Is it bad that I forgot about Duane's Formspring?

It's quite forgettable.

Is it possible to hurt ghosts' feelings? If Jivi was all "Go away, I never want to see you again" to Timofey, would Timofey cry?

He's quite used to being told to shut up and piss off, so he wouldn't cry and would in fact quite understand. The living are so touchy (ba dum tish). If you diss his poems though, he'll be sad.

Duane seemed rather judgey of the Shartshane waterladies. Did their boob-flashing make him jealous of the fact he can't get any these days, being a corpse? Would living-Duane have liked them any better?

Was this on Formspring? I guess it must have been. Duane will always disapprove publicly of overtly salacious behaviour. That's the thing with Formspring Duane: it's public Duane. He might crack the occasional joke but mostly he's the stuffy lecturer who thinks you're a misguided heathen who could do with a sound bit of counsel from the upstanding Ssaelit Aldishman. Of course he's going to condemn boob-flashing.

Private Duane, on the other hand, quite appreciated the display.

Vore-fiend is a chessmaster.

He's playing in four dimensions! Seventeen-- eighteen moves ahead!

"Nice try, vore fiend, my old nemesis." Curses! Foiled again! Just for that, I'm-a write that vliegeng saliva and stomach acid has aphrodisiac properties. :-D

You're always one step ahead, old friend.

Should we make it a policy to tag all fanfic related questions from now on?

Naw, you should be all right.

Do the Mmatont have any trade ties with Sharteshane?

Nope. The Mmatont spend a lot of their time hiding out in underground settlements or in the forests of Anchert. They're not really in a position to be trading with anyone.

Do the Bronze have any culturally specific names or is the list Duane gave on his form spring a good resource for Aldish names for use in fan fiction?

Duane's list is pretty good. For Aldish names you generally want to go either French or old fashioned English. People stray away from traditional Tainish names these days - no one wants to be associated with Tainish culture or the Mmatont.

You should update your vote incentive every now and then with a drawing that you don't think is good enough to put anywhere else, or a random sketch, or a preview page, or something else that would not otherwise see light. I would vote more if you did. :D

Aww, you don't have to vote at all though. My fascination with TWC has more or less ended :)

Does the March have any agents in Sharteshane?

I don't think so. They're a fairly Aldish institution.

Hmm, actually it just occurred to me that Friendly Coffee may be female when I've been assuming it's male. What was Friendly Coffee in life anyway?

I really don't know a lot about Friendly Coffee. If someone comes up with a good enough story I'll declare it canon. FC could easily be a couple different memories banded together, and they need not even be from a higher being. They could be a dog's memories of that time it got to lap some spilt coffee off the ground.

How will voting work? I rather liked the tournament style setup of the huge comics competition, where you got to pick between various pairs, but that'd probably be too complex...

That would really draw out the voting unnecessarily, I think. It's just a simple fanfic contest :) I think It'll be a list of titles with radio buttons next to them. Pick yer favourite.

I'm writing a tragedy where someone accidentally drinks Friendly Coffee and turns him into Friendly Piss. Friendly Piss tries to make friends, but nobody wants to be near him 'cause he smells like pee-pee. Friendly Tears will be cried. Q_Q
But everything has a purpose.

How many humans can a vliegeng swallow in one gulp? I need to know for the fanfic contest.

Oh, probably... hmm... I would say--


Nice try, vore fiend, my old nemesis.

Is it impossible for Aldish citizens from different castes to have a child together, or is it just taboo? (fanfic ideas)

This is a pretty sticky and complicated topic. It's come up on Formspring before and we've gone into depth on it. You'd do well to search the archives for more info but the short of it is that yes, castes can have kids together, but each will be shunned by their communities. If they're not in a major city they're even likely to be killed. Aldishmen take the caste system very seriously.

Makes it an ideal set-up for starcrossed romance, I say.

Do any of your characters have bad phobias, out of curiosity?

Yeeeees, but I can't tell them to you yet :(

Clarification for possible fanfiction (not sure if will write anything, my prose kinda sucks), but Sette's illiterate, even though Duane tried teaching her once or twice?

Yep, she's illiterate. The only letter she knows is F 'cause it's branded on all her Da's dogs. She knows numbers though and can do up some mental arithmetic like Rainman's little sister.

I wasn't sure whether I'd be motivated to participate in the fanfic contest or not, but now that there's a scented candle for grabs, I'm totally in. I can own it, and confuse everyone.

This smell... it's coming from... that flame? What? You can make fire that smells? DIABLERIE!

Why are there no copper Black Tongues? Is it because they can't cast?

They are BANNED. Don't ask why.

This may have been commented on already, but the website seems to have a new icon! Is that a smoke eel? (disregard this if it's already been asked)

It's a smoke eel! Anon suggested it 'cause anon is fabulous.

Concerning the contest: is there any kind of length maximum/minimum?

Nope, but as Hod has just said: "No limit on word length either? Well I suppose that won't be as bad, since the longer it is, the less likely people will finish it and overly long works will lose anyway."

If you write something really long, voters may not bother with it. I'd try something of a moderate length.

No limit on the amount of entries to the contest? That seems like it could have bad consequences.

I don't mind two or three entries but if someone floods me I'll make 'em pick their favourite two and toss the rest. I'm flexible.

Glass, do you have any demographic data on Black Tongues? Like from which nation/castes they come from primarily?

I can't give you hard numbers but they're predominantly Aldish (every caste is represented but Copper), believe it or not, closely followed by Crescian, with their headquarters being in Lurick on the coast of Cresce. They have members from every country with those members having hidden workshops all over the place.

Is there a functional component to the deballing for Black Tongues? Because it seems (to me at least) to be contrary to the goal of scholarship to require such of new members, and it de facto excludes half the population from joining.


So you have sentient lizards. I was wondering are there any cat people (like Skyrim's Khajit race) in the Unsounded universe?

There are no cat people.

How open are the Black Tongues with working with non Black Tongues? Suppose a wright came to a Black Tongue in "the spirit of scholarship" to work with him on something. Would the Black tongue turn him away?

It depends on the people, there are no hard and fast rules against collaboration as long as the member isn't sharing the brotherhood's secrets with the uninitiated. As a nonmember though, you have a much better chance of getting in good with them if you say you're interested in joining eventually. This is what Quigs did, and then he bounced before they could de-ball him.

Glass you will feel like shakespeare by the time this contest is over :D.

Oh, I bet you'll be surprised. Unsounded's readership is at least fifty percent more literate and intelligent than the readership of the average webcomic. I mean, turpitudinous, come on.

Can I ask you to disclose as much as spoilerifically possible about the war between Cresce and Alderode, for purposes of fanficshun weavan?

I will not! You will have to make it up! Be creative!

The only contest questions I will answer here are very, very specific ones. Otherwise feel free to speculate, that's the point of fanfiction :)

For fellow Anon: "The Erotic Adventures of Bett"

First chapter: StarfishxBett: Fifty Rolls of Fat

'Friendly Coffee and Scented Candle fall in love'. This was the sort of stuff I was afraid of.

Impressive prescience. I guess I would advise to write about whatever sparks your interest, but if nothing does, maybe give the contest a pass and just enjoy the other entries. Writing is equal parts inspiration and perspiration, they say.

I would love to compete in the fanfiction contest, but I'm stuck for ideas. Could you suggest something you would like to be written?

I won't, but perhaps some kind Formspringers could offer suggestions in the comments.

A scented candle and a cookie. I have no words. Those are the best prizes I have ever seen. (I'm not even being sarcastic. So simple and quirky!)

It will be the BEST scented candle, and the cookie will be AMAZING.

Should the fanfic be about your characters specifically, or just set in Kasslyne in a sufficiently well characterized place?

But I wanted to write 50 Shades of Sharteshane.

Please do so and send it to me. A secret contest can be arranged.


So, with this fanfic, can we write about any character doing anything we want? >_>

As long as it's not gratuitous sex, sure. There's no theme, and I'll post the few rules when I update tonight.

Hey, um, Glass? Were you ever embarrassed to show your stories to people? Not internet people, people like friends and family. If you were, how did you manage to get past that? I always feel awkward working on stuff around my friends... ;;

I'm not much help with this one. None of my (offline) friends or family have ever been into stories or writing or stuff like that, so there was no point showing them. I would say that your friends love you for who you are though, and they probably secretly think it's cool that you're so creative and writerly around them. Don't force your stories on them but if they express any curiosity leap on that curiosity with fangs bared and talk their ears off! :D You'll know what they thought about things by whether or not they ever ask again, haha.

So are you prepared for eye gouging pain? Cause that's the only thing you'll be feelin during the fanfiction contest :(.

I have spent my whole life preparing for this. Bring it.

Looking at the recent 'questions' I'm beginning to think that we may see more of Friendly Coffee than the hats in the upcoming fanfiction contest...


"*strokes chin* We shall see." Just imagine Chapter 20. Sette: "Forsooth, I have been killed!" Duane: "NOOOOOOOOOOO! *nomnomnom*" Friendly Coffee: *hanging out in the background like a bro*

:3 :3

I assume that you could increase Timofey's memory by adding more light to him, but could you make a pymaric storage device that he could switch out memories with? He could know everything about either politics or pymary, depending on what suited his maste

True, but it still depends on a wright to switch these modules out.

Duane's glamours develop sentience => Duane glamours himself with Murkoph's looks => Murkoph is born. HORY CRAP IT ALL MAKES SENSE! (Seriously, though, Duane's glamours developing a life of their own would be hella cool and weird.)

Duane's too good, honestly. He doesn't let ghosts slip free when he casts. Infected spellwork tends to happen to mediocre wrights.

"It could, sure" What kind of personality could it have?

It would probably layer his face in tiny penises.

Pymary-induced sentience is the reason the dish ran away with the spoon. XD


I think I remember you saying that pymary is something that everyone can learn. Does it matter what age you learn it at, though? Could you learn pymary at 30 and be as equally skilled as someone who started learning at 10?

Probably not. The thing with pymary is it isn't some nebulous magic force that is strong in some and not so much in others. It's based on concrete practical skills like mathematics, logic, memorization, and language. The longer you work at these things the better you are, but if you have a low IQ or you're just a lazy ass, you're never going to be any good. You can fast-track, like Bett did. Steal a spellbook, get yourself rited, go around telling everyone how awesome you are. But the first time he met a real wright he got his ass handed to him.

So I dunno. I see it as a skill that's like any skill - you get better the longer you do it. Naturally then, the younger you are when you start learning, the better.

Does the CRPG take it's coffee with sugar? Is that why Friendly Coffee is so...........sweet? (YEEEEAAAAHHHH!)


I'm watching Coraline. This movie is so awesome.

Is it possible to change the affect a pyramic without being a Wright? As in, altering the casing or some such.

You don't want to breach the shape of a finished pymaric, you stand to break it. Alterations like that are best left up to a trained professional, I fear.


DnD nonsense, pay it no mind.

The Friendly Turtle Bacon Strips could assist the others in keeping the Black Tongue hideout clean. [♫"We-are-friend-ly-ba-con-strips! ♪ And-we-like-to-clean-things-up! ♪ Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la!"♫]

Nuuu, everything will get greasy and Iori will slip :3

If any spells that get cast repeatedly on anything stand to develop sentience over time, will Duane's glamours develop one?

It could, sure.

Can beings created from a broken khert "infect" nearby objects with their weirdness? In other words, is there any possibility of Friendly Coffee producing Friendly Turtle Bacon Strips?

Well, yes. That's how Friendly Coffee became Friendly Coffee. He is not actually the dead memory of a cup of coffee; he's a chipper bit of mnemonic fluff that decided to settle into a guard's evening cup o' joe and then maintained that shape afterwards apparently because coffee is awesome. There is no reason why the same couldn't happen to Jivi's breakfast.

But Jivi has been through enough, anon.

Timofey is still mai waifu.

That's coo'.

Did Tim ever try to play bard to Bastion's philanthropist? How did it turn out, if so?

Bastion's philanthropy in RP was... understated. In fact Timofey was more likely to be clucking his tongue disapprovingly and wondering why Master Etalarche couldn't act more like the protagonists. He'd do Bastion's bidding of course, but as soon as he had his back turned he'd start singing paeans to the heroes. Bastion and Timofey are pretty amazing together.

Hold up. If ghosts are already a thing, and they're usually bound to physical objects, why don't people assume that Duane is a ghost bound to a plod?

Most would. No one would seriously believe he is an actual soul stuck in his own corpse. It's unheard of.

Does Timofey have a crush on Jivi, or is he just fanboying really hard?

Timofey is a hero-worshipper. He has delusions of being a bard, and gravitates towards anyone whom he feels could use one. He will then simper and fawn and sing their praises until you want to bind him in necromantic chains, lock him up in an abraxas, and hurl that abraxas through a flaming portal to Carceri and

Sorry, was channeling Bastion.

If Unsounded ever got optioned as an animated series, what would be your dream casting call be?

I'm not sure :O Someone else cast it for me, I'm not good with actors.

Ever considered streaming your drawing sessions?

It's pretty hard when I'm drawing eighty pages ahead, and streaming work-related art seems unprofessional. I dunno.

How did Mulimar's recycled labor fare with that kert-splosion so close by? Did any of the zombies acquire a taste for the theater? On a scale of one-to-ten, how problematic is a theater infatuated plod?

The khert-splosion broke all kinds of pymary-driven devices, plods included. Like, when you think about all the property damage coupled with all the pymaric damage you probably can come up with a total cost that'd really make a Frummagem beam with pride. Theatre-infatuated plod? Sounds like our leading man, and he's terrifically problematic.

Aw c'mon! Can't you go into First Light? Just a little?

Nu :O

Do you keep track of site statistics? Hits? Unique views? Demographics? I'm kind of curious.

I don't have so many hits that my webhost is all up in my grill, so that's good. I'm not sure I trust Google Analytics' numbers though, I suspect a lot of hits are robots and web spiders.

If one were to eat (drink? Idk) Friendly Coffee, would they suffer any ill effects? Heart burn? Indigestian? The strange urge to smile, even in unhappy situations?

No one is unhappy with a Friendly Coffee buzz!

Is Kassalynian first silk as good quality(as a fabric, not a pymaric) as its regular silk? Since the silkworms stay alive, I assume that the threads get broken, but is there something else in the process that lets the harvesters get the whole strand?

The way I had envisioned it, the silk cocoon is one long strand that trained harvesters know how and when to unravel. The silkworms metamorphose eternally back and forth from caterpillar to moth every year, and their keepers understand the timing of the cycle well enough to collect the cocoons before the creatures tear them open. In fact this has been going on so long that the silkworms/moths don't even have the instinct to tear free any longer, and wait for their slavish human helpers to undress them. In my head, senet silkworms are very fat, fuzzy, lazy, and contented.

Friendly Coffee is THE BEST character. You should make a mini-game where he's in the background of one panel in each chapter from here on out.

*strokes chin* We shall see.

"Timofey could have been inserted into a pymaric made of a tangible material" I mean, could you take the current Timofey, and make a new pymaric which he can 'possess' at will, enter into it and control its.., limbs, or whatever it has.

I see no reason why not. The problem is finding a skilled wright who can devise such a pymaric and who doesn't mind putting forth valuable time and valuable Material all so a ridiculous blue ghost can have a set of hands :)

"All the same, there are deeper reasons for their reverence towards this... critter." Is it the bird lady that Bishie Noshirt slept with? Do all black tongues screw poisonbreast birdlady at some point? Is that the true secret of the comic???

no the true secret of the comic is I hate cats and Sette's a lion tadpole we've been over this

Re: the fanfic contest. It would probably be wise to wait until after Christmas, as people are usually preoccupied by gift fic exchanges and other holiday-related things around that period.

Our minds are one. Right now I'm thinking January 31st.

Someday you should do a short comic about Timofey, which is mainly from his perspective, but whenever he thinks of something relevant, it will go back to whoever had that memory before him. That would be soooooooo cool!!!

That is an aaaaawesome idea.

Friendly Coffee better be careful now that there's breakfast food about.

How does First Tmber work? That doesn't sound practical. Do you just keep stripping trees of branches forever or something?

Well, no, it's not practical. It's not easily harvested and and when it is, it's in small amounts. All First Materials are rare and are often irreplaceable. This is why pymarics are expensive and the materials aren't to be squandered.

Could you make a pymaric for Timofey that he could use to touch things? Using the computer analogy, it would be like he's a flash drive and you can plug his program into a robot. Also, what grade is First Light? On par with Silver?

Timofey could have been inserted into a pymaric made of a tangible material, sure, but his maker chose Light. First Light is... well, we'll learn more about in the story! :)

What's a Black Tongue doing with a wife?

The things one normally does with a wife. Well, except for that makin' babies part.

What is the name of Cresce's capital city? It's not on the map, I believe. (Sorry if I've already asked this...? I feel like I have.)

You did ask it and I never answered it 'cause I couldn't remember it, haha. It's in the Formspring archives somewhere, I will do a search for it later when I'm at home (at the library at the moment).

Why is the poison harpy the symbol the Ilganyag take for *themselves*? Something that tries to do good but ends up causing harm makes a lot of sense for how others might view them, but wouldn't they themselves pick something a bit more cheerful?

Most of them are cynics and pragmatists; they find their symbolism appropriate. Iori is cheerful enough but she's not the Black Tongue - that's her husband.

All the same, there are deeper reasons for their reverence towards this... critter. We shall one day learn them.

Are the ghost kids FIrst Light too?

What a waste that would be! No, if you look at the middle panel on page 8, see the little yellowish stuffed animal thing on the table next to Blue? And it's hard to tell but there's a toy boat next to it. Those are the kids' pymarics. Probably some variety of First Timber, not very expensive. They can't stray far from them.

If Duane saw Timofey fraternizing with Crescians and Black Tongues like that, would he give him a Frowny Face of Disapproval?

Timofey's a ghost and ghosts are illegal, so that would get the frowny face, really.

"...she's frying it up for a kid she don't even know." But Jivi seems to know /her/. :0 Is Iori (in)famous? Am I getting ahead of myself?

Naw. The implication I was going for was that they spoke the night before when she was tending to his and Quigley's wounds. We just didn't get to see their arrival at the house and initial introduction.

Can semi-sentient pymarics like Uaid learn? For example, could Uaid be taught sign language, or how to knit? Could Timofey lean Latin, as I'm sure he would love to do if he lived on a continent that had Latin?

They can learn to a point, but they don't have unlimited storage space for new information. Timofey is amazingly sophisticated and his First Material is Light - a rare and powerful substance - so he can learn quite a bit and exults in that fact. Uaid is First Earth, which is pretty crappy even considering the abundant amount that composes him, so his ability to take in new information is limited. If either of them were to fill up their storage banks completely, they wouldn't be able to store and recall even the first name of a new friend.

Timofey's a 256gb SSD; Uaid's a 1.44mb floppy.

Is taxidermy a thing in Kassalyne? Would a stuffed owl be as odd there as a stuffed dog is here? Are there museums with giant wild vliegengs stuffed and posed like we do with whales sometimes?

Yes. In fact it's odd you mention stuffed vliegeng because there's a very important location later in the comic that has one strung up in the eaves.

How many people did Mama have to murder to procure that turtle bacon?

She had to use credits to procure it since it's a luxury, and she had to work for those credits, so it's galdarn nice that she's frying it up for a kid she don't even know. Iori is pretty sweet.

Beautiful coffee comes again!

He kind of looks like a gumdrop now, outside of his cup. Friendly Coffee-flavoured Gumdrop!

Unsounded is what no sounder has touched, but it came on itself?

It... it came on itself?

How often does Murkoph do anything patriotic? (What is with all of the Murkoph questions anons are suddenly asking?)

Patriotic? He's King Murkoph of Murkophia and every day is the bicentennial. He's the most patriotic Murkophian around!

Of the three main families in Gankutsuou, which was your favorite?

The Villeforts were pretty awesomely twisted. If you ever read the manga, Judge Villefort's demise is much, much more gruesome and perverted than in the show.

In Gankutsuou, which of the Count's servants was your favorite?

Haydee~~ She was so pretty but so spunky and I liked her design.

The Count of Monte Cristo or Cyrano de Bergerac?

I have never read Cyrano de Bergerac but I have seen Roxanne with Steve Martin.

Dr. Who or Star Trek?

Enh, I'm not a huuuuuge fan of either, but I guess Dr. Who. I liked that episode with the angel statues, and the last Christmas special.

"sentience enough to break free" Does that mean that there are semi-sentient zombies being used as slave labour and utterly incapable of refusing orders?

It happens sometimes. The zombie that jumped at the little girl back in chapter 3 was developing sentience, so it was able to act on its own for an instant. Of course its owners then immediately bashed its head in. All pymarics and any spells that get cast repeatedly on anything stand to develop sentience over time. Ghosts are in the khert, and pymary travels through the khert lines. The longer those lines stay open to reality the higher the chance of little ghosties slipping free and infecting the real world.

Could you bop Timofey on the head with a mirror-coated stick?

I don't think so :3

Wow! No Asian influences whatsoever - it's soooo novel in contemporary mass culture, and Old Crescian being a Germanic language - Crescians are really just deceptively dark-skinned Arians, "Cresce über alles" sort of thing?

Mm, Crescians are Crescians. I really did not set out intending to draw any parallels with any countries in our world.

Is it really him? I am so glad friendly frozen coffee survived! Did he ever find someone to go to the theatre with?

I think he went with that scary green lady hanging out of the wall. They saw Kedises! a bold new musical on tour from the capital.

How old was Timofey when he died?

We'll learn more about Timofey as the story goes on.

Are ghosts the actual souls of dead people, or are they creations based on someone's memory of them?

In Unsounded's world, souls aren't meant to have memories. They have no use for them, and come to death with them clinging to their spectral selves like mud on their shoes. Before the souls can go on to wherever souls go, those memories have to be removed. The khert does this, acting like a sticky filter between reality and the afterworld. The memories it collects hang around independent of the people who created them - like video or audio recordings - and hence the khert is an infinite library of nonsense and mnemonic detritus.

Certain types of wrights called sounders can dip into the khert and retrieve these memories. They can combine them, mold them, reshape them to create simple intellects and even personalities. These are then inserted into pymarics are adhered permanently to First Materials to form "ghosts" like Timofey or even constructs like Uaid.

None of these ghosts were ever alive, even if some of them don't like that fact and insist otherwise. None of them are single sets of memories. They're mish-mashes of notions, impressions, recollections, inclinations, feelings. Whether they are souls or not depends on how you define a soul, but I don't consider them souls and neither does your typical Kasslynian.

I was so excited! I smiled at one of your responses, and I looked at it really quick to make sure it went, and it was a kitty smile (:3) but I spazzed out and the middle of the kitty face was really just my cursor and it was very disappointing. Question?

Petition Formspring to change all smiles to kitty smiles. This is our cause.

The Asian people, countries, arts, culture or even any remotest Asian cultural references seem as noticeably absent in Kasslyne as felines, is there absolutely nothing we would recognize as a feature of Asia in Kasslyne?

Hmm, I'm thinking not really. I love me some Asia but my muse just didn't swing that way when it came to populating Kasslyne. I think if I ever went to another continent in the same world, though, it might take on some Asian influences.

I wanna see what Duane looked like when he was Sette's age! Will we be seeing any of Duane's childhood in the comic?

I hadn't planned on it specifically but after this chapter I won't mind showing you drawings of him as a kid :)

Moby Dick or The Count of Monte Cristo?

Moby-Dick, no contest.

Will we get an insight into Sette's lion tail and fangs soonish?

Soonish? No. Eventually? Yes.

Is Murkoph basically the Deadpool of Unsounded?

I know little of Deadpool.

Did a cat scratch you hard when you were younger? :p

Yes, my entire comic exists as a way to get back at cats.

Do military-purpose vliegeng have their fingers *shudders* snipped at birth?

The very largest vliegeng - the ones used for mass transport - keep their fingers. These vliegeng are used in the military for troop transport and trained to squish attackers. The smaller species of vliegeng are a little wilder, are usually bonded to one rider, and they get snipped.

Has Murkoph ever eaten a whale? O_O

Give him time.

Murkoph is at the top of the food chain only because there are no chainsaws in Kasslyne. Are there professional (or hereditary) zombie hunters in Kasslyne?

Pfft, Murkoph ain't afraid of chainsaws. The only way Murkoph ever really loses a fight is if he gets distracted by his craziness or delusions and does something stupid or careless. Otherwise he's broken as Orlandu.

No zombie hunters. Only the very oldest zombies wind up infected with sentience enough to break free of their handler's control, and they're pretty easily dispatched by said handler. No zombie outbreaks, no wandering corpses. Except Duane. He's the first.

Is there a particular reason that one of your ghost kiddies is blue and the other yellow? Do the differences in color have to do with anything in particular, like the way they died or their emotional state as they died, or was it just a stylistic choice?

The ghost kiddies, like Timofey, were intentionally designed and created. Their maker made them blue and yellow for no real reason.

Is there any feline lifeform at all in Unsounded? Certainly you would not be so wretched as to deprive your world of wards against evil spirits and rodent outbreaks?

There are no felines; they are gone. Domestic cats never existed and wild cats are things of legend, long extinct but often referenced in Scriptural stories and fables. Instead humans keep kedises, which are essentially iguana-cats and excellent mousers, and there are Crescian owls which are diurnal, very sociable, loving, and make wondrous pets.

Grebbers eat vliegeng, don't they? And vliegeng eat whales. And tarnet wolves, grebbers, plods, Duane, Cutter, and Murkoph eat humans, who eat turtles and strawberry fish. (Just trying to map out the Kasslynian food chain.)

Murkoph is at the top of the food chain. He has no natural predators. Or unnatural predators even.

What/who is featured in the postcard sets? I don't remember if this has been discussed.

One is chibis of everyone (this is older art from a wallpaper that I retooled), another is the front page art, there's a new illustration of Sette, and a new illustration of the Quigleys.

Snowman napkin?

Snowman napkin.

Those proofs look amazing! Oh man am I excited! I'm glad you're happy with them too, I can't wait to see them. Um. Question. What does a vleigeng's diet consist of?

I really am quite pleased with how they turned out. They only sent me the first thirty pages in colour, not the whole thing, but those thirty pages were really perfect. I had horrific visions burning in my brain of all the blues going purple and the flesh going orange but everything is really quite true to how it should be, crisp, rich, and a joy to behold. There are details in some panels I had just totally forgotten about since I really only ever look at the web resolution, but it's all there in print. And the printer obsesses over everything much more than I do. Lake Book is pretty amazingly anal retentive, I have to recommend them.

Vliegeng diet... right here!

I love your snowman napkin. ^_^

Why, thank you :) My brother's here from NYC and he's got the whole place looking like Santa Claus' man cave.

What does floating feel like? I'm looking at Timofey and the more I think of moving without feeling your muscles push off of the floor, without exerting the force and feeling the movement, the more I want to cringe. I couldn't get used to not having legs.

Having never floated, personally, I can't answer from first hand experience what it would be like.

However, if I was ever going to depict ghosts in motion I would have them depicted in stills. Gravity and momentum don't work upon them, there are no muscles flexing, no joints moving, no solid forms pushing through space; just their own projections of what should be there. So I'd have them show up like flickering sequential images; 1fps to everyone else's 24 (or 48 if we're in Middle Earth). Can you imagine having a conversation with a choppy hologram in real space? It would be so awesomely weird.

Duane's ideal girl is an intelligent, well-read, domestic creature who likes opera and has a nice rack, right? Preferably also one who can look past him being eternally damned and decomposing. Decomposed. Not much left to go.

I dunno. These days it looks like his ideal girl is four feet tall, has filed teeth, an odd sense of smell, and a tail.

If it isn't spoilery and we aren't going to see too much of those kid-ghosts (Not Timofey) what exactly do they do? Timofey spouts terrible poetry, do those ones spout terrible little kid jokes? (Knock-knock! Who's there? [the rest doesn't matter...

"... because it's simply awful, but you have to force a laugh and end up sounding like a choking parrot]) I'm kind of assuming you included them to make it clear that this is a ghost-and-birdkeeper's home. I forgot what the question was, but that."

The little kid ghosties cannot talk, but they float around the rest of this scene and are generally cute and trollish (mischievous). You'll see.

So. My laptop is getting kind of pathetic and falling apart. What would you guys recommend for replacements?

I've always had good luck with Asus although the only laptop I have nowadays is a Samsung Chromebook. I love it, but it's only for things you can do with a browser.

Have you sent out the backer surveys to get peoples' shipping information for the books yet? I don't remember answering one...

Haven't sent them out yet. Soon. I approved the proofs today and the printer's released everything to the press dudes. In fact I'ma go update the Kickstarter in a sec.

That blue bird looks more excited than any bird has the right to be.

Mama's in the food room.

Glass are you excited for the winter holiday season? I made wrapping paper snowflakes and put garland all over my door. I just love decorating so much! *v*

I live in Florida *sob* I have the air conditioning on.

I'm excited for Christmas though! There will be pie.

Do all those ghosts and birds sing and dance while tidying up the Black Tongue hideout?

I like you :3

You said you're that for the current scene updates are going page per update, and then 3 or 4 on the next scene. How do you decide how many pages there must be? It has something to do with a pace of the story, or just maintaining the gap between what is '

It's entirely to do with what's on the page. If a page ends with a question being asked that's answered on the next page, I want to post those pages together so they make sense. If there's a flow of action that spreads across two pages, I want to post those pages together. If there's a big dramatic reveal or sequence that works better delivered at once instead of staggered across a week and a half of updates, I wanna post those pages together. If I mess with the borders or the site itself like when Jivi and Uaid busted into the warehouse, the effect of the change is hugely diminished if you haven't first looked at the page in front of it, so that needed two pages posted together.

Delivery is so, so, so important to webcomic storytelling, I feel.

Glass you are sooooooo coooooooooool ♥‿♥


"Some riders are badasses though and.....leap back onto their mount when it circles around." OOH! Will we get to see someone like that in the comic? (Please?) :3

Maybe :3

"How does a well-managed, large and temperate country manage to feed its population?" - USSR and PRC both had command economies and both imported food. China now feeds itself due to free enterprise. What's Crescian trick?

There is no trick. Cresce is a fertile country that grows enough food to feed its own people, and takes pride in the fact that no one goes hungry. Why is this difficult to believe?

Lots of people - French, Italians, Icelanders, etc. eat horse, "us" not eating horse, you mean just Anglophones like yourself?

Naturally. When a question is addressed to me in English I tend to assume I'm dealing with an Anglophone. Colour me crazy :3

"It makes you hallucinate like a mofo" any bad side effects?

Yeah, if you ingest too much you diiiiie. Softi is what Sister Tirna tried to poison Fat Yerta with at the beginning of the world.

If someone on the Peaceguard saw the many-tittied bird glass window would they have reason to act or would they think that whoever lived there had bizarre taste?

You'll see it later, but the windows have different designs when viewed from the exterior (so yes, the authorities would suspect Black Tongue activities if they saw that breasty bird).

If you write a sequel to Unsounded, you should call it "Dead 2 Wrights".


So child-lovers are looked at sort of like chubby-chasers?

Considering the majority of America is chubby (or capable of cracking sidewalks when they jump rope), aren't chubby-chasers now just normal people?

How does agricultural Cresce get to be so prosperous without synthetic fertilizers, manure's not enough for that, do they mine nitrates, like Chilean saltpeter, or what?

How does a well-managed, large and temperate country manage to feed its population? I dunno, that's pretty insane.

Do vliegeng saddles have a bar the driver can hook his feet through? (Even still, I'd need a new change of pants waiting for me at the bottom!)

Oh, yeah, they're safe. The saddle is custom molded to their legs, there's a bar for their feet, and they're buckled around the waist and upper thighs (like a climber's harness) to the seat. Some riders are badasses though and forego the buckles so they have freedom of movement to scamper up and down their mount's neck and body to board enemy constructs or other vliegeng, destroy them, and then leap back onto their mount when it circles around.

Some vliegeng riders are Legolas.

Colbert. Hobbit Week in Colbert Nation. He's fanboying so hard. It's ADORABLE :) Did you see it yesterday with Sir Ian McKellen?


"Do you know Gandalf the Grey's middle name?"
"Uh, Fifty Shades Of."

It was sublime. Ian McKellen is so pale!

On that two child rule, can u just pay a fine and get away with having more then two? Or does the rule not apply to the royal family and/or nobility seeing as the Queen has more then 2.

Would you believe I haven't yet decided how Cresce deals with people who break the two child rule? It's never terribly relevant to the comic so I have't felt too pressured to settle on anything. I can tell you that the rule indeed does not apply to the royal family but it's supposed to apply to the nobility. Sometimes rules get broken though.

If Sette could choose between pies and something more expensive, like chocolate, in the same quantities for the same price(and couldn't sell it later, she could only eat it) what would she want? Would she still pick the pies?

She might opt for glorious fried seafood. Fishcakes and crab and clamstrips and omg, hongry.

"almost no drug laws" Almost?

The Gefendur sacred bloom, the softi flower, is technically reserved for the priesthood. It makes you hallucinate like a mofo.

You might have been asked this before, but could you tell us all how long you've been drawing? And on that note when did you first make the plans for the webcomic Unsounded?

Oh, I've been drawing all my life. I'm nearly five-hundred and seventy-three now so that's a long time.

Unsounded is built on twelve years of roleplaying and past failed attempts at comic-making. The change of direction that finally got it off the ground came some time in 2010, I suppose. That's when I wrote and drew the first chapter as an experiment to see if I liked Duane and Sette as the main characters. i guess that's why that chapter kind of feels like a pilot. Anyway, I was happy enough with it and continued the story from there. It's been a long, strange trip.

The scene I'm drawing right now, much later in chapter 7, is a scene I've been thinking about and idly sketching in different incarnations for ten years. It hasn't changed all that much from its initial conception, but it feels weird to finally be drawing it for real.

I suppose Unsounded is a learning experience as much as it's a finished product. I'm not where I want to be yet, experience- and skill-wise, but every page takes me a little bit closer. Comics are really something I feel you have to learn by doing, and having an ongoing project to focus on gave me a solid reason to sit down and figure out comics.

How come vliegeng don't just flick their riders off with their long spindly fingers?

If you'll direct your attention to any drawings of the domesticated vliegeng mounts you'll see their fingers only go up to the first knuckle. They're trimmed at birth. Also, vliegeng are raised around humans and pretty well trained. They like working with their riders and tend to love 'em as unconditionally and as loyally as dogs might.

Today is the tenth birthday of Archelaus. What was a project you started a decade ago? Anything... Relationships, degrees, books, achievements, even some dumb poster for History.

Just my comic, really. I am so boring.

Some human beings can live to be 114 years old. That's rather remarkable, but it makes me wonder if the castes of Alderode can live past their normal time. For example, can a Silver somehow live to be 52?

The castes can sometimes squeeze an extra year or two out, but I don't think there's ever been a Silver in recorded history who made it past 53 or a Plat past 33. I don't know that they'd want to, either. They get really, really icky when they get old.

Thanks for the better view of cool vliegeng gear! Looks like it's a pymaric enhanced piece of equipment! Anti fogging, Binocular vision w/ directional lenses(like a wayfinder) maybe? Could you see khert lines with a pymaric lens of some sort? JO:)

Yep, glass that can pick up khert lines is fairly common, Quigley's spectacles have that ability. Hmm, I think that helmet needs some badass two-toned designs on the side. Maybe a roaring lion or something.

There must be a reason humans still survive in Kasslyne despite nether following safe practices themselves, nor protecting the next generations. On Earth each similar society died out. How are Kasslynites different?

I think you might be under the impression that everyone on the continent is a child-raping sex addict. Most people have no interest in carousing into the small hours of the night because they have to work the next day, and lead respectable lives. Parents protect their children and love them just as we love and protect our children (ideally), even if society at large makes no special laws for their sake. But street kids, abandoned kids, orphaned kids fall between the cracks and are exploited in Kasslyne just as we've ignored and exploited underprivileged children in our world since the beginning of our species.

Devil's jizz?

Devil's jizz.

Do vliegeng eat humans? Do humans eat vliegeng?

Vliegeng are mostly herbivores. They eat frost giants, the name of a bamboo-like frozen grass that grows in enormous quantities and to enormous heights along Alderode's northern bluffs and wastes. Their big, tough, ugly teeth are for tearing up the stalks and chomping them down. They also hunt the occasional whale but that's normally around mating season when the herds get together for baby-makin'.

You could eat vliegeng, but no one does. It's like us eating horses.

Do the Crescian "hedonistic outlet" practices mean there are absolutely no S""T""D""s in Kasslyne?

Strange conclusion to draw. Have you ever been to San Francisco?

You've obviously never had peach ice cream with chocolate chips and jalapeño pepper.


Glass, I made gingerbread men... actually, gingerbread reindeer and ghosts. Do you like gingerbread?

I do! I love all cookies except for Fig Newtons because they contain the devil's jizz.

If vliegeng riders have to wear vliegeng-themed hats, the vliegeng should have to wear a human-themed hat.

Look at my avatar. It already came to pass.

mint chocolate chip ice cream is the best

Fundamentally untrue. Cherry Garcia is best.

So, is the Crescian relative tolerance of "child lovers" explained by their need to curb population growth?

Child-diddling doesn't bring harm to the State, so there's never been a reason to pass a law against it. This is how most legislation works in Cresce. There are no sex-related laws, almost no drug laws, no personal expression laws (you can walk down the street naked if you wanna). Crescian society is so restrictive when it comes to work and family that they kind of lose their minds if you try and restrict their free time. The palace takes a bread and circuses attitude towards it all and hence the crazy pleasure districts.

Also, Cresce is not special in this respect. None of the countries have special protections for kids. These societies are in a different place from ours. Children aren't protected or seen as all that special. There are no child labour laws, no laws against beating the crap out of them, no laws against sticking them in your army, no laws against having sex with them. There's a stigma against it because it's kind of pathetic if the only tail a grown man can get belongs to a ten year old, but that stigma doesn't exist because anyone's thinking of the kid. Duane is the weird one for having the specific hang-up against hurting children.

If somebody from the forum wins your fanfic contest, will you draw for us a doodle of the various characters reactions to suddenly switching sex?

I'm thinking more interesting prizes than my crappy art. I'm thinking cash $_$

I just learned that North Korea found a magic unicorn lair! Do Cresce and/or Alderode ever claim to have found ancient senet beasts to impress other countries?

I'm sure XD God, I love that unicorn story.

Is "vliegeng dentist" an official job in Alderood?

Not one that anyone wants :3

So, 7.6... What's up with the needlework in the corner? It looks like knitting, but I can't imagine a culture that has knitting but not little nobs on the ends of the needles. Unless dropped stitches are considered aesthetically pleasing.

There are knobs on the needles! D: Look at the far lower left corner panel, at the needles sticking out of the yarn balls. You just can't see them as well in the panel next to it, the knobby ends are covered by stuff.

How does Cresce handle some couples not having children? Does basically everyone do it, or are they trying to shrink their population, or is it mean to give them room for immigrants?

It's mostly to deal with allowing for an immigrant population, to keep resources plentiful, and to keep everyone occupied. Cresce is a very populous country. It's hard to tell right now 'cause we're not only out in the boonies but we're in a city that's in the middle of being relocated and shut down, but the cities are very densely populated and Crescian society has a love of efficiency that isn't well-served by unregulated breeding. This is one reason why you see things like sex hotels and brothels in relatively great abundance. If everyone's having their needs met in a consequence-free manner, it's a little easier to enforce the limit on kids.

But sure, you have couples who decide never to have kids. It's not a perfect system. There are long periods of time where the ban is dropped or ignored, but then you have food scares during years of poor weather or you have the Aldish burning crops and suddenly everyone is policing each other and there's a panic about too many mouths to feed. Cresce loves its rules and loves its social stigmas but there are cracks and flaws in every system.

If crescian man has two children and is divorсed? can he have another two with a new wife? And if he is not married but all his girlfriends start to have babies (10-15) is he criminal?

Two kids per person no exception. If a woman wants kids and marries a man who's already had two, she won't be having any. If you get your girlfriend pregnant, you marry her. Exceptions are made in wartime though. With the slaughter going on now between Cresce and Alderode they're going to lift the baby ban for a few years, I'm sure. Cannon fodder is always appreciated.

Q about the avatar- what is going on there? Lol the tandem rider/pilot setup for kid- worked slick on my cycle- too little to hang on behind but they were determined to go for a ride- so stick em on front.Then they got big and still wanted the better...J

"J... the better view from up front, sorry kiddo:) (I did tandem parachute before...You?)Anyhoo- vliegeng rides = exclnt. Hilarious that Duane hated it. Your pic is proper! Bundled to avoid cold, tied to saddle. Pilot has embellished head gear? JO:)"

Here's a better angle for the helmet.

And what is going on there... just some funtimes on a vliegeng, haha. When I was a kid I was the older sibling and my little brother made me wheel him around on my pink bicycle too. I bet this guy tried to talk the kid out of going for a ride considering it's like snowing, but the kid wasn't deterred...

Oh dang it- I was hungry and now I'm starving for sushi- and I live in no-sushi-hell- upper midwest(raw catfish anyone-eew!) hmmm- bluegill sushi? bass sushi? bwahaha- idunno... Sweet potatao w tuna maki sounds really yummy too-hmm- leaves on quest... JO

"cont frm prior...oh and for teh record Ashley, fried catfish is yummy!More important- Glad you are back, loved the eread-KS-update-Looking Good! Excited about the extra pymaric text etc when it happens-woohoo,lol.And last, dig your new avatar-sweet! JO:)"

I don't think I could ever live away from the coast. I couldn't live without mah seafood.

Is.............a kedis fine? (You knew it was coming.)

:3 :3 :3

Jivi is secretly a Twilight vampire! Time to complete this ghoulish menagerie!

:3 :3

Jivi's new theme song is "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" by Jay-Z.


Gonna be helping my boyfriend search for a new flat... anyone have tips for first-time home hunters?

Live above a pizzeria!

GlassShard posted a new profile photo

... why is Jivi sparkling?

Because he's so cleeeeeean. This.


"I don't know a whole lot about that forum though, it's not actually mine but was set up by a nice person named Gnasher." Gnasher is not nice. Gnasher showed me a picture of Starfish with lipstick and eyelashes. Gnasher gave me nightmares.

Starfia XD

What would happen if Timofey went really far underground? Or really high up? Or over water? Can Timofey and Jivi have pirate adventures?

Timofey is at the end of the day just a terribly sophisticated pymaric stuffed full of the brain-bits of a thousand different people. So while leaving the domain of the khert wouldn't destroy him, it would lock him up pretty tight - he couldn't project visuals or sound, and would for all purposes vanish. But there are ways to sustain a khert and pymary once you leave the shore, and mostly they involve having a pymaric of a large enough scale that it emanates its own internal khert. Like Uaid.

So Jivi and Timofey need a pymaric pirate ship. Then they'll be ace.

Why don't you just set up the fanfic contest in your forum? It wouldn't be entirely too difficult to set up the contest there. If you can narrow the whole thing down to few enough entries, than you can just attach a pole to a topic and have people vote.

I suppose that's an idea. I don't know a whole lot about that forum though, it's not actually mine but was set up by a nice person named Gnasher. I'll add it to the list of possibilities.

Is a cat fine too?

I've never had a cat. But I wouldn't go out of my way to hit one with my car.

Is ghost-harbouring a......*sunglasses*..........grave offense?

Indeed. It should never be undertaken.

Can breaking the khert mess with pymarics?

Some pymarics, it depends on if their function utilizes the exterior khert at all. Like if you have a pymaric that has to send its effect across open air via a free khert line, those lines being broken or messed up can keep the effect from reaching its destination, or warp it along the way. Ideally a broken khert shouldn't penetrate the isolated khert of a pymaric though, unless you have something really devastating going on that sends a jolt through the khert and everything attached to it, like lightning zipping through the wires of a house and frying every piece of electronics plugged into the wall.

No, I am not Mooncalf. Have you heard of Bioshock Infinite? It's an upcoming game that looks to be amazingly good.

Why yes I have heard of that. They released the box art last week, it looks pretty splendid. I'm really interested in what angle the story will take and also if there will be bees.

Erotic. Hat. Fanfiction. I can write about Ephsephin's Hat's transition from a boy hat to a girl hat!

Okay, but handle it with great respect and sensitivity or tumblr is likely to get on your ass.

You realize that if you do a fan fiction contest, there's going to be a lot of stories about hats, right?

Hmm, perhaps I should have a hats only category...

Does anyone know any voting freeware? Or even an external voting site? I guess I could use dA's poll feature but a lot of people don't have dA. I'd need some help judging entries and would rather have it put to a transparent, public vote.

I love Timofey and Jivi together. Can they have a spin-off buddy cop movie?


...does this mean you're going to draw them doing pornographic things to each other?

Glass! Kasslynian superheroes, real or comic book characters. Do they exist?

They do! They are the main characters of my comic :3

Someone drew Matty, Sette, Duane, and Quigs if they swapped kids. I was amused. I thought you'd be too! X) Right, question! How was your weekend?


I love that person! My weekend was fine. I spent it drawin' blondes!

Have you ever played Fallout: New Vegas? If not, I highly recommend it as someone who loves fully realized and incredibly interactive game worlds.


If you are not Mooncalf it's a funny coincidence 'cause she blogged this today:

I have not played any of the Fallouts, no. I think they would depress me too much, like a survival horror game that takes place amidst the wreckage of the Twin Towers hours after 9/11.

I recently learned that most Tanzanian albino individuals only live to 40 due to skin cancer, and of course immediately thought of Plats--was any of your inspiration drawn from that fact? (Long shot, I realize, but it's interesting!)

No, actually, you're spot on. I figured that the manipulations of the Dammakhert on Plats would have other physical effects. Albinism and its associated traits seemed natural. It also works aesthetically, I feel. I wanted them to look faded, like the life's sucked right out of them too fast and too early, and bleaching them out worked well. When you see a really "old" Plat they're downright transparent.

Have you seen the 'Hawkeye Initiative' nonsense yet? It's pretty glorious. You're one of those comic drawing people, thought you'd be interested.


What do you think of Dark Souls' lore?

I know nothing of it, unfortunately. I'm hoping after the holidays when I have some free time and my new computer is together I can give it a shot.

How long is Kasslyne year realtive to the earth year, I mean, month names like "Tirnas" suggest a different calendar, but it may or may not mean that the year is different, right?

Years are around 400 days. The Kasslynian calendar is pretty fast and loose. It's split into four seasons, and those seasons begin in accordance with certain events in the natural world (when certain trees bloom in the spring, when the leaves begin to change, when snow falls in the Ulestrian capital, etc.). I don't generally deal with this in the comic though. If I want you to know it's been two weeks or two months, I use those words.

Duane maintains his mask by taking perceptions of life from other people, right? Could you do the same thing in translating? Like, make a little speaker pymaric for your ear, and two people are speaking, say, Tainish, you could take what one perceives as

Something like this might work for mild auditory illusions ("These are not the droids you're looking for.") but "perception" of language is something I imagine painted in broad strokes. There is only one way to translate "I am a cat" literally from language to language, but there are many ways to perceive the way that sentence is said. It might be perceived as sarcastic, as happy, as depressed, as angry, but the subjective perception of spoken language that each person experiences is not the same as objective understanding of the words being spoken. So utilizing the school of perceptive spheres that is involved in high level glamours is a bit too... smushy... for literal, effective translations.

I hope that makes sense :D

On pymaric translation. Assuming spoken language, easiest would be if the Khert's speech recognition functions could be tapped into and expanded. As wrights have yet to create Continental Khert Commands, this functionality is evidently not available...

"Instead, a pymaric would have to be crafted to recognize speech from sound waves, outputting afterwards a wave pattern for a translation. The exorbitant complexity of such a pymaric would require both an expensive first silver base and a dedicated team of wrights for its construction. So, while theoretically possible, a human translator is simply more practical. Thoughts?"

I think you have it exactly right. I could see a translator pymaric of that sort existing but it would be impossibly expensive and of a size and complexity that required an entire room dedicated to it, locked away in the Crescian royal palace or the highest hall of Vits Council and reserved for visiting dignitaries and foreign affairs of great importance.

Am I one of your 'bitches'? Should I be happy or sad about it if I am?

You are slowly transforming into one of my Minecraft bitches. I watch you sometimes via the console, mwa ha ha.

All of the hats in the story should have an adventure together. Then Duane's hood shows up and ruins the fun.

Poor Duane's hood, so maligned.

Sweet potato sushi rolls...! I've never encountered this amazing thing. Can you describe what it's like? Is the sweet potato roasted, boiled, etc. Is it the orange kind or the Japanese pale-yellow yam kind? Anything else included other than sweet potato?

They are awesome!

The sweet potato is cut into thin strips and then lightly fried and rolled with the rice. While it's still warm it's covered in eel sauce and served. So tasty, Landy. So tasty *_*

Anadyne may not be a genteel type, but she is an educated professional, what does she think of her chances of marrying someone of higher station in life, like a young Crescian or Sharteshanian nobleman?

Honestly she's more interested in her pymary right now. The idea of settling down and being someone's wife - whatever their station - isn't terribly appealing.

"See the question below". But you answered it...


Glass, have you considered updating the front page of Casual Villain to include a link to Unsounded?

Oh, it's probably a good idea. I went to do it ages ago but then I decided I wanted to redo the casualvillain site entirely first, and then I never had time to do that, so it never got done. Maybe in the new year I can find some time to fix that.

In chapter 3 pg. 18, it appears that Quigley is adjusting his glasses. Do they still end up slipping down his nose despite them being bolted to his head, or is he just being cool?

The ports are bolted into his head but the glasses themselves can slip a bit out of the ports from time to time. C'mon, I can't have a character with glasses and never get to do all the classic space-filling glasses gestures, bolted to his head or no :D

We ask some pretty inapropro stuff, and it gets answered (Bastion's balls, every male character's balls, Where Duane left his pecker when it fell off, Elka's boobies, Elka's balls, everyone's sex lives) so what, exactly, do you consider inappropriate?

See the question below.

You seem content with living alone. But how would you take care of your physical womanly needs?

You mean peeing and stuff? I have a toilet.

what would you do if you were stuffed in a box and taken to a house of sentient hawaiian pizzas who wanted to eat you in revenge oh god why am i asking you about killer pizzas i'm soooooooooo bored

You should never be bored. Find something productive to do, damnit. Better the world!

Why don't you order pizza anymore?

The local place that I liked closed shop. And I won't order from the chains, they charge that crooked delivery fee that the drivers don't even get.

What are you doing tonight?

Colouring a comic page and listening to this: Fun!

Are you getting these mega big Ice Age ads on Formspring lately? What a drag!

Adblock, baby.

Anadyne's brain in Knock-Me-Down's body = Duane's perfect girlfriend?

I wouldn't think so. Duane prefers submissive, feminine, genteel types, and Anadyne is definitely not the first, mileage varies on the second, and she strives to be the third but doesn't have much luck.

Can you tell I'm hungry?

Me too, anon, damn. I'ma go make dinner now in fact.

If you could have anything you wanted, what would you have for dinner tonight?

Sushi! But I will probably have pasta.

Favorite pizza topping?

Ham and pineapple. I don't order pizza anymore, I kind of miss it.

What's your favorite fast food restaurant? Starbucks doesn't count.

It changes but currently it's OEC (a play on oishii), a little hole in the wall sushi and teriyaki take-out place down the street. They have the most amazing sweet potato sushi rolls omg and they're not too expensive.

Glass, would you mind putting up a side by side picture of the new and old site icons for me? I cannot see them on my browser for some reason, and it makes me sad.

Well, here is the new one. I saved over the old one though so now I don't have it x_x It was just a grey-blue sanserif S that stood for Sharteshane, from my old roleplaying site..

Why not just change the site icon red and say it's a smoke eel?


By Jove, you are a genius. YES. It should totally be an eel!

Is what khert fish are a spoiler?

Maybe. But if you look hard at the phrase you can possibly figure out what they are :3

Geea, Nary's an ass. I'd wish for Duane to eat him, but then I think Sette would be sad. Or really uber pissed off, but very upset, too. She would, yes? Does Sette love her da?

Yep, Sette loves and respects her da enormously. If Duane ate him she'd have to duel the zombie and gain bloody vengeance.

I want to see this painting of Sette's mom! Will it come up in the comic?

Yeah. It's just in a little locket that Nary has. He lets Sette look at it if she's been good.

How thrilled would Sette be if one day her da told her that her mom was a lion?

She wouldn't like it. She saw a painting of her mom once and that's the image she's always had in her head. It'd be weird to find out that was never her and that Da lied.

Would Sette be happy to hear she's a baby lion, or too upset at the idea her dad's not her biological dad?

She'd be really upset. She wants to be the best and mightiest and awesomest and richest human but she wants to be human.



Did the lions have a baby form where they looked like human kids except they had a lion tail?

Yes. Sette is the tadpole stage of a lion.

Dogs are great companions to talk to. So are cats. I have a cat that thinks it's a dog; best combination ever. What's your dog's name, Ash?

I have two dogs. One is named Ebby and he's very old and fat and snores. The other is named Carter and she's insane and hates everyone who doesn't live here and would probably bite people if we let her. I'm pretty sure she was slapped around by her first owner.

Were the lions too tasty? (I think that's what drove several species of turtle to extinction.)


Were the lions, like your dogs, super sized?

Kasslyne's lions were not entirely like our lions. Maybe we'll learn more one day :O

Does Kasslyne have buffalo buttwings?


What's some music people don't expect you to like?

My sister in law was surprised when she saw me with a Type O Negative CD. Kill all the white people.

Thank you for the suggestion. I'm finding it most enjoyable. :) Umm...question...How are you this fine day?

You are welcome :) You may see me in the request queue from time to time, filling it up with VGM.

Today was stressful. I had to get all the prints finished and submitted (managed it) and then there was a problem with the book and I had to fix that. I'm hoping I did it right but I won't know until Monday, sigh.

Do you like Big Macs?

I do not. The only tolerable burger I've found at McD's is that mushroom swiss Angus thing. Those are all right.

do you like tacos oh god i'm so bored why am i asking you about tacos jesus christ

Much prefer burritos.

How about the Great Unsounded as the site icon? I vaguely remember it on the beak of a Two toe.

The thing with the site icon is it's super teeny tiny. Only the simplest of shapes is going to show up that small. I am tempted to use a khert fish, but no use putting that up until after we see some in the comic :)

How did they go extinct?

It'll get explained one day in the comic.

Will there be lions in the comic, seeing as how you like them so much?

Lions are long extinct in Kasslyne, alas.

Are going to share the water colours, postcard prints and short stories from the kickstarter online? Or are you only going to let those who earned them see? Or will you let them decide if you will share?

I don't plan on posting any of it, no. If people want to scan and share though, that's entirely up to them.

So, I'm curious. What sort of research did/do you have to do for Unsounded as you write it?

I research stuff I'm not too certain about as I come to it in the script. I did a lot of reading on dry drowning and asphyxiation, for instance, when Anadyne nearly offed Quigley. I did a lot of reading on different poisons for Knock's knock-out discs (but wound up using made-up poison anyway). I read up on pressure and the effects of rapid pressure increases when Duane did his mountain punch. Stuff like that.

Some stuff I purposefully avoid. I don't want any of the countries in the story to act too much like any countries in our world, present or past, so I'm really selective about what I put into them. I am not terribly interested in the specifics of the march of industrial progress in our world because so much of it hinged on circumstance (yet people hold it up like there is only one inevitable path). And stuff.

Does Morgen also have butt-wings? Which dog has the largest butt-wingspan?

Morgen has no butt-wings. Elka would never stand for anything so ridiculous on a dog of hers.

Ephsephin's hat for the icon! Yes?

But Ephsephin is no longer with us D: Maybe it should be a curled up tail.

*tilts head* Chapter 1, page 21... that first panel. Was it always exploding out like that and kinda shadowing the lower panels and I never noticed it, or is that new? Because I like it.

Yep! Always been like that online. It's not in the book though.

Can Pantoffel secretly fly with her butt-wings?

Only when Toma gives her beer (which he has).

Eee, the printer just let me know my book proofs are done. I should get to see them next week


After seeing Toma's mount this chapter, I decided to call my band "Blondedog Buttwings".

It is a good name.

Pantoffel has always had butt wings but they do look particularly wing-y this chapter, don't they.

Why is the icon for the Unsounded website a blue S?

It isn't, really. That was the icon for my roleplaying site in another directory and for whatever reason the Unsounded directory wants to use it as well. I would change it if I could think of anything appropriate.

Hey, there seems to be a problem with the navigation at the end of Ch. 2. When trying to navigate to the next page, I get a "Not Found - Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here." and the url says it's the Ch. 3 preview. PS, be well~

Fixed it. Thanks, broseph.

Just realized that the Peaceguard have opened every chapter since Chapter Four. Dileberate?

They'll be opening chapter eight too :O I guess I just like how well they work for scene setting and recaps. They'll get a lot more to do next chapter. So far poor Toma and especially Elka haven't really been allowed to cut loose.

How do Toma and Elka's dogs feel about each other? They seem to be saying hello in the last panel. (I like wondering about animals as characters, I may be a bit silly.)

That's not silly :) Pantoffel and Morgen are buds and totally enjoy the smell of each others' butts.

Have you heard any good songs recently?
The Yamaoka/McGlynn track off SH:Revelations isn't too bad. You know what's groovy? I've been listening to that a lot lately.

I totally understand your desire to remain single. I'm the same way. (I guess that means we're soulmates and destined to fall in loooooooooooooove, even if we don't want to.) *Platonic brofist*


I was on the Facebook group the other day, and I think that your Facebook people are much more presentable and less scary than your Formspring people. I think I would like to be a Facebook people, but I am, alas, too Formspring-y. This isn't a question.

You are definitely more Formspringy. If it makes you feel better, I usually forget the Facebook group exists for weeks at a time. All my bitches be on Formspring.

Does Bastion keep live birds?

he does not. Rahm the Raptor does however, and it is his home in which our heroes find themselves.

Can a person use pymary to translate a foreign language? I can't think of a way, but it sounds like something that can be done.

I'm not so sure. I'm gonna say no. If someone out there who understands pymary's ins and outs wants to take a shot at figuring out a way to go about it though, I'm willing to be convinced.

If Matty Is sleepwalking (since normal people often do that with their eyes open) and someone takes the hat off Chitz, does it affect Matty at all? Does he suddenly dream about his sleepwalking as the Chitz visual input takes over?

That sounds about right.

Does Matty dream in Chitzvision (seems like that needs a little trademark symbol at the end...) or regular old normal vision?

That's an interesting question. My guess would be it's a mixture. When he dreams about stuff he's seen and remembers from before he was blinded, he sees it. When it's new stuff that he's seen only as Chitz showed it, it looks like that.

"speak with an offline human being for a while or maybe a dog." I suspect the dog will have more profound insights. ... I miss my dog.

Dogs are nice. My dog snores really, really loud.

What on EARTH is in that BIRDCAGE?!

Nothing that is in our power to help.

Are you going to draw another vote incentive some time?

It could happen. I'm a bit over TWC though. I'd rather just draw fun stuff and post it randomly on facebook or tumblr. Not that I have time at the moment to draw random fun stuff but you know what I mean.

"speak with an offline human being for a while or maybe a dog." Go with dog.


Why does Sette always wear the same clothes?


Sette's evasive about her dog. what's up with her dog?

Maybe one day you'll find out!

I hope you feel better! I'm sorry that you're having to deal with extra stress because of us! Thanks for the perpetual awesomeness!

Baby, you don't stress me out. I'm just braindead from being cooped up alone with Photoshop for eight hours. It's an artist thing. I should like, go get coffee or perhaps speak with an offline human being for a while or maybe a dog.

Glass! I want to ask you a question, but I have no idea what to ask you! Use this space to write something witty!(?)

Oi, if there was ever a day I feel unwitty, it is this day. I've been making Kickstarter prints. Have some art.

Plot twists that bring back supposedly dead characters: good, or sooooooper lame?

Depends if it's done well and if the original "death" was meaningful. If a character sacrifices himself in a really narratively satisfying way, they should stay dead. If the character "dies" off-screen or the death seems really suspicious or wasteful or unjust, then it can be fun to have them not really be dead and to enter the story again later. Like Gandalf or something, that was cool.

A good writer can make absolutely anything work, I say.

I'm absolutely sure it has been asked, but for slowpokes: what are this 2 round things over Quigs' eye? I used to think it was a part of his glasses!

They're little silver ports set into his brow/skull. His glasses pop into them which is how they stay on so well.

Am I a bad person for thinking of the French when frogmen were mentioned?


Would you rather live in eternal damnation and suffering or in New Jersey?

I dunno, I live in Florida. Can Jersey be much worse?

Matty's hat survives! Hooray!

Woo! I'm surprised no one's asked where Chitz is (he's under the hat).

I see they were able to snag the 'flesh' toned bandaids for Quigley! (you know, because he's so pale... hur hur) Do they sell any nifty pre-assembled bandages in Kasslyne?

Hahaha. I don't think so XD

"Lady Ilganyag [...] a six-breasted bird-woman senet beast who, since she can't have children of her own, goes around at night trying to suckle newborns, but always inadvertently kills them." Stained-glass-baby don't reach for that! Why baby, why?


Why does the raven in the stained glass window have tits?

No, no, no. It's "Why is a raven like a writing desk?"

May I give Quigley a hug?

Okay, but mind the bandages.

Ooh, Glass! Is that Quigley's marriage tattoo (over his heart) that I spy in this update? :) Also, how are you on this fine evening?

Well, it used to be Quigley's marriage tattoo :) I am okay. A little dismal, but I'll get over it. I hope that you are well.

Why are you single?

I dunno, why wouldn't I be? I'm pretty content on my own. I can support myself financially, I don't want kids, people generally get on my nerves if I'm around them too long... I'm just meant to be on my own. I do not feel the need to have a guy (or girl) in my life in that way. that weird?

Glass, can you tell me a joke? I'm feeling blue. :'(

Hmm, someone named Drew just emailed me these doodles. I thought they were funny :)


I know hiragana and katakana, some kanji, and can understand weeaboo level Japanese. But this is only from being a manga and anime fan for fifteen years and hating english dubs. I remember sitting in my tiny dormroom watching Mononoke Hime on VHS in raw Japanese over and over because that's how you did it back then. So I picked up things like shishigami no mori (srsly I think this is a beautiful phrase, just the sound of it) and tatarigami and daidarabochi. Escaflowne taught me unmei and tsubasa and ouji. I learned random phrases from poring over the Japanese Vagrant Story script for ages to see if it held hidden secrets. I own a stack of doujinshi about a foot high that every now and again I'll flip through, or try to translate the weirder panels of 4koma using a kanji dictionary.

I really, really wish my Japanese was better though. I've been trying to communicate with this doujinshi circle in Japan after they asked me to participate in their Vagrant Story anthology next year and it's soooo haaard.

tl;dr Watashi no nihongo wa heta desu.

What do you think of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" Fantasy series of books?

Never read 'em, man.

Did that captcha question go through? I'm always wary about linking via formspring.

I don't see any questions with links in the inbox, so I'm thinkin' not.

Are you a polyglot?

I wish I was, but other than mother English I only know a smattering of Spanish and Japanese.

Because I love comparison questions: Would you rather live in eternal damnation and suffering or cease to exist? And how does Duane feel about this question?

I would need to know more about the "eternal damnation and suffering." Are we talking Biblical Hell where I'm dog paddling around a lake of fire while demons lob prickly pears at my head? Or is it like Duane where he still has a chance to make a difference in the world and help others even though his own personal lot is a slog through hopeless suffering? Because I would go for that. If I can be useful, I'll keep trucking.

If it's just being sodomized by Lucifer's cactus-cock atop a bed of broken terracotta for all eternity with no chance of surcease though, better obliterate me.

Duane's thoughts mirror mine on this one.

Was reading a book, and someone had the name Quigley. I pretty much did a double take. Unfortunately they weren't a wright or anything, just a deformed halfwit. I don't think your character would appreciate the association.

Quigley's named for Matthew Quigley in an old movie called Quigley Down Under. He doesn't mind that association so much :3

My e-mail program is acting like a butthole! Why do e-mail programs act like buttholes, Glass? Q_Q

It's all they have. Try to talk to your email program more; engage it in matters not related to just email. Build a rapport. That way it won't feel so taken advantage of and will be less prone to lash out when you need it.

"Ugh, Arcrave, you are making me want to go replay LoK games. Don't you know how busy I am? :)" All work and no play makes Glass a dull girl. Also, a little bit of LoK never hurt anyone...


Don't tell anyone, but I'm working on building a new computer. It's partly for work but partly... for better console emulation. Mwa ha ha.

Kain or Raziel?

Raziel. Kain is a very cool character but he's not terribly original and his violent nature can get a bit old. Raziel has a lot more layers to him and his character arc is really compelling. I also dig on his design, his physical/spectral realm game mechanic, his reaver arm, his mutilated wings... man, Raziel is just so crazy original and awesome in every way. And then his story ends in that amazing act of martyrdom - martyrdom framed in the act of just being Kain's loyal lieutenant ("Your right hand - your sword!") - that makes me all misty-eyed whenever I think of it.

Ugh, Arcrave, you are making me want to go replay LoK games. Don't you know how busy I am? :)

Do you still have a copy of the first Blood Omen?

Yeah, for PC :D I tried playing it on PSP some time ago but didn't have much success.

Do any Aldish ever see Duane's hood and get freaked out about Stricks?

YES. And not just Aldishmen either; the particulars of Stricks are known about and feared pretty widely. Fortunately all he has to do is whap the back of his head, pop his fake eyes out, and assure the worried person that fake eyes can't spread plague.

They've usually yelped and ran away before he can finish the explanation though.... nyoro~~~n...

Excluding Raziel, who is your favorite of Kain's lieutenants and why?

Hmmmm, it's probably Turel. He got the most development, I think, and his cut scenes were so awesome. I liked how the developers turned the misfortune of running out of time to include him in SR into an opportunity to develop him into something even cooler later on. Also dem ears. I almost wanted to say Zephon just because I always found him scariest, but it's really hard to beat Turel's hunger-maddened soliloquy.

Um, how do the divers keep safe from nereids?

There haven't been nereids in Jarla river in centuries. Diving in the ocean, though, is not advisable.

What's your opinion on lolicon?

It's not my cup of tea but I don't judge.

Does Kasslyne have the hit musical "Kedises"?

I must commission FK to write this.

How do divers in Kasslyne breath underwater - is it air hoses, like in old days, or air tanks, or rebreathers, or just plain good old pymary?

Air hoses or snorkels. Anon took issue with Elka calling the diving suit'd divers frogmen, so we'll say the locals who went river diving in search of Uaid and clues were in wet suits, fins, and snorkels.

What's the weirdest and silliest character you can come up with right now?

A poptart cat who can fly via the power of rainbows.

How would Duane's Silver girlfriend feel about Sette?

The way everyone feels about Sette: she's adorable until she speaks or performs any sort of action other than breathing. Actually though, Sette is pretty damn subdued this chapter. She is having a bad twenty-four hours.

I have returned from a lengthy and taxing holiday job which took me to the middle of nowhere and away from internet. It was difficult, but I was well rewarded. However, I have returned to my lair only to find that my gaming mouse is missing. Balls.

Heads will roll. Actually though now is the best time to be in the market for a new mouse. Cyber Monday is tomorrow and I'm thinking the internet can provide.

For Anon who asked about preview images. :D I also have ch4 preview, never got a chance to save ch5 tho. :(

Hazel comes through! I'm sure Anon is grateful :)

What are some simple things in life that you enjoy?

I enjoy dogs and tangerines and a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning. I like getting a job done and sending it out and having the person be really happy with it. Thunderstorms are nice, clean sheets, fuzzy socks.

Listening/watching the PianoGuy's new youtube Lord of the Rings melody, and am mildly impressed they found a volcano for part of their backround. Seen any music videos that have impressed you recently?

I think the last one I really liked featured a bunch of superhero dogs saving humans in trouble. It was pretty cute.

Vae Victus!!!

Redeemer and destroyer! Pawn and messiah! Welcome, time-spanned soul; welcome... to your DESTINY.

"Clunky diving suits and helmets" - That's late XVIII century, or XIX century "standard diving dress", did not look like frogs, were not called "frogmen", why do Crescians call them that? Two bulging portholes in the helmet, or something?


"Frogmen are back" - Frogmen? Do they use rubber fins, masks and snorkels (you said Cresce has vulcanized rubber)? Is there any kind of underwater breathing apparatus in Kasslyne?

I was envisioning clunky diving suits and helmets, and big globes of glowing lambence dropped to the riverbed to help them see. Bioshock instilled a tremendous love of diving suits in me :3

If Duane's Silver girlfriend somehow ran across him, AND if she didn't just run away screaming for good right afterward, how would they get on?

Little awkward.

"Hi! I haven't seen you in over fifteen years but I'm now a ravenous corpse-monster shepherding a foul-mouthed and obnoxious Sharteshanian juvenile across the country. How your parents doing?"

"Oh, they're dead. Silvers only live to fifty."

"Ah, that's right."

"I have to go now and do a thing."

"Of course."

If you found out that the Khert DOES exist, but that we have no current language for it, what would you do?

I suppose that could be the situation right now! :O

Does Duane's Silver girlfriend still think about Duane with kindness from time to time, or is she bitter that their affair ruined her life? What would she think if she could see Duane's condition now?

Aww, she liked him, and she was as much to blame as he was, so she's not really bitter. She thought about him a lot afterwards, and probably saw his face in every Soud she ever saw on the street. If she saw him now she'd gag, I'm sure, but everyone from his old life would.

OMG I just realized that Duane's mechanical breathing set-up probably means he sounds like Bane and/or Darth Vader.

Mm, it's mechanical in that it's assembled from various parts but it doesn't feature any kind of metal chambers that would give it that hollow Vadery sound. Mostly Duane's voice sounds very thin and raspy, and then gravelly when he yells.

Do you read a lot, Ash?

To my great distress, no. I read voraciously as a younger person but I hardly ever read anything now, not even comics. And when I do get the itch to read I almost always want to read things I've read before, like Treasure Island or Harry Potter. I'm bad :(

A little explained, a little endured, a little forgiven, the quarrel is cured. [132]

I am not quarrelling with anyone, I am an immaculate being of light.

I'm really tired. I may be kinda loopy. I don't think you should mix leftover turkey with Thai food. But I had a giggle fit at the new page, and made this. So here you go. If it's terribly silly, at least I have several excuses as to why. ;)

I lol'd XD This should be on tumblr.
This has undoubtedly been asked before but, It seems that Duane feels pain right? How does that work with him being a Zombie? And is he really able to be wounded farther then being the zombie he already is? He seams to need recovery time after fights.

Duane can feel three sensations: temperature, any sort of blunt force that rattles his bones, and his weird zombie hunger. You can wound him in lots of ways, from destroying his self control by introducing blood or meat to the environment, to lopping off a limb, to breaking his bones, to relieving him of his eyes or his voice rigging or his hands, to directly taking advantage of the enchantments that power of him by some spoileriffic methods we'll see later. But you can't really stab him, he can't feel it and it won't do anything except maybe pierce one of his fake lungs and irritate him highly. There's no skin to cut, no blood to draw.

He needs recovery time to repair any damage that was done and just to recover his wits. There's a man inside that zombie suit and he gets scared and overwhelmed just like anyone would after a particularly difficult or gruesome battle.

What's the weather like in Florida, Ash? It's freezing up here in Pennsylvania and there's snow.

It was paradise here today. Perfect mid-seventies. I would like some snow :( Stay warm! Light someone on fire!

... Where's the tylenol?


Can we get an update on how the book's coming along?

It's been at the printer's since last Monday. First the check had to arrive, then the check had to clear, and once it did it was Thanksgiving and they were off for four days. The holidays are really cramping my style.

What are you like now?

"A cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit."

Duane should claim he's disfigured and using a glamour to cover that. It's almost the truth!

True! Or he just says he has a "condition" when people are wondering about the hood.

Will we see chapter six script, now that it's finished? The previous one you put up was enlightening.

I'd post it, but it's all chopped up and missing chunks. Not a good one to share.

What does Duane use for his glamour when he's in the city?

Cities are easiest. His glamour relies on perception and cities are full of people whom other people perceive as being alive. He just mooches some of those spheres of perception and blends right in. The trouble is if people start talking about him to each other and realise they each see Duane Adelier as a totally different man. "He's a ginger? What do you mean? He's one of those Plats!" Then people realise there's a glamour in play, they get pissed off because they're being lied to, and then they get suspicious. From there it can go downhill pretty fast and before you know it he's had to move.

Does the bakery kedis ever nibble the baked goods and play with the eggs?

Absolutely. And she keeps the mice out of the flour and the sparrows out of the eaves and the toddlers out of the cookies.

Which of the guys in unsounded would look best in a dress?

I'ma go with alive!Duane. He had a nice figure.

What were you like as a teenager?

Bookish, weird, obnoxious, into art, comics, and animation, had a small circle of friends and wasn't picked on, but was mostly ignored by the cool kids. Hung out in the art building, took precollege courses, got all A's, dressed kind of gothy but was poor so couldn't really pull off the look right. Fairly unremarkable.

I don't suppose you'd be willing to divulge any of the fruits of the Rachshanians' "focus on machinery and natural philosophy" that Duane mentioned in his formspring? Monstrous war beasts, perhaps? Ingenious siege weaponry? Mecha-Tirna?

I may do something with Rachshane one day, so I'm hesitant to go into too much detail there. It needs a good brainstorming.

How was your turkey day?

My turkey day was a day without turkey. My sister-in-law's grandfather died so she had to fly out to New Jersey at the last minute. This meant that neither my brother nor his kids came down to my mom's house for the scheduled feast, my mom blew a gasket and said her heart was broken, she cancelled dinner, and I stayed in and made pasta and watched It's A Wonderful Life. But it was fine, really.

Did you know the author of a Redtail's Dream recommended Unsounded?

That was very nice of her :)

Are the letters at the end of Ch. 1 from M.A to Lord Brookin still canon? Will they be in the print book?

At this very moment they are canon (that could theoretically change some day) but I abandoned the idea of including them in the story. Thanks for reminding me though, I need to go back in and kill the links to them on those few pages.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope you like juicy breasts and thighs as much as I do! I'll be in Michigan for the next week instead of California as usual, and waiting until midnight for Unsounded updates instead of 9 will be absolute torture!

Michigan! I think Michigan is very snowy, I think. Snowier than California.

do the people of Kasslyne grow wisdom teeth?

Possibly not. Are you having wisdom teeth woes, Wulgus? :( I had mine out when I was a teenager. I threw up in bed afterwards. It was amazing.

Does Duane know that not petting the kedis makes him a bad person and automatically damned and unredeemable and even worse than an undead person and Ssael's personal archnemesis and a traitor to Alderode?


Is it a boy or a girl?

It's a girl.

Does it have a name?

I'm sure it must have one. What is a good name?

Is that Duane's kedis?

It's the baker's. There's a bakery across the street.



Is the spot it's sleeping in particularly warm and comfy?

Looks that way. Nice and sunny.

Does Duane like petting the kedis?

Duane would love to pet the kedis! They are exotic animals to him and very fascinating. But the kedis won't let him anywhere near it, and the closest he can get is staring at it through the window.

Wait, is that the kedis you were going to put in specially, but was messing with the composition? Or was that in the last chapter cover? I don't remember...

It was this chapter cover. Originally it was a brighter green which was drawing a lot of unwanted attention to it, compositionally. I dulled it down and thought it worked better, so I kept it.

Is Sette dyslexic?

I wouldn't rule it out.

"Only less than half of Alderode speaks Tainish at all, Continental is the dominant language." So, most people aren't actually bilingual? Is bilingualism required in the civil service?

It really depends on where you live. Tainish is predominant in the Ssaelit capitals and the educated people in those capitals tend to be bilingual. In Ssaelit cities you see bilingual signage on major streets but beyond there things get pretty opaquely Tainish in the neighbourhoods. In the Aldish capital of Valyne, which is predominantly Gefendur, you almost never hear Tainish in the cities.

Is there somewhere we can see previous preview pages? Now that Ch. 6 is finished, I'd kind of like to know what people saw before it started.

Someone out there might have it saved, but I use the same template psd to make all those preview pages, and the previous ones get saved over. Can anyone help out anon?

"But I am the oldest sister. I'm not meant to have adventures :(" You could be like Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle, she was the eldest AND made hats AND fled to a wonderful adventure! :D

That is true but if you read the book you know she also had the advantage of naturally knowing magic. I know only how to draw mopey zombies and make amazing dumplings.

Are there any other languages in Kassyline accept Tainish and continental?

There's the lizard language, the nereids' language (which is clicky like dolphins' since they use sonar underwater), there's old Crescian which is a pretty dead language but was Germanic in flavour, and there's Rachshanian and Hanretian which I don't know much about yet, but maybe I'll work on fleshing them out one day.

"Well, it's a good thing I own several form-fitting latex catsuits." Hmm, that comes across especially weird when removed from the context of synthetics in Unsounded. Stupid popular rapidly-updating Formspring page.......

Mwa ha ha.

Glass, your hats are amazing. Maybe you should start your own hat store and make hats instead and then one day a handsome wizard will come and take you away!

But I am the oldest sister. I'm not meant to have adventures :(

In D&S Formspring, Sette said that Nary audits the accounting, so she knows than a Boss-King (Boss-Queen) must not only be literate, but have accounting skills. Why won't she learn?

Sette knows numbers already and has an impressive head for maths. She just has problems with reading, and since she can't pick it up without trying she claims sour grapes and refuses to learn at all. She'll change her mind one day, I'm sure.

"Try to bear with me through the first scene, which is a low-key breather from the hectic happenings at the end of the last chapter, and then keep bearing with me as things go off into the weeds." That is the BEST KIND of chapter. Sooper excited.


So, how common is it for Aldish people to speak Continental as well as Duane does? Why does Aldish society learn it at all. For being such Xenophobes, it's surprising that they'd care what people speak outside their borders, save for traders who need it.

Only less than half of Alderode speaks Tainish at all, Continental is the dominant language. You mayn't remember but Will's Tainish is terrible, he barely knew how to ask to use the restroom. Tainish is mostly the language of the Ssaelit and people of Tainish ancestry (and now Mmatonts). The Ssaelit keep the language alive to keep their culture strong and distinct from the Gefendur who are otherwise always trying to assimilate them so they can get their own way. Tainish is dominant in rural Ssaelit provinces and in the poorer parts of the cities where it serves as yet another way to keep the poor and lower castes down, since they grow up unable to speak Continental, the language of business and politics and high society.

Duane didn't start learning Continental until his mother insisted when he was six or so, so that at least wasn't too much of an issue when he got the opportunity to better his lot and go study pymary.

Do any of the larger countries stockpile biological weapons? Is biological weapons even a thing? What is the Queen's favorite drink?

I don't like biological weapons, they are icky. Her Majesty enjoys perspiration pooled in the clavicles of sexy men, and Sprite.

Well, it's a good thing I own several form-fitting latex catsuits. If a portal to Kasslyne ever magically opens up right next to me, I'll be sure to give your regards to Sette & Duane.

Oh, would you? Also tell Duane to stop having Silent Hill-esque hallucinations in his flashback scenes, thanks.



Quigley should train Matty to become really capable with sort of exotic sword from far-eastern Kasslyne, then pose as a wandering beggar. No new eyes.

That's funny 'cause I watched the Zatoichi last night that has the really hot guy who played Kakihara from Ichi the Killer in it.

Puff-Ball Hat Guy died before he could give his son that toy boat, didn't he?

omg no you beast

It’s time for a new spoiler scorecard! Will you give us the magic numbers for deaths, injuries, major new characters introduced, flashbacks, tentacle incidents, or whatever is pertinent for the upcoming chapter? Pretty please!


This chapter is kind of insane. After the first twenty pages which are pretty conventional, this chapter goes all over the damned place. It is weird. It is violent. It's boringly political. It's surreal. It's depressing. It's adorable. You meet a sizable chunk of Unsounded's long term cast but afterwards you won't see 'em again for a while.

So I can't really give specifics because the happenings are too broad and the lines a bit too blurred. Try to bear with me through the first scene, which is a low-key breather from the hectic happenings at the end of the last chapter, and then keep bearing with me as things go off into the weeds.

Would you STOP. I can TOTALLY tell that’s a kedis sleeping in the window (FK must be thrilled). I can also tell the pipe smoke represents the content of the letter the man is dictating to Duane. I can also make sad goo-goo eyes at Duane...

"...and sigh in sympathy for his situation. That’s all the self-hating I want to hear out of you tonight, missy! NOW GO TO YOUR ROOM."

Okay ;_;

Is the Tainish on the sign anything significant? Duane seems like to type to put up a meaningful quote or saying, even if it’s lost on everyone else.

Haha, no. It just says "Tainish spoken here."

Is Duane having his own shop as opposed to working for someone else something that you clarified as you were hammering out the chapter? It seems like a newer development, or at least one that’s only recently been talked about.

Mm, no, Duane's always worked for himself. He has regular clients that come to him but he's never had a boss. His prior employment has only been very vaguely talked about in the comic. Right at the very beginnings of both chapters 1 and 2, I believe.

New chapter!! Ahh, Ahh, AHH!! *dies of happiness* Duane looks so sad though.. I wanna give him a hug =/

Not me. Buck up, mopey zombie.

Is the kedis there used to Duane, or do they not share the general 'it's dead and moving wrongwrongwrong' feels that other animals have?

I don't like that image 'cause it's hard to tell you're outside looking through a window at the office. I should have zoomed out more so you could see the window frame better. But the kedis is outside on the window frame. It would never go inside no matter how many tidily skinned dead mice Duane left for it in a pretty floral dish just inside his doorway. It's not Duane's pet or anything.

I jusssssst realisssssssssed that the next Unsssssssssssounded chapter will begin at midnight tonight.

It's just a title page though D: I will go update now.

*goes*Thirty minutes, impatient.

Does it bother you at all when people have horribly mispronounced your character's names? For instance, I watched your video on the kickstarter and became immediately aware that my versions, as seen below, are, well... Doo-aine Adel-e-ea, Set From-uh-jem

Pfft, who am I to be bothered by how readers choose to pronounce the names of fake people? If I was that hung up over it I would have spelled their names more phonetically. Setty and Duahn Adellieh perhaps :)

"I don't... think so. More like those medications wouldn't work for them if they were on Kasslyne." Sorry, I'll stop asking questions after this. What if you're on medication BEFORE you go to Kasslyne, so synthetics are infused into your cells?

