I quite like seeing Duane without his omnipresent cloak. It sort of emphasizes the fact that, for all his pymary, he's actually rather frail looking. Or was that unintentional?

Sure! I mean, Duane is a stickman; a scarecrow looking fellow who I feel constantly skates that very thin border between badass and ridiculous. I think the lack of cape and his current frustration and the looming lunacy of the night hours is pushing him firmly into the second category.

Duane's gone five chapters without facing anything that was a real threat. The first thing I wanted to do in this fight - and in this story turn, of which this chapter is kind of the threshhold - is strip him bare. So Quigley took his cloak. Duane's been kind of a blind bully, kind of a blowhard, kind of a bull in a china shop; but he's also an aging relic that doesn't mesh well with the world outside of Alderode, and maybe with this chapter you get a sense of that. His outlook and his condition are going to cause problems going forward.

When you RP'd were you the GM (or whatever you'd like to call it)? And if so, was it a boon to be able to actually draw the environments you described?

I was the GM, yeah. And I only very rarely drew the environments since the point of the game was to sell belief to players via the badassery of your writing ability. I was a player as well as the game leader, and it wouldn't have been fair to supplement my posts with art all the time.

I did have to draw this place though - http://shardglass.deviantart.com/art/The-Cauldron-13435102 - Sucklehead's cauldron. A glowing, blood-red lambence waterfall and lake deep underground where a particularly fucked-up demon made a soup out of the souls it had captured from all over the multiverse. There was a village of its undead sycophants up those stairs and the caverns around it were infested by eyeball flowers, all of which Sucklehead could see out of. It was pretty great :3 Now I miss RP.

"The practical wright is able to wage war with ALL of his garments, if necessary." So Duane just has to keep Quigley fighting and eventually, he'll be naked!

After he unleashes the megabomb in his underpants.

Old question from back when I was too nervous to ask you anything. 9.9 Is the pronunciation you have for Duane the actual pronunciation, or just one you sort of made up, or liked better?

I guess it depends on what you mean by "actual." It's the actual pronunciation in Alderode. I don't mind "Dwayne" at all either though, so either pronunciation is fine by me.

So I sat down the other day and drew a werewolf, and the head and torso turned out great, but the rest kinda sucked bigtime, and I couldn't help but think that I wish I could draw as well as you. Or half as well. Blah.

Draw that werewolf three-hundred times, and I guarantee by number three-hundred one it will be among the most badass werewolves ever put on paper :)

You seem to have very much enjoyed RP, and you seem to fall into withdrawal occasionally. What made you stop?

I think the main thing that made me stop was I felt the story was done. I mean, I could have kept going and wrapped things up better but in my head it was done and writing it out felt like a waste when we all knew how it was gonna go. There was talk of starting new campaigns, but I felt like I needed to move beyond RP a bit. I really wanted full creative control of the next story, so I started Unsounded.

And you can't really do a big project like that AND RP. Not well. RP is time-consuming. I do miss it sometimes, particularly my RP friends, but nothing lasts forever.

"I don't know much about Slayers" - welp I was gonna ask if Bastion was influenced by Xellos, but I guess not. They kinda have a similar vibe. Slayers is good clean dumb fun, not wonderful all the time but it has it's moments.

If I had to pinpoint Bastion's influences... I don't know. He's one of my more fully realised and detailed characters but he doesn't scream any heavy influences. Unlike Murkoph who can be traced pretty directly back to Brandon Lee in The Crow, Doctor Jekyll, Hannibal Lector, and the Joker.

Hey, yeah. I have a few saved comics on my hard drive and you did make some dialogue changes. Don't be going all Orwellian on us now...

I am not the invisible ninja editor I once fancied myself.

Am I correct in thinking that Quig's cloak's spell is a piece of illegal pymary?

Well, it's a pymaric, but one that Quigley is legally licensed to own, believe it or not. It's unethical to use a pymaric in a duel but it's debatable at this point whether they're still dueling or just outright brawling. It's a grey area :3

Does Quigley wear that scarf in order to cast that particular spell, or did he invent the spell for an excuse to wear a stylin' scarf?

The scarf (he calls it a mantle) is a pymaric and was a gift from Matty's mom. It's made of First Silk, one of the cheaper First Materials, and has a pretty cool summon beast in it.

Can you join the Blacktongues if your balls have been removed before you applied to join?

I'm not sure if this has ever come up in the world. I think perhaps if an applicant couldn't manage to hold on to their own testicles until initiation they are perhaps not worthy of membership. I mean, really, that's some grade A irresponsibility.

I really like magical zombies and things involving necromancy, but hate science fiction/"Zombie Virus" zombies. Have you got a preference when it comes to 'types of undead'?

Mmm, I'm not against either explanation if the resultant zombies are interesting and not just another shuffling horde. I actually dig Resident Evil and its zombies - Las Plagas in RE4 was pretty cool. Have you tried RE? It might change your mind about zombie viruses.

...did you make changes to the dialogue in the beginning of the comic??? why on bob's left toe would you do that???


I tried to call the police, but when I told them the emergency was in Central Florida with no specific address, they hung up. I think I'm going to be charged for abusing 911. Can you bail me out?

No, but I can send a hungry zombie over there to aid in your daring escape. He might eat you afterwards, but maybe not. Fifty-fifty.

"Murkoph? Murkoph is an angel of light and love, bite your tongue." Is he making you say that?

Of course not!

Ecilop eht llac.

"Riv tamed them and now they feed on souls that Riv deems beyond hope. Souls like that are really rare though, and the beasts will only eat them if they're steeped in delicious evil and impudence." Is Murkoph in this category?

Murkoph? Murkoph is an angel of light and love, bite your tongue.

My god, Sette's a chimera, isn't she? Isn't she?! Also, has Duane realized this anomaly about his charge?

A chimera? D: I don't think so... And no, Duane hasn't got a good look at her naked torso. There was the flea bath incident but he wasn't exactly trying to see around her back like a pervy wanker. There's enough to wonder about when it comes to the tail and the teeth.

So... if said corruption did happen and the parents hanged, what would happen to the baby? What if the elder two were well respected and successful on their own? And what would happen to the parent's estate? I'm sensing a potential RP character here. :3

Well, execution is pretty extreme, I think the parents would have to have shown really blatantly treasonous thoughts against the Crown or against Crescian ideals. It's really hard to talk about Cresce without explaining how the country works though, something I don't want to do in detail just yet. To keep it simple, if a kid's parents were executed by the state they would go to a state home and become a ward of the government. It's not terrible or anything and your parents' crimes wouldn't be held against you, though you would probably face some social stigmas. You're right, it's a good start for a story or an RP character. I'd run with it.

Sette doesn't have nipples? Oh, hey, that's right. I noticed, really, I did. Is that on purpose, or just because you didn't feel like having Sette nipples all over your webcomic?

She purposefully has no nipples. Nor a bellybutton! That's how she rolls.

I take it that that means no boobs for Miss Frummagem, then? Or are you deliberately being coy?

Totally coy! :D

So is Sette's lack of nipples a sign that she's going to be boobless for life? And if so, how would she react to that?

Maybe if boobs were really long like tentacles and you could hit people with them. Otherwise boys get along just fine without them and so will she. She'd sooner lament a lack of flying ability or not having a right arm that turns into a rhinoceros.

I've been so busy reconstructing my world I forgot to ask my original question! Is there any way a Crescian family could have more than two children (all alive and none twins)? Say if the family was really elite and had the queens favor?

I'm going to have to say no, and this well illustrates what makes Cresce, Cresce. Cresce works because, so far, corruption has been kept to a minimum. Even the nobility - even the royal Sonories themselves - are transparent in all of their activities and transactions. The rules apply to EVERYONE - honour, forthrightness, honesty are a matter of national pride and identity. I know human nature is for shit and we're all terrible monsters, et cetera, but Cresce manages to so brutally crush corruption within its own that it really is rare to find, particularly once you move more into the interior. There are problems in the border towns - Ethelmik is a good example - because it has such direct dealings with outsiders and the broader Kasslynian system - but most of Cresce prides itself on all women and men being equal, from the Queen to the guy who cleans out your septic tank. Therefore, two living kids for every couple, no matter who they are. Having more puts the entire population at risk. It's greed, and her Majesty WILL hang you for being greedy.

Of course, rules are meant to be broken in fiction, but you want to be very, very careful in Cresce.

Would you tell us about the hells a little? There are seven, for instance; that makes me think of the mortal sins. Do they correspond?

They do not. I would love to go into detail but that's for Duane to do one day.

Kinda sad that you've stop taking anon questions, but hey, this (hopefully not douchebaggish) once anon understands. But right, a question. We know Duane's favorite form of Pymary, but what's yours? :)

I really like pymarics since those are the most fun to design. They're everything from practical contraptions like ovens and exploding rat traps to little critters like Boo the spider to great big summoned beasties like the Gentle Giant in chapter 2. If I was a wright I'd be an artificer and design and enchant pymarics all day.

Have I successfully asked the weirdest question yet? Or need I work harder at it?

It was weird but intriguing. The situational weirdness is kind of compounded by the setting weirdness, too, 'cause I never let people play Aldishmen back in my RP days (someone really wanted to, once, so I told them I'd have to write them an essay first so I did and I emailed it to them and they soon replied saying they'd changed their mind they would just play an elven healer plz), so imagining others doing it now gives me slight hives. That's all on me though, nothing to do with anyone else, I'm sure it's lovely.

WHY??? Don't you love me anymore? How will our relationship work without anonymity? It was the sporks and pitchforks wasn't it? I shouldn't have asked about the douchepoodles. It's what brought this on. I-I-I've lost you, haven't I? And its all my fault.

Baby, I didn't mean to hurt you. You know I'm adventurous and all but you wearing that mask in bed all the time was starting to creep me out. You're beautiful, baby, take the bag off your head and turn on the lights.

Awkward question: What would the reaction be if Aldishmen (and -women) walked in on a jet in his 80s going at it with a partially disembowelled 19-year-old gold, who has one of the jet's (now detatched) fingers in his mouth?


what the hell are you people RPing

Is it sad that I was first introduced to your comic by a TvTropes page on masturbation? (It was referencing the "self lubricating simulacra")

That makes me feel... really good about my life :D I'm glad you stuck with the comic even though it doesn't feature an extensive amount of masturbation.

Also: Man, no more anonymous questions! What a blow! I've been following you here and asking questions anonymously since the questions were at most in the mid-hundreds - what brought on the decision? Was the glut getting really bad?

Aww, I'm sorry, man. Yeah, the glut was getting pretty bad and there were a few jerks who were being intolerably jerky. You can still ask me anything, I won't judge you :3

Was Morningmont going to be a comic about Bastion as a kid?

Close! It was going to be an illustrated novel. It may still be one day, if I ever learn how to write :)

I think it's weird that (to my knowledge) no one has asked you where your love of dead, bloody, gory, and generally horrible things came from. What drew you to draw violence? You can't answer Melville. You answer Melville to everything.

Murkoph makes me do it http://www.casualvillain.com/random/murkcoon.jpg

Don't pick on Melville, he is the only dead nineteenth century writer of whaling fiction I would set lawns on fire for.

Baby Bastion is adorable.


If I send you a Chitz (possibly with echolocation action) will you draw more baby Bastion? Also, I found a picture of Murk daintily nibbling you. Is this how you'd like your body to be disposed of?

You might find a Bastion or two among these old pics - http://www.casualvillain.com/Morningmont/

I want to be beheaded, enchanted, and become a useful Mimir in a Planescape adventure. If the adventurers ever need information on Vagrant Story, Melville, or one-pan budget family meals, I will be invaluable.

Do you purposely put drugs in your formspring? It's really quite addictive. Like caffine and Dr. Pepper and a really good song all at once, wrapped up in sexy kisses!


So, does Bastion ever feel sad that he's never going to have an heir to his name, or is he too busy raising the dead and stuff to think about it? When he gets older, is he likely to regret his decision to be partially unmanned in the name of pymary?

Naw, Bastion isn't the fatherly type. I've written Bastion at many, many stages in his life, and though he's taken on pupils and wards, he's never personally longed for a child of his own. His own parents were deeply troubled people and I think he's afraid he has that same seed of awful in himself.

... if no cats or horses, does that mean the only option for fluffy pets are dogs? I would like an iguanacat, though, I think. Are they cute?

I think they are. I haven't drawn them much. I think the only even vague picture I have of them are in this extremely old bunch of sketches of baby Bastion http://www.casualvillain.com/ljpics/winalils02.jpg

"GlassShard only accepts comments from people they follow publicly." FUUUUUUUUUUU-

Whoops. I fixed it :3

Are most dog species, or variants there of, represented in Kasslyne? I mean, we have big dogs here, just not THAt big...so are there any chiuaua types about the size of a large great dane, for example? German Shepard sized toy poodles?

Haha, there are no giant chihuahua, no. When they were breeding them bigger they wanted hearty dogs, ya know? Dogs that could take care of themselves fairly well, but still be obedient and quick to respond to handlers. Dogs look different from region to region - they have thicker coats up north, among other things. Poodles I am playing around with. I like the one I gave Bastion in that snowy illustration. I may use something in that vein for upper class carriage dogs in Alderode.

Battlepug has a giant pug dog... ridden by Conan. It's pretty cute, check it out.

Don't say Mac--! I actually have a cast list for you, but I wouldn't be able to fit it here. And with no housecats, I feel like rodents are a serious issue.

I have thought of this! A lot of people keep owls (Iori, who you meet later, has the cutest owl in the history of forever) and, further south, there are felinesque pet iguanas with a penchant for mice. I wanna see your cast list D: Formspring stinks.

If you were casting a production of Hamlet with your characters, who would get what role (I feel like I've asked this before Oo)?

You did ask it before and it's a really good question, but I could never think of an answer. I think I have a hard time imagining any of them cooperating long enough to put on a play. Sette would just declare everything stupid and burn the playhouse down in order to get everyone's attention back on more pressing matters and her. It wouldn't go well, Hazel. It would be slaughter. It would be even more dangerous than a staging of Macbeth.

Are there housecats in Kasslyne? If so... is it a dangerous world for kitties, what with all the giant dogs running about?

There are actually NO domestic cats on the continent. Housecats aren't a thing here. Which is good for them, I suppose, since Giant Honking Dogs.

Did I miss some revelation that a character named Laertes killed Duane? Because it cannot be the possibility that Duane led to the deaths of other people and some poor soul attempted revenge...ah, this wishful thinking. Nice reference to the bard.

Haha, no, but that would be cool. I have another comic in the back of my head called Hereafter that has a loooot of references to Hamlet in it. Unsounded, not so much.

Attacking a guy in a church? Now that's playing dirty. =/ Those hypothetical guys are jerks, and I dislike them.

I know, man. Meanest characters ever.

So... was Matty's mom steering him to the... other option? How inbred is Matty, comparatively? Inbred in a population sense, or inbred in a Daddy-is-also-Uncle-and-Grandpa sense?

Inbred in a population sense. A lot of the caste villages outside of the metropolitan areas are very, very old and fairly insulated from outsiders. They get visited by the Window and province representatives biannually, and those may be the only outsiders the inhabitants see all year. This was the case with where the Quigleys lived.

Oh, thanks. I like your...deranged looking fellow as well.


Whatever happened to those little extra chunks of text you added to certain pages in place of the "return to index" button? Last time I remember seeing one was early in chapter 2...

Oh, I abandoned that idea. I'm slowly going back and touching up old pages and deleting the supplemental text stuff as I do. Sorry for any confusion. I like your bird.

I can and will up the frivolity quotient. If Duane came from a poor family and dropped out of school to join the army, where/when did he pick up his more cultured tastes and mannerisms?

Duane spent a good deal of his life trying to compensate socially for his working class roots. At this point, the overcompensating's kind of become who he is. Sometimes he slips up though, and you probably won't even notice it. Back in, oh, I think chapter two, Duane uses the word "guts" at some point, and a friend of mine who beta reads for me objected to it. He thought it sounded too coarse and out of character. I had to explain that when Duane gets a temper going, he's just the ten year old fighting bullies again, calling them every rotten name he ever heard his father use under his breath against unreasonable customers. Sometimes I think a life of constantly pretending to be something he wasn't sort of prepared him for his current role. He's good at putting on masks and working his way through bullshit and discomfort. Of course, that's often just what Aldishmen do.

What kind of car do you drive that you run over insane bikers with? :D

Honda Civic! I can't remember the year, but it's a battered little thing.

I have to give you props. You officially gave the best non-answer ever, since I didn't ask a yes or no question, and that answer could have applied to either part. Would you be willing to give a real answer, or is it *SPOILERY*?

I think I just felt too lazy to type it out :3 Let's see, you asked if Quigley's arm would shatter if he threw a "mountain punch?" Naw, 'cause there's no such thing, Matty was just baiting Sette with the idea of it. Violently introducing an opponent to the suddenly relocated pressure at the heart of a mountain would be just that, there wouldn't be a literal punch involved.

What will I do on my days off if I can't sit here and watch you answer Formspring questions? I'll have to like... be creative with my time.

Start a webcomic!

"Sober your idols in fire and douse them in tears. Then I'll take the lot." I feel a bit stupid for asking but could you explain exactly what Duane meant by this? I understand what he's saying but I can't help but think that I'm missing th actual subtext

The lady paints smiles on the Gefendur idols she sells. Duane finds the idea of smiling gods - particularly at the particular miserable moment with the death and funeral of that little girl only a few hours in his wake - a pretty shitty idea. The world is full of fire and tears - if she wants to sell him those idols she better give them a good blackening and a good dousing, and sober them up so they better suit it.

In other words, Duane is being a dicky emo zombie.

I'm not sure the rule will be enough to deter me from asking frivolous questions. Like: did the Quigleys come out of your RP days as well, or are they a newer creation for the comic?

I've seen much more frivolous questions than that :D

I did play the Quigleys a few times in RP, yeah, but they were really different. Mathis was named Matthew and he was a pretty mediocre sorcerer, henpecked by his wife, kind of a goof, but still obnoxiously obsessed with money. Matty had a sister and a mother and could see (but was still a magic enthusiast) and Uaid was much smaller and wound up being destroyed for good at one point by a river demon, if I'm remembering correctly. In both adventures Quigley was in, he played the hapless Regular Guy dragged against his will into the supernatural doings of much more powerful people. He was THAT character, ya know? Pretty damn different from his Unsounded incarnation.

Did Laertes cut his throat i'the chruch?

Zombie or not zombie; that is the question.

"...a wright has fewer options indoors, particularly if they're in an environment they'd rather not destroy." ...Is that how they killed Duane?

Think they came at him while he was in a church? That would be a really smart move.

I love your new rule. And also, what's the last really delicious thing you ate?

I just got back from the supermarket. I went in there to get a box of rice and a package of mushrooms but but but I also bought a tray of California rolls and ate them in the car :( Somehow sushi rolls are better when you eat them with your hands and have to scrape the rice starch off your fingers with your teeth between every bite while trying not to run over insane bikers zooming across eight lane highways against the light. Mmm.

... pymaric physics question! If Quigley decided to pull a mountain punch, since every action leads to an equal and opposite reaction, would his arm shatter as well as Duane, or would the pymary manage to skirt that issue?


Is it possible to pymarically draw an Aspect from a human that would lead to their bodies actually disintegrating because of the loss? Like that guard's blade way back...?

Could be.

But even assuming flammability is an aspect, would that sword still disintegrate like paper would? Since it doesn't have the same composition as paper, I think it would just be a flaming sword. Maybe if you switched the structure of paper as well...

Maybe, maybe.

Does Ephsephin have any kind or past in your head, similar to the history that you gave for Starfish?

He does! I have made a new rule to not talk about anything on Formspring that'll ever come up in the comic though, so you'll have to wait :)

Do the deleted douchepoodle questions consist solely of mean-spiritedness, or do they include questions that are just too silly to answer as well? On that note, what's the strangest and/or silliest and/or scariest thing you've ever been asked?

I try not to delete too much, but I get a pretty high volume of questions and comments so not everything gets through. Though I do read it all! I think I'm going to go ahead and turn off anonymous questions though, just to lessen the torrent. Formspring is becoming rather a goofily large investment of time, and that ain't so good.

Strangest thing I've been asked... when the vore fans bait me. That's always strange. I got nothin' but love for all of God's creatures of course, but it's strange.

Uaid is military goods. Quigley stole him in an awesome, daring scheme of brilliance as pure as his platinum hair. :3


The MLP Convention is probably going to be funnier than any theme park, if not more fun.

I dunno, man, the Harry Potter portion of Islands of Adventure is a mad heart attack of fun.

2 cents: I like the exposition. I think it actually aids the pacing, but I'm used to Old School Magic with lots of incantations and gesturing and virgins falling all over the place. Keep on keepin' on, sistah

Mm, falling virgins. *checks the forecast*

So, I'm wondering whether real world physics still applies, for example, could a wright take an "aspect" of negative charge from one chunk of air and move it to another volume of air, thus creating a lightning? Or is it possible to take aspect (continued)

(continued) aspect of light from a fire and concentrate it in a laser ray? Or at the very least to move an aspect of volatility from paper to enemy's sword and kindle it?

These are all interesting ideas. You know the basics of pymary now, you should be able to figure stuff like this out. :)

Hello Glass. I am a troll and I am trolling you.

I have trolled kings.

How have you prepared for the brony apocalypse?

Isn't the MLP fandom waning sliiiiightly? I had thought it was. Apparently there's an MLP convention in Orlando in July, a friend of mine is threatening to attend it. I might kidnap her and take her to a theme park instead.

"Why do you think Quigley made Uaid?" Well I don't think a hollow ogre with a captain's chair in its skull just formed naturally. And it would be ridiculously expensive to buy, I bet. And I can't imagine anyone giving Quigley a gift, sooo...

These are all good reasons. Maybe we'll get an answer as to the big thing's origin soon.

Oh I don't feel obligated to vote (I do so because I think you deserve it), I just really like those incentive pictures XD

Haha, noted. We'll see what happens.

Will Sette be able to have kids when she's old enough, should she ever want to? Aww.. what happened to the anon asking? Now you know it's me, and I'm shamed by my need to ask this weird question. :)

Never be ashamed! You can ask anything, just don't expect an answer every time :3

Sette was hatched, hence the no belly button! Nary didn't just find her, he found her EGG, and sat on it to keep it warm, hatching her himself. Instead of a cool killer attack dragon, like he expected, he got a daughter. :)

Wow, that is a cute image. Can you imagine it hatching and there's this tiny infant Sette inside with a tiny infant tail? Myew T_T

..........I demand you write Morningmont. Don't tell me you need to learn how to write first. Your writing skills are already brilliant. Do it. I'm craving it now.

Someday D:

That incentive image has been up for a while. Any plans to change it in the near future?

Priorities, priorities. Don't feel you have to vote though, i don't mind.

You know, I think I mixed up chimera and golem...I may have gotten chimera from Slayers.

I don't know much about Slayers :|

I wanted you to know that I responded to your question about outfits, but formspring stopped thinking it was your question when I answered. I tried to explain why it was wrong, but I'm not fluent in programming, so I was probably swearing or something. D:

It's all good. I went and looked. Your gorilla slippers frighten me. When I was a kid I had a stuffed chimp doll in red overalls that I took everywhere... until I saw Monkeyshine. Then it began to scare the living shit out of me and I stuffed it in the back of my mom's closet. Years later I was getting ready for school in the bathroom when I heard a noise and looked over to see the stuffed chimp doll floating in the doorway. I screeched, backpedalled and fall into the bathtub.

The stuffed chimp doll had been held up by my mom of course, who hates me, but ever since then I've really not enjoyed simians or stuffed depictions of them very much.

What's up with the symbolism between Tirna and roses?

Even though Tirna and Baelar are twin siblings, Tirna's often described as a "twin unto herself" because she's a two-faced contradiction, merciful and cruel in turn. Hence she's often symbolized by a rose, which for all its beauty has stems full of thorns.

Do either the Gefendur or Ssaelit religions have any kind of devils/hells?

Both religions believe in chaos beasts, or demons, that lived in the chaos before the Twins made the world. Riv tamed them and now they feed on souls that Riv deems beyond hope. Souls like that are really rare though, and the beasts will only eat them if they're steeped in delicious evil and impudence. Here: http://www.casualvillain.com/Unsounded/comic/ch02/ch02_47.html - and here: http://www.casualvillain.com/Unsounded/comic/ch02/ch02_47.html you can see demons noshing on delicious evil souls with Riv's blessing.

Ssaelit believe that the chaos beasts actually serve a beneficial purpose. They live in the silver forests around Ssael's kingdom and consume ninety-nine percent of the dead who pass through looking for God, reincarnating them back into the world.

Gefendur don't really have a "hell," but Ssaelit believe in "seven hells;" the seven trials of the afterlife one must overcome in order to stand with Ssael as an equal. The Ssaelit have very complicated afterlife mythology x_x Gefendur are much simpler.

If, by some miracle, Unsounded was made into a big-budget hollywood movie what actors would you want to play the main cast. Or any character, really?

Oh, I don't know, I hate Hollywood and all the garbage it produces. I'd rather an animated television series. Actors though? Young Julian Sands with a dye job for Bastion :D Otherwise I got nothin'.

Oh god, you've just awakened my desire to play Planescape again......Noooo, I had things to dooo tonight!

I was jonesing to read that "Pages of Pain" Planescape novel after answering that question, but then fortunately could not find it anywhere. Maybe you won't be able to find the game! I'll pray for you :3

In theatres near you: A milk wench and a peaceguard officer think the zany objects brought to life by a Gruftgramary accident can lead them to a kidnapped broker of First Materials. Unsounded and Walt Disney present: That Darn Khert!

Fund it! :3

So, time for another language question. "Khert". How'd you come up with the word? Does it have a root in established languages, or did you just play with syllables until you found something that tickled you?

I wanted a really guttural monosyllable, like heart, bone, hit. The khert is the core of the whole world, it's what pulls everything together, what everything's based on, so it would have been one of the first words that developed.

I'm ninety-nine percent sure no one says it like I say it. It's not kurt, it's like English care plus a t at the end. So care't. In Alderode it's much the same except the kh in Tainish is like a Dutch g, so the word essentially sounds like you're clearing your throat. This amuses me because I like the idea that the word developed from the first wrights clearing their throat to cast a spell :D

What is this "Window" you keep mentioning in Alderode? Is it a body of people that visit you? Is it like a Palintir spying thing?

It'll get defined next chapter.

Does Matty resemble his mother at all?

Yeah. But so does his father. Inbreeding, man.

You're loath to give any sort of solid answer when it comes to pymary, aren't you?

I didn't used to be. You could scroll back through the formspring archive and find a ton of stuff :)

I was wondering what the upper limits on pymary's power are? Obviously we've seen it's capable of leveling a building which was enough to "blow a hole in the khert" but that was in a city with others using pymary. In a more isolated area could it do more?

You'll have to wait and see :)

If they'd stayed in Alderode, what would Mathis Quigley Jr. and Sr. be up to? Quigley seems pretty against Matty being a wright, so... would he be... encouraging the other option? That seems like poor Papa-ing. Particularly poor Papa-ing.

Well, Quigley never took any interest in Matty, so he really didn't care WHAT he was steered towards. This isn't all that uncommon with Plats though. The guys don't stay in the community often, they usually get shipped to the Academy and then the city or the army. But it doesn't matter much anyway, Matty's mom didn't want Matty to be a wright either. She had other plans for him.

Hey, Ash, I wanted to ask your permission, be they your creations, to create a shirt that said "Sharpen the spoon" on it. :3 For my own personal use, o'course.

Do it, man. Show me a photo of you in it afterwards, I'm curious :)

I've put a lot of work into creating a fantasy world for use as a book setting/RP universe/ what have you (with you as a big influence! :)I want to start doing RP with it, but I don't know too many people who would be interested. Tips for finding people?

The best people to RP with are friends. I've always had the good fortune of having friends of like interests :) Failing that though, starting on fandom communities is a good idea. If you make a few friends through fandom RP you can then convince them to come RP with you in your own world. In my experience, it's a harder sell to get people to start RPing with you if you haven't proven yourself to them in another setting.

Another option is just go camp in some RP chatrooms, do some casual play, hope you run across some good writers. I would say eighty... seven percent of freeform chat roleplay is just cybering, but sometimes you get lucky and find someone who wants more :) Good luck!

Are you just going to answer "perhaps" to every pymary question smugly? :3

I may :3 Go RP some rad and imaginative pymary ideas! Don't waste them here on formspring.

Does Matty hear pymary like Sette smells it? Based on the "Oh listen!" comment, it seems like he's aware of it somehow.

Oooh, no. He just heard his dad's spell and the roar of the waterfall shifting. He does have pretty good ears and spacial perception, but that comes from being blind, not anything supernatural.

You mentioned deleted comments, and prompted a thought: I fear that one of mine was one such (I made a play on Sette's query about there not being pie in pymary). If so, then I truly apologise - it was poorly thought-through, not malicious, I believe. :/

It probably made me laugh :D I read everything but I don't post everything because I feel bad flooding people's pages. I get sooooo many questions and comments on here, it's nuts. Thank you though, you have nothing to apologise for.

This happened with the diagonal pages as well: I can't imagine making a comic like you do and then making myself available somewhere like formspring.me for people to criticize it. I understand constructive criticism...

"....But this just seems to me like people nitpicking and trying to control your unique style. It's not like one style or form of delivery is more correct than any other style."

I don't know. Coming back to this a few hours later, now I feel like a big baby and a bully. No one forces me to have a webcomic. People are allowed to nitpick if they wanna, I just don't have to take it all seriously :) Anyway, thank YOU and thanks to everyone else who posted encouraging stuff. You guys always make me feel better and I shall strive to be cool for your sake.

On the bottom panel of page 25, are Duane and Mathis kind of undoing each others forming spells in-action there?

Yep! You got it.

Douchepoodles is now my favourite insult. Permission to use it?

It is yours. Use it wisely.

Oh, I didn't think you were going to drop this kind of exposition over every fight, just staking out a middle ground between 'boo all exposition' and 'everyone loves Dr. Strange' :p

Everyone really should love Doctor Strange. He's the strangest.

Do you know the Spectrum Song? By Ludwig Von Drake? I've had it stuck in my head for days.

Not familiar D: I just watched a kind of awesome, kind of terrible movie called Rubber.

Hmm... Could either Duane or Quigley end the fight by drawing the "heat" Aspect from the air about their opponent, freezing them? I imagine that the warmth thus stolen could simply be dumped elsewhere (likely Ephsephin, if Duane's the victor. ;)).

It's an interesting idea, but while the air was cooling down the target could just, ya know, move :) Throwing your opponent into a body of water and then freezing them in a block of ice - that has potential.

You've mentioned that distance is a potential barrier to drawing on an Aspect - how then could the book-reading wright from earlier draw on the sun's heat, as confirmed, I think, to a commenter? The air's heat I understand, but is the sun not too far?

No, it was the air's heat - environmental heat. I might have said "sun" as shorthand since the sun's what generally heats the air. But you're right, no one can pull directly from the sun, that's crazy.

So, uh, does Duane have a brother called Grissom?

The character from Vagrant Story does. Different Duane.

I doubt anyone would complain about the exposition if they didn't already know how the khert works from reading this formspring.

You know, you might be on to something. I'm probably sabotaging myself.

I only offered criticism because you seemed to welcome input from someone else. Who said that they thought the comic was bad now? Why is your reaction "If you don't like this bit, don't read it!"? Consider me duly chastened.

I'm sorry if I came off too brusque. There are a lot of anons to keep track of, I don't know if you're you or those other anons you never see because they've been such douchepoodles I outright deleted their comments on here. If you are a kind and well-meaning anon, I apologise if I made you feel crappy or was unfairly harsh. I will try to be better.

I shall attack your haters with a pitchfork. They may not bother you anymore (YAY!) but they bother me. I enjoyed the exposition, I thought it was well-placed, well-paced and adorably demonstrated Matty's fanboy-ness over wrights. Permission to attack?

Thanks, darling.

But no, we do not attack haters. Honestly I haven't seen haters though, just people expressing their opinions (last dude on here was a bit whiny and inflammatory for my tastes though). Just, critics, remember that I am under no obligation to you. I'm the first one to call out my own failings, but I'm also going to be the first one to stand up and say to chill out if I feel you're whining over something kind of goofy. I respect your opinion and please always give it, whether it's negative or not, but don't think I'm going to agree with it every time. Could I have cut a few words out of the last page? Maybe? It's kind of a subjective thing, I don't know. I have people criticizing and people saying they love it. Who do I believe? All I can do is my best and carry on.

But don't be a rude ass, that bums me out.

Your attitude to people bringing up flaws is not ideal. It's a legitimate concern. People legitimately feel that this exposition was too jam-packed in a small place, and it was. Explaining a bit about magic was fine, but you over-explained with (cont)

"(cont)that big origin of the khert thing and then explaining everything twice and then WORDS WORDS WORDS in general."

Why are you reading my comic when you don't like how I write it? Go read something else. Actually, Order of Tales is a much better fantasy comic if you want more free stuff, but Bone is best (though you have to buy it or pirate it). The authors are slightly less accessible for when you want to lecture them though, so you will miss out on that.

Is it possible to draw the heat aspect from living bodies?

Sure, but you'll lower their temperature and probably kill them. If that's cool with you and you have a ready source of unwarded living bodies, have at it.

If you fight a wright in a blank room, couldn't they draw solidity from the ceiling until they get a big enough hole to start drawing on other aspects, without the risk of it collapsing? And also, you'd think edge would be pretty common...

They could, sure, but it's a gamble. What's on the other side of the ceiling? Maybe there's another floor up there and they bring a wardrobe crashing down onto their head. What if they get a hole in the ceiling and the only thing visible through it is the sky? Anyway, I was just saying that a wright has fewer options indoors, particularly if they're in an environment they'd rather not destroy.

I think the exposition in this fight is good; You need to establish the rules at some point because otherwise it looks like it's just "magic, I don't gotta explain shit". But I don't think it's necessary for every wright-to-wright fight (cont)

"(cont) Like in Fullmetal Alchemist: Once they explained how alchemy worked in the first few chapters, they only needed to explain it when someone was doing something really esoteric with it, because in general the reader could be trusted to figure it out."

Of course it's not necessary for every fight. It seems people thought I was ranting about all comics when I did my Doctor Strange rant down there. I was only ranting about Doctor Strange. I am kind of a fan of the character and I hate how he's been ruined by attempts to modernize him. Fans rant indiscriminately and at every opportunity. I am sorry.

Anyway, of course I am not planning to narrate every time a wright does a spell. Have I in the past? Having a character explain the rules of combat during an initial relevant fight is such a common storytelling technique I'm kind of bemused by the criticism (FMA does it, like you said). Is there a worry the fight is being missed because Matty is talking over it? Maybe this is the mistake. Matty is not talking over the fight - a few exchanges of blows are illustrating his explanation. There was unadulterated action before he started, and there'll be more of it now that he's finished. If you were reading the chapter all in one go, these last three pages would hardly be a blip on the radar. Stay calm and keep on.

Although the wailing and gnashing of teeth is kind of funny. "This comic is ruined forever! It's now a bad comic!" Six months ago this would have shattered me, but now it makes me laugh. Have I graduated to some new level of comic creator? I like this.

I really love Sette. I think she's so pure in her awfulness. It's like she's completely honest in being who she was shaped to be or something. Plus I find she and I often have the same reactions *face palm/mountain punch/etc.* She resonates with me maybe?

I enjoy that honesty about her too. She doesn't feel like she has to make anyone feel better about their being total asshats or utter imbeciles. Also, she's a kid! She wants to have fun first and foremost. Glad you like her :)

How religious is Nary Frummagen?

Moderately so. He makes sacrifice to Tirna before setting out on any major ventures. Can never be too sure.

I have fond memories as a kid wrestling with all my male friends. I am a girl so the boy's mom usually told them to stop that, but boy did it ever feel the most natural thing in the world! I miss that level of physicality now that I'm a boring adult :(

You need a honking big dog. When I feel like wrestling I get a sock and attack my dog Ebby with it. He weighs a good eighty pounds and is all solid muscle. He's at least as good as a brother.

Quick, Duane! Draw the flapping speed of Sette's mouth into your hand and outrun Quigley's Pressure-Packed-Palms!


Will there be a clear winner and loser by the end of the chapter as a result of the epic-battling? Go Team Duane!

Could be, could be.


yush but tell no one

If we are suggesting Slaughterhous Five, we must not forget to mention Harrison Bergeron, truly one of the greatest short stories ever written.

*erudite nod*

Is Sette's tail strong enough that she could be hung from it like a pinata?

Possibly. Is your collar strong enough to protect your throat when she rips it out after your attempt?

I'm sorry, people keep mentioning something about a mountain punch but I'm still staring at Quigley's package in the second panel.

Quigley's pretty hot until he opens his mouth.

Do the Aldish believe Crescians are black due to cresce's khert? And has a Crescian ever been affected by the dammakhert? Say concieved while in Alderode during an incursion, born a plat or whatever?

No. Yes. Maybe.

... is it weird that I really want to see a doodle-comic of manipulative!Duane, WhiteKnight!Quigley, demonspawn!Matty, and sweetheart!Sette? Brain swaps. They make me weirdly gleeful.

You're a strange one, gato de forum.

I'm assuming all this aspect stealing stuff isn't particularly good for the environment. o.o Wrights cause a lot of collateral damage, don't they?

Yeah, the forest will be a wreck by the time they're done. The best place to kill a wright is indoors, where there're less aspects to draw from. A totally empty room with no windows? You render a wright all but defenseless. He can start tearing up the walls for raw solidity but he's gonna run out of it fast, or bring the ceiling crashing down if he's too rash.

All these people saying Sette is Tirna are crazy. She is clearly Father Riv. Uaid ate some squirrels in chapter 3. His mouth would empty into his belly, but since there are people there, do his meals just fall on poor Matty's head every so often?

Haha, Uaid doesn't need to eat, he just noms stuff now and then for fun. But yeah, sleeping inside him would come with the risk of occasional squirrel storms...

Sette is actually a new god, after Ssael killed the old ones she appeared and insulted him until he went mad. All hail Sette!

Sette would not be a just and loving god. I think she would randomly turn people's clothing into scorpions just to keep them on their toes.

I've always thought part of the reason exposition might have been required for Dr. Strange is that his magic is undefined - 'it's magic, I don't have to explain shit!'. Your magic system seems to follow tight rules, and suits visual portrayal (continued)

"...a lot of the time. I don't know, I guess it's an: in matters of taste thing, but I do think these action sequences are somewhat let down by the conversation around them. It feels like you could show more and tell less. Is that so bad?"

I dunno, champ, I never claimed to be anything but a shit writer. Go read a better written comic.


That's one theory. I think someone suggested it a few months ago too.

Hmm, if Matty's and Quigley's "home" smells like Uaid's feet, then does that mean they both go around smelling like rank-ass feet all day?

Nah, they don't live in his feet, they live in his torso.

Imagine you're Matty and Uaid is your home. You haven't been home all day though, you've been tailing your dad as he's done a bunch of shopping in town or hit seedy pubs trying to stir up business or laid low in gruftgrammary dens talking bad pymary with shady types who Chitz says keep staring at you like a zoo exhibit. You hated it. All you want is to be somewhere you feel safe. Finally then - at last! - it's time to leave town and find Uaid! Now, if you're Matty's height, what's the first thing of Uaid's you're going to encounter?

His feet! They don't smell great. In fact they smell like dirt and a deer carcass that he stepped in a few days ago. But they're Uaid's feet, and at the top of a ladder just above them is your bed and your chest with all your stuff in it and maybe your dad will read you something fun before lights out because he feels bad that he's such a crappy father.

Uaid feet is a good smell.

Have you ever read Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five? And if so, what did you think of it?

I have not read it! I have no culture.

I have a theory that Matty's really a being of purest evil and that Quigley's periodic cuffing is the only thing that keeps that evil in check. Woe betide the land when Quigley passes on!


Vote incentive idea! Do a comic on Quigley and Nary trading pointers on how best to cuff a kid!


What's the highest hit combo Quigley's ever scored on Matty?

Oh, that's just mean.

Hello, Chekov. I see your gun there.

i'm a gud writer yes i am

Vote incentive?

I know, I know. I started one, and then got distracted doing this instead. http://glassshard.tumblr.com/post/17188965636 It's kind of a vote incentive, you just don't have to vote to see it :)

Today's page was like those old Marvel comics from back in the '60s where they'd painstakingly explain all the mechanics behind whatever amazing thing that Dr. Strange or whoever was doing. Was that intentional, or is Matty just that much of a fanboy?

Matty is just that much of a fanboy, and I am just that much of a fangirl for Doctor Strange and silver age comics.

Not to say that I don't suck and am too verbose, and don't have any idea how to write, but I LIKE when comics narrate the panels. I don't think that style of comic-writing is the end of the world like so many people have decided it is. I can read old superhero comics all day long and be pretty happy (and I do that, frequently). Doctor Strange, especially, NEEDED that exposition. Magic-battles aren't like melee battles where you can depict the logical flow of action with poses and angles and weaponry. Magic - good magic - is half in the mind, and power comes from scholarship and research. I want to KNOW what the sorcerer is thinking, what spells they're using, how they are strategizing. Otherwise it's just a bunch of flashy panels with Strange pulling what-the-hell-ever out of his tights. That's not engaging. It's why modern Strange sucks and is so aloof and weaksauce. No one writes from inside of his head anymore. No one is trying to sell the awesomeness of his magic to me, of the work behind it, the cross-referencing, the study. Give me some convoluted fucking alliteration, writers!

Anyway. Unsounded isn't really that kind of comic. It was just fun to do here :) If I could get away with it more and have it work in context, I know I would. One day I would like to do a comic with real narration. I'm so tired of people judging all comics against hipster minimalist slice-of-life shit.


The number one question on everyone's mind must now be: will we ever see a mountain punch?!?!

Come now. How many stories would talk about something that sounds so fun and then not have it play into events by at least the end of the chapter? I am a faithful student of Saturday morning cartoon foreshadowing.

Weeell, since telling you our opinions on spanking has become fashionable, I'll say that one must find balance. Spanking all the time is extreme and they quickly become desensitized to it. A couple of hand swats used rarely and as a last resort are fine.

Absolutely. I wasn't talking about going all Radio Flyer on your kids.

A lot of the disagreement comes from kids being different. A study showed the kids who get hit to discipline them were the more aggressive ones to start. Remember, correlation isn't causation!

I just love everyone.

I think the most important question of all is... Matty think Uaid's feet smell good? I would imagine they'd be a little... unpleasant. XD

Totally, but they still smell like home :3

Are you going to re-do the character page? I notice that since you have changed the site background, the pictures for characters on the left hand side have a strange border thing around them. I'm not complaining, I'm just curious...

Actually, I was thinking that since I have a wiki with character pages maybe I don't need that section at all anymore. I may go ahead and nix it and just do an About/Author page there or something instead. It's on the list.

I work with kids every single day and I disagree with you. Kids who get spanked regularly at home are the ones who tend to be more physical in dealing with problems. Spanking doesn't teach correct behavior, it just harms the child.

It's a wide world with lots of room for different opinions :)

I believe children are like monkeys. They're hands-on, noisy, violent...but I actually believe a little violence among siblings is important, as it teaches basic survival instincts. BTW, I hate my art theory class.

When me and my brother fought as kids we literally knocked each other's teeth out. So I agree! Pay attention in class! You're payin' for that shit, may as well get the most out of it :)

It's tough love isn't it. Quigley's trying to make Matty into a bitter hardass like himself, right?


On punishment of children - my parents gave my brother and I one good whooping and then started the count down system. They started at 0 and worked up to 3 - if 3 was reached (and it was never reached after the inital spanking), pain was iminent.

This is a good system. Kids are like animals, man, and I say that with total love and respect. But kids are like animals. Kids get wrapped up in their own little games, their own little world, their own little obnoxious kiddishness and lose all awareness of the world outside of the immediate focus of their attention. So a mostly harmless whap does nothing but wake them up to the existence of reality - and then they remember oh, shit, you're there and there's this world and these rules and sorry, I forgot I was a pupating human being. So a follow-up whoop really wouldn't be necessary.

But yeah. I think this is something people don't realise until they've been around kids a lot. Kids are really physical. And sometimes you gotta get really physical to get their attention. You can't reason with a five year old.

So... umm... I'll just be making you your own Chitz, then. Complete with echolocation sound effects? Off topic: synesthesia (mixing of senses; it applies to an earlier question) isn't at all unpleasant.

So... umm... I'll just be making you your own Chitz, then. Complete with echolocation sound effects? Off topic: synesthesia (mixing of senses; it applies to an earlier question) isn't at all unpleasant.

What aspects did Quigs shuffle to perform that cloak-sweeping move on Duane? Did he turn the cloak to liquid or something? Also, what did he do with the tree? Did he teleport it?

Oh, I thought the cloak-sweeping thing was pretty obvious. He ganked the shape and pliancy of the fabric and wrapped the same area of dirt up in it, so he could then yank it out from under Duane's feet like a rug. Without these vital aspects, Duane's actual cloak simply dissolved. A thing can't exist as it is without its shape - the khert will obliterate it.

The tree thing I'm disappointed in because I felt like I didn't have panels enough to show it accurately. Duane inadvertently sliced it, then Quigley kept it buffeted up in the air by nudging its own falling momentum around and against it and eventually shoved it right over Duane and let go. Once you get something up in the air in pymary, you can keep it up there for a long time by buffeting it with its own falling. Momentum is endlessly useful.

But physics is awesome!

It is! But, ya know, only so much fits on a page.

Hmm, who's more cuffable? Matty's squishier, but Sette probably earns it more. And is probably bonier, despite being a girl.

True, but Sette is a more difficult target. Also she will double-back and tear chunks out of your cuffin' hand with her teeth. Well, unless you're her da. I would have to say Matty is more cuffable. He is like one of those cute and squishy stress relief balls.

Matty has to be the least-cuffable kid around. WTF Quigley?

Mm, you don't know either of them all that well just yet. Wait a few more chapters before passing judgment.

If weight is an Aspect, is mass one as well?

No, mass is generally constant to objects and the khert doesn't like you to mess with it, same with gravity. When you're reassigning weight, you're telling the khert to exert the gravitational pull it applies to a certain group of mass to a different group of mass, but you're not actually affecting distribution of any matter. A chatroom friend of mine has been lecturing me on physics for the purpose of writing better pymary, but I'm afraid if I start bringing that into the comic there will be a bloody rebellion against me with fire and soapbox speeches. So I should probably stick to sparklies and hand-waving.

Good of you to believe in corporal punishment! Honestly, I think that's why you have so many bad eggs these days is because parents are way too lenient. But I won't rant too much. Question! Uhhh. What do you tend to do on vacations?

Enh, people mean well, I guess, but modern life is so out of balance it's depressing to think about for extended lengths of time.

My vacations? When I get a chance to get away it's by hitchhiking with family. That usually means a day at a theme park or the zoo or the beach. Humble means make for a shut-in, I'm afraid.

Will we ever get to see Quigley giving Matty a good old-fashined beatin'? Nothing ups the drama like child abuse!

As long as it's within reason, it's not child abuse when it's your own child. Sometimes a kid needs a good smack. But yeah, maybe.

I partially wonder who I'm having a conversation with through you, but I'm pretty sure I know, so, yeah. I saw something about a real-life Matty hat. Do want. That and a Chitz plush. May I make a Chitz, and would you want one?

Ya know, I looked for good Chitz-makin' material last time I was at the craft store but they didn't have what I wanted. It needs to be a really loose-weave burlap. You should make one! Don't make me one, I suck.

For the record, I would so buy a shirt that said "Sharpen the spoon" on the front of it. :D


Isn't the khert basically associated with decay (enchantment on non-First Materials, Plats' short lifetimes)? If so, it makes sense that it would smell like other decaying stuff, like poop or rotting corpses.

Another good theory.

I............I think I've officially run out of things to ask you. Now we must part ways. Isn't that sad? Q_Q

Aww. Yet, I am sure we'll somehow both survive :3

Perhaps the devout Matty was sent to Quigley by the gods in order to convert him back to the fold. Quigley shouldn't be so quick to cuff Matty for preaching. >:(

Quigley's quick to cuff Matty for coughing too loud. He has a very cuffable head.

Tell Forumcat I shooed her because I knew she'd never actually listen. XP And then she should wonder how I knew that. *laughs gleefully* How can Matty miss his grandparents if Plats only live to 28ish? My math brain isn't very reliable, but it dissents.

Brainfart. I meant relatives, not grandparents

All of your recommendations sounds amazing. I'm going to watch them all, I think. Assuming I can find all of them. So... is it bad that I only know the day of the week based on when your webcomic last updated?

Well, that's how -I- keep track of the days of the week >_>

Do wrights ever get spiteful and blow up the khert on purpose?

I suppose it could happen.

Is Duane aware that Sette has missing body parts?

Not yet. She doesn't like him to see her without a shirt on. He's a childlover, you know.

Mighty Ash, I went to grill my Beef, and it was a tad old, I Shrugged, and went on with it. After some time on the grill, most of it took that cooked beef colour, but not all, the rest was a dark red. Shrug and Eat?

You asked this fifty minutes ago, so I'm going to assume you've solved the matter. I hope you ate it though. Live large, live on the edge, build your immune system.

Huh. Now I have a new fear/. Thank you so much for that. I'm bored. What movie (any movie at all, as long as it's not in theatres) would you recommend? I like pretty much everything.

Hrmm, since you like Unsounded you might like City of Lost Children. Big dumb idiot is led around by a saucy little thief girl. Alternately try The Butcher Boy, it is hilarious and sad and twisty and Irish. You might try the first Warlock if you're in the mood for cheesy horror. Try Survive Style 5+ if you want a loose and kooky storyline and exquisitely composed frames.

Maybe Sette finds it nasty 'cause it's wrong? Allowed in the context of the khert but disliked by it. Air with an edge? Dead men walking? Ain't right by the kherts laws. It'd be like seeing in four dimensions, hearing a color. Can't be a pleasant thing.

Good theory, good theory.

why did yu ban me froom ur formsprig :(

Do I have that power? Am I secretly a wizard?

What's your opinion of bubble baths with rubber duckies?

My niece and nephew are into them. Personally, I was always told bubble baths are bad for one's nethers.


Do you know why I got shooed off your Formspring? I don't know why I got shooed off your Formspring. On to business: If you could have your hair (permanently) turn any colour, what colour would it be?

I guess red would be nice, but I'm generally happy with my current tresses :3

Is pymary strictly a human ability or can any creature with the ability to speak Old Tanish use it? For example: if you taught a parrot to speak a phrase in Old Tanish, would it be able to use pymary?

If you taught it pymary, Rited it so it had the proper connection, and the necessary aspects were present... I guess it could pull off a few spells. I mean, you could probably get it to light a candle if you tried a few times. I like the idea of a very drunk academic trying this out and winding up with half a dozen charred birds before he finally gets a candle lit. "Ha-ha!"

When I first saw Quigs and Matty, I thought they were brothers, they were so different. ._. It makes more sense now that I know that Matty hasn't lived with his father so long.

Their relationship could definitely stand to improve.

Can someone born on the ocean still be connected to the khert?

Well, they ARE connected to the khert or they'd be dead. How to explain this...

Think of the khert as a porous, free-flowing field and all living things as containing within them much smaller versions of their own free-flowing fields. By simply existing in reality, your field mingles with that of the khert - no matter where you are - and receives information on how to interact with reality from the external khert. If that mingling couldn't happen, your body would be a foreign element and the khert would either outright attack it and dispose of it as it does all orphaned Aspects and matter, or your body wouldn't be able to interact with the world so your lungs would have no pull on the air, your feet would fall through the earth, etc. You must be "connected" to the khert in order to live. It's just not a connection like a plug in a socket, it's a mingling of, sort of, data.

Now, being born over the ocean only means that when your own personal babby khert is being formed in the womb, the khert at large has no influence over its construction. It's like you're a plant grown hydroponically, with none of the minerals or elements of the local soil. You'll still grow and be more or less fine, but a seer wouldn't be able to look at your personal field and suss out where you're from.

NOW, this is all completely different from the kind of connection a wright requires to work pymary. A wright requires a new, different connection so he can dip into the khert lines and move aspects around with his voice (or his thoughts if he's a tacit caster).

I hope that makes sense o_o

Is there a specific reason why the smell of pymary is unpleasant? Would anyone who could smell it find it unpleasant, or just Sette?


If the characters in the comic are your 2D children, does that make Murkoph the first-born?

In terms of age, no. That'd be Sette :)

Is Nary the type of guy to get revenge if he was insulted by someone in the street?

Yeah. He'll rip your lungs out.

If Mathias raised Matty, how did the kid end up with such a pious worldview?

They've only been together two years. Matty well-remembers his mother and other caretakers who were very spiritual - and rather prefers that outlook. His dad is too joyless and practical.

Yeah, but some group/ethnicity/whatever invented that language. Why did theirs connect with the khert, and not the language spoken by, I don't know, Sharteshanians? Or the folks living up at the north pole? It seems like it can't just be chance?

Who says a group created it? Maybe it really is the same language that the gods speak ;)

Is there any reason why Tainish is the only language that works on pymary, other than just "because"? Cuz I think if I lived in that world, whatever religion the original Tainish speakers worshipped would get a huge boost to their credibility, yo.

The popular explanation is that it's the language of the gods and the language that the khert understands. I mean, why can't I use C++ in Flash? Why do I have to use Actionscript? Why can't I talk to my mysql table in Spanish? Rules is rules.

So did Nary pervert the myth, or did Quigley censor it for Matty, or neither, or both?

I can actually answer this seriously, be afraid.

There are two popular Gefendur sects, the fraternal and sororal. The fraternal is limited almost totally to patriarchal Alderode who gives all the power and credit for creation to Riv, whose thoughts almost literally formed the world (with some feedback from Yerta, who got to spit out the really stupid shit). The sororal, which is the state-mandated Gefendur flavour in Cresce and is pretty popular through the rest of Kasslyne, gives prominence to Yerta, and says that she and Riv got lonely, make whoopie, and she grew the world to her own tastes in her womb. So Sette and Matty have two pretty different takes on the same group of gods. Quigley thinks it's all bullshit of course and doesn't like Matty believing this and would be cuffing him in the back of the head if he wasn't otherwise occupied.

Noooo. You took down that little bonus letter thing at the bottom of the first page in the comic. I demand that you put it back! That, or move it (and the others) somewhere else so they can still be read. Please?

Next time I think about it I'll zip those files up and offer a download for whoever wants it. I really don't want to put them online though, I think they might be confusing to some.

Which of your 2D children is your favorite? We all know parents have one. (If the answer is Bastion, then second favorite)

At the moment I'm terribly fond of Jivi. But the answer to this depends on what's happening in the scene I'm currently working on :)

Can we know more about the Oubliettes... now then? :D ?

Maybe later :3

If a child's khert citizenship is based on where they were conceived and the first three months, what would be their citizenship be like if they were conceived at sea & out at sea for that period. Can a person not have khert citizenship?

Sure, but people don't use the phrase "khert citizenship" and this concept is really only a big deal in Alderode, where people think you're effed up if you're not part of the Dammakhert. Otherwise no one can tell and no one cares what khert you were born under, or if you weren't born on the continent at all.

I'm really curious how you went around creating Tainish. Initially was it just a bunch of gibberish you made up off the top of your head, and then went back and made more consistent? Or did you have rules for creating words/grammar from the start?

I had a few words and a few ideas I liked. I knew I needed a language for pymary (I just called it magick back in them days) but I wasn't sure of the kind of sound I wanted. Eventually I just sat down with myself, got really strict, and dissected the words I knew for a list of sensible phonemes. Once you have those making a vocabulary is a snap. For the grammar I knew I wanted something pretty straight-forward so I could pick it up myself easily and not always be referring to a guide. Designing grammar is not a lot of fun believe it or not. For me the fun is in vocabulary and language concepts. Like, I had to come up with a system for addressing very extended family members (if you have people living to four-hundred, your grandparent list gets really long).

Dealing with the transition from Old Tainish to Tainish was really interesting too. I knew that the most powerful words in Old Tainish would be the ones referring to parts of the human body, since those would be the most immediately lethal in a grammatical accident. So I came up with this superstition that Tainish-speakers have of using a whole different set of vocabulary when referring to the body parts of an unliving body out of fear that they would accidentally talk it back into motion. Little ideas like that are a lot of fun.

You saying it's about you not liking things versus others not liking things makes a lot of sense to me. I think we just want to try to cheer you up a little when you’re in the hateplace. How was the zoo?

I know, and I appreciate it. I don't deserve you guys <3

The zoo was good! Unseasonably hot but good. They're trying to convince me to drive to New Jersey with them in a few weeks now. Ech.

Shoo Forumcat! I asked her first, and she politely turned me down with express permission to look at beautiful man bums! *chases cat back to forum* Thank you for always answering our questions, comic-related or nonsense. I shall love you forever.

Lover <3

So, ASh... do you ever think you'll get an Unsounded Store? Like, Shark Robot, I know, sells stuff for other webcomics. Be a good way to drag in money if you started selling stuff like Matty's hat. Or Chitz.

Haha, do you think Matty's hat would be much of a fashion statement? I can't think of too many people who could pull it off.

A store though... I don't know. My brain is usually wrapped around comic-making. Money-making never has much opportunity to squeeze itself in there.

Welcome back! Did you missssssssssssssss us? ;3

Baby, every waking moment. I kept demanding that my brother ask me questions about hats, but it just wasn't the same.

But I thought it's only speaking Tainish that conjures pymary? Or is writing Tainish dangerous as well? :3

Just speaking it :3 I was being silly. I'm running on like two hours of sleep. I feel like responding to every question with a string of expletives and like, ascii art of genitals and cats.

Why are you so fond of the cat smile emoticon?

It's a sickness D:

Will you ever teach us how to *write* Tainish? As in, the pictograms?

Nay! If you guys went around spouting off Old Tainish you might conjure all kinds of destructive pymary and seriously harm yourselves. I just can't live with that on my conscience :3

Do you know why criticisms bother you so much? I mean, nobody's perfect, and you've admitted yourself that you've improved over the course of just what we've seen so far (even though you started out at a high standard). Do you just have to be the best?

Criticisms bother me when they're spot-on and make me realise faults I hadn't noticed and then distract me until I've fixed the problem. It's not bad to strive harder or to recognise faults. The best people are the people who are hard on themselves and are never satisfied with anything they produce. No one will ever be "the best." There is no "best."

You guys have been so nice to reassure me about the old pages. I really appreciate it. But - and don't take this the wrong way - it's not about you guys liking or disliking them - it's about ME disliking them.

So there ya go.

I cannot possibly fathom why this anon has not shared this Quigley and Duane slash with me. Your Formspring must be aware I am the biggest gay on it.

I think anon was on crack for I have never drawn any such slash :O
"Virulent strain of madness." Virulent as in common, or virulent as in contagious? (Also since I assume you won't see this for a few days, was your formspring break nice?)

Virulent as in "marked by a rapid, severe, and destructive course." And yesh, the break was very nice.

Dis layout is grawful, no?

Formspring is really quite intolerable. One-hundred and one useful features they could add, instead they incessantly tinker with the layout to the detriment of the site.

What fonts do you use in Unsounded and Why?

I use AnimeAce2 from Blambot for no good reason.

So... I can't speak Tainish beyond interjections until you die? Darn. I wanted to teach it for my school's multicultural day. They gave Elvish the ok last year. Tainish seems much cooler.

Have you looked into Drowish? I always thought that was a really intriguing constructed language.

I am afk for a few days. Seeya Saturday, formspring!

Does it make you feel awkward when people express their desire for your male characters to MAKE YAOIS with each other?

Naw. I don't understand creators who get uptight over shipping. It's like, "Here is this thing - enjoy it! But only in the very specific and limited way that I have designated!" Blow.

Sette... a girl... with strange anatomy... like... a penis? o.o?

No 9_9

So Castes! Are 'reading via the network', 'monitor or execute via the Dammakhert' - the things that that earlier question about "people examining your individual 'pymaric signature' or whatever might be a thing in Alderode" was close to?

Mebbe o_o There's some stuff in that article I should have left out (it was mostly a C&P job from my world-building file). Please ignore it :)

Typo on Plat: virulant. I assume the two strains of madness are connected somehow?


I have a theory that Sette is the reincarnation of Duane's id.

Sette puts the id in kid.

Has Murkoph changed any since you first came up with him?

Some. For a long time he had really, really long hair, like down to his knees. Then it got burnt off in a fight after he'd been around a few years. Looks much better now :3

Otherwise, from black coat to bandages to scar-crossed bluish-grey skin, he's pretty much the same. Personality-wise he's a bit more insane, less friendly, and a lot less predictable, and he lost a few of his old weaknesses 'cause they're not longer relevant to his backstory, but he's not much different. He burst from my brow fully-formed, I suppose :3

I've seen people thinking that Sette might be male rather than female. Sette IS a girl, right? Just with some... strange anatomy.

Definitely a girl.

Do you have a Tainish dictionary sitting around somewhere? If so, is there a chance it will ever see the light of day, so people can be fluent and ask you annoying questions in Tainish, rather than English?

I do! But it's far too sloppy to release, and I'm always going back and tweaking words. Maybe my estate will surrender it to the public after I have perished.

Would Duane enjoy a nice bubble bath now and again?

Definitely not.

Duane never saw his Silver gf again? Aww.......he should get a Facebook and try to reconnect. (I mean, he has a Formspring, so why not?)

Very droll, anon.

Duane's zombie face is my only reason for living. It's a beautiful thing. Now, answer my question! D:

No. You will be surprised! D:

Why all the repeated consonants in Tainish? How are they pronounced?

Depends on the consonant. Double L is a spanish ll or a yeh if it's at the end, double s is a z, double n at the end of a word is voiced (single n is nasal). And stuff and junk.

I'm not sure how well an all-naked Unsounded would go over with your fans. You should probably put up some test drawings of nude Quigley and Toma first so we can judge.


What's your favourite kind of sandwich?

Publix (a local supermarket) makes an epic roast beef sandwich. That is my favourite.

Omg! Thanks for the mini painting tut! Adorable ;w; Ahh I love your art so much ;____________: ^____^ <3 <3


No! All these original pages floating around will depreciate my Atalantian horde of pre-revised pages!


I think Sad!Matty in a pile of hats would be a really good vote incentive

Next vote incentive is Matty and Sette playing epic wright battle with his action figures D:

Jets: Usually Gefendur, usually Ssaelit, or evenly divided?

Mostly Gefendur, some Ssaelit. This is the trend among all the castes except the Plats and Copper who both tend to be pretty much exclusively Gefendur, and the Gold who are almost exclusively Ssaelit.

Are you ever going to do more of those little extra things you had in the first chapter, down the bottom of the page? Don't know exactly what to call them...

Mm, probably not. They were an idea I had, and I wound up not liking the idea much in the end. I think I'm more likely to do out-and-out illustrated prose stories at some point. I have about five-thousand side stories I could tell, oh, man.

I might have found what looks like some Quigley and Duane slash that you drew. Would you care to comment?

Oh, my stars and garters, I have no idea what on earth you are talking about.

Good point. Was Quigley's (either of them) mother or father ever in the oldest profession?


This is a silly question, but: what did you do to make the water in 2.22 so...watery?

Just a thought, but wouldn't Duane realise that calling someone a whoreson isn't as effective when a good portion of that person's race is involved in the sex trade, and there's a fair chance their mother actually was a prostitute at some point?

Do we all think our insults through before puttin' 'em out there? Particularly when we're really, really pissed off? I don't think we do.

So... if Plats have poor constitutions and weak lungs, did Duane have issues while teaching them to use weapons in his unit of fighter wrights?

Only very rarely would a Plat come under Duane's command. After the army, Duane went to work for the Ssaelit temple, which is where he began his career actually training battle-wrights. Plats are almost never Ssaelit so they naturally would not be in the Ssaelit temple's army.

So the Gold caste and the Tainish people are the same thing then. Right?

Yep, more or less.

I thought Jets had blue eyes? At least Cara did, and there was that neat Aldish breeds poster. (Though Crescian propaganda probably wouldn't be considered a relaible source of info.) The wiki is telling me black, however. I am now a confused anon.

Typo. Fixed it!

I can't find the elusive archive, and it would be neat for interested people to compare. So, can I post the pages on photobucket or something? Not the entire thing, just the pages that have an alternative page. It's cool if you don't want that though. :)


(Do it, just don't tell me about it, it makes me crazy.)

Alderode has taiga? It's the best biome, next to tundra! Will we ever get to see it in the comic?

It is not beyond the realm of possibilities.

Would you sanction an attempt to get a working tailed 3d Sette child model NPC character into Skyrim, running around biting and stealing from everyone she comes across?

Do it D:

Since Silvers are so especially hard-core against caste interrelations (sorry, not the best term), did that girl Duane loved get killed?

I don't know. Duane never saw her again. *teardrop*

Whoa, whoa whoa..is the Duane and Sette Formspring officially open again?!! I want to check before I go inundating it with questions.

It is not. I signed in today to see how crazy the question count was, and answered the top few for the hell of it. I'll open it again when this chapter's done :)

What is you opinion on, like, stuff and junk?

Like, it's cool.

Hey, whoever it was who wanted caste info, it's up now. Go look at Alderode's wiki page. I'ma go eat dinner. Break!

I am wholly uninteresting and my formspring would be a barren vat of nothing! D: I work for an established artist who has a studio to facilitate artmaking. Production is usually large scale, but I do boring things like photomanips and write proposals. GAH

I think that's fairly interesting! I can think of at least half a dozen follow-up questions. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity :D

Every time you skip an update day my heart crumples like a paper ghost


What's your favorite ice cream topping?

I'm not a topping fan to be honest. I like a homogeneous incorporation of foreign bodies into my ice cream.

What? No marriage? Oh, well. At least have the cookies and firstborn for the road. *kicks tumbleweed* Woul you permit me to make and send Unsounded Valentines in two weeks? I really think your comic lends itself well to St. Valentine's Day.

Sure, man. Just don't sell 'em for money :3

If Duane got his ass saved by plat kids in his unit a lot, is he extra fond of the caste?

I think he's a bit more understanding. He's going to be more forgiving to an Aldishman period, though. If Quigley had just been some foreigner there'd have been no farcical duel challenge, it would have just been an (attempted) slaughter.

Is that weather stuff on the scale of plat-specific pymary? That seemed quite a bit more significant than anything we've seen Duane do.

Yep, I don't think most wrights could frig with the weather as Quigley can (although even Quigley can't do it on the fly or without mechanical assistance).

Lovelovelovelovelove your work. Marry me and/or have a plate of cookies and my firstborn?

I won't ever settle down, darlin'. Not all the cookies in the world could tame this cowpoke. *hat* *horse* *sunset* *tumbleweed*

Wrote a long counter-argument to whatever it was the individual said, then I forgot to save and it was lost. *sigh* In short, take criticism with a pinch of salt and stop scorning your past work. Damn critics can't let good things be.

It's fine, darling. I'm not going to suddenly stop doing the comic or anything, I just had a mini-crisis that I must work through. It's not your job to sooth my Crazy!

I it take that the whole "you cannot best me" angle is just an attempt at exploiting Duane's nationalism. Quigley doesn't see himself as an inherently superior wright purely because of being a plat, does he?

Yeah, because Plats really are good wrights. Their khert connection is genetically more solid than anyone else's which means they can draw Aspects from and send Aspects towards points further away than most others. So if he wanted to, he could do some pretty devastating shit... but there are kids around - and himself - and the terrain is uncertain, so he's cautious. Let's see if Duane presses him.

I spy Chitz's security cord! Attached by the immutable power of Character Design my rump! Actually, it really is a credit to the detail you put into your character design. You're on the opposite end of the spectrum to Useless Belts That Attach To Nothin

Haha <3 His security cord is just a yarn tail.

Pretty Sailor Senshi Plat...What do I have to do to get you to draw this?

At least a pizza.

When did you first come up wth Sette?

When I was a kid. I think her very, very first incarnation was as a winged half-demon girl in a story I played around with when I was in junior high.

I've always loved redheads and love being a redhead myself. And considering your redheads live for up to FOUR HUNDRED YEARS, it makes me feel even more awesome and justified. Pfft, who cares if I would be a sucky Wright? I WOULD LIVE LONGER THAN EVERYONE.

That's pretty much the attitude they have it about it too :) You could (and they can) still do a lot of theoretical pymary. They compose spells, they just can't personally pull them off. I would say the only bad thing about being a Copper is they tend towards madness and at the holidays there are just so many damned people to buy for... and they all already have everything. Tsk tsk.

I can see Sette developing a crush on Duane (Kids do that sometimes to guardian figures), but the chances of him reciprocating seem slim. He has that whole "MUST PROTECT ALL THE CHILDREN!!" thing, and there's the big age difference... and he's very dead.

All right.

I need like super intense wiki detail on the intricate subtleties of the Aldish judiciary. Age/caste/gender judge statistics, nation's largest courtroom, process of a civil suite. For real it might be best if you just make another wiki just for this, thx.

I'ma hit you in your pie-box. I grant thee permission to make these things up. Be creative! Perhaps the nation's largest courtroom should be inside the bleached skeleton of some kind of enormous dead creature. When I'm stumped I usually add bones and skulls. Skulls always help.

*harshly criticizes you for the overabundance of clothes and lack of full-on nudity* >:$

I probably could draw pages a lot faster if everyone was just naked. Hmm...

How about that awesome twitter icon, is THAT where Sette is talking about manly passions?

Pretty near to it :3

So, what originally inspired you to turn your role-playing universe into a comic? I don't think I've seen anyone ask this yet. Surprising.

Well, because it's not quiiiite accurate. The roleplaying universe kind of sprang from the comic.

For years and years I had an idea for a comic about my character Murkoph. It never went anywhere, I couldn't draw well enough to pull it off, but I had some pretty good world and character details always stewing in the back of my mind. When some friends and I got sick of our usual RP haunt for political reasons, we sat down to create a new setting and I wound up using one of the countries from my comic world. I filled in a bunch of details, wrote out a loose source guide, and we dove in. When RP ended many years later, I took my comic-turned-RP characters back into comic characters, and started Unsounded. The story's always been in my head, but I guess RP turned me on to the idea of using Duane and Sette as driving characters.

I like your comic but I really like you too. You don't drama all over or bitch your opinions all over the place and you're a girl but you're not a GUUURRRL. I like you. There.

Well, edit away. I will never understand why, but that's my issue. On the topic of another question I asked once, is there any more information you can give on the abilities and stereotypes of the Aldish castes? The super-scary RP forum begs for more!

Because I feel I have burdened formspring too much with my neuroses for one night, and because I won't be updating Friday (sorry, I'm going out of town plus all the double pages... should skip a day), I will tomorrow add a big caste write-up to the wiki. If you have any other topics that would help RP, lemme know (the more specific the better) and I'll try to fill up the wiki for you.

could you say what you changed at least??? All I could tell for sure was the lake line, which I like, but I can't tell if other stuff was reworded or if I just think it's different because I haven't seen the page in a while and I want to knooooow :((((((

I just redrew some of the panels, don't stress :) I'm not going to go into a previous chapter and reveal that Duane is Sette's real father or anything (I'm still saving that for a future chapter).

Current mood? Current music?

I see what you did there.

Re: the harsh words - haters gonna hate. Some people will find anything to nitpick, especially about something that a lot of people praise, regardless of the objective quality. It's fun to be dismissive and superior about other people's preferences.

Man, don't I know it. Lackadaisy is like the best thing since the polio vaccine, but I still sometimes troll Lackadaisy threads just to skip and cackle madly beneath the subsequent shitstorm. These weren't hipstery criticisms or trolls though, I know the difference. And they bothered me so much because they're true and I see them myself. So it's all good. I just need to work through the suck, as I said ;) Please, don't mind my craziness. We all have our own little quirks, this is mine.

Mebbe this is a dumb question, but okay. Will any of the characters “level up” during the story? Will they gain new powers/moves/abilities, or do you think it’s more about what they learn to do with what they have?

Nah, it's not a dumb question, I know what you mean. Something like what you're talking about will happen at points, but I think as the story progresses and fights happen what will help the characters overcome is their learning how to take what they have and then work together. Unsounded is about the Power of Love!

but srsly wait until Uaid gets wings and Matty learns how to transform into Pretty Sailor Senshi Plat.

Glass, I loves your ugly and your pretty. It's like your new motto - work through the suck. If you should ever put out something that is actually ugly, I'll read right through it. And I'll still love you.

You are too nice <3

Aww, why are you embarrassed by the old pages? I thought they were just as good as the new ones... Why did you change them in the first place, if you don't mind me asking?

I feel retarded answering this, I swear formspring has become like my blog, but it's... because... I can't be content. Because I stumbled on some really harsh words about my comic that made me fixate on every flaw and hate myself and I got into a funk where I couldn't do new pages because I was sure I'd already effed the whole thing up by failing with earlier pages. And I made a deal with myself that I'd go back and try to address some of the stuff that gets ragged on. So I started doing that.

I'm weird, man. I don't see compliments, I only see criticism. I never see success, I only see shortcomings. It's just how my crazy brain works and it doesn't matter how much nice stuff your or anyone says, it won't help. So lemme slowly tweak old pages, that's the best thing for it :)

I have to say this before I ask my question- reading Unsounded honestly got me back into writing and worldbuilding thanks to its extreme amazingness. So yeah! Thank you for your brain :D Question time: how long does it take you to do an average page?

It's really dependent on the content. If it's mostly just characters talking, I can do a page in like eight hours. If it's really heavy on the background with lots of perspective going on, if Uaid's around, if there's a giant swarm of ethereal glowing blue insects... those pages take longer. Glad you like the comic :)

!!! I'll put them up all over the internet and make sure they get seen on CNN and Fox News and the BBC and right away then! ::DD

!!! I'll take them down immediately! Didn't mean to make you sad ))): Sorry about that!

Oh, don't apologise! It's your right to do whatever you like. I just get embarrassed by stuff really easy sometimes. Don't mind me >_<

Is it all right if I put the old original pages on the fan forum? (I mean, I went ahead and did it anyway, but I can take it down if you like...Karaii here, btw.)

There has to be a way to set facebook so that non-members can view the wall and photos. I've seen it done before. Maybe check setting for a page for a group or business?

It's already set to "Open: Anyone can see the group, who's in it, and what members post." If it's still being troublesome I know not how to fix it.

Why is the Facebook page members-only?

That's how Facebook works, I believe.

What's the most boring job you've had?

I had a summer job in college working at one of those custom embroidery and screenprinting shops. My job was mostly ripping the embroidery backing off finished shirts, then folding and boxing them. That was pretty boring.

Think you could put a link to the forum on the front page?

Done. Put the Facebook link up there too.

YES YES!!! It took me 15 minutes but I finally found the archive!!! I need to have all Unsounded paraphernalia. I will treasure these pages on my hard drive forever, a relic of a momentous lost past of the comic not unlike the lost city of Atlantis.

Oh, you.

So I'm neurotically comparing the pages now - it's a pleasure to see how much you've improved! Your linework has evolved to blend the fluidity you already had to a graceful elegance now. Sette is also more adorable now :)

I think my new motto is "Work through the suck!" If you suck when you start a comic, if you're diligent, you will improve after a couple years. So yeah. Work through the suck! Not that I don't still suck, but ya know, degrees.

Man, I can't get over how adorable Sette's closeup panel on the second page is now. I want a Sette plush ;_; Her hair is longer too! Ahhh! :)

Uguuuu~ :3

Does Sette ever call Duane by his proper Alderode pronunciation? I was wondering if she does when she really needs him, like during moments like Ch 2 pg 62. Looking over these pages makes me want to reread the entire comic right now o_o Screw work!

No, it's always Dwayne. I think it would weird him out if she ever said it otherwise, honestly, he's so accustomed to it.

How extensive will this revision be? Will you redraw everything up to the current chapter, or just the first one?

I'm just going through and fixing things I can't stand or that I feel really detract from the comic. I'm not sure it's necessary to completely redraw even chapter one, it has some bits that I kind of like.

Will you continue to revise more of the comic?

Yes, when I get a chance. It's low on the priority list in spite of the satisfaction it brings me :)

Have you seen the new(ish) Trigun movie, Badlands Rumble?

Not yet D: I should make my friend watch it with me, she's a recovering Wolfwood fangirl.

You are a sneaky ninja. Have you been 'fixing' things the whole time? I can't tell what you changed on the title page, is that counted as page one?

Oh, I meant the first three actual pages of comic :) The title page doesn't bother me too much, I'm content to leave it. I really haven't gone back and touched anything before now! I had made a pact with myself that I wouldn't.

Is there any chance you could put the replaced pages in the misc. section? I know you don't like the art, but I'm thinking a lot of people would be interested in seeing how the style has changed and looking at the old dialogue. Please?

Nope. The whole point of fixing them is to get rid of old pages that make me neurotic and unhappy. There's a site that's archived the comic though (without asking me but hey, internet). Diligent Googling might find it.

When you changed the pages, did you change the dialogue? I seem to remember something with Duane asking about the lake and Sette responding "A wet one." Or am I delusional?


I thought you said if you went back and starting fixing stuff the cycle would never cease and you would be trapped in an endless circle of drawing for eternity.

I have given in to it. May God have mercy on my soul.

Seriously though, I had reached a level of self-hatred where I couldn't even stand going back to reference old pages for stuff I needed. I had to start fixing them.

I was wondering since you got a great response with the diagonal panels with horizontal bubbles on the second 2-page spread, are you gonna change the first one to be like that?

Maybe one day. I am slowly (very slowly) working my way through the comic and fixing stuff. Go look at the very first three pages! New drawings. I am so proud.

Are physical attacks normally allowed in wright duels? Or is Duane just saying "fuck it" because Quigs cheated?

Naw, physical attacks are absolutely allowed. Pymarics, First Material weapons, and gruftgramary are out of bounds.

"Manly Passions" is the title of my Toma X Nary slash fic. Toma chases Sette back to Sharteshane. Runs into Nary. Hot dickings ensue. (Incidentally, "Hot Dickings Ensue" is a pretty good band name.)

I would attend their concerts.

Do we get to see the Oubliettes in the comic at some point? :O


How many children would Quigley sacrifice if it meant he could get in on the tacit casting goodness?

I would saaaaay none. Quigley's a dick, but he's not quite an asshole.

Did Quig ever finish calling down that storm?

Alas, no. Matty interrupted him.

Chapter 7? :( Now you got me sad... So, how, long until we see his zombie face partly then? Like when his glamour flickered a little during his fight with Sette in chapter 3?

I did not realise Duane's smokin' hot zombie face was so in demand!

What's the coldest temperature you've ever experienced?

I think... something like the teens maybe when I lived in Connecticut for a while. There was snow!

Also, All holys, Prison atop a rift in the khert is so rad. Oubliettes' a reference to Labyrinth, yes?

Nah, oubliette was a real word long before Labyrinth was made :) Iz a lovely word, non?

What was the last movie you went to go see in a theater?

I think... the last Harry Potter. I don't like going to the theatre much, it's expensive and I have to fight the impulse to hit people in the mouth a lot.

Have you seen Mushishi? I'm starting to see a bunch-a connections to Unsounded :o

I watched the first few episodes but it was a little slow for my tastes. White hair guy was pretty hot.

Has Quigley figured out there's something really wrong about Duane, or is he too busy raging about how wrong it is the guy's a tacit caster?

He's too busy trying not to get dead. Gotta remember that sentient zombies - much less talking ones - are not a thing in this world. The very idea is preposterous. So it's not exactly at the forefront of Quigs' brain, Matty's babbling aside.

You should have that last double-pager set up so that there's a flash and the page starts shaking, as with the inevitable cave-in and/or boss dissolve in the old pre-VII Final Fantasy games. Dat would be sooooo cool. Or lame. Guarantee so many WTFs, tho!

That is a cool effect idea. I'd save it for a moment of more drama though. Duane's just in a scrap at the moment, and he's been in scraps before ;)

Where's Eph? He's been noticeably absent in the last few (amazing) pages.

He's probably nursing his gory face at the moment. He'll be aroooound~

Can Sette smell hats?

Sette smells all the things.

You should know my now your audience just /love/ looking and analyzing all the pages little details. Not saying that's a bad thing, but just sayin'!

True dat.

Would Duane still be interested in going after the Red Berry Boys if they weren't targeting children?

Probably not quite so vehemently. What really pushed him over the edge was coming across the dying little girl back in the crypt. He feels responsible for getting her some vengeance. That was pretty gross.

Man, I never even THOUGHT about how Sette might be connected to the khert. She just seems so... un-wright-ish. But then again, she should consider all the fancy, sophisticated nicking she could do if she knew pymary!


I knew it, I knew it!! I'm so proud of myself! Do I get anything for figuring out about the nose/pyramy? Also, I had no complaints about the original tilt (actually I thought it was brillant), but I like the tilt with horizontal text even better. XD love!


Ack! I was fervently devouring - er I mean I was just looking at your deviantart and I saw... an image. It was called Twitter Doodles. Would that happen to be Bastion's sexy demon bird lover? MY EYES CANNOT UNSEE THAT!


So, how long until we get to see Duane's zombie face again? :B

Full-on? Not until chapter 7.

You should draw some stink lines all over that last page so people stop asking WTF is up with Sette.

She's in the background, I didn't think people would even be paying attention D: But I had to set her pose up for the next page.

Person who asked about the courts here. I pick Cresce and Alderode (if you don't mind me picking two), because they are undoubtedly such polar opposites that I can figure the rest of the countries must be somewhere in-between.

They're actually more similar in this area than you might imagine. Both Cresce and Alderode are totalitarian states, and for totalitarian states to remain in power they must exercise an iron fist and very little tolerance when it comes to threats to their authority. This means harsh legal systems, and a fast and loose attitude towards the judiciary.

Both countries exercise local court systems for small cases, and semi-annual Assizes courts for bigger cases. Local officials double as judges in Alderode, but Cresce favours juries since Cresce is not quite as afraid of its citizenry.

Both countries believe in quick trials and quicker executions - Ulestry is where you want to go if you want long, thoughtful cases and a state that's abolished capital punishment. Alderode, though, tends to forego trials much more often than Cresce does, particularly in matters to do with the Window. They have the authority to kill Gruftgrammers and Black Tongues on sight, for instance.

Cresce has some pretty brutal prison camps if you're "lucky" enough to avoid the hangman. And Alderode has the Oubliettes - a horrifying prison located atop a rift in the khert. No one stays sane there for very long.

I went to a private art college too, tho for fine arts where illustration was a nasty word :( I never got into that 'inner fine arts' circle, tho who wants to :) Fine arts people are the worst. Kicker is I work in the fine arts industry! Feel my pain, Ash

What is the "fine arts industry" exactly? Do you work for a gallery? Anon, you need your own formspring page D:

Now I love you all the more for that Labryinth reference.

I watched Labyrinth last night and Rocky Horror. Those movies complement each other somehow.

Could Sette's ability to smell pymary be considered a natural connection to the khert? Too bad she lacks the discipline to learn Tainish.


In today's update, is Sette laughing at the memory of poor Cara, or is she being grossed out by Quig's bad luck?

Scroll down.

Oh, right - saw that answer down below after I wrote it. So, if there's enough Pymary flying around, could it knock Sette unconscious?

That remains to be seen, but current levels are just going to make her particularly unpleasant to be around. Right up there with the Bog of Eternal Stench.

Ooh ooh! You know, I enjoyed the first tilted page but something felt 'off' - with today's page, having the action be tilted but the dialogue normal feels PERFECT. Lots of action and perfectly readible. I think it's the sweet spot for this kind of format.

Excellent! There's one more double page but not until nigh the end of the chapter.

Does Nary know that Sette can smell pymary?

Oh, yes. It's one of her most useful features.

do you like..............bread?


What are those adorable squirrel-hog things?

Marmots! AKA ground squirrels. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marmot

In today's update, is Sette laughing at Quig's bad luck, or is she remembering poor Cara and being grossed out by all that happened around that time?

She's shielding her nose 'cause the whole place stinks like spells. There's much complaining on the next page.

Do you ever play any fighting games? There's a new character in Soul Calibur 5 who, if I'm corrects, uses magic w/ physical attacks. Saw brief moments of her, so I could be wrong. Duane could be created in game with her fight style. ;P

When I was a kid I liked playing Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat with my brother but nothing since then has looked too appealing. My friend Steve made Soul Calibur characters out of some of his RP characters, it was pretty lulzy :3

I can't tell... is Sette laughing or something else?

There's a lot of pymary flying around. What is special about Sette and pymary. Class?

Floating on a bunch of dirt is one of Duane's favorite tricks, isn't it.

No one ever seems to expect sky dirt.

Thanks for the great response; I'll definitely keep the portfolio and ass-kicking in mind :D

Godspeed, padawan.

"Oh, I already have kids! They just-- only exist in two dimensions." ...Care to explain?

I was talking about my gimptarded webcomic children :3

How did art magnet school prepare you for college? I ask because I'd like to go to art college, but my academics-heavy school only offers art senior year and I'm mostly self-taught. What should I hurry up and teach myself?

Art magnet school... was a little too fine art oriented to be very useful for me. I was an illustration major in college so all the arc welding and styrofoam sculpting and experimental darkroom photography - while interesting to a sixteen year old - was ultimately pretty irrelevant to earning an Illustration degree. At this point the best you can do is find what schools you're interested in, look at their portfolio requirements online, and start getting together a great portfolio. Art colleges require you submit a portfolio of specific stuff.

Anyway, I can't recommend art college unless you already kick enormous amounts of art ass. They'll let you in and happily take your money, but after graduation there just aren't any jobs anymore for mediocre artists and you will despise yourself if you graduate with 100k+ of loan debt. If you do go into art college though, strive to be the best in the class, and that'll be easier if you already are awesome.

two dimensional kids? You SAT on your KIDS and flattened them?! D:

They are as paste.

*creepily and sadly stalks your adorable 2d kids* /starfish

Noooo, Starfish, stop thinking of the children.

If you're never likely to print Unsounded, how do we throw money at you and satisfy our cravings for comic-related material goods?

Can't help you there, mate. Unsounded isn't good enough to go to print. Go donate to charity!

So what caste was Duane's teenage dream girl? Or is this all stuff that will come up in the comic later?

The girl was a Silver, moderately attractive, very clever.

Oh, I'm not giving up, you may end up middle-class with in-laws yet, Glass! :) What about having a kid? I don't know you obviously, but my bet is you'd be a nutty but awesome mama!

Oh, I already have kids! They just-- only exist in two dimensions.

This is possibly the saddest and creepiest thing I have ever written.


I'm very sad that you refused my marriage proposal. I would've become exponentially more awesome by association. But in hindsight, I would hate to give up looking at men's beautiful bums. Even for you. New plan! Screw FL, move to Wisconsin and be besties!

Wisconsin, eh? It's pretty cold up there, sister. And for the record, I would never require that my wife stop looking at beautiful man bums.

How is one's faith determined in Alderode, particularly with regard to the Ssaelit? Given the way so much of that society is divided, I figured it was likely a community-based thing and not so much active conversion.

Quite so. You generally take the faith of the family you're born into. The Ssaelit do not actively convert - it's even in their scriptures not to do so - but there is some corruption in the temple that's seen them doing a lot of repression and violence against the Mmatont and their religions in the past few decades. The Gefendur are very bloody in their need to secure faithful follows for the Twins - it's one reason there's almost no Ssaelit population outside of Alderode - but there aren't very many people left for the Gefendur to convert these days. Their largest current crusade concerns the Black Tongues, who put their scholarship above their religion, making them heretics in the eyes of the church.

"I could never marry. Would you really want to be married to anyone?" I agree completely with everything in this rant.


I'd like to be married, just not to a dickhead. Most girls want a guy who isn't aloof and who does get in their business and sleeps in their bed. I think most guys just want to have lots of sex. I dunno, it sounds like you'd be many a dude's dream-girl!

Marriage is good for financial reasons I suppose, and kids do better if their parents are married and together, but I see few other benefits. I dunno. I'm content to die poor and alone :) It's the artist's way!

I liked the slant too. I've tried to read actual sideways double pages and that's just terrible, but I have a tiny screen so regular double pages require shifting back and forth and I can't see the whole thing. The slant avoided both problems.

*nod* Good to know. I imagine reading the comic on an ipad or smartphone would also alleviate the tilt issue.

You create beautiful things and make witty and brillant responses. Your comic is my favorite thing in the vast void of the internet. I-I-I love you. I want to be you. Marry me? If no, then sis-fist?

I could never marry. Would you really want to be married to anyone? They want to be around you all the time and get up in your business and sleep in your bed? Ugh. I like having my own bed and my own stuff and my own free time. I fear relationships and particularly marriage are not my cup of tea. But sis-fists sis-fists sis-fists for everyone!

Also, I followed your vegetable advice. I had carrots. Later when I went to eat more carrots, they were covered in clear slime. It coated my fingers in sticky goo. Why? Why are my carrots slimy? I-I-I don't understand.

Yeah, baby carrots tend to do that :( I think it's like the first stage of decomposition. If they're not soft yet you can just rinse them off and eat away, but the slime thing is one reason I just started buying regular unpeeled carrots. These are also better for doing a Bugs Bunny impression in front of a mirror. Now you know.

I refuse to believe Quigley hates Matty. He uses story voices. That is love. Theory: Quigley doesn't teach Matty pyramy because the relationship to the dhammakhert helps shorten Plats’ lives. Separating him from Alderode and not teaching him is also love?

Good theories, good theories.

What's your opinion on piracy?

Good for sampling and sharing with your friends, buy it if you like it afterwards.

So is Duane's... erm... rule-breaking what Sette was referring to with the whole 'manly passions' thing?

Ahh, no.

Ch 6 is sounding like it's got a Quigley-heavy storyline. Is the new cast you mentioned going to be introduced as part of a flashback of some sort, or will it be current-time?

It's current time. Chapter 6 isn't necessarily a Quigley-fest but it does have a few new characters (in Ethelmik). There's rather a lot of new information revealed in chapter 6. It's talky, and then ends with a brawl and a bodycount. I'm on page 41 and I like it so far.

On the subject of twins I have a theory. Would they be taken from their family and raised by a temple? And then the eldest is prepared for a religious life while the youngest is taught the meaning of sacrifice and prepared to be offered to the twins? y/n?


Has Duane ever dueled another tacit caster?

Yep. His grandfather.

If woman are discouraged from becoming wrights, what was a girl doing at an Aldish academy?

Just because it's discouraged doesn't mean it never happens.

just got sunday confused with monday... was waiting for you to update for a whole hour before I realized... i should probably find something else to occupy my time, shouldn't i?

Read a book! Expand your mind.

Did you have a nice night out?


Dude, I don't know what's up with all the people hating on the slant in the double-page spread, but I think it looks awesome. They can bitch about it being disorienting all they want- it's called an action scene.

Well, they might have a point. If it was in print they could tilt the physical book, but having to tilt your head to read the text on a screen is probably annoying. I wouldn't have changed it all the same. I like to try different stuff. I'm glad it doesn't bug you :)

Re: being the best, I am currently making a wire model skeleton with articulating radius and ulna. I actually think something is wrong with me. But wait - obsessive studying, being the poor kid at school... Aha! You are Duane. I have cracked the mystery!

They say you should put a little of yourself into all your characters :3

Your model sounds boss. If you have a dA, I wouldn't object to a link.

Duane didn't mess up any of the fine Aldish coats, did he?

They wear a lot of fur in Alderode. It must've been like having sex in the Pevensies' wardrobe.


Let's see, Matty's mother was *math math math* three years old when this happened. So no.

Oh, phew. If you had gone to Booker High I would have freaked out intensely. Ringling is great. Traditional animation is... brutal. But I love it. The rich thing is my only gripe. Have you ever been to New College? I hear they have a FREE FOOD TABLE. ;_;

Go snag some food, man! :D

Yeah, I really hated my rich classmates. Most of them were such spoiled assholes and were really only there because they couldn't think of anything else to do after high school. It was especially bad the first year when I swear half the freshman class were only enrolled on a whim, burning through mom and dad's money and then dropping out when shit got too hard. My freshman roommate was like that.

Traditional animation, eh? My admiration! I know it's difficult but try to shake off the anti-socialness. You're going to need to network hardcore when you graduate and the friendlier you are with your classmates the better. Also - work harder than the professors require. In my experience, most of the professors were pushovers, so try to always go above and beyond and please yourself first. Don't even worry about the grade; worry about blowing everyone the hell away during critique. Be the BEST and settle for nothing less! Compete with your classmates, even if it's only in your head.

Could it be that there is some aspect of Aldish society-the division of the castes--that Duane disagrees with? Or did he think he deserved to be punished? Or was he embarrassed because the coat closet is a stupid place to get caught?

He thought they should both be punished or they should both be pardoned. But putting it all on her? Fuck that unfairness.

Also the coat closet was very embarrassing, yes :(

Hi, a few months ago you gave me some really nice words about starting Ringling. Incidentally, I too am poor, work-obsessed and antisocial. If it's not too personal, what art magnet school did you go to? 'Cause I'm getting this creepy feeling...

I attended PCCA. How is Ringling working out? Foundation year is fun, lots of naked people. I was in Sarasota a few weeks ago, it's crazy how much it's all been built up since I went to school there.

Damn, that's harsh...I can see why Duane would want to stand up for her (though it's notable that Duane's expressed views on gender roles kinda align with the authorities'). This isn't a question...uh...was Duane's girlfriend third-optioned?

The problem with the "gender views" expressed by Duane in the formspring is no one was asking the right questions. But let's not open that horrid can of worms again. I am going out on the town now. Go do something fun, formspring, it's Saturday night!

HAHAHAHAHA! Now that you've let out the secret, I'll take my cookie back! O<('_'<) JUST AS PLANNED

Your cruelty is unbounded T__T Actually, it is okay. I made pumpkin ravioli tonight and I am quite stuffed.

Did Duane break the rule because he was deeply in love or really, really drunk?

No, he really loved her. Well, teenage love. Ya know how that is.

I have to say, I pictured Duane gathering some of his bros and skipping out on his duties to go rescue a kussen child or a two-toe or some other "undesirable", so finding out his big secret was dipping his wick in the wrong candle is a bit of a letdown.

No one is perfect, darling. If it's any consolation, he could have let the girl take all the blame and then kept on in school with no harm done to his name or his future. Instead he pissed off everyone who was encouraging him to put the tryst behind him, and quit school entirely to go and punish himself in the army. Everyone makes mistakes - owning up to them afterwards is what's important.

Oh my god I totally guessed that, down to the coat closet! Well, not the different caste thing. Which is obviously the most important part. But still! Wait, how'd they try to pin that on her?

She seduced him, of course. The dirty tramp. This is why women shouldn't leave the home.

Was that girl just Bastion in a wig?

Write me this fanfic too. In my mind it plays out like that scene from Rocky Horror Picture Show with Frank and Brad.

Quigley fired a shot that was difficult to draw! He is a bit of a dick.


The cookies are all homemade pumpkin spice WITH cinnamon frosting that's slightly melty because the cookies are still warm from the oven. Can you dish on how and when we learn what rule super cutie-pie Duane got himself expelled for breaking?

Well, those cookies sound mighty delicious! I'm in a generous mood. Look away now if you don't want to be spoiled... Duane made whoopie in a coat closet with a girl of a different caste.

Were you hoping for something more classy? Are your illusions shattered?

Was the rule not making out with other boys?

Write me this fanfic.
Duane fired the first killing shot! He is a bit of a dick.

No, I just can't draw. He caught Quigley's shot and flung it back at him.

If I give you another cookie, will you tell me? I promise to keep it a secret. (>'_')>O

Is it a Milano? :3

Staying up all night studying, standing up for others as a kid? So Duane basically doesn't have a crooked bone in his body? It makes him more lovable, but I can see why Sette's able to run circles around the poor guy.

The problem with Duane is he's a little too blind in his rule-following. He doesn't question the lawmakers.

The double page was too awesome. I can't wait until Monday! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

You will put that table back where you found it, sir!

Did you enjoy going to a magnet art school? I recently met up with a fellow art college classmate I hadn't seen in months, and wow, the arrogance, astounding. Seems like I get on less and less with art mates. Do you keep in touch with your classmates?

I went to an art magnet high school, and yeah, it was pretty nice. Florida public schools don't get a lot of money generally so I was lucky to qualify for a school that was slightly less scary than many of the others. There wasn't much hubris back then - it was high school and we all sucked.

I went to an art college after high school and that was when the hardcore arrogance kicked in. All the majors hated the other majors and within the majors there was a lot of elitism. It didn't really have much to do with the fact it was an art college though, it was more to do with it being a very expensive private college. I was kind of a poorfag and though I think my art was as good as anyone else's I just could never get into the Illustration major inner circle. Or maybe I was just a spazzy and unlikable 'tard, I dunno :D

Anyway, I keep in touch with a few people still but I've been out've there almost a decade, so relations have cooled a fair bit.

I don't get on with artists either though, I feel ya there. The best of them are shy and boring and more concerned with their work (this is probably me), and the worst are arrogant douchebags. I really like being friends with writers though. You get all the creativity and none of the complexes... usually :)

Wut? You just... you just told us why Duane suddenly joined the army? You've been teasing us for MONTHS with that one! :) You are very nice. Have a cookie. (>'_')>O

I didn't tell you exactly why! I didn't tell you WHAT rule he broke :3

Whenever I get horribly jealous of people living in my ideal environments, like Florida, I console myself by remembering you check your shower for roaches before you get in, too, except your roaches are probably way bigger than mine.

The people around here call the roaches "water bugs" as if that somehow will stop them from being roaches. But no. They are roaches. They are roaches big as my hand. Kafka didn't know shit 'bout these roaches.

In the second BEE attack, what spell is Quigley flinging at Duane that Duane is able to just crush bare-handed? It has to be some kind of tacile aspect, but would it be worth it to fling something so weak you can just squish it?

Touchable summoned bugs without a pymaric? It's pretty impressive pymary. It's also illegal. Quigley was just showing Mr. Blowhard McHood what he could do. But Duane weren't even mad.

If you were born with three balls, do you have to give up all three when you join the Black Tongues, or can you give them two and keep the spare?

All three, buddy. Cough 'em up.

Is it best to have a logical realistic explanation for everything out of the ordinary in a story? Say ... a girl who can make her hair grow and shrink and move it about? Or can you just leave it as a cool random thing?

Depends on your world. Are you writing X-men? Harry Potter? Don't worry about explanations, no one's going to raise a fuss. Does your story take place in Small Town, Massachusetts, in a relatively normal world? People might want to know why the character has freak hair.

I dunno, man. Your adherence to the page/double-page spread format makes me feel like there's a print version of this comic pulsing underneath. I still think it would be dope, regardless, if it ever comes to be!



I predict that Bett will show up out of nowhere and save Quigley. Then he will unleash his true ultimate power, and the chapter will end on a cliffhanger.


If I were a Black Tongue, I'd go around with a bag of black licorice so that nobody would suspect my Black Tongue-y ways. >:D Although I'd sure miss my balls. {:o

Stuff some hacky-sacks down there, you'd be fine. Man up!

On the subject of Stereotypes, with hair color stereotypes in Alderode, what is the stereotype for being hairless?

Slaves are hairless! They shave 'em when they're expelled from their caste.

"there is Truth in them, but only children would take them literally." Oh, haven't people believed in stranger things in religion? I mean, just take a look at Noah's Ark! Or Jonah and the whale!

Oh, I was speaking from the point of view of a Kasslynian, not as myself. I know people will believe in damn near anything. People are creepy like that.

Duane: condescending and would try to eat you. Murkoph: would try to eat you. Sette: would steal your stuff. Starfish: would try to molest you. Bastion: just condescending. I guess Bastion would be the coolest character to hang with, relatively speaking.

I think Bastion would be the most receptive to video games as well :3

I get the feeling Quigley is eager to prove he can beat a tacit caster in a duel.

It'd certainly look good on his resume.

Was Duane a big stickler for the rules in school as well? Or did that uptightness come later in life?

Duane's always relied on the sanity of organised regulation - both secular and ecclesiastical - to make sense of the chaos of life. Even when he was a kid, he was the one who stayed at his desk studying all night, and who turned in cheaters, and who stood up for students he felt weren't getting their fair shot. When he did break the rules once in school he was such a superstar that the authorities didn't want him to take the heat and be expelled, so they tried to put the whole of the blame on the collaborating party, but Duane wouldn't have it - he expelled himself, ended his education early, and joined the army. That's the kind've nerd he is.

What are the courts like in Kassylne? When a criminal is apprehended, do they get a fair trial or do they just get executed? What are punishments like?

Depends where you are, who you are, and what mood the authorities are in that day. Subject's a bit broad for one question, pick a country :)

The comic's called Unsounded because of Duane's tacit casting, isn't it? The jig is up!

Just a happy coincidence :)

Is Matty's mother important? :)

Matty would say so.

The remaining survivors and I were attacked by zombies earlier this evening and I thought of Unsounded. Your webcomic's the best! (Maybe you could send us some reinforcements as a vote incentive?)

I'm going to try and draw a vote incentive tomorrow, but I have a few jobs that need doing, so we'll see. Barricade the doors!

I believe you mentioned that you're thinking there will be three books, and that book one is basically scripted. Does that mean twelve chapters for book one and thirty-sixish total? Maybe since it's still so formative you don't want to get too specific.

Probably a good idea. The story's so damn long there's a lot of room for editing, still.

Stumbled onto this today: www.google.com/settings/ads/onweb Google infers your gender and age from the sites you visit. Google thinks I am a man (incorrect). It also knows where I live. What does it say about you?

Yep, it thinks I'm an 18-24 year old guy. Awesome. Where do girls go on the internet, anyway? Kitchen.com?

So a video game about a gingerbread Bastion would be, like, the coolest thing ever?

Not quite. Playing Bioshock:Infinite with Bastion while eating a Hawaiian pizza would be the coolest thing ever.

What are the other two?

Video games and food :3

I see Quigley is casting green with one hand and blue with the other. Is the color of pymary related to the aspect drawn?

Sometimes, or it's the caster's preference. Colour's overall not terribly important outside of keeping lines of transit organised.

So when one duelist is holding or manipulating the other person's favored color, that probably means they're capturing that bit of pymary for their own use? Like Duane returns the blue slicey stuff, and Quigley holds the green in the tree to move it.

It could mean that, sure! Although in the case of that panel, Quigley is castin' like the wind and just using default colour schemes - most Aspects have a default colour - so there's no real significance.

DAT DOUBLE PAGE. That is all.


Will it ever be explained what happened with Wrath of Dog?


What size are your pages? A4? 8x11? Also, fantastic job on the two-page spread! I wasn't expecting that layout at all! Unsounded is my go-to for AWESOME.

Haha, the layout is getting some mixed reactions, that's always fun. My page files are 2400x3600, with today's page being twice that horizontally.

How many chapters to plan to have for Unsounded total? I know one webcomic that's planning on having 40 chapters or something. That's crazy. :0

I dunno the chapter count yet. While I have like, twelve chapters actually scripted right now, the rest of the story is so far just in summary form. Forty chapters doesn't sound very long though, unless each chapter is a few hundred pages >_>

Are there any atheists, or is that not a cultural thing?

They call themselves secularists and yes, they're a thing.

So basically, both Gefendur and Ssaelit would gang up and kill the Unsounded Galileo. But what would the mob do with the body?

Well, no, they wouldn't. Both the Ssaelit and the Gefendur use these myths and ideas as metaphors to understand their world, but for the most part they don't take them literally. Ssael and the Twins passed these explanations to humanity in terms that humans could understand, and there is Truth in them, but only children would take them literally.

So Galileo would be pretty lauded. Pymary and the mysteries of the khert just tend to pull Great Minds inwards instead of out towards the heavens.

So if Ssael killed the gods, what kind of cosmology does the Ssaelit have? If Fat Yerta is dead, the world can't still be floating around in her womb, can it?

Ssael cut the world out of her stomach and hid it from her demons in a silver forest (the branches of which poke through the membrane of heaven and are the stars at night.

Next page: "And then Duane was crushed by the tree, and the bad guys won forever. The End."

Nu :(

Just wanna say, fantastic work. By far the best webcomic I've read! EVER!

Thanks, man :)

If in Ssaelit faith, the gods were killed, what god is Duane referring to? Did the guy who killed them become a god himself?

Yep. The One God Ssael.

... can Duane die? I mean, he's obviously died already, and been reanimated, and since he's a conscious galit, he holds the spells that keep him together. If he lets those spells goes, I suppose he'll fall to pieces, but what of his consciousness? Soul?

If that tree crushes him we'll find out :)

Anon who was excited for the new page here: now I've seen it and it was everything I dreamed of. Was Duane really aiming to slice Quigley in half there? (Also, Duane without his cloak looks much more frail D:)

Duane really needs the cloak to hide how skinny he is D: And Duane only went slicey-dicey because Quigley did. He caught what Quigley threw and lobbed it back at him. Now that I'm looking at it that probably does not read at all. I'ma go back and put a little *catch!* sfx in that panel.

How do wrights' duels normally end? I hope this isn't too spoilery (or redundant given tonight's post, can't tell yet), but is there a point where dueling etiquette would call for Duane to concede even if he wasn't in danger of losing his existence?

The duel is supposed to end when one wright demands the other "Take stance!" and the other wright can't do it, for whatever reason. Taking stance is the silly little hands together like they're holding a fake gun pose. If the other wright is too exhausted, unconscious, dead or has perhaps had his hands chopped off and so can't assume the stance, the other wright claims victory. Either wright can demand the other take stance at any time.

Can I just say that I love your updating schedule? I can get on at midnight and expect to see new pages right away. It's like a breath of fresh air compared to those other comics that make you wait all day.

Haha, thanks. It could be because I have absolutely no life and am here at my computer every night at midnight to dutifully update. Imagine how wonderful the world would be if all webcomic artists were deskbound shut-ins...

I have seen mention of characters named Murkoph and Bastion. Who are they and where might I find out more on them?

Oh, there are things scattered around dA and my website, but much of it is of dubious canonical value and has more to do with those two as they were in RP. One day you will meet Murkoph in the comic, and Bastion was Lord Winalils from the beginning of chapter 4, and will play a bigger part later.

If I were Aldish, I'd get three buddies and walk along the Crescian border while wearing tunics labeled "1", "2" and "4". The CRPG would spend all day looking for the Aldishman in the "3" tunic. >:D

Why do you want to make the CRPG crazy, anon?

If I were Aldish I'd cross into Cresce while wearing a wig underneath a glamour. Then I'd dispel the glamour at the checkpoint and they'd never think to check for the wig. >:D

This is clever! And it would work pretty well if you were Bronze or Gold; the other castes are freaky looking, hair aside. I mean, look at Matty and Quigley's weird pinky/lavender eyes. Freaks.

OMG I'm so excited for the Friday page now.

Don't say that! D: Now I am terrified it will disappoint you and and and and

*breathes into a bag*

Do the Lords Winalils get on?

Bastion is one of my three favourite things to talk about, but I feel I should stay mum on his particulars for now. My apologies.

I'm a little confused as to what happens to the objects/creatures whose aspects are 'stolen' I get taking the edge off a sword makes it dull, and stealing the dog's voice makes it mute, but what happens if you steal size? What about taking 'liquid?'

You'll see what generally happens to objects when Aspects are drawn in haste on tonight's pages.

Can you join the Black Tongues if you have a kid/kids?


Are they far enough from Mulimar that their duel isn't going to affect/be affected by the damage Sette did to the khert? I got the impression from the townspeople's reactions that using pyramy in the area was dangerous...

Back in the city, sure, but they're well away from it. Maybe the khert damage will be an issue later though :)

Duane must be familiar with the khert-viewing properties of Quigley's glasses - why isn't his first assault aiming to shatter the glass in them? Seems like it'd be an insta-win, since Quigley then couldn't see the khert (or be able to aim for shit).

You will find out on tonight's page.

But if Sette socked Matty, he'd start crying, melting all hearts in a 200 mile radius. Oh, and Ephsephin is right there to restart the curbstomp again.

True. Quigley's winning this poll - http://w11.zetaboards.com/unsoundedforum/topic/7597229/1/#new - I am amused.

That's probably a good idea. I tried it over winter break. It's a good thing my school laptop won't run it, otherwise nothing would get done. -Sigh-

Stay strong.

How fast can wrights speak? The incantations seem pretty long, but Quigs was just able to summon that barrier in the span of a second or two.

The best of them talk pretty damn fast. I like the idea that there's a technique of half-singing the spells, like some kind of melodic auctioneer, so you can rattle off long lines of Old Tainish in a comprehensible manner.

Is there a place you would rather live?

I think I'd like to try out Seattle or Portland before I die.

I think I'd like to try out Seattle or Portland before I die.

No, but his father is.

Unsounded is secretly about Ephsephin, isn't it. It's going to be all about his journey to redemption, atoning for his past and becoming a better human being, all inspired by a cute little Plat kid.

What a tweest!

Were those hair color stereotypes from before from Alderode, or from elsewhere?

Alderode. Outside of Alderode, people are more likely to stereotype you by what country you're from. Crescians are haughty and bossy and think they know what's best for everyone. Sharteshanians are ignorant criminals. Ulestrians are milquetoast Scripture-thumpers, etc.

Have to ask: Skyrim?

Haven't played it and probably won't. I WANT to, but I just can't justify blowing all that time on one game, ya know? Self-control, gotta have it.

Have you ever heard the song Sleepwalker? I was just listening to it and it made me think of Duane. (It's by the Adam Lambert.)

Just listened to it. It's kind of a lost love/breakup song so it doesn't scream Duane! to me, but it's a cool song on its own. Ya know what I think is a good angsty song for Duane? Coldplay's Amsterdam. It's a little heavy on the BAAAAW though.

"Blackhaired people are snobs"... so, accurate in the case of Bastion. Or is he playing to the stereotype? But he wouldn't need to do that before Sharteshanians like the frummagems so I'm guessing not.

Quite so. Bastion lends some credence to the stereotype. Of course, he comes from a family with more money than God so he was going to be a snob no matter what caste he was born into.

how are you so awesome?

I am not. You are merely blinded by my impeccable taste in music and video games.

Sigh... brunettes get shafted even in fantasy...

I'm blonde D: They think I'm a shifty criminal.

In the "real world", there are certain stereotypes associated with hair color (red = bad temper, blonde = fun, etc). I imagine this is doubly so for the Aldish. What are the stereotypes associated with the different castes?

Blondes are shifty and not to be trusted. Brunettes are coarse, brutish, and not terribly bright. Redheads are wise. White- and silver-heads are childish and harmless. Blackhaired people are snobs.

what kind of khert is within Uaid? Is it the Dhammakhert or a different kind of khert? What "citizenship" would a kid conceived inside Uaid have?

Well, that's an interesting question and something I've never thought about. Wow. Well, Uaid definitely wouldn't have the Dammakhert inside of him, his khert has come about largely because of what he's made out of, since the earth is the originator of khert networks. But ya know... I think if two people made whoopie inside of Uaid... I think that kid would be a citizen of Uaid o_o Wow...

What's your favorite breed of dog?

I like a good mutt, enormous, short-haired, who wants to knock you down and lick your face and destroy tennis balls. I like Marmaduke.

Plus Matty and Ephsephin are hat bros.


It's sort of funny how for just that one page, Ephsephin looks like a decent human being.

It may happen again.

I figure Ephsephin is fond of kinds but is bright enough (and cold-hearted enough) to not mix personal feelings in with business.

Could be, could be. Or maybe he just hates girls.

How often does Starfish get jonesing for more kidrapes? Given how he uses up his stock, he must go into widthdrawal fairly often, poor dear.

He'll buy a whore in a pinch.

"If I were Aldish, I'd go down to Ulestry and make faces at the CRPG." ...This should be a vote incentive. That would be so hilarious.


Oh geeze, I'm so excited tomorrow's update day I've got chills. XD If the khert is essentially a computer system, I wonder what equates to a virus, or was Sette and Boo's failed gossamer snare pretty much just that?

Oh, I wouldn't call the bad gossamer trap a virus, that was just an atrociously composed line of code that froze the OS. A virus would be something like the stricks plague in Fachlyne that killed Cara's parents.

Gruftgrammars still have to follow the language rules of Old Tainish, right? So a competent wright should be able to pick up on gruftgrammar's casting commands and dispell his advantage, provided the battle lasts long enough for him to figure it out.

This is good thinking but gruftgrammars have access to more complicated tools than that. One of pymary and the khert's more useful abilities is the ability to have lengthy spellwork "burned" into them, like a program function. This is how most legal pymary works - Composers compose amazing, complex spells that you can then call forth with just their name and the plugging in of the proper variables. Gruftgramary can do the same thing only since they have no transparency and ease-of-use standards to meet, they can have abstruse names and use strange variables, and you could hear these things and have absolutely no idea what kind of spell they're going to conjure forth. This makes them of course absolutely unfair in a duel, but so is tacit casting, I and Quigley would argue.

You're kind of right though. If they fought for long enough and Quigley started using the same spells, Duane would clue in to what they are and be able to respond more appropriately. But then one has to wonder if Quigley would be silly enough to keep using the same attacks. Maybe, maybe, but he might very well run short of the required Aspects.

...wouldn't pymary be great in a video game? I insist it would be.

I can see how people would think Quig the Plat has a chance against Duane the Undead. But Duane also has backup--Sette maybe can't fight, but she's clearly a master of demoralizing trash-talk. Does Matty even know what an insult is?

Who says Sette can't fight? Just give her an opponent of the proper size. Sette could sock Matty in the jaw to distract Quigley quite efficiently without wasting air on insults :)

Does anyone other than Plats "use" the services provided by the young Plats in the sex trade? Wouldn't that be weird, since there's no contraceptive and interbreeding is so sacrilegious?

Indeed! The human race went thousands of years with no real contraceptives, and prostitutes still managed to ply their trade. Plats are popular whores among all the castes, and the best of them in Winalils (kind of an Aldish Las Vegas, full of world class whores and gambling and opium dens) are quite wealthy. You know how women handled unwanted pregnancies throughout most of history? You probably do.

Vote incentive idea! Show Matty hugging Quigs after getting his birthday hat! Hearts shall be melted.


I'm English, and am deriving an illicit pleasure in associating Aldish with English. The empire building, the reputation for being pompous wordy wankers, the obsession with caste, I mean class...these seem like very English traits to me. Any connection?

A bit :) It has a great navy too. I'd say it's also easy to see a lot of America in Alderode though, from its xenophobia to its religiosity and murderous hostility towards secularism and social justice, to its warmongering (not really empire building though, this is a Crescian fear), to its... something else. I think this will become apparent once we learn even more about it but! I'm not trying to preach or anything. Just taking pieces of things I consider interesting.

How do you deal with cold weather? It's going to be as cold as -30C (-22F?) next week where I live D:

Oh, I live in Florida. It's 80F today. I don't know what cold weather is :) Bundle up!

Has there been any attempt to put together a a compiler for the khert? A pymaric that takes instructions in the pig-tongue of Cresce, f'rinstance. and renders them into the appropriate Old Tainish? Or is that some kind of social faux pas?

The Black Tongues have something like this; a proprietary layer of spellwork than can parse unconventional commands into the appropriate Old Tainish and then pass it through. They're real skittish about letting it get out though. Even they feel there needs to be a level of obfuscation and effort between intent and action, for the good of all. Pymary is too dangerous to make it too easy.

Is it possible to "crash" the world, as you suggested in your description of developing pymary?

To a limited degree, yeah. This is essentially what happened over in Mulimar with their khert.

At the last question, I wondered that too until I kind of realized he abducts little children and then gives them to Starfish and then they get their guts taken from them. D: Maybe he's fond of children, regrets his job and hangs with Matty as...penance?

Nah, I don't think he's that deep. Matty's just fun to be around ;)

What advice would you give to writers/artists trying to create magic systems like pymary?

Hmmmm. Well, if you're really serious I think the first thing to do is throw out the idea of "magic." If magic exists in a world it's not magic; it's simply an effect of that world's unique properties. That's the funny thing about "magic": the minute you bring it into existence and assign rules to it, it's not magic anymore. It's just a force of nature that our world doesn't have.

So you can't just look at making a magic system, you have to look at the world it exists in. What is so different about that world that it would support this entirely new way to do things?

I mean, that's how I would start, anyway.

For me, pymary kind of stemmed from thinking about reality as though it were a running computer program. What if you could pull up a console window and start changing variables? Putting something over there somewhere else? But doing so in such a way that you wouldn't "crash" the world? Now run all that through the filter of a world without computers, with a limited tech level, that's very religious. Now make it commonplace because why not? It's a facet of the world and anyone should have access to it - the only forces stopping them are entirely manmade.

So maybe look at a concept that interests you and figure out a way to develop that into a system. You could make football into a "magic" system, or easily create patron gods who grant special powers to people (a little cheap, but that's okay, and there are lots of precedents). You could have a world with no intangible powers, only potionry, or maybe a natural compound that breaks down reality, or if it's a comic, make Art into magic! A Reality Paintbrush! I've seen this done in cartoons I think, but never in a serious fantasy story. The possibilities are endless D:

Does Ephsephin have a fondness for children (not like that, you perverts)? I was just rereading and I realized that he offered to take Matty into town for basically no reason.

I would say so. Eph's been on the road or stuck in a crypt for months, the opportunity to go into town for lunch with a cute kid was appealing. Matty's got a winning personality and babbles on pleasantly. Even assholes get lonely and bored sometimes.

I imagine Duane's wrightfriends taking him to a tentacle brothel to unwind one day, as a kind of joke. It is an image that makes me smile.

Haha, maybe not a tentacle brothel, but a regular brothel sure :D Cute idea.

Is "Rue Sparrowhawk" by any chance an Earthsea reference?

Me: Ho-hum, writing the script. Oi, brain, I need a generic heroic name.
Brain: Rue Sparrowhawk!
Me: Okay, then!

I don't know much about Earthsea but I saw bits of the Ghibli movie a while ago. Did my brain get it from there? Mebbe. It ain't talkin'.

I hope this isn't a stupid question, but I may as well ask: I noticed that Quigley has the same eye color as Matty (as well as also being a 'Plat') - does this mean that he's blind too, like his son, or what?

Is Quigley blind? No. All Plats have that colouration, it's how they're distinguishable as Plats (which is short for Platinum). Think of them as a race of people.

I bet Quigley wins, Sette's nabbed, and Duane mounts a rescue. Perhaps he'll come crashing through a skylight. Or maybe he'll burst out of the villans' celebratory cake. Then he can not only kill them, but get gross zombie juices all over their food.

Eww, but then he'd get cake all over himself, and you can't just toss a zombie in the wash, they have to be dry-cleaned.

"I still feel bad for Eph and Quigs when Duane is about to do them in." You seem so sure that Quigley will lose. >( Which is nowhere near certain. I think this is a pretty even match actually.

*neutral party*

Did Quigs think Matty would like to have a hat, or was he just like "Oh crap, it's that brat's birthday......I guess I should get him a gift..... *grumble*"?


If you do a time skip, you should do a "Hat Gaiden" in the interim where you detail the whole tragic backstory of Matty's and Ephsephin's hats.

It is possible the birth of Matty's hat will have a flashback. I think it could be cute as the backdrop for some dialog. Ephsephin's hat though, it's just one more brim in the crowd.

Are you aware that 'you killed it' or 'that was sick' can now be considered a complement? Next thing you know, up will mean down, and communication will be impossible! It signals the end of the English language, I tell you! Do you find this distressing?

Nah, I love how fluid language is! These aren't new trends, either. How long have "wicked" and "bad" meant awesome? Actually, I guess bad just means bad again, and badass is the evolved form. Anyway, this all must be hell on English learners :3

Also, you meant "compliment" not "complement." English, bro, it's a sick motherfucker!

I'm calling Uaid the Uaidmobile from here on out.

To the Uaidmobile!

Quigley may not care about fair play...but what's Matty's thoughts on the subject? Would he be disappointed if dear old dad spoiled a wicked-sweet duel by pulling a pymaric?

The sportsman in young Matty would indeed be disappointed. He knows his dad doesn't play by the rules though, he's seen him - don't make me put "seen" in quotes - do some horrible shit.

Despite the fact Duane is good and righteous and his enemies unprincipled and evil, I still feel bad for Eph and Quigs when Duane is about to do them in. I guess I must be prejudiced against the undead. Thank you for alerting me of my vitalist prejudices!

Undead NOT Unperson!

Where did Quigley buy Matty's hat?

A hat shop.

Do you *like* living in Florida? Dealing with forensic anthropology this semester, and woah. Florida goes through murders like a hamster through sunflower seeds.

I don't know, Florida is a gross place. The cities are concrete jungles and all that ugly new pink architecture. Outside of the cities it's hickvilles and swamps. The beaches are boring and full of fat tourists. The theme parks are impossibly expensive and kind of soul-crushing. The weather is humid and stifling. No, I don't like living in Florida. But whatcha gonna do? At least it's not Somalia.

Is Sette talking about manly passions because she's trying to convince Duane to go to the tentacle brothel???


I'm assuming that all the white lines on the Khert-o-vision are the Pymary on effect, which would be why Duane is so full of them, and Quigley's coat has some. I remember you mentioning the design on it changed. Is that right? No? Close?

Yeah, the design on Quigley's cloak is constantly swirling and changing, like Rorschach's mask in Watchmen. The white lines in the khert are its veins - the whiter they are, the more saturated they are with some Aspect in transit.

Be honest now -- was Quigley at least a little saddened by the thought of Matty not liking the hat he gave him? I'm sure this will prove to be a fatal distraction.

When this is all said and done and Quigley is bleeding to death on the ground, and the violins start up, maybe his last words to Matty will be asking if he really hated the hat... but he'll die before Matty can describe how much he loves it. And Matty will never get over it and he'll become a hat-aholic and camp inside Uaid with his mountains and mountains of hoarded hats.

You've seen Trigun right? Whose your favourite character? Episode?

My favourite character from Trigun... is probably Wolfwood. And my favourite episode is probably the one where he goes to the big confessional in the sky. Although the very first episode is so flippin' funny it may be a close tie. Everything on the sand steamer was great too. Man, except for the shit-tastic animation that was a terrific series.

"Horrible Bitey Beetles" sounds like another good band name. Perhaps they can open for The Six Rings and the Aldish Kings.

Sette used the phrase "Manly Passions" on the page I just finished. That's a good one too.

Yeah! Team Wanker!


"The only thing that causes him real pain is a broken bone or joint" But bones themselves don't have any pain receptors. It's all the tissue around the fracture that is damaged and trying to hold shit together that makes them so painful.

And corpses shouldn't be able to lecture you and hit people by thinking real hard at the ground. It's a funny old world.

I like the speech bubbles that are BIG WORD with little tails. Like when Elka stole the dog's voice. Or when Eph screamed. I like Matty's speech bubble quite a bit, too. It's so big and round. Ooooh, I know, I'll ship it with Elka's on 4-63, last panel!


Wait, wait- I thought Macs were the "it" computer for artist types?

Among silly artists with more money than brains.

To hell with Team Bleached Hair! Go Team Xenophobic Zombie! I know Duane isn't the type usually, but is he feeling just a little bit smug about getting the drop on Quigley? Or is he all business when it comes to duels?

No way, Duane can be a total macho dick (in his own urbane way) during events like this. He's smugging it up, don't worry.

Does... does Quigley accidentally pymary off Matty's... skin? That would be a touching, emotional scene for all involved. >.>


Has Quigley ever fought/beaten a tacit caster before?

He has never fought one, no. Just heard tales.

That third panel is a bit 'Oh Mister Duane~'

Poor Quigley. No respect.

Is it okay to just whisper your spells or do you have to speak loud and clear for it to count?

Whispering is by definition unvoiced speech, so it doesn't work. Gotta get them vocal chords a'vibratin'.

Not counting Quigly out yet by any means, but how much of a threat did he really size up Duane as before entering into their little breakdown of diplomacy?

Duane's zealous nationalism means he'll only use Window-approved spells - Quigley's fairly certain of this. This means Quigley will have an advantage if he uses gruftgramary since, even if Duane can hear the spells coming he won't recognise them because they're unique to Quigley. This helps counter the tacit casting somewhat. There's also the possibility of using a pymaric. They're not allowed in duels - it's like bringing a gun to a swordfight - but Quigley doesn't exactly give a flying dick about gentlemanly rules of combat.

So Quigley sized Duane up as a palpable threat, but is still pretty confident that he'll take the fight to places the self-righteous patriot won't go.

I am now starting to see juuuust how horrible it is to fight a tacit caster. It's like playing poker with someone who can see your cards. Come on Quigley! Matty and I have faith in you!

Go Team Bleached Hair Wanker!

If you get turned into a thinking plod like Duane, could you lessen the pain year by removing or at least preserving your flesh as much as possible? It'd probably still hurt but less than rotting, right?

I... honestly have no idea.

If I burn my Mac in a fire lit by an overheated PC fan and throw it in a lake, does that put me back in wedlock candidacy?

Not with that overheated PC fan crack. The affair is over :O

I can't help but notice that Quigly's no longer looking quite so cocky.

Now, now, good guys don't gloat. Aloud. Be a tacit gloater.

I'm on a Mac and torrents never work on it though. :c

A Mac, eh? We can never be wed.

Wow, I really was out of it to type stomach bed. Sounds like something Murkoph would like, though, omnomnom. That aside, that's for the advice! I have acquired the Sprite and Saltines, and the world is right as it is update night! (Hmm! A rhyme!)

I hope you feel better, man :) Or that you at least get to puke on someone you dislike.

Were the first plods created in an attempt at restoring true life? What first materials are used to hold the pymary (and where are they on the plod), or do bodies not require first materials for pymary to stick?

I'm certain plods were accidentally discovered while wrights were trying to restore life, that seems a reasonable conclusion.

Remember that you can work pymary upon any object or creature, First Materials or no. All FM allows is for the pymary to remain - for the Aspect change to become permanent - after the wright has dropped the spell. So when a handler stops handling a plod, it stops being a plod and is just a dead body again.

if centralised filesharing is nineties, then what's the thing for this decade?

Torrents, baby.

Mine true identity revealed! Alas, but it is for naught; I yearn to dream in the warm, wet environs. Come, dear Ashley; open wide thine gob and allow me to enter thine splendor! Let me sink into thine gut, so that we may become one!

False fiend! "Thine" is for words that begin with a vowel. "Thy" is for consonants. It's like the a/an distinction. Shakespeare would know better!

Go and find a very plush couch and hose it down with warm water. Snuggle in there, it's like the same thing. I promise!

I wouldn't mind laying in your stomach as my bed, oozings or no.

I was waiting for you, Shakespeare.

So several big filesharing sites (Megaupload, Fileserve, Filesonic) have gone down, SOPA or no. Does this mean that all that protesting was for naught, or is the internet only just begun to wake?

Those big filesharing sites are almost completely full of pirated stuff. They had it coming. I'm not even sure why they existed, centralized file-sharing is so nineties.

So... in another life, was Quigs perhas... a sex toy? Dat scowl. :3

tsk tsk

What expectations do you have of your niece, if any?

Oh, none really. I just want her to be happy and be a nice person.

Was Matty a super momma's boy? (I bet he was)

I don't think he was especially. There just wasn't really the option to be a daddy's boy, Quigley was hardly ever around.

So, I just watched Return of the Living Dead for the first time (at 23 - that must be a crime). It made me think. Other than the "hunger pains," is Duane in constant pain from being conscious while essentially dead?

You are only twenty-three? Sweet babby <3 Duane's First Year was the Pain Year. It's locked in a small cupboard at the back of his mind and he doesn't go there. These days the only thing that causes him real pain is a broken bone or joint. His flesh has mostly dessicated into a leathery nonconcern.

I can't decide whether Matty is a bit daft or willfully ignorant. What better way to protect Daddy than to be the innocent, happy child in the midst of . . . this.

Or maybe Matty is just by nature a cheerful soul when life allows him to be. Some kids are rocks, man :)

"He was a cloak with a dark secret. -He- was a cloak that smelled of zombie (and spellery). Is there a place for their love in this darkened world?" ;P (And Othello, A Midsummer Night's Dream and probably The Tempest, if I find a production of it, for me)

So we're slashing the cloaks now. I guess that's a wrap.

*ba dum tish*

This anon is sick with a stomach bed. :( Do you, O Wise Ash, have any advice?

I'm going to assume you meant stomach flu or stomach bug :( Although laying in a gushy stomach bed might be nice for short intervals before its oozings began to eat away at your flesh. But for stomach flu all you can do is Sprite and saltines, my dear. Sprite and saltines.

I imagine Vienne as a bit like the wife from the book Nineteen Eighty-Four. Completely brainwashed and all, "We must have sex" :I "It's our duty to the government. It is our duty, so make sure you don't forget tonight." Or maybe not? Only time will tell!


What's the most difficult thing you've ever had to explain to your niece and nephew?

Hmm. My nephew Max isn't yet two, so he hasn't presented any challenges in that department yet. Mackenzie is four however and terribly intelligent. I suppose it was difficult explaining why my nightstand drawer is full of horrible bitey beetles and caterpillars and she should never, ever open it. She kept wanting to know how the caterpillars got in there and why I didn't use bug spray.

Does Sette have any molars, or is it canines all the way back?

She's got molars. All normal human teeth, just filed. I usually draw them stylized and all pointy though because Art.

Hm. How old was Vienne when she became Mrs. Quigley? And is it normal for plats to bed first and wed later, or was Matty's birth unusual?


Personally, I am quite fond of Matty's speech bubble.

Thank you, dear.

:D It's a been a year today since I started reading Unsounded (only reason I remember is 'cos ch. 3 started on my birthday x3). So yay! Hoping for many years of good art and storytelling to come. Uncreative, I know, but Hamlet and Othello are my favs.

Haha, that's awesome! Happy anniversary! Does that mean today is your birthday? Happy One Day Closer To Death Day :) I forgot to celebrate the comic's one year anniversary last year, it's some time in July or August. Maybe I'll remember to do something this year.

Oh come one. Who can resist a play which includes the line, "Why, there they are both, baked in that pie; Whereof their mother daintily hath fed."

Shakespeare: the first Vore enthusiast

who is Sette drawing getting stabbed in the vote incentive? Is it Matty or Duane I can't tell whether it's a bad hood or an awesome hat

It's a bad hood :3 I don't think she'd stab Matty, it would end his usefulness as a punching bag. Duane, on the other hand, can endure almost limitless stabbing and still come back for more. Sure this is why plods were invented.

I started this shipping business on Facebook, mwhahahahahahaha >:3

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of fandom, I shall fear no shippers.

You calling me a hipster disrupted my spelling abilities. This was rather unforeseen...

How many hipsters does it take to make you start typing entirely in Pig Latin? Hipster hipster hipster hipster hipster

Aha! I knew it! Quigley's discovered the Fountain of Thou Shall Age No Longer!

Noooot so sure about that :)

What did you think of their incarnation of Moriarty?

It was indeed original! They could have gone with the expected but they really went out on a limb. The guy skated that thin line between irritating and creepy really well. And his death was pretty sudden and grotesque and jarring, I liked that. Ya know, I'm picky and critical about everything, but I thought the entire BBC series was really wonderful: smart, creative, amazingly shot and post-produced, the guys were hot, the women were fun... It's quality stuff. Having to wait until summer of next year for more is agonizing :)

Titus Andronicus is definitely one of my top favourite Shakespeare plays...


Quigley's Cloak has a Dark Secret? Is it that it secretly controls Quigs, forcing him to look urbane and stylish nonstop? Even Duane takes a break from his grandeur to fall over stupidly once in a while.

I think this comic does need more pratfalls, you are correct.

Is Matty a bit soft in the head?

Starfish thinks he's a touch retarded.

If it reassures you at all, the third season of Sherlock got renewed at the same time as the second one, so they'll probably already have an explanation at hand (and won't be scrambling for something).

That's good. My friend told me that the dude who plays Moriarity wouldn't be returning to the show so I guess at least HE'S really dead.

I'm writing a webcomic, but it's gotten a bit bloated. I'm letting it settle now, and I've thought of some other cool comic concepts in the meantime that I might take up. Have you had any cool comic ideas fall to the wayside in the wake of Unsounded?

Two other ideas, yes. One is my silly comic "chibi zombies" which I kind of prototyped years and years ago in Rising Stars of Manga. I rewrote the whole thing after that and it turned out rather poignant and funny overall, but it was never made beyond a handful of new pages. The second idea was for a naval adventure set in Unsounded's world featuring a certain character in the Aldish navy fighting the Sharteshanians. He winds up shipwrecked and imprisoned in Hanghorse, where he and his buddies have to enact a jail break with the help of a certain tailed rogue. It's a pretty good story I think, maybe I'll get to it one day.

Good luck with your story! Walking away from it for a little while is a good idea.

Re: Matty's text - I'm really referring to the design and visual communication - yes the excitement is clear from the grammar and Matty's expression, but on a visual level the balloon is no different from a long speech bubble. You have to read the text to

"know Matty is saying a long tirade, which works for literature but slows the delivery in a comic when the rough emotion should be apparant from a glance, and the typography and layout of the font doesn't match with the immediacy an excited outburst would bring. I realize I am being nit-picky, it is only because your comic is as high quality as it is that an abstract issue like this jumps out at me. But you're welcome to ignore me, your readers seem to find no issue. :)"

I could not and still cannot think of a better way to do what I wanted to do. Perhaps I should not have tried to do it in the first place. Anyway, let us put it behind us, it will not be the last time I do something weird and probably wrong :)

Waaaait a minute. Quigley was married at seventeen, only five years ago if his stated age of twenty-three is correct...but Matty is eight. What shocking teen-aged premarital shenanigans are these? And was Quigley's wife also Matty's mother? :O

Mrs. Quigley was Matty's mom, yes. The ages are a bit suspicious though, aren't they. Nothing's ever been very straightforward with them Quigleys.

The question on which my (slightly morbid) interest is speared and wriggling, with regards to the Quigleys, is: "Did Mathis the Elder love Vienne?" I look forward to chapter 6.


Can anyone in the cast wiggle their ears? (Besides Sette, of course. I would be shocked if she couldn't.)

Duane could wriggle his ears after they fell off.

Ooh, Much Ado's my favorite Shakespeare play. (And if that makes my tastes pedestrian, I'll just stay over here while y'all weep over the body count in your own favorites.) <3

It's certainly one of my favourites! When I was in college a local troupe performed it for a small group of us in the library. No costumes, no scenery, no props; just a hilarious group of really talented actors. I saw the Kenneth Branagh version not long after and that, too, is awesome (Keanu aside). It's a great play, never be ashamed.

I know it's been said before... I know I'VE said it before, but Unsounded should be in print. Could you please let us know immediately if you take even the smallest step to making it a reality?

Certainly, dear.

Did the awful event that drove Quigley and Matty from Alderode have anything to do with Vienne's death?

Chapter 6. Be there.

Can we expect many deaths and much tragedy in Unsounded's future, or a happy ending for all (most, at least)?

Somewhere in-between Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing. Right in the middle there.

I dunno, my fiance's quite an upright, intelligent fellow and he's asked me honestly if I'd like a sex toy as a gift. He also knows what sort of pads I prefer. Sometimes forthright consideration of /all/ of a lady's needs is the mark of a true gentleman.

Hear, hear!

You...........you don't think we're all morons, do you? D: (I mean, we kinda are, but still..........)

By Buddha's Lobes, no way. I think you guys are a lot smarter than I am. I was talking about some mouth-breathers on tumblr. And politicians.

If you could ask the Internet one question, what would it be?

Why do you entice me with irritation? Why has railing against morons become my primary recreational activity? Tell me, Internet.

Out of curiosity, how old was Quigley when he embarked upon the journey of wedded bliss?


You mentioned once that the pyramic in ch.2 was made for a brothel and Duane knew that it was. He was pretty lovey with it, soooo . . . TentaclesXDuane?

Maybe Duane had a girl once who was into tentacles :3 I like the idea of her sending him down to the shops for a new tentacle pymaric. Worse than having to buy your girlfriend's tampons, easy.

"At least they've stopped slashing the hats." Oh, Ash... you know you're tempting fate. D:

I fear nothing. I am crazy tonight. Crazy!

Is it spoilery to know if contraception exists in their world yet?

Oh, I think I forgot to answer that. It doesn't. Pull out.

Matty's Hat X Ephsephin's Hat is just gross. Everyone knows Matty's hat is underage. Quigley's Cloak X Duane's Cloak, on the other hand................yowza!

Ephsephin's hat is too close to all that face gore. I don't like mixing hat lovin' with guro, that's sick and weird. Quigley's cloak has a Dark Secret.

"Duane will deal with the boy after he's murdered his father." Oh. Oh no. Not even an angry Duane would be so cold as to murder a kid's parent in front of them. Matty is going to become Batman and wipe all criminal plod scum from Kasslyne if he does.

He could be like Daredevil combined with Batman. Batdevil. But in a Chitz mask, like Scarecrow. Batdevilcrow. In his Uaidmobile. I should go to bed. My mind is going, Dave.

I like how Matty's talking at Sette like they're best friends even though they just met and she poked him in the eye and tried to steal Chitz.

Matty loves everyone. Matty loves Ephsephin because he bought him lunch. Matty loves YOU, anon.

What did you think of Irene in Sherlock? I think she was undeniably hot, but I /hated/ how her arc ended.

I thought she was a boring slut :/ They kept promising she was dead and then lying, the teases. The end of her episode was pretty ridiculous, yeah! it's one reason I'm not terribly hopeful about a rational and believable explanation for the ending of this season. The writers are great but they are not above switching on godmode for Sherlock.

Any thoughts on the ending to the second series of Sherlock?

Well, it was a pretty good episode overall, very edge of your seat the whole time. That ending though... It's irritating in its way because it just seems ridiculous that he survived it, but the impossibility of it makes me want an explanation all the more so it works well as a pseudo cliffhanger. I dunno. John needs a new and less dangerous companion, perhaps a hamster.

Best...Love Hotel name....ever...dying...x_x wgah'nagl fhtagn~


How do you feel about all the crazy shipping fans seem to be getting into? Unless they're just trolling you, in which case....

At least they've stopped slashing the hats.

Are we going to finally see what happens to Duane in the night time soon? I have a few theories but I really want to see how mad he gets. :D

He gets -furious-

Is Duane even aware that Matty is there? He hasn't acknowledged him at all.

Duane will deal with the boy after he's murdered his father. He is thorough, worry not.

I disagree with the other Anon,the wall of text in a single panel, lack of commas and Matty's expression did gave me the feeling of fast talk from someone excited. And I believe Italic would mix with the text in Aldish, Risking confusion over the language

That's a good point about the italics. But even if there'd been no Aldish/Tainish in there I think an entire paragraph of italicized text would be even harder on the eyes than the block of normal text. Anyway, the next time Matty contracts logorrhoea in this chapter it is most definitely in broken-up balloons.

I love the page as is. I completely got that Matty was in a super-excited stream of consciousness mode, which was balanced by the minimal text in the rest of the page. I see refinement in areas you've said are a struggle. Well done, I say, well done.

Icy. Icy, have my babies.



People... visit a Two-toe brothel? I mean, with the amount of prejudice against them, it seems hard to imagine people paying for that. But I suppose that's fetishes for you.

Or, if you really hate Two-toes a lot, must be nice to have a building you can visit and a whole selection of lizards from which you can pick one very special creature to violently stick it in.

The capitol is a building in your nation's capital. :P

"I don't see any use in having a uniform and arbitrary way of spelling words. We might as well make all clothes alike and cook all dishes alike. Sameness is tiresome; variety is pleasing. I have a correspondent whose letters are always a refreshment to me, there is such a breezy unfettered originality about his orthography. He always spells Kow with a large K. Now that is just as good as to spell it with a small one. It is better. It gives the imagination a broader field, a wider scope. It suggests to the mind a grand, vague, impressive new kind of a cow."

This Twain quote always makes me laugh.

Are there other hotels that cater to certain fetishes like, I would imagine, the tentacle hotel does?

There's an all Toe-toes brothel in the capitol.

As adorable as I found Matty's speech, the layout of the text didn't translate as him as saying it in one breath - it looked very long and calm. Maybe italicize the whole thing to let the reader know its a long sentence said in one breath next time.


So you're saying that proper protocol for gay relationships in Alderode is to "accidentally" explode their wife (or trick the other guy into exploding your wife)? What about lesbians, are they allowed to duel and blow up husbands then get glamored to look

Methinks you are reading too deeply into the ramblings of an eight year old :)

Sette's sort of blushing while Matty's touching her arm in that last panel! They're destined to fall in loooooooooooooove! <3

She's not blushing, that's where she fell D: Sette wants to pick up Matty and hit you with him.

Teenagers in the Aldish sex trade doesn't make it any less squicky, though. Especially since being a teenager starts at, you know, THIRTEEN. :C

Different world, different standards :C

Whenever you mention things you're drawing for the future, it sounds so different from what's happening now that I'm dying to see how the story gets there. If Unsounded were a DVD series, I'd marathon it like crazy.

What staggers me sometimes is the comic is really still so short you can read it in like forty-five minutes. With as much work as I've put into it it feels like it should take daaaays to get through :)

Are glamours and other actively maintained spells visible in the khert? Basically, when Quigley activates his goggles, can he tell that Duane is a zombie/has a lot of mighty suspicious pymary all over him?

Yes, the khert is the go-to place for seeing the exertion of pymary. Duane is awash in spells but this is not all that uncommon. Everyone with means wears glamours, from ladies changing the colours of their eyes to criminals changing their entire appearance to burn victims making themselves more presentable to the ladies. The pymary that keeps Duane active is somewhat apparent too (Duane does keep a lot of it cloaked behind more the innocuous spells, like his glamours and his little maintenance routines) but pymary isn't exactly colour coded. All you'd see is a big push of active spellwork - not what exactly that spellwork is doing.

Taking spellwork apart and tracing it back to wherever it's pulling its Aspects from is pretty hardcore, and not something you can do on the fly based on visuals alone. What would be awesome is if someone invented an eyepiece that did something like this - labelled all the Aspects in play and gave you a nice little GUI overlay - but it hasn't been done yet.

Let me start off by saying I love Tainish's syntax and phonetic structure. What does Matty keep saying, "Mae Illuda"?

Thanks! Illuda means Awesome! Mae illuda is That's awesome!

T-tentacle l-l-love hotel?

I like this panel because it doesn't look like it belongs in a swords 'n sorcery fantasy comic.

"advanced pymaric-beast tentacle summons." the dojinshi just writes itself

Funnily enough, the scene I'm drawing right now takes place in a tentacle-themed love hotel. Tentacles, they are always relevant.

I remember reading somewhere (TV Tropes?) that the longer-lived castes aren't as good at pymary as plats. Did the "Lady" that Matty mentions get blown up because of sucky pymary?

Mmmmmaybe? I'm pretty sure Matty's story is from an opera and never actually happened in reality. But this could have been the story. Write the opera for me, Anon!

"If Matty tearfully asked him for something, Duane would probably do it " ...like 'Please don't murder my daddy Mister Attack Zombie'?

One possibility.

Ooout of... innocent curiosity, how much would a typical Plat cost for a night?

Ya know, I don't have a concrete number for you :) But I know it would be a lot since they're the best. Aldish brothels are pretty sweet but they don't have anything on Crescian brothels. Crescian brothels and love hotels have some of the best tech in a city, from beglamoured advertisements to shimmering neon starfly lighting to advanced pymaric-beast tentacle summons. The best!

I went back to read the paragraph in question (it's totally necessary to read, how else would we know how awesome duels are and how we should all be Matty-level excited), and I realized I don't know what Quigley's doing with his glasses there. So..?

They let him see the khert. When the panel goes gold and swirly? That's khert-vision. Pretty handy tool for a wright to have.

Pretty big speech bubble in that last panel. Is there a reason you did it that way?

Sure. Matty babbled the whole paragraph out in one exuberant breath. If I'd broken it up into balloons - and there was plenty of room, the panel above was huge and empty - it would have looked like reasoned dialogue, with breaks, and you might wonder why Sette or one of the adults didn't interrupt, and it wouldn't have read how I wanted. So yeah, whether it was successful or not, it was intentional.

I probably should have made a note when I updated that it wasn't necessary to read the paragraph beyond the first sentence... Ah, well.

"One plod may be" ...Murkoph?

Naw, I meant Duane. If Matty tearfully asked him for something, Duane would probably do it - hence he'd be powered by the tears of a blind plat child :3

What would Sette think of Matty's toy wrights? Scorn and secret envy (I can't imagine Sette ever had many toys) or just scorn?

She'd be all sour grapes about them, but secretly curious to learn more. I think Sette could get really into wright-battlin' if someone explained to her how pymary works. Back home only the elites take an interest in pymary outside of pymarics, and formal duels are for sissies. What's wrong with disorganised slaughter?!?

Plat children who are "a little older" than Matty work in the sex trade?! :C Do I even want to know what the definition of "a little older" is in that context?

Well, teenagers :/

Could Matty have found gainful employment in Alderode with his condition? If Quigley hadn't left? Or would he basically be useless to the Aldish?

As a blind person? He would've just been stuck in his village, but they would've taken care of him. Probably never would have got Chitz though, since First Materials are only very rarely wasted on charity endeavours, like making a seeing-eye plush for a poor blind kid.

It's kind of a moot point though, since Alderode would have Taken Care of Matty after the events that led the Quigleys to leave the country.

Are the plods powered by the tears of blind Plat children?

One plod may be :|

"Yeah, I'm really into The Six Rings and the Aldish Kings..........you've probably never heard of them, they're kind of underground."


Are there wrights who duel for sport to entertain the masses, either above board or in a secret fighting circuit? Or is the first rule of Wright Club that you don't talk about Wright Club?

Yep, dueling is a big thing. There's competitive duelling and there's duelling to settle grievances. It's all pretty aboveboard :D

Is Matty a fairly typical Plat child? When I think of Plats being sent to school & work early, I always think of those dusty pictures of child laborers from 150 years ago where everyone looks like a mini old man. But then Matty's been out of the "system".

Yeah, Matty's pretty atypical. Most Plat kids are kept apart from their parents and they spend their days in lessons and sleep in dormitories together. When they do go to work, it's almost exclusively doing some kind of pymary (often the military), theatre, or the sex trade when they're a little older. Hethllot women don't work outside the home at all, they're almost exclusively supported by either their hubby, their family, or the Temple.

Is Matty typical in his enthusiasm towards pymary and battlin'? Absolutely. Kids love spell-wrights and the Composers. I could easily do a whole shounen comic about a couple of gifted white-haired kiddies going off to fight their way up the Aldish circuit of duelists.

Do Plats also mature emotionally and sexually faster than longer living classes? Given their short lifespan, this seems beneficial for the survival of their class.

They do not, but that doesn't stop their society from making sure they do things at a much younger age than children from other classes. They marry young, reproduce young, go off to war young, go to school and work young.
I was thinking about the basic Aspect-exchange of pymary and wondering how that works in the context of plods? What's being taken to animate/preserve them?

No one knows the particulars of how plods work except for a few Black Tongue gruftgrammers. They're a bit of a mystery.

There's nothing wrong with gay!


Is Matty assuming that his Dad will win the duel? I notice he suggested that Duane would is be the one who'd have to be glamoured for a hundred years. Also, will we ever see Matty playing with his awesome toy wright collection? If not...vote incentive?

Now this is a vote incentive idea I like :D

And of course Matty assumes his dad is going to win. His dad is the best. He beats up everybody.

What kind of TV shows do you watch or recommend?

I only watch Netflix, I don't even have a television :D But on Netflix theeeere's mindless trash tv like Pawn Stars and Hoarders, or classics like Frasier and Cheers. Oh, I also watch Colbert and TDS on their websites and I get my news fix from Democracy Now! and The Young Turks, both of which are online. I recommend TYT, it not all that informative but the hosts are adorable and fun is had.

IT'S TIME TO D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-DUEL! Seto Quigley plays Blue Eyes White Dragonfly in attack mode and attacks!

There was a time I considered third person narration boxes and describing the spells kiiiind of like that. If you read any Avengers last year, Bendis was doing something similar with Doctor Strange's spells. Le sigh.

I, Anon, hereby do nominate Rue Sparrowhawk's punishment for a possible future vote incentive. :)

But Other Anon said that was incredibly gay!

Matty's story of one guy spending a hundred years looking like the other guy's ladylove seems kind of incredibly gay. I thought they didn't like that sort of thing?

What better punishment then?

Duane and Quigley seem to be initiating the duel by putting their index fingers together (in a very adorable and hilarious way). Is this how one declares a duel formally in Alderode? (karaii here, got accid. suspended from my formspring u_u;;)

Nuu, suspended account :( I had asked you a video game question too.

But yeah, when wrights are duelling they're supposed to keep their hands together and in plain sight until they attack. Like cowboys in a showdown keeping their hands above their guns until they draw :) It's only fair.

Who is Rivek? Why is he so hawt?

Rivek... was I think a character commission I did a few weeks ago. He belongs to this nice person - http://fictograph.deviantart.com/

If I were Aldish, I'd go down to Ulestry and make faces at the CRPG. >:D

You're bad to the bone, man. To the BONE.

Sooo, if they don't intend to kill each other (and not killing each other is something I completely support), why duel? Is it an Aldish honor thing? I'm all tingly wanting to watch it, but I thought Quigs hates all things Alderode.

Duelling for the slighted honour of all of Alderode (and also in order to save some people and bring the RBBs to justice) is all SRS BSNS for Duane. He'll follow all the rules, use only legal spells, and no pymarics! Let's see if Quigley takes this as seriously or if he's just jerking the zombie's chain. Which possibility is your money on?

Is a pymaric Responsive-type’s gained ability to choose/think/feel rooted in their own unique personality, or is it from some other entity that they’ve been, in a sense, possessed by?

This is something we'll learn more about later.

In Chapter 4, we see a red haired woman being taken away under suspicion of being Aldish. It would seem like Matty's white hair would stand out a lot more, but he doesn't seem concerned. Is there a (non-spoilery) reason for this?

It's because they're still in Ulestry. There's anti-Aldish sentiment in Ulestry but nothing like there is in Cresce, where Aldishmen are outright arrested and detained. If the Quigleys were foolish enough to try and openly cross the border, they'd be hauled off pretty quickly.

Interestingly, Cresce would LIKE its declaration of war to mean that its allies close its country to Alderode, but since Ulestry's pacifism movement there's been a kneejerk reaction against Cresce's strong-arming, and the most current agreement is Cresce's allies will only close its borders to the Aldish if Alderode has actually launched an attack on Cresce's interior. Otherwise every border skirmish and murder would inhibit intercontinental trade and travel, and that wouldn't be good for anyone.

Are Aldish wright duels usually deadly? I get the sense that Matty has no idea what's at stake here.

No, Matty has the right idea. Duels are usually NOT deadly. It's a power struggle, not an attempt to kill the other person.

Every time I see intestines I think of Murkoph. What is his favourite internal squishy thing to eat?

Eyeballs. Livers. Brains. Early term fetuses. In that order. Intestines are not so good, they are full of poop.

What's the sexiest language in your opinion? I like German. HOT DAMN!

I love all languages. They are all wonderful. I love crazy tonal Mandarin and crazy Let's Inflect All The Words! Latin and the crazy clicky African languages and I Don't Care Who's Speaking It But I Want To Fuck 'Em! French! But in all honesty? I think English is sexiest. I have long been in love with English.

When you rp'd with a group, how did you deal with people's differing schedules? I'm trying to gm but we're worried we all won't be on at the same time.

Well, is this liveaction chatroom RP or on a BBS? In the first case you just have to be blunt at the start, make an appointment that works for everyone, and then make threats: if you're not there at the appointed time, you're out of the game, or we play without you and you'll have to figure out an IC reason why your character wasn't there, or you deal with us NPCing your character. You're the GM so you call the shots and you have to be tough.

With a BBS it's a whole 'nother ballgame, and you yourself have to be patient. BBS games are by nature slow. As GM you should always reply as fast and as clearly as possible, but at the same time you have to be patient and remember that it's just a game, and it's never going to be the first thing on every player's priority list. You can set up a rule, like, at least one post every 24 hours or you get skipped, but patience, man, patience.

One coping mechanism I used to have was I'd just fooking play with myself :) I would always have a few PCs in play and I'd let them do their thing in my posts, so I could really balloon them and keep myself entertained for longer when it was my go. This might irritate your players 'cause it gives them more to read, but so be it.

One option if you're doing a BBS game is to supplement it with chat play. If you're doing something that's more of a conversation and requires more quick back and forth dialogue between characters, switching over to AIM or a chatroom can really help speed a scene along. You just post the chatlog to the BBS when you're done.

Good luck, GM.

I kinda got the impression people examining your individual 'pymaric signature' or whatever might be a thing in Alderode, what with the dammakhert and people not of the dammakhert being clear outsiders. So maybe Duane just couldn't. Is that a thing?

...you are on to something. You don't have it exactly, but you're on to something. I'm not talking about this yet, but I want you to give yourself a cookie for being smart :)

Favorite real world accent?

That's tough D: I'm going to channel some Dracula fangirl and go with Romanian. Today.

But Starfish isn't trying anything with Matty, right? Is he? Cause he's scared of Quigley and Uaid. Right?

I shall give no specifics about what happens in upcoming chapters. Come now, we know this.

Is there any character in fiction that's woobier than Matty? I'm hard-pressed to think of one.

Newt in Aliens. I spend that whole movie wanting to take her to Chuck E. Cheese for pizza.

Please don't remind us that Starfish and Matty spend time in relatively close proximity D:


Will we be finding out in the comic why Duane didn't stay in Alderode?


Of course, anyone would give snotty Matty a tissue. :C

Starfish wouldn't :( And Sette would charge him.

Oh no, Matty's crying because his dad just died, isn't he? ;_;


Poor Matty! I agree with the other anon, he needs a hug. And tissues.

Chapter six is tough on Matty all around, poor ickle fing.

Are you entertained by the talk about Quigley and Duane in the page 16 comments?

I am, but I don't think I can pick a side. Everyone has very good points. All I would say is that Quigley has at no point posed as a good guy. Nor have i said he's a good guy. He's just a guy, doing what he thinks he has to do.

Didn't Duane attend a seminary? Does that mean his pymary is pretty limited?

He started out in seminary, yeah, but he turned a lot of heads with his ah, prowess, and wound up winning a sponsor so he could transfer to a proper Academy. He got a lot of bullshit in school for being the poor kid, which sort of sparked his interest in learning how to properly punch someone in the face :)

AWWWWWWWWWW! I hate seeing Matty cry. I want to invent a machine that zaps characters out of fiction and into the real world just so I can hug him and take care of him. :-(

I dunno, man, he looks pretty snotty there. He'd ruin your shirt.

"Biting people by moonlight! Licking blood by daylight! Badass zombie-soldier-spellwright! He is the one named Sailor Duane!"


So a seminary allows tuition without funding? Does that mean there's a lot of religious wrights?

Well, seminaries don't produce "wrights", they produce clerics if you're Ssaelit and priests and priestesses if you're Gefendur. You don't get to attend seminary and graduate as a wright and then go off and do your own thing. You're then bound to that seminary and to your faith and are expected to work within the church or temple for the rest of your days. So it's one way to get a "free" education, but the pymary training isn't the extensive, specialized training of the Academies, and your prospects are thereafter limited. It's a trade-off.

If Duane replaced a limb with a simulcrum would it work normally?

To an extent. He's tried this with his arms but the pymary that powers his body and which must interfaces with the simulacra plateaus at a point that is too clumsy for his purposes. He can't move with refinement and precision with artificial limbs the same way he can with actual flesh, so if he wants continue aping a man and not start moving like a shambling plod, he has to stick with fleshly limbs.

GlassShard, GlassShard! The wiki says the khert is "hostile to foreign energies". What does that mean? What counts as foreign?

"Foreign" probably wasn't the best word choice, but it's hostile to the intrusive energies of humans - namely pymary. This is why all pymary outside of permanently enchanted pymarics must be actively maintained, because the khert is constantly exerting itself against alterations it deems unnatural. It's why incorrectly cast pymary causes havoc and backlash, and why some Aspects are more difficult to draw upon or move than others.

Man! You're lucky to be in Florida this time of year. Snow can go and take a flying fuck at the moooooooooooooooooooon!

you jelly

What would happen if you tried to create frankenstinian plods? What about mixed-species plods? What happens if you stick Duane's head on a dead riding dog?

You make Matty cry D:

Are there accent rules in Aldish? Like the equivalent of Spanish's "stress the second-to-last syllable unless otherwise directed" rule.

I have a few rules, they're not extensive yet. If it's a two syllable word the accent tends towards the second syllable. This is one aspect of Tainish I gotta work on but it keeps getting shelved since I write the language much more often than I speak it aloud ;)

What is the most complex meal you have ever cooked?

Hrmm. A few weeks ago I did a whole from scratch spread of orange chicken, fried rice, and egg drop soup. That was pretty involved.

Do the bronze have trouble getting access to schooling, or do the Aldish take anyone competent? If they're born with a khurt connection, do they get less prejudice because the khurt's picked them, or are they bottom of the pecking order even still?

Depends, depends. The best of the Academies are reserved for nobility or those deemed exceptionally worthy (the sons of military heroes, etc.). The lesser schools are theoretically open to anyone, but each one tends to have preferential enrolment for certain castes and for metropolitans (and the Brozne are never a preferential case). Tuition is pretty high at all the schools and even if you do have a khert connection you have to scrounge up the money if you want to do anything with it. Or join a seminary. Since most Bronze are poor and have difficulty finding employment outside of the military and manual labour, they just very seldom have the means to get into a school and advance themselves.

Huh, really? I thought the gold ring was around the jet one?

Naw, that's just a break in the dark backdrop behind the whole thing.

Are there any recreational drugs in Kasslyne?


Do you think SOPA/PIPA was fundamentally anti-artist? I lot of the creators I know felt that if the law had passed, their ability to create without fear of legal repercussion would have been severely curtailed.

Anti-artist? Well, it was anti-innovator in general. When you suddenly can't start a website or an internet business without knowing that if some bit of user-submitted content is tagged as a copyright infringement you'll be completely shut down? That's bad news for everyone. It means policing your users 24/7. It'd be like every single commercial retailer in the States having to hire a policeman to stand in every store aisle listening to be certain no one starts humming a copyrighted song.

There needs to be extensive due process involved in accusations.

Sette's the character I'm playing. I'm having fun, the people I'm playing with are having fun, but her voice is INTIMIDATING, yo! Coming up with 'Things me Da says' is fun, though.

Excellent :D

Can you recommend any sites for papercrafting? I'm trying to find a papercraft about anything from the manga Blame! but I'm beginning to think that none have been made :(

I can only recommend Google or dA for something that specific, but I do enjoy this site for random patterns - http://tektonten.blogspot.com/

Avatar question: Yue v. Suki, go!

I'm not in love with either of them but if I had to choose I'd go with Suki. Yue had some cool mystical stuff going on but she never DID much in her short time in the series. Suki on the other hand was pretty interesting and dynamic and had her warrior posse and... stuff.

Do you use other social media? Facebook, G+, etc?

To a limited extent. I have accounts but I don't use them much. When I have something random to share I usually do so in chatrooms.

Oh god. Did you watch the cartoon series? Do you remember the episodes with Neugog? Still the scariest thing in the history of ever. Like tentacle rape but only not a fetish on the internet.

I didn't even know there was a cartoon series until a few years ago :O I'ma have to go hipster on you here and say I only know the original comic, which I would advise everyone to check out.

Sorry for lecturing you,not the right place.Overdosed on propaganda. Unsounded is functionally equivalent to pro European albums, no reason you shouldn't be able to make full living off it and not fair you have to compete with scan ripoff sites.Best luck!

No sweat, my dear.

What would Murkoph if cornered by a group of skilled wrights?

The Electric Slide.

Big Guy and Rusty. Ah, I knew I loved you for a reason. No one in my life has ever heard of it.

It's pretty old these days. It used to creep me out when I was a kid, all that goop melting people into dinosaur creatures aararrrgh it was horrible. But man, dat art.

Can you do a cartwheel?

I couldn't do a cartwheel when I was ten much less now. I have the coordination of a bag of hammers.

Just so you know someone is already RPing one of your characters. That person is me and the voice intimidates the hell out of me. I do my best to capture it (I've read every page in the archives multiple times over) but I'm still sure it's just ballpark.

Yikes, which character are you doing? I mean, it's not important to get it up to my standards - who cares about what I think? - but if whoever you're playing with isn't complaining I wouldn't worry too much.

I'm almost certain it's been asked before, but could you list some of your favorite graphic novels?

Graphic novels, eh? Marvel's 1602, V for Vendetta, Watchmen, the Courtney Crumrin tales, Bone, Strangers in Paradise, Monster, The Maxx, Shadoweyes in Love, Set to Sea, the Gankutsuou manga adaptation, Nausicaa, Doctor Strange: The Oath, Doctor Strange Into Shamballa, Strange & Doom: Triumph & Torment, The Killing Joke, Batman: Hush, Thor: Vikings, Preacher, the Neverwhere adaptation (I love Fabry's art, all right?), Superman & Shazam: First Thunder, Shazam: The Monster Society of Evil, Big Guy & Rusty the Boy Robot... and other things I'm probably not remembering at the moment.

Your shiny, beautiful new cover thingy on the front page just barely started showing up for me. Until yesterday, it was still the old one with the wandering root. But I remember forumspringers talking about it a long time ago. Do ya mebbe know why dat is?

Yeah, your browser was loading the image out of your internet cache. Browsers are smart and they save images and webpages locally, to your computer, so they don't have to re-download everything every time you visit a page. It's a good thing, but it also means that your browser will sometimes fail to notice when images have been replaced with other images. So your browser didn't re-download the image until yesterday. No big deal though!

I'm in love with Unsounded! Will you be attending any Northeast Coast comicons soon? I must meet the amazing person who created this comic and buy stuff from said person.

So glad you like the comic! I'm not a convention person though, I'm sorry :)

Where do I get it? :P

A comic shop, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon :3

I...was never aware there was a comic. just a series and a horrible movie. Which is a shame the latter was so horrible, I wanted to see how they added Toph, and Azula's friends, into the films.

I've yet to watch the movie in its entirety. The clips I've seen though... damn. Read the comic! It just started and it's pretty good. It's on its way to answering some of the final questions from the series. Read the commiiiiiiic... *hypnotize*

As for Avatar, I enjoyed Toph very much. her jokes about her blindness were well written, and showed how, despite her being blind, it wasn't a handicap; it was her greatest strength!

Yeah, I think everyone loved Toph. There's a cute joke in the comic where Toph describes to Sokka what fireworks are like for her. You should read the comic.

Does Quigley ever make his spellery look like moths?

*chin rub* This seems probable. Moths are cute.

Was......was Matty's mom "third-option'd"?

No *_*

This has been asked before, I'm sure, but why is Old Tainish the only syntax that the Khert responds to?

A wright would tell you it's because Old Tainish is the language of the Twin Gods, and so the language in which they instructed the khert. It's the only language the khert knows. If you tell me in Korean to stand on one foot, I'm not going to know what you're talking about.

There are some magic systems that make magic commands into more of a mental thing, where spells know what you MEAN regardless of how you say it. Pymary isn't like that. The khert knows Old Tainish, that's all it understands, and if you aren't coherent it either won't listen to you or it will do the job halfway and blow up in your face. Even tacit casters need to "cast" with a clear head, coherently. Gotta know the language, man.

Can the next incentive be Duane as a mod and Quigley as a rocker?

I will consider it. OOC, silly incentives often fail to wake up my muse though. You'll notice the "Duane on the Muppet Show" comic has still yet to surface. I'm no fun :(

Why so much hate for Mai? I thought she was an awesome character concept in S2 - a dry, wry, snarky girl who could care less about your lame drama - who got viciously screwed over by the writers' desire to give Zuko a sweet, compliant love interest in S3.

Ya know, she just got on my nerves. I didn't like her voice actor and I thought her design was really unattractive. "Dry, wry, snarky girl" works for me as a concept, but I don't think it was executed well. She wasn't witty - she never made me laugh - she was just a tone-breaking irritant. It also made absolutely no sense to me why someone in her position, with such a lack of passion for anything, would know how to fight. IMHO.



If you had a million dollars, what's the first thing you'd buy?

I would pay off my student loans, then buy Karaii a brand new computer. Then I think I'd take a trip somewhere, maybe the Dry Tortugas.

Six Rings/Six Aldish Kings... So. Are you a Lord of the Rings fan? Or did you just go with something that sounded particularly epic? Either way, the epicness totally worked.

I do like LotR (the movies anyway, never read the books). But I went with rings and kings because it rhymes and sounds cute :3 I suppose I could have gone with bands... "By the six bands and our ancestors' lands!" Oooooor hoops. "By the six hoops and a thousand poops!" There's circles, too, but what rhymes with circles?

I also think that Azula should have killed Ozai during the Day of Black Sun and taken his place as the big bad. Ozai is such a boring villain but Azula is such an awesome one.

I was SURE this was going to happen! I thought they'd ignored Ozai for so long because he was just going to be killed (or imprisoned or whatever) by Azula and she'd be the Big Bad. The banter would have been much better, Azula is awesome at trash talk.

My opinion on Ozai in A:TLA is that he should have died. I think the writers wanted to do that, but Nick said no. There's all this buildup with Aang contacting the other avatars who all say he has to do it...and then DeM. It's just so anticlimatic.

Well, I guess Aang going to the other Avatars and getting their advice is supposed to make his decision appear even more difficult, since no one agrees with him. I mean, you do have to admire the little hippie's conviction.

Have you read the new comic? Not killing Ozai seems like it's going to have some bad repercussions. Poor, dumb Zuko.

Re: the six rings -- is the size and placement of each ring on the Aldish seal important? Is there a reason why some of them seem to be grouped together?

Could be, could be.

What number system do The people in Kasslyne follow? Decimal? Octal? sexagesimal?

Decimal, baby. I toyed around with using quaternary since there are four Twins and the number four comes up a lot culturally, but since it really would have no bearing on anything I let it go and defaulted to our standard. Some things just aren't worth changing.

Artists who defend piracy are like poor republicans who oppose healthcare. We had 15 years of internet to build an alternative culture and instead we spent it watching torrents of the same stuff that's on TV. And now they're moving in. Terrible waste.

I know there are some people out there who got up in arms about SOPA and PIPA for piracy reasons, but I personally was concerned about how broadly they were written and how they could potentially be used to stifle free speech. The freedom and mobility of the internet is absolutely unprecedented in human history. It puts power into the hands of the powerless and gives everyone a voice. This is much, much bigger and more important than money, copyright, art, you, me, anyone, anything. Hollywood and television can shut down and disappear for all I care. They are predominately heartless, artless, anti-intellectual vacuums. Don't regulate the internet.

I kept the prison episodes mostly because there needed to be an episode where Zuko and Sokka get to know each other. The original team all needed some Zuko closure. Plus: "Hey! Riot!" :D Still, more White Lotus is good.

All salient points, my friend.

What evokes nostalgia in you? It could be a scent, a sound, a song. I feel nostalgic when I stare out my window in the wintertime and see the orange light casting a blanket of silence over my street.

Oh, Mr. Ballpoint, you are no biro; you're a fluffy feather quill.

Nostalgia... my answer is not as poetic as yours but certain video games make me very nostalgic. I can play the original MarioKart and remember sitting in a dark bedroom with my high school friends, praying for a red turtle shell. Or TMNT and the arcade at the beach, blowing through the entirety of my allowance in a few hours. I don't think kids even know what arcades are anymore. Damn kids.

So would Duane be a mod or a rocker?

Oh, c'mon, he'd be a mod, bro. Don't even have to think about it. Quigley would be a rocker. This could be why they're not getting along.

Next vote incentive - *please* give us a no-holds-barred drama-off between Duane and Quigley. Extra wind to swirl the capes, and all the hot air you can stand! 8D

Oh, man, you have basically just described the rest of the chapter :D But with additional bugs.

What is the worst dream you've ever had?

Couldn't have been too bad, I don't recall it.

Please draw Duane as Sailor Moon.

I... I can't do it.

What if Mathis' reluctance in teaching his bebe some Pymary is actually an attempt to lengthen his bebe's life?

What if? I can tell ya straight that many experiments have been done and usage of pymary seems to have no correlation whatsoever to lifespan. If this is Quigley's motivation it's ill-researched.

*laughs into hands* Ash, that last panel - every time I look at it, all I can see is Jacob Marley pointing and calling, "Scroooooooge." Hahaha!

I dunno, man, I really liked Tableshark's Sailor Moon comment :3

Yeah, I loved Riven. The trick was to assume that any switch you encounter was set the way Ghen likes it, so when you flip it you royally fuck with his plans somehow. I got farther in the game that way than by logically thinking things through. :-)

Pretty clever. I was rubbish at the games but I remember the series of books being quite enjoyable.

I actually forgot about Regina when I made the Waifu Power Rankings, but I would've put her at #90001 b/c she seems like she'd just chop your dick off. (Though some would say she's just being tsundere.)

Chop your dick off, eh? :3

The wright vs non-wright questions instantly brought one quote to mind: “No matter how subtle the wizard, a knife between the shoulder blades will seriously cramp his style.”

Dat Steven Brust :3

!) Matty's mom - Not Jivi's mom, what the hell.

Yeah, Regina really is much hotter than Matty's mom (her name was Vienne), although they are such polar opposites. Maybe I'll draw them together for a vote incentive sometime, they contrast nicely.

My revised A:TLA S3: Drop bloodbending, insert spiritbending there. Have prison take place more at night (or in mist), boost nastiness (guards and prisoners). Have Warden be Takei again :p. Thoughts?

This is a good idea. Bloodbending was a wicked concept but since nothing was ever done with it there was really no point in bringing it up. Your prison solutions are good, but I think I would have nixed the prison arc entirely and devoted that much more time to the end game. I liked the old people camp, I wish more time had been spent there, and maybe give Azula on her own a whole episode for her breakdown. Ya know, decompress the storytelling a little bit, let it build up.

Its not a sad line up for male straightfags at all! Elka is the purest conceptual embodiment of "waifu" to have ever appeared in a thing.

I love male straightfags. I love them too much to wish Elka upon any of them.

The top of Dunae's face isn't in shadow any more, just his eyes. What's up with that? Magic acting up?

The setting sun's shining right on him.

You know, I never really looked very closely at the Aldish seal, but knowing what I know, you can make out some interesting bits. For example -- the rings are color coded! Ah, a clue! It's like I'm 13 again, playing Myst in my mom's basement.

One day I'm going to do a really big, detailed painting of that seal. It should have a groovy vliegeng encircling it but the one in that sketch is pretty derpy. Ahh, Myst. Did you ever play Riven? It used to piss me off to no end when I was a kid.

I usually draw at 72 dpi, so drawing faces/bodies this large is pretty weird & hard to keep consistent on the first go. What I do is that I work on panels on separate files to keep my computer from crashing as I draw - how do you do it?

My computer is decent enough that I can do a whole page at once without splitting it up into panels. I understand about how hard it is to keep consistency though. When you're drawing on paper you can always see your other panels, but drawing digitally starts to feel claustrophobic and you lose track of what's going on on the rest of your page when you're zoomed in. One luxury I have is a second monitor. But even with two 22" inch monitors I still wish I had more screen space. I want an entire wall of computer screens, yessss

But yeah, I recommend first upgrading your computer so you don't have to draw one panel at a time, that will help. If that's not possible right now though, just draw on paper and scan it in! Plenty of people still draw traditionally in the comic world, it's not dead yet :) You're in college, right? I bet there's a giant scanner in one of the computer labs.

What are the six rings and who are the Aldish kings? I thought Alderode was ruled by a council of priests.

It is now. But it was founded by a succession of barbarian kings and ruled by a number of fierce dynasties through its first few thousand years. Swearing an oath on them bad boys is fairly hardcore. The rings are in reference to the six rings of the six castes on the Aldish seal, which is right hyeah http://www.casualvillain.com/Unsounded/images/misc_art/sketch01.jpg

What size canvas do you use to draw pages, and what brush width? I'm trying and failing to draw an A4 page at 300 DPI, so I wanna to know your secrets ):

Unsounded pages are 2400 by 3600 300DPI nd I usually ink with the 5px hard round. What is it about your current size that's giving you problems? Is your computer having problems handling a canvas that big?

Nobody but Joji Nakata can voice the Count. That voice. *_*

Yes. YES. The voice casting in that whole series was brilliant.

Dwaahn. Dwaaaaaaahn. I've been saying Dwayne all this time. I like Dwaaahn a lot better, even if only for the way it makes my mouth feel.

I'm good with either pronunciation, I guess. Each has its charms :)

Is Duane ever going to have a non-violent encounter with another adult? His record is not so great.

Magic Eight Ball say Outlook Not So Good.

Was your voice always made out of pure, undiluted sex from concentrate, or did you have to sell your soul to get your siren voice?

Honestly? This voice was hard-earned. I was in speech therapy as a kid and for a long time no one but my mom could understand me. A lot of time and hard work went into my present coherence - such as it is - and I am delighted it meets with your approval.

Ooh, is the Attack Zombie vs Attack Hat fight going to be canon soon? Please say yes!



Forgive this new reader! "... rather a tingling, ice-crystal grinding; the sensation of biting on a knife," sent chills down my spine! I love everything about your comic, but the metaphors are my favorite. How long does it take you to come up with them?

You know, I have no memory of writing that. Was it on formspring? Metaphors! They're not something I actively work at, sometimes they're just there waiting when I settle down to write. For me it's all about being in the Zone; alert, sharp, slightly depressed, a little fed up. I think that's when writing is easiest for me.

Somewhere, in an alternate universe, there's a gravelly, flat-voiced GlassShard writing and drawing "Sounded", a cheery webcomic about Duane Adelier, the happiest guy alive, and his super-best pal, the sweet and kind Sette Frummagen.

Following this line of thought, I would presume she does not own this astounding Sackboy!Grissom - http://glassshard.tumblr.com/post/16066696968/my-secret-santa-present-from-vgmc-was-nearly-a - It came in the mail today. I am concerned my other plushes won't be welcoming to him when I go to bed tonight and they all come to life. I think I may have to pull an all-nighter.

You have a sexy voice, by the way (no homo).

It cannot possibly be sexy if there are people who say I sound like Sette D: I think it taps out at "adorable."

I also translated 5.15, but there seems to be some very slight differences in word choice. Please delete if I am irritating! I don't sleep well, and often end up going over things I love to keep darker thoughts at bay. Lately that's your comic. :)

"Irritating?" Your comics make me tackle the nearest of my dogs and roll around with them on the floor and giggle like Gilbert Grape's little brother. I wish insomnia on no one but for you I might make an exception :D I think you should go back and translate the entire comic like this and maybe add sharks.

Is the distribution of castes even throughout Alderode's provinces or do some provinces have a greater percentage population of a given caste?

It's not an equal distribution but populations from area to area are tightly controlled. It's not easy to travel in Alderode since each ginnal (province) has very tight borders and passports are difficult to obtain. It's one way Alderode keeps control and segregates the castes. Caste ratios are more heterogeneous in cities where industry, government, and the Window take advantage of each castes particular assets; otherwise, in the country, castes tend to occupy entire villages and you can travel for a few days and only see one kind of person.

Does this mean that Quigley has (using British accents as an analogy) a more Yorkshire (Sean Bean) accent as opposed to Duane who would have more of a posh South English (Orlando Bloom-ish) accent? Ahaha, now I'm imagining them with those voices. D:

God, Orlando Bloom gives me a cramp. But ah, sure, if this works for you I don't object :)

You seem like a Zuko fan.

Yeah, Zuko was all right. Not nearly as interesting as Azula though :)

I agree, I was very disappointed with the third season of Avatar, especially since it came on the heels of the second season, which was pure awesome. SO MUCH FILLER. D:

I knooooow. But you're right, that second season was the shit :D The third season did have a few high points like delirious, sleepy Aang and that play. Still. Yeah.

Can tacit casters communicate with the khert and cast spells even if they don't know Tainish? Or do they have to think their spells in Tainish?

They have to think their spells in Old Tainish, it's the only language the khert knows. Not even the modern Tainish that the Aldish speak will do.

Do non-wrights realistically even stand a chance against wrights? It seems like every wright should be a walking nuke, even the piss-poor ones, since stealing an aspect of anything seems to destroy the object.

Pymary depends on the khert, since Aspects travel along its lines. All a non-wright needs is a weapon capable of disrupting the khert lines and he can essentially block spells with it. So yeah, a properly prepared person can do just fine against a wright. There's also the fact that all you have to do is shut a wright up, and you've disabled him. Gosh, and there's the proximity issue, where the worse a wright's khert stability is, the closer they have to be to both their Aspects and their targets, making them easy to snipe...

Yeah, wrights are not gods.

"[Quigley] has the same accent as Duane." Aldish accent, or Durlynian accent?

Durlynian, specifically. They're both from Durlyne province in Alderode. Duane was a city boy though and Quigley was from a mining village.

You didn't like the third season of Avatar? The action alone made it one of my favorites, but I can see some of the writing problems. Energy bending being the biggest flaw, but I can see why they felt the need to keep Aang's hands clean.

Oh, absolutely, I never thought Aang needed to kill Ozai, but I think the energy-bending needed to be foreshadowed. The way it went down, it was totally lion-turtle ex machina. But my biggest problem of the season were those fire prison episodes. They were clumsily written and felt like babby's first prison break. The prison didn't feel dangerous, none of the villains were competent... blah. I also greatly disliked that no one and nothing was sacrificed in the final battle. A mega-win without any sacrifice is some pretty hollow entertainment.

Also? I never lost sleep over it, but the last season would have been much more interesting if Katara had wound up with Zuko. There really was no chemistry between Katara and Aang, and Mai was a snooze. God, she's a horrible character, from her design to her voice actor to her stupid fighting style. Hate that ho.

I really do like Avatar though, don't get me wrong :3

"But no Ahab. I'll try to act it" - Kind of the point!

Cute girl voice trying to act out one of Ahab's terrible, soul-shattering soliloquies... No. It would become some kind of meme. I would have to change my name.

But some spells (such as Elka's) have their incantations in normal speech bubbles...

Yeah, I'm still tinkering, trying to decide what I like best. I wouldn't over-analyze it, my dear.

How does a non-wright challenge a wright?


So Duane's religion believes their prophet killed the other religion's gods? I can see how that would make them popular...

Yeaaaah. Fortunately for the Ssaelit, they keep to themselves for the most part and don't roll their eyes or slash a finger across their throat whenever a Gefendur mentions one of the Twins.

I don't know why, but your voice kind of sounds along the lines of what I'd imagined for Sette. ...Would you be willing to read some of her lines for us? Please?

Noooo. I can't do a decent accent and I would feel particularly ridiculous :)

Does Elka not have a last name because you haven't invented one yet, or because last names are special in Crescian culture?

I am ashamed to admit it, but it's because I haven't invented one yet. She refuses to tell me what it is which may be her way of lobbying for it to one day be "Toma," the tramp.

I joined a frat when I was in college, and I got sick of it after a couple of years, so I'm glad I didn't do anything dumb like get frat symbol tattoos or anything. Do any Black Tongues just go "Man, I wish I still had my balls......" after a few years?

I... I... probably. You make me lol, anon.

Also, you have an adorable voice. Thanks for making the recording at the anon's request. :)

Anytime, sweetie.

Aw, your voice is so cute! I was hoping you were going to say "Frummagen" too :)

Aw, rats, I did forget Frummagem! Aw, well, that's not a difficult one to pronounce at least.

I see Quigley, and I hear the voice of the Quincy, from the Bleach anime series; the English language voice. :P

Not familiar, I'm afraid. When I hear "Quincy" I think of the boy from Little Einsteins. Funny old world.

Could you speak the names and record them? That would be amazing :D

Don't make fun of my voice :( http://www.casualvillain.com/random/names.mp3

Early thirties huh? So Duane got to live longer than Quigley even before he got immortal unlife? That's gotta sting.

Being a Plat sucks.

Personally I have no problem with you killing Matty. Am I a bad person?

Of course not. Matty's not a real human being. Personally I love when Mufasa and Bambi's mother die. Not because I hated them but because it made their respective movies suddenly much more interesting.

Do plats get like old people voices early?

I imagine they get pretty raspy and senile towards the end.

Love Sette's 'you suck' face.


Do you have any advice for writing accents? I'm having trouble.

Well, there are two schools of thought on the subject. There are writers who are cool with the idea of writing out accents phonetically, and writers who find that either too difficult or even kind of offensive, and only mention accents in the prose around the dialogue.

"Fuck me but that's a laugh!" he exclaimed in his thick London slur VS "Fuh me but tha's larf!"

"I declare! This boulevard is teeming with cornfed riffraff just rolled out of the hills!" she huffed, her Georgian accent like a confederate sabre in my skull VS "Ah declare! This boulevard's teemin' with cornfed riffraf just rolled out the hills!"

And so on. I personally like a nice combination of the two, but the best way to write a good, convincing accent is to study a real one. It's often a pain in the butt, particularly if it's an accent from a different country since it will include all kinds of words, phrases, and structures you don't yourself use, but it's really the only way. It's a sad truth that if you want to be a serious writer, eighty percent of the work often goes into research. So Google your accent, rent some movies that feature the accent, and most helpfully, READ the accent in books, both fiction and nonfiction. Make notes. Try speaking the accent yourself. Always speak your dialogue aloud and make sure it sounds natural.

Egad I do love the concept of wrights. Something about the idea of two wrights doing battle, simultaneous planning their moves whilst trying frantically to do the reverse equations of their opponents attacks to get a glimpse of what's coming is amazing.

Yeaaaah, keep that in the back of your head because nine times out of ten I just depict it as guys flinging cool glowy stuff at each other ;)

What if a plat did something horrible to another plat?

What if?

Captain Toma sounds like Mr. T in my mind's eye. (Or is that mind's ear?) Oh, and Sette is Yangus from Dragon Quest. Cor blimey!

No way, Toma sounds like Denzel Washington :D

Quigley's voice is difficult for me to pin down. He looks and dresses very elegantly, but then he goes and says things like "What two-quarter carnival shat out the pair of you?" and I can't even tell if he sounds smooth or coarse.

He sounds pretty smooth (Academy-educated so he would speak quite well), and young, and has the same accent as Duane.

Thank you for your list of Tanish insults. I shall study them, and use them under my breath at managers I don't like at work, and no one will ever be the wiser!

Hoho! God knows that's half the reason I made the language up in the first place ;)

Darn...well then, can you give me a lovely Tainish insult...or at least a swear word?

Muol is a popular insult, Quigley's used it. It's anyone you feel is beneath you, and literally translates to servant or slave. I'll just list some others:
chig - fool
iwtugu - shithead
padorfador - gutter piss
difhut - scum/slime
owol - twat
tweloch - foreskin
ellokhit - outsider. It's bad to be called this in Alderode
mouten - what you'd call a Ssaelit person you don't care for
-hrashomasa - what a Ssaelit might call a Gefendur (lit. baby-eater)
My favourite: ean-twel - lit. third-rate dick. Va, relet, and ean denote the quality of First Materials, with ean being the lowest quality.
efhllachomit - unknowable one. Hard to explain without getting into Dammakhert stuff, but it's bad.

"Prok" is my answer to "fuck." "Maa" is more like stink, stinking. If you stubbed your toe and needed to just erupt in a stream of cursing, you might sputter: "Maa prok iwtu ul--!" "Stinking fucking piece of shit thing!"


I dunno, man, I've always read Duane as sounding like Barry White. (I'm so sorry)

I'm not sure he has the lung capacity for Barry White. He would puff up and then explode like that songbird Fiona sings the duet with in Shrek.

So... how do you pronounce "imunt hethllot" and what exactly does it mean? If it's something really fun, I'll add it to my ever-growing vocabulary. :D

That's a pretty easy one. Remember, Spanish vowels and like Spanish, double L is a y sound (if it's at the end of a word, it's yeh). So ee-MOONT heyth-YOHT. But all it means is "They have a plat." :3

I think I shall go update. Boring page today, alas.

in response to the voice of Duane being Cecil from Dissidia, he sounds too young. I always thought Duane would have a manly voice, very posh and smooth. Any truth in that? Or am I the only person who makes voices for characters?

I don't fixate on voices too much, but Duane's would probably sound older, yeah. He died in his early thirties.

It's easy to forget how much of what you do is writing. That script was pretty awesome (don’t wanna be too greedy but more please if you are willing). Do you ever write things that don't have accompanying visuals?

I used to RP, and that was a lot of very heavy writing, a couple thousand words a day sometimes. I've also started and then given up on a few novels, the most recent one about my character Bastion's early life and his family. I'd like to go back to it one day and perform some cosmetic surgery.

If a plod remains animated for a long amount of time does it become nothing but a walking skeleton and lose it's unpleasant stench?

Sure, though a walking skeleton is too brittle to hold together very well or prove terribly useful, and it's likely to be trashed by its owners long before that point.

Look up "Dissidia English Character Montage - Cecil" on YouTube. Cecil's voice & pre-battle speech is pretty much exactly how I picture Duane sounding -- a mix of noble boyscout superhero and total dork. (Except also imagine the Swedish Chef mixed in.)

It's not a bad comparison. Bork, bork, bork.

Speculation: Johfrit is a burgundy Copper who explodes out of the ground whilst screaming, his hair and eyes all fiery, then his face tattoo glows like lava right before he spits fire at his enemies. BEST SUMMON EVER.

John Ifrit, mild-mannered fire demon accountant, by night becomes JOHFRIT, summoned slayer of flans!

Sette begged and pleaded, but Boo shook his head, his dear little sapphire eyes glittering love. Duane had been quite firm, no gossamer was to be given to her under any circumstances and Boo would do as asked. Other means would be required to get her pie.


Are there potential tacit casters who never learn Tainish or study pymary?

Certainly. If you never pursue a wright's connection to the khert, you'll never know you have the ability.

I know this has been answered before, but formspring has no search function so I shall ask again and hope for an answer. Is it theoretically possible for Two-Toes to become wrights?

Theoretically, but they have problems pronouncing the Tainish correctly so no one will license them. Instead they have their own method of interacting with the khert and creating a pymary unique to their culture, but everyone thinks the lizards are brutes and savages so it's not very well-researched or documented.

"Ssael was a lovely old intellectual who talked the gods to death" So Duane is just following in his god's footsteps when he starts pontificating during battle? Sette needs to stop oppressing his religion!


What signature style does Bastion's pymary have, if any? Or Elka's? You mentioned Duane likes fire at one point, I think?

Bastion does a lot of abstruse, theoretical, experimental stuff. You'll see big flashy displays from Duane and Quigley, but Bastion is a researcher, and his most powerful gruftgramary is subtle, like teleportation, direct manipulation of the khert, mind-control, trap-laying, scrying and spell tracing. Bastion's not really a fighter - instead he's the kind of guy that gets his enemies to destroy each other and themselves.

Bastion had one really great moment in RP that stands out to me as perfectly characteristic of his methods. He was battling the thrall of the Lich-King and spent weeks of game-time going around and, in plain view, meeting with certain individuals, researching for a spell, hanging out in certain key areas, and negotiating between the Lich's people and the paladins, essentially laying the groundwork for a scheduled invasion and conflict between their two forces. The night of the battle arrives, the undead show up to fight the amassed holy knights, and Bastion, meanwhile, is across town at the governor's dinner party letting a small group of the Lich's elite into the mansion to slaughter almost the entirety of the city's administration. And not a single one of my players saw it coming even though it was completely justified by weeks of (in retrospect) transparent set-up. My finest moment.

You remembered! Yeah, I had my birthday on the 13th and got page 13 as a present. <3 I have several Vlad books to go, too, but took a break right now after reading 7 of them almost in a row. Also, I made klava (after learning it's probably egg coffee). ~R

Mmm, egg coffee. I bet that was good :D Apparently the author is really into eating and cuisine, he's a cool guy.

So, are you planning on participating in the forums?

I don't know... I would feel like I was ruining the party. Communities like that don't want the creator around wagging her finger and quashing speculation and making people feel self-conscious. I will check in every now and then - or contact me if you need something specific - but I think I'll stay sidelined.

Shouldn't Bastion be pudgier, if he had his jewels removed? Getting it done young makes you taller, apparently, but once you're grown you don't even get the singing voice. I'm guessing Glamours? Or can pymary be used for cosmetic surgery?

Nah, Bastion just takes care of himself and is a sexy motherfucker. He does a lot of manipulation of people, and a svelte and smoking gentleman is much more convincing than a pudgy, homely one.

You're about to head into the final dungeon of your arch-nemesis! You can take three and only three of your RP characters to aid you on your quest. Which three do you take?

RP characters? Well, I had a villain who was an unconquerable god-lich, so if I had him on my team I bet I'd be pretty unstoppable. I'll take him for his sorcery, Bastion for eye candy, and Sette for comic relief. That's a good party right there.

Is that bird demon different the one made up of the red eels that's traveling with Bastion in that voting incentive? Or is that just his pymary? I know you mentioned a smoke eel demon at one point. What's up with Bastion and all these demons?

Oh, I wouldn't go asking about demons at this point. Too soon. The smoke eels in that illustration were really just smoke eels though. Bastion smokes a lot so they tend to hang around him, like remoras around a shark.

But I mean, how do you even do something like *kill the gods*? Where do you start? They're gods! The whole world is in that chick's tummy!

Well, if Ssael wasn't alleged to have done something pretty fantastic, they wouldn't have made a whole religion around him now, would they?

OH GOD. Is Matty really going to die? Since you said (teased?) he would be KO'd in chapter 5, I took hope from the sketches that place him in Ethelmik, looking sad but healthy. Maybe the sad scene just mentioned is a flashback? *Puppy eyes*

Poor, poor reader. There, there.

Be honest now -- would Quigley prefer to have the freaky goblin thing as a son instead of Matty?

The scene I worked on tonight in chapter six... I can't even joke about it, too sad.

When Quigley & Elka's child matures and comes of age, I will hit that SO hard!


Is Elka's hair considered pretty radical, or are short haircuts/unusual colors a normal fashion thing for women?

Almost anything goes in Cresce. Elka's tastes are pretty plain and soldiery. Last week I was trying to design a hairstyle where a lady's thinly woven braids are arranged as the rigging to a ship-shaped hat sitting atop her head, surrounded by tiny intermittently leaping glamoured dolphins and a foamy crepe collar leading down, around, and into a sea-blue dress glimmering with reflecting light.

Where is that alien picture from? It's beautiful! ...It is an alien, right?

Yeah! It's Ripley's adora-horrible alien behbeh from Alien:Resurrection. It should go on Gerber jars, man.

I'm currently 16, and aspire to be as great an artist as you some day. Could you give an example or indication of how good you were artwise at my age? Also, say something witty, you're good at that. :)

Oh, I was terrible when I was sixteen! I was copying out of Disney Adventures and X-Men, and drawing Mighty Max fanart. My comics were all about Disney ducks and wise-cracking animal bad guys, but my main focus was on more fine arts related endeavours since I attended an art magnet high school. We did everything from darkroom photography to arc welding to screen printing. Fun times, but a heavier focus on drawing would have been helpful. Just draw everyday, man, you'll get there!

What would people have to pay you weekly for you to work on Unsounded full time? Just curious...

Enough to pay my bills and I'd be pretty happy. Actually, I'd be ecstatic.

How do i become as witty as you? Is there a class i can take?

I am not witty D: I would recommend you read some really witty authors like Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams. They will blow your socks off.

Aside from pymary, if there was one thing you could have in the real world from the Unsounded-verse... What would it be?

Ya know, I can't really think of anything. Almost everything in Unsounded is something we already have but in another form, and those few things truly unique to it are things that are kind of horrible. So I guess maybe smoke eels, because they are pretty.

If Quigley and Elka had freaky-deaky jungle sex under the Dammakhert, how would the child turn out? Would it be Aldish with a random caste? Purely Crescian? Mixed skin, but with gold or bronze hair?

So, then, would Bastion be considered a furry? ;P

...Bastion has killed men for much less than this. Lock your door.

I'm getting them impression Duane and Quigs have the potential for a lovely hatemance.

This chapter is their first date, then :3

I remember reading that the best sex Bastion ever had was with a giant female bird demon. Is that canon in the comic, or an RP-only thing? :)

*cough* Still canon.

Ash I am getting the impression that Duane and Quigs are not destined to be BFF, let alone OTP. :(


Silly anon, Blondo is not Duane. I know this because I asked it myself a few months ago. I was so excited how beautiful Duane was but, alas, incorrect. It was hinted, however, that 04-14 might be of interest to those like ourselves.

There you go.

So what happens to the really odious, criminal plats?

Same thing that happens to other odious criminals in Alderode. Being a plat may get you a free pass with the gods, but if you're in a super hurry to redeem that pass by being a mega-asshole, Vits will gladly cut your head off and send you on your way.

Can you tell us anything about Ssael?

I could. Wait and ask Duane next time the formspring opens though. He'll give you a grander answer than I will.

How old are you?


Do the Ilganyag accept female members? If so, do they need to cut out their ovaries?

No girls allowed. Go play with your dolls.

If you could meet and talk to one of your characters irl which one would you pick?

Bastion. But older Bastion. Older Bastion is very wise, pretty scary, but I think we'd be simpatico. There'd be much to discuss.

You say the Dammakhert has "judgement." Does that mean that its alive? Or were you just referring to the judgement of the Aldish founding fathers who created the Dammakhert?

The Aldish do anthropomorphize the Dammakhert, but whether it's actually sentient or not is up in the air. The Dammakhert - and kherts in general - are essentially what passes for Nature in Unsounded's world. All the laws of nature and reality exist in it. We respect nature and often anthropomorphize it (Mother Nature) but we know nature has no core sentience.

Was Quigley an RP character?

Yeah, but he was sooooo different in RP. He was much more light-hearted, a pretty crappy sorcerer, he had a daughter and a lovely wife, Matty could see, they were all Sharteshanian, and Uaid was much smaller.

Are wiminz connected to the khert differently than d00dz?


So Ssael = Kratos?

Not even :) Ssael was a lovely old intellectual who talked the gods to death after he beat them back with his army. Not that I don't love Kratos and his skirt and his knife-chains.

"Duane is under no dogmatic obligation to drop to his knee and offer Quigley a prayer and a raspberry truffle.". Well, no, but it would be polite. I mean, he just called Quigley's mother a whore, some confections would really smooth things over.

I wish I had some raspberry truffles. Someone asked a while ago if my mood affects my writing and I said no, but I think my appetite affects eighty percent of what I put on formspring churro churro pie truffle.

Even if there aren't female Ilganyag, are there women associated with it? Have any ever tried to join? Come to think of it...are there even very many female Aldish wrights? I bet it's only a boys' club because there aren't any Aldish ladies available.

The Ilganyag (I really am more used to this word than Black Tongues, thank you for using it) began in Alderode but it's now an international organisation. And internationally, there are oodles of awesome lady wrights. Still, they are not accepted into the organisation. Them's the rules. Could be a reason for it. We'll have to wait and see :)

Are the Aldish right about how Cresce feels about them? Given the opportunity, -would- Cresce march in and raze Alderode (as opposed to marching in for conquest)?

Good question.

I wish I were better at drawing so I could make some gruesome Duane-eating-himself fanart. I don't think my stick figure rendition will cut it. Though the zigzag teeth are cute.

Duane makes a good stick figure. He's already pretty skinny :3

I think once you said that Quigley wished that his hate for Alderode was reciprocated on the other end. I thought that was because they thought him insignificant and because plats die so fast, or was it because no one wants to hunt plats?

It's because Plats are revered in Alderode. He would have the country hate him as much as he hates the country, but that will never happen. He's done some horrible stuff, but it didn't even get out to the Aldish public that he'd done it - it would have stirred the pot too much. So he smoulders in isolation, out-country, full of impotent hate.

Woah, wait, some guy killed the gods? That's pretty psycho.

Most mythology is.

"To question the existence or treatment of one caste is to question all castes" - Except the Bronze, amirite? Screw those halfbreeds.

The Bronze aren't thought of as halfbreeds. The idea of halfbreeds, generally, is they don't have a place in either of two groups so they're isolated and unwanted by all. Think of, oh, the mudblood halfbreeds in Harry Potter. There wasn't a big old Mudblood organisation where all the Mudbloods could go and be with their own kind and find safety and reassurance and validation. Mudbloods were ostracized - they were wizards so they couldn't hang out with muggles, but they weren't pureblooded so most wizards thought they were trash, and it could be just as difficult to find a place in wizard society.

But the Bronze are their own legitimate caste and there are a lot of them. They are not halfbreeds. They are still Aldish. No one of any caste is going to say otherwise. They are just the rats on the ship, so to speak, and are afforded the least respect and the least value.

Oooh! The Vlad-book you mean is probably Athyra! I read all the books up till Orca, and this might be my favorite, too. :-) I'm Reed, who commented on your Vlad pic a while ago, but not the anon who just asked the question. Hello there, other Vlad-reader!

Reed is the best! Didn't you just have a birthday? Happy belated birthday :) I think the last Vlad book I read was when you-know-who died and became a Morganti (was that the word?) weapon of Vlad's. It was pretty great but it was the last published book at the time and it was a long wait 'til the next one and I just never picked it up. Now I think I'm a few books behind.

In that case, do the Ssaelit in Alderode object to how the Plats are treated and their communities subsidized and all that? Are there any Ssaelit Plats?

The Gefendur and the Ssaelit object to plenty of things that each group does. But there is one religion that the Ssaelit and the Gefendur both practise, a religion maybe even more important than their respective lesser faiths: the state religion of fealty to the government and the Dammakhert. The Dammakhert has separated Alderode's citizens the way it has for a reason, and though the Ssaelit do not believe the reasoning behind it is different measurements of love by the Gefendur Twins, they do believe the Dammakhert's judgment is sacred and unquestionable, and the Plats are therefore exceptional and worthy of differential treatment. To question the existence or treatment of one caste is to question all castes, and to raise questions could create schisms, and into that rift vile Cresce would march, swords bared, to raze the country to the ground.

The plats are loved by the gods, but Duane's religion says the gods are dead. What do they think about plats? Do they think the guy who killed the gods also likes plats so it's still good?

Nope. The Ssaelit think the "Plats are loved by the gods" business is bullshit. Duane is under no dogmatic obligation to drop to his knee and offer Quigley a prayer and a raspberry truffle.

Do you answer all the questions you get or do you delete the lame, obvious ones?

There are no lame questions, anon, only lame people :3 I delete spoilers and rudeness. Don't ask me questions about future happenings or what we will or won't see. Spoilers are spoilers are spoilers.

What is love?

Baby don't hurt me

Is there any form of path of experimentation that even the Ilganyag balk at?

Officially, no. But every member has their own personal code of ethics.

Does Duane ever suffer from rigor mortis?

That goes firmly in the Year One period.

Alright, look. I'll bet other people have asked this already, but I don't recall seeing it. Is Blondo McWhoopass (as I believe I've seen him called) from 1.16 Duane himself?


Ah, that was it! Human Qualities. Thank you, other anon. Sorry for using you as a messenger, Glass. Here, I'll think of a question to make it worth your while. Is Johfrit a member of the Aldish cast we're going to be visiting soon?

I love Explosions in the Sky, that whole Take Care album is exquisite. Johfrit is definitely Aldish.

Are you at liberty to tell us more about the Black Tongues, why its a 'thing,' whatever other 'things' they might have?

You might find the wiki entry at least mildly helpful http://www.casualvillain.com/Unsounded/world/index.php/Black_Tongues

...would anyone feel confident enough to RP Unsounded characters? Original characters in Kasslyne - now that sounds a bit more logical!

I say do what feels good!

If the gods love Plats, what's their stance on Plats committing crimes?

The gods? They don't care. If you're a Plat the holy men say you get a free pass.

GlassShard is a eunuch!

Don't tell anyone :(
Translation for the latest page? Because I pay waaaay too much attention I know Hethllot (capitalized?) means Plat. Imunt I would guess means wright? Also the poses in this page - the fall, the nose touch, the Quigley - are all such goodness.

"Imunt" is they have. So "they have a plat?" Duane essentially translated it in the next sentence :) I get too into Tainish sometimes! On the next page there are two big untranslated speech bubbles and I finally came to my senses last night while I was editing the week's pages, and translated most of it.

Glad you like the page :)

Whenever I see the Vlad picture in your gallery I can't help but smile. What's your favourite book in the series?

It's been so long since I've read the books my horrible memory has shunted a lot of them out of my brain. I think I liked the one best where he's hurt really badly and the kid doctor's apprentice nurses him back to health. That was a book, right? I'm sorry, my memory is famously bad x_x

Hey, what's up with the face and the falling people and the face eating people in that old tomb the Red Berry Boys holed up in?

It was a tomb. Those were carvings to keep graverobbers, jealous dead, and bad spirits out of the inner crypt. Didn't work, I guess.

Why partial and not full castration?

Because Black Tongues are hardcore, not insane.

Wait, so...Duane is only able to function through pymary. He could only use pymary through tacit casting before restoring his voice. QED, an unassisted plod can only function if the body is that of a tacit caster. This makes me think someone picked him.


Are there any female black tongues? If so, what do they sacrifice? To keep in line with the symbolism, I'd guess it would be their ovaries but I doubt surgery is that advanced. Their breasts? O.o Or do they not let the un-brotherly in their brotherhood?

You guessed it. No girls allowed.

Is (insert character here) a eunuch?

Castrate All The Characters!!! Chitz is a eunuch.

What's the point of removing their testicles? And what about women, what do they have to sacrifice to join the team?

No women in the Black Tongues I'm afraid. It's a boy's club.

Is Matty a eunuch?

No, dear.

So does that mean that Quigley's a eunuch, too? Or is he one of the freerange-type of illegal Pymary users? (if they exist)

Free-range. Like good chicken.

have there ever been any rogue black tongues that do all the stuff that black tongues do, except they've decided to keep their balls? i'd join that club

If you're not willing to make a sacrifice in the name of power and scholarship, you're not Black Tongue material. The Black Tongues are not a "club." It's really a way of life; a brotherhood.

why would anyone give up their balls to become a black tongue? seriously

It's certainly not for casuals.

A big long lifespan seems like it would be an advantage in some fields. Like wrights? If Aldish wrights have like two hundred years to tinker does that mean a lot of the best wrights are Aldish? And how do these long lived castes age?

Addressed the aging in another question but Alderode's wrights aren't generally all that superior to the best wrights of other countries. One of the reasons is the heavy restrictions Alderode places on pymary. It's only the Composers and certain muckity-mucks in the Window that are allowed to research beyond the government's definition of lawful and moral pymary, so that makes for a smaller pool of creative talent, long-lived though it may be. This was a huge impetus for the founding of the Ilganyag (Black Tongues), who grew so sick of having the potential of pymary stifled that they risk their lives every day in the name of their art.

But then there are the Plats, who have that rock solid connection to the khert that makes their pymary so stable and their spellwork so accurate. They do have a distinct biological advantage in a fight but they don't live long enough to perfect truly powerful and complex spells so their potential is very limited. It's all a delicate balance.

"Although Sette probably would not have tolerated this anyway" - because it's a waste of time or because she genuinely finds it upsetting?


Out of interest, would Duane have drawn out the fight with Ephsephin if Quigely hadn't intervened? You've mentioned that a lot of Duane's behavior, like all the sesquipedalian speeches are basically self-distractions. Would toying with Ephsephin count?

I don't think Duane would have drawn out the "fight," but he would have moved on to some light torture if Ephsephin decided not to tell him where the rest of the slavers are. Although Sette probably would not have tolerated this anyway, so it's a bit of a moot point.

Do the castes all age at the normal rate, regardless of how long their lifespan eventually is?

Nope, they age proportionally different and some of the castes age... in weird ways. Coppers get ruddier and ruddier the older they get, as though their blood is darkening and congealing and pooling under their skin. So instead of going grey, they go burgundy. Plats are the opposite and get more and more washed out. Their skin thins and cracks and bleeds at the seams and their hair and eyelashes go nearly translucent. It's kind of gross.

To the anon who asked about a song posted some time ago. Maybe it was Human Qualities by Explosions in the Sky? If not go listen to it anyway, it's a good song.

That could be.

...so Duane's rotting brain was still sort of functioning for a while?

-Sort of-

Why the mummy bandages? Wouldn’t Duane get himself some sort of bodysuit or special compression sleeves to hold everything in tight and smooth? If cleaning is an issue, then have a couple sets in that bottomless bag.

He does the best he can, anon, there aren't a lot of manuals around on this subject.

What does the wise one fear?


Do you thin you'd ever take a corporate-type creative job? Like getting to use your skills, but in a business/office/professional setting?

Sure, I've had that job. I worked for a cool company for a while designing toys and collectibles for Warner Bros., Disney, Mattel, and a few other licenses. It was nice, but it's all moved to China and California now. I had health insurance, a decent salary, a pretty spiffy Mac workstation and my coworkers were the best. My boss was an insane Chinese woman who seemed completely unaware of her own body and vocal chords in all social situations, but it was fun to have stories to tell about her audibly farting and belching during licensor conferences or about how she felt the need to let everyone know how fat they were, daily. I'd love to have a cushy creative office job again but they are very hard to come by, particularly in my neck of the woods.

Sorry, I had meant to ask how your ero-guro story was coming along before getting thrown off-track by the word "sisfist".

I... keep forgetting about it. I was hoping I'd reach a slow and boring point in Unsounded that would make me want to set it aside for a few weeks, but even the slow and boring points are fun to draw. *sisfist*

Can I take it from 'Yessss' that Duane did actually eat his own flesh? That is disgusting.


Did Duane try to eat his own flesh, at some point? I'm betting he did. Also, I'd love to see a decomposing, rotty-Duane. Don't hold back because you think something might be too gory. Keep your comic realistic; s'why I love it so much.

Ha, while YOU might love the gore, others might not. I must keep a balance ;) I think you will like chapter 7.

Murkoph as a churro.

Mm. Bueno.

Formspring really needs a search function. I just spent 30 minutes scrolling through, trying to find a song you linked to way back. What's worse: I don't know if I just passed it or if I have to dig deeper still. It was sort of Celtic-sounding.

I could not agree with you more, broseph. If formspring would get a search function and maybe pagination I think it would be a lot more functional and eventually much more popular.

Didn't you say Elka was pretty similar to you, personality-wise? Maybe you could have an Elka avatar, if you didn't feel like using Sette, Duane, or Murkoph.

Perhaps, perhaps.

Your mood often comes through in your writing, which I would say is an indication of a good writer. Have you ever been startled by something in the comic pre-posting because it was so strongly flavored by your state of mind when making it?

Weeeeell, I don't know that I would agree with your opinion. I would say a good writer should be able to write consistently from session to session and not be swayed by whatever they had for dinner. I really try to balance the mood of my stories, doling out time to antics and to angst in more or less equal measure. I can't think of anything I've done in Unsounded that was a caprice of emotion... and if anything like that did sneak in there I think I would manage to catch it and snuff it out before the scene went live :)

So what IS Murkoph all about then?

I reckon you'll have to wait to find out!

Aww, I really like Kingdom Hearts. It's all about, well, heart. Also, Disney crossover! It gets me teary-eyed at some point every time I play through it. But then I'm a rainbows-and-kittens girl, so perhaps that explains some of it. :)

I'm glad you have a game you really enjoy~

Are there only male plods? The entry in the Unsounded Wiki makes it sound like there are only male ones. Is it because, their original purpose was for warfare? But these days I'm sure there's also work, that could be done by female plods.

True enough, but there's a stigma against using female corpses as labour, so it's not done.

It's okay. You can have some of my soup. Children are exhausting but they are also love. And selfish egomaniacs. I bet you're an awesome auntie! :)

I think I'm a pretty acceptable aunt. My niece is four and already obsessed with the vidya so we played a lot of games today. Cave Story, Minecraft, some Kirby game on her DS and the like. My nephew is 1 and three quarters and is like some hyperactive puppy. All he wants to do is wrestle and bite. And I'm cool with that too. Also we watched Kung Fu Panda 2 which I'd seen and is awesome, and Megamind which I hadn't seen but is also pretty awesome. Dreamworks really has come into its own lately.

Thank you for your internet soup, it was delicious and filling :3

I just made cheddar-ale soup, super yummy. What did you have for dinner?

What my nephew didn't eat of his turkey sandwich. I've had kids the past few days so I haven't slept or ate much. They're in bed now and I'm just sitting here in a stupor. I'm scared to answer anything else in my inbox because I can feel the cranky bitchiness in me like a virus, and it will get all over my answers :3

Quigley the mayfly. XD

Maybe this should be his professional name.

Does Matty ever think about what will happen to him when his dad kicks the bucket?

Not as much as you might imagine. Matty's awfully fond of his dad. Thinking about life without him sucks.

Gladitorial plod pitfights?

It's not a bad idea, maybe for plods that are nearing the end of their usefulness. May as well go out with a bang before they start falling to bits. Remember that horrible movie AI where they'd gather up the junky and outdated androids and then destroy them in terrible ways in front of an audience? Something like that could be fun.

Stupid anon, it's spelled 'whoreison'!


On your deviantart page, you say someting like... 'I'm a smudged shadow on the horison." Yeah, you spelt horizon wrong. Don't reply to this, just fix it. Also, great comic.

Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.

Other undead? So why don't the plods all eat each other?

They would if they didn't have handlers to keep them in line. A plod is just as likely to attack and take a bite out of another plod as a human. This is something that's always bugged me in zombie movies. Why the hell don't the zombies just attack each other?

Is there any particular reason for Quigley liking bugs? I'd think it'd be because he sympathizes with them. He's cursed with a short lifespan, as are they. Maybe I'm just reading into it too much.

Ding-ding. If you want to insult a Plat, you call them proll (Tainish for insect), because their time is so brief they are like a bug to you. Quigley has hence fashioned most all of his spells in the shape of bugs, as a smack in the face to people he doesn't care for. Prepare to see a lot of bugs this chapter.

Will we see any of the previously mentioned terrible first year for Duane? I don’t really want to think about the decomp part, but the feelings and the crazy... I, I wanna sees it.

Well, the first year was all ABOUT the decomposition (and denial)... the idea of having to transition from reasoning out of the last vestiges of a rotting physical brain bullied into activity by pymary, to reasoning out of some deeper self. Every time I've tried to thumbnail pages for these kinds of flashbacks it's come out so disturbing and dark that I had to trash it. There was originally a flashback of this sort in chapter five but I wound up killing it because it was just so messed up. I think we will have to move into this material in degrees, but it is important and we will cover it.

If I'm correct, Murk and The Unsounded universe don't exist in the same continuity, right? Despite both being children of your beautifully twisted mind? ;)


>:( Then how is Murkoph not all rotty? Maybe he's a brand new zombie and driven insane, like Duane was? For some reason I assumed Murkoph has been a zombie longer than Duane.

Who's Murkoph? :3

It snowed here and I am very depressed. Snow can be pretty, but I don't like dealing with driving in it and stuff. Plus it's bloody cold. :C

I'm sorry :( Call in sick and stay home.

Wait, Duane -isn't- sustained by eating people? I thought that was still up in the air as to whether consumption of human sashimi would allow him to regenerate in some degree.

Naw, that would be silly.

So in old timey cartoons, when two characters are stranded on a desert island and one looks over and sees the other's face turn into a hamburger.................that's Duane constantly, with every living creature?

Yep. This is one reason he's often very cranky. The other reason is Sette.

What's up with Quigley & dragonflies?

Quigley likes bugs.

Does Duane want to eat humans more than other creatures, or is he equal opportunity?

Equal opportunity. Including other undead.

Duane is my favorite, but I also love Sette. Like Duane, Sette doesn’t seem to question the beliefs of the environment in which she was raised. Will that change?


How much do you charge to do commissions, if you agree to do one?

Mmm, email me with what you're looking for and I can give you a quote.

I want a T-shirt with some witty Unsounded saying on it. :D


Can what Quigley is saying there be translated, and if so will you tell us it?

It's just uninteresting spell coordinates. Pymary (and Quigleys gruftgramary) isn't beautiful rhyming poems or alliterative Latin phrases. It's just numbers, variables, and trigger words. The exception would be the firing phrases for pymarics, which can be damn near anything and some wrights make them into pretty poems.

People keep mentioning Sette's freak-out. Sette had a freak-out?

No more than usual, anon.

But sometimes you get weirdos, like our friend Glass. She never quite fit into society. She didn’t want to be trapped in a conventional life, useful only for reproduction, working in a traditional career, or a prostitute. She wanted more, thus Unsounded.

Sometimes I draw Starfish and I think he's kind of attractive. Should I kill myself now or later?

What are your favorite ways to waste time on the Internet? I'm stuck at home and I don't feel like doing anything productive.

DC++, Reddit, 4chan, Steam. If these all ceased to exist I could probably start up a second comic.

Was Lawrence a bronze? Or was he always a Sharteshanian? o-o

Oh, Karaii. You always ask the spoilers <3

Oh? Do you belch loud, long, and deep yourself Glass?

After chugging a big frosty can of Diet Coke you bet your ass! There is no greater satisfaction :|______|

Sette is certainly quite the tom boy. I'll bet she bealches, loudly & wetly, and breaks wind just the same, and is very proud of both, eh?

Don't we all?

Why are the Bronzes stigmatized?

Because they're the ultimate conclusion of inter-caste breeding. At Alderode's inception, there were no Bronze. But over thousands of years these muddy-headed people came about from the dalliances of the higher castes, until eventually the Bronze were a caste of their own. Bronze tend to be poor, they tend to be stereotyped as thieves, and they never seem to get a leg up in society. Soddin' brunettes, man.

Maybe... maybe outside of the Dammakhert plats would have a longer lifespan? Is that what led Quigley to exile, to find out? It might be too late to make a difference for him, but not to Matty.

Mm, maybe.

Baking tarts? Sette IS a tart!

Not in any sense of the word.

If Nary is the "Gaston Song" from Beauty and the Beast, Sette is "One Jump Ahead" from Aladdin. Makes me want to see "Unsounded: The Animated Musical". :-)

Yeah, I heard that song a lot in my head while I was drawing that chase scene in the city :D Sette would not have given her bread to the hungry kids at the end though. Moochin' buggers.

What's the average Crescian lifespan? To theirs vary as wildly as the Aldish?

Nope, everyone outside Alderode has a conventional human lifespan.


Ooooh, Duane's caste isn't hard to figure out if you do a little snooping. Your theory is intriguing.

You are likely to be eaten by a Grue. If this situation seems particularly cruel, consider whose fault it could be: not a torch or a match in your inventory.

*sobs* I need... I need a dining plate and a hair brush and a carton of orange juice so I can fashion a weapon.

But from what you said the plats do go through old age, just super early. Do people think of it like it's something else? (like, idk, the way victorians thought dying of lung disease was hawt)

Dat consumption iz soooo dreamy. Plats get old inside, so they do get lung disease and heart disease and kidney failure and cancers and tumors and all kinds of lovely old people ailments. Towards the very end they start looking like absolute shit. Quigley wouldn't have anyone know it but already he gets so frigging TIRED.

But yeah, this is a brief period of time and no one really counts it. Even wonderful Plats have to die -somehow-

Self-assuredness is for pussies. This is maybe harsh, but I like that you torture yourself. It keeps you searching, I think, and that keeps the brilliance a-flowing. I'm glad you take breaks from the self-loathing to remember there is joy in life, though.

I try.

Does that short life affect the Plats in terms of... Oh, I dunno. Ambition? I mean, the Greeks thought humanity was ambitious only because we're mortal. By that logic, Plats may want to accomplish as much as possible seeing as they only live so long.

Depends on the individual. Plats and Silvers (Silvers only live to 45-50) are stereotyped in Alderode as childish and short-sighted, and these are traits that are actively bred into them. Plat children are encouraged to live for the moment, to let the gods worry about tomorrow, and to spend their time being as beneficial to Alderode as they can be so that the great Dammakhert can go on forever and the Twins will always smile upon the elegant beauty that is the Aldish Cooperative.

This is enough for a lot of Plats. Their communities are subsidized by money from the churches and temples and so long as they continue to cooperate with Vits (the government) by sending out their young lads for training, the arrangement continues indefinitely. But sometimes you get weirdos, like our friend Quigley. He never fit into his community. He didn't want to be the ethereal white-haired child of the gods, useful only as a law-abiding wright, a pretty stage actor, or a prostitute. He wanted to do more, and you'll learn about some of this next chapter.

I find your Aldish caste system interesting. instead of a ladder, it's kind of side-ways hourglass shaped in terms of desirability (assuming being a Plat and having crazy Pymary skills is desirable).

Yes, but Plats aren't valued because of pymary. They're considered holy. They live so briefly because the gods love them and value them so much that they want to spare them the unpleasantness of terrestrial life and old age, and so swoop them out of the world at their prime. It's said that every word spoken to a Plat is heard by the Twins, and there's nothing a Plat can do that will anger the gods. Kind of a free pass at the cost of a short life.

"They and the Gold are considered the least desirable of the Aldish classes. " So for best social engineering they should marry the two together and hope their kids are a different class?

Naw, it doesn't work like that. The results of mixed caste reproduction are unpredictable, but within known bounds. Think of the castes as a spectrum, with the long-lived Copper on one end and the short-lived Plats on the other, and all other castes strewn between them and assigned orderly degrees of longevity. Reproduction within a caste will result in a baby of the same caste, but once you move outside of your caste, the Dammakhert will produce babies that are closer towards the midrange of the spectrum - namely the Bronze. So if a Copper and a Jet make whoopie, it's unpredictable whether or not they will make a Jet or a Bronze baby, but it will definitely be a baby that's moving closer towards the middle of the spectrum. Hence, if Gold and Bronze make babies, it will always be a Gold or Bronze baby, because they are already at the middle of the caste spectrum.

Gold are a special caste though because they're not, technically a caste at all. The Gold caste are the only people who are not subject to the special conditions of the Dammakhert. This isn't considered a good thing though which is why they get lumped with the Bronze.

Do the fans influence the direction the comic goes? Or how often a popular character is featured?

So far, no. The story really isn't set up for a whole lot of reader feedback, particularly since I keep such a big buffer. But there are some smaller issues in the future that I haven't resolved definitively yet, so I might look at what readers have said when I decide on it. But yeah, certain characters' fates are sealed regardless of how popular they may or may not be. Nature of the story, ya know.

I read your comic because it manages to be Entertaining while juggling deep themes, symbolism, and flowery prose. And it has awesome characters. There is meat in this thing! It is English-major fodder in a super accessible format, and I am all over that.

I request a deep analysis of the first four chapters, please. Have it on my desk tomorrow :3

Does Sette have any girly hobbies or is she a total tomboy?

What girly hobbies would she have, exactly? No one in her station has the luxury of free time for flipping through fashion magazines or baking tarts.

Settes accent sounded familiar...are you familiar with the nautical missadventures of jacky faber? (also known as bloody jack I guess...)

I am not! But I read the wiki page and these books sound fun.

Silly Glass, the correct answer is obviously Attack Iroh. He has tea.

But I like coffee D: Iroh should have lost some weight, dressed up in black, strewn some indy band demo CDs around, and opened a coffee shop.

Leaves from the vine Falling so slow Like fragile tiny shells Drifting in the foam Little soldier boy, come marching home Brave soldier boy, comes marching home~

Iroh was many things. But he was never Pavarotti.

Pleeaaase tell me there is a Famous Battle-Wright Duane Adelier wind-up toy in Matty's collection.

Alas, no. But perhaps one day Matty will customize one of his doubles into a Duane toy. All he'd really need to do is find a grey handkerchief and wrap it around the figure like a hood and cloak.

Would Ephsephin kill somebody in front of his hat if he could possibly help it?

No, that would be ungentlemanly. It is a girl hat after all.

Could someone apply a glue or stickiness aspect to Chitz, so that it takes a bit more to dislodge?

Someone could indeed. If the need arises, that may happen.

Who would win in a fight between Matty's hat and Ephsephin's hat?

Matty's hat. Uaid really likes that hat.

How dumb does Quigley think Matty is?

Matty is very happily dumb when it comes to some things. He knows his dad has done some really wretched shit in the name of money, survival, or outright vengeance, but what's he going to do about it? It's better for both of them if Matty just tunes certain things out.

Chitz' butt should have velcro.

Maybe buttons?

I read the comic because of pages like 5.11, panels 2 and 3 especially. I love it when Duane and Sette get along, and I'm pretty sure I could read 100 books of just that. And how could you eat pies if you were just two hands, two eyes and a spinal cord?

In the name of pie, miracles can happen. Thanks for reading my comic, man. I'll try to make Sette and Duane get along more but sometimes they just hate each other -so much-

Jamieson Price also voiced the Count in Gankutsuou. Again, hnngh. < 3

Enh, I don't watch dubs *hipster*

OFFICIAL UNSOUNDED WAIFU POWER RANKINGS: 1) Matty's mom, 2) Elka, 3) Milk maid that Duane saved that one time, 4) Sette, .......... 9001) Fat Yerta

Pretty sad line-up. I feel bad for the straight guys. I hope you like Annadyne and Knock-me-down in chapter 6 D:

I want to buy a physical copy of Unsounded. It is easily one of the best webcomics today.

Thank you! I wanna be a good webcomic and not a mediocre print comic :3

How do they handle the bronzes? Do they hope they'll die off over time?

No, no, they're legitimate Aldishmen. There's no "handling" them. They just get the lowest spot on the totem pole.

How would you have changed the third season of Avatar? Would you have still kept Aang from killing Ozai? How would you do so if under the dictate from corporate that the 12 y.o. hero can't kill the villain in a kids show (a very likely scenario)?

Like I said, I had no problem with Aang not killing Ozai. My problem was with the abruptness and ham-handedness of the turtle-lion and spirit-bending. They should have nixed one of the lamer episodes of the season and done a story that focused around the idea of spirit-bending or lion-turtles so they were an established thing. It's Writing 101.

But Aang not killing Ozai? Of course the kid-hero wasn't going to kill the villain. That's standard cartoon practise.

How do you think that the world of Unsounded will develop technologically? Will the applications of pymary continue to improve, producing better transport, communications, hygiene, etc.? Will mundane tech grow, or does the presence of pymary stunt it?

I think there's a lot more future in the development of pymary and that's probably where society will head. There's a lot of early work now being done with teleportation, and as you might imagine, if they can get that off the ground things will explode. There's research being done in how to access and manipulate Law, those parts of the khert that effect how matter and Aspects interact. If they crack this you might see the schools of pymary branch out into actual manipulation of time, life, and death; if gravity can be overcome you might see space travel, deep sea exploration. If they come to understand the khert better I could see pymaric computers being built right into it with First Material interface consoles. If better methods are developed for recycling First Materials that could cheapen them and allow for more creative artifice.

There are challenges to overcome though. There's a deadly sickness in the west that's killing a lot of people. There is endless war between Cresce and Alderode. There's the challenges with pymary over open water which effects shipping and exploration...

Fun stuff to think about.

I’m really curious about the kind of social discrepancies Kasslyne has to offer. For instance, is homosexuality frowned upon? Abortion? Atheism? Racism? Is there anything that is totally and completely unacceptable by the majority of the continent?

We've covered these topics on here before, but I can give you the abridged version. Homosexuality is frowned upon most places as a distraction and a frivolous waste of time, except in Cresce where no one really cares. Ending pregnancies is a matter between ladies and their midwives and no one troubles themselves with it. Atheism doesn't really exist, as religion and culture in these countries are so inextricably intertwined. Racism is considered the domain of the four year old, as there are much more mature and sophisticated reasons to hate people. Totally and completely unacceptable by everyone is abuse of pymary and the khert as it puts so many in danger.

Hmm. I always pictured you sounding like Mr. T.

Before I've had my coffee... sometimes.

Though I have trouble imagining it, I would cream my pants if Duane was voiced by Jamieson Price. Hnngh. /melts

The Colonel in Akira, eh? Hrm.

That's pretty eerie! All Children of the Damned-style, everyone alike but you. What's caste-to-caste attitude like in backwaters like that? Will everybody be glaring at you if you're a different caste traveler?

Nah, the Aldish get along pretty well - remember, they call themselves a Cooperative. The most you'll get is a little suspicion if you hang around too long, since no one wants you wooing the young people away. There's a scene in my Morningmont novel where a Copper vliegeng-handler comes to visit a country slavery operation made up almost entirely of Jet, and it's quite an exciting to-do, with lots of food and music and exchanging of news and stories.

If you lose your hair due to your skin sloughing off, you save on both combs and sunscreen. Win-win!

Good philosophy. See good in bad, I like.

Re: Bastion. Wow! At what age? Puberty or after?

In Bastion's case, he was twenty-two.

Uh, is Bastion a eunuch?

All Black Tongues have to give up their balls. It's a thing.

As Unsounded grows in popularity, it's kinda inevitable that people will begin RPing it. /coughLJcommunitycough Anyway, do you find this surreal? Your once RP characters being used in RP... by others?

Man, the idea is absolutely surreal. Anyone who RPs a lot will get this, but after a certain amount of play you come to know your character's "voice" completely. So when you read someone else trying to write them it's like this whole uncanny valley deal: it almost seems like them but it's off. They use words you know they wouldn't use or fail to frame their sentences in the proper tempo or use totally inappropriate slang. It's scary!

My best friend sometimes uses my characters in side-stories from RP-verse, and she's a fantastic writer but even she will never be able to do the voices in a way that doesn't make me want to claw my own eyes out and masticate them viciously.

I'm presuming Duane's lungs and throat muscles have long since rotted away, so how does he talk? Is that also pymary?

Ha, I think I get this question once a month :3 In summation: mostly pymary. In detail: Duane built himself new lungs out of pig bladders (I got this idea from one of the Little House books) and a tongue, throat and vocal chords of molded leather, then assigned the necessary Aspects to each so they'd function in tandem with his plod enchantments. He was mute for a long time before he got it all to work. It was torture. He likes to talk so much ;_;

There's nothing wrong, or poor, about being a Baldy McBald. ;P

You might change your mind if you were bald because your scalp had come off D:

Do either the Crescian or Alderode(ian) practice circumcison?

"Aldish" would be the word you're looking for. And nope.

How many questions are in your inbox right now? Besides... this one.

Twenty-one! Some are really old and I keep meaning to answer them with drawings but, ya know, time.

Ah, I see. I was more asking because of the "A Familiar Boo" submission in your dA gallery. Was just speculating on whether that might turn out to be canon or not ;P Glad he's aware of the explosive potential of his ward though, always handy to know!

Ah, no, that illustration is definitely RP-verse :)

Does Tegami Batchi get better after the first volume? In what ways? I read it a while ago and wasn't too impressed, then saw you recommended it a little after I had finished reading it.

The story doesn't improve, no. It's dubiously conceived melodramatic shounen nonsense in a silly world with silly engrishy names. But dat art. I really only read it for the art. And when I say art I don't necessarily mean the design because the character designs are boring, the backgrounds are terribly generic, and Steak is outright stupid looking. God, and the moe loli perversion factor is strong with Niche. But it's got really good action and really hot male characters and really cute kid characters. That's enough for me when I just want some light-hearted trash manga to read, but I could definitely understand it being insufficient for others.

I'll keep this vague, in the hope of avoiding spoilers for others, but I've just noticed something. In Unsounded, I know Boo was on Sette a lot at the end of chapter 4, but did Duane ever actually -notice- him there?

He did. He also noticed it's out of gossamer and hence no longer a concern. He wouldn't have left Sette in possession of something that powerful.

So what do Aldish people do to kind of individualise themselves or 'mark themselves out' in the manner of hair dye or whatever?

Well, glancing over at some of my Aldish character designs, we have plenty of different outfits, hairstyles, piercings, Johfrit has a full-face tattoo... they seem to get along pretty well without dying their hair :)

Did someone just use the word sesquipedalian? Jeebus. You need a dictionary to navigate this comic and formspring. ;)

English is an amazing language. Make use of the whole of it :D

Do people dye their hair anyway?

Not really, no. It's not fashionable and it's no good way to hide your caste since your skintone and eye colour and something else you shouldn't ask me about right now will give you away anyway.

Thanks! For a question, is hair dye popular in Alderode?

No way! Dying or shaving your hair is like, taboo. It's like a white person in our world wearing blackface.

Does Duane even have any hair left though.

Not a strand. Poor Baldy McBald.

Well, that narrows it down, right? Duane must be a Gold, Bronze or Silver? And he probably isn't a Bronze. Am I close?

I don't wanna spoil all of formspring but anyone who wants to know just go on my dA and look for some old art of him without the hood. Hair colour matches caste and his hair colour hasn't changed from RP to comic.

Not a fan of Kingdom Hearts, I take it?

The gameplay is at times mildly amusing but Tetris has a deeper storyline.

Personally, if your formspring pic ever changes from Murk I think my attention span will drop. Just something about that picture...

I do need something new though. It can still be Murk. Ideas?

"Elka is above average but she's no scary-good wright prodigy. Comparing her to Duane and Quigley who have biological advantages" - RACISM.

Oh, hush.

You should have a page where Quigley attacks Duane with a huge pymaric dragonfly. Then Duane dispels it and says "Looks like your fly's undone!" And then Quigley says "It's cheaper than the air conditioning" and blasts Duane with an ice spell. YEEEAAAHHH!

That is some nice banter, anon :3

The Lady Gaga, Queen of Smoking-Too-Much-While-Writing-Lyrics, and Mystical Creatrix of Dancer People, once concluded that there must be evil to protect good. As a similar Mystical Creatrix, do you concur or disavow?

I like Lady Gaga's music a lot, but that sounds like some fluffy Kingdom Hearts bullshit.

Is Quigley religious? He doesn't seem the type, but then again neither does Sette... If so, what religion?

Quigley was Gefendur at one point and so was Matty, but after Things Happened, Quigley burned their Gefendur trappings and said it was all bullshit. So these days he rejects all of it.

Do you think when Murkoph shows up he'll outrank Duane as the comic favorite? Why? And... how does that idea make you feel?

I... don't think he will. I suspect a lot of people think they know what Murkoph's all about, but he is not all that cut and dry.

Is Elka like, the shittest of wrights? I noticed she had to have hand contact with the dog and her throat when she stole that voice, and I presume that's babbymode for wrighting.

Elka is above average but she's no scary-good wright prodigy. Comparing her to Duane and Quigley who have biological advantages seems unfair.

As for touching stuff when casting, remember that there are no absolute coordinates when moving Aspects around - in most instances, measurements are made relative to the khert connection points in your hands. So she could have kept her hand where it was and said okay, now assign all that dog's voice's volume to the voicebox at x,y,z from my right hand - or she could just touch her throat and save herself a few numbers. The latter was faster and easier so I'm not sure it reflects all that poorly on her.

No shrunkenone, not correct. Murk shows up maybe in Ch 7, big carnage chapter. Glass just likes to play with the poor sweet anon who is depressed because she has to drive in the freezing cold and snow. T_T

I'm so sorry T__T

Could Duane chew on his own flesh (at least, back when he had more of it)?


I think, in movies, they have like a 'life sense', ableto detect life, rather than unlife, and see that as a food source. Which is why, sadly, Shaun's plan in Shaun of the dead wouldn't be able to work.

I dunno, man, I don't really buy this explanation. Why would they suddenly have this ability to faultlessly distinguish zombies from living people? Even when the zombie's only been dead a short time? And what is it about eating a zombie that would be any worse for them than eating living flesh? It's not like they're going to die of food poisoning. I think it's just a big smelly plot hole.

So night's coming, a hulking bad guy's bleeding from the face, birds tried to fly away with some chunks after he got blown up off a cliff, and now a Plat is slinging bug-spells at him, the decomposing zombie. It's definitely Friday the 13th for D-man.

I dunno, it looks like he's having a good time :3

In your FAQ section, you say yes to Murkoph being in the comic. ;3 Your move, dear Ash.


It looks like Duane is down to just bones in his torso. Why doesn't he bother to rig up some padding or braces down there?

He has bandages stuffed in there and wrapped around, but I think all the falling and jumping and punching and kneeing has knocked them down into his pelvis.



How -do- plod-handlers command and rein their charges? Pymaric alteration of their perceptions and/or thoughts (to whatever degree that they have thoughts)?

Plods run on a core set of directives that fools the khert into thinking they're living organisms, and the khert in turn provides the basest impulses of life. This gets them moving but without a handler's more precise directions, a plod will default to attacking and consuming. What the handler can do, though, is tap into functions isolated for him in the khert, and turn his workforce towards more useful actions than attacking each other.

Handlers really don't have to be all that talented. They're not like studious necromancers with bloodshot eyes who've sounded the depths of the nether and arisen with terrible secrets - they're just licensed wrights casting spells others have written and plugging in variables and accessing functions.

When's the last time you drew Sette without any clothes on? Upcoming chapter, or a model sheet?

Like, totally in the buff? I think... for a model sheet someone commissioned last year.

Hey Ash, bro! Can I get a brofist fist bump, bro?

I can offer a sisfist.

Oh oh oohhh! Is Duane licking Ephsephin's blood because the sun is setting and he's losing his shit?

The time of day is definitely not helping.

How does Duane's voice sound with the whole undead thing going on? Exactly as when he was alive or a bit different in one way or the other?

Definitely different. More hollow, less rich, lighter in pitch, occasionally raspy on dry days.

Mmmm~ I love it when Duane starts to slip up and lose control. His glamour was starting to come undone when he tasted Eph's blood. I like seeing his zombie face. Did he break Eph's cheekbone with that super-zombie-strength punch?

Nah, I think his knuckles planed right off the slippery, broken-skin surface.

Though I'm not a fan of Ephsephin as a person, I've gotta admit that I feel a little bad for him what with everyone whaling on that same injury. Atleast give the other side of his face some attention people! :P

I say.

Duane isn't sustained by eating people. We've covered that. Yet he still seems to find some sort of satisfaction by putting it on his tongue. Can he taste, or is it more weird zombie impulses going on?

He has a constant instinct to jump on living, moving things and consume them. He's not consciously sucking on his finger there, his self-control just slipped. If he had a third person perspective on himself he'd be horrified.

So does the Bronze caste originate as a result of interbreeding?


I admit his eyes are pretty in that shot. Does he pluck his eyebrows?

I don't think so. 'Tis a natural beauty.

How did Matty convince Quigley to come help Sette? (I assume Matty wants to help her.)

There wasn't any convincing required. Ephsephin is a dumbass, but he's still part of Starfish's gang, and Quigley is being paid big money to get them all to their destination intact. Matty said something was going on with Ephsephin, and Quigley scooted to investigate.

Does.........does this mean we can expect more sexy shirtless Starfish pics?!? :3

It seems inevitable :(

I knew you were a chubby chaser.


If someone suddenly kissed Duane, how tempted would he be to literally eat their face off?

I think it would very much depend on who did the kissing.

W-what? I'm so confused. Duane was tasting Ephsephin's blood? I just, I don't understand... Duane actually does eat people? I mean, I guess, but I thought... WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!?! D: D: D:

Duane would never actually eat a human being while in control of his faculties. If his self-control was that poor he'd never have lasted this long. It's all good.

Has Sette seen Duane do this sort of thing before? Doesn't it shock her on at least some level?

I guess you'll have to wait for the next page to see her reaction :)

Is Sette's freak-out related to Duane licking the blood on his fingers?

Naw. She lives for him actually doing badass undead stuff like that. DEVOUR ALL THE BAD GUYS, ATTACK ZOMBIE! ABSORB THEIR SOOOOOOULS.

I dunno, I think Starfish is pretty hot too. If I were... 20 years younger, I'd make a pass at him!


You may have Starfish's pointy nose. I would like to bite alive-Duane's bottom lip, very slowly. I'm blonde, a professional opera singer, and I have a great rack. Would Duane have let me do this, even if we'd just met?

Are you really a professional opera singer? You know, Duane's not the only opera fan around here. May -I- bite -your- lower lip?

Starfish must smell terrible GlassShard. Just awful, like sweat and week-old sausage grease. (Unless in your creatorly wisdom you've decided otherwise, but looking at him I can't think so).

Yeah, I guess you're right. Also he rapes and murders children, but that road smell is a real deal-breaker.

Well... I mean... Glass, he's Starfish. For godsakes.Take a walk, get some fresh air. You create your worlds in vivid chiaroscuro, dark-darks and light-lights. That means Starfishes are gonna creep in, but does that undermine the beauty in Unsounded?

It would be fun to bite his pointy nose, anon.

You've awakened in a darkened room. There is a table with a 3X5 INDEX CARD on it. Exit to the SOUTH. Input action:


I'm supposed to be writing short story but I feel bland and devoid of inspiration. Could you impart any writing words of wisdom oh mighty wordsmith???

Lack of inspiration is the worst. If you're allowed to write about anything, write about something that interests you. Do some research for it first and maybe that will wake up the old muse.

I can't wait for the next hiatus so we can ask Duane questions on formspring again :P


Can you break down which of the castes are long-lived again? I think I remember something about Coppers... and Jets?

The comic itself will explain the castes in better detail when the story requires it. But it goes Copper, Jet, Bronze, Gold, Silver, Platinum. Coppers can live up to four centuries. Jets usually tap out at 250. Bronze fluctuate wildly, anywhere from an average human lifespan to 200. They and the Gold are considered the least desirable of the Aldish classes.

Has Sette ever suggested Duane should file down his teeth so he can eat people better?

Naw. Duane asked her about her teeth once and she told him to piss off as it's none of his affair, so it's not a subject that either of them has brought up since.

Bastion seemed to imply Duane is so talented as a wright as to be well known. Is this a fair assessment?

I don't believe Bastion said anything at all about Duane's abilities as a wright. Sette's dad did, but I don't find him a reliable source of information, personally.

Do you ever miss roleplay?

Every day.

We all have moments of self pity. What's the most pitiful, self-indulgent (or self-torturous) thing Duane has done so far?

He's tried to rip himself to pieces a few times. One day he slowly burned off his entire right arm. It's ultimately silly though because he just has to mend the damage the next day.

Are Matty's toys all legendary, ancient wrights of great caliber, or just the current Composers and the like?

Aww, you remember the Composers <3 Maybe one day Matty will bring out his collection and introduce you to everyone. Wait 'til you see his wind-up vliegeng that flies and spits water, it is sooper cool.

When Duane got socked in the jaw I facepalmed. When I looked back at the page and saw Sette facepalming, that just made my day. Do not fret, dear Glass—your comic will never disappoint me, and I'm sure there are others who agree. You will always be loved.


Will there be any epic forbidden zombie romance between Duane and a significant other in the future?


Eating Matty's eyeballs is redundant. Maybe Duane should go for the ears?

His eyeballs may not work but I bet it would still hurt to have them ripped out of his head and sloppily devoured by a slavering corpse. Ears are good too but all that cartilage. Very chewy.

Hey Ash, I'm trying to get more awesome music to listen to. What's some of your favs?

Ooooh, let's see what albums are on my playlist at the moment...

Explosions in the Sky - Take Care, Take Care, Take Care
Florence + the Machine - Ceremonials
Portal 2 OST
Ed Harrison - Neotokyo
Zola Jesus - Conatus
Lumines Winter Remixes
009 Sound System
Dusty Kid - Beyond That Hill
The Flash Bulb - Arboreal
Legend of Legaia OST
The Fountain OST
Foster the People - Torches

Every time I listen to Falcon on the Dive from The Scarlet Pimpernel, it reminds me of Duane... Granted, I don't see Duane organizing a manhunt, but still!

Good song!

So Chitz *isn't* glued to Matty's shoulder? I guess he really does have perfect posture, then.

I've been thinking about constructing my own little Chitz just to see how hard it would be to move around with him balanced on my shoulder. For science, you see. Alternately I guess I could just try it with a bag of rice.

Now I can't help but think of gruftgammers firebending >:D

I could almost see a crossover working. Sokka and Sette would be bros.

Does Matty's dad intend to get him better eyes at some point, or does he figure the echolocation's good enough?

Perhaps Quigley is so obsessed with making money for a reason ;) Or perhaps he just wants new chrome and rims for Uaid... but he could be saving up for something else!

Does Matty have a collection of "famous wright" trading cards? (Not that he'd be able to look at them.)

No, but he has wind-up tin toy action figures. I shit you not.

Is Sette's freak-out going to be related to her allergies?

Haha, no.

Would Quigley kill someone in front of Matty if he could possibly help it?

1) Jostle Matty - perhaps with a fatherly punch to the arm - so Chitz falls off his shoulder. Wait for him to drop and look for it.
2) Explode undesirable's head.
3) ???
4) Profit!

Why do we like your comic? Well... have you seen Carrie? No? Good, good.

I will crucify you with kitchen utensils, anon, I am exactly that insane.

Which would you rather have, an Attack Zombie like Duane, or an Attack Iroh?

Woooow, that's difficult.

I think... Iroh is just too perfect. He's too perfectly forgiving and too perfectly kind and too perfectly wise. When you disappoint Iroh, you feel like absolute shit, forever. Attack Iroh doesn't even have to say anything when you've let him down, he just gives you that Look, or hums a few bars from his My Son Is Deeeeead song.

Iroh has completed his journey, learned all that stuff you're still learning, and is there with all the answers only it's your own stupid fault that you're too stupid to listen to him. Iroh is completed, wise, and perfect.

On the other hand, Duane has a hundred-and-one flaws. He's on his journey still. He's not there to give you the answers or even to fight all your battles for you. With Duane, you gotta teach him just as much as he teaches you.

So I think I pick Duane. I want someone to learn alongside and not just learn from.

I have possibly interpreted your question incorrectly but I got sweet potato fries, I don't even care :3

If wrights take mostly supporting roles in battle, do they really see much fighting?

The old maxim is "The keener the wright, the blunter the blade." The aim, generally, is to keep fieldwrights insulated from the fray for three probably obvious reasons: one, wrights are expensive. They take time and money to train and, for the Aldish, plats and silvers are the best castes for wrights and are a finite resource. Let's not get them stabbed. Two, so wrights have the opportunity to concentrate on their support spellwork without the distraction of the other side taking shots at them. And three, because wrights, like wizards, often don't counter physical attacks well, so you want to keep them out of the range of the fighters. It takes time to become an awesome wright - time you don't get to dedicate to becoming an awesome warrior. I think anyone who RPs or even plays RPGs gets this class trade-off and generally understands why it exists, so I don't need to lecture.

Hotshot Duane is a unique breed, and one reason he became so insistent on wrights learning physical combat was from his time in the military and seeing how fieldwright units would be infiltrated by enemy forces and fucking slaughtered. "Dual-classing" doesn't seem like a novel concept, I'm sure, but among the Academies it is considered downright CHURLISH for wrights to study anything beyond pymary and supportive intellectual pursuits. Will you be an adequate wright and an adequate warrior or will you be a superior wright? To the mediocre man no glory is afforded.

With that said, these are only the current general guidelines in Aldish and Crescian infantry battalions. There are specialist companies, like the Aldish Order of Chinoll (founded by a Black Tongue gruftgrammer who was later cut into pieces and fed to crows), that chuck convention out the window and are always marrying combat with pymary in new ways. War is like a box of chocolates, anon!

The engaging script. The astounding art. The impeccable worldbuilding. The eloquent wordplay so rarely seen within the webcomic form. The -true- use of the full potential of the online medium. The kickass action scenes. Because it has zombies. Fin.


I guess he must have his reasons, but not teaching the kid pimary seems like criminal negligence considering he'll be leaving him an orphan relatively soon. Then again there's Uaid, not a bad legacy...


Would Duane kill someone in front of Sette if he could possibly help it?

Oh, he seemed ready to kill that poor guard in front of her back in the last chapter.

Arg, I was kidding earlier about you looking like Murk! Now that poor anon has been warped, I fear. Anyway, people seem pretty thrilled with Duane’s return, does the enthusiastic response feel good? I really loved those pages myself! :)

Thank you :)

Mostly I'm now terrified the rest of the chapter will be a disappointment. This is how my brain works.

Does Matty's blindness make it impossible for him to ever learn pymary? Or would it be conceivably possible for him to perform spells that were physically felt, rather than visually.

No, blindness is no impediment because pymary - depending on one's means - can pretty effectively cure it with pymarics. Matty only has Chitz because that's the best his father can afford, but Duane, who should also be blind, has wonderful glass eyes that work nearly as good as fleshly ones, and we all know he's super badass wright-man.

How do kids (or parents) find out that they (or their child) are (is) a tacit caster?

The most common way is when one is rited and has their ability to work pymary kickstarted. Then it's as simple as realising: "Oh, the khert can read my thoughts and I don't have to actually say these Tainish words aloud. Coolness." There is one other way to find out, but Duane will explain this in a charming story later on.

So if Matty was Rited, he could be a pretty good wright? And yet he isn't, despite being past the normal age. Did Mathis not want him to become a wright, I wonder?

Quite so - http://www.casualvillain.com/Unsounded/comic/ch04/ch04_29.html - Quigley won't rite him and won't teach him.

Haha, so Duane is an elite galit?

Meetin' the street with both feet.

Hrm...I love seeing Duane's expressions when he's riled up, but you'd think he wouldn't have that much mobility with his face. Does the glamour accentuate his expressions at all?

I have to plead artistic license on this one. I'm sure Duane's expressions are in reality much more samey than I draw them.

Do wrights get to choose their own spell colors, or is it something you're born with? Are there any theories regarding the connection between spell color and personality type, like there are between personality and blood type or birth date in our world?

Haha, no, it's entirely personal preference. If you think of spells like programs that accept customizable variables, they almost all have slots where you input the appearance of whatever you're conjuring. Duane usually chooses a particular shade of acid green because it's representative of the Ssaelit faith... except when he gets good and pissed off and then he picks red because fuck his enemies, that's why!

I had it in my head that Quigley was actually more sociable than Duane. He seems to have broken away from "Aldish uber alles" mindset that Duane has, and actually interacts with other people. So far, Duane has only been nice to Sette and the milkmaids.

Hrmmmm. Quigley and Duane are like the opposite sides of the same coin, I suppose. Quigley loathes Alderode every bit as much as Duane reveres it, and these polarized opinions shape how they treat everyone they come into contact with. Because Quigley's made a religion out of hating his homeland, he knee-jerkingly puts Cresce on a pedestal and enjoys the people and enjoys living there. And he's fairly sociable in his stilted, angry way.

Duane of course loves to talk and tell stories and seems like he'd be pretty friendly... so long as you fall within the narrow spectrum of people that he finds acceptable.

I suppose in conclusion they are both assholes but in their own charming ways.

Wait, what is this about Matty seeing, now? I thought he was totally blind?

He is indeed totally blind. If I refer to him seeing something I mean he's seeing it with the aid of his little beanbag shoulder friend Chitz.

Does listening to John Denver make you Rocky Mountain High? :D

Not even one of his best songs, man. This one's my favourite, has been since I was like, twelve.

Is that icon really u? I don’t understand I thought u were a girl?

I'm afraid you were mistaken. I am also a pleasing shade of blue-grey and have fangs.

Ooooh. So that's why Quigs was so interested in Sette's wright companion in the first place, because Matty already told him about the attack zombie?

Because wrights are like superheroes - unless you can see a body, he's probably not really dead.

Are the VFX for the newest pages red for a reason? Maybe Duane just chooses red when he’s really peeved?

That's exactly it. When Duane's more cool and collected his pymary's usually green.

So basically in page 8 Duane is hiding behind Sette's speech bubble halfway up the cliff

Or he's off-screen chasing down a bird or he's climbing up the cliff at a different spot. It's often my prerogative to visually misdirect you, dear reader.

How often do you tweak things when you check over a page before setting it live? (Not sure I used the correct term there.)

Almost every page gets tweaked before I post it. It's helpful to finish a page, put it aside, then get the chance to look at it with fresh eyes four months later before posting it. All the weird errors (hopefully) stick out. Ephsephin's sleeves got switched around a few times in this scene and I've had the chance to fix that, if nothing else. A pox on asymmetrical characters.

Do you like the animes? Are you favored by the animes? Am I straying from garbled Japanese into garbled Latin?

I like anime that doesn't suck. Which severely limits my options these days. Anime has devolved to nothing but lolis.

Is Duane always so articulate when on the edge of horrible violence?

Frequently. It's what he does.

(Re: the "duoane / duane" pronunciation: not that it matters, given the fantasy setting! It can be pronounced however the Aldish want. I was just tickled to think of Duane being a customs checkpoint)

I think Duane is terribly accustomed to people pronouncing his name wrong. Dwayne Adaleer everywhere D:

Was Duane climbing all the way up the cliff before he saw Eph? So when Quigley talks about "reversing his momentum", does that mean Duane let go and briefly fell before leaping up for the jump-knee to the face? Why not just fly all the way up?

Well, Duane can't fly. Duane has a few tricks to get off the ground for short bursts, but he cannot fly. For the momentum trick he needed to climb high enough up the cliff so that when he let go he'd have force enough to reverse to reach the top (and then some, so he could give Eph a knee to the jaw). An alternate floaty option you've seen him use is to assign the weight and buoyancy of a cloud to a rock or plot of earth, but there was nothing suitable down there, so he had to climb.

What music do you listen to while creating the comic? Any soundtracks out there that you feel fit it? (Ex. I had 'Museum Bust' from Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception playing during the massive chase scene in Chapter 4 and it was good fun)

I listen to everything and anything, or have movies or shows or podcasts on. Last night I think I just did repeats of the Frozen Synapse soundtrack (GREAT music) and Dusty Kid's "Beyond That Hill." Oh, and I randomly watched two episodes of Jekyll on Netflix but I can't recommend it, it's kind of lame.

You mentioned earlier that Chitz uses a form of echolocation to "read" the aspects of objects and construct an image from that. Does this give him any kind of indication that there's something off about Duane?

That's up to Matty to interpret. Chitz only deals with mass-related Aspects, so he just sends out a contour reading.

Who'd win in a fist fight between Duane and Quigley? Oh and they're on a boat so no magic.

Oh, Duane would win in an all-out melee match. He wouldn't even break a sweat. Duane is dual-class but Quigley is a straight-out mage and kind of physically weak and sickly.

Might the bird part be perhaps a tiny nod to Portal 2?

Naw. I wrote this script long before Portal 2 came out. It's more a nod to seagulls who'd always attack me and my kiddie charges at the beach and take our Cheetos.

You could never be hideous to me, beloved lady. I love looking at your teeth and your wide red eyes and your scruffy goatee. I shall sing for you the songs you love. *Sits* “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy/Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry..."

A-a-alright. <3
You've only been to one concert? Ever? How did that one concert turn out to be John Denver? Were muppets involved?

Well, I was pretty young (would have to be since Denver's been dead a while) and I ah, went with my mom. It was one of those small venue concerts and he was at a piano most of the time. I remember it being all around awesome. The guy had a great voice.

Otherwise I'm not a concert person. They're expensive and crazy and require the having of touchable friends with a similar taste in music, something I've never had :3

Pink Floyd eh? What about Uriah Heep or Queen?

Queen is good! I dunno Uriah Heep. The name makes me think of urine-soaked mounds of ick.

Any deets on Iori? Is she Ethelmikkian?

Yep, she lives in Ethelmik.

Can Plats only breed with Plats? That is, I know they're a controlled caste - but say, if a Plat wanted to breed with a Jet, would that produce viable offspring?

It would. All the castes can physically interbreed and produce lovely children. Quigley and Elka could theoretically make beautiful bebes together.

What was Quigley's wife like? Has this ever been formally addressed-- I assume he's a widower?

You'll find out about Mrs. Quigley next chapter.

Yes I did the other one. :( I do strange things sometimes, late at night when I can’t sleep. I love Mr. Elvis, but do not know this pink man named ‘Floyd’ you speak of. The YouTubes revealed him to be perhaps a crazy man. Perhaps we share <3 for Led Zep?

Alas, Led Zep I don't know too much about other than the songs everyone knows. Do you want to know one of my dark secrets? I am kind of a music nerd. I like to pretend that when I listen to the "classics" it's really all Pink Floyd and Tom Petty, but more often than not it's... John Denver's remastered oeuvre. I like John Denver, dark and fearsome Ice Mistress. In fact, the only concert I've ever been to was a John Denver concert.

...don't look at me, I'm hideous.

So, then how did Quigley get married if he isn't really into anyone, not to mention if he didn't fit in, getting his caste's approval? My apologies if this is too spoilery. :3

Quigley's love life is not an earth-shattering spoiler, but I think I'll leave it to the comic to one day talk about :)

I have but one question, Ashley: Why must you be so awesome? :3 I love the newest pages.

Aww, thanks, man.

OMG OMG OMG!!!!! First, YAY! Second, can Matty see Duane's zombie-ness? Third, this is where things really start to get explosive, right? Fourth, I know you aren't going to answer any of these but I HAVE TO TYPE THEM. Fifth, I love you. <3 <3 <3

Ack, calm down, I'm terrified the rest of the chapter will disappoint! D: D: D: But Duane's still got a hood on, Matty really can't get a good enough read of his whole face to ascertain how much something is wrong with it. He doesn't really need to though, Sette already bragged back in town that she has an attack zombie.

Did Sette not see or hear the Quigleys? She can't smell them either? Maybe her nose has too much blud in it at the moment. Ah well, I'm very happy that guy is back, I do like him quite a bit!

Mm, no, she knows they're there. Their eyes were included in the ocular feast she suggested to Duane. Whether the bloodthirsty zombie gives her a chance to point out to him they're off in the wings before he starts swinging is something else entirely.

If there were an Unsounded game, there should be a mini-game where you have to hunt for Duane's missing pieces.

Would go something like that bit in Empire Strikes Back where Chewie is running around with Threepio in pieces strapped to his back, berating him the entire time.

We all wanna see Duane vs. The Bird, please! :D

Oh, that tale would have doubled the length of the chapter! The internet would have run out of pixels.

What part of Duane was the horrid bird trying to escape with?

That was intentionally left up to the imagination ;3

Yadda yadda yadda. The zombie's back and me and everyone luffs him and he is glorious awesomeness. Meanwhile there's a poor little hat laying somewhere on the ground, set to be murdered before too long. How much longer does he have, Glass?

You'll know the hat's time has come when Sette flips the fuck out. Wait for it.

TigerBeat: Kasslyne time! I believe you've mentioned that Duane's taste in women runs toward busty, big-hipped blonds. How about Quigley? I'd ask about Toma too, but we all know he only has eyes for his wife.

Quigley isn't all that into women. Or men. Or anyone. Even when he was a kid he was kind of socially retarded and kept to himself. Never fit in, that one.

I'm off for the rest of the day but I think tonight shall be a two page update night. *vanish*

"Of course, marriages are equally difficult to get into, so you don't see many people entering into the deal lightly." Did you mean this in the emotional sense, or are there more requirements or restrictions on marriage in Kasslyne than in our history?

In Alderode you can't get married until your entire sultet ghers, or caste community, agrees to it. And that's not terribly likely to happen until everyone is convinced the marriage is a good one and is going to make babies and not cause too much drama within the community. In Cresce there's a mandatory two year waiting period between applying for a marriage license and getting it, and during that two years most people can figure out whether or not they really want to live the rest of their lives together. I rather like this rule and think our society could benefit from it, myself.

To add to the pronunciation guide, how is "Ssaelit" pronounced? (I've been pronouncing it as ss (i.e. as though it were Snake Speak) - A(rhyming with "play") - lit (the fire was). I place the emphasis on the first syllable.)

Tainish uses mostly Latin vowels, so in a pinch pretend you're pronouncing French or Spanish. And a double s at the beginning of a word is a soft z. And stress is almost always on the second syllable in a two-syllable word. So ssaelit is zsai-LEET. Galit is *unvoiced uvular fricative*a-LEET or if you're Sette, guhleet. Duane is doo-AN or if you're Sette, Dwayne. And so on

I'm ambivalent over whether I think Duane ever tied the knot or not. I'm thinking he either didn't, because he was married to his studies, or he was once but they broke up for the same reason. Are divorces common in Kasslyne?

Nope. Even in relatively progressive Cresce, marriage is considered a pretty important thing and divorces are difficult to obtain. Of course, marriages are equally difficult to get into, so you don't see many people entering into the deal lightly.

Mmm, I'll see what I can do. I have to tell you something. I asked the clergy sex question. And I definitely feel yucky for doing it. Do you judge me?

Absolutely not. It's a sensible question. Now you can speculate on whether or not Duane-face was possibly married.

A lot of people are a little too fanatic about the Beatles, and it turns others off a bit. But yes, there is something wrong with you, my dear. All You Need Is Love, Eleanor Rigby, Blackbird, these are masterpieces.

I dunno, man, I'd rather listen to Floyd. Pulp Fiction claimed there are Elvis people and there are Beatles people. Maybe there are also Pink Floyd people.

How many chapters before the Quigley X Elka love scene? (Come on, you know it's inevitable!) ;-)

I dunno, man. I like Elka way too much to saddle her with Quigley. He has more issues than National Geographic.

How do you pronounce vliegeng?


Toma Bos: The new range of scents for men. ;P

Smells like dogs and sweat and vliegeng pee.

Pymaric echolocation? So, like a kid Daredevil?

I'm not well-schooled on Daredevil but maybe! I think DD probably has better resolution though. Matty's visuals are kind of blurry.

I remember being pretty stoked when I figured out how to draw a transparent cube. Sette is right to call them amazing.

Shit yeah.

Does Sette think abortion is fun and funny?

I don't reckon she's ever given it any thought.

Here's another surefire prediction: There will be a time skip, and when we come back, Matty will be all muscular and buff and HERO OF THE BEACH, and Chitz will be upgraded to be like Detective Mode in Batman.

If he's going to have that beanbag plush on his shoulder throughout puberty, he better buff up or all the other kids are going to kick his ass.

Will Sette and Matty ever kiss? :D


Is it okay if I platonically ship Sette x Matty? Adorable warm fuzzies! (fleas)(pore warriors)

As long as it's platonic ;)

Will we learn more of the eels that seem to keep showing up around the dead (such as poor Cara, or the plod that was burned) - or, for that matter, the masked figures that were crowding with the eels around Cara?

Well, the eels are smoke eels. They're common enough pests, and can manifest out of smoke or dust plumes or sea spray or even chimney soot. They mostly ignore people and disperse on their own, but there are stories of smoke eels forming in great angry swarms and slaughtering every living thing they can reach. The widely accepted superstition is they're the spirits of the lost dead.

The masked figures were visions of plague-sufferers. They're masked when they're diagnosed because the plague spreads via eye contact.

So, in this marvelous Unsounded video game that's all the rage with the kids these days, who would you cast to voice your characters? Personally I've always imagined the deep intone of Gideon Emery whenever I read Duane speaking, but that's just me. You?

I doubt anyone's going to agree with me, but if I absolutely had to pick a voice for Duane I vote Goran Visnjic. For Sette, Eamonn Owens as he sounded in The Butcher Boy. I'm not the biggest fan of voiceover in games though, so I'd be just as happy not having voices ;)

So: Hunger Games. Read it or no?

No, alas. Right now I am reading "The Pirates Own Book: Authentic Tales of Bloody Adventure." It's pretty boss.

No! Roaring Captain Bos of the flying fire brigade! Ch 4 pg 36! Tell me there's at least a planned fire dousing level in the Unsounded video game!?

Aww, man! I had this problem during RP too. I never remember the NPCs' names X3 Well, hell, now I have to revise my earlier answer. McWhoopass and Bos indeed knew each other.

Stockyard’s name origin is pretty awesome. Can you tell us about the origin of Sette’s name?

I cannot :)

How are you feeling? Do you need some love? Because I love you and think you're wonderful. And a little crazy. And far too hard on yourself.

Enh, I'm kind of miserable but it's not your problem. I just checked Artifice too, and Jesus, what a depressing page today. Let's all saw our wrists open!

When can we expect the spinoff adventures of Captain Bos?

Is Captain Bos Toma? D:

"It's all stickman battles and amazing transparent cuuuuubes." I am now imagining an Unsounded/Rusty & Co. crossover. That could be very, very cool. ;) (Possibly an Unsounded/Rusty & Co./Order of the Stick crossover, but that might be overdoing it.)

Haha, Rusty & Co.? You mean like, Rusty and BIg Guy? Man, Sette would love Big Guy.

Did Regina teach Jivi to read and write? Can we have another incentive pic of that if so?

Nah, Regina is too busy to do much hands-on rearing of her kids (when she does it tends to reduce their life expectancy anyway). That's what her quartermaster Erik is for. He taught Jivi how to read and write and reef a sail and load a cannon and keep out of his mother's way.

Enlightenment or Romanticism?


Can Matty read and write? Incentive pic seems to suggest that no. Doesn't Quigley want him to learn? Is Chitz giving him enough vision that he could do it? Jivi seems to be able to write though, he hands Duane a paper with several lines.

Matty used to be able to read and write a little. He was about five when he was blinded and just starting to learn, so he remembers some of it. Chitz uses a kind of pymaric echolocation to display mass to him, so printed things don't show up at all, just the surface they're printed on. No one's invented Braille, either, so the boy can't read.

Jivi, on the other hand, reads and writes beautifully.

Is the third option becoming a gruftgrammer/outcast?

Hmm, actually I suppose that would be a fourth option, wouldn't it.

What's yer poison?

The occasional glass of wine. I'm not much of a drinker.

What did you think of the Wikipedia blackout? I made a panicked squeal just at the thought of one day without, upon arriving at that message screen. I'm afraid my elected officials got messages in ALL CAPS.

Haha, good for you contacting your rep. The blackout didn't effect me much. I signed into my chatroom and the first thing I saw was someone explaining that all you needed to do was spam Escape as wiki was loading and you'd bypass the blackout screen :3

What happens to women who are born connected to the Khert in Alderode, much as Duane was?

They have three options: go ahead and learn pymary and become a wright, but only be allowed to take it up to the level allowed to women, then leave school, get married, have babies, and probably only use pymary in the home for boring purposes. Second option is to have your connection sealed off, but this will make you a bit of a pariah. Third option is a secret for now.

How do you think that the world of Unsounded will develop culinarily? Will the applications of pymary continue to improve, producing better crab cakes, stews, baked goods, etc.? Will mundane cooking grow, or does the presence of pymary stunt it?

Nooooow I'm hungry.

I remember one old Japanese cartoon, the heroes defeat the bad guy (Dad of the hero's girl) and chase him down, final scene is the hero lifting his sword overhead and bringing it down, FROM THE POV of the baddie. I must've been 6, but it stuck in my mind.

Dramatic stuff. Some villains are so terrible that it's just bad storytelling not to kill them off at the end. I think Avatar kind of gets away with sparing Ozai because a lot of the war and killing was so watered down over the course of the series, and you don't have much bloodlust for the guy theoretically behind it all. I mean, Ozai is Super Saiyan Mark Hamill, no one wants to see that end.

I see Duane as Zoolander and Quigley as Hansel. They need to have a walk-off!

This reference is too hip for me.

Is Matty named for his dad? That would be pretty cute.

Yep! Matty's real name is Mathis.

Yeah, I get the sense that Regina's the #1 reason why the world's "bereft of balls".

Cross your legs :3

We all listen to a band or singer we might be ashamed of, a sort of guilty pleasure-- Who's yours?

I don't think anyone should be ashamed of anyone they listen to. I enjoy the hell out of John Denver and I'm proud of it!

There is one song I recognise as terrible, however, but I love it regardless. "I Am the Wind" from Symphony of the Night. THAT SONG ROCKS. I'ma dance to it at my wedding. Fuck the haters.

Re: your voice - let me love yoooooou aaaaaa


-I- still have a recording of you doing Sette in your own voice. It does sound exactly how I picture her. should I share?

...let me listen to it first. I worry about the dialogue.

Duane died in his early thirties? So, live fast, die young, leave a...n acceptable-looking corpse?

At least he had his twenties. Twenties are the best.

I am conspicuously NOT asking for a translation to the Tainish in today's comic. So...uh, is that some kind of pymaric fire that appeared next to Duane? Quigley's being such a dick!

"Plat bro, you're friends with this dick?" Or more literally, "Brother Plat, you are a friend of this villain?"

Yeah, Quigley. I mean, what do you want him to do? Starfish is paying him a metric ass-tonne of money to play bodyguard and guide, and here comes Duane, a self-righteous, wordy, presumptuous stranger who is not only kicking the crap out of Quigley's charge, but then dares to assume he knows who Quigley is? How he should be acting? Wants to know his business? Sod him.

Even if Quigley was not inclined to be a dick - he quite dislikes Aldishmen though, so he'd be inclined regardless - he has to put on an alpha male show for Ephsephin who of course is going to go back to Starfish and report on what happened. Quigley is on the clock.

You should read out a passage from Moby Dick sometime.

Pick one. But no Ahab. I'll try to act it and that will end well for no one.

Why is the incantation for Duane's chap 1 light spell in the normal English alphabet instead of fancy Tainish pictograms?

The pictograms are behind the translation in the bubble, but I wanted to show that the pictograms are actually an alphabet spelling out a language, so I translated that very first spell. There are a lot of things about this comic that would be much, much easier to convey if it was a novel. Whoever said a picture is worth a thousand words was not being entirely honest.

Ah, I see. They kind of blended in with the yellow light. Quigley doesn't seem to be actively speaking, though; there's no speech bubble and he doesn't open his mouth. (Indeed, in the latest page, he casts while talking normally) Is there a reason?

Artistic license :) It's untranslated spellspeak that should ideally stand apart from regular dialogue bubbles since it's not meant to be read, and it's nice if it can actually look okay compositionally atop the art. That's something I want to play with more; getting the Tainish to blend better with the spell effects. I must improve!

Are you excited for Avatar: Legend of Korra? I know I am, even if the idea of old-timey cars in the Avatar universe strikes me as...odd.

I don't know. I guess it's going to be nonbenders hating on benders, which could easily make it into some kind of Asian X-men, which I'm not all that stoked about. This is why I really don't love inherent genetic magic abilities in any setting - Avatar, Harry Potter, X-Men, anything - because of the inevitable Wizards VS Humans storyline, which almost always just turns into a morality play. So I'm not all that thrilled with the angle they're taking.

The jump in the tech level seems sudden, yeah, like the creators based the world on What Sounds Cool instead of What Is The Natural Progression. I don't completely trust the writers after the last season of the first series. But! I am still looking forward to seeing what they come up with, and I'm willing to give them their fair shot at my attention span. Maybe it will totally rawk!

What are those glowy runes in the recent pages? Is Quigley supposed to be speaking those? I thought he was a tacit caster? (There was no incantation when he smacked Starfish in chap 3)

Sure there was - http://www.casualvillain.com/Unsounded/comic/ch03/ch03_17.html - Left side of the panel. Quigs is not a tacit caster, he has to talk. Hmm, I like the calligraphy on that page, I should stick to that style, and vertical, even if it does look vaguely Chinese.

I was expecting you to have a gritty, sarcastic voice. What a disconnect!

I know -_- I wish I had a frightening, Christian Bale Batman rasp that would strike terror in the hearts of evil-doers. Instead my voice is irritatingly cute. I should start smoking.

How is "tacit" pronounced? Is the C hard or soft?



How much does Matty know about pymary? Is he aware that Duane being a tacit caster is a big deal?

Yep. Matty follows wrights and pymary like some boys in our world follow football. He knows all the rules, all the schools, lots of techniques, and knows all the Big Names.

Doesn’t the glamour by its nature have some sort of “programming” to reflect Duane’s feelings? Otherwise it’d just be a mask. It makes sense to me that Duane would even have that reactiveness turned up, as he’s a rather emotional guy. Whachoo ‘tink?

I subscribe to this theory. The glamour's mapped to his face - like a texture complete with bump map, wrapped around a polygon - so when it moves, the mask moves. Otherwise I just don't think it would ever look believable when he talks.

But wouldn't it be better if spells had no colour at all and were completely transparent? It's harder to dodge/counter what you can't see, no?

Indeed and plenty of times a wright will choose not to assign colour. But showy spells make for an expression of pride and awesomeness, and also lend an air of intimidation, so sometimes you really want to conjure an expressive display. It's also considered bad form to cast invisibly. It's like a knight stabbing someone after they've dropped their sword, or knifing them from behind. Ethnical rules of combat, you know.

Serious wrights who see a lot of battle make preparations for invisible spells anyway, though. They make sure they have some way to discern the khert, inside of which all pymary is plainly visible. Both Duane's fake glass eyes and Quigley's spectacles have this ability, as you shall see.

Duane vs the bird should be a vote incentive sometimes. :D

Agreed but I can only envision it in super kawaii chibi form.

How long are we going to have to wait until the epic confrontation between Dwayne and Quigs? D:

Well, Duane does like to talk. Still - soon.

If all of your anonymous questioners had a single formspring account, would you have any questions for it?

The only real question I have - though it's an enormous, all-consuming one - is why do you like my dumb comic? But that would seem like some kind of fishing-for-compliments question instead of a reflection of my deep-seated self-hatred and insecurity, so it's just as well I don't ask it. Sometimes I wish I was just two eyes, a spine, and a pair of hands, let me tell you.

D-do you... take commissions at present?

Depends on the commission! Email me.

I'm imagining cartoon-Duane chasing after this bird and am amused.


I got home Tired and Frustrated with my feet hurting, but all that Went away when I saw Today's page. Not a question, just wanted to say you made me feel happy tonight <3

Aww, I'm so glad. And you made me feel happy in return <3

So to summarize -- Duane is trained in melee combat, has supernatural strength to back it up, is a badass wright who has never lost a mage duel, and is a tacit caster to boot. Does Quigs even have a snowball's chance in hell?

Patience, squire.

I must work on a better formula for my self-confidence boosting shots, then. >:c

You'd have better luck curing cancer, friend ;3

In the vote incentive picture, is Sette doodling Duane or Matty? The cape says Duane, but the hat says Matty. Inquiring minds need to know.

Oh, she's doodling Duane. She just isn't the best ah, draftsman. It's all stickman battles and amazing transparent cuuuuubes.

Should the TSA be allowed to enter private residences at any time without a warrant in order to execute thorough searches for terrorist related material? Should resistance to such be illegal? Punishable with arbitrary secret imprisonment without trial?

No. No. Nope. Is there honestly anybody outside of Washington who'd answer differently?

What's your fear? I'm not talking about heights or spiders, I don't mean your little nuances or quirks. I want to know that one thing that rattles your bones and crunches its icy skeletal fingers around your heart. That one fear. What is it?

I suppose the fear of something happening to someone I love a lot. When I think of anyone fucking with my niece or nephew I want to rend and tear. The thought of my parents dying is pretty awful, though it's of course inevitable. My dad had a massive heart attack a few years ago - he wasn't yet fifty so it was quite a shocker - and he nearly died. He's been sick on and off since then, and late at night I sometimes remember my mom shrilly shrieking my name at 2am because my dad had passed out in the bathroom and she was convinced he was dead. That's one of those memories that haunts you, particularly because you know it will inevitably happen again, for real.

So yeah. Happy shit like that.

Coffee or Tea? If coffee, how do you take your coffee? If tea, which tea do you prefer?

Coffee everything, forever. I usually drink Publix-brand because it's cheapest. Two sweet 'n lows and a spoonful of nonfat creamer. Mmm. Mother's milk.

You mean that Sette wants Duane to eat Matty's eyeballs too? :C But didn't they interact on more or less good terms? Well, except for the whole "willing to steal a sight aid from a blind kid" thing.

It's a rough world, anon.

This has probably been answered before, but I didn't wanna scroll through months of formspring questions again. If members of different castes have children, do the kids usually visually match one caste or the other? What about lifespan?

It's unpredictable. If the baby is conceived within the borders of Alderode, its placement within the Dammakhert is certain, but if the parents are of different castes, or even if they're totally foreigners, there's no sure way to know what caste the Dammakhert will place the baby into. In many ways this serves as a further deterrent from intercaste relations because unless you're a Plat, there's a high likelihood your kid will have a reduced lifespan from your own, and a very high likelihood your kid will look nothing like you. Your children aren't necessarily your children in Alderode - they're the Dammakhert's children.

Will there be any bromance? Not counting Starfish and Turas.

Sure, man. But bromance is sweetest when it's hard-earned.

("Thau") I might gush more on the previous points, but Formspring rather limits my character-count, and I don't want to extend this more than I am already. ^^;

You gushed enough :) Thanks for the boost, man. I don't mean to be one of those irritating, moody, unconfident creators, but the ghosts of a million forgotten artists occupy the interior of my skull until it's a haunted thurible leaking spectral smoke, and I snort it, and I get high and stupid off my own manifested misery. In the morning I will make pancakes and everything will be better.

Aw, Duane looks so sad. Is he going to be alright?

I'm not sure. I can't find a pulse!

Fancy dress, huh? I likes it. Does that mean Duane runs (or shambles) around chapter 6 all messed up like the preview picture from earlier?

Don't be sad but Duane's not in chapter six much. Chapter seven though is a super-duper Duane-splosion, so it all evens out.

Gotta say I liked the tunic in chapter 2, with the sleeves and that crossover belt thing. I like the green and cape/hood combo better, though. But I'm clearly sick because I like Duane and think he's cute. As long as that glamour is up. Otherwise... o_O

I think I might do something really fancy for Duane's next outfit since he'll finally be in a place with real tailors and clothing stores. Maybe spikes and pauldrons with skulls on them.

And Duane is beautiful without his glamour, whatchu implying.

Ooooh, juicy. A flashback panel from... maybe the tomb? You still working on Chapter 6?

Yep, chapter 6 is quite long. And nope, not from the tomb.

What's this "If I could find a good job out there" talk? This is your job now. You belong to usssss preciousss

Oh, yeah? Where're my benefits and my 401k then? I'm going to unionize!

"fish brought onto land cannot breathe the air and soon expires. " What about animals like seals and frogs that can survive in both places? Do they have their own microkhurt?

Animals and objects of all kinds can pass into and out of water with no ill effects. This should be obvious since one of the first things our heroes did was fall into a lake. It's pymary and things made out of pymary that water effects, and that is all :)

Have you watched the new BBC Sherlock episode? It was amaaaaazing.

It was pretty good, I like Mrs. Hudson a lot. Unfortunately I found the slut pretty boring and unlikable, the writing was a bit fan-servicey, and Sherlock really slipped into god-mode at a few points, particularly for that eyeball-rolling revelation at the very end. Still, highly entertaining.

Do your boobs hang low, do they wobble to and fro, can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow? Can you throw them over your shoulder like a continental soldier, do your boobs hang low? My man boobs do!!

I have a youtube clip for everything!

When you're finished with the comic, perhaps you could go back and remake the old pages so that they don't fill you with loathing and disgust?

You know how Batman says he can't kill the Joker because then he'd just snap and kill criminals all the time and never be able to come back from having crossed that line?

If I redo a page I'll want to redo all the pages, forever, in an endless cycle, until we all die.

If the old pages were really so terrible, you wouldn't have any readers! I guess this doesn't really work though because there are a lot of shitty popular webcomics out there. Yours is not one of them!

Let us hope so.

you know, he might just not be into rape! he doesn't seem like the type who likes em fiesty. maybe he prefers prostitutes that do all the work and know what they're doing and aren't gonna try to kick him between the legs

Fair point.

I don’t want him to be a rapist! I was just fascinated you were maybe a teensy bit naïve compared to moi, rainbows-and-kittens lover. Now I think it’s a crack in your cynical armor, a streak of Disney in your wounded soul. I will protect it. *Draws sword*

Mah hero! *swoon* I'm not as cynical as I probably come off. I missed my nephew last night pretty fierce so I watched Pocoyo episodes for two hours on youtube. It was pretty pathetic.

Damn, I really thought I'd found a way in with the Sette age question. How about this, what is Sette's first memory? Don't say her bein' awesome! :)

Hmm, I wonder :3

Last night I dreamt that Quigley got caught up in the khert-fire weirdness and wound up without a head. D: Please tell me this is not prophetic. And to ask a legit question, how often do you end up dreaming about the comic or the story?

Never. I never, ever do. I never dream about RP, or video games or anything cool. It's like the creative side of my brain is not on speaking terms with my subconscious. It's irritating as shit, anon, let me tell you.

Quigley without a head... definitely not prophetic. There are days, though, where I'm sure he wishes that would happen. Quigley's head is full of regret and dark thoughts and anger most of the time.

I will come through this computer screen and punch you. :( I thought we discussed this. "I am Glass-fuckin'-Shard, and I am awesome, bitches."

I just had to reference Duane's old outfit in chapter 2 so I could draw a flashback panel and oh my God, the old pages make me cringe and die. I am impervious to your confidence-boosting threats forever.

Oh. My. God. That...video. You are truly an evil, evil chica. Did you not see that by punishing the earlobe and tongue fetishist you were punishing us all? :)

I wanted to find the clip from Animaniacs where they sing that song but Youtube failed me :(

Yes, I can. I have big, droopy Bhudda earlobes, though. I take it her tongue is also pretty scarred and such from sharp teeth knicking it.


Suddenly I had an image in my head of Duane dancing to "Glamorous" by Fergie.

I suspect Duane would put his foot in the telly.

How old does Sette think she is?

She's as old as the world is awesome! Before she was born, there was no awesomeness in the world. Now, there is a surfeit.

You mean if Ephsephin *had* captured that milk maid, he wouldn't have raped her? C'mon now, I expect a little more follow-through from my villains. :-)

I don't even like to consider it, she seemed like such a nice girl D: But maybe, maybe.

I started drinking beer with a raw egg plopped into it after a long run. Now every time I drink beer, it tastes of egg.

That's gross, anon. Stop doing that.

So judging by the incentive pic, when Quigley and Duane meet they will become best of friends and start reminiscing about good old Alderode and everyone will be best of friends (Except for the red berry boys who will be caught by Toma and co. off panel)

It might... not go EXACTLY that way.

Little known fact, the New Zealander who plays Bennett in Commando? He played the main Villain in Power Rangers: Time Force.

Oh, how the mighty fall.

How long IS Sette's tongue, then?

Normal tongue length. Why? Can YOU lick your own ear?

Fat chainmail guy from Commando: ""I'm not going to shoot you between the eyes John, I'm going to shoot you in between the balls!"

That's Bennett, silly anon :3 Bennett/Matrix OTP

Loved the incentive, thank you for making it. As much as I dig the frenetic pace of things right now, there's something really satisfying about seeing characters I've come to love together in a happy moment. Is it as therapeutic for you as it is for me?

It does give me the warm fuzzies. I wish everyone could just be friends always D:

If Sette's earlobes were made out of flan, what flavor would it be? You've been waiting for me, I know it well. I'm going to go take my medicine now.

I am thinking a nice spinach quiche.

Is it weird that I like to make your vote incentives into my desktop backgrounds? The last one was so seasonally appropriate.

I think it's weird, of course, because I hate my art. But whatever feels good, man! :)

How does Sette feel about getting flan on her earlobes? ;P

Horrible. Her tongue isn't long enough to lick it off.

What does Sette see for herself in the future, teRse down the road, and in any of these visions, does she find Duane makes an appearance at all, surprising her or otherwise?

Sette sees herself as the eventual Boss of the Frummagems, ruler of their portion of Sharteshane, and all-around badass, feared, adored, rich, powerful... She's starting to realise how valuable Duane is, and having him around to help enforce her rule is beginning to sound like a good idea. Surely that's why Da brought them together!

I just listened to The Decemberists for the first time. Mine ears art wrought with heaven-y goodness! Urge...to hoard....everything they've ever produced....rising....

Good man :)

So I was thinking, since plats of Matty's age are known to be active in the military as field wrights, it's likely someone like Duane or Toma (Or more likely, Elka) might consider him a full fledged threat rather than the harmless little waif he is?

A layman might make the mistake, but Matty's lack of an outbound connection to the khert is pretty apparent to a good wright. A poor, paranoid, or particularly bigoted wright might indeed err on the side of caution and kill him outright though, sure.

Also, is Matty immune to glamours? I imagine Chitz just shows him a zombie face when he looks at Duane (Or do glamours affect the brain directly)

Yep! Matty is immune to glamours. Glamours are like holographic projections laid over something, so since Chitz works via a sort of khertic radar, its pymaric waves pass right through the lightwaves of the glamour and show the mass-related Aspects beneath for what they are. So Matty would indeed see Duane's visible face area as pretty shrivelled and skullish, but Chitz' resolution isn't the greatest so it's not as freaky as it could be. Chitz and Matty are super useful in the dark though. In my imaginary Unsounded video game, there are unlit portions of the game where you have to play as Matty to navigate the level :3


A good bad-ass villain needs a bad-ass boast, too. What are some of your favorites? That awesome Hobbit trailer has gotten me thinking of Smaug's boasting. It's hard to top "My breath: DEATH!"

Thulsa Doom: They shall all drown in lakes of blood.

Skullmaster: I will teach you a thousand subtle shades of pain... A hundred ways to die! Until I finally lay your lifeless body at my Master's table.

Sette: I'll feed ya to small critters that normally only eat insects but they'll eat you 'cause that's how tiny I'll make the pieces I cut you inta!

Duane is there suddenly, standing at the top of the cliff, torn cape billowing in the wind. Ephsephin's hat is crushed under his boot, a grim portent of what's to come. Duane sees Sette's damaged visage and in his fury... ...okay, your turn? :)

Oh, man, this would have been much more awesome than what actually happens next :3

I love the complexity of the current scenes. Sette stabbed Eph, yet I can't be anything but horrified by this man beating a little girl. It shows how fragile Sette is, for all her talk, and how deeply in over her head. Is this meant to echo Cara at all?

Mm, it's not meant to but I can see where you're coming from. Cara was also a young girl, however she was a passive victim with no family and no future; a slaughtered lamb complete with sacrificial slab. Sette's fortunes have their ups and downs but she's no victim, and she has a whole lot to live for.

His hat looked good on Sette. I guess it is a girl's hat. I figured he threatened to rape the milkmaid back when Duane first interrupted them. Oh and he beat their dog. Unforgivable.


It seems like every character I latch onto is destined to become a throwaway............Petr............Ephsephin............Ephsephin's hat............


Yeah, Eph may have buffitude but he's fugly, man, inside and out. I'm much more concerned about his stupid hat. Will Sette ever reclaim it? Don't kill the hat, Glass!


Secretly you love those moments when someone asks you the DUMBEST FUCKING QUESTION and it makes you PAUSE, 'cause your brain can't process the stupid, right? Like, can Duane keep a hamster in his empty skull, with a little squeaky wheel that it runs on?

...yes. Yes, he could. But it would probably obnoxiously push the glass eyes out of his eye sockets or be constantly peeking out from behind his teeth like those parasites that destroy fish's tongues and live in their mouths.

You realise if I say I love dumb questions I will wake up in the morning with a hundred questions in my inbox about, I don't know, flan and Sette's earlobes.
I don't wanna Porsche. Too costly for car insurance. Can I have the artist instead? ;P

I don't know why you think my maintenance costs are any less expensive :3

Ooh! Are there any famous spots on Kasslyne with permanently-broken kherts?


Cause she's on the right track, baby, she was born this way! ;P

Right answer! You win the Porsche, sir.

I know exactly why Sette has a lion's tail!

*squint* Do share.

No suicides permitter here, and no smoking the the parlor.

People never believe me when I tell them how funny this book is.

Do you see nihilism as a positive philosophy? I know a lot of people are quite down on it but I have always found it to be comforting, even invigorating. This being all there is, or pointless, doesn't devalue the experience.

Well, I don't know that I'd call it either positive or negative. The point of the philosophy, really, is that there is neither in the world. But I would say that it does devalue life experience, at least in my eyes. If you approach life with the belief that you are cultivating an immortal soul that will exist beyond your physical life, that makes everything you do mean more because it is going towards something permanent and eternal. If you don't believe that, and your existence is done when your physical life is over, and the memory of you among the living is gone a few decades after that, and humanity itself is extinct in a few centuries or a thousand years or when an asteroid hits... your experience meant nothing and never had any external value.

I think once one decides that nothing has value or meaning, and there is no absolute morality, one can either fall into a slimy funk or one can realise that it is now up to ONESELF to place value on the stuff in one's life. Things can be as important or as silly as YOU decide they are, and you can graduate from nihilism into a sort of comfortable solipsism.

I would say Nihilsm is a fine enough view, but it doesn't do too much for the establishment of a personal philosophy, one that will help you get out of bed in the morning and not go around kicking puppies. I don't find personal philosophies too difficult though. We all want to feel pretty good. What feels good? It feels good when people are nice to you and when you're nice to people. When you are a dick, you are diminishing the quality of all existence. So the Golden Rule applies after all.

So why does Sette have a lion tail, and not a wolf one?

I dunno. Why doesn't she have a lizard tail? One that broke off if you grabbed it so she could get away? That would be keen.

Does the khert always self-repair, or are there parts of it that are permanently damaged?

There are parts of it that are permanently damaged, or have rejuvenated in an incorrect or troublesome way, like scar tissue.

Better to be a chubby chaser than a wrinkle chaser, dear Ash. ;3

Wh-wh-what? I don't lust after the elderly! Even Johnny Depp is looking way too old these days. Gimme dat Bieber.

You said Moby-Dick is your bible. Is there a philosophical or moral base that you draw from this book, then? Just curious.

I see a real core of Nihilism at the centre of the book. Ahab interprets the Whale as the Ineffable and tries to combat it, but you can't fight the blind, underlying order (or disorder) of the world - not with Fedallah's fire/devil worship, not with Starbuck's devout Christianity; none of the pagans survive, not even crazy, juvenile Pip... and the sea rolls over them, a faceless mass grave unmarked and unconcerned with all the fire of their great chase.

So be cool. Don't go apeshit over anything. It's all bleached bones on the ocean floor in the end.

Oh, I dunno. I bet I'm not the only one to have a crush on Starfish. Dat ass! *dreamy-eyed*

Chubby chaser.

Have you ever played Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time?

Yeah, man, it was the shizzle. Haven't played any of the games after though.

I think cats are better than dogs. What say you to this, Ashley Cope?

I say you're entitled to your opinion, wrong though it may be. Kumbaya :3

Yeah, dogs are the best. :) You're all right, Ashley Cope, you're all right. I have a chow mix, a greyhound mix, a doberman and a something (the last of which, as I previously mentioned, is Sette in dog form). They're terrible dogs and I love them.

I love them too. Dog buddies for life! *bro-fist*

I dislike Turas, he banters with Jivi, all mock friendly like, even though he's going to have him butchered. At least Starfish is an honest monster.

Maybe he'll come to a bad end :)

How do you name your characters? I always have a hard time coming up with decent names.

Most of my characters come with their names already attached. They're kind of freaky like that. A lot of writers seem to spend a lot of time faffing about with character names and their eye colours and their favourite breakfast meat... these are dilatory tactics so they never have to actually sit down and write the damned story :D

So don't worry too much about names. But if you are absolutely stuck, stop thinking about the character and think instead about the character's parents - they're the ones that labeled him. What were they like and what would they have chosen?

Are your main villains villains or antagonists?

I like to think of them as antagonists. Most of them have very good reasons for what they do, and many of them - as you might imagine - have an even better sense of ethics than Sette.

In response to another anon, I think of Sette whenever I hear "So What" by P!nk. ;3 Sorry for using you as a medium to say this, Glass.

I am your servant.

I have a whippet mix too! He also hates men (especially if they're dancing) and only likes myself and my mother.

Wow, really? Maybe it's a breed thing then. She also has little mini-seizures sometimes and I read that's common with whippets and greyhounds.

Does Unsounded have villians yet? So far it doesn't seem like there's any bad guys, just people with different motivations.

I would call the slavers villains, myself. In fact I kind of hate that they're so villainous, especially Starfish. You can argue that Ephsephin and Turas are in it for the money, and Cutter hates people 'cause they slaughter lizards, but Starfish bites ears and throws kids around. He pretty obviously enjoys being a dick.

You're right though, they are not main villains. They are minions at best.

Does Unsounded take place in... The Future? Of Earth?


(Regarding Sette's nature) "Yes, avoid that delving. ... all will be revealed." Ah, fair enough, and noted, then. ^_^ I have, however, no intention of not thinking about it - I'll just keep it to myself. Speculation is fun! ;P

Speculation is the best <3

Will we come to learn in the comic how Duane came to be as he is (that is to say, (1) undead and (2) sentient nevertheless)?

Of course! These are important issues.

Will we ever learn how Cara ended up so far from Alderone? Was it that her uncle's house was close to the border and she managed to cross the whole of Cresce? The distances seem rather big...

Her brief explanation to Jivi was originally much longer. I decided it really wasn't important though and it's kind of convoluted, so I cut it. The short of it is she was saved from burning with her parents in Fachlyne, sent to her uncle's place on the opposite coast in Avelpit, ran away, was picked up by slavers who took a boat to Ulestry, and finally was sold to a brothel in Juniper Valley (a biggish city not far from Mulimar). Unfortunately Starfish was in town buying supplies and telling Quigley off after Quigley quit the outfit. Starfish visited the brothel afterwards in a fine froth, bought a whore, didn't like the way Cara was staring at him while he was settling his account, and he nabbed her while the mistress was getting his change.

Do you intentionally use German(ic) words to name the Peaceguard's hounds? We discussed Pantoffