometimes it's necessary to get a little violent and gruesome when you're in the roguery line of work. Though maybe if she had a combo saw gun / dart gun (like a gun-mounted grenade launcher...).

Yeah! That's what I should have done.

Wait, Rachshane controls...wherever Hanretians come from? I'd have thought ol' mother Cresce would have frowned on that sort of ballyhoo. Did they conquer it a long while back, or is it a more recent happening?

Hundreds of years back. Hanret and Rachshane are two countries in name only, really; they may as well be one.

in Alderode, what each caste think about the others? Are they all kind of racist or believe that Aldish people are all cool at the same level? I know that Plats considered favorite, but I'm talking more about the everyday routin of their lives. Also -

Well, the saying is, "Better an Aldish Bronze than a Crescian Queen." Most Aldish see themselves as Aldishmen first, and treat their fellow citizens the same way, but Coppers and Silvers do tend towards bigotry. The castes all live among each other and intermingle freely in the cities, but out in the country they often group themselves into villages, and they may not see anyone outside of their caste for months or years at a time.

Anyway, you'll see all this for yourself soon enough.

Now that I'm looking at it after reading some questions today; wow, the wrist shooter blade actually stuck in her arm? I figured with the spinning and pymary-enhanced sharpness it'd lop her arm clean off. I just barely noticed her clutching the blade.

Meeeh, the trank discs aren't edged, they're eight-sided stars with needles at each point. It still opened up her arm with the momentum of the impact, but it wasn't the kind of projectile for choppin'. I totally failed at this.

Would Nary have been impressed by Sette's entrance?

Pfft, no. She got herself hurt.

Sette should just count herself lucky her arm hasn't been completely severed. Unless she was hit with a delayed-action exploding charge. I guess we'll see on Monday! {:-O

The more chapter six went on, the more I wished I'd stuck with my original idea to give Knock a regular old bowgun. The sawgun is too violent and gruesome, and since I was reticent to get really gruesome with the action in that scene, it comes off weaksauce and awkward. Live and learn!

You've explained why Rachshanians aren't allowed to cross the Crescian/Ulestrian border, but why are Hanretians banned? For the same reason as the recalcitrant inhabitants of Rachshane? If you explained this as well, and I just missed the posts, sorry!

Because Hanretians are under Rachshanian subjugation, so they get lumped in with them.

Is Vienne the only person Quigz has ever slept with?


How do you think Duane would react if he could see what Sette just did?

Duane would be too distracted by Sette's injury. Both because he's worried about her and because mmm, meat.

Ana seems concerned that Sette's been hit. I think I like her.


Dear Formspring. thank you for fucking up again, now I can't acess my own account and had to create a new one. Fuck you. (unless I can somehow get it back, I'll stick to this one =I )


Argh, does everyone who makes a spectacular entrance have to get immediately wounded in the arm afterwards?

Yes, it is law.

. . . Is it as hard for Duane to keep control of himself in the early morning as the evening?

We shall see.

I noticed Knock seemed to fall on her boobs today. Do they make good shock absorbers?

Actually, that panel makes me wince. As a generously endowed sister myself, it would really hurt to fall on your boobs like that.

Oh God. Quigs really DOES have a Swarm thong, doesn't he?

Only Vienne knows for sure.

I'm still trying to work out the angle of how Sette got hit in the last page. The blade's stuck in her? Ow! Unless the shooter lobs those things like a nerf disc gun that's stuck in bone! Also major arteries on the underside of your arm. Bandaid, STAT!

Yeah, I think that needed one more panel to show the motion properly. Sette was in the process of somersaulting off the chain, but Knock's shooter went off and tagged her midair. If'd followed the movement one more panel and shown her skidding to the ground it would've worked better. Maybe I'll edit that in for the print version :D

Is Chitz religious? Is he a secret cultist?

I think he believes strongly in the separation of Chitz and State.

(That doesn't even make sense, I am sorry.)

... my brain just went to lightsabers... for some reason. Glass, would it be possible to pymary a lightsaber?

I'm not a hundred percent certain what the tech is behind light sabers, but... yeah, you could make a lightsaber pymaric. You get a thin rod of some First Material strong enough to hold a fair amount of Aspects, stick it on a hilt, then you stuff it with, what... extra Rigidity if it needs it, the requisite cutting Edge, cauterizing Heat, a Colour, and then a Glow. Sure, it'd be expensive, but you could do it.

Oh do I love coming up with these. Duane and Elka (picture they found some reason t let gruddges aside enough to work together, evn if they don't like it) x Quigley and /bastion. Average forest, it's day and the sky is clear, nobody near to be caught --

"-- in crossfire. Both sides wants to do as much damage to te other without killing them and, again, will work together even if they aren't too willinh to do it. Outcome? (plese forhive the bad wrttingm typping with one hand is hard =I )"

I think it'd be close enough that it's hard to call without specifically writing it out, blow-by-blow. Elka could potentially be quite an asset in this fight though 'cause between her and Duane they have considerable melee power. You let Duane soak up pymary damage and play shield while Elka sweeps in and cracks the boys in their skulls.

It could just as easily go, though, that Bastion overwhelms Elka with arcane nonsense or teleports in behind her and takes her out while her guard's down. That leaves Duane alone and flanked by Quigs and Bastion, which could spell his doom.

Yeah, either way. Difficult to definitively call.

Brett could be useful! Send him out first - while they're boggling at the dildo he's waving around and convinced their opponents are a pair of morons, you attack! MOUNTAIN PUNCH!

He could certainly have promise as a distraction. Using distractions is so Sette though... Duane might find it ungentlemanly. Could be more honourable just to use him as a projectile.

Plods suffer every waking moment but can't do anything about it, Duane has First Kasslyne Problems

Pfft, plods have ninety-nine problems but a brain ain't one.

What if you could be a sentient EVIL beanbag?

I dunno, man. I bet Matty wipes his nose on Chitz a lot. I'm not sure it'd be worth it.

What types of occupations are there in each country, and what are the most common ones in each? It seems like there are a lot of merchants and guards around. Also are there lawyers? ._.

I would say the occupations in each country are similar to what you'd imagine: mostly farmers, but lots of merchants, factory workers, miners, merchants, dustmen, street cleaners, washerwomen, etc. Sailors and shipbuilders and dockhands on the coasts. Artificers (pymaric makers), scriveners, wage wrights, and such would be the weirder ones.

Did Quigley have any more pymarics aside from his cool-looking mantle thingy? He held his own against KMD and Ana pretty damn well without it, but would he have just taken out all three of them if it wasn't currently soaking up zombie spittle?

Quigley does seem like the kind of guy to have a sizable arsonal hidden away on his person.

I smell a "I'd have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for these meddling kids!" line coming up...

Maybe someone will pull Starfish's mask off, revealing he was Duane THE ENTIRE TIME. They've yet to be seen together, after all.

“Is it weird that I still have trouble believing anyone outside my small circle of friends reads my comic?”- Not at all, that is humility/humbleness- a personal trait that makes the holder so much more powerful in the reality we live in. -cont in nxt

"(although it will seem strange to oneself(or probably 'normal' ) Bless ya A.C., you are a treasure- art and story. Nuff said! JohnO:)"


At first I was all like, "Nu, no Friday update!", and then I was, "BOO-YAH! Go, Boo! Go, Sette!" but then, "ARGH, nothing until next week!" and then I started reading the comic over again and laughed entirely too hard when Duane got hit with a telescope.

I like Sette's face in the panel afterwards. "Wut? I didn't do it."

Who is better at rhyming, Timofey or Cutter?

Definitely Timofey. Wider vocabulary, more idle time to ponder.

What is the largest that spiders get in Kasslyne?

Minecraft large. I should work actual spiders into the story somewhere. Soon.

How long did Sette have that little speech prepared in her head? She delivered it pretty well despite getting shot in the arm.

She has a much better speech she's been memorizing to blast Stockyard with, but tonight's was an impromptu piece rehearsed up in the rafters while Anadyne was being a jerk to the awesome ogre. It's funny. Sette didn't mean to interfere. Injustice spurred her to action before she had time to consider it. CONSCIENCE, GODSDAMNIT, WHAT A HINDRANCE TO HEALTH AND FORTUNES.

What would Bastion have thought about Vienne?

Bastion would have -adored- her. Actually, Bastion may have adored her far too much and suggested they get to know each other better, perhaps over a candlelit dinner in Uaid's cavernous belly.

Gosh, this never even occured to me. What a prettty couple they'd be. So sorry, Quigley. Sorry, too, for the poetry.

oh wow- I never put together that tacit casting of Duane is major part of the reason he survives with rotted vocal chords! Wicked plot point! It is shtuff like that makes your intricate writing so awesome. Was that somewhere in old formspring? JO:)

Yeah, it must've been in an old Formspring question. Whoops, need to go update, brb.

TJ and Amal w/ tragic ending- bwahaha, that was naughty Ashley-and hilarious. It is an unusual read, and quite cool, thus I agree with the promotion of it!

The last update with the cop was pretty hilarious and cute. Yes, I like that comic.

If a Plat/Copper/any cast gets cut off from the Dammakhert, do they get a normal lifespan or doesn't it work that way?

It's a matter that's decided at conception. If you're born as a Copper or Plat, you live your whole life that way and then die accordingly, no matter where you live.

"Is it weird that I still have trouble believing anyone outside my small circle of friends reads my comic?" YOU HAVE 33 THOUSAND DOLLARS ON KICKSTARTER ACROSS 900 BACKERS. THE HELL.

Leave me alone, I am a crazy person :(

Okay, so my last question wasn't really a question. I have to read 150/330 pages by Thursday. What's the most crunchy-crunch time thing you've ever had to do?

Chinese Anthropology journal. Was supposed to be keeping one all semester. Didn't. Faked the entire thing the night before it was due. Then took the same exact class the next year and did it all over again, haha.

Get off Formspring and go read! :D

Does your brother ever wish he were a Timofey-like ghost so he would get less punches in the face?

My brother is a sad brother. He has scads of student loans and no job. I should punch him in the face less, I guess.

Today I saw a book about fictional languages and how to create them and I was upset that Tainish wasn't in the index. One day they shall recognize your genius! This I swear!


BTW I recently bonded with a fellow CA when I sighted Unsounded on her monitor across the room and overcoming my innate shyness (read: desire to burrow underground at thought of human contact) I approached her and we squealed at each other for 6 minutes.

Is it weird that I still have trouble believing anyone outside my small circle of friends reads my comic? I am proud of you for getting out there and socializing. It's the only way to meet future people to take advantage of, I mean, friends.

What are the best ways to insult the different castes (and also Crescians, Shartes, and......Ulestrians?)?

Oh, you just play on the stereotypes. Crescians are tyrannous and arrogant, Shartes are uneducated, starving criminals (or perverted sailors/fishermen), Ulestrians are Scripture-thumping rednecks, Aldishmen are paranoid, militant nationalists.

Aldish castes are even easier. Plats are insects, Silver are childish, Bronze are halfbloods, Gold are traitors, Jet are assholes, Copper are snobs. No matter who you are in Kasslyne, there's a way to insult you.

Do Jets know they're named after a really fast airplane or is J-E-T just a random-seeming word to them? ...wait a second maybe the term jet-black doesn't even come from the plane?

Tsk tsk http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jet_(lignite)

Does the March have any ties with the Black Tongues?


If you HAD to become one of the weird undead characters from Unsounded - you could be a sentient zombie wright (not necessarily as good as Duane), or a Timofey-like ghost, or sentient beanbag that sits on a blind kid's shoulder, etc, which would you pick?

They all sound horrible T_T I guess Timofey is the best off though. So I'll be a ghost floating about, verbally abusing the living, and creating cold spots in the corners of old houses.

Since they call Platinums Plats, do they also call Coppers Cops and Bronzes Bros?

They call Coppers "ginger jackholes" and Bronze "shit-stained biological leavings." But in Tainish so it sounds pretty.

So, sentient undeads: Based on what we've seen of Duane, they are incredibly rare... they go into hiding... they need to hold themselves together with pymary... and with decomposed vocal chords, even wrights have trouble. It seems to me that they could --

"--conceivably be relatively common. Nobody would know if they were, since all of the above factors would keep them from communicating the fact to people, and only tacit casters like Duane could really survive at all."

I see no question in here, anon-bro.

If someone wanted to make a pretty sculpture of the Aldish castes/six rings, what metal should they use for Jets? (Assuming Copper-copper, Platinum - platinum, Silver - silver, Bronze - bronze, and Gold - gold)

You wouldn't use metal, you'd use jet :D

Is it against dueling rules to have, say, a Beadman's Bag of Holding full of items with useful Aspects to draw out that otherwise wouldn't be present in the field?

That would be a pymaric so yep, against the rules.

Noonday fight on a hot day, no pymantics for Quigley, Duane has all his limbs working. Can Duane get any use out of Brett or is that a handicap for him?

Bett would get taken out almost immediately and not factor in much. And Duane would have no reason to prevent this.

Do Jets ever get jealous that they're not named after a metal like the other castes?

Naw, they coo'. Jet is better than Bronze or Copper or psh, Platinum. Jet sounds powerful. JET.

Does Nary-A-Care care about Nary?

Nary is Nary-A-Care's favourite person.

Is Timofey livin' a lie?

Ain't we all, bro?

The khert sounds a whole lot like the internet. Except with more accessibility and the ability to explode.

I would say it has much less accessibility, but yeah, it's very convenient to talk about the khert and pymary in computing terms.

What do strawberry fish taste like? For that matter, what ARE they?

Strawberry fish are rotund little mud-coloured freshwater fish specially raised and bred. They have strawberry red-coloured flesh and are infected with tiny white parasites that look like sesame seeds and taste of mild nuttiness. When you break these fish open it looks like you have a palmful of mushy strawberries, but the taste is like a mild tuna sashimi with the occasional nutty parasite crunch. MMM-MMM GOOD.

If there were real-life black-tongues, what would they be like and what would you think of them?

I don't find them that difficult to imagine, once you strip away their Unsounded-specific, "supernatural" aspects. They're an apolitical group of scholars who reject all religious and social taboo, and follow no laws when it comes to the furthering of their chosen craft. Pretty admirable, really, except for the few rotten apples who spoil things by going to extremes and ignoring even basic human decency by experimenting on sentient life or just plain focusing on pymary only meant to do harm. Overall though, they're secular humanist scientists with a different sort of science. Not alien to our world at all.

How does finished!Uaid compare to other constructs?

You will see~~

Could a mini-khert be created on a ship made of First Wood, so wrights could use the khert-field to make pymary in the middle of the sea?

Absolutely! The pymary would just be limited to shipboard since there wouldn't be khert lines extending outside of it.

Can Timmy mess with Pyramy on account of being bound to first light? Cut through spells like Toma's sword can? Interrupt and end things?

We shall see :3

Coud Uaid/the Quigleys have really taken on Vits with Uaid completed?

Not by themselves. Vienne intended to join with the March, an underground group of secular revolutionaries.

If you had the opportunity to become a Timofey-like ghost--immaterial, able to travel at the speed of light, able to turn invisible, etc., but were unable to touch things--would you do it?

Definitely not. I wouldn't be able to do the things I love like hit my brother in the face.

Do high profile Gruftgrammers like the Black Tongues have to worry about having their spells burnt out of the khert like Quigley does, or do they have an isolated server of their own? A personal stash in the form of a first material, or another big stone?

Black Tongues have Secrets.

Do the memories of the dying scatter at the instant of their death beyond hope of being caught, or can they be snared before they can spread completely? Like, if you were ready as they were dying, with your ghost-catching magery surrounding them.

Wrights have tried it, all have failed. Death triggers a strange and inscrutable process that seems to exist outside the scope of pymary; a transmutation from neurons and synapses to the storable mnemonic energy that the khert deals in; a slow emptying and scattering of the mind. This process won't be disrupted and wrights can't even seem to access it. It exists in some kind of in-between space - not the khert, not the physical realm, but along the circuits that connect them.

Essentially, the entire thing is far too metaphysical and unknowable. It's the point where rational pymary and all its logic and numbers falls apart, and wrights fear there just may be a god in the machine.

What criminal activities would Nary refuse to has a finger in?

Nothing immediately springs to mind :D He is very practical though. If someone comes to him with a job he feels he cannot do with his current resources, he'll turn them down. Nary never lets his ambition outstrip his means.

Does Uaid need memory maintenance in the same way Tim does?

Fortunately no. Uaid's designed to bleed older memories once he starts running out of room.

You said Duane was overpowered. So would a fairer duel be him and failwright vs Quigs and No-shirt? Who'd win then?

Hard to say. If by No-shirt you mean Bastion, Bastion can be tricky. Add Quigley into the mix with his menagerie of pymaric beasties, and I just can't call it. It would depend on the environment, on everyone's motivations, even on the time of day and the current condition of Duane's decrepit bod.

I'm an undercover black man, posing as white man, posing as black man... Actually I'm not sure, I lost track of it a few weeks ago.

Oreo man.

Glass I've been puished by the accidental unfollowing by having a wndow close on my right hand and tear off the nail on it rendering my dominant hand nearly unotilizable (can't draw). Am I forgiven by my accidental sins already?

Stein, your hand! I bet that really hurts :( You are forgiven and I shall smash my hand in a doorframe to share your pain.

Due to Jivi's rule breaking. I was wondering what the justice systems in Cresce and Alderode are like, I am imagine not really fair but do you at least get a lawyer?

Cresce doesn't use lawyers, they find them unfair. Unless every accused person uses the exact same person as their lawyer, trials aren't equal and people with good lawyers have a much better chance of escaping their crime. Crazy, eh? Instead they have district parliaments who oversee local disputes and settle things in generally reasonable ways. If someone does something really awful, they get shipped to the capital where Palace officials hear the facts and make their decisions. But that's rare. Keeping things small and keeping money and class out of the process generally ensures a fairer outcome.

I think Jivi would be fine though. You only have to hear his story, take a look at how torn up he is, and realise he's the victim in all this.

Are there any cults or such that love the ocean? I imagine they wouldn't be very open about that.

Well, the Gefendur don't mind the ocean at all. The hells are on the bottom of it, but it's Riv's own crushing blue waters that keep them condemned to the bowels of the world. Sharteshane and the Frummagems are all strongly Gefendur but they love the sea and ships and sailing. Same with Cresce. You're only going to see strong ocean fear/hatred among the Ssaelit.

Whats your opinion on women being charged more than men for the same product/service such as dry cleaning, haircuts (for the same cut/style), and toiletries? Should this practice be outlawed by businesses?

Nope. No one's making them buy that stuff. It's not like it's necessities. I'ma woman and I buy ninety-nine cent shampoo, get ten dollar haircuts at the beauty school, and I'm not even entirely sure what dry cleaning IS other than it sounds like a magic process 'cause how do you clean stuff without water? VOODOO.

I placed a requisitions request for the book in the campus library today :D

Haha, I bet it puzzles the librarian XD I should get like, an ISBN number for it. How legit would that be.

First Silver-stuffed Evil Chitz could send incorrect sensory data to Matty, causing him to stub his toes and bang his shins regularly. THE PAIN MAKES HIM STRONGER


How does it feel to be a 33killionaire? That's almost a living wage!At least, it would be if kickstarter didn't eat a chunk, and taxes and actually printing out the incentives didn't eat the rest. Maybe there will be enough left over for a pizza, right?

Stuffed-crust pizza even. Livin' large, Minda! Livin' large!

"Would you believe there is a 150+ page story around that whole incident that I would love to draw and share with you some day?" How much money would it take to make this happen?

One-meelion dollars o_o

"Bastion Works Alone. He does fight well alongside his girlfriend though. She's a badass sword lady." How long have they been dating? Also, how did they meet?

They've been together about a year at this point. How did they meet? You'll have to wait for that one.

Just FYI, people at the Russian forum are wondering whether Knock is in one piece after Uaid's mighty kick.

She looked okay to me. Some girls are made out of sugar and spice. Knock is made out of concrete and Kevlar.

I just like the idea of Matty having to rely on an evil, sentient beanbag. It's horrifying and cute. >:3


What partner in a pyramy duel would Bastion choose, if he was given the choice?

Bastion Works Alone. He does fight well alongside his girlfriend though. She's a badass sword lady.

Was Anna's 'Water Trick' really all that impressive, from the perspective of other wrights?

Nope. You gotta build the lady's confidence up though, Night; Knock considers that her responsibility as friend and partner!

Are constructs like Uaid and Tim considered 'infected' by law since ghosts occupy them, or are they exceptions to the 'ghosts inside? Purge it' rule?

Uaid would be allowable if he was licensed. Timofey is flat-out illegal. Timofey doesn't really count as a "construct" though since he's not inside a pymaric, he's just a ghost.

Could you turn Chitz evil by adding some of that pain-loving First Silver the Red Berry Boys are carting around?

Maybe T_T Why you wanna corrupt Matty's only friend? HIS ONLY FRIEND.

Oh man, I really want to see a 2 vs 2 wright battle now. Duane and Quigs vs..........I dunno, Bastion and Bett. Shit must be crazy, yo!

Bastion and Bett? :3
Bastion: Splay your hand in the air, you Sharteshanian sack of putrescence! Hold this Heat while I-
Bett: *immolates*
Bastion: ...shit.

Also(final goddess question) is there a tiny, isolated, underground religion somewhere of people who worship the 'true creator', and honor her by doing ridiculously entertaining stuff?

I think we call that Formspring.

How many laws has Jivi broken in his bout of vigilantism?

I think he'd mostly be okay! As long as he turns the Plats in to the authorities after this. I'm sure he will, he's an obedient little Crescian citizen. Yep, gonna hand Matty and his waterlogged daddy over to the cops by the end of the chapter, no worries!

What are some of your favourite comics/manga/sequential art things?

I ordered the second volume of The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ & Amal recently. That is a pretty good comic even though I read it mostly hoping it will end in a car crash and tragic death. You should buy it, it's nice.

I just realized the last 3 questions I had for you I accidentally asked to my followers (of which I have 0) instead of you. What's a silly mistake you've made with technology lately?

Do I not follow you? I shall remedy that.

Silly tech mistake... Well, I would count my computer troubles last month. I should have realised it was an overheating/PSU issue instead of thinking the lightning strike from the year earlier had finally come back to haunt me. The fix wound up being so simple... but only after I'd spent an evening spazzing out, thinking I'd have to buy a whole new rig. I'm starting to think my ability to go from zero to spaz at unheard of rates lends me a kind of preternatural power to change outcomes for the better.

Was Alive!Duane one to sing showtunes in the shower?

Opera tunes in the bath house, absolutely.

What kind of chocolate was Alive!Duane's favorite? How about Sette?

Duane was not much of a sweets man. He was pretty meat and potatoes. Sette's favourite chocolate is whatever is currently in her grubby paw. In fact, she heard @MrBallpoint works at Godiva and is now considering stalking him.

"wild vliegeng are quite beyond the scope of any human to capture and train" Does that mean there was something non-human who first bred the wild vliegeng which eventually became domesticated?

Nawww, though that would be cool. The species that were domesticated eventually died out in the wild, is all, leaving their fiercer cousins.

Do you have any movies that you consider to be guilty pleasures?

Lots of really bad horror movies. The later Hellraisers, Warlock 1 and 2, Silent Hill, Poltergeist 2, The Haunting, the remade House on Haunted Hill... I really like ghost movies and horror movies with ghosts and demons, it doesn't matter how cheesy they are.

Could two wrights team up to cast a single spell? Like say you wanted to do a mountain punch, but the mountain was just out of range. Could a buddy grab the appropriate aspect for you, send it to you, and let you complete the spell?

Absolutely! Wrights can toss Aspects to each other pretty easily, and if you have a partner that's a great way to double your range or even fake out your opponent.

You mentioned once that there are a lot of career opportunities for Wrights. Why would anybody want to go through that much strict, regulated training, just to dye dog fur?

That isn't ALL that Miss Paws did, anon, but I would guess she was passionate about animal grooming. Or saw there was a good market for it. Or couldn't get a job doing anything else.

"Would you believe there is a 150+ page story around that whole incident that I would love to draw and share with you some day?" Is..........is that actually true? Or are you just messing with our minds, you minxy little ragamuffin?

It is true. I have it scripted and everything. After all the Kickstarter stuff is done and shipped out I'll try to find time to thumbnail it. I guess, more than the story of Sette and Bodkin though, it is the story of Sette's teeth.

Was there and age difference between Quigley and Vienne? Also, had she lived, would they have had another kid besides Matty?

I don't think there was much of an age difference, maybe Vienne was a bit older. Would they have had another kid? Neither of them wanted more kids but the pressure was always on. Difficult to say.

I think Quigley would be willing to forgive you if you let him finish off Starfish. (And also gave him a hot girlfriend like Elka.) There's still time!


How did Nary feel about Sette cutting up Bodkin's pet rat and dumping the remains in his soup?

Would you believe there is a 150+ page story around that whole incident that I would love to draw and share with you some day?

Do you get a lot of anonymous questions on here? What did your last one say and what percentage of them are hostile?

Hostile? Me and anon are like this.

Use this space to vent about an issue that you find rage-worthy. Ex. A girl on my facebook keeps posting about how "gay" everything is and I'm about to have a go at her.

The oceans are acidic and full of plastic, the glaciers are melting, the government of the most powerful country in the world is corrupted by money and special interests, and cares about little but fellating corporations while bombing innocent people, Mexican drug cartels are murdering indiscriminately over arbitrarily illegal plants, everyone in Japan is killing themselves, there are no jobs anywhere but Scandinavia, no matter who wins the Presidental election the US is fucked, Pussy Riot is in jail, and I'm all out of chocolate.

ARGHFORMSPRINGYOUMADEMEUNFOLLOWGLASS. Seriously? WHY? (and all should be back to normal? )

I'll never forgive you :(

If Nary were watching Sette's journey so far, what would be his favorite part?

That part where she bamboozled Duane into continuing on with her just by looking sad.

Does FEFEMAAFIT mean mother fucker?

More or less. I found that one difficult to translate. Fefe is mom/mommy and maafit is one who has sex. ("Fuck" doesn't really exist in Tainish, not the way we'd wanna use it). So yeah. Fefemaafit is a very impolite word for someone who has sex with mothers.

Bastion's first language is Tainish but he swears almost exclusively in Continental (English to us). Tainish is like Japanese with its lack of really toothsome, foul ways to curse.

(I presume that, in this characters-find-out-you're-in-charge scenario, Quigs would try his level best to kill you in the most horrific way he could imagine.)

I believe you are correct.

Oh God. You realize now you HAVE to do a self-insert cameo on a piece of toast or a weird stain or something, right?

Have you ever seen this movie? I love this movie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tTU00m5MB0

What do you think those characters would DO to you if they found out you had caused ALL of their problems - from war to slavery to domestic issues - largely because you were bored?????

You think I do this out of mere boredom? Have you not seen my Kickstarter? I am rich! Rich, I tell you!

And after I explained to Sette that I had caused a universe's worth of suffering all for the sake of turning a slight profit, she would understand completely, and know once and for all, with certainty, that I am the god for her.

How come nobody prays to God in unsounded? I mean the real one. Surely he would have made his presence known to the people. How come they all act like heretics?

"Surely SHE would have made HER presence known to the people."

I have. In small ways that only the faithful can discern.

Which country is Beadman's located in? Could Duane and Sette make a hasty retreat from Cresce by jumping in the bottomless bag and pulling the flap in after them?

Naw, it's not big enough. The portal panel is the very bottom panel of the bag, and it has no stretch to it. They wouldn't fit. But Beadman's is in Sharteshane so it would work out well otherwise.

How do you say I love you in Tainish?

I like you! - "Ulom!"
I love you. - "Sal rigumom" (inf.) or "Ssom fhal rigumom" (formal)
I really love/adore you. - "Sal pyalokom."
I worship you lit. I am illuminated by you. - "Ssom tokut na fhal."

I'm curious, do you ever answer non-spoilery questions as if they were spoilers just to keep us on our toes and to make it harder for us to figure out the answers to actually spoilery questions?

Anon, I'm not that smart.

When I think of Florida, I think of hurricanes and hot weather and gators and meth. (And Disney and Golden Girls, so it's not all bad.)

I would replace meth with oranges, and then you're spot-on.

2.5k years and that's the youngest religion? Thats fairly long for earth standards. So they've been expending first materials for that long? There must've been a hell of a lot of them to begin with.

Well, yes. The mythology is that First Materials are the remainders of the original world. So everything in creation was a First Material at the beginning of time. That's quite a bit.

And it's important to realise that many humans in Kasslyne have much longer lifespans than earth humans. Splits time up a bit differently there than we're used to.

How old was Bastion when he lost the family jewels?

I always want to say late teens, but it may have been as late as twenty-one or so. It was definitely post-pubescent.

So between Torchlight II, Black Mesa and Borderlands 2 the last two weeks of my life have basically been sucked up by video games. Has a video game ever sucked you in so completely that you neglected other responsibilities just to play it?

Minecraft, last year. It's threatening to do it again, now. I was a fool and bought a Tekkit server. ARRGGHHH.

Why does Rachshane loathe Cresce?

Because Cresce has a tendency to be a bossy mothereffer. Cresce isn't all sunshine and kumbayas. It maintains order through discipline and through getting all up in its neighbours' business. The Peaceguard are a good example and Starfish summed them up pretty succinctly back here - http://www.casualvillain.com/Unsounded/comic/ch05/ch05_58.html - Cresce goes to a lot of trouble to make their continent-trotting Peaceguard look like benevolent diplomats - a sort of militant, peacekeeping UN force - but they only allow Crescians into the Peaceguard, and they don't allow the militaries of other lands to keep bases inside Cresce. The Peaceguard aren't just guarding the peace. They're out there sniffing for Aldish plots, Sharteshanian plots, and just anything "Queenie wouldn't like."

Everyone knows this, of course, and most countries put up with it in exchange for Cresce having their back and for their standing between the east and Alderode, but Rachshane isn't so easy-going. They see Cresce as wolves in sheep's clothing, and keep their borders shut.

What does this have to do with Unsounded? Absolutely nothing, I don't foresee the story ever having a damned thing to do with Rachshane or Hanret XD It's just one of those things...

I have a feeling this has been explained before but how exactly does Duane's bag work? I know it's linked to a closet at Beadman's but what kind of pymary goes into making a "bottomless bag"?

...pymary that is best not examined too closely, young Aspirant.

Glass, how did you get to be so good at backgrounds? Mine always come out looking so flat and boring. :( Do you have any advice for a rookie like me?

Yes. Make yourself keep a sketchbook that is nothing but backgrounds and scenery. Fill it up! The things we suck at as artists are often things we don't find very fun to draw. The trick is to have the self-discipline to make ourselves draw them anyway, and draw them until we LOVE them. So keep a background sketchbook! :) And on the days when you forget to draw in it, scourge yourself with a red-hot bicycle chain.

So, is there a better (read: canon) legend - true or fantastic - about the first domestic vliegeng than my silly divine kedis one?

There is not. Which leaves me no choice but to steal yours :O Although since they don't really have kedises in Alderode, I'ma use lions.

About when did the Ssaelit faith arise? Or is it so old no one's sure any more? I assume it has to be younger than the Gefendur religion, though? Sorry if it's been asked already.

Oh, it's much younger than the Gefendur religion. Gefendur is so old no one remembers the beginning of it, and it's splintered off into a few different denominations/sects. The Ssaelit religion is roughly twenty-five hundred years old. It was underground for almost a thousand years, then slowly began to grow stronger as the Aldish population lost faith in the Gefendur monarchy. Eventually civil war broke out between the two, monarchy was abolished, and Vits Council arose. This was about a millennium ago.

Khert doesn't exist over the ocean, and the Kasslyne people have never really been out there anyway, right? So, hypothetical question: If they did explore, are there any other continents? Do those continents even HAVE Khert? Do they have PEOPLE?


Does Chitz have an evil split personality? (Does Chitz have an evil _anything_?)

Like a burrito, Chitz is one-hundred percent beany love.

Why are Hanretian and Rachshanians not allowed to cross into Cresce?

They are not in good standing. Cresce has been trying to ally the southern countries into one strong force to stand against and perhaps even defeat Alderode. Rachshane loathes Cresce though and wants no part of it. What's worse, they will not allow diplomats nor the Peaceguard beyond their borders. And Hanret is subjugated by Rachshane. So they're not on the whitelist.

What does "Anteit vaosa" mean? How do you pronounce it? Should I add it to my daily vocabulary? :0

Here is a thing! http://www.casualvillain.com/Unsounded/world/index.php/Tainish

It's pronounced on-tight VOW-suh.

How long has Bastion been involved in some way with the affairs of Alderode?

All his life. He's an Aldishman from a titled family.

Hasn't Jivi already outclassed Toma's special feat?

You think so?

Is Sette only "superstitiously" religious like how she tithed a bit out of guilt and didn't like tombs, or is she more "legit" religious when she's back home? Like occasionally attending a service (and filching from the collection plate out of habit)?

Sette's legitimately religious in that she believes in literal reincarnation, that the four gods really exist, that they watch what you do and if you're not careful they'll kick your ass when you die. She wouldn't steal from a charity box or a Gefendur priest, congregates with everyone else on feast days, prays and trades for blessings at shrines, and gives the mendicants' preaching a fair listen. So yeah, she's pretty literal about it. So are Nary and the rest of the family. And the country. And most of the continent.

Does Matty or Chitz has an evil twin?

Nope. So really they're totally unsuitable to being superheroes.

PREDICTION TIME: Cutter and Timofey are, like, the last existing users of pipimary, or something.

Naaaaw. Pipimary is a thing that doesn't exist anymore. A casualty of magic system development.

Are the vilegeng domesticated or do people catch them in the wild and train to be the living airplanes? Do rich people keep them as their private jets or is their usege restricted for military purposes?

Anyone can keep and fly vliegeng if they can afford their housing and upkeep. Those who can use animals that were bred for docility - wild vliegeng are quite beyond the scope of any human to capture and train. Wild vliegeng have curly-cue ram horns, long fingers, and a lot of hair; the domestic ones have horns that stick out perpendicular from their skulls, like bicycle handlebars, and very stubby, almost useless fingers.

What's the Frummigan heirarchy like, and where does Sette rate in it?

The Frummagem hierarchy is a very fluid thing, but at this precise moment it's Nary at the top and his pal Bodkin at his right hand. There are guys and gals who serve as chiefs of Nary's various operations (the brothel, the street thieves, the burglars, the counterfeiters, the smugglers, and the toughs) and they all report back to Bodkin, who reports to Nary.

Sette would rate herself at Nary's right hand but that's not really accurate. She's closer to Nary than almost anyone else - maybe even closer than Bodkin - but that's primarily because she's his daughter and Nary likes her around. Sette takes that familial kinship as professional kinship, which may not be all that accurate in reality. But Sette can't be bothered with reality, it's biased against her.

Apropos of interesting things in the sky: how far up does khert go? Can you fly up to touch the crystal dome of heavens?

The khert goes up... a ways.
Would Duane like Bollywood movies if they existed in his world?

I am going to go... with... yes. He'd like the music, he'd like the singing, he'd like the goofy romance and the broad comedy. Yes. Duane likes Bollywood movies.

Why is the internet so boring on weekends?

Everyone's out partying! We are boring, Hazel. WE are the boring ones. Let's go get wasted and throw up in a dumpster.

Duane and Quigs are never gonna be Aldish bros, are they? :-( "So Quigley, now that the fighting's over, how did you end up in Ulestry?" "Oh, it all started when my wife was killed trying to take down the Aldish government........" *DUANERAGE*

Oooooh, the story is going to take a lot of twists and turns before it's all done, anon. They could wind up bros, you never know. They'd definitely look cute side-by-side, their capes flapping in the wind, their diminutive sidekicks shoving each other in the background.

Can you tell us more of Elka's backstory or will that come up in the comic?

Elka's backstory is tragically boring. Nice childhood, loving parents, decided to make a career in the military. She applied for the Peaceguard last year, Toma liked her CV and her attitude, and here she is.

So did Toma marry a relative of the Queen because he is her number one attack dog or is he the Queen's number one attack dog because he is married to a relative?

Mm, more the latter, but that doesn't make it a case of pure nepotism. Toma is from a family of low esteem from the southern coast. He distinguished himself during mandatory military service and slowly climbed the ranks. A few years back he was part of an escort party travelling with a royal caravan. The caravan was attacked by highwaymen, most of the escorts were killed, and Toma was left for dead while the queen's young cousin was kidnapped and spirited away. Toma wasn't dead though. He struggled his way onto a hound, tracked down the kidnappers, and engaged them from the saddle. He killed the buggers and rescued the cousin, all with a broken leg.

The whole affair earned him a lot of celebrity and personal thanks from the Queen herself. While he was in the capital, another relative of the Queen's fell in love with him and soon after arranged their marriage. Toma couldn't go back to being a grunt after that, so he joined the Queen's personal division of the Peaceguard and The Legend Continued.

Do you know who Yuumei (WenQing Yan) is? If so, what are your thoughts about her?

Very pretty art, and I like the Flash presentation of her webcomic. I don't know anything about her personally though. Does she drink unicorn blood?

Are Murkoph questions off limit?

Yeah, sorry :)

Rereading the scene just before the tomb. Sette ch02_44: "SEE? I can SMELL. I can DO things! USE things!" Is that last part Sette being aware of her high score in Use Magic Device? Did she go for the bug cloak in ch6 knowing Swarm would listen to her?


I am somewhat confused, Ashley. What is Uaid's play?

Knock's referring to the play that got written about the Quigleys that Elka talked about here - http://www.casualvillain.com/Unsounded/comic/ch06/ch06_14.html

Cake or Pie?

Pie, naturally.

How good is KMD at reading?

Eeeenh. She's better at punching people.

What do villeng look like?

Vliegeng. Like this http://www.formspring.me/GlassShard/q/374438157397027706
Or this http://ashleycope.deviantart.com/art/Chthonian-Throne-66200985
Or this http://www.casualvillain.com/Unsounded/comic/ch04/ch04_36.html
Or this! http://www.casualvillain.com/random/vliegeng.jpg

Does Kasslyne have anything interesting in it's sky?


Don't be a lesbian ever please

Nothing wrong with lesbians but I don't think I am one. I'm really more of an art nun.

So is the implication that it was Cutter that put up the glamour wall that Duane dispelled back at the tomb?

The wall wasn't a glamour, it was a wall of solidity Aspect with a stone texture applied. GEEZ, ANON, THAT WAS SO OBVIOUS.


Bett put the wall up. Eph couldn't get in that way without him and Duane pretty much says that in that scene. There obviously must have been another way into that crypt somewhere nearby - the dog carts couldn't have been driven through that small doorway.

How infamous is Quigley-digley-doo-dah back in Alderode? Would Duane have heard of him if he were still alive and working for The Man?

Probably not. Alderode controls its press and none of that incident was ever reported on. It was covered up so swiftly and brutally that even the official Quigley used as a hostage was thrown in a deep, dark hole and never heard from again. Outside of Quigs' village, no one ever really heard about it.

Which country in Kasslyne makes the best cheese?

Ulestry! And they make it out of pig milk.

If someone wanted to commission a comic from you, how would to pricing work? How much does it change for color or to be done in one of your other styles of illustration?

I'm not accepting commissions right now nor will I be for a while, I fear. If you're really curious though drop me an email and I can give you some numbers.

Has Uaid's mother been found by anyone?

Naw. She's a mountain somewhere in Alderode.

Are there any famous or prominent Two-Toes?


Would you purchase them if they remade the Legacy of Kain series or Vagrant Story. Also, what ways would you be okay with them remaking these games?

I'm a big believer of art needing a driving vision behind it; an artist or two who spearhead the art, who have a message or a story to get out there that they feel passionate about. Without passion, art's not art, it's a distraction. One problem I have with many video games (and movies and superhero comics) is that the art gets lost behind the corporate drive to release a product. There's no passion involved; it's just a by the numbers, check all the boxes, few minutes or hours worth of distracting fluff.

I love the Legacy of Kain series and I love Vagrant Story, but I love them not only because of the games themselves but because of Amy Hennig and Yasumi Matsuno. Their passion and their driving visions had everything to do with their games. Are you going to get them back for remakes? No. Are you going to find other artists out there who are just as driven and talented to remake their games? Probably not, because artists that driven and talented want to make their own bloody games, not go on Squeenix's payroll and follow Squeenix's rules.

But even if Yazz and Amy came back for remakes I'd be hesitant. How many times in the past ten years have we seen creators revisit work from earlier in their lives and UTTERLY FUCK IT UP? Lots.

"Newp!" It was made by Nippon Ichi (the guys who created disgaea) it also has one of the most horrifiying moments in a game ever. You must play it because it is awesome or at least look it up and read the wikipeida page. Also, Gig is amazing.


Can Uaid's foot heal naturally, or will he need Quigley to help him out?

It won't heal, he'll need some TLC.

have you played Soul Nomad? If so, what did you think of the Demon path?


So that one page you posted a while ago where Sette's trippin' balls and getting seemingly attacked by undead things..........that's Cutter's doing, isn't it?

I can't wait for the new Silent HIll movie, it's going to be epic :D

Will we get to witness any of Timofey's terrible poetry first hand? It is terrible, right? More importantly, will there be dramatic recital competitions?

There's a pretty bad poem in the next chapter. You will rue your curiosity! :O

Why do you think Nary wouldn't win?

Rorschach has to do a lot more fighting day to day than Nary does. Nary's at a point in his life now where he pays other people to kick asses.

Cutter's gonna be the kind of character that will make the readers hate Jivi for not finishing him off when he had the chance, isn't he?

I wonder.

Timofey is best character. I demand that you kill off Sette and Duane and make Timofey the new main character.

The tedium of Timofey has not yet been properly exhibited. If it wasn't so badly in need of editing I would post a story from RP that might make you regret your demand.

Why do you like V for Vendetta more than Watchmen?

I do like Watchmen an awful lot, don't get me wrong, but it does have a lot to do with the idea of superheroes, and I'm not a huge superhero fan. It's also a huge downer. V for Vendetta has a slightly more universal message, more likeable characters, and I'm a sucker for V's beautiful dialogue.

Damn, when Duane takes a pratfall after doing something badass it's funny, he can take it. but Uaid getting torn apart is heartbreaking. Also Knock-me-Down, cartoonishly resilient. Will she replace Ephsephin as official unsounded punching bag?

Absolutely. We don't see her next chapter but she gets knocked around a lot later in the story :3 I mean, unless I kill her off next week, which, you know, could happen.

Who enchanted the poor vessels for the Red Berry Boy's contraband? Bett wasn't with them anymore when the poor Girl was processed. Do does the silver keep them alive by itself or did Cutter do something special to them?

The only possible conclusion is that Cutter is some manner of sorcerer. Must be more to the lizard than meets the eye. Though not much does meet the eye, he's dreadfully short.

What does Starfish do when he's not being a dick, eating,sleeping, or having sexual relations?

Volunteers at orphanages.

>that feel when you suspect your favorite webcomic author will go nuts and horribly kill off all the characters in horrible, horrible ways


What's it like being Samoan?

Mine are a proud people.

Are aspects relative? Like say can you take temperature from cold snow, making it colder, but apply the combined temperature aspect to yourself to stay warmer? Or are aspects more absolute, like Cold is Cold, period.

Cold is cold. Cold is the data the environment gives you to work with. You can't create warmth where there is no warmth. If you were stuck in the Arctic with no fire, pymary could not save you.

Is Ana a naturally talented wright or does she just keep getting lucky here?

Ana's smart and tenacious, but she's not doing anything sophisticated. Uaid and Jivi don't know what the hell they're doing though so it's not much of a challenge.

So Uaid's actual nonmetal bodyparts are firstearth right? Is it like stone or just really tough dirt? I don't see how just poking holes in Uaid's feet will do more than just...put some holes in his feet. I mean he doesn't feel pain, just break the spikes.

Ana doesn't know until she tries it, hmm? There aren't a lot of mountain ogres gallomping around.

Would Jivi's mom be proud of his standing up and smashing a warehouse with a giant ogre?

Absolutely. And then smack him upside the head the minute he starts losing.

Would Matty's mom be disappoint if she saw her badass war machine that was supposed to help take down the GOVERNMENT getting pwned by a single wright who's "still learning"?

Naw. She never got a chance to finish Uaid. If he was finished, and properly trained, and being piloted by someone who knew how his bells and whistles worked, Ana wouldn't be so lucky.

Jivi has officially beaten more Red Berry Boys than Quigley and Uaid combined. They'll have to take orders form him soon.

He should definitely be team captain.

So to teleport Bastion strips off all his skin and goes into the khert. When he dies, is he going to be strong enough to hold his own personality together, given that he can already do it while he's alive? BASTION FOR FIRST REAL GHOST.

Nunu. Bastion keeps his skin. That's why his soul doesn't disintegrate into memories and god-stuff when he enters the khert to teleport. It's his clothes and any other foreign materials that can't go with him.

The question about Uaid casting made me wonder: would it be possible at all to teach an artificial, sentient pymaric to cast, assuming it's incredibly sophisticated?

Not with current tech. No one's yet figured out how to reproduce the... let's call it protocol... that souls use to interact successfully with the khert in the manner needed for pymary. This is another reason why ghosts - both naturally formed and manufactured - aren't considered real souls or real people. It's also good evidence that Duane's no ghost.

Do ghosts have persistant memories, or can they not learn or experience? In a month will Tim even know Jivi existed if he doesn't see him regularly?

Naturally formed ghosts have almost no ability to change or add to themselves. You can't really communicate with them because of it. Manufactured ghosts can be made with both virtual memory and data storage, so you can create a fair facsimile of a normal person. Timofey is a really, really well-made ghost, but even his memory gets full after a while and has to be carefully emptied by... someone.

I like your questions, you are a smart person and smell nice.

Rorschach and Nary Frummagen have a fight in Stockyards kitchen. Who wins?

Oh, maaaaan. I think... wow. It'd be really close. I'm going to say Rorschach but it would be a great fight. They'd both be spittin' teeth by the end.

If you don't have a khert-seeing thingamajigger, how can you tell if something is a First Material and can't have aspects stolen from it? Do you know right away, or do you get an "error" message mid-way through the spell, or does just nothing happen?

The spell will generally just fail, that's one nice thing about First Materials. They are tremendously stable, the khert understands what they are, and you won't get an explosion in your face for ignorantly trying to nab an Aspect from them or launch an attack at them.

What're nereids? Are they cute? Can I put the moves on them? :3

They are pretty cute. But like mermaids, they're only cute for the purpose of luring you in the water so they can eat you :)

'I chew my own toenails. Listen to nothing I say.' Don't feel bad! I get irrepressible urges to bite tree leaves that happen to be at eye level! I'm sure we all have... incredibly weird biting habits.

Are you a giraffe?

Thoughts on 4chan?

4chan is cool. It used to be cooler, but it's still cool.

"And the chick is named Agrias which is just so... FFT" Femme Fatale Tour? Fast Fourier transform? Functional family therapy?

Final Fantasy Tactics!

"It's pretty groovy though the main character occasionally creeps me out." He just wants to be loved.


The two-toes use some sort of alchemy to do their version of pymary, right? If you had enough hoses and jam jars, could you turn Uaid into a wright that way, or is soul just an absolute prerequisite for khert interface?

Mm, no alchemy, no. Hoses and jam jars? I am lost.

I guess what I was asking does Duane consider the possibility that he's just a bunch of memories knitted together like an itchy, yet fashionable sweater?

Are you calling Duane fashionable?

Seriously though, yeah, he's had that thought before but it never had much sticking power. He feels pretty secure in his own identity.

Has anyone in Kasslyne attempted to circumnavigate the globe Magellan-style?

Not really, no. Kasslynians don't trust the sea much. Pymary doesn't work on it, nereids live in it, and the hells supposedly lay at the very bottom of it. Not very encouraging to would-be explorers!

Aaaaaaauuugh It didn't even realize that if the Quiggley's were in danger, Uaid would be too! What a fool I have been! Uaaaiiid--!! ;O;/

Kill all the Quigleys!

Mindlessly refreshing site in expectation of new page... is it just me, or is Jivi super adorable for not using proper foul language even at a time like this?

Le update. Kind of a boring page though. Jivi is super adorable for not using proper foul language but Sette's mouth is surprisingly clean too. Something about kids swearing profusely, I hates it. But balls is okay.

Sorry if you saw me call you a weeaboo fujoshi on /co/.

I'm not a weeaboo fujoshi. Call me something that I actually am, like a neurotic shut-in or a pretentious depressive or a seven-hundred pound Samoan man.

*pushes up glasses* O-on the lesbian scale, i-is "1" high.......or low? *profuse sweating*

Generally on one to ten scales the one is the low end. Anon, are you nervous about something? Is it me? Am I making you... nervous? Here, let me rub some lotion on your back.

"It taught me at a young age though that online rpgs are vapid, pointless life-wasters." Why do you insult my hobby Glass T_T. How can you be so amazing and so mean at the same time?

I chew my own toenails. Listen to nothing I say.

I hope Quigley eventually gets paid so they can bury him and Matty in separate coffins

(c) some dude on tumblr

Could a wright take the Ashley aspect from you and apply it to a shard of glass?

Finally we would learn if glass can cut itself.

"It taught me at a young age though that online rpgs are vapid, pointless life-wasters." A few days later Ms.Copes body was found. It seems she was strapped into a chair and forced to play WoW until she dropped dead from exhaustion.Culprit is unknown

but probably South Korean.

Have you read the amazing graphic novel Watchmen?

Naturally. Though I like V for Vendetta more when it comes to Moore.

Have you read the webcomic Whomp! ?

I've read the odd strip that gets posted on /co/. It's pretty groovy though the main character occasionally creeps me out. And the chick is named Agrias which is just so... FFT.

How does Duane know he was truly Duane and not some collective memories pieced together to form his personality like Timofey? Or is that apart of him, the denial of that possibility?

How do you know YOU aren't just collective memories pieced together to form a you-ish facsimile and the real you exists elsewhere or perhaps never existed at all?


World of Warcraft's new expansion came out just two days ago. Have you ever played World of Warcraft? Any online game at all? Share your experience.

When I was a kid I played an oooold mmorpg called The Realm with my little brothers. It was pretty ridiculous. It taught me at a young age though that online rpgs are vapid, pointless life-wasters.

Disney or Anime?

This is an asinine question.
anime cartoons disney wyr

Does Uaid have ports in his hands? Can he be modified to so that he can cast?

There are many reasons Uaid can't cast, but the most major one would be he doesn't have the full framework of a proper soul, so there's no way for him to access the khert in the way a wright needs to be able to to feed it commands and use pymary.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how lesbian are you?

Mmmm, two?

I'm getting strange errors while trying to get to Casualvillain (something involving an database error with 'Chyrp'? O.o Issues with the site again? Or is my internet just having problems?

It's workin' now.

your site is giving me unix errors

My host seems to be having issues today.

I guess Uaid............*sunglasses*...............isn't as handy anymore. YEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!


how would someone find out their, say, right-hand port is weak?

Mmm, trial and error?

Does Quigley like kedises? It seems like he'd get on with them, like they'd look at each other and proceed to ignore each other for the rest of the day, then walk away friends, not that they'd admit it.

You have it exactly.

It seems like getting eaten by Uaid would be kinda fun. Is it?

I think so. Kind of moist though. You're gonna smell like damp earth for a few hours.

Timofey is, like, the ultimate spy. He can go anywhere at the speed of light, pass through anything, turn invisible, and nobody can touch him. It almost seems unfair!

But you have to put up with his poems while he does it so it all evens out.

New Kickstarter tier! Offer a loincloth with a lion heart on it. ($500 apiece.)


I bet when Quigley stormed that government office, he just let Swarm do his dirty work while he chilled behind Uaid's anti-pymary shield with some brewskis. Matty was blind at the time so he wouldn't know better, that's why he thinks Quigs is badass.

Anon knows all.

What did Uaid eat Matty for? Did Matty like it? Is it like going down a slide?

Very slide-like. I reckon going into Uaid's gut via his mouth is much faster than having him swing open his belly hatch or going down via the tiny hatch up in the cockpit. Expediency!

duz uaid have toofz 2 chew wit?

no toofz only gumz

Does Uaid have preferences on what he eats casually?

Whatever will most irritate Quigley or make Matty laugh :3

Vore anon here. All this talk of Uaid eating things is getting me hot!

Down, boy.

Does Uaid have a sense of taste, or does he eat stuff just because?

Eating threats is programmed in to him; it's instinct. He was designed to subdue foes not kill them, so he gobbles them down and the wall tentacles in his gut bind them. He has sleepytime spines in certain spots too, very potent.

Dangit, I was going to ask about Duane's handedness, then Forumkedis stole my thunder. But I must know, so... what hand DOES Duane write with? Also, what writing implements do people in Kasslyne use?

Duane's a boring old righty and Kasslynians use boring old fountain pens, quills, and graphite pencils. There's a kid in the next chapter with an interesting uh, crayon pymaric though :D

Are any of the characters left handed? Are well-educated people encouraged towards right-handedness the way people once were around here? Also, does the story take place on Earth? Can planet name be used to make the distinction between us and them?

Since pymary is an ambidextrous practise and so much of Kasslynian culture is influenced by pymary and the khert, I'ma say no, there's no real history of lefties being persecuted.

And speaking of Kasslyne, that's the word I tend to use when referring to Unsounded's world. Technically it's only the name of the continent but since it's such an isolated continent and cut off from the rest of the planet, it suffices. Unsounded does not take place on Earth.

You've said before that you don't mind drawing poon of your characters (I think). What's the youngest you'll go before things start feeling squicky?

Prepubescent is squicky to me. Teens are okay. Adults are my favourite though, I'd only draw teens for a job.


Will the for-regular-sale copies of the Unsounded book be available around the same time as the Kickstarter books go out, or will there be any sort of delay before the regular-sale copies are ready?

The window of time between the two should be very short. I don't expect a huge rush on new book sales when the books are available for general purchase, so it shouldn't be a problem. Everything can all go to the postman together.

Has Uaid ever eaten Matty?

Never in anger.

Can Uaid swim?

Nope, he's too heavy. He just walks along the bottom.

What does Quiggles say about full-face Uaid hugs after they're all done?


How often has Uaid eaten Quigley?

Seventeen times.

Has anything ever peed in Matty's hat after sleeping in it?

When Chitz was little he would pee the hat-bed at night but he grew out of it.

Petr, Siwl, Uaid........who's next?

Symmetry is my enemy.

What does Quiggles say to full-face hugs from Uaid?


Is Uaid right- or left-cheeked?

Facially Uaid is left-cheeked. Posteriorly he is right-cheeked.

The ports are only almost always equal? What happens when they aren't equal?

It would make a wright favour the more powerful hand, is all.

Would Matty be ok with a kedis stealing his hat if it just wanted to take a nap in it for a little while? Would he tuck it in and sing it bedtime songs?

Yes, that would be acceptable as long as it didn't pee inside it.

Does Matty often pinch Uaid's cheeks to keep him happy? Does Uaid try to reciprocate?

Uaid likes full-face hugs the best. He can reciprocate to an extent and Matty often encourages him to practise on papa.

is there chocolate in Unsounded?

Shit, yes, woman, are you mad.

Is Uaid right- or left-handed?

Uaid is ambidextrous.

Does handedness at all affect pymary?

Not at all. The ports in each palm are almost always of equal potency.

Are fat kedises as funny as fat kitties?

Probably 'cause I think their tails get really, really fat and make them trip.

Are Matty and Quiggles right- or left-handed?

They're both right-handed.

Is there a kedis equivalent to catnip? Is it hilarious?

There is now. I bid you come up with a name for it (that isn't kedisnip).

Could Chitz be filled with First Catnip (Kedisnip?) around the copper beads to make him more squishy?

Yes, though it would make him a more attractive target to Chitz-burglars (kedises).

Would Matty like to play with a kedis?

Matty has played with many kedises and finds them delightful though kind of scratchy and some of them are hat thieves!

Does Uaid like kedises?

Uaid adores kedises and all things small and cute.

Is Uaid good at thumb wars?

To the extent that the UN has proposed sanctions against him.

Does Uaid like to have his cheeks pinched?


Can we have the original pages in the print book? The ones you changed for art fixing?

Uh, no.

Is Uaid feeling pain right now?

Naw, he can't feel pain. He's just scared.

I'm sorry if I sound professorial today D: I can't bog my comic down with technical explanations all the time so you have to take things on faith. If something happens a certain way there's a reason for it that ninety percent of readers really don't care about. But if you're one of the few people who do, I'm sure it can be distracting. I really do think every little damn thing through though. I promise.

And Uaid's arm was vulnerable because his khert field wasn't deployed? Very stupid of Quigley not to leave that up by default in a dangerous situation, though I suppose it might mess with his own pymary...

Exactly. If the field spreader's on, you can't cast while in Uaid. If it had been on while Uaid was climbing up behind the waterfall Quigley couldn't have facilitated the climb pymarically or saved them all if Uaid slipped.

You should add some FAQ to the printed addition of the comic, like "what is the Dammakhert?" and other stuff that non-formspringers like myself wouldn't know without a casual entry to your formspring. :)

The pymary guide will cover a lot of the most important stuff. The Dammakhert isn't really relevant to the story for a while though...

I know killing cops isn't a moral problem for Sette, rather a practical issue. Delaying your escape so you can blow two up in a city full of them seems counterproductive. It could easily be fixed with just a leeetle edit on that panel :) But, you're God.

There's definitely an argument to be made that Sette didn't handle the situation as cleverly as she could have - something I was always willing to forgive her for because she was in a bit of a panic - but she was not delaying her escape. She was trapped in a city she didn't know with everyone looking for her. Creating the explosion and endangering the cops was a deliberately created distraction, just like she created earlier in the chapter by letting the ladies' starflies loose so she could sneak into the city to begin with.

And taking her off the roof leaves the questions I raised before unanswered. I gotta keep plot holes plugged and I gotta keep my characters in-character :)

Would the narrator have any special powers if Unsounded were told in First Person?

What makes you think the story isn't being told in First Person already? In an interconnected animist world, there is only First Person.


Can you clarify yet whether Jivi hit the 'Eject Left arm' switch or was Anadyne casting 'disintegrate giant arm' spell... Or just losing an arm crosses something A was spelling? JO:)

Anadyne did something I'd hope Formspring readers would get, but that general readers haven't been lectured on yet. When you take a crucial Aspect from matter, after a few seconds the khert declares that matter insolvent and destroys it. You can do this to most pure core materials and it in itself becomes a good attack. It'll only destroy the bronze though, so the steel joint will stop the disintegration.

Did zombie Duane research Duane Adelier the living person in order to ascertain whether his memories were in fact correct and complete and consistent, to make sure he wasn't a cobbled together ghost riding a plod? Seems like the conscientious thing to do

*folds one-thousand origami unicorns*

And does Timofey know what he is? And that he never was a real boy? Or does he think that he's an ex-human? Can he feel emotions? And does he have an indefinite life span, or does he "wear out" so to say.

We shall see, we shall see~

"*squint*" I mean, what if a ghost was formed with 50% Aldish memories and 50% Crescian memories.......Whoa..........

Get that ghost on some antidepressants, stat.

"Jivi and his heroism metaphorically cover the naughty bits..." I may have been over-thinking it then... I thought Timofey was being kinda racist and basically calling Jivi a noble savage. It seems like an Aldish thing to do somehow...

Definitely overthinking it. Connotations of savagery just don't exist when it comes to "black" people in Unsounded's world. The history's not there to support it, and in fact since there are documented records of the tribal warmongering history of the "white" cultures' ancestors, it'd make more sense for Unsounded's black characters to call the white characters savages. Funny little reversal, I guess.

Found it. I knew I'd seen him before. Is current comic Timofey a permutation of this Tragic Timofey? http://www.casualvillain.com/gallery/threnody.html I do like him so.

A permutation, yes. In RP Timofey was a more classic ghost, as in he was the soul of that poor, murdered, tragic author. He went around and sold his meager services to different necromancers until he met Bastion, and then grew entirely too attached.

Can Uaid pick up the fallen arm and run with it? Does Quigley have the skill to repair it? Does Uaid have the combat sensibility/brutality to crush Ana to death?

All these things and more we shall see in future pages of that fantasy-adventure webcomic hit-- Unsounded! Tune in this Friday - same Sette-time, same Sette-channel!

Stuff came up and I can't make coherent thought to finish what I Was saying. Bah, I'm feeling shitty now. Could you share some cool fact to cheer me up? Extra points if it's quigley's, I dunno if I'll have time for wednesday and friday's update this week

Don't feel shitty. Let's see, a cool fact about Quigley... I based his hairstyle loosely off Westley's farmboy hair in A Princess Bride. In RP, when Quigley was on the road he'd communicate with his wife via a two-way bound manuscript. In RP, Uaid was much smaller and possessed by the soul of Matty's dead dog. And Quigley's first name was Matthew.

That's all I got D:

I'm likely alone in my not understanding, but what does "lionhearted loincloth" MEAN? Is he referring to Jivi? Uaid? Most everyone is wearing pants? Does he just like alliteration? Sorry for not following.

It's an extended metaphor. "Too long has this tragic tableau been NAKED of heroism. Here at last - a lionhearted loincloth." Jivi and his heroism metaphorically cover the naughty bits of this otherwise miserably unhappy and depraved evening. Lionhearted is a nice synonym for brave and yes, creates alliteration with loincloth.

I reiterate that Timofey is a silly character and I intentionally give him silly, overwrought dialogue. He's a bit like Duane in that respect :) Sorry for the confusion!

Escaping along the rooftops makes sense but in the previous page she's on the ground, climbing just to jump doesn't help, takes time and the height doesn't look survivable, plus she's blocking her own escape path and deliberately killing cops. Bugs me :)

Hmmmm, maybe the problem is there wasn't enough implication that some time had passed between the two pages. But there's not much to do about that now :) And Sette killing cops? Well, Sette will do whatever it takes to save her own skin. She's our protagonist, but she's no hero.

Jivi having the whistle back in that dream sequence is pretty strange! Was that prophetic, or is he just a whistle-carrying kind of guy?

Well, it's his whistle. Cutter had stolen it, and Jivi got it back. This'll get mentioned in the comic later.

I'm not big on edits but you ought to erase jumping Sette from pg 67 c.4 It really makes no sense for her to set the trap blocking her own path, climb a building & jump over it with Toma on her heels. It all works better if you just edit that first panel.

I like it the way it is. Without the shot of her on the rooftops how does the reader know she had a high vantage point from which to see that the cliff was on the other side of the wall? How else would she have known? Mulimar's alien to her and it's not something her nose would pick up.

Even without that reasoning, I like that the trap looks calculated and not a thing she was frantically in the middle of. The trap was set up and awaiting the guards. Sette led them to it it, bypassing the gossamer via the rooftop and then dropping down on to the dividing wall to make the path look safe because it seemed she'd just run down it.

Geez, and if she'd been running around that area on foot, on the ground, the dogs woulda got her scent and led Toma to her way too soon.

So yeah, believe me, I'm the first one to admit when I've gotten something wrong but I feel okay with that page.

Ronnie does a comic strip like you. It's fanfiction where Marmaduke becomes a buddhist bonk. It's called Karmaduke. What do you think about it?

Hehe. Karmaduke. Who's Ronnie?



Tell us about First Uranium.

Grows magic tumours full of First Pudding.

Does Uaid's name have a meaning?

It's the Tainish/Aldish word for turtle.

Can Timofey physically interact with objects, or is he limited to just verbally annoying people?

Nope, he can't interact with anything physical. He can't even write down his awful poems! It makes me sad.

Sometimes a knob is just a knob.

And every rose has its thorn.

Okay, so the blue guy is Timofey, that I've figured out. What all have you revealed about him in Formspring? Because I'm completely lost, and in need of a recap.

I haven't revealed much of Timofey at all, really. You'll be okay just following him in the comic, he's not a terribly major character. Someone did guess something spoilerish about him in a question and I had to delete it :D You know who you are.

Wait. If knob means penis, then... Knobbytop...

Well. It also means knob.


I can roll a coin over the backs of my fingers. It's a neat, but utterly useless, skill. What totally useless skills do you have?

I can do a spot-on duck call using only my hands.

Busy flatting pages of a short story on my lunch break. Its a little tedious, but im happy with how this mini comic is turning out! What wonderments does your day contain today, Glass?

Your tumblr comic? I like how it's turning out as well. Soon I'll be able to say: "I knew him when!"

My day holds only work. I have a bookcover I need to do some comps for, I need to edit tonight's page, and I need to start a new one.

Bastion is utterly embarrassed by Timofey, isn't he.


Glass! Spin me a tale for my amusement! Your Bird-King commands it!

There is a little ring-necked snake that keeps getting in my room. I don't know how he keeps getting in here but his persistence makes me think he's trying to warn me of some impending danger. I would not be surprised if Voldemort attacks tomorrow.

>that feel when you suspect toma will see jivi on top of uaid, assume he's one of the red berry boys, and kill him :-(


Whoa. Could a ghost be formed, say, on a battlefield that was 50% Aldish and 50% Crescian? Would he love everyone or hate everyone? =/


'The word pipimary was onomatopoeic from the sound of singing birds, which the first wrights studied to learn the melodies of their craft.' Does this mean that birds in their world work with some primitive level of Pymary?

They did in pymary's earlier incarnation, but all the melody stuff was taken out of the system for Unsounded. Now birds is just birds.

Really sorry to bother you but could you expand a bit on the dammakhert (explain why/how it was created and what it does)? The curiosity has been eating away at my miklfdfdfsgsgdfchcfghchchchjc-

You are never a bother, anon. I can't talk about the Dammakhert too much though because no one alive knows how or why it was created. It just is. It is the reason the castes exist in Alderode to the extent that they do. It's the mechanism of the castes and of the roles they play in Aldish society. It serves as a sacred, deified force to Aldish of both faiths.
Timofey is a "chill, chill character." Fixed that for you. Also, ever since that "rap battle" question came up I can't get the image of gangsta timofey out of my head. Help me GlassShard T_T.

It ain't easy bein' BLUE, dawg, tell me what to DO!
I'm made of First Light, slave to a wright,
I need some ghost-FU, yo, need some ninjitsu.
The kind of voodoo and hoodoo goes beyond just a "Boo!"
Yeah, I need POWER.
Pymary's the implication, I need to move 'round some Aspects
Do me some multiplication
and ADDITION, yeah, pymary's about MATHS.
Gotta get with the numbers and learn how to subTRACT.
Still I'm a poet, you know it, dawg, I'm all about RHYME;
Words, verse, meter, and symbols are to me a good time.
I ain't clever - no! I'm simple of mind!
But I know heroes from villains, I know the cruel from the kind!
When we need HOPE, and a reason to fight
I'll be your bard, your bud, your beacon,
your First Light in the night.

I've got it! Buttons! Buttons with Duane and Sette and Uaid butt that you can stick to your bag or wherever!

Woo! After Christmas I'll start thinking about new merchandise ideas. I'd like to do a bigass illustrated map poster. In my head it is glorious.

Since Timofey represents 100% of the world's First Light, could you kidnap him and sell him for mucho $$$$$? (Like, say you trapped him in a mirrored box or something.)

I imagine so, but he's the kind of creation that would really only be of interest to academics, and really due more to the sophistication of his design than to the components of his construction. He has enormous value as a research tool.

Will Sette realize/accept that Uaid belongs to the Quigleys?

I reckon she'll have to once she realises the what's really going on.

The Decemberists' song "The Bandit Queen" always makes me think of a glorious adult version of Sette, livin' it up.

That is a good song.

What do you mean, "mostly"? What didn't you like about Sherlock?

Sometimes the writing gets a bit ridiculous. Sherlock saving that one tart at the end of that one episode was kind of lawl. Don't get me wrong, it's a good show, but it sometimes finds my suspension of disbelief, twangs it, and then pees all over it.

...I just realized that Jivi/Uaid's Big Damn Heroes moment involved him saying exactly what he was supposed to say. BASED COPE


So how can Timofey be a nationality if he's formed of thousands of different individual memories? Or was he just created in Alderode? Or are the memories primarily Aldish? Or were you making a joke and I'm being overly literal?


How does one snare First Light to get it enchanted anyway? That seems like it'd be hard.

Yeah, only one person has ever done it. And the First Light used to make Timofey is the only First Light in the world. Shame that it was squandered making such a ridiculous creature, but the circumstances weren't the best at the time. You'll have to wait on the comic to talk more about them.

Congrats on reaching the 25k goal and selling out all the limited pledges!! :D I have a gift for you to add to the celebratoryness. I was the anon from a few weeks back who asked you how you'd cheer up when overwhelmed by the 'futility of existence'.

"Thanks for being an inspirational artist and comicker, but more importantly, thanks for being such a kind person. Can't think of anyone more deserving of the kickstarter success than you. :'D"

Could you be any sweeter? What a beautiful illustration! Sette's never looked prettier in her life, you are so talented! Thank you, Landylachs, I don't deserve your kindness. I'm so glad you enjoy the comic. Thank you, thank you, this is just too much! <3

"Timofey was never alive." But you said that ghosts were formed from the memories of people who died! WHY DO YOU LIE TO ME GLASSSHARD! T_T

Ghosts ARE formed of the memories of people who died. The thousands of individual memories that were forged to form Timofey came from the discarded personalities of people who died, but none of those memory fragments were Timofey himself. Timofey is a new creation, one that has never been anything but a ghost.

> I've watched a few of the best episodes that trusted friends have recommended to me, but I've never watched it regularly This is the best way to watch Dr Who because frankly 90% of the episodes are twee crap, but when it's good, it's damn good.

I have heard this, and my experiences seem to back it up.

So, how does ghost boy do his dissapearing acts? Does he just kind of melt into the khert and pop out in a different spot or something less dramatic?

Timofey can do a lot of cool things because Timofey is made out of First Light. This means he can reappear and disappear at random, travel at the speed of light, and remain impregnable to both direct pymary assaults and the custodial ministrations of the khert.

Timofey's other powers include the ability to compose incredibly long and terrible poems, the inability to keep a thought in his head longer than five minutes, and the awesome ability to appear utterly indistinguishable from a cross-dressing twelve year old girl.

Timofey is a weird, weird character.

Why do you use so many British words in your comic?

Why not?

OMG I love sweet potato fries too! #frybros4lyfe


So does Nary genuinly care about Sette or is his investment strictly business? Or does this border on spoilery?

I would say that's a question for the comic to answer.

Why can I never not eat French fries? NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM

Lately I'm into sweet potato fries omg.

Have you ever watched BBC Sherlock?

I have! It's mostly quite good.

How old was Timofey when he died?

Timofey was never alive.

Did Sette ever try to take a 'traditional' name for herself, or has she always stood by Sette?

Her da calls her Princess and everyone else calls her Tail. She kind of got renamed before she could do any renaming herself.

Do you watch Doctor Who?

I know the premise and lore of Doctor Who and I've watched a few of the best episodes that trusted friends have recommended to me, but I've never watched it regularly. Those few episodes were great though, like the scary angel statue one, and last year's Christmas special.

So Mathys and Vienne were matched, and it turned out to be a good one, since they didn't hate each other :) Was their relationship of the kind that exists between good colleagues, or did it eventually turn into the best friends/soul mates/lovers thing?

It was a very best friendsy kind of relationship. They had the same interests and tended to like and dislike the same people. But they also were both very stubborn and alpha, so they fought a lot. It was good that they got to take frequent breaks from each other, haha.

would duanes life be easier if he managed to accept what he was?

Well, I don't think Duane could function if he didn't shroud himself in some degree of delusion. Striving to be more than what he is keeps him from surrendering to despair. He wants to be good enough - man enough - to win back whatever it was of Ssael's or the khert that he lost, that damns him. He wants to atone.

Who would win in a flourishy Aldish rap battle, Timofey or Duane?

Timofey XD Timofey can spin metaphors to the moon and never stops to censor himself before spouting his ridiculousness. Duane is slightly more sensible.

You're really good at drawing hawt men.Young Duanne, Quiggley! And oh, I almost wouldn't mind being dead so Lord W can put me together again butttt nah. =P So, who would you wanna wake up to and why? Quigley? Young Duanne? Current Duanne? Lord W?

Aww, thankya.

It's shameful to admit but these days I'm crushing on alive!Duane. Not young alive Duane, but Duane the year he died. He's not all that hot and has a goofy, melodramatic streak a mile wide, but he's so earnest and passionate and grouchy and exasperated I want to bite his ear and take him out to dinner. I guess that's normal?

How do you come up with names for everything (e.g. Kasslyne, Cresce, pymary, Tainish)? I like to use anagrams, or pronounceable gibberish if I want something crazy.

Most names are just already there in my head when I need them. My subconscious does this to me a lot, and then later I'll realise certain names are just things I've ganked from other things I've forgotten. This happened with Alderode which is a word that just popped into my head, and I liked, but years later I came to realise was just me ganking the word Alderaan and not realising it.

Sometimes I purposefully create names, usually after a bit of research into other languages or ideas. Pymary is an evolution of the word pipimary. You see, in its original incarnation pymary had a musical component and had to be sung, with different melodies producing different effects. This was the way pymary worked in RP but enh, dropped it for the comic. The word pipimary was onomatopoeic from the sound of singing birds, which the first wrights studied to learn the melodies of their craft. I shortened the name to pymary when I retooled it. Gruftgramary comes from an old word for black magic that I tweaked a bit. And things.



If Duane DID ever meet a beautiful young Aldish necrophile, how would he react? (I want to hear that conversation someday.)

He would recoil in horror, I'm sure. It wouldn't be very interesting.

I'm perfectly happy with a softcover! The only thing I think would be awesome is if Unsounded's printed volumes had matching/combination spines, although I'm not sure if that's the right word. Something like http://bit.ly/VxebcB or http://bit.ly/RWu9ZP

I had thought about this myself but it'd be really hard to do since I don't yet know how many volumes I'll be printing before the first Book's done. I will make sure the font and everything line up though, at least.

Hi Glass! Long time lurker, first time poster here. I read that you might be opening up slots for the watercolour incentive. Will that definitely happen? Just want to know whether I should wait for it or just get the $35 unsigned book =/

It will definitely be this week. I would guess Wednesday, I just need to contact a certain person first and ask them something.

Can ghosts like Timofey exist indefinitely, or do they fizzle out over time? What about sentient pymarics like Boo?

Timofey is perhaps the most sophisticated ghost to ever be created. We will learn more about him in the story. Most ghosts fizzle though, yes. Ghosts in pymarics have a better shelf life since they can hide from both the exterior khert and wrights. They're like hermit crabs and their pymarics are their shells.

What is Murkoph's favorite kind of pie?

Shepherd's pie. With real shepherds.

Do the upper-class citizens of Sharteshane have more normal-ish names?

They do. Sharteshane's nobles generally wish they were either Crescian or Aldish, and act accordingly.

...so the Aldish wouldn't even allow a depressing play about a Crescian soldier who comes to realize just how Wrong the Crescian government is, ending with him being brutally executed and the basic moral being that Cresce is just too evil to be fixed?

You'd have a better chance getting that on the stage than Toma's heroic story. Most Aldish like the idea that Cresce CAN be fixed though. It gives their altercations a point and offers up some hope that maybe one day there'll be peace - if they can just slaughter all the ruling nobles and deprogram the populace and restore a proper economic system.

You answered Renekai's question about Sharteshanian names beautifully, and I feel enormously enlightened and ~INSPIRED~ having read it, but, you totally skimmed out on the Two-Toes! Why no lizard love, teacher Glass? D:

Whoops! I just forgot :)

The Two-toes have their own language but half of their phonemes are unpronounceable by a human tongue, so I've never worried too much about hammering it out. Two-toe names are in that language. Fortunately, many lizards have taken on human names, whether willingly or unwillingly, as it makes human interactions a little smoother. These human names can be dang near anything, from Cutter (who calls himself that for obvious reasons) to Sam, an incidental Two-toe character in the next chapter. No real hard and fast rules there.

Ohmygolly... would you really come to Ringling? If you do could I... say hi to youuuu please... I'd be so filled with JOY. (I even started a new account to ask you haha.) Also they're building a new libry right now, so I hope they didn't already before...

I'm shyyyyy.

Nooo! I wanted a sketched in book, but I was waiting until payday as I have no money to buy food until Thursday. Weeps!


Glass, any of your characters take presence in your brain even when you're not writing and make comments at different times during the day?

Not quite, but if I ever have to go for a job interview or make a stressful phone call sometimes I'll pretend I'm my character Lawrence because he's Cool As Fuck.

How common is the tribal-like naming system like Knock-Me-Down in comparison to names like Sette? Is it only in Sharteshane that they have the descriptive names, or is that naming style used elsewhere, too? What naming style do the two-toes generally use?

I wouldn't call the names used by Sharteshanian's underclass tribal, really. They're just very eccentric. Either you get a phrase like Knock-Me-Down or Nary-A-Care (Sette's dad's name) or you get Bodkin (a dagger) or Ironpate or Starfish or Stockyard or Anadyne (a play on Anodyne, a painkiller). Even the surname Frummagem is a word in thieves' cant referring to hanging. Sharteshanian names are fun and irreverent.

Sette's name is specifically NOT Sharteshanian. It doesn't seem to fit.

How long of a stretch at a time would Quigley's previous job for the Window keep him away from home? Did he get a chance to know Matty very well?

It depended on where they sent him, but sometimes he'd be away from the village for two months or more. He never knew Matty very well, no, and never knew how to treat the kid or talk to him. Plats are kind of encouraged not to be too close to their children anyway, and to raise them communally. Matty was closer to his mom than the village elders cared for, yet another reason for them to quite dislike Vienne.

I like how Timofey seems impressed with Jivi's actions, even though Timofey is Aldish and Jivi is Crescian. How well would the play about Toma be received in Alderode?

The play would never be made in Alderode, and anyone who tried to put on a play with a heroic Crescian character in it would be hunted out and imprisoned. The Aldish are no fun at all.

I know you like FFT a lot, but have you ever tried FFTA? I thought it hit pretty close to home as someone who often escaped into fantasy as a youth.

I never actually played FFTA, no. It just seemed so radically different from the first one that I was plainly pissed off when information on it first started coming out. It felt like a bait and switch, you know? I wanted more political intrigue and treachery, not little kids.

I did get a few hours into FFTA2 for some reason but then my save got corrupted and I never started over. I love TRPGs a lot but kiddified stories always bug me. Jeanne D'Arc is a good TRPG though and so is the Disgaea series. Did you know there's going to be an FFT anime series this autumn? How insane is that.

Is there anything Sette doesn't steal?


What did the kids think of getting free candy instead of free money, and also, did they ever think it was weird how boney his butt was?

Free candy is better than a free sting to the fingers.

How did they represent Uaid in the play? A doll? A suit? A mini-construct? :)

@FollowingWater should answer this question!

I think using a giant dog would be good. It needs to be something the actors can ride around on. They could have painted a dog green, made it a little suit, and the actors could have ridden on its back.

I kind of really want to do a set/lighting design for this play now. x3 (Coming up with so many cool fanart ideas while one's photoshop is dead is never a good idea)

Dead Photoshop is sadness. In what way is it dead?

How common is something like Chitz, and how high does it rate on the 'replacement eyes' scale?

A contour-detecting seeing aid like Chitz isn't too terribly uncommon. It really fills the gap between poor blind people who can't afford any kind of pymaric and blinded veterans or the wealthy who can get themselves proper glass eyes. Most people prefer their seeing aids to be in the form of spectacles or even a piece of jewelry though. It's weird that Chitz is... well, Chitz.

Did Sette ever wonder what Duane was doing with his pockets stuffed full of candy when the dude doesn't eat?

Sure. And she asked him and he told her and she called him a sucker.

Phew, I almost had a heart attack. I couldn't smile at anything on formspring for a few minutes D=

Formspring is a twitchy thing.

So how does Stockyard relief stress because I get the feeling he will need it after this night

It could still go all right :D You never know!

The beautiful necrophile question made me wonder - what has happened to Duane "Definitely Straight" Adelier's sex drive? Did he lose that when he lost the hardware? I'm curious about hormonal/brain chemistry changes in zombies!

Duane has positively no sex drive. Which makes sense, yes? He also has positively no brain. And no hormones! Mostly he's just bones and words and hunger.

You know how sometimes you post panel art for pages way in the future? You should do that right now!


I don't get all the love for hardcover comics (or books in general really...) but how about some unsounded stickers if the kickstarter gets high enough? I'd love to stick Sette all over! Or magnets. Duane could guard the food inside ;)

Yeah, someone else just messaged me on Kickstarter about hardcovers... There are so many reasons for me not to do hardcover. Not only does it force me to do the entire series hardcover for the sake of consistency but all extra books I get printed from this run will be hardcover and hence have a higher cost when I sell them directly to people later who couldn't do the Kickstarter. And that stinks. They'll also cost more to ship. And I'll have to go with another printer since the one I found and like doesn't offer the option.

Unsounded just does not feel to me like a hardcover kind of comic. I'm drawing a line in the sand!

*gets sand everywhere*

But stickers and magnets could be cool. I'd rather sell them directly later myself though and not be rushing to get them out for Kickstarter rewards. I just wanted to print books, man, that's stressful enough XD

Glass...what does "lionhearted loincloth" mean? ._.''
It is silliness. Timofey is a silly, silly character. All he's doing is waxing rhapsodic over how brave someone is finally being in a situation that has in all other ways been miserable.

I hope Formspring notices I'm logged in this time...Does the "Formspringers can still get a signed book as long as they pay enough and send you a message" rule still hold? Please say yes :3


Is Timofey breaking the fourth wall?

Timofey fancies himself a poet and writer, and often views things in literary or theatrical terms.

Can Sette smell ghosts?

She can! They don't smell unpleasant though. Just ghosty.

Glass, I have a suggestion, which you can take or leave. High resolution wallpapers added to the kickstarter, for $10. I like your wallpapers, and I really want one of the wandering root.

How abooooout I do up some wallpapers and give them away for free as Christmas presents to my fabulous readers? The wandering root strung up with Christmas lights and ornaments would be kind of insanely adorable.

Will Duane ever meet a beautiful young Aldish necrophile?

Certified old bachelor, that one.

Did Cara have special pymary-detecting nose powers like Sette has?

Not quite... A large portion of Aldish people have a sixth sense granted to them by the Dammakhert, their country's warped version of the khert. Cara described the place as smelling bad which really meant she could feel that her uncle meant her harm.

Hey, on the kickstarter do you get the reward for your pledge plus all the rewards beneath it or just the reward for the pledged amount? Cuz I'm giving you my money :)

*chin stroke* You just get what's in the description of the tier you pledge for... unless I'm misunderstanding your question.

Is Cara's "Uncle Seth" Professor Seth Glestif from the letters, and is that why his house smelled bad?

No, different characters, though I am impressed you noticed that.

On the very first page, are the lights hanging from the tree lambence? Is there lambence in Unsounded?

That is indeed lambence, wise Anon. There's been lambence in Unsounded but it's not plot-relevant, it's just decorative. If you see glowing water and there aren't fish in it, it's lambence.

Is it just me, or does Knock-me-down kinda look like an evil Samantha Wright? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpCbpyVYqnM

Aww, no way, man. Samantha Wright is totally hot.

How about this: if the kickstarter reaches, say, 40 000 the book will be hardcover. That way you wouldn't have to do anything (provided you don't have to look for a new printer) and we'd get a nice bonus. Or would a hardcover book be too expensive?

Other than my printer not offering a hardcover option, I personally do not like hardcover comics. I also want a run of comics that all matches, so if I make the first volume hardcover I have to then worry about every volume being hardcover.

Why do people like hardcover so much? XD Unsounded just isn't the kind of fancy pretentious story that calls for a fancy pretentious printing. Softcover is where it's at!

Hello! I was diving through the gallery from another comic, A Redtail's Dream and found this scene http://www.minnasundberg.fi/gallery/nuclear_fallout_dragon.htm It reminded me vividly of the wandering root. And it was pretty. I thought you might like it.

Ooh, super pretty. Thanks :)
root wandering

Why wouldn't Duane keep his wallet inside his empty skull? It's not like he's keeping his brain there anymore.

Accessing said wallet to pay for his trolley fare could prove awkward.

Did Regina ever beat Jivi? You should do a comic where Regina, Quigley, and Nary meet up and discuss the best ways to beat kids into agreeing to go on dangerous missions.

And then Duane, defender of kids everywhere, sets them all on fire.

And then Duane, defender of kids everywhere, sets them all on fire.

It doesn't work so well. Duane still has to "talk" to cast, but he has the ability to telepathically communicate with the khert, so talking inside his head is all it takes. I personally have a hard time talking aloud while internally saying something entirely different :3

So you will be selling book copies after the kickstarter, yes? I am determined that one will be in the Ringling library. I'd just buy and donate but don't have that kind of money, and I'm not sure I can request them to order it through kickstarter itself.

Maybe I'll take a copy down there myself. I'm pretty sure they built a new library since I was there. The one I remember had a giant tree to the right of the entrance with a dinner fork stuck way up high in the trunk.

Will we get to see what happened when Duane and Sette first met sometime?

Absolutely, but at the appropriately dramatic moment.

Hey glass would you reposting that searchable archive someone made for your responses? Maybe you could put a link on the wiki or something?

That's a good idea, Anon. http://unsoundedformspringanswers.webs.com/

I put a link in my Formspring bio. Person who made it, remind me who you are and I will give you credit there!

Isn't it counterproductive for wrights to banter in fights, since they need their breath for incantations?

Absolutely, but creative license, WoV, creative license. Silent fights would work in prose but you need some dialog in a comic fight. Or at least I do, I get bored :D

"It's possible the play exaggerrated or left out some details." Are these details we are going to be privy to later, or is it okay to ask what they were now? (I'm anticipating a cagey response, wait for it.....)

I wonder.


"[Duane] just started keeping sweets in his pockets and his wallet around his neck." So.........Duane's kind of like a living pinata now?

Not at present. Sette had stolen and eaten all of his remaining sweets approximately five hours after they left town.

Will any of the Wrights be updating to the CS5 Khert programming language?

KhertScript 2.0!

Now with more regular expressions! And irregular expressions. And expressions that'll make your face stick that way if you wear them too long.

>He's just not human enough to duel fairly anymore, but he'd never want to admit that to himself. But, last time you said live!Duane was so overpowered he could easily beat Quigley and Bastion, in what ways is he weaker now? Or was you a lying scunner?

I didn't say he was weaker now, in fact he's much more powerful. The person asked if Duane could duel FAIRLY now, and really he can't. He's more powerful than he's ever been but many of his advantages come about because of he's not actually a normal human. But Duane desperately wants to be a normal human and does all he can to maintain this farce to both himself and the world.

If you're strangling some dude and Optimus prime bursts through a wall you better believe being punted is in your immediate future.

Would Optimus Prime punt or crush? I know little of The Transformers.

If pymaric AI is programmedby combination of different ghosts-functions, is there a possibility to create viruses? It would be interesting to start computer war between Alderode and Cresce sending "programs" to each other khert or pymarics.

Yesssss. This is a thing.

Man. Imagine you're fighting some dude, and all of a sudden Optimus Prime comes in, and you're all "Oh cool, it's Optimus Prime!" but then the first thing Optimus does is punt you across the room. That has to hurt on multiple levels. :(


Quigley can't be all that bad at pymary, can he? I mean, we've really only seen him fight Duane previously (who we know is badass), and I think he would've had KMD and Ana if Starfish hadn't sneak-attacked him.

Naw, Quigley is good, and he would have disposed of Ana and Knock fairly easily, but it's difficult to imagine that he's so phenomenal he managed to clean out an entire government office of world-class wrights. It's possible the play exaggerrated or left out some details.

Hmm, could Duane's entire body be considered one big pymaric? If that's the case, can he really win an "honest" duel nowadays? His undead body does seem to offer him certain advantages (different pain sensation, supernatural strength, etc.).

Excellent point. Even Duane's pymary is enhanced by years alone with nothing to do but study. He's just not human enough to duel fairly anymore, but he'd never want to admit that to himself.

Please excuse me if I'm Quigley-fanboying too much. :-)

I didn't know Quigley HAD any fans. Pleasant surprise!

Oh, and did KMD realize she was fighting THE Matthias Quigley before Uaid showed up?

She did, but Knock is a bit like Sette: She's far more interested in a kickass monster than a kickass pretty boy.

Stretch goal one achievement get!

Yay! I wonder if people will be mad at me if I don't do anymore stretch goals. I feel like this is a good place to leave it.

What would you like to see in a Unsounded flash game?

I'm... not... sure I require an Unsounded Flash game!

Wait, do we get to choose which character sketch we get? I thought it was just "I'm going to sketch in all of these books, then send them to the people who ordered one."

Yep, you get to choose. When the Kickstarter's over I'll send out a survey so you can choose which character you want. It's just a headshot though, so don't get too carried away :)

If I ever had to go to sharteshane, I'd keep all my valubles in my underwear and fill my pockets with mousetraps >:).

Very wise. Duane enchanted a sting to his wallet and pockets when he first got into town, but he kept stinging little kids, felt bad, and just started keeping sweets in his pockets and his wallet around his neck.

What would you sacrifice one of your hands for? For those of you who are already missing a hand, what would you sacrifice to have that hand back? And for those that are ambidextrous, what would you sacrifice both of your hands for?

Nada. You'd have to just go ahead and kill me.

So, does the 45$ pledge still include a signed and sketched-in book? Or do I have to invoke Formspring powers?

Formspring powers don't work for Anons :D

Has Uaid ever tried to smash Quigley for getting too slap-happy with Matty?

Quigley doesn't smack Matty around that much, but I could see Uaid stepping in and dropping Quigley down a well, yes.

The more I read about Vienne the more she sounds like a BAMf/really cool person. Will she show up at all in flashbacks or sidestories any point, or is that in the realm of things that need to be commissioned?

Yeah, she'll be in a few future flashbacks. Vienne was definitely cool but she was not without her flaws. She tended to put her obsessions before her family which is... understandable but still kind of rank.

Would it be possible for a wright to like, kill a spy and then sort through the scattered memories in order to fish out useful information? Or is that impossible/too much of a crapshoot?

Not really possible. A person dies and their memories are scattered to the khert. There's no real way to intervene in this process. Finding any of those memories again is just not possible right now; there's no real way to track them and viewing them at all is a complicated process that requires complicated pymarics. When wrights go hunting for salvage they have to sort through many, many scraps of mnemonic fluff before they find what they want. The khert has no search engine, and wrights who deal with ghosts have to be patient, thorough sorts.

It's bad enough that the watercolors sold out within like ten minutes of the Kickstarter opening, and I SHALL NOT BE DENIED MY DOODLE OF MISTER DWAYNE. Or Sette. Or Matty. Or Jivi. Or... Murkoph? (is he even allowed?)

Suuuure, Murkoph's allowed.

Hm. What would happen if Starfish's Quigley-murder had worked? Does he think he could control Uaid, or is he planning to abandon the construct?

He would have abandoned it in the river. And Uaid would have waited and waited for Matty to come back. And then he would have gone looking for him, and got destroyed by the locals. And that would have been so sad :(

Has Starfish seen Quigs's play?

No, but he knows about it and knows Quigley's general reputation from it. He's of the opinion, now, that it was all bull and Quigley is a lying conman who couldn't spell his way out of a box. I think we've seen there's some truth to that. If he doesn't have his pymarics to back him up Quigley is not quite as awesome as he'd like people to think he is.

Yay, more questions about plays and such! Is Knockers a respectful audience member, who keeps quiet as the actors perform (unless it's supposed to be a noisy play)? And how popular was Quigley's play back then? Is it still performed?

Most plays are the rowdy sort 'round these parts :D You go there to laugh or sing or shout along and throw food at the bad guys. Quigley's play was not that popular because it was mostly a propaganda piece funded directly by the Crescian Arts Council. The Aldish government was painted pretty much how Elka described - wife-murdering, child-blinding, repressive villains who abuse their own people. And then it has the depressing ending. Not going to be a very popular story and it stopped touring a while ago.

When Knock and Ana first came to Cresce though it was in the local theatre house so they went and saw it for something to do. They both enjoy plays but most people do, so it's not that odd. Going to a play for a Kasslynian is just like us going to the movies.

I mean, what's with the dumb nickname?

It's not a nickname, it's her name. Knock-Me-Down Frummagem.

What's this Knock-Me-Down stuff? I dun get it

What do you mean?

What does Uaid think that he is, if all he knows is a memory fetched from the khert? Does it also matter whom the memory originally belonged? Or maybe: is Uaid's consciousness level comparable to a dog's one? Or maybe ape's?

I like to think of him as a permanent three year old toddler. What does a toddler think he is? A toddler doesn't generally consider these things. Uaid knows that he had a mom who went away, and now he has Matty who is really smart and nice, and then there's Quigley who Matty says they have to listen to 'cause he's the boss.

What runs through your head when you're drawing Starfish's corpulent shitflesh? I'd feel dirty drawing Starfish anything.

Ask any artist: Fat people are fun to draw.

What do the levers in Uaid's cockpit do? Can he resist their action? If the levers pulled one way, and Uaid pulled the opposite way, would he remain firm, break the levers, go in the direction he wanted, or go in the direction the levers pulled?

The levers control Uaid's machinery. The long levers to the left are brakes - one locks up Uaid's legs where they connect to his hips, the other locks up his arms at the shoulders. That's as far as controlling his movements go, if you want him to walk somewhere you have to ask him to do it.

The bits and bobs on the dashboard connect to devices only half-implemented (remember, Uaid was never finished). One thing that does work is his net-launchers. Uaid could manually block these by raising a hand in front of them, but he couldn't stop them firing if someone pulled the lever. Probably the most useful device is the field spreader though. It's the most special thing about Uaid and, when activated, spreads the First Material properties of his green bits over his entire body, making him functionally immune to direct pymary. It's how the Quigleys were able to escape the country without getting knocked out by the Window.

Could Uaid be taught continental, or would that necessitate a modification to the pymary that gives him his sentience?

You'd have to modify the pymary - the AI, if you will. Almost everything Uaid knows is a memory that Vienne had to locate, with there being a limited amount of additional storage that serves as permanent backup and virtual memory all stored within the internal khert of his First Material body. It all ties into the core law of the world that something cannot be created from nothing. Just like an Aspect has to be present before a wright can utilize it, these memories, or pieces of soul have to be present to make an artificial personality act a certain way or have certain knowledge.

But all of this business was Vienne's passion; Mathis doesn't really know much about crafting pymarics and almost nothing about creating ghostly AI, so he doesn't have the skillz to teach Uaid Continental.
Do you like candy? Specifically Kit-Kat, Reese's, M&M's and Snickers?

I do. I think my primary weakness is pastry however. Donutssssss.

Do you want me to put you in touch with the accountant?

I think it's okay for now. I'm keeping all me receipts. Come tax time next year we shall see :) Thanks, man.

Who's the best thief in Sharteshane?

Sette Frummagem, duh.

Don't know if it's spoilery but how come Uaid obeyed a non-Quigley? Also was he really designed to be a battle ogre? He seems too gentle for that (sofar). I wonder what kind of soul pieces went into his programming.

All Jivi had to do was say: "Matty!" and look distressed and Uaid was ready to kick ass. Uaid doesn't actually understand Continental, only Tainish. He also has free will and can obey or not obey whomever he wishes. This was Vienne's plan, she didn't want a murder machine. She wanted a gentle soul who could tell right from wrong.

Women. Keep 'em away from designing your weapons.

A limit on the one I want? Ash, you are a crafty fellow, forcing me to donate sooner than I had planned to get the reward I want.

Nah, you pledge whenever you want. You have Formspring powers.

I notice that you've cancelled the $400 pledge level. Would you prefer it if people cancelled their bid?

I did not cancel it! I just moved the limit down to the two that were already sold.

What are the side stories you're thinking of? I know you talked about one before with Sette and her pet dog from that one adorable picture you did.

I have scripts written for two. The first is a pretty hardcore military story starring a twenty year old Duane. There are absolutely no female characters in it and it's really gritty and bloody, so I am leery.

The other story is criminal intrigue, kid antics, and rip-your-heart-out-and-stomp-on-it-histrionics starring Sette in her hometown of Hanghorse about a year before Unsounded. It has a good mix of characters including the aforementioned pet dog, and answers a few questions about Sette that people are always asking.

The side story I'm ruminating on for the print edition of volume 1 centres around some stuff that I had to cut from the comic. I won't talk too much about that one just yet.

Aww I really, really wanted a signed/doodled copy but they're sold out... Will those replenish or did I miss out? ;--;

They are gone :( But you're a Formspringer and have special powers. If you have your heart set on one, just get the regular $25 pledge, add ten on to it, and then send me a Note on Kickstarter to remind me that you get a signed/doodled copy.

I couldn't decide whether to get the $35 or $45 pledge. So I decided to let the market decide and wait to see which sold out first, then get the other. Never do that, it puts you on pins and needles hoping they don't _both_ sell out. How are you ever-

"(continued) -going to do that many sketches! Your fingers will fall off? You said that you were going to cap the $45 option at 200 sold, what was the cap for the $35 option?"

The cap was me looking at the KS site last night around 3am and having an Oh My God moment and declaring SOLD OUT! XD But yes, 200 cap for the 45 option. In fact I'ma go put that up there right now so it's not a surprise.

Mattys mom should have named Uaid Legion.

img gif

First off, grats on the massive success of the Kickstarter! Secondly, I think I just ran my wallet through the washing machine (though for what it's worth, it was the Kickstarter that made me realize this). Are the $45 slots at risk of selling out soon?

*checks the KS page* *feels a little faint*

I did sell out the signed/doodled ones 'cause damn, but I'll let the $45 ones get to two-hundred I guess before marking them sold. Then I might put up a new reward that's just unsigned book plus prints.

*faints more*

Duane vs Uaid. Go! Also, what would Duane taste like if Uaid ate him? I imagine him being salty for some reason, like beef jerky.

Salty seems about right. And rotty.

(v) (;...;)(v)?

Lobster man?

*some obvious joke about knock-me-down getting actually knocked down* I'll be here all night guys, enjoy the veal and tip your waiters.

I still haven't seen a "cunt punt" remark, so I'm happy.

How do you say "Uaid"? I figured it was like "Hwed", but I also thought the comic was about Set and Do-ain, so. Matty's just "Matty" though, right? No surprises there? Also: hurrah funded kickstarter I like your comic lots, smooches for everyone.

It's just Wade, Tainish for "turtle." When he was being built baby Matty thought he looked like a turtle, and the name stuck.

Does Knock-Me-Down keep music disks in her bandoleer to spin when she DJs at Stockyards?

I think most of those containers are full of condoms.

What's the Ssaelit view on Twotoes, as a non-human sentient?

They have no specific views on two-toes. There's no word on them in any of their scriptures (they hadn't been discovered yet when said scriptures were written so this makes sense) and since there really are almost no two-toes in Alderode it's not an issue that often arises.

So what are Ana and Starfish saying on that page where Quigley is passing out? PS: I totally said "F*ck yeah!" out loud when Jivi made his dynamic entrance.

I'm not really sure what they were saying to be honest. Currently accepting suggestions.

You know what would be cool? Sponsoring pages of Unsounded. It could cost just under the normal comic page cost, since the people aren't recieving the rights to use the comic page and don't own it. Then you could make your passion profitable! (cont.)

"(cont.) I bet you'd have the whole story sponsored in a year. Even the pages you've already done."

You know what I hate? I hate money. Down with money!

Did you know that I regularly check for new pages at midnight, only to immediately realize that I'm like six or seven hours ahead of you? Especially now, after Jivi's/Uaid's goddamn epic entrance. This is what you and your awesome comic have done to me D:

D: At least the new page is silly. Deflates the tension somewhat!

Lately on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I'll come to your Formspring looking for entertainment, and then I'll suddenly remember "Oh crap, there's actual Unsounded updates I could be reading!"

For now o_o There are only 14 pages left in this chapter, mwa ha ha.

How much faster have you gotten at doing a page since you started Unsounded? How do you feel about your decision to start Unsounded this far on?

I don't know that I could put a number on it but I'm considerably faster. Mostly because I draw better. It used to be I'd finish inking a page, mirror it, and then spend two hours fixing mistakes. Now when I finish inking and mirror a page I'm almost always more or less satisfied. I also developed cheaty shortcuts like using a Sketch-up model for Uaid's mechanical bits. I resisted doing it for a while until I started following Pierre Alary and James Gurney's blogs and saw how they lean on models to speed things up. If they can do it, I can do it.

How do I feel about starting Unsounded? I have a lot of regrets about the way I started it. I should have taken it more seriously, started years earlier, maybe done it in black and white like I had originally planned. But regrets are useless things. I'm glad I started it. It gives me something to do and it's always a good reason to get up in the morning.

Hmm, in today's page, what play is Knock-Me-Down referring to? O.o

Waaaaay back here http://www.casualvillain.com/Unsounded/comic/ch06/ch06_14.html

I'm impressed Quig's glasses have stayed in place. Is that part of an enchantment they have?

They're attached to ports drilled into his skull. It's a thing they do in Alderode.

Poor Knock just wanted an autograph :) Took me some time to find her flying...

It was a good kick.

<.< >.> <.< >.> You could always.........just............(not report your PayPal income!) [But you didn't hear that from me!] *runz away*

If I was a sneaky artist maybe I wouldn't!

But did you know that if you either do over $20k of business with Paypal in a year OR over 200 transactions Paypal reports it to the IRS? Kickstarter also reports your earnings. No way around it like in the old days, alas.

Wait a minute, what's Sette think she's doing up in those rafters?! She's gonna get herself all busted up and Duane will be most dissatisfied.

Sette is surprisingly competent from time to time. Either way she's not gonna stay outta the action, that would be boring and not at all profitable :3

First, $1000 to Kickstarter for a joke Unsounded character *click*..........then, $1000 to your PayPal to mess up your tax returns! *click* LOLOLOLOL I TROLL U! --TheWealthiestTroll <3

img gif

"but Uaid's personality and AI were crafted out of mnemonic salvage - or ghosts - pulled out of the khert." Is Uaid's personality one ghost or multiple ones mashed together?

Multiple ghosts - thousands - carefully hunted out for specific qualities and then forged into one personality by Matty's mom.

Are you reconsidering going to conventions, maybe?

Mm, I dunno. I am so introverted and socially backwards that even all this attention over the past two days has me on the edge of a mental shutdown. I'ma turn off the internet tonight and do art until I pass out to recover.

Wow Great Stuff. So how the owner of our fine warehouse going to spin this? Since he apparently has bribed the local guard but not the PeaceGuard and Toma.

We shall see! It is a valid concern though, no one's going to get out of this mess easily.

As an additional Kickstarter goal: Maybe a full body sketch of one or two characters, priced between the book+postcards and the book+postcards+watercolors? If that's not getting to much to draw for you that is...

I'm going to add more watercolour illustrations next week. Beyond that I think we're good for rewards :)

Browsing through the list of backers I've found several fans in my areas, both at school and at home. Also found someone with the exact same name as someone I went to high school with; wondering if it's the same guy. Unsounded fan meetups need to happen

No. They will devolve into orgies; men and women flirting with each other by winking and lasciviously whispering; "17 sem on clearance, baby."

I just wanted to say that I have been having a crap week and a worse day and I just saw the Wednesday update... I threw my hands into the hair and whooped. You have made everything better. :') Thank you. <3

I'm glad, Green :) I hope your week improves.

Where are Uaid's brains? I mean he thinks something, feels emotions, eats problems. But his head is empty. What part of his body is responsible for his feelings and thoughts?

Hey there! I don't recognise your handle so some of this will refer to concepts explained in older Formspring posts, but Uaid's personality and AI were crafted out of mnemonic salvage - or ghosts - pulled out of the khert. This AI is a stand-in for a soul and it's what Uaid does all his thinking out of. It's not located in any one place on his body but rather is a spectral scaffold upon which his physical form is hung.

Re: killing the high pledges to make more watercolours. Would you be willing to add some mid-tier pledges for shorter prose stories? Personally, I'm more interested in seeing a story than a painting, to be honest.

I did something better. I added a stretch goal that's pure story, so potentially everyone benefits.

Maybe update with a thank you or something?


Will you also be putting up the PayPal donation after the chapter? I was going to contribute to the Kickstarter, but since it's overshot it's goal, I was wondering if it would be more productive to contribute directly to the Pie and Hawaiian Pizza Fund.

No, not this time :) I've just about reached that point where I feel like I've made enough for now. Give it to a secular charity!

Will the signed and sketched on option be available for non-kickstarter preorders?

As in regular order orders? Yes. There'll just be a wait on them since Kickstarter orders will be going out first, and there's a whole bloody heap of 'em.

Glass, how much would I need to pledge to get you to scrawl racial slurs in my copy? Side question: Are there racial slurs in Kasslyne?

No racial slurs in your book, Hod, that hurts my soul D:

There are plenty of racial slurs in Kasslyne, it's as inevitable a byproduct of the human race as carbon emission, but I like to use my creative license to keep them off the page.

I think you will break 200% by end of day two. This is acceptable. So do you believe us now when we say that you could make a good living on this?

Mmmmm, I dunno, maybe. But not through Kickstarter :D This is all good for expanding the readership though, and that's fun. More people to entertain!

I could not make out much of what you said in your Kickstarter video. I heard the music but the voice was really quiet. Problem with my speakers/headphones/hearing, or is it pretty quiet?

My mic is stinky. The voice bit seemed okay on my headphones but yeah, the video is not great by any means. Video editing is not my calling :D

*whines* Aaaashley! The super-fancy options are all sold oooout. I only checked the site a _day_ late. Probably though, it is better for my wallet. But wallets do not keep your soul warm with pretty watercolor illustrations. I hope we at least get to-

"(continued) -see them when they are sent out? I am so happy that the rest of your fans are apparently as willing to fling money at you as us formspingers are. :) Yay! *dances a jig*"

I knoooow the watercolours sold out like lightning. It made me realise that it was dumb to have the expensive incentives and not more moderately priced ones, so I killed the expensive ones and I'll add more watercolour slots later on. That way more people get stuff instead of one or two people hoarding big rewards. But yeah, look out for that!

If I wanted to pledge for someone else, is it possible to pledge twice? My best friend wants the signed/doodled in version, but she can't afford one right now, so I wanna get her one, but I want one, too... I'm assuming the kickstarter will be the...

"... only way to get the signed and doodled-in version, like a sort of preorder thing."

I see no reason why signed and doodled-in versions can't be sold after the Kickstarter, if your friend wants to wait. If you want to buy one for her now though, just pay for both in one pledge and then shoot me an email or a note on Kickstarter and I'll make a note of it :)

I just watched your kickstarter video; I expected your voice to be deeper. Not to be rude, but it really didn't convey the same gravitas as your writing. Is it an accent or affectation? It sounds like it's higher than your biological natural.

Nope, that's my natural voice, unaltered and all American.

Is my writing really all that laden with gravitas? Perhaps the comic needs more fart jokes.

Oh, I totally forgot to ask: What's the best way to put in our delivery addresses / sketch requests to you? Does kickstarter / amazon give our delivery addresses automatically? Can you tell why kids love cinnamon crunch?

The way Kickstarter does it is it creates little spreadsheets after the fundraiser is over, and I can send mass surveys out to everyone who backed to get the info I need, like addresses and sketch choices, etc. The page specifically says not to worry about it until the drive is over so I'm taking its advice XD

What happened to the $750 pledge?

I'm going to add more watercolour slots instead since they were so popular.

I was expecting my mental pronunciation of Duane to be off, and it was. But I actually got Sette right! "A difficult assignment to be sure, as Sette runs afoul of *Mythic Beasts*..." I lost it there. 17 Sems on clearance!

Sssh, the nubs will hear you ;)

To add to the quest about the break, I'm not even sure when was your last one. I think you deserve one :>

Aww <3 Honestly, I love making pages and posting them every week. It's just all the other stuff that burns me out :)

Since you're gonna have a lot of work to do with all those books, will you take a break after this chapter?

Naturally. I take a month break after every chapter.

Are you currently single?


When the Unsounded video game is eventually released, I swear I will devote my life to making a mod to make Uaid look like the Kool-Aid Man, just for today's scene.

Oh, yeah!

My goal for you is in a year, you won't be doing freelance at all anymore, since Unsounded books and merchandise will be your main source of income. You mentioned it takes about 8 hours a page right? So you could do 5 updates a week. That would be awesome

Man, I wish.

Can you take away the "if" regarding your kickstarter's success now? I mean... you've succeeded, so it's not really a question of "if" any more.


Got any stretch goals in mind?

I'm open to suggestions! I'm not going to announce any until next week though, I'm kind of behind with my work and need to focus. Kickstarter is very distracting! :3

Indiegogo will I think take off a percent or two less than Kickstarter if you want to cut that down in the future.

Good to know.

Now that you're funded, are you excited about what's to come?

There's a lot of work to do XD

So, where's that awesome music from the beginning of the Kickstarter from? I must know, so I can associate it with Unsounded forever.

That is from a really cool little free stock music site I found. I believe it's the one called Overdrive right here http://www.freestockmusic.com/category/rock-production-music/page/3/ Pretty badass for stock music, no?

Biiig congrats on the kickstarter!!! I was 95% sure it would take off like this, I'm so happy for you!

Thanks! :D

Congratulations. I think it's pretty amazing you hit your goal within the very first day. It makes me happy to see someone who at times struggles but is still full of passion find success. (My money will be along shortly, as soon as I have some.) <3 <3 <3

Thanks, Icey :)

Are your hands likely to fall off from all the book sketches you'll be doing? Will you be in danger of blood loss from papercuts?

Man, it's going to be a massive undertaking.

You're not going to shamelessly advertise on your DA page? It's full of visually hungry fan monkeys waiting to wave bills at you!

I will advertise on dA this weekend :)

Question! If we pledge $35, do we still get the pymary guide? Also 'bout time. So happy!

Absolutely, the pymary guide is included inside the main book. The only people won't get it are those not buying the print book and only the PDF.

"I'd probably just give the money away to [charity]" Doesn't kickstarter stipulate that you use the money for the project that the kickstarter is for? Why not just buy huge inventory, or set the money aside for the next book?

Actually, I'll be using any profits I make to eat and pay my bills. Since Unsounded would end pretty swiftly if its creator has to go sleep in her car, that probably counts as using the money on the project :)

Wow, congrats on the Kickstarter! I knew getting a credit card would be useful. Now, for every dollar over your goal, nay, every dollar pledged, tell yourself that you deserve it because you poured ridiculous amounts of work into this comic. It's true.

If only my crazy brain was so easily pacified.

Could we get sketches of "alternate universe" versions of characters? I think Zombie Quigley would be sexy as hell.

It seems I am going to have... a lot of books to sketch in.

I'm just a poor student, I have no creditcard and kickstarter doesn't accept paypal. How could I preorder? *sobs*

No worries. I'm going to order a few extra copies of the book once the Kickstarter is over. You can buy copies directly from me with Paypal then.

@[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected]

That was me when I woke up this morning.
If the kickstarter blows up like Order of the Sticks one did and you make over a meeelleeon dollars will it change you? Will you become haughty and overbearing and too good to talk to us proles? @[email protected]

1) No. I'm way too Lib. I'd probably just give the money away to orphans or farm animals or trees or something.
2) You know, OotS guy made a lot of money but he also made a lot of money for Kickstarter. Did you know that between Kickstarter and Amazon they get ten percent of gross of everything you raise? With Amazon it makes some sense, they are processing credit card payments, but all Kickstarter does is host the page and video. Mr. Kickstarter made like 60k just for hosting OotS' Kickstarter page.

I-- I think that I'll stop hiding my name from now on. >///> I loved the pages today! Jivi is so awesome. Congrats on the Kickstarter; I'll be making a pledge later this week. Um, a question... Does Sette celebrate Pi Day (March 14)? Do you?

Thanks, Renekai! :)

Sette celebrates Pi Time. Twice a day. 3:14 AM and PM on the dot.

The solution to the IE problems: Don't bother with them and include a link to a real browser on the front page. Everyone wins!

Sad but true. IE does display text prettily though, I'll give it that.

Woo congrats on exceeding your goal so soon Ashley! :D Out of curiosity, what WAS the $1000 pledge bonus?

I was going to offer up the chance to design a Frummagem who appears in three of the upcoming chapters and has a little story arc of his/her own. Now that the goal's met though, I'm not so greedy I'll compromise the comic in such a risky way. It's best for everyone.

Unless my friend Steve pledges for it, then amazingness will happen.

Would you still be interested in having the $1000 pledge if the person talked with you about it first?

Actually, my homeboy Steve is thinking about buying it. Steve and I are soulmates, creatively, so this would be amazing for all parties involved. Thanks though, anon :)

For the 3000+ word story, do you have any examples?

So many examples that I'm not sure what would help you the most. Tell me what tone you were hoping for and I can probably dig through ten years of writing to find you something pertinent.

What will the sketch in the book look like?

A headshot of whatever character you choose.

I dreamt that I met you in a coffee place last night, you told me I was oversleeping. ...Thanks?

Get more exercise too. And eat your vegetables.

So how about adding Vol. 2 to this thing?

One volume at a time, Speedy. We'll do the second volume next year after I've recovered.

Best fans in the world, or best fans in the world? :P

Best goddamn fans in the world.

Would you consider a three-part Paypal payment of $1000 by kickstarter's end in lieu of Amazon? :p Congrats on the successful kickstarter :D -UG

Baby, there is no type of money I won't accept. I took the $1000 pledge down though. The talk of trolling was making me nervous.

D: Was so confused as to what @kirbish was saying about the links. Then I viewed the page in chrome. I do love IE but sometimes IE makes it very hard. ._.

Yeah, I fussed about with IE for a while trying to make it work, but it does't like rotating elements very much.

Any idea when the samples of the prints will be up? I'm torn between just the book or the book and the prints, I want to know what they look llliiiiiiiiiiike~

Oh, the prints won't be arted until after the drive's over, I'm afraid. One will be the three kids, one will be Duane and Sette, one will be the Quigleys with Uaid, and one will be the coverpage website art.

GLASS GLASS! I had lunch with my boyfriend today and he ended up confessing he actually already bought the $35 one this morning and meant it as surprise. Aw yeah 8D I want Sexy Quigley sketch or Quigleys together or sexy Quigleys together or--

Your boyfriend rocks! Quigley it shall be! When the drive is over I get to send out a survey to everyone, and you can put the character in then that you want. Don't tell me now I'll just forget D:

Living Duane sort of reminds me of Zalbag from FFT (though with a way less ridiculous name).

Zalbag. One of my favourite characters ever whose name's second syllable is synonymous with "sack."



"I still don't know shit about business" Yes that was my point because trust me: this thing is gonna work. Stop being such a damn artist for like 45 seconds and take a look at some actual numbers, you are doing this thing and succeeding, dipshit.

fuuuuuu Pessimism has gotten me this far in life, I ain't gonna stop it now :3

SA doesn't hate you, it's divided on you. Mostly they hate that Duane won't shut up, but they recognize the comic as quality and there's been enough arguments about it that you have to have a sizeable chunk of fans. If you don't want me to, let me know.

No, it's cool. I mean, if it's something you want to do :)

*ch-ching* There's my moneys. Part of me wants to wants to drop mad stacks on one of the pricier limited options but I am pretty doped up still and can't think of a goddamn thing I would want specifically drawn or written about.

I just assumed everyone would want either porn or kedises or kedis porn. Thanks for the pledge :D

The watercolors are sold out!!! :C

Iz crazy.

How much would I have to pledge for there to also be a beginner's guide to Tainish?

I think I'll save the Tainish guide for volume 2. Each volume will have some kind of setting guide in it :)

That's what your voice sounds like?

Yes. I'm sorry :(

DAMN. I just watched your kickstarter and I was not pronouncing the names right at all. Sette I pronounced as SET and Duane as DWAYNE. I wonder how many other names I'm getting wrong. Do you have some sort of pronunciation guide?

I do not, but Duane and Sette are really the only weird ones. Duane's name IS Dwayne to everyone but the Aldish. I wasn't sure how I should even pronounce it in the video since Sette always says it Dwayne. There are some little touches that just never carry over to a comic, sigh. I'm sorry if I weirded you out.

If Sette's name was set though, I would have made a Ready, Sette, Go joke by now :3

Best. Page. Ever. I love the way you knocked the links out the way, wonderful touch! Also: Yaaay kickstarter! Excuse me whilst I cram the link down the throat of everyone on the internet :D

Thanks, man :D

Congratulations on destroying your Kickstarter, Ashley. How high do you think you're going to get?

Thanks! I have no idea how high it'll go or even if it'll just hold steady for the next month. I'm afraid to jinx myself.

The Kickstarter is about $1100 away from your goal already. What on earth are you going to do for the rest of the month?

I- I guess add some stretch goals to it? It'd be cool to put in an extra print-only comic. Other than that, I'll just keep promoting it. The more it makes, the less freelance I have to do, and the less freelance I have to do the more Unsounded I can do. Maybe I can finally draw one of the side stories, that would be amazing *_*

Wait, if the Quigleys are going to die, how can Mathis have the romance with Elka which you hinted at? Am I imagining that you ever hinted? Am I imagining KMD's hair changing from white to auburn? Was Anadyne born a copper? *head explodes* O.O

I'm still killing both of them, but when you least suspect it.

Would getting sold to be a whore be better or worse than Starfish keeping him, do you think?

Honestly? I think it would be better to be sold. If Matty stayed with Starfish he'd be dead in a week.

Hmmmm oh my what is this, like five hours into your Kickstarter and you already have 5 thousand dollars. Hey Glass, remember when I told you you didn't know shit about business? ( •_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)

I still don't know shit about business, bro. You dunno how many times I had to rewrite that Kickstarter page because every other sentence was basically a take on "I know I suck but please give me a chance." I cannot market myself, I am full of despair and loathing like like like a wretched smoke eel. I am a writhing spectral mass of sad defeatism.

Opinion on MS Paint? :3

I use it sometimes when I want a resize an image really quick without opening up Photoshop. When it comes to pixel art though there are better programs to use. GraphicsGale for instance http://www.humanbalance.net/gale/us/

Is Starfish worried about Duane?

Starfish is worried about Jivi.

I dreamt there was of an earlier version of the story in novel format with illustrations which I compared to the ongoing storyline. There were Jivi and another boy - sort of an Artful Doger type - and they rescued a beat-up Quigley and hid him. Some Dream

Maybe you were dreaming of my RP. Was Murkoph there? Was Quigley's wife still alive? Was a blue fish lady constantly trying to fellate all the attractive male characters?

Hey Glass I think you need to stop adding that "if" qualifier re: your Kickstarter's success.

The moment I do I will jinx myself and possibly start hemorrhaging from my ears and die.

Glass, just for you: I'mna go post a link to your Kickstarter in the comics forum of Something Awful. You're on their radar.

But Something Awful mostly hates me. Google has told me dark tales.

Just letting you know I intend to back, but can't till the weekend. Unsounded in print... it's just so awesome!

Thanks, man :D The Kickstarter goes for thirty days so there'll be plenty of time.

I like to picture KMD with a pleasant, girlish, melodious voice and Anadyne with a raspy, mannish, smoker's voice, in defiance of normal convention.

Knock probably does have a girlish little chirrup of a voice, pleasant and sweet.

There is a link to your facebook on the kickstarter page. As far as I know you may be aware, but I would feel uncomfortable giving the internet access to my private infos, so this is a heads up just in case. :) *inadvertently sounds like the creep*

It's all good. I don't post anything private on Facebook. Thanks though :)

Today's page is a perfect example for my question! When Unsounded is printed, how much of the site layout will be included? I like the stack of pages and the changing headers for each chapter, but what about pages that go beyond the normal margins?

"(cont.) especially since I was so wowed by Chapter 2's interaction with the layout"

Every page was designed to work by itself, without the margin art. Mostly this means the print panels have more actual art in them than on the web which features panels that were blown up and repainted in order to pop out. There are a few cases where I'll have to create extra margin bleed and a few more where the pop-out elements were painted at web resolution because I am dumb, but I'll fix all that stuff if the KS goal is successful and we go to print. The book will look good, and the details will be much crisper printed than they are shrunk down to 600x900 for the web.

Dat $1000 pledge seems like it leaves lots of room for trolololololing.

I'd have a lot of respect for a person willing to drop 1000 bucks to troll. Still, no one'll buy that, it's mad expensive.

Is Matty valuable? You said plats are popular whores, and there can't be many outside their homeland...

Yeaaaah, Matty would fetch a good price. It's not a pleasant thing to think about.

"Ana would never let Starfish cut up a kid, that's just foul" so...how would she feel if he did manage to show her his cargo and his brilliant small bodies = more payment scheme?

She knows about it. That was included in her "rolled inta town with more on your back than you were tasked to haul" reproval. No one is happy about Starfish's bright idea but the priority is to get the cargo to safety.

If Uaid hadn't busted in, what would have happened to Matty? They don't seem too pleased with Starfish's behavior, but would they have let him take the kid since it's not their problem?

It's a tricky situation. Ana would never let Starfish cut up a kid, that's just foul, but the Frummagems have no real right (and no real reason) to insist he leave Matty with them or do anything at all with him but whatever he wants. So the upright and honourable rogue thing to do is pay Starfish for services rendered and then send him on his merry way with whatever prizes he managed to win for himself. So if Quigley is killed and the baddies make it to safety with their cargo, Matty becomes for all intents and purposes Starfish's property.

The moral here is to charge more for everything.

I have a hard time charging a lot for art that's fun to do. Watercolour portraits of my own characters is waaaay too much fun.

Holy crap, I love you and I want to give you so many moneys. Did you save the kickstarter for today's update or was that just a happy coincidence?

I wanted to kind of time it so it would be just wrapping up when this chapter's wrapping up so I can use that month off to do all the editing and new art that'll be required if the book makes it to print. The fact that that point happened to be right around when Jivi tears into the warehouse like a BAMF was mostly happy coincidence :3

Did you time the launch with this update?

Maybe ;)

Wow, you sold out of the illustrations so quickly!

I'm really surprised. Many hours of watercolour paintin' on the horizon.

How do you feel about achieving over ten percent of your goal in less than twenty-four hours?

Slightly verklempt. People are so generous T_T

You're charging waaay too little for the write-bonus-story option!

We shall see if anyone bites! I figured it was kind of a gamble since most people have no idea if I'm able to write prose or not (I modestly am of the opinion that I write fine prose).

Ok, I must bother my international-credit-card-having boyfriend until he helps me back your Kickstarter <3 Glass, why is dollar so expensive? the US$35 one would cost me R$70 plus US$7(R$14) I'd love the US$750 one but that's R$1517 D=

That is crazy! Although even the US dollars are a lot to me as a fairly poor person, haha. I can live off 35 USD for two weeks :D

Whee early update and kickstarter! If someone doesn't take one of the limited options and order a story/comic about kedises, I will be upset. I wish you all the luck in the world with it. :D

Haha, thank you, darling <3

Is there a reason Sette doesn't wear shoes? I think it would be very uncomfortable come winter, and surely she could at least steal a pair.

None of the street kids back home wear shoes. It's part poverty, part stealthiness, part because Hanghorse is a major seaport and sailors don't wear shoes, and all the kids want to be like sailors. The kids put on boots come wintertime but wearing shoes before there's frost on the ground is a good way to get your ass kicked for pretending you're better than everyone else.

I thought you'd like to know that minus the hair Starfish looks exactly like my dad. It's very awkward.

When I put the comments on the Russian translation into Google Translate, Starfish' name always comes out Echinoderm. You should call your dad Echinodad.

You think it's possible to make an unlikable protagonist work without changing what makes them unlikable? I personally like both Sette and Duane a lot, but I can't imagine Sette ever not being selfish and Duane not being "Confirmation Bias: The Character"

Well, you're answering your own question. Neither Sette nor Duane are terribly likeable but you say you like them anyway. So yes, it must be possible. I could have made Sette much more vulnerable, adorable and charming in her fiendishness and Duane much further removed from his bigoted roots. I could have made him a sexy dark antihero badass vampire instead of a pontificating, faceless, gangly dork, and Sette could have been more much ignorant of the ways of the world and kinder to Duane if only to win him over (and the reader).

But those weren't the characters I wanted.

So yes, you can make unlikable characters likeable to SOME but most people will still hate them. You'll have a story that's difficult for a lot of people to stomach, and not good pop entertainment.

So my advice is not to do it. Stick to safer cliches. People want to read about heroes, not dicks.

Is Duane close in his thinking, then? (About the whole khert damning him.) Is he off completely? Will the real reason surprise him? And hello again! Internet not on the fritz today :D Miss, miss, MISS this place <3

Hello! <3 *ignores spoilery questions* My internet was out last night for a while. It made me actually read a chapter of a book. MADNESS. Are you getting a lot of reading done?

^.^ You changed your appearance while I was away, Glass. Don't you know you don't need to change? :3 Would it be weird if I told you that she looks almost exactly the way I used to when I was little? Strange...hmm.

Did you have pigtails? All kids should wear pigtails.

Something confuses me. You have better art, better dialogue, a much more intriguing plot, and more frequent/reliable updates than Order of The Stick. And yet somehow less money.

Mm, I don't read Order of the Stick, but I've always heard nothing but praise about it. It's stickmen, sure, but if they serve their purpose that's all they need to be. I just can't imagine that a webcomic that's so successful isn't also high quality in its way.

But also, it does help to appeal to certain demographics. Order of the Stick appeals to roleplayers specifically, so it's always going to have a larger readership than a story that starts off without any particular hook to any particular demographic.

Also, art is subjective :3 You like my art and dialogue and story but plenty of people don't :) Thanks though, Hod, I needed some nice words tonight.

Does Kasslyne have dedicated ghostbusters?

It falls under the duties of municipal wrights (wage-wrights) but they're kinda like ghostbusters, sure. It's not something I plan to get too into though; ghostbusting's been done to death in fiction.

I just read Bastion's name as "Win-a-lil' " (as in "little"). How DO you pronounce that...?

I say it Win-uh-lilz but I like your pronunciation too. His last name was original a play on Losstarot, as in Sydney Losstarot. Lost a lot. Win a little. Hohoho.

What's the temperament of the average ghost? Judging by Boo and Friendly Coffee, a lot of them seem basically nice.

They're usually pretty childlike, and we all know how capricious kids are, so sometimes they're nice, sometimes they're mischievous, sometimes they're downright mean. The mean and upset ones tend to gang up together and form things like smoke eels, and they don't have as much interest in haunting pymarics or freezing people's coffee. But sometimes they do. Sometimes an unsuspecting housewife will pull out an old pymaric she hasn't used in a while... maybe a handle that you stick onto loads to displace their weight and make them more manageable. And maybe she'll go to lift this lightened load up onto a shelf only to have the pymaric cut out half way, double the weight of her load, and send it falling down atop her to snap her neck.

You never know with them ghosts, man.

:3 Was Duane exiled from Alderode? Is that why he cannot return to his homeland? Agh.


Whenever a major character is underwater, I like to hold my breath and see if I could last as long as they could. It's gonna be hell waiting until Wedensday.

Am I going to be reading about you in the news? Write my URL on your forehead before you black out, I could use the publicity :3

I've seen a comic with exactly 45 pages/chapter, but Unsounded seems to fluxuate. Do you think it matters if a chapter has a set limit of pages, or as many as it takes to drive the point of the chapter home?

I don't think it matters at all, and one of the joys of webcomics and indie publishing is not having to worry about page count restrictions. Would anyone look at a novelist and tell them that every chapter of their novel should be exactly the same amount of pages? Having a set page amount makes sense if you have commercial limitations, like with superhero comics every month, but why make up artificial restrictions for yourself if you don't have to? Creating comics is hard enough already :)

Would Duane feel better if his religion had a bad god (like, Tirna is still around messing with people) he could assume screwed with his soul? Or is he the sort who'd still feel it was because he'd done something wrong?

I suppose he'd feel as he was culturally indoctrinated to feel, just like most of us. If he'd been brought up believing there was a demon or demons out there who delighted in messing around with humans he could project his faults onto that creature and find some relief. His religion doesn't have that though, so the fault must lie within.

On page 58, who's the person criticizing Quigley's parenting skills? From the panel structure it seems like it's Sette, but I can't imagine she's dumb enough to start talking and give herself away like that.

It's Ana.

Urgh, I'm sick with the generic sorethroat/stuffed up flu. Considering there was sorta time-sensitive stuff I wanted to get done at work day, I think you've hit on another advantage of working for yourself. Even if it sucks, you can still work while sick.

Poor Townly :( One disadvantage of working for myself is if I do get really sick, I die because I have no insurance. So it's not all fun and games and drawin' in my underwear :D

I just thought of a thing! No wonder Aldish society is so rigid, if its rulers are hundreds of years old! It must take ages for even a small change to occur in the national mindset. Right?

Quite so. In practise the Four have twenty year terms but it's almost unheard of for one of them not to be re-elected. You can go through half a dozen generations of Plats in the reign of only one Councillor.

I really like that the Ssaelit embrace their humanity. The embracing of nothingness/removal is a major turn-off in IRL things like Buddhism for me. It's nice to see a religion, even fictional, that celebrates human nature!

Yes, I really wanted to focus on that. So many religions start off on the premise that humans suck. What if there was a religion that decided humans are in fact the best things ever but have trouble realising their potential because they happen to exist in a less than ideal world? And maybe they don't need to rely on gods to be the best they can be because their awesomeness is such that they can perfect themselves. Yay, Ssaelit.

I want to see a shonen series now where Plats compete in epic staring tournaments. "I stare to protect my friends!"

I believe the Care Bears did this. Plats v. Care Bears, to the death.

Unsounded is my favorite webcomic, and I just can't get over what an amazing artist and storyteller you are! I've always thought that Starfish was creepy, but today's page was really powerful. How many hours are left until daylight, in the comic?

Thank you! <3

I think it's about 10pm in the comic so dawn is a while off. However, the night as far as it concerns our tale is near its conclusion.

What does Boo think of himself, d'ya think? Does he know he's merchandise, or does he think himself an animal, or a real boy? And how does he spend his time wile everyone's asleep? Does he get bored? Or lonely?

Boo is a very, very simple creature. I don't think he has any existential thoughts, at least not yet. He just wants to meet new people, see new things, experience all he can and make friends. He does get lonely and he doesn't want to be thrown away again. It makes him particularly eager to please.

So if Quigley dies, Matty could at least make a living by winning staring contests?

You are horrible. Go stand in the corner.

Is the soul business why Duane is so sure Ssael did this to him instead of it just being some bad luck?

Duane thinks the khert did this to him as punishment for crimes he is uncertain of. He mostly thinks this because he cannot as a wright imagine any other way save divine (and the khert is divine) intervention that his current state could have been accomplished.

How much less emo would Duane be if instead of a rotting corpse he was just regular old immortal? Would he think it was cool or still think it meant he was so awful God didn't want to even touch his soul long enough to send it hellward?

It would definitely be a different kettle of fish if he was only immortal. If he wasn't a rotting corpse he could have stayed in Alderode and not given up his old life and all he loved. That in itself would make for a markedly less emo Duane.

"all our countries are theocracies." Would they mutually agree to not be dicks about things, or would they try to steal/otherwise mess with the souls of dead important people from their enemies or whatever other dickery you could do if they could?

All countries err on the side of dickishness, it seems. Maybe it would be like the wartime plod scenario, and the countries wouldn't stop frigging with each others' dead until it became apparent they were only hurting themselves and treading water.

Do you like theocracies in fiction especially, and if so why?

I really enjoy religion from an anthropological viewpoint, so yes, I do like writing theocracies. Countries often have themes and ideals that drive them along and motivate their citizens and government. With a theocracy you have a very strong, very enduring, very meaningful and concrete theme that can influence every aspect of the setting. A theocracy has deeper authority behind it than mere military or monetary might, making it a more fearsome opponent to a protagonist.

Pankration seems very brutal, I'm surprised Jivi likes it. Does he nurse a bloodthirsty streak?

Most boys his age do, in my experience.

Do you ever identify with Virginia Woolf?

Mmm, not particularly.

I just had an idea for a t-shirt incentive for your Kickstarter campaign! ...Except only a handful of Formspringers will get it. :(

Simple, yet profound.

Drowning is actually a horribly unpleasant way to die. It's one of the top 6 worst ways to die, which as a matter of professionalism, I abstain from using. The reason it sucks is not because it's painful, but because of how panicked your mind gets.

Yeah, I read a lot of accounts and did a lot of research for this scene. Amusingly, they say nitrogen asphyxiation is a great way to die. That is my suicide method of choice.

Wow, Starfish is really getting his creep on. Paging Action Jivi: If you're planning on being a hero- timing is kinda part of it there guy.

Starfish has been wanting to do this since he and Quigley first met. It's a good night for him.

How many questions do you get a day, on average?

It fluctuates these days. Sometimes one or two, sometimes a whole heap, like twenty. Keeps me on me toes.

Where's Anadyne getting the water (wetness?) aspect from? Just the stuff outside?

Naw, the river is too far away. It's as Knock said: it's humid. Ana condensed all the liquid Aspect in reach; from the air, from the sloshy glowing water lights in the wall, even from Ephsephin's blood seeping into the dirt. There's no actual water present, just condensed liquid Aspect. If Quigley tries to take a breath through it though, he'll suffer a laryngospasm and suffocate. That's the water trick - no water at all.

You're probably sick of being asked this but Kickstarter soon?

I submitted it to Kickstarter for approval tonight. Assuming it doesn't take them ages to approve it, I'm thinking I'll start the drive on Wednesday.

I am nervous and twitchy about the whole thing because I am a freak, thank you for dealing with my nervous freakishness.

Ana's look in that last panel intrigues me. What's she thinking?

She will share her thoughts on the next page :)

What are the general rules for being Ssaelit?

I should probably make a wiki page, eh?

Ssaelit reject the Twin Gods of the Gefendur as unfit to rule and instead apotheosize Mankind itself, beginning with their ascended prophet Ssael, who killed the four Gefendur gods and now sits in their place. The Ssaelit believe it is every human's fate to do as Ssael did, overcoming their own mortal imperfections over the course of many incarnations until they find the strength and wisdom to tear their way beyond the khert to the Outside, where they can find Ssael and share in the prize of the godhead.

In practise this means taking pride in being human, and living a life that reflects that. They reject Gefendur ideas like human sacrifice and cannibalism, they reject asceticism and self-absement, and they reject the idea of simpering to a higher power. Whereas the Gefendur see the Twins as stern and frightening overlords, the Ssaelit see Ssael as a helpful teacher and potential equal. The Ssaelit believe that the khert guides them towards births beneficial to their spiritual well-being and in exchange, they must accept their lot and find joy in it. Whereas the Gefendur proselytize by tongue and sword, the Ssaelit believe conversion is an arrogant affront to the khert, and that a man must come to Ssael on his own.

More day to day Ssaelit rules include burning the dead and never allowing a corpse to decay, because this exposes human flesh to the humiliation of the Twins' natural laws. From this reverence towards humanness comes the Ssaelit ban on plod labour and any pymary or medicine that's to do with experimenting on or disfiguring a human body, alive or dead. It also means that suicide is sinful and martyrdom is arrogant. Ever onward! is the cry you hear a lot from their preachers. Do not surrender, never say die.

The Ssaelit see the sea as wicked because it repels the khert, and scripture says the bottom is drowned with Tirna's poison and the decaying forms of the long dead Twin Gods. That is where the hells lie, and it's a prison for Ssael's enemies. Ssaelit must not eat anything that comes from the sea, nor should they bathe in it, nor travel by it if it can be avoided.

What do Anadyne and Knock-Me-Down think about Starfish?

They only just met the blighter, but neither is impressed. If he didn't have business with Stockyard I'm not so sure there'd be much incentive to keep him around.

Hm. Is the fish thing part of why Duane was so upset by Sette stuffing the strawberry fish into his mouth?

That, and she had stuffed something in his mouth.

Ooh, I just had a titillating thought. Are Knock and Anadyne going to be recurring villains, Team Rocket style (except, y'know, competent)? Those are the best. :D

Haha, recurring villains seem to be a thing in episodic fiction specifically so I'm not sure their role in the comic will work out quite like that... but you'll be seeing a fair amount of them in the future. I like them, they are honourable rogues and they love each other. I like villains who act like real people and have goals outside of just being evil all day (Starfish is not in this category).

Would Duane agree to be transformed into Sette's talking lion minion if it meant he got to be alive again?


Smothering yourself in bacon actually seems like good atonement. You're willing to die with delicious bacon so temptingly close without actually eating any. Hardcore.

...Islam is not for me. Neither is the Ssaelit faith. Delicious fish ;_;

Is it wrong to seek a vasectomy/tubal ligation without telling your partner or is it a personal decision?

Tubal ligation... is that when a marching band sues someone?

I want to say I will be honestly sad if Quigley dies and really hope he makes it, even though I know it's already decided and silly to be hoping like he's a real person currently in danger! You've done his shitty-but-trying dad thing really well.

Thankee. You know more about Quigley than you know about me. Does that make Quigley a more real person than Ashley Cope?

Sunday night is existentialism night here on Formspring.

What would happen religiously if wrights discovered that a) there totally is that core thing but b) actually you can totally mess with it all you like via pymary, they just didn't know how before now.

I'm sure laws would be made against it. Remember, all our countries are theocracies.

"When he was hallucinating a lot during the first year he sometimes had that thought, but not anymore." How come?

Maybe he'll let us know one day.

Could Duane commit suicide by jumping into the ocean?

He'd rather incinerate. A Ssaelit drowning himself in the ocean is like a Muslim smothering himself in bacon.

So...if pymary ever managed to make a ghost that was just made of a single person's memories and didn't seem to be missing anything, would religious wrights still insist it wasn't a person? Or would they think it was just a new person rather than the old?

Religious people very rarely change their position. You can present them with whatever arguments or "evidence" you like.

Has Duane thought he might be just a kludged together ghost?

When he was hallucinating a lot during the first year he sometimes had that thought, but not anymore.

Regarding souls.. Does current pymary knowledge say that it's theoretically possible to reconstruct them (in the same way scientific knowledge says you can theoretically reconstruct the atoms a person's brain was made up of) or is there more to people?

Here is where pymary and theology clash a bit. Secular wrights who work with mnemonic salvage (the term often used for soul bits pulled from the khert) often say that this salvage is all there ever is of the "soul." That the "soul" as a persistent force that leaps from incarnation to incarnation is utter twaddle and wishful thinking. If all the pieces of a "soul" could be found - all its psychic remnants regathered - a person could be recreated, making immortality a real possibility.

But religious wrights and clerics say that there is a core beyond the grasp of humans, that a soul requires this divine core in order to be anything more than a static collection of dead memories. This core is beyond the language of pymary and wrights cannot grasp it, discern it, nor understand it. It's god stuff.

Who is right? Who is wrong? Who knows.

r.e. Matty's 'five more years' comment - What happens to a Plat who is disconnected from the Dammakhert for a significant portion of his/her life? Do they still flop over dead at 30? Do they lose their... er, Platitude?

Nope. Plats are a unique breed of human. Born a Plat, die a Plat. Even if he never returns to Alderde, never even casts a spell in his life, Matty won't live to be any older than thirty, same as all his ancestors.

What would a pymary battle between wright astronauts in space be like?

Couldn't happen! No khert in space :3

Now I really wanna do some fanart of Matty in a mask, being all awesome and vengeful.

Do it! :D Quigley dies this week, it's the perfect time for it.

Does Duane ever feel the urge to bust a move?

Only if there's a pretty lady to bust a move with.

Dead memories - someone had to have managed it, because Duane. Or did they figure out a way to prevent his memories from scattering in the first place, only for there to be Terrible Consequences re: having to live in a rotting body?

I wonder.

So, how will Duane feel when he realizes that he is a ghost, and his memories are actually fragments from Aldish soldiers who died on the battlefield?

D: That would be so sad.

I was reading about how the ocean has no accessible khert, so pyramy is impossible on it. But, are there any legendary figures that /have/ managed it?

Naw. It's not a matter of skill, it's just not possible. Where there is no khert, there is no pymary. It'd be like trying to hydrate a ramen cup in a desert.

I don't know if this has been covered, but what kind of sports ARE there is Kasslyne? Are there international competitions? Are there sports similar to ours, or entirely different?

I know there are sports similar to ours (Duane played stickball a lot when he was a kid, Toma was a champion wrestler back home, and everyone plays football or rugby) but the two big organised, competitive sports are pankration in Cresce and dueling in Alderode. Crescian pankration is a tag team pymary-free mash-up that guys and girls all participate in, with few rules save no head-strikes, no biting, and no eye-gouging. Crescians like its egalitarian nature. Since no pymarics, no weapons, and no armour are allowed, it truly pits one fighter's body against the other, so it comes down to skill v. skill, and teamwork.

Aldish dueling on the other hand is a pymary-intensive, hazardous, organized sport that's played in one of five environmental presents with wild-card materials and very strict rules. Two wrights go at it and try to keep their opponent from maintaining a physical or mental state capable of raising their hands and taking stance. They can kill or cripple each other during matches, and they often do. Dueling has more of a focus on narrative, with there being well-known rivalries among duelists and duelists representing different factions. Women are not allowed to participate.

Matty loves dueling and Jivi loves pankration.

Hey! I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my number. So call me, maybe?

I'll only break your heart.

I just noticed that the Beadman's Betters slogan is "Everything's just better with Beadman's Betters." I feel like there should be an exclamation point at the end. Did you ever consider adding an exclamation point to the end? Did you ponder it for AGES?

Did you know there's a history of the exclamation mark being looked down upon? I have half a dozen quotes in my journal of famous authors knocking them over the ages. Since I like there to be a touch of the archaic to Unsounded, I didn't think an exclamation mark would seem right.

I dunno if this has been asked before, but can you tell us more about the Aseptics?

The are the FBI of Aldish pymary police. When people are doing things with pymary they shouldn't be doing, the Aseptics show up to make them rethink their present course in life, by which I mean they show up to make their bones brittle as old twigs and then kick them down a flight of stairs.

Are masked avengers really something that crooks in Kasslyne legitimately worry about, or does KMD read too many comic books? (And if it's the latter...........that's kind of cute! :3 )

Masked avengers showing up to avenge their parents is an old idea, I suspect, and present in a lot of different media. Knock is a great lover of plays and bad paperbacks :3

"So my theory is that computers-calculators anyway-would destroy the world" I dunno about this.After all it's not like they could do combat pymary.It would mostly be useful for the slow stuff.In RL math is much easier for people who don'tneedcalculator's

Good point.

Is is possible for Matty to 'close his eyes' (metaphorically) or is Chitz always sending pictures to his brain, whether he wants to or not?

Chitz is always on, so Matty can't close his eyes. At night he puts Chitz under his hat when he wants to go to sleep.

Would the khert be present at the bottom of the ocean, where there is earth aplenty? Or are the hells actually down there?

It's a mystery!

Would Quigley sacrifice his balls to tacit cast?

I don't think so. He's pretty attached to them.

*ba dum tish*

What are Sette's and Duane's thoughts on two-toes? (Do it in character, pretty please :bigeyes)

Go ask their formspring @DuaneAndSette :) There are less than twenty pages left in the current chapter, their formspring will be open soon enough.

While you said that computers would never be made in the world of unsounded, could you still tell us what would have happened?

Well, having computers around to crunch numbers would make pymary easier and safer and more widely accessible. This could be a good thing or it could be a bad thing. When people don't have to work as hard to learn a dangerous skill, they respect that skill less, and disaster is inevitable. So my theory is that computers - calculators anyway - would destroy the world.

Or, the governments of Kasslyne devise a new layer of obfuscation between the khert and the common man, in which case computers are no big deal and Sette stays indoors playing DOOM all day and trolling nubs on 4chan in broken english.

You know if black tongues have to cut of their balls to join, why don't any make pymaric ones?

You expect too much of pymarics, I'm afraid.

Are there any sports teams in Kasslyne that take the Smoke Eel as their official mascot?

The Ulestrian Undertakers used them for a while but their quarterbacks kept committing suicide so they gave them up to the Crescian Cutters who now hold the record for Most Blood Lost in a single evening.

Are you afraid of flying?

Best gif :D

I'm not at all afraid of flying. It's a dreadful bore though, I'd rather teleport.


How offended would Duane be at the idea of Sette treating him like a doll?

He'd find it both adorable and infuriating. Infuriable.

How is Duane salivating? I thought he was all dried out by now?

Duane needs saliva to speak properly. He draws moisture onto his palette and tongue via handy-dandy pymary.

I imagine Knock-Knock-Who's-There Frummagem's (hurr hurr im clevurr) fingers can't be very sanitary. That or, at the very least, taste terrible. Do you think Quigley can swap out the taste with pymary? Or do they have mouthwash in Kasslyne?

I think if Quigley could wrangle himself up some pymary at the moment he'd have more pressing issues on his mind than the taste of Knock's fingers :3

Are there theoretically steps that can be taken to stop the memories/personality of a person from spreading out through the Khert upon death? To 'hold' the memories, so to speak. And on a related note, is it possible to 'read' a memory found on the khert?

I don't wanna get too hot and heavy into this topic right now, anon. We're going to get a fair helping of the khert and the memories that it hordes next chapter. This is all important stuff and the comic will deal with it in depth.

When you said that the memories of dead people were too far apart to gather together completely,was that a hard fact forever or could someone do it in the future of the world of unsounded with enouph resources/manpower/technology?

No one's managed it yet. And believe me, every wright who loses a loved one tries it at some point. Lord Winalils tried for a long, long time to get his little sister back in one piece, and only ever found a few fragments of memories he thinks might possibly be hers. Will someone manage it In the future? Who can say.

Are the memory's of everyone who's ever died somewhere in the khert?

That's the theory.

I'm probably missing something but what the heck was up with those sackcloth heads/snakes/fire hallucinations around Cara?

The folks in the masks are plague victims. The fire was Cara's memory of said victims (including her family) being burned. The snakes were smoke eels, which act as Unsounded's mascots for pain and suffering. All of this will factor in to the story more later; consider Cara's death, everything she talked about, and the visuals that went with it as a prelude for the future of the story.

"Do it. Doo eeeet. Doooooo eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet" No! Don't listen to them! They only want your pie! D:

I knew it o_o

When Duane wakes up, will he make the dolly connection/would he make it if he wasn't distracted by his surroundings?

Ummm. You'll see.

"M-maybe?" Do it. Doo eeeet. Doooooo eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

But I'm drawing epic Aldish cityscapes :D It is hard to think about anything today but epic Aldish cityscapes.

"There is a vital, immortal, unknowable, unsounded core to all life" I see what you did there ;). Also to be clear: your second paragraph is from the perspective of a fallible mortal and may not be the truth?

Naturally. Clerics and more secular wrights have argued over the nature of the soul and death and the khert and memories and reincarnation since the beginning of it all, but as in our world, no one in infallible and no one has all the verifiable answers to the meaning of life.

What are the rules for Plats that kill people? You said Copper-on-Plat murders were brushed off. Do Plat-on-Copper murders get treated extra harshly? Could Plats get away with killing Bronzes because oh the twins must have wanted it...?

The RULE in Alderode is that all castes are equal and all murder is equally heinous. The same rule exists in the United States, but it's not equally applied across the races, is it? In practice, blacks and latinos get tougher prison sentences for the same crimes than white people. How do the judges justify it? Do they even know they're doing it?

Same thing happens in Alderode. Few come out and SAY that Coppers are worth more than the other castes but a glance at the Coppers' place in society speaks volumes. On the other hand, many DO come out and say that the Plats are blessed and beautiful and leniency should be granted them, but for all that lip service the Plats hold no political power, no wealth, and very little tangible respect. Could a Plat get away with killing a Bronze? Honestly, I would need to know how much money the Bronze had and how important he was in his community. If he was some poor scrub - and most Bronze are - the case would probably never even go to court. But if the Bronze had any power or money, the Plat would probably go to the chains or prison.

Did Sette leave Duane's journal with him (at the hotel) so he wouldn't get bored if/when he woke up?

Yes! :) You know, like playing doll and putting dolly to bed. Tuck her in, give her a bottle in case she gets hungry, and a book in case she gets bored, and a teddy of her own in case she gets scared of the dark.
From you response it seems like ghosts in unsounded aren't really "people". Would you say it is okay to treat them worse than animals? Also (theoretically), if all the memories of a person in the khert were brought together would the ghost than beaperson?

Questions for a Kasslynian philosopher, really.

The general population sees ghosts as scary pests, like roaches or rats. They get into pymarics and ruin them, they mutter nonsense in the night, they form smoke eels and other odd creatures and in all ways don't belong in reality. When wrights or the khert tidy them up, it's the way it should be, like an exterminator getting rid of a mouse. The vast majority of ghosts don't look human at all, so treating them like humans doesn't occur to people, really. Even Black Tongues and very erudite wrights who well understand what ghosts are really just think of them as useful components.

The second question... if you asked either a Gefendur or Ssaelit cleric they would answer no, the ghost would not be a person. There is a vital, immortal, unknowable, unsounded core to all life, and it is this core that's persistent from incarnation to incarnation. This core does not hang about in the khert or in reality as a ghost or bit of mnemonic fluff. This core has a purpose and power; it's above the flesh and above memory. Without it, ghosts can never be a person, only a hollow shell of one.

Has Sette grown in her permanent teeth yet, or will she have to re-file them when she loses her baby teeth?

Would you believe that that's a spoiler?

Tell me about the Masked Avengers again, Glass! :D

@icewaterblue did a spot on depiction of Matty as a masked avenger once, but I can't seem to find it D:



If you don't have time for books, the Dresden File has a series of audiobooks which are great. They're read by James Marsters, who played Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


What is up with the way Duane talks? As the story progresses we find that NOBODY talks like him.

Duane's from Alderode, and many people in Alderode talk like Duane, particularly men of the upper ranks. Alderode is a bit of a closed-off, xenophobic echo chamber, archaic in its dialect and culture. Duane was born working class but found himself a rare victor of the meritocracy and thrust beyond his station. He was always, regardless, keenly aware of his low birth and very, very careful to sound as educated and as pretentious as possible. He's been doing it so long it's now his natural state.

To where shall I send the pie?


Which would Sette pick: to turn into a lion herself or to have a lion pet to do her bidding?

Cool question :3

She'd love to be a lion. She dreams about it all the time and collects pictures of lions at home and has a book with a lion story in it that has the best illustrations. She'd lay in the sun all day gnawing her fleas and hunt at night and get all bloody and be the most feared creature in the world. Finally her tail would fit her properly and her teeth and her nose and she'd use her powerful jaws to rip open bank vaults and be the richest lion ever.

You should read The Dresden Files. I think it would be right up your alley. One of it's best qualities is it's depth in explanation of magic, just like a certain awesome webcomic we both know.

I think I've had that recommend to me before. I wish I had more free time for reading but it's difficult these days.

Oh my God, I just realized that RP Sette would have been the equivalent of a Kender in D&D. No wonder people hated her!

*reads the wiki page* Looks like it! Although I always just thought of her as a Dickensian urchin; the Artful Dodger with a tail, a useful sense of smell, and the benefit of being a deceivingly adorable wee girl.

I started RPing again! I found a server on an old video game & I'm having barrels of lols, just one problem... it's my character, she won't shut up! Her mouth is a valve of delirium stuck open unto my meinddd. Do you ever have this problem with Sette?

Back when I RP'd, yeaaaaah. People HATED Sette, particularly people I didn't play with often who didn't realise that really was the character and not just me trolling them. Sette insulted everyone, held nothing sacred, stole whatever she could, conned whomever would stand still long enough, and was in all ways a fiend.

I'm glad you found a place to RP. RPing is one of life's delights.

Thanks for clarifying that. I just remembered that Aldish treat killing of a Plat and of a longer living caste member differently, so I was wondering whether there is some official rule "to leave the Plat alone since he's gonna die soon anyway".

Ah, good thinking though. I guess sometimes it's a disadvantage to have dark and esoteric Formspring knowledge :)

I can't wait till Knock tries that trick on Duane, it's gonna be hilarious when he sets her head on fire.

I don't use this emoticon often, but I'm bringing it out for you, anon.


. . . Starfish just picked up Chitz so that he could try to force the kid to watch his Dad die, didn't he?


Yeah, that's right, but what are the rules that Matty mentiones? He says: "Lady, that's the rules, five y...". Never mind if that's gonna be explained on the next page :)

Matty doesn't want them to kill his dad. The universe says his dad gets to live to thirty so they aren't allowed to kill him. That's the rule. It's panicking little kid logic.

What's the deal with the five years to live rule?

Plats don't live very long. http://www.casualvillain.com/Unsounded/comic/ch06/ch06_22.html

Have you ever read the dresden files books series?

I have not.

What're some unconventional pymarics that -aren't- adult novelties? I've been trying to think of weird military ones like mines that turn the ground into quicksand or lava or something when you step on them.

That's one idea, though wrights would be inclined to design it as a web to be ensnared in and not a plate to be stepped on. A basic pymaric in most homes is a hotbox, which is just a hollow sphere of First Copper like a little squat stove that radiates heat. Ana's hair clip is a pymaric that dyes her eyes bright magenta. There's a pymaric mechanism in Knock's saw-shooter that amplifies and perpetuates the spin she starts when she pulls the ripcord, shooting the discs farther. There are proper summon beast pymarics like Swarm that are a combination of tactile Aspects, colour, light, and primitive ghost-driven AI that can do almost anything the designer can imagine. There are breathboxes that are plugged directly into the khert and can identify via breath the birthplace and health of anyone who exhales into it. There are telereach devices that can be used to steady the khert lines and extend a wright's reach for delicate, ranged work such as weather manipulation. There are portable keyholes that will temporarily suspend the solidity of any wall they are adhered to, so you can walk through (don't do this to a load-bearing wall though, it's liable to come crashing down). There are pymaric boots that allow for water-walking (don't go over open ocean), plods to do your manual labour, grenades that explode without making a sound, and very expensive full-sensory books that will light themselves, read aloud to you, smell of what they're talking about, taste like snozzberries when you lick them, and sting your fingers at the scary parts.

If Sette were approached by Kyubey would she take the deal? If so than how would she react to becoming a magical girl? (PS: if you don't know what I'm talking about than you really need to watch puella magi madoka magica.)

I'll pass on that one.

So Duane considers himself cousin to a giant magical dildo?

Seems about right to me, no?

Since Quigley popped those blocks of earth/stone out and it somehow enveloped KnockMeDown's hand, where did the earth that occupied the space her hand is go? It wasn't clear if he was aiming to oldfashioned bury them or "encase" them by resolidifying it.

Quigley popping the earth blocks out in his opening move had nothing to do with Knock's arm being trapped after we come back to the fight from the Jivi and Sette interlude. How Knock got her arm trapped in the column wasn't explicitly shown but you can use your imagination. I was thinking she took a swing at him, he moved, and she wound up sinking her arm into a column of softened stone. Quigley killed the spell, the stone reverted, and then she was stuck.

"They aren't part of your physical body"... so can the "arms" your hand-ports are connected to move around without corresponding arms in the real world? If so, why don't wrights chop off their hands to make it harder to see what they're doing?

No. Your spectral body and your physical body are married. One can't move around independent of the other. If you do lose your physical arms your spectral arms will remain provided you are still alive, but they have no bearing on the physical world once stripped of their fleshly counterpart, and are then only good for khert interactions, ie pymary. I suppose if you were a loon you could cut your arms off and then be able to wave your ghost arms around all you wanted without anyone seeing, but you'd have to eat your Cheerios with your feet.

Here's my theory: First Antimatter is special in that it behaves exactly like normal matter in every aspect and will not annihilate normal matter on contact. Can we please put this to rest and get back to sex jokes, people?

Anon has spoken.

What about using the silver as a life support mechanism? Stuff some of it into his chest along with some fresh guts so when he crazies out and starts chewing on people the meat doesn't just fall out?

All right.

What are some of your inspirations for the Unsounded world?

Computers, years of RPing and writing with friends, various video games, personal beliefs, EF Schumacher informed some of Cresce's economy, Greek and Norse mythology, and a little Jim Henson and Hayao Miyazaki for flavour and creature design.

He must replace both limbs at once, right? Because otherwise imagine how long it'll take to dig up a body with a leg the exact same length as the one you currently have. Much easier to just swap off two at a time.

Duane don't dig on digging, he usually glamours his way into a charnel house or mortuary office and browses among the dead vagrants and drunks. But yes, you raise an issue he does have to deal with.

Could Duane coat himself in first silver so he could have a million enchantments built in and be able to take out anybody? Also, built in air-conditioning, he could stay chilly all the time!

And surf through space!

If you had to be asked a Formspring question every day, what would it be?

"To where shall I send the pie?"

Maybe Duane's future Quigley leg can contain vestiges of its old owner's personality, and the two can engage in witty repartee. New Best Character!

I wanted this to happen with Raziel and Kain in an LoK sequel but I fear it is not to be.

After weeks of careful observation of the comic, I have finally found out what happens when Sette and Duane meet Stockyard: He challenges them to a space jam (I would have put in more detail but for formsprings character limit stopped me :()

Would you believe I have never seen that movie? I was deep into my emo-goth phase during that whole Looney Tunes fad when everyone was wearing the long teeshirts with the front view of the characters on one side and the back view on the other. I was watching fuzzy fansubs of Ranma 1/2 on VHS in my friend's basement.

Duane, for some reason, currently reminds me of the creature in Jeepers Creepers. He just takes whatever he needs from other people. Since he replaces his own body parts with others people's, technically, couldn't he give himself the wings of some beast?

"cont... And if he did give himself another creature's wings, would he be able to fly? I mean, he could replace his own vertebrae to include the proper bone structure to allow himself the control required to move said appendages, yes?"

Flying zombies... the next evolution.

I don't reckon it would work. Whatever the nature of his current undeath is, it allows him to control with his mind no more and no less than he controlled in life. He can move his arms and legs and blink his eyes and flap his yawp, but there is nothing in the programming of his soul - so to speak - that would allow for him to control wings. He could certainly modify his physical body as you described, but there is nothing in the spectral equivalent of his brain and nervous system that knows how to fly.

Nevertheless, I like how you think :3

It occurs to me, Glass, that one day, in the future, when they come out with Unsounded: The Movie, I'll be able to tell all my friends "I talked to her on the Internet when she was still writing that comic." This makes me feel so badass sometimes. Thanks.

Haha, do you know something I don't know? :D You should feel badass all the time though, for your ass it definitely bad independent of my influence.

Any chance you could give us the heights of the main characters (Duane, Quigley, Toma, Elka, etc.)?

Oh, let's see... Duane is ridiculously tall, a fact you don't really appreciate until you see him around some adults. He's 6'2" or so. Quigley is 5'8, Toma is an even six feet, Elka is 5'6". Jivi, Sette, and Matty I have no idea but they line up according to height in that order.

Someone should photoshop away starfishes head and replace it with a pedobear head.

With this task I charge thee. Go forth.

We know that Duane is a very "gentlemanly" person right? What happens when he has to fight Ana and Knock-me-down? (if that's to0 spoilery than what about him having to fight women in general?)

Duane would never fight a woman. It flies in the face of Aldish chivalry.

With that said, if a woman comes at him he'll do his best to take her down as quickly and - if need be - as brutally as possible, but he'd never engage her in anything like the duel he had with Quigley. It's just not done.

What are ghosts, exactly?

When matter is destroyed, it's destroyed in both reality and in the khert. This means there are in effect two different versions of all matter: physical and spectral. The spectral version is what wrights access. The spectral version is the framework for matter, containing within it the Aspects that define how that matter will manifest in the physical world. The spectral version interacts with the khert, receives orders from it, is subjugated by it.

This spectral version of matter exists for living matter as well, and we may as well call it a soul. When the body dies, its class as living matter is dissolved, and the soul dissolves with it in a natural process. The soul melts into the khert, obliterated, and serves its final function by scattering its memories into the spectral force that birthed it.

But these memories - and arguably the soul itself - do not vanish forever. They're far too scattered to be brought together again but they do endure within the infinite boundaries of the khert. Sometimes these memories are in larger pieces and over time, they may join with other, totally unrelated pieces. Time passes and they join with still others until you almost have something that's a personality. This is the beginning of a ghost.

But these ghosts are still in the khert - the spectral version of the world. It's when they manage to wriggle into reality that you get problems. Pymary opens a tiny path for a fraction of an instant into the khert. Too brief for ghosts to slip free, really. But pymarics keep this path open for extended periods, and over time, ghosts can creep into these pymarics and infect them. This is the case with Sette's spider Boo. It's just a pymaric infected by a ghost.

Ghosts can escape in other ways though, like when spells go awry and blow holes in the khert. Then you have an open portal and ghosts coming and going as they please. We've seen this. A moment of silence for friendly talking coffee.

Sometimes these ghosts think they're actual souls - actual people. They have a jumble of memories, don't they? They have a personality! They have a drive to endure! But they were never alive. They have no power over the physical realm. They're just scraps of dead memory without purpose or reason, and the khert is always after them, always eager to clean them up and restore the order of things.

Does Pymary actually have an odor that most can't detect, or is Sette sensing it in a different way, and her mind is interpreting that sense as a smell, in a manner like synesthesia?

You have put it very, very well, friend Hod.

I guess what I'm asking is, was Bett attacking Duane with the magical equivalent of a giant dildo?


Were these: (http://www.casualvillain.com/Unsounded/comic/ch06/ch06_37.html http://www.casualvillain.com/Unsounded/comic/ch02/ch02_30.html ) connections intentional? The "17 Sem clearance" thing?


I now have hope that Quigley will live on through Duane's replacement leg.

I dunno, Quigley is kind of short XD

'You have stumbled upon something odd about Duane, hmm?" AUGH BE MORE SPECIFIC

I will be. One day. In the comic.

Do the replacement limbs work immediately, or is there a delay?

Let's wait and see. He's going to be needing a new leg pretty soon.

"None of his limbs right now are his original limbs." But there aren't first bones, right? So the enchantments eventually wear off his limbs and he has to keep on going to get new ones? Seems like first materials would be easier to deal with long-term.

Ah, ah, ah. Were you present I would bing your nose. You have stumbled upon something odd about Duane, hmm?

"Who knows? There won't be any in the story." "I've honestly never thought about it, bro. Write some First Antimatter fanfiction." Y U NO GIVE STRAIGHT ANSWERS?!

To torment you, anon.

Could Duane coat himself in first silver so that he had a more normal body (and one that didn't break so easily)? Could first silver be turned into a pymary stomach for him?

Doctors don't do much with simulacrums and internal organs, they don't really understand the latter well enough. To design a simulacrum you have to input everything you know about what it's replacing. Easy enough for the mechanical motion of limbs, and more recently they've gotten very good at figuring out the mechanics of eyes, but it gets more sketchy after that. Duane had a mute year and a lot of time on his rotting hands, and figured out vocal chords. A stomach though? The research isn't out there and among wrights, neither is the will., even among Black Tongues I'd say. If we're talking entirely theoretically though, if the stomach was completely understood, yes, a new one could be designed as a pymaric. I wouldn't use silver though, eh? Stomachs aren't nearly as complex as eyes, their programming would be simpler and wouldn't require all the space that silver offers.

Duane coating himself entirely in silver? Well, he does augment and repair his failing body at points, we've seen it, but he prefers to stick to organic material. There's less finagling involved to get it work with the rest of him and it's far less rare and pricy. None of his limbs right now are his original limbs.

Could you cut someone's head off and attach it to a first silver body before it died? Or is the soul connection more finicky than that and you need a minimum body mass? How much of your body could you replace before your soul nopes off?

Haha, nopes off.

I cannot answer your question for 'tis a spoiler. It's a topic that will be explored in the comic later. Duane is quite interested in it as you may well imagine.

Unrelated to the comic itself, but here goes: for the kickstarter prints or poster, what kind of size and format are they likely to be in? (bristol card, glossy poster paper, etc)

I'm thinking 9x5 glossy for the prints. They won't be very expensive. The poster probably 11x17 standard coated poster paper. I'm leaning towards prints at the moment though, they'd be much easier to ship and deal with, and the comment section seems to favour them. I figured they would, the readership is mostly adults and do adults hang up comic posters so much? Also if you have four prints to choose from you're bound to like at least one of the designs. If it's just a poster and you hate Duane and Sette, you're screwed.

If you had gotten a boring safe job instead of pursuing drawing as a career, would you have still drawn unsounded?

I'm going to say probably not. If I worked full-time somewhere I just don't think I'd have the energy in the evenings to draw a comic. I probably would just have stuck to RP. The only thing that will ever kill Unsounded is if I have to go back to working for the Man full-time.

Assuming infinite first silver, could you build a functioning body for someone and stuff the brain in? How about Duane, could he get stuck into a first silver body or would it glitch up like his eyes on first steroids?

In Unsounded's world, the current incarnation of your "soul" dies along with your body. This is why sentient zombies are unheard of. There is no intact soul you can bring back and put in an undead corpse. So knowing this, Duane would cease to exist if he "left" his present body. Souls in this setting can't jump from body to body like they're switching clothes. A soul is compatible with its natural born body, and it goes down with the ship.

Ghosts are a bit different. Ghosts can be designed out of pieces of mnemonic salvage and put into pymarics to act as AI. If that pymaric was a body made out of First Silver it could be a very complex ghost indeed and even fool a lot of people. But it's still not a proper soul.

New theory: Sette's mom was actually a LION!This explains why Sette has a lion tail and sharp teeth.


can wrights set up a 'dead man's spell' that activates when they're killed?

You could set up a pymaric to detonate when vitality leaves your body. Very useful if you want your evil lair to fall down on the heads of the heroes that slew you.

Will today be the day Quigley gets to sink his weapon into Starfish's warm, quivering flesh?


This might be a "stoopid" question, but has Sette ever had a crush on someone?

She honestly hasn't. She's had friends before and she loves her da and granny and money, but no crushes.

Do you recycle?

I would if the city didn't charge extra for the service.
recycle reduce reuse

What about critically injured persons rebuilt into kick-ass pymaric cyborgs at a cost of six million gold sem?

Oh, you.

Would burning out a non-wright's ports cut them off from the khert in a more world-shattering way than just making it impossible for them to use pymary?

Non-wrights don't have ports to burn out! The natural connection all things in the world have to the khert is fluid and widely dispersed over their being. It's only at the points of highest concentration - in the palms and spine - that the connection can be widened and allow for the kind of direct control needed for pymary. You can burn these ports out in various ways and destroy a wright's - or anyone's - pymary ability, but you won't kill them or sever their natural connection to the khert. That connection is too pervasive and crucial to their being.

Do you ever get ideas for the world of Unsounded, but you can't fit it into any public work? I get ideas all the time but they never make sense to appear in context. :(

PERPETUALLY. You gotta edit yourself, I guess. And editing is hard, even harder than writing. It's so important though to be able to look at a story and see what's necessary and see what is just you as a writer showing off on a page. I have problems with this and I would reckon most people struggle with it. This is why there are professional editors. And why otherwise great writers fall on their faces when they lose or abandon the editors who made them great to begin with (see George Lucas and the Avatar creators).

So yeah, it's okay to have the ideas, but don't put anything into your creation that doesn't serve characterization or plot.

"INFERNAL DUCK! What are you trying to tell me? Stop haunting meeeee!" Reminds me of this: http://lackadaisy.foxprints.com/exhibit.php?exhibitid=383

Yes, that would be why I said it :3

"I forbid this from happening as the creator-god of the world. It would make the place entirely too boring." ON THE NEXT EXCITING EPISODE OF UNSOUNDED..........DUANE AND SETTE FART AROUND ON THE INTERNET

Cellphones have made the world more boring too. They have to contrive some reason in new movies all the time now for the protagonists to be isolated or without their phone. I think this is another reason I prefer fantasy over scifi. I can't even watch Aliens now without wondering why everyone doesn't have a smartphone implant in their face.


INFERNAL DUCK! What are you trying to tell me? Stop haunting meeeee!

Could you surgically alter the location of your pymary ports? It'd give you the opportunity for a nice surprise attack when some jerkwad thinks they've got you.

Naw, 'cause they're not part of your physical body. Someone could cut your hands off and you could still cast just fine.

"I forbid this from happening as the creator-god of the world. It would make the place entirely too boring." What about robots and spaceships and clones? And are their aliens in the world of unsounded?

Who knows? There won't be any in the story.

Gah!! I can stand you saying you can't answer the question but just going O_O? Please GlassShard, answer the question about First Antimatter or...uh say you can't because of some reason.

I've honestly never thought about it, bro. Write some First Antimatter fanfiction.

You know what helps headaches, surprisingly enough? A good workout. I'm 1000% serious. I just had a huge one myself (Top 10 Ever category), so I pumped out a few sets of push-ups, pull-ups, and squats, and like magic it's all gone.

I just went to bed :3 Woke up, now it's gone.

What WERE you smoking when you came up with that?

Beats me but I could use some more now. I got a headache thii_________iiis big.

Could a wright's ability to do pymary ever be taken away?

Sure. Take away their ability to speak and they're done. If they're a tacit caster, burn out their ports. There's one in each palm and a row up the spine.

What happens when computers get invented in the future of the world of unsounded?

I forbid this from happening as the creator-god of the world. It would make the place entirely too boring.

Have you ever used a fake I.D.?

Nope. I'm straight-edge.

Um, if that other non-blood fluid was already present, doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of the pymaric sex monster?

Maybe the pymaric is part satisfaction, part motivation.

What properties does First Antimatter(O_O) have?


Murkoph = Murder + Jerk-off?

Makes as much sense as anything else.

When Sette and Duane went to the happy tentacle, the lady at the desk didn't seem suprised by the fact that a child was renting a room to have sex with an adult. Is pedophilia socially acceptable in Cresce?

Socially acceptable? No. But it's not illegal.

Are there wrights out there trying to find the secrets of immortality by improving the plod creation spell?

Naturally. They've been at it for centuries though. Could be going better.

Regular Obsidian can be made up to 100 times sharper than steel (the cutting edge can be reduced to 3 nanometers thick). What properties does First Obsidian have?

Creates nether portals. Immune to TNT.

Can you give an estimate as to how long till the kickstarter is up? I'm so excited! (and trying to budget money for the next month)

Next week, I am almost certain. I'm so sorry I keep pushing it back but I keep running into problems like blue screening computers.

Bett's pymaric being powered by blood makes even more sense when you consider that blood is what causes various, er, structures to become "engorged". *Runs off to edit Fridge Logic entry of Unsounded's TVTropes page*

True, but the pymaric makers were imagining users would trigger the device with uh, sexual fluids, not blood... I guess...

x_x What was I smoking when I came up with this.

Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?

Either Dumbledore or Hagrid. Mad-Eye and Umbridge are pretty great too.
harrypotter harry hermoine ron magic wizards witches hogwarts

I don't remember when or where, but at some point you recommended the Neotokyo soundtrack. I listened and instantly loved it, but it's been a while and I'm hungry for something new. Got any similar recommendations? I'm in a musical funk.

I've been listening to the radio a lot lately. streamingsoundtracks.com is great fun plus you can make requests! What else... if you like electronica try Flashbulb's Arboreal or anything by 009 Sound System. The newish FF "Piano Opera" album for 4-6 is pretty good, there's a great piano arrangement of Kefka's theme.

I like you because you are weird! Maybe you can just tell me? I MUST KNOW.

I like you too, happy pink slug, but my lips are sealed.

How do you feel about people who prefer your ancillary characters? Are there works of fiction where you largely prefer the secondary cast?

I think it'd be pretty understandable to hate the main characters in my comic and gravitate towards the secondary characters. Duane and Sette are very in your face and the Quigleys are difficult. So it's coo'.

I guess in the Harry Potter series I was always much more turned on by the adults than the kids. In the Pirates of the Caribbean movies I prefer the villains and Barbossa to Jack or Will or Black Swan. In Last Exile, who cares about Lavie or Claus? It's all about Alex and Mullin.

I thought the blood from Bett's hand when he broke the vial to the pymaric was significant as a kind of link to the beastie. Obviously not, but maybe he thought it was?

This is one of those questions that I can answer and explain because there was indeed a reasoning for the blood, but the answer is too weird and maybe you won't like me anymore.

So, how are you doing?

How much would postage be for people outside of the US? Say, NZ perhaps?

The USPS site says 11 USD for New Zealand.

If you were given the opportunity to achieve immortality, with the only condition being that you had to be sterilized as well, would you take it? Specifics: It only stops aging (you can still die from other means), and this choice is offered to everyone.

Yes? Yes yes yes.


Do you think it would devolve into Highlander?
immortality science

The Formspring question archive is very cool- SuperKudos to the builder!!! One major detail, when they have time? Reading lft to rt, top down is out of context. A blurb to explain how to read the scrolling pages from oldest posts to newest. Please?!! TH

I'll pass that along.

I did the post/request about the question archive user blurb, maxxed to fit the Q box, lol. I have read the whole thing over time and just wanted to say Thnx again to that creator. Tricky to navigate but infinitely better than formsux nonsolution! JO:)

Yes, the person who did that is amazing.

Also, I have said it before, but it don't change- TONS of thnx to Ashley for putting up with formspring and answering tons of Q's. (...and non answers and hilarious misc - damn, you crack me up often!) Thnx- JO:)


New theory related to that other person's crackpot theory about Stockyard spreading literacy: When we first meet him he will be singing. He will be singing this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6j8EiWIVZs

AAAA nostalgia bomb

Does Starfish usually end up murdering his hired goons instead of paying them, or was Ephsephin a special case?

This is pretty new for him! But then, this is Starfish's first time playing leader, so he hasn't had as many opportunities to murder his comrades as he'd like.

I just reread Chapter Five and I thought...Would Duane have the creativity and pymaric talent for being a Black Tounge? (Sorry if this has been asked before :3)

Oh, indeed. Duane would be really scary if he decided fuck da police and subscribed to the Black Tongue philosophy that all things are permissible. No matter what branch you use - pymary, connective pymary, gruftgramary - the required talents are always going to be creativity and a good head for math, logic, and language. Duane would be a pretty kickass Black Tongue, I think.

Evil things are happening in your smile count. Eeeevil!

What-? Oh, no, I ruined it!

When Quigley dies will you put up a new image on the front page?

Yes. It will be Chitz split open, bleeding his copper beads into a fresh puddle of spilt human blood.

What kind of clothes did Duane wear before we went zombie mode?

Mostly he wore one of two versions of his uniform. One version was mostly green, very scholarly and wizardly with dapper gold trim, meant for meetings and Temple duties and training the nubs. The other was snazzy leather armour and dark green and grey wool for away missions and patrol.

Any recommendations for a really good laptop brand that runs windows?

I personally recommend Asus when it comes to laptops. I've never had a bad experience with one and they can really take a beating. Even my stupid family members can't seem to screw them up :) My first gen EEEpc still runs like a champ.

Once a loooong time ago I asked if you could recommend any books with thieves in them. You recommended The Thief and since then I'm in love with the series. Thank you! :)

You're welcome! The thanks should mostly go to @AwesomIncarnate though, as she recommended the series to me! She is an english teacher which makes her like the James Bond of book recommendations.

My mom likes your comic! She said it reminds her of Frank Frazetta's art.

O-o-okay :D I'm glad!

Oh God, why did I waste my whole day farting around on the Internet? I'M WASTING MY LIFE AWAY.

Ugh, I have been unproductive all weekend, bro, I feel ya. My computer is having a massive overheating problem and I can't get it to stop shutting down after a few hours. Kind of puts a cramp in my workflow.

So Stockyard's warehouse is stocked full of books....NEW THEORY: Stock's objective is to SPREAD LITERACY, even if he has to deal with unsavory people like Starfish to do it, and Duane and Sette are messing up his noble plans, those bastards!

In a totalitarian state like Cresce there's going to be a looooot of banned literature, particularly holy books from Fraternal Gefendur. Good money to be made for smugglers.

If you publish the story of Duane's expulsion, you should call it "White Gold".

But she was a Silver girl!

Glass there's a thunderstorm raging outside and its lightening so often and so brightly that I can see my entire expansive backyard as though it were midday and its really neat and strangely beautiful and I'm not sure why I'm typing this Hi.

Hi <3 It's windy here today, I hope we get a big storm too.

What castes are the best to ship together?

Ship all the castes!

Can a mixed-caste baby ever be a Gold or does that not work because since the Dammakhert does't touch them?

You got it. It'd be like two castes somehow making a Crescian or Ulestrian baby. The Golds aren't technically part of the system.

Are Stockyard, Knock, and Anadyne actually Sette's cousins? Or are they related in a 'big happy crime family' sort of way? And if they are, how are they related?

I won't talk about Stockyard yet but Ana and Knock are not blood relation to Sette or Nary. All the same, to be a Frummagem you really do have to join the family. Nary will adopt you in and make you his, and your offspring are legitimately part of the brood. That is the deal with Ana and Knock. Ana's dad was Nary's "brother" before he was killed and Knock's mom was one of Nary's favourite whores. They grew up for all intents and purposes as Frummagems.

What limits the amount of matter/aspects a wright can play with outside of the hard limit where the khert overloads? Like, what stops a wright from isolating the solidity of a 30-meter deep pillar of earth under someone and watching them fall?

Theoretically, the stability of the khert lines. The further from your connection the lines stretch, the more the khert lines writhe and vector uncontrollably, limiting your range and increasing the chances of spell failure. There's also a very real limit to how much one line will hold. This means larger spells take multiple lines and that a wright must geometrically divide, transport, and then reassemble the portions of the theoretical pillar, which just comes down to having the head for the math.

But what you're talking about is dangerous anyway. Pulling Aspects from matter you just assume is there but cannot see is foolish. How do you know there's thirty meters of earth under someone? The khert distinguishes between black earth and clay and sand and bone and stone and weed and roots and water and air. If you try pulling earth up where there is no earth, it may well blow up in your face, young aspirant.

If cross-class breeding did work as a way to get castes closer to the ends, would the Vits have done that?

I cannot say.

If Unsounded were a manga, you could have Duane cast a spell at an opponent, only for it to be redirected back to him. Then the villain would go "HAHAHA, LET ME TELL YOU HOW I DID THAT" and textwall the explanation, giving Duane the info he needs to win.


Were the Tains blamed for the change, since they were immune?

Going toooo far down the history of the castes and Dammakhert edges into territory I wanna leave for the comic :)

Does Quibbly have an educated guess about which caste Dwayne came from?

Dwayne answered him when he asked; no guessing required.

Does each of the castes consider themselves to be the 'best' cast? Is there indoctrination/propaganda to this effect? I could imagine the Golds doing it, but then again maybe not, if the Dammakhert is a national treasure.

Vits pushes equality on the surface, and you see propaganda to this effect everywhere: Alderode is a byootiful rainbow of colours and it depends on the hard work and special skills of all of its diverse citizens in order to function! But socially it doesn't work that way. The Bronze have always gotten shit on and have always had their opportunities limited, and the last century the Gold have joined them in their degradation. Bronze and Gold have their neighbourhoods in the crummiest parts of town, they're not allowed in many businesses or even on certain streets, and various other humiliations. It's unspoken, but in practise the Jet and the Copper are the most privileged.

The thing, though, is that even within these castes there are the less fortunate families. Not all Jet and Copper are rich and powerful, and the elites can point to these unfortunates as examples of just how unbiased Aldish society really is (pfft).

"a little earthling friend"............wait, how tall are Unsounded characters on a human scale?

They're about as tall as us (though Bastion's kind of a shorty). His earthling friend was a teenage girl though, so pretty small to him :3

Will you be doing things like the OOTS kickstarter, where some people can buy stories they pick and lower backers will get to read those?

I'm going to sell stories, yeah, but it'll be up to the buyer (and possibly up to me) if they get made public or not. If someone buys Duane/Quigley porn, for instance, I'm not making that public, it wouldn't be fair to my poor characters :)

When the castes were created, did it transform the existing people in the area, or just make it so all future kids would be born to a caste?

Future kids. At the time there were really only two ethnic groups in Alderode: the Tains and the dark-haired, dusky-skinned warriors from the west. The Tains were unaffected by the sudden change from khert to Dammakhert, but everyone else started popping out weirdly coloured kids. Everyone was amazed by how well the Plat children could cast as they grew older, but horrified by how poorly the Coppers cast, even the sons of famous wrights and war-heroes. For a few brief decades the Plats were seen as god-like and desirable, but then they started aging horribly and dying, and a few decades after the Silvers did the same. The Aldish got really scared of each other, the castes split off into xenophobic ethnic groups, and the country fell into chaos.

Quigley's move on that last page gave me an idea: could you use pymary to secretly change the target coordinates of someone else's spell?

The idea has merit, but I don't think a wright could do it without mechanical aid. Once you start casting the khert assigns the spell you've begun to the port you indicate - generally the one in your right or left hand - and maintains a connection there via the nearest line until you've concluded your spell. To interrupt that connection and hence insert other commands into the spell, you'd have to startle the line. The easiest way to do that is with a First Material. So if you had a pymaric programmed to attach itself to a khert line, seek out any running spells, and insert rogue coordinates... I think that could work. It's a bit roundabout for my tastes, one of those things that would work better in prose than in a comic since it would be difficult to explain without a text wall, but it's a fun idea.

The Homestuck thing is for a game of the comic! If you keep growing your webcomic, you might be able to kickstart Unsounded the RPG someday!

No. I want Unsounded breakfast cereal. I will settle for nothing else.

It seems the two-toes do not use their vomeronasal organ as the primary organ for smelling like most squamates do, since the lizard in chapter 3 page 51 clearly inhales through the nostrils when smelling. Why are those so far up the skull anyway?

Damnit, Jim, I'm a comic artist not a biologist!

Did you know that the Homestuck guy just did a Kickstarter that made about $800,000 in 2 days? Almost a million fucking dollars! What the shit. You deserve more fans so you can pull in that sort of dough. :-)

That's indeed a fair chunk of change.

What's it like sucking shit?

I'm pretty used to it.

When two castes have a kids, what are the odds of the kid's caste? Like, if you wanted to generate plats and didn't have cultural issues, would silver women/plat men work to get you more plat fodder, or would it produce almost all silvers?

It would produce silvers. You always go towards the middle of the spectrum when you mix castes, with the caste spectrum being plat>silver>bronze

Do you play Minecraft?

I once played it obsessively but I only occasionally dabble these days.

Is there a reason Quigley made the same sign with his hands for a second that he did in the beginning of the duel with Duane?

Just a wright habit. That's their battle stance.

Regarding the planet that Kasslyne is on: Is it in the same universe that Earth is in, and theoretically Earthlings could come by in their spaceships, or is it a totally different universe with no Earth, or is it an alternate-universe version of Earth?

It's a totally different universe. Back in RP I used to have a Planescape backbone to things so Earthling characters could travel to the setting via portals, and Bastion was a Planeswalker and even had a little earthling friend, but that was RP.

I just re-read Duane's duel with Bett, and I noticed that there are no glowy incantation runes about like with Quigley. Is..............is Bett the second tacit caster of the series?!? #secretbadass

Ha, no, I just didn't include 'em. The way I draw pymary is sort of evolving with the series. We'll get it hammered down yet.

Duane was able to obtain control over Bett's pymaric pretty easily, but not so over Quigley's at all. Is this because Quigley is a super special awesome wright and Bett isn't? Is it normal to be able to take over someone else's pymaric? Dumb question!

Bett never cast his pymaric. He let it out and yelled at it and expected it to do what he said. He had no idea what he was doing. Quigley was using a high quality pymaric that he properly cast and so it had loyalty to him (at least he thought it did, it was weird that it listened to Sette, mmmm?)

tl;dr Quigley is an awesome wright, Bett was crap.

Didn't the elk lodge feature prominently in Gary Larson cartoons? They sound vaguely familiar in that context. Elka lodge, lolz

Hmm, perhaps?

Reading the script for ch.4, I noticed Maike was female...And thinking about it, Maike, Emil, Elka (ok, technically ElkE...), Pantoffel and Morgen all are German names/words. Deliberate? Is Cresce based partly on the DDR/GDR? Cresce's sorta-communist...

I wanted an undertone of -something- when it came to Cresce. Cresce was founded about a thousand years ago by foreign conquerors of an Amazonian bent, but just because they were darker skinned I didn't want the Crescian cultural root to automatically be something eastern or African. That's lazy. So I gave them a Germanic cultural root. There's not a lot of it left though. Whatever this Germanic language was that the first Crescians spoke, it's dead now, and only persists in certain names. It adds a bit of flavour to Cresce without specifically detailing a vast, unseen history. Which I actually would love to detail but space is precious in a comic.

Do Plats usually get bitter about their cheap cannon fodder status? (I'm now imagining Quigs as Big Boss, eyepatch and all......)

Well, Quigley's certainly bitter. It's blind chance alone that he wound up working for the Window instead of being tossed in the army. Plats on the whole though... you'll understand their attitude when you see more of them.

And by the way, Duane.gif (that's what I'm calling it!) is great. How long did that take you?

I wouldn't say it's "great" XD I'm not an animator. It took me like an hour.

Instead of doodles, could I have silly mustaches drawn on all the characters?

Do I look like Marcel Duchamp do you? :O

Elk Lodge?

It's like a community organisation, I do a lot of volunteer work with them: dinners for veterans, holiday parties for underprivileged kids, mural painting, community gardening, stuff like that.

Regarding the doodles in kickstarter books, can we specify what we want or will you make it a surprise?

I think you can pick which character you'd like, that seems reasonable.

Do you have a general idea of how much the book's going to cost?

Twenty bucks plus five bucks shipping in the US. It's the first three chapters plus some extras, around 170 pages.

Are there traits where they would want to put someone out to stud?

Vits (Alderode's government) likes lots of Plats. They take them out of the villages as young children, train them for a few years, and stuff them in the army. It makes good financial sense since a young Plat child with basic offensive pymary is of comparable strength to an adult of another caste with much more expensive training. And if/when the kid is killed, you haven't lost too much of an investment. Plat children are prime cannon fodder and the Aldish government encourages their production.

How do you feel when someone asks for another sheet on exam?

If you had animation in your comic, though, you could make Starfish's belly jiggle for the amusement of us all. And just imagine how much cooler pymary battles would look with billowing hair and cloaks!

gif img

So, when the kickstarter shows up, where will we be able to find it?(I'm sure this question has already been asked, but I cannot for the life of me find it, use your tags woman!) Will it be a semi-permanent link on the comic site? I don't want to miss it!

Yep, I'll make a banner and keep it on the front page for the month. I won't let you miss it, don't worry.

My computer is giving me random BSODs so it's kind of slowing me down. I probably won't be able to submit the Kickstarter until Monday, and then it takes the site a while to look at and approve it. So FYI. Probably next week. Sorry for the delay :(
i_do_what_i_am_told kickstarter

Are you ever tempted to put animation into your comic?

Not in Unsounded, but I think it might be cool to do something with animation one day. The animation I've seen in webcomics is for the most part pointless. It's only very rarely character animation and is more often pans or zooms or flashy effects or flickering lights. It's an interesting novelty but does it really add anything?

*Blinks at the vote incentive* Where are those hands going Knock-Me-Down? Those are some great expressions. What inspired that drawing? XD

Someone on Formspring asked how much Knock could bench press :)

Are you a hikikomori?

I might be if interacting with clients and family and Elk Lodge members didn't keep me from it. Delicious isolation, I crave it.

I'm guessing ghosts can't use pymary? Because you could mess some serious shit up with that.

Nope, ghosts can't use pymary. Pymary only works in physical space, and ghosts exist inside the khert, which is like spectral space.

When I become president of the Forcibly United Nations of the Planet Earth, can I make you Comic Laureat?

Yes. And I will couch all my Very Important Thoughts on Very Important Social Issues in tales of foul-mouthed children, ravey magic, and outrageous hats.

Do you write poetry?

Fuzzy socks are my true love for they keep my feet from harm.
Ice and sleet and bears are helpless to break their fleecy charm.
From snow they guard me and spiders too; and draughts beneath the door.
But this love is fickle for they also cause me to slide across the floor.

Wait, you released a script for chapter four? Where can I read it?

It's just on Google Docs - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gRHAh6VtM9vkAyFOF_ytSK_AN-fPE-8xlMIYEoyvHow/edit

Anadyne looks like she has a nice tan compared to KMD and Starfish, but I can't tell if it's just the lighting or now.

Less a tan than that she's ethnically darker. Olive-skinned. Ulestrian heritage.

I've been doing some looking in internet accessibility lately, and wondered if you've ever considered making Unsounded screen-reader friendly? It would require transcribing all the dialouge and relevant actions on each page. :]

I dunno, man, do you think it's really a compelling enough tale without the art, in script form?

Hey! Glass! I picked up three shifts and am now chomping at the bit to spend my future monies on frivolous and awesome internet things! I am putting aside my first shiny pennies for a time when you are not too busy to do commissions. Sound good? :)

We shall see! I'ma be mad busy for a while getting the comic ready to print if the kickstarter's successful. Otherwise I'm all yours :)

How many twins need to die for that, exactly?

Mm, die for what?

Whoever owns that warehouse is gonna be PISSED when they see the condition it's in the next day. Do Crescians have insurance?

Property ownership is strange in Cresce. But right now that's Stockyard's warehouse. He ain't gonna be too happy about ANY of this.

Could you make a ghost and have it pilot a plod? Or are the two spells too complex to go together?

Naw. A body isn't a socket and a ghost isn't a plug. Sentience and flesh don't snap together like Legos, at least not in this setting.

If I remember correctly, taict casting is heredity, so did the Aldish government encourage Duane to have some kids in hopes of raising a new generation of super-wrights?

Sarcasticles :3

The Aldish government doesn't particularly LIKE tacit casting. Tacit casters are difficult to control, and their usefulness in warfare is limited. It's mostly advantageous in personal duels where you're in an environment to be audible. Remember, that is all tacit casting is: the ability to cast without speaking. It doesn't inherently boost your khert connectivity or make you smarter or faster or more creative (and intelligence, speed, and creativity are the cornerstones of good pymary) So no, they didn't have Duane put out to stud.


Nope. Just a random kid.

GlassShard posted a new profile photo

Are things like first silver naturally mutable? That is, if you stick them in place of something else, do they innately try to shoulder the task/aspect of whatever's supposed to be there a bit?

The why's and how's of the First Silver deal are spoiler territory for now, but empathetic mutability is not an inherent trait of the substance.
Hey Glass, do you have any interest in Portal 2?

Played it, beat it, enjoyed it. Didn't do anything with the custom level editor though, can't be arsed.

Duane should have sex with a guy as some sort of obscure wright dueling code or whatever. He spends the whole time sort of bored and then forgets about it.


Whenever you talk about the Ssaelit I think they seem like fairly nice people. Unless I missed something at some point, what you aren't telling us?

Most Ssaelit are nice people. Most Gefendur are nice people. Most people are nice people :)

I've thought about the twin-eating stuff for a while. There isn't uh...a history of madness/mental instability among the muckety-mucks of the church who partake is there? Ever heard of prion diseases?

A history of madness/mental instability among the high officials of a religious institution? That would be unthinkable!


If the castes couldn't interbreed, would there still be taboos about mixing? What about if the castes always produced a pure version of one of the parents? What if it meant you got any random caste with equal odds?

What if what if what if?

Hm, But pain is what's warping that silver, right? So is there a grey zone of stuff that can be interacted with somewhat via the khurt, but not swapped around cleanly like aspects?

Pymary is only one method of interacting with the khert, but it's overwhelmingly the main method. Pymary deals with the shifting of Aspects. The First Silver is being utilized in a way that no one knows much about, but it's certainly not via Pymary.

Are you and Forumkedis BFFs IRL?


Someone under the name "Anonymous" asked this in the comments section of the latest page, and as of this moment there hasn't been a response. So I'm gonna quote it here: "I just realised, if one can take aspects of the world. Couldn't Quigley..." (c)

"(c) "...technically warp his pain from him and channel that onto/into someone?"

No, pain is not an Aspect. Aspects are descriptive characteristics of matter that - together - identify that matter and allow it to exist properly in reality. "Pain" is not a characteristic, it's an effect or a result. Things like material states, colours, volumes, opacity, temperature, contour, speed, direction, or degrees of pressure - these are all Aspects. If it can be used to objectively describe the physical state of matter, it's probably an Aspect.

Tell me about food. Are there any unusual restricted diets in Kasslyne? What's the most exclusive food in Alderode that only the rich eat? The most common that only the poor really eat? Mmm food.

Well, the Ssaelit don't eat seafood. And they don't eat humans.

Which is important because the most exclusive food in Kasslyne is the flesh of the younger of a pair of human twins. It's served up twice a year on Gefendur feast days and the most elite church officials and private church donors partake.

Regular people on the coasts eat a lot of fish, shellfish, lobster. Move into the interior and it's a lot of bread and greens, and occasionally goat, rabbit, deer, even rodents. Turtle is a treat for a special occasion, it's delicious. Crescians eat a lot of couscous and quinoa served up in different dishes. Up north in Alderode the poor don't eat much at all, but they'll go for rodents like merliput or rats, or they'll eat old dogs or pigeons.

Oh finally, I just came up with an annoying nit-picky "wizard did it" question: Since Chitz or any other "detached" visual pymaric isn't hooked into your inner ear~ would you get pukey/motion sick if it got dropped/thrown/blown away?

Absolutely, although it's not much worse than watching Blair Witch Project.

Am I asking too many questions? Sorry.


Why do you think space is creepy? It's endless and full of possibility. Kind of like a great unsounded expanse.

It's also full of things that can not only kill you, but reduce you to a smear of grease in a few seconds. It's a creepy, soundless, lethal, inhospitable petri dish of half-understood phenomena and rocks. Bits of it are pretty but not as pretty as a tree. I'll say terrestrial, thanks.

OH MY GOD, IS MATTY'S HAT OKAY?!? (It's missing in the latest panel.........)

It's on the floor somewhere :O Save the hat!

How could you rape a tacit caster?

Very carefully :3

I was running through Unsounded characters on Akinator and for Starfish I got 'Does your character write fanfiction' so, yesno?

Definitely not. Starfish's reading and writing skills are rudimentary at best.

I loved the script you released for chapter four, it had awesome. If you decide not to use it as an incentive, will you pretty please consider releasing them in some form at the end of the relevant chapter?

Certainly, man. Just remind me later.

Will we ever get to see Duane all schmoopy and romantic and in love, even if it's a flashback?

We shall see.

Will we find out how much Matty witnessed on the night of his mother's death?


I, I miss the Duane. I love Matty, and Quigley has finally started to grow on me (like a fungus), and you were right Jivi is increasingly cool, but, but. I miss the Duane. Would you give me some comforting tidbit until he resurfaces?

You'll see him again before the chapter ends. I do start to miss him as well when it's been too long, but he's a strange character in that there are so many versions of him. There's half-a-face zombie Duane that we all know and love; there's nighttime mindless Duane, there's flashback alive!Duane who is not dissimilar from present day Duane too terribly, but who is definitely an overall happier but more dramatic person.

Unsounded does end up taking rather a long break from half-a-face zombie!Duane - inevitable come nightfall. The next chapter focuses on the other two versions.

I care not about the pairing, so long as it’s naked!Duane and a girl. Maybe someone hot and interesting from his past. It’s suddenly become clear I will have to go get another job so I can have this magical porn. T_T

Well, I could certainly write/drawn him and his brief fling back at the Academy, the one that made him leave school and join the army. Canon sexytimes are often the best sexytimes.

"He is straighty-mcstraight-straight." Wait...is straightness one of the attributes you can swap around? Or affected by malfunctioning khurt? What about sexing up a guy glamoured to look like a woman with enormous breasts to distract him from the guyness?

Sexuality Aspect XD Anon, you are clever. Something like that could work in a (just for fun) story, though of course it's too silly for the comic. The glamour idea is fun too. Really, nothing is impossible when it comes to smut.

So, how did Duane hide his zombieness from the people in...uh, Shartshane, wherever city-town Sette came from?

With perceptive glamours, and doing what Duane needs to do to cover up his horrible face, it's easiest to hide around people so cities are easiest. He wore the same face he wears now, and told people he had a skin condition so he had to keep the hood on all the time. People thought he was weird and unnerving, but he wasn't going around trying to make friends, just get work.

When I acquire my cute little Ilganyag, will you tell everyone all the common hound commands in Tainish so people who are like "My German Shepherd only responds to German commands" *snootysnootysnobsnoot* can be shot down with, "My Chow knows English...

"... Chinese, Elvish (a la Tolkien), Latin, and a fictional language you've probably never even heard of." *don hipster hat* That question got so complicated I can't remember if I need a question mark still. Hopefully you get the point."

I shall do this thing, although most hound commands have to do with riding them :3 Will your Chow carry you into battle?

I'm so sad, I have no money to buy an alive!Duane porn. T_T


Out of curiosity, whom would you pair him with, anyway? I would do my damnedest but I'm not sure I could write Duane with a guy unless he was being raped. He is straighty-mcstraight-straight.

copper beans (or at least copper beads) can probably be found through any internet bead supplier like Fire Mountain or Shipwreck Beads

Good to know. Personally I wouldn't worry so much about them being copper since they'll be inside a sewn-shut sack and ideally never seen.

Good offers: script for the finished chapters, sketch of a character, concept art, the original pages you changed for people who are obsessive...hm, maybe dress up paper dolls? Sette's many outfits, Toma's removable shirts...

The scripts... that's interesting. How would I present them though? Just offer PDFs of them? Maybe do a little book? They're pretty fun scripts and have a lot of extra details in the panel descriptions. Hmm...

Paper dolls are a good idea too. You know what would be amazing though? Unsounded Colorforms slash paperdolls. Like, the characters in different poses with different outfits and different spell effects and different backgrounds to place them all on...

Would adults like this or am I just perpetually twelve years old? Anyway, that's an idea for the future, I'd need to research how to make them.

MOAR cool rewards: 6 ) Chitz plushie, 7 ) Ephsephin's hat replica, 8 ) Matty's hat replica, 9 ) Cutter's knife hat.

I think I could make a Chitz plushie. I sew pretty well, you know. I'm no Sophie Hatter though.

That turned into a little poem at the end, friend.

Could you link again to that site some nice person built that archived all your past Formspring answers? I lost the bookmark ;_;

Tada~ http://unsoundedformspringanswers.webs.com/

Cool rewards: 1 ) Life-size fully-functional Uaid replica, 2 ) Own plod, 3 ) Arm-mounted electric buzz-saw launcher, 4 ) "Self-lubricating" simulacrum arm, 5 ) Hand-knit Swarm mantle.

*chin stroke* Hand-knit Swarm mantle... @Forumkedis, can you knit?

I can send you a self-lubricating simulacrum but it will basically be a yellow dishwashing glove coated in Vaseline, is that okay?

A reward tier where Jivi kicks everyone's ass and survives forever would be good, TIA.

Everyone is so scared he's going to die. Dance, monkeys!

I would actually like a rad Peaceguard poster/wallpaper on a serious note, like a squad photo.

That's something you'd have to commission, I fear. The Peaceguard aren't really popular enough, you know most people are in it for Duane and Sette :)

Would you have the option of getting multiple copies for the kickstarter? I'd like to have more than one so I can give it to people.

That shouldn't be a problem. I'm going to use some of the profits (assuming the kickstarter goal is met) to print extra books to have on hand, so anyone can buy a copy of volume 1 off the site afterwards.

Since I have the soapbox, lemme ask everyone: What are some rewards that are appealing to you? What about a reward that nets you a story about the character of your choosing, the topic of your choosing, and accompanying illustration? I have an idea for one super expensive reward that I doubt will get bought but I'll keep that one a surprise.

I'm thinking about making a game for this year's final project (I'm studying programming), something simple since we're only just starting to learn the different programming language etc. But I can't come up with an idea for a game. Help? D:

How about a sliding puzzle using a cool bit of art? Or a Breakout clone with a theme to it (jungle breakout, urban breakout, desert ninja pirate madness breakout). Some kind of falling block puzzle a la Tetris or Lumines but with a unique twist (insert unique twist here). Maybe a short text adventure if you want to keep it reeeeally basic. Stuff!

Soo...batshit insane fans don't actually frighten you? They frighten me even in fandoms I'm barely a part of.

Naw. In ages past, I was at Ground Zero of the FFVII fandom, and was close friends with a number of otherwise decent people who could have been considered batshit insane fans. There were these two girls who ran a site called Sephiroth's Sandcastle that was essentially a Sephiroth cult. People talked about how scary it was but it really drove home for me how indistinguishable religions are from fandoms. Anyway, it's gone now and those two women are probably Senators now or something.

People are just looking for stuff to do, stuff to be passionate about. Maybe they have things in their real life that they are desperate not to think about. Maybe their jobs suck or their family are assholes. Maybe the shippers are fat or really ugly and no guy is ever going to look their way and they know it. Fake romance could be the only romance they ever know. Distracting themselves with crazy fandoms doesn't hurt anyone and it's an easy way for people to inject a little bit of manufactured meaning and joy into their lives.

Don't fear the fantards, Hazel. Instead ask yourself what it is about their lives that makes them so miserable to escape.

We can't be friends if .... (continue)

I plead the Fifth.

Do pymary fights give off noise or other effect that can be detected from a distance? Like is the fight in the warehouse a giant "STUFF IS HAPPENING HERE" sign to the peaceguard right now?

They give off flashy light but there aren't any guards in the area to see it. Most of the Peaceguard are in Mulimar across the river at the moment, never imagining that the RBB managed to make it across and into Ethelmik. Elka and Toma are going to hate themselves. Aside from the Peaceguard, Ethelmik's a dinky town with dirty cops. Not the most diligent guardsmen.

How would you feel if one day your fandom was big enough to support the kind of quality crazy FFVII got?

Quite honestly that would be awesome 'cause I suspect it would mean I'd have enough money to buy new tires for my car.

You realize, of course, that there is most likely at least one person out there who is shipping Sette & Jivi hard, and if this pair doesn't end up together they will wig the fuck out and quit reading FOREVER.

Insanity is inevitable in any large population but I'm not sure Unsounded's readership is large enough to really contain as much craziness as we all wish it did.

Does Jivi dig catgirls?

Jivi digs nothing at this moment but maybe some antiseptic ointment, new clothes, and a nice bowl of chunky stew.


:O Amon is a bloodbender and Vader is Luke's father!

Can you cut a plod's connection to its pilot by using a First Material weapon? If so, how would Quigs react if you waved a bunch of FM swords around Duane, making sure that every possible khert line was cut?

You can! Very clever. I have this mental picture now of Quigley circling a very irritating Duane and flapping his First Silk bug mantle at him from all angles. And thus was Swarm immolated forever.

Is there more than one way to convey information with pymary? Like you use the given language, but can you convey the same things with different phrasings in that language (an additional word vs. a tone change, or something, for instance)?

Somewhat. The khert is the interpreter; it parses the Old Tainish and does what you say, and like a computer it is very, very literal. The khert likes numbers and coordinates and matter and logical commands delivered succinctly and in an orderly fashion. It doesn't like vague language and it positively loathes contradictions and the impossible.

Would Quiggy be able to figure out Duane's nature if he got a better look, or would he just figure it's the best glamor ever? Also, would zombie true-believer Aldishmen then feature in his nightmares? Because man, that combo must be terrifying.

Quigley might think it a glamour, or he might think Duane a very sophisticated new kind of plod being puppeted by someone at long range. You will see one day that no learned person in this setting buys the idea of a proper soul inside a corpse, and they'll automatically engage in some mental wrestling to explain the reality of it away. Intact post-death souls go against the known cosmology of the world.

Would Captain Toma get on with Jivi's mom?

Well, they wouldn't be best buds but they wouldn't try to kill each other or anything. Toma is a very sober, forthright, honourable sort, and Jivi's mom... is not. She kind of hates men as anything but ambulating phalluses, and enjoys making them miserable; not necessarily in a mean-spirited way but in a schadenfreude kind of way. Regina is the embodiment of the :3 face.

"They should stick a copy in the library!" I know, right? I will lobby for that to happen. They are pretty good about requests, after all. :3

Squeeeeeeeee X3 I think they built a new library. But I still remember the library as it was when I was there, it was pretty amazing. I liked college so much that I have a recurring dream where I keep re-enrolling after I graduate and wind up attending for twelve years.

Why don't I have any questions for you as of late?

I fear you've finally grown sick of me. What can we do to put the spark back in our relationship? Shall I dress only in cling wrap, put on some Barry White, and serve you a brandy with your evening cigar?

When your Kickstarter goes live, will the top donors get their own plod along with all the other bonuses?

I could contact the Black Tongues and see if they're willing to donate their plod recipe to the cause.

How come Sette doesn't have sugoy kawai desu cat ears and whiskers to go along with her tail & teeth?

I've been drawing Sette since I was a kid, and since I'm an old lady now, that's a long time. Before anime was very mainstream, even. If Sette's tail came from anything it was The Littles, not anime desu :3

Knock-Me-Down and Duane have the same taste in pymary colour! They're destined to fall in love! #KMDXDuaneOTP

...keeping it real, Duane would totally enjoy Knock's bodacious bosoms. But he'd find her an uncouth and intolerable detriment to the fairer sex. Knock would find Duane too scrawny, too dead, and too... ech, everything.

In your opinion, if the art isn't all that great but the story is awesome, does the latter make up for the former?

Absolutely. We all love novels and those don't have any art at all. You can tell an intriguing story with stickmen, all that really matters is that the art's coherent.

When the kickstarter goes live, do I have your official permission to pimp it to every person I see or talk to at Ringling?

That would be really awesome *_* They should stick a copy in the library! I wish my old illustrator professors were still there. I had Shawn Barber and Paul Yalowitz but they've both long since moved on.

Is there an age limit on who can join the Peace Guard? Toma should deputize Jivi, and then the two of them can go around shirtlessly righting wrongs and triumphing over evil.

Jivi is totally a fanboy for Captain Toma, ya know. S'why he was so quick to tell Ephsephin he was dead meat if the Captain was on his trail.

Is today's page the beginning of a romantic subplot?


Awwww shit, title drop.


Read the Hellsing Manga, or was it just Castlevania? I noticed a picture on your devArt of Alucard in Castlevania, or is he called Dracula? Anyway, I love Kohta's take on everything -the way he makes vampires quite the repulsive monsters they truly are--

"-how badass Alucard, how Integra wields him to kill other vampires. Such a delicious twist, & you get to keep Alucard's pomposity & the way he suffers from a deplorable excess of predacious personality. But I guess that's as far as I go for vampires.

Oh, and yeah, I know Castlevania is a video game series. Ha! The way I set it up makes me sound like an idiot, but I know it's not a manga, and I know it's not a book. *Sigh*, I'll go to bed now."

I read some of the Hellsing manga ages ago after I watched the anime series. I thought it was pretty fun but then it started focusing on the Nazis and my interest waned. I guess later on Alucard becomes a loli? Japan.

Castlevania's Alucard will always be my Alucard of choice. I used to fanart the hell out of him.

Jivi is Toma's love child, evidenced by the genetic trait of "Getting shirtless up in this mess all the time."

Maybe it's a cultural thing. Shirts are anathema to Crescian heroism. As the shirt comes off, the gloves come off! so to speak.

I noticed the message regarding the provider troubles is gone from the 'new comic' page, does that mean the problem has been resolved?

Yep yep.

Glass. You need to make and sell posters. This is non-optional. It has to be done. In particular the scenes in which poor Cara dies, and the scene where Bett's pymaric gets friendly with Duane. Those two should be blown up (c)

"And have the dialogue from the preceding pages added into them, then printed off and placed on my wall next to http://www.rockpapercynic.com/strips/2008-12-08.jpg "

Or you could buy TWO copies of the print book; one for readin', one for tearing pages out of to tack on your wall :D

So when IS the kickstarter due? I need to know because I have plans to bury all my money in the ground immediately after...

End of next week! Ideally. And it'll run for one month. <3

What would you do to cheer yourself up if you were inexplicably overwhelmed by the futility and unpleasantries of existence, which left you in a state of miserable paralysis due to an all-consuming anxiety gnawing at your soul?

That's my life, anon. When it gets really bad I just turn to nihilism. I think of the vast, indifferent cosmos, the vast span of time before my existence and the vast span of time after it. There is nothing I can possibly do to make a dent in the world, and neither my successes nor my failures will amount to a hill of beans in the grand scheme. So obsessing over anything to do with my life is plainly silly. And it's likewise plainly silly for you to allow anxiety to paralyze you. What does one measly human being have in her life that's so important she has to stress out over it? What is the worst thing that can happen to that human being? Not much, really.

Anyway, not necessarily cheerful, I suppose, but once you can move again you can deal with what needs to be dealt with and then go distract yourself with intoxicating substances, food, porn, or a good book :)

My sister and I were discussing what we would do if we were ever framed for a crime and had to go on the run. I said I would escape to Florida, but then I remembered that I don't know anyone in Florida. So, Glass, how would you react if one of your (c)

"(c) fans showed up on your doorstep looking for a place to hide from the fuzz? (Obviously I can’t use this plan anymore now that I have posted it online, but perhaps this information will be useful to others.)"

Well, if you didn't look too scary and if you didn't mind sharing my Lean Pockets, you could chill here. You could wash my dogs and do my laundry, that would be great.

Your colors are so beautiful *_* How do you choose them? Do you keep swatches of your favorites, or do you pick them with the HSV color picker as you paint? Something else? Also D: @ the webhost crisis, hope it's resolved soon, or I'll go into withdrawal

Thanks! It's all resolved now, there'll be no missed updates.

I don't work with swatches unless I'm doing something in Illustrator or Flash. I usually have colours in mind already when I start a new scene. Colours are mood-makers. So important! I'll often cheat and make certain to stage scenes in certain places when I want a certain unmistakable mood. There is a scary scene coming up that I shamelessly stage in a red-lit environment, for instance. I learned this from Disney films which are so blatant in their use of atmospheric empathy that it can sometimes be kind of ridiculous. If you watch Hunchback of Notre-Dame for instance, the lighting shift between the Festival of Fools song and the bit immediately afterwards where everyone turns on Quasimodo is so shamelessly in your face. It goes from cheery high noon to dramatic dusk in like four shots.

But yeah, when starting a new scene, in order to get the colours right for the whole thing, I'll generally flat with local colours and then either leave those if it's a bright, naturally lit environment, or I'll lay down a scrim of coloured light to tint all my locals a certain way. If all my light is red, for instance, I'll lay down some red. If I just generally want a warmer tone, I'll do some sepia, or if it's night I'll lay down some blue and then desaturate everything a bit. From there I shade as usual, bluing up or warming up the shadows and highlights as necessary. Colour theory is really good stuff to know. It's not complicated and it's really not all that extensive, but the impact it can have on your work is huuuuuge.

The fans also had to practically beg you to go through with the Kickstarter, though, lest you forget. :-)

That is true, kind anon.

I'm naming my next Skyrim character "Shout-Me-Down". Thought you might get a kick out of that.

I think that's excellent. Remember to make me a screenshot :3

Fine. You win. She's Knock-Me-Down.

Yay! :D

This is why we love you as a webcomic author -- if your web hosting situation happened to anyone else, they'd be throwing out the donation button first thing. Here, people are practically begging to help out, but you refuse. :-)

Weeeell, don't think me entirely too selfless. I do have a kickstarter on the horizon :)

I always kind of imagined Sharteshan to be inspired by Ireland to some extent, would that be accurate? Consequently I always imagined Sette, Nary and now her cousins all speaking in a thick Irish Brogue.

Mm, not really? Sharteshane doesn't have any interesting divisive religious situations, the climate's much warmer and drier, it's brown and orange, not green and green. Sharteshane is really something different. But the Frummagem's speaking with an Irish accent? I suppose they could though in my head they really talk in a mish-mash of dialects, from deep American south to East End London. I wanted them to sound different to everyone. Different to an American reader, different to a British reader, just - different. Otherworldly. Fantasy! :D

Something just struck me, looking at Knock. How does she sit down comfortably with that bandolier slung across her back?

She's at work, bro. No sittin' allowed.

Ever has those drawings where you know there will be many details, but when you get to it you underestimated the details and there's Just so many things? I'm doing this lineart, it's been one hours and I still haven't finished the neck feathers. and--

"--then there's the rest of the clothes. Then there's also this huge flock of ravens (I think it's called a conspiracy?). But it's just so much fun to do those details <3"

Is it a conspiracy of ravens? I know it's a murder of crows... Details are the best, embrace them! They're easy to get lost in and that's a good thing, but make sure you shift focus to the whole composition now and then so things remain in balance :)

Considering where she's been keeping that pigsticker o' hers... how has Sette not stabbed herself in the armpit yet?

Pure skillz.

Internet working again! Salvation for a few spare minutes! Quick, a question!...a question...Shit, I got nothin'. Hmm...Fact! I built a massive TV stand for my roommate yesterday nite. Most accomplished feeling evar. Ave: Craftswoman extraordinaire :3

I always feel very accomplished after I build something from Ikea.

Maybe if the FTP thing doesn't get straightened out, you can post text summaries of the updates on Formspring. "In today's update, Anadyne sends out a spell like WOOSH, and then Quigley's all BANG, and KMD is all BUZZBUZZBUZZ, the end."

No, no. "In today's update, Sette at last meets a man who knows how to deal with danger in the mad, reckless way it OUGHT to be dealth with, and Jivi meets a woman almost exactly like his mother. Love blooms on the battlefield."

What's the most interesting random encounter with another person you've ever had?

I rode my bicycle to junior high every day along with plenty of other kids and we all locked our bikes up in the bike cage at the end of the parking lot. The bike cage would be opened in the morning and after school, but would otherwise be locked up all day to keep the bikes from being stolen.

I frequently stayed late after school for art club meetings and by the time I would get to the bike cage it would be mostly emptied out. One afternoon as I was moseying my way there after art club there was a pretty huge grown-up man squatting by my bicycle and very blatantly hacking the chainlock. It was one of those cheap combination lock chains, not a real padlock, and not difficult to crack. I asked the man what the hell he was doing and he jumped about a foot in the air, turned around, and said he "just wanted to see if he could do it." I said all right then, show me. He went back to work, spent another minute fiddling with the lock, and then he had the chain off. He handed it over, grinned like a motherfucker, and ran out of the cage.

The whole encounter wasn't really very interesting but I do think it was the first time in my life I felt the helpless, stupid randomness of existence.

Why can I not find the donate button? If the web host is being stupid, I think it's time to pass the hat 'round.

I can handle it, sweetie. It's not your job to pay for my hosting.

I'm sorry, pain in the ass webhosts are pains in the ass. Just wanna say, good luck sorting that and ditch 'em if you have to.

I'd ditch them if I didn't like them so much. I've never had anything but crappy experiences with bigger hosts; the one I use now is the perfect size and not full of cpanel bloat and advertising. Thanks for the well wishes <3

Do you actually owe your webhost a lot of money or are they being dumb?

From what I can figure, they screwed up and "forgot" to bill me for three years. Now they've remembered, and they want to drop it on me in one lump sum. This is just a guess though since they didn't send me any information, just a vaguely itemized invoice. I've contacted them but it's the weekend now so who knows if I'll get any response.

Could you glamour someone secretly so that their face looks like a butt?

"Also, once you glamour a butt onto someone's face, can you glamour their voice so it sounds like they're farting whenever they speak? (Man, if pymary really existed, Anons would make reality unliveable.......)"

Face-butts always make me think of Arseface from the comic Preacher.

Couple technicals- -Khert is all fixed/stable at present plot pt? -KMD's bladeshooter: rip cord spools it up-turns it on. It has cartidges- are they a first material or alchemical/something else consumable inside?(how many shots-can ya say?)

Yes. The khert problems are over the river in Mulimar, where the explosion was. The story's crossed the river into the Crescian city of Ethelmik and things are A-OK. I know that's pretty confusing, I'm sorry.

Knock's shooter is both mechanical and pymarical. The ripcord gets the discs spinning and there's a shooting mechanism inside to propel them. Most of the voodoo is in the sawblades themselves. They are threaded with First Steel packed full of an Edged extension that makes their cutting perimeter extra wide and also glowy and fun! Chopping people up should be fun. She has a variety of discs that do different things. Generally she's careful to retrieve the discs from bodies as they're a bit pricey. Each cartridge averages six shots.

12:02 AM where is the next page? *taps foot* :D

For some reason my computer is suddenly blocking the FTP port. I had to upload via SSH. VERY WEIRD. I shall investigate.

Regarding glamours: what all can you glamour anywho? Do you need whatever you want to change to be in contact with a first material (i.e. like a hair clip for a color change), or just on your person? Are colossal illusions like invisible bridges possible?

Glamours come in two varieties - literal glamours and perception-based glamours. Literal glamours are what they say on the tin: using pymary to change literal values either directly or indirectly by attaching your spell to light. This includes switching colours about, switching opacity about, etc. Fully modelled images fall into this category as well. You can create an image of whatever you can imagine, but you have to design it in detail and actually build via pymary before hand. If you wanted a bridge, for instance, you would have to input coordinates and vectors into the khert, texture, colour, and light it like some magical computer rendering. You can even rig it and animate it like a computer model.

But this is not something you can do on the fly, this is something that takes some prep work, artistic talent, and expertise obviously. Also there are scale concerns. Khert lines are not static and they will vibrate and writhe the further they are from a wright's controlling hand. So if you go for a bigass glamour you're going to get shimmering and blurring the further it gets from you. Coordinating with another wright, using First Material anchor points, or being a Plat can help with this issue.

The second type of glamour deals with perceptive spheres and they are much more flexible than literal glamours. Perceptive glamours borrow the perceptive spheres of other matter to cloak matter in relative perception. Using the innocuous and generally positive perception people have of autumn foliage, Duane can camouflage the perceptive sphere of his face inside the trees' spheres. This is a fast and powerful type of glamour but it has flaws. You must remain in reasonable proximity of the spheres you are using, you cannot craft a glamour with any real specificity ie your glamour stands to look different to everyone who views it, and it relies on changeable perception. Not everyone finds autumn leaves beautiful, for instance.

First Materials are used for pymarics and pymarics are used to make enchantments permanent, so if you had some kind of a bauble with a glamour spelled into it, that bauble generally needs to be in a certain spot to work. The spell within might loosely look like:
function literal_glamour
Isolate nearest khert line
Replace deep_brown_colour_aspect in hair and all adjacent hair with hot_pink_colour_aspect
Store deep_brown_colour_aspect

when hair is at coordinates x,y,z run literal_glamour

Now if the pymaric looks to x,y,z and there's no hair there, it's not going to cast the spell.

And stuff!

I've been re-reading bits of the comic, and the expression on Jacob the Pink Dog's face makes me LOL each time. :-) Also, I see Ms. Paws makes a reference to the potential for pymary to damage the khert, so nice foreshadowing. :-)

Thanks :D

. . . Does the heartstarter Bastion made run on the same sort of magic that torments the Kussen?

Might could be, I could see that being one method of attack. Bastion's family, the noble Winalils, actually make a lot of money off kussen and run one of the largest "plantations" in the country. So Bastion grew up around kussen and the technology and knows much of it.

But that is a story for another day.

Did you change the top 2 panels on Chapter 4, p. 72? I seem to remember them differently..........

Hmm, I don't believe so. The only chapter I've tinkered with is the first one.

Okay, sometimes I have problems discerning colors on a computer monitor. That being said, what's the color of Knock's hair? It's kind of bugging me.

It's a light coral/light pink. The lighting conditions aren't ideal for determining the local colour of anything or anyone in this chapter though, between the evening light and the crazy pymary light. Do non-artist types know what local colour is?

May I ask how the kickstarter is coming along? When can we start throwing money at you?

I am halfway through making my ridiculous video. I am shooting for the kickstarter to go live at the end of next week D: I'm so nervous, anon!

Would you approve if I got a chow chow puppy and named him Ilganyag once he's neutered?


Hey, that pymaric that steals your electric power, could that be applied...less tortuously to animals for mass production?

No, it's considered inhumane :D The Aldish are AWESOME.

Soooo... Elarosny is okay with her boyfriend missing some...body tissues? And I propose that Knock started with drugs that make her feel invincible and awesome because she was bullied as a teenager.


(Last question, I swear.) Is there anything in particular that made you choose the number 4 as the "holy" number?

(Last question, I swear.) Is there anything in particular that made you choose the number 4 as the "holy" number?

I like how Duane and Sette have unique styles for their memories - Duane's look painted while Sette's are sepia. Any rhyme or reason behind that?

Mmm, not really, it's just a convenient way to keep timeshifts coherent. Not all Duane's memories are painted though - the little girl he sees sometimes is certainly not. The painted bits are more about moments of high emotion; searing stabs of feeling that seem more real than reality, so I try to make them look more real.

(I know I'm late, I'm catching up!) Someone asked about what you do for wrist pain, and I have a similar question. Even though I draw with my right hand, my left shoulder likes to tighten up and hurts real bad after drawing for a while. Any advice?

I don't know :( Check your posture, I suppose, and take breaks! Maybe try yoga.

HOLD THE PHONE. You're from Connecticut? No way! I'm not used to anyone actually KNOWING where that is! Connecticut high-five? :D

Haha, I'm not FROM Connecticut, but I did move there for a year after I graduated to work for a game studio. I liked it a lot! Stealing a high-five anyway!


You know what' be a good sidestory? Duane's time in the army with the plat kids. Didn't you say they saved his life a few times? I'd pay to see that, double if they're as cute as Matty.

I absolutely intend to draw Duane's army sidestory one day, it's just a matter of finding the time. It includes the Plat kids and many other things.

I have two complete 150 page side story scripts just sitting around begging to be drawn :( It's torturous.

Long time watcher, first time writing. You always say on your blog that you will show her the way, show her you are a true villain. Who is "her" and does she even know that you’re


How soon can we see Elarosny? Is she purdy?

You won't see Ros for a while, I'm afraid. She's quite fetching, yes, but she's a Copper so she can look creepy with her red eyes and reddish skin.

Who do the last two lines of dialouge in that last page belong to? I'm thick. ._.

Anadyne, the brunette. And you're not thick, they could belong to anyone.


No, but I admire your enthusiasm.

I bet Knock-Me-Down is a big sweetie-pie cutie when she's not trippin' balls.


Knock-ME-down? Not knock-YOU-down? :)

Naw, it's a challenge. Knock-me down? Go ahead and try it!

I'm leaving for college for the first time tomorrow, any tips/ funny stories?

Smoke everything. Drink everything. Pursue every avenue of sexuality. Eat all the things. Meet all the people.

College is the last gasp before soul-crushing adulthood and then death. Do not waste it!

How would Ephsephin have reacted if he had found out Duane's true nature and maybe even saw a bit of it in action?

Being a big, dumb, stupid thing he probably would have been convinced Sette was Duane's skull pilot and Duane was just the newest innovation in puppeted plod technology. No one who discovers Duane is going to think he's anything more than a very cleverly made plod unless they are convinced otherwise.

Are there any unusual torture devices employed by Alderode and/or Cresce? #pearofanguish

Alderode's preeminent method of torture is not quite a spoiler, but if I detailed it I think some clever people here might connect some dots and figure out a spoiler, so I'll refrain from that one. Otherwise we got Kussen devices, which are benignly torturous if you don't mind a contradiction in terms. These devices are pymarics that fit over the spine and permanently attaches themselves to your spinal cord via thin steel wires. Over the course of a decade it slowly leeches electricity from your nervous system and filters it into little insulated balls that are pymarically enhanced and used to power all manner of devices. Not too pleasant.

Cresce doesn't fuck around with people it doesn't like and prefers to either work you to death in a labour camp and then give your corpse to the plodmen, or outright burn you alive and deny you Gefendur funereal rites so your next life is super crappy. Both countries adore sticking men in tiny cages and leaving them exposed to the weather and the crows. Fun for the public!

What's Knock like when she's not high as the heavens?

We shall see :D

I can't remember if you answered this before somewhere, but was/is Ssael a tacit caster?

He was not. He's still considered the greatest wright who ever lived, though.

I like how Quigley's first instinct is to try to kill Starfish, even though the Frummagems (and possibly Cutter) are the more immediate threats.

Well, Starfish is the pedo who will make Matty's life horrible after his father is dead. Starfish would be the one to target if Quigley thinks he's about to be killed. Also Starfish is just very killable, ain't he? He needs to be killed.

WAIT A MINUTE. The March is led by a Copper woman with a Black Tongue boyfriend, and we already know about a Black Tongue who's girlfriend is an influential Copper. I think we're a bit closer to figuring out Bastion's motives now.

Oh, that's no secret. Bastion is Elarosny's boyfriend. They are so shmoopy around each other, it's dreadful.

Maybe she should get him a nice steak. That'd distract him AND stop his stupid fancy-talk.

why you hate

Does Duane's hunger base itself on how fresh the meat is, or how warm and bloody? Would he prefer reheated older meat over fresh chilled meat? Is he happier with actual flesh or would blood-soaked cloth do just as well?

Plods (not just Duane) like warm fresh meat, the bloodier the better. Plods generally only have three tactile sensations available to them - temperature discernment, a limited ability to feel blunt pressure, and HUNGER. Robbed of most sensation that hunger is like a twisting knife, and it's not hunger like you or I know it. It's a full-body NEED and it demands satiating warmth and gooeyness. Plods can't just be content to gnaw on something though; the desperation gets the better of them and they can't help but try to keep forever the object of their devotion - like crows hoarding tinfoil or my dog hoarding his rubber squeaky toy under his bed. So they try to eat the thing and then it's all downhill from there.

Plods want to eat you because they love you <3

Duane wants to eat but he doesn't want to eat. Aside from it being a disgusting thing to be craving all the time, he's afraid if he starts he won't be able to stop and he'll just go blood-drunk and turn into some mindless, ravenous corpse-monster. So you might think he'd nosh the occasional rare steak but no - it's too risky and it doesn't make the hunger go away anyway. He does like to gnaw on a warm rag when he's feeling particularly scattered or low, but don't tell Sette.

Could a wright leave a spell colourless if they choose to? Would that make some spells nearly impossible to see? I imagine pairing invisible spells with tacit casting would make for one stealthy wright.

Some spells can go lightless (you're colouring the khert light when you assign a colour). I generally draw in light so spells are slightly easier to follow. Otherwise people would just be randomly getting knocked around and it'd look like they were using the Force or something. I like my ravey flourescent pymary though I have been made fun of for it in the past. Magic should be trippy, Doctor Strange comics say so :D
I have a question 'cause I'm not sure if I'm Duane the right thing, the thing I Sette out to do in the first place. I'll have to do so Quigley though because I'm likely to forget it thanks Toma famously poor memory.

"I was wondering if I should try to Elka out a living as a joke writer? I realize its not the most conventional job choice but you shouldn't Knock Me Down just yet.

I really think I have what it takes to make the Cutter and I'll charge forward with Nary A Care to the consequences because let's be honest, your answer doesn't really Matty to me anyway.

(You have to pronounce Duane like you said it was pronounced: Doo-ahn)"


I've been playing around with this site a lot lately: you know you want your own minecraft Duane figurine.

Awwww! My current Minecraft skin is Sydney Losstarot. That is a cool site *_*

Sette should blame Duane for being in Cresce. It isn't her fault he got out of his chains, dragged her into town, made a deal with a guard for passage through, used Boo to clear the way, and then bought a room in a tentacle brothel. She tried to stop him!

Crap, did you somehow get a hold of the script? XD

I guess arguing hot pursuit of the Red Berry Boys would be one way Sette can get Duane to ignore the fact they're now in Cresce

That was one of the reasons she got him to ignore that they were in Ulestry back in chapter 3 XD She may have to come up with a more compelling line of reasoning. And maybe another hug, to distract him.

Can't help asking since you've depicted such down-trodden, dispirited Two-toes, will the story of Unsounded include the rise of the new Two-toes leader? And is Amadwe Argenti related to Duane's Silver girl? More than just also being silver, that is.

Nope and nope. A Two-toe side story could be great fun, but their miserable history mostly serves as backdrop for the actions of individual Two-toe characters.

How does the coloring system of pymary work? Does it depend on the spell being cast, or the caster him/herself?

It's entirely up to the caster. Most spells have a slot for you to insert the manifesting colour of your choice, and wrights choose whatever colour they like.

Did the khurt develop on the continent after everything was created, or was it there before the rest of the world?

Matty explained where the khert came from back in chapter five :O The gods created the khert and then they created reality atop it. Do you reject Gefendur cosmology? Are you a dirty Ssaelit?

Is there a reason the two-toes cannot return to the caverns? Are humans still mining them, is the ecosystem ravaged beyond recognition, have they lost the knowledge to survive there?

All of those reasons are the reasons. Sure there are Two-toes who talk about gathering the diaspora and trying to recreate the old ways in the tunnels that the humans have finished with, but it never seems to happen. The lizards are dispirited and tired and the former greatness of their people seems like a distant dream, one too sacred to try and recreate. They need a leader to come forward and rally them but so far no leader has appeared.

Does the number "400" have holy significance in Kasslyne? I know Crescians think "4" is good luck, and there are 4 Gefendur gods..............

The number four itself is holy. Four Gefendur gods, four seasons, four-hundred days in the year, four people at the head of Alderode, four Motadwe in either Ssaelit temple, four First Senet beasts, four letters in Crescian names, four books in the Ssaelit scripture, four books in the Gefendur... You see it a lot.

Everything I've heard about Shartesane makes it sound like a truly awful place to live. Are there any redeeming qualities to it?

Arguably. Both Cresce and Alderode are totalitarian states but Sharteshane is very, very loosely governed with certain portions of the country being practically lawless. If you don't like being told what to do, Sharteshane is your country. There's a lot of work there, though it's mostly shipboard or in Beadmans' factories. Parts of the country are very beautiful. And they have volcanoes.

So if you like liberty and lava, move to Sharteshane.

Has anyone considered a deliberate breeding program to spread tacit-caster genes around? If a country could field all-tacit spellslingers, how much of an advantage would they have?

No one can hear what you're casting on a loud battleground anyway. I'm not sure it would be all that advantageous in a wartime scenario :)

Is this First Silver transport a repeat deal? I’m just curious because Starfish must be pretty confident that Knock and Anadyne aren’t going to turn on him after they finish with Quigley. Ana just saved him, even.

Starfish feels pretty comfortable now that he's in direct contact with the Frummagem brand, so to speak. The Frummagems are pretty trustworthy as far as thieves and smugglers go, and since Starfish thinks he's done a pretty damn good job it's in the family's best interests to keep him around for future work. But they could turn on him, sure. There's never a one-hundred percent guarantee when dealing with criminals. This is the first time Starfish has done anything for them to do with First Silver though.

How long has Knock been addicted to drugs? What does Anadyne think about it?

Knock's twenty-three, she's been an addict since her mid-teens. Among other things she pops frogballs, these dried mushrooms that kill pain and fear and make you feel awesome. Ana's made her promise to quit half a dozen times but it never sticks. They'll fight about it eventually, never fear.

How good is she, that she can dissolve a plat's pyramy apart before he can do anything with it?

Ana is okay, she's still learning. You'll get a better sense of their respective skill levels in a few pages.

Maybe it's just the art style, but is Ana a tacit caster?

Not at all. I just kept the words discreet in most of the panels, they irritate me when I'm laying things out. Duane is the only tacit caster you will ever meet.

Is a Kasslyne year about the same length as an Earth year?

48 days longer! It's a perfect four-hundred days long.

Oh, and I just got back! I moved into a really nice apartment but my internet is THE SUCK. So I'm sorry I have not been around to throw you more puppy/baby videos...erm...and feel free to ignore that previous question if it's a spoiler. Alive!Duane BEARD!

Alive!Duane BEARD! Ave, you are the best. I hope your internet situation improves D:

What happened to Amadwe William Argenti's kids? I'm just curious b/c you said he had little interest in them after his wife died. Did they become ruffians, trouble-seekers, and law-breakers? Ruthless, cut-throat politicians? Even-keel and well-adjusted?

They're pretty well-adjusted, honestly. Argenti's oldest son runs the family shipping business. He's a cutthroat sort which is really exactly what you want in a businessman. Argenti's oldest daughter is married to some Valynian politician, hasn't visited Durlyne in nearly a decade, and has little to do with her family. Argenti's second oldest son is Will, who is a knight in the Temple of Song and is being groomed by his father to one day be Shadwe. I've talked about Will before, he is a sweetheart and entirely too goofy and sweet to ever be what his father wants. Argenti's youngest son is named Tom and has Down Syndrome. Madame Argenti died giving birth to him so his father is particularly disinterested in the poor kid but Will is the best brother ever so it all works out. Tom wants to be a knight like Will but that's not going to happen

Can you tell us a story about Argenti, or is that spoiler territory?

The Argentis of Durlyne are the richest family in the province - quite a feat for a family of Silvers. They own a sizable amount of local real estate, a fleet of merchant ships, and run the Argenti Trading Company which deals largely with importation of Sharteshanian manufactured goods. The Argentis are a titled family, a designation that places them in the upper tier of Aldish society and pre-qualifies them for most positions of power. There was a time it would have meant they had a place at Court, too, but the days of Monarchy are long dead. On paper anyway.

In addition to their business and real estate ventures, the Argentis have a long history in politics. In Alderode, the surest way to become politically powerful is to climb ones's way up the ecclesiastical ladder, since most members of Vits Council are pulled from the ranks of the clergy. Such is theocracy. Right now the Argenti family's preeminent political mouthpiece is Amadwe William Argenti, second in command of the Temple of Song and a former acquaintance of our friend Duane.

Argenti is deeply class-conscious but fair, with a developed sense of noblesse oblige. He sees himself as the head of not only his family but of all Silvers everywhere, and has long spoken against Vits' policy that only Coppers and Jets may stand as one of Alderode's Four leaders. He's passionate about his Ssaelit faith and about Ssaelit maintaining equal political footing with the Gefendur. He's also the closest thing there is in Alderode to a proponent for female rights, and quite shocked the country years ago when he bought his wife's way into the Academy for the Visual Arts so she could pursue painting and illusory pymary. She was older than he was and died a few years later, leaving him heartbroken, with four children he doesn't have much interest in.

Argenti's an old man now in Silver terms, but he still holds his post in the Temple as Amadwe, watching over his city and his family.

So you seriously have readers that are cool with the throat slitting and whorehouses and child abuse and guys getting shredded from the inside by buzzsaws and bludgeoned to death later, but get upset when the fans say "Knockers"?

I don't know that they're "cool with" any of those things, but those are things done by bad people inside of a fictional story. Maybe some readers get upset when good people say inconsiderate things in the real world outside of the story. If Starfish calls Knock-me-down Knockers that's expected - he's a rude jerk and presumably karma will come around and he'll get his one day. But in the world outside the comic - at least in the tiny part of it I have some say in - I'm the only one who can remind people to be considerate and then enforce that consideration if I have to. So I don't mind doing it. In my tiny domain I want my readers to be comfortable no matter who they are.

I would consider your feelings too, anon, if you had an issue. A non-troll issue :)

So if 3 toes had their own take on pymary, did they know old Tainish independently or did they have another language the Khert reacted to also?

It's a mystery! Many a lizard has been tortured to death by state wrights and Black Tongues eager for their cultural secrets, but the Two-toes ain't talkin'. And most of them are dead now so those secrets are in danger of fading away entirely.

"...we should have gone to Sharteshane." I believe that's the first time that that has been said as a serious and correct statement, no?

You're probably right XD

Knock talks kind of funny...

Knock is high as a kite.

Personally, I get offended whenever people *don't* call Knock-Me-Down "Knockers". It's, like, the 12th Commandment or something.

Nice try there, buddy. Everyone knows the 12th Commandment is to disregard the first ten and obsess over gay people and birth control.

Glass is allowing Anons to comment because Anons are just that much cooler than name guys. :-P <--wacky face time!

There is an undeniable intrigue to Anons. Anons could be lowly channers, their fingers sticky with incomprehensible excrescences, their thoughts mired in the mystery of Sette's nipple-less torso; Anons could be adventure heroes, dusty from the road, scarred and battle-worn, taking a break from their high octane exploits to clarify some aspect of their favourite weeaboo tail-girl webcomic; or Anons could be university professors, highly educated, looking to base an entire class on the way Unsounded's character designs shift from chapter to chapter as its artist learns how to draw.

Anon, I salute the mystery of you.

You know, part of me wants Matty to get hurt so Quigs can suffer for his own stupidity. Or realize his son is actually worth something.

Aww, d'you really suppose Quigley thinks Matty is worthless? I do think some suffering for stupidity will definitely happen.

So Knockers is the person you talked about with an arm mounted crossbow...

It shoots charged buzzsaw blades. Can we call her Knock or Knock-me-down? I don't mind the nickname but other readers have let me know it bugs them.

Why did you decide to do that? Were you just getting less questions? Thanks for doing it, anyway.

I did it... last month, I think? But yeah, I get far fewer questions now, so I think I can deal with leaving the anon option on :)

Oh, you disabled the 'must be a user' to ask?

Apparently so!

Sorry if I missed it, but why is it necessary to transport the first silver inside living humans specifically? Not animals, not cadavers not inanimate containers?

Still a mystery but clues towards the reason have been scattered here and there.

Has Quigs ever taken any jobs that required / let him be the "good guy", like bounty hunting or using Uaid to rescue people in rough terrain?

Could be, could be.

Oh man, you better get that Kickstarter up soon before I spend my money on all these other projects. There is an Art of Brom kickstarter! Do you like the artist Brom??

Yeah, and I have his artbook. And his other books. I wonder why he needs to do a kickstarter? Weird. You don't have to hold on to money for my kickstarter though. It'll either reach its goal or it won't, man, no sweat.



You probably covered this one before, but can wrights use First Material weapons when dueling? I know they can use normal ones, but FMs seem like cheating..........

Nope, FM weapons are in the same class as pymarics, and forbidden in a gentlemen's duel. Regular weapons are all right though, with the etiquette being it's off-limits to draw Aspects from them. I feel like writing. I feel like writing alive!Duane dueling with Amadwe Argenti over Argenti slighting him for being untitled, and Argenti hires a surrogate because that is what the rich do, and Duane has to fight some beefcake who comes packing bowguns and machetes and Duane still whoops his ass and takes his weapons as prizes and sells them and uses the money to buy Argenti a beautiful bouquet of red roses and the card in the middle says "Prithee Suck My Dick" and Argenti is soooo maaaaaad.

Hey, is sex with Forumcat with dying of arsenic poisoning?

Hod, are you inebriated?

Continuing the notion of Swarm cloth thongs - in FMA an alchemist could have alchemy circles tattooed, so they didn't have to draw them each time they need it. I wonder if Quigley had a swarm tattoo made of primary pigments or smth, would it still work?

Naw, the designs themselves aren't important at all. It's the unique field of the First Silk itself that holds the enchantments. It could be just a regular blue silk draping with no designs and still be similarly enchanted.

There are enchanted tattoos but the amount of FM is so small that they only hold the most minor of spells. The most common tattoo enchantment is the one that married couples get that always lets them feel each others' presence.

Sorry for continuing to ask questions that require massive exposition. I promise to stop until I think of a new one. Easy question! Are you in the path of Isaac? I'm kind of hoping it'll keep going until it reaches the RNC and c)

"c) drops a house on a select few. Does that make me a bad person?"

Well, the weather people said we're out of the cone of death, so unless it swerves it looks like it'll just be windy and rainy. I'm rather glad it looks like Tampa will be spared as the RNC is a good boost to the local economy. Also it's bringing really cool Lib pundits to town. I'm going to go see Amy Goodman speak next Friday, I'm kind of stoked, she is amazing.

And I don't mind lots of exposition, it actually makes me very happy because I am a dork :3

Come one now, seriously. I watched the first ten minutes of the first Ep and was kind of "meh." And then BAM this outta nowwhere. Hardest I've laughed at a show in weeks.
Gravity Falls - Norman's Reveal


Have you ever watched Gravity Falls? You should watch Gravity Falls, it's funny, creative and gorgeously animated and I think you'd like it. Seriously though, Gravity Falls.


Can you tell us more about the March? It's history, it's influence, it's exact goals?

I will tell you a few things, but not too much.

The March is a relatively new group capitalizing on very old dissatisfaction. There have always been citizens who didn't wish to affiliate with either the Ssaelit or Gefendur faiths, but to do so is to practise heresy and frequently ends with you in prison or with your head on a stick.

The March is a group that strives to unite these "heretics" under the banner of secularism. Their driving arguments are familiar atheist arguments. They say that the bi-theocratic solution of Alderode not only fuels the centuries of warfare against Cresce by creating arbitrary religious divides, but it drives anti-humanist policies because there is such a dismissal of poverty and social injustice as necessary trials that help souls achieve spiritual enlightenment. They see the Ssaelit temples and the Gefendur churches as leeches on society and they see Vits Council as enablers of a caste system that benefits only a select group of people. They see Plats and Silvers as slaves, they see Crescians as pawns, they see a system that must be torn down and rebuilt free of the influence of organised religion.

The March is lead by a politically savvy Copper lady named Elarosny Ficci. She's currently one of the top five most wanted people in the country, and vexes authorities because her Black Tongue boyfriend has come up with a way to shield them from the lines that the Asepticks use to strike at criminals. The March is rumoured to be heavily funded by the Black Tongues and even by private Sharteshanian parties. It has ties to Stewart Midmolil, a minor member of Vits and Durlyne's preeminent crime lord. The March's influence is difficult to gauge currently, as they keep themselves on the downlow, but authorities have made massive public spectacle out of the public torture and execution of its lieutenants when they're found out, so Vits is nervous.

Where do you hang out online? I noticed you don't blog or tweet much, so where are you??

I'm almost always in the VGMC DC++ chatroom bullshitting with my crew. We have all known each other forever. We even do a Secret Santa every year! You can come hang out with us but if you get bullied for being a nub, take it like a man.

Otherwise uh, you can find me watching the TYT livestream on Youtube most weeknights, username Murkoph in the chat. And you can find me here on formsuck <3

Sooo, is the dammkert artificially created or a natural phenomenon?

I wonder.

Pfft, you think Florida is bad? I live in ALABAMA. Anyway, was there a time when Alderode was less totalitarian and the caste system was nonexistent or less stark in it's social boundaries? Also, why did the rivalry with Cresce begin?

Alabama is pretty bad, man, I feel you.

Alderode's history is colourful. There were a brief few decades after the country's official founding during which social demarcation had a more typical class and monetary base, but then the Dammakhert was created, the caste system came with it, and it's been that way ever since. The castes are maintained via strictly controlling population and reproduction, so totalitarianism is required if the government desires caste perpetuation.

Alderode was politically almost indistinct from Cresce for a long time. It was the same breed of Gefendur-oriented monarchic theocracy with a strong landowning noble class. But then the Ssaelit religion grew larger in the shadows until it was a sizable movement and a violent force. Fifteen-hundred years ago civil war broke out in the capital and raged for decades. Gefendur vs. Ssaelit. The country was embroiled. Cresce was a pretty new country at that point and took the opportunity to attack their wartorn neighbour, winning itself a fair portion of its current land holdings. Alderode realised it had to pull itself together or Cresce would swallow them, so Rortide and Helit - the respective leaders of the Gefendur and Ssaelit forces at the time - struck a truce. The last king of Alderode and his entire household were publically executed, and Vits Council was established in the monarchy's place. The country's armies were rallied and Cresce was beaten back. This was the beginning of their rivalry though. The two countries have been bickering ever since.

The point of Vits Council was to be a representative body to oppose the totalitarianism of the monarchy. The Council would ensure equality between the Gefendur and the Ssaelit. They would always have equal representation, and oppression of either faith would never be tolerated. This is the cornerstone of what the Aldish call the Great Cooperation, and even now Vits is constantly harping on it.

Still, there is tension between the Gefendur and the Ssaelit, with one always trying to get the upper hand over the other, usually to gain traction on social issues. Plod implementation and fraternal Gefendur morality are big ones. The Ssaelit believe corpse desecration is supremely sinful, and this protestation has kept plods out of Alderode in spite of all the good they've done for neighbouring countries. Gefendur businessmen have to bow to this ban whether they like it or not. It's a big deal, particularly since the Ssaelit are now pushing to ban the importation of anything that was manufactured with plod labour. In the same way, the Ssaelit have to truckle to Gefendur morality when it comes to women. The Aldish Gefendur don't believe women should work outside the home or practise pymary, so a number of arcane compromises had to be reached that would keep both faiths content.

It's an interesting arrangement. The two different faiths kind of keep each other balanced out so neither side can go whole-hog theocracy. At the same time, each side is kept in check enough that the true power of Vits Council reigns supreme. Vits is masterful at inciting and quelling unrest to its own benefit.

Given the option, would you live forever?

Naturally. Although I don't brood over my own mortality too much. It's fairly apparent that the human race is on a downwards spiral and I don't wanna be here when the shit really hits the fan.

This Anon is also slightly depressed. I tried self-medicating with a shitload of French toast and ham, and that actually seemed to help a little. Maybe I should write a self-help book?

Think of all the people you could help. Except the vegans, but fuck them :D

On the next page, you should have Quigs rip off his cloak, revealing that he's wearing a thong also made of the Swarm cloth, which he uses to wreck everyone's shit.

But he's a proper Aldish gentleman! :O

This anon is feeling a wee bit depressed. Do you have any interesting facts to help a gal cheer up?

I know that feel, anon, I've been depressed for months. I wish you'd said what category of facts most interests you. I'll have to shoot in the dark. I cleaned out my closet today and found a bunch of old albums. Dark Side of the Moon and two John Denver albums on vinyl. I also found an old poster from The Crow still shrinkwrapped to cardboard. All of these things amused me. I also have a release day PS2 that still works. For months and months I only had the original Devil May Cry and I probably played through that game at least half a dozen times. Dante is pretty hot and possibly is why I like boys with white hair.

MLP has "bronies", Star Trek has "trekkies", so does that make us "unsoundies"?

"Sette's flunkies."

Here's a collage of some Teresa from The Punisher, enjoy. Other peeps: No nudity, but NWS language/violence. This is a good example of why you should never feel Unsounded is being "too weird". This story is published and has incest and corpse desecration.

Haha! I like this lady! But yeah, real published comics are without bounds. Crossed and shit. Webcomics are tame business in comparison to the endless, joyless grimdark of American comic books.

Do Knockers' breasts come to life at night and lead lives of their own?

I don't believe so.

Have you ever griefed in a video game (That is, intentional done something to make another player angry)? If so, what was the worst thing you've done?

I don't really enjoy multiplayer games much. I did login to my friend's Minecraft server once to find a bunch of blocks missing out of my buildings, and a new structure in the vicinity that seemed to have used those stolen blocks in its construction. I got righteously pissed off and TNTed the thing all to hell. Turned out my missing blocks were just a bug though. Whoops :3

Is Florida really as weird as I hear in all the stories?

There are a lot of old people, a lot of immigrants (legal and otherwise), a lot of rednecks. It's fairly cheap to live here and there are lots of service jobs, so that brings the less ah, educated in droves. It's perpetually hot so everyone is always grouchy. It's not very pretty; it's flat, paved, and treeless, and I imagine that helps no one's mood. I dunno. It's a big dumb state full of big dumb people.

Glass, have you ever played Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem?

No, sir.

For some reason Knock-Me-Down reminded me of a character I knew and it was driving me nuts. I just remembered; Teresa from a specific Punisher story arc. Psychotic, violent, giant hitwoman with frizzy hair. Knock-me-down is way less gross-looking however.

Find me a pic!

Is Murk's smilerection his original equipment, or did he have to unman another corpse when his... went to schlong heaven? (hell?)

Mysterious Murkoph.

How come Sette didn't end up with...ehm, a more...colorful name like the rest of her family? I feel like 'Bites Hard Frummagem' might suit her.

Yeah, that's a little weird, no? It's almost like she doesn't belong :O

I like to think that Ephsephin and Knockers would've fallen in love and had a brood of brutish, muscle-y children if Eph hadn't been killed 5 minutes before she entered. :-(

I wonder if that would have pleased Ephsephin's mother.

Glass, could you perhaps recommend us a few movies worth watching?

I watched Lilo and Stitch again the other night. I really enjoy that movie. Watch Lilo and Stitch. Alternately watch The Princess and the Frog. I've been on kind of a Disney kick.

Did Sette leave Eph's defenseless hat with Duane?

That hat's alone, injured, and scared somewhere out in the woods outside of Mulimar.

How many wrights have either Murkoph or Starfish killed?

Starfish has killed wrights before. Wrights are nothing special. Sock them in the mouth, break their jaw, stick their head in the toilet - just keep them from talking and they're helpless. And that's if you don't just bring along a First Material weapon to deflect their spells. Quigley isn't broken like tacit-casting Duane is. He already engaged in one epic battle tonight, he's tired, he has his kid with him, his enchanted mantle is gone, his construct's in the river... Do svidaniya, Plat.

Vote incentive idea! Draw every character having sex with every other character!

But this is a family friendly comic :O

Knockers x Quigley would have to go in that order, wouldn't it?

Knock-me-down crush pale man like Styrofoam cup.
According to the "strength standard" tables, an elite heavyweight female can be expected to bench press ~220 lbs, which seems on the low side. I've seen videos of women benching 300+, which would be decent even for men. Knockers seems like she's up to it.

I think she could bench the Quigleys.

You like everyone? Even Ephsephin?

Actually yeah. Ephsephin wasn't the most compelling character around but he was fun to draw at least :)

Does...........does Knockers have a boyfriend? :3

Several :)

What is a surefire way to turn Murkoph?

Turn him what? D:

Dang, looks like Knock-Me-Down has some python arms. How much can she bench press?


(I don't know how much is a lot when it comes to bench-pressing.)

Does Starfish know that Quigs supposedly stormed an Aldish government office and killed everyone there?

After watching Quigley get knocked about so much, Starfish is beginning to think the man is a little overhyped. But yes, Starfish knows the story.

But canibalismmmmmm~

Quite a bit of it in this story, really.

I have found Murkoph's one stop shop: The Whorphanage.


Or has Murkoph already appeared?!? *Runs off to examine every panel in fine detail with a magnifying lens*


What chapter does Murkoph first appear in?

Not telling youuuu~

":3" So Matty is now on a downward spiral to Murkophism. Will the next step will be the consumption of early-term fetuses or a fun stop at the local harlot's den?

He's going to eat Chitz.

Have you ever been on a hot air balloon ride? If not, have you ever wanted to?

Haven't thought about it much. I guess I'd be game if I could wear a top hat and monocle.

"Not too many similarities, really." You are adding at least one similarity this chapter...


How long can two-toes expect to live, and do they grow at human rates?

The oldest known Two-toe ever was over two centuries old. An Aldishman will scoff at that but the Crescians were pretty impressed when they found her. Most two-toes have a lifespan comparable to most humans however. Sixty to seventy years old. They mature at a rate roughly equal to humans too.

Does Starfish have ambitions/potential for bigger schemes? Like starting a criminal empire rivaling that of Sette's da?

Naw, Starfish knows his own limitations. He's not as smart as blokes like Nary and Stockyard, a realisation that in itself makes him a different kind of smart guy. He's in the game for the money and the opportunity to mess people up. That's really all he wants out of life.

Maybe Matty is just a young Murkoph...

Not too many similarities, really.

"It's a shame I'm killing them both off this chapter." WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

You must be new here.

Who's your favorite character in Unsounded? Your least favorite?

I like all my babies. Although...

Quigley is a bit of a bore compared to the characters around him. I don't blame the guy, it's just his personality, but he's rather a downer. You always got to have that one stoic character who is just too cool to put up with everyone else's crap. Quigley has that going on combined with an ongoing existential crisis and acute self-loathing, so scenes with him generally make me want to cut my throat. Matty is supposed to offset that by being an inextinguishable fount of joy and sunshine but their dynamic really needs a third party to act as mediator. It's a shame I'm killing them both off this chapter.

Everyone else is equally my favourite. Sette cuts through bullshit and is a joy. Duane is dramatic and enormously fun to draw in pretty much every incarnation. Murkoph goes meta sometimes in a way that I find liberating and sexy and cool. Toma and Elka are great action heroes with increasingly conflicting motivations. Jivi is bold but hard on himself and adorable for it. Starfish is an exercise in uncomplicated evil which can be quite cathartic to indulge in sometimes. Artistically speaking.

The whole "the human race will go extinct one day" thing is not written in stone. Not yet. When faced with extinction, every alternative is preferable.

We won't be there to witness it one way or another, so balls to it, I say!

IF your porn gets out it might damage your reputation? Y'mean like Redbird, Murkoph's Shakespearean solo, various Bastion sketches, and that one softcore Duane vs Quigley? I think it’s more like you have a reputation for drawing some nice smut ;P

Duane vs Quigley? Surely you jest.

Well, let's find out. UNSOUNDED READERS, SOUND OFF! ONE!

I suppose the Kickstarter will give us some idea how widely read the comic is, won't it. What d'you think, like, fifteen people? Seventeen? T_T

Is there any particular video game you would not recommend to anyone?

Dirge of Cerberus. I wouldn't use that game to squish a roach.

This is important. Does your fridge have an ice maker?

It does not o_o

How many unique hits does your site get each update? Do you know roughly how many readers there are?

Not really sure, mate.

And I'd just gotten off of TvTropes... D: Anyway, are Two-toes warm- or cold-blooded? Omnivorous or not? Can I ask more than one question at once?

Sure, man. Two-toes are warm-blooded, omnivorous egg-layers adapted mainly to subterranean life, with powerful claws for digging and fighting, small, sharp teeth suitable for eating rodents, fungi and plantlife, and a sense of smell much sharper than their eyesight, useful for low light environs. They're not overall as intelligent as humans but they're not idiots, and once enjoyed a fairly sophisticated tribal culture complete with their own take on pymary. Then most of them were killed and forced to the surface.

You're a Leo. Sette is designed after a lion. Makes total sense.

Yeah, I kind of have a thing for lions. I think it's more from being obsessed with the Narnia books when I was a kid than from being a Leo though. Lions themselves are assholes but Aslan was nice :3

Shit. I forgot to re-anon. Whoops.

I see you naked.

How often do you have time for light commission work? I came into some prize money recently via writing contests, and I... erm... really wanted to hire you. *hides under anon blanket*

Woah, you won a writing prize? That's epic, congrats :3 Email me what you had in mind art-wise and I can give you a timeframe.

One of these days, we're all going to die, and the Sun will expand and consume the Earth, and all of humanity and human civilization will be gone and forgotten. <3

Ours isn't a reality of forevers and permanence; it's a reality of brief, beautiful blooms, no less precious for their ephemerality <3

New theory: Cutter is actually the long lost prince of the Two-toes, slowly driven mad by the pressure of having to save his people, which is why he's crazy and working for Starfish, who knows this and doesn't have the balls to kill lizard royalty. RIGHT?

This may be for you *_* http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/WMG/Unsounded

"Alive!Duane and a spoiler character" That Silver girl Duane had a thing for?

Someone already drew that :3 http://unsoundedshipping.deviantart.com/art/DuaneXSilver-Girl-293355754

"Alive!Duane and a spoiler character" Murkoph?




Is this retooling of pymary what you were talking about on your blog with redoing some of the earlier pages?

Naw. The pages I talked about on tumblr aren't ones I want to redo, they're ones I want to replace. Basically I really don't like that brief scene back in chapter 4 with Sette and that crackpot guy who rants on about Alderode. It's wordy, it's dumb, it's a big old out-of-place infodump. In the original script there I had a short scene with Toma picking up the sword that he uses against Quigley in the next chapter but I got lazy and didn't wanna draw a whole artificer's workshop interior so I cut it. It was a bad move. For the print version I wanna go back and draw that scene and replace the crackpot pages with it.

Does Starfish view his whole crew as expendable liabilities like Ephsephin?

Naturally. Although there are some issues with Cutter, Starfish can't kill him off.

Would changes to the visuals of pymary result in another round of orwellian retconning in previous panels like you did with some of the other art?

PFFT there has been and will be no retconning. Redoing old art isn't retconning, horrible bird D: I might tinker with some of the spell effects in old scenes but it'll just make it look better, trust me.

If pymary bothers you I think you still have time to change it a bit. What's been made cannon in the comic so far is still kind of vague. For what it's worth I really like it :)

Aww, thanks, anon <3

I do plan to nerf pymary a bit, predominately the ability of wrights to dissolve matter so easily. I'm going to go with a natural law that states complex forms are resistant to casual pymary, which should limit the rapid dissolution ability to base elements and materials. With a few extra steps added to attacks against complex materials, the time required for dissolution should largely null its usefulness in rapid battle scenarios. And cocks.

I'm also retooling some of the visuals of pymary. I want a prettier way to incorporate the words into the spells. Work through the suck, man, work through the suck.

Meanwhile I'm watching After Effects tutorials so I can make a kickstarter video. This program is kind of badass.

What would be the top issues/stances an electoral candidate would have to support in order to receive your vote?

I just ranted for a few paragraphs and then deleted it. All better.

If I were a game designer, I'd make a game where Toma has to shimmy up Uaid's butcheeks after Starfish. Toma would be faster, but Starfish would have a head start and be able to throw things down at Toma. If Starfish gets to the top before Toma catches hi

Put it on iphone and it should appeal to casuals. FUND IT.

You could marry me. I'm always away on "business trips", so it'd be like not being married, only with a bigger house and more money.

Is that a proposal, Hod? Over formspring? So romantic, just like I always dreamed it would be T_T

Mousepads, requirement or massive waste of money?

Depends on your desk. My desk is made out of some kind of space-metal. Without a mousepad I think the mouse laser would bounce off it and burn a whole though dimensions or something.

What's the most interesting thing you purchased recently?

I... don't remember the last time I bought something. My money goes to food and bills. Sorry, bird, I'm a bore D:

I was reading about Gefunder practices on the wiki, and was wondering... the younger twin is eaten, but I didn't see any mention of what happens to the older twin?

Nothing at all. He or she typically remains in the cloisters all their life. They can leave the priesthood if they want to after their sib is dead but it doesn't happen often. They seldom have the skills and life experience to go out and live a layman's life and at that point they're pretty well indoctrinated. Well, "indoctrinated" is a cultish word. They're pretty DEVOUT.

Who was the porn of?

Alive!Duane and a spoiler character. Alive!Duane is such a goofy, moralizing, vulnerable dork, he plucks at my heartstrings. I fully expect everyone to be disappointed by him, he is not the faceless badass that dead!Duane is.

Fellow dog lover, what say you to this video? :3 For someone who loves the deliciously dark but the adorable doggies. They certainly save my world.

That was AMAZING. Why doesn't someone create a comic series featuring these dogs going around and saving people and beating up bad guys? I would buy all the copies!

Eh, don't worry too much about Ephsephin. His design was just fine. Muscle-y dude with impeccable taste in hats--what's to dislike? Leave the rest to fandom and speculation.


You ever go outside and run, or treat yourself out on the town? Your solipsistic misery is self-medicated. If you went out and connected your life to others, then you wouldn't have to turn inward and self-loathe. Or whatever you wanna call it...

Nah, I can hate myself just as easily when I'm in a crowd. I'm good at it!

You know, if you got married you could continue to do art and stuff while enjoying the safety and interesting vacations your husbando could provide.

I'm not the marryin' type. I'm too introverted and misanthropic, anon, the idea of living with another person like that gives me the heebs.

For the record, I love everything about Unsounded except for the fact that Toma found a replacement shirt. ;-)


Ephsephin's hat is still safe with Sette, right? Just want to make sure my favorite character will be okay. <3

I suppose it could be with her! It's all chewed up and bloody though, I fear its usefulness may have come to an end.

Is there anything you dislike in the world you've created?

I'm not the biggest fan of pymary, it's really too open-ended and broad and complicated for a comic, I always fall into the trap of either explaining too much or not enough. Also if I think about it it seems very unlikely that the world would have survived to this point without some assmunch blowing the khert to kingdom come and ending the human race.

That's really it, I think. I try to only put stuff I like into my comic since otherwise it'd be quite the chore to work on :3

Do you have any regrets?

I regret art. I wish I had gone into another field and had a nice, boring, safe job right now. I regret moving back to Florida from Connecticut. I regret falling out of touch with so many cool friends. I regret certain things about Unsounded. I regret the hummus I had an hour ago because I keep burping garlic.

Do you have a favorite detective/cop show?

Uh... Does BBC Sherlock count?
detectives tv

What is the cutest thing you've ever seen a dog do? And can you tell that I'm excited about possibly getting a dog soon? :p

Yay, you're getting a dog :D

Cutest dog thing... Well, when I was a kid I had a dog named Ivory. She was an American Eskimo, white and fluffy, and she would sing with me. I'd howl like a wolf and she'd start howling with me. It was pretty epic. My current dogs are boring and fat and kind of mean and bratty.

What're three of your favorite things about the world you have created? (I know, it's gonna be hard to choose. I personally love ALL OF IT.) But, if I restricted you in this question to only choose three things that you love about it, what would those be?

Hmmmm, three things I love about Unsounded's world? Well, I do like the cosmology of it; how the khert is the backbone of it all and every phenomenon has a khert-centric explanation. I like the khert a lot. I like how it looks, how it operates, how it functions as a membrane between physical space and the Unknowable. So that's one thing.

I like Cresce because it struggles so hard to be better than the countries around it, even if it does questionable things to see its philosophies realised. Its heart is in the right place.

A third thing... I like Sette. You really don't know anything about Sette yet, but there is Stuff there that I'm fond of.

Do you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain?

Yes to the first part, maybe to the second, depends on if I'm driving or not. Driving in the rain is a sad party.

This Troper can't find enough Brain Bleach to wash out the High Octane Nightmare Fuel that is Starfish's face on the latest panel.

Starfish finally gets to stretch his villain legs and he's lovin' every minute of it. I think he could stand to kill another character this chapter, what d'you think? Let's do it!

Glass, why must we hurt the ones we love? Actually, let me rephrase that: Why must Starfish hurt the ones we love? (Ephie had grown on me)

Yeah? Ephsephin was useful for a while but I never found him a terribly compelling character. I got lazy with his design, I should have given him a more interesting look. But he's gone now, may he rest in pieces.

What did you do today?

Drew porn and wallowed in solipsistic misery.

How much would you charge someone who wanted the entire comic painstakingly drawn on a single grain of rice?

tree fitty

Will the published book have author commentary? I really like the sort of side details yo mention here, like what you said about tentacle hat lady's view of Duane and Sette.

Afraid not. Stuff like that works best on the internetz. The book'll have a short side comic with Duane and Sette, the content of which I may put to a vote since I have a few different ideas.

After a long day of heroically shimmying between baby ogre buttcheeks, does Toma go home and sit with a nice hot cider and snuggle Pantoffel until they are both grossly too hot and completely uninterested in continuing?


Is Starfish nuts? Or does he merely delight in killing his partners in cruel, woefully inefficient ways?

Both! Ephsephin was never his "partner" though. He was hired meat, and wouldn't have left that warehouse alive even without the exploding bug incident. Eph being crippled enough to be easily beaten to death with a bottle was a beautiful thing in Starfish's eyes. Cutting throats all the time gets boring; sometimes you want the visceral satisfaction of bashing someone's skull in.

Do you consider yourself a good driver?

No, I am an AWFUL driver. I HATE driving. I wish I lived in a city where I didn't have to have a car.

Is Pantoffel a snugglebug? She looks like a snuggly puppy. Can I snuggle her?

Pantoffel will snuggle the -shit- out of you.

Do you like fishing? If so, do you prefer fishing on a lake, a river, or the ocean?

I went fishing once when I was a kid. It was in a little stocked pond in North Carolina, and it was so hot out the fish refused to bite and the fishing guy just caught a few of them with a net. Pretty lame, really.

Next panel: somehow eph is still alive and falls down a flight of stairs into an open salt container while yakety sax plays.


How do you get along with your siblings? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hegox8IMr7o&feature=player_embedded

They live pretty far away from me so it's not much of an issue. None of us have anything in common so we don't really talk to each other. Seems to work out.

My middle name is Maximilian after the saint of Conscientious objectors. It's an AWESOME middle name. Is your middle name as awesome as my middle name?!

Naw. My middle name is Carroll. I can't remember why.

Cats or dogs?

Dogs. That dog could destroy that cat if it wanted to but it doesn't, because dogs are boss.
boop cats dogs

How my cooking goes: "Let's make a cheese ball!" Twenty minutes later: A POUND AND A HALF PLANET OF FUCKING CHEESE. "Let's make chicken salad!" Cook chicken... make mayonnaise... thirty bajillion ingredients... chicken salad! What's your cooking like?

I guess my cooking is pretty normal... It's probably a little repetitive, I tend to make the same things every week: casseroles, burritos, stir-fry, pasta, repeat repeat repeat.

Do you like any musicals?

I love lots of musicals. Man of La Mancha, Sweeney Todd, A Little Night Music, My Fair Lady, Phantom, JC Superstar, and the list goes on. I don't trust a person who doesn't like musicals; it is an indication that they despise joy.

Ugh. Job searching sucks. I wish I had badass drawing skills like you so I could RIDE SOLO, I RIDE SOLO, I RIDE SOLO, I RIDE SOLO.

Job searching is like the shittiest thing in the world. I like that I can scrape out a living working for myself but it does suck being poor. Think of all the cool things you can buy if you get an awesome job. You can drink Starbucks and take interesting vacations.

Really going to bed now.

It strikes me that having come out anonymously for starting the "worst thing on Formspring" wasn't really all that brave or Internet-shattering, huh?

The poop thing? The poop thing was not the worst thing on Formspring. Come on, Anon, we're tougher than that.

Why am I on here at 3:30 in the morning. I'm going to bed.

Duane eats, but does he poop? If not, where does everything go?

Duane doesn't eat. If he loses control and eats something it just winds up falling out of his empty ribcage and getting his bandages and clothes all mussy.

I hear whispers of the possibility of a print Unsounded. If there is anyone who needs to be intimidated or eliminated to make this happen, do let me know.


Did you sincerely believe that the FBI could corner me? Even if they would try to arrest me on foreign soil?

What if they dressed up like pretty native ladies and tried to seduce you and then put handcuffs on you after you made love and were naked? They will catch you in the end, slippery Hod.

I needed to come out of the water closet.


Glass, I need to come out... I was the one who tricked us into talking about too much poop.

Poop, eh? What... do you need to come out of exactly?

Oooh, commissions huh? Do you have a webpage one could go to, and thus order one of those shiny mythical things? I may have to shatter my poor metaphorical piggybank. ;)

I should have a webpage! But all I can really point you towards is an old journal entry on dA. The prices are still about right, I reckon http://ashleycope.deviantart.com/journal/Character-Commissions-226894648

Has it ever happened to you that when starting to draw late at night all of a sudden it's 6 AM and bright outside when you're finished?

Not with drawing so much but that's happened when I'm writing. It used to happen when I was RPing frequently.

Madam Cope, I do so apologize for my extended absence, it was hardly intentional, but it was quite unavoidable. Business is business, though I hardly need to tell you that. Prepare for a torrent of questions, as I have missed quite a lot.

My goodness, Hod, it's a relief to hear from you. I was certain the Feds had at last tracked you down and had you holed up in some Ecuadorian crackhouse.
It appears that lowly Anons cannot even attach pics to their questions! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Unless you can see the pic I tried to attach to this one, in which case I just forgot.)

Doesn't look like it works :( Email it to me!
did the image work probably not

Inspired by kirbish's awesome Elka pic, I decided to make some fanart of my own.

Sweet. Did you forget to attach it? :3

So tonight in my Dream there was for a brief moment Murkoph wearing a Sombero out of Pumpkin. I think he was also holding a baby or a fetus, but I didn't pay attention because... well. Pumpkin Sombrero =I Thought you should know?

Maybe he thought he was trapped in Minecraftia, and was gearing up.

Won't Duane be disappointed he doesn't get to be the end of Ephsephin?

His tummy's already rumbling in regret.

Have you ever gotten any non-Unsounded commissions based on people stumbling across your comic? Like someone says "Holy cats, this comic is amazing! I have to order some illustrations right away!"

I don't believe so D: I think most people who want character designs and one-shot illustrations like that find me via dA.

How is Ephsephin still alive???

He's in the process of dying, I'd say. Nothing that happened was immediately lethal. No buzzsaw-bugs flying through his heart.

Oh Glass, whenever I go away on vacation I have such fun, but then I get back and I'm so far behind on reading the forumsprings! What manner of Enticing Revelations and Dark Designs have been revealed in my absence? I'm sure terribly exciting things.

The only solution is never to go away on vacation.

I don't think you missed anything though. We obsessed about pie a while, someone tricked us all into talking about poop for far too long, there was some rhyming silliness, and I had a birthday. Formspring's been slow.

Re: Free Pie : Village Inn. Free Slice Wednesday! There's a couple in Tampa, but I dunno if it's local or regional or what, but all I know is that pie is good.

You're gonna make me fat, anon.

Have I already asked if Bastion is actually wearing clothes in the flashback scene?

Indeed. And he is.

Damn, that Elka fanart looks amazing! [ I'd comment in the actual Formspring entry, but we lowly Anons lack the ability.......... :-( ]

Kirbish take note! The Anons love you.

Well, I got it finished faster than I thought I would! Happy slightly belated birthday :D

Goddamnit, Kirbish, that's fucking gorgeous. It's now the hottest picture of Elka because she never looks that hot in the comic XD I love you, man, thank you. Wow. She needs an attack now where she chops at you with her cosmic blue scythe-fringe.
birthday for glass happy huzzah

Do you ever go for free pie on Wednesday? :3

Where is this free pie? o_o

What's employment like in USA?

Be more specific.

I think I am late, Ashley, so... Happy belated Birthday.

Thank you, darling.

From what I understand, you earn your living as a self-employed illustrator, correct? How do you promote your services? Is there a central website that lists illustrators for hire, or do all your clients find you by word-of-mouth, or what?

Most of my work comes from repeat clients I've had for years. I'm go-to graphic artist for a few web design companies and I regularly do spec work, mockups, and turn-arounds for a big toys and collectibles manufacturer. Every rare now and again I'll get a super awesome job like a book cover or a short comic to illustrate or a big roleplay cast poster, and I guess those people mostly find me through dA, but I don't actively seek them out. I wish I could get more comic work, alas, no one wants to pay page rates, it's almost always vague promises of eventual profit sharing *snort*

THERE IS A CHANCE OF UNSOUNDED BEING PRINTED? /dies a fangirl death Seriously that would be fantastic, who can I threaten in my nearby Tampa area to print to your specifications? (ex-Busch Gardens worker anon from last yearish)

Beastly weather of late, wot wot?

Right now I'm exchanging emails with a company in Oldsmar and it is promising so far. Better than the place in Clearwater anyway, ugh. But no threatening required, Glass is all over this.

Oh god please submit your lemon chicken recipe. Your dumpling recipe has thrived and evolved in my household; my roommates/friends/me - together we have probably made over 300 in the past year. Thinking about them just makes my mouth water. (not OP tho)

R-really? Anon, that makes me happy. I will start to work on my lemon chicken recipe though it's a little more involved than the hambeast dumplings.

-Eyetwitch- I just finished reading homestuck. Seven straight days of reading. I swear to god if you ever do a chapter 1500 pages in length I am disowning you.

I love the IDEA of Homestuck, with the animation and the original music and the IM conversations being part of the story, but damned if I could get more than a few pages into it. Did you like?

Please marry me.

I would make a terrible wife. I do art sixteen hours a day. Who would make your sandwiches and fetch your slippers?

"Nothing compares to pie for it is perfection and by definition there is nothing that can exceed or stand equal to perfection. All of my characters share this opinion." What type of pie does Murkoph like? Eyeball pie? Brain pie? First trimester fetus pie?

Eye pie.

Happy aging day. Do you feel wiser? or just older?

I'm just glad it's over. Birthdays inevitably make me miserable.

Happy Birthday! :D I hope you have yourself an awesome day over there. I shall draw you some fanart! (Probably in like a week or so though) (Because stuff) (It's always getting in the way)

Fanart *_*

"Murkoph" sounds like a good name for a dog. Probably because I used to have a dog named "Murphy". Shit was so cash, until he died. Also, I want to see a crossover comic with current Duane and brutish asshole Duane of Unsounded Past........

Brutish asshole Duane still comes out sometimes when he's good and pissed off and drunk with nationalistic fervor. Beating up Siwl at the beginning of chapter 4 smacked of old Duane.

Sorry about your dog D:

"...there's a character in Unsounded who wields twin short swords..." Upsize dem babies!

Naw, he is a little guy. He looks better with smaller swords :3

Happy Birthday! In celebration, I made a bunch of original characters, that, you know, you could insert in your comic and make into the main characters and such. One wields twin katanas. Shit is so cash. Where can I send them?

[email protected]

...there's a character in Unsounded who wields twin short swords...


Birthday-themed question! How does Sette think cake compares to pie? Matty? Jivi? Cutter? Chitz, Boo, Uaid, Friendly Frozen Coffee, Duane's beard, and the hats? Kedises?

Nothing compares to pie for it is perfection and by definition there is nothing that can exceed or stand equal to perfection. All of my characters share this opinion. Even Cutter prefers his humans served in pie form.

Happy birthday! The Hambeast Dumplings were delicious! Almost no leftovers. Also, while cooking, I injured my foot... by stepping on a SHARD OF GLASS. But it came out easily, and it was a very pleasant glass-stepping-on experience. Totally worth it.

Shit, man, did you really? Probably one of my cousins; they're sharp enough but always underfoot.

I should write down my ghetto fabulous lemon chicken recipe. It's even more dangerous than hambeast dumplings; third degree oil burns are practically guaranteed.

Happy birthday Glass, I got you some art from an artist I like. Hang it on your fridge or something (it's creepy-awesome)

I like that! You know me so well.

Happy birthday, sweetheart! May the year ahead be full of pie and lucrative free-lancing jobs!

Yay! Lucrative free-lancing jobs would make Glass happy indeed. Thank you, darling.

Would Murkoph ever try human sushi?

With sushi rice and all? I think he'll stick with human sashimi.

Where did Murkoph's name come from?

From the land of Imagination. I honestly have no idea. He popped into my head one day, nigh fully-formed, name attached, and that was that. It's always kind of weirded me out a little. Sette has changed forms a zillion times over the years and Duane was originally much meaner and brutish than he is now, but other than going slightly more insane, Murkoph has hardly changed a hair in twelve years. Not necessarily a good thing but there it is.

Just a random drive-by happy birthday. :3c


Happy birthday! May your day (or at least what's left of it) be filled with pie and your favorite television shows.

Thank you! I had no pie but I did have a Lean Pocket. Kind of close-ish?

The little kiddie that Jivi left behind...did he perish? O.o

He... is in no better and no worse a state than he was in when Jivi pulled him from the cart.

I had a dream last night that I was on Iron Chef and the theme ingredient was people. The judges were Duane, Murkoph, Cutter, and actress/singer Yoko Akino.

Too many of my characters eat people :/

Is this a failing? Even Sette bites fingers. There is something wrong with me.

Glass, since you aren't supposed to have a birthday party on an actual birthday (I don't get it, but them's the rules) you can't have an unbirthday party on your unbirthday, right? Well, I'll be by your place for Unbirthday cake and festivities at noon.

"Oops, it's after noon. Well, I guess I'll just stop beating around the bush and wish you a happy birthday, then. Happy birthday, Glass!"

Thank you, darling!

Happy Birthday! I made you a pie and brought it to Duane so he could put deliciousness aspects into it, but then Sette smelled it and this happened D= (first time using Formspring image thing, hope it works =I )

It kind of looks like they're dancing XD Dance of the Sugar-Pie Fairies...

I love it. Thank you, Stein, you are the sweetest of Steins. I will pretend the pie is here and loaded with extra Deliciousness Aspect and is actually vibrating slightly with the power of its own pymarically enhanced flavour. NOM

Happy birthday, love <3


Happy Birthday! You are just 7 months and 1 day younger than me, do a sprint and catch me! :-)

*shakes fist* I shall catch you one day, Reed, mark my words; and I shall drag you with me into this fell pit of decrepitude.

Happy birthday! On my birthday, people always want to drag me out to DO something when I'd much rather stay home and draw and write and lounge like I usually do. Do you like to do special things for your birthday, or is it just another day with a title?

Just another day. The only thing I'm doing today is driving my mom to the doctor later so they can scrape some skin cancer off her chest. Fun! Thanks for the birthday wishes :)

Some webcomics get their stuff printed in China and then shipped home, might be worth looking into what others have used (I'm thinking erfworld in this example)

I'm kind of a stickler with getting it printed in the States, even better if it's local to me. Go Green and all.

All this talk of printing is getting me excited. I need to start saving up cash! Any clue as to the sorts of money you'll be needing?

Meeting with printers this week and last has me very discouraged. Still working on it.

Ach, I haven't been around! Had to catch up...not that I missed much since it was mostly about poop -_- Anyway, I was wondering if you'd throw us some more writing of this person initialed M.A. who came into possession of Duane's writings or...anything?

Alas there IS no more M.A. writing. I kind of fell out love with that idea and never wrote any more than what was posted. Right now I'm writing a script for a prequel Sette side story. I rather like it but it's enormously dismal and violent, I need to inject some wackiness. Uh, all I got otherwise is ten years of RP logs :D

So...those wickedly sharp blades on Cutter's helmet...are they used for battle or anything? Or are they just there for the purpose of looking cool? xD

Just for coolness :D He IS called Cutter afterall.

It seems to me you've been pretty generous with the double page updates this chapter. Not in any way complaining, but any reason for it?

Mostly because I've been able to keep up every week with the pages I post, so it hasn't affected the buffer at all. If I can create four pages a week I should post four pages a week. Also, I had thought a particular scene in chapter 7 would take me a lot longer to do than it actually did, so all the buffer padding I did at the beginning of the year in preparation for it was kind of for naught. May as well do double page posts then, particularly when certain page pairings benefit from it. Those actually may taper off for a few weeks though, I had some big jobs come in. Walking Dead merchandise design. Am I being typecast?

I'm kind of bummed 'cause there's no way I can finish chapter 7 before I have to start posting it. It's just too damned long, it's going to be at least 100 pages.

So, for dinner tomorrow I'm thinking of making GlassShard’s Weeaboo Hambeast Dumplings. Do you have any suggestions to make sure I don't die horribly?

Mmmm, weeaboo dumplings, the perfect way to celebrate Glassmas. Well, I know it can seem a fitting tribute to my greatness but don't overzealously included actual glass shards in the dumpling filling. That could possibly result in you dying horribly. Otherwise though, just try and find somewhere for the dumplings to drain after you take them out of the boilin' water. I have a drainy tupperware thing but maybe just a wire rack over a shallow dish would be good. Oh, and make sure you make the dippin' sauce. They are rather bland without the sauce.

If you were a weapon, what kind of weapon would you be?

I would be a rock, but a prop rock made of Styrofoam.

If you were an instrument, which instrument would you be?

Pinking shears.

What is your Chinese astrological sign?

General Tso.

Teacher glass, teacher glass! You draw pretty much 24/7 right? Do you have any advice for wrist pain? Any stretches or anything that you do before a long project, or during, or after?

Funny you should ask, my wrist has been bugging me the past few days. I have problems whenever I use a mouse too much but drawing itself is seldom a bother. I do wear a wrist brace at night sometimes, you might want to look into those. Stretching can be good, I have heard, as well as yoga, but who can be arsed? :3

Remember to draw with your entire arm, not just your hand and wrist. Give yourself lots of desk space to spread out and take breaks every half hour, not just for your arm but for your eyes as well. Try to keep conscious of your bad wrist and keep your wrist and arm parallel when they're not in use. Hold out for your cyborg body which the Russians say should be available in a few decades.

Where are you and why haven't you been on? You aren't dead are you? Please let me know either way.

Come hang out in VGMC. I haven't been feeling very AIMy, too much effort.

Does Jivi have a home to back to?? Like maybe his mom's house?


I went down to the docks today and applied for a cargo moving job so I can get a MANLY PHYSIQUE like Ephsephin's. Once I'm thick/solid/tight, I plan on transferring to a lucrative career in CHILD KIDNAPPING. Thanks for the inspiration!

Okay, but one day a heroic boy in a bandana is gonna asplode you with bugs..

Your birthday is tomorrow? What do you want? How old will you be? 32? 33? One of those? Older than time? Older than gods?

I'll be 32! I feel like I've lived a full life. If I died right now I'd be content.

One of the men I know is dreading death because he's going to miss pooping. Does Duane miss sitting down to the satisfaction of a huge poop?


Is Cutter like a shark when he smells/sees blood, or were his eyes always that crazy-looking?

They've always been blackity-black. I think the low lighting makes them stand out more.

Is Jivi cutting a metal collar with that razor he found? Also, why's he not delivering a coup de grâce to Cutter? Always finish your kills is like rule one everywhere, ever D:

Leather collar of course. And Jivi's just a kid, he's never killed anyone. He's not gonna start now D:

Would you be willing to go into Cutter's backstory for us? :3

I actually cannot. It's spoilery.

Up to this point, I had always assumed Sette was pooping in Duane's bag.



I kind of now also wonder about Sette's pooping habits now, too. Does she bury it? is it weird that I could see her burying it, but could also see her leaving it out as a territory marking? Sette's poop: "Sette was here. All hail Settetania!"

I... haven't given it much thought, but I guess she would do whatever a person does who poops out in nature. What do campers do, just leave it? I- I don't know, I'm a city girl!

Canononically, how often does Sette take a poop? And does she just leave it on the ground while travelling, or does she bury it, like a cat? Does Duane have a little bag that he uses to pick up after her?

Okay, okay! You can win the weirdest question award! Go back to your scat porn and Metamucil.

How often do you have bowel movements? Once per day, or every 2-3 days?

Every hour. I am full of shit :(

How do you get your jollies?

My birthday is on Tuesday so I treated myself tonight to a pint of Ben and Jerry's Phish Food.

I am now very jolly.

Is it weird that I feel a sense of disappointment that the weirdest question you've ever been asked on Formspring wasn't one of mine?

Yes. You must try harder!

...although to be fair, the question I quoted was from A Goofy Movie, and who, really, is weirder than Goofy.

What's the weirdest question you've had someone ask you on Formspring?

"How many cups of sugar does it take to get to the moon?"

Did you know that there's no link to unsounded from the casualvillian frontpage?


Did you know at any moment ever you are within three feet of a spider? Did you know only Sette gets to be near Boo at all? Did you know this is horribly unfair? Did you know if I had an abundance of money I would make a replica of the little guy?

Boo never sleeps, you know. You'd be all tired and he'd be hopping up and down on your chest wanting to play and you'd swat at him and he'd try to move out of the way and end up accidentally sticking one of his dagger-toes into your right eye and he'd feel terrible and would spend the rest of the evening trying to fashion you an apologetic patch out of a tissue and a damp noodle. It's all fun and games until you lose an eye.

Are we going to see more of the Two-toes? Their culture, for example? Or will one of them (Cutter, someone else...) play a larger role? Sort of spoilery, but I'm a sucker for lizards.

We will see more two-toes! We won't really get into the thick of their culture though, because it's kind of dying out and so are they. There aren't many places left where there are a lot of lizards in large communities; generally they're isolated, poor, and often in some kind of indentured servitude. But aside from Cutter there's another, less psychotic, female two-toe character whom we will meet after the Ethelmik arc.

Are you a 2-D child lover?

I... do love cartoon and comic kids? I think they are adorable and fun.

Sorry for framing you for that anon question to Fakult. That wasn't nice. Can you forgive me?


Are you guys gonna get married? :3

Is speaking in rhyme something that a subculture of two toes does, or is Cutter as weird to them as he would be to us?

It's unique to Cutter. Cutter is a nutter.


Is it difficult to write Cutter's dialogue?

Nah. I spent my teenage years writing terrible poetry, I am well-versed in it.

(well-versed, get it, get it?)

Has Cutter ever thought of getting into authoring children's books? In my head, somewhere there's a community board just FILLED with all the Cutter rhymes fans have made pinned to it.

Upon hearing this notion hungry Cutter has proposed:
"The children lured by my prose I'll eat from forelock to toes!
A lizard's thanks to you, friend feline, for this plan of attack.
Now quickly to the orphanage, and fetch Cutter a snack."

I really doubt you're the Penny Arcade type, but they're running a contest for a reality tv-like webshow for up-and-coming webcomickers. The prize is pretty rad and even if you don't win, it'd be an enormous amount of exposure. I'd love to see you on it.

Would you? Even if I'm a seven-hundred pound hambeast with chronic acne, an underbite, and a lazy eye?

So, Moby Dick: novel containing lots of whaling facts, whaling manual disguised as a novel, or beautiful homosexual romance with whaling elements?

Metaphysical and deeply symbolic discussion of man's struggle against mortality and God disguised as an adventure novel.

I was grazing my mom's horse in the field today (it was 108), and all he wanted to do was stand right in front of the sprinklers and get a shower while he ate. The instant we stepped out, the water would evaporate off of my arms in a minute. Smart animal.

You should put water wings on him and take him to a water park. He's trying to tell you he wants to go to a water park.

Is there whaling in Kasslyne? Are there whales?

There are whales. Oh, there are whales! There are whales as old as the world who blinked blindness from their eyes when the gods first lit the sun. There are whales who bore witness when land bloomed from the spume and blossomed into forests and countries and humans and war. There are whales who know the meaning of the khert, its laws, and its hidden heart. There are whales who sing with human voices - or do humans sing the songs of whales?

But none of these whales are dumb brutes who can be hunted for their oil. These whales control the ocean itself. They delineate Kasslyne's khert from the less ordered nature of other realms, they know an Art older than pymary, they are timeless, terrible, and wise; and they do not suffer the irreverent bloody-mindedness of Man.

You have a kickass rig, I gotta say. Do you play WoW? (Or any other online game.)

Thanks! It looks more kickass than it is though, the hardware inside isn't all that. I do not play any mmorpgs but now and then I screw around in Minecraft. Online games are not conducive to productivity, I'm afraid.

Do you believe in spirits? Not ghosts, or anything like that, but like Japanese Kami or Native American animal spirits.

I do not.

Was Unsounded the first title you had for the comic, or where there others?

Years and years ago it was called "Tanners" but that was in another incarnation, really. I did have problems coming up with a title after I changed the structure and focus of the story, but then "Unsounded" came to me and it was ambiguous and irritating enough to work perfectly :)

I'm the only person I know who doesn't need a book to make the screen higher, I'm too short for that. Say, what book do you use? Also, your mousepad is the same as mine (or at least close enough that I can't tell a difference)

That would be a collected edition of Twain's short stories and novels :) I really dislike the monitor on it, it's only a few months old and it's soooo short and absolutely unadjustable! Newegg is awesome but sometimes not being able to see stuff for yourself before you buy is the suck.

I've been whining too much lately. High five, mousepad bro!

Post a picture of your computer workplace and don't you dare tidy up before doing so!

Not terribly interesting today I'm afraid. I had a bunch of reference and model sheets spread around and on easels the other night, it would have been a better shot.
i_need_pictures_parker pictures_of_computers img

Sry, but again,How many pgs in Chp 6? You say a bad screwing by cliffhanger imposed and much gnashing of teeth and pitchfork tine ringing by sharpening(they do too, offkeyly!) by us the impatient and demanding hordes...Painful break, bwahahah kills us! JO

It's 84 pages, we're a little over halfway through. I had the idea to do a kickstarter and say if it went over such and such amount I wouldn't take a month off after this chapter or I'd only take two weeks or something but the freaking printers refuse to send me quotes so who knows what's up with that. Why do I have to beg these people to do business with me, I don't even.

If the world containing Kasslyne was remade in Tirna's tummy from Murkoph's seed (or mind-powers, for your sissy fraternal types) what would it be like?

img gif

Is the dramatic scene at the end of this chapter Murkoph leaping from Starfish's belly after finally having eaten his way out?

God, that would be awesome. And maybe he starts out as a chibi Murkoph and has to eat people in order to achieve maximum proportions, like with Mario and mushrooms.

Who is/was Anders?

I think it's the little kid's older brother. I know nothing more than that.

Has Duane actually ever eaten anybody?


Speaking of Cara, COULD Duane have healed her, if he'd had more time? Or were her wounds beyond his capabilities?

No, she was pretty doomed. Duane was trying to close off the arteries and keep the wound sterile but that's the best that pymary can do when it comes to tending to open wounds.

Are Anadyne and Knockers lesbians? Do they go with each other?

Nope, they're both straight. They're just best friends.

Looking at Duane, I just realized something. If Sette lost her magical protagonist armor and actually received critical injuries, could Duane even keep his head straight enough to treat/extricate her considering the blood? Hope Nary thought of that.

This happened in the first chapter when she hit her head. He didn't bandage it but he managed to put some ice on it before backing the hell off. You're right though, he'd have difficulties if she ever really presented a massive flesh wound. Of course, he didn't eat Cara and he was carrying her around like a Hot Pocket, so the man must have some self-control. Just depends how late in the day it is.

Do you follow any other webcomics? Unsounded is one of the two-dozen ish I read (but one of my favorites). I don't have a problem, I can stop any time I want.

I'm more of a print comics person. I read the first issue of Siegfried the other day, made me wanna gnaw my goddamn hands off, geez.

Will Duane be able to answer questions at the next chapter break? Or just Sette?

Since that formspring exists in nebulous AU space, it should be all right if it's both of them.

So hey I just saw that Vagrant Story was six bucks in the PSN store and I'm kind of considering buying it but I'm poor. Should I?

It's not for everyone. It's an RPG dungeoncrawler with a heavy emphasis on inventory micromanagement and weapon and enemy stats. The story is positively Shakespearean in that it's tragic, joyless, and a bit opaque, but it's very well written. It's my favourite game evar but I've met many people who couldn't get through it. If you like the sound of it though, pick it up!

It emulates perfectly on a decent PC and is playable via keyboard, though, so no reason to spend 6 bucks if you don't wanna.

Are you a lolicon?


Y-you have a blog?! What? Where?

'Tis but a filthy tumblr that I only very rarely post to, and then it's to wank over fan things http://glassshard.tumblr.com/

"recedingus serratus hair-linus," Is that the technical term for Eph's spikey hairline?

According to Vergil.

Is Chapter 7 coming from within Duane's perspective as he's dreaming/hallucinating at night while Sette's away following her nose to Stockyard's?


Would you ever write a story set in the real world and present-day, without any fantastical elements?

Oh, I have in the past, it's just usually porn :3

Reading your tumblr and your level of hatred of Korra saddens me greatly. There's no question in there, though... Er...Have you seen the comic con things about season 2?

I've heard some news in passing on /co/ but I don't like the characters so I don't know what they can do to make me care about a second season other than genocide the cast and come up with new people. I don't even like how they handled the adult gaang (honestly I did not want to see them as adults, it's weird and fanficcy). It's cool though, anon, we all like (and dislike) different things. Lots of people like Korra just fine.

May I ask what chapter the page that you posted in your blog is from? It looks really interesting!

It's chapter 7! You got a while :)

The first three chapters will definitely get people hooked. And they'll either join us on the web or beg for more! Bow down to Sette or die terrified in a puddle of your own pee!

Ha, maybe. I just wish the third chapter ended on some kind of a hook. Chapter four has a great hook but it's far too long to squeeze in there. Chapter 6 ends on a gut-wrenching hook btw, I'ma get death threats.

For the record, I would support your KS. On to the question: have you heard of microdermal piercings? I found out about them just last week and it reminded me of Quigley's glasses holder (I don't remember the name!)

Thanks, man.

I have heard of microdermal piercings and have a friend who has one near the middle of her forehead, like a bindi. It is neat. I'm a big fan of body mods, I love all of it. I even like the crazy bastards who suspend themselves from hooks--

But I like it from the sidelines, in the shadows, terrified, nursing a milkshake.

Is it wrong that I think Ephsephin looks kind of sexy in that panel where he's getting his insides shredded? (Dem serratus anteriors......)

I never felt much one way or another back when I drew this page but everyone being so entertained by it today makes me feel terrible for Ephsephin XD He's not real, Glass, he's not real.

And the sexiness... no, not for me. He's all yours, anon. Him and his recedingus serratus hair-linus.

(By the way, when I enter "Ephsephin" into Google, the first autocomplete result is "eph sephin's hat"......)

All is right with the world.

So, Glass, all my favorite webcomic authors are getting married left and right. Are you gonna be the next one? *tease*

'Fraid not. Confirmed old maid. I do not mind my solitude and my ancientness. The other night I had dinner at Bob Evans all by myself and enjoyed it.

I dreamt that Ephsephin was still alive! We can still save him! (His stomach kinda looks like a jack-o-lantern face though.)

Maybe he IS still alive! It could have been a prophetic vision, Jacques.

Does Murkoph have something to do with Duane's death? I noticed he's a zombie too...

Mysteries, mysteries! Don't let Murkoph hear you call him a zombie though, he'll bite your face off.

Are you planning to sell Unsounded as entire books, and not in just chapter mini-books? How many books did you say Unsounded was going to be, again...?

Naw, the three books that comprise the story are entirely too long to fit in one volume, so I'm going to print a few chapters at a time. The first collection will be the first three chapters, the second collection will be chapters 4, 5, and 6, and so on. They will not be stapled floppy comics, they will be perfectbound trade paperback collections that look nice on a bookshelf :)

It you are doing a print version, will it be just chapter 1 or more chapters collected? I'd opt for a bigger book, 'cause International mailing costs are like death by rat trap and I'd bear it better if they wouldn't be thrice the price of the book...

Oh, definitely. It will be the first three chapters. Ugh, international shipping x_x

Funny that other guy should mention it, but today's crossword asked for a 13 letter word for "Ouch", and "GYEAARUUUUUGH" fit perfectly. I think the editor must read Unsounded.......

Ephsephin sympathizer. Don't trust him.

Did you practice anything in particular to learn how to do backgrounds? Because your backgrounds are just absolutely stunning *.*!!

Thanks! I used to be pretty lame at backgrounds - and I still don't think I'm all that - but I'm really good at shaming myself into improvement. So shame yourself, call yourself names, that's the trick.

I'm sorry, but Unsounded makes my inner-child come out and squee. You mention print books as a mere possibility and all I can think of is Unsounded the pop-up book. Of course, I didn't sleep much last night...

Pop-up books! I have an awesome Moby-Dick pop-up book. There's an enormous pop-up of the Pequod being destroyed by the Whale and it has little strings for rigging, and on the last page there's an enormous pop-up spyglass and you can look inside it actually see Ishmael on the coffin. It's seriously one of the coolest damn things I own.

It's amazing how you manage to both gross me out and thrill me at the same time, Glass. ... perhaps reading your comic can be likened to having sex with a zombie. :D

Thanks, Umbrae! :D Don't have sex with a zombie though, you will catch salmonella. It is not the consequence-free romp that Murkoph claims it to be.

Was that a Wild Wild West reference? :0

It could be ;) I'm one of three people alive who liked that movie.

"But then it turned into a nightmare when I decided I didn't have the readership to ever fund it successfully." Man, look. Do it. Do it. Look at Order of the Stick, he thought he'd barely clear and it made him a fucking MILLIONAIRE. SHUT UP AND KICKSTART.

I'm going to, I promise. I have a list of rewards and a printing quote, I just need to investigate the printer more and figure out how to make a video. It will happen! Or at least, I'll attempt it.

Look, Glass. I make 70k a year working an office job that I'm rather quite good at. You are a poor-ass artist making a comic I rather enjoy. I have no children or desire for them, a fully funded retirement account, and a lot of spare change. KICKSTARTER.

:O If I had that kind of money I'd build myself an enormous mechanical spider and use it to conquer North America. You are misdirecting your assets, sir!

What is a childhood movie you remember watching many times but found yourself never once sick of it? Mine is Dragonheart with Sean Connery as Draco! :D
Dragonheart Official Trailer

The Crow. Labyrinth. Return to Oz. Commando. Tonari no Totoro. I could go on :3

Dragonheart is... okay. I didn't find the dragon terribly likeable, I think that was my main gripe with it.



Man, if you were any good at business you wouldn't be an artist, so don't trust your business instincts. KICKSTARTER. WITH THE KICKING OF YOUR START.


Eph should know better than to lay hands on the merchandise.

Jivi don't suffer no fools.


I'ma do a Kickstarter soon, I promise. I gotta investigate the printer more and make sure he doesn't suck.

Eph's dying gurgle's text effects are very well done. Did you do them by hand?

Thanks, I did! When I sent the psd to the nice guy who does the Russian translation I was like, man, sorry, this won't be easy! And then like ten minutes later he'd updated it and just plunked down a font that looked just fine :3 Chagrin.

I knew it! I knew that you were going to do that to Eph. ;__; I feel so bad for the guy, even if he is terrible. Question... Did you watch the Curiosity rover landing last night?

I did! NASA scientists make me snicker.

Ephsephin becomes Murkoph, then goes back in time and makes love to that ghost guy, who gives birth to Sette. Murkoph falling in love turns him good, so he abandons his Murkoph persona and becomes Duane. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!

But Murkoph falls in love at least seven times a day and it's yet to turn him good. It only turns him towards frosting so he can slather it on the objects of his desire and devour them like Pillsbury toaster strudels.

What trait(s) would you not want your children to inherit from you?

My obsession with misery and the void. My terrible fashion sense. My PCOD. My inability to whistle.

Does pymary have an actual scent and Sette's nose is super powerful? Or does her nose do double duty as a super sniffer AND a magic detector?

Good question!

Glass! They're making How to Train Your Dragon 2, and there are whispers of a third. Are you excited/weary like me? Second question: does Duane know other glyphs that he studied perhaps? (Other than The Great Unsounded).

I saw that! I quite liked the first one so I have high hopes for the sequel. Kung Fu Panda 2 was mighty fine as well. Dreamworks rivals Pixar these days, easily.

Duane knows all the glyphs. Most serious wrights can read and write Old Tainish fluently.

What is that grip on Eph's bottle made out of?

Some kind of woven fiber. Let's say rushes.

I just wanna point out that this aired on Cartoon Network little over a year ago.
Shake It Make It Booty Quake It

Zeltoron is right. Everything is terrible.

Unsounded helped me with my crossword puzzle today! I knew "togs" and "scrim" because of earlier pages. :-D

Good show, old boy!

Have you ever written a fan letter? If so, who was it to and did you receive a response?

When I was in fifth grade I wrote a fan letter to Joey from New Kids on the Block. I put some of my mom's perfume on it. He never wrote me back but that was okay since I had moved on to TMNT fandom a month later.

If you could relive one day from your life what day would it be?

Max's second birthday party was pretty fun. I'd do that one again. Ahh, I miss Max.

*more nachos*

What was the last thing you daydreamed about?

Putting together a Kickstarter to get the first volume of Unsounded printed. But then it turned into a nightmare when I decided I didn't have the readership to ever fund it successfully. Then I ate half a bag of nachos and listened to sad Enya songs.

Glass, why do you shower us with two pages? Why do you spoil us so? x)

I thought the two pages worked best together :) I'm debating on Friday's update, I can't decide if I should go one or two pages on that one. HMMM.

Found this at the pool. If I use it, I wonder if I'd get a Bastion. Wait, what if I crank it up to "15"? :o

It worked!

Oh, you beautiful person. I needed that laugh.

Is that a piece a paper sticking to Eph's cheek?

He tried to blot it as though he'd cut himself shaving. Our friend Eph is having an off day.

That question saying Eph might be Murkoph where you were like "...no." reminded me of a face x) teehee

I would never make that face to anyone I didn't plan on gutting within the next minute. It was more of a...

So, how do you pronounce Cresce? Like CRESH, or Cress-seh, or something else?

I opt for CRAYSH. I like the monosyllabic fierceness of it. CRAYSH, MOTHERFUCKERS.

Oooh! Was it Duane that broke Toma's leg?

No! XD

Sooo, Toma is cool I take it, but who broke his legs before he eviscerated three poor sods? Someone even cooler than Toma, those same guys, force of gravity, something else? On the side note, how do you say his name?

"(cont) Because I'm always reading it as Tōma(Touma), affected by Japanese, but that is surely wrong, right?"

Naw, bro, you have it exactly. Long O. Toma's hero story will get told in the comic one day, for now you'll have to take Jivi's word for it that Captain Toma is not one to be trifled with :3

Birds, babies and breasts blend beautifully.

I agree.

Ephsephin is Murkoph? He's starting to look rather zombieish, at least.


How does Jivi manage in his state of sitting still all the time? Does he try to do some minimal limited exercise? Does he get enough bathroom breaks? And why do RBB care of keeping him alive at all?

They snatched Jivi to keep their hideout clean and kill the rats, intending to cut him up like the others in the end. Then their hideout got discovered and Starfish had to go crawling back to Quigley. Starfish couldn't cut up Jivi with Quigley watching, Quigley wouldn't have it, but they couldn't just let him go either. So there he sits.

When you mean you watched the last POTC movie, did you mean the third one, or the fourth one with Johnny Depp as the main character? Second question: was Duane's RP death similar to the way he died in this Unsounded reality, or are they different?

First question: It was "On Stranger Tides," with everyone looking for the Fountain of Youth. Which is a tourist trap in St. Augustine, actually, they should have asked me for directions. Second question: Completely and utterly different.

Glass, you make me hate sunday for being the extra day between friday and monday. Oh, a question; question... Is there "first" masses of every material or is there a list? Also you mentioned Last Exile. First water? Inspiration? I adore that show.

I should make a First Materials list, that's not a bad idea. There are fewer extant FMs than you might imagine - either the originals all degraded to the common materials in the world today or the source of them (often various senet beasts) have been driven to extinction.

Last Exile was great, wasn't it? The last few episodes were a little questionable but a series just doesn't feel enough like anime if it doesn't have at least a mildly disappointing ending. Unsounded lore predates Last Exile but that series did have some really fantastic world-building, didn't it? I loved all the uniforms and mechanical designs. Range Murata is a loligagger but he's also a badass artist. It's a crying shame about the sequel ;_;

Hey, you are American, What Season is it over thar?


If you gave yourself a night off to relax, which you probably need, what is the list of things you would definitely want to do before the night was up?

Well, I took a few hours off tonight to watch the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It wasn't half-bad! I guess my favourite relaxing evening entails making myself a decent dinner, then sitting down to a promising film with a cup of coffee, perhaps while pestering @AwesomIncarnate over AIM. Mine is not a complex soul.

Glooooooooooooooooooowfish! <3 I'm going to work tonight, then I'm going to an anime convention, then I'm going camping! I'm gonna miss an update for the first time ever, Glass! Two, actually! TToTT Right, question... glowing kedises: possible or no?

Those are good updates to miss, but don't miss anymore than two, it's gonna get good ;) But shit, girl, an anime convention and camping are better than a webcomic. Not that I'd wanna camp anywhere in Florida right now but I hear it's nice up in the Smokies.

Glowing kedises! With pymary, no problem. Would kinda make it hard for them to hunt mice though :3

Two questions: 1 the older characters page says that Quigley hates Matty. How come? I'd think he would not worry about securing his future if that was the case. 2 is this a coincidence that Quigley senior and junior have very similar names or a tradition?

The older character page is troublesome because I meant for it to be from Matty's perspective that his dad hates him. This is what Matty believes. Whether it's true or not is for time to tell. But the ambiguity of this is one reason I killed that character page.

Quigley and Matty actually have the same full name - Mathis Quigley. Sons and daughters are often named after their parents in Alderode, just like in our world.

Glass Oh Glass I finally got my internet back after a month, I'm finally updated with the comics I read, new firefox does not support Red Cats Blue Flavour yet, my keyboard feels strange for typing, everything needs updates, and I'm happy despise --

"-- all that, however, I am sad because I know I won't be able to catch up on formspring. So I'm a both happy and sad Stein because I'm missing stuff and your stuff is awesome and I want all of it D= Also I'm sure you didn't missed my smile spam at all~"

Stein! I wondered where you'd gone! And your smile spam :D I don't think I could ever survive not having the internet for a whole month. So many missed memes, so much missed tumblr indignation! I'm glad you're back :)

So Sharteshane has haunted catacombs, freaky glowy water and weird petrifying soil (how do they grow anything?), and Alderode's khert is Wrong... do the other countries have any weirdnesses about them to this extent?

M-maybe Alderode's khert is RIGHT and everyone ELSE'S khert is wrong, hmm? Hmm? Anti-Dammakhert bigot! Check your privilege!

I'm not sure if the other countries are as extensively weird as Sharteshane and Alderode but I suspect they are. Cresce is certainly weird in its own ways but I suppose it seems damn conventional compared to glowing pee and altered lifespans.

What takes you longer to draw- fancy splash pages, or complicated pages with lots of panels?

Probably the splash pages. A splash page is just one big panel blown up which means that a reader's gonna linger on it for a while. You can't half-ass it, you've really gotta go the extra mile and put the work in and not depend on the panel after it to draw away the reader's attention, if that makes sense.

So, if the water itself glows, why not just export that as a lightsource? You need to feed glowfish, which is a pain.

You need to feed lambence too, mate. Why d'you reckon Sharteshanian trees are all petrified? It's not the soil that does it, it's the lambent groundwater. Without plantlife to leech, the lambence slowly loses its glow. Besides, glowing fish are keen.

Your favorite Balthier scene in FFXII? Basch: Kidnapping royalty is a big offense. It won't help lower the bounty on your head. Balthier: How much is the bounty on your head these days I wonder? I'd write more, but I'm out of space. Tbh, I love all of it!

Oh, maaaaan, that's difficult to choose. My favourite overall scenes all have to do with Dr. Cid so I'm tempted to say maybe the "Oughtn't you run, you fool of a pirate?" scene (I know I'm misquoting that) but that's not really Balthier-centric enough. So I'ma say the prison scene where he gets in the fistfight with the seeqs. Is that what they're called? The pig guys. That was glorious.

>) Guess what I found? The writing is delicious. What was this about, if I may ask? The situation, that is. I know it's RP universe.

That play is actually so old I don't remember who they're talking about nor the situation, I'm sorry :( I'm pretty sure it was back in Keltara/Stormhaven since Grissom is mentioned, so that's pre-Sharteshane even. Super ancient. I'm guessing Vadne's player posted it up, that minx.

Vadne was interesting. She was a bit older, very sedate and homespun, and made her way as a seamstress. Compared to all the half-dragon half-angels and Mysterious Sluts in Bikinis that ran around Keltara, she seemed custom tailored for Duane and him for her. They met in Ye Olde Pub and crushed on each other for ages but it was very strange to play because obviously they very rarely even touched each other much less kissed or anything, yech. Eventually the necromancer who murdered and raised Duane showed up and kidnapped Vadne. In one of those epic RP moments that gets reminisced about for years, the villain took over control of Duane (who is a cleric, mind) and forced him to perform their wedding ceremony. Then he stripped Duane of his magic permanently and made off with his new unwilling wife. Ach, it was glorious.

If whore is a common job for plats but plat women don't work does that mean there aren't any female plat whores?

There aren't a lot of them, but money will buy nigh anything, anon..