You turn into a small pink rabbit.

In 4.39, did Duane stop maintaining his glamour because he was alone and that was the dramatic way of drawing a close-up, or did he stop so he could concentrate on mending his leg? He keeps it during fights, so I wasn't sure.

All of the above :)

We've never seen Duane's eyes through his glamour. Are they visible?

No, it's all pooled shadow.

So the Black Tongues are wright-only, right? How do they feel about non-wrights?

They feel all wright.

That's right. YOU. You will continue the comic. TONIGHT. I itch to see Duane-face and Sette-pie. I wish to see them banter! Perhaps I've had too many shots of espresso. a possibility. My arms...they want to FLAIL! realized no ?...hmm..You ready?

That picture is terrifying.

So uh... oopdaet nau pliz?

Thirty minutes, impatient.

Glass, I'm hanging out in the DeviantArt gallery, fawning over all of your lovely art.


You said Frummagems love ships and sailing, and then Nary turns out to be an outdoorsy guy - a hunter, no less! - Does Nary have a nice schooner yacht, too?

No, but his office is all antlers and mounted animal heads.

Hm... on 5.15, when Duane says "Crows should be arguing over how to serve his tongue!" Were you making a reference to Twa Corbies?

I do not know what Twa Corbies is, so probably not :)

Does Quigley have a plan on how Matty will be taken care of once his five years are up?

Quigley wants to get him set him with some Sharteshanians, maybe the Beadmans. He sees if the Beadmans wanna buy Uaid, he gets Matty some proper eyes, and Matty can work for them in some clerical capacity. S'why they were headed for Sharteshane.

HAPPY 10000TH RESPONSE! Looks like Zeltoron wins the prize!

Woo! I didn't even notice :D

"You could plow through the continent with your plastic army, cutting down soldiers whose attacks would pass right through your alien plastic armaments." Oooo, does that mean that people who are on synthetic medications for, say, diabetes are immune?

I don't... think so. More like those medications wouldn't work for them if they were on Kasslyne. But now my brain is starting to hurt, forget I mentioned synthetics :3

"You could plow through the continent with your plastic army, cutting down soldiers whose attacks would pass right through your alien plastic armaments." Wouldn't it pass right through the armor and onto the target, though?


But alien ghost plastic!

With what you said about Turas being uncomfortable with Starfish's actions but unwilling to stand up to him over them, I realize he's like one of the people Jivi's dream mom was talking about: someone without the balls to stand up and do the right thing..

"So Turas is kind of like the opposite of Jivi, was that meant to be intentional?"

I don't... know that Turas was specifically the type of person that Jivi's mom was talking about. Turas is not a nice guy. Turas doesn't WANT to stand up to evil. He doesn't care enough to. I think Jivi's mom was talking about guys who actually recognise something is wrong and want to stop it, but don't because they're scared. Turas is just Starfish with less ambition and fewer sadistic impulses.

So no, I don't really see Jivi and Turas as opposites in that way. Jivi's opposite is more like Matty. Matty had opportunities to stand up and end this whole thing but he didn't. He could have given Ephsephin the slip back in Mulimar and gone right to the cops. It would have been the right thing to do, but he just didn't have the same kind of courage that I see Jivi as having. Matty is younger though, and he has his dad's welfare to think about, so I wouldn't judge him too harshly.

You could also argue that Quigley is in the same situation. He recognises that what Starfish is doing is wrong but never acted to stop it. Quigley's first response was to run away from it, by quitting that first time. His second response when Starfish came back around was to try and profit off the whole thing.

Jivi is a much better person than either of the Plats, forget Turas.

Hmmm... what do you think about the two-eyed squids then?


"I try not to overtax my wrists"... Says the professional artist who most likely spends 80% of her waking life with either a pencil or a mouse.

Yeeeeeees which is why I try not to overtax my wrists in all other areas :)

Tyrants aren't always bigbads~ Anyway, from memory, you touched on people being able to ween themselves from the Khert, but if one outside the Khert's influence moved to Khertsville, Khertington state, what would the Khert accept them into the system or?

Yeah, the khert is a greedy mofo when it comes to new material being introduced. It incorporates it pretty quickly provided it's a material it's familiar with.

Know how to invade Kasslyne though? Acrylic. Styrofoam. Nylon. The khert doesn't understand synthetics and pymary wouldn't be able to touch them. In many cases, the incorporated locals and their incorporated khert weaponry wouldn't be able to touch them either. You could plow through the continent with your plastic army, cutting down soldiers whose attacks would pass right through your alien plastic armaments.

So, carnivores' size is related to the size of their prey as they evolve. What were the dogs hunting to evolve to be so large?

The dogs were mostly bred by humans to be as large as they are. The wolves in the setting are only a bit bigger than ours.

Do the Mmatont hold the same view as Vits on the Dammakhert enforcing the casts (that it is a blessing) or is it different?

Nope, they think it's a curse. Which seems natural since most Mmatont are Soud/Gold and immune to the Dammakhert's influence. From their perspective the Dammakhert is an evil force that creates an evil hierarchy and encourages men to exploit each other. Whereas the khert's natural laws put everyone on an even playing field, the Dammakhert lifts men and lowers them at random. The Mmatont consider the whole of Aldish society evil because of it and it's a big reason why they want nothing to do with it.

How many push-ups can you do?

Beats me. I try not to overtax my wrists, my CTS will flare up.

"The remains of his feet are stitched up in layers of rawhide and leather and sewn into the lower part of his boots." ...Duane is sewn into his shoes?

The bottom part. The calf portion can be unbuckled so he can get to his leg braces. See?

How would Duane react if he was getting ready for some grade A lovin with a hot "woman" but when reaching down her pants he felt a humongous cucumber?

Mmm, cucumbers. He'd reach for the Thousand Island and some croutons.

Do you answer the questions in the same order as received, or in arbitrary order?

I usually answer the ones that require the least effort first.

Ever played Journey?


Probably a stupid question, but exactly how distracting is it to have to keep enchantments going while going about daily tasks, like Duane has to? Would it be possible/easier to affix more of them to pymarics?

He has a lot of them affixed to pymarics now, but the more pymarics you heap together the more likely they're going to interfere with each other. He is as enchanted as he can safely be, and then he deals with the rest manually. It's very distracting, but one nice? thing about being dead is it's given him remarkable clarity of thought. Other than the weird hunger he no longer must deal with all the biological distractions that trouble the living, nor even most of the social distractions. So he compartmentalizes a lot of the minutia of his pymaric existence into where all these distractions once resided. It works well for him.

How does it feel knowing that a sizable portion of your fanbase continues to read Unsounded in hopes of seeing Sette get nekkid again?

BAH. Sette is a weird looking little monkey, I don't know why her naked form would interest anyone.

Do the scholars who concern themselves with the Khert know about those who are outside it's tyranny? Like, for instance, does Duane know about them?

Scholars do know about the very measurable sphere of influence of the khert, yes. The khert's influence isn't regarded as tyranny though, even by the erudite. This force runs their world and keeps them alive inside it, so from their perspective it's extremely beneficial. This is why you get a degree of khert worship both from the Mmatont and from a lot of wrights who have come to understand just how important it is to the world. Duane's high regard of the khert borders on blasphemous, but it's something he mostly keeps to himself.

Would Duane like Shakespeare's plays? He seems like he would.

Duane would flip his shit over Shakespeare, I'm pretty sure.

What happened to Sette's dog?

You'll have to wait for the sidestory to come out.

Duane said that some man kept asking him to proofread tattoos. Are tattoos removable(or editable) in Kassalyne?

Duane was messing with you. The zombie has a dry wit from time to time :)

What do you think of the one-eyed squid things in the background of Formspring?

I like them. They look like they swam out of the khert :3

How does Duane wear shoes, exactly? The rest of his outfit at least sort of makes sense, but it seems that shoes have to be tighter than is actually possible when you're a skeleton.

He's all padded up and bandaged. The remains of his feet are stitched up in layers of rawhide and leather and sewn into the lower part of his boots. There is a lot going on beneath his plain and unassuming exterior.

You say Cresce is not big on letting people from other countries to immigrate to Cresce, but can a family of Crescian citizens just up and emigrate from Cresce whenever they like?

Absolutely, if the other country allows them in. Cresce's education system is probably the best on the continent, so their graduates are highly desired all over the place. They do have to give up their citizenship though, and deal with the stress of entering a moneyed system and an entirely different way of life, but some people do it.

I know you're not trying to make a statement about real world issues (at least of the political kind, as far as I know) in Unsounded, but do you ever think about how this or that could be interpreted even though you don't aim for it?

I probably should since I'm bound to get myself in trouble if I don't, but I really hate censoring myself, so I go with whatever feels right at the time. Maybe one day the internet will declare me a communist, but I've withstood the accusations of pedophilia so hopefully I'll survive :)

I was curious to know, where did you get your inspiration to write the Aldish language? Or is it a real life language and I'm just oblivious? xD

Nah, it's a fake language :) I'm not sure where the inspiration came from... it really was just me putting together sounds and grammar that I liked. I don't care for articles so the language doesn't have any. I like thoroughly gendered pronouns so it has those. It has a built-in function that encourages speakers to consider their words carefully before they speak, by having a rule that adjectives and nouns must be presented in alphabetic order. Example:
nnakh resh (red blood)
resh yalen (white blood)
llol ulushos (beautiful woman)
dao llol (plain woman)
kakubüd llala motut regut (dangerous man tall cunning)

And such!

Did any towns in Ulestry try constructing the World's Biggest Ball of Yarn to entice Tirna to visit when she was on her trip?

"Gitcher pitcher taken with THE LARGEST GREBBER IN CAPTIVITY! Bring the kiddies!"

And then you get there and it's like that episode of Frasier where the thing is about four feet tall, stuffed, and stuck in the corner of a souvenir shop.

How's KMD recovering?

KMD is hard as nails but could use a bit of a lie down, some stitches, and maybe a visit with the local leech. And a lot of booze.

What's the best pick-up line?


So. Male-female differences as they pertain to things like skills (social skills, weight-lifting skills, programming skills...) and interests. Do you have an opinion in that area? (You seem sensible enough to have a nice, non-radical opinion.)

Not opening that can of worms, anon.

Hey, Dawn's reading your Formspring now, isn't she? I'll bet SHE knows who Rory the Rabbit is!


It's been a while! What I can say is that I am itching to see Alive!Duane's beeeeaaarrrrddd in the next chapter coming up! Because beard + Duane = yeeeeee! I got a couple more interested in Unsounded, too. I am becoming a Master Cultivator for you >:)

Thank you, Ave :3 The more the merrier!

If you can't use kussen for physical labor, what are they used for? The feeding of a plantation of thousands of people would cost a lot of money - do the plantation owners receive gov't subsidization for running them, or do they have another purpose?

Another purpose.

Is the duane and sette formspring still answering questions? or are you SUPER FOCUSED and not dealing with it again?

I'll do another round of answers before Wednesday. Maybe it'll be tonight.

Are you looking forward to the restart on Wednesday?

Starting a new chapter always makes me nervous, anon. I am a spaz. I just hope everyone likes it.

What exactly was Tirna’s path through the continent?

Depends who you ask. Every podunk town in Ulestry wants you to think that Tirna personally wandered through its streets at some point, so you'll come a'visitin' and spend your money, but her true path - assuming there ever was one - is unknown.

Will we get to see what a kussenna looks like, or meet a kussen character?

Maaaaybe, it depends on how much I want to get into Bastion's backstory. He grew up on a kussenna and that's how his family makes their money. I wrote out his childhood in a novel years ago (it wasn't good) and always thought it would be fun to go back into it and make it suck less. Might work better as a comic anyway. We'll see!

Will Blondo McWhoopass (that guy on 1.16) be in chapter 7?

It's possible.

If you could make one mythical creature real, which one would you pick?

I think it would be neat if ghosts were real. I think if they were they wouldn't be much like what we see in movies, and would be more interested in exploring outer space than in hovering in the corners of houses and making statues cry.

How many kussen does Alderode have? Which part of the population do they form?

Kussen aren't well understood outside of Alderode. Most people assume them to be slaves but they're really more like prisoners. You don't find them outside of kussenna (plantations) and they aren't used for physical labour. In fact it's illegal in Alderode to have a kussen labour for you, or to harm a kussen physically.

So they're not really part of the population, y'see. Most Aldishmen go through their entire lives never seeing one. In the plantations there are probably 60-70 thousand.

Do you have any tattoos? If not, have you ever considered getting one?

I'm not sure a tattoo would really suit the Walmart jeans/ woot! tshirt look I have going on.

Are there any normal vacation times in Kassalyne? Are they different in different countries? I would assume not a lot is done in the cold Aldish winter, and if vacations are taken in Cresce, they must be done in rotation...

No one works on major feast days or on Treenahin (the winter holiday) but vacations aren't really a thing. The closest you have are Gefendur pilgrimages where the truly devout retrace Tirna's path across the continent, and this is something you generally do as a very young or very old person.

49 questions left before you hit 10 000 questions answered! How do you feel about hitting this arbitrary milestone?

We all need lives :D

Who is your favorite actor?

Not sure I have an absolute favourite. Geoffrey Rush is pretty cool though.

So do you have a rough idea about how populous the various countries are and if so could you tell us especially the Big 3 in Alderode, Cresce and Sharteshane?

I honestly don't know. Lots of people.

If you had a split personality, and one of you ran this account and the other ran the DuaneandSette account, what would the GlassShard account ask Duane & Sette?

I would ask the Duane & Sette account to go answer some of the 100+ questions in its inbox because damn, I am entirely too busy :3

Is there a reason Cutter's so nuts or was he just born that way?

Perhaps one day we shall see.

You ever seen Hellraiser?

I looooove Hellraiser. Hellraiser 2 is also the bomb-diggity, I can never decide which one I like better.

Should have asked long ago - where did a city girl like Sette learn to dress a deer carcass, this takes practice, did she apprentice in an abattoir?

She goes hunting with her Da, Bodkin, and the rest on occasion. The Rusty Woods grow right up to and inside New Tawhoque's crumbling walls, and Nary is a terror for the local harts and hares.

So what did Tess do to make Sette cry?

I have no idea. That comic is absurdly old.

What happens when you open the borders of the khert?


What sort of video games would Sette like if they existed in Kasslyne?

I have a hard time imagining Sette doing anything that involves a screen or a control pad. I just don't think it'd interest her. No smell.

1.16? Where is this?


Duane&Sette formspring seems kinda abandoned. Do you plan to pick it up? Soon the next chapter starts, and I heard you usually put it on hiatus while updating... No D&S fun till next break?=(

There haven't been many answerable questions this round. It's either character-breaking stuff, repeats, or spoilers. I'll go through again before Wednesday and see if anything in the inbox catches my eye.

Do you watch Adventure Time, and is so, what is your opinion of it?

I have never seen it.

Is the dual swords character the guy on 1.16?

Yes! Very good.

Do any Unsounded characters use dual sai? (Duane would be way cooler if he used dual sai instead of a bo staff.) ((Just imagine Duane, a sai under each arm, cloak billowing in the wind, ready for action.))

I have a character with dual swords :3 No dual sai though.

If you got the chance to turn Unsounded into a movie or something similar, would it be animated or live action? Or something else? Like a opera/musical?

I think I like it best as a comic, but I guess it could be cool if it was an animated series. I would add a few more episodic adventures to pad things out between destinations and plot points. Would work pretty well! But you'd have to keep the violence and blood or no deal.

Are there vertebrae, muscles and nerves in Sette's tail all the way to the end, like that of a real feline, or is her tail like those tails that babies are sometimes born with?

Oh, no, it's a proper expressive tail. When she gets scared it curls between her legs like a dog's ( ) and when she's startled it sticks up straight like a cat's ( ). It couldn't do that if it wasn't properly formed with vertebrae, muscles, and the lot.

Would Shartes find it odd being able to walk through, say, Ulestry without constantly checking their pockets???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

It's just not natural.

What if Duane and Murkoph ARE THE SAME PERSON? Like, a dude died and Duane was the soul and Murkoph was the body and they were reanimated separately but they started out as the same dude.


What if Cutter and Bastion are THE SAME PERSON? You never see them in the same room together, and they both like to cut people up. He is using a glamour to hide his Two-Toe-ness because he wants to get all the ladies!


Has there been Unsounded cosplay already? If not, whyyyyyy?

@Forumkedis has talked about it before but I don't believe it's ever happened. The comic doesn't really have terribly compelling costuming, to be honest.

What does it mean when it says "2 Responses" next to a question? I click on it, and I can't see what the other responses are.................

It's just formspring being derpy. Pay it no mind.

Who's Tess?

Tess was (is?) a Frummagem and one of Sette's innumerable cousins. She lives back in Hanghorse and once upon a time was played by the incomparable @mindaroth

Smiley guy wearing a propeller beanie: 8=D


Can two-toes join the Black Tongues? I mean, they don't use pymary, but they have that other magic thing. And I don't know whether they have the equipment for it. But still. Do they have a shot?

Nope. The Black Tongues have that whole philosophy of using pymary to better the lot of the human species, so they don't have any real impetus to be kind to Two-toes. Also, a lot of Black Tongues are Crescian and they don't like the lizards very much, so they'd never be too keen on letting them into the boy's club. Poor lizards.

What if Uaid and Stockyard are THE SAME PERSON? We haven't seen them in the same room together! I'm calling it!

If that's the case Anadyne is in huuuuge trouble with her boss.

If a Crescian wants to move somewhere else in Cresce, like warmer climate, or more fun place to live and stuff, can they just up and go, or government won't let them do it?

As with most things in Cresce, there's a process. Governance starts local and then branches from there, so the first thing you have to do is convince your city, village, or farm that it can get along without you. It's never about the self in Cresce, it's always about the country, or community, or family first. But if your village and place of employment releases you, you can then check the local governance of wherever you want to move and see if there's a place for you there. It helps enormously if you have training or certification in something useful, like pymary, medicine, printing, masonry, etc. Skills that another community will want so they'll invite you in.

If you're just a lowly farmhand though, or if you have an entire young family that you have to move with you, relocation can be difficult. There are people who try to skirt the system - move around a lot, live on the fringes of different societies - but it's not much of a life.

Gurl, I think I love you. I don't even care if you're a melted fish face with a red bow. Ours is a love that transcends species and states of matter. <3

Aww. Schmoopy <3

Wow, communist Russia! I felt Cresce was more like US, and Alderode like Russia (caricature Russia). Anyways, any particular countries inspired your countries? Not directly, but in some way? Do you like history at all?

I do like history a great deal! But I deliberately tried to keep any of my countries from being too much like our own. I didn't want to play that game, where it looks like I'm trying to make a political statement or comment excessively on different economic or political systems. I do have my opinions, but I didn't really want Unsounded to be a platform for them. The countries are what they are.

Hard to tell from the pictures, does Sette's tail have human skin with no hair all the way to the tuft of hair at the end, or is her tail covered with lion's fur the same way a lion's tail would be?

Except for the tuft (which is silken like the hair on her head, not like animal fur) it's covered in very fine flesh-coloured peach-fuzzy velvety fur that goes all the way up her back and across her shoulders. It's a very nice tail as far as tails go.
Will you be announcing the release date for the book on Nov 21st?

The release daaaaate for when you can buy it from the site? It'll be in January I imagine but I'm not stressing over that at the moment. Kickstarter pledgers come first.

"32. Can you believe it?" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA noseriously.

Son, don't sass me.


You're still subject to my whims, rummy.

Is there First Helium? Could it be enchanted to make your voice permanently high and squeaky?

"So it's short for like, swagger. Y'all make me feel old." how old are you anyways?

32. Can you believe it?

I'm not sure if it's just me but Cresce is starting to sound a lot like communist Russia.

All right.

Next Wednesday, I'll launch the "Unsounded: 7 Chapters, 7 Days of Poop" retrospective, where every day for a week I'll ask a different poop-themed question, one for each chapter. Be there at 12 AM EST!


You don't know what swag is?!? Well, luckily I wrote this song to explain it! Hit it, boys! *Da-dum-da-dum-dum-DUM-dum!*


"I take it to mean money or treasure but does it now mean... like, coolness?" Coolness, smoothness, good with chicks. That sort of thing. #yolo #exceptduanehelivestwice

So it's short for like, swagger. Y'all make me feel old.

Alive Duane reminds me of one of my roommates in college--blond bowl cut, chin-strap beard, really dorky about science (I guess the closest thing we have to pymary). Just thought you'd like to know. :-)

Well, it cheers many when I tell them that Duane no longer has that hairstyle. Alive!Duane looks pretty different now. Think it's an improvement @mindaroth ?

In that first Duane and Sette comic Sette's ears are pointy. Did you design her at first as a neko?

They're honestly not pointy, it was just how I drew ears at the time. They are frickin' huge though, poor girl.

What do you honestly think about anons who ask questions about poop?

I figure they're just as bored as everyone else on here.

Which of your characters has the most swag? (I'm guessing either Bastion or Murk......)

I think that word means something different now than what I'm used to it meaning. I take it to mean money or treasure but does it now mean... like, coolness?

Do you ever wish that aliens would come down and keep humans as pets?

Depends what they wanna do with us :3

Which of your characters in Unsounded is the best at drawing?

Will's mom was an awesome painter. Duane's a competent draftsman, he used to illuminate manuscripts by hand as a hobby. I don't have any other characters who really do art though... well, Lawrence writes poetry and Rebecca is an accomplished pianist but they're as creative as any of them get, I guess.

"Theoretically but there's no way he could go for longer than five minutes without talking and letting the gas out." Gives a new meaning to the phrase "full of hot air".


What happens to those Crescians who object to the amount of workload assigned to them?

You can file a complaint about your assignment if you feel it's unfair. If you don't have the backing of your community it's not likely to go anywhere. If you flat-out refuse to work and you're able-bodied, you go to prison. It doesn't happen often though. There's heavy social pressure to fall in line and do your part. If you don't, you're failing your community and your family, and making yourself a burden on the system. Cresce only works if everyone does their part, and people know that. If you don't like your current station, work hard to earn a better one.


\o/ I will abuse this space to say that the book's done. Uploading it to the printer tomorrow. Woo! The bonus story ran long (surprise surprise), so I trimmed the pymary guide down and just covered the basics. And there are seven pages of extra and concept art. I found the very first Duane and Sette comic I ever did. It's too low-res to include but it makes me laugh

"MURKOPH IS A MYSTERY" he's from Durlyne city and you won't tell us cuz he's secretly Duane's brother.

You could be on to something.

And I don't say that facetiously.

Uncovered, does dead duane's torso resemble raziel's torso?

There's not quite as much exposed spine as Raziel's got going on. Duane's still got a lot of tough leathery skin stretching from his ribs to his hips along the sides, but the front is all eaten through and you can see up into his chest cavity, where his fake lungs peep out. Quite tasty.

What provinces of Alderode are Bastion, Duane and Murkoph from?

Duane's from Durlyne city in Durlyne. Bastion's from Morningmont outside of Winalils in eastern Durlyne. MURKOPH IS A MYSTERY.

Murkoph is Aldish? I always thought he was a Sharte...........

H-H-He could be! *deletes previous question*

If Sharteshane were a sweatshop, you could call it Shirteshane.

Well done.

If Duane doesn't need to breathe could he keep like sleeping gas in his lungs as a surprise attack

Theoretically but there's no way he could go for longer than five minutes without talking and letting the gas out.

Say you had to beat Duane at a game or terrible things would happen. What game do you choose?

Audiosurf. Ultra Relax. Ninja Mono Elite.


"Nope. My responses are attached to your questions. You control me. I HAVE NO POWER." Okay, so I'll use my third wish to set you free! Say whatever you want to say. :D

Stockyard Frummagem was in front of me in the sandwich line at Publix.

Not only did he look exactly like Stockyard but after he and his buddy were gone and I was up there getting my sandwich he came BACK and yelled over my shoulder at the sandwich lady saying she'd charged him for a hot sandwich when he hadn't GOT a hot sandwich, and they got into it, and she said that since he got his sandwich pressed it counted as a hot one, and he said it weren't never done like that before and she called the manager, and he still wouldn't back down and he wound up getting the sandwich at the cold sandwich price which is exactly the kind of roguish dickery Stockyard engages in.

Does Murkoph tip well?

None better. Problem is he doesn't stop at the tip; you get the whole thing.

Do any Unsounded characters use nunchucks? (Duane would be way cooler if he used nunchucks instead of a bo staff.) ((Just imagine Duane, a nunchuck under each arm, cloak billowing in the wind, ready for action.))

Donatello was cooler than Michelangelo hence your entire argument fails, anon. Now if you suggest dual sai, then we can talk.

"Habibi tried to be depressing but mostly it was silly." You thought Habibi was silly????? O_O I loved that book!!... So far, I agree with just about everything else you've ever said, though.

It was very impressively researched and drawn, but it left me cold. It was so bogged down in its own filth and misery and I just couldn't find an angle from which to relate to or sympathize to the protagonists who were constantly having bizarre stuff happen to them and then responding even more bizarrely. Maybe it was too artsy for me, I dunno, but it's cool that you liked it.

Do Sharteshanians on the whole chafe at their reputation as no-good thieves, or do they all revel in it like Sette?

Most Sharteshanians never leave the country and are never made aware that the rest of the continent considers them to be scumbags and trash.

Can we see a doodle of RP Quigs? I'm curious how much his appearance has changed now that I know he existed~

I went looking for some old art I know I'd done of him and Uaid but it appears to have disappeared into the aether. Sorry, mate.

I had a dream I went to an Unsounded convention. I dressed up as Duane (even though Matty's Hat is my favorite character). Also, you turned out to secretly be Sarah Vowell.

Shit, I wish I was that cool.

Glass, I'm bored in class. Do you mind if I ask you silly questions? No poop ones, I promise!

Sweet! Although I was asleep seven hours ago when you asked permission :3

What's the most depressin comic you've read?

Either Maus or Persepolis. Habibi tried to be depressing but mostly it was silly.

Opinion on Death Note?

Killer art. Snoozy story. Troll ending.

Ever been to Video Games Live? Tis quite the menagerie of geeks and oddballs, with the occasional suit-wearing, 60 year old gentleman. I simply couldn't tell if he was lost or merely better dressed than the rest of us.

Is that the orchestrated game concert thing? I always thought it'd be pretty hip to go though they tend to play a lot of stuff I don't care about.

So if Unsounded Quigs and Duane FUSION HA'D, you'd end up with RP Quigs?

That's a stretch.

"chaos beasts" tellllll uuuusssss

Chaos beeeeeeasts. Both the Ssaelit and the Gefendur believe that after you die, your soul passes through the khert where it's cleaned up of memories, and then it goes to the Outside for its trials. If you pass the trials (almost no one does) you either get to live with Ssael or the Twins (depending on who you believe in) or get to return to the world as a Vaosa or Victori to help people out.

Most people, though, don't get to stay Outside. Riv calls his dogs - aka the chaos beasts - and they gobble you up and poop a new baby you which is reborn into the world. If you're Ssaelit, there's no Riv involved but the Beasts are the same ones from his time, only now they're masterless and they stalk the silver woods around Ssael's kingdom and eat the souls that can't navigate their way through.

So if Duane or someone says "To the Beasts with it!" (and Duane actually says this in the side story I wrote for the book now that I think about it), he's referring to the chaos beasts.


What if I die in my sleep tonight o_o

"No spoilers or inappropriate stuff if you please~" If Anon hasn't hit inappropriate yet, I am a little worried about what that word means to you.

Pfft, Anon hit inappropriate like the day I started this Formspring, but I delete that stuff and never answer it of course. No point subjecting y'all to the scatological perversions of the interbutts.

If Uaid were much, much larger, would the "Uaid khert" get all loopy deep within his tummy-tum?

It wouldn't get loopy, but eventually you might reach a space in the dead centre of him, where you're furthest away from the First Material boundaries that delineate his personal khert zone, where the lines thin and you can't work pymary.

*not a question* (Upon sending you this, Your Friendly Anon has given you full posting privilege. No more need to wait for a question to post! :D)

Aww. Benevolent dictator <3

How would Sette react if she lost her sense of smell?

I think she'd rather be blind. Her sense of smell is so keen she relies on it for everything, and she identifies people more by their scent than their looks. So she'd be pretty lost and horrified.

Describe what you look like.

Would...........would RP Quigs get along with Unsounded Quigs?

No. RP Quigs was much kinder and better adjusted, socially. Unsounded Quigley would find him doofy, dim, and a terrible wright. He and Duane would get along smashingly though.

Thoughts on sex?

Sex is nice? Largely not worth all the hassle you have to go through to get it though.

Demons in unsounded?

You might hear the word used. Likely it'll be in reference to the chaos beasts or a particularly gruesome senet beast.

I remember you saying RP Quigley was different to the Unsounded version, so I was wondering, was he still a plat? Did plats exist in your RP world?

He was definitely not a Plat, but Plats did exist as well as the whole Aldish caste system. My character Will was/is a Silver, and they only live to fifty, have pretty good pymary, so they're like Plat Lite. But I didn't have any Plat characters in RP, no. It would have just turned into a drama fest, I'm sure.

Quigley was a Sharteshanian, I believe, but he lived in a small village with his family (like in Unsounded). Matty wasn't blind but he had some vaguely defined illness that required expensive medication, so Quigs was rarely home 'cause he was out earning money doing diabolical things to pay for it. He also had a pretty amusing little daughter whose name I can't remember. Marta, maybe. Vienne was still mechanically inclined but Sharteshane doesn't care what chicks do for the most part so there wasn't any gender drama.

Pymary gets weird when you go underground, right? Is it safe to go down there if you don't use pymary, or does the whole place end up looking like the beginning of chapter six?

It's... not going to immediately kill you, but it's hazardous. You don't know where the ground is not really the ground, where gravity is going to abandon you, where oxygen may suddenly only exist in liquid form, where ghosts are slipping and sliding in and out of reality through gashes in the khert that it doesn't feel like mending. It's quite a playground and not to be entered lightly.

In the cover of Chapter Six, is Quiggs desperately defending his son or himself? All I know is he looks kind of nervous.

Both. I'm sure you can imagine the kind of threats Starfish was making on Matty after they got outta Uaid. Quigley was trying to both defend Matty and try to calm the situation (and Starfish) down.

Oh my God, Kasslyne is one giant pymaric, isn't it? O_O


Do you like eggnog?

And let me tell you how! I'm going to the store on Friday because I figure they must finally have pumpkin spice egg nog in stock and that shit, anon, that shit is ambrosia.

If you had to be a disembodied body part, what body part would you choose?

Could be interesting to be an independent penis. Just flop about, have grand adventures, be everyone's pal.

Have you ever thought about . . ."checking out"? What do you think would be the best ways to go?

Suicide? I would get a gun and a good quality rubber raft. Then I'd go out to St. Pete beach in the dead of night, paddle out until I couldn't see shore anymore, sit on the edge of the raft, and blow my brains out so I'd fall backwards into the water. I used to think doing this atop a bridge was a good idea but they've really cracked down on jumpers.

I've heard nitrogen asphyxiation is a pretty painless way to die. Never tried it myself.

I'm going Christmas shopping today! (I'm afraid of post-Thanksgiving shopping...) Who is hardest to shop for on your Christmas (or other holiday... or birthday) list?

Probably my sister in law. She's a Twilight-lovin', baseball-watchin', all American housewife. I generally just get her a giftcard to Target, man, I dunno.

Good luck shopping! Find them deals, tiger.

I think the problem I have with opera is I never know what they're singing about.

Well, there are plenty of operas in English. Check out Gilbert and Sullivan's oeuvre (Ivanhoe and The Mikado are best), Porgy and Bess is amazing, Britten's work is very popular and widely performed (I like his Billy Budd). There's not a lot of popular English language opera before the nineteenth century, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy classical Italian, French, and German opera. Just research the story and characters, find translations of librettos, and get a little bit of context. I think a lot of the staying power of classical opera is how little that context often matters though, and how much the performances convey emotion via the power of the music alone. Most operas have ridiculous storylines that often depend on mistaken identities, mistaken intentions, or just base acts of cruelty. You're not missing out on much hidden narrative complexity. You don't need to know WHY Butterfly is desperately hopeful in Un bel di vedremo or exactly what has the Prince so upset in Nessun Dorma or why the two men are singing separately and then end singing together in Au Fond du Temple Saint. The emotion and music transcends petty narrative details in great operatic arias and duets, and stands alone. The fact that you can connect perfectly well to these powerful emotions that were conceived centuries ago is like travelling back in time and realising nothing important has changed at all, and probably nothing important ever really will.

Would you get wayfinder enchantments attached to your dogs?

I think I'd get them attached to ME. I don't trust my dogs to return to me just because they know where I am... one taste of the adventurous life and they'd be gone.

The cost of the Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change varies depending upon your vehicle type and the location of the service center you visit. Please contact your local Jiffy Lube® to find out the exact pricing. You're welcome! :-D

I knew you'd know, Anon.

I just found Unsounded the day before yesterday, I've read all that's currently released, and now I'm frantically searching for more supplementary material. In short, I love you. :D

I love you too, Dawnfyrre <3

It dawned on me! Cresce looks like a grotesque satire of contemporary USA: total government control, intervention everywhere in its world, Christian... I mean Gefendur...right are rampant, and their accent sounds American to boot, it's US of A, innit?

I wouldn't say so. Crescians espouse environmental responsibility and taking care of one another. whereas the USA is pretty dog eat dog. Alderode is much more American in its warmongering, direct theocracy (Crescians at least disallow clergy to serve in the government), lack of social contract, and its obsession with money'd elites. There are no direct American corollaries in the story though. I am not that pretentious :)

It's funny how everyone assumes Cresce is the Bad Country. You lend too much credence to ranting zombies.

Glass, your writing sucks.... nah I'm just messing with you, your writing is excellent. And what do you mean "haven't studied it"? RP is just writing with friends. Now, you can't really pick it up if you had no talent to being with, but clearly you do.

Eeeenh. I need to do more reading. I always write better if I've been doing a lot of reading. There's just no time for it these days D:

"you always feel a directional tug there that will lead you towards your partner." This connection is broken when a man is made a widower? He isn't perpetually pulled towards his wife's corpse? If his wife became a plod, what would happen? :D

Distinctions between life and death are very easily made in Old Tainish - the words for the blood of a living person and the blood of a dead person are totally different. So these enchantments always pull towards living forms. When those living forms are no more, the enchantment kills itself.

"There's the Council army, the Ssaelit Temple army, and the Gefendur army. " What happens to your tattoo if you're promoted, or is that an uncommon practice? Oh, and what did Duane wear?

Nothing happens to your tattoo. Tattoos everywhere - there, here - are records of your life. You don't get a tattoo removed in our world just because you leave the army. Although you might get a tattoo of your boyfriend's name removed if you break up because he told you he likes to cut up kittens while wearing your underwear, maybe.

Are you able to make a comment on Formspring that isn't attached to a question?

Nope. My responses are attached to your questions. You control me. I HAVE NO POWER.

What kind of pymaric embellishments are common with tattoos, if any?

The most common one is the wayfinder enchantment I described in the last answer. You also have your glowing tats, your smellable tats, your tats that tinkle like bells when you walk, and of course animated tattoos and impossibly photorealistic permanent tattoo glamours.

Are marriage brands distinctive in any way? I'm assuming family brands are essentially the family crest. Are Council Army brands for anyone in the military? I'm a little fuzzy on the different branches.

Marriage brands can look like dang near anything but they tend to involve religious symbols. Poor people don't generally have enchanted brands but if there's money it's common to have the brands made with enchantable ink so that you always feel a directional tug there that will lead you towards your partner. This bred a confusing turn of phrase in Tainish, where a widow or widower is said to be "feeling nothing" when their partner dies.

Alderode has three separate armies that act in concert. There's the Council army, the Ssaelit Temple army, and the Gefendur army. The Council army is the national military body into which anyone can be drafted and contains your unskilled cannon fodder, foot soldiers, fieldwrights, etc. The two religious forces contain mostly knighted elites that have been promoted out of the Council's forces or who are wealthy or titled or both. They also contain cool specialty units like the vliegeng riders and highly trained battlewrights. Because they're wealthier forces, the two religious armies favour brow-piercings and expensive jewelry over tattoos.

What would be your ideal voice cast for Unsounded? Mine's Carl Lumbly (Martian Manhunter from Justice League) as Duane, Maisie Williams (Arya from Game of Thrones) as Sette, Derek Stephen Prince (Ishida from Bleach) as Quigley & Steve Blum for Starfish.

Those all sound good to me (I don't know any of them except Steve Blum who voiced Vincent Valentine once and sounded like crap, so Starfish works for him, sure). The only thing I guess I'd hope for is that the Crescians all sound American, the northern Aldish sound lightly Romanian, and the Sharteshanians sound either obnoxiously English or obnoxiously Southern American. There's something charming about the idea of Sette sounding like a Mississippi redneck.

"It was totally a tramp stamp." Tattoos might not be taboo in Alderode, but does tattoo *position* matter? I mean, in the real world a chest or upper-arm tattoo is generally accepted, but a face or lower-back tattoo is kind of sketchy.

Tattoo position does matter, yeah. Marriage brands go over the heart, family brands go over the left shoulderblade, kussen brands go on the right bicep, Council Army brands are usually on the forearms but some guys get them on their face if they're hardcore, since you spend so much of the year covered up in Alderode. Then you have Black Tongues who get tattoos on their tongues. They killed the practise but wrights of all stripes used to get tongue tattoos. Johfrit has bugs tattooed all over his face like they're crawling out of his nostrils and mouth. He's a pleasant fellow.

Ash, I am procrastinating writing my new book. Do you procrastinate when you start something new? Do you procrastinate a new chapter?

I procrastinate work, naturally, but I've never been one to procrastinate my own work. My own work always gets in the way of the regular lucrative work and then I get in trouble :) So no, I don't procrastinate starting new chapters or doing anything with Unsounded, honestly. It's too enjoyable. I went and did all the illustrations today for the added story in the print edition. And added one extra, even.

So yeah. Get writing, woman!

Is pymary kind of like engineering where you can really do anything at all as long as you know how to do it and with what, or is it more like gymnastics, where there are physical limitations you can reach? Can a wright hypothetically destroy the world?

Pymary... is kind of like pymary :D Pymary is a system for using the language of Old Tainish to condense, switch about, or isolate Aspects (rules for how matter interacts with other matter and the environment) via the lines of the khert (a force/dimension that acts as the canvas for reality). The khert has at its core unchangeable Laws that it will not allow to be violated (the laws of thermodynamics, of gravity, of time, of space, etc.). The khert enforces these laws, tidies up matter that has been corrupted by pymary, and oversees existence (in an impartial, mechanical way).

Pymary can be a bit like engineering though, yes, if you are well-versed. The ability of the khert to follow logical commands in progression and to store complex spells for later use makes pymary something like programming. Logical thinking, then, and intelligent usage of your pymaric toolbox make many things possible.

How long did it take you to develop Tainish? With all the grammar and spelling rules and pronunciations..

It's still in development, honestly. I'm always tweaking it when I have a spare moment, or shifting sounds around to sound more poetic or give certain phrases a more pleasing meter. Overall though I've been working on it at least as long as Duane has been a character of mine, so that's over a decade.

If all the Anons sending you questions melded into a single entity that had its own Formspring page, what questions would you ask it / us?

"How much does an oil change cost at Jiffy Lube?"

Continuing the storm question, how much do they know about the nature of storm fronts in Kasslyne? Maybe they couldn't bring in storms from just anywhere, but could they bring in two opposing fronts, a hot and cold, and create some seriously bad weather?

Absolutely! Maybe we'll see this in the comic one day :D

Aw, Glass, don't be sad! ;A; Here, I hope this makes you happier:

Oh, gosh, thank you. I need one of those things right now.

If Duane took his eyes out of their sockets, could he still see with them?

As long as he was making physical contact with them. He couldn't leave them somewhere and spy on people like Mrs. Potatohead though.

Sad music is making me sad. Anyway, have you read something so terrible it (almost) made you physically sick, and what was it if you have?

Well, the only thing that comes to mind are various news stories. Holocaust stories. Stories from Hiroshima. I've never read any fiction that managed to be as horrifying as real life.

Does being an author and comic book artist make you more sympathetic to less talented artist or less? Also, how much mind do you pay critics? Heck, what are your feelings on professional critics in general?

Interesting questions... I don't feel sympathetic towards "less talented" artists at all. Art isn't a magic gift you get given and hence not a gift that an aspiring artist has been denied; it's something you have to work very hard at. So if an artist is "less talented" I say they need to work a lot harder but I don't look at their efforts and feel bad for them. And if they do work their butts off and still suck, I still don't feel bad for them. I would tell them they need to stop deluding themselves and go find a different way to pass their time.

I went to art college. No touchy-feely art love here. Keep working hard and get better, or give it up and go do something else.

On that note, I'm pretty steely when it comes to other people's critiques of my art. I know what's wrong with everything I do the moment I put it out there. I'm much more sensitive to critiques of my writing. It's the "skill" I have that's much less refined and that I don't know a whole lot about on a technical level. Didn't go to school for it, haven't studied it; I just like to do it. So when people point out that I suck at it I want to hide in a corner.

Professional critics... I like professional movie critics. They save me time and money. Professional video game critics like Yahtzee are hilarious and entertaining. Professional comic critics... with Wizard dead, are there professional comic critics anymore? I dunno.

What is your opinion of llamas???????

Llamas are pretty cool. Have you ever seen The Emperor's New Groove? I will forever associate llamas with that movie. And with deviantArt, I suppose, though I never understood their whole llama fixation.

If you had the opportunity to eat dinosaur meat, would you?

Only if it's farm-raised and hormone-free.

Where do you want to move to?

Maybe Tarpon Springs. I like Greek food.

November 15th is the birthday of a dear friend who committed suicide, and as it comes closer I'm getting very sad. Would you have anything to cheer me up? =C

I have only beautiful opera, which always cheers me up. I'm sorry about your friend, that's terrible :(

Did you know that in some tabletop RPG circles, freeform rp is known as magical tea party?

No, but I kind of like that name :) I do know that freeform is often looked at by tabletoppers with a large degree of scorn, and considered the realm of furry cybersex and demonic angel half-drow squirrel adept dynasties. I have seen chatrooms like that; I understand where the stereotype comes from.

Erm...what's gonna happen to all them crunchity munchity bits of Mr Turas in Duane? They're gonna fall out, right? Duane has no internal organs to digest. Ech, that's gonna stain.

Turas is fine! Geez! He and Duane have been watching In Living Color reruns all night.

What do you think of paper lanterns?

They so pretty.

What's going on in your life right now?

Lots of family drama and unhappiness. I want to move away but I can't right now. Maybe next year.

Are you in charge of any particular piece of Thanksgiving dinner? (example: I am always in charge of potatoes and stuffing and appetizers)

Yeah, usually I do one side dish and one dessert. Thanksgiving this year will be really, really small though, so I'm nixing the dessert and just doing one side dish. All the family hates each other, no one wants to do a big dinner.

Appetizers at Thanksgiving... that's like flinging grenades before detonating a nuke :3

Wait, so Quigley has a stormcalling box? Even if they're rare/illegal/expensive, any reasonably good wright can manipulate weather with these boxes? The continent is lucky their malcontents seem to be reasonably principled...

They are illegal and you do have to know how to use them, but yeah. Storms can be rolled in. Now this is pymary we're dealing with, mind you, and it can only bring in storms that are already somewhere in the area - not create disastrous weather when there ain't no disastrous weather. So if it's raining in a neighbouring city that storm could be blown a few miles over.

What's the most flowery way you can think of to say "poo"?

Excrescence is nice.

Hmm, "Boquet of Monsters" sounds like a good name for my death metal band. Can I use it?

Absolutely. Where can I preorder your first release?

Are the glamored Red Eyes the latest fashion in Cresce, or is it a Sharteshanian fashion?

It's fashionable everywhere. Zany eye colours, man! Who wouldn't want them?

Are the Mmatont violently intolerant of all other religions, or do they merely want the freedom to practice their beliefs (in addition to Soud control of Tain)?

Pretty much the latter although the Mmatont aren't as uniform a faith as the others, so opinions vary. Most don't care what's done outside of Tain and Anchert as long as they're left alone though.



So I heard you (at least used to) read The Meek, did you know that it's started updating again? Do you think the erratic updating is worth the awesome art and story, that is if you think the art and story are awesome.

I kinda fell outta The Meek. I gave it another go when she started updating again but it didn't stick. Probably when I see on /co/ that something Epic And Amazing has happened I'll go back and reread it.

What's the most flowery sentence you can come up with right now?

Buried fathoms deep in the chthonic crevasse of my skull throbs an awful ache birthed of quarrelsome kinsmen, absentee coffee, and the overwhelming reality of a rotten, maggoty Monday.

If someone asked you on a date, but brought you a boquet of monsters instead of flowers, would you accept?

It would depend on the quality of the monsters. If they're just a bunch of second-hand imps or weepy Republicans in Scream masks, I'd have to decline; if it was a whole bundle of fresh ghouls or even a bright-eyed tentacle-fiend with a fresh coat of slime, sure!

If you could be any kind of food, what would you be? (Just to let you know, you're being sent as a donation to a disaster relief group for starving children of hurricane victims.)

Goddamnit. Okay, I'd be a gooey sweet potato dish because sweet potatoes are both delicious and nutritious. I am eating one right now.

...I wonder if it used to be a person.

If you could be any kind of sandwich, what kind would you be?

Turds and shingles. If I was anything too delicious someone would eat me :(

The title page is interesting. That looks like the khert. What is the bird and the fish?

Chapter seven.

"The Sharteshanians." Did you really dedicate your book to your role playing group?

It was the least I could do.

Is there anything Duane, Toma, and Quiggly agree upon? If they were to band together and fight something, what would it be?

I think the obvious one would be injustice, or harm inflicted on innocents. Quigley's twisted and jaded, but he has a real breaking point when it comes to someone doing truly dirty shit in his proximity.

But who knows, maybe the comic will answer your question specifically one day :3

Who would you say is the main character of Unsounded? Supposing you could pick only one, that is. Would you say Sette?...

It probably is Sette, but Duane's right on her tail. At least for the first book. The second book shifts focus a bit.

"I even like Sephiroth." That's very feminine indeed. How do you feel about Jecht, then?

I never got very far in FFX, didn't care for it.

Is Duane's affair with a Third Option canon then?

Yep. It was a major event of his life.

People keep talking about the PDF version of the comic. Did I miss something? Also, I made a key lime cheesecake yesterday and ate some for breakfast today. DELICIOUS!

Mmm, cheesecake. There was a PDF available for purchase during the Kickstarter. I released it yesterday. If you pledged for it, go get it!

Why do you capitilize the v in void?

Always play with their minds.

I was watching a movie and in the credits was "Duane Adler" and I first read it as "Duane Adelier." Just thought you should know. Also, PDF! This makes me so happy, thank you! <3


How would Bastion react upon learning Cara’s fate?

Oh, God, he would drink for days and then go off and do something self-destructive.

What's the girliest thing you'll admit to liking?

Well, I like to cook. I like kids. Those aren't very interesting though...

I like Sleepless in Seattle! And I like Final Fantasy bishounen. I even like Sephiroth. I like Anne Rice's vampire novels. I like adorable sex toys. I like Alanis Morissette and Enya.

Damn, I'm starting to sound like a uterus here.

What are you looking forward to eating most this Thanksgiving?

Mmmmm. Broccoli cheese casserole and cranberry sauce. I have a deep, passionate, unnatural, profane love of cranberry sauce.

Just wanna throw my appreciative comments into the ring; the pdf version looks amazeballs. You've really handled the layouts well, it looks fantastic! I can't wait for the print version so I can finally slap people around the chops with it and say "READ!"

Thank you, kirbish T_T I really busted my butt the past few weeks getting it to come together. So much bleed to draw, so much art to tweak. On the whole I'm satisfied with it though a lot of the earliest pages have a choppy look since I only redrew a few of them. I suppose it's fine though. A record of progress. Thanks for the kind words.

Is the book going to come out in time for Christmass? I want to get it and give it to all my friends.

I'm hoping so, man, I'm hoping so. It occurred to me the other day that all this shipping is going to be going on around the holidays, and that's not so good.

Your opinion on webcomics has to be taken with more impact than most, I mean you make a pretty solid one.

I dunno, I think we're all equally valid critics. We all know what we personally like.

So, you're pretty much as big a nihilist as I am, judging from some replies. How do you manage to be so productive despite it all? Also, been going through a rough patch and when I tally reasons to keep living, reading unsounded is on the list. :)

I'm glad Unsounded plays some small part in keeping you from the Void.

One nice thing about nihilism is that it leaves it up to you to assign meaning to whatever feels most important. What makes you happy, Anon? I like making up characters and stories and worlds. It just makes me happy for some reason, call it a random belch of my particular brain chemistry. What looks to you like productivity and work is really just me making myself happy.

You gotta figure out what makes you happy and then find a way to pursue it. Even if it's just playing video games or watching or reading cool stuff. If you have that carrot on a stick out there all the time maybe it'll help you get through the unhappy shit like working for other people or doing the dishes.

I found you a relevant old picture I once drew.

What kind of butt do you want in 60 days? (That's the question on the "Brazil Butt Lift" ad I'm seeing on your Formspring page right now.)

I want YOUR butt, Anon; a cheek in each hand.

just finished the last posted page of Shadoweyes. You're right, Glass - it's very good.

YES! I've actually only read a bit of it on the web, haha. I liked it so much I had to immediately buy both printed volumes. Ross Campbell is my fave, I hope he gets another volume out soon, the second one ends on a CRUEL cliffhanger.
Yay! PDF comic! I loved the new bits of art and thought the dialogue tweaks added clarity. Nice job, lady.

Thanks, Icey! If only I hadn't left out two pages. Ugh, most embarrassing mistake ever.

Is crying a sign of weakness?

No way.

"Sunday, Bloody Sunday"... U2?


Digger! I am pretty sure that is my favorite webcomic ever. Mostly because it managed to have a good story arc then ended when the time was right, and it managed a bittersweet ending that didn't feel like an asspull. Also, prophetic snails.


"Fill it with quality" - well, I kind of thought I did, but I didn't expect a 'ha ha do not mention these things pleb' reaction from Ava's Demon. I'm guessing it fails on one of those fronts for you though.

You're right, I'm sorry. Ava's Demon really is a nice comic, but it's just not for me. I didn't mean to sound like I was including it in a category of mediocre comics. Also you are not a pleb and I am not anyone special whose opinions should be elevated. You should do what you want and read what you want and bollocks to my thoughts on the matter :)

You should meet Rory the Rabbit. Points for anybody who DOES know who he is.

I know Robbie the Rabbit :D

Do you like any webcomics?

Absolutely. I like TJ&Amal, Shadoweyes, Nedroid, Lackadaisy, Oglaf, and Penny-Arcade sometimes. I liked Rice Boy, Artifice, Digger, and Lost At Sea a lot too before they ended. I'm overall not a fan of zaniness, broad comedy, anything excessively emo or hipster or precious. I want something that feels well-rounded, with a lot of thought behind it, that doesn't take itself TOO seriously, and that knows how to pace its story.

And I don't settle for anything less. There are too many comics out there in print for me to waste time on mediocre webcomics just because they're free. You should feel the same way, anon. Life is short. Fill it with quality.

What is Quigs doing on Chapter five's cover? What is that weird... abacus?.. thing he has?

He's working on pulling in the storm he said he was gonna use to sneak them across the river. The abacus-looking thing and the box it's attached to is a stormfinder. Sounding the sky for the weather you need is quite beyond the range of what one wright can do with the available lines, so you need pymarics to extend your reach and help you out.

Have you read/do you read Unsounded?

Jesus, no, that is trash.

Oh, and speaking of webcomics, do you still do the Midnight Tea Party?

I wouldn't mind doing new pages next year. It belongs to @GoblinMarket though, so he writes it and gets it illustrated as his authorial whims dictate. The next non-Unsounded comic I have plans to do is a story in a Japanese Vagrant Story doujinshi anthology. I'm sure you're very, very interested ;)

What is that... raven's head?.. hanging over Duane's head in 6-37? Some kind of dream-catcher?

Ha, you'll see what that is next chapter.

Would Duane's affair with a Third Option be considered a homosexual act? This is what has been keeping me up at night, unfortunately.

Hrmm, I suppose you could look at it that way, but since he found boobs and a fish taco underneath her clothes he felt pretty okay with his heterosexuality afterwards.

"Historians say beer is responsible for civilisation, more or less.' Science Anon here to say..that you are absolutely right! :D (pleaseloveme).

Oh, Science Anon, I think you're tops.

"So Duane wasn't secretly a redneck punk or yakuza" Yet another reason why you don't get to make frowny faces >:(


Hi! Do you know Rory the Rabbit?

Hmm, I don't believe so.

Have you read/do you read Ava's Demon?

Anon, don't ask me about webcomics. You will come to hate me because I probably dislike everything you read.

Duane had a tattoo? It wasn't one of those lower-back dealies, was it?

It was totally a tramp stamp.

I should add that tattoos in Alderode are a classy thing to get. They don't have any of the negative connotations they have in our world, and are as commonplace and unremarkable as pierced ears. So Duane wasn't secretly a redneck punk or yakuza.

Do you like pie and riches and interesting monsters?

I do!

If Knock has "several" boyfriends and "a nice mix" of "pets", then she must be very beautiful and very pleasant by Kasslyne standards, right?

A strange conclusion to draw when you haven't seen the quality of those boyfriends. Ugly people need lovin' too.

Will we ever get to see Duane's tattoo?

Haha, could make a good incentive picture.

"The natural world is particularly scary in Sharteshane" Is there a spoilery reason as to why this is the case? :-)

Just the way it is, really. Why is the natural world particularly scary in Australia? Have you SEEN their bugs?

Could a non-Soud joint the Mmatont or practice their religion?

I suppose it's possible but it seems unlikely.

So, in 6:2, I notice that there are plants with rabbit heads. Are those normal Kasslyne plants or are they there to match all of the other weird things in the picture?

Weird on purpose. Rabbit-headed plants are not common fauna in Ulestry.

If Unsounded Duane could meet RP Duane, would they be best bros?

They're really almost identical except for technicalities and setting fluff. Duane's been largely the same for the past twelve years.

This is probably interpreting a lot - again - but it's what I learned in school! Were the Dammakhert and the castes in Alderode inspired in some way by the Noble Lie in Plato's Republic? I mean, different castes being denominated by different metals, and-

"-the Dammakhert sounds like a mythical explanation to the uninitiated. It fits! (If you're wondering, this is what 3 years of Ancient Greek heavy on the philosophy will do to you.)"

Haha, impressive comparison, but there's no connection. I used metals because I thought the names were catchy and aligned well with different actual hair colours (I didn't want to use artificial hair colours - blue and green and pink - too anime).

I find it odd that Ssael wouldn't make exceptions for people who are raised involuntarily. I mean, it was evidently a Thing for a while to use the corpses of the enemy in wars as plods, and religions usually handwave things that would be as hugely -

"unpopular as damning all those people when it wasn't their fault they got raised. Basically, you'd expect some kind of doctrine of innocence for the involuntarily raised. Otherwise it's open season on damning your enemies for fun and profit."

Plods haven't been used in warfare for a century or more, but at the time there was indeed some doctrinal tweaking that declared undeath forgivable if it was inflicted in battle, or for the greater good of the country. It still didn't stop the end of plods in warfare, and the general Ssaelit populace still abhors desecration of the dead. Rather than face a schism, the temple dissolved the decree once plods were outlawed in battle, and to this day plods are overall illegal in Alderode.

This is exceedingly important: Is there beer in Kassylne?

Absolutely. Historians say beer is responsible for civilisation, more or less.

Who built the tomb/temple in 2-42 and on? Were that (perhaps, more advanced) locals? Were they the ones to build the wall in 2-39, too?

It was all built by Ulestrians in previous centuries. No secret, ancient, hidden cultures, just previous generations.

I've had "50 Ways to Say Goodbye" stuck in my head for the last week or so. What's the last song you couldn't get out of your head?

"Sunday, Bloody Sunday"

Are most of Sharteshane nobility actually businesspeople who bought themselves a knighthood?

Not most, but a fair number. You can buy almost anything in Sharteshane.

Why is New Arlit new?


Would you classify the Mmatont as terrorists?

Technically I suppose they are.

Glass, have you seen the trailer for Warm Bodies? Initially, it made me think of Duane. Of course, roadkill makes me think of Duane...

Oh, my gosh, this looks cute :3 I like the inversion of the zombie infection trope. Nice.

How did Rinst survive?

Mostly he survived because the other princes were killed and Nihil needed him around to keep the undercity under control while he was off super-villaining. Also he was highly entertaining and there was no way I was going to do anything to remove him from the world :D My friend Steve is an amazing writer and now he squanders his talents working in IT and running tabletop games with a bunch of mouthbreathers in Utah. TRAGEDY.

GLAAASSSS, why is it taking so long for Nov 21 to be here? I need new arts soooo mucccchh.

I'm sorry T_T Soon.

Rap in kassylyne?

Sure, why not?

So Murk and Bastion are NOT on the same team?!? That is valuable information! >:D


The >:D anon is on to something! "My main characters were Bastion, Will, Minnow, Murkoph, and the bad guys." Which means Bastion and Murk were both somehow on the good side. Is that even possible for someone like Murkoph?

I respect your detective skills, but it's incorrect to lump everyone together that's not in the "bad guys" group :3 Bastion and Will didn't even know each other's names. There were a lot of different groups of characters, even among the "bad guys" label. It was just crazy complex, anon, trust me.

Inquiry: Status. Parameters: Print edition, Print edition side story, Chapter 8 completion. ¥[*.*]¥


Print edition: I had to apply for a Sales Tax certificate thing from the state and that came on Friday. I'll send that along on Monday and that should be the last of the paperwork I need. This printer is like, really officious. But they are good people.

Side story: Finished it TONIGHT. What's more I actually like it. It's got some good Sette/Duane banter, a fight scene, and a one-shot character that I found fairly interesting to write. It's very tight and self-contained and fits very well where it should. I hope you dig it. This week I will do the illustrations for it (I'm thinking there will be three), and hopefully get through the pymary guide. That leaves next weekend for the finishing touches and ideally the book is in the printer's hands by the time updates resume next Wednesday. That'd be pretty bitchin'.

Chapter 8? The next chapter is chapter 7 and it's not finished yet. It's really, really long. I'm eighty pages into it and not even on the last scene, so. I'll be working on it as I'm posting it. I kind of hate to do that but enh, can't be helped.

So Murk and Bastion were on the same team?!? That is valuable information! >:D

Pfft, I dunno how you drew THAT conclusion.

"Lord Nihil found him and distastefully ripped the charred body off him and did horrible things to his ghost" What things what things? I know you probably have some good reason for not telling us, but pleeeeeeeaaaaaassssseeeee?

Naw, not good reasons, I just feel boring relating my old RP stories like anyone would care about them. But I will oblige if you like.

A major artifact back in RP was the abraxas. I may have ripped it out of Ravenloft or somewhere, I honestly don't recall, but it was an artifact that Bastion utilized a lot and that feature in a lot of story turns. An abraxas was a special stone that held and trapped a soul. You could hold that soul there indefinitely and it would be blind to everything but what you allowed it to experience or sense. So you could trap the soul of a knowledgeable wizard and forever have at your disposal a magical dictionary, provided the soul was obedient and told you want you wanted to know when you wanted to know it. In order to get these souls compliant you often had to break them via horrible means. Even Bastion would do this, it was pretty gruesome.

Nihil collected souls in abraxes like baseball cards. He found Duane, ripped him out of his body, and stuffed his soul away because he didn't often come across Aldish sorcerers and thought he was an interesting novelty, all zombified, righteous, and knowledgeable. But you really don't want to be an abraxas in Nihil's care. If he got in a bad mood he would drop his soulstones in vats of liquid pain or let his lizardmen shriek in their ghostly ears or lock them in blackness for three centuries or force them to relive the most agonizing moments of their lives a thousand times over. Typical evil prick stuff.

Such horrors were heaped upon Duane, so that by the end of it he didn't even remember who he was anymore. It was a pretty horrible end for him in RP and I kind of regret doing it, but I was never anything but mean to that poor bastard.

Again and again, Glass, I find myself wishing I had been able to RP with you and the rest of your RP-friends. Sounds soooo much fun.

Maybe! It wasn't for everyone, I know that. We wrote a LOT so it was a lot to read every day, and we didn't tolerate people who were slow to reply. We were kind of bitchy :D

The not lich guy was some sort of ascended god bits, right? How'd Duane take that?

Duane wasn't really in the game. My main characters were Bastion, Will, Minnow, Murkoph, and the bad guys. Sette and Duane's hey day was back in Keltara really, a setting on the Shards site that someone else ran. Duane and Sette moved to Sharteshane with everyone else when we switched, but Duane met his end in the first major story (he'd gotten hard to play anyway since a lot of the characters in his life weren't around anymore). Sette was typically too fragile to play around the scary baddies that popped up once the plot started getting heavy but sometimes she'd pop up for comic relief.

RP Duane had to be a little more flexible in his beliefs though. The evidence of multiple gods was everywhere, so he more thought of Ssael as the BEST god. Unsounded doesn't have that problem since I don't have to accommodate for my players' characters' myriad religions. Believing in only one god is a lot easier when you don't have paladins down the street receiving blessings twice daily from Hilda, Goddess of the Codpiece.

"My friend Steve played Rinst, a skeletal fop who loved flesh-crafting his victims into agonized plant-things for his macabre underground garden." Whoa. You should contact Steve and beg him for permission to use that character! O_O

I could never write him as sublimely as Steve. I was just flipping through old threads to find you a sample but it's all too great. Poor Rinst. He was the only vassalich to survive the game. The others all died in various ways.

"By the end of things it was revealed that Nihil had had a hand in the backstories and motivations of almost the entire cast, bringing them to Hanghorse to serve his purposes." So basically.............Nihil is Aizen-taichou!

You guys watch a heckuva lot more anime than I do.

"and then Lord Nihil found him " tell us about lord nihil.

Lord Nihil... was the main antagonist of the Sharteshane RP. The Big Bad. On the surface he was your standard megalomaniacal Lich-Lord villain, but one of the big twists of the storyline was that he wasn't a lich at all, and was instead something a lot more difficult to deal with.

He had four princely "vassalich" sons. I played Thield, a bull-headed, violent, scheming, insecure wretch. My friend Steve played Rinst, a skeletal fop who loved flesh-crafting his victims into agonized plant-things for his macabre underground garden (this character was amazing). My friend Adam played Stellant, a neurotic, cerebral, aloof magical master who locked himself away, terrified of his family's machinations. The fourth brother, Gronde, was killed by Nihil for disobedience just prior to the story's beginning, when his warmongering against the paladins on the surface grew too dangerous.

The relationship and politics between the undercity and the paladins up in Hanghorse was a huge part of Sharteshane RP. In the latter half of the story Nihil began to subtly influence them via my character Bastion, who fell under his thrall.

By the end of things it was revealed that Nihil had had a hand in the backstories and motivations of almost the entire cast, bringing them to Hanghorse to serve his purposes. All was as he'd arranged it, and all of it had been brought together for his benefit. It all got really convoluted, but I think of my best work ever was in that RP.

Alas, Nihil only exists in Unsounded as a boogeyman and a tall tale. If he's still deep underground with his four horrible sons and his city of corpses is anyone's guess; but it's not an issue the comic will touch upon.

Did you draw that picture of New Tawhoque seaside, with a bunch of schooners, the "Sharteshane roleplay & misc." one, just for RP, or was it for something else, and then you re-used it for RP?

Man, I wish that was mine. It was just a painting I found long ago that looked just like I imagined Hanghorse to look, so I used it for a header. I'm not even sure who the artist is, it may be 19th century.

The manga of Fullmetal Alchemist is honestly better than either adaptation. (Book trumps movie, eh?) It's the most tightly-plotted large-scale manga I've ever read, and the cast overflows with vulnerable men & diverse, badass ladies of every stripe.

Sweet, man.

If I recall correctly, Duane was never a zombie in RP, right? He did stuff for a while and died and was a ghost sometimes or something like that. So, when did you decide that he would be a zombie? Was it just something that happened to him as you were--

"--imagining his story, or was it more like, “Wow, I wonder how angsty Duane would be if he became a zombie. Let’s find out!”?"

Ahhh, no, no. Duane has always been a zombie. He was a zombie for a long time, then incinerated himself to try and escape the clutches of a demon. It didn't work so great, Duane gimped around the underground for a long time trying to find a way back to the surface, and then Lord Nihil found him and distastefully ripped the charred body off him and did horrible things to his ghost. But he was always undead :) Not to say I don't like writing alive!Duane but he's a much more conventional sort of character when you don't stir undeath into the mix.

How secure is the Vits's hold on Anchert? Are the Mmatont in nominal control?

Anchert is veeeery difficult to control. The islands are absolutely inhospitable, being mainly ice encrusted mountains and sheer cliffs with taiga and evergreen forests wedged into the chinks. If they were more resource-rich I doubt the Mmatont would have survived there as long as they have - the Aldish would have pushed them out. As it stands, Vits (no "the," just Vits) doesn't care a great deal about throwing men and money at the Mmatont problem as long as they stay across the water. It's when they come over and start sniffing around Tain or launch terrorist attacks in the cities that Vits strikes back. Anchert's smaller islands have had the entirety of their forests burned to cinders more than once, but the Mmatont are hearty and they say they have the khert on their side.

So who controls Anchert? Alderode says it's their holding but the inhabitants disagree.

Why do you capitilize the g in god whenever you talk about Ssael? It's not like he's the omnipotent creator of the universe like the christian God. He just a smart,powerfull, wise dude chillin in the afterlife with his homies.

I've written so many characters that consider Ssael the one true God that they stab me in the back of the skull if I don't talk about Him the way they would :) If I gotta answer a question from Duane's POV, that POV is likely to carry through the whole answer. Can't be helped!

"but it's a source of a lot of his conflict" Since he believes that Ssael exists out there, has he ever thought of personally seeking him out and asking him?

Seeking physical evidence of gods is a madman's path. If Duane was meant to speak with God he would have gone to Him when he died. That he didn't - in Duane's mind - speaks volumes. For now Duane simply prays to him - for forgiveness, guidance, and strength - and hopes that he's acting in a way that will convince Ssael to forgive him one day but convince him also, more importantly, to watch over the people Duane loves in his absence.

Less wrist-slashingly, I'm sitting in B&N using their wifi while two blocks down the street at Kauffman Tires my car is getting new shoooooes~~~ The guy was like, those are the ORIGINAL tires? And I was all sheepishly yeaaaah. And he said why are you not dead and I was like because that would be too EASY.

"Ssaelit always blame the victim in this case, it's scriptural edict to do so" bummer for Duane. I guess this explains a few things about him. I'm trying to figure out how to ask him about it without him clamming up.

It's not his favourite thing to think about, but it's a source of a lot of his conflict. The two unforgivable sins in Ssaelit canon are undeath and suicide. WELL DARN. He can't undo the one without doing the other. Or would it even count? Or would it be even worse? Or is he supposed to keep on as penance? Or does Ssael not even care anymore? Or Or Or? He's damned by default but is he doubly damned if he takes action? If he doesn't? And it's not like he can flip to the Gospel of Vaosa Zombie for advice; his situation is a bit unprecedented. So he presses on, distracts himself, and tries to be a cause of occasional good in spite of being an abomination. He's not as morose as he could be, in spite of it all. Sette's good for him.

I just got the biggest urge for fresh baked bread. Melted butter on the crust is the best thing ever. Do you bake much Glass? All this pie love suggests you'd be a baking aficionado

You know, I cook a lot, but I don't really bake. If I baked as much pie as I wanted to eat all the time I'd weigh about sixty stone :D

Some people swore oaths on the bibles, on graves, on the ancestral blood of their Clans, various other things... My question, is what is the last thing you swore an oath on?

I don't think I've ever sworn an oath, much less attached it to something. I'm just not as viking as I could be.

Square-riggers can't really point upwind like fore-and-aft rigged ships can, so square-riggers are no good for coastal navigation, how come Kasslynians use them at all?

Because I like to draw square-rigged ships, they are lovely.

Taking a course on India this semester. I was wondering if the word 'galit' had any relation to the word 'dalit', in terms of your deciding to use it.

I should say yes, but it's honestly an accident. It would be eerily appropriate though. Galit means "damned one" and refers not only to Ssaelit who have been foolish enough to allow their corpse to be stained by undeath (Ssaelit always blame the victim in this case, it's scriptural edict to do so) but to anyone who has either done or had done to them something that Ssael will never forgive. So it does have that lowest of the low connotation.

Isn't India amazing? India and China are just rich like butter, culturally.

How familiar are you with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?


"Not all Crescians are black and not all black characters are Crescian." Wow! That was unexpected. Which other nations are predominantly black or at least have black people?

Is it really unexpected? I think it'd be unrealistic if after a thousand years sharing the same continent there wouldn't have been any immigration or interracial families or people simply fleeing Cresce because they don't care for the government. Cresce is really strict about immigration because its economy is so closed and its government so heavy-handed, but Ulestry, Madishane, Sharteshane, they're much more free and easy. Hence, though Cresce is mostly black, Sharteshane and Madishane are a heterogenous mix of black, white, and brown. Alderode is mostly white but Silvers are darker-skinned, and Coppers can be as well (they go dark red). But then you have Plats who are freaking transparent. It's a dysfunctional rainbow <3

So its said Stockyard does not own the Peaceguard, what would happen to someone who tried to bribe the Peaceguard and why is it they cannot be bought?

The Peaceguard work directly for the Monarchy. People get there by believing particularly strongly in Cresce's ideals, by proving themselves on the field or by being the best in their class. They're at the top of the ladder.

Now why would they risk that by accepting bribes from some two-bit Sharteshanian? It would mean betraying not only the Queen but the ideals of their country. I'm not saying they're incorruptible - every one has their price - but they're not like dealing with the small-time local cops. In our world we hear all the time about cops being corrupted and paid-off, but you don't hear quite as much about someone paying off the FBI.

Do you ever get sick of formspring questions? :3

Now and then, so I take a break. I'm very self-regulating :3

This isn't really a question for you, but might you pass it along? I was randomly wondering if anyone else for NZ watches your formspring...

*passes along*

Ever seen Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood? If not, I recommend it. Good stuff.

Enh, I watched the first few episodes of the original series and then the first episode of the new one. Didn't really grab me.

Opinions on the works of Christopher Moore?

Never read him!

What do you think of rats? As pets, I mean, not infestations.

I wanted pet rats soooo baaaad when I was a kid. They seem very friendly and adorable.

How big is Kassalyne? It must be pretty big if it has so many ethnic groups and weather patterns.

It's pretty big.

I'm assuming the Black Tongue mouth tattoos come after the ball snipping, correct? Also, is it required to get a mouth tattoo, or is it more like a military tattoo -- optional, but commonly done?

It's required. But you want these tattoos, trust me.

Does Bastion see the Black Tongues as old fashioned? Or does he they're right in protecting their traditions?

Mmm, Bastion's relationship with the Ilganyag should be saved for the comic :)

I am the other poop anon, and I do not, in fact, like TYT. I do however like Escaflowne. What now?

Hey, bro, it's not my business what you like or dislike. I ain't the like police.

This is probably the worst way to tell you, but you could distribute the pdfs via Amazon's AWS. Lost more expensive than mediafire, lots more secure, and lots harder to set up. But it's an option. Um, question. Oh! If you really don't like someone, CONT

I'm leaning towards a combination of Scribd and Google Drive thanks to a suggestion from @feline256. If it's good enough for Smut Peddler it's good enough for me.

As for CONTing people you dislike I couldn't agree more :3

Given that only Crescians can join Peaceguard, how did Siwl, an ethnic Ulestrian, get to be a Peaceguard lieutenant?

Siwl is of Ulestrian heritage but he's a Crescian citizen. Not all Crescians are black and not all black characters are Crescian.

OMG I LOVE TYT TOO! Of course, I also love asking questions about balls and poop, so all in all I guess it sort of evens your your enthusiasm for me as a fan. :D PS: I'd buy a Cenk dakimakura if TYT sold one.

Hehe, Cenk IS a dakimakura. I love Cenk but I love everyone else on TYT too. All the regulars are so funny and likeable.

You are okay, poop-anon.

Perhaps tarnet wolves see humans as tuna -- not healthy to eat every day, but a human once or twice a month can and should be part of a balanced diet.

Best answer.

If I were Nate Silver, I'd be all "Ha-ha! In your face, every pundit ever!"

It was never in the television pundits' best interests to call the race. They had to keep pretending it was neck and neck so the mouthbreathers would keep their televisions on, but the polls declared Barry the winner long before Tuesday rolled around. I really loathe the television "news" networks with an undying passion.

But yeah, Silver's good with numbers.

Platypus in Kassylne?

Probably not. Freakish creatures.

When nereids are out of the water, are their gills visible or do they disappear?

Without the water to flare them out, the gill slits sit really flush, closing themselves off so they don't dry out. They get hard to see but they're there.

There's an Aldish exile community in Anchert?

The Mmatont. They don't actually consider themselves Aldish though - hence their exile.

Do you like dogs?

More than people.

So with they only guy he liked dead in Turas and the rest of his team wiped out is Starfish going to get even worse?

Dude, who says Turas is dead? In fiction, no one is dead until you see the corpse and even then it's still not safe to assume until you see it cremated. Even burying isn't good enough.

We're gonna take a little break from Starfish for a few chapters. When he comes back though, he ain't gonna be in a very good mood, no.

"My backyard is full of fuzzy oleander caterpillars, they are the cutest caterpillars ever." Ever seen a wooly bear caterpillar? Those are so adorable. (Not so much in pictures as real life, though.)

Shmoopy ;_;

Is their an exile community of Aldish anywhere outside Alderode (not counting Anchert)?

There have been in the past. They tend to get discovered and massacred. The Gefendur gods are jealous gods.

Pot was legalized in Washington state. Feel like going on a road trip?

Road TRIP. Hur hur.

Hey glass i can use formspring from my new phone! Now i can pester you with inane questions from anywhere! ...So, what do you think of Obama's victory? And when are you sending out that survey for the kickstarter?

I'm glad Obama won! I'm not in love with the guy but I think he was a better option than tricky Mitt. Illusion of choice, amirite?

The Kickstarter surveys are still a while off if you mean for character sketches. I got book layout done, now I'm working on the new short story (I think y'all will like it). Then there's the pymary guide, and thenI'll send the lot on to the printer, hopefully in two weeks right when updates start again. That's the goal.

The PDF should go out this weekend though. I'm wondering how to distribute it. It'll be about 40mb... does anyone have suggestions? It'll be too much traffic just to have downloadable from the site. Is there like a single file one-time distribution service? Google isn't helping.

What are fundamentalist Gefendur like (besides REALLY disliking heretics and heathen, obviously)? Are they socially prudish and conservative? Very matriarchal (men? thinking? HA!)?

Fundamentalist Gefendur were big time antagonists (with a few protagonists among them) back in RP. They're not matriarchal but they are hardcore equal-rights advocates, with men and women spread pretty evenly throughout the church and lots of lady knights. They are very protective of Sharteshane and their churches and cities in particular, and often don't accept different religions or even non-Sharteshanians walking around their streets. You can look to the fundies to realise why Sharteshane and Alderode manage to maintain a civil relationship for the most part. Birds of a feather, in many regards, with Sharteshanian fundies actively admiring the bone-deep theocracy of their northern friends.

But yeah, socially conservative, big on torture and capital punishment, supportive of Gefendur dogma outlining state policy, insistent that every natural disaster and national misfortune is an obvious sign of the Twins' displeasure, etc. They tend to hate undeath as much as Ssaelit and raised a big stink when plod labour was allowed in. There's the same attitude when dealing with any non-human sentients - two-toes, intelligent senet beasts, ghosts. They hate them.

Praetor Maximillian was a very good fundie back in RP. Charitable, heroic, kind-hearted, great with a sword; everything you want a paladin to be. His rival, Praetor Bizet, was just the opposite. A corrupt nobleman who thought Gefendur law should be absolute and unflinching, who wanted all non-humans purged from the country, who believed the Twins spoke personally to him, and who got off on torturing heretics.

"Science anon, shut up!" v(ಥ ̯ ಥ)v Glass can I get a hug?


I love all anons, even poo anon, dakimakura anon, and the various flavours of pedo anon.

"Pretty chill. Bastion is like the least prudish dude around." Bastion sounds more and more like someone I would like to hang out with every day.

Yeah, he's a cool dude.

My backyard is full of fuzzy oleander caterpillars, they are the cutest caterpillars ever.

Right now Duane is hug-battling Turas with his belly.

D: I'm sure they're just playing cards.

Hell, I go away for a week, and it's all balls, poop, and water boobies. Glass, tell me more about the different political parties in the continent. We know about the Gefendur sects, and the various groups in Alderode. Does Cresce allow...(cont)

"...any benign political organizations in Cresce? What about Sharteshane?"

You could probably guess at a lot of the political organisations in Sharteshane, it's not too different from RP. You have your largely feckless and casually Gefendur monarchy (remember the Office of Sortilege? Mayors Roald Luthi and Val Delacroix? That's the attitude), your extremist Gefendur church with its paladins and clergy, your godless aristocracy which is largely populated by businessmen, and then your rogues. A lot of the rogues act as limbs for aristocratic sponsors, destroying their opponents and their people, laundering money, running small businesses in town. The relationship between the nobles and the rogues is a fluid one.

Cresce is a bit less interesting. There are small opposition parties but the Sonorie dynasty is extremely popular and they can't gain much traction. These parties espouse all kinds of ideals, from the legitimacy of certain other deposed aristocratic families to conceding hundreds of miles of borderlands to Alderode, to forcefully invading and destroying Alderode, to all-out Aldish sympathy and support. You gotta be really careful who you rant to in Cresce though. The wrong person hears your controversial opinion and you could find yourself disappeared.

Are any of the Aldish sailors who visit Sharteshane Ssaelit? if so, do they have to hide their faith, or do the Shartes not mind as long as they bring cash with them?

It depends where you go. There are certain Sharteshanian cities that have fallen under the control of extremist Gefendur paladins, and if they suspect you are Ssaelit they may very well arrest you. These cities suffer for their draconian policies and are shunned by a lot of Aldish merchants. In the capital and other larger cities they are cool with whoever as long as someone doesn't show up specifically proselytizing or drawing attention to their beliefs. This isn't generally a problem as the Ssaelit are by nature private about their faith and don't believe in coerced conversion. So it all works out.

Do Black Tongues eat a lot of berries so that they can have black tongues?? /I don't even know if I care, I just thought you'd like a question that wasn't about their balls.

You are merciful ;_; Black Tongues have thickly tattooed tongues and they practise forbidden black arts. That's where their name comes from :)

How would Bastion feel if he knew there were a bunch of people sitting around discussing his sex life and lack of balls?

Pretty chill. Bastion is like the least prudish dude around.

Science anon, shut up! Other science anon would like to point out biology can do weird stuff and humans are nowhere near as toxin-crammed as plenty of stuff predators eat. Check out polar bears sometime.

"Biology can do weird stuff," other science anon says, and that sounds pretty legit.

Unless I've misunderstood Kasslynian physics, the khert destroys matter when a wright messes with certain Aspects. Do you figure that so little is lost at a time that there is no long-term impact, or can matter be created as well? Or is everything doomed?

So little is lost at a time it's not much of an issue.

":(" "but they don't break down into liquid like T-1000." This is why you don't get to make frowny faces.


"Your emoticons are intriguing, sir." Have more, for SCIENCE: ⎝ᄽ⏝⏠⎠ \(^ω^\) לּ_לּ v( ‘.’ )v ⊙▃⊙ ✌♫♪˙❤‿❤˙♫♪✌ (•̪●)=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿ ̿”” ٩(͡๏̮͡๏)۶. So uh...those tarnet wolves eh?


The best part about the Silent Hill hug battle was the action-y music they had playing in the background. The only thing that could've made it better is if Pyramid Head and Claudia had a thumb war.

Oy vey.

If a blacktongue applicant cuts his balls off successfully, but then passes out, do they get him first aid so he doesn't like bleed to death or do the assembled just roll their eyes, make a few comments about how weak and unworthy he is, and leave?

They'd help a brother out. Even if you pass out after doing it the fact that you did it at all shows how hard you are. At that point if you wanna cry a little, that's cool and understandable.

Do you ever wonder if dogs and cats think humans are cute?

Not so much. I wonder if my dogs are confused as to why I'm not constantly in the kitchen eating all the food all the time. Why am I not constantly taking myself for a walk? Why do I willingly choose to let the vacuum out of the closet? I know how to open the front door - why don't I attack and kill the mailman when he comes?

Dogs probably think humans are lame as shit, and pity us more than love us.

Queen Sonorie: MILF or crusty?

Mmm, one day you'll see.

"They can be physically handled though" Sylphsex?

Pfft, yeah. Sex is like a sylph's favourite activity.

Could a Soud practicing the Tainish religion join the March?

I guess she could TRY. If you showed up being all "Anteit Vaosa! Ssael fhikemun rish!" I have to think the March would suspect you were either mad or some kind of really poorly trained spy. But if you could convince them you were really more interested in peace and liberty than making sure the tenets of your faith are adhered to on a national level, maybe they'd be cool.

I'm sorry if you've explained this before, but what exactly are smoke eels?

Ghosts, pests, glitches in the khert, Unsounded's scary angst mascots, compositional elements.

Fuck me I'm drunk and and happy. Happy election day even if you don't care about our gay earth being enveloped by the red giant that will be our sun in 5 billion years. And thanks for writing/drawing something my dumb lizard brain enjoys.

You're welcome, weirdo.

I watched TYT's election coverage and it was pretty great. Does anyone else watch TYT? You really should, it's one of the best things on the internet.

I think you mentioned that the nereids "pretty much all know everything"? Is that an inherent property of theirs, or do they just have a really good method of gathering information? Do the sylphs have anything about them on par with near-omniscience?

According to popular mythology, nereids have been around since the beginning. As in the beginning of Time. So they know everything because they've seen everything, though in the last few hundred years their point-of-view has been restricted to what they can see from the water. Sylphs are in the same situation but they have really poor memory retention, so they tend to forget most of what they learn. But that's okay since the nereids will happily remind them. They pair together nicely.

Would it be possible to use pymary to make artificial human tissue? Could you sustain a sample of it and perhaps prompt it to regenerate an entire organ with pymary?

I don't believe so, Professor Hojo.

Do the Mmatont view sylphs and nereids differently from Gefendur and Ssaelit?

Somewhat. The big two religions consider all the senet beasts to be creatures that bridge the gap between animals and humanity. They're just part of the world, to be befriended or exploited, and are as beholden to deity as any other living thing.

The Mmatont have a very diverse theology that varies a bit from group to group, but the short of it is they worship the khert and they believe that senet beasts are fleshly embodiments of the khert that are themselves worthy of sacrifice and capable of granting boons. They do not believe in what they call "paper gods"; gods like Yerta and Tirna and Ssael who exist only on paper. The Mmatont's gods are touchable and visible and real.

So to the Mmatont, sylphs and nereids, as senet beasts, are in a class above humans. They would never dare imagine bringing harm to them.

Creepy fan anon here: Do you know the names of the books you've done covers for? If so, will you tell us?

Nooooo. 'Cause most of it's independently published erotica :D

Boy: Paris Cope Girl: Tellis Cope If you get hypothetically married, will you give them your hypothetical husband's name, or do you intend to keep your own for yourself and your kids if this ever happens? Also, what about middle names?

I don't believe in marriage~~

Or middle names~~~~~~~~

Or phrenology~~~~~~~~~~

Dear anons concerned about nereids nomming naughty-knobs: Non-water women may do the same thing if you whip it out at them when they aren't in the mood. So why is it so surprising that carnivorous shark murderesses will, too?


Tell us more about sylphs? Everyone else is shouting "NEREID NIPPLES! NEREID NIPPLES!" and I would like to know about sylphs. Obviously, you can't pull them out of the air... are they just as deadly as their girlfriends?

Not generally. Sylphs are happy, air-headed, childish, mischievous scamps. Their Aspects are funny. They've no visibility, no heft, no weight, but a very squishy contour. You can see them in the surf sometimes when nereids are out, the sea spray splashing against them and revealing their boyish outlines. When they're not frolicking with the nereids they're flitting about the world, whispering weird ideas in people's ears, pulling pranks, tying smoke eels into knots, or trying to count the stars. They're not very bright on the whole, and they have terrible memories and attention spans, so it's hard to anger them. Mostly they like to laugh and have a good time.

They can be physically handled though and they can be killed. They have beating hearts and pumping lungs. Gotta catch 'em though.

You vote yet?

I voted by mail.

Hypothetically, if you did have kids, what would you name them?

Boy: Paris Cope
Girl: Tellis Cope

Carroll is the male version of Carol. Are you really a man?! Twist ending!

And Ashley was once an exclusively male name! But naw, the Carroll is after my grandfather who died when my mom was a teenager.

"There are legends of nereids and sylphs falling in love with humans". Sylphs? What are they?

Oh, they're the male equivalent of nereids. Airheads.

If you liquified a nereid in a giant blender, would it be called Ner-Aid?


Are we going to meet Jivi's mother? How about Toma's wife? I mean we have heard she is a mean person but somethings you just need to see.

We will definitely meet Jivi's mother, she is awesome sauce. Toma's wife... eeeeenh, we'll see.
Could you drink a nereid if you weren't afraid of all the toxins?

Nereids aren't literally made of water, dude. Their blood is First Water and they turn blue-green to camouflage themselves but they don't break down into liquid like T-1000.

"<3 Cutter & Murk" but...but SCIENCE ಠ╭╮ಠ.(andthetarnetwolveswouldhavediedoutiftheyatehumans*WHOOSH*). Why do you people keep hurting science? IT DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO YOU (╥﹏╥)

Your emoticons are intriguing, sir.

"Sometimes T_T" black tongue balls and poo are the most interesting things in your comic (◕︵◕).


Do Nereids have vaginas? Are Nereids mostly harmless on land? Has there ever been anyone who was rich and eccentric, who captured a Nereid for use as a love slave?

Yes. They still have power over water (and beings with water in them) but they're no longer invulnerable. Yes.

What advice do you have for someone looking for an apartment?


Do you live in an apartment or a house?


What's your middle name?


May we please see a picture of a Nereid?

I've only ever drawn Minnow and she's not your typical nereid -
The top two chibis! Nereids lose their blue outta water and look like everyone else -

Typical Black Tongue interview: "Of course, if you join our organization, you're going to have to hand over doze." "Doze what?" "Doze nuts!" *snipsnip*


Can't remember if this has been asked before, but is the girl on your DP Mikaila, by any chance?

DP... on the off chance you mean my formspring avatar, no.

How are the books coming along? Hands fallen off yet?

Twenty-five pages of layout left, I finished Duane and Sette's chapter 3 fight last night. Then I wanna do some spot illustrations for the blank pages facing the chapter covers. I'm looking to get the PDF released this week then I'll focus on the new story and the pymary guide.

I had a pretty kickass unsounded dream in that, amongst other things, involved Murkoph doing a Disney-esqe villian song, using pyramy to rearrange the colors of staind glass windows to spell NECROMANCER before disappearing in the shadows, grinning evilly

Not bad! :D

Did you at least like the mannequin spider from SH: Revelation? I thought that was the best part in a pretty bad movie.

It was okay. I was a huge fan of the first movie's lack of CG and thought seeing actual human actors play all the monsters hearkened to the popular theory that all of the town's monsters ARE human. The spider mannequin was a nice piece of CG bling but it was pretty shallow and out of place, I felt. And also not terribly scary. You could tell the moviemakers were much more into the monsters than the human characters.

If you constantly clothed yourself head to toe in a First Silk shroud, would you be immortal?

I... don't believe so. But there's nothing stoppin' ya from trying :D

But castration results in the near total elimination of the sexual urge & ability to achieve an erection in humans. Do the Black Tongues get around this with pymary?

There's no argument that castration makes sex much more difficult but it's not impossible and it certainly does not mean that Bastion can't have a girlfriend. Most Black Tongues don't however, and part of the reason for the requirement is to express their dedication to following the furtherance of pymary and nothing else.

With that said, pymary has many applications, and a wizard with a large toolbox might well be a better lay than a wizard with an enormous dong.

"Oh no, I shouldn't eat that human because it has too many toxins. I only eat organic humans from the farmer's market"--Said by no tarnet wolf EVER. Science Anon should just accept that humans are delicious and nutritious in this setting. <3 Cutter & Murk

I'm inclined to agree with this anon. This Anon For President 2012.

Just got back from seeing "Silent Hill: Revelation". Don't you think that more movies should have exciting hug-battles on flaming carousels?

Uuuuugh, did you really think it was exciting? It was such a huge anticlimax, almost as huge as the retardo PH vs Missionary fight shortly after. You're supposed to let your effing PROTAGONIST fight the bad guy at the end of a story, not bring in left field Pyramid Head to do it. That movie was such a weenie-shrinker, I can't even.

Do the nereids ever learn to appreciate people who feed them? Like, if Sette had gone every - no, TWICE a day! - to the waters and dropped a couple people who forgot to pay up to Da, then one day fell in herself, would the nereids be smart enough to...

"... realise that eating her might result in no more scheduled meals?"

Could be. Nereids are at least as smart as humans. It would really depend on if a particular nereid could let her hatred of the race go enough to befriend one. Sette's actual humanity being dubious could help her out in this department.

Hermaphrodites. If a woman was chimaeric and was all lady except kinda between the legs, could she join the Black tongues? I mean, if she has the balls, would the let her pass the no-boobs requirement?

Probably not. Boys clubs are pretty restrictive organisations in general; they're not going to let you slide on a technicality.

Do you feel like murdering people who keep asking questions about Black Tongues' balls?

Sometimes T_T God, when it actually comes up in the comic the world will asplode.

But why deballing?? What idea is behind this castrating thing? Castrates are better wrights or what?

The Black Tongue brotherhood insist its wrights castrate themselves to join. It's their deal and only their deal. The reasons behind it are unknown.

Since Bastion Winalils is a eunuch, how can he have a "girlfriend"?

It's not that difficult, dude. Black Tongues only lop off their balls. Mr. Winky is still intact.

The Black Tongues do not fuck around when it comes to deballing, do they? Why is it so damn important to them?

One day you will learn.

If a black tongue applicant managed creative enough pymary to somehow get around the spirit of the deballing ritual (like attaching somebody else's and cutting those off, or regrowing them later, or whatever) would the rest be impressed or kick them out?

I think they'd murder him, honestly.


I dunno, my comic has zombies in it.

"...yes, actually. We shouldn't talk about them though." Spoilers?

Well, just people it's too early to talk about.

Do the nereid-feeding communities ever stuff humans inside a wicker statue and dump it in the ocean while singing "Sumer Is Icumen In"?


Are there any Black Tongues which have somehow evaded the deballing process?


Were nereids only hunted on land due to their OP water HAX? Or was their some bs loophole that hunters employed? What was this? I must know.

You know, Quigley's very first appearance in RP was as a nereid hunter. He'd been hired by one of the Big Bads to procure a nereid for a bit of black magic. He was working with two goons and they had captured one nereid and had it staked on a beach. They tortured it to lure others out of the water, then captured or killed them. Other methods that spring to mind are depth charges (blow them to the surface, then net them), harpooning from shipboard (reel them in, then kill them), or poisoning the waters or food supply. You just need to incapacitate them long enough to get them outta the water, then they're vulnerable to a killing blow.

Is there a little community somewhere which has festivals in which they take sheep or something out into the water and feed the Nereids and have a grand old time about it?Maybe somewhere secluded enough that the rest of the world doesn't bother them much.

...yes, actually. We shouldn't talk about them though.

MORE SCIENCE: man-eating predators are real things! Tigers once commonly broke into villages in India and carried off children. Humans who have a vegetable-based diet (like most rural people; also vegans) actually taste quite nice. Tarnet wolves, huzzah!

This is a pretty good reason not to be a vegan. Tell no one.

-After 8 solid hours of rehearsals and light cues- When I get my new computer, I am doing a complete design for an Unsounded play as fanart and YOU CAN'T DO NOTHING ABOUT IT. -Falls over-

I went to an Arts Magnet high school and there was a Technical Theatre major. My best friend was in it (I was Visual Arts) so I know an uncomfortable amount about that stuff. I think it's grand :3

"I don't think his hosts communicated their wishes to him in the kindest manner." Did they try making puppy-dog eyes and pouting their lips? That usually works for me.

@[email protected]

I'm just picturing a nereid swimming towards you underwater, and all you can see are the dismembered thingies of past victims lining her digestive tract.


If nereids are made of water, why do they have to eat? ( they poop?)

You're made of water and you still have to eat. And poop.

What is your "go to" meal? Post the recipe if you have it.

Tunafish pasta is a really fast and easy thing to make. I made it last night in fact. It's a can or two of tunafish fried up with an enormous amount of garlic, and a few cans of tomato paste, black pepper, and italian seasoning. Thin it with some water, then pour it over whatever pasta is in the cupboard. Pretty tasty.

Since Bastion is a Black Tongue, does that mean he has been castrated?


Hmm, if Gerald made a nuisance of himself post-Queenie, and someone killed him, the killer would be a national hero in both Cresce and Alderode.

Depends on what the Queen's opinion was of Gerald at that point. I could see the murderer just as easily being barbecued alive and fed to a grebber.

Even if the nereids are rather bestial in their tastes, there are tons of delicious dishes that can be made using raw meat. Do nereids only like fresh food they catch themselves?

I suppose someone could try waving a white flag and taking them some sashimi.

Why haven't there been organized genocide campaigns against dangerous and hostile non humans?

There have been, man. Humans saw the storm-bringing of the nereids as threatening to their burgeoning shipping trade and put bounties on their heads, which is why there are now so few nereid left. Humans and nereids used to get along just fine when humanity was much more primitive. Nowadays the remaining nereids know most of the hunters' tricks, and don't surface often and absolutely never go ashore. Then there are the two-toes who were either massacred or displaced when humans realised how much First Material their caverns contained. Now their numbers are diminished, their spirits broken, and humans have thoroughly dicked them too.

I have a theory that Sette is actually the key to the Apocalypse.

Then we are all doomed.

Do nereids like pie? What about chocolate? Could you convince nerieds to not eat you by giving them pie instead?

Hehe, nope. Most nereids are rather bestial in their tastes and like seaweed and to hunt and eat fish and squid. Nereids are pretty cool, man. The story arc after Ethelmik concerns them, among other things. I think you will like it.

Have you seen redlettermedia's reviews of the star wars prequels?

Yes, they are amazing.

You and townly should get married and not have kids together!

I don't wanna ever get married either, man. I can't imagine liking someone enough to wanna see their face every day.
Comments nereids really bite off the thingie? Jesus, how horrifying!

I'll never put on a life jacket again, chief.

In Chapter 8, Toma finally makes his move on Elka! Bow-chicka-wow-wow! But then he's DENIED!

So sad D:

"Unless someone buries a knife in his back first." - Is that what Sonories do to each other to get their sisters and daughters onto the throne, or is that how a lot of Sonories feel about Gerald?

Her Majesty runs a pretty tight ship and there's not much court intrigue at the moment, but discrete murders over succession and politics have happened in the past. If Gerald made a nuisance of himself someone else could see it as their duty to dispose of the ginger terror for the good of the country.

How Catholic was your Catholic school?

Pretty Catholic. Uniforms, lots of nuns, principal was a priest, service every morning.

Any plans to have offspring ever?

Newp, I'm not motherin' material.

Mann falomabi dan, what does it mean?

God help me.

Hey, how long have people known about counting? The 13 superstition is since twelve is fingers+feet, so any higher number became "ohgodlots" to people who couldn't count otherwise. But the khert being around seems to have encouraged math education...

I thought the 13 superstition came about because there were thirteen people at the Last Supper. But then, I did go to Catholic school...

Deformities may take a while but genetic diversity is also very important for stuff like immune response. Expect extra miscarriages and kids that get every virus that passes through. Don't screw your sister, folks.


Are nereids universally hostile towards all humans? Or have they and their airy loverboys reached accomodations with certain individuals?

There are legends of nereids and sylphs falling in love with humans. Makes for a great opera. I wouldn't go down to the seashore and start flirting though. Good way to have your thingie bitten off.

There any Kasslynian (sp) superstitions? Like our silly crap about not walking under ladders, breaking mirrors, black cats, throwing salt over your shoulder when you spill it, the honestly weird thing where 9, 4, and 13 are bad luck in most cultures, etc?

It's unlucky to kill a spider. I'm sure there are others but they are not coming to me at the moment.

Woe is Alderode, for Gerald will raise several generations of Crescian Queens. But woe is Gerald, for he will bury the love of his life, and then bury several generations of his descendants.

Unless someone buries a knife in his back first. Et tu, Sonorie?

VLIEGENG. JOUSTING. (Do they have it in Alderode?)

How about vliegeng wrasslin'?

"and they know not to get their sisters pregnant." Actually deformities only show up after generations of inbreeding. It's not a one time thing. So the Aldish/Crescians DON'T know about genetics HAH.

You spoil ALL THE FUN, science-anon!

Does Toma's wife ever stage private performances of Toma's play and cry at the end about how young and happy and in love they used to be? Q_Q

Not... so much. Emne is kind of a twat.

If the Queen were still single when Toma arrived on the scene, would he have been one of the sexy guards kept close at hand?

Could be :3

How's well cousin on cousin received? Wait, don't answer that? What's the political situation in Ulestry like? What are the Ulestrians feelings on the Crescian presence? Have militias ever been formed to help maintain independence?

Some Ulestrians feel comforted by the Crescians' presence - that lizard at the waystation quite welcomed them and sounded upset at the prospect of war with Alderode meaning the Peaceguard would be recalled. Other Ulestrians like the starfly merchants in chapter 4 resent their policing and their paranoia. Depends who you talk to. On the whole though, people are fairly chill. The Peaceguard is helpful and do a lot to bulk up local law enforcement.

Has Cresce lost it imperialistic impulses, or does Ulestry not have much to offer resource wise? Is Cresce the only thing preventing Ulestry from being taken over or overrun? How does Ulestrian food taste?

Cresce wants the continent to do as it says but it has no interest in taking over other countries. Crazy concept, no? As Elka unkindly pointed out to the guard back in chapter 4, Cresce's policing and Cresce's army allow Ulestry the luxury of its pacifism. But I also think Ulestry's centralized position and its mountainous terrain make for a fine geographic deterrent against invaders, as does its position as a very holy land popular with Gefendur pilgrims. It would like to paint itself as a sort of apolitical, neutral entity but being next door to paranoid Cresce keeps its people stirred up against both the Aldish and Sharteshane.

I think of North Carolina and the Smokies when I think of Ulestry's landscape, so I'll source that for the food. Lots of game, lots of trout, brown bread and greens; all of it very simple and hearty.

And the most important question of all: Have hot sauce been invented yet?

Ewwww, hot sauce. I'm sure there's plenty of chilis floating about for the making of hot sauce.

Why did Quigs not turn over Uaid and stay in Cresce?

Because Uaid was his wife's - she died for it - and he wasn't going to just hand it over to a government that would do God knows what with it. Also Quigley isn't a big fan of being told what to do, and I don't think his hosts communicated their wishes to him in the kindest manner.

So, if good examples of each country on Kassalyne came to Earth and was introduced to modern film(Pretend this is done by people who know enough about film to show them reasonably good stuff), what would they think of it? They have pymaric SFX, after all.

I think they'd be impossibly distracted by the means of delivery. Magic glowing box with a tiny world and tiny people inside? Insane! But honestly, Sette would have no interest (the movies have no smell so they'd seem terribly unreal to her), and Duane would think the good movies were good and the crappy movies were crappy, I dunno.

"Starfish. All that diaphragm; he must sound like bloody Pavarotti." Starfish sings when he thinks no ones around doesn't he? Don't lie!

I can easily imagine him pulling an Alex from Clockwork Orange and belting out "Singing in the Rain" while kicking the crap out of someone.

What would Duane look like to Matty in profile? I know his vision is blurry and in distinct, but would it look. Like a man's face or a zombie's? Does pulling on the beauty of a forest work with somebody who can't see a forest?

He'd look like his zombie self. Glamours don't have any effect on Matty since Chitz's "vision" is based on physical contour; like a pymaric sonar that sends out a signal and reads the shapes it bounces off of.

3_27... Are those tomatoes in the background?


Do either the Aldish or the Crescians know anything about genetics?

They know about dog breeding and they know not to get their sisters pregnant.

Is it possible to alters one's caste in Alderode by manipulating one's connection to the khert/Dammakhert? Have there been many attempts? How is the idea of changing one's caste is received?

This connection runs along the same faults as the one that keeps people human and alive, so it's nothing to be tampered with.

Have the Crescians ever attempted to replicate the Dammakhert, or do they think fucking around with the khert like that is dangerous (and/or stupid)?

The Aldish see the Dammakhert as a gift; it makes them special and blessed among all other people on the continent. But all other people on the continent see it as a tragic curse. They're horrified by the idea of only living to thirty or of having kids with the wrong type of person so that your children don't look like you and die of old age before you've even physically matured past twenty.

There is some jealousy among the rich for how good the rich and ancient have it in Alderode but overall the majority believe the Dammakhert is a thing of evil. Keeping it from spreading to their own lands is a huge motivator for Crescians to keep the Aldish beat back.

What was the best lie your parents told you as a child?

"I don't care what you do with your life I just want you to be happy."


Like a Crescian marrying a long-lived Aldish person and having their offspring live longer? That works?

No, it's just gossip.

So, if you played RPG in Kasslyne setting with other people, can you say that those mysterious role-players are your co-authors to some extend? Did you use something they proposed? And more, are there some RPG people who KNOW SOMETHING SPOILERY?

Nope. RP took place in Sharteshane (and sometimes in my friend's setting the Western Shores or in random DnD places like Carceri or Sigil). I was DM and authored Sharteshane, and I'm careful not to use anything my players added to it. In fact I mentioned two-way manuscripts in a formspring answer not long ago and @AwesomIncarnate was pretty quick to jump on me 'cause they were her idea (so disregard two-way manuscripts).

RP had no giant dogs, no khert, no pymary, no plods. My players wrote some fantastic characters but all the important lore was mine.

They could probably tell you some spoilers about the religions of the land, since RP ultimately wound up being very much about the Gefendur religion. My characters' stories have been tweaked so much though that they wouldn't know any character spoilers. Duane died early on in the Sharteshane RP and only reappeared occasionally as a demented ghost stuck in a soulstone. And stuff.

I just caught up as far as Formspring would let me, I was gone so long! ~ Did I miss anything important, Glass?

Nothing important ever happens on Formspring. We are now in the Age of Poo, but this age will end and some new, strange epoch will arise.

I am so full of anticipation for Chapter 7 that my genitals have sucked up into my body cavity.

Stoooop. You'll probably hate it. And the first scene is like boring conversation.

"When Sette's walking through a town, does anybody wonder at the hole in her pants?" Keeping with the Formspring theme as of late, I'd assume the hole was for poopan'.


What's a hod?

Well, Hod was a blind Norse god who inadvertently killed Balder due to Loki's dickery. @SonofHod is a charming formspringer.

"YOUR MOVE, SCIENCE" Humans are apex predators. Thus they are very unhealthy for carnivores to eat because of biomagnification. All those toxins accumulate. And yes, they do taste gross. YOUR MOVE,GLASS

Oh, that makes sense though. It's like how it's better to eat the fish lower on the food chain since they'll have less mercury in them than the higher up fish. I admit defeat, Science. Fortunately there are no tarnet wolves in the comic :D

No, I meant actual chocolate, but the largest I could find was 5 pounds. Maybe I should look some more. Does it matter what shape the bar is?

Aww, you'll make me fat, Hod. Send me five pounds of lentils.

How many Aldishmen secretly go for porn about the Queen marrying one of them and keeping the guy around with no job other than to have sex with her? Also, how illegal does the Vits think that porn is?

It's probably not illegal at all if the Queen is portrayed in an intensely negative light.

Duane's just jealous the queen didn't seduce HIM to be her sex toy, isn't he?


Would vliegeng have fun playing with tires? horses and cows and elephants do, and I kind of imagine vliegeng as horsecowelephants. With wings. And battalion-crushing poop.

Vliegeng would dig on tires. How do horses play with tires?

Is it considered a mark of dishonor if one of your helmet horns gets broken off, like in that Vits knights pic below?

I like this idea. Yes.

Vits knights sure look friendly.

They're here for your protection, citizen.

Would that Bronze thing work? I thought kids born outside the Dammakhert were just... normal?

Bronze thing...

So I assume only females can get the throne in Cresce but how many kids does the Queen have? and can you tell us anything about how sucession works? Is it just the eldest female child gets the throne?

The Queen has four adorable brats - three girls and one boy. Primogeniture is not an issue in Crescian succession and the Sonories as a whole have the legal right to choose whom among them gets the throne, with the four generals and the Sonorie cabinet having the opportunity to weigh in. The last wishes of the previous monarch are also taken into consideration, if she had time to make an advisement before expiring. But it's quite a to-do overall and the country waits on pins and needles after the death of a Queen for her replacement to be determined and crowned. And yes, ladies only.

Have you played dragon age: origins? If so, who was your favorite party member?

I haven't played it, man.

"and they eat people because people are apparently delicious if you're a tarnet wolf." Science hates you >:(

Why, 'cause it's widely thought that humans taste gross? What about that pig farmer that had a heart attack and his pigs ate him? YOUR MOVE, SCIENCE.

The Aldish better pray to the gods of both religions to send Queen Manaraishala a long, long life. A rebel's daughter on the throne, a heir to her father's hatred of Alderode, means big, big trouble.

Oh, they've had this thought. What's more, Manaraishala will be gone one day while Gerald will hang on for centuries, influencing his daughter in ways that his wife would have known better than to pay attention to. It's a potentially dangerous situation.

Who has the loveliest singing voice of the cast so far?

Starfish. All that diaphragm; he must sound like bloody Pavarotti. Any thoughts on this development?

I don't see what Disney could do to Star Wars that would be any worse than what Lucas himself did to it with the prequels.

What would Quigley's and Matty's lives have been like if they turned over Uaid and stayed in Cresce?

They would be all right. Quigley would be assigned to work with the Queen's wrights and Matty would go to school.

So, each one of the characters is given a night to read the first six chapters of Unsounded. How does each one react to the major parts? (I'm kind of curious how Sette would react if she could read and even though she can't... Lot's of pretty pictures.)

Sette would find all her fight scenes badass and worthy of praise but take issue with any story twist where she happened to come off less than magnificently, and sue me for slander and defamation of character by contracting the services of Bugaboo D. Frummagem, spider-at-law.

Duane would accuse me of drawing his jaw too feminine and not speak to me for a month.

Quigley would have no time for such bullshit.

Toma would be pretty pleased, all in all, but nothing particularly embarrassing happens to him until chapter eight. After that point he would probably put a bag over his head, quit the Peaceguard, and go into hiding.

How did people like the Foi-Hellicks come away from the Aldish way of thinking? Will this be addressed in the comic? What does Vits do if it finds provincial rulers lacking?

It would be addressed in the Duane side story I wanna draw. The military excursion outlined in that story takes place at the tail-end of the Foi-Hellick affair, as those battles came to be known.

The Foi-Hellicks owned the lucrative mining industry of West Avelpit. They brought extreme wealth into the country via taxation and export tariffs and Vits for the most part left them alone for this reason. Over the centuries the Foi-Hellicks got a bit full of themselves - increasingly isolated, rich, and eccentric - and began to believe they did more for the people of their ginnal than Vits did, and that Vits wasted their tax dollars on hunting out heretics (namely the Mmatont) and pissing about with the Crescians. Emboldened, the Foi-Hellicks decided to negotiate a trade deal between West Avelpit and Cresce after the Sonories hinted that if Vits didn't like it, the Crescians would have West Avelpit's back if they wanted to try and secede.

Well, Vits did not like it at all, demanded West Avelpit get in line, and the Foi-Hellicks presented a million signatures to them saying the West Avelpitians were through with Alderode. Civil war broke out and Cresce, God love 'em, reneged on their tacit support. Gerald Foi-Hellick fled south with a great deal of money, leaving his family and a lot of mercenaries and West Avelpitians to be slaughtered over the next few years by the armies of Alderode.

So it wasn't really a philosophical difference that caused the Foi-Hellick brood to try and break away; it was the money, Lebowski.

Why are you worried about the content in chapter seven?

For a range of reasons. It gets abruptly surreal in places, abruptly gory, and then I leave reality for fifty pages and expect you to care about something completely different for a while. It's a gamble.

When Sette's walking through a town, does anybody wonder at the hole in her pants?

Maybe? Holey pants are not all that mysterious, I'd think.

So, Chap. three, page fifty-two... What's with the snake rising from the burning plod? Is that a smoke eel? (I'm assuming the things Cara was talking about were some kind of... ghost, I guess.)

They are indeed smoke eels. Smoke eels can form themselves out of small particles, from smoke to sea spray. They're a common pest of the setting, and also Unsounded's unofficial mascot for Angst and Misery.

In Chap. 3, Page 52, does that little girl see Duane and Sette? She's looking right at(or through) them.

She could see their silhouette as the rain strikes them, or the sets of footprints mysteriously appearing in the mud, or the sound of their nattering on.

So, the song that guy's playing in Sette's flashback in Chap. four... Is that an actual song? Do you have a recording? I want to hear it, but the font is small and I'm bad a piano...

@AwesomIncarnate chose the song and probably remembers the name and composer. It's an actual piano piece though, yes.

Who's the girl at the bottom right of 3:36? I'm guessing a younger sister?

Hodpiece, wouldst thou not assumest that to be in the area of a spoiler?

Duane's line about how he's seen the Queen "seduce" also makes more sense. :-)

Unsounded is really designed to be read twice. The first time for the hats, the second time so that one can finally understand what everyone was blathering on about half the time.

Glass, the amount of detail you've put into this world is breathtaking. You know both the macro and micro, the important and the mundane. How do you do it? And of all you know, how much do you think will ever actually be in the comic?

A lot of it comes from RP. When you play characters for ten years you inevitably figure out all the minutia of their lives. I wish that everyone could have access to awesome RP and roleplayers. Better world-building tools there are not.

Most of this blather won't be in the comic though. The comic concerns itself primarily with the philosophy of Cresce, its relationship/warring with Alderode, Alderode's government (Vits and the two religions), its caste system, and its history; the khert, the ramifications of the Dammakhert, the weeping plague, and the future of Alderode - particularly Durlyne ginnal where we'll be spending a large chunk of time.

What I really love about Kasslyne is that the worldbuilding is so interesting that you can't really assume that anything is going to be the same as it is on Earth. What's one feature of Kasslyne that you find people are constantly surprised by?

I've noticed people are frequently put off by the cannibalistic rituals in the Gefendur religion. It kind of cracks me up since around the world every Sunday millions of Catholics believe they are literally eating the body and blood of Christ. But yeah, even back in RP other players would be playing these die-hard extremist Gefendur paladins and still never ever mention the cannibalism, haha. Lightweights.

I want to see a chapter seven panel! Come on, Glass, usually you post panel previews :D

It's really hard with this chapter. It's full of new stuff... um, here are some Vits knights.

Suddenly Elka's line about the queen having a soft spot for "handsome Aldish defectors" makes more sense.

Quite so. Crescians are kind of ambivalent about the whole thing. On the one hand they loathe the Aldish, but on the other, there's fine symbolism to the union, Gerald utterly rejected his homeland, and he's a Copper, so it's always been rumoured that the Queen's ulterior motive for the marriage was to gain his longevity for herself and her line - and maybe ultimately for the entire country.

Did Quigley and Gerald bro-fist when Quigley visited the Queen?

Haha, Quigley wasn't nearly important enough to meet the Queen's husband. He only chatted with the Queen herself for a few minutes. Mostly he dealt with her people.

...this should still be drawn though.

So, Chap. 3, p. 34. That seems to be the page which most sums up Duane's problems without simultaneously bringing to like his self-righteousness. Just pure, agonized zombie. If Quiggly were present in that scene(or say the page), how would he react?

He'd light a match.

Well do you have a favorite panel, then? You couldn't possibly be displeased with ALL of them.

Well, I like that panel in chapter 3 where Sette is sitting on the rock watching from a distance as Duane cremates the little girl.

And to be honest at the moment I like a lot of the art in chapter 7; it's the content that makes me nervous.

Can we have some alive!Duane art to tide us over until the comic starts up again? The dorkier, the better. Please please please?

After you see him in the comic, sure, but I don't want you to know what he looks like yet. I want his utter dorkiness to be a surprise (actually it shouldn't be since he's no less dorky as a zombie).

Is Gerald Foi-Hellick secretly Aldish? (Or hell, even a Sharte or Ulestrian?)

No secret about it. He's Aldish. A Copper in fact.

Do you have a favorite page so far?

I hate them all equally.

What role does the Sonorie's husband have in government? What's his title? King? Prince Consort? Royal Boy Toy? Is he Crescian? Oh, and what's his name?

He has no role, no title, no power, and in fact is not allowed to leave the palace grounds. Her Majesty did not fall in love with anyone conventional, alas, and her marriage was (and still somewhat is) an international scandal. The scandal's name is Gerald Foi-Hellick.

Did Queen Sonorie marry one of the sexy guards? (I now think of the Queen's palace as one giant Chippendales show.)

It used to be a pretty racy place :D But then her Majesty truly fell in love and kind of settled down, had lots of babies. Now she's an older lady and more into governance and her country than getting her rocks off. It happens to the best of us.

Are most of Alderode's citizens happy with their country? I mean, not in a declared way but just in their hearts.

Yeah, most are. People in Alderode who have a rough go of it - namely the Bronze and most Soud - blame their own low births and not the country that declares those births low to begin with. The vehement unrest comes from the secularists who see the bitheocratic compromise not as some great system to be proud of and to hold above everyone else, but as a stranglehold on everyone and the cause of much suffering and bloodshed. There are more than atheists in the secular movement; it encompasses the shorter lived who feel something could be done about the castes, and it includes people who feel there is some alternative to the starvation of the poor and gross economic disparity.

Maybe Quigley would have a more pleasant personality if he took a daily Metamucil.

:3 :3 :3

Does Quigley not get enough fiber?


For those of us who missed the kickstarted, do you have any estimate for if/when prints will be available to buy?

Prints or printed books? I'll have both of them in hand in December hopefully but I probably won't want to mess with getting the store set up until after the holidays. So probably January.

Why doesn't Manaraishala Sonorie any longer make certain the sexiest palace guards are stationed "near at hand"? Kinda sad. Is the poor Queen depressed nowadays for some reason?

No, she's married :)

What's tarnet wolves and why are they man-eating?

They're bigass wolves that live in the tarnet woods and they eat people because people are apparently delicious if you're a tarnet wolf.

"Quigley is too sexy, he does not poop" Ow.

Everyone was wondering what crawled up his ass. Now it is known.

What's the hardest thing about writing comics?

Making them not suck T_T

Maybe the hardest thing is how permanent a page is once it's finished. You can't ever go back and make large changes without spending a huge amount of time redrawing. You have to be so certain that a scene is the right scene before you start putting time into creating it. It's all a bit nerve-wracking.

Was Duane a good dancer when he was alive, or was he really clumsy? I always picture his movement patterns to be really awkward and stumble-y until he has to kick it into high gear (like in a combat situation).

No, he was a pretty good dancer actually. Good fighter, good dancer, light on his feet, but occasionally ridiculous anyway because he's tall, goofy looking, and without fashion sense. Nevertheless of late I have found myself crushing mildly on alive!Duane. He was such a dork.

I wanna go terrorize Duane and Sette's formspring, but the character limit is killing my moe. How should I get around that?

You can split your questions up into multiple submissions... man, that formspring has about a zillion questions in the inbox, I should like, go answer some of them. Maybe tomorrow though... too sleepy... to live...

Do you have any line art I could practice coloring? Sette line art would be great!

Knock yourself out, chief
Is free speech an actual thing anywhere in Kasslyne?

Is it seen as a protected right, you mean? No.

Were the Red Berry Boys formed recently for the purpose of silver-in-people-smuggling or were they an already existing criminal gang that were co-opted into this venture? Related question, are they the only gang working for their buyers?

They're a recent gathering of scumbags. Starfish was hired and then told to go out and find some low profile guys to assist.

'Yoda is now Duane.' Do you mean 'Yoda, Duane is now'? Who's the subject and who's the direct object in that sentence?

Anon, I'ma whallop you in the gob.

You've made me more confused than ever about this whole 'smelling stuff' thing. Cherry Pie can smell like fish?

I am telling you this cherry pie smelled like salmon! I don't understand it either o_O

Do you like pudding pie? It is the best pie of all!

Eeeenh, pudding pie is okay. Fruit pies and Mrs. Lovett's meat pies are my favourite.

What, in your opinion, are the most admirable and most damning qualities of Cresce, Alderode, and Sharteshane?

Ooh, fun.

Alderode has managed to hold together a fairly functional society in spite of its two halves possessing diametrically opposed religious beliefs, and its citizens being supernaturally segregated into a grossly unequal class system. It rejected inherited monarchy in favour of a representative governing body (although only clergy, businessmen, and landowners are allowed to vote). It's a beautiful country with sprawling cities and pretty cool sights.

On the other hand, there is almost no upwards mobility, women have very few rights, the culture is militaristic and the religions extremist, there is no social contract so there is no public education nor public welfare, the propaganda is heavy, the State is overwhelming, there is no due process, bigotry is woven into the culture (try asking Duane what it's like to be a Soud, he doesn't even realise how beat down he was), and it is cold as balls eighty percent of the year.

Cresce is a staunch defender of equality between the genders and the classes with a robust social contract that ensures (and mandates) not only quality education, but food and work for all. It encourages participation in local governance by having citizens of all stripes vote on how municipal resources will be spent, and even disallows tiered employment classes in favour of all employees running state-sponsored businesses together. Upwards mobility is pretty fair and largely performance- and exam-based. The land is beautiful and pleasantly temperate, fertile, and well-managed.

On the other hand, the Sonorie dynasty and its police disallow dissension and enforce Crescian policy with executions, torture, and prison camps. Literature and the arts are heavily censored, and the sororal Gefendur religion is the only allowed faith with heretics being hunted out and violently killed. The queen and her people make all military decisions while enforcing mandatory national service and encouraging the idea of the aristocracy's inherent exceptionalism.

Sharteshane is a land of scarce laws where entrepreneurship and hard work can get you very far. There is no official draft (you can get press-ganged if you're not careful though), and nobody asks too many questions.

On the other hand, Sharteshane is ruled by unregulated merchants and aristocracy, meaning you need to get in bed with one of them if you truly want to make it big. Though taxes are high the police are an underfunded joke, the cities are crowded, stinky, poorly maintained, and dangerous. There is little arable land so food is either expensive or fish. All officials are appointed and there is no vote, but that's okay since if you don't like the current governor or mayor you'll probably be able to get away with beating him to death in a back alley. The natural world is particularly scary in Sharteshane, with ravenous nereids in the waterways, man-eating tarnet wolves in the woods, and peculiarly lucid, bitey smoke eels wafting around chimneys at night.

Have you seen Neon Genesis Evangelion?

Long ago when I was a snot-nosed teenager. It was the hippest thing around back then, and I had most of the series legit on VHS. Those bitches were like thirty dollars a pop. I barely remember what any of it was about now beyond blah blah Christian mythology, beer, penguins, eyepatch fetish.

So, what are needle crafts like in Kassalyne? Knitting, crochet, sewing... are their textiles as messed up as their pets, or do they do what we do? (If I went there, would everybody be shocked at my mad needle skillz?)

I think they do what we do. Hey, I used to do needlecrafts myself. Cross-stitching and embroidery specifically. High-five, crafty-bro.

/I haven't asked you any questions in a while. Ishmael and Queequeg?


Pie or chocolate?

Shiiiiit, I can't decide. Um! It depends on the quality of each. 'Cause I had some cherry pie last weekend that looked really awesome and it had the lattice top thing going on but it smelled exactly like salmon. I don't know how this happened but I would rather have had chocolate.

Glass, would you like a ten pound chocolate bar for Christmas?

Yes, if you literally mean chocolate and not some horrid euphemism for poop.

Turas pooped his pants when he discovered Duane's Slasher Smile, didn't he? Be honest.


Ephsephin pooped his pants when he discovered Duane was a stick-man, didn't he? Be honest.

Maybe when Duane flew up and kneed him.

Quigley pooped his pants when he discovered Duane was a tacit caster, didn't he? Be honest.

Quigley is too sexy, he does not poop.

That old guy at Knobbytop pooped his pants when Duane burnt his Baelar figurine, didn't he? Be honest.

That was an old lady!

Bett pooped his pants when Duane dildo-KO'd him, didn't he? Be honest.

No, but he might have peed a little.

On the DuaneandSette formspring: "Very clear is this edict." Duane is now Yoda?

Yoda is now Duane.

How come Cresce bills itself an "Exquisite Republic" (Ch.1,Pg.32, Upper left frame), when in fact it is an absolute monarchy ("Queendom")? Is it prohibited to call it a monarchy at all?

Because it's not simply an absolute monarchy. I haven't talked much about the specifics of Cresce's government because it's not that interesting and doesn't factor into the story significantly but Cresce's provinces are ruled by elected governors and councils, and in each city everything from the quarterly resource budget to zoning is put to a popular vote at mandatory city-wide meetings. Cresce's day to day local dealings are highly democratized. Its military, its church, its education system, and its macro resources and work assignments are controlled by the Queen and her people. This arrangement is seen as perfect and, indeed, exquisite, and so that's what the Crescians call it.

All the same, when editing pages for print, I changed the text on that badge to monarchy. It's a distinction that's just too confusing since I never plan on going into detail on it in the comic. Better to keep it simple.

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, the worst part about these month breaks is I don't have any hooks to ask you funny questions. I'm nearly out of poop jokes!

Rest up and recover your strength.

have you played the indie game Limbo?

Played it and beat it. So many dead little kids.

I just won a ten pound chocolate bar in a lottery. U jelly?

I'm totally marmalade D:

You mentioned interest in the LoK game series. What are your thoughts on Raziel and Kain?

I have more than mere interest in LoK; I am something of a fangirl. I think Raziel is a beautifully realised antihero with a great character arc and accompanying game mechanics that were both ground-breaking and a helluva lotta fun. Kain is a bit less innovative both as a game character and a fictional character, but he's still a satisfying badass whether he's got on the hero hat or the villain hat. They both have killer dialogue and live in a unique, fascinating, grim world that I always loved exploring. The are among the best vampire characters ever, in any medium.

Which country has the smelliest farts?


Are there any particular political group you advocate with? If, of course, you don't mind me asking.

I want to be a self-indulgent hippie and say the Green Party because Jill Stein is so adorable, but really I'm not on board with anyone. I'll do my duty, hold my nose, and vote for Barry since I'm in a swing state, but I'm not happy about it.

I noticed that Duane closing the door on Turas mirrors Turas closing the door on Quigley. Even the sound effect is the same. Intentional?

Yep. Karma's a bitch.

You know, Alderode and Cresce have such beautifully thought out political dynamics, both within themselves and with each other. What's your (real world) ideal political/economic system? Ideal being achievable at some point in the future with enough work.

Why, thank you, anon. You are sweet.

My ideals are capitalism and democratic socialism - pretty much what the western world is supposed to have right now, except I'd want a democratic socialism that's adequately maintained and capitalism with adequate regulations, caps, and consistent legislation against monopolies. Democracy doesn't work if the public is uneducated, impoverished, and misinformed and capitalism doesn't work when the corporations have been allowed to buy the government and make their own rules.

Which country is most friendly towards foreigners?

Gotta go with either Sharteshane or Ulestry. Ulestry welcomes people of all nationalities as long as they show up to pay homage to the Twins. Sharteshane welcomes people of all nationalities as long as they show up with a lotta money in their pocket.

Why doesn't Queen Sonorie have a four letter name?

Because she's the queen and above such silly superstitions.

What seaport in Kasslyne has the largest shark-finning fleet?

I'ma say Sharteshane City.

What are the Crescian police like? Is brutality/abuse of authority common? Do they take care of heretics, or does the Gefendur clergy deal with that issue?

The Sonories rule by Divine Right so that puts Gefendur theocracy comfortably into every institution, including the police. So yes, the police force deals with heresy. The Crescian police are on the whole very good but by design don't have a high tolerance for fuckery. You follow the laws of Cresce and the edicts of government, or you go away. It's also not good to be a foreigner in Cresce, as the police (and normal citizens for that matter) don't see you as having a right to the benefits of the country and its legal system. This proved a bit of a double-edged sword when it came to Stockyard Frummagem and the Ethelmik cops though, since the cops would have felt weird taking money from a Crescian citizen but a rogue Sharteshanian? Well, that's just what Shartes do, innit?

The Peaceguard have carte blanche to do whatever they feel it is necessary to do to perform their duty outside Her Majesty's lands. This is one reason they are considered elite, since only proven individuals who can be trusted are allowed into its ranks. It's not so much that the government worries the Peaceguard will do something horrible in its name, but that they'll get CAUGHT doing it.

But yeah, the Crescians shouldn't hold their heads too high when they talk about the atrocities of Alderode. You don't keep such a heavy-handed government running smoothly by handing out lollipops.

Wait, they've probably hanged Bett? They figure out who he's working with via torture I guess? You couldn't make enough rope to hang all the people they'd need to if assault and battery (which was Eph really...) is death-worthy.

Bett didn't know who he was working for beyond Starfish, but they did get out of him that he was part of the group that had been cutting people's guts out and stuffing them with silver. That, practising pymary without a license, kidnapping and attempted kidnapping, assault with a pymaric, being Sharteshanian, and pissing off Her Majesty's Peaceguard are about enough to get you speedily hanged 'round these parts. Once they knew they'd reached a wall with what they could get out of him, there was no reason to keep him alive. And unless you're Crescian, trials are a luxury.

Do the Beadmans adopt same way as the Frummagems? Do the adoptees become nobility as well or is nobility limited to lineal descendants of those ennobled originally?

No, since the Beadman family is a titled family, they have to be a bit more traditional when it comes to blood relations. Really, they have TOO many family members running around and fouling up the works. The heads of the family need to keep their pants on.

Does Kasslyne have milkshakes? (Pig milk of course.) I went to a restaurant yesterday where they put a slice of pie into my milkshake. Pieshake. Hot dayamn.

How about a pig milkshake with bacon bits in it? Mmmmmm. I shall call it the Whole Hog.

"But- but he would fall down." Duane would jump up, administer the high fives (most likely to Toma, Quigley, Elka, and Bastion--The Dream Team, as fans call them), and land back on his hand-feet. It would be righteous.


"I wonder what'll happen to her now that her boy's never coming home, soooob." don't sound very sad :(.

I just finished editing that first Ephsephin scene where he's so mean to the milk hicks. No sympathy from me, hat-man :(

How's Bett getting along in prison?

Pretty sure they tortured the crap out of him. Actually it's been a while. He may have been hanged by now.

You an opera fan?

I enjoy opera and musicals of all varieties.

What kind of communication systems does Kasslyne possess? Anything similar to the telegraph or telephone? Does the printing press exist? What are the literacy rates for each country?

Kasslyne has a pymaric equivalent of a telegraph as well as two-way books that act like written walkie-talkies. There are printing presses and movable type. The literacy rate in Cresce is highest, near ninety-five percent. Publicly funded, mandatory primary education will do that. Sharteshane's literacy rate is through the floor. Alderode's is better, with most ghers having basic intercaste schools and the moneyed having access to private academies with high standards. I would put Alderode's literacy rate at forty percent among adults.

Did magpies curse your family, Glass!?!

More like a cuckoo.

Which country are you most likely to find a tacit caster in?

It's an even toss-up between Cresce and Alderode but they're exceedingly rare in either country.

You're really good at humanizing your antagonists by thinking out their backstories. Are there any sympathetic tidbits you can share about Epshephin and Bette?

I really don't know anything about Bett. Ephsephin was a failure at life who lived with his mom. He really did love his mom a lot and frequently obsessed over how much of a disappointment he was and how he couldn't give her a better life. He left town promising her this new job was going to pay off, and she could stop breaking her back washing windows downtown every morning. I wonder what'll happen to her now that her boy's never coming home, soooob.

Did Sette hear what Timofey said? Or did she smell him or something?

She heard him.

How has Beadman cornered the market on what seems to be absolutely everything, everywhere? There has to be something devious behind that monopoly.

Good call :O

If a vliegeng ate lambence grass, then pooped on a bunch of Crescians, and you made a dakimakura out of their remains, would it glow?

Poor Crescians :(

Also, if Duane had arm-legs, he could give four high-fives at once.

But- but he would fall down.

Was Jivi born outside the Khert's reaches, on the sea?


How can a non-wright protect oneself against nereids (lethal/nonlethal means)? What are other sea and freshwater dwelling creatures dangerous to humans? How to defend against?

Anyone - wright or otherwise - is fishfood if they find themselves in the water with an angry nereid. All she has to do is get a hand on you. Any injuries inflicted on her in the water have no effect. She's totally hax. So the best defense is to stay the hell away.

Other than nereids we got giant squid, cuddlefish (fish with two jaws and hence two mouths and eyes on top of their heads, they are epic), sharks, stingrays, deadly eels as thick as kayaks and thirty feet long. How to defend against them? Stay away from them.

So, here's an Unsounded twist on the old boat question: So, you take Duane and replace his arm. Next you replace his other limbs. You take what's left of his organs and do what he did with his lungs. He gets new skin and bones. Is he still Duane?

Absolutely. His memory is intact, the pymary that drives him persists, his personality is in place. A Duane in any other frame would smell as sweet (as carrion).

OR Duane could replace ALL his limbs with grebber claws! How badass would that be?

Sette, it is late, go to bed.

If Duane added extra arms, would he get extra pymary ports as well?


If you were an actor, what would be your dream role?


What are some of the career paths that'll earn you respect and admiration in Kasslyne that does not involve fighting? Are public servants respected or hated in most countries?

Any job to do with pymary regulation is usually pretty respected. Asepticks are the guys who go around cracking the skulls of Black Tongues and other greywrights, and they're what many wrights want to become, whether it's to do fieldwork or to monitor khert stones and track spells going through the lines. Artifacters (people who make pymarics) are respected. Any career that pays well and requires some skill is going to get respect.

Public servants? Depends where you are. In Sharteshane they're all on the take and widely reviled. In Cresce, teachers are respected, soldiers are hero-worshipped, and police are feared. Alderode doesn't have much in the way of public servants. Everything is privatized and the social contract is pretty flimsy.

"I don't believe so, but if you want to put together a vaudeville act, Mr. McCay, feel free." I think you underestimate the impact of pymaric cartoon animation. Even with pymary the stage can only do so much.

Oh, you foolish dreamer. The world is not ready for your harebrained schemes.


*Shreck's Department Store explodes*

I'm sure this must have been asked before, but what does a grebber look like?

It's also the beastie on the Crescian seal (last panel, behind the cops).

How's work? Arm fall off yet? Drawing with your feet? Secretly cursing us? :3

I'm getting exceptionally tired of adding bleed to pages. Also CMYK should go to jail for murdering my blues. Otherwise it's strangely satisfying to be going through and fixing all the derp pages. Suddenly Starfish and Turas look on model and like themselves in their first scene. Fixed Ephsephin and his hat. Took the the disappearing patch off Sette's knee for all and good. Killed some excessive dialogue. Stuff.

About halfway through layout, and that's right on schedule. I want to have lots of time to noodle with the new stuff.

Wow, could Duane do that? Could he like replace a hand with a gigantic Grebber claw and be all, "You've pushed me too far... now I must reveal... THE CLAW!"

A grebber claw... yeah, I think that'd work. Sette must never learn of this.

Has Duane ever considered replacing his legs with additional arms so that he can have prehensile feet like a monkey?


What's your favourite thing to draw? Write? Papercraft? Build in minecraft?

My favourite thing to draw is Murkoph being profane or horrible or jolly or all three. My favourite thing to write is Duane rhapsodizing about nothing in particular, or Bastion questing, or villains villaining. My favourite thing to papercraft... anything very complex that takes days and days to complete. My favourite thing to Minecraft are small specialized shops like bakeries or tackle shops or restaurants or bars. I like village building.

What are a few delicious birds in Kasslyne?

I wanna eat a chocobo.

Are you an archaeologist?


Cue everyone telling you to watch Madoka. And you should! It's adorable. My heart is filled with happiness whenever I see Kyubey, he's so cute!


i'm tryin' to find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful


Why won't you watch PMMM? The show won the Television Award as well as 12 NewType Anime Awards, the Grand Prize for animation and the Selection Committee Special Prize award at the 2012, and the Seiun Award for "Best Media". It's also not kiddy at all!


"Mmm, I don't see why not" are there any?

I don't believe so, but if you want to put together a vaudeville act, Mr. McCay, feel free.

If Cresce and Alderode had to be embodied in two characters from Unsounded which ones would you pick? I'd pick Anadyne for Cresce and Duane for Alderode. Close?

Naw, man, Toma is much more the ideal Crescian. Ana is Sharteshanian. Duane's spot on for the ideal Aldishman though, at least among characters that have been introduced.

Other than you, who are the top 5 Tainish students in the real world?

I think @AwesomIncarnate knows a few words. Other than her...

Are the Sharte good swimmers on average? Which ones of Sharte characters swim well? (Sette, Nary, Bodkin, Anadyne, Knock, Stockyard, Starfish, Sette's mother/siblings?)

Sharteshanians don't swim any better than anyone else, really. You don't want to go paddlin' about in Tawhoque Bay, the nereids will pull you under and put you into a quiche. Sette's a good swimmer though, definitely better than the others you listed.

Hey, Ash, I hear this huge storm is set to hit Florida before it hits us up in PA. Stay safe.

I'm on the opposite coast, it's all good. Don't get flattened up in PA!

So, if there are no other celestial bodies in Kasslyne's system, I take it they get no tides?

I shoulda said planets, not celestial bodies. They do have a moon, as we've seen.

"Mokona from MKR" That's basically it! Would you like to make a contract with me? I can grant you one wish, any wish at all. All you have to do is become a magical girl! /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

D: N-no, thank you.

This should clear everything up forever.

I am reminded of Mokona from MKR.

If there are no noodles, what do they eat their venison stroganoff over?!

Mmmm, stroganoff. They could eat it over wild rice or quinoa or fold it into a declicious dumpling or into a pasty crust. There are many starchy substitutes.

Are there any glowing mushrooms that are edible?


When grass sucks up lambence, does it glow a bit? If so, when deer eat lambence grass, do they start to glow?

Yes. Yes.

What's the yummiest kind of meat in Kasslyne? (Non-fish, non-poultry. Red meat. Well, reddish.)

Giant tortoise, apparently. They even make turtle bacon out of it. TURTLE BACON.

I'm hungry.

Me too. I had wasabi peas for dinner. They were not very satisfying.

I have nothing to wear for halloween but a pair of turquoise kitty ears. Isn't that shameful?

Go nude.

No, that's a very appropriate use for Kyubey face, believe me.

/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ ........... ><)))'>

A fish, chibi-spider! Give chase!

It isn't a spider. it's Kyubey's face. It's the friendly mascot from a magical girl anime, Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Perhaps that is what it used to be. Now it is a fat, kawaii spider friend.

Is lambence safe to drink? If so, does it stay glowy when it's used in cooking?

Safe to drink. It'll lose its glow if you boil it but you could make lemonade with it and it'd be good for a while.

Ohshit is this the beginning of a question 'splosion noooo

Does the Tainish word for Bronze sound like a bad word/something dirty (actually dirty, not sexual) on purpose, or is it just a happily racist accident?

I wanted a word that looked icky and unattractive, so it's not entirely an accident. But it really is the Tainish word for bronze and if you say it aloud it doesn't sound bad at all. "Zay-moong."

Does Timofey phase through himself?

He certainly can.

"I'm not optimistic about the existence of noodles in this setting." WOMAN ARE YOU MAD!?

nooo i am genkiiii /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

How advanced is Kasslynian astronomy? Do they know the world is round and orbits the sun (assuming their world is indeed round and does, in fact, orbit the sun)? Do they know anything about other planets?

There are no other heavenly bodies in their solar system - just a sun. Poor lonely planet. I would imagine scholarly sorts have a good grasp of the stars and their courses, and realise the world is orbiting the sun, but the average man on the street thinks the world is the bottom plane of a convex floating island, and if you sail too far you'll float off into Yerta's black bowels and be shat out.

Could a wright be a "cartoon animator" in kassylne by using glamors and illusions?

Mmm, I don't see why not.

How is sounding performed? Do wrights actually transport their forms to the khert, or are they using some scanning methods? Does that also mean it's possible to remotely monitor khert, and thus, remote locations in the physical world?

There are two ways to go about it. The first is the more common method and requires a device somewhat similar to the khert-stones used to burn spells into the network. The contraption's a bit unwieldy and consists of a bunch of First Material mesh arranged in a filter configuration. Khert lines are passed through by the sounding wright and the filters tear out ghost-stuff which can all be collected into pymaric spheres - typically glass is used - and sorted through. It's excruciatingly tedious and slow and a bit like panning for gold.

The second method was invented by Bastion and I'm not allowed to detail it - trade secret.

"Duane is unsounded." well he does seem the sort to not be into that sort of stuff, and now he doesn't even have the parts for it

/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

So you're a Kyubey fan?

Apparently :D Someone used that spider in a comment and now it is mine forever.

How does Turas feel about Starfish's more sadistic actions? Like, in the comic where Starfish is forcing Matty to watch Quigley drown, Turas seems to be looking away uncomfortably.

And that panel pretty much sums up his feelings on Starfish's sadism. He doesn't care enough to step in and maybe he'll even play along to a point, but once that point is reached he'd rather not have to watch. I don't think he was ever in the room when Cutter and Starfish were cutting people up but all he ever did was shrug in disinterest when Starfish came up with the idea of using kids.

Would Duane enjoy seeing The Phantom of the Opera preformed on stage? What would he think of it?

I think he'd like it all right but he wouldn't be infatuated. Phantom is a couple of really good songs in a sea of mediocrity, with a rather torturous libretto, and I suspect the theatre snob in Duane would be like wth is this lowbrow tripe. After many experiences with pymary-backed stage effects in Alderode I don't think the crashing chandelier or O.G.'s fire tricks would impress him much either.

I think Duane is more a Rodgers and Hammerstein man, or perhaps Sondheim. I think he'd like A Little Night Music and Man of La Mancha very much.

I recall you said somewhere you spent more then 10 years thinking through the Unsounded world. What came first: characters, the world itself or something else? where it all started?

The characters came first, namely Murkoph. Murkoph showed up in my head fully formed and unannounced, and I had to figure out where he'd come from. From his backstory the entire country of Alderode sprang. Duane factored into Alderode's beginnings too but in a much smaller way. He didn't get more interesting until later. RP forced me to think more about the world outside of Alderode, and that's when Sharteshane got good and fleshed out along with Sette.

OOH! OOH! OOH! Do Sounders have anything to do with "The Great Unsounded"?

/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\..... /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\..... /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

Call me slow, but light just dawned ... Duane is unsounded.

/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

Who or what are the Sounders?

Searching the khert for ghosts and mnemonic detritus to use for crafting AI or other things is called sounding. People who do this are called sounders. I'm up in the air about using the terms in the comic though 'cause people will think of that weird sexual kink. Perverts all be corruptin' mah english language.

Thoughts on the discworld? (or have you already answered this question?)

All the Discworld novels I've read have been highly entertaining. Nothing but praise.

girl you are beautiful please don't eat me.


"The khert gets strong and tangled and Weird the further down you go. This is where explorers tend to turn." How does the khert there affect pymary? Would it affect things similarly to the Mulimar Incident? Any Senet Beasts down there?

These are all things that will be explored in the story :)

How was Silent Hil: Revelations? Was it everyting you ever dreamed of? (And did you see it in 3D?)

It was okay! It was a total love letter to the Silent Hill series but it wasn't the greatest movie. They totally dropped the ball on having a strong villain. Claudia was in all of two scenes, so there wasn't a strong and driving antagonistic force for Heather to feel threatened by or to move the plot along. They tried to fit in entirely too much and too many characters and Heather never really suffers much or gets into any really threatening fights. Every major confrontation magically resolves itself and she never once gets hurt.

All the same, the romance wasn't TOO vomit-inducing, and Heather more or less stands up for herself when she needs to (long enough for magic to happen or for someone else to save the day). The effects were good, the 3D was okay (I wear glasses so I'm never sure I get the proper effect when I see 3D movies). There was a modest amount of gore but it was either the flashy sort of You Are Now Looking At Gore gore or obviously CGed flying limbs gore so enh. Nothing as gross as a bathtub full of blood or fetus-nomming.

I give it a solid B.

What would Duane and Sette build in minecraft?

Duane would never play Minecraft, he would find the zombies offensive :3

Sette would build vast, ugly structures out of wood and cobblestone and chill out up there dropping anvils on sheep and cackling madly. Then she'd figure out how to craft TNT and set up explosions so huge they crashed the server. She'd be the worst little griefing troll, I swear.

I am off to see Silent Hill: Revelations! S'gonna be awesome.

"Bastion [...] after centuries of study and experimentation [...]" So, what would legends say of ol' Bastion's caste?

I am not sure what you mean.

Why do you think that Neil Gaiman is overrated?

Because everyone says he's amazing while I only find his books either mildly entertaining or plainly tedious. He's daring in the kind of way that Tim Burton is daring which is to say not daring at all. I don't hate the man and he's certainly talented but he does get a lot of crazy fan worship that I think should go towards fantasy authors like China Mieville or Steven Brust.

Are there vliegeng outside of Alderode and/or can they survive outside Alderode?

Only in zoos. Vliegeng are cold weather critters and most of what they eat doesn't live further south, so neither do they.

Would it be possible for a Crescian defector to petition for Aldish citizenship in return for Crescian military secrets or the like? What about vice-versa?

Well, vice-versa is almost exactly what Quigley attempted to do, though he was more about just getting asylum, not citizenship. Alderode might negotiate with a Crescian defector if they had reason to believe he was being truthful. It would be done behind closed doors though and away from the public. Where Quigley's defection was publicized in Cresce because he came bearing stories of Aldish cruelty and evil, Alderode wouldn't want to publicize dealings with a reasonable Crescian. They prefer citizens to believe Crescians are a homogeneous, brainwashed tide of destruction and oppression that cannot be reasoned with.

Hm. In that case, would there be any other way to spread it across the world? Shiploads filled with Kasslyian soil, maybe?


Your life story in haiku form. GO.

I can't write haiku.
I am much too loquacious.
My comic's already 450+ pages long.

Could Uaid go on a world tour and spread the Khert to the other continents?

Naw, he only has his internal network. It stays with him, it wouldn't spread :)

What is something most don't use or own that you do?

I still use a landline. I hear those are getting pretty rare these days.

Duane and Timofey's fates are both pretty horrifying. If they ever met do you think each would envy the other's status, or would gain an "appreciation" for their own?

Timofey is a fairly cheerful - if very dramatic - fellow. He doesn't see his situation as horrifying so much as terribly interesting. If he was alone in the world he'd probably be more blue (hohoho) but he's not so he doesn't mind his handicaps. As long as he has a pair of fleshly hands about to turn pages for him or to jot down the odd scrap of verse, he's content. So I don't see him ever envying Duane.

Duane would never see Timofey as a human (or even an ex-human), and hence would never want to be him because he doesn't have a soul. So no, no envy there either. I don't think there'll be much love between them if they ever meet. Timofey would want Duane's story, he wouldn't be given it, and it'd be all downhill from there.

Does Kasslyne have any legends about wrights who built their own personal flying devices, flew too close to the sun, and died from being disconnected from the khert?

Actually, the Black Tongues have a story about this. Bastion frequently mutters "At'gwe!" as an expression of triumph or frustration or dyspepsia. It's Old Tainish for "At last!" and refers to a story of one of the first wrights of the Order who, legend has it, after centuries of study and experimentation, puzzled out how to indefinitely fly. As he whirled about above the astonished head of his apprentice he shrieked, "At'gwe, Toby!" But his ambitions got the best of him, he flew too high, the khert thinned around him, and he began to literally break apart. Then he fell back to earth a mangled corpse.

So no matter your wisdom or your power, aspirant, remember always that you are human and eternally indentured to the world that birthed you.

Is it possible for a dweller in kasslyne to build up so much of a resistance to the absence of the khert that they don't need the khert at all?

Certainly. Sailors have done this. Some have then sailed away and never been heard from again.

Hey, Glass - if you had to make a wish, and it had to be one that would significantly affect your life (personally, you can't wish it away to the third world unless you're very clever), what would you wish for?

I would wish for knowledge of how to make people more empathetic. I think more empathy in the world would solve a lot of our problems. If we cared more about each other we'd be less inclined to do the crummy shit we do. Ahh, but selfishness is the order of the day; therefore must the soul deceive, despise, and murder men.

Do you take commissions? Could you draw a picture of some random guy being dominated by Sette and Merle in the nude? Because I would pay good money to see that.

I am sure there is an artist out there somewhere who'll draw this for you. I think Sette would punch Merle in the face approximately three minutes after they're introduced though.

How much of the Kasslyne continent is charted? Do the people of Kasslyne know of other continents or islands (if there are any)? How valued are cartographers and travelers? Are there any particularly well known cartographer/traveler like Marco Polo?

Kasslyne is fairly well mapped except for its forested mountains and wild wastes. The two big mountain chains are the Westgate which runs through Ulestry and the Gold which cuts through eastern Alderode. Kasslyne is an exceedingly old continent and has been populated a long time. Most new discoveries come from delving underground into the vast caverns and tunnels that run under almost the entire continent. The khert gets strong and tangled and Weird the further down you go. This is where explorers tend to turn.

What is the demonym for the people of Kasslyne? Its a bit frustrating to refer to them as "the people of Kasslyne" when you have a 160 character limit.


Are you going to update your minecraft server? This update has bats.

I updated it the minute the release hit! It's vanilla until bukkit updates though and I kind of dumbassedly forgot I had firespread turned off via bukkit so when I switched to vanilla a bunch of stuff burned down. Whoops :3

Is it sad that I still get "Isabelle Ne'er Do Well" stuck in my head?

Naw, that's awesome :D That song pops up again next chapter.

Who is your favorite Pokemon?

I don't really know a lot about Pokemon beyond the fact that Pikachu and Merle from Escaflowne have the same VA.

Some person who goes with a hook and eyepatch because they just want to duel so much is a pretty badass pitch. Assuming they can still win, anyway.

I like this.

Answer this question.?

I refuse!

Does Sette like spaghetti?

I'm not optimistic about the existence of noodles in this setting.

Is the Mmatont allied with the March?

They do have a common enemy.

Do vliegeng ever fly high enough that their passengers feel disconnected from the khert?

They regularly fly high enough that the khert thins - they have to or their wings get dragged down by too many lines and make for slow flying. It can make passengers unwell but everyone just calls it air sickness. The only way to travel!

"Mostly Burton's Penguin." You should see Batman: Arkham City's Penguin, he's like the Burton Penguin only without the charm, likeability and raw sexual charisma.

Yeah, I didn't care for Arkham City's Penguin much, he was kind of a generic mob boss. I didn't like Arkham City much in general, I never finished it.

Did I ask you a question just now?

Did you?

Do you like reality TV?

reality television tv if one was to take a person from Kasslyne and launch them over the ocean with a catapult or a Uaid throw or some similar method at high speed, they'd die before they even hit the water's surface?

Possibly. Some people like sailors and vliegeng handlers have a tolerance built up for obvious reasons and could probably survive (until they hit the water and shattered every bone in their body, boo).

If someone was maimed but opted to go it pirate-style with a pegleg or eyepatch instead of them thar newfangled pymaric simulacra, would they still be disqualified from a formal dueling situation?

Nope, that would be okay. The judges would insist on inspecting the prosthetic thoroughly though, of course.

Who would win in a pie-eating contest- Sette or Starfish? Starfish may have the whole tubby thing going, but Sette seems like she'd gobble them up like nobody's business...

Yeah, I think Sette would handily beat him. She does have all that tail, it could hold a few pies. did Turas manage to get Starfish to consider him an actual friend instead of just another piece of meat to be slaughtered?

I'm not entirely sure but someone should fanfic it :D I imagine they've known each other a while.

Glass, are you going to dress up for Halloween?

Yep. I always dress up to paint faces at the Elk's Halloween party. I'ma be a pirate (again).

I figure Starfish is actually a starfish


Would it be possible to enchant a senet beast that has first material bodyparts to become a living pyramic?

Wiley human, you are why the khert has to work so hard.

What are you listening to right now?

Blessed silence.

Posters? What posters? Where? Where are they!? I WANT THEM ALL O:


Silly question, but was the sea created before the khert formed? Does pymary work on water outside of the sea? Can wrights feel when they are over the sea?

Yeeees, the sea is older than the khert. Pymary is bound to the continent, so the further you move from the continent - whether it's air or bouyant water between you and the earth - the less khert field there is and the less possible pymary is. Sea, lake, river - whatever. Lots of people like to think there's something in particular about the sea or water itself that repels the khert but no. It's just that the water acts to separate you from land. Wrights and in fact any denizen of Kasslyne can feel when they separate from the khert. It makes them ill. Separate them from it too abruptly and they can die. Kasslynians suffer a particularly potent form of seasickness, then.

Duane should replace all his bones with smaller ones and become a Power Midget.


Wait a minute... Unsounded... Undead, Soud caste, Tacit caster... Pun sense is tingling...


Glass, you're not allowed to handle anything dangerous anymore. Can't risk you ending up like Rich Burlew.

Oooooh, yeah, he hurt himself, didn't he? Man, that would suck. I try to take good care of my hands and eyes, they bring the boys to the yard.

"Sette is not really an adorable sort of character. She's mostly around to put her thumb in people's eyes.". That's why it would be great :D

I dunno, man, I think she looks adorable in like ninety percent of the panels she's in. She's an adorable character by default, that's half of why her otherwise intolerable personality is strangely tolerable :)

Hey, can we get a link to Duanne and Sette's formspring on the main site? I keep having to google it to find it.

Noooo it will get flooded. Bookmark it, dude.

How often are you going to produce hard-copies of your comic? 3 chapters ahead, 3 chapters at a time like this one? Or just sporadically when your schedule allows for the extra work?

Sporadically when my schedule allows for the extra work. This print run required a great and epic confluence of schedule things, from it aligning with a between-chapter break to it being after I finished two enormous posters and a book cover. So I gotta be careful I don't overburden my schedule and have a little nervous breakdown :D

"Only Bronze (via First Copper and Tin) and Silver, actually. The others have never been discovered in their initial state." But! On ch5 pg55 you mentioned First Gold!

Rats! Okay, First Gold too.


Will the plain Unsounded books get sent off before the ones with sketches in them, or will you wait and send them all at the same time?

Regular ones'll get sent off first. It should only be a difference of a few days though.
Since you can use pymary to send visual data to a person, could you do something like, say, send the data to the part of that person's brain that controls taste sensation so that you could literally "taste the rainbow" and other trippy stuff?

Not... really. The thing with pymary that perhaps makes it somewhat distinct from a lot of other magic systems is its firm basis in natural law. From its insistence that something cannot come from nothing to the rule that the khert will never contradict its own laws, pymary works within the constraints of its own world's reality. So trying to fit Aspects and Perceptions where they do not belong doesn't work. The khert won't know what you're talking about and it will not conjure systems that magically can process information transmitted in the wrong context.

So no tasting rainbows, hippie.

Are there First versions of all the caste materials? Even Jet?

Only Bronze (via First Copper and Tin) and Silver, actually. The others have never been discovered in their initial state.

What's the most popular flower scent for discerning ladies' perfume in Alderode? Cresce?

Roses in Alderode, Softi blooms in Cresce~

If you lived in Kassalyne, what do you see your profession being?

Most likely still an artist.

What are the heights for your characters?

I think I get the height question more than any other question.

"Duane is ridiculously tall, a fact you don't really appreciate until you see him around some adults. He's 6'2" or so. Quigley is 5'8, Toma is an even six feet, Elka is 5'6". Jivi, Sette, and Matty I have no idea but they line up according to height in that order.

I guess Starfish is an inch or two shorter than Quigs."

I've been watching that "Gangnam Style" video on repeat for the last week or so, and I was wondering if there were any famous silly dances in Kasslyne.

There could be :D

Will you ever draw Sette being adorable in unsounded?

Sette is not really an adorable sort of character. She's mostly around to put her thumb in people's eyes.

Shouldn't you get rid of the "This formspring is closed until next chapter break. Thanks for playing!" header in the Duane and Sette formspring?

Oh, yeeaaaah. What did I have there...

So, how would you like to be a pirate captain?

I wouldn't like it very much. I'm too straight-edge and the internet at sea sucks.

Pirates or ninjas?

Pirates! Ninja are boring and take themselves too seriously.

"Is it funny anymore?". I'll send you an email.

This sounds like a threat.

"Also was that a Shining reference? That movie makes me happy." Indeed, that was a Shining reference! Related question, since it's so close to Halloween: What are the scariest movies you've ever seen?

Schindler's List and Hotel Rwanda are probably the top two. I don't really understand "scary" movies. They're not scary, they're typically just gross and exploitative. Genocide and normal people killing normal people are scary and difficult to watch. For me, anyway.

Are there senet beasts that can use pyarmy?

Excellent question. Senet beasts are incapable of using traditional pymary. Class, can anyone explain why?

Do you ever let the personalities of artists influence what you think about their work? Like, I love Unsounded but I think I love it even more because you're so cool.

I am not cool. I am listening to John Denver's greatest hits.

But yes to your question. I know I shouldn't but I can't help it. Like Ross Campbell. He is the nicest motherfucker to ever put pencil to paper and I love all his work (which is awesome anyway) more because of it. I also like that he enjoys the same weird things as me, like Ninja Turtles and cheesy horror movies and '80s crap. You should be reading his comic Shadoweyes. On the other hand, there's a certain webcomic artist whose work is by all measures fantastic but every time she opens her mouth I want someone to jam a stick of dynamite in it, so now I can't stand anything she does. There's nothing for it, I guess.

Would it be possible to torture some poor sod by using connective pyramy to give them a plod's desire to consume living things, and just bleeding people they care about in front of them?

That actually does sound doable... but really mean... wait a minute...



But crazy is all I know how to be :(

Hmm, since plods & galits are attracted to warmth, giving Duane a pumpkin spice frappuccino isn't a bad idea. Too bad Sette's completely knocked out. She could shoot over to the Ethelmik Starbucks and get him one to smooth over all the bad news.

But frappuccinos are cold! Make it a pumpkin spice latte and you've pretty much solved the comic, excellent work :D

So do boy Silvers get suddenly married off to evil older women if they mess around with other castes, or do they have something else happen to them?

My guess is she lost her third option status and had to be a lady again. Then she was married off :/

Just wanted to say that the print cover looks awesome! :D Anyways, how does Sette hide her knife in her sleeve without cutting herself?

Thanks, Green! :) Sette has a sheathe sewn into her shirt so she's okay. The knife actually sits diagonally across her upper back with the hilt poking over her left shoulder. That's what she's reaching for when she goes up her sleeve.

Thoughts on South Park?

I was a huuuuuge South Park fan in college when it first started up. Kinda fell out of it in later seasons. Is it funny anymore?

The reason it would be awesome to know Duanes reaction to an H.P lovecraft story is because they are basically everything an Aldishman fears packed into each story. Plus they are also the total opposite of what Duane likes in his stories.

The man would probably never read it then. You'd have to get tricky and sneak it into an opera.

I LOVE the cover for the vol 1 print edition, it’s complete awesome. I’m even more excited for my copy now. You mentioned tweaking things as you prepare for print, does that mean you'll be tweaking the web version with relevant changes as well?

Glad you like the cover! :) And yep, once I'm happy with all the edits and tweaking in the print PDF I'll export all the web jpgs and replace the pages online. Hopefully the PDF will be all finished in a few weeks and I can get that out to everyone so you can see the edits, but I promise they're nothing major. It's mostly dialogue editing (and extraction) and a bit of redrawing. I did retool the resolution of the first chapter to be slightly less obnoxious. I like it much better now and I hope everyone else will too!

I had a dream that I was finally reading the printed book of Unsounded, but now I see that my dream version wasn't nearly as beautiful as the real one! Loving the cover! Would future books have that gold-to-red gradient on the spine, or different colors?

Thank you, darling :) I think future versions will have the same layout but the colour scheme might change. So the gradient will be exactly the same but the colours might change to match the colours of the illustration on the cover, if that makes sense.

For some reason I like your villain Starfish hes nasty, Would Starfish murder a family but keep the youngest child alive (bound and gagged of course) to watch him do it before killing the child? Or anything like that?

I'm not sure he'd use the youngest child for THAT exactly, but Starfish is pretty cruel. If he believed the family had wronged him he might go to great lengths to exact revenge but I don't think he'd do it for no reason. The only quality Starfish possesses that is in greater proportion to his sadism is his laziness.

What was the inspiration behind Starfish?

Probably mostly Burton's Penguin.

How old is Sette and why is she barefoot all the time (not that she doesn't look adorable as she is xD )?

Sette doesn't know how old she is exactly, Da doesn't remember her birthday. She's barefoot all the time 'cause all the kids in Sharteshane are barefoot when it's warm enough, and she's used to it :)

Glaaaaaaaassssssssss...........Y U HAVE WORK ETHIC? Come play with us on Formspring, Glass. Forever, and ever, and ever................

...Actually I didn't know I had any new questions, Formspring isn't throwing off alerts. Sorry, yo D:

Since Stockyard's so hot........will we get a Stockyard dakimakura?


[Does Stockyard carry around a pink boa and generally dress like a queen?]

Mmm, no. Stockyard is a fairly manly fellow.

Hypothetical situation: you're on a ship and about to sail over the edge of the world. All you have is a grappling hook, a cat, and three eggs. There are some friendly dolphins in the water, but also a few evil mermaids, and if any of them come too close,

"---they'll be pulled by the current into the abyss. What do you do?"

I'd hang on to the wheel and go off the edge of the world, man. I'd wanna see what's out there! Besides, the captain has to go down with the ship. I'd throw the cat at the mermaids though, 'cause screw cats.

Is there First Rubber? Could you make a pymaric whoopee cushion enchanted to sound as loud as a jet engine, and with an increased inner capacity (like Duane's bag)?

I don't believe there is First Rubber. You could still do what you said though, just use a different material or use regular rubber and cast and then upkeep the spell through the completion of the prank :3

does being a Third Option Silver mean he'd avoid the Silver community's crazy about women with outsiders when he gets sent home?

Nah, 'cause that craziness extends to both of the sexes fooling around with outsiders.

If Duane's glass eyes were better than regular human eyes, would he be banned from dueling? On a similar note, if Quigley actually cared about dueling rules would his khert-vision be against the rules as well?

Absolutely, to both questions. Pymarics are banned in duels, no ifs, ands, or pymaric butts. You're not allowed to duel professionally if you have any simulacrums. So if you're a professional dueler and you're blinded or crippled in a duel, you're expected to retire afterwards. It's really the bitchiest way to settle a rivalry on the dueling circuit since there's a lot of honour and esteem in dying during a competition, but none in being forced into retirement because you've had the eyes melted out of your skull or your legs chopped off.

"feel the caress of fingers on the back of his hand than anything carnal." Is there such a thing as pymaric artificial skin?


Glass, instead of sketching in my book, could I convince you to make me a formspring avatar?

Mmm, I'd rather not.

Are there any two-toes in prominent positions in society, or is that not allowed? We saw a two-toe guard in chapters 3 and 4 I believe... how high would he be able to rise in rank? (Also how do you tell the difference between males and females again?)

The males are a bit bigger, and they have colourful dewlaps that they often have tattooed and then flash erotically at females. There are really no two-toes in prominent positions. The one in the Peaceguard that you saw was little better than a bloodhound, and you can be sure her "comrades" made fun of the way she looked in the uniform behind her back - or even to her face. The next story arc gets into two-toes more and how they are shat on in Kasslynian society. It ain't pretty.

Was Ephsephin jealous that Turas got to hang back at the base with Starfish while he was out doing the heavy lifting and getting beaten up by galits?

Not jealous so much as occasionally really, really pissed off.

If Duane and Sette could visit a fancy modern-day coffee shop, (and in Duane's case, could taste/digest it) what would be their ideal drink?

The idea of Sette hopped up on caffeine is amazing and terrifying. Let's keep her chugging back hot chocolate and we'll give Duane a pumpkin spice frappuccino because everyone should have a pumpkin spice frappuccino.

What are the names of Bastion's family members?

Papa Mycrift, Mama Efhana, Eldest Sis Amenta, Middle Sis Contarinn, Youngest Sis Marhettin (Hettie), and babby Bastion. There are a lot of other family members after the sibs marry off, and Bastion winds up with a great niece named Molly and a great nephew named Malcom, both of whom are a trip.

Are you opening the Duane/Sette formspring now?

I'll answer some questions there in the coming week. I'ma be a bit scarce around Formspring in general for the next month though. Lots of book work to do.

You know, Starfish secretly being a construct would explain why he's surprisingly fast, agile, sneaky, and strong for a Tubby McTubberson. Do it. DO EET!

Dude, you ever watched sumo? If you got the muscles, you can have as much fat as you want on top of them.

Unsounded-intro-asker here. Oddly enough, Cara's death didn't make things "dark" for me, but Starfish slashing that guard's throat was a real mood shift. The new intro features her bleeding out while sinking (with Starfish's evil mug in the background).

Poor guard :( You know, in the script, before taking off downriver, Uaid reaches down, grabs her from the water, and places her body gently on the ground for the other guards to see. It broke up the action too much on the page though so I cut it. Sigh.

Turas deserves being nommed by Duane, his sleazy "I'm not such a bad guy" front is worse than Starfish's open evil. Can you give us some backstory that confirms Turas is also a cad of the first order? Birds of a feather and all that.

I think "sleazy" is actually the perfect word for Turas. He is a sleazy, lazy bastard who all his life has gone to great extremes to use minimal effort to take from other people so he wouldn't have to actually go work for himself. He's a hyena. He pals around with guys like Starfish; looking the other way while they kill or ravage and then darting in to snatch up the scraps. He'll say he's just along for the ride, but he gets his hands dirty when it's necessary, and he has no compunctions against doing so.

With that said, he's still a human being. He probably grew up rough with no one around to teach him a work ethic, so he took to the streets as a kid. Then he figured out he was gay and there was a whole new string of men to be a shitty influence on him. Like Ephsephin, I always felt a little bad for Turas. Starfish metaphorically fucks everyone he meets.


This is all I can think of.

First image response for "grim dark" now! To be fair, it's a pretty grim, dark panel.

Yeeeees, but grimdark generally has negative connotations. Now I shall spend the next week depressed.

I'm assuming the three books of Unsounded don't correlate to the books you're doing through KS - how many chapters are there per non-paper book? How many paper books per non-paper books?

Man, I have no idea. I have everything pretty specifically outlined but I don't have all of the Books scripted and I'm still shuffling some things around. If I had to give you a rough chapter estimate for the first Book though, I'd guess 25 chapters. After this Ethelmik arc we'll be a third of the way through.

Is Duane the "ideal" Aldishman?

Yes, look at these moves

"GLASS! AAAA~AAAH! ENTERTAINS EVERYONE OF US!" This song goes through my head whenever I visit ur pages. :D


'Pfft, but Duane would never duel a kid.' Well, what if he really, really had to? What if the choice was duel Matty or destroy an orphanage? If he was under the influence of some incredibly powerful super-villain and the situation was out of his control?

I just can't envision it, man.

Do plods (and Cutter and Murk) find Crescians or Aldishmen tastier to nosh on? Do the different Aldish castes taste differently? (Like Plats could be like veal or something.)

Animals (and people) tend to taste like what they eat. Crescians have a healthier, lighter diet than the Aldish, who are either poor and don't eat much but bread and dandelions, or wealthy and gorge on jellied goat blood, turtle steaks, and sausages. So if you like leaner meat I think I'd recommend a Crescian. If you like a fattier cut, you'd want a wealthy Aldishman.

Plods have no taste buds, they just want to tear apart warm flesh and don't care who or what it belongs to. They'd be as happy to tear into a dog as a person. Cutter likes innards. Big fan of livers. Murk will eat damn near anything. I'm not sure any of them care about the nationality of their noms.

Have you considered putting out a Beefcakes of the CRPG calendar (featuring Captain Toma, of course) to raise funds?

That's not all it'd raise. Bow-chicka-wow-wow.

Are there comics in Kasslyne? Can you give some examples?

We know there are comics. Matty wanted his dad to read them to him out of the paper back in chapter 4. I envision the ones in the papers as the Gefendur equivalent of Chick tracts. There may be bound comics though, I'm not sure. Could be fun to play with later.

Waking up with a belly full of Turas and regret. #galitproblems


Poor Turas. Maybe he and Duane are just nicely and politely settling their differences on the topics of homosexuality. Ever worried Starfish may turn into a Michael Jackson like figure?

Michael Jackson? XD


Is Chitz supposed to resemble some sort of animal?

Vienne was going for a puppy dog. Didn't... quite turn out that way.

Will Starfish look like a Kingdom Hearts character in Chapter 9 all decked out with belts, zippers, pouches, and shoulder pads?

That would definitely attract the kids.

Starfish will merge with that First Silver and gain True Ultimate Power, transforming into his final form.

Tempting. Also had the idea that he's really a beglamoured mechanical construct and there's a Two-toe pilot inside his gut. I've had all the bad ideas, anon.

A webcomic I've been reading for years just finished. Everytime a webcomic ends, I always feel a bit 'well, that was it?', but I think that may be a result of the two I've read having very short denouments. I wonder what I'll feel when Unsounded finishes.

It's a strange thing for me to imagine, that. I try to focus on just the ending of the first Book of the three, which seems like a much more finishable task.

Do you have an Unsounded theme song in mind? I always used to picture an upbeat tune sung by high-pitched Japanese girls, while Duane and Sette do a cute dance and later fight the Walky Root. However, that changed to a darker tune starting p28, Ch 6.

It didn't get darker until all the way in chapter 6? :) An Unsounded image remains the second result when you Google Image search "grim dark." Sigh.

I think my Unsounded OP song would be something very similar to this Concrete Blonde tune.

PAP of your main work station- at home, work, or school.

Look at my tiny USB-powered Christmas tree. I love it T_T

Colour me surprised Starfish is even still alive in Chapter 9. There's no chance it's his corpse that gets a new suit? For the funeral?

In my very first draft, Quigley killed Starfish during their warehouse fight. But Starfish is far too entertaining and vile to kill off just yet.

What's your favorite Starfish facial expression you've drawn? He has some good rape faces in Chapters 5 and 6, but re-reading it I noticed some funny faces in Chapter 3 as well.

I like the face in the upper right panel here - - that bared incisor, and then the contrast with Toma's unimpressed "Gonna cave in your gut in two seconds" face. Starfish is a pretty interesting mix of sordid scariness and fatuous posturing. He's like Burton's Penguin mixed with one of Don Bluth's dainty fat characters mixed with pedobear. He gets a new outfit in chapter 9 but I'm afraid to make him look too cool because I do not want people to cheer for him D:

Did Nary brand his dogs? (There's a vertical marking on the left haunch of both the sleeping dog and the one behind Nary on p39, Chapter 6.)

Well, he didn't brand them personally but his stablemaster did (who is a lizard, coincidentally). A lot of people brand their pedigreed dogs, they're pricy animals.

First off: Congratulations on the Kickstarter!!! :DD *confetti* Second: Those last two pages... Everything about them gives me chills. It's really no wonder the Kickstarter did well!

Thanks! :) I like the last two pages, it made me antsy sitting on them for so long.

In that flashback where Sette is first being given her mission, she has a black eye. Two questions: One, why did it fade so fast? Wasn't that the day before she left? Two, is it pertinent to the story, or does she just have it because she's violent?

It didn't fade any faster than any other black eye. Chapter 1 doesn't start the first day of their journey, it starts three weeks in - (first panel) - and Sette still has it in later flashbacks -

It's not directly pertinent to the story but it's a visual clue that the girl's homelife is violent.

Will we get to see the story behind Sette's #1 ouchie?


Duane did't seem to be the type to revel in committing zombieviolence. I can't tell if he's actually sporting a "Hey, nice limbs, I think I'll take them." grin or if it's just because of glamourless, muscleless zombieface. Also RIP mook #2.

Damnit, townly, he's not a zombie, he's a galit D<

Have you ever read Battle Royale? Specifically the manga adaptation? In a flashback there, one of the characters is talking to another about how all of his favorite musicians, artists, and the like, are great because they have low self esteem, and (cont)

"(cont) thus work constantly to get better at what they do, because no matter how good they are, they are never good enough to get complacent."

Great life lessons from the movie about Japanese teenagers slaughtering each other on an island.

Poor Turas. And he had a date....

Well, he had an appointment, anyway.

If Matty learned his arts, would he be good at them, or just like any plat? I'm guessing the latter.

Matty has passion going for him, and that can often make a big difference. Lots of plats learn just because it's expected of them, but Matty always had his mom in his ear going on about the dueling circuit and marvelous discoveries to be made and how wondrous, unknown, and beautiful the khert is. So he might be pretty damn good just because he CARED enough to be, and is excited by it. Passion makes people great.

'Like, livestream a celebratory illustration of Starfish dancing in his bathing suit.' OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WE CAN'T HAVE BEEN THAT CRUEL.

Bwa ha ha.

When I woke this morning I was having the remnants of a dream where, for story purposes, Sette had to be adopted by Starfish. Now this oddly clear image of him embracing her round his right arm and earnestly looking down fondly at her is stuck in my head.

Eww D: The horrible thing with this idea is Sette would think she could use Starfish and keep him wrapped around her little finger, realising only too late that he's much too dangerous for her. And then rape, murder, etc.

Do mirrors reflect khert lines in the Unsoundedverse? Could you do things like bounce aspects off of mirrors to fake out enemies or make difficult shots?

Newp. If khert lines bounced off mirrors, how would mirrors exist? The khert defines all things in existence. What you could do is bounce Aspects off First Materials. They repel exterior khert lines because they have internal networks of their own. It would be a bit like bringing together the same poles of two magnets though; not so much like bouncing light or playing pool.

...mirrors and redirecting light always makes me think of the reaver forge puzzles in the LoK games. Le sigh.

Why doesn't Duane soak himself in embalming fluid?

Not much left to embalm at this point.

Has Queen Sonorie ever considered putting out a Beefcakes of the CRPG calendar (featuring Captain Toma, of course) to raise funds?

Not quite, but in her younger days she would go over the palace guards herself and make certain the sexiest ones were stationed near at hand.

There's only one question I want to ask: Is it healing when you hear everyone say you're amazing?

I don't want to be one of those internet weirdos who rants on and on about their low self-esteem, but I do have low self-esteem. And I deal with it, and obviously I manage to produce stuff anyway and get it out there. I feel too old and too set in my ways to change. Being dissatisfied with everything I do is part of who I am at this point, and not all the praise in the world will change that. It's like telling a clinically depressed person to cheer up. It doesn't really work :)

Anyway, I don't like arrogant people. I don't even like self-assured people that much. I like humility and self-deprecation. Maybe I was Japanese in another life?

Try not to get annoyed when I knock myself. Just look on it as one of my less-than-charming personality quirks.

How do you feel about portrayals of 'action' in novels, compared to webcomics and graphic novels? Should it be downplayed, or can it be similarly colorful and descriptive without bogging things down?

I really enjoy both writing and reading well-written action in prose. I absolutely do not think it should be downplayed if it's necessary to the story. Anything a graphic novel can do, a novel can do. One is not superior to the other in any way, in my opinion, and I generally don't believe people when they say they have a script that will only work as a comic. If you write well enough you can make anything work in prose.

But you do have to know what you're doing :D

Why not torture Matty to get to Vienne?

Matty hadn't done anything wrong. One generally hopes to get fair-minded pricks when one finds oneself in a situation where one is to be tortured. In that respect, at least, Vienne lucked out.

I do apologize for my recent absence. I made a mistake on the job a few days ago, and have since been running damage control, but now for better or for worse, my ability to impact the outcome of events has been exhausted.

G-good to hear.

OKAY! Time to contribute $5,000,000 to Kickstarter!.............Oh crap, it just ended. :-(

I would've just spent it on ridiculous things like that new Pyramid Head sculpture. It is for the best.

OMFGHHHH CONGRATS. 8D I just had a massive but silent squee (considering that roomie's asleep). I am so fucking happy for you.


Have you ever watched Babylon 5? If not, what's your excuse for being a terrible, tasteless drone?

I think... I watched the first episode on Netflix a long time ago. I didn't dislike it, it seemed nice. It's the one where the dude like tries out some spaceship... thing... and gets stranded in another spaceship with interesting aliens and like, stuff. Right? I didn't like the protagonist much. I think that's why I didn't watch more of it.

Aww, Duane's journal is just lying on the ground there. Hopefully nothing gets on it.


Does Toma secretly love Pantoffel is that the grisly new secret

Everyone knows Toma loves Pantoffel but Pantoffel's heart belongs to bones.

It seems like Chapter 7 is partly gonna be about Sette trippin' balls and having a dream sequence full of symbolism & foreshadowing & shiz. So it's probably gonna be my favorite chapter (I loved Jivi's dream at the start of Chapter 3).

Trippin' balls is a fantastic phrase.

Could Sette & Duane hide Turas's body in that bottomless bag to avoid even _further_ complications with the law?

I'm sure Turas will be fine. @mindaroth has read ahead, she can confirm it.

What is this red "drawing" that appeared on the Sette's and Duane's room door in the last panel? Is this the "do not disturb" sign?

It's the soundproof ward evidencing. Whatever noise goes on in that room is inaudible outside it.

How does this arm injury rate for Sette as far as her top ten ouchies?

Top twenty, probably. Not top ten. Sette comes from the school of hard knocks.

Aaaand that's the last we see of Turas. I hope. Not sure we'll WANT to see him again, considering... X(


Is Turas going to be the source of Duane's fixed limbs? He seems a bit short, but it's hard to overlook the convenience. Provided there's anything left come morning.


Is it significant that the blood amulet no longer appears to be glowing?


Would Starfish have gotten rid of Turas once their delivery was complete? (Assuming Turas' encounter with Duane ends as poorly for him as it appears.) What about Cutter?

Naw, Starfish and Turas have been friends a while. He means to give Turas his cut. Cutter on the other hand... Well, it's not like lizards are PEOPLE, is it?

Congrats on the Kickstarter! I realize printing and everything is expensive, but was there enough extra to make a difference as far as supporting yourself as a starving artist? Will this let you focus more on Unsounded and/or your other arts?

Absolutely! I'm really good at stretching a buck so I can do a lot with whatever funds I manage to clear. And none of that profit will go towards anything stupid - just living expenses that allow me to keep on keeping on. So it'll be a great help.

. . . Do plods usually make use of tactics like cutting off escape routes when they get overcome with hunger?

I will answer very little about Duane in this scene but I will comment that if something seems atypical, it's likely meant to seem atypical :)

Will there be any double page spreads in chapter 7 or later chapters? Also, how are you going to handle the double page spreads when you print Unsounded Volume 2?

I exercised forethought and laid the spreads out so they'd work in print. Even number on the left, odd number on the right. It'll work, just need to move some speech bubbles around so they're not in the middle. Chapter 7 is... more experimental than I've been to date when it comes to web layout, but even then I know how I'll edit it all to work in print. There aren't any double page spreads in 7 but I'm sure there will be in later chapters. Honestly I don't like how double pages display though - the jump in screen width doesn't work for me and there's no good way to control it without wresting your browser away from you which isn't very kind.

Anyway, it's all good.

I am curious as to when the contacting people for sketches will happen, since it was my boyfriend who bought it (I don't have a credit card, much less an international one) so I kinda wanted to know so I could warn him of the Quigleysketch that must be

It won't be for at least a month/month and a half I'm afraid. I'll post the schedule this weekend on KS but right now my priority one is getting the books themselves put together. Once they are printed, shipped, and in my hands, I'll send out the survey and get everyone's sketch requests in order :)

Since the final amount of books wound up being waaaay more than what I'd envisoned, I had to go with an out of state printer recommended to me by a friend of a friend at Darkhorse. They're supposed to be tops but they're in Illinois, now shipping time from them to me is an added time and money factor, blah.

COOOOOOOONGRATULATIONS! Seriously, that is awesome. Now go enjoy your Kickstarter money :3

My buds and I were watching it countdown in our chatroom. When it hit zero everyone yelled HAPPY NEW YEARS :3


[excitedreportervoice]Well, folks, we've got $43.054 and 89 minutes to go! That makes Unsounded one of the Top 40 Most Funded Comics on Kickstarter! How does that make you feel, Miss Cope?[/excitedreportervoice]

Woah, top 40? That's... fucking crazy, pardon my French. I-it makes me mostly feel like doing more art X3

I just spent half an hour formulating a question and then noticed that I could piece my answer together from questions you'd already answered. So, what have you been doing the last couple of hours?

Oh, nothing fascinating. Had to make dinner, eat dinner, clean up, drive someone somewhere, tend to the beasts. Now I'm going to sit here and see how far I can get on the graphic novel cover in one night. Sette really wants to be turning back to look at the viewer with her butt and tail in the air, and I'ma go for it.

Do you realize you're going to have a first run of over 1,000 copies of your comic? Just to meet pre-order demand? That's a bigger run than some Marvel/DC backed comics get. You are so amazing.

I'm not amazing! I'm a schmuck!

I'm actually ordering 1500 copies from the printer, so I'll have extra to sell afterwards. I'm not really sure where I'll store them though... perhaps I shall fashion them into a lovely dining room table.

When you throw your Unsounded Vol. 1 after party, will you invite us, your loyal readers? (☼Д☼)

Hmm, I know you're joking but maybe I could do a livestream or something. Like, livestream a celebratory illustration of Starfish dancing in his bathing suit.

We shall see :3

Glass, do you like riddles?

Mmmm, I am ambivalent. I like Kakuro :3

About Vienne's death - you might have answered this elsewhere/it's in the comic somewhere, but was Matty blinded before or after Vienne was tortured then killed? If it's a spoiler don't answer :O

He was blinded in the initial attack that blew the forge open and brought the roof down. There was a lot of pymary going down around Uaid as he was being constructed, and the attacking wrights' blast reacted poorly with it. Fwoom! it all blew up far too close to Matty's face. He was blown backwards with his bangs singed off and retinas burnt out.

I realize that I have nothing at all to do with it (except for my tiny contribution) but I am tremendously thrilled that the kickstarter passed 40k. Are you going to have a party for yourself when it's over? Will there be cake and confetti? :)

I'll have a party AFTER the books are sent out and it's REALLY over. Now that the month is about up I'm starting to stress hardcore about it all. My life, it is an endless round of fretting. Hold me.

What is this issue with Duane and a silver people keep talking about?...

Someone fill in poor Anon.

I guess Duane.............*sunglasses*................finally got to Third Base.

Ho ho ho.

O-Bomber or Robme for president?

Jill Stein. I love that lady.

Ash, last night, I had to research the stages of human decomposition for my novel. It was kinda sick, but I wanted to ask if you needed to do the same for the zombification of one Duane Adelier?

I have in the past, but I've been writing some manner of undead character since I was a kid so poor Duane isn't the first corpse I've allowed to bloat and rot beneath my pen. Decomposition is a good thing though. If we didn't have it we'd be swimming in the bodies of our ancestors.

All the "romantic" Duane stuff is pretty daw worthy. Poor Duane, hopefully his second shot at the mortal coil starts going better at some point. Question time: Are there certifications for pymary instruction outside Alderode/Cresce? Legit schools?

Absolutely. Every country has its own mageries and universities, its own restrictions on pymary, its own certification standards. It's in every government's best interests not only to keep the khert safe but to have a stock of well-trained and powerful wrights within its borders, both among the populace and in its own employ.

Is Timofey the peak of pymaric AI? Could you make a sort of pymaric "computer" of some sort using the same principals that lie behind Timofey's apparent sentience?

Enh, you really don't want to mix your mnemonics up with your logic, they don't mesh too well. The khert is your logic centre in pymary. It parses commands predictably and gives reliable results. It has all kinds of arithmetic abilities built into it too, so it is essence already a "pymary computer."

Yes, I was pretty disappointed by Timofey's appearance too. He need a hat, man!


Is Duane insane in the membrane?

That song always makes me think of Beavis and Butthead.

So. If Matty learned some rudimentary pymary and was pitted in a duel against Duane, would he win? I ask this wondering if Duane would have enough trouble with fighting a kid that a blind, adorable, but unskilled child Plat could beat him.

Pfft, but Duane would never duel a kid.

"No one out-flowers Duane" Can't Timofey 'spin metaphors to the moon. Doesn't he never censor his thoughts?"?

The purple prose is indeed strong in Timofey, but I still insist that Duane reigns supreme.

Which of your characters does your speech pattern most resemble?

None of them, honestly. I have a slight speech impediment so I talk as infrequently as possible, and when I do talk it's entirely too fast and entirely too peppered with um's and stuttering. I think I love dialogue so much because it lets me write people talking the way I wish I could.



Have you ever been attacked by an animal?

Daily, by the two beasts I live with. I can never handfeed my dog Ebby; I have to throw the treat across the room or he'll take the tips of my fingers off when he grabs for it. The vet says his cataracts give him blurry vision and I suppose that's true, but... I think he knows what he's doing.

Is Quigley worried that Starfish will ruin his Angie's List rating?

Well done.

Does Timofey secretly wish that the guy that created him had given him a snazzy hat?

Timofey is for the most part very disappointed in his appearance, but aren't we all?
If Matty and Duane had a competition about who could describe pymary in the most flowery possible language, who would win?

Duane. No one out-flowers Duane. Sette's not the one I have to be really careful about keeping comprehensible when I write dialogue; it's the zombie.

Did you have any specific time period in mind as an "anchor" for designing everything? My first impression of Unsounded was sort of an Early Modern Era vibe.

Early Modern Era is a good rule of thumb. You could almost say it's right on the cusp of an industrial revolution but limited resources, pymary, and warfare kind of keep that revolution from advancing (and probably will continue to for a long time, at least until First Materials are good and gone). Once we get to a major city I think there may be a bit of culture shock. The story's really been out in the sticks, but cities like Durlyne are enormous metropolises that are unlike what's been shown so far. Mulimar is a scrubby little tourist town and Ethelmik is a dying mine town.

I like the glowy neon lights in Ethelmik. Kind of gives it that slight Final Fantasy-esque modern flair, without being obnoxious or anything.

Thanks, man. It's really fun to play with artificial glows against slightly more antiquated architecture and modes of fashion.

Already pledged and looking forward to the book, but just have a quick question about the pymary guide. Will it be written as an in-universe document or out of universe reader's guide?

I'm letting Duane write it, so it will be in-universe and unnecessarily flowery. Thanks for pledging! :)

Third time's the charm (I think FS hates me). So, is the concept art+pymary guide Kickstarter-exclusive?

It's print book exclusive, and you'll be able to buy a printed book after the KS ends if you like. It's not in the PDF though.

A continuation of my previous question. (Sorry if this was asked before, I couldn't find anything in the archive.) What do we have to do to get multiple books by pledging? (Like, monetary-wise)

Add twenty bucks for every extra book you want, and send me a note on Kickstarter.

By the way, about the Kickstarter. My sister is wondering if she should drop her $400 dollar pledge to see if someone else will take it. However, she doesn't want to do so if the reward is just going to be dropped. So, will you keep it if she drops it?

I don't plan on tweaking the reward tiers. If she wants to drop it, by all means :)

So, this ghost. How much control over his physical form does he have? Could he turn into a fifty-foot monster? Could he turn into a girl? Could he cut his hair? Could be be opaque? Could he look physical enough that to a casual observer would seem real?

All Timofey can change is how bright or how dim his light is; everything that light depicts was set in stone when he was designed.

How confused was Duane's boner for sempai Silver?

Like a hummingbird in a silk flower arrangement.

You mean Duane's wang rotted off before he was really able to use it?!? Pauvre Duane! Q_Q He needs an open-minded lady and a First Silver pymaric dildo.


If I was an undead virgin I would be much more concerned with being undead than with being a virgin. Duane's senses have been dulled for so long I think he'd much rather be able to feel the caress of fingers on the back of his hand than anything carnal.

Wait then did Duane get to have any sex before he died?


I know you're about at chapter's end, but how long is it until sunrise currently? I just keep hoping Duane will come back to himself mentally and we'll get to see him all worry for Sette, whose bleeding like crazy.

The first page of the next chapter is bathed in morning light~

Is Duane more visual or more tactile? Would he rather have sex with a guy using a glamour to look like a big-breasted woman, or that woman with a glamour to look like the guy?

...well, since he has moral hangups against homosexuality in addition to being pretty thoroughly hetero, he'd rather the latter, since he'd know he's really with a lady. Of course he shouldn't be having sex with anyone outside of marriage so he's going to feel guilty either way. It's very complicated being Duane.

I imagine Duane fooling around with his Third Option lover and finding a vagina in her pants felt about as good as finding a $20 bill in the laundry.

Ha, there wasn't any fooling around until he knew the guy was really a girl. Duane's painfully straight.

"Hey! I just met you, and this is crazy, but get the Peace Guard, I'm calling Uaid-y!" This song goes through my head whenever I read the end of this chapter.

He who would slant rhyme would pick a pocket.

"Canon." I want to see this story SO MUCH right now T_T. Is there even a small chance of you ever creating it?

I could work it into the army story. It was always mentioned in passing there anyway. Shit, now certain people can REALLY rib him about it. Delightful.

Hm. But you said the Silver was punished differently than Duane. So are third option people not quite treated as boys still?

The situation was weird anyway because the University administration never wanted to punish Duane at all. He should have been expelled right along with Miss Silver but the administration didn't want to kick out their golden boy, so they heaped all the blame on the lady. If Duane had just been some scrubby average wright they would have booted him, but his skills were too valuable so they attempted to sweep it all under the rug. Duane was the one who wouldn't put up with that bullshit, dropped out, and joined the army.

Just changing the Silver lady to a guy doesn't change the situation all that much. Philandering is philandering. S/he would have been booted, and the administration still would have been loathe to boot Duane.

I always wondered how Duane got to know the lady well enough to fall in love with her though, 'cause they would have been in entirely different parts of the school (guys and girls aren't allowed to study together, naturally). If she was a he and in his classes though, that makes much more sense.

If the Silver Duane was caught with had been Third Option, what would have happened? know, I'm tempted to make this canon, because suddenly the entire incident seems five-hundred times more interesting to me. If she was a he, he would have been in the same classes as Duane. Maybe he even would have been tutoring him! Then Duane starts getting the hots for the guy, wonders what in the hell is wrong with him, and.... man... yeah.


How did you promote your comic in the beginning, and how did you first readers find out about it? I was looking back over the old comment sections, and it's kind of sad how upbeat and positive you were despite no reader comments for a while at first.

Haha, I had to wipe the comments last year after my mysql table was flooded by malicious spam and the site stopped working. There were comments back then, they just don't exist anymore :) I never did any real promotion beyond signing up for TWC though. I'm not good at that kind of stuff.

Who coined the term Alive!Duane and put it into common practice?

Adjective!Noun is common fandom parlance.

Is Stockyard really hot? The suspense is killing me! It's been, what 3 years and 6 chapters already?

2 years :O

I think he's pretty hot, but my taste in guys is probably abnormal.

How come you don't want to make Sette daimakuras?

Sette plushies would be fun. I own the only Duane plushie in the world.

Would you ever put Starfish's likeness on a sandwich carrying devise?

Starfish lunchbox? Could be a good way to lose weight; hard to keep up your appetite looking at his ugly mug every time you go for your sandwich.

You need to update the FAQ. In particular, second question down.

Ooh, good call.

You read Oglaf? I don't know whether or not I am surprised.

I used to read Oglaf, but I kind of fell out of it once Dreaded Continuity kicked in with the vampire and the like, invisible city? I never knew what was going on from update to update during that arc and eventually gave it up.

Do the whales in Kasslyne's oceans count as senet beasts? Or something beyond that?

Senet beasts, but upper tier.

"All this and more in the comic's eventual sequel Unsounded 2: Lemme Ax You A Question.". New Vote incentive: anything involving this.


Is Anadyne the hottest chick in Stockyard's gang?

Mmmm, depends on your preferences. Stockyard manages a brothel though, and he has some pretty toothsome young ladies in his employ. None of them, however, are half as hot as Stockyard himself.

"Someone held her down and started slowly roasting her from the feet up trying to get info out of her". Did they succeed?

Nope. Fuck da police.

"I wrestled with myself over how gruesome to make that panel.". Why? You already have implied pedophilia and child murder.

Because if you overuse gruesome imagery in a story it loses all meaning and stops being startling.

Does Tentacle-Hat-Lady have a name?

Vera. I named her after QueenVera, an artist chick I've always liked who draws every weird fetish under the sun.

How exactly was Vienne killed? In the panel that shows she is dead she looks untouched.

I wrestled with myself over how gruesome to make that panel. If you look closely you can see her legs are blackened. Someone held her down and started slowly roasting her from the feet up trying to get info out of her, and later someone else put a sword through her heart.

On the other hand, a Starfish dakimakura would be nice and floofy.

This madness must end.

Would you sell Duane dakimakuras? Packed with gravedust and rotting meat?


Would you ever start selling Sette dakimakuras, if you thought they'd sell well?


Wait; why did Turas bolt straight for the love motel again?

I was hoping it would read without words that the dude in that third panel is pointing out where he saw her go.

How do you decide which questions are too spoilery to reply to and which deserve ambiguous, unhelpful answers? Seems arbitrary to me.

It is absolutely arbitrary. Sometimes I don't answer questions 'cause they've been asked before. Sometimes I don't answer questions 'cause I have no meaningful answer, or they're asking about something I haven't thought about or don't wanna think about yet. I'm unpredictable and crazy, anon.

>Anadyne runs off to marry a Sharteshanian noble >Stockyard sends his daughter across Kasslyne with an Attack Axe to get retribution >Girl and Attack Axe have wacky misadventures and form a deep bond >The cycle begins anew

All this and more in the comic's eventual sequel Unsounded 2: Lemme Ax You A Question.

Poor Anadyne. The probably thought pymary would be her ticket out of roguery, when really she's now more entrenched than ever. Q_Q


Would Anadyne be interested in dating Quigley, or is the short lifespan/kid/knowing more about pymary a turnoff for her?

She thought he was hot for a minute - then he thwacked her in the face.

yo yo yo hows it goin bro?

S'all right. Got some good work done tonight.

I had a dream last night that you revealed the secret to Duane's zombification on Formspring. In case you're wondering, Bastion stuffed Duane into a mattress, carved some magic words on the side, and set it on fire. You even included a little doodle.

I'm thinking of that mattress scene from Hellraiser 2.

...I love that movie.

What is your favorite fictional food you have created? (variations on pie count)

Monny blood is kind of cool. Monnies are unicorny goats (monocorns) and their blood coagulates into jelly in the open air. In Alderode they boil it up with sugar and spices and different citrus zests, let it set into interesting shapes, and then eat it like a really rich, meaty, horrible jell-o.

What would Starfish's ideal date be like?

Oh... Disney World...

This may have been asked, but: Were Cutter's...appetites tolerated or even encouraged by the RBBs? I imagine he would have been useful in body disposal...

Oh, he gnawed on what he took out of their captives when they were gutted and then stuffed with silver. What he couldn't finish got shoved into the jars for later. Everyone thought it was pretty damn nasty but Starfish and company are not men of high moral character, so they weren't about to step in and say that removing that six year old's heart is okay but eating it is just crossing a line.

Would Anadyne realistically be able to leave the thievin' life? All that pymary training seems like a huge investment by "the guild"--I doubt they'd take kindly to her running off with some guy doing a legitimate business.

Quite so. Stockyard's paying for all her pymary... He loves her like a cuz but I still think he'd send someone after her with an ax and a strongly worded reproach if she tried to take off.

How often do you put your shirt on backwards?

All the time when I'm doing my Kris Kross cosplay.

How big are baby vliegeng? could you cuddle them like human babies?

You could cuddle them like human Kathy Bates.

I posted a few question on the DuaneandSette formspring if you wanna check em out :).

I will next week :) This chapter's just about wrapped up.

How do you feel about your numerous fans that want to screw Sette?

Sette wants to screw them right back, man. Screw them outta money and salable goods and-- that's what you're talking about, right?

Thoughts on the Lord of the Rings (books and movies)?

Never read the books but the movies are great fun. My brother and I like to MST3K them (in a loving way).

Would you play on my minecraft server? It's lonely. I promise it's a good server. It's just that all the people who bought it with me all suddenly got jobs and lives.

Aww :( If I'd known you had a server I would have made an appearance. I'm invested in this one I just started though. You can come play on it if you get too bored on yours!

What defines a senet beast, precisely?

A senet beast is a creature that is largely unbound by the laws of the world (aka the laws of the khert). So they do not age and they have no means of reproduction. Many of them can do things that are for all intents and purposes "supernatural." The popular explanation for this is because they came into existence before the khert finalized itself. Since they existed before time began to pass, for instance, they're not bound by time.

Senet beasts are in no way immortal and many of them are in fact very vulnerable. Not all of them are spectacularly weird - Crescian silkworms, for instance, are quite mundane aside from the fact they are constantly metamorphosing forwards and backwards through different stages of life. Some senet beasts are smarter and wiser than humans, but most varieties are bestial.

Is it too soon to suspect Turas is not long for this world?

I already killed off one Red Berry Boy this chapter. Would I dare do another? :O

Is Matty playing with an early model of Uaid, and a toy vliegeng on chapter 6 page 12?

Exactly so.

May I play on your Minecraft server?

Perhaps. Send me an email and introduce yourself.

Oh God, imagine pissing off the DM in an Unsounded tabletop RPG. "Poop falls, everyone dies!"

have I done.

Hmm, if vliegeng were trying to poop-bomb a bunch of Crescians, I suppose Crescian wrights could just convert the momentum of the falling poop for attacks of their own. Battlefields would be filled with floating clumps of poop.


I suppose the Aldish could simply have the vliegeng use the loo before heading out on a mission, which would explain why they have all that vliegeng pee handy to put out fires.

Oh, God.

Sette: "Duane, use a poop punch!" Duane: "Do not coach me!" *poop punches Quigley anyway*


What have we (your fans) surprised you most with?

Your sweetness <3

Except for menstruation guy, he's just weird.

Does Shartshane's royaltyXthieflord system really work well enough that the royals don't have a desire to just clean house and set up a proper aristocracy? I mean, their neighbors don't seem to have TOO much trouble keeping the proles in line themselves.

There IS a proper aristocracy in Sharteshane; they own all the land outside the crummy cities, and they own and run the country's industrial sector. Their deal with the rogues is essentially what Nary spelled out earlier this chapter: the rogues make whatever money they want off the plebs in the cities - generally by distracting them with drugs, whores, and games - and the nobles won't go after them. The nobles make their money mainly via exportation - Beadman's pymarics, and the country's very valuable lambence and tarnet resources, along with seafood and Sharteshane's superior ships. They even make money by hiring out merchant marines to patrol and protect foreign coasts and escort foreign trade vessels.

The rogues dealing with the populace frees the nobles up to tend to their business ventures and party it up in the capital and in their gated castles and estates. That doesn't mean they don't keep a finger on the pulses of the most powerful criminal families though. Those families are the ones who, on the whole, aren't content with the current system. They see the nobles have the real money, the real connections, the real futures, and more than a few of them want in on it.

What would Anadynes ideal date be? What would her ideal mate be?

Anadyne's really into her studies at the moment and has been putting off most advances from the guys around the ken. She wants someone with a good head on his shoulders who isn't going to be knifed in a fight in a week; someone with the ambition to get out of this petty roguery and into something either more lucrative, or safer and aboveboard.

Her ideal date? Dinner and dancing maybe; anything but sitting around Stockyard's place and throwing back liquor.

What properties does First Water have anyways?

Makes the best lemonade.

What are FM Hunters like? Is there an organization? These seem like the kind of people you could tell (whole, other) stories about. Especially given a bunch of FMs seem to be attached to big angry creatures.

I haven't given them too much thought but you're right - loads of potential.

Can a Third Option wright get hitched? What is Alderode's attitude to homosexuality, generally? Cresce seems fine with it?

Sure, women who choose to live as men are in Aldish society's eyes men in all ways. They're not only allowed to marry but, as men, they're expected to marry. The Aldish don't see female/female relationships in the same class as they do male/male. Ladies getting it on is natural and sinless (and to many guys, hot); men getting it on is dirty, unproductive and debauched. Cresce's acceptance of all sexuality is just one more reason for the two countries to despise each other.

Have you ever gotten any commissions you absolutely hated, but took on anyway for the money? D:

Aaaabsolutely. But I gotta plead the Fifth when it comes to talking about them, don't wanna offend anyone or burn bridges ;)

How big is Kasslyne? Australia big or Africa big or Asia very big? Or all of the above together as one big! :D

It's not quite Pangaea :D It's about as wide across as North America, I think.

[If Unsounded were a manga, there'd be Zeroth Materials, and the revelation of their existence would be a huge plot tweest / cliffhanger that prompts a classic "Shocked reaction faces from all the main characters in overlapping triangles" scene.]


Different people have different laughs, so... could you describe the laughs of your characters?

I imagine they're pretty standard. The guys laugh like guys, the girls laugh like girls.

"I was trying to think of a country where the gangs had taken over.". Would Sette do well in a lawless country without her da? In sharteshane her da rules the roost but in mexico...

It'd certainly be a challenge.

Thoughts on the VP debate? You know how us anons love your political commentary.

I did not actually catch the VP debate! I go through cycles of being intensely interested in and entertained by politics, and then being extraordinarily depressed and glum over the entire circus. The latter now has me by the throat.

"I... guess that must be something they gotta be trained not to do.". What about for WAR!? Imagine a soldier just fighting another soldier WHEN SUDDENLY POOP CRUSHES HIM!


"When a vliegeng loves you, it loves you for life." Bow Chicka wo- ohgodwhydidIgothere-

Logistics are against you.

Maybe vliegeng could be trained to only poop over Crescian armies.

Ssh, Alderode will hear you and it'll be a bloodbath. Poopbath.

Seriously, does Duane think Queen Sonorie is a sexy lady?

In my experience, the more a person hates on a group of people, the more he secretly wants to bump uglies with them.

If Quigs was awake right now, would he be objecting to Plan Hideout With Those Guys I Tricked?

Yeah, he'd be insisting Uaid wade upriver and try to scramble down the cliff and back into Ulestry so they could disappear into the mountains. I'm not sure that plan would work out so well with Uaid's foot and leg all perforated, so it's probably for the best that he's passed out.

What's the last thing that made you laugh until you cried?

Possibly an episode of Louis CK's show.

I know questions about money can be considered rude, but I'm curious. Since Kickstarter takes a cut, and some of the money will have to be spent on actually making and posting the books, how much are you likely to get in profit?


Ah, yes, you must be referring to The Girl Who Lived. Precocious creature, can talk to birds, left with a weird tufted tail after the attack, now stuck living with a mean man who makes her sleep with the dogs in the kennel. ... Can Sette talk to birds?..

Nah, it was a dumb Harry Potter joke.

Have you ever read "Never Let Me Go" (or saw the movie)? I just finished it, and I couldn't help but think of the main characters as Plats. Poor squishy Plats. Q_Q

I just read the synopsis. Depressing!

"But she is only a fairy tale, anon :3". I'm ashamed to admit it but I don't get what the pic is referencing. Tell us Glass.

The lady with the eyeball in her mouth? It's from an old, silly Japanese horror movie called House. I used it in lieu of a wink ;3

"Friends have told me it's not worth reading!". Have you at least tried a story? At least read one (I reccomend the shadow over innsmouth).

I saw that one movie with Sam Neill in it. In the Mouth of Madness? That was fun.

"Friends have told me it's not worth reading!" you mind If I email you?

About Lovecraft? I fear it would be a waste of your time :)

When the Black Tongues pwn someone, do they call it a "tongue lashing"?

Very nice.

Are Black Tongues hated & feared enough where, say, a squad of Crescians and a squad of Aldishmen would be willing to team up to clear out a Black Tongue hideout?

Mm, probably not. I think the Aldishmen and Crescians would give priority to murdering each other first. But the winning side might well go after the Black Tongues!

I have been holding out on the kickstarter for the sketched book option to open back up. Will it open back up or am I waiting for a bus that has already left?

That bus is in Albuquerque :) If you want a signed copy you'll have to wait a few months for all the Kickstarter signed copies to go out, and then order a signed one from me off the site.

do senet beasts embody First Materiels(nerieds for FIrst Water etc)?

Nope. Some senet beasts don't provide any First Materials at all. It's kind of random.

Rootsharks? Whaaaat?

Large burrowers who tear through tree roots with their rows of razor sharp teeth and eat smaller burrowing rodents and snakes.

What sort of things have you made in minecraft?

I used to like to make foreboding mountain keeps. Earlier in the year I made Bastion a hellish nether material manor on top of a lonely peak. I haven't made anything terribly cool on my new server yet. I think I'ma do a water palace in a swamp with incorporated waterfalls.

This is the question that doesn't end, yes it goes on and on my friend--some people started asking it not knowing what it was, and they'll continue asking it forever just because this is the question that doesn't end, yes it goes on and on my friend--some


Was Uaid programmed to like Matty as much as he does, or did things just kind of turn out that way?

Uaid was crafted to be sweet and loving, and Matty's been with him forever. It's appropriate that they should care so much for each other.

Wait, since when can Sette talk to birds?

(It was a Harry Potter joke.)

Hey Glass, I just noticed that we're almost done with chapter 6 - so as soon as this KS ends you can start up the one for volume 2! :D

I think I'll wait a little while to recover and make sure my buffer is good and maybe even start drawing a side story, but yes, there are three chapters ready for a second volume :)

Wait, I thought the Aldishmen blinded Matty when they killed his mom. But Mama Quigley made Chitz before then? HMMMMMMMMM

Mama Quigley made a regular old beanbag friend for baby Matty. Someone else converted it into a pymaric afterwards.

"Matty would insist Quigley find some nice beans to put inside it to replace the copper," Would he need to insist? is Quigley one of those parents who doesn't get how attached kids are to things?

I woulda thunk Quigley's lack of parenting skills is pretty apparent by now.

Aside from Vliegeng, what giant beasties roam Kasslyne?

Giant tortoises, grebbers, huge flying fish that are much further along the avian evolutionary path, root sharks, and giant wild dogs. Don't go out at night.

Your other questions are spoilery, stop doing that :D

Do vliegeng poop while flying? If so, has falling vliegeng poop ever killed anyone?


guess that must be something they gotta be trained not to do.

Is it impossible to breed vliegeng cuter, or just that Aldishpeople already think they're the cutest little giant babies?

I have a vliegeng rider character (same one with the dual swords actually) and he thinks vliegeng are the cutest goddamn things on the planet. I guess they're like pugs, that way.

I've been wondering this for some time now, are sound effects like the "AHHHH!" in the last panel a font you have or do you draw/write those out yourself?

Nope, I drew that one out myself. Sound effects can be so hard to deal with. I sympathize with people who decide to leave them out all together.

What're the navy/tradeships that dock at Shartshane like? They all like colonial-era galleons that use solely wind, or do they have stuff like fuck-off huge whaling vessels/icecrackers and some steam-power?

I wouldn't group whaling vessels with icebreakers. Whaling ships were just normal ships of the day fitted out with try-works and later on harpoon cannons, while icebreakers were actually double-hulled and steel-reinforced.

Galleons are pretty old school. Current sailing tech in Kasslyne focuses on sleek schooners for intercoastal trade and travel, and full-rigged ships with steel masts and armour for hunting, travel, trade, and war. The story's been landlocked so far and pirates haven't been talked about but piracy and privateerism - particularly around Cresce and Sharteshane - have driven ship tech. Merchantmen need to be fast enough and maneuverable enough to outrun the freebooters and warships need to be fast enough to chase 'em down.

Coal is an expensive commodity reserved for industry so steampower isn't practical shipboard.

'The Lady is a six-breasted bird-woman senet beast who, since she can't have children of her own, goes around at night trying to suckle newborns, but always inadvertently kills them. ' Are there any weird legends about an infant who survived?

Ah, yes, you must be referring to The Girl Who Lived. Precocious creature, can talk to birds, left with a weird tufted tail after the attack, now stuck living with a mean man who makes her sleep with the dogs in the kennel.


Friends have told me it's not worth reading!

Can Timofey choose when people can hear him? Cause when he made his lionhearted loincloth speech Sette didn't seem to hear him at all, but now Jivi and Matty can hear him fine.

I fear that was a gag that didn't read well. Timofey was perfectly audible when he commented on Jivi's bravery, but Sette was so caught up in the coolness of Uaid that the strange voice didn't register. Then she realised she shouldn't be hearing voices up there, turned, and Timofey had vanished.

This is a bit of a random question, but after the whole menstruation affair, I think the standards have been sufficiently lowered that I am justified in asking it. Thus: Ever listen to Welsh folk music?

I don't believe that I have, but I am open to the experience. Anon, you make me laugh.

How intelligent are Vliegengs? Do they grow attached to their handlers like a dog or an elephant would, or are they simply dumb brutes meant to cause havoc in battle?

Naw, they're sweet and clever and bond with their riders. When a vliegeng loves you, it loves you for life.

Ever heard of Steam Powered Giraffe? (Band/musician/acting group)

I don't think so. I've been listening to The Album Leaf a lot.

If Quigley found a more powerful replacement for Chitz, and then tried to get rid of Chitz, would Matty let him? Or is he too attached?

Matty's mum made Chitz, so you can just go and throw it away. Matty would insist Quigley find some nice beans to put inside it to replace the copper, and then business could continue as usual.

Did you know there's a Japanese yokai that has an eye where his butthole should be?

I can't even pretend to be surprised at this.

"But she is only a fairy tale, anon :3". Is this a straight answer?


"Although I am very proud of everyone for not raising a fit all chapter over his absence." We're too busy giggling over him being in a brothel.

...the next chapter, man. The next chapter.

Will any Unsounded characters get a Berserk-style BFS?

I'm amazed Google knew exactly what you're talking about. No BFSes, but there's a character who has dual swords :3

"Is this really that interesting, anon?". Oh yessssss veryyy interesstinggg ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ).


"Sette... maybe Mexico.". Really? cause she just screams cockney young orphan to me. From her looks to her mannerisms.

I was trying to think of a country where the gangs had taken over.

How severely do you think Berserk has influenced the Unsounded universe?

"Severely?" I don't know that it's influenced it at all, honestly. Berserk's universe is pretty much medieval mash-up meets Hellraiser, no?

How often do you cramp while menstruating?

Just the first day, usually. If I time the Alleve right I never even get any. My periods are pretty awesome as far as periods go.

Is this really that interesting, anon?

If Duane had to immigrate to a country in our world, which would he choose? How about Sette?

Duane should be a Parisian. Sette... maybe Mexico.

If Lady Ilganyag is a senet beast, what First Material does she embody? First Creepiness? First Infanticide?

But she is only a fairy tale, anon :3

I miss Duane too damn much. I can't live like this anymore! Please, give us something, it's been too long. :(


Although I am very proud of everyone for not raising a fit all chapter over his absence.

ch04 42 Is the pro-crescian girl in this page harbouring a crush over some handsome Peace guard? And on page 45, what are those lumpy things in the enclosure in the background, giant turtles?

She could be! Or she could just really be scared of the Aldish and hence really supportive of the Crescians who claim all they want to do is protect the continent from Aldish invasion. And yes, those are giant tortoises. Good food source.

isn't pymary-charged undead body somehow toxic to insects and bacteria? It must still "live" inside their stomachs and break them. Or tacit cast from inside the bugs who take it somewhere.

You can easily make a corpse inhospitable to all life and hence greatly slow decay. This is what skull pilots (plod handlers) do. It's also part of Duane's morning routine since his bug-killin' enchantments always unravel at night when he blacks out.

What's the Kasslynian boogie man, goblin, or pooka, as it were? What mythical creature do children think lurks outside their bedroom windows, and lone travelers fear haunt the shadows of a moonless night? Does it vary from region to region?

The two big ones are Lady Ilganyag and Etalarche. The Lady is a six-breasted bird-woman senet beast who, since she can't have children of her own, goes around at night trying to suckle newborns, but always inadvertently kills them. Etalarche is a huge skeletal beast with two spines and two tails who spreads nightmares wherever he walks, but who smells so terrible he can never catch himself a meal because you can always smell him long before he arrives.

Assuming the ghost is Timofey, does he still have the same backstory as detailed in your gallery or has it been altered? Are his traitorous wife and editor still alive?

We shall see!

Could you see yourself adding a "Prose" section to the Unsounded webpage one day? With your RP background, I bet short stories would add a cool perspective on the Unsounded world, and add additional richness and depth to its atmosphere and tone.

It would definitely be a fun idea. I guess let's see how the short story in the book is received and if people like it, I'll write more :)

So I am curious does Toma ever get used in Crescian Propaganda. Since Cresce is big on being a meritocracy and Toma is like the ultimate rags to riches story. From farmer to Queen's Champion and a member of the Royal Family.

You know, he probably does get a bit taken advantage of in the press for those reasons. I know his wedding with the Queen's cousin was very publicized and widely followed, and one of the reasons he's so miserable in his marriage is because there's so much pressure on him to be the model husband and father. When he's in the capital he has every eye there fixated on him, it drives him positively nuts.

Have you found any recent stories that come close to comparing to LoK or Vagrant Story? Also, pick one: Ashley Riot, Callo Merlose, or Sydney Losstaro?

Well, they're not recent, but I would say that both Bioshock and Planescape: Torment easily have stories that compare to LoK's or VS. But man, I hardly play video games at all anymore, it's depressing.

"What about umbrella-swords?" An umbrella-sword would be practical, but The Penguin sort of ruined their coolness. Plus, I'd be afraid of mixing up the "open umbrella" and "pop out blade" buttons, which would be super embarrassing in a fight.

True, true.

Vliegengs faces creep me out. They look sort of human but not quite. Very uncanny valleyish. Was this your intent?

Uncanny valley wasn't my intention specifically but I do like big, creepy monsters that are actually perfectly friendly. I think Jim Henson did this to me.

There is a ton of information on formspring that should go on the wiki. Would you like some help in finding and copying it?

Hmm, I don't know that it's all that necessary to fill the wiki up with formspring stuff. A good seventy percent of the stuff we talk about on formspring will never show up in the comic or is almost completely irrelevant to the plot. I'd rather the wiki be a place you can go check if you see a concept or a name in the comic and you can't remember what it means. The wiki should really concentrate on story-specific ideas and not all the minutia of the setting and a bunch of world-building fluff.

Are there any parts of the comic you're especially proud of up until this point? Parts where you look it over and think "Damn, I'm good!"

I wish I could say there are, but I dislike almost everything I do. I have a really hard time even going back and looking at old pages because I just want to redo it all. It's a sickness, anon.

Wait, but aren't the black tongues mad Quiggly skipped out on his own fun deballing party? Is that not much of an issue, or does Ghosty McWords not know who they are?

We shall see!

Can Matty see Timofey in those last two panels?


Which of your characters would have the best time in a modern dance club?

I have never been to a dance club. Someone else answer this for me.

You draw the best facial expressions, Glass :D Like Jivi's face in panel 4 of this update (pg 80)

Thanks, Moof :) It's always fun to draw people freaking out.

Cloak and wizard spectacles

Hood and fightin' stick.

You know what would have been a great incentive/pledge thing? The chance to roleplay with you. I bet someone would have bought it.

Invariably it would have been bought by a creeper who'd start off by putting on their robe and wizard hat.

if the kickstarter reaches 50k can we get giant weener dogs?

Forty acres and giant wiener dogs for everyone!
Could some aspect of sunlight be bonded to a pymaric to allow Duane sanity at night?

Thou makest assumptions galore-eth.

Have you ever watched Yu-Gi-Oh!? The dub or or the Japanese version with subtitles? Or read it? If so, which version did you like better?

Not really familiar with Yu-Gi-Oh I'm afraid. All I know about it is I would always see the cards on sale at Walmart.

Do you ever get headaches from staring at the computer screen for too long?

Are you psychic? I have had a computer headache all day. Too much Minecraft.

Can Matty see Timofey, or won't Chitz pick him up since he's not solid?

Very good. Chitz and Matty can't see Timofey or any other ghosts.

Do nereids regain their blood, like humans do? Has anyone captured a nereid and drained First Waters from her slowly so she wouldn't die?

They do regenerate their blood, yep.

Poor Duane's Bag and Ephsephin's Hat. Lost in the forests around Mulimar, with nobody but each other to cling to.

Hey, Duane has his bag! Sette was hauling it around at the beginning of the chapter and then left it with him in the hotel room.

Are there any famous mercenary groups in Kasslyne? Are there any counties or ethnic groups famous for their mercenaries, analogous to the Gurkhas of our world?

Probably :)

What's wrong with Paranoia Agent? Also, what's your favourite Kon movie?

I liked Paranoia Agent up until they catch Shounen Bat and then they do that teeeeeeerrible RPGish episode with the horrible plummet in animation quality. I couldn't watch it after that. Favourite Kon is a dead tie between Paprika and Tokyo Godfathers. They are both so perfect T_T

. . . Could you trap a nereid somewhere, keep them fed and routinely bleed them for First Water, in the same way that you get first silk from those silkworms?

Well, if they're out of their home waters for too long they die. But when they're in the water they can mess with your blood and explode your heart. The idea sounds feasible but hazardous.

If you ground up a bunch of senet beasts and made sausages out of the remains, would it be called Firstwurst?

*ba dum tish*

If Sette and Duane were magically transported to the real world, what sort of music would they like?

Sette would probably continue to enjoy sea shanties and folk music. Duane would probably stick with opera and orchestral classics. They are not terribly interesting musically.

Told you! You didn't think it would happen, but I told you, and here we are, a week left on your kickstarter, and here we are at 376% of your goal. I predict (again) that by this time next year, you will have largely given up freelance.

Mm, we shall see.

Are there normal, non-senet silkworms in Kasslyne?

I would imagine so.

Could you name some anime you've watched and really liked?

Suuuurely. Gankutsuou, Last Exile, Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Berserk, all Ghibli, all Satoshi Kon (except Paranoia Agent), and Memories.



Where dat gif from?

Jungle Wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu.

Are there miniature dogs in Unsounded's world? And if so, how big are they? (Also, I think seeing a giant weiner dog in the comic would be hilarious. Just sayin')

Dachshunds are cool but there's no practical reason to breed them beyond their coolness. They have back problems and wouldn't be good as work animals, so I don't see them existing :3 I like the idea of wealthy people keeping "miniature" dogs as pets though. Maybe they'll pop up so Sette can comment on how ridiculous it looks and who the hell would want such a puny, useless dog? and we can all hur-hur-hur in the audience.

Post a .gif of yourself.

gif img

So First Men could be weird, hundred-feet tall giants with melting features and trees growing out of their bones that bleed silver or something?

There are no First Men, my darling. First Materials are materials. The senet beasts - some of which naturally produce First Materials - do not correspond to animals in any real way. They are their own unique little monsters.

How much of Duane is still the original Duane and how much is bits and pieces from other corpses or metal/etc?

Skeletally, only his limbs are different. The rest - sans his eyes and the crude machinery of his vocal system - is original Duane.

If Duane was suddenly thrust into a position of high authority(if he was suddenly made head of state somewhere) and found that he, for whatever reason, had no choice in the matter, what would he do? He doesn't seem like he would like being head of state.

By nature, Duane's middle-management. He has good leadership abilities but he's too hot-headed and too values his freedom to pursue scholarship and his passions. At the same time though, Duane tends towards selflessness so he'd sacrifice his happiness to do the best job he could, for the sake of everyone who depended on his rule.

What would happen if Sette were put in a position of high authority? I mean after she was bloated on blackberry pie and tired of being in an awesome castle and realized that politics was actually really HARD.

Sette has no interest in politics. What's her line from chapter 3 in fact... "Politicks is a branch of roguery even Da don't abide." She's more interested in private enterprise, and wouldn't be too bad at it, I believe. She knows how to properly utilize her resources, handle a sticky situation, take advantage of all her adversaries' vulnerabilities, prioritize, and stab people. Really, she could stand as CEO for almost any major corporation that comes to mind.

Why would people even think of First Men? We don't see First equivalents of other animals right. The First equivalent to animals seem to be senet beasts and they don't corrospond to normal animals.

You are quite right, anon.

After Duane will slowly crumble and become a million seperate specks, what will happen to his thoughts? will he still, say, "live" and "think"? Like the sandman guy in spiderman 3

Ech, Spiderman 3.

The question is one for the philosophers, really, but the religions in this world preach reincarnation. They say that after a soul's memories disperse into the khert that soul becomes an infant again, and is put by the khert into a new infant's body at birth. So souls continue to think without their memories but they don't generally have very complex thoughts.

Is there such a thing as First Blood? And are there any Senet Beasts that bleed First Blood?

Not per se, but nereids aren't the only senet beasts with... unconventional material in their veins.

What do you do for a living?

At the moment I am transitioning from freelance illustrator to independent comic creator. How awesome is that.

So, first silk is the most common first material... where exactly does it come from? Are there senet silkworms somewhere?

There are exactly that. If you do a search for silkworm at the formspring archive you'll find some info on them.

Outside of Adlerode, or for that matter the Silver and Plat sections of Adlerode, how common are glasses? Are they common enough that a Shartshanian who needed them could get them easily within the town?

If they can afford them, certainly. Lens grinders are commonplace in large cities and spectacles are an old, old invention.

"He IS pretty perfect, isn't he?" I introduced my cousin to unsounded and Murkoph last week. She has claimed that she would love to date Murkoph if he was real. Should I call the asylum or disown her?

This was a frequent problem back in RP. All the female characters would fall in love with Murkoph. I eventually had to incorporate it into his ability set and declare that he had evolved a "supernatural charm" that drew females to him and placed them under his sexy thrall.

Females, man. Amirite?

If Duane had a million dollars, what would he do?

Endeavour futilely to find a money-changer who could convert it to a spendable currency.

Do any of your characters use a cane-sword? I think cane-swords are pretty cool.

Cane-swords are cool. What about umbrella-swords?

Favorite conspiricy theory?

My mom thinks the moon landings were faked by actors on a soundstage.

Are there Second Materials?

I don't think so.

What is the most common First Material? Is it First Urf?

First Silk.

Wouldn't the Super Gefendur Bros be the First Men?

Naw, they're gods.

QUICK! Look to your right! The first object you see is your weapon in a zombie apocolypse! What d'ja find?

AHH! My alarm clock. I suppose I could wave it in front of the zombies' faces, reminding them of the inexorable crawl of time as it ravages their dead bodies with carrion-eating insects and bacteria, perhaps distracting them with a massive existential crisis that will afford me the opportunity to escape.

Congratulations on passing 1,000 backers on the kickstarter! *throws confetti*


I hope everyone digs the book. PRESSURE.

I am happy because my new spectacles are very similar to Quigley's, aside from the cool ornamental bits and being magically grafted to my face... though, given the state of my vision, that would actually be pretty handy. Is Quigs near- or farsighted?

Quigs is super nearsighted. You know, his glasses aren't -magically- grafted to his face, you could bolt yours to ports set into your skull in the same way :3 Do it. Dooooo it.

First Men... Murkoph...

He IS pretty perfect, isn't he?

Why is the notion of First Men heresy?

Both faiths call the idea heresy. To suggest that there was a superior, perfect mankind before there was mankind itself is seen as blasphemy.

I've been scrolling through the Unsounded Formspring Answers archive, when suddenly I stumbled across Sette's rap, and I must say - GENIUS! You should record that stuff and sell it for millions.

I have no memory of this rap :O

So Sette has finally reached the point even Duane's temper snapped? Or will if she doesn't get back in time to move him elsewhere?

Well, not only is he in Cresce after specifically telling the kid multiple times he would NOT go there, but Sette went behind his back (and took advantage of his nighttime handicap) to get him there, AND left him in a seedy love motel like some kind of cheap date. Who would not draw the line at this point and get good and justifiably pissed off?

What internet forums would appeal to Duane?,,,,,

A flash of worst case scenario just came to my mind. Sette pass out on the street and dies from the bleeding, and Duane's bound to the bed, can't wake up because of Sette's necklace, destined to spend eternity on a bed in a sex motel. T_T

Well, not quite eternity. More like until the next morning when the cleaning lizard comes in and finds a very grumpy Aldishman who can't seem to unhandcuff himself but who did manage enough dexterity to remove his belt so he can BEAT Sette with it once he finds her.

What about First Obsidian? Does it even exist, and if yes, what grade it is?

I'm not sure :O

How can the FM hunters search for First Light? Does It looks differently then regular light? Is it touchable?

We'll learn more about it in the comic but it emanates from a certain extremely rare, bioluminescent deep sea senet beast.

Any particular reason why you use the name GlassShard?

I picked it in high school when signing up for America Online. I think it had something to do with a pretentious novel I was writing at the time but my memory is fuzzy.

As a curiosity, as I'm sure you hardly have time for any RPing anymore (especially right now with trying to get Unsounded printed), I was wondering what kind of roleplay you typically do and/or enjoy the most. Do you forum RP, IM script RP, IM novel-style

Good guessin', I don't really roleplay anymore, no time for it. I've done all types though. I started out in school roleplaying script-style (dialog in quotations, actions in asterisks) over AIM. I did that for a long time with lots of different friends and didn't really realise there was anything else. Then one day at work I was checking my site referral logs and saw someone was using some of my art at a site called Shards. I went to check it out, lurked a while, and saw all this cool roleplay happening in public chatrooms. Back in its hey day Shards was a pretty great site for play. I was there for years, brought friends, made friends, and started roleplaying present tense prose-style (and I still do).

But then some unpleasant politics happened and I left Shards along with a lot of my friends. I set up a BBS on my site and we started playing there. We played there for a loooong time. But the end-game got a bit convoluted, I wanted to work on Unsounded, and I think we all were a bit burnt out, so the forum closed. Still, best roleplayers in the world. The quality of the writing on that forum was beyond reproach and shall never be matched. My players were the frigging best.

What's wrong with Dilandau being a girl?

I liked him better as a boy :(

Will the Black Tongues take you if you only have one ball to give?

Sure, that seems okay if everything else is in order.

So... Scenario: flat-chested(or even self-mutilated) woman comes to the Black Tongues in disguise, dressed as a man, bearing the balls of a dead man(I'm going with murdered husband). Do the Black Tongues check to make sure they get the right ones?

Man, that lady really wants to pal around with a bunch of eunuchs. There is an initiation ritual required in the Ilganyag and during this initiation you have to cut your balls off and throw them in a flaming bier in front of the leaders of the Order and their patron. So no, just showing up with balls wouldn't work out for ya.

If Duane had a Reddit, what might his favorite meme be?

Duane would be disgusted with Reddit after about three minutes of browsing.

Does an evil species of sacrifice-obsessed blind creatures live under Hanghorse in Unsounded?

I suppose it's possible :3

Are there First Men?


Does the effect of Sette's necklace wears out with sunrise? I mean, if she won't be there on time to hide it before Duane usually comes to consciousness, whould he wake up at all?

We shall see~

What is the most rare FM?

Other than the FMs that are definitively used up, the current scarcest is probably First Light. Most assume the last of it was used ages ago but FM hunters are pretty convinced there's more somewhere.

Dishonored trip report: Basically the steampunk Deus Ex people were kinda expecting. Kinda gives me Thief vibes when playing stealth right down to the guards who magically know a noise is an intruder and start shouting taunts. Neat art.


Seriously though, I'm irritated at that game for stealing my crying blood plague.

Is there any chance you could advise me as to where I might locate a good roleplay these days?

I'm preeeeetty out of the loop. The last public place I RPed was but I haven't been there in years and I'm not sure what the quality is like nowadays. I always had the best luck RPing over AIM or on forums with friends. You really need to play with someone you trust, who is a good writer, or you're not likely to get anything very meaningful going.

which one was elan again?

The skinny, sickly guard who helped Sette get into the city waaaay back at the beginning of this chapter..

Will we see Elan ever again?

Yep. He comes back. Like a bad penny.

Do you listen to rap? A lot of my favorite entertainers do not; they usually just think all rap is gangsta or party rap. No love for alternative or conscious rap.

I like Michael Franti & Spearhead. If you can recommend more like that, I'll give it a listen.

Cresce has a four letter naming system, but does that apply to surnames too? Actually, what ARE some surnames in the comic? Quigley, Frummagem, Adelier... What about Jivi and Toma and Starfish and all those guys?

Jivi Flask, Emil Toma. Starfish won't tell anyone his last name! It's probably something terrible like Roach or Waddlestein.

do the Black Tongues eat a lot of liquorice


Few more questions before I'm out: Why do you think in most fictional worlds necromancy is considered evil and magical explosions or mind control or glamour is not? What are your greatest fears? Sorry if that question is too intrusive.

I could give you a lot of pretty good answers to this ranging from trucking with the dead being the domain of deity and deity cannot be challenged, to our recent collective agreement that all forms of slavery are bad, but I think it really boils down to one thing.

In traditional necromancy, there's a disturbing of the dead going on. We want our dead to rest in peace - that's why we put RIP on our tombstones. We don't want our ancestors toyed with and what's more, WE don't want to be toyed with when we're gone. Necromancers take advantage of a vulnerability we all will contract one day. That cannot be abode. We have to protect our interests in this world and in the next, and so we do not tolerate the necromancer.

Now I personally think you can play a perfectly benevolent necromancer, one who treats the dead with respect and doesn't go shoving them around. I don't see that often though. It's more fun to direct skeletal hordes and raze farmland.

My greatest fear is a common one, I think. I don't want bad stuff to happen to people I care about. That's pretty much it.

What would the Black tongues do if a woman brought them all the balls in Vits?

Remember that scene in Under the Red Hood when Red brings the duffel bag full of heads to the drug lord meeting? Yeaaaaah. Respect.

Still couldn't join though.


How do you feel about the Arab Spring and the general situation happening in and around the Middle East? Is the Daily Show the extent of your political knowledge or do you follow politics more closely? It is depressing how humans hurt each other, isn't it

Humans are animals. All animals hurt each other, whether it's for food, territory, or sex. Humans are animals. I'm an animal, you're an animal. We follow the template of our reality; a blind, callous, strength-oriented reality focused on consumption as a means of perpetuation.

And while tumbling down the black chute of that reality of stomachs and dicks, we monkeys developed a spark of brain-magic that makes some of us CARE, but rarely care enough.

The "general situation" in the Middle East I dub "Al-Clusterfuck." I have no idea how anyone can help that region. As a white westerner I feel utterly unqualified to offer suggestions on the matter, or even anything more meaningful than general pity and a hope that the human species dies off sooner rather than later. I mean, shooting a fourteen year old in the head because she wanted to go to school? All the lofty technological and social genius of the human species invalidated - or validated? - by an act that makes perfectly good animal-sense. Because we're only fucking monkeys in shoes, man. Our reality is dicks and stomachs. Even if you've convinced yourself you're apart from it by curling up in an apartment with tumblr on your laptop and your lesbian girlfriend on your hip, you can't change the reality that's pressing in on you.

But don't think about it too hard, you'll want to kill yourself.

I watch a few news programs each day - Democracy Now! and The Young Turks being my favourites. TDS and Colbert are funny but they're not real news sources.

I'm a dumb, unimaginative person with a dull personality. How should I deal with this?

The world needs dull and unimaginative people to balance out the airheads and keep the buses running. I value you.

What are weddings like in Kasslyne? Are there any interesting customs/traditions?

Probably, but I haven't thought much about it. I am not the most romantic person around. All I know for sure is that couples in Alderode get enchanted tattoos in lieu of rings and couples in Cresce wear necklaces.

Does Kasslyne have anything with silly long necks, like giraffes or apatosauri (or the original kedis design)?

Hmm, vliegeng have pretty long necks.

Regarding gaps in a story, how do you handle them? Do you find a point A and a point C first then figure out which point B will suit best? Or do you go and discard point C to find a more logical way to get from A to B to a new C?

All of it at once? XD I'm not sure. A lot of things reveal themselves to me as I write - which is good, it shows that there's an internal logic and consistency - and that often requires I change around outcomes. But for the most part I let the characters tell me what to do. They know their stories, I just have to weave them all together.

Are there any tacit plats? I feel like that would be unfair to everyone else.

All the same, there are a few families of tacit Plats. Don't piss them off :D

What is the favorite fictional government that you have created? And why? If you haven't created any, make one up to answer this question.

I like all the governments in Unsounded; they each have a unique flavour and serve the story well.

Could you build failsafes into spell as you were making it to make it terminate on its own terms if the caster tried to do impossible things instead of going BSOD on the wright?

I've thought about this, but the khert's similarity to software only extends so far. Having a system that deals so harshly with errors is one good way of maintaining balance and keeping pymary from completely breaking itself. It needs to have deadly consequences so that you don't have everyone and their grandmother flinging spells around like it's no big deal.

Have you seen "The Cat Returns" ? Opinions, thoughts!?

I haven't seen it, no. I probably should but it looks a bit tween girl for my tastes.

"Arcrave, bear my children." Sorry, but I think I would be a horrible father. However, I'd be an awesome uncle any day of the year. :3


If I gave a Black Tongue someone else's balls, would they let me in? What if it was several really important people, like I de-balled the whole Vits Council?

Nu! Your balls!

I noticed looking through what isn't locked away on your RP site that there were some 'D&D-isms' like Drow and so forth. Were these included as a compromise for the online RP environment or for some other reason?


I used Planescape lore back during RP so that characters from anywhere could conceivably show up in the setting and have an explanation for being there. I also collaborated with my buddy Steve and we decided that his original setting, The Western Shores, was another continent Way Over There so his characters could show up (and some of them were elves and vampires and necromancers). I specifically read a few Drizzt books so I'd know what the hell drow were since all these people seemed keen on playing them. @mindaroth decided during a story she ran that dwarves and an evil species of sacrifice-obsessed blind creatures live under Hanghorse. My friend Amanda came up with a Silent Hill-inspired haunted madhouse, and played the city mayor for a while (who incidentally was a werewolf). @AwesomIncarnate created a hidden, local race of shapeshifting creatures and played one of them to perfection.

When it comes to RP, I am the very soul of compromise.

Will Murkoph and Cutter ever meet and exchange recipes?

I can't imagine Murkoph doing anything to Cutter but immediately punting him.

So how is chapter seven going?

I'm on page 72 of it. I'm more nervous about this chapter than any other I've done, possibly because I really care about this chapter. It's full of things I like.

I've always meant to ask about the damage to Duane's skull in the back and over his left brow. Is that significant to the story in one way or another, or just the ravages of time?

You will see.

I think this probably might've been asked before, but I've been going through commentary for quite some time. Forgive me if I'm repeating someone else's question. How did you come up with Unsounded? How long did it take you to develop it where it is now?

Unsounded was originally a comic called Tanners that I came up with an outline for about ten years ago. The seed of the comic was backstory for a roleplaying character of mine named Lawrence Murkoph.

Over the years, Tanners grew and expanded in my head as my roleplay branched out and I slowly became a better artist and writer. Then the opportunity came to write a new roleplay setting to play in with my friends, and I used elements from Tanners. I DMed a game there for years and years, and the setting fleshed itself out along with a lot of characters. Sette became much richer and interesting, Duane's major themes and his character arc all got really, really fascinating to me. I realised that the way I'd always narratively approached Tanners was all wrong and cliche, and I should use Sette and Duane as a vehicle to tell the story. Lawrence is a great character but he's subdued, and works better with brighter personalities to play off of.

With this revelation in mind I wrote the first few chapters of Unsounded and felt good enough about it that I started drawing the dang thing almost right away. Before I knew it I was further into it than I'd ever gotten with any other attempt. This still remains true :)

It's funny your other question is whether I've ever roleplayed with Unsounded. Unsounded IS my roleplay and my roleplay is Unsounded. Over the last decade they have fed into each other so fluidly I really can't even separate them anymore.

What kind of a child Toma was? And Elka?

Toma was a rule-abiding goody two shoes who drank a bit too deeply and too readily of the Crescian Kool-Aid, and who had been perfectly ready to become a farmer like his parents until success in the military changed his career path. Elka was a wild child with a clique of girls behind her always ready to make trouble in her name. Popularity is fleeting though, and when she hit puberty she got sick of being everyone's cruise director and started hitting the books so she wouldn't be stuck being a court secretary like her mother.

Hmmm, so to become a Black Tongue you don't need to be sterile, you need to namely give them your scrotum? Are they just a sect of exotic gourmets, per chance?

Dan, do you gnaw on your own testicles? Stop that.

Is Jivi's mom a Nereid?

This would be awesome, but no. Senet beasts can't reproduce, this is why most of them are extinct.

I was looking at the page where we saw Duane's real face, and his eyes look black. Which gems are those? Also, will we learn how he got his eyes in story? If Quigley knew that Duane's eyes were potent pymarics, would he kill him to steal them?

The eyes are actually meant to be green, the lighting conditions on that page were just weird. The fact that they're green is important later on, maybe I should make that more apparent on that page. They are emeralds. We will learn how Duane got his eyes, it's mildly important. Quigley would... probably kill Duane to get those eyes for Matty, yes. Actually a lot of people would, they are very valuable.

What would Cresce even do with Alderode's land, assuming they won the war? The Dammakhert seems to have posed it against 'equality for all' for anyone who ever bothers to try to settle there.

1) The Crescians know Things because of Reasons..
2) They haven't instigated a land war in centuries. Alderode almost exclusively acts as aggressor these days.

What's lambence?

The naturally occurring glowing groundwater in Sharteshane.

Ash, ever have trouble writing villains?

Never :D I have trouble writing heroes though :(

I am curious how many major wars have Alderode and Cresce had? I figure most of them are inclusive but what do they call them.

Cresce and Alderode have been enemies for so long that only a precious few people actually remember the beginning of it. You have to go back nearly a millenium for that, and it surprises some to learn that Cresce was the one to instigate it all. When Alderode was embroiled in its very bloody civil war, Cresce thought to take the opportunity to score its rich southern provinces for itself, and attacked its neighbour. Alderode pulled itself together eventually, and after fifteen years of fighting, won its land back.

A truce was never called though, and the two countries have been unofficially at war ever since. I don't have snazzy names for all the major altercations thought up (except for the first war which was the Council War and the last war which was the Foi-Hellick Affair), but I know what most of them concerned.

The dispute between the two countries started out as one purely about resources and land. But as time passed and they each progressed along such radically different paths, the hatred became philosophical, entrenched, and then that hatred became useful to each country's government.

Does Duane's voice sounds the same as when he was alive?

Naw, it's pretty different. It used to be a melodious baritone, now it's dry, raspy, and thin.

Getting a bit of a Vagrant Story vibe from the blonde with the metal arm there, and maybe from Aderes and her devotion to a corrupt 'holy man' too?

I'd be surprised if there wasn't a distinct Vagrant Story vibe in almost everything I do. It's one of the books in my personal holy scripture :D

So, Nereids are senet beasts easily slain on land. One would assume that they have First Blood, right? Is that what's in Sette's vial? How powerful would that be? (Or have we got some Grade A Tainted Lambence?)

You're close! They have water in their veins, so you can bleed them for First Waters. Sette's vial does not have nereid blood in it. Tainted lambence is another good guess, but I don't plan on doing anything story-related with lambence or tarnet, those really worked best in Sharteshane :)

Uaid bursting into the warehouse reminds me of one of Kain's lines in Defiance: "What a love of doors these pathetic humans have."

Arcrave, bear my children.

What is it? I need to know~. My very life liiife depends upon iiiitt!!

Haha, here ya go -

Bear in mind that it's only open in-between chapters, and Duane has a habit of ignoring questions he either doesn't understand, or finds rude.

Duane has a Formspring? 8DD


So then when Duane left Alderode was that quite the adventure?

Not... really. I can't talk too much about that yet but he was not a happy creature at the time.

That wright looks deliciously ridiculous. Is it uniform or just bad fashion call?

Ridiculously dressed wizards are a passion of mine. It's the city wage wright uniform, yes. There's another wright wearing the same thing back at the beginning of chapter 5, when Toma's stuck in the fiery alley.

What if someone wants to leave Alderode and live abroad, is it a big deal? Is it common to see Aldish people in Ulstray? How many Aldish try to cross the bridge to Ethelmik, and why whould they if they're not spies and stuff?

Alderode is a bit North Korea when it comes to letting people leave. They guard all their borders and have most of the populace convinced that the countries outside of it are lawless, savage, twisted lands full of bloodsports, rape, and murder, with broken kherts that only arbitrarily enforce their laws, all of it overseen by a man-hating Queen who demands the weekly sacrifice of children, etc. Most Aldish are terrified of foreigners and other countries.

But sometimes they do get out. There are ways. The trouble then is that no one outside of Alderode wants them. Crescians loathe them, and the western countries tend to follow Cresce's lead. So you may rarely see Aldishmen abroad but they tend to keep their heads down and not draw attention to themselves. The best place to find them is in Sharteshane, which is why our friendly zombie hero set up shop there.

Also, has anyone tried the fun portal uses? Like, say, leaving one of the paired portals in a city and then dropping the other one into the sea or into a volcano, that kind of fun.

Lava would destroy the panel, bro, you're still dealing with a physical object with physical limitations. I'm sure they've been used to flood places before. Might be fun to put one panel in a beehive :3

If you can have portals, what's the big deal about Bastion's teleportation? It's a step forward, of course, but it isn't all that radically new.

I've had this thought too, and you're not wrong, but I see Bastion's teleporting as so improved and different in technique that it's almost only tangentially related. The bags (and other pymarics) use portal PANELS. The "panel" part is important as it refers to the necessity of a First Material being involved, and of there needing to be two twinned panels and all teleportation being restricted to movement between them. This kind of severely limits the possibilities.

Bastion's teleporting is awesome because he's doing it entirely himself without any First Materials. And he can do it to theoretically anywhere the khert extends. It is pretty cool stuff, I had fun with it in RP and other comics.

Do both Cresce and Alderode have trade routes to Sharteshane? Does it get really awkward in Sharte taverns when both countries' ships happen to be in port at the same time?

They do. It does. Hanghorse in particular tries to accommodate everyone with segregated piers, segregated pubs and restaurants, and even businesses and exporters that specialize in and only do business with certain countries, but there are inevitably brawls.

What happens if a Third Option wants to be a Black Tongue? Oh, and are their First and Second Options, or is it just a play on the phrase?

They have no balls to offer, so it cannot be. Third option refers to the third gender option. You can stay a female, kill yourself and perhaps reincarnate male, or give up your femaleness and become a male.

Who are Dilandau and Aderes? Characters from your RP days?

Dilandau is a character from one of my favourite anime series, Escaflowne.
Aderes was a character from my RP days, yes. She was first lieutenant and right-hand lady (but not lover) to one of the game's main villains, a very rich, very corrupt Gefendur "paladin." Aderes was in love with him but Aderes was terrifically awkward and mannish because she'd been raised as a boy for most of her life in Alderode. She was also overzealous, bloodthirsty, and prone to grudges, but not really crazy, I don't think. She was just passionate about carrying out orders and getting the job done, even if the job she was doing was pretty evil. You know, one of those noble villain types.

Here is a picture of my evil trio, Aderes is the redhead

Oooh are we gonna meet a Nereid? Or meet the guy who fell in love with one? I have a feeling that Unsounded will open to new questions faster then answering the ones already been asked.

Indeed, we'll meet a nereid later on. She is pretty groovy, and damages my rating by flashing her boobs everywhere.

As for questions and answers, within the next three chapters you're going to get a lot of both. By the end of chapter nine Sette will have fulfilled her initial mission for her father one way or another.

Are top-hats required uniform for a guard wright in this city?

In Cresce, those hats are a wright thing, yes. They need more adornment, I think. Perhaps a jaunty ostrich feather.

A while back you speculated that somewhere there might be a professor showing Unsounded to their students. Um... as it happens, I am a lecturer at a British University and I have shown your comic to my students! Just sayin'

"(Brit-lecturer here) I've also just pledged to appear in your brothel scene. This may be traumatising on so many levels for me, especially if my students recognise me. I thank you!"

Haha, I'll only make it as traumatising as you would like it to be :) We'll talk more about it when that chapter is nearer, it should be great fun. Thanks so much for pledging (and for corrupting your students with terrible comics)!

Wouldn’t Vienne have been a candidate for this “Third Option”? She had the talent, was stubborn and only got a mate since Quigley wasn’t the easiest guy to match as well.

Vienne didn't want to be a man. She liked being a woman and wanted to have kids one day. She just also loved pymary.

Poor Cresce and Alderode. Locked in an endless struggle for dominance when they secretly just want to bone. Q_Q


Since other anons wish to hear more, I shall elaborate. I'm tired of webcomics constantly pushing LGBT dogma. I want to enjoy a good story without it preaching at me. I want to read a story with an accurate split of LGBT people and normal people. Part 1

"Specifically in stuff like Homestuck, which was almost ruined by the horde of bisexual trolls, and the wave of shipping that came with it. Im not offended with stuff like that, but I'd rather read great story, not a gender studies thesis."

Okay, I was a little peeved at your Third Option stuff, but Dilandau was a great villain, magic sexchange or not, and the mere mention of his name by mortal lips prevents me from being mad at the speaker.

Why would you be peeved? Be peeved at the realities of human society; the notion came about from reading up on Albanian sworn virgins and Indian hijra. It seems like the stricter a society and culture is with its gender roles the more radically those roles get broken in some sanctioned way. It's a pressure release valve, I just chose to concentrate on females getting to escape their roles rather than the more frequently seen phenomenon of male cross-dressers, or priests and knights boinking little boys.

Has Shatreshane ever tried to rally all the smaller nations together and become a third superpower?

Duane once remarked on his Formspring that, "If Sharteshane ever found something to believe in, they might prove a formidable foe." Or something like that.

Sharteshane has no great guiding principles to push it forward. It has no great leaders to unite the rogue families, industrial entrepreneurs, and nobles that are always fighting for control over the country's destiny. It has a strong army to protect its elites' domestic commercial interests and a peerless navy to protect its merchant fleet from pirates, but these forces answer to the money men.

These money men have precious little interest in competing militarily with Cresce or Alderode. They are valued customers and suppliers, and provided the status quo holds, that relationship is too precious to squander. So Sharteshane will probably continue to lurk and smirk at the far east of the continent like that trenchcoated gentleman at the end of the block who wants to sell you a wristwatch.

"All of them generally know damn near everything." Surely there must have been some enterprising person who fished them out and got all their secrets?

One did. Then he fell in love with her and it was all downhill from there.

I'm interested to hear what sort of person would get offended by that Third Option stuff. Elaborate more, fellow anon!

I am but a vehicle for your communication.

I hope you know just how big of a can of rancid worms you opened with that "Third Option bull

Come at me, bro.

Actually, there's almost nothing to talk about. All characters except for Stefan Sequidy, the mayor of Durlyne, are the gender they appear to be. Stefan used to be a woman. I guess genderbending can be fun in a story but I know I'm not the only one who was kind of pissed off when Dilandau turned out to be a fucking girl :3 Anyway, the Third Option is just setting fluff, don't get your panties in a twist.

I did have an RP character who had it in her backstory but she died tragically at the end of the great Hanghorse campaign, alas. Lt. Aderes, I miss youuuu.


How old are KMD and Anadyne?

Mm, early twenties.

What the heck is a nereid?

"In Greek mythology, the Nereids are sea nymphs (female spirits of sea waters), the fifty daughters of Nereus and Doris, sisters to Nerites. They were distinct from the mermaid-like Sirens. They often accompany Poseidon and can be friendly and helpful to sailors fighting perilous storms."

In Unsounded they're a kind of senet beast, and carnivorous guardians of bodies of water - most frequently the oceans since almost all the inland river and lake women were killed ages ago. They are highly intelligent but tend to hate humans because humans are dicks, and will kill them on site, usually by exploding their hearts in their chests. They're invulnerable in the water but if you fish them up out of it, they're easily slain. Some of them talk. All of them generally know damn near everything.

What would Duane think of the works of H.P Lovecraft?

Not too sure. I haven't read his works myself. Duane likes stories with heroes and justice and fighting and humanism and optimism and a bit of romance.

Is "Crescian on Copper" porn secretly popular in Cresce and/or Alderode?

It must be, don't you think?

"I think the khert would get pissed off and melt his brain just for cheekiness." Man what is with the khert and melting people? First the pie loving black tongue and now this guy!

The khert is very stern and also a dick, like the principal from The Breakfast Club..

How was your weekend and six-hour-long drive? Did you go anywhere exciting? Did you have a thrilling adventure with colorful characters and danger at every turn?

Oh, I just went to Melbourne to visit my niece and nephew. I bought them scads of candy and it rained the whole time so we couldn't do too much but hit the mall. I didn't sleep at all and now I kind of want to die :D

This was probably guessed at but, eh, what the heck! Would the Third Option be cross-dressing/impersonating the opposite sex? Or maybe even a sex change? I expect an evasive answer but I couldn't help but guess.

I actually don't mind answering this, it's not a big spoiler, just an aspect of Aldish culture. You're pretty much spot-on. In Alderode women are allowed to give up their womanhood and live as men. It's an extremely old practise that began during the great civil war that saw the abolition of the Crown and the beginning of Vits rule. There was a wright shortage when Cresce attacked, and Vits - which prides itself on compromise - thought the thing to do was take a bunch of Silver and Plat girls, dress them as boys, treat them as boys, and send them off to learn offensive pymary and join the army. Afterwards they were expected to go back to being girls (women, at this point) but some of them didn't want to. Again, in the spirit of compromise, Vits said if they agreed to undergo sterilization, bound their breasts, and lived in all ways as men, they could be men.

Since then it's become the seldom spoken of Third Option: if a girl's parents want it, they can raise her as a boy and she can have all the rights of a male - but ONLY if in pursuit of Pymary and if she agrees to the rules. This is not some solution for the transgendered or gender inequality, mind - it's to solve the perceived problem of squandered pymary talent.

It's also slightly taboo. It doesn't happen that often and it's really not a subject of discussion in polite company.