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Are the new characters ones that you've drawn before? From rp?

Two of them are Sette's cousins, original to the comic. A third is one from RP, and yeaaaah I've drawn him plenty.

May at last! Glass are you looking forward to Chapter Six as much as us? :)

I look forward to seeing what you guys think of it! Chapter six is different from some of the stuff that's come before. It's a pretty violent chapter, introduces some new characters, takes a few old characters off in a direction I doubt too many people suspected they'd go. Also, Duane is hardly in it at all. I look forward to all the complaining about this :3

It's not as weird as chapter seven though, hoo boy.

Do you like Eastern-style (Japanese, Chinese, etc) dragons or European dragons (Wings, firebreathing) more?

Both are awesome but in different ways. In video games I love to fight and kill western dragons and wyverns. Artistically though I think Eastern dragons are more appealing and interesting and I would subscribe to their newsletter.

Do you ever keep around any very old art of yours, jsut for the sake of seeing how you've improved? Or did you burn it all out of shame?

I have a couple binders of old sketches in my closet along with some old sketchbooks but I haven't looked at them in years. There are strange things among them, like Sette's earliest form wearing '90s fashion and sporting wings. There brave men dare not tread.

There's also really horrifyingly old and horrible art of mine floating around the internet in places I can't access to delete it. It haunts me. @AwesomIncarnate gets irate when I obliterate my old art but that stuff really drives me nuts.

Sorry, I meant the hair being a mane to make her fierce.

Oooh, gotcha. But now I can't remember your other question. Ah, well, the answer is probably pie.

Does Ulestry make an exception to their pacifism when it comes to the twin eating or do they just not do it?

Oh, they do it. Only willing twins participate, so their sacrifice isn't seen as violence.

Did Sette figure that out on her own, or did her 'Da tell her that?

Mm, did Sette figure what out on her own?

Blar, too many passwords for too many things. I think I'm back? Question! Um. Is Sette gonna get a haircut anytime soon? It must be tangled halfway to dreadlocks by now.

LuDux! I dunno, I think Sette would bite your nipples off if you ever came at her with a pair of scissors. It's her mane. It makes her fierce.

What does make people "fans" of something or someone?

I would say, if you hear their name and get excited, that makes you a fan. If you hear their name and are just like, enh, that's cool... not so much.

Hi, I just found your comic today and it blew me away! Sette and Matty both have criminals for dads but they each handle it so differently, it's fascinating. Is that a major theme of the comic?

The larger theme is just... dads. Having a shitty dad, having an awesome dad, having no dad; being a dad, rejecting being a dad, running away from being a dad; turning out just like your dad, or turning out completely different. It comes up a lot. Anyway, so glad you like the comic!

I love how Duane talks, it's pretty.


What is writing in Kasslyne like? Is there a common script? Is it based on glyphs that represent concepts and objects (like chinese), or syllables like an alphabet? What did symbols and letters originally represent?

Continental has a phonetic alphabet. Modern Tainish has a system very much like Japanese, where it's a mixture of phonetic characters and symbolic glyphs with multiple readings.

Are you a fan of Johnny Cash?

Sure, some of his songs are cool. I don't know if that makes me a "fan" though.

How many languages and dialects are there in Kasslyne, and what are some of the main/interesting ones? Is there a pidgin tongue that is used for trade between countries?

Civilisation on Kasslyne is very old, as are the countries that occupy it. Over the millenia everyone's adopted the same language, Llederoret, more commonly called Continental. The only language that sees usage enough to rival it is Aldish, or Tainish, and even this language is only spoken by about forty percent of Alderode. A third language, Old Tainish, is only used for pymary and in scholarly circles.

There are three main dialects of Continental, and I translate them essentially as American English (Cresce and the western half of the continent), British English (Alderode and the eastern half of the continent) and whatever it is that Sette and the Sharteshanians speak (sort of an amalgam of Mockney and Irish and Twainish English, with few rules). There's not a lot of clear differentiation though and since the continent is so widely travelled by pilgrims and tradesmen, I keep the dialects pretty fluid, particularly in the cities. Alderode, because its borders are closed and it's otherwise so xenophobic, has the most archaic sounding dialect. I like to think that Aldish characters stick out right off as soon as they open their yawps.

I'm worried about when we get to Alderode in fact. Everyone talks like Duane. There's going to be a mutiny.

Ignore my previous question. I meant, would a first-material frying pan make really good eggs?

Ha, good, 'cause I thought I was going crazy for a minute. A first material frying pan! That would take a lot of material, but it would be the most perfect form of that material, so it would make a pretty good egg.

I haven't had a haircut in a few months, except the bits I cut off on my own. Now it has started to resemble Quigley's. Admit it, you're some sort of hair-studying mad scientist who does extensive research before drawing any given hairstyle.

I test all hairstyles first on my dogs.

How are those with mental illnesses and/or developmental disabilities socially regarded and tended to in Kasslyne? Are there institutions? Pymary-based treatments?

In most cases it's up to their families to take care of them. In Alderode, poor families - and most families in Alderode are poor - sell them to a kussen where Stuff Happens, but it's not so bad relatively. Will has a pretty severely autistic little brother but Will's family is rich and Will's mom is a saint, so he has a good life. Elsewhere on the continent if families won't take care of their challenged kids they'll wind up on the street with all that that entails. There are asylums here and there but they're not very nice places, particularly the one in Hanghorse. So yeah, it's not a world that lives up to our modern expectations on how to treat the disabled.

Have you ever made an account on something like OKCupid or If so, how did it turn out?

Nah. I'm already in a relationship with my comic characters.


How long is chapter six? Do you have it all finished?

It's 84 pages long. I have another five pages to do before it's in the can.

Would I be correct in assuming that the fraternal Gefendur sect uses the creation myth that Matty related, and the sororal sect uses the 'they had sex' angle?

You got it.

I love seeing Duane's character interactions. So far though it has mainly been with men. We have seen Duane vs. Ulstrian Milk Hick, and a brief Duane vs. Lady Peace Guard. Will we get to see Duane vs. Aldish Lady in his travels?

Duane VERSUS an Aldishwoman? Perhaps some day :) I would argue against Duane's interactions having been mainly with men to this point though... unless Sette is harbouring a hidden weenie (she's not).

"He was raised a fraternal Gefendur" How is that different than just plain Gefendur? Or I guess "Maternal" Gefendur? (There, real question, lots of room. Dazzle me.)

Fraternal Gefendur is the particular flavour of Gefendur that Alderode allows while sororal Gefendur is the flavour popular throughout most of the rest of the continent. Sororal places emphasis on the Twin Sisters, giving Yerta dominance over the Outside and consigning Riv to the relatively powerless position of executioner and punisher of crimes. The Fraternal sect is just the opposite, making Yerta a submissive wife and vessel and making an active celestial king of Riv. These two dogmas feed pretty heavily into the cultures of their respective societies, supporting the matrilineal queenship of Cresce, for example, and the patriarchy of Alderode.

What do you believe is the root of all evil?

Probably lack of empathy.

I'm a fan of a local tea business called The Tea Garden. I applied there just two days ago! Wish me luck. Are there any local businesses that you bring all your business to and support?

My local comic shop is pretty cool, it's just so hard to justify buying anything there. It feels like charity to purposefully spend more on comics and books there when they are ridiculously cheaper on Amazon. Why not buy from Amazon and write my comic shop a check every month? Sometimes comic shops seem like pandas. I mean, pandas are giant goofy bears that have evolved to eat one specific kind of food, and to only breed under strange and esoteric conditions. I know they are cute and that we love them, but maybe it is time for pandas and comic book stores to go extinct.

Good luck with the tea :3

Glass, grumpy Duane's bumming me out! What question can I ask to cheer him up?

Aww. Duane's cheerful enough and the question you asked him was very nice. His writer's just too busy this weekend to let him respond quite yet. I shall get to it!

Too exhausted to think about culture. Will ask questions Sunday. Are you going to think about the arts of the big three countries while I'm away, or are there cool things to do in the Glasscave? I meant that to be like batcave, but Glass... never mind.

I don't have to think too much about the Big Three, I know a lot about their culture and art already :) I do have lots to do though, ugh. Gotta start on a book cover this weekend and get some quotes together. And go grocery shopping at some point. And wash my dogs. And clean out my bedroom closet. And maybe do some comic work in there at some point D:

Is Quigley Ssaelit?

Quigley's faithless. He was raised fraternal Gefendur.

Why is Sette hugging?

'Cause sometimes Ashley likes to draw cute shit. It's my ovaries, they rule my life.

Duane mentioned the "Six rings and the Aldish Kings". Have you explained the six rings?

The six rings are in reference to the six castes, each of which is a ring of corresponding metal on the Aldish crest, which is visible right over here~

Today my obsession is culture and the dramatic arts in Kasslyne. Are you prepared for the onslaught bound to follow my shift at work?

I will try D: If it's not about one of the big three countries though (Alderode, Cresce, and Sharteshane) I probably won't know the answer.

You were talking about how Duane needs to get emotions across without expressions or eyes. His emotions and states of being are very clear, even considering his hooded face. How do you have him express emotion without meeting his eyes?

Mostly body language and panel framing. And in later chapters - particularly in the last chapter - I cheat and let some light on his brow so you can see his eyebrows. That makes expressions a lot easier. Still, it's funny how important line of sight can be in laying out pages and guiding action, and with Duane I got no line of sight. This makes it hard to set up certain shots because I can't show him from behind looking over his shoulder, or if he's in conversation with multiple people I can't show whom he's addressing, or if his attention suddenly refocuses it has to be a big deal because I can't rely on a flick of the eyeballs to alert the reader. Lots of stuff to consider. I'm glad it mostly reads okay though, I always worry about it :)

Does Duane hate my questions because they're difficult to answer or because they're just plain annoying? Cuz I could see it going either way, really.

Both of the above and also rude. You can't really toss ethnocentric, assumptive statements at someone from another culture and expect them to understand or to even be receptive to the ideas. You assumed Duane thinks women are inferior because, I guess, he believes in a degree of chivalry and comes from a country with strictly defined gender roles. That was pretty insulting and turned him off of communicating with you at all.

A lot of people get their panties in a ferocious twist when Duane intimates the Aldish patriarchy, failing to remember that outside of tumblr and segments of the population of a few of our first world countries, our world is still a patriarchy, and that history is a solid wall of even more overt patriarchy. Challenging Alderode's patriarchy to Duane is like asking him why Kasslynian goats don't wear suit jackets. It's odd, random, irrelevant, and unintuitive. You're not going to get some in-depth sociological lecture from him. He's not a sociologist. He is not interested in arguing gender rights.

I know it's not the most enjoyable thing in the world, but letting Duane and Sette have a formspring isn't fun for me at all if I can't keep them in character :)

Would it be okay if I made a website that has all of your formspring answers on a page (maybe a couple, need to see how it goes) and a search engine? Unfortunately sans comments.

I suppose that would be pretty handy. Maybe it would be easier for me to just make the wiki publically editable though, so information can go in there? What do you think?
1 - NOW I finished reading it. 2 - What I meant earlier, was that I could not get them all, I can't got back enough to look at everything I missed. ARGH.

Oh, has Formspring's lameness evolved? Does it only let one go back a few pages now and deletes everything older? Formspring has evolved into a chan.

You know when Duane says things like "Poppycock" and "I am not a bloody zombie" reminds me of a British guy of sorts. I wish more people spoke like him, even though at times it is hard to understand what he says.

I have heard rumours of a misty island of faeries and tea, where everyone speaks like some variety of "British guy." :3

NO! NO NO! Where are the REST of the answers? Why so few? I've barely clicked for more 5 times! I can't live knowing I'm missing Kasslyne, and Chars, and Glass and random info. How can I live, Ashley, HOW? Excuse me while I spice my dinner with tears.

Ahh! Yeah, not much for people to ask when the comic's on hiatus. Glad you got your computer back! :)

Some weeks without a working computer. now I have to catch up on formspring. I'll let you know when I finish. Hmmm, question, how long do you think it'll take me?

Probably not long—

Just wanted to let you know that it made me quite happy to see Duane use the word "poppycock." And then his answer for the next question made me hope to never have such biting words directed towards me.

We should all use the word "poppycock" frequently in our day-to-day communication.

Art nouveau?

Everyone loves Mucha.

What do you like, own, or participate in that causes you shame among family? Friends? The internet?

Comments I'm interested in your RP style. Do you have a post floating around that we could see?

I saved out a thread from the Sharteshane RP for you. I can't promise you'll enjoy it, but it's fairly self-contained, I think. All you need to know is that Bastion's professional name is Etalarche -

Since being an artist is both your work and hobby, are there ever burnout days when you just think "ugh, not more fucking art to make"? Like the thought of picking up a pencil or opening Photoshop just fills you with ennui.

Ya know, you'd think so, but it never really happens. My problem is always that I don't want to do the work-art, I just want to do the personal-art, but I always want to be doing some kind of art. I'm kind of a nerd, man.

Who is your favorite super-hero?

Doctor Strange! Or maybe Shadoweyes.

Also, it kills me that you don't have any plans to get Unsounded printed. I realize it's your decision, but you deserve to make serious money off your talents. Not that it wouldn't be awesome just to have a slick print of it on my shelf.

No one makes "serious money" off of printing a comic, man :3

Did you ever read Blood Meridian like I recommended? I bet you didn't. You're probably afraid my Cormac McCarthy's gonna kick your Herman Melville's ass. Just kidding, actually. It'd be a draw, they're both geniuses.

I didn't, I admit it. But there is no deeper motivation behind the failing than a simple, utter lack of time to do anything so involving as read a novel.

White squirrels are an Earth thing too! One was a local celebrity in the small town where I used to live.

That is true! Kasslynian white squirrels are different from ours but in the same vein, so maybe they shouldn't count as originals.

Any chance of a pink chicken or two popping up in Unsounded?

That would be kind of awesome as an in-joke :3

I'm going to the midnight showing of Avengers. What's a movie you really really want to see?

Silent Hill Revelations. It's going to be awesomebad.

Peoples, what was the best thing about today?

I got a lot of work done!

...I'm boring.

Comments Are there any animals in Kasslyne identical to Earthen ones? I've noticed that some animals that we've seen so far look similar to Earthen animals, but are distinctly different; what made you decide to alter them? What are some of your creations called?

Oh, sure, there are lots of the same animals. Goats, pigs (which are furry but we have furry pigs too), deer, the dogs are bigger in Kasslyne but still dogs, marmots, squirrels, foxes, owls, rats, and all kinds of birds and fish.

Animals original to Kasslyne would be vliegeng, grebbers, strawberry fish, starflies, merliputs, kedises, smoke eels, monnies, white squirrels, and the many different kinds of senet beasts, like Crescian silkworms and wandering roots. Why have original critters? It's fun and makes the world feel more exotic. Why alter the appearance of critters we're used to? Because evolution is random and crazy, man, and the idea that animals would evolve and then be selectively bred (in the case of livestock) to exactly match the ideals we're so used to, is even more unbelievable to me than talking zombies and girls with tails :)

I went to Busch Gardens yesterday and there's a ride there called Rhino Rally, where a group goes out in an offroad vehicle with a wise-cracking driver to look at the animals. The driver picks a kid from the group to play navigator, and part of the ride consists of the driver teasing him. It's all very cute and funny, it's a great time. Anyway, we were going by some honking big antelope and the little kid yells "Goats!" and the driver thought that was great. He pointed across the way to a bunch of flamingos and said "Pink chickens!" and to the zebras in the distance and said, "Donkeys that've been sent to prison! Let's rename this Barnyard Rally!"

Anyway, your question puts me in mind of that :) One world's flamingo is another world's pink chicken. : In case knock-me-down ever goes shopping. It's even green!

Aww, balls, I thought I'd come up with something a little different. There's nothing new under the sun, Minda!

What's the combat range of a wright? I asked this before, and I'm not sure why I didn't get an answer. Spoiler-y, or just already been asked?

I don't want smartasses going OH! OH! OH! that seemed three feet too far! all the time :)

Did you come up with the idea of writing Unsounded while you were still in the RP of the same setting, or did the comic idea come later?

The comic idea came first, actually, but never went anywhere. When I needed to come up with an RP setting after the one my friends and I played in proved unsatisfactory, I drew from comic lore. Then the RP ended, and it went back to a comic idea with new stuff that had been devised during RP. Very weird process.

I think I can empathize with Sette in how much fun it is to tease Duane. Imagining his intense disapproval is hilarious, especially since I think I pretty much maxed it out. Does Duane know how much fun it is to tease him?

I think Duane has an inkling :) One just has to be careful about teasing him; kids can get away with it, adults are likely to be set on fire.

How are the donations coming along so far, this chapter break? Are you meeting or exceeding your personal expectations for donation levels? Is the income meeting or exceeding your projected overhead costs for the site?

I didn't really have any donation goals this time around 'cause the chapter didn't end on a cliff-hanger, or at any kind of real tense point. And predictably, donations weren't quite as good as last chapter. But that's cool! I got lots of other work to do, so I won't be starving any time soon :) Thanks to everyone who donated!

I guess you could call Duane a... WIGHT WRIGHT *obnoxious laughter here*


Name thine favorite pie! Mine is pumpkin :)

Ewwwww, pumpkin, it has the consistency of congealed mucus. My favourite pie is my mom's apple pie. It is a deep ocean of secrets.

My birthday was the 19th, so the 20th is my party. What all should I plan so my guests don't get terribly bored?

Video games, pizza, booze, MJ, hookers, pie.

If Will worshiped Ssaelit and it was known to others, how was he not killed?

For the most part, Hanghorse was a more chill place during RP to allow for a more diverse cast of characters. The Eye wanting to cleanse the city - and ultimately the country - of all non-Gefendur was always a plot point of course, but they were kept in check by agents of the King, namely the Office of Sortilege and the Governor.

See, this is why it's probably a bad idea to talk too much about RP. RP wasn't Unsounded. It's just gonna getcha all confused.

A while back you said something about how Duane was the big kid at school who would beat up kids who made fun of him or something, but that stopped when he was eleven. Did he straighten up because his mom died?

I guess I can tell this story. Six months or so after his mom died Duane was hit by a cart on the street. Had both his legs broken, smashed his head on the ground, and very nearly died himself. While he was recuperating, Ssael began appearing to him in friendly, very real visions. When he was a little better, Duane told his dad he couldn't possibly take over the family printing business, that he had to enter seminary, become a priest, and use his ability and tacit casting for the good of the temple. Duane's dad was pretty badass and didn't put up much of a fight. He supported Duane's decision and got the money together to send him off. Duane was still something of a bruiser in seminary and the magery afterwards - the poor kid with a chip on his shoulder - but the accident coupled with his mom's death really changed his outlook in a fundamental way. I hate to say he was Born Again, but if the collar fits...

Also is the guy from "Yuletide Past" also Xavier? Those two are so very pretty, I've been wondering who they are. He's got kiiiinda the same facial hair, but now comparing them, one looks like a dweeb, and one looks smexy-fine, so I'm not sure. ;)

Ha, no, Yuletide Past is Vagrant Story fanart. Vagrant Story is awesome.

Yeah? Yeah? What KINDA dip? That sounds like a good story.

Ha, it's all RP stuff. Xavier was a good kid but he was a totally deluded zealot too easily manipulated by his superiors. He wound up more or less starting a war between the surface of Hanghorse and the undead underground, infiltrating Nihil's kingdom and unleashing a soul-sucking spectral air-kraken on the population. Afterwards he was expelled from the Order and joined a resistance movement but he was still always a derpity dip-dong choirboy nerd. How he survived the game I have no idea.

Does the world of Unsounded have paladins like him in it still? Or is that not cannon for the comic's story world.

Yeah, the Eye of Redemption is still a thing. They're a group of Gefendur paladins that have carved out a portion of Sharteshane for themselves. Sette happens to come from Hanghorse, a city in their dominion.

What are the chances of a QA with Bastion cropping up once we become more familiar with his character?

I dunnooooo. I think I would be too afraid of spoilers.

So, when they're open for answering questions, are Duane and Sette more popular than you?

Yes :D

Can you tell me what a Moulten is? Xavier calls Will this in an old strip I found. I kinda know who will is, not so much Xavier, so I can't really get the context.

It's a bad slang word for a Ssaelit person. Xavier is a Gefendur paladin, so he has a particular disdain towards Ssaelit. Xavier is an enormous dip though, oh, man.

The gold and silver pieces question on the D&S formspring caused me to splutter and snort in laughter, then I realized what a nerd I was for getting the joke. Are you ever amazed by how much your fans get into the things you create?

Daily. Some of the questions over there show so much insight, it's very impressive and flattering. You guys are awesome :D

Haha, lucky! We've had so much trouble that there's a police dog on campus for the rest of the semester, this huge German Shepherd. And my high school, five minutes from Ringling, locked us in for two hours after class got out this one time because of an

"...armed robbery that was taking place in the neighborhood. There were helicopters and everything. Of course, the robbers were two students from the same high school, so uh..."

Oh, Ringling. Always about the drama.

Maybe means I was close. Cara is Bastion's underage 18th husband, then?

Cara isn't anything much at all anymore >_>

So Duane says that using glamours for fashion is a faux pas. I'm almost certain you've said before that people can have elaborate outfits with crazy things like waterfalls. Are they all using pymarics? Wouldn't glamours be a lot cheaper?

Among the upper class of Alderode and the opera set, beglamoured clothing is a faux pax. This is because many of the upper set know pymary, making glamours free, and eliminating some of the ability of fashion to show off one's fortune. The fashion is to wear your money on your body in the form of expensive materials and designers, not to cloak yourself in pymary. This is an Aldish thing.

Elsewhere in the world, particularly in Cresce where beglamoured clothing is extremely fashionable, this is not the case. Remember, Duane's always going to answer questions from his angle, not from a general one :3

Sooo. How has the start to your month away from posting beeeeen? Relaxing? Busy?

Busy, busy! I'm kind of flooded with work at the moment, but that is good because work is money. I'm taking the weekend off to hang out with my brother though. He's flying down from NYC and we're going to go to Busch Gardens and the big local art festival on Sunday. Fun times. I'ma ride coasters 'til I puke.

How much time is covered in chapter six, from night until dawn?

It covers a few different periods of time during the night. It is a very eventful night.

I've thought long and hard. Can I have a kedis sleeping peacefully in a sunny windowsill?

Most of the ch 5 pages are titled UNSOUNDED::Darkening Sky::##, but page 24 (with the story of Riv and Yerta) is UNSOUNDED::The Quigleys::24. Is this meaningful, or a typo? Or a meaningful typo? Also, Yerta's hat/hair reminds me of the Venus of Willendorf

Nice find. Originally the chapter was titled The Quigleys, but I decided it really wasn't enough about them and changed it. And I was changing all the page names as I was posting them, but that one must have slipped by :) Nothing deeper than that, alas.

I've been sitting in my dorm all day cos we're on lockdown cos of a gunman on campus. =p You ever have anythign crazy like that happen in college?

Wow, a gunman? Scary stuff. Um, we didn't have any shootings when I was at school, it was pretty tame and boring. I am mildly jealous of you for your gunman :(

You say that Ssaelit are not allowed to practice religion openly, but that makes me think that it is done in secret. Is there an extensive underground Ssaelit movement through the countries, something more scattered, or none at all?

They can and do practise openly in Alderode - in fact about forty percent of the country is Ssaelit. Elsewhere they are just not a thing, even secretly. The Gefendur did a very thorough job scouring the continent of them and even now punishes Ssaelit and heretical Gefendur sects with severe, bloody finality.

Cara is Bastion's underaged 18th wife: yes or no?


Where can we read your comics?

I've also done art for Midnight Tea Party by @GoblinMarket, which is awesome - - and there are some random comics at the bottom of this page -

Have you seen the debut trailer for Dishonored? Want! :O

It's definitely a title to keep an eye on.

i've figured it out! murkoph is grown up sette!

Cat's out've the bag!

The other day I saw a golden retriever wearing an enormous dog halo thingy and sticking his head out of the passenger side window of a pickup truck. It was the funniest thing. /relevant

Absolutely relevant.

Do you have any vidja game/movie/general soundtracks you listen to while drawing and writing?

I can't listen to music at all while I write, I find it drowns out the characters' voices. When I draw I listen to damn near everything and anything though; music, debates and lectures on Youtube, old tv shows on Netflix, movies I've watched enough that I can follow them just by listening, you name it. I'm always looking for new debates and lectures to listen to.

I can't figure out a way to use pyramy to make something like Murkoph. He seems vastly different than Duane in terms of sanity and healing. Is he made of first element or something else? Or is that a spoiler?

I don't really answer questions about Murkoph. You'll have to wait to find out more about him in the comic :)

Did you have to change Murkoph much to fit him into Unsounded?

Not really. Murkoph is an enormous part of the story so the world was created with him in mind.

I have the world's biggest crush on Murkoph. Is it anatomically possible for him to carry my child?

I suppose if you cut him open and sewed a baby up in there, but he'd just dig it out afterwards and eat it. Maybe if you put one of those dog halos on him so he couldn't gnaw at himself. Maybe.

What does his body look like on a bad day?

Mm, depends what the other guy was packin'.


Is all of Murkoph's body intact?

On a good day.

I feel bad for war vilegeng now! They have to be trained to kill people and they like them. How intelligent are vilegeng, in general? What sparked Bastion's passion for them?

Vliegeng are about as intelligent as elephants and are comparable to them in a few ways, actually. Bastion liked vliegeng as a kid because they were huge and powerful and fun to race and cool! He lived on a slave plantation pretty far away from everything with no friends but his sisters, and new slaves were brought to his father by a pretty awesome guy via vliegeng. It was one of the only cool, different things the Winalils kids ever got to see, so Bastion naturally fixated on it for a while.

What's the silliest thing that's ever happened to you, or that you've ever done, in the RP?

Will got drunk and had sex with a catgirl in a barn. The Apocalypse came to Hanghorse and Sette was convinced she was The Chosen One and everyone was gonna die but her 'cause one of the Four Horsemen was part lion. Duane went through a phase where he really liked cooking and hosted a dinner party. Bastion went to an extraplanar party with a demigoddess, got totally hammered, and his date got really insecure and locked herself up in a bubble in the middle of the dining room. Alioth got turned into a lemur and Murkoph adopted her. Murkoph took Aihren to his favourite brothel to thank him for breaking up a barfight.

RP was a silly place.

Have you ever had trouble feeling like you're shooting a little too close to your inspirations? The story ideas I have, when you boil them down, feel so similar to those of one of my favourite artists, but when I try and get away from that they don't.....

"feel as interesting or exciting. Do you think I should keep on track and just try to be wary of making them too similar or should I just rethink and start fresh? It's mostly the setting and the char designs that feel 'borrowed', not the story itself."

Well, keep on track of course. Creative excitement is a precious thing, never to be abandoned or squandered.

I would say don't worry about being too derivative or unoriginal. I mean, everyone is still ripping off Tolkien and Lovecraft when it comes to settings. Everyone is still bowing at the feet of Joe Campbell when it comes to character arcs. No one out there is really original, the idea that they might be is silly, and we all get way too hung up on it.

I've seen your art on tumblr. It doesn't seem terribly derivative of anyone else, but your style will develop the more you draw and become your own. For now just work through the generic, derivative phase and you'll come out the other side distinctly Kirbish. You can't really force that, it just has to come with time.

Also, keep looking at lots of different art and artists. Eventually you'll take what you like from many different people and it'll all be synthesized into your own aesthetic. Then it'll be okay to show off obvious influences because they will make you look studied and classy and will give your critics something interesting to talk about.

Besides Raziel, who is your favorite of Kain's lieutenants?

Turel! Because he's scary and because his dialogue and voice actor are amazing, and also because the storyteller in me really admired how Amy took advantage of BO canon from four games earlier to fit him into the story in a reasonable way.

This scene is just glorious.

Would a vliegeng be able to mourn if it squished a kind master, like a dog, or would it not give a rat's ass, like a cat?

Aww, the vliegeng would care. Vliegeng have preferred handlers but overall get on really well with humans. Vliegeng don't look like they'd be gentle, playful critters, but they totally are. They are as amiable as they are ugly.

"Never Blood Omen 2." Why? It was my least favorite, but it was important because it cleared up alot of the questions.

I don't not count it as canon or anything, but I just really hate the game. The whole aesthetic is different and ugly, and Umah makes me want to drink acid and hammer pencils into my eyes. I played it through once and did my duty, but it's not a game I ever want to play or think about again, ya know?

So if its so strictly contained, what kinds of strings did Bastion have to pull to get Cara out?

Bastion's dealings in Fachlyne are spoiler territory for now :)

"there are some people who've seen opportunity in it" Hmm, could that be where our favorite smugglers are headed? :3 As for the sickness, I'm sure it's been asked, but how does it present? Symptoms? Life expectancy?

Once you realise you have it, it's too late. The disease begins in the eyes and slowly poisons you with some kind of infection. Your tear ducts encrust and bleed, your eyes rot out of your head, you go crazy, then you die of fever. Life expectancy is totally erratic. There are puffy-eyed mad blind infected people groping their way around Fachlyne that have been sick for years. Other people get the symptoms, progress rapidly, and die in a week. It's a very weird, difficult sickness.

Also the fact that it's spread by eye contact makes me think it's not quiiiite a normal disease. Is it pymary-related? Like a wright-made sickness?

It's definitely not a natural disease. Gefendur separatist priests have some people convinced it's a punishment from Tirna for the rising secularism in the capital. More moderate Gefendur and Ssaelit believe it's a manifested imbalance in the khert due to a steadily enlarging schism between the country's Gefendur and Ssaelit moieties. There are many theories but so far no concrete answers and no cure. The current strategy is containment.

Here: Quigly is shown taking off his glasses, and then putting them back on. Does he have to unscrew and screw them back into his head every time, or are there some sort of mounts for them?

Nope, there's a little spring and release switch, they're quite nice. Graduation present from his parents long ago. Well, long ago in Plat time.

So the masks that are padlocked on the plague victims from, Are those put on before, or after they die? And how does Alderode manage to quarantine an entire ginnal?

The mask is put on when a person is diagnosed with the sickness. It spreads via eye contact, so if you blind a person behind the mask they're no longer contagious. They stay in the mask until they die, then they're burned, regardless of their religion (Gefendur strongly disapprove of cremation otherwise).

Quarantining the entire ginnal, or province, isn't that difficult since Alderode routinely restricts movement from ginnal to ginnal anyway. You're not allowed to travel without a pass and each ginnal is walled and monitored, so completely shutting one down wasn't so difficult. Unfortunately Fachlyne is on the coast so the sea-boundary is somewhat porous. Fachlyne is a pretty wretched place these days but there are some people who've seen opportunity in it, and are actually hiding out in Fachlyne from the authorities, or are running smuggling operations there, or are even peddling miracle cures to the ailing population. The whole place has become a smoky, stinking hole.

"So yeah, Soul Reaver2. Then 1. Then Defiance. Then Blood Omen. Then that's it." No Blood Omen 2?

Never Blood Omen 2.
Comments Is this canon? D:>

I see no reason why not. It's super old.

Why is Minnow different?

One day she'll explain for herself.

Do vliegeng ever accidentally squish people?

Sometimes. It's inevitable :( Of course, vliegeng in the military intentionally squish people.

Of games of the Legacy of Kain series, which is your favorite?

Soul Reaver 2. And I know that's an odd one to pick since the gameplay is meh, the bosses seem to be missing, and the endgame is soooooo duuuuuumb. But! I love the story a lot. It has so many sublime moments of high narrative drama in it, and Raziel is just so sad at the end, it breaks my widdle heart. So yeah, Soul Reaver2. Then 1. Then Defiance. Then Blood Omen. Then that's it.

"Amy Hennig, who was the writer and driving force behind most of the games, doesn't work for Eidos anymore so I don't even know that I would WANT them to make another sequel." Also, Tony Jay died. :C

Also an issue :(

I have a 16X9 monitor, and the Duane/Sette being cute wallpaper looks funny on my screen. Do you have any wallpapers lying around that are optimized for that ratio?

I can make one. What exactly is your resolution?

"I'm a huuuuuge Legacy of Kain fan. Someone built the Pillars of Nosgoth on the Minecraft server I play on this weekend and I about shat a pillar myself. Such a lovely series." Do you think that they will ever make another one?

Another one in the old continuity? Probably not. Amy Hennig, who was the writer and driving force behind most of the games, doesn't work for Eidos anymore so I don't even know that I would WANT them to make another sequel. But I have heard dark rumours of a complete reboot and a remake Soul Reaver. I'm sure it will be horrible.

"Legacy of Kain vampires? Not so much, but no one cares about them but me." Kain is awesome. I didn't think anyone else but me remembers that game.

I'm a huuuuuge Legacy of Kain fan. Someone built the Pillars of Nosgoth on the Minecraft server I play on this weekend and I about shat a pillar myself. Such a lovely series.

I'm sure many of your fans would be more than happy to pick Twilight sparkles out of your pubes for you. They're loyal (and creepy) like that!

Thanks for the confidence boost, anon!

Do Sylphs feel the same way about humans as the Nereids do (with the exception of Minnow)?

Sylphs have a hard time holding a thought in their head for longer than five minutes. Most of them aren't terribly bright and aren't interested in anything but tupping nereids (and each other) and picking fights. They're blustery, constantly in motion, frequently invisible, howling, loud, flighty creatures with huge passions and tiny brains. Humans are so utterly beyond their attention span they forget they exist until the nereids complain about them. When that happens sylphs will jump to their female counterparts' aid but as soon as the battle's over they often forget they ever fought it.

I understand that vliegeng smell terrible, but are they cuddly if you ignore that fact?

Bastion would say they are. Vliegeng really are quite gentle, fierce as they look. They eat fish, bugs, and vegetation so they don't even want your flesh-meats.

Will Jivi grow up to be as badass and all around sexy as Toma? I sense serious potential here. That is of course hypothetically assuming you don't kill him off next chapter.

There's a very strong possibility of him not surviving the next chapter but if he hypothetically does live, I think he might one day be as sexy as Toma. The badassery though, I don't know. Jivi has some issues to work through. If he doesn't die.

Standard or automatic?

I can barely drive an automatic. I think I would die behind the wheel of anything else.

Going to Chicago next weekend for a birthday vacation sort of thing. You know any interesting things to do there?

Get shot.

Do you have any recent pictures of kedises? I love them...

Tell me what you would like to see a kedis doing and I shall draw it.

What do you think of the "first!" commenting fad? What is the point of it? What insights do you have into this new facet of internet culture?

It's not really new. It's certainly obnoxious though.

Hey you know that moment when someone compliments the size of your sexual organs, and you feel really smug for a little while, then later you realize that you did nothing to cause that, it's just a fact of your biology written into your DNA?

Well, you had an interesting morning at church, didn't you?

Pantoffel is clearly taking Matty's bribe in the last panel there. Is Toma going to have to arrest him now?

No, but Pantoffel is probably going to puke that candy up all over Toma's shoes as soon as they get back to town. It all balances out, cosmically.

You said you are squicked out by necrophilia, so do you think sex with vampires is disgusting? They are just as dead/undead as your zombies, just not as decomposed.

Ahhh, I take issue with that. The vast majority of vampires out there are really not as "dead/undead" as zombies. I mean, it greeeeeatly depends on what the vampire is from, but most of them are just pale humans in need of a dentist. An Anne Rice vampire after it's had enough fresh blood is essentially indistinguishable from a living human.. Dracula is pretty human. Twilight vampires (gag) are pretty human. BTVS vampires? Human. No problem hitting any of these vamps, though I'd be picking Twilight vampire glitter out of my pubes for weeks, I'm sure.

Legacy of Kain vampires? Not so much, but no one cares about them but me. Nosferatu? More a monstrous human than a rotting corpse. I mean, there are some series I haven't seen but really how many vampires in anything are actually corpse-like? And it's the CORPSE that puts the necro in necrophilia.

Who didn't want to bang Spike from Buffy? He wasn't a corpse. He was James Marsters.

So yeah, in most cases vampires aren't corpse-like at all, "undead" is a synonym for "pale", and necrophilia doesn't even get to come and sit in the same room as them.

" and no one asks anything gross or specific" well now you've done it.

So far so good.

You said no questions about pedophilia. So no more questions about Starfish then?

Nah, I don't mind that. Starfish isn't a kid himself and no one asks anything gross or specific, so it's not an issue.

I'm back to Bastion's balls. Did he heal nicely, or is there a huge knot of scar tissue between his legs?

Nope, he healed beautifully. Smooth as honeydew.

So, what does "da sufis da barit" mean? "Da" seems to mean "my," and I was thinking that "barit" possibly has "it" as a suffix, just as "Ssael" becomes "Ssaelit." Beyond that, I have no idea. I keep thinking "my love my life" for some reason.

"My brother, my enemy."

Good eye on the -it suffix, if it's at the end of a word that word is most likely a person. Galit - damned person, Ssaelit - person of Ssael, barit - person with whom you stand in opposition, etc.

What do you put on toast?

Orange marmalade. I don't eat much toast though, I'd rather have oatmeal or grits.

Are there any types of aircraft in Kasslyne, a la zeppelins or airplanes?

Just vliegeng. vliegeng are pretty awesome though. There are a few large enough to carry passenger cars that can hold up to thirty people comfortably. They fly fairly long distances too, so it's the next best thing to a private jet. Bit expensive though. A friend of mine wrote a short story where Will takes a vliegeng from... I think it was Sharteshane to Alderode, and gets a bit airsick.

Would you rather have to live with a giant kedis in your home or an undersized lion?

I think they'd both wind up taking bites out of me. I would go with the undersized lion if it is the size of a kitten. I watched The Island of Dr. Moreau last night. I would dress the mini-lion like me and we would do everything together.

Question about personal stuff: What condiments do you prefer on sandwiches?

Mayonnaise and yellow mustard! My current fave sandwich is roast beef, provolone, mayonnaise, and yellow mustard with olives and tomatoes and lettuce on multigrain bread with sunflower seeds in it. It is a powerful fuel.

More personal questions: What are your favourite shoes like? Your least favourite?

I only have two pairs of shoes: some cheap Walmart sneakers and some cheap Walmart sandals. I like the sandals best but honestly I love being barefoot most of all. I love driving barefoot. Have you ever driven barefoot? Bliss.

Why haven't we seen any bows, slings, crossbows or javelins in Unsounded? Is it a coincidence, or they don't exist?

I'm not sure we've been in too many situations where projectile weapons would pop up, but a wright is going to outclass a ranged warrior in most instances, so they're at a disadvantage overall. Pymaric weapons are more useful, and there's a character in the next chapter who has a pretty cool projectile-firing pymaric.

Sorry if this is a dumb question that has been asked before, but as a new reader you'll have to forgive me. Can a wright take the aspect of 'life' and apply it to themselves, to extend their natural life or (in Duane's case) prevent decay?

It's not a dumb question, but the answer is nope. A good rule of thumb for determining if something can be reassigned or not is, is it a physical attribute? Is it solid, cold, in motion? Is it red, a certain size, a certain shape? All these adjectives, or Aspects, can be switched around from mass to mass. But the rules that define how these Aspects effect the world - if Sharp things cut, if pressure deviations explode, if heat starts fires, if Time itself progresses, etc - these are Laws, and the khert does not allow them to be tampered with.

Currently playing:

Yogsbox. Derp. Dat Thaumcraft.

Every time I flip over to your page I read the title about no inappropriate stuff, and, well, it kind of makes me sad. Can we have an overview of what "inappropriate" means?

No pedophilia or anything in that neighbourhood, and don't ask me about personal stuff. That's it :)

We got a frost that shocked the lilac buds away before they got to full awesome scent. some of the inner ones survived, though, and I'm hoping they'll come back for Chitz additive. Do you have a preference for back ups?

Chew some Doublemint gum and then breathe heavily onto the plush. Send me your essence, Forumcat.

I've been looking through your art and realizing that Sivis is AMAZING. Are talking rats canon in the comic universe, or is it just an RP thing? (An older Formspring answer said his story is after Unsounded, but still...) How did that even happen, anyway?

Thanks, man! I don't think Sivis is really possible in Unsounded unfortunately, the magic system and cosmology are just too different. If he did pop up though, it would indeed have to be several years after the end of Unsounded's storyline.

In RP, Sivis started life as an unspectacular black rat scraping out an existence in the basement of a senile, misanthropic wizard. The wizard was ancient and desperately needed an apprentice to whom he might pass on his wisdom and power, but he HATED humans. Naturally, the thing to do was to capture a rat and change it into a man. Years passed and the wizard taught his new acquaintance how to be a powerful sorcerer, but he never taught him how to be a man. By the time the old kook died, Sivis was a powerful wizard but still at heart a self-serving animal. He's not evil - it really takes a human to be truly evil - but he's mostly interested in himself and survival and food and doesn't care much for philosophy or the intangible or social moires. He's a very literal sort and doesn't read people well, but he's not overall unpleasant. He has a child-like quality to him, I suppose.

Anyway, he was really at quite a loss when the wizard died and wasn't sure what to do with himself, so he asked one of his old master's few acquaintances for help. Bastion of Winalils was mentioned as a possible source of employment, and Sivis went to study with him. Bastion's not much of a teacher though, so he foisted poor Sivis off on Murkoph (I'm sure you read the comic). Fortunately Sivis didn't have a problem with Murk's appetites, and the two grew as close as any hunter and scavenger ever can be. They were a pretty fun duo back in RP, though they had broken ties by the end of the game. Sivis left Murk's company and retired to a northern land to live in the stable of the woman he loved. I'm sure he's still there, biting her children, stealing cheese, and breaking all the rat traps.

Are other Frummugem's competing with Sette for a spot by Nary's side, or is hers a unique position?

Oh ho ho!

Now that there will not be a comic for awhile, I can delve into the backlog of drawings I've been holding off on looking at for just this purpose. So question, is the green chibi here Duane's spirit being caught and zombified? It's got the

"(continued) hair and morose Duane mope.";

Nope. Like ninety-five percent of older art, it's solely related to something that happened in RP. Duane's RP existence was rife with tragedy and angst, and he was more or less unplayable, insane, damned, and doubly dead by the end of it.

That wallpaper is adorable. You'd almost forget one's a zombie and the other a litte monster :3

Now and then they have their moments :)

I just realized that’s a scarab on Quigley’s dagger. Scarabs represented rebirth and transformation in ancient Egypt, but I bet you knew that already. Is it significant that Quigley has this bug theme and you hate bugs? Is the bug theme related to Vienne?

No, Quigley has the bug theme because he's an ironic bastard sometimes. Because Plats live such a short time, the less reverent of their countrymen consider them insects, and even have insults against them based on that fact. As a Fuck You against Alderode, Quigley styles a lot of his spells with an insect motif.

In this chapter of Unsounded...AN X-MAN WILL DIE!!!

Hahaha XD That was totally my inspiration for it. There's a showman in me, yes there is. One day I should do a reader poll to decide an important character's fate.

I recently read a theory that all words originated in terms for body parts. When you construct languages, how much do theories of language evolution come into it?

As far as official theories go, not very much. I try to reason through the development of most of the important words though, and put a fair amount of thought into words I've decided are intrinsic. I've been around a lot of kids as they learn to talk and so have a vocabulary list in my head of what concepts and objects primitive little human brains seem to think are most important to verbalize. Those are the ones I paid the most attention to when I was putting words together.

Hey, what happened with this?

Mmmmm, what happened with it in what sense?

Besides "Listen to Elka," what was going through Toma's head as he was lying on the ground there? Does he still want to arrest Matty, even though the kid just saved his life?

Well, he HAS to arrest Matty, that is his job. Toma would never do anything mean to him, but the system is the system and Toma didn't get where he is by serving it only selectively. If it makes you feel better, if Matty IS arrested and goes to court, Toma will vouch for him and probably be the reason he's not strung up.

So Knockers Frummagen is showing up next chapter? Oooh, your profile pic change was FORESHADOWING! Clever, clever.

Hohoho! Cross-media literary elements! You are going to hate Knock-Me-Down, try to just focus on her boobs.

Was Matty talking about Uaid nicer or Quigley?

His dad.

Sette is wearing Quigley's cloak instead of her shirt in the preview? Also, Matty would never make it as a criminal, would he? Unless he gets away with all of his crimes because he makes everyone just want to hug him.

Good eye, I am impressed. And why do you say Matty isn't cut out for a life of crime. He is BLATANTLY bribing a police officer on the last page! The boy will be hanged yet, just wait.

Ashley, I love the last page of this chapter. Poor Matty - those tears could make Starfish pause if the man had a heart, but I think he ate it. Have a good month off!

Thanks, man! <3

Hm, Annadyne huh? For a Frummagem she doesn't have a terribly descriptive name. Did she somehow escape the ritual, or is the name in reference to something I'm not familiar with? Also, good if she gives them some trouble. Trouble is more fun.

It's a pun of sorts. An anodyne is something that relieves pain :) Knock-Me-Down gives you a headache, then Annadyne shows up to make you feel better about it. If she's in a good mood, anyway.

Your preview clips for next chapter have made me crazy curious and excited. Who are the mysterious persons with Quigly? Why are they in a blizzard? Is Jivi finally finding some balls? So many things I have to wait for. My question: Am I going to

"(Continued) like the gold-eyed woman? She seems pretty damn mysterious and sly. I think I might like her just from the look she's giving us. Is my heart going to be broken Glass?"

That's Annadyne, a cousin of Sette's. I personally like her but she's a -difficult- character because she's at cross-purposes with our protagonists, so ya know no one's gonna get along. Will you like her? It's difficult to say. She has her flaws.

Also, today I've started talking about kedises, and everyone around was so confused, it took me a few minutes to recall they aren't real. The last thought made me sad, so now I beg for a pic of Sette with kedis.

We shall see! Sette has always struck me as more of a dog person.

Ah, so, talking about that superweapon. We need a big rock, really big, weighting hundreds tons, some kind of giant raft, and four groups of wrights. First group, consisting of few hundred wrights, takes momentum from whatever moves around and uses it to

"etc etc"

This could be a good thing to talk about with people on the forum, man :) There are some readers really, really into pymary.

Was it because albinos have a sort of otherworldly quality compared to others and that's what you were going for with the Plats?

Maaaaybe. The Plats aren't that much more otherworldly than the Coppers or the Silvers or the Jets - we just haven't really met any other Aldishmen yet, and Duane's weird.

I knew the Plats had to have white hair - I'm working with a colour scheme here :3 - and fixing the rest of their features so they'd correspond with albinism just helped to reinforce that their otherness goes deeper than their hair, and that there's a real physical ramification to it. Plats don't just drop dead at thirty; they live their whole lives weaker and their premature decrepitude effects them profoundly.

I found some small reference to Bastion having ritualistic sex with a woodland creature on the internets. Did you ever actually get around to drawing this, or was it simply musings about fixing the balance of his morality and never anything more?

Where did you see this reference exactly? Bastion's wont to torture animals when he needs a component of pain for something, and he's wont to hire a prostitute when he needs a component of pleasure, but I can't recall him mixing the two up...

I’m surprised no one’s asked about Delicieu. It’s a French-sounding name, so does that mean he’s of Tain ancestry? Do we meet him next chapter?

Delicieu is a mystery for now~ Toma will give a few more details next chapter.

If you had to marry any one of your characters, which would it be? (It's zombie-Duane, innit)

I'm not sure I'd marry any of them, honestly. Duane is too traditional, Toma is never home, Quigley is... very unhappy... Starfish is fat and would molest our kids. I might marry Jivi when he grows up, I think he'll be a pretty well-rounded guy. If I don't kill him off next chapter, that is.

I was looking at the Aldish castes on the wiki and when I got to the plats... They're basically a more genetically common form of albinos, aren't they? The hair, skin and eye color, the poor eyesight, the photosensitivity. The frailty and weak lungs

"aren't in themselves symptoms of albinism but do fall under the various genetic disorders that appear relatively frequently in albinos. Was this more or less your intention when you designed them?"


Being First Creatures, I assume that our water wenches can't actually produce more of themselves, for all their wenching. But can they sire or bear children? Are there people running around with water or air in their ancestry?

Nope :) They and their airheaded paramours sire storms, that is the best they can do.

Is it nice in Rachshane? I mean, obviously it's rpetty awesome, since it's in kedis territory, but is it nice, not considering the ferocious trouser-hem stalkers of Kasslyne?

Well, I hadn't remembered much about Rachshane since I'd given it over to a roleplayer to play with but I've been reading a lot of old RP threads the past few days and there was a Rachshanian story among them. This particular roleplayer declared Rachshane a steampunk industrial mecca that shunned magic, put its women in burkas, and opted for hardcore Gefendur theocracy. I don't think I'm keeping the bulk of that, but I do like the idea that they have laudable tech, probably from being in the vicinity of awesome copper and silver mines. As for the rest? Kedises indeed. Make up something amazing about the country.

Horny water wenches. They make me happy. Do they make you happy, too, or are they simply a fact of Kasslynian life?

Minnow makes me happy. The rest of the water witches just aren't very kind at all.

If they're in his mouth, doesn't that mean Bastion has to keep getting his tattoos re-done? I was under the impression that stuff in the mouth doesn't really stick around very well.

I bet you go around telling all the kids that Santa Claus isn't real too T_T

Could you translate "Ssha llachom efhom nil, tim tookim basimen retit Tairet yoninSette?" And what does "To kuralomm Deres" mean?

The first is "If I didn't know better I'd say you are taking Tainish lessons from Sette." The second is "Get out of my eyes" or less literally, "Piss off."

Hang the cutie! Hang the cutie! Do you have pictures of Matty and Chitz at the gallows, preferably after the stool's fallen away?

You're a cruel man to treat a plushie so.

Which country is best at artisan crafts and industrial... stuff-making?

Rachshane, which we shall never visit first-hand. They export a lot of machinery world-wide though.

An Unsounded reviewer said that Cresce was a "big bureaucratic empire that’s... a pretty obvious stand-in for Great Britain". Based on what Cresce and Alderode have in common, does that mean I'm living in Alderode right now? Is Kirbish a dirty Crescian?

Hrmm, I think that reviewer is on crack, or I do a really bad job of suggesting what Cresce is like. Cresce is a militaristic, socially progressive, theocratic matrilineal Monarchy with some strong Communist ideals. Cresce treats its allies with a firm hand but it has no colonial aspirations. I really don't see much Great Britain in it at all.

Alderode at least has a highly stratified class structure, so it would be closer to Great Britain, but it's so insular and xenophobic that it's still not a great stand-in.

You're definitely Crescian, Muses. Kirbish... seems roguish. Let's make him a Sharteshanian. Then you can push him around.

If you ran Formspring for a day what would you do?

search function search function search function

So if Matty were to be imprisoned for life for his (nonvoluntary, peripheral) invovement with the RBB, does that mean that there are no exemptions or protections for minors under Crescian law? Or is "not hanging the blind 8yo" considered a protection?

There are no special protections for kids, no, in any of the countries of Kasslyne. Distinguishing kids from adults legally, child abuse laws, child labour protection - these are all extremely recent developments in our society. Assuming they exist in other societies isn't always wise. Before slavery was abolished in most of the southern countries, you could sell your three year into slavery for life to settle a debt. You still can in Alderode. It only STOPPED in the other countries because they switched to plods. But when it comes to child welfare, Cresce is the only country that provides it on a state level with the other countries having only on Gefendur charities and orphanages.

By our modern measure, none of Kasslyne's countries are fuzzy happy utopias for kids or adults or anyone else.

What would Uaid think of someone getting slaughtered in his insidey-bits? Does he get the whole idea of death? He seems kind of juvenile... well, he is a juvenile, but still...

Uaid understands death as something permanent and awful, and he despises it. He won't kill on command and he gets extremely upset when other people are violent around him. Uaid is like a big special needs kid who has more strength than he's mentally equipped to deal with, and Matty is his big brother who takes care of him.

So if everything had gone according to Toma's plan (get Matty safely chained up top, confront the adults and subdue them, bring in the RBB), what would happen to Matty? Would they arrest him as part of the gang, despite being a minor?

Yeah, he would have been arrested, and there would have been a public push to hang him with the others, but I don't think it would have been successful. He'd probably just spend the rest of his days locked up somewhere in Cresce.

Oh holy crap you've done some Ask Duane and Sette stuff again. Finally found some motivation to pick it back up?

Yeah, the chapter's just about over, so I'll probably let them out of their cage again while I'm on break. Was just warming up :)

Hello Most Splendiferous Glass-Writer. I was wondering if you might be able to give a little context to the last panel of the newest page. I hate to ask for any clarification, because this has become one of my favorite pages. (The expressions!)

"(Continued) However I'm a bit confused on what's happening in that panel. Toma looks like he's being lifted up and away from danger by the parasite-tentacles, but from the view's we've gotten so far, I didn't think the ceiling went up that high."

It's a page not well served by being cut off from the page following it. You're right, there's not much room up there to work with so... maybe the tentacles are helping Uaid upchuck our dashing hero.

Time to change my avatar. What do you think it should be? Winner gets a prize!

Some iteration of Cloud Strife.

I remember reading that homosexuality is frowned upon throughout Kasslyne, but being frowned upon doesn't stop people from being it. So are there any LGBT characters in Unsounded? Don't care how important that is for their characterization, just curious?

Well, Starfish's buddy Turas is gay but it has just about nothing to do with anything except for one brief bit in the next chapter. Are there other gay characters waiting in the wings? Might could be.

Could that harpy-bird possible be a tribute to Bastion's first sexual encounter?

No comment :3

Have you ever written out a pymary spell in Tainish and with a translation? Even just a simple one? I'd love to know the syntax of the spells (/programming nerd)

You know, I've thought about doing this, and I know I'll have to do it one day when one of the characters begins teaching another of the characters pymary. It's so hard, darling Kirbish, to balance my nerdy enjoyment of explaining pymary with the needs of a story. The DM in me wants to explain everything.

Also, is it possible not just to replace one aspect with another, but add it? Like accelerating by constantly drawing momentum from the wind? Because if it is, then I've invented yet another superweapon.

Absolutely, this is how a lot of the isolating spells are done. You'd have to combine all the edges of a strip of grass blades, for instance, to come up with a single blade capable of doing massive damage.

First, couple of demography questions: what are approximate figures for populations of countries of Kasslyne? At least for Cresce/Alderode/Sharteshane. Also, what's an average proportion of wrights/dirty handers(people that have to use hands to actually

"[cont]do something)? Also, are there wrights with superiority complex, actually using some similar terms to describe nonwrights, and having phobia of touching anything (constantly floating in air with some pymaric and using only pymary to move objects)?"

Aww, man, don't make me devise census results for you, that is the very opposite of fun. Are there wrights with OCD? Seems possible, that would make for a pretty amusing character. Niles Crane learns pymary.

Can you sort of describe what's going on visually with the ink in Bastion's mouth?

On his tongue is a stylized depiction of Lady Ilganyag, a multibreasted harpy lady, surrounded by a jumble of Tainish glyphs. Crows in flight and more glyphs crowd the insides of his cheeks, giving way to geometric designs along his bottom and upper lip. Sorry I don't have a drawing of it D:

You mentioned plods were originally meant for warfare,how effective were they? They don't seem intelligent and if theyre anything like Duane they'd start to fall to bits pretty quickly. A weapon so temporary could hardly be effective in any kind of long

"term conflict. Also, how did the switch from weapon of war to manual labor take place? Was it gradual, sudden? And did civilians object to it? Or was it how it often is in real life, with military tech simply being phased into everyday life easily Like the original HMMWV becoming the civilian Hummer?"

The plods were fairly effective in combat. They had two modes, essentially, just like the labourer variety has today: simple command enactment and direct control. Plods could be given simple commands like "Kill with a sword anything in a red tunic" and they'd be pretty effective at it, pushing forward in spite of all injury, even decapitation (though this made it hard for them to see red tunics). For more complex maneuvers they could be directed by handlers who could at a distance change their behaviours, taking them past pymary barriers that would cook a living man in order to wipe out the enemy's wrights or simply marching them in front of murder holes in barricades and physically clogging the enemy's sights with bodies.

Plods weren't permanent soldiery and the decay factor was not a big deal. Plods needn't be trained so they were exceedingly expendable, and easily replaceable by stealing enemy casualties or recruiting their own dead soldiers (the ones who'd given permission prior to dying of course). Eventually the practise just got out of hand, there was public outcry on both sides because families weren't getting their dead back for burial, soldiers were finding it increasingly distasteful and morale-breaking to be surrounded by the dead, and there were sanitary concerns in the encampments. No one was terribly sorry to see the plods go after the treaty was signed.

Integrating plods into the workforce was a bit of a struggle after all the bad PR they got during their military ventures. The Queen at the time really believed in the concept though, and saw it as a solution for the country's labour needs. She pushed for it, the government started selling the idea via a strenuous propaganda campaign, and Recycled Labour was eventually accepted and saw great success. Occasionally you get a plod that will get a little twitchy, a little too hungry, and he might wriggle out of his handler's control briefly, but this doesn't really happen often enough that it's a concern. You'd think this whole system is a setup for an eventual zombie apocalypse story twist, but I promise it's not. Plods just work. They are a useful, effective pymary-driven technology in much of Kasslyne.

Is the personality that Uaid has a remnant of his life as a mountain ogre? Or was it instilled inside of him (a piece of quigley or some other sentient being)? Can the latter actually be done?

Uaid's current personality has nothing to do with his personality when he was his other mountain ogre self. Where his current self came from exactly is a mystery for the moment.

Your resident porn artist and cosplay maker here. Which of the guys are circumcised, if any? How is Bastion's endowment? (optionally continued)

Aww, I love my resident porn artist <3 No one is cut. The idea of circumcision doesn't even exist in Kasslyne. Bastion is pretty average sized, but as we all know, it's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean.

I wish I could get a giant poster of Starfish's smug face from the bottom of pg. 57. I love it so damn much.

Starfish wants to touch your weenie.

Does Softi have negative effects? Increased tolerance and subsequent increased use leading to addiction, distorted perceptions even when not on the drug, long term brain damage, bad breath, that sort of thing.

Nah, it's pretty harmless in the long-term, though it's really easy to overdose on it. The Eye of Redemption, the order of crazy Gefendur paladins that live in Sette's hometown, require all their new recruits to come to the very edge of ODing on softi and spend a night alone in a tower, tripping their brains out. If you survive, you're knighted. So yeah, watch the dosage so you don't die, otherwise have fun.

Where did Toma get the fancy sword so quickly? It's been awhile since I've read through the archives so I'm not certain but hasn't it only been around a week since Duane and he first fought? Surely something like that couldn't get shipped in from Cresce

He got it from the Peaceguard garrison in Ulestry, some of the occupants of which you'll meet next chapter. I had a scene in the script that showed him picking it up from their armoury but it got cut. I kind of regret that now since it does come off kind of abrupt. Fail Glass T_T

I just realized we passed page 52 awhile back. You promised me evil laughter on page 52. It wasn't there! I feel so hurt. Uaid OMNOMNOMing Toma helps but it doesn't mask THE PAIN!

Uaid is evil laughing on the inside, I promise :)

So basically, all the Khert spells are just in cloud storage on remote servers, and the Aldish can access their spells in Cresce, even though the spell itself is housed on a server back home. Omg, the Window is Google, and Cresce's queen is (an) Amazon!

Ho ho ho! Yeah, it's all just computer magic, really.

So, based on what you're saying about the khert, does that mean that a wright traveling abroad would be accessing spellburns associated with the khert stones of their home countries, when they cast spells? Or am I misunderstanding how that all works?

They may be doing that or they may be using the spellburns of the land they're in, if they have knowledge of the words required to access them. There's a broad spectrum of common spells that everyone uses, regardless of where they're from. There aren't any top secret, super powerful and esoteric enchantments burned into the khert, that would be silly since everyone could use them. The most powerful stuff is put into pymarics.

Who would you have compose the music for a film version of Unsounded?

I'ma say Basil Poledouris which is a shame because necromancers are expensive.

When are you going to reveal the big twist that all of Kasslyne is actually a video game in which the artificially intelligent NPCs have the ability to hack their universe, and some of the characters we have seen are actually PCs but we don't know which?

I'm pretty convinced that's the big twist in our own world.

Regarding Spellburns, what's to stop Crescian regulators from burning out Aldish spells and vice versa? Are they safe because their Kherts are different? And if so, what do the Aldish do differently to make their pymary work in the Crescian khert?

I always wondered why no one asked these questions. I love you, Minda.

The khert is mysteeeerious, existing in a dimension bound by its own unique laws. These laws allow it to exist both completely independently of reality and totally bound by reality. It's like one enormous light, the myriad sources of which exist in demarcated space, but the glow of which diffuses an infinite distance.

The khert is trippy. Even the ancient art of pymary barely scratches the surface of it. The greatest spellwrights alive today understand precious little. The khert contradicts the very physical laws it seems put in place to protect and enforce.

What pymary DOES understand, however, it understands with a reliability that allows wrights to do awesome things like manipulate aspects, burn spells - and allows governments to claim physical space within the khert for themselves. These physical spaces are more or less analogous to the borders of the countries, and are enforced by the khert stones. Khert stones are enormous, elaborate corkscrews of First Stone and other materials drilled into the earth throughout most of Cresce and Alderode, serving to protect the khert territory of their lands from the very tactics you asked about - namely other wrights obliterating sanctioned spellburns and even attempting to attack the interior of the country from outside of it.

It is via these khert stones - around which are built facilities staffed with wrights and regulators - that sanctioned spells are added to the national registry. The space demarcated by the fields of these stones are encrypted. Foreign wrights are always trying to hack them, since they could effectively cripple the country's pymary by doing so, and khert stones are very popular military targets.

Now, the craziest thing about these khert stones is what I pointed out above - even though they protect spellburns and physical khert boundaries, the khert itself doesn't really give a shit about them, and you can still access those spellburns and all the locations supposedly within their protection. What you CAN'T access are the longform spells - the source code - and without that you cannot obliterate the burn.

I know it's difficult to understand and it really does drive a lot of wrights crazy. The Black Tongues and other gruftgrammers who flip the government and all its regulators the bird have their own cobbled together mini versions of khert stones, usually ones that they carry around with them. The problem is they're using these smaller stones within the boundaries of larger stones, and so they are subject to being discovered by the local regulators. Crooked Sharteshane is a safe haven for a lot of gruftgrammers since its regulations are so lax and its pymary offices so underfunded, a fact that gets on the nerves of its neighbouring countries since it proves quite a security risk for them.

tl;dr The khert is weird.

Are the general citizenry allowed to use the Softi bloom's recreationally? Or is it regulated as a spiritual commodity? Is the vine's habitat restricted to Cresce?

Laymen are only socially restricted from using softi, as it's heresy to use it outside of the priesthood. Doesn't mean some people don't do it anyway. Softi grows plentifully all over the continent, though it has problems in Alderode's northern clime, making it a pretty valuable import in that region.

Are Grebbers and Vliegengs the respective national symbols for Cresce and Alderode? We saw some Vliegengs in a Duane-flashback, but I'm pretty sure we have yet to see a Grebber in use in the world. Can you ride them like the dog-mounts? Or bad idea?

Yep, they are each country's respective symbol and enemies in the wild so it's very appropriate. You really wouldn't want to ride a grebber, they would rip your face off. So far no one's ever managed to domesticate them, a fact that makes Crescians love the ornery buggers even more.

About plods' violence, could it be as designed by wrights, to keep people fearing and hating them? Is mass manipulation developed well enough in Kasslyne for that to be an option? Also, not the best day for Starfy, hope he and Quig will get over this.

It's a good theory :)

I'm looking for suggestions about finding employment in unlikely places. Got any ideas where to find some non-soul-crushing-corporate work? Thrift stores are a no, as is working for the city, the library, and local colleges. Anywhere else I should try?

Outside the corporate world and government employment, you enter the world of the Small Business. Open up the Classifieds and Craigslist and see if your local comic book stores, pizza parlours, embroidery shops, et cetera are hiring.

What's Quigley policy on gigs where the hirer's been lying to him?

Starfish hasn't been lying. He just hasn't told Quigley everything. It's at his discretion not to do so. Is Quigley regretting returning to his employment right about now? A bit, but he's not as scared of the Black Tongues as a lot of other men might be.

I'm big into horticulture, and I'm always curious about Kasslynian ecology. Could you explain what a softi blossom is? Flower bush or tree? The national flower of Cresce maybe? Or the symbol of the ruling line?

Sure. Softi is a flowering vine, the four-petalled flowers of which produce extremely vivid and wild hallucinations when ingested. Gefendur priests and priestesses of the Sororal sect - the state religion of Cresce - interpret prophesy through the hallucinations they experience while tripping on softi, so it's a really important plant. The Crescian Sonorie dynasty is a very religious one, and the queen has taken the softi blossom as a personal symbol.

Regarding plods, the inherent violent instincts appear to a liability. Why not rework the spells from the ground up? I would guess it would either have something to do with the nature of the khert, or overall research in the area being discouraged.

Certainly a good question.

Also, are Uiad's stomach-walls glowing? Or is that just light shining through a thin barrier from outside? Somehow I feel that at night it wouldn't get that rosy glow whatever you did. Unless they're near the caravan and that's light from a campfire.

Yeah, the stomach tentacles under the main tentacles of the millifikit glow when the organism's aggravated. Or eating. It doesn't eat meat though, just vegetable matter, so Toma's safe. Ish.

What is the symbol on Toma's badge/crest/thingamajig? It doesn't look like the one that Duane pulled out of the wandering root so long ago. Are they different for soldiers than they are for peaceguards? Do they indicate rank, homebase, or career?

This is Toma and Elka's badge - - They belong to no garrison and directly serve the Queen, so there's a little crown and softi bloom. Every Peaceguard garrison has its own unique badge. The badge Duane found wasn't Peaceguard at all and belonged to a soldier, specifically one from the Crescian/Aldish border since the badge was of a grebber beating the shit out of a vliegeng, a popular motif in the Crescian main military.

"If I had said that part of being a plod was you didn't have to rot, or you rotted super slowly, or you dessicated into a beautiful porcelain vampiresque mannequin... I don't know. It's too easy. You lose impact." What about Murkoph?

Murkoph is something else entirely.

Do you have any pictures laying around of the inside of his mouth?

Nope. Sorry, toots.

Sometimes I feel like Duane.

Have your ears fallen off yet?

Why did people give you grief about Duane's bowl-cut?

They thought it was goofy looking :( And it is but... Duane is goofy! Duane should never look too cool.

Easter with the grandparents... poop, gulags, poison, putrefaction, and parents slaughtering their children. Happy Zombie Day! How did yours compare?

It was pretty low key. Ham and cake and kids. My crazy grandma cornered me and wants me to get some James Patterson book for her from the library but when I went to reserve it I'm like two-hundred and something in the queue, so it'll be a while. Otherwise, I have the most awesome niece and nephew in the woooooorld. Max injures me in some manner every time we come together, it's the best. Happy Zombie Day to you too!

Does Bastion have any tattoos other than his flamingo-ibis-heron?

Absolutely. His tongue and most of the interior of his mouth is intricately tattooed. He also has a stylized eyeball in the centre of each palm. This is enchanted ink and does cool shit that I shan't reveal at the moment.

Anyone who's properly stalked your art knows that there are some changes between your old character art and that currently in the comic. Duane, for instance. We can infer some reasons, but what first made you think to change the way they were drawn?

I think a big part of it is I just DRAW better than I did five or ten years ago, so that pretty drastically changes how the characters look. Another part is changing designs to reflect stuff that happened in the characters' RP lives. Murkoph, for instance, originally had extremely long hair but after he got most of it burnt off in a fight I changed his design to reflect that.

When it comes to Duane, as much as I liked the bowl-cut, I have never gotten anything but grief about it from people. I figured if I was going to make him a real live comic character I better do something about the 'do. Now the story is that he had the bowl cut in seminary - appropriate I think - but has quite a different hair style as an adult. And of course now he has no hair at all.

With zombie Duane I really wanted him to LOOK like a zombie, as gross as that could be. If I had said that part of being a plod was you didn't have to rot, or you rotted super slowly, or you dessicated into a beautiful porcelain vampiresque mannequin... I don't know. It's too easy. You lose impact. Undeath becomes something that doesn't sound too bad at all, which is what's happened to vampires. Everyone wants to be one and all the wah wah wah I can't see blue skies or I want to nom people all the time doesn't change that. Zombie Duane needed to be something that the reader would never want to be. So I had to really degrade his zombie appearance from how it looked in RP.

I didn't want the glamour to be some easy fix-all either or you'd run into the same problem as with having a too-pretty zombie. So I shadowed his eyes and greyed his face. It's a good compromise, I think, and I overall enjoy the challenge of communicating his expressions without being able to rely on his eyes.

Of course, it's not permanent. There are wardrobe and circumstance changes throughout the comic for everyone. Jivi eventually, thank God, gets a much better outfit and looks about five-hundred percent better.

By eyepieces... do you mean they all run around with monocles bolted to their faces? Or are they less exciting, with glasses like Quigley's?

Haha, no, I mean they're curlicues of precious metal that wrap around their eye. No lenses or anything (unless they actually need lenses, like Quigley does). Here's a picture of Will's dad sporting his eyepiece.

I think I'm on a ports kick right now. It will pass. In the meantime, does Bastion have ports?

Bastion does not! He spent his teenage years locked up with the Ilganyag and they're more about tattoos. They tattoo everything - eyes, teeth, mouths, throats. Hardcore.

Uninformed advice for the stylish galit: clean the ports out and get Sette to find something gorgeous to stick in there, then draw on the beauty from that to maintain glamours. Am I a pymaric genius, or am I sadly wrong and awful at Kasslynian life?

Drawing from the beauty in a lovely piece of jewellery is also a fine idea. Once they're in the city, though, I think Duane will have an easier time with his glamour since there'll be a lot of people to blend in with.

Ooh! If Duane found some first metal port jewellery, (assuming in Sette's pocket) could it be pymaried to maintain his body structure for him and provide the pretty aspects for his glamours?

No, it's a good idea! I'd considered centring his glamour on some object on his person, but then I thought it might interfere with his glass eyes. That worry would be enough to keep him from trying a pymaric with a glamour in it, since Duane is really keenly terrified of being blind. But your idea is otherwise perfectly sound and lovely and lots of people wear first material jewelry with glamours in it to change their eye colour or smooth their wrinkles or keep a beautiful trio of butterflies constantly hovering 'round their head.

Does Duane have anything in his ports right now? If not, what would he put into his ports if given a nice Aldish jewelry store from Sette's pockets?

Duane's ports be presently barren. And a bit crusty and rusted. Most civilised Aldish gentlemen wear little eyepieces up there to do with where they went to school or what regiment they served in or what they do for a living. Ya know, like class rings. Duane was much the same, though he didn't have much choice what to wear during the last few years of his life, since the temple had a dress code. He wore a little curlicue of gold with a few emeralds in it indicative of his station. I'd show you a picture but I'm not one-hundred percent satisfied with the design yet.

So what does it take to be "declared a Vaosa by the Gefendur temple"? Because in the case of most saints, they were dead first. And is it believed that they will now "live forever" as legends, or do good deeds from beyond the grave? Examples?

Among the Gefendur, the Vaosa are people who have been awarded a place in the Twins' city, freedom from reincarnation, and the ability to enter and exit the world at their discretion. They use this ability to grant boons to humans who sacrifice to them. The Gefendur Temple will generally declare a person a Vaosa after they've done some great service to the temple or to the Gefendur people, or proven that they can hear the voice of one of the Twins.

Vaosa are really varied - there are thousands of them - and tend to be regional. One example from the comic is Vaosa Arbert whom the old lady at the waystation mentioned in chapter 3. Duane is moping at a shrine to him and if you look hard there's a stuffed bear rigged up behind the pool. In a display of how nerdy and overwrought I am, there's a significance to this because Vaosa Arbert was a great hunter and warrior who lived at the base of Knobbytop mountain a thousand years ago, protecting the scattered farms from the local wildlife. There are a lot of stories about him, but one is more famous than others.

One lean autumn, a farmer's young daughter disappeared suddenly and everyone was certain the wolves had got her. Arbert had a vision one night from Fat Yerta, though, that the girl had been murdered by one of her father's hired hands. He went to confront the man about it but the man had lost his mind with paranoia, and attacked Arbert outright. The two engaged in epic battle and Arbert mortally wounded his opponent. As he lay dying, however, he revealed that he had killed the little girl at the request of her own father who was convinced she was a curse from Tirna and was blighting his crops. The man died and Arbert, flabbergasted, had no idea what course to next pursue.

Fortunately he still had Fat Tirna's attention. No sooner had the hired hand breathed his last then a great, lumbering she-bear emerged from the forest. It could have opened up Arbert's belly like cellophane; instead it growled at him impatiently, as though it meant for him to follow, then led him deep into the woods to the little girl's body. Hovering above it was a lonely smoke eel, twining and twisting above the remains like a phantom pyre. Arbert knew what to do.

He went to her father's farm and set fire to every field. He released the dogs from the stable and then put it to the torch. He tore her father from his bed, told her mother what he'd done, then told them that Tirna had indeed brought a curse into their house - and it was wearing the skin of a man. As his livelihood burned and his wife damned him, the farmer fled outside and into the claws of the waiting she-bear. It bashed his head open, then dragged his thrashing carcass off into the woods. Arbert watched as a thousand smoke eels manifested suddenly above the burning fields before disappearing forever.

Afterwards, Arbert stuck around and helped the farmer's traumatized wife build the first Knobbytop waystation. Pretty decent of him.

If you eat cereal, do you enjoy mixing two kinds together? Which ones? If you don't eat cereal, what two similar foods would you consider mixing together to create a new food hybrid?

Kraft macaroni and cheese with a can of tunafish mixed in is soooo ghetto fabulous.

Do you smoke cigarettes? If no, what do you think of those who do smoke? If yes, what made you pick up the habit?

Cigarettes are yuck!

"Alderode is the only place where Ssaelit can worship openly. Throughout the rest of the continent they're jailed or killed." Why is that? I remember reading how the two religions are different, but now I cannot recall why, or find where I first saw it.

The Gefendur believe in the four Twin Gods - Yerta, Tirna, Riv, and Baelar. The Ssaelit believe these four gods were long ago literally slain by their prophet, Sonum Ssael, who then took custody of the world and the Outside. Kind of an insulting belief to hold as far as the Gefendur are concerned, so they don't take kindly to Ssaelit.

However in my quest though the wiki to try and find something about religion, I found this: "Because they were originally manufactured for warfare, an inescapable side effect of their [Plods] existence is hunger" So it was done to make them fight?

This is what most people believe, yes. Plods were originally invented not for slave labour, not in a search for immortality, but in order to bolster Cresce's army and fight the Aldish. Then the Aldish figured out how to make plods and both sides had them. The practise became ridiculous when Black Tongues took to the field for both countries and you had dead Crescians turned by the Aldish to fight dead Aldish turned by the Crescians. Treaties were signed and plods were banned from warfare entirely. Practical Cresce saw something promising, however, and repurposed plods as labourers, eventually enabling them to ban slavery and enter a progressive boom. Meanwhile, the Ssaelit of Alderode are scripturally forbidden from any pymary to do with desecration of the dead, so they lobbied against plods in both the army and as a domestic workforce, and recycled labour never got off the ground up north.

I should put this in the wiki.

What's your favorite candy bar?

Lion bars forever.

What do you think of tattoo designs from popular franchises?

I wouldn't get one myself, my hipster sensibilities object to anything popular, but I would get a rood inverse. You've probably never heard of it.

Pertaining to my last question on religion: What if the war hero or excellent leader is a smoke eel or snake made of hatred?

I can think of no objections.

What can a simulacrum not be made to replace?

Gene Wilder

Are you a feminist?

I hate everyone equally.

So we know all about head-hair in Alderode, and we know all about... "head"-hair in Alderode, but what about all the other bodily hair that comes with humans and most humanoids? What are the bodily hair fashions on the rest of Kasslyne?

Hmm, nothing crazy, methinks. I personally feel like shaving my eyebrows. Would they grow back all bushy?

To me, "good" characters sometimes seem like spoilsports from a story's point of view. I just love my villains and feel sad that they are hated that much. There needs to be more villain-love. So who are your all-time favourite fictional villians and why?

I, too, love my villains. I like Miyazaki villains because they're never villains (with the exception of Muska). I like sexy villains like Folken and Dilandau from Escaflowne and sadistic violent villains like Pinhead and Kakihara and manufactured villains like Monte-Cristo Hakushaku and Burton's Penguin and lovable villains like Long John Silver and the Rat Creatures and the more-interesting-than-the-heroes villains like the Sanderson Sisters and the antagonists in pretty much every Disney animated movie.

Villains are better than heroes because the villains are often the more believable human beings. Darth Vader is awesome because we can all imagine suffering a fall and winding up the butt-boy of an evil boss. Who can imagine being the best and most perfect and beloved hero like Luke? Which of us are ever the absolute best at something? We're more likely to be the bitter loser with a chip on our shoulder. It's why I like Sette. She's wicked and annoying and so are most people.

Villains forever!

Old Tainish has to be used to manipulate the khert, no? How do Crescian wrights feel about this, being forced to use a language that originated from Alderode?

Not too bad, it's all a matter of perspective. Tainish came from the land Tain, an isolated region conquered and stolen millenia ago by the founders of Alderode. So the Crescians feel that Tainish and even pymary itself never rightfully belonged to Alderode, and they're all drawing from the same ancient source.

Perhaps it's been asked and answered already, or maybe it's come up in the comic and I missed it, but - what's the legal status of the Ssaelit religion in the rest of Kasslyne? Does Cresce ban it and persecute its followers?

Yep. Alderode is the only place where Ssaelit can worship openly. Throughout the rest of the continent they're jailed or killed.

When you say that First Metals and such are degraded, does that mean it's possible that somewhere in the world there are merchants selling old First Silver that's been reforged so often that it's been rendered a lower grade than First Wood?

First Silver isn't likely to be reforged or resold on the common market as it's the most powerful and valuable First Material there is, and it's crafted into the finest pymarics. Other metals though, like steel and bronze and copper and even gold are absolutely recycled and resold. First Material quality is a very important thing, there's a whole vocabulary in Tainish dedicated to describing it.

Theoretical question: Let's say there was a minor deity in a small region, perhaps based on a good leader or a war hero, and someone of the Gefendur faith wanted to worship them on the side. Does this go against anything in the Gefendur religion?

It depends how it's phrased. Gefendur (and the Ssaelit) believe in Vaosa, transcended humans who won the Twins' favour and go around the world helping out living people who need it. And often, they're worshipped like Catholic saints. So if this war hero made it all the way to being declared a Vaosa by the Gefendur temple, it would be absolutely kosher if someone wanted to sacrifice to them and worship them.

Hmm... wait, then is there any way to un-enchant and recycle a piece of First Material after it has been turned into a pymaric or otherwise altered? Or is it stuck as an arm or explodey spider or what have you forever? Is that the reason for the shortage?

Some First Material items can be recycled but others cannot be, often for entirely physical reasons. See, while FMs are immune to pymary, they're not immune to the plain old rigors of time and physical law. So while you couldn't damage Uaid's right hand with pymary you COULD simply light a match and set it on fire.

So if it's a material like metal that can be reshaped, you could undo it as a pymaric, nulling its personal khert and emptying it of any spells and stored Aspects, then reshape it into a new pymaric ready to be re-enchanted (although frequent reshaping threatens to degrade the material and lower its quality). But if it's a less malleable material like wood or silk it's much more difficult to disassemble and reassemble without causing harm.

More silly questions! How do the Aldish take care of the smell of their hair once they burn it? It's a really awful scent.

It is indeed! I used to delight in burning strands of my hair in candles. It shrivels up so awesomely. Hair is burnt in altars kept in the home (preferably in the garden and around water, if you're Gefendur), and the smell is the smell of home and family and country and kin. It's not a bad smell if you're Aldish, believe it or not. It's like if you grew up next to a sewage treatment plant, perhaps, and forever afterwards the smell of poo made you think of your mom.

Fine. No more necrophilia. So... three headed half-plod dogs?

I must have wronged you terribly in another life. I think there'll eventually have to be a Cerberus cameo somewhere dedicated to you.

I am sorry to be THAT PERSON, but shouldn't 'filagreed' on p.55 be 'filigreed'?

That could very well be!

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

I'm as old as the universe. When I cease to be the universe will go with me, as will you and that person over there and him and her and everyone for whom I care. Hells and happily-ever-afters all will share my grave, crashing with me into oblivion in one anticlimactic, unsung wave.

Can I move to instate "narrative tentacles" as an official writing term?

*bangs gavel* It's hereby entered into the record!

Would you like the questions on Plod sexuality to cease?

It's just I think you will get more entertaining answers about undead sex if you present them to @MusesAnonymous :3

Last night I had my hair cut, and as I was looking at the leavings, I mused that they should be burned. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME, GLASS?! *ahem* Since Uaid "solves every problem by eating it", has Quigley ever found something nasty waiting for him inside?

DID YOU BURN THEM?? If you didn't your enemies might have gotten a hold of them and could even now be working dark curses against you D:

And yeah, when Uaid was new he ate EVERYTHING. His insides were full of squirrels and deers and dogs and monnies and bags of flour and trees and postmen. Matty has him trained preeeeeetty good now, but sometimes threats are best tucked away down the old gullet.

Is pymary ever called magic in Unsounded or is pymary just pymary kind of how electricity is just electricity in our world?

It might be called magic in the way that my mom calls her smartphone magic, but it's widely and commonly understood that pymary is as logical and approachable as baking. "Magic" in Unsounded would be the powers of the gods; the Twins' ability to create life out of nothing, the miracles of the Vaosa, the eternal lives of the senet beasts. These things are mysterious, not understood, and "magical."

Do you have any tips for RP'ing someone who's slightly mad?

Research, research, research! Decide what disorder it is that plagues them and then do some reading about it.

This is quite cool!

Woah, that IS cool! I want to make something like that :D

So... could plods be ordered to boink each other if a particularly bored plod-controller decided it would be entertaining?

I guess T___T

"First Materials can never be something other than what they originally are." So why are they so rare now, if they never dissolve or break down into other materials? And I thought that was one of the origin-theories for the world. That everything was once

"(continued) First materials, but then it got corrupted, and normal materials began to form out of the perfect first ones. I do not remember exactly where I read that. If it was here, or in the actual comic, or the Wiki. But I remember it!"

That's certainly the mythology of the world. Funny how myths don't always line up with what we know to be possible.

Do you have any left-handed characters? I noticed Starfish threatened Quigley with the dagger in his left hand, so I was wondering if it was something you ever thought about while creating/drawing characters!

Haha, I frequently flip panels if I think they look better the other way, resulting in characters doing stuff with their left hand. This is bad of me. But ah, no, I don't think about it too much.

Corollary to prior: is it better with a hoity-toity galit, such as a newly-raised Duane (or current Duane, I suppose, though I can't see him allowing that...) or Murk (whose softer bits seem to have some major lasting power) or is it still plod-sex?

No, necrophilia is necrophilia. Gross gross gross.

Something Muses commented made me think of this, and I really have to know; plod-sex. Has it been considered? Is it better than necrophilia? Worse? Acceptable? Does it depend on the decompositional state of the plod? Are there plods of both genders?

This is a little known fact about me but the idea of sex with a dead body, zombie or not, grosses me the frig out. I guess I am dead opposite (hur hur) of a necrophiliac. I'ma say that necrophilia is just as taboo and looked down upon in Unsounded as it is in just about every other culture ever. Plods are only male, officially, but a female plod is theoretically possible, of course.

Let me guess, Peaceguard have some sort of pymaric which seals their aspects or otherwise disrupts pymary? That sword, perhaps?

Toma will 'splain on the next page.

How often do Gruftgrammars reach out and find nothing? Is it a regular occurance or somewhat rare?

It's regular enough to be a nuisance, but not so regular that it renders illegal spellburns pointless.

Does Sette have a middlename?

Yes. Her full name is Sette "Jawesome" Frummagem Esquire, Lord of Your Face, Beat Up Your Brother, Piss Off and Die the Seventh, PhD.

I am curious now. It's been established that first materials are the only way to create something permanently immune to being drawn on by Pyramy . . . But it is also the only way to permanently bind aspects, somehow. How are both possible?

This is the mysterious craft of the artifactor - the wright who knows how to create pymarics, woo~~

First Materials can never be something other than what they originally are. First Silver is always silver, First Earth (what Uaid is) is always earth. The Aspects that define them are indelible and cannot be utilized by pymary in any way.

But this is only one of the properties that makes FMs so very useful. FMs also disrupt the khert. The khert will not flow through them, has no dominion over them, cannot destroy or alter them. So FMs can in effect null pymary, disrupting the khert and so disrupting the path of spells.

Because of this property, First Materials when shaped properly will develop their own personal khert networks within themselves, isolated from the khert at large. Into these mini-kherts can be burned spellwork that can do pretty much damn near anything, including summoning creatures, making common materials around them as indelible as First Materials, changing the colour of dog fur, you name it. Even more interestingly, these isolated mini-kherts can actually contain OTHER ASPECTS. For example, if you burned a spell into one of these vessels you could at the same time store the Aspects you would need to execute that spell (think about Ephsephin's little explosive back at the end of chapter 4). Protected within the field of the First Material vessel, these spells and any additional stored Aspects are hidden and permanent, and form the artifacts we call pymarics.

Does that make sense?

To put it another way, the khert is the computer hardware, spells are software, and pymarics are password-protected external media.

Can wrights only draw from things they can see? I keep expecting Quigley to grab some pressure from, like fifty feet underground and a bit off to the side (so Uaid doesn't fall) and smack Toma over the head with it.

If Uaid was standing still, he could estimate the distance down to the ground, but Uaid's bobbing along and in movement, which is gonna throw off anyone. Also remember that like, five seconds have passed, there is no space to move, and Toma has an enormous sword (which I dunno if anyone noticed, but it seems to be cutting through Quigley's spells). It's a bad environment for an unarmed wright, but wait and see how it plays out, ya never know.

Couldn't Quigley insta-gib Toma by stealing his mass or momentum and not replacing it with anything?

There is an obstacle to such tactics present that has not yet been identified.

So, Starfish's ingenuity is greater than Quig's when dealing with pymary as much as with kids. I really hope he won't be the one to be killed off, but I find it improbable. On the side note, how long does it take to create a spell like Bugs? To reburn?

Starfish's pymaric ingenuity isn't better, but he's not quite as weirded out or exhausted as Quigley is at the moment.

Burning spells is a length process and requires some tools. Few hours, depending on the length and complexity of the spell.

Was Uaid the last living ogre, showing how much a douche Quigs is by making him a construct? "Hey,it's the last living ogre! I know how we can make him live forever!"

Haha, you'll learn about this next chapter.

Is the RBB officially the worst job Quigley's ever taken?

Naw, he's had much worse. He's never had someone surprise him inside his own construct though. I mean, they're essentially standing in his and Matty's bedroom.

Also, you've mentioned that gruftgrammers basically create their own spells through creative use of Tainish, correct? How does one 'erase' such a thing from the khert? Is it kind of like plugging a hole in a sieve...or something else?

I think what you're referencing are spellburns. To do anything really complicated with pymary you can't just cast on the fly. Complicated spells like Quigley's bugs consist of myriad Aspect reassignments, myriad calculations, even the crude AI that tells the bugs how to act. Quigley's not conjuring all this from scratch every time he mutters a few symbols and waves his hand. Rather he's referencing a complicated spell - like a piece of software - that he's burned into a hidden fold of the khert. Gruftgrammers all have their own spellburns hidden away, but nothing is truly untouchable in the khert since it's accessible to all. Regulators are constantly scouring it for unsanctioned spellburns and when they find them they obliterate them. If Quigley were having a very bad day he might reach for one of his spells and find it not there. It wouldn't be gone forever of course, but he'd have to reburn it for the next time he wanted to use it. Quite bothersome.

If a wright was to use someone's momentum for their spell from, say, something that was falling, would the falling object cease to fall and simply hang in the air? P:

With any Aspect, what happens to the mass from which that Aspect is drawn depends on how you're using the Aspect. If you take the momentum from something and do not replace it, the thing will either be destroyed by the khert or simply lock itself in space, freezing like a bugged out software process. This is rarely what you want, so it's better to switch momentums, as Duane did with falling Sette and his dirt-avator way back on like, page five of the first chapter, or reverse a momentum like Duane's done a few times now to save himself or someone else from a fall. Reversing is just taking a momentum from something or someone and then slapping it right back on them in a new angle before the khert can bug out.

That's a good rule to remember up there though - if you take an Aspect without replacing it, the mass you've drawn from will ofttimes cease to exist. Some aspects aren't all that important - things can continue to exist if they no longer have a scent or a colour or a volume. But if you take away the material state of something, its contour, its dimensions, its durability - the custodial khert will break it down since it can no longer interface properly with reality.

Is it Wednesday yet? *bounces around to keep from falling asleep*

Yep, just updated. FOR YOU <3

Which are scarier: bats or rats?

Did you let your six year old little sister write today's question, Formspring-san?

But what about the Gungrave anime? Have you seen it?

I did not know one existed until this very moment! Which makes me suspect it might not be all that remarkable :3 Did you see the Devil May Cry anime? Ech. your favorite part of living in Florida?

I guess.... I suppose... I enjoy how the state looks like it's the country's penis.

I'm not sure I like the implication that Javert was anything other than the most awesome character of Les Mis, hands down.

I do not like the cast of Les Mis, personally. Javert is an obsessive, preachy psycho, Valjean is a whining man-child I want to stab him, Fantine is there to have tits, Eponine is there to have tits while pining, and Love Interest whose name I cannot recall is there to be so boring I cannot recall his name. The Thenardiers rule all, trufax :D

Is Jivi's mom deceased? The black and white art shift of his flashback sort of made me think that way.


So does that mean Toma becomes a major character as opposed to his sort of Inspector Javert schtick he's been playing up until now?

We shall see! It won't be for a while anyway. Or I might kill him off on the next page. I'm wild and crazy, Fakult!

How was Jivi originally kidnapped/ forced into slavery?

Turas was in a Madishanian town buying supplies and he came across Jivi sleeping in a drainage ditch. Snatched him up and took him back to the others.

Is Toma happy in his marriage? Any unfaithfulness? Long, cold nights away from home and all that?

This becomes a relevant plot point later D:

Are mountain ogres like the one Uaid was formed from common in Kasslyne?

Alas, no. Experts estimate they are extinct.

Is pymary ever used to solve crime in a sort of magical CSI?

Totally. Almost all pymarics have within their programming a pymaric signature that trained wrights can track through the khert. Like fingerprints or a trail of breadcrumbs results degrade the longer you wait and the further the distance you have to go, but it can really come in handy. You can also trace amateur wrights this way (the better ones know how to cover their tracks though). There are also really good investigators who can look at a landscape and tell you just what spells were cast by examining the shape and angle of the solidity that was torn from the ground or the edges that were sheared from the trees and grass. Fun stuff!

Are you planning to introduce any new major characters in the next chapter?

Yep. Killing off some old characters and replacing them with sleek new models sporting better gas mileage.

Every single day you update! Curse you Glass! Curse you and your comic and clever responses!

Aww, Fakult <3 You need to raise your standards.

If you do read the Trigun manga, you should go in knowing that Nightow can't do isual storytelling for shit, so any time there's any motion on the page at all it becomes an unreadable mess.

Yeah, but Wolfwood is really hot so all other criticisms are invalid, I'm afraid.

Hah, I wish I'd been there. But my hometown is where they make the Kalashnikov rifles, how scary is that?

Not too scary! I'm an American, my house is full of guns :D

Theory: Starfish is Lady Gaga. No. But seriously, Starfish is now the most disgusting villain I can think of, how did you do it? I practically vomit just thinking about him...

I've known people in my personal life and family much worse than Starfish. Maybe that's the trick. If I turned some of my family members into comic book villains and didn't alter a thing about them, there'd be complaints they were over the top. Real people are much more disgusting than anyone in fiction.

Are you familiar with Gungrave? It's also by Nightow. And do read the Trigun manga if you ever have time. It's just as good as the anime.

I played some Gungrave, it was all right. I've meant to read the Trigun manga for yeeeears and I even have it downloaded and sitting in my manga folder. Just... things... I randomly spent two hours reading Conan stories last night though, I have no sense of priority.

So my small dog, who is scientifically proven to be Sette incarnate? Originally, we had to drive out of town to get her... /from Saint Pete/. Coincidence?

Hmmmm. St. Petersburg, Russia?

Can Uaid hear what goes on inside his closed chest? I'd think Starfish would be a little more careful about threatening a giant ogre's owner while at the mercy of said ogre.

Starfish ain't even afraid.

Is it weird that I'm not at all afraid of Starfish? He disgusts me, but he doesn't scare me. He's a thug and a bully, and apparently a pedophile, but he's no assassin. Sure, he's probably tougher than his shaped would suggest, but that's not saying a lot.

Well, no one should be scared of a fictional character. I think you could take him out though, you're right to be unafraid.

What was Matty drinking when Uaid bumped? I'd assumed it was water, but then I see Quigley asking why he was all sticky...

Delicious ginger beer.

It almost sounds like Quigley actually cares about something. That something being Uaid of course, Matty's only good for a smack. Would Quigley like Uaid to replace Matty?

Uaid is like crazy expensive and irreplaceable and an integral part of Quigley's livelihood and really big and can clomp trees and eat cops. Anyone would value him, I reckon :3

I scalded the shit out of my right hand making dinner tonight. I hope interesting blisters form.

Have you read the Song of Ice and Fire series? If you like Matsuno's stuff I think you'd enjoy them.

No familiar, I'm afraid. If only there were more hours in the day.

. . . Come to think of it, the inside of a First Materials construct is a terrible unfortunate place for a wright to find themselves. How helpless is Quigley right now?

You are clever.

Quigley isn't too helpless since the actual place they're standing isn't First Materials. Remember, only Uaid's green bits are mountain ogre; the mechanical bits are regular old bronze and steel. Uaid can make his non FM bits as inviolate as his green bits - that is one of his abilities as an enchanted pymaric - but this is something that must be activated since having it on by default would do just what you're suggesting and make pymary all but impossible while inside of him.

The real misfortune Quigley will face is he's sealed up inside of a structure he does not want to hurt, leaving him with very few Aspects to use. He and Duane could throw the ground and the greenery at each other outside - draw solidity from his surroundings here though, and he'll be punching holes in his construct.

I liked Starfish's play on words in the last panel. He really was saying that HE was the one in charge and not Quigley, right? Is Matty really the "little monster" in his mind or is it Quigley himself? Compared to Starfish, everyone is little.

Absolutely. And yet it could also be taken the other way so he could claim he was just trying to be helpful if Quigley lit into him. You know what he really meant though.

Is Quigley a little monster to Starfish? "Little" maybe, yeah, but Starfish isn't scared of him. If he's a monster, it's only in the sense that he's a short-lived, white-haired, Aldish freak. Starfish has better insults in store for him than that.

Badlands Rumble was amazing! I hope there'll be more Trigun stuff in the future. Uh, question...question...what's your favourite episode? Oh and have you read the manga? :D

The first episode will always be my favourite. Good animation, really, really funny (also I don't remember the rest of the series that well :D). In college I considered it a good show for anime doubters, since it's so high quality and engaging, and the primary female characters are neither sluts nor moe-blobs. Never read the manga :(

While I find it hard to believe that nobody noticed Toma's entrance, that does give him an edge, right? Also, did Toma catch any of that "Open the hatch or I'll stab your daddy" conversation?

You will see, you will see. And yeah, I count not clearly showing the layout of Uaid's interior as a failing. He has a tube of netting that serves as an esophogus and it hugs the inner concavity of the front of his rib box - if it wasn't there to roll his meals down to the floor, anyone he ate would break their neck falling from his mouth to the bottom of the cavity. I didn't show that though, so yeah, Toma's entrance into the bottom of the scene wasn't what you'd expect. Glass fail.

I was rerererererererewatching Trigun recentky and there's this huge man construct thing (the Nebraska family) in episode 5 who can also shoot his fists at people and stuff. Coincidence or were you inspired by that?

I'd forgotten about him actually :D But my subconscious probably remembered. There have been a few robots in fiction that have shot out their fists, I'm pretty sure.

Man, that Badlands Rumble movie was aaaaaawesome. I'm assuming you've seen it but just in case.

Well, I've been always fond of Starfish, but now he is officially my favourite number one. So, tell me a bit more about his glorious history. What was the most vicious deal of his? I wonder whether carving out children for some black magic is the pinnacle

"(resumed)of his career, or yet another slightly dirty operation? Also, how did he meet Eph, is he one-time mercenary like Quig?"

Your favourite character, eh? He has his moments.

You know, Starfish unfortunately didn't come out of RP so I don't have a backlog of stories about him. I know back in his gang days he was the go-to guy for torture - not much of a fighter, not a hitman, but a really accomplished sadist with a strong stomach and two deaf ears. He's a sociopathically good liar and actor, too, so it can be difficult to tell what he -really- thinks about you until you see a flash of silver at the corner of your eye and suddenly there's a knife in your belly. Not one to mess with.

Ephsephin isn't quite so illustrious but he'll tell a little of his story next chapter. He and Starfish first met right at the beginning of this job, so their history together is short. Eph's known him long enough to be scared of him though.

So, how much of Uaid is controlled by levers and gears and how much can he control all on his own? It seems like a simple command can't open the hatch, otherwise Matty wouldn't loose time groping for a lever right now, would he?

The hatch has two releases - one up in the cockpit and one down inside Uaid's noodly interior. Uaid can (and is) keeping the interior one away from Quigs since Matty's told him to (it's under one of the noodle panels, which Uaid directly controls), but Matty can still access the cockpit release. They just never use it so he can't quite remember where it's at.

Uaid controls all his green bits, the tentacles, and most of his arms. The rest of himself he can manipulate manually, like cracking open his ribcage or using a careful finger flick to turn the brakes off or on in the cockpit. Some of the finer controls require more dexterity than his sausage fingers can manage though, so he really needs someone knowledgeable up there to help him out. Where there is, he can do a few cool things, like seal himself off from any wrights taking Aspects off him, or fire nets from those circular ports on either side of his face, or even launch his fists away from his body and then wind them back. He is a big fun toy.

Ooh, turn-arounds and reference guides. Can we see those in the miscellany section after Chpt 7's done?

If they're any good, we'll see!

Does that answer from earlier mean you've finished chapter 6? Do you take breaks between chapters to let things decompress or move straight into some sort of prep work for the next chapter? Sorry if this bores you, I love hearing about artist's processes.

Six isn't -quite- done, I'm about fifteen pages off, but I did take a break from it this weekend to do some other work. I'm slightly burned out on it at the moment, the entire final third of it takes place in the same tedious location. Tiiiiired of drawing it.

I think when it IS done, I will have to take a week to do a bunch of design work before moving on though. Chapter seven has a whoooole bunch of new characters and locations in it and I don't want them to suck so I'm going to try and design them properly, with turn-arounds and everything, before I start drawing the pages.

Aww, that doesn't help me though... ;_;

Oh, I bet you wouldn't really be all that impressed by these games anyway. Don't lose sleep over it :)

What is the best way for non-game-playing people to enjoy/experience the games you just listed? Walkthroughs or something? /woefully uninformed

I just don't think there's a method I can recommend. If someone couldn't read a novel you really love, could you comfortably tell them to just go read the cliff notes? They'd miss out on the experience, the language, the details, the reality of the work. I think one reason I love magic systems in video games so much is because after you learn the mechanics you get to turn around and USE them :)

I'm kinda surprised you didn't do anything for Apirl Fools. Too obvious, or not your thing?

I would rather fool you when you least suspect it. When I one day provide undeniable proof that I am Cee Lo Greene, you will be floored, convinced, and blown away.

You know, I read "Cry to Heaven" about a million years ago based on your recommendation. It was really fun! Got any more good / trashy novel recs?

If you liked Cry to Heaven, try Rice's Servant of the Bones. Its lead character is vaguely Duane-like: undead, betrayed, religious, way too powerful, fatally flawed, kind of a dick, nothing but bones. Except Azriel can manifest skin and boink the ladies, so that's a plus. Anyway, the whole backstory in Babylon is some of my favourite writing ever, though the story gets boring once it moves to present times. Definitely trash too!

Could you name examples of more fleshed-out (does that hyphen belong there?) magic systems that you liked?

Yes, but since I'm not much of a fantasy reader, I doubt they're the examples you want. They're all video games :) Vagrant Story has a great magic system that ties into the cosmology of its world, and was something of an early inspiration for Unsounded's.

The Final Fantasies frequently have great systems. The materia/mako/Lifestream system in FFVII is well thought out and intriguing, particularly how humanity has invented technology to literally turn the souls of their own ancestors into electricity. The world building and world concept in FFVII are about ten-thousand times cooler than the characters. Anyway, FFXII's nethicite and how it defines the relationship between humans and the Occuria is very awesome, serving to make the plot essentially revolve around the protagonists and their world's relationship with the source of their magic and technology.

I don't directly tabletop roleplay but I used to like reading sourcebooks for inspiration when I was running my online game. Planescape and Ravenloft have really cool concepts in them. Actually, Planescape is just kickass. Everything about the Planescape setting is amazing. I've played Torment, which is awesome, and read Pages of Pain, which was great, but I would love to read more Planescape novels if those exist.

Have you read any things by Ambrose Bierce? I haven't read much of his, admittedly, but I read Chickamauga again today and it is deeply upsetting (in a good way).

I've read and enjoyed The Devil's Dictionary. The man had a pretty scathing wit.

When looking at an adaption of a piece of media, do you look at them as two separate pieces and judge them distinctly, or do you compare the hell out of them?

I think everyone compares, no? How can you not?

So, what do Silvers look like?

Like this!

Woo! On break from waiting tables. Will you answer my question about plodifying single body parts and non-humans now? Please?

I really dunno. It's not practical but maybe someone's done it somewhere, I cannot say.

I'm making my Bastion shoes out of five-inch stilettos. Are you concerned now?

Bastion thinks that is fabulous.

In case anyone is still paying attention, I moved Blood and Tears onto tumblr.


So did watching the Muppets give you inspiration for that "Duane hosts the Muppet Show" incentive I requested way back when?

Not really :( My brain is so firmly fixated on Quigley and the kids after doing chapter 6 that Duane seems unappealing at the moment. Also, as surprisingly entertaining as The Muppets film was, they still didn't feel like the Muppets I know. None of the voices or mannerisms were quite right, ya know? And I found it pretty ironic that they made the villain someone who wanted to steal the Muppets' name, as if they weren't already owned by Disney. Still, Eighties Robot was cute.

(This is actually Forumcat right now. Tess has her hands all full of leather and I have naught to do but sit about) We have spent two hours trying to figure out how these shoulder guards go... did you make Bastion's clothing incomprehensible on purpose?

Not on purpose, but I can't say I designed it with a cosplayer in mind :D I feel your pain, but I'm pretty keen to see the finished product :3

What's going on in Bastion's pants? Is he fully eunuch-ified or just neutered?

Just neutered. No nuts.

Have you ever been to a convention for anything?

Years and years ago I went to Megacon in Orlando and it was okay. There was a comic show in Tampa I went to a few times too when I was in school, but it was really, really small. I'm boring.

Unspecified question about terrier heads?

I finally watched this last night, it was great fun.

Seriously though, thanks for the advice. You are a cool person. Hmm, question... does Toma work out or did he build up his physique solely through beating bad guys senseless and performing flying leaps atop his noble steed?

You are a cool person too! And Toma definitely works out. I imagine he's in constant training so he doesn't go soft now that he's out of the army.

How do you define "arrogance"? Is there a difference between "arrogance" and "self-centeredness", in your mind? How about between "self-centeredness" and "selfishness"?

I probably spoke too loosely before. You do what you have to do to make it through the day and don't worry about my opinion.

Are there any other comics (web or otherwise) that you would recommend as great examples of how to handle complex emotions and situations in comic form?

Well, I recommend Shadoweyes to everyone, it's pretty great - - A teenage girl finds she suddenly has the ability to transform into a powerful alien creature and tries to use that power to help her drought-stricken and impoverished home city, all while juggling unconventional romances and a very bitter best friend. Wet Moon, also by Ross Campbell, is another example of an emotionally-driven and complex story. It's fairly popular, but doesn't really do it for me.

Kickin' it old school you might enjoy Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore. It basically centres around two girls and one guy, their romances and friendships, and a band of female government spies. Thinking back on it, it was what most small-scope, relationship-driven webcomics these days try to be. But SiP did it best. And had killer art.

Also old, but you might try The Maxx if you want to surreal it up a bit. It's pretty psychological, pretty heavy on the drama, pretty emotional.

That's all that's really popping up in my head at the moment. I don't read any shoujo manga but I bet you could find great examples in there of emotionally-driven storylines.

So did Toma try to cuff Matty because he legit thought it would be safest (for Matty or for Toma) or because he thinks he's stumbled upon a nest of villainy (true) and thinks that Matty is part of the criminal gang?

He planned to engage the adults and didn't want Matty wandering into a lethal situation.

Famouse among thieves, huh . . . How'd Sette be acting right now if she knew Starfish was behind the Red Berry mess?

Intrigued, nervous, reeeeeally curious for further information.

What's your biggest pet peeve?

I really hate arrogance and selfishness and the inability to empathize. And I hate plain old meanness. Being kind doesn't cost you anything. It's the most inexpensive gift you can give. If more people were considerate in this world it would overall be a better place. So self-centred, arrogant, mean people? I do not want them in my life.

You drew that fight scene with a bug phobia? Cripes, the size of the balls on YOU.

Quigley's bugs aren't really BUGS, though. I mean, they're not slimy shiny black rapacious primitive things can get in your bed and crawl inside your nose while you sleep. FFFFFF I hate bugs so much.

Do you have any phobias?

Bugs D:

Does Uaid have teeth? If he were so inclined, could he bite someone in half?

Uaid does not have teeth. He doesn't even have much of a lower jaw.

Can you tell us how many times Uaid has eaten Quigley so far?

I'ma go with.... seventeen times.

"Matty, eat your peas!"
"Papa, I hate peas!"
"Matty, we're not doing any reading unless you eat everything on that plaaaaAAAHHHH!"

" I think if Quigley was Sharteshanian and knew more about him, he never would have gotten involved with him." Does that mean that Starfish, ugly mean freckled Starfish, has a reputation not just in his hometown, but throughout Sharteshanian?

Well, he has a reputation among his ilk, let's say that. Sharteshanian housewives aren't exactly warning their children about him or anything (though they should be) but among the gangs and rogue families of Sharteshane, he has a rep as a guy who will take any job, no matter how disgusting, profane, or just plain cruel. You really need a guy like that for a job like this. Not just anyone is going to deal with being sent out into the boonies, kidnapping people, carving them up and removing their organs, then transferring their festering pseudo-corpses across Ulestry and over the border into Cresce - no matter how much money is involved.

Of course the problem here is that when you hire someone extreme and crazy, you often get crazy, extreme results. It's like trying to hire the Joker because he's so good at fucking around with Batman, and then having him turn around and jab a stick of dynamite down your pants. You hire a nutter, you get nuttiness. Starfish went and threw kids into the mix. This was never the desire of his employers.

"He used to be in a gang where they all did weird shit like this to their hair" Was this gang-period before, during, or after the warehouse working, Starfish naming period? Did his reputation as a crazy badass spread and he got recruited that way?

It was after. Starfish is in his mid-thirties, he's been around a while and done some pretty dreadful shit. I would stress the "crazy" in the "crazy badass" reputation. I think if Quigley was Sharteshanian and knew more about him, he never would have gotten involved with him.

Eph's hair... This is why I shave it all off.

You are smarter than Ephsephin.

Is there any problem Uaid cannot solve by eating?

Global warming.

So Uaid, how does Toma taste?

Lightly grilled, medium rare.

Why don't you ask more public questions?

I am lazy. I will ask one right now though, for you.

You continue to be unhelpful in my quest for an Unsounded Cerberus! Will you be helpful so I can stop irritating you with it?

Actually the same question goes for Ephsephin. Is the front of his hair naturally that spiky/wavy shape or is it a sort of stylized widow's peak?

He's balding up top and just brushes it all backwards. I had a teacher in high school who did the same thing, still had really black hair, and so wound up with this weird serrated hairline. Terribly unattractive.

Is Starfish's hair naturally shaped like that or did he style it to look that way? Or does he just have the weirdest form of male pattern baldness ever?

Oh, no, there's some major styling going on there. He shaves all of it but the sides and a strip down the middle, which has all grown quite long, and then rigs it all "pretty" with beats and bands. He used to be in a gang where they all did weird shit like this to their hair, and liked it enough that he still does it even though the gang's history.

Ultimate deathmatch: physical wellbeing vs. schoolwork, go.

Schoolwork up until you need to enter the hospital for whatever ails ya. True story: my senior year of college, right in the middle of my thesis project, I got horrendously ill with pancreatitis and jaundice and wound up spending five days in the hospital. Still finished my work though, still graduated on time. You can do it!

Yay, vore in unsounded, sorta.

I'm not so sure if Uaid-vore has the elements that vore people like. @shrunkenone weigh in?

Wait, that wasn't a question, that was a rant. Ummmmm. "Hey Glass! Why does Toma think Matty would take being cuffed as a good thing? Is he dumb or somethin'?" Yeah, there we go.

Haha, poor Toma, he's tryin'. He did make the mistake of assuming Matty was dumb, but he could have just grabbed him up by the shirtfront, shoved him into the chair, and cuffed him. Instead he tried to take a friendly - if condescending approach. I'd cut him a little slack :)

In your opinion, are there any types of fantastic stories/worlds where a vaguer (is that a word?), less-defined magic system is appropriate or even better than one as fleshed out as the Pymary system in Unsounded? (Massive respect, by the way.)

Absolutely. I mean, I bitch about it because I prefer a more fleshed out system, but Harry Potter's magic is very appropriate to Harry Potter. To be honest, pymary is as fleshed out as it is primarily because the plot ends up being very tied into pymary and the khert later on. Harry Potter has wizards and magic but it's never ABOUT magic - Harry could have been some kind of ninja and Hogwarts a school of ninjitsu, and nothing important would have changed about the books. Fantasy magic is the spice in that series, but it's not the meat.

So yeah, if it's a series where the magic is just there for setting purposes and the plot only very rarely - if ever - relies on it, I don't mind if the author follows the "don't gotta splain shit" school of thought.

YES! :D Fun fact: you found the first song I've heard of Minchin and made me an insta-fan. Anyway, thanks for answering so quickly :) Bout the comic, though: Are we ever going to see Duane losing it? Now, it seems like Sette is trying to prevent that...

It's bad for everyone when and if Duane loses it. But you never know...

Is there any particular reason you're not being helpful in my quest to find a way to make a Cerberus dog in your universe? Because it would just. Be. So. Cool!! Wouldn't it?


Hey, this has been confusing me for a while, but I was too socially repressed to ask until recently. What emotion or sentiment is your ":3" emoticon intended to convey? I often suck at interpreting facial expressions.

It is a versatile emoticon! In my case it usually translates to: "It matters not how annoying I am, I am too cute for you to hit in the face with a brick."

Anyone know of a good place to get cheap men's boots?

Salvation Army or Goodwill, if you're lucky. You could also just go to smaller used clothing shops around town and scout them, if you're feeling adventurous. There's a used goth/punk clothing store in my city that has the coolest crap for so cheap.

Please tell me the "monkeys in shoes" comment was a Tim Minchin reference. That would put you even more beyond awesome-tastic than you already are.

Of course it was a Tim Minchin reference :) I love that motherfucker.

Are you thousands of dollars in debt because of college?

I've been out of school a long time. I only owe another 6k.

How do you feel about the idea of decapitating terriers?

Not nice to do :(

Are all nereids women and all sylphs men?

Ideally. They're the same "species"; the females just stay in the water and the males take to the air.

Can plod-pymary be used on dead dogs? How about portions of dead people?

It's never been taken in this direction, but there's promise in it. You'd want to approach the Black Tongues and ask their advice in the matter, and maybe hire a gruftgrammer to write you some illegal spells :3

Yesterday, I though it was Tuesday. However, I subconsciously managed to realise that there was a Wednesday update out, so today, when I thought it was Tuesday again and was informed otherwise, I was horribly disappointed. This is a comment. *nods sagely*

I need to draw you a calendar.

Did Sette ever cry on cue for the sake of a coin, or would that have been showing some manner of weakness? :D

Ya know, she doesn't really go for that and I don't like letting her take that route either. It's cheap, it gives girls a bad name, and it's boringly predictable. So yeah. Sette's all about her pride as a thief and a Frummagem, and that comes slightly before her moneymongering. Just slightly :)

What do you hope for your life to be when you reach 40 years old?

That's only nine years off for me. I'll be happy if I have a job, I reckon. Ya should never hope for too much :3

Confidence trickery? Like when you let your hair down and bat your eyes and pretend to be a poor lost little girl and no officer, of COURSE I don't know anything about that giant explosion /string of thefts /Where your expensive-looking watch went.

Quite so ;) Back in Sharteshane, also, Sette would supplement her income by selling her granny's dubious potions and panaceas to gullible sailors down at the docks. Cute herself up a bit, don't smile too wide, have some nice patter practised, and she made a pretty good salesman. Course it could get dangerous if a past customer pulled back into port with a grudge because one of granny's potions had permanently stained his teeth blue, but every occupation has its hazards.

Has Sette ever considered chopping off her hair to make the thieving easier?

Naw, she just braids it and she's good to go. Long hair is more useful for disguises and confidence trickery, so it's not an asset to throw away lightly.

Regarding pymary-Frankentstein behaviours and terriers and your previous answer concerning them: Whyyyyyyyy? Is it really not possible, or do you just dislike the idea of decapitating terriers?

It's really not possible. You're gonna have to think up something else to ask for for Christmas.

Ok, so the Aldish don't shave their heads, but they shave beards and stuff... what's the cultural climate about genital grooming?

...this used to be a very hot topic back in RP.

So ah, yes, the Aldish are very finicky about keeping their pubes trimmed, male and female. Back in RP, Bastion's nonAldish girlfriend began shaving hers after they hooked up to keep Bastion from making fun of her perfectly normal girl-bush and her player, my dear, adorable friend, wanted to see what that was like so she tried shaving her own pubes and ah, did not care for the experience. This is a tale that shall live forever.

But yes, trimmed and styled crotch fuzz is the norm in Alderode, and won't you just be mortified if your girlfriend or boyfriend starts spreading around town that you're unacceptably fluffy between the legs.

What is the lovely object attached to Toma's glove on page 40 chapter 3?

It's a sword catcher than can swivel forward and double as a back-up blade. It may pop up again one day but Toma took it off for Mulimar, afraid Duane would show up and steal the edge off it as he did with Petr's sword.

Glass, would you ever consider writing books to go along with Unsounded? Granted, with the amount of work each is, it would only be, like, one book a decade, but... I dunno. Would you ever consider doing regular writing? You're goooooooooooooood at it.

Not books, but I have some short story ideas. Let us see what the future holds.

I don't think most people like to read prose though, I think they prefer comics. How many successful serialized web novels are there out there?

Do you mind if people upload fanart of Unsounded online? Have you ever had someone do it without crediting?

I don't mind at all. It's not necessary to credit me if you drew the art yourself, either. When I do fanart I don't always shout out the original creator.

D: "they're easily stabbed or clubbed to death"That's a great mental image. A cool scenario though for how the weather is made. I feel like if they're getting so rare though, it would be putting the hunters out of work. And wouldn't they avoid ships?

We will learn more about nereids one day, I promise. One in particular features prominently in the story later on.

"He really gets to put his villain pants on after this chapter" Oh goodie! Villains are my very favorite, and Starfish makes such a unique one. In his cheerful, appalling way. Also, it has been my dream to get a picture response to a question. So happy!


Of course with an awesome response like that, it only leads to more questions. What's a "nereid"? Are they those ugly unicorn things? Or the goats? I remember descriptions, but not names. How do you hunt said beast?

Nereids are water women; the waterbound senet creatures that copulate with the sylphs of the air to create storms. Hunters often go out to sea with important voyages to hunt and kill any nereids that might try paddling into the vicinity to boink the air and bring forth a hurricane. They're ageless but they're not particularly hard to kill if you get them either out of the water or out of the air. Do so and they're easily stabbed or clubbed to death. There are very few nereids and sylphs left now, unfortunately.

But they're entering from /below/ not above, so maybe not? Also, I'm sure this has been covered before, but do we know where Starfish is from, and what lovely cultural conventions led to his name? (Are there starfish in Unsounded as we know them?)

There are indeed starfish in the world and long ago I told the tale of Starfish, but it's buried so deep in formspring's bowels... lemme try to find it...


"This isn't likely to come up in the story so I'll go ahead and answer. When Starfish was a younger man, his name was Arctrit and he worked for a certain disreputable gentleman in one of his warehouses. Being rude, not all that bright, fat, freckled, and pretty greasy, Arctrit was the least popular among his coworkers, and they picked on him endlessly. One day, Arctrit had had enough. He took a swing at the worst of his tormentors, a tall, neckless brute who was in charge of record-keeping. Well, the brute wasn't going to be having any of that, so he had two of his friends pin the son of a bitch to the ground. Arctrit's boots were removed and the brute took out a knife. He proceeded to very slowly carve the skin from the bottoms of the fat boy's feet, all the while whispering that if Arctrit dared make a peep and bring their supervisor out to investigate, he'd have his throat cut. This is a common affair in the slimehole that is Sharteshane.

The impromptu surgery took a long time. Arctrit flopped and spit and twitched and struggled spread-eagled on the warehouse floor. The bullies thought he looked like a starfish washed up on the beach, and they chanted the name uproariously once they let him go, watching him bloodily drag his way out into the street.

They thought that was the end of him. He couldn't work on his feet all day now, could he? He'd have to get another job and leave them the hell alone.

But next morning at the crack of dawn, Arctrit was there with his boots on, ready to work. He hobbled for a few weeks but he showed up for every shift. His stubbornness - his batshit craziness - slowly won over the respect of everyone else in the warehouse. Everyone but the brute. The brute was enraged that his little gag had fallen flat and insisted on calling the fat boy starfish starfish starfish you feeling alright?

One day, the brute didn't show up for work. A week passed and still no one had seen him. Enraged and never one to be walked out on, the warehouse's supervisor went to the man's house. He was met by the landlord who had a lot of questions because he hadn't seen the family who lived inside for days either. Together they broke open the door.

There was no one inside; not the old man who lived there, not his wife, not their grandson who worked at the warehouse, not even the brute's seven year old little brother who was going to apprentice to a nereid hunter and set to sea in the spring. None were ever seen again.

The authorities tried to question Arctrit about the disappearances but there was no hard evidence to charge him with a crime. Arctrit started using the nickname Starfish soon after. He joked with his coworkers that he really was just like a starfish - you can cut the leg off a starfish fine and it'll grow back in a year or so. The bottoms of his own feet had grown back just fine and were tougher than ever. Of course, he mused, it's not like you could cut off his leg and have it regrow. Or either of his arms. Or his head.

No. Humans just weren't designed that way. Cut them into pieces and throw them in the sea if you like - they don't come back."

I missed Starfish! I did I did! His weirdly patchy and well-tended hair, his tubby body and menacingly pointy face. His threatening glower is the best. How did he get into Uiad? I saw Eps getting picked up, and I figured Uiad was gonna swallow him.

You know, back when I was laying out this scene I had a bear of a time with this question. Starfish was snooping around inside Uaid while the Quigleys were gone, and was still inside when Matty ran back to tell Uaid they had to go save dad. In the script I had him explaining this off-hand to Quigley but it seemed kind of unimportant, that readers could put two and two together, so I cut it. I'm still not sure I should have, but that was my reason for leaving it unsaid.

Anyway, I'm glad you missed Starfish! He really gets to put his villain pants on after this chapter and I think he does a good job.

Do the Aldish classes have differences, you know, down there?

You ask the important questions, anon. Only when it comes to the colour of their pubes :3

What character is most likely to need and receive an awesome training montage in the near future?

Matty could do with one if he learns pymary some day. You know though, I'm not sure you can really do a training montage in a webcomic unless you have like, a midi of Eye of the Tiger playing in the background. Maybe that would work.

When he has children at some point in the next two decades, will Matty be a good daddy and do all the voices and go to the ocean and get hats for his kids?

No, 'cause I'm going to kill him off on the next page.

Are you a good cook?

I am an excellent cook.

Why is Quigley speaking Continental to Matty? I thought they spoke Tainish together?

Starfish or Ephsephin might think they're colluding or something, and emotions are already high D:

Do Uaid's tentacles do anything or are they just there to look awesome, like Uaid's butt?

You shall see.

Uaid has tentacles inside him? ...Kinky~

Some people be thinkin' they're eels. It makes me chortle.

I feel bad for Matty, but how often does he do something that really annoys Quig? Will this result in ordinary beatup, or something worse? I do recall correctly that Quig abuses Matty from time to time, don't I?

Quigley is really flippin' pissed off, mostly because Matty is making him look like a fool in front of Starfish (who has the purse strings at the moment). This will result in punishment for the kid, no doubt. Personally, I'd be on Quigley's side in this. If Matty wants to assert himself and object to what they do to make money, this isn't how to go about it.

Could pymary be used to decapitate one dog, then attach its head to another dog, thereby making a two-headed terrier?

No, Forumcat. Bad Forumcat!

What is the thing on the Uaid-floor by the pillows and treasure chest that kind of looks like a two-headed terrier?

*squint* There're some action figures, a dude on a dog, some socks, and one of those ball-in-a-cup toys.

What's in the treasure chest inside Uaid? Is it a boss treasure in case anyone ever barges in and defeats Quigley, Matty, and Chitz (in that order)?

Mostly clothes :3 One of them has a bunch of Quigley's spellbooks and pymary equipment in it. I guess that could prove useful to a scavenging adventurer.

Someone wanna explain what another girl's panties are doing in my bed?

Baby, I'm sorry I'm so absent-minded. I'll cook you dinner tonight to make up for it.

What did Sette do to knock out Eph? I know she bit him, but he stayed off her back for a while and he seemed pretty limp when Uaidh carried him.

Originally I had a whole altercation scripted out between them after the tail-spinning incident, but thought it broke up the flow of events too much so I scrapped it. In the script he flipped out trying to get her teeth off his face and fell backwards into a tree trunk, stunning himself. Sette says that lacks oomph though and would like you to believe she sprang off of him like a panther, her chops all bloody, then delivered a final roundhouse kick that sent him to the ground, cross-eyed and bawling.

The saying goes "A leap of faith can be as small as a single step or it can span your world." My question is: How big is a leap of faith to you?

Go to bed, hippie.

Is Uaid Unsounded's answer to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Tell the truth, now...

He absolutely has a turtle face :3 And little butterball cheeks. I don't think he knows any ninjitsu but he could be holding out.

So while Quigley's still trapped inside Uaid I feel I have to ask, what else is in there with him? Do he and Matty use Uaid's belly for storage or would things just bounce around in there?

You'll see what it looks like on the next page. They live in there, so it kind of looks like a trashy campsite. With tentacles.

Do u like me ? Yes {} No{}

Pie {x}

Considering Uaid has some intelligence, and he's their ride, you must now do a Herbie the Love Bug styled story with Uaid & the Quigley's!

But that's-- that's Unsounded! :D

What was one childhood wish of yours that never came true?

Never became an animator for Disney :(

What's a scene in a movie or book that makes (or has made) you cry?

I got misty the first time I saw Truman Burbank throw his fists up against the perimeter sky of his world, and Father Kolbe's Preaching started playing. Peter Weir, why you so awesome.

What's your favourite insult?


Douchepoodle. Douchenoodle. Douchenstein. Doucheo'clock. Douchemoon. Douchemonger. Douchenibbler. Douchequibbler. Douche of the Ages. Douche and three quarters. Mon Douche. Dobledouche. Baka dushu. Feliz navidouche.

Uaid-butt makes me lol. Action Toma makes me go "Awesome!" Sad Matty makes me go b'aaww. Sad Matty feeding Chitz makes me go d'aaawww. Why u put so many feels in one page, Glass?!

Uaid butt didn't make you go "gotta tap summa dat?" I have failed.

Okay, but, so... how exactly do the Quigleys typically transfer from the bottom rung of the ladder, just above the buttcheeks, to the ground? Is it like I suspect, where Uaid sits down and leans back a bit for that, or does Quigs use pymary to float down?

Yep, you have it. Uaid sits down on his bum and that puts the bottom rung of the ladder at just the right height for an adult. More frequently, though, he'll simply pick Quigley or Matty up and put them in the driver's seat manually. He's pretty gentle.

Umm... someone already mentioned this a bit in the comments, but... do the Quigley men wind up in Uaid's butt more than is really necessary? *prepares scrub brush*

Ha, not really. There's not much there, Uaid's all gutted. His cheeks are sitting over machinery - no butthole, no fun ogre farting :(

Did you have fun drawing Uaid's butt? It looks like it was fun...


Was it hard to make Uaid's butt look as friendly as the rest of him?

Naw, friendliness comes naturally to all of Uaid's anatomy! It's funny, I'm drawing him in chapter six at the moment and it's the most unfriendly he's ever looked. Scary even.

Uaid's butt looks pretty sproingy, like giant boobs. If Uaid were to lie down on his stomach, could Matty use his butt as a trampoline, or it is not as sproingy as it looks?

We must have similar brains because I've drawn Jivi, Matty, and Setting all doing this before.

Uaid may have a bit of a doofy face, but his feet are frightening. So is Toma about to take a flying leap onto said frightening feet, or is he just rearing back in shock at the glory that is Uaid butt? Also, have I told you that you're awesome lately?

Oh, Anon, you flatterer <3 Toma is playing action hero, so my money is on the flying leap.

Why does Uaid have such a large posterior? It's not like he needs a large gluteus maximus. Or does he? I had assumed Uaid was powered by some sort of hydraulic system supplemented and controlled by pymary, which wouldn't take up that much space.

Uaid's green bits are the remains of a mountain ogre. He has a butt because in life he had a butt.

Unsounded characters and their matching Decemberists tracks, please? I remember you listing some of Duane's forever ago.

Duane really likes Beirut much more than any of my other hipster bands. I think Colin's voice is too irritating for any of my characters except maybe for Murkoph, who probably sympathizes with the character in The Rake's Song... and all of the other scoundrels in The Decemberists' gloomy tunes.

Re:monkeys in shoes:But a lot of thought & care goes into the "design" and the appearance of your characters. What they wear is important, & even frivolous choices like mowhawks matter. I agree that the fashion industry is ridiculous, but c'mon. Mowhawks!

Well, my characters are monkeys in shoes as well. Monkeys! Seriously though, I have nothing against mohawks. They remind me of Hot Topic.

Glass? What is Bastion's man-skirt made of? Is it leather or the other material? And is that thingy on his tummy (the one the harness connects to) leather or fabric? And... last, but not least... those wrap things on his arms?

The man-skirt and the top of his pants (the tummy bit, his pants come up quite far) are both cloth. His arm wraps... they really are vague looking, aren't they? You could do wrapped fabic and be fine, I reckon. If I was going to draw those pages again I think I would make those into finely plated leather bracers.

Uaid-butt is really hot. ...wait, that isn't a question.... Uaid-butt is really hot? Yes, perfect.

Actually, it is quite cool to the touch.

If you were dropped into a typical fantasy RPG verse, what job/class/whatever would you be (not what would you want to be, but what would you be most inclined towards with your capabilities, interests, and values)?

Typical fantasy RPG-verse... I'm a woman with no fighting ability, of common stock, so I guess I'd be a cow-milking peasant killed by goblins early in the game :D

Name your favorite classy smut!

Classy smut, hmm? How about the poetry of the Earl of Rochester.

In the isle of Britain, long since famous grown
breeding the best cunts in Christendom,
There reigns, and oh! long may he reign and thrive,
The easiest King and best-bred man alive.
Him no ambition moves to get renown
Like the French fool, that wanders up and down
Starving his people, hazarding his crown.
Peace is his aim, his gentleness is such,
And love he loves, for he loves fucking much.

SCENES WE'D LIKE TO SEE: Things you wouldn't hear in a fantasy novel.

"Let's do this the easy way."

SCENES WE'D LIKE TO SEE Bad things to hear on an airplane I'm looking for humorous responses here, black humor is fine. I'll start: "That's the first time I've seen a cloud with a building on it..."

"Allahu Akbar!"

Do you read many "epic fantasy" novel series, such as Lord of the Rings or Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time? If so, what's your favorite?

Never really got into that stuff. The closest I've read would be Steven Brust's Taltos books, or maybe the Narnia series.

Your favourite midnight snack, GO!

Baby carrots and peanut butter.

So, I just drank ale (it's disgusting, by the way - my taste buds shan't forgive me) for the sake of describing it accurately in my novel. It begs the question: am I simply masochistic or have other artists (yourself) made such abominable sacrifices?

Hrmm. When I used to be really into FF7 (shaddup) I went shooting with my dad so I could write Vincent and his guns better. That's the worst I got D:

What's your favorite type of backgroud or scenery to draw?

Definitely forested, hilly, rocky background, like what's been prevalent in Unsounded so far. It's pretty, it's fast, no tedious perspective required :)

What's a song you know all the words to?

I used to sing this to my nephew to get him to sleep.

Did you go to your high school prom? :3

Nope :3

What's your favourite children's book?

Treasure Island! That's a kid's book, right?

First ever question(s)! It seems like large hounds are used where we might use horses or oxen. Are there grazing herbivores in Kasslyne? Related Q: What then are the hounds fed? Also: Just what kind of milk were the two kids selling in Chapter 2?

Hello there!

There are a few deer scattered through background panels here and there, and the skeletons of elks or maybe deer inside the wandering root at the beginning. Just no horses, cows, or steers, wild or otherwise. Hounds are pretty dietarily versatile. The big bullish ones eat what their owners eat as well as Cole's pigeon feed (there's an advertisement for it at the waystation in chapter 3). Pigeons are big business, both for their meat and for their droppings, and rookeries are not surprisingly one of the most built up industries on the continent. The leaner hounds, like the saddle hounds and Anise, the kids' guard dog, often hunt for themselves when they're allowed, and it's pretty good pickings out in the mountainous wilds. In the city they get Cole's as well.

The kids were selling goat and swine milk - both are very popular.

Those pages from Friday were amazing! Just thought you should know.


Enjoy your rest?

Still waiting for it.

belief in a higher power of some nature, aye or nay?

A power higher than whose, exactly? There are plenty of forces in nature that are much more powerful than we are, but I don't put a beard on them and telepathically try to ask them for favours, if that's what you mean.

Hey, can you insert comments on the gdocs page?

I am not certain what you mean.

Mohawks: Yea or nay?

I wish people would concern themselves less with their physical appearances, but whatcha gonna do. Humans: monkeys in shoes.

Back from the ER. Worst panic attack in 5 years. Yay! Much better now. Body chemistry was all out of whack for a few days 'cause of like 3 different things happening at once, one of which was a minor prescribed dosage change in my meds. Again, SO sorry.

I'm glad you're feeling better :)

I was away from my computer for two days! TWO. I come back and it's taking me about 2 solid hours to catch up on formspring. You are all amazing. Token Question: Butts, Yes/No?

Butts are good unless they are cigarette butts. My sis-in-law told me today when she was pregnant with my nephew she had a dream that she gave birth to a giant cigarette butt with a baby face. In my head it plays out like a scene from a Cronenberg movie.

I was offline all day and only got four hours of sleep last night. I should do work now but all I wanna do is zzzz..

My idea of a nice evening: flopping on the couch with dinosaur oatmeal and a nice Latin grammar book. Yours?

Pretty good evening, I agree. I'm inking a comic page and watching Hellraiser 2 on Netflix. There's a lot of kissing of skinless people in this movie, very sticky.

This is the forth time PBS has played this special on whaling and Herman Melville and I still haven't seen it all the way through.

The whaling was one of the least interesting portions of Herman's life, in my opinion. Dude lived with cannibals!

Hey there Ms. Awesome person. :) In your email to me from a bit ago, you expressed your belief that extremism is "never healthy." Can you accept that some forms of positive extremism can be healthy and beneficially cathartic for some kinds of people? :)

Ya know, I'm inclined to say no. Moderation in all things is really the key to a balanced life. Taking an activity to an extreme can become a distraction, an obsession, or an addiction, and none of these are healthy in the longterm. Life is tricky.

Home Fandom: Superlative example of a fandom you can find members of and sit back, knowing that these are your people. What is yours?

Vagrant Story. For the last ten years. Forever.

I know/love/am/am-related-to some wonderful people who are legitimately medically psychotic. Being an arrogant psycho with an LJ doesn't *necessarily* mean one's a bad person, does it? Sometimes it takes some insanity to see or create beauty in the world.

Just keep taking your meds, man :3

How do you feel, if you dislike the author/artist of something you like? Does it bother you, or can you clearly distinguish between the author/artist and his work?

I like to think that I can distinguish between the two, but it doesn't always work out. Like, ever since Mel Gibson lost his mind I've had a hard time enjoying his movies - new and old - as much as I used to. And I know that when my friends create things I almost always go into those things with an attitude of love and enthusiasm, which makes me enjoy them more right from the start.

But you know, I don't think you should be too hard on yourself if you find you can't enjoy something because the creator is a douchenstein. Good art is always a reflection of the creator, and if the creator is a slimeball, that's probably going to be there in the art.

One of my most favourite comickers is Ross Campbell, and he is amazing. He draws like nobody's business and is a great writer too. But above any of that, he is the nicest, most thoughtful guy in the world and that makes me love his comics eeeeeven more. On the other side of the spectrum, there are artists out there whom I loved for years, but once I found their Twitter or their tumblr or their Livejournal and saw they were an arrogant twat or a psycho, I didn't enjoy their art as much. Is this dumb of me? Probably! Can I help it? Nope.

If I need to use a fake name for something, I use "Sebastian Yorke". What's yours?

All of my pirated software is registered to Lawrence Murkoph. I'm so glad Alderode and the US don't have an extradition treaty.

I would like to know your favorite sexytime fictions. I want to put them in my kindle and read them in public, but I refuse to buy that awful Twilight fanfic that's all the rage right now. Difficulty: No Mooncalf (have it already).

Wow, no Mooncalf, eh? Well, that's okay. She's a great writer but my yaoi tastes are very narrow and she seldom has struck them. I enjoy the stories more in her work than the sex, how twisted is that.

You might like this chick - - There's a wide variety of stuff - giant bugs, parasites, aliens, some kind of epic Harry Potter fic that I've never read but I've seen others speak of it highly. She's not nearly the writer than Mooncalf is, but some of it is -quite- nice. Of course it's not Kindle-ready and you'd have to read it off the site, I reckon. There's also this - - which is among the only bits of smutfic I've ever actually paid for since I've long adored Dragonfly's stuff from newsgroups. She's a really good writer and doesn't get all wrapped up in the plot like so many other pretentious erotic writers do. When it comes to smutfic, too much plot and set-up is like a delicious, mysterious sandwich stacked between two LOAVES of white bread.

Can you recommend any interesting books/articles about the evolution of language? Also, can pymary be used to increase sexual pleasure?

My copy of Wheelocks Latin starts with a great overview of the development and dissemination of the Romance languages. I know there's a lot of good stuff out there, but I haven't been into conlang in a number of years, so most of it has fled my memory.

And yes. Lay with a wright and you're up all night.

Have you read any Alexandre Dumas? How do you feel about his books?

I read The Three Musketeers in high school. After I fell enormously in love with Gankutsuou I tried reading The Count of Monte Cristo, but I really don't like reading translated novels. I feel like I'm missing out on something and it's a terrible distraction. This is my own weirdness.

On the flip side, what's the most heartwarming moment you've ever come across in a story?

That's a tall order. Hmm, I don't know if it's the MOST heartwarming moment, but Sydney Carton's sacrifice at the end of A Tale of Two Cities was pretty great. Not heartwarming in a syrupy way, but in a... well, maybe there's hope for us all kind of way.

Does Duane's less inhibited undead cousin do things to salt up his meals, if not for the taste then for the poetry of the mutilation?

...I'm having flashbacks to all the disgusting things Murkoph used to eat in RP. Once time he was injured and when an acquaintance went to unhinge his ribcage and fix him, all the flesh and organs and bone and putrescent ick of his insides spilled out at his feet. Murkoph threatened the other dude not to eat any of his stuff (no danger of this, other dude was gagging), and as soon as his gut was repaired, Murkoph promptly re-devoured all of the juicy, rancid, maggoty meat.

But Murkoph is no Hannibal Lector. Murkoph's hunger is animalistic and savage.

Do you have voodoo? Hoodoo? Things you haven't even tried yet?

No, but I got friends on the other side :D

where did you go to college?

I think merch is an opportunity for you to stretch yourself a little bit. You have strong analytical skills, so I’m skeptical that business is really something you don’t have the head for and couldn’t pick up with some trial and error. (cont)

"This seems more of a heart issue. You don’t have to compromise your heart with this, though. You’re just putting out some shiny things that your fans can snatch up for a brief moment of pleasure. (cont)

It doesn’t have to be a big philosophical crisis, it can just be silly fun. If it goes down in flames, I’m not even going to pretend that wouldn’t really suck, but you’ll pick yourself back up. Nobody can take away (cont)"


...someone has killed this person before they could finish their thought! Alert the authorities!

"Looking For Group is older, arguably better, and should win the next round." In what way is LFG better? I can't think of any.

Look how cool this is!

Do you draw your dogs much? Are they helpful anatomy and movement reference for the dogs in Unsounded? Do you ever get sick of talking about dogs because fun fact: I don't ever! :3

My dogs are odd looking mutt-monsters, and I don't find them too terribly helpful when it comes to dog anatomy. My one dog, Ebby, has almost the exact same build as Donkey from Shrek. And all either one of them does is lay around and itch themselves.

I do love them though, and dogs everywhere. My neighbour's chihuahua got in my yard the other day. I wanted to keep it :3

What if, somehow, your business manager guaranteed that you could have some special production plan that wouldn't contribute to the evil corporate system?

Dr. Facilier is so hot.

Business idea: What if you did one printing of Unsounded books, and sold them signed and numbered for almost exactly the costs of printing and shipping them (+minimum wage for you to keep per hour you spend signing and numbering) so people can take(cont.)

"Unsounded on planes. And put it on bookshelves next to the novels of Christopher Moore, who is hilarious. Would this violate your hippie ideals?"

I like Christopher Moore.

I follow plenty of webcomics & have gone well past the point where I give my webcomic list a good tidy. My questions are: How do you deal with excess & clutter? Any methods for making decisions about what is kept or not?

If it stinks, don't read it.

Would you be okay using your twitter feed to send out daily vote reminders during round 3? I know we're a long shot, but I'd like go down swinging, using every resource available to get the vote out. A strong showing could get you some great exposure.

I really don't want to T_T I won the last round so I'm content. Looking For Group is older, arguably better, and should win the next round - and it will, and that's cool! We won plenty already :)

We cool?

But of course.

I wish you'd make a print version so I could show Unsounded to all my relatives who still don't use/understand the internet.

It will probably happen. Have patience.

It isn't nearly finished, what I have is just the first chapter here, but if you or others want more, I will write more.

Most excellent. Everyone! Let us read and judge this man!

Where did Sette's name come from?

It's from an old, dead language that no one speaks anymore, and it means "pain in the ass."

Is that Duane's blood in the amulet?!


So, I have hunted down a good question (So wily they are sometimes.) Is Sette More impressed with how "Stoopendous" Uiad is on page 48, or more taken with similarly "Stoopendous" Wandering Root on page 10? (I NEW I'd 'heard' her say that before. Hah!)

That's a good question. As cool as the wandering root was, Uaid is mechanized and looks particularly lethal and clanky and almost badass if not for his derp-face. Sette probably is more impressed by it... particularly considering it's attached to the two white-haired Aldish dinks. Where'd they get something so awesome? It's not fair!

>but I lack the business skills I don't see how putting a "Like the comic? Support the author!" button somewhere on the site requires any business skill. You are providing a valuable service, people will compensate you for it if you let them, so why not?

Oh, I do take donations, I just like to have a focused drive for them between chapters. You'll see, we're coming up on the end of chapter 5.
So, are you a self-taught artist, or did you take art classes at a university/elsewhere?

I have a BFA from an art college in Florida. I'm bonafide!

I can't draw for crap, but I like to write and am somewhat good at it. Would you like to read my current project? It's a (heavily embellished) recollection of my time as professional killer.

...I can't... promise I'll read it but link it so the rest of the class can see :3

I'm curious - since you don't want to make a living with webcomics, is it that you prefer to /not/ make a living with webcomics? Do you find nobility in poverty? Honestly curious.

I absolutely want to make a living with webcomics, I just seem incapable of it. Some say I have the creative skills but I lack the business skills. I don't have what it takes and I don't trust other people enough to let them do it for me. I also... just... don't want to be a cog in the exploitative machine I hate so much. I don't want to be the means to someone else making a bunch of money. I don't want to be the reason a couple hundred more unnecessary chotchkie are imported from China. Shit sucks, man.

Nobility in poverty? I am not that pretentious. But I do think it's very important for me - and for everyone - to try and live simply. We modern people are killing ourselves with our decadence and materialism. I get by every month on a really pitifully small amount of income, and that's because I cut a lot of unnecessary crap out of my life. I don't need a cellphone, or an expensive laptop, or new clothes all the time, or cable, or a shiny new car. Having this stuff just enslaves you to it and to other people.


I really admire how you update so often, and with amazing quality work - thank you for that. How do you find the time to do it? How many hours per day do you normally work on Unsounded? Tell me your secrets!

No secrets! I just have absolutely no life and I am underemployed :3 You too can create daffy webcomics if you cut yourself off from most irl social outlets, get rid of your television, and find characters you can obsess over for years at a time.

If we win this voting round *and* actually manage to take the lead when we go up against LFG, can we get a new page on Friday? I bet that could help keep the troops properly motivated for the next battle. :)

How about a new drawing on Monday instead? We've needed a new vote incentive picture for a while now.

"In print, those pages are just simple full-bleed pages, with the stuff too far over the border cut off. Sadness." But wouldn't it be possible to leave a border around each page? That way you could preserve all the out of border goodness!

It's certainly an idea, but I'm not sure it's practical or would give the same effect. The internet pop-out works because umpteen million webcomics use a template system and work within a canvas they set up at the beginning and stick to religiously afterwards. This is usually because their webcomic isn't really a webcomic, it's just a print comic camping on the web. And there's nothing wrong with that.

When certain Unsounded pages do the pop-out, it's startling because you're so used to digital comics restricting themselves to their canvas, and you're reminded for a moment that that restriction is absolutely artificial and self-imposed. This phenomenon doesn't exist in print books, really, because the canvas restriction there ISN'T artificial at all and there's no way to bust out of it.

Including excess margins in an Unsounded print book would just eat up valuable page space on the majority of pages that have no margin-breaking, and when the margin-breaking does happen it simply wouldn't have the same oomph. I'm afraid that short of the aforementioned pop-up book (which is a really awesome idea for some other project actually, someone do this), Unsounded's margin-breaking would not work in print.

But that's okay. There's not a single page that would be broken by not having the popped out art. I designed 'em to work two ways, in case I ever changed my mind about print.

Infectious is a term usually draped in the company of diseases yet the term is also found cheerfully in the company of laughter. My question is what word best defines your laughter?


So, convinced we love you yet? :D

You don't have to love me :D But the push for votes in this round IS terribly sweet.

You update more consistently than most "professional" webcomic artists I know, and your art and stories are better. How are you not famous and rich enough to support yourself with just your webcomic?

I guess because I don't take any interest in the business side of comics. I don't do merchandise or advertising or print books. In fact I feel outright repulsed when it comes to the topic of Unsounded and Money because I am weird and possibly some kind of closeted purist art hippie, I don't know. You are nice though, Son of Hod, thank you.

So, who has nothing better to do than fill Glass' inbox with dirty questions on Saturday? Who has better things to do, but will help anyways if they find a spare moment?

The amusing thing to me about this is if I switched off my Responsible Webcomic Creator Internet Persona, I could turn your ears pink with my ribald displays, missy.

Oh, if Duane can't do pymary at night, shouldn't his glamour-face have slid off? And he'd be looking like a gorey, noseless, mess?

He's on his way, baby.

Finally, now that it can't possibly be considered a spoiler to talk about Sette controlling Duane at night: when does that girl sleep?

Sometimes she doesn't! Sometimes like this.

Has Sette pretty much puzzled out who Mikaila is, or is that the first time Duane's called her that?

No, Duane calls her that a lot at night. She can't ask him about it though, or he'll realise he does it, and she's not entirely sure if that's normal or if it's a side effect of her having the upper hand at night. So she keeps mum.

How's chapter six coming along?

Pretty well, I think! It focuses really heavily on the Quigleys, Jivi, and the RBB though, which may irritate the Sette and Duane fans (I think there are like five) :3 Anyway, I actually like it and I hate almost everything I do so that should count for something.

If you end up doing a print edition of Unsounded at some point in the future, how do you think you'd end up handling the pages where the art spills off the page? (My suggestion: pop-up book FTW!)

There really IS no way to handle it. It's an effect that works only on the internet (barring the aforementioned pop-up book of course). In print, those pages are just simple full-bleed pages, with the stuff too far over the border cut off. Sadness.

I'd give anything to get a good shot of Sette's open mouth up close. Can such an image be commissioned?

From someone else, surely :)

How do you know piercing your tongue hurts? Is your tongue pierced, Glass? Would Sette ever pierce her tongue, or have it split so it's all snake like?

My sis-in-law has a pierced tongue, she's told me the grisly details. Sette wouldn't get a split tongue 'cause that's lizardy and there's that stigma against two-toes and lizards in Kasslyne, but she might go full furfag and get whisker implants and tiger stripe tattoos and just generally make herself unattractive and terrifying. I mean, her teeth are already filed, she's well on the way to extreme body modification.

I'm excited to see how big a voting spike we see in the tournament when everyone comes to see your update tonight. Are you excited? 'Cause I'm excited. (Could you tell?)

I'm only in it for the exposure, man :D Whether Unsounded takes this round or Evil Inc does, Looking For Group is going to obliterate the winner in the next round. So don't lose sleep over it! :)

...that would be a very funny joke except my dogs eat their poop and then go to lick my face. Augh, now I'm having flashbacks. ;_;

Aww. Dogs only give poo kisses to their most favourite people :3

"Having a shaman file your teeth hurts." Is that who filed down Sette's teeth or was that just a random reference?

Random reference :3

Is there any text out there that you would say gives good advice for a first time GM? A bunch of people have suddenly taken an interest in an RP idea I had sort of let stagnate and now I'm probably going to end up finishing it and starting an RP.

There may be guides out there but I've never seen one. Just be assertive, bird. If you are GM, you are boss! Keep a handle on OOC drama, don't let it into the game. Steer the story. Keep everyone entertained. Be funny and fun and make sure everyone always has something to do!

I guess being a GM is kind of like hosting a dinner party.

My dogs are horrible about their toys! We find them used human toys and then they leave disembowled Strawberry Shortcakes on our beds. Not to mention the hollow skins of teddy bears and random eyeballs underfoot. Frankly, it's off-putting.

Dogs are very rude. Mine won't use the toilet at all and instead poop outside like animals. The nerve!

Thanks a ton for talking about that expand function in PS the other day, it is saving my time/ ass/ etc so hard right now. This is not even a question.


News stories are making me mad and I can't sleep. One bright spot in life is that Unsounded is in the next round of voting in that tournament: GO GO GO

I found the Trayvon story particularly upsetting. I think intentionally shooting and killing an unarmed child should at least get a person arrested, colour me crazy.

And yes! Go vote! Although the other comic seems nice, it wouldn't be embarrassing to lose to it.

Does having little holes drilled in your head not HURT, or is there some type of magical painkiller we have not yet heard about? And isn't weakening your skull dangerous? Particularly if you keep getting in situations where it gets bashed often?

Well, getting your tongue pierced hurts. Getting tattoos hurts. Having a shaman file your teeth hurts. Circumcision hurts. But people in cultures all around the world still do these zany things. The skull probably is weaker right there - protip: when fighting an Aldishman, aim for their jewellery :D

What is it with women and meowing? My ex did that whenever I... never mind. You said no inappropriate stuff.

I guess meowing is less crude than a strident cry of "I want that in me!"

If your life is narrated, who would you want narrating it and why?


My Pathfinder game (It's a D&D offshoot) meets over skype. If you're interested in joining, you're more than welcome. We already have a couple of new players, so you won't be out of place.

Thanks, man, but I already have more hobbies than I can fit in my far too short days :)

Going back four months on Formspring sure is frustrating, but it is sometimes productive. You didn't USED to be so coy about the future of Sette's boobs, I notice.

I'm growing prude in my old age.

What did Duane have his ports installed to hold? If nothing in particular, what was the most tragic thing he ever put into them that was a good idea at the time? (y'know, like all '80s hair, or the bell-bottoms of the '70s)

Ha, he had them installed in seminary so he could wear the little emblem of his school on his brow. Then he wore his Academy emblem after that. He didn't wear anything in the army, they were banned 'cause you could get them caught on things. Afterwards at the Temple he wore a fairly elabourate eyepiece indicative of his station. The head of the temple wears this whole-brow gold thing, it's crazy.

I'm assuming Duane wouldn't appreciate if I mailed him a squeaky stuffed hedgehog like the one my dog used to have when he was a puppy. Actually, he went through three of them, coz he liked to tear the heads off. (dunno why we got more after the first)

My dogs destroy their toys as well, and scatter bits of plush and plastic all over the house. Duane does not want a squeaky stuffed hedgehog but Sette says send it anyway, she will teach him to play fetch tomorrow night.

What are your thoughts on revenge as a character motivator?

If it's good enough for Batman...

I dunno, it probably works best when it's an initial motivation that leads to deeper aims. It's good for getting your hero out of bed in the morning, but it's not going to see them through their whole day, if you know what I mean. Blade of the Immortal is an excellent example. Rin starts the manga off wanting to avenge her parents' murders and this leads into all kinds of political storylines and Manji getting dissected and then she winds up spending extensive time with the guy she wants to kill and never even does it which is kind of fucked up because even though I love Anotsu to bits he really is a piece of shit.

But yeah, I wouldn't rely on revenge as primary motivation. It's been done to death and we all know where it's going to lead. The hero will realise revenge is hollow as he stands facing the object of his vengeance, and then not kill the dude. The antihero will realise revenge is hollow AFTER he's killed the dude, and then will probably set something on fire.

D&D doesn't need to be irl. My IRC group and I use ASCII art and a dicebot.. Anyway, question. Unsounded wiki says that plats are holy in the Ssaeslit religion. But you said Duane wasn't under a religious obligation to revere Quig. Am I misunderstanding?

The wiki lied to you! I punished it.

Sooo, I saw the question about Quigley finding Squirrels inside Uaid, And I had to do this. Please don't hate me >.>

Grumpy Quigley is grumpy! But the squirrels like him because he is nuts. Hoho! Thanks, man :D

What Duane needs isn't a rag to chew on, but a pacifier. :D


Would Duane rather find a pretty lady to chew on instead of those damp rags? But that would be awful, and shouldn't happen.

Duane doesn't wanna chew on anyone :( He doesn't even want to chew on his enemies. It's gross and sinful and horrible and BAAAWWWW. He is the Louis de Pointe du Lac of zombies.

Have you ever played Dungeons and Dragons? If so, what did you think of it?

I've never had offline friends who were the type to roleplay, so the opportunity's never arisen to try it out :(

Speaking of glasses, I notice that the left side of Quigley's have something extra on top...and it coincides with those dots above his eyebrow. What exactly is the purpose of that? Do the glasses help him to "see" something, or enhance his power?

The glasses do give him khert-vision when they're activated, but the two dots/studs are to do with how they sit on his face. Skull piercings are really popular in Alderode. You get a pair of little silver ports drilled into your brow, and can then screw in jewellery, headpieces, glasses, things like that. This is why Quigley's glasses never fall off - they're attached to his skull. Duane has a pair of ports in the same place, his glamour just hides them.

So, ooh, ooh! So did Duane make his glass eyes himself? Does he use them to see? Do they help to maintain his facial glamour? And if he uses them to see, does that mean he could build a more sophisticated Chitz that could let Matty see in more detail?

All good questions! But mostly spoilers, I'm afraid. I can tell you, though, that yes, he depends on his glass eyes in order to see, and no, they do not have much to do with his glamour :)

Does seeing Uaid change Sette's opinion of Matty? Like maybe she thinks it might not be so bad to have him around? Strictly as a minion, of course :p

Time will tell :D

You mentioned earlier that Plats Matty's age are often used as field wrights in the army, so a jerkass or overcautious person might attack Matty just to be sure. Would Toma and Elka be able to realize that Matty is harmless?

Elka would know pretty quickly he has no wright's connection to the khert. Toma would look to her for that info. Toma has a kid of his own though, he's not one to go attacking unfamiliar children, even if they are Aldish and in very unfavourable positions.

What's your favourite spice? I really like pepper. I sometimes put so much of it on my tomatoe sandwitch that it's more black than red :3

Eee! I love garlic. Like, hardcore love garlic. I relish the hours after I've minced a few cloves of garlic wherein my fingertips just reek of garlicky goodness and I can rest my chin on my hand and position my fingers right under my nose, and snort that ambrosia like a teenager trying to get a buzz off the White-out on her fingernails.

If a Plat kid is living with one parent, and the other is missing for some reason (in another place, not dead) and the parent the kid is living with DIES HORRIBLY, then the second parent appears, but makes no move either way on where the kid goes, (cont.)

"would the village try to keep the child, or push the child onto their remaining relative?"

I would say the village would take care of the kid, they are his family just as much as the dead parent was. Plats and Silvers, more than any of the other castes, stick together. If you follow the rules, your community will look out for you your entire life.

"Warm, fibrous wetness." So Duane really does chew on wet rags to help the cravings then? I don't know what to make of that. It's sort of sad, sort of sick, and sort of puppylike.

Being a zombie isn't all fun and games.

Did you have Uaid eat those squirrels a few chapters ago so that when we got to this point we would already understand that Quigley's not going to be harmed by getting nommed?

Naturally. There is often a method to my madness.

Do you prefer chocolate milk made with chocolate goop or chocolate powder?

Chocolate goop!

How long does it take to make a plod? Is it quick enough that a plod could be pretty after creation? Does dessication continue on its normal, if slowed, path after creation? Will you tell me the other stuff I want to know but haven't yet thought of?

Corpses meant to be plods are processed before they're raised. They get all their hair removed, they get fitted with masks, and they have much of their chest cavity cleared out to cut down on bloat. The act of initially raising them takes a few hours, so yeah, plods start out fairly fresh looking... don't bugger the plods, FC, it's not sanitary. They do rot slower, yes.

Just wanted to say that while fooling around on Akinator, thinking of my own char for the lulz, I got Quigley. And when I tought of Quigley, I got Sorin Markov, from Magic: The Gathering. At least they all have white hair and use magic of sorts?

Wow, Quigley made it to Akinator? I knew Duane and Sette are on there but that's crazy. I dunno much about M:TG, but a lot of people say Quigs looks like Lezard from the Valkyrie Profile games, which I can kind of see, particularly in his intro scene.

I used to have lovely flowing locks. Shoulder length. Black. Till a friend made me self conscious by telling me constantly I was thinning in back. Now I shave it. if I go bald, it'll be on MY terms, not mother nature's!

I used to have lovely flowing locks. Shoulder length. Black. Till a friend made me self conscious by telling me constantly I was thinning in back. Now I shave it. if I go bald, it'll be on MY terms, not mother nature's!

That's right! Don't take that shit from her!

Toma was ogling Uaid? Didn't realize he swung that way. What's the name for a fetish for magically animated objects/constructs?

I'm not sure, but I should figure this out since I'm sure this phenomenon must exist in Unsounded.

I'm hiding from sleep. What do you do when you're hiding from sleep?

Draw comic pages :3 I bet you are asleep now. Have that dream where you think you're on the toilet and pee all over the place. Dooooo it~~

I'm a huge fan of Matsuno... I've played and beaten Tactics Ogre, FFT, Vagrant Story, March of the Black Queen and FFXII... I'm wondering if you have any recommendations game/movie/reading wise that I would enjoy if I liked these?

Matsuno fan! Brother from another mother! I have heard that Dark Souls is an awesome game and very Vagrant Storyish, but I never had the right console to try it out. Could be worth a look. Meanwhile, he has a game for 3DS called Crimson Shroud coming out soon, and it's supposed to hearken to his old Ivalice games. It's sad though, 'cause I read in an interview that he's kind of burned out on that "Matsuno atmosphere" and wants to do more lighthearted fare. That makes me think of like, FFTAdvance, which I disliked. Anyway, did you know he wrote the game MadWorld? He is so cool, I love him.

When Duane gets the urge to eat people, is he still civilized about it? Does he marinade and cook them before he eats them or perhaps something with a light garnish and oh, now I'm hungry.

Naw, he doesn't have a sense of smell nor taste buds, so there's no real compulsion to improve the flavour. It's more a craving for like, warm, fibrous wetness, and gettin' all up in dat shit would feel so good. Like sex, maybe, almost like a sexual desire... thing.

I'm hungry too. Let's go make ourselves pancakes and reconvene here in ten minutes. Aaaaand... break!

What does Quigley taste of, Uaid?


Is Matty trying to hide in Uaid's cockpit, or is he just too short to "see" over the dashboard? Also, does Toma realize that there's a kid driving the ogre, or is he just too dumbfounded?

He's hiding. That's not him talking, it's Chitz ;) Blame it on the beanbag, it was all his idea! I don't think Toma registered the source of the voice, he was too busy oggling the ogre.

I've never been sure on how to pronounce Uaid's name...oo-aid, or you-aid?


Does Duane experience hallucinations all through the night, or just in the "in-between" time?

You shall see.

Ok, concerning cutting hair, what if one is naturally bald. I mean no hair; Kojak style?

Doesn't happen! There really is no natural baldness among the Aldish. Were you among their number you would have lovely, flowing locks, SO.

You mentioned FF:Tactics, were you as fond of its plot as I was? People tend to criticize it, saying it was too complicated but I thought it was sort of remnicent of shakespeare, only with demons and what not.

Comparing it to Shakespeare is a bit much perhaps, but I really do love the plot. I've always thought that Delita is one of the most complex and fully realised characters in RPGs. FFT manages to tell a better story with textboxes and sprites than most AAA titles today manage with full voice acting and motion-captured 3D. Yasumi Matsuno - absolute genius. Anyway, try Tactics Ogre if you liked FFT.

Those Unsounded supplements are fantastic, I do love reading first person style writings from other perspectives, especially in a world as rich as yours. Do you ever plan to write more of them?

Thanks! I'd like to write some more, though I did kind of abandon the prose supplement idea. I've been working on the story of Wrath of Dog, which is a pretty good one and gets into Sharteshane, the Frummagems, Sette's homelife, and what went down in the two months before Nary sends Sette off on her mission. I wanted to add illustrations, then try selling it in pdf instalments. We'll see if I can pull it off D:

Do you believe that the Democratic party is liberal?

Hahaha. No. It's in the center, at best, but leans Right.

Hm. But don't you think deportation is a little extreme? In many cases, it's basically a death sentence. Are you okay with illegal immigrants being granted the opportunity to become legal citizens?

I think deportation is the only thing that makes sense. When you steal something and get caught, you don't get to keep it. I mean, it sucks. I wish there were no countries and no borders and resources enough for everyone, but that's not the case. It is not evil that the US has immigration processes. I want to live in Canada but I understand that I can't just pack my things and move there.

If the lawbreaker in question is seeking asylum in the US and would be sent back to some wartorn hell or a tyrannous regime that's out for their blood, then there's a case to be made for them.

What are your feelings on Dubstep?

I'm cool with it, but I don't understand why it was getting so much attention there for a while.

You have been given access to a nuclear weapon. What do you do with it?

Destroy it. Nukes are bad, mmkay?

What is your unpopular opinion (Politics, society, culture, anything)?

I'm a Lib when it comes to everything but immigration. If you come to the US illegally, you're breaking the law and should be deported. As much as I'd like to, I can't just go plant my flag in a European country or Canada and call it my new home. Follow the law, people.

So the Silvers try to stay isolated from the other castes, but are they ok with having servants and such of other castes, or do the work things so that everyone in the little Silver society is Silver?

There are a lot of different Silver communities scattered throughout the country, and they all have their own thoughts on this. Most Silvers though, particularly in the cities, are very friendly and want to get along with all the castes, so they have no restrictions on this. It's only when it comes to friendship and romantic relationships that they are so standoffish.

Are there Aldish purists who refuse to cut their hair because it's a symbol of their caste and place in life and to cut it would be to insult the Dammakhert or something?

Funnily enough, Aldish Gefendur clergy do not cut their hair. When Duane was a young man in seminary, he and a few friends experienced a minor feud with the Gefendur school across town. To settle it, they snuck into the dormitories one night and introduced lice to everyone's bedsheets. No one ever put two and two together, so when half the school's population had to shave their heads, the administrators took it as a terrible omen that they'd offended Tirna, and the school was shut down and everyone transferred. Adelier's finest hour.

So, is it really insulting if an Aldish citizen suddenly stops letting someone cut their hair?

I would say so. Good passive-aggressive tactic :D

Hold on. If Quigley's wife is dead, then who cuts his hair?

Cuts it himself.

is canon?


Does Quigley still burn Matty's hair, or has his hate of Aldish life extended to all the little meaningless customs and superstitions not tied directly to the institutions?

Quigley still burns Matty's hair and his own. There are some superstitions it's just too hard to shake off.

What is the Aldish policy on plucking or shaving one's hair off?

Beards aren't fashionable at the moment in Alderode - at least not in the cities - so shaving whiskers is plenty common. The Aldish are very superstitious about their hair though, so no one shaves the hair up top, and you only let your loved ones cut it. Parents cut their kids' hair, husbands and wives cut their spouses' hair, and so on. Clippings are always thoroughly burned afterwards.

They are a really weird people.

Does Chitz have a six-pack?

Of Yahoo.

"There was a page I cut from the thumbnails of Toma seeing Duane's showy "mountain punch" from a distance, goading Pantoffel forward, and tearing off the inconvenient rags of his bloody uniform" vote incentive!!!!!!!!

Some wonderful soul has beat me to it

Ooo! Ooo! Pick a caste for me too, please!

Um! I'ma say you're a Bronze. Deal with it, commoner!

Could pymary be used to make oneself appear taller? In other words, is Quigley secretly 4'11"?

You can glamour yourself to be however tall you want, I reckon. Quigley needs no glamours though; he is naturally fabulous, of a perfect tallness, and has a wang that reaches to the moon.

Under which trope do you prefer villains to fall under: Complete Monster or Sympathetic Villain?

Wow, that's really circumstantial, innit? I mean, I think they each have their place and when done well, are equally awesome. Look at Escaflowne. Is Dilandau or Folken the better villain? I CANNOT CHOOSE.

"I very much appreciate characters who stay dead in video games, cartoons, anime, and comic books. " That better not include Murkoph!!! }:C

Undead characters get a pass :3

What about Zack Unfair?

Right bastard, that one.

What is a guilty pleasure song of yours/a song you'd otherwise never admit to adoring?

Hmm, what's your opinion of Zack Fair?

Zack's a cool fellow, I do not find him offensive. I even thought his relationship with Aerithhhh in Crisis Core was kind of sweet. Also, he has the good sense to stay dead. I very much appreciate characters who stay dead in video games, cartoons, anime, and comic books.

Not sure if you've been asked this before, but which of the characters (if any in particular) is your favorite to write for? Why?

Murkoph is a lot of fun to write for because he shies away from absolutely no language. He will be as profane or as poetic as the situation calls for, and I find it impossible to censor him. I think some of the best things I've ever written have been from his point of view. He has the fine tastes of a gourmand, the joie de vivre of a child, the carnal needs of a man, and the morality of a monster.

Wait! You're assigning castes now? DO ME DO ME DO ME!!!!!! Please?

Well, do you feel you are more valuable than other people? Are you always right? Are you an alpha? You might just be a Copper.

Are you constantly dissatisfied with everything and everyone around you? Does the world as it is make you restless and unhappy? Are you an idealist? You might be a Jet.

Do you often feel inferior or passed over? Do people cross to the other side of the street when they see you coming? Do you have trouble getting reservations at the best restaurants in town? You might be a Bronze.

Are you spiritual? Scholarly? In touch with the earth? Are you of modest means but high ambitions? You might be a Gold.

Are you easy-going and just a bit frivolous? Are you content with a good meal and a friend to share it with? Is tomorrow a worry for tomorrow and today an excuse for a good time? You may be a Silver.

Are you beautiful and serene? Do you gravitate towards art and music, poetry and philosophy? Do you feel at one with the gods and largely uninterested in the goings-on of this world? You may be a Plat.

Are there other pymaric appendages aside from arms? Like ones for a lost finger or ear? The boobs one doesn't count since it's not an actual replacement. :I

Definitely! Pymarics are expensive though, so unless you're rich you might want to really carefully consider how much you miss that finger or ear.

Do most of your characters have detailed backgrounds in the way that Starfish has, or is he a special case?

All of my main characters have really fleshed-out backstories, but more minor characters like Ephsephin and Turas and the like... not so much. Starfish started out a minor character but I enjoy drawing him so much, and he's so delightfully nasty, that I changed the script to let him stick around for longer. There's a lot to be said for an uncomplicated antagonist with very straightforward motivations in a world that's otherwise all shades of grey. Starfish is useful.

Does Duane's cast have anything to do with him becoming a zombie?

Isn't this lovely? I want to lick the pianist's head all over while he plays.

Can pymary be used to 'stuff' your top to make your boobs look bigger? or maybe actually MAKE them bigger?

Absolutely. You could switch the dimension of your boob with the dimension of an appropriately shaped clay ball. But it wouldn't create mass where there is no mass, it would only enlarge the bounding box, so to speak. So a dress would fit just fine over it, but viewed naked it would still look its regular size. Now, if you combined a dimension switch with a glamour, you'd get the full effect, but since your boob is not made of a First Material, it would not be permanent - the switch would only last as long as you (assuming you're a wright) actively maintain the spells. For a semi-permanent effect, you would enchant these boob-altering spells into some kind of pymaric - perhaps a lovely First Material broach - which would project the spells onto the malformed boob indefinitely.

If a girl on Kasslyne were to discover that one boobie is approximately a quarter of the size of its mate, are there an options for her to use to hide this issue?

Smallboob :( The easiest thing to do would be to stuff one's corset accordingly, I suppose.

Is there anything cool about the Silvers? Aside from being awesome, of course.

Silvers (and many Plats) have a reputation of living for the moment. They have almost genetically short memories which makes them pretty fatalistic, pretty upbeat, pretty easy to get along with. SIlvers don't hold grudges, but they do react swiftly to immediate insults and threats, and can be pretty brutal in a fight. Their culture stresses family and solidarity in the SIlver community, and a certain level of secretiveness. Most Silver ghers (communities) have their own pidgin language and their own secret names that are only used around each other and in the home.

Glass, are you secretly someone I know personally? Because you've got me pegged... I read the Silver Wiki entry... it's actually kind of creepy how well that fits.

That is why I chose it, my lovely. I DO pay attention :)

Would Boo be sad if it knew it had hurt someone?

Boo wouldn't know how to act. Boo is a very young... thing... and still needs to learn its morality. It's kind of a baby.

Is Alderode (geographically, not politically) kind of like Canada?

Mm, it's more like Russia. Extreme winters and summers, lots of taiga, tundra, and steppes, a lot of coastline, a lot of lakes.

Are there monkeys in Kasslyne?

No monkeys. But there are bears.

If Quigley wasn't fighting with Duane, and, say, Matty was around, could his buggy-shawl bugs be friendly like Boo is, or are they always all about the pain and misery?

Swarm (the mantle bugs) is pretty dumb and doesn't have a personality. All it exists for is to be hungry, violent, and attack what Quigley tells it to. So it wouldn't be friendly like Boo.

Also related: What does Boo think of pretty dresses? Pantoffel?

Boo likes everything. Pantoffel is a dog and likes bones and butt scratches.

Related: What does Duane think of pretty dresses?

He likes them, particularly if beneath there is a curvy ass and a few handfuls of boob.

What does Elka think of pretty dresses?

They have their place.

Could we paint Uaid with really sparkly paint? What would the Quigleys think of this upgrade?

Haha, Matty wouldn't think anything of it, being unable to see it. Qiugley would probably stave your head in though. Uaid is already stupid looking, please don't make it worse.

Last time we saw Toma his shirt was still roughly 60% intact. Did you deny us a glorious two page spread of him tearing the rags of his shirt asunder?! Did you deny your female fans that wonderful bit of fanservice?

I did :( There was a page I cut from the thumbnails of Toma seeing Duane's showy "mountain punch" from a distance, goading Pantoffel forward, and tearing off the inconvenient rags of his bloody uniform. It was just too goofy though, I had to kill it. He IS shirtless though! That in itself was fairly generous of me, I thought :D

So does Quigley only take care of Matty out of obligation, or does he honestly love him? How would he feel if something happened to Matty (i.e. goodness forbid, the poor kid died)?

Good questions.

What sort of future did Matty's mother envision for him? His father?

Quigley was seldom around and never cared about what Matty did with himself. Not much of a father. Matty's mom wanted him to go into the family business.

It looks like Quigley's bugs are trying to pull Duane's hood off. It's either than or fly in his mouth, as bugs like to do.

I think both. And stab him too. They're waspy. I redrew a lot of that page before it went up. Very troublesome.

A lot of people hate on characters mainly because they do despicable things. For me it's more the personality traits that make me dislike characters. What kind of characters or character traits do you dislike in fiction?

I loathe helpless damsels and women just waiting around to fall in love or be rescued. To paraphrase Hyakurin in Blade of the Immortal, "When they have to, women can kill just fine." I hate passive characters, characters that the plot happens TO instead of being dynamic forces within it. That kind of sets me against white bread protagonists like Luke Skywalker (though he gets better) or Shinji from Evangelion, Hitomi from Escaflowne, Bella from Twilight. Give me Ripley, give me Jim Hawkins, give me Captain Ahab. Strike the sun if it insults you! Rawr!

Two questions: is Matty as awesome at Pymary as his dad, just no one knows about it yet? Like does his blindnesmintensive him heightened awareness of the Khert? Also, do we get to see some Duane flashbacks at some point? Cuz that would be dope.

Naw, Matty knows no pymary, cannot sense the khert better than anyone else, and is harbouring no secret BLIND POWERS! Other than the little eccentricities that Chitz grants him. And yes, most of chapter seven is an Alderode flashback.

You don't feel bad for Will? I know I don't know anything about RP, but I think an eternity of torment outweighs any fleeting joy one got to experience in life. D:

Oh, we wound up resolving all that pretty neatly. We said that Will's soul had been split by the trauma, so a necromancer chick of Steve's came in and tidied things up, and Will's asylum-half stayed around playing protector to all the ghost kids. It was an awesome thing.

"There is no alive Duane. Duane died and got rotten :( " But you could do a flashback sort of thingy, no? And when do we get to know more about our dear zombies past?

Chapter seven is mostly flashback. Some people may be disappointed by the nature of them, some people may be delighted. I worry D:

Unsounded shirtless dudes checklist: Toma, Quigley, Matty, Bett, and Starfish, check. Eph, partial check. Bastion, check check check. That leaves Duane, but I only want to see that if he’s alive. When do we get to see alive Duane without a shirt? Hmmm?

There is no alive Duane. Duane died and got rotten :(

Can Duane be sleeveless for the rest of the chapter?

Poor Duane doesn't get a change of clothes for like three-hundred pages, poor bastard.

Oh. Hey. Shirtless Toma is nice. Can we see shirtless Elka? Obviously it would take some contrived excuse but I'm okay with that.

PG-13, baby.

Can you make the alteration to Toma's uniform permanent please? Thanks.

Permanent for the rest of the chapter! Am I not merciful?

Has Sette had to deal with controlling Duane while he's wigging out in a situation like this before? What's her state of alarm right now, on a scale of 1 to 10?

I would say it's a ten, but only because of the timing. She's been travelling with Duane for quite a while now, so I think we can assume that when it comes to handling him, she knows what she's doing.

"Nighttime Duane can't do pymary." Team Zombie's gonna get their ass kicked.


I don't normally bring up fanfiction, since most of it's crap and everyone has such different tastes, but have you read this yet?

No, I haven't really read fanfiction since my FFVII days. I don't have time for proper novels much less fan stuff. Thanks though ;)

Shirtless Toma. He deserves another couple of opera... things because of this. y/n?

Yes please.

Pantoffel makes clomping noises? I thought that was Uaid for sure.


So is Duane losing his grip on his spells as he descends into madness, or is he full out brainless zombie now?

Nighttime Duane can't do pymary.

What, if anything, was the one real spark that sort of flared the whole Unsounded/rp 'verse into being?

I would have to trace it back to Murkoph. Murkoph was an original character in a Vagrant Story RP long ago. He needed a backstory, and everything else kind of sprang from that. Sette is an older character than Murkoph but she came out of stories and settings that really had nothing to do with Unsounded, so I'm not countin' her.

Do you ever feel sorry for Will?

Will's lot isn't too bad on the whole. He had some rough patches in RP, what with the being kidnapped and butt-raped by a sadistic elf and then the haunted asylum debacle, but he also has frequent sex with pretty hot chicks, has a great job, has a cool wooden arm, and awesome silver hair that is often the cause of the frequent sex with the hot chicks.

Unsounded Will is much younger but, as you shall some day see, his lot in life isn't too bad either. Even when life kicks him around a bit he's pretty upbeat and not inclined to feel sorry for himself - so I'm not inclined to feel sorry for him either :3

Have you ever thought of changing all your online handles to Glasssssssssshard?

No, that is obnoxious D: There is a very cool online artist whose name is like... keiiii. I think it's four i's. But four i's! What a pain to remember.
And, if they could, could they also hypothetically make the humidity rise, the barometer lower, the street the place to go and, for the first time, just about half past ten, for the first time in history, make it start raining men?

Hahahaha. Fakult <3

I expect this has been asked before but could a Wright hypothetically change the weather with pymary?

Some can, with enough time and the proper equipment. It requires a really long reach, a pymaric that acts as a sort of khert-radar, projecting a map of the local cloudcover, and a few hours to get a complete picture of the clouds, wind, and moisture in the area. So it's not something one can do in a fight, but if one wants be Batman and prepare, it can be useful.

What's your account on y!gallery? - both things up there are old and blah. Don't get excited.

Is soud just the Tainish word for gold, or is it what the souds originally actually called themselves? If so, is there another word used for, say, the metal or the color?

Well, the soud were originally the Tainish people, and they called themselves the "Tainit." When Alderode was founded and the caste system initiated, the king at the time looked out at his sea of strangely coloured subjects and - because the Dammakhert is connected to the earth of Alderode - saw them as the land's own wealth of precious ores given the shape of men, pleading to be smelt and shaped by a firm metalsmith. Lo, he named them after the materials he felt suited them, and they've been called that since.

There isn't another word for the castes' corresponding metals, they still use the same word. They also use the same word to refer to hair colours, just add -ul to the caste. So blonde is "soudul" in Tainish.

It's π day! Will you celebrate with delicious pie?

I celebrated with a salad! Do you have any idea how many calories are in pi? Let's not get crazy here.

I kind of already talked to an accountant about the proper procedure for setting up an LLC, and whether or not it would be the optimal solution for properly merchandising Unsounded. I'm sorry.

You rascal.

Ever had an art account for... explicit pictures?

I have a few things up at y!gallery but it's nothing all that exciting. I don't draw much porn. I always preferred the written variety to the visual.

That webcomic contest is in the next round, with brackets, and Unsounded is here: Consider yourself bullied into mentioning it on Friday!

Haha, I will mention it if it looks like I need the votes :D Looks like I'm okay at the moment. I always thought Bear Nuts had really fun art.

How often do you use traditional media, if at all? I find traditional inking to be so much more pleasant than digital, though I can see how digital could be fun if you're actually good at it, and more efficient for comics to boot.

I used to ink traditionally as well, with a real brush and a bottle of FW black and everything. I was pretty good at it too, but you really can't beat digital for speed and flexibility.

Do the Red Berry Boys go through the trouble of assessing each of their slaves for usefulness before taking out their innards? If not, how did they pick Jivi out? Was he the only able-bodied one out of all their cargo? Or did they only need one "helper"?

These questions will be addressed one day! Jivi has a story to tell.

Reading back through the archive while netflix has a fit. >.> Why haven't the RBB cut Jivi open?

They hadn't cut Jivi open yet in the crypt because he was tending to the others, keeping the place clean, and killing rats so they didn't have to. Jivi was the only literal slave in the bunch, effectively. Afterwards Quigley was with them, remember? And Quigley had bargained for Jivi and the rest of the kids, so Starfish didn't get a chance to do anything worse than gnaw his ear a bit.

Whaaaaa, but now I wanna know what it waaaaas!

Wait twelve pages.

"Duane's experience with Cara only further cemented that notion." But didn't Cara say that the Ilganyag, or "Blacktongue Doctor" Was trying to help her? (I suspect Bastion) She ran away on her own and got caught. Why would Duane blame the Ilganyag?

Because I forgot I edited something out of the Cara scene. Disregard >_>

If you were serious about wanting me to be your business manager, I'll make some calls and see about setting up an LLC in Florida for you, and look into getting the resources to make custom t-shirts which are of good quality.

I admire your initiative, Son, but I was only foolin'. Tough job market out there, eh?

I keep fish! I'm guessing that since they don't like the ocean very much, the Aldish would probably never want salt-water fishtanks... Is any form of fishkeeping popular at all in any part of the world in Unsounded?

Ha, no, people much prefer to eat fish. It's only the Ssaelit among the Aldish who have a thing with the ocean - most Aldish are Gefendur and think this is stupid. And that Ssaelit are stupid.

I used to have little feeder fish when I was a kid. They were named after the cast of Cheers.

Does coffee, tea or any equivalent exist anywhere on Kasslyne?

Gotta have coffee. No tea though. Warm, goaty, fruity yoghurt drinks are a big thing in Alderode to stave off the cold.

Time for another language question! The word "Pymary" and it's associated "Pymaric" bring me delight without end. I just love the scholarly feeling of the pair. How did you come up with them?

I... am not sure. I know this is a horrible answer but a lot of words and names just show up in my brain, and I go with them. It may be a deformation of the word "primary," since pymary deals with the primary language and the primary aspects of materials. Anyway, they're definitely not Tainish words :)

How do you do your flatting process? I know you use the select tool, but whenever I've tried this I end up with horrible 1px white gaps around the lines that I have to then fill in manually, which can take almost as long as using a brush. Any tips? =/

Select>modify selection>expand

I use 3px, but the number will depend on how thick or thin your lines are. Alternately, do all your inking with the pencil tool, which will lay down unaliased pure black lines that will be much kinder to your magic wand.

Can I be your attack hitman? Do you need one of those?

I need a business manager. Be my business manager.

Does Duane feel tiredness? He seems utterly exhausted right now, not to mention probably in pain.

Duane Goes Away at night. As that departure approaches, one could compare the feeling he experiences to exhaustion.

PROFESSOR BANDAGES?! AHAHAHA! I'm sorry, Duane. I still love you! Also, how awesome is Sette likely to think Uaid? No doubt that's him coming.


Did Duane immediately thing of Cara when Quigley suggested/asked he might be a Black Tongue? And was Quigs insulting him with that suggestion?

Quigs wasn't insulting him, Quigley thinks the Ilganyag is pretty damn cool. Everyone else though - Duane included - thinks they are blasphemous, treacherous, dangerous tards. Duane's experience with Cara only further cemented that notion.

I feel like I missed something while reading the page on Alderode in the wiki! While each caste ages past adulthood differently, does that mean children grow at a normal rate for humans, or does it vary?

Kids grow at a normal rate.

What does asking knowing what caste someone is tell Quigley?

The strength and stability of their connection to the khert, and if he should hate them particularly fiercely or not. Quigley's got a chip on his shoulder for Jets and Coppers more than anyone else. Anyway, since Duane's soud, or a Gold, he's untouched by the Dammakhert and a wild card, so knowing his caste tells Quigley little.

What is unicorn-goat milk like? Cheese made from such milk? Is it like sheep milk or goat milk or cow milk or people milk or horse milk or cat milk? Is it entirely its own experience? Can the jelly be added to flavour it? Share with me the wonders!

It's very much like goat milk - indistinguishable even - and monny cheese is very much like smoky goat cheese. It's not really mixed with the blood-jelly, the flavours don't mesh. Monny jelly has a really weird sweet/sour/citrus flavour all its own, and mixing it with the milk would be like... I dunno, mixing your orange juice with your breakfast milk. The idea makes me want to claw out my tongue.

Duane has a flat? What does it look like? Is it tastefully decorated? Does Duane have a cat? He seems like he would be a cat person. Is Duane a cat person? Would Duane ever eat a cat? Have I asked too many questions in one message? Do you like Caramel?

No one's ever been inside Duane's flat except Duane and a man of Nary's who broke in there to snoop. It is only two rooms, very small, and in a poor part of town. The rooms are largely empty except for a very large writing desk with stands and paper and quills and inks and all the accouterments of letter-writing and document-copying. The cat questions are impossible, there are no housecats in Kasslyne. Caramel is nice.

That was fun, Glass. I can be your fandom attack dog er...bird in the future if you'd like.

You are so vicious! I thought there'd be a flippant comment about spermatozoa and we'd all call it a night :3

Don't you like Korn? I don't really know much about your taste in music, so I'm not sure if that track was particularly bad or you just dislike the whole band...

I don't know much about Korn, but I find that track really ill-suited to a Silent Hill game. I don't mean to single out Korn or anything, I'm sure they're lovely in other situations.

A little curious now about whether Quigley was actually impressed by Duane's show of pyramy as he seemed to hint last page, or just stalling for time.

No, he was really blown away by it (hohoho). Seriously though, Quigs is legitimately impressed, s'why he asked about his caste.

Wait. What??? Quigley and Sette's cousin are going to be romantically involved with each other at some point???? When will this happen?

What what? All I said was people might ship them D: They look pretty together.

Quigley is about to pull out a flashlight and shine it in Duane's eyes for a moment oh god Duane, put your hood back on.

Not terribly likely. Quigley's current hypothesis is that Duane has some undead limbs attached to an otherwise alive man. The idea of an actual talking, thinking, pymary-casting zombie is so impossible that it doesn't even come to mind. Yet.

I agree with you, white chocolate is TERRIBLE. But I seem to have a strange hatred of all things white and creamy. I also can't stand vanilla ice cream, milk, ranch dressing, whipped cream, and sour cream. I'm weird, I guess.

I... I... could say something really vile, but I will leave it up to @Fakult

Have you played Dragon Age: Origins?


Holy cow. Glass, apparent lover of all things consumable, doesn't like white chocolate?

It is the devil's food.

White chocolate tastes like white chocolate, or dirty wax. Those people /are/ mad. 99% rich dark actual real cocoa chocolate with hot chili's all the way!


When you log into Formspring at night, how many questions do you usually have waiting for you in your Inbox from the day?

I think I get like twenty a day now, maybe? It's not too unmanageable.

Coming from a discussion of kids smashing baked goods, would Matty smash a cake if given the chance? Cos seriously that'd be so frikkin cute.

Wh-why would he smash a cake? D: Why would anyone? We EAT cake!

How do you feel about Mystery Science theater 3000?

I never watched it religiously but the episodes I saw were always worth a chuckle.

Exactly how awesome would Sette think Jivi's mom was?

Perhaps we shall see for ourselves one day :)

What did Quigley mean by texture? I'm intrigued.

A person's pymary often has a "feel" to it. Not a texture per se, not a smell, not an appearance even, but a person's pymary feels like them. And Duane's pymary, wonderful though it is, feels cold, hard, and constantly working around enchantments that are terribly reminiscent of what powers plods.

Now that Duane's caste has officially been confirmed (kudos to you for doing it in a cool way), is there anything you'd like to add now that it can presumably be chatted about?

Blondes have more fun.

What crazy pairing do you expect to take off?

Based on the scene I'm drawing at the moment, maybe Annadyne and Quigley. Honestly though, Unsounded isn't a good comic for shippers, I think. You really gotta work at it.

I agree with Hyugados, white chocolate is delicious.

You are both mad.

What kind of stuff do you talk about in that VGMC place? Is it mostly just video game music?

That, and everything else. Uh, here's a sample from this afternoon~
[18:08:49] (Hyugados) i have a monster sweet tooth
[18:09:00] (Hyugados) i have learned to keep it in check with fruit
[18:09:05] (Adel) I like anything with coconut in it.
[18:09:16] (Hyugados) but goddamn, if you set a bar of white chocolate in front of me
[18:09:23] (Adel) Disgusting.
[18:09:26] (m.Locke) my friends come over here and eat all my candy cause i have so much of it just sitting around
[18:09:28] (Adel) White chocolate is disgusting.
[18:09:33] (Hyugados) you're a crazy person
[18:09:34] (Adel) You can't even eat candy right, Hyuga, goddamnit.
[18:09:41] (m.Locke) haha
[18:10:07] (Hyugados) go to the fucking store and buy a bar of Green & Black's white chocolate with vanilla bean
[18:10:14] (Adel) Fuck that hippie candy.
[18:10:38] (Adel) You know what I do when I want chocolate? I eat store brand baking chocolate bricks like a homeless person.
[18:10:50] (Hyugados) haha
[18:10:59] (m.Locke) one day adel, i'm going to rape your taste buds with organic candy, and then you'll hate me forever
[18:11:13] (Adel) Only do it if you're gonna marry me and change my financial future.
[18:11:42] (Hyugados)
[18:11:52] (Adel) Wax.
[18:11:54] (Hyugados) i'll eat the fucking wrapper it's so good
[18:12:05] (Adel) I don't think I've ever seen that brand.
[18:12:29] (Adel) Where do you shop? Birkenstocks & Solar Panels Unlimited?
[18:12:46] (m.Locke) I live in Boulder, darlin'
[18:12:48] (m.Locke) so... yes.

Cresce reminds me sometimes of dystopian literature. Was that intentional?

Cresce and Alderode are both dystopian. The primary difference between them is that one is tyrannical for the sake of the common good, while the other is tyrannical for the sake of the tyrants.

Are you a member of any other art sites (besides DA)?

I have a y!gallery account but I think there are like two things on there.

I am REALLY bad at drawing hoods. Can you give any advice?

Draw the head first, then draw the hood laying over it. If you have no luck, think about investing in a hooded sweatshirt for yourself so you can always have reference. I was crappy at hoods for a long time too, ese, I understand the struggle.

I think Quigley is my favorite character. There is something about him. I sense deep pain! I know you work ahead, could you show me a future panel of him being awesome?

Quigs is at his awesomest when he's not being a dick to his son.

Do each of the Aldish classes have somewhere in history they originated from?

No. They all came into being at the same time.

Do they ever stuff anything with that delicious-sounding unicorn goat jelly? That could make good dessert... deep fried.

If you added some sweetener and warmed it up, I bet it could be used similarly to azuki bean paste, and stuffed in fried sesame balls. Oh, Jesus, need to eat...

Did you have to brush up on biology to create such detailed Aldish classes?

The Aldish classes? Haha, I don't know that they have too much to do with biology. In fact I think there is something overtly unnatural and engineered about them. What I did have to do is a lot of thinking about sociology and reading about different cultures throughout history and how people have consistently manipulated other people into acting against their own best interests. Getting Alderode's culture just right so it works with the castes was a challenge, but there is so much precedent for it throughout history - throughout present times even - that it's kind of disheartening. Cresce's society is even more challenging however, since in many ways it strives to go AGAINST humanity's history of dickery.

Does the Unsounded universe have fried chicken?

They have chicken... and they fry things... so yes. Goddamn, anon, you're making me hungry.

Wait, the hat doesn't die after all? *Happy dance*

I dunno, man, it doesn't look healthy. I think it's now an undead hat.

Did feel like a waste of time?

Not at all, because it pushed me to improve. Sometimes you need a bit of competition in your life to get you off your ass.

What's the last videogame you played? Are there any you want to get at the moment?

Uh, Terraria, I guess. All the new games I want are on consoles that I don't have so nuts to that.

Have you ever eaten fried chicken sushi?!

I have not! But I bet it would be pretty good. I haven't had sushi in ages, man.

When did you feel you had something to prove?

Years and years ago I joined and I wanted to be voted an elite member. I wanted that gold icon by my name so bad. So I decided I was going to get really good at digital painting. And I did. And I got voted elite. And I almost immediately got bored with the site and stopped going :D

If you could dedicate all your time to one form of storytelling, what would that be? If the answer is Unsounded, then what besides that?

Well, obviously the answer is Unsounded since it is what I literally dedicate all my free time to. If my right hand fell off and I couldn't draw comics anymore, I guess I would fall back on writing. I like to write just as much as I like to draw, but drawing is what people like so it's what I developed more (to the detriment of whatever writing ability I have). Alas, alas.

Ever wish you still had that kind of time?

I do, though I've never been an artist's artist. Art for me is a means to an end - that end being storytelling. If I can tell a story with comic art and not elaborate painted illustrations, that's okay. I don't feel the need anymore to prove to people that I can do those kind of illustrations. What I really wish I had time for is more storytellng, whatever form that would take.

How much time do you get to spend on your personal art?

Well, Unsounded is my personal art. So lots of time :)

Lord Nihil is one badass bro, apparently. Do you still do this kind of painting, or has your style shifted away from it?

There's no time to do paintings like that anymore, alas. They are very time-consuming and very expensive (so no one wants to commission them, either).

Re: Lord Nihil - Haha I was referencing the painting, I didn't realize he had been mentioned in Unsounded! It's only that I do so love his chest cavity, you see. Does that ever heal?

Haha, it wouldn't heal, it's not a wound. Lord Nihil - assuming he exists - is unimaginably powerful and beyond the laws of the world. He looks the way he looks because it's the form he's chosen for himself, so he must enjoy showing off his heart :)

What did Duane do at night before he teamed up with Sette? Lock himself in a room?

Yep. In the bedroom of his flat.

Where is there more information on Lord Nihil?

Mm... nowhere... I think there might be a little blurb under the painting of him in my dA gallery. He's not in Unsounded though except as a reference, I wouldn't worry about him too much.

Who is behind the UnsoundedShipping account on DA, anyway?

I am not sure D: Pervert! Come forward and reveal thyself!

Your music video... frightens me.

It's supposed to.

What's your favorite music video?

I can't pick just one, music videos are some of my favourite things, but here's an old school favourite. Even as a prepubescent Lib, I realised this was amazing.

Two more months until we find out if Zeus impregnated you with the seed of god.

Ssh. Hera will hear you and turn me into a shrub or a fish or some shit.


All the Chinese I know I know from Ni Hao Kai-lan and foreign films.

What is it with White people's obsession with Nutella?

Beats me. It's expensive and it's pretty terrible for you. I don't buy it.

Do you listen to the radio at all?

I listen to sometimes but that's the extent of it.

What's a song that gets on your nerves?

The Korn song from the new Silent Hill game. I never thought I'd live to see the day.

Are you Sane or Insane?

I'm not going to go chopping up anyone any time soon, but I probably have social anxiety issues and a self-esteem problem. No shit, amirite?

Bah, kids are only wasted if they're not used. Be like the noble indian! Waste nothing! Use every part of the child!

Actually, kid plods sounds like a great idea. Cute little necro-butler or maid children. I'd never have to make my own tea again. Another plus is that then the kids would make no noise and actually do what they're told.


Is the reason that Duane and Sette have managed to cover so much ground so quickly because Sette is riding Duane throughout the night, every night, and OH MY GOD THAT'S WHY HIS LEGS ARE SO FRAGILE

One does wonder why Duane, who has been at this at least six years, would allow his leg to get so bad off that it would break at such an inconvenient time. You could be on to something, clever anon.

Right now, Unsounded is in the 18th Place with just over 1,000 votes, Just behind Lackadaisy with 1,200. It made me extremely happy for you after a sucky way back home =) Thought I'd tell you.

Thanks, Steinhoff ^_^ To celebrate I am going to eat this single-serving cup of Luisa's Naturally & Artificially flavoured Baked Flan.

What's the most heartbreaking moment you've ever come across in a story?

The last act of Grave of the Fireflies.

How does it make you feel that Unsounded is currently placing 19th at Mix March Madness?

It makes me feel grateful towards the people who voted. Nice peoples, I don't deserve them.

Is it just me, or are we horrible people?

All the freaky people make the beauty of the world.

Does Matty have a single negative quality?

Narratively negative? He idolizes his dad and lets him get away with too much shit. This results in Matty being guilty of a lot of the same misdeeds that Quigley is guilty of. Matty could have helped Jivi out but he didn't. He assured him it would be okay and walked away. He could have gone up to a cop in Mulimar and said the Red Berry Boys were just outside town with a bunch of sick people. But he didn't.

Negative qualities to readers that I have heard? He's saccharine, a Pollyanna, irritating, gabby, and looks like a girl.

Why do you hate Matty so much? D:

I love Matty :D But a lot of other people hate Matty so I try to temper my affection.

Theory number X: Duane is only not paying attention and stumbling over his word because he is tacit casting a second mountain punch to finish Quigley with. Also, where is Matty?

Quigley sent him back to camp. Possibly he is dead.

Does Starfish have a single redeeming quality?

He is more cunning and capable than he lets on.

Duane should coat his bones in metal. Like Wolverine, only without the healing factor and the claws and the beer drinking.

Not a bad idea, bub.

I love the way Quigley accepts his defeat, that's the spirit! Although I wonder whether he really does accept it and not tries to deceive in his turn. Though with frenzied ploich(plod+lich) around his intentions are to be deemed irrevelant, I guess.

He's wily, that white-haired wizard.

-Counts on fingers- Well shoot. This means that Unsounded won't be updating during -gulp- finals. Whatever shall I do? D:

Ace your finals, graduate with honours, get an awesome job, retire as a millionaire in your forties. Win!

Would Duane's mood be improved at all by a good cleaning? He wouldn't need to worry about wet and bugs if he was just bone and fabric.

Stay away from his tissue D:

How advanced is the Aldean understanding of how pymary and the khert work? Have they come up with mathematical formulae, sets of basic laws or stuff like that?

To some extent, and their mathematics are good, but they're wrong-headed in a lot of their explanations. The khert is still a holy, largely unknown structure full of mysteries. It yields to pymary but pymary is really only scratching the surface.

What is studying pymary like for a student? Is it mostly theory based, or is it quite practical? I imagine it to be a bit like chemistry with some physics and vector mathematics mixed in.

It really depends what branch of pymary the aspirant is going into. Everyone learns Old Tainish to start, learns of the khert, personal spheres, khert ports, the khert stones, of Law and Aspect, First Materials and their grades, and the theology of pymary, which is used as reasoning for some of the khert's more mysterious ways - Baelar's grammar which explains why Old Tainish is so syntactically distinct from New and why it is so picky, Baelar's senses which describe spell volumes the khert will accept, how fast and indistinct one can push syllables before the khert stops responding, etc.

Almost no one learns actual theory, since no one writes their own spells (legally). Once foundations are mastered, studies turn very practical and become focused on memorizing core spell sets, gauging the environment for the required Aspects, and executing the spell.

Fighters need the geometry and abstract algebra almost solely for dealing with forces and momentum when hurling Aspects around. Wrights who pursue more scholarly endeavours and service positions rarely bother with the maths, focusing more on meteorological theory, natural philosophy, even the visual arts if that's the direction they want to move in. It's funny but the most intelligent wrights are the ones needed for the battlefield.

B-But Starfish bites people's ears off! A-And has yet to do anything to prove his badassery! Besides, it's more fun to make fun of gloomy people when you're cheerful, than to deal with chipper people when you're gloomy. Gotta weigh the benefits.

True, true.

Sette's only mangled Eph's face. Should it turn out he doesn't survive, maybe Duane could get 'fresh' replacement parts? Screw it, Eph's an ass. take them while he's still squirmin' & able to feel it.

Ephsephin IS pretty tall, he might make a good source for a new leg. We shall see :)

Alright, creepytime. Are kids ever used as plods?

I'm sure there is a story somewhere of Black Tongues using them for research purposes, or some sick fuck having them made for some sick reason, or some government somewhere cooking up some clever military excuse for them, but it's otherwise patently illegal and not very practical besides.

I've been assuming the blonde girl (Mikaila, what with her new name and all) was Duane's daughter, or maybe sister. But you wouldn't answer me if I just asked you about it, would you?

I will answer you with this charming emoticon: :3

I love when you surprise us with two pages. At the same time, I'm torn because I know we're getting near the end of the chapter. This means we only have 16 pages left until the end of the chapter, doesn't it? *sobs*

*sobs* Next chapter is so much better than this chapter though. It's a good thing.

So what you're saying is...Duane has a Horcrux?

The proper word would be phylactery, eff that Harry Potter shit (though I love HP). Does Duane have one? It's a theory!

If Duane must perform restoration work with parts that aren't of the same make and model, eventually he must no longer phsyically be what made Duane, Duane. So what keeps Duane, Duane? Themes of "humanity" get me too excited to not ask such spoilery~

Well, without getting too spoilery, I think it's fairly obvious that Duane doesn't do any thinking out of his brain. His brain is long-since rotted and run out of his nostrils like so much putrescent postnasal drip. His personality, his memories, his cerebrations must exist in some location independent of his frangible, fermenting physical form. That is where Duane is - wherever it may be - and his undead bits are only a medium via which he interacts with the world.

If he has his memories, what he considers his honour, and his faith in God intact, Duane feels himself whole, detached, and untouchable. The filth is over THERE. The rotting impermanence is over THERE. It's not what HE is. He clings to this very tightly. It's a mindset that was very hard won.

You're going to make me cry in chapter seven, aren't you? Loved the newest pages, they are beeyu-ti-ful.

Chapter seven is the chapter I've been waiting the whole comic to draw. I'm kind of terrified of it because if I mess it up I will have to jump off a bridge. Pray for me.

It always makes me happy when someone responds to my bullets in more bullets. Mikaila eh? I sense something terrible happened to her. My doom-antenna are all aquiver. And drat, I know he's not much of a person (literally), but we could make it work!

Chapter seven is Mikaila's chapter. And man, that is a long-ass chapter. You don't want to marry Duane, he is very gloomy most of the time. Marry Starfish! He's pretty cheerful!

Is that the same little girl (Mikaila) from back in chapter 3? Why is Duane seeing her now?

Same girl. Why is Duane seeing her now? Because at night he transforms into a rabid zombie loli.

Could Duane get parts by making off with a fresh plod, or would that creep him out too much?

He totally could and has done that before. He's picky though, and tries to rob from bodies that match his proportions somewhat. He really doesn't get creeped out by dead things anymore at this point, I guess. He can't smell the rot, can't feel the texture all that well; it's just stuff that keeps him going another day.

Quigley seems a bit too...chipper. Weren't they just trying to kill each other? I guess my question is...did that fall rattle Quigley's head a bit too much?

When one's opponent is suddenly clutching his head and stumbling over his words, one might hypothesize that the winds have shifted.

Apologies if this question has come up before, but where does Duane get extra body parts if he um...loses some? He looks to have lost a foot back there, so would he have to go find it and reattach it, or would he just send Sette to do some grave robbing?

Ha, he didn't lose a foot, I just cannot draw. When he does need new body parts he hangs around the local morgue or police station. Overt grave robbing doesn't work so well for him since he can't do it at night.

Those're some bloody toothmarks on Eph's hat. Sette's one to talk, accusing Duane of eating brains!


Questions: 1) Does that girl have a butterfly clip in her hair? 2) Did Sette CHEW on the poor hat? 3) Will Badass Duane from panel 4 page 43 marry me if I ask real nicely? It's just...the pose...the offhand threat...the ownage...

1) Yes. Her name is Mikaila, incidentally. 2) Yes. That motherhumper spun her by the tail, and the hat is guilty by association. 3) Probably not. I don't think he can legally marry anyone, being dead and all. He is flattered by your appreciation of his badassery however.

Please never remove Duane's sneer on page 32 of chapter 3. It is my reason for living.

I like the underlighting on his nose in that panel. My colouring has gotten a lot lazier since that chapter.

I kind of like that Duane responded to Quigley's dirty tactics by being even more above bar, speaking the spell aloud. Or he was being an ass, trying to school the guy who was beating the crap out of him a couple moments earlier. Maybe both?

Sometimes I like what you guys come up with much more than I like the characters' actual motivations, ha. Duane spoke aloud because he wanted Quigley to know what he was casting, since it was such a lengthy spell. If he'd remained silent it would have left Quigley to worry over what the tacit caster was conjuring, and he'd not have left Duane alone long enough to finish. The lengthy, verbalized, suggested-by-a-child mountain-drawing made Quigley feel confident enough that he could pluck the spell from Duane's n00b fingers, giving Duane the opportunity to get the whole spell off in relative peace (barring bug attacks). The twist, of course, was he never intended the "mountain punch" for Quigley - it was for the cliff, and the amount of Aspect drawn and the resulting explosion were far more overwhelming than Quigley had anticipated. Poor judgment, hubris and overall technical inferiority to his opponent brought the Plat down.

But both of your interpretations are great and much more interesting :)

What is your favourite element as in on the stove?


"..for Duane to liquidize the oxygen in the air, and simultaneously suffocate, freeze, and burn an opponent in a horrible liquid oxygen whirlwind. " And you say my pymaric battle ideas are harsh? ;)

I modified your last fierce idea slightly and used it in chapter six. It turned out nice :3

"Wrights tend to be too uber anyway, and this is one thing that keeps them somewhat in check. " So by picking the undead template to minimize damage to go with the wright class, Duane's minmaxing?

If that's what that means, sure! I'm not all that familiar with pen & paper RPG mechanics.

How to make this a question, let's see.... Wouldn't it be awesome if you told all your followers to vote for you here ? I want to see Unsounded school some webcomics the way Duane just schooled Quigley.

Exposure's exposure. Vote well and vote often.

I have an idea for a story about the possibly copper lady in that scene in Ulestry (2 actually, one for if she's Aldish, one for if she's not), but the Aldish version has what i think would be a spoiler in it, alas.

Alas. Doesn't mean you can't still write it so I can read it <3 Dedicate all your writing to meeeee.

THEORY #X: The khert is made of bouillon and Duane's aspects are shifting from vegetable to beef

Duane is so dried out he'd be perfect for putting in some boiling water to make stock. Simmer over medium heat, add some potatos, carrots, and onions, and you'd have a pretty stellar zombie stew. Indigestion afterwards would consist of extreme nationalism, poor fashion sense, and iambic pentameter

Aw, you really don't Cinderella stories at all? Too dependent on makeovers most of the time, I suppose. Though once you become incredibly wealthy from your comic, you'll be a bit of a Cinderella story, you know. :)

Hohoho! Anon, you are a riot. Let us be wed.

How systematic were you in creating your setting? Was the major research done all around the same time, or just filled in as warranted?

The setting developed from some core ideas over a decade or so of RP, and then got tweaked for the comic as I wrote the script.

Soo, is there an aspect of radioactivity? And what amounts of, say, uranium are there in Kasslyne? Could an assassin take some hard radiation from that mountain instead to ensure target's slow and painful death?

Confucius say in pymary, all things possible.

If Duane is Rex Harrison, does that mean he says his lyrics instead of singing them? I love your girliness. I think Americans are hard-wired to like Cinderella-esque stories anyway.

I wonder why this question got flagged. I don't like Cinderella stories, I like grumpy elitists realising they still have a soul stories :3 If Duane was in a musical though, I do think he'd sing the lyrics, he'd be a traditionalist like that.

I just slipped up and used the term "plat" to mean something like a real world skin head with pretty hair. Only the conversation wasn't about Unsounded at all. What have you done to me?

Just whom precisely were you talking about prettily-coiffed skinheads with? :3

Thanks for the explanation. I guess I'm kind of dumb and need that point by point walk through. It was much appreciated. Need a question. Hmmmmm. Do you like cheese?

You are not dumb. It is my bad for not drawing and writing clearer pages. I do like cheese!

Actually, speaking of the madness in her eyes I was looking at the blown up version of that "Problem?" pic of her you posted and I noticed something. Her Sclera Was that intentional or just a stylistic thing you did for the coloring?

Her eyes are frequently bloodshot. Woman's a junkie.


My second home.

Do you like catchy songs?

I do. This is why I'm still listening to Lady Gaga even though VGMC hubbers assure me she's totally out of fashion.

Duane turned red! If retro videogames have taught me anything that means he's low on health but he's going to start moving faster and probably gain some new, improbable attack. But Quigley will beat him and then The Adventures of Quigley The Plat and his

"Faithful Sidekick Matty will continue! Tune in next time for more wacky hijinks as Ephepsin beats the villain Sette and Starfish murders more children with a guest appearance by everyone's favorite rhyhming two-toes: CUTTER! notsureif last bit got cut off"


Red also means danger, or beef if it's a bouillon cube.

Why? Does Knockers- IMEANKNOCKMEDOWN use something like my brilliantly original hypothetical pymaric? I sort of imagined her swinging about a cartoonishly oversized axe. Something that matches the madness in her eyes...

She kind of looks and acts like a female berserker. If I was going to play her in a game I think she'd have to be a berserker.

So. Er. Knocking over mountains. That seems a little rude. What about all the mountain hermits? Is there some sort of law related to wrights keeping their magic under control and /not/ knocking over mountains? Can knocking over a mountain get you jailed?

Haha, wrights can't knock over mountains using this technique. Duane took such an infinitesimally small amount of pressure and he was already at risk of going up in flames. No one could displace the kind of pressure it would take to implode a mountain.

This is tedious on a level that will probably cause your eyes to roll back into your head, but what exactly was Duane directing at the cliff? Did he somehow let the pressure become heat and guided that, or was it just pressure that exploded along the way?

Okay, I'ma explain this one more time.

Duane removed a portion of pressure from the interior of a mountain and introduced it to the open air. Compressing air releases heat energy. Compressing air too quickly causes too much heat energy too quickly and creates an explosion. Knowing this, Duane manifested an explosion and blew up the cliff, overwhelming Quigley with heat and mortal peril, and knocking both him and the bug monster into a freefall.

What was the significance of the font color changing on the latest page?

Just an attempt to show the building of the spell and the temperature and pressure rising.

So does that mean a mountain somewhere is imploding? I'm trying to imagine what happens when you remove the internal pressure from one. Or it still has gravity and bulk, so those Aspects should create the aspect of internal pressure like filling a hole???

Duane didn't move an entire mountain's worth of pressure. Something like that would create a nuke, though it would never make it through a wright without incinerating them before they could conclude the spell. But somewhere nearby, yes, is a mountain with slightly less structural integrity than it had before Duane Adelier got a bug up his ass.

Did Duane only use the pressure from the mountain (which is damn epic and I didn't expect him to actually DO THAT, hell yes!), or did he use the heat, too, that likely came with the pressure? Can you use two aspects at once like that?

Duane only moved one Aspect. But when you compress air too rapidly, it creates heat and explodes. Not just in Kasslyne, but in our world too. By using his knowledge of how the natural world works, Duane created a convenient, overwhelming explosion.

I'm curious now. We know Duane after that explosion, then, a bit later, reversed his momentum to get back up. What's stopping Quigley from reversing his momentum to keep from falling all the way down there?

Mebbe he will.

I feel like being weird and all but would you or Duane kill me if I kidnapped him. I swear I would take good care of him and feed him and make sure he gets clothes he likes. Altho if I kept for too long I would want to kiss him,My tongue would be no more.

I hate to break it to you, kawaii red-eye girl, but Duane is only flame and air.

Quick art question, when Wrights use Pymary and you write out what they're saying in Tainish, do you have any reason or method of doing so? Or do you just randomly scribbles lines to look like language?

It's a real alphabet depicting a real language which translates to a real spell. There will come a point when for story reasons we finally get translated spells on the page, but that point is a while off.

I'd like to formally request Sette bite someone's butt next.

Would that ever catch on in Kassylne?

You will like Knock-me-Down's choice in armaments.

So how are the citizens of the nearby city (forgotten the name) reacting the massive, glowing, landscape altering pymary fight going on, what, a half mile from the city walls?

Not to be too technical, but they are freaking the fuck out.

An idea for a pymaric: A device that launches a small, possibly metal projectile down a tube at speeds too fast to dodge or adequately guard against. It could be equipped with a handhold for ease of use and some kind of sight to see where it would hit.

You're a wizard, Fakult!

How many pages are there in chapter five?

Sixty. So we got eighteen more to go.

Was Quigley shocked by the misdirection (aiming at the cliff) or by the MAD SKILLZ?

By the misdirection. And maaaaybe by the realisation that he has fucked this whole thing up.

SO AWESOME. Please tell me more about Duane being all firey and stuff. I'm guessing it was caused by the force of such a huge amount of Aspects being held in one place, lighting the khert lines. Maybe? Was it painful? Seems painful.

It's just simple nature. Duane brought out a small amount of the pressure in one of the nearby mountains, it compressed the air too fast, and caused massive heat and an explosion. This is a real thing that happens when air is too quickly compressed, and a common problem when refilling pressurized air tanks.

Quigley, expecting it to be directed at him, didn't expect Duane to direct it at the cliff instead, blowing it to kingdom come. By that point Quigley has an utterly hostile environment to protect himself from and can't do dick about it. Currently he is falling very fast and cursing a lot and having a headache.

It hurt everyone involved. Poor Swarm. It would have been kind of funny if Sette had trotted along, bloody-faced, to watch the pyrotechnics and then become bacon. Whoops!

Why is Quigley such a white supremacist? Plats this plats that plats plats plats

Because he is a dick dick dick dick dickity Mcdickerson. Don't worry. Most of the rest of the chapter is dedicated to abusing him in various ways.

Would eat.

Oh my, I just realized this site is "formspring' and not "ForUmspring" Does that mean Forumcat is a foreigner? By default does that make her exotic?

Let's spin her around by her tail and see what language she curses in!

Need a character to ruin all tentacle faces? Why not Zoidberg?

I guess he could be cool. I've never seen an episode of Futurama, believe it or not. I am watching Wild China on Netflix at the moment, it is full of beauty and rice. I want rice.

So about how Sette was talking about bringing every guard and their gran there...

Yeaaaaah. Cue Captain Toma in 3



I dunno about Sette breaking her tail. I mean, she seems pretty durable. Plus, Eph might get his throat bitten out rather than more facial scarring if he actually did more damage to her tail. <.<;

True that. She's had her tail broken before, but that's another story.

So, Sette's mom was swung around by her tail til Sette popped out? <.<

Or Sette's mom's tail came off when she was spun around by it, and the detached appendage grew into Sette like a plant clipping becoming a tree.

I think an Unsounded/My Fair Lady crossover could be a real thing. What does that say about me? No, Duane isn't mean enough to be Henry Higgins.

Hahaha, I used to totally imagine him as Rex Harrison though, oh my God. Sette isn't a good Eliza though, she would have been picking everyone's pockets at the Ball. Years and years ago in Keltaran RP Duane had a girlfriend named Vadne, though, a very kind but very homespun seamstress lady, and she was Eliza in my head.

I am occasionally girly.

Can you recommend any "all-in-one" books that have reference for armor/clothes of ancient/older cultures? Not just traditional West stuff but east as well?

Hrmm, I can't think of any although Dover puts out awesome art archive books and I bet they have a few on armour and historical fashion. Search on Amazon for Dover armour, Dover historical clothing, etc. Failing that, do a search on Google Books, a general internet Google-fest, or go to the library. You'd be surprised at some of the useful old books you can find just sitting forgotten on the shelves.

You've swung cats around by their tails? You monster!

I was only joking. Promise O:)

Isn't it more probably for Ephsephin to break Sette's tail right now?

Is it? I've swung cats around by their tails before and-- I mean, is it?

Is it possible for Sette to break her tail whilst being lobbed about in the air?

Sure, man. She's not indestructible.

A question formed from SonofHod's question: Has there ever been a trickster wright who has tried to fool people by masking his pymary with false co-ordinates, aspects and trajectories to throw his opponent off?

Absolutely. You got a khert port in either hand. If you feint with one hand while your attack is actually coming from the other, that's an easy misdirection. Aspects can be told to track their path relative to one of your hands, so it wouldn't even need to be verbalized, it'll come down to your hand movement.

What else... you could draw an Aspect that you know will either explode when it manifests, or otherwise react poorly with the current environment. Like, what do you think's going to happen when Duane introduces that massive subterranean pressure to the current air pressure? When you compress air too fast, it blows up and creates extreme heat. So by moving a single Aspect - albeit one that requires quite a reach - Duane's bringing a handful of dangerous, massive aspects into play. This isn't trickery. This is knowing how the natural world works and how moving Aspects around can effect it. This is core technique. It's not as flashy as glowing bugs but it may prove much more potent.

I'm training in 'pymancy', and thus far have successfully made the following pies: Pumpkin, chocolate, lemon, & s'mores! I will one day be the ultimate pymancer, & all shall bow before me in fear & awe! Er, sorry, got carried away. Um, your favorite Pie?

Apple! Do you make good pies, SO? I have an apple pie recipe I got from a Paula Deen cookbook, it is made of cinnamon and diabetes.

"Zoidberg has ruined all tentacle face designs." True. Not even Cthulu can be taken seriously anymore. Each time I see him, I imagine Zoidberg's voice.

It's a tragedy :(

Is it bad that I look at panel 3 of the new page and think the big bug thing's face looks like Dr. Zoidberg?

Zoidberg has ruined all tentacle face designs :(

Theory # I haven't kept track. Duane is just bluffing about the mountain. He's actually tacit casting something else, and trying to throw Quigley off.

Hmm, maybe. It would seem a strange move for him after his mini lecture on how Quigley relies too much on trickery.

Can you cook an onion after it's sprouted?

You can but it doesn't taste as good. It starts putting all its energy into making leaves. Plant it instead! Put it in a little pot and it'll make you some pretty flowers eventually.

Is Duane musically talented?

He sings well but he plays no instruments.

I'd like to formally request Sette bite Quigley's face next.

B-b-b-but he's so pretty ;_;

Oh. Is the vial she's using to control Duane at night something that lets her control anything made by pymancy?

Mmm, pymancy. Pie magic.
I don't have a good grasp on how impressive drawing from a mountain at that distance is. Some help?

There's an impressive factor, and there's a marked idiocy factor. Plats can draw from far away because the khert is stable for them. This is why Quigley could bing-bang-boom with the waterfall. Duane's not a plat, so he doesn't have that kind of khert stability. To draw from far away he has to bounce the aspects from point to point. Say the spot he wants to dig into is two-thousand feet off. The khert lines via which aspects travel are jiggly and squirrely, and don't stay put in a straight line for most people for that long of a distance. So Duane has to mass the aspects to a visible point five-hundred feet off, then another five-hundred, then another five-hundred, and so on until he can get his hands around them. It's very slow, and while he's getting this attack together, his opponent can step on his head. It's not a good, viable way to fight. It's like Sailor Moon going hey! Hey! Hold on! Transforming here, just stand and wait and watch for five minutes, okay? Sparkle.

Quigley is kind of right to scoff. Let's hope Duane knows what he's doing.

I just watched the Louis CK suck a bag of dicks routine. Are you going to rape-blow me?

Sure you'd want me to? How do you know I haven't filed my teeth?

If you are Roleplaying in an unfamiliar setting and have limited information about where it takes place, what would you do?

Depends entirely on who you're playing. If your character also doesn't know much about the setting, naturally your own ignorance will work hand in hand with his. If you're playing a local, you may have to hound the DM for more information until you feel comfortable with where you are. If that's not possible for some reason, I'd scrap the character and play an out-of-towner instead. You really can't play a setting native unless you know the setting.

I used to play in a setting called Keltara and for the first year I was there, since I didn't know much about the place, I played my comic characters as travellers in town for one reason or another. I didn't know anything but neither did they, so it worked well. After that first year though, I felt I had a good enough grasp on the place to make up some locals. Might be a matter of having patience.

Two things: 1. You are the only person I am willing to forgive for loathing the Wonderful Ashley Cope. 2. Ima beat you with a wet noodle for it. No really, I'm making spaghetti specifically for this purpose. *stirs noodles menacingly* Love yourself yet?

A good night's sleep helped. I have to go run errands now, I defy your wet noodle.

What are the odds of a MOUNTAIN! PUNCH! ending in a star K.O.?

What is a star K.O.? D:

What do you imagine Duane's voice sounding like? Gruff? Soft? What sort of intonation would he use? Think carefully before you answer, it will be for a grade.

Hmm... in my head it's a good, strong tenor, but realistically it should be somewhat raspy and gruff since his vocal chords are so dried out. His intonation is musical and lovely. Most wrights speak beautifully and with a peculiar clearness, and Duane loves to talk anyway so he does so enthusiastically, passionately, and with ironic liveliness. Ahh, Duane, you are such a lovable dork.

If a plod can "catch sentience" over time, am I allowed to assume that Duane didn't start out as verbose as he is now?

You can hold that theory if you like :)

For reasons unknown, I really would like to shove a cardboard box over Sette's head and watch her run around underneath it. ... Not really sure how that's a question but it's something I'd be interested in seeing.

You would have perfectly camouflaged her and doomed us all.

Is it weird knowing that there are people who will give you their moneys and hearts and first-borns and balls because they love your comic?

I do not believe this is true. I am full of self-loathing tonight. Louis CK is the only cool thing in the world.

How easy is it to learn Gruftgramary if you're not a Black Tongue? How did Quigley come to practice it?

It's a different sort of learning process from Tainish pymary. With pymary you're mostly just memorizing spells and learning how to do calculations very fast in your head. If you learn pymary properly and stick to sanctioned spellburns, it's pretty safe and not very taxing to get a handle on.

Gruftgramary requires actual theory and understanding of Aspects, how the khert manages them, and how you can cheat it. Gruftgrammers don't really do much sharing of each other's spells. The more an illegal spell is accessed and executed, the more likely a khert official will discover it and erase it. So gruftgrammers like to keep their spells to themselves and hoard them like greedy wizards. This means if an aspirant wants to take full advantage of the system they have to learn how to write and burn their spells themselves. These are skills that ninety-five percent of regular, legal Tainish wrights don't ever bother with.

Books of gruftgramaric hackspeak aren't exactly available at the library. You need to find a master and learn from her or him. If you find a good one though, if you're really burning to learn, if you're clever, you can do it.

How did Quigley learn? Hmm! Perhaps he has had dealings with the Ilganyag!

If you received the ability to out-write Shakespeare in one genre, would you want to write comedies, histories, or tragedies?

Tragedies. Comedies don't always stay relevant. History can be warped and suppressed. Tragedy is universal and forever.

How often do you go to the beach?

I used to go once a week when my niece and nephew still lived down here. I haven't been since they moved away. Sob.

Are there foxes in Kasslyne? I imagine there are no giant foxes, but I was just thinking...

Gotta have foxes!

. . . Why do they burn plods in Ulestry, when the twins say it's proper to bury the dead? I'm assuming the one our "heroes" stumbled across wasn't an oddity.

Plods don't count as "corpses." When you sell your body to a plod man, you lose your right to a proper burial or proper treatment. Plods are burned to keep them as a Thing Apart from a normal corpse. There's also the very slight possibility that a very old plod will "catch sentience" the way some pymarics do, so burning it is good insurance that it doesn't cause problems later.

Aren't eels basically the penii of the sea?

I'd go to the beach more if this was true.

...that's it, somebody needs to introduce Sette to sashimi. Are there any sushi equivalents in her world?

Sushi? Probably not. Eating strawberry fish is essentially eating sashimi though. Very sloppy sashimi.

You haven't changed how I view eels and it leads to one enevitable question, Got any recipes for serving eel?

UNADON! Oh, succulent grilled eel, I have not eaten thee in months, how I suffer. Suffer!

You have casued me to see eels in an entirely new way. I liked them before, but seeing as all the eels I met just sat there with perpetually astonished looks on their faces, I didn't find them worthy of further scrutiny

Heh. "Knockers Frummagem". Anyway, I'm curious about Grebbers. I haven't found anything on the wiki or further back here, so I'm intrigued. They like bears, or wolves, or somesuch?

They're like large wolverines, essentially. Here are sketches but they look way too cute and fluffy. I'ma rough them up for the comic.


*Le Gasp!* You're following me now?! What an honor...

You're an adorable bird. An adorabird.

Is Ephsephin eventually going to be forced to wear a Phantom of The Opera style mask because of all the abuse his face has been taking?


You were wrong. I quite enjoyed the next page. Besides, a Sette bite seems fun.

Fun for Sette.

Ugh, after today's page, I feel an irresistible need to buy Sette a toothbrush.

Do it. And mouthwash.

That wound! Auugh! As much as I'm sure Eph deserves it, I can't stop getting a tinge in my cheek every time I see it get re-maimed. On the plus side though, it gives him an excuse to wear a phantom-esque mask, that's a bonus. Question?

True, a Phantom-masked Ephsephin might make for a marginally more interesting Ephsephin. Let us see what the future brings.

Ashley Evangeline. (I don’t know your middle name, so I’m going with Evangeline cos it’s pretty and fierce.) Get some merchandise. Start small - a couple cute t-shirts and a mug. There’s no reason you should feel weird about supporting yourself. /Scold.

That IS pretty. My real middle name is weird yet boring.

Funnily enough, a start-up company contacted me last week about licensing the comic for some toys. Let's see what happens. Merchandise isn't as easy as you may think. If I go with Cafepress or one of its equivalents, you get crappy quality, I get a pittance of payment. It's not worth anyone's time or money. For me to source merchandise from a supplier myself requires money on my part, and I got zilch. And I'm not doing a kickstarter for merch before I've even done one for a book. It's tricky business, anon.

Knock me down DOES look like someone who could be a relative of Sette's. So, since we know the khert can mess up people's genetics, it IS possible Sette is her Da's child, tail not withstanding? Also fuck that bodkin guy.


Is a warm rag what Duane uses for cravings?

Don't tell him I told you that.

At what point does Duane get the nighttime crazies? Is it a gruadual thing, or does it have a more precise time like when the moon rises, or what?

The onset is hard to predict, it's normally within an hour after sundown. Once he goes though, he goes.

Not a question, but just so you know, I bought a beautiful 75-year old, tooled leather-bound copy of Moby-Dick. It makes me SO happy.

Aww! I'm all peanut butter and jelly over here. Take a photo, I wanna see it.

I'm toying with the idea of starting (and DM'ing) a rp on a forum. Problem is I've never done anything like this before. Do you have any tips or suggestions for a newb like be?

First off I would say you should prepare yourself to be strict with your players. Make deadlines for posts and let people know they're expected to meet them or they'll be skipped. Holding people's attention and keeping up a level of excitement is really important in campaigns, otherwise players will wander away. Timely replies are key to keeping up excitement.

Make certain you have a clear vision of the story. It's rarely enough just to make a few characters and a setting; there should be some kind of story path that you can steer things down.

Hmm, I guess the only other thing I'd recommend - and this is somewhat dependent on the quality of your players - is always give whomever you're playing with something to respond to, whether it's narrated environmental stimulus or a simple question. This helps players feel engaged and important and they'll be much more excited to post as soon as they can.

Good luck!

I was resisting starting a Formspring account with all my might but I had to chip in: I work at a pet store and we have a freshwater eel that looks pretty much like a baby moray. I bet you could keep one of those.

Aww, welcome to Formspring. It is a nice place. Do you really work at a pet store? I always thought that would be an enjoyable job. I don't really have the money for pets beyond my dogs, but thanks for the eel wisdom! All this eel talk makes me hungry for grilled eel over rice.

Is Duane... running away from the fight while Sette's being whipped around by her tail? I'm shocked.

He's definitely not doing any running on that leg. Limping back towards Sette and Ephsephin, with Quigley and mega-bug standing in the way, would accomplish nothing but further arse-whooping. He spotted the cliff and now has an idea. He'll execute it, then go back for Sette. The zombie's doing his best, at this point he just wants a blanket and a warm rag to chew on :(

Is there anyone brave enough to call her Knockers Frummagem to her face?

She'd just take it as a compliment. No one ashamed of her boobies would display them so proudly.

Post your favorite macro for me.


Only if it is a literal taco. Don't heap your pudenda with salsa and olives and plop it on my dinner plate, that is not sanitary.

Looking at your Last.FM list... You've been playing Elite Beat Agents, haven't you? SO AWESOME. You have good taste in music too. I'm finding nice music I hadn't heard of... 2nd question: Have you ever heard of Vocaloid?

Haha, yes! :D Elite Beat Agents is godly. I do know Vocaloid, but it is not really to my tastes. Some of the fanart is pretty groovy, but I prefer Gorillaz when it comes to animated singers.

Next Page Theory: Sette screams for help and the big blue bug (BBB) responds by biting off Eph's head. Duane beats up Quigley and uses Eph's remaining remains to repair himself. Sette renames the BBB Mr. Pinchers, and a funeral is held for the hat.


Anglerfish, eh?

Vlog brothers!

What's your favorite fruit?

Naval oranges.

Are there only two languages on Kasslyne, or are there just two main languages?

There are a few more, but they're kind of nebulous in my head at the moment. Anyway, they're in the more isolated parts of the country, like Anchert and the small islands off Sharteshane's coast.

There are some freshwater loaches that look like eels! I bet they're easier to care for than a regular eel. Not that I've done much research.

I could never love a thing called a loach :(

Hello! I really like your comic. Why don't you advertise it more? From a business standpoint, you could do a lot more with it.

Hi! I'm glad you like my comic. I don't do more advertising becaaause, I dunno. I'm not an advertiser. I dunno about business stuff either. I'm just a guileless artist. I'm trying to find a job right now, maybe if I do I'll buy some advertising somewhere.

After seeing that eel larva video, I think I love eels twice as much as before. Aren't sea creatures awesome?

Absolutely. I particularly want to snuggle an anglerfish.

Theory #XXX: Sette came from an egg, /like the dirty duck she secretly is/. D:

I heard you like smoke eels: Although I find their deadpan eyes quite creepy, eels swim so beautifully, I can't help but be mesmerized. You have yourself a smoke eel convert.

Stunning! Wow, that almost brought me to tears. They really do look like smoke! Thanks so much for the link, that made my day.

Let's play a game of Spin-The-Sette-By-Her-Tail!

You will retract that suggestion after the next page.

If Theory 17 & 19 were in fact true, than that would make Matty the Anakin Skywalker of Unsounded. o.O; He'd grow up to be an evil, evil wright with replacement parts, & try to dominate all of Kasslyne! You're not that cruel to us fans, I hope. And pray.

Hmm. Urge to dip pretty boys in lava is strong...

What kind of music do you like?

Man, everything. Here's my page -

This is pretty nice

So "Knock-Me-Down" is a challenge with "Nary-a-Care" clearly being a boast. While I know she originated in RP, is there an in-universe explanation for why Sette doesn't get a totally badass expressive statement of a name?

There is an in-universe explanation, yes :)

Is-is there such a thing as a gender aspect?

Nope. Too broad to be usable :3

Theory #17: Sette is Matty's mother. The bugs are belong to her.

"Theory #18: Matty is Sette's mother.

Theory #19: Sette is the khert incarnate.

Theory #20: Sette's so sensitive about her mother because Nary is a Mister Seahorse. And also... erm... impregnated himself. But Sette's not allowed to tell, because that's not ok for a great Frummagem, and also because she's horrified by it."


Well, to be technical, HALF of Will's soul wound up in the Asylum forever, After Sehrai severed it from the part still in the real world.

True... but I always felt kind of off about that, like he really should have stayed totally dead and trapped. Retconning it to the half-a-soul deal was really just a way to keep playing the character ;)

So Starfish is less like you than Murkoph? I'm...kind of scared now. o.o

Don't turn your back on me :3

I found out after going to a pet store the other day that I want a pet eel. Like, -really- want a pet eel. This is something that's never occurred to me before. Glass, what have you done to me?! I just wanna watch 'em all day.

Oh, man, aren't they beautiful? I absolutely support the idea of you acquiring a pet eel. I always really wanted a smoke eel though, so it could float around with me and attack my enemies. Best familiar ever.

Does it ever sadden you to kill of your characters?

Not really. Death makes for good drama and good drama makes for good and entertaining fiction. One of the greatest things you can do for your characters is give them an interesting, meaningful death. The vast majority of us don't get that, so they're pretty lucky in that regard.

Which of your characters is least like you?

Starfish. And Nary. I'm just not as villainous as I would like.

Tell us about your favorite moment from RP. What happened and who was involved?

I have a lot of favourite moments from RP, I'm not sure I could pick just one. To this day I'm terribly fond of the asylum threads. The first one with Amanda was so deliciously dark and gory, and the second one with Steve and Adam had that great ending with Will and Sehrai. To sum up for the non-AwesomeIncarnate, there was a haunted insane asylum in Hanghorse that obtained sentience. It discerned that the city was in physical danger and that it needed to somehow act to save itself from demolition. It decided the best way to do this was to suck the current governor into its own hellish dimension and bargain with him, but it also inadvertently sucked in my character Will, a one-armed, friendly, hapless, religious, ex-sailor bartender.

Horrible Adventures happened, with the Asylum manifesting horrors from the characters' troubled subconsciouses (think Silent Hill). Will wound up dead at the end, his soul forever trapped in the Asylum, while the governor was helped to flee by a creepy little ghost girl. Good times.

Going further back to Keltara, the storyline with Sivis falling in love with Freya was pretty fun. Sivis is a rat who can become a man, and naturally finds humans quite vile. Freya, an already somewhat mousy individual, was briefly turned into a rat by her sister. Sivis somehow caught glimpse of her in rat-form, fell madly in love, and began to pursue. Alas, Freya turned human again, married another, and moved away. All Sivis could do was sneak away with her and live out the rest of his days in a shoe in the barn, siring thousands of children but pining always for the one that got away.

Is it bad that I like your Tainish's phonology and consonant structure so much, that I'm adopting parts of it? I'll give it back if you want... I just like it a lawt.

I am flattered <3

Why are you following me?

I'm going to pick your pocket when your guard's down.

What's your favorite Video game, board game, and drinking game?

Vagrant Story, Candyland, I don't drink.

What are your thoughts on the newest Minecraft update?

Pretty awesome, man. I really like those iron golems, they're soooo Laputa. I've had to cut back big time on my gaming though, there just aren't enough hours in the day. Maybe next chapter break I can play some games. I have Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light sitting uninstalled and unplayed on Steam back from the Christmas sale D: And I want to build something enormous in Minecraft with the new doubled world height.

How would Sette feel about dressing up/acting all girly for the purposes of a Big Score? Grudging acceptance? Moaning and complaining? Too fixated on the dollar signs (Sem signs?) to care?

Too fixated on the sem to care ;) She does something like this next chapter and don't even bat an eyelash. Sette isn't like, one of those tomboy characters who just needs a makeover and the attentions of a boy to fix her up into a socially acceptable girly-girl. She's happy the way she is and doesn't feel threatened by femininity - she just has no use for it most of the time.

Given the literal tradition of Sharteshane names, does the "Frummagem" crime family trace their ancestry back to a famous jewel thief?

Good guess, but no. Frummagem is from "frummagemmd," thieves cant for "choked, strangled, suffocated, or hanged."

You may have answered this already, but why was she named Knock-Me-Down?

Because she came out've her ma big as a horse and screaming like she was ready for a fight. Her name's a dare :)

By backwards writing, do you mean in reverse letter order, or so that it can be read in a mirror? Or do you know the ancient language of the "backwards" people?

Haha, mirror writing. Like Leonardo used to use in his notes. It's not very difficult really.

More like Knock-Me-UP Frummagem, amirite?

Oh, you.

Do you have any bizarre, pointless talents?

I can... I can play a grass flute. I am an expert lizard and frog catcher. I can write backwards fluently.

A while back someone asked what sort of pymary Bastion and Elka specialized in and while you gave a good detailed description of Bastion's you never even mentioned Elka so: What sort of pymary does Elka specialize in/prefer?

Elka is no pymaric phenom. She knows utilitarian combat spells, can track and scrye via the khert, and can do useful stuff like the trick with the pink dog. Elka doesn't really LOVE pymary, or studying theory, or getting good at the math, or any of that bunk. She knows pymary because it was part of her training, but it's not a passion.

How does the Alderode Dammakhert relate to the political boundarylines of Alderode? Does it stop pretty much at the border? Is the Dammakhert what DEFINES the border?


NEW THEORY: It was Knock-Me-Down. She filed Sette's teeth. You just need one look into those crazy pink eyes to know she did it and ENJOYED it.

Ya know, I wanna draw this. Or at least draw Sette being bullied by her bitchy cousins... and by just about everyone else in Sharteshane.

The Bechdel Test is kind of a useless test when applied to a specific series anyway. It was a clever observation about the film industry as a whole but it doesn't work as the Feminism Litmus Test a lot of people try to use it as. Ain't no such thing.

I actually have no idea what it is. I am a bad feminist.

Have you ever read the Discworld book series? My "Gods going 'round and smashing atheist's windows" was a reference to that and it saddened me that you didn't pick up on it....

Aww. I've read some of the books but not all of them. They are overall very cute.

What is your favorite quality in Bastion, Duane, and Murkoph?

That's an interesting question. Hmm. I enjoy Bastion's very deeply hidden goodness. If there was ever a person who was meant to be good, who was born with an inherent desire to see justice done and suffering ended, it's Bastion. But he was born into a situation determined to break his spirit and breed a cynical, lonely, cruel man so he's always at war with himself, and he almost always makes the worst decisions. He's very human.

I like Duane's need to protect people who need protecting. His fatherliness, I guess. He wants kids to have what they need and live in a world worthy of them.

Murkoph's a crazy motherfucker and it's fun to let him loose and see what happens. I don't know if that's something I should like but ah do!

Are there any sort of embalming practies used in Kasslyne?

Only in relation to plods. They burn or bury their dead pretty quickly otherwise.

What was Sette's first word? It was 'money', wasn't it.

I bet it were "Da."

How many languages do you speak? Is being bilingual (or monolingual) important to you?

I only speak English. I know enough Spanish to get by but I'm not fluent, and I know a fair bit ABOUT other languages without actually being able to speak them. My life is really not one that would be benefited by learning another language, so it's not something I think about much.

I bet your new icon is baby Murkoph.

I bet your new icon is baby Murkoph.

That pic you posted, it was basically this to your followers, wasn't it?


Do the gods in Kasslyne have a tendency to go 'round and break the windows of atheists?

The Gefendur clergy would say so. They call atheists "secularists" and don't no one like them.

I miss your deranged looking fellow...


Does Sette have any bones in her tail?


That picture scares me a little bit. I will have nightmares now of ladies with pink eyes and breasts so huge they burst open her shirt as she chases me through endless hallways, cackling maniacally. So... does she have a name?

Knock-me-Down Frummagem. A relative of Sette's, so you know she's insane.

Another crazy female character... and *gasp* I've just realized Unsounded fails the Bechdel test!! Are you... a misogynist??

*gasp* Probably. There are sane, boring, normal female characters, like Annadyne who keeps Knock-Me-Down in check and Iori who is probably the kindest character in the entire comic, but they're not as fun to draw :D

New profile pic. Mind... malfunctioning. Wat? Who?

GlassShard posted a new profile photo


So, I'm guessing the bug shouldn't have responded to Sette whether she had the mantle or not. Yes?

Quigley sure seemed surprised that it was so quick to do what she said.

I fear we may be closing in on Ephsephin's hat's final moments. Say it isn't so! T_T

If the hat owes you money you better get it now.

If a Crescian and an Aldishman had a baby, would the baby get the awesome Aldish colouration or would it look like a normal baby?

It depends on where they do the deed. If it's within the borders of Alderode, the baby comes out Aldish.

What was Eph doing all this time while Quigs and Duane were fighting?

Knitting. Talking to his hat. Catching up on his reading. Bleeding all over the place.

Sette calls Quigs "nob." I've never heard this insult before, so I'm inclined to assume I'm either lacking the proper books or it's belonging to Kasslyne in origin. What's it mean?

Penis! I almost changed it 'cause it was an RP thing but... everyone else can just wonder :)

To which of the two religions prominent in Alderode did (does?) Duane belong? I feel like there was likely a hint or twenty somewhere but because I wasn't looking for them I missed 'em. (and does he still follow that faith as closely now?)

It hasn't outright been said, but you can pretty much tell he's Ssaelit. And yes, he still adheres to it as best he can and it's a major reason why he's been able to mentally survive the past six years. Such as he has. He feels God's eye on him like a boulder on his back.

The Ssaelit consider the ocean anathema? I have so many irrelevant questions now! Are they officially opposed to maritime trade in Alderode? Are they exempt from serving in the navy? How did that work for Duane growing up in a coastal region? -apologies

All good questions :D The Ssaelit believe the ocean is unclean since the khert doesn't flow freely through large bodies of water. This makes it the dark moiety of existence, full of monsters and absent of God. So a good Ssaelit doesn't want to introduce it to his body in any way, including swimming in it and eating anything that comes out of it. There's a belief that the souls of people who drown in the ocean are lost forever and never find the Outside.

However, the Ssaelit temple long ago said there was an exception for people who died in service to Alderode (organised religions are great at making convenient exceptions), so Ssaelit are not exempt from naval service. Nor do the Ssaelit have any particular problem with seafaring nor the sea trade provided there's a nice, sturdy ship between them and the deep.

Who is the main character of Unsounded?

Hrmm, I dunno. As the story goes on we're going to break from Duane and Sette more and more, but right now I guess Sette is probably the main character. She does drive a lot of stuff forward.

Sette as a talking humanoid duck...

No one understands our passionate, irrational love of ducks, LuDucks. At least we have each other.

What word do you most wish you could hear more often?


Hah hah, I love the Sette ninja shot as she's launching herself from the treetops at Quigly's cape. Did she learn to be so acrobatic scrabbling through the rooftops of Hanghorse? Or is that just a side effect of having a balancing tail?

I think both :D Hanghorse is all crumbling ruins and scaffolding, so a kid growing up there is going to get pretty good at climbing pretty fast. Gotta outrun them cops.

Monnies, I imagine from your description, have horns, yes? If so, are they used in any special way?

They have one horn, like a unicorn. I wish I had some good sketches of them to show you, mostly they are in my head. Monnies themselves use horns for defense, as you might expect, but humans don't believe they're magical or anything. They do make good dagger hilts though :) Monnies exist mostly because it makes me laugh that unicorns in my world are nothing but goaty, dull-witted farm animals. Not that I don't like unicorns, but, ya know. Lawl.

What would Elka look like as a kid? Would she still have the blue streak?

Elka was a chubby, unhappy, spiteful little kid. With no blue streak. Her parents never would have let her do such a thing to her hair which is probably why she does it now.

What animal do you feel a certain tie to, if any?

I guess I like lions. 'Cause I'm a Leo and 'cause I read the Narnia books a lot when I was a kid. Really though, it's mostly the idea of lions that's cool. Real lions are assholes.

It just hit me now! "ALDISH SPICE!" Why didn't I think of that in the "Man Your Man Could Smell like" joke?! Dang!

I am taking this revelation and applying it retroactively in my head and it is glorious. Worry not, nothing has been lost.

What are monnies? Monster bunnies? Cause that would be awesome.

Monnies are monocorns. Chubby, goat-like, wooly unicorns. With weird blood that coagulates into a tasty jelly when chilled and stirred. And people everywhere herd them, milk them, and eat them.

When you post up a drawn and colored pic in answer to someone's question (like Sette as a little kid), do you just happen to have them on hand or do you draw and color them specifically to answer with? :D

Kid!Sette was doodled specifically to answer the question. How could I not? Kid Sette! :D

Are there sheep in Kasselyn? Because I think that would mean giant collies and shaggy dogs, which would be awesome. . . .Although, horse sized dogs helping to heard sheep doesn't seem practical for some reason, so are there smaller breeds of dogs?

There are. Remember Anise from chapter two? She wasn't very big. And they do indeed help to herd sheep and monnies.

Are there ducks in Kasselyn?

Yes. The best ducks. Actually, for a very brief while, there was a race of talking humanoid ducks.

Then I came to my senses.

If you could have a prop from any movie, what would it be and why?

I want a Burton movie Batmobile.

Is it better to have loved and lost than to have loved at all?

So say the poets. I've never personally been in love much less lost a love, so I can't speak from experience.

How many of those random casualvillain image links do you have...?

A random amount :3

Your left index finger is now a gun, and has been fired. How screwed are you?

Screwed? I would say now I get my own tv show.

Why isn't your FB profile pic also Murkoph?

'Cause Facebook is for family and they dunno anything about my weird comic and characters.

Would you rather be a Werewolf, Zombie, Vampire, or Ghost?



Really have to go with vampire on this one. Though that answer could change depending on what the vampire canon is. I wouldn't really want to be a Legacy of Kain vampire or a Buffy vampire, but a Vampire Chronicles vampire would be pretty badass.

I'm sure that somewhere there was a picture showing you turning a sketch to lineart, and then into an actual coloured page. What happened to that?

Tada -

Awww, Sette was such an earnest-looking kid! Is this a clever front, or is her...Sette-ness simply a more recent development? Possibly influenced by normal adolescent cynicism and moodiness? (Also how old is she in that picture)

I think she's two or three there, about the same age as my nephew. Who also bites. I think... Sette currently has a lot to prove, is terribly insecure, is kind of freaked out by the world, and is trying to figure out who she wants to be (all while telling herself repeatedly she wants to be just like her Da). It's a tough time, pardon her obnoxiousness.

Baby Sette is adorable. I'll bet she's also responsible for biting her stuffed lion's legs off, isn't she?

Entirely possible. Or she got into a tug o' war match over it with a dog. They probably had to put that dog down afterwards.

Starfish X Quigley, you say? Also, do the pet owls and the kedises ever fight each other? Who would win?

I would say owls and kedises get on about as well as cats and dogs do in our world. Owls have the flight advantage though so I would guess most fights end in a draw :D

StarfishXQuigley - I won't lie, I lawled. Well done. I really need to try my hand at drawing this for reals, I want to fill my life with the shrieks of the damned.

I bet baby Sette was pretty freakin' cute. With her little tail and bitin' ankles.



Which one of the Twins would you chose as your patron, if you were a proper Gefendur worshipper?

I wouldn't be Gefendur if I had a choice, but if I didn't know better I think I'd pick Yerta. She's the most equitable, the kindest, the one most likely to grand mercy and speak up for you. The other gods are dicks :D

Are there any religious dietary restrictions in any of the belief systems in Unsounded? You know, like pork and shellfish? alsoo: Do people ever eat the giant dogs? I know some people eat horses and some people don't.

Giant dogs aren't eaten regularly by anyone because they're not grass-fed. It doesn't make much sense to raise a species that costs meat to make meat, so they don't really work as a reliable food source. Pigs, goats, monnies, and fowl are the major meat sources.

The Ssaelit have two big dietary restrictions - no cannibalism and no seafood. The Ssaelit see the oceans as unclean and won't eat anything that comes out of them. The cannibalism thing might seem odd but it's in place because cannibalism is actually a thing among the sororal Gefendur at certain times of the year. We'll learn about this more later.

Huh, I would have thought Plats would be albino Great Danes or something. Great Danes are powerful but they don't live very long. And the albino part for the pale fur and the eye problems. Also, are there any bird species unique to Kasslyne?

Ahh, albino Great Danes is a good suggestion. I was thinking whippets because they're so frail and alien looking. There are unique birds! But I don't have anything interesting to say about them, just doodles in my sketchbook for future scenes :) There are many cute owls kept as pets among Crescians, and they're probably a lot more clever and sociable - more domesticated - than owls in our world.

If every country of Kasslyne were a breed of dog, what dog would they be? Or if that's too much, what about each caste of Alderode?

Hmm... Plat would be Whippets, Silver would be Afghans, Bronze would be mutts, Gold would be hehe Golden Retrievers, Jet would be poodles, Copper would be Clifford.

fête Cheval. Does this still happen? Has Sette ever gone to one? Does she care, or is she accustomed to the tradition? (I figured since I've already given myself away with the Baelar bit, I may as well go into full former-anon stalker mode)

Nope, that was something an RP friend made up that I don't believe we ever did anything with in-game. Intermittently I would open up glossary suggestions and sometimes players came up with ah, really interesting ideas. A great majority of the info on that setting page doesn't apply to Unsounded D:

Am I a man? Or am I a Muppet? (Am I a muppet?)

I saw that that won an Oscar! I still haven't seen the movie though. I am a bad Muppets fan.

Does Duane like... ... ... RAINBOWS?!

Doesn't everyone like rainbows? D:

I now have two piles of raw meat where my hands used to be. It's an upsetting state. It's also hard to type. You didn't need to know that, but I felt like sharing.

Grill them, put A1 on them, feed them to me.

Seriously though, don't fap so hard :(

Are there any other continents besides Kasslyne, or is it a lonely refuge in an endless ocean?

There are other continents most definitely. They are all curiously far away from Kasslyne though, and there is no regular intercontinental travel or trade.

HAPPY 6000th RESPONSE! Unless you choose not to answer this in which case FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

James perfectly expresses my elation.

So I asked a bunch of questions and then realized I wasn't signed into FS >.< First one I remember--when Duane casts pymary on himself, does he use the "living" or "dead" Old Tainish nouns? Which does the plod enchantment use?

He uses the nouns for the dead :( Same with the plod enchantments.

THEORY: Duane uses the bones of the pigs killed during the fight to replace his snapped bones!

I'm not sure he'd find a shin bone of adequate length on a pig. No one likes a lopsided zombie.

Since Baelar is thought to influence the outcome of battles arbitrarily, would it be appropriate to call the adrenaline filled moment of near death when time seems to slow Braelar's Chance? At least when it occurs in battle?

I like this idea!

How many chapters is the first 'book' going to be?

A lot, but I haven't hammered down a definite number yet. The story is gonna go crazy places, don't try too hard to be psychic :

How do you get your line art so clean? Are there any secrets to it? Could you maybe show an example?

There really aren't any secrets. It's totally a craft thing and excellence in craft comes of a lot of repetition. I guess... make sure to draw with your whole arm, not just your fingers or hand. Don't torture every line with little sketchy movements - you want long, free, confident strokes. Don't hold the brush or stylus too hard, stay loose, be comfortable, have a lot of desktop room.

Also, there are lots of different ways to ink. My style is really uniform and inked towards colour. Something like Bone has wildly varying line thicknesses and is inked towards remaining in black and white (those colourised versions are retarded). You could check out Maximo who does OH-KO and his lines are crazy dynamic and wild and all over the place. You don't necessarily want ultra "clean" line-art, it can be really boring. Look how boring this is without colour on it

So I think we can safely say at this point that Quigley is actively trying to "kill" Duane. Was this his intention from the start? Or has he just gotten carried away?

Pfff, yeah. Quigley has no problem separating Duane into fifty-three different pieces and serving them up to Uaid as a midnight snack. Business, ya know. Nothing personal (except it is, stupid Aldish zealot, you killed mah wife).
Let me tell you a story. Me: "Hey! I've got a smartphone! I can check Unsounded updates on the go! Sweet!" Phone: "Hah hah sucker, the Unsounded main page is a scroll bar within a scroll bar! I don't support such silliness!" Me:" D: D: D:"

"Story Part the Second. *five minutes of moping later* Me: "Hey! I can't let this lick me! I'm gonna read Unsounded and you can't stop me!" *goes to main page, then to fan forum, finds a link that leads to the current comment section, then to current page*

*Feels very proud of herself* You see? I can haz ingenuity if it means I get to read Unsounded!"

And THIS is why I don't have a smartphone optimized site! See the ingenuity it has inspired in you? Overcoming adversity leads to brilliance!

Look at your zombie now back to me now back to your zombie. Sadly, your zombie isn't me but if you stopped using the corpses of those filthy crescians and switched to the corpses of Aldishmen your zombies could act like he's me.

"Look down, back up, where are you? You're near Cresce, where I don't want to be. What's in your hand? Back at me, I have it. Its an obnoxious child with a tail."

*seventeen minutes of giggling*

But Quig's bones already come pre-brittled, so who can Duane use for repairs? Will he eat Eppy?

Back when I was writing the relevant portion of the script last year I was worried I'd run into problems with this, but then it kind of solved itself. I love when stories do that.

Least liked Final Fantasy VII Character?

Yuffie. I would put her in a wood chipper and dance in Bacchanalian ecstasy beneath the warm rain of her liquefied viscera.

Of course that's assuming you mean original FFVII. I have similar hate for... I think... yes, all of the original cast of Dirge of Craperus.

We know Bastion plays piano. Can he play this song?

"The hardest song of all time," eh? I think he would try for a while, grow terribly frustrated, then replace your eyes with scorpions.

Who is responsible for the terrifying propaganda posters all over about the six Aldish breeds and their incest and rape? Why are all the eyes crossed? As a result of the posters, do citizens assume the Aldish actually all have crossed eyes?

The Crescian government is responsible for most of them. Just trying to keep people informed :3 They're cross-eyed and ugly because you want to make your enemies look as unattractive as possible in propaganda. Some people may very well believe they're actually cross-eyed!

Would Chitz be worth a serious fortune if Sette ever stole him? Isn't it dangerous for a small blind kid to be dragging something so valuable around with him?

It's either hang on to Chitz or be completely blind so... the Quigleys don't have many options. But yeah, the copper inside Chitz is moderately valuable.

Only about a dozen??? Okay, clearly you are not getting the love you deserve. Do coppers sunburn easily?

Quite the opposite. It's fair-skinned Plats that burn easily.

Does the future tentacle brothel employ squid or octopi? What is your personal preference between the two?

Oh, neither. They use custom designed critters that have tentacles on 'em. I prefer tentacle monsters to actual animals, meself. Yech.

So in a Starfish X Quigley pairing who'd be the dominant one?

Starfish of course :3

Where does Duane get replacement parts?

For a lot of his braces and things he builds them himself. For when he needs actual dead bits, he goes to the local police house or graveyard and snoops around the corpses of transients - hopefully BEFORE they're buried. He can't work at night and graverobbing during the day is exceedingly difficult.

I'm guessing Sette's impending rescue attempt lasts all of five seconds. She seems to have forgotten about the guy who kicked her tail earlier.

If it wasn't so magic-stinky out, she could probably smell him trailing her. Stoopid pymary farts!

If I did them they would be intentionally bad so which crack fic would be the most "entertaining?" A Ephsephin x Sette B Matty x Chitz C Starfish X Ephsephin D Elka x Toma

E. Starfish X Quigley

So if Cat is hard at work cranking out visual rule 34 should I start to work on bad crack fics?

Yes, write me some porn. I have commissioned pornfics of my characters before. One of my guy RP friends used to write me awesome, awesome pornfics. Pornfics are my favourite things.

This new page. I like it. I like all your pages, but I figured you should know.

You are a nice cat.

Is Duane going to need a new rib cage after this?

Among other things D: Tomorrow is going to be a maintenance day (if he doesn't die forever on the next page of course).

So just told me 503 temporarily unavailable. <3

Maaaaan, I hope my host doesn't flip out. Stop linking my comic to people, people! I don't want to get popular, I won't be able to afford hosting D:

What did you do and/or work on today? Did you celebrate reaching 100 followers?

I woke up at six to my nephew shrieking in the next room, so I snagged him and we slept a few more hours in my bed. Then I did the four hours of driving required to get him and his sister back to their house and me back to mine. Then I did some work, answered some emails, dicked around online, made dinner, and put on Tangled while I finished inking a comic page. Now I'm gonna flat that page. My glorious life, so interesting!

100 followers is pretty good. Hello, followers!

Whenabouts will Will wander into the wonder of Unsounded? Will he have both arms?

Chapter seven :O And no, he lost his left arm when he was like twelve.

I bet, if I really thought hard during the day, I could come up with a dozen questions a day for you. Do you miss the nice, full inbox?

Noooo please don't XD Wouldn't you rather I spend my free time making nice comic pages for j00?

Do you have any pictures of Starfish's boobs? I ate something bad and I need to puke it up. He's, what, a C cup?

I should contribute to the Unsounded slash community on dA. Starfish and Quigley yes yes yes.

Do you deal with seasonal depression or does Florida help with that?

Florida doesn't really have seasons so that's not much of a thing around these parts. It's gonna be in the eighties tomorrow.

How many questions do you get daily?

A dozen, I think. Far fewer than I used to get :)

Have you ever had trouble keeping Unsounded canon separate from RP canon?

I think the first chapter suffers from RP syndrome a bit. When I made it I was mostly thinking about my friends and players reading it, and they were used to the characters so I didn't make a concerted enough effort to eeeease the reader into the joy that is Sette.

Otherwise though, it hasn't really been an issue. I think it helps that Unsounded takes place outside of Sharteshane and RP was almost exclusively Sharteshane. So the setting's pretty different and the storyline (for some characters) takes place a number of years earlier than where they were in RP-time.

What do you do when you lose creative steam?

Play a video game, watch some trash tv, do something with my family, surf the interbutts, dick around in VGMC... Just step away from what your doing and let your batteries recharge.

If a Plat or a Silver gets cut off from the khert, do they get a longer life???

Mortal humans and animals not attached to the khert, uh, die. So no.

Do you have any pictures of Elka's bewbs? This is for, uh, reference.

I don't D: I think she's a B cup.

Oh hah hah, that makes more sense. From the way I read that it sounded like the members of a specific caste simply exploded messily when they reached their designated expiration date. (No one would want to be around them when they got old. So sad.)

They would stain all their heirlooms :(

Theory #16: Sette is her own mother. She gave birth to herself in a bizarre phenomenon of turning inside-out. Right now, if we turned her back, she'd be a middle-aged woman. Later, if we turn her inside-out, she will be a partially developed fetus.


Hmmm...Regina means "queen". Is Regina secretly Cresce's bitch-queen that Duane so loathes? I bet she'd be awesome at it.

Haha, nah. But maybe it tells you something about her that that's the name she would choose for herself :)

I just noticed how many notifications my e-mail gets with my mere dozen followers... is your e-mail terrifyingly full every day?

Nope! I turned off the notifications :D

Did you design Bastion's clothes to be incomprehensible on purpose? That cape... where does it attach? Between the shoulders? What does the back look like? Raughr! TToTT figuring this out is haaaaard...

Try something like this maybe? I wouldn't overthink it, just go with whatever is easiest :)

What chapter do we get to meet Regina in? And what's the story behind her name being more than four letters? Does that mean Jivi's grandparents were also... unconventional? Or is she not originally Crescian?

She just doesn't care about Crescian naming conventions. Regina's is an independent spirit, and she'll do just about anything to irritate you or make you uncomfortable. As for when you meet her... not until almost the very end of this first "book," which is a very long ways off.

If you could be born anywhere and to anyone or -thing in Kasslyne, where would you choose to be born?

Southern Cresce would be pretty great. I want to be born into a nice fishing family along a particularly pretty section of the coast.

How does aging work in Alderode? Do jets and coppers grow up normally, hit 20-something, and freeze for a few centuries, or is childhood prolonged as well? Do Bronzes age the same way, or do they get old and linger if they're the long-lived kind?

Childhood is a bit longer! Then aging reeeeeally starts to slow down once you hit puberty, and it sort of drags its feet for centuries. Bronze are really erratic - some of them live lives biologically indistinguishable from those of foreigners, others lean more towards the truncated lives of Silvers or the longer lives of the Jets. Bronze families try to look at the family history of prospective spouses so they can marry into families with longer lives.

If coppers turn puce, silvers turn navy, and plats go transparent, do the other castes do cool stuff when they're old, too?

Silvers go navy? What what?

And no, the coppers and plats are extremes of the spectrum, so the really ghastly biological deformations sort of pool on their ends.

Speaking (recently) of things being on model and pictures floating around, does Bastion have a model, or at does that outfit have some concept art around?

I think this is all I have. I was tossing around the idea of giving him shorter hair for a while.

If Duane's ego is stored metaphysically, instead of in an organic brain, does that mean it could be placed in a different body? And would he still be connected to the dammakhert if that happened?


I'm curious about the Aldish policy toward children born of non-aldish mothers and fathers within the boundary of the Dammakhert. (I'm assuming they would be born a member of an Aldish caste) It sounds complicated and messy. I want to know.

Not complicated or messy at all. Alderode is very harsh when it finds immigrants: deportation, imprisonment, or execution. If you dare to have a kid in the country, your kid becomes the country's property, soul and body. You get the immigrant treatment while your kid goes to a state home.

If a jet were to be found in perfectly neutral light, would the sheen on their hair be blue, red, or white) (Translation: do they have cold/blue-black, true black, or warm/natural black hair?)

I think it can vary from individual to individual.

Does Matty every get backaches from having several pounds of metal on his shoulder? I'm doing the maths for Chitz, and he's HEAVY. Unless there's other stuff in him. Is he stuffed with copper pellets or fluff mixed with copper pellets?

I reckon he switches shoulders when one shoulder gets achy. Or he just holds Chitz to his chest like a plushie. Chitz doesn't HAVE to perch on that particular shoulder to work.

What do you get when you cross a duck and a raccoon?

You must tell me.

Awwww, so they don't _really_ show what class he is do they? Though I don't think such a "patriot" would be willing to mislead people as to his caste, since that sounds like it's a pretty big no-no in Alderode. does he see?

How does he move, how does he think, how does he function? Duane's is a complicated case :)

Theory #14: Everyone in Alderode is genetically blonde with green eyes.

Nope. The Soud (who are green-eyed blondes) are for the most part genetically unchanged by the Dammakhert. They're the original Tains. The invading tribal outsiders who originally made up the rest of Alderode, however, came from further south. What do we see further south? Before Cresce, mostly olive-skinned Ulestrians and fair-skinned brunettes. So I would put money on most of Alderode being genetically pretty brown.

If four Jets have two babies outside of Alderode, then those babies have a baby in Alderode, what is the child's caste going to be? (or any caste, as long as they're all the same)

I... I guess Jet?

I have to ask, are wonderfully literally names like Hanghorse and Nary-A-Care common among Shartes?

They are! Sette has two cousins named Annadyne and Knock-Me-Down. Then there's her cousin Stockyard, her dad's BFF Bodkin, and his son Dribble (who has a cleft palate).

I'm sure this question has been asked before, but if all his "soft tissues" have rotted away, how has Duane kept his pretty green eyes?

They are glass.

What caste is Duane from? My inclination is silver, due to his talent for pymary, but he could also be bronze, or even jet or copper.


"You really haven't made it in this life until someone's drawn porn of your characters." I am attempting to fix your problem!


Oh, Jesus. Everyone. Go. Look.

Are we ever going to get to see a really old plat or copper or silver?

I would say so. I don't have any drawings of them sitting around though, sowwy.

Are Plat bones useful in any medicinal sense?

I don't believe so.

Sorry for the boring technical questions. I'd also like to know what "re-inking" and "flatting" mean. How about a bonus Bastion question! What's his favorite food?

Mmm, a fried egg on top of a crepe. Monny blood jelly. Crab-stuffed mushrooms. Strawberry fish.

Re-inking... is re-inking. Okay, when I do a comic page it goes - rough sketch, drawing, inking (going over the drawing in black and tightening it up), filling in all the flat colours (this is called flatting), and then shading. When I say I want to re-ink some pages it means I'm okay with the drawing, more or less, but I want to go back over the drawings again and use a different, better line quality so the pages are more consistent.

When Plats, or any caste really, reaches the end of their allotted years, how does the end come? A slow wasting, a quick heart attack, or do they get sick at all? Do they just...stop?

All the castes who die natural deaths die of typical old age ailments - heart disease, cancers, lung disease, etc. The problem with Plats and Silvers is their insides grow old too fast, and these ailments assault them much earlier than they do their other countrymen.

Duane's attack on the crabby bug today... was he throwing a rock at it (it looked like there was a rock there, possibly), or smacking it with the momentum he pyramically took from the creature's downward claw swing?

It was pretty much a second round of the ground-drawn solidity he threw at Quigley during their opening salvo. He would have done something fancier if OWW HIS LEG WASN'T SUDDENLY IN TWO PIECES.

Was sitting in a on a cultural class today when the professor, who was talking about some Chinese spirit, referred to it as "a child lover." I flashback to Sette's little speech and its all I can do to keep from laughing my ass off in the front row.

Epic :3

Did Matty know his father very well before they started living together?

Somewhat, but Quigley wasn't a very big part of his life.

Can you draw from or into a living thing, such as your opponent's body in a pymary duel? If you can, are there any defenses against it so that you don't have the unpleasant experience of having the blood pressure of the heart of a mountain?

"Or, since the Khert disintegrates things that don't have the right aspects, could you, say, draw the solidity from your opponent and make them vanish? (Or if you feel more vicious, the liquidity from their blood...)"

One of the first things a wright learns to do is to seal their Aspects safely from the assaults of other wrights. So stuff like you're talking about doesn't have much place in attacks against other pymary users, but wrights have been known to go hardcore like this on laymen.

Do you own a real, live Snuggie?

I used to but it has disappeared :( It was hunter green and soft as a quilt sewn of the flayed skin of a thousand babies' asses.

Are you accepting applications for male whores, then, Glass? I won't wear heels, but I'm sure other adjustments could be made. ;P

Excellent then. Time for the floor show!

What does "on model" mean?

In animation (and ideally in comics) characters have model sheets. These are pretty much just turn-arounds, or views of the character from a few different angles, in different moods, that can be referred to throughout production so the characters are drawn consistently. If a character matches their design as depicted on their model sheet, they're on model. I never did model sheets when I started Unsounded because I am a lazy git. Hence the characters' looks fluctuate too much for my liking in the early chapters.

It's fucking depressing [email protected] is no more. On one hand, I wish you all of the fortune and fame your heart desires, but on the other, I hate that you're popular because now the traces of you around the internet will vanish. The end.

Am I officially popular now? Bring on the crack and the male whores in stilettos, let my downwards spiral begin.

Which country on Kasslyne has the cutest babies?

You cannot ask me this, it's too difficult T__T

Will you tell me everything you know about Rachshane? Militaristic countries make me happy.

Actually I know very little about them! You could conceivably make up a bunch of stuff about them for RP, who's to say you're wrong?

If you had been born in Alderode, which caste would you chose to be?

I think the Jets are best. They get nice, long lives but are less inclined to go insane like the Coppers do. Here is the song of my people.

Have you read Paranatural? :3

I kept seeing it pop up on /co/ with the praise that it's "full of reaction image faces." I checked it out, and it's not for me.

WHOO Double pages again! You're spoiling us Ashley. I love it. And if Quigs didn't design the bug, who did? My money's on Matty's mom. In my imaginings, she's pretty awesome.


Because that last question was horribly worded in all possible ways and you can just get rid of it, how surprised is Quigley that Duane is still moving around and fighting?

Oops, too late. No, Quigley is not that surprised. Duane could have buffered every one of those attacks with defensive spells, so it's not that remarkable that he looks relatively okay. Quigley IS getting a little curious as to why the hell this idiot's got so many bandages under his clothes. The tail on the little girl is weird too. IT'S A WEIRD NIGHT FOR WHITE-HAIRED SORCERERS.

If Duane were a living person at the moment, what do you figure the chances of him dying or being dead at this point in the 'duel' at this point?

Interesting question. Getting hit by that waterfall blast would have broken some ribs, if not his neck if he'd landed poorly. The bugs would have done a number on his skin if it was there in any reasonable amount, so he'd be dripping from numerous lacerations. I don't know, he'd be pretty damn torn up, but not dead or dying, I'm pretty sure.

Blade of the Immortal made the interesting point that being invulnerable would be one of the shittiest things that could happen to one's fighting skills. Getting hit ceases to matter so you get sloppy. Duane probably suffers from this to some extent.

I ran out of kedis questions. Did you do anything exciting today?

Just a bunch of work. My niece and nephew are spending the weekend with me so I ain't gonna get anything done.

I found out that there's a limit on number of questions asked in a certain amount of time. Are you impressed, terrified, or simply annoyed because I discovered it in your Formspring inbox?

You can never annoy me. I am a being of light.

I'm going back to kedis questions. Would one allow itself to be dressed in a warm sweater, even though it's a reptile and a sweater will serve little or no purpose?


Since Duane's nerves probably fell off with all his fleshy bits, can he still feel the pain of snapping a leg like a twig?

Yes. For some strange, impossible reason, his bones can hurt him. Hit Duane with a blunt force if you wanna cause him pain.

Was that really poorly drawn Tainish or just scribbles coming from his mouth?

It was just incoherent FFSfjpasioerjfaolfaaer%#Q$). Don't you ever do that? Stub your toe or otherwise hurt yourself so suddenly and so painfully that all you can do is incoherently sputter and semi-swear?

That giant bug... Is it's appearance Quigley's own design, or are there actually bug that look like that, albeit much smaller, on Kasslyne?

Nope, it's totally an imaginary bug monster. Quigs didn't design it though.

What makes you choose to do two pages rather than one in any given set?

When I feel that the pages really go together - where there's like a flow of action or a conversation that would be harmed by being delivered two days apart. I felt that the snapped leg, Duane on the ground, and then Duane rolling to evade and then retaliate on the next page were all one continuous set of maneuvers that all needed to be shown together.

Matty is falls wildly in love with Jivi and enlists Uaid's help to escape. Uaid kills everyone except the two, but he is jealous of their love and eventually crushes them both. Uaid, overcome with guilt, will then lie down to become a mountain. THE END.

Directed by William Shakespeare

If generally kept in a warm spot and cuddled frequently, would kedises be ok in Ulestry?


Do you enjoy being vague, even when you don't need to be?


I don't MEAN to be vague, but sometimes answers ARE vague. I don't know EVERYTHING :3 Unsounded is a really long story with a lot of characters in a big world. Not every little thing is decided yet.

I think Cara's death may be the most emotionally moving thing I've ever seen.

She had it coming. Those beady Aldish eyes.

Does Duane have any buddies that don't care about his status as a galit? If not, is he ever embarrassed that his only friend is a little girl?

Duane hasn't had a friend in a long, long time.


Does Sette have any friends other than Duane?

PSSSH, Duane is not her FRIEND, that is a DISGUSTING insinuation. Sette has some "reliable acquaintances" back in Hanghorse but most people back home find her as intolerable as you might imagine.

Does Sette like playing in puddles when bathing is not an objective?

Yes! Mud! Mud everywhere! Havoc!

Can Matty swim?

He can dog paddle.

Do all the Black Tongues have a knack for looking stylish?

Nope. In fact most of them are bookish, wizened, dried-up old scholar types.

Is Bastion the most fashionable man in Winalils? Alderode? Kasslyne?

Bastion's dad is pretty fashionable, so it's a close contest. All of Alderode? No. All of Kasslyne certainly not.

Did Quigley make Uaid? Chitz? If he made Chitz, did Matty have a say in what Chitz looks like?

Matty's mom sewed Chitz for him when he was an itty bitty toddler, and stuffed him with dried beans. After Matty was blinded, Quigley *spoiler spoiler* and modified Chitz into the seeing aid he is today, replacing his stuffing with precious First Copper.

Is Uaid's mobility related to how plods work?


Is Uaid sentient(ish) and compliant, like a domesticated horse or dog, or is he "programmed" to be that way, like a plod? If he's programmed, was he ordered to be nice to Matty, or is he just nice to Matty because someone needs to be nice to Matty?

Uaid is sentient and has opinions of his own. Fortunately he really likes Matty. If it was just him and Quigley I think he would have stepped on him long ago.

How was Matty blinded?

Chapter six.

Does Matty have any friends other than Uaid and Chitz? (Papa doesn't count, either...)b>


Do the various regions of Kasslyne have different breeds of dogs, like cats, horses, and dogs in our world?


Theory #11: Sette's navel is on her leg somewhere and she's much more concerned about Duane seeing that than him loving her child-bottom.

"Theory #12: Sette is a Gefendur god incarnate sent to confuse and play a practical joke on the poor Ssaelit. That or she's the Ssaelit Jesus. Either way, when Duane finds out, he's going to lose all faith and start worshipping Uaid."

Haha, the Ssaelit god is more a Buddha than a Jesus, but man, that makes me sad for Duane-face.

That misanthropy question had me rereading ch 2, good times. I noticed Duane has a huge hunk of skull missing on 2/32, what’s filling in the gap? There’s also a crack with staples or something near his brow ports. Comments?

It's been a rough six years. He's been run out've a few towns and gotten into a few scraps.

Of the pages we haven't seen so far, what's your favorite line of dialogue?

Hrmm, I dunno. Nary does have a pretty good rant in chapter 6 but I dunno.

I used to have hardcore insectophobia, but then I started studying them. Now I'm only creeped out by genuinely lethal ones, or ones that won't die (which is why scorpions really freak me out still). My point is, I like the bugs Quigley uses. A lot.

Good ^_^ Check this video out, I like it.

I did not know chitz could do that. Attack shoulderthingy vs attack zombie, who would win?

Chitz can do anything with the power of imagination! He would beat up the attack zombie every time. I think Boo could beat attack Chitz though. He'd go for the eyes.

I-I didn't know Chitz had a little rope tail. Is THAT how he stays on? Is there a loop somewhere Matty ties him down to? Why does it remind me of an umbilical cord? IS MATTY HIS MOMMY? So many questions.

It is only a length of yarn XD

Of the pages we have seen so far, what is your favorite line of dialogue?

Ooh, good question. I think... either Duane's line to Bett about his misanthropy, or Sette quoting Da about tits.

Tell Matty I'm sorry, but I am completely willing to sacrifice his dad if it means no more bugs. I know, I'm a terrible person.


Who's your favorite mythic character?

I think Atalanta was pretty awesome and I don't know why she's never been embraced more in popular media. The golden apple thing always pissed me off until that episode of QI where they said the best way to escape a polar bear was to take off your clothes while you were running, 'cause the bear would stop to investigate them and you'd get away. Well, Atalanta was raised by a bear so of course she'd stop to investigate the golden apples. Them clever Greeks.

Did you read a lot as a kid? What kind of books did you read when you were young?

When I was very young, I read a lot of fantasy books like the Narnia and Redwall series, and classic series like the Bobbsey Twins (my great-grandma would buy me a new Bobbsey Twin book every Christmas omg is this where the Gefendur Twins came from *revelation*), Laura Ingalls Wilder, and the Anne of Green Gables books. When I got a little older I really was more into classic fiction like Twain and Dickens and Stevenson, and then in high school, Melville, Hawthorne, O'Connor, and more commercial authors like Anne Rice and Michael Crichton. And then lots and lots of comic books, from cape shit to classic Doctor Stranger to Strangers in Paradise to Bone to The Maxx. I read constantly when I was a kid but now I hardly read at all. C'est la vie.

I may have asked this but I don't remember: Just how loud was Elka's shouting pymary thing? Loud enough to be heard across the city?

It was as loud as the bark of a giant dog.

Today was oral hygiene day at school. Now the little girl who wanted to be an artist yesterday wants to be a dentist. Thanks for the advice on child-support, though. Unfortunately, it didn't come in handy while pretending to brush Peter Rabbit's teeth.

Dentists are pretty badass.

Why doesn't anyone want to be a Black Tongue any more? I mean, it's just testicles for immeasurable freedom to practice pymaric arts! Plus, Black tongues can have all the chicks they want and no embarrassing bastard children!

Well, the initiation rules are harsh, and life as an Ilganyag can be crappy. Unless you're the best of the best you're going to be persecuted almost anywhere you go and spend your life on the down-low. Maybe a new alternative to the Ilganyag has arisen, something that's competing with it for the hearts and minds and testicles of bright young wrights.

If someone has no balls to give up, can they not become Black Tongues? I mean, I get the pre-castrated bit, but what of women and un-dropped fellows?

Nope, women can't be members. It'sa da rule. Undropped fellows? I'm not sure that's ever come up.

Are there kedises in Rachshane? If not... are there kedises in any other mainly fair-skinned, seaside country? If not mainly fair-skinned, at least one where a family of blonde boys wouldn't be too out-there and would be able to serve in the military?

I would say kedises fare poorly in Alderode and in the upper third of the rest of the continent. It's a climate thing, they're not built for cold. I see no reason why they wouldn't be just fine in Rachshane.

Is Duane's punching outbreak a fallback to his schoolyard bully fightin' days? It reminds me a little bit (just a little!) of Ralphie's fight in a "Christmas Story".

Hahahaha, I LOVE it, you're right, he was just like Ralphie losing his shit and jumping on the ginger kid. Ahh, Duane just snapped and wanted to plant his fist in Quigley's gob, I guess. It happens. Pymary's pleasant, but a fist's fuckin' fantastic.

Would Jivi and Matty get along under different circumstances? Would Matty and Sette?

Matty can and will insist on getting along with anyone (except maybe Mr. Starfish). Jivi is friendly too, but he wasn't about to be sweet to the son of one of the murdering slavers keeping him chained inside a cart. Who knows what the future may hold though.

Why does Duane keep trying to go into towns? It's not like he needs a salary to buy food. Does he just get so lonely on his own he wants to be in a crowd?

Duane gets very, very, very lonely. All he really needs is a window in a nice town, and he can content himself, but remaining in his own company out in the country drives him towards very black thoughts.

Are there boys' choirs in Kasslyne? I'd be sad in a world without boys' choirs. I like boys' choirs. When I grow up, I want to be a choir boy. Kidding. Sort of. Not really.

Have you ever read Anne Rice's "Cry to Heaven?" You would like it.

Wait a minute...Duane's going to kill Quigley with some nasty spell but then Matty jumps in front of it at the last minute and dies and everyone will be all D: That's what's going to happen, isn't it? D:

Don't tell anyone!

Do you blog? If so, are you on ? Whats your profile there. Want to add you :)

I do not blog and I'm not on that site. Sorry, man :)

Which member of her family has Sette had the most contact with, other than her Da?

Definitely her granny.

I'm trying to understand this glamour stuff. Am I correct that a suggestive glamour is up to the perception of the viewer? Does that mean everyone sees Duane differently?

Still working on a satisfactory glamour system.

Mahna mahna! :D

So what's on Anchert that everyone's so eager to fight for? Or is it just one of the thoughtless "this hunk of rock is useless but its mine so YOU can't have it." disputes? And that wasn't the war Duane was in, correct? He was fighting Cresce in the west?

Quite so. Duane was mostly in Avelpit dealing with the fallout of the Foi-Hellick affair, which is a whole 'nother can of worms. Don't wanna talk about Anchert yet :)

Also, you say that Sharteshane doesn't want to ally with Alderode. But WHICH part of Sharteshane? Are the rouges and the holy knights in agreement on this point? I think it was mentioned somewhere that they are the two true powers.

The nobility is the true power in Sharteshane, but I don't want to delve too deeply into this as it'll come up in the comic one day :)

As far as Duane (and most other people) knows, he's the only talking zombie, right? So couldn't a Glamour on him play to people's expectations of seeing a normal person? The human mind is remarkably pliable in that sense, even without magic.

Then he's just a Jedi, isn't he? Interesting thought though, I'm tinkering with something along these lines.

Are Sette's filed teeth baby teeth? If so I hope she won't be so dumb to do the filing thing again when she gets her adult set. This question is just an excuse to post this link

Good God, being alive is creepy.

Has Sette /ever/ had a haircut?

Sure, her granny chops her hair now and then.

Have you ever failed a class? If so, what class?

Nope, never failed a class. I was a straight A kid throughout most of school. If you are failing a class, Mr. Ballpoint, get offline right now and do the work D:

Hey Glass. Non-unsounded question here. What makes the growth of Asian megacities phenomenal in comparison to western cities?

Do your own homework, bird.

Oh, you know you love my little oddities, & put up w/ them because I make you laugh. ;P


So. How frequently can I expect to see horrifying swarms of glowy insects in the future? I'll be sure to have a flyswatter at the ready...

May not see them ever again if Duane kills Quigley on the next page! :3

Frog side has the cooler tongue. ;P And instinctual reactions. ;P

Oh, SO <3

Couldn't Duane just steal a little bit of good looks in a city from all the people around, similar to stealing the sharpness of a bunch of blades of grass? Or alternatively, carry a fresh bouquet of pretty flowers everywhere he goes? :D

The latter has promise, but the first still relies on treating "beauty" like an Aspect, which doesn't sit well with me. I think what I'm going to do is simplify glamours and allow more flexibility to literal glamours. If the literal ones can contain qualities of the suggestive ones, it should work given proper preparation.

Aww, you removed the character descriptions. I really liked the texts and the pictures. I guess it's because of the wiki (which has some pictures now, which is neat), but the descriptions were different - not so spoilery and more amusing and teaser-like.

I'm sorry :( I also have read complaints where people didn't think the characters should have an out-of-comic introduction like that. So, ya know, can't please everyone.

"If he could get over his psychological issues, could Duane make himself look more, erm, alive? Less grey, I mean." Maybe if he became Murkoph? ;)

Oh, darling WoV, do you think Duane turns into Murkoph at night like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

Tiana's nice, too. Is it bad I like the frog version of her better? kind of like how I like Beast better than his true form at the end? (and all his servants.)

Wooooah, see, if you were a lady, you'd like human Beast better. Human Beast is famously pretty for a Disney character. I like Tiana as both a human and a frog, both have their good sides.

I just thought you might like to know Unsounded is now the most visited webcomic in my browser, and second most visited overall. Google is number one.

Well, that's just weird, son. You need better comics in your life. Go read Shadoweyes, Artifice, Lackadaisy Cats, Nedroid, and Oglaf.

You doggies look wonderful. What are they like? (real life here, not the comic)

They are smelly and they bark too much.

true. Jasmine is my favorite Princess. Really, I'm a fan of Lion King, with Aladdin being my 2nd favorite movie as well, so the villains line up, I guess.

Jasmine was my favourite princess until Tiana came along. I really dig on frogs.

Have you ever found yourself falling in love with a fictional character, if your own creation or otherwise?

Of course. Everyone falls in love with a fictional character at some point, I would say that's part of life. I haven't really fallen for a character in quite some time but I don't consume nearly as much media as I once did, so that makes sense.

If he could get over his psychological issues, could Duane make himself look more, erm, alive? Less grey, I mean.

We shall see.

You say on the wiki (went back and read it all after you mentioned it) that sharteshane and Alderode sometimes have issues with eachother. Does Alderode come down the cost and bother their navy? Or vice versa?

Alderode and Sharteshane go back and forth. They're major trade partners and they rely on friendly relations for shipping purposes, but they've had problems over the years deciding who owns what islands, particularly Anchert, which was the cause of a number of bloody naval skirmishes ten years ago. Right now their relations are pretty neutral, partly because Sharteshane is kind of irked at Cresce for pushing its western alliance, which it has no interest in. Vits (Alderode's government) has been pressuring Sharteshane's king into forming their own northeastern alliance to counter it, but Sharteshane's not stupid. It knows Alderode can't be trusted and is far too triggerhappy.

If Duane was living in Tawhoque the past year or so, presumably with no woods in the immediate vicinity, what did he source his glamour on? Wouldn’t it be more efficient to create an illusion from light aspects and make it respond to (express) emotion?

I am debating how Duane deals with hiding in cities. I have a method how it would work just fine within the glamour restrictions I've laid out, but another part of me is like, am I making this more complicated than it needs to be? Does it really serve a story purpose or am I just being a clever bitch?

So I am undecided. Stay tuned.

This job you mentioned earlier. Can't talk about it because you're professional, or can't talk about it because it's some sort of surprise?

Can't talk about it because there's an NDA (nondisclosure agreement) involved. It's nothing interesting though, it's corporate graphic design.

Waaait, was an old, old response I smiled at deleted, or am I still too new to Formspring and confused? In light of more recent responses, I realize some of the older ones might no longer hold true, so I appologize if it was the former. :(

Haha, I did indeed delete it :) You're right, some of the old stuff doesn't really hold up anymore, now that I've thought things out better. Rather than risk confusion, I deleted it. Actually, thanks for finding it for me, I knew it was buried back there but I didn't have a way to find it.

So, since I find autumn hideous rather than beautiful, does that mean I'd be able to see right through Duane's glamour?

If you find no beauty in the autumnal woods, yes, you'd see through it. Your heart is a sad, shrivelled raisin of hate.

So what did you do today, Glass? Today seems like a day when stuff got done. Well, by everyone but me.

So what did you do today, Glass? Today seems like a day when stuff got done. Well, by everyone but me.

Do you have anything cute about being an artist/becoming an artist that can be said to a six-year-old? I couldn't think of any inspiring advice, then I thought, "Oh, hey, Glass is an artist and a writer! She'll have ideas and words about it!" Do you?

Show them this nice comic

Then have a word with their parents and make sure the child never actually professionally pursues art. It is a miserable life.

Do it! Sing the song of Gaston!

I now command this song be stuck in your head the rest of the day.

Oh hah. That's a no due to poor internal anatomy, even if it is a cartoon. ;P But Scar is just the type of villain I love. And Jafar is #2 on my list, just like you.

Scar IS pretty cool, but he loses points with me for managing to mess up so badly after he achieved his goals. I like my villains to be really competent, it makes them scarier. Jafar, for instance, was pretty clever and when he did mess up it was mostly just because he had such a boner for Jasmine... which is understandable, Jasmine was pretty hot.

GLAAAAASSSSS! sonofhod is a lazy bastard and told me to ask you if Duane is the only galit how does he know what to call himself? Did he coin the phrase "Galit"? Mock his laziness will you?

Don't be mean to Sonofhod, we all like the same stupid comic and should stick together. "Galit" is simply the Tainish word for zombie. Duane hates being equated with "zombies" or "plods" though and so priggishly insists on using "galit," even though it's essentially the same thing.

Maybe Sette's teeth were lacured after being filed? That's make them a bit bigger and stronger than just plain filed teeth.

No, I'm not sure the dental arts are that far along. The big teeth are just a style thing. If Sette was a real human being standing next to you her EYES wouldn't be as big as they are either :)

I'm all out of absurd theories for the night. I'll come up with more tomorrow. Now aren't you sorry for making me squirm? Mew-ah-hahahahahaha~!!

I ain't even a little afraid. I used to be involved heavily in FFVII fandom. I have seen cyborg male vampires give birth to the children of firewalking psychopath alien-boys.

Theory #1: Bastion and Quigley spent their youth (well, Quigley's youth) together as ace stylists running a salon. Then Matty's mom died and Quigley got Matty, who obviously could not be a stylist. Now they travel separately, selling style and pymary.

"Theory #2: Chitz doesn't actually do anything and Matty is just being a drama queen like every other aldishman."

"Theory #3: Not only are all Aldish drama queens, they're outright queens, and Quigley is actually Matty's mom... it's "his" father who died."

"Theory #4: Bastion is an avid men's love voyeur and made Duane and Murkoph to be creative partners for his entertainment, but got something else. Namely, a dead Aldishman with a stick and metaphorical snake up his butt and Murkoph (not up Duane's butt)"

This is something @MusesAnonymous would write.

"Theory #5: Sette was born a mule, but Nary decided a mule-child wouldn't be too helpful, so he filed her horse-teeth down and called her a lion. Sette still has a mean kick, though."

"Theory #6: Matty is Quigley's lover. He is a very well-trained pet."


"Theory #7: ElkaxUaid is canon, though Chitz wishes it weren't."

That's kind of sexy actually, this is the only thing I slightly approve of. You are a horrible person. Cat. Forumcat.

Unsounded is a Rule 34 exception (but for some borderline Murk stuff by you, but that doesn't count) Does this surprise you? How does this make you feel? Are you concerned that I checked? (Intermittent Rule 34 tests - they failed for the first time.)

There was one bit of written Rule 34 last year but it wasn't very good and it was Sette/Duane which is always disturbing. But yeah, it just doesn't exist. It makes me kind of sad :( You really haven't made it in this life until someone's drawn porn of your characters.

Scar as #7? He's #1 on my list. ;)

I would think you'd like Monstro from Pinnochio :3

We know what you've done now that the cosplayers have gotten at you... what shall you do when the rabid yaoi fangirls kill Sette and Elka in the name of all-boy orgies? (Duane's lack of tissue be damned!!)

If I was of that proclivity (and of course I'm not, I'm a virginal being of pure light) I would slash Quigley and Toma (after this chapter is over you will see why) and then I would slash Starfish and Ephsephin so that everyone hated me forever.

"I finished up a job I can't talk about" You killed a man, didn't you? You're a secret assassin on the side to support your art career. You've just come back from a hit on some Arabian diplomat, fat wad of cash in hand. Admit it.

Oh, God, I wish. I would be so rich. I would score all the bitches and pie.

So wait. Suggestive glamours can link themselves to aspects of their surroundings, and how people perceive said aspects? But that must mean that beauty is an aspect, if it relies on people seeing the source as beautiful.

No, beauty is too subjective to be an Aspect. Like you said, you don't find autumn beautiful so would a "Beauty Aspect" simply cease to exist when you're present while it exists for others? No, that would be a contradiction, and Aspects are logical and concrete. Concepts like that really need their own term, don't they. "Perception" might be a good one. Suggestive glamours are a kind of mind-fuckery, cloaking objects in external perceptions of other objects. It's a different sort of pymary, less to do with Aspects than with how living things interface with the khert. Does that make sense?

Why can't Duane just use a literal glamour for his face? Is he just not skilled enough in illusory pymary?

Literal glamours are no good for disguises. They are TOO literal. They don't follow expressions, don't lip-sync, just look like masks. And Duane probably isn't a good enough artist to sculpt a new face for himself anyway, no.

Top 11 Disney Villains! Go!

Assuming animated Disney only...

1. Frollo
2. Jafar
3. Negaduck
4. Ursula
5. Chernabog
6. McLeach
7. Scar
8. Madam Mim
9. Little John
11. Gaston

Is Duane the very model of a modern Aldish Galit?

Since he is the only one... yes.

So, Sette FILED her teeth? They aren't naturally like that? I figured it was part of her unusual anatomy.

Nope. They're filed.

But Quigley loves Matty! He uses voices! He only cuffs him gently right? D: And... Can I see a picture of your Duane plushie? Please?

Sorry this took me two weeks D:

Sette may be the daughter(?) of a thief but NO ONE STEALS LIKE GASTION!

I know every line from that song, don't make me do it.

What spell was Duane using to mend his leg in Chapter 4? Was he making the bone more solid?

Yep, just pumping solidity in. It's kind of a lost cause at this point, I think he's gonna have to replace that leg soon.

How strong is Sette's jaw, anyway? If its strong enough to bite through Duane's fingerbones early on is it strong enough to, say, crack a walnut?

I'd worry more about her teeth than her jaw. Filed human teeth are actually kind of weaksauce according to most accounts.

(Related to last question) Do walnuts exist in Kasselyne? What a sad pathetic life the people there must lead if walnuts don't exist.

You know who really hates walnuts? Like, it's one of the one foods he won't eat? Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods. I find that really, really amusing. But sure, I suppose there are walnuts in Unsounded, or at least something like them.

Is Quigley definitely a poofter?

I would point towards Matty as evidence of at least Quigley's bisexuality. Unless he was raped, I suppose.

"THE Unsounded." Thoughts?

Well, the quote the word is from is "And all the time, lo! that smiling sky, and this unsounded sea!" so that wouldn't work :) Also, it just doesn't jive with why I chose that word as the title.

Duane's nose has come off, has anything else?

Pretty much all soft tissue is gone. Interpret that as you will.

"Meeting Sette actually WAS one of the nicest things to happen to him in a long, long time." Someone should tell Sette that. Unless she already knows.

Sette already is pretty certain that meeting her is the best thing that can happen to anyone, so this information would not surprise her.

If subjective, intangible things like "manliness" can't be aspects, how come beauty is one?

Because glamours are tricky business. I've explained in the past that there are two primary types of glamour: literal and suggestive. Literal glamours are illusions where the wright is actually building visual form out of redirected light, like a 3D modeller shaping and texturing polygons. It's tedious and takes a very long time because nothing can be left to the imagination. You are actually sculpting and painting. It's an art.

Suggestive glamours are the ones you pull over yourself when you only have seconds to spare, and they are very fragile. There are different types. Some actually move Aspects (colours are easily shifted, for instance). But the one Duane uses is fancier. It doesn't reassign Aspects so much as it allows an object to piggyback onto how a viewer perceives the Aspects of another object. So, if a viewer perceives the forest around them as beautiful, a suggestive glamour can allow an additional object to bask in that perception, and the viewer perceives it as beautiful as well. Now, if a viewer does NOT perceive a forest as beautiful, the glamour will break and they will see the object however they see the forest.

See? Very fragile. It also relies on Duane staying in proximity of a forest. It also degrades as autumn degrades said forest, so he's still pretty grey and funky in spite of being out in the woods. And it also just up and dissolves entirely if you take off the hood, since Duane can't seem to maintain it if you look him in the eyes. He's terrible at poker.

How does Boo regenerate the explosive thread, anyway? Is it a pseudo-organic process where he regenerates it given enough time or is there some kind of refill station deal?

He can't regenerate it. He has to be manually refilled with more gossamer. He'll be pretty useless until that happens.

Have you ever considered having something really nice happen to Duane? Letting him win a contest? Getting rid of Sette for a little while? Finding a nice girl who also happens to be a necrophiliac and settling down?

Duane's "life" is so shitty that meeting Sette actually WAS one of the nicest things to happen to him in a long, long time. Sometimes when you're miserable, the best thing that can happen to you is a distraction. Anyway, fighting is one of Duane's favourite things, he's not too unhappy at the moment.

Where is Sette keeping Boo during this whole thing with the wright battle? Is she just letting him squirt explosive thread all over her pocket, or what?

Boo is quite depleted of gossamer after the Mulimar stunt, so that's good. He's hiding out inside her shirt, shivering like a donut at a cop convention.
I'd say it's a two toe body rather than a child. My reaction was "Argh Duane hasn't killed him yet? Lazy zombie!"

Duane needs to stop playing around with the Plats and do some real work!

From TvTropes:"Sette has yet to put on any footwear, from the very first panel on. Although it isn't explained if this is a cultural thing, a personal preference, or her Da simply won't buy shoes for her; it's just treated as her natural state." Thoughts?

Only rich kids from the Old District wear shoes in Hanghorse. The street kids and most street people, don't. If Sette put on shoes people would say she was putting on airs like she was better than the rest of them, even though she's Nary's daughter and brings in a good amount of money, and could probably afford shoes. So it's kind of a cultural thing, yeah. At this point, too, she just doesn't like shoes. Can't move right in 'em, can't curl her toes into the dirt. They'd probably make her fall over :3

Sette vs Matty cute-off? Matty's a natural, but Sette's got wiles.

Sette's teeth hurt her cute factor. Matty's creepy blind eyes hurt his. It'd be a close match.

Why do you give non-committal e-grunts rather than ignoring spoiler-y questions? O_O Are you trying to encourage WMG? That's your evil plot, isn't it? We're all just being tricked into entertaining you with epileptic tree theories, aren't we?!

I like to keep you on your toes, Forumcat. Dance, monkey!

...and then Spenny took what he'd earned to the track, made a lucky bet, and won. Plus it turned out that half of the money he'd earned selling promotional time on the show legally belonged to Spenny. It was a glorious turnabout.

Excellent. Justice for all :D

How tall is Bastion? Maybe I'm not as vertically challenged as I thought...

Man, I wish my friend Fox was on, I bet she'd remember. I think he's 5'7"? Something like that.

If you met someone cosplaying Murkoph (scars and all) what would your reaction be?

If they were super attractive and the right height and it was really good cosplay, I'd probably shit my pants and lose all cognitive functions. If those conditions were not met... I guess I would be flattered and thank them for reading :3

Is Starfish walking away from what appears to be a /dead child/? With swagger like it "ain't no thing"? This is... certainly an interesting choice of art.

:O I just liked the background.

The Sette vs Quigly moneymaking contest sounds like that one episode of Kenny vs Spenny...but that didn't turn out as you'd expect.

Hmm, not familiar.

So what's on the agenda for the rest of your evening? Magical art? Amazing writing? Second supper? Bed? We're all dying to know about the life of Awesome Incarnate.

Awesome Incarnate should get a formspring so you can ask her questions! :3 I, personally, finished inking a page and then flatted it. Here is a panel of Starfish in a mysterious environment, woo~

When -do- we get to see Bastion again?

When you least suspect it.

On aspects, what about translucence/opacity? Could I make a block transparent and the air black?

Absolutely. Duane was playing with translucency when he did his invisi-trick at the end of chapter three. He wrapped himself and Sette in the translucency of the rain to give the guard the slip. Full invisibility isn't very practical since your eyes will stop working and you won't be able to see, but little rain-obscured translucency tricks like that are pretty handy.

That Ilganyag question was spoilery, then?


Is Bastion a fancy enough fellow to... erm... have a slight heel to his footwear? I'm not talking "eunuch-in-stilettos" heel, here... just a nice, slight... man-lift. (I'm vertically challenged a man...)

Yes, he likes heels :) Bastion's not as tall as he wishes he was.

Did you draw superhuge dogs before the idea of Unsounded or Tanners or was it something you thought up just for them? What is your favorite breed of dog?

I guess I made them up for Unsounded, I never drew any big dogs before that... I really dig on bulldogs and labs.

So the Ilganyag take their name from the mythical Lady Ilganyag? Why's that? Is it because they give up the means of reproduction (and so 'kill kids', or the promise of any)?


51 hours ain't all that long? I mean, sure, playing a videogame for that long is a huge waste of time but relatively that's on the lower end of 'I wasted all this time'? I'm pretty sure I've played X-Com for longer than that.

Absolutely, but Terraria is such a waste of time that those 51 hours seem particularly egregious.

If you had a Venus flytrap, what would you name it? How about a giant dog?

My Venus flytrap would be Audrey II, naturally. My giant dog would be.... hmm. Woofasaurus? I like Sette's name for her dog. WRATH OF DOG! Wrath for short.

And you'd kinda think after the first few dead babies she'd notice that they didn't really take too well to her. Maybe she's just clinically unobservant? It reminds me of cautionary myths we have. Don't lie, don't steal, don't leave your baby lying around

Conventional wisdom is that the Lady believes she's done her job so well that the baby's fallen blissfully asleep. Spooky.

Was Lady Ilganyag The one depicted on the wall of the tomb the Red Berry Boys were staying in? The one that was stalking Sette in the dark? And I've wondered, how much of that was representative of Sette's state of mind at that point, and how much was....

Lady Ilganyag was not on the walls. The monstrous figure in the dark was probably in Sette's head. Proooobably :)

Does this cosplay thing give you hives like the RP does?

Not really! I've never cosplayed nor really gotten into it, so I don't know enough about the whole thing to feel weird, I guess? I've never been brave enough to dress up like that, man, so I can only have respect for anyone who goes to all that trouble and puts themselves out there, no matter what the fandom is.

So even in unsounded there are myths of fantastical beasties? It seems like the world is so rich in its own magics that they wouldn't need myths. Are there any other cool creatures that mother's warn their children might be lurking in the dark?

We have giraffes and zebras and parasites that become the tongues of fish and lizards that change colours to match their surroundings and giant squids and immortal jellyfish and glowing mushrooms and adorable ferns that curl up when you touch them and plants with teeth that chow down on flies. Our world is just as magical as Unsounded's and we have lots of great myths :) I don't think it matters how wonderful one's world is - people will always, always be dissatisfied and want even more.

But yes, there are quite a few legendary beasts that get whispered of in Unsounded's world. There's the lich Nihil of course, who's quite the bugaboo in Sharteshane, but there's also dark lady Ilganyag, a six-breasted harpy fascinated by human babies who's used as the explanation for SIDS (she goes around suckling infants left unattended and inadvertently poisons them). In Alderode there's Etalarche, a dreamstalking monster who stalks the khert bleeding its nightmares into sleepers' heads.

Don't feel bad about all that Terraria. Today I spent my time on Pokemon with my girlfriend... and that's about it.

Goddamn, imagine how productive we'd be if there weren't vidya games in the world.

I just realised that you said Matty smells like a boy "who should be made to make more baths." Matty doesn't naturally keep himself reasonably clean (for an eight-year-old boy...)? He seemed like he would, in between making sandwiches. Huh.

It's hard, man. Uaid doesn't have a bathroom. And Matty is still a boy, pretty as he is. He gets sweaty and dirty and disgusting. His fingernails are still faintly sticky from Uaid spilling his soda earlier. He is gross.

Is there a question you've always wanted forumspringers to ask? .-. What is it??

"Ashley, what did you waste your afternoon on today?"


Mathis Quigley Cosplay! What color would you suggest for a wig? White? Light grey? Silver? neon White? Also, what fabric's would you suggest? I would like to avoid overheating, while staying true to the original design. (In Liason with Forumcat)

You guys are awesome and insane XD There are so many cooler looking characters to cosplay. But let's see... it's autumn in Unsounded right now so Quigley's wearing him some wool, but I would guess you could just do cotton or whatever is comfortable. His pymaric mantle is satiny. His top is insane, I fear you will have to sew. It's like a double-breasted skirted jacket with balloon sleeves. I don't know how you will do that D: As for his hair, it really should be white.

Is Mr. Sexy Lich Nihil ( the mythical lich under hanghorse? What exactly is a lich in any case. I'm guessing substantially different from whatever Duane is. More like a death god?

Well, the deal with Nihil (not saying if he's really under Hanghorse or not in Unsounded) was he was purported to be a lich, yet the big twist was he wasn't a lich at all.

(I want to do that bit from The Wizard of Oz now. "Are you a good lich or a bad lich?" "Why, you're not a lich at all!" But I digress)

Um, for RP I went with the pretty standard D&D definition of a lich: an uber powerful, horrifying, undead dark sorcerer who hides his soul in a phylactery. Voldemort was basically a lich, which amuses me. Duane's soul is not kept in a phylactery somewhere so he is not a lich by any definition. Unsounded has no liches anyway, this was all an RP thing.

What would you say that lovely red outfit you recommended is made of? If you say that any large portion of it is made of leather, I will throw things at you. Things like angry kedises and regular cats and Sette and extinct holy lions and regular lions!

Actually I'm not sure... I would say it's open to interpretation. In the storyline that outfit was from, Bastion was kind of a god and was just conjuring clothing from the air. Shit was cash.

You should just make a zip bundle of your files so people read it with the comic book reader, then charge by the chapter to download!

I've thought about this! The only reason I haven't done it yet is because I want to retool some of the earlier chapters a bit. I'm not comfortable having them out of my hands until they're in a state I'm more or less satisfied with. I'ma do this though, I am!

Speaking of cities, do you have a favorite city you've spun together out of your head? And can you tell us about it without spoilers?

My favourite city... is a tie between Sette's hometown of Hanghorse, and Duane's hometown, Durlyne in Alderode. The Temple of Song is in Durlyne, built into a natural rock spire and cliff face. The city itself is on the coast with beautiful canals that reach fingers into the interior and a lot of the buildings are newer architecture built atop the millenia old ruins of a sprawling heathen temple complex. There's water everywhere and gardens and beautiful old parks, and it's just a really pretty city.

Hanghorse is very UNpretty, but it's got a really rich history. It was built on the ruins of Tawhoque, a tiered city that was attacked centuries before so its upper surface structure fell upon and decimated its lower, subterranean neighbourhoods, resulting in enormous casualties and a ruined metropolis. There's a legend that deep underground a lich took up residence and raised the old citizens into his own personal kingdom of zombies. On the surface, though, pirates started using abandoned Tawhoque's ports, and eventually settled the city for themselves and named it Hanghorse. They were inevitably routed and the country took control of the place again. These days Hanghorse is a seedy seaport - a wretched hive of scum and villainy, if you will - mostly controlled by a group of extremist Gefendur paladins, with half of the city still in crumbled ruins and unoccupied except for gangs and crazy people that smell like cabbage. It's a glorious, stinking hellhole. it kind of feels like MY hometown since I RPed in it for a decade.

"I am not wonderful, I am laying in bed in only my underwear biting my toenails and spitting them at my dog..." YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, NATURAL, SEXY GODDESS.


Brightness an aspect? Oh god, so if an opponent had glasses, one could assign brightness to the side of the lenses facing the eye! o.O; Then hit them w/ the earth attack we & a third mentioned the other day. >.<;

Hard to be precise enough to do the glasses thing, but you are a cruel man, shrunkenone. Remind me never to get on your bad side :)

Holy fucking frijoles indeed! Would you consider doing something like Kickstarter? I don't have much, but I'll give you my munny! I'd like to see you happy and full-time doing what you love, possibly with healthcare.

Ya know, it's nothing to sneeze at. I obviously wouldn't raise that kind of cash, I can look at Analytics right now and tell you I don't have that kind of readership, but if I was going to go to print I'd probably use Kickstarter for funds and Kablam for printing. Ya know what would be awesome about it is I could offer a bonus story incentive for high pledge amounts, and then have actual paid-for time to draw the bonus story. Could offer high-res PDFs, maybe even the entirety of the buffer as a PDF to the highest pledgers, so they read the next chapter before anyone else does... Fun to think about!

Now I feel bad about being needy. Why are you so wonderful? Why must you make me love you so much????? Next time tell me I'm shameless or something. Wait, I'd still be happy, even if you yelled at me! I think... you've turned me into a masochist. O_O

I am not wonderful, I am laying in bed in only my underwear biting my toenails and spitting them at my dog because he won't stop chewing his paw which is basically what I am doing and I have no right to scold him so.

Dammit, I forgot there was no update today. *sobs* Not that I'm complaining! I completely understand, I just forgot... and went... and was reminded. DX

Sowwy :(

Is brightness an aspect? Like, could a wright gather all the light in an area and flash blind someone? Is there any particular basis in real world physics that you used for the aspects, or was it just what sounded right to you?

As I've talked about on here before, pymary sort of came about from my wondering what it would be like if certain people could pull up reality's console window and start directly altering the way the world works. The khert is the operating system and deals with compatibility and interaction and clearing spent Aspects from memory and all the natural laws that wrights can't really dip their fingers into. I don't look at Unsounded's world and see physics so much as I see one enormous piece of software. When I'm wondering what the khert would recognise as alterable Aspects I'm thinking of the mass in question as an object in an object-oriented system, and the Aspect as data or a variable with a dynamic value. Something like Brightness, yes, I could see that being attached to an object, and a wright being able to change that setting or assign that variable to a different object or isolate it entirely. Things like oh, "cleanliness" and "manliness" that were suggested (probably facetiously) earlier, these are human concepts with subjective definitions that the khert wouldn't know anything about.

Quigley and Sette both wake up in an unfamiliar, average city with only what they have on their person (no large belongings like ogres or Duanes). Given one week, who would manage to accumulate the most wealth?

I think... Sette would. Sette has a hundred and one ways to turn a buck and will use nearly any method, no matter how demeaning. She'll run a con, sell snake oil, pick pockets, cat burgle, you name it. Quigley is still too proud to outright steal or hurt someone who doesn't have it coming. He'll sell his services to anyone, but he won't HURT anyone. He has a sense of right and wrong, even if it may not match up with Duane's. So yeah, Sette would win that particular reality show :)

If you could go anywhere in the US, where would you go? In the world?

In the US... if I could teleport this instant, I'd go to New Jersey where my brother and his family are vacationing right now. In the world? Probably the same place :D

Y'know, I just realised that I love your webcomic, but I think your openness and friendliness is the reason it's become (for lack of a better expression) an obsession. Thanks for being cool. I know this isn't a question, but I wanted to mention it.

Aww <3

Hey, Ashley. What do you think of this?

No real opinion, I don't read tha-- HOLY FUCKING FRIJOLES one meellion dollars!


th-that's real nice

Glass, what made you so delightfully bold and crude? Why am I so enamoured of it? Is it strange that I love it so much? You make my homework procrastination worth it.

I think it mostly comes of being almost 32. Eventually you will reach a point where you just don't care what people think of you, and then it's dicks dicks dicks all day long.

I hate being pinned down by the tyranny of a name! Now that I ask questions from an identity - even unseen - I feel like I should stick to a certain kind of inquiry. What kind of attitude do you have towards online identity and/or anonymity?

I think anonymity is really important. It's part of what makes the internet so much fun! But you are anonymous to me here, anon. I have no idea who this is. Feel free to ask me about penises.

G-g-Glass, d-do you h-hh-ha-hate cats? TToTT

Naw. I'm indifferent to them. Big cats like lions and panthers are awesome but domestic cats are such bores to me. I did not want them in mah comic.

Are any of the oceanic Senet beasts something akin to a big, white whale?

Mebbe :3 I'ma not talk about dem oceanic senet beasts, I want to leave myself room later on.

Since apparently I can't comment, I must say it here. I'm personally offended by the question about Murkoph removing his hands from his pants. Can't a bro just be himself?


Is the Lawrence fellow tall enough to have to duck through average doors if his shoes offer any sort of lift or his hair is at all puffy/fancy on top?

Yes. Lawrence is awkwardly tall. He's 6'4" and his friends call him Tree.

Is it safe to assume that Bastion's webcomic outfit is mostly leather and cape, or are his pants nice and kind and made of something not derived from animal hide?

I'm thinking a nice, comfortable, breathable cotton for his trousers. Bastion has many outfits though, he's quite the clothes horse.

Hope the weekend has helped you turn the corner on your shitty week. Do you relax more during the weekends? You seem like a bit of a workaholic, in a good way. Take care of yourself, dearest.

Oh, don't worry about me. I just get sick of my life from time to time. Everyone does. Thank you, dear <3

What's the deal with the recurring -shane term?

It meant "land" in one of the old, dead tribal tongues.

You certain you would never be a guest artist or panelist at a con?

If they paid my way, sure! But doesn't seem likely for a no-name webcomicker :)

Honey, I'm ho-ome! Do you have any pictures of Quigley that don't involve odd light colours? I'm trying to figure out what shades of blue his stuff is so I can start making a costume with my dear friend. Unsounded cosplayers +1.

Well, his scene in chapter four is in pretty neutral light. I would say black/dark grey trousers and a navy top with a navy cape and satin navy mantle with the swirly designs. Quigley would be really hard to cosplay - if the cosplayer doesn't tailor the clothing to them they're gonna come out looking dumpy D: Quigley's gotta lotta layers going on.

"When slave handlers would come from the city with giant vliegeng pulling their carts, he'd hang around and feed them apples and cats :3" There used to be cats? Why did you remove cats? :(

Because :3

MOAR Kasslyn kitty evidence: the Murkoph skin a cat picture! The question I want to ask, though, is why his fingers are in his trousers while he's eating it. Wouldn't that hand be of better service helping shovel feline flesh into his munching maw?

Well, I guess, but he likes to jerk off while he's eating sometimes. He's classy like that :3

You finally made me register on Formspring even though I have nothing to be asked about! And it took me quite a while to come up with a decent question to make it worth it. This one must do: Is Quigley's cloak 'used up' now or can it be activated again?

You shall see, my friend! You shall see!

How tall is the Lawrence fellow referenced earlier in that question 'bout men's hair?

...pretty tall.

I found an adorable group of pictures of Bastion (?) in some liaisons with his(a?) ladyfriend(?) in your lj stuff. Why does he look terrified in the first bit and why is he weeping at the bottom?

They were from RP, I'm sure (not certain which pics you found, I used to draw him all the time). Must have had something to do with the storyline at the time.

Matty explained the four "dimensions" of magic, as it were, and yet I find myself puzzled by zombies. Is it a mastery of one or multiple that can raise the "recycled labor" or something yet to come? Or is it possibly a detail that will be explored later?

Only certain members of the Black Tongue and high ranking regulators understand how plods work. They are a mystery, wooooo~

It's probably good to know that Matty's pymary explanation was bare bones and totally simplistic. He didn't talk about burning spells, about pymarics, about First Materials, about the different schools of spellwork, any of that. Pymary is much more complex than he was able to relate. When the more complex stuff becomes relevant to the story, we'll get some better examples and explanations.

Glass, what are child restrictions like, specifically in the predominantly fair-skinned countries that aren't Alderode? (Need to switch a character's nationality...)

Cresce restricts a couple to two children and Alderode has its caste-specific restrictions, but the other countries are all pretty chill and not so authoritarian. So no real restrictions to speak of.

I've been meaning to ask, but kept forgetting! What do the races from from the other countries look like? We know Cersce, Alderode and Ulestry, so how about Sharteshane? Rachshane? Manilda? Hanret? Madishane? Mahrshnane? Viwlet? West Manilda?

Shartes are a mixmatched bunch, particularly in the cities which are made up largely of stranded seamen, foreigners, travelers, and criminals come to make their way with the large rogue families. I suppose they're mostly fair-skinned in Sharteshane but not by a large majority. Viws, Mahrshanians, Hanretians and Rachshanians are lily-white for the most part. The latter are a very insular, militaristic society, and prefer not to have much to do with the rest of the continent. Manilda and West Manilda recently reunited into just Manilda after a long and bloody civil war, and they are olive skinned and dark haired, much like Ulestrians. Madishanians and New Arlitians are predominantly dark-skinned with some overflow from Ulestry and the pale countries rounding out the mix.

Also, I just figured out how to make the map bigger, and now I want to know everything there is to know about the Goodbye Islands. Please?

Oh, they're a cluster of small islands that serve as Sharteshane's primary shipyards and naval base. Big military complex, very difficult to get near it, and what the country spends the majority of its money on.

If you could heighten one of your senses which would it be?

I wouldn't mind better eyesight. Or a much better memory. I have the worst memory known to mankind.

Within Alderode, do the typical funeral practices differ depending on caste? Do you celebrate a deceased Plat's life differently to that of a deceased Copper?

Depends who "you" are. We're all supposed to be worth about the same but damn, that Whitney Houston's funeral was quite the to-do.

I think Unsounded needs more evil laughter. I think your villains need to indulge in a good evil laugh once in awhile.


Are you still running the Duane and Sette formspring?

Not at the moment, nope. I wish there was a way to disable the page without deleting the entire thing. Dumb formspring.

If Plats don't live much past 28, their kids must have to get used to the idea of their parents dying, and the adults never getting to see their children grown up. That's so sad... Are plat children raised communally after a certain age?

Yes, Plat children are raised communally. If you look on Alderode's wiki page it's talked about a bit.

What would happen if someone used Sette's awesomeness aspect?

I think it would summon Meteor.

Okay, serious question now... you've shown/spoken of wrights, pymary, zombies, black tongues, Aldish casts and various other stuff. Is there anything you're hiding away to surprise us with later?

I'd be a particularly crappy writer if there wasn't.

If his whole village had plans for him, does that mean Matty is special in some way we don't yet know?

Possibly, but in the smaller villages the elders dictate pretty much your entire existence. They say who you can marry and what you're going to do with your life. Your caste elders want you to benefit your people.

"I've only dealt with Aldish duels so far in the story though, so I don't have concrete rules for elsewhere." You mean to tell us you HAVEN'T exhaustively laid out every single aspect of the world of Kassylne!? I feel so disillusioned now...

I know! It's scandalous.

What is Quig's religion? How pious is he in following it?

Quigley has no religion. He was raised Gefendur but he abandoned it when he abandoned the country.

what are the buttons to make sette love someone? i'm sure most are spoilerz, but can you tell us an innocent one?

They're not spoilers at all. Number one turn-on? Be absolutely awesomely badass. Duane's problem is he sometimes does badass stuff but he does it in such a goobery, uptight, STOOPID way that Sette mostly just wants to throw pinecones at him.

Ok. Got a favourite scent? If you wait for summer, I can mix dried lilac in with the copper.

Brownies. Can you put some brownies in there?

Do you want yours scaled to an adult's shoulder, or scaled for an eight-year-old boy's?

Scaled to Forumcat size please.

Are the rules from wright duels largely the same across Kasslyne, or do they differ from place to place? It seems like Alderode in particular would have special rules for them.

They differ from place to place. I've only dealt with Aldish duels so far in the story though, so I don't have concrete rules for elsewhere.

Aside from schools for wrights, are there any types of universities in Kasslyne?

Of course.

Am I asking terrible questions? ;_; I love reading the responses that have interesting not-in-the-comic details about the world, but if I'm asking annoying/uninteresting stuff I can stop!

No, you ask fine questions. They just don't have interesting answers. I shall demonstrate.

Why is there no Unsounded Merchandise?

Because I can't be arsed.

So.... do you want your Chitz to smell... realistic...?

Absolutely not. Put some potpourri in there.

I would never sue you. Nor would I be upset. In fact, if you found a way to fit it in your story, I'd be honored you considered an idea of mine good enough to be in your comic. :)

Aww, you're so sweet <3

Here it is in writing! No litigation! I'm saving this!

Erm.... what does Matty-shoulder smell like?

Like a boy who needs to be made to take more baths.

How long can plats live? Like horses usually live around 20 years, but have been known to make it into their forties. How long can plats go for?

Plats never go older than thirty. Twenty-eight is when they die on average.

Good lord! You mean the power of character design can't keep Chitz on Matty's shoulder and out of the sandwiches?

Of course it can! But it can't stop Matty from feeding him sandwich pieces in-between bites of his own.

Hey, what ever happened to Bastion's nether bits? Were they tossed out with the dead chicken (or whatever ritualistic leftovers) or were they given back to him to wear as a necklace, or did he give them to a lady-friend, or what?

He had to burn them immediately afterwards. Cut off your own balls and burn them. The Ilganyag are pretty hardcore.

Hostile, sure. But since you gave no contradictory explanation as to why that wouldn't work, I take it, then, that scenario would be doable?

Indeed. It's quite clever, too. But now I can never use it because you would sue me :(

Jo-Anne's sells First Copper?! You... you mean... pymary is REAL?! O_O I found burlap for my Chitz, but I don't want to use it for yours, as it smells like horse feed, since that's what the bag used to hold. I will find stable-scent free burlap for you!

Chitz may very well smell like horse feed. And Matty shoulder. And sandwiches.

Does Matty want to be a wright? Does it even matter what he wants to be (according to Quigley)?

Matty used to want to be a wright, but his village (and his mom) had decided he would do something else. Matty still thinks pymary is awesome and loves hearing about it, but I don't think he imagines himself ever being a wright anymore.

I'm getting Chitz supplies soon. What is Chitz stuffed with?

Pellets of First Copper. They may sell it at Joanne's, it's in the back.

Earth pressure aspect addendum. What if you were to take the aspect of the pressure beneath your enemy, if he's far enough distance from you, and bring said pressure down on him, pushing him into the now fragile, collapsing earth?

Daaaamn, boy, that's hostile.

How long does it take you to do an average page of Unsounded on an average day (or days) with an average schedule while in an average mood and having an average time with your supplies?

Eight hours! On average :3

Do you ever plan to write a story in which wrights manage to crack Laws? Or will it always be something to speculate on? I think it would be funny if there was some kind of in-universe science fiction story about it.

Ha, true. I think if wrights ever managed to crack the khert and change the laws, though, they'd destroy the world pretty quick. The laws being untouchable is a very good thing.

"I know all the right buttons to press to make her love me " so I'm wondering has Duane managed to stumble on any of those buttons? I'm guessing yes seeing her face when he was blown off the cliff.

Does she love him? Or was she momentarily horrified by the idea of losing the only ace up her sleeve she has when it comes to dealing with her cousin Stockyard?

Are there any atheists in this world?

"Science doesn't make religion impossible, but it does make atheism possible." It's very difficult to be a strict atheist in Kasslyne because there are no alternative explanations. It's very difficult to disconnect from religion when that religion defines your entire culture and community and is the most widely held belief for why you and your world exist.

That said, there are characters who think the Gefendur religion is hogwash and who want nothing to do with it, and there's even a secularist movement in Alderode, but there's no one saying that the supernatural doesn't exist in some capacity.

Well, you've got a Duane cosplayer and a Bastion crossplayer and we've got a Matty and/or a Sette for photoshoots. If you're going to put an end to this, do so now ish. Any objections?

Go for it. Show me afterwards.

Do our questions annoy you sometimes? I look down the page and can't help but envision a teacher surrounded by a crowd of kindergartners all shouting questions at once.

It's okay. I'm just having kind of a shitty week and can't muster up much enthusiasm for anything at the moment.

Perhaps if the opposing wright was deathly allergic to shortbread? The smell would rout him, or at least give one time to think up an alternative strategy.

There ya go.

Should I start asking more sensible questions?

I won't die if my inbox isn't full of questions. Go read a book!

Instead of glamours, couldn't Aldish citizens who want to go undetected just invest in a wig and some pigment for their eyebrows?


Since there's no aspect of cleanliness, can you think of any (valid) way to use the aspect of shortbread scent in a wright duel?

I cannot.

What is the coolest place you've ever travelled to?

I'm not well-travelled, alas. I guess the Smoky mountains are pretty.

You should just resolve all conflict with Uaid's foot coming down and squashing everything like in Monty Python's animations. Keep it simple!

Good idea. Remember that old animated Godzilla Meets Bambi short? Yeah.

What are the laws?

Love thy neighbour, don't wear white after Labor Day, keep off the grass.

When Matty becomes a rebellious queen, how would Quigley react if he came home one day with a man on each arm and fake tits?

I would say... Mathis is pretty happy he only has another five years left and needn't suffer Matty's tempestuous teenagery.

Is there an aspect of manliness? If so, can you think of any way to use it in a battle?

Just load a Super Soaker up with Old Spice and go nuts.

Any tips for someone who has a story they're dying to tell in comic form, but lacks the artistic ability to do so? And doesn't know anyone with the time/talent to help? Not that it's me... >.>

I have a few friends who have had this problem for years. It never goes anywhere. Artists never magically show up willing to volunteer vast amounts of time to someone else's idea, and so the story goes untold. The best thing to do is make it work in prose and write it out yourself.

Or you could HIRE an artist to illustrate your comic idea, which is an awesome thing to do, but of course it doesn't come cheap :)

What will you do when the cosplayers find you?

Unlikely. My character designs are too boring.

Do you like guacamole and tacos?

I do! Do you?

Say a wright really loves a flower he/she grew all by their lonesome, and then it just up and dies one day and is all wilty and sad looking. Can the distraught little wright take a life aspect from a living plant to bring their dead one back into bloom?

Alas, no. I think Duane would be a more cheerful sort if life was so easily recoverable.

Is there an aspect of cleanliness? If so, can you think of any way to use it in battle?

Naw, that doesn't make sense as an Aspect. It's not really objectively definable, at least not in a way the khert would acknowledge.

When Matty becomes a rebellious teen, how would Quigley react if he came home one day with neon pink or blue hair? (Assuming Quigley is still alive. Plats go through their rebellious stage early, too, right?)

Wouldn't happen. Aldishmen don't dye their hair.

If Matty and Duane had met under favourable circumstances, would Duane play wright duel with Matty using aspects that won't hurt him (like tickling him with fluff-air and making him smell of shortbread) in Uaid? Would it be as cute as I imagine?

It's a long comic. Maybe something like this will happen one day :)

Important question: were you smiling at my yelling of mountain punch, or my leaving?

Yelling Mountain Punch. I like you, don't be self-conscious.

Do Kassylen (I spelled that wrong) physics work similarly enough to Earth physics that a wright could tap into the pressure of the ground beneath him if it was in his reach? Because that pressure is enormous at a few meters depth.

A fine idea! The problem, though, is that once you take an Aspect and isolate it, moving it to empty air - like a pressure blast, a solidity blast, condensed edges into a cutting blast - you destroy what you have drawn from. The khert will not allow matter to continue to exist if certain physical variables are no longer defined, because that can throw the world for a loop and crash reality. This is why the guard's sword disintegrated when Duane stole the edge off it to do his arm-chopping back in chapter 2. This is why you can look at the eighth panel on these pages - - and see those glowy green furrows in the earth where Duane ripped out solidity to throw the green rocks at Quigley on the preceding page.

So! If you take that subterranean pressure that you talked about, you run the real risk of collapsing the ground out from beneath you. Not to say you can't still do it but it's one tactic that might be more risk than it's worth. You are thinking along the correct paths though! You would make a good wright :)

There are all kinds of considerations like this to be made in pymary, and they increase when wrights move into more sensitive environments. If you're in a building you can't as easily be willy-nilly tearing solidity out of things - you'll collapse the walls and ceiling around you. It is not difficult for wrights to be made relatively helpless if there are very few viable Aspects around them.

Followup: Could someone who is clever and thoughtful do more with pymary than someone less imaginative?

That is the goal of the system, yes. I wanted a system where wrights aren't pulling what-the-heck-ever into play, but are limited by their intellect and by what is in the environment, so each combatant has the same toolset and are limited only by their reach (Quigley, as a Plat, has a further reach than Duane) or by self-imposed limits, like Duane stubbornly only using aboveboard spellwork.

Right now Quigley and Duane aren't being terribly savvy. They're a pair of gorillas beating their chests and throwing rocks at each other. But it's the clever wright - the one who looks a little deeper and who does the unexpected - who will win the engagement.

I like rewarding cleverness over brute strength. Admittedly, this is my first time ever drawing or writing a real pymary battle - I didn't use this system in RP. I hope I will be able to show things more clearly as we go along :)

Is Matty secretly the most badass one in the story?

My money's on Chitz.

But it's not always clear what aspects are being used, or if they're using multiples... D: Why do you torture us, Ashley?

I'm sorry :( I thought it would be fun for readers (who are interested in that kind of thing) to look around the environment and figure out for themselves what Aspects are in play. Short of going all-out Final Fantasy Tactics and having wrights call out the names of their spells as they cast them, I'm not sure of a way to clearly show the Aspects. I'm about to draw a short wright battle in chapter six, I will try to be very, very clear with everything. Give me time, I will work through the suck and improve!

"Mm, I'm not sure what purpose it would serve :) So probably not." Trivia! The technical geeks want to know.

A technical geek should start keeping track of all the aspects as they see use in the comic, then :) Start an aspect blog!

Coming home to a two page update was such a nice thing to see. I've not had the best day today (said goodbye to a big inspiration) but seeing that update has plastered a smile on my face. Thanks for just doing the things you do :)

I'm glad, man :) I'm sorry your day was crap. At least it's Friday!

Time for another question salvo: Do simulacra aid pymary in any way? Actually, is pymary used in their construction? I don't think it was ever addressed...

Simulacrum do not aid pymary. They function via pymary and the khert however, yes.

If Duane is constantly worried about falling apart why doesn't he just invest in simulacra for all four limbs? Would it interfere with...whatever he's got going on? Because I think a fantasy, spell casting Adam Jensen would be interesting as hell.

If simulacrum functioned as well as even undead limbs, plods wouldn't be practical at all, the labour force could use manufactured golems instead.

Could you give us a hypothetical trash talk match between Sette and Duane? Between Sette and Quigley? Between Uaid and Elka?

I dunno, man. Most of chapters one and two were a trash talk match between Duane and Sette. Sette and Quigley... one day. Uaid and Elka... that would be one-sided.

I am oddly tired today. Normally I'd be fine for another 4/5 hours or so. Today has been weird and long, but... I am awake. I am waiting. I will do this until the update, after which I will fall asleep. Because Unsounded is more important than sleep.

Aww. If I'd seen this earlier I would have updated early for you.

Did you ever study in detail the natural sciences? Because a lot of the things shown don't make sense if all wrights do is condense, reassign, switch and isolate. Also, is there a strict static list of what is and is not an "aspect"?

Nah, I'm an artist and a writer, not a scientist. Pymary is fun, but I'm writing a story with it, not designing tabletop gaming rules nor penning a natural science treatise based on the physics and natural laws of an entirely alien world. If something works in Unsounded that looks off to your Earthian eyes, chalk it up to the story taking place in a world unlike your own, with different laws and properties.

Also, it's fantasy. It's a comic with very limited space for textual explanations. We got a zombie and a girl with at ail running around. Don't overthink it.

I can no longer take Bastion seriously because of that. He could probably murder Sette and I'd still point and laugh because let's face it, a man who flounces about barechested in a cape is hard to acknowledge as villain/whatever he ends up being.


Why not? ; __ ;


Also, unrelated: Am I not looking at it right or is Bastion bare-chested save for some kind of harness under that cape?

Indeed. Hence Sette muttering he couldn't afford a shirt. Bastion is -fabulous-

You can tell me. I can keep a secret. and everyone else who sees this question can keep a secret.

I wouldn't register you for the forum anyway, my darling, so there's no point knowing where it is :)

"You have to be a registered member to access the forum it's on though" And which forum would that be? Not telling me would be...Something Awful?

It's a private forum I host myself. Karaii found it, clever girl.

So one of the questions I had for you, and which I KNOW is in this forumspring somewhere (I went three weeks back and then gave up) Is: Why does Quigly have a thing for bugs? It was mentioned in the comments today that it was a common insult among Plats?

Plats don't live very long, particularly relative to certain classes of people in Alderode. Plats are generally treated very politely, even exalted by some, but others who would be rude call them insects; short-lived, unimportant, and easily crushed. Quigley shapes some of his custom spells like bugs as an ironic Frig You to a world that's set him up to live and die like a housefly.

Matty's intense face is a thing of beauty. Poor kid. This world really beats down idealists, doesn't it?

Matty needs to grow up a bit :/

"Friends only D:" According to formspring I am one of your friends. I eagerly await the link to read up to page fifty...any time now...


I've seen passing references to your old RP for quite some time. Is it available anywhere online (I.e. A forum RP)? Or was it spoiler-tastic and removed after you started Unsounded?

It's no longer active but it's archived. You have to be a registered member to access the forum it's on though, so you can't read it :3 Ho ho ho!

I didn't think anyone else on the internet read Romantically Apocalyptic! (Well, obviously they do, but you get my point) I am beyond amused that you know of Zee Captain. I was going to hold out for a year and then go back but now I'm tempted.Curses!

Haha, well, I don't read it on the site or anything, but whenever new pages get to the front of deviantArt I see them there. I think my favourite goofy humour webcomic is Nedroid, it is superb. Comments

All those bugs are going to give me nightmares. Bugs are horrifying. I hope you're happy. (Even if they're really, really pretty.)

Mwa ha ha.

"Beta readers"? What is this? I want in. D:

Friends only D:

Have I asked far more questions than is reasonable in a period of about 20 minutes?

They're pretty good questions though, no fear.

How much effort have you put into creating the Tainish language (old or current)? Are you basically just making up words as you go along? And what does "Mae Illuda" mean?

I have a pretty good vocabulary list at this point but sure, now and then I run into new concepts that need new words. I have the phonemes defined so it's not difficult to do. "Mae illuda" means "That's awesome!" more or less.

On pg 19-20 Quigley uses some pymary that was apparently forceful enough to neatly sever a thick tree trunk. What was that an aspect of?

As Matty explains a few pages later, one can condense the edges of enough leaves and grass to form a cutting shape that will slice through damn near anything.

Has cutting out the tongue ever been considered as a punishment for dangerous pymary users?

It was by primitive people, as was cutting off hands. Since governments and regulators have figured out how to straight-up seal a wright's outbound connection to the khert, they can eliminate a wright's spellcasting bloodlessly. Well, in theory anyway. Most governments would much rather outright execute a bad wright or a gruftgrammer than just mute them.

When Quigley used the pressure of the waterfall as an attack why did Duane end up soaked? Does the source of an aspect alter its effects, even if its an aspect with effects identical to another?

It was sloppy spellwork. Quigley was yanking the Aspect at a breakneck pace, and inadvertently some of the water's wetness hitchhiked along with the pressure, that's all. Sources do often hitchhike along with purloined Aspects in this manner, it's called flavouring. So the pressure aspect was flavoured by the waterfall. Delicious!

Could Pymary hypothetically use time itself as an aspect, perhaps slowing down time in one area and forcing it to speed up in another? Or would this be too far out of reach to be possible?

No, 'cause time isn't an Aspect, time is a Law. The khert does not allow humans to tinker with time.

Does Lawrence look a little bit like Murkoph?


Yeah, as much as I hate roaches, at least they clean themselves. Not like the mice we currently have. They poo EVERYWHERE!

I have never had mice but I think if I did I would train them like the circus mice in Coraline and things would go okay.

How's Ch. 6 coming?

Finished page fifty a few hours ago. One of my beta readers called it so far the best chapter yet. I guess I agree with him. It is made of plot and strangeness and grim death.

Oh, come now, Ash. Roaches clean themselves like proper gentlemen. You ever see a hissing cockroach? Fucking cutest, cleanest things ever. :D Just don't let them have babies, because they will be /everywhere/.


You may have in you the blood of kings, but I've the whiskey of Ireland inside me. Which, I ask you, is stronger?

You can still type. Ask me again after you've had more whiskey.

Which was more fun, the reference images for zombies, organs, or bugs? The things you do for your readers! D:

Oh, I didn't need reference for the bugs, they're just made up! I was looking up pictures the other night of deep tissue lacerations for a scene I'm drawing now. That will make you squirm, I tell ya.

"Walter Sullivan?" A silent Hill fan, are we?

A big one :)

What bug do you find the creepiest? Which do you find tolerable and/or even like? And how many species of bugs is Duane being swarmed with at the moment? Have you every been swarmed by bugs? BUGS. Also, do you think bats are cute?

There're two species in the mantle; that long millipede looking thing with the pincers, and that bushy-butted fly that looks like it could live quite comfortably in Nausicaa's turf.

I HATE bugs. I think I hate roaches the most, they are disgusting and have no manners at all. I've been swarmed by gnats on my bicycle, but I think that's thankfully it. Bats are cute. Batman should have chosen a more fearsome symbol.

Did I notice little bits of shield protecting Matty from whatever cut up his Papa? Was that Duane's doing?

Not a shield, just a buffet of redirected wind knocking him outta the way of the little slashy projectiles. And yes, that was Duane's doing.

Can you not tell me about Quigley’s bug mantle because spoilarz or because I momentarily stumped the ‘Shard?

Spoilarz. You will nevar stump me, I am immortal, I have inside me blood of kings.

In circumstances outside of this violent introduction, I think Duane and Matty would take a liking to each other, personality-wise. Y/n/m?


I like Quigleys hair that long. What hairstyle do you generally prefer with men? (I know it depends on what suits the person, but still...)

I like Lawrence's hair a lot when it's down. I usually make him keep it in a ponytail though, otherwise he starts looking like a scruffy Walter Sullivan, which is creepy.

Will you ever give us a full list of all the aspects useable in pymary? Or failing that, a list of all the legal spells dictated by organizations like the Window?

Mm, I'm not sure what purpose it would serve :) So probably not.

Will Matty grow up to be a hottie like his daddy? Or is he going to be pretty like his mommy? Or is he going to look like an eight-year-old for ever? This is assuming he grows up and gets to die of old age and stuff after a full Plat life.

Quigley would be hotter if he'd cut his hair. He used to keep it shorter and was much more adorable. I suspect Matty will look exactly like him in a few years.

Would Bastion look nice in a dress? How about Murk? Duane?

You are drunk.

If someone hollowed out a really overweight, really old copper then blew the (more or less intact) skin up like a balloon, would it look like a pomegranate?

Put the drink down.

What is the recommended sacrifice for Tirna?

Human blood, usually. She also likes big bouquets of black and red roses, monnies (they're like goats), roasted crickets and grubs (Avelpitians eat a LOT of bugs), and softi flowers, which are crazy hallucinogenic when you burn them, so it's a sacrifice that everyone enjoys.

Do you distrust iguanacats because you're a dog person?

That could be :D You guys can have 'em, I'll take a giant bulldog.

If you had to spend the rest of your life with one of your characters (Assume everyone is dead, or something, and services such as urban maintenance and goods production are carried out by nonsentient wind elementals) which would you pick?

Probably Sette. She's fun, funny, useful, and I know all the right buttons to press to make her love me forever. We would have amazing adventures of a Romantically Apocalyptic flavour.
If every book on earth burst into flames simultaneously, and you only had enough fire extinguisher to save one, what book would you save?

Moby-Dick, naturally.

What's your favourite animal?

Dogs and ducks and lions.

What's Sette's favourite colour? Duane's? Bastion's? Quigley's? Matty's? Murkoph's? Jivi's? Yours? Matty's mom's? Bastion's dad's? Elka's? Elka's mom's? Mine is indigo.

Everyone's favourite colour is plaid.

Is Mathis a common name for the Quigley men? (going back farther than Quigley)

Yep. Mathis' dad was also named Mathis and it goes back a fair number of generations. Those Plats, they breed like rabbits.

Are there ocean sunfish in the Kasslyne oceans? Sea monsters?

Sea monsters are a definite yes.

Did Sette's population of pore warriors ever recover after the scrubbing that child-lover gave her?

Yes. Sette's fleas survive off Sette's awesome super-blood, so they are super fleas and not even afraid of Duane and his scrub brush.

I am brimming full of questions to be asked, however I'm also afraid that all the things I'm wondering about have probably been addressed more than a few times in the life of this forumspring. What do I do with my curiosity? I don't want to bug anyone.

Oh, don't worry about bugging me - that's Forumcat's job. Hohoho, I shall kill her!

Ask whatever you like. If it's something I've answered a thousand times, answering it once more might actually compel me to get off my butt and put it in the wiki ;)

If Quigley's mantle pymaric was a gift, did it come with the bug-swarm theme or did Quigley alter it to make it more powerful and/or buggy?

Hmm! I wish I could tell you :)

"When in doubt, imagine a cat." Actually applies to a lot of my life issues. How about you, got a be all end all motto?

Haha, you're cute~ Ah, I don't have a motto, I just remember how meaningless and small everything is. It's hard to get worked up over money or a bad day when you remember that you're a speck on a speck in an unending swirl of revolving time. Here's your awkward line. :] It's awkward and line-like. And shows up on IE9.

The INDEX link doesn't line up either, does it. Blasted IE, it is ever so contrary. Thanks for the screenshot :3

(continued from YourDearAnon) You may also bring whatever stuff you would like, and we will be moving to a location you deem most suitable a habitat for yourself.

*squint* Are you guys the same person?

Since Forumcat and I have both separately asked you to marry us and each been rejected, we are wifeys now and are joining forces to abduct you. You will have a comfy chair, markers, giant dogs, man bums and zombies. What color should the upholstery be?

Financially support me while I make comics all day and I think I'd marry nigh anyone, I have no pride.

Should Duane lose his sanity before the chapter is out, I wonder if Sette will end up having to use that artifact she obtained from Bastion to quell him.... Anyways, question: what font do you use for the comic text?

Anime Ace 2 from Blambot.

Why do Sette and Duane have a formspring, but not Bastion or Murkoph? Murkoph would be tons of fun to ask things of!

Murkoph's formspring? It would be a tide of insults, profanity, and rape threats. There's enough of that on the internet already.

Can senet creatures live in the water? Do they have their own personal khert...thingamabob?

Some Senet beasts were especially designed to live in the water.

Have any of the remaining Senet creatures expressed an interest in democratic politics?


So this new Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter film that's coming out. What say you? Aye or Nay?

Nay. Too silly for my tastes. But sette did ride on Duane's shoulders! It's canon! I think SOME of your readers lack the proper stalkerish attention to detail you deserve. Tut tut. iamwatchingyouwhileyousleepatnight

True, but the angle stinks there, you don't get a good view of them in the act :)

How common are wright duels? Would a layperson think this was a wright duel just seeing it, rules-breaking and all? Just wondering now that Duane and Quigley seem to be duking it out in front of a farm. Should good citizens alert the police?

Wright duels are pretty common, and they're usually out in the woods so duellists don't tear shit up. The line between a duel and a fight is pretty thin though, I'm not sure anyone could tell at a glance what this pair's intentions are. Either way, they're tromping through the woods and through peoples' property disturbing the peace and molesting pigs, so I think it's safe to say they're breakin' da law.

Is there a Senet beast for every type of First Material? (I think I might have asked this a long time ago and gotten a no but I can't recall clearly)

No, there's not, though Senet beasts' bodies are often made of stuff that, if not outright a class of First Material, often displays similar properties (it doesn't decay, it can be permanently altered, etc.) Sometimes Senet beasts are made of First Material with a purpose. For example, Uaid's green fleshy bits are all First Earth (as in soil). If you touched him he'd feel like compacted sand, and as he grew older and bigger it would harden to stone in places, lose its First Material properties, and eventually he'd lay down and become a mountain. But as far as anyone knows there aren't anymore mountain ogres, so there won't be any new mountains and there's no more First Earth to use for pymarics.

Was the two toed pawnbroker beatup something plot relevant or just a background thing?

Just a background thing. Reinforcement that two-toes get treated like crap.

Sigh...has Matty ever witnessed Quigley dueling before?

A couple times, yeah.

It's been a month, but the voice in my head still reads all the dialogue in your comic with your voice. Duane sounds especially incongruously weird !! D=

Or does he sound especially, incongruously adorable?

Can I request Murkoph with a raccoon in his pa - oh wait. I got it without asking. [scarred for life

For the gal who has everything.

There's an awkward line under today's second page, don't think it's supposed to be there. Or if it is, forgive me. =p

Hmm, I don't see it. Take a screenshot and show me?

And some of those other Senet creatures are...? Alternatively (if that's somehow a spoiler): is Quigley's pymaric scarf now used up, or do the bugs return to it or what?

You'll have to wait and see!

Why on earth would you smother me in my sleep?!

It's the only way.

When I said "forcing people off the fighting track" I meant using the character to A. solve obstacles through methods other than force and B. Dispel the constant attempts of people's characters to kill one another. Thoughts?

I don't know, my answer is still the same as before. Be careful what you do, and don't go against what the majority of players want. If they're into combat and you want something else, you might just have to be patient and wait it out :)

Are the iguanacats brimming with hate like iguanas, or just mildly full of hate like cats?

Hmm, mild hate. I wonder if they'd eat a baby.

I want a kedis! They're adorable. <3

I don't know. I don't think I trust them.

"I scribbled you some." OOOH! Did this just turn into a request-a-drawing thread?! Cuz I still wanna see Sette riding on Duane's shoulders since the one time it came up in-story he said no.

Ho-ho-ho, no requests. Forumcat just got lucky :3

Out of interest, what aspects did Duane use to construct that shield effect?

He's just tearing solidity out of the ground. He gave it a little kick to start, if you'll notice, and then built rapidly on top of it. The bugs do nothing but break up solidity though - they are dissolution in bug form - so it was kind of a dumbass move and they ate right through the shield. Buuut at least now he realises that and can take a different tack. Or be eaten. One of those.

If I were to come up with a thousand more kedis questions, how many would you answer before ignoring me? How many would you ignore before blocking me?

I will smother you in your sleep.

If I give you my Valentine's chocolate, can I have a Kedis? (And how do I pronounce it?) And what are common names for pet kedises? Do they follow the same four letter name rule as the rest of Cersce?

It's pronounced like the possessive form of the name Katie. Katies! I reckon there are all manner of names for them, and no, the four letter naming custom of Cresce doesn't apply to pets.

Does the piano mean anything to Bastion?

It's a pleasant way to clear his mind. He's played ever since he was a very young thing - his father insisted - and nowadays will tickle the ivories when he wants to impress a girl or shut up his ceaseless cerebrations or just take a mental break from the world. He's passing good at it, though no musical genius.

Are there other Senet beasts aside from walking roots and mountain ogres?

There are.

If you really like something, and it goes away, how do you cope with the loss?

Well, nothing is permanent. It's best to approach all things and people in life with the attitude that they are transient. Everything and everyone will go away eventually, so if you just don't hold on too tightly to start with, the loss is much more manageable when it comes. Find a Bodhi tree to meditate under, my child.

Alternately, distract yourself with pie, vidya games, or recreational drugs.

If Sette wouldn't like a kedis, would Duane? He seems like a cat person... Does Bastion still have one lurking somewhere? Does he at least have a soft spot for them? Would Matty like one? How about Quigley? Will kedises ever be in the comic?


Most of the story takes place too far north - Alderode is way too cold for lizards so none of the characters you mentioned have had much exposure to them. There'll be some later on in Cresce, but they're not a big deal, just pets :)

Would Sette enjoy a pet kedis? Could it be trained to hunt for treasure in people's pockets? Would it scare all her pore warriors away?

Haha, I think Sette is more of a dog person. She likes the brute force and the loyalty and the big set of teeth. Kedises are pretty cat-like, intelligence and personality-wise. When in doubt, imagine a cat.

Does the iguanacat species have a name and/or can you quickly give them one?

They're called kedises! Just one would be a kedis, more than one are kedises. I scribbled you some.

In your theoretical Unsounded video game, did you plan for Duane to have a sanity meter?

It's not a bad idea. I play a lot of Minecraft so I've developed a fondness for realtime night/day cycling in a game.

If you aren't happy, then which of the seven dwarfs are you?

Bashful :3

If you were told you were similar to one of your characters would it be an insult or a compliment? After picking which character, what quality of theirs would be most admirable and/or most deplorable to have?

I suppose it depends what character :) People on here have told me I smack of Sette, which isn't too insulting. I suppose her best quality is she's fun and her worst is... she's obnoxious as Chinese water torture. That could be me.

Duane might be frail looking but I'd like to see Quigley take a sword through the lung and keep on truckin. Has Duane been holding back or would one of those attacks have killed Quigs if he hadn't dodged it? Duels being nonlethal I'm guessing yes.

Duane could fight dirty and make things really bloody really quickly but he IS trying to fight fair and he does realise the white-haired kid is the dude's son. It's really icky to kill someone in front of their son.

In an RP that's been almost exclusively combat focused (when it isn't meant to be) would you endorse someone joining with the sole goal of forcing people off of the fighting track and into a more character building one?

Hrmm, I dunno, man. Characters "meant to do" something are often the most atrocious and hated sorts in RP. If you feel confident that this person can intrude in events in an intriguing, desired way that won't aggravate anyone too much, give it a try, but be cautious. If combat is what everyone is doing, combat might be what the majority wants, at least for the moment. Tread carefully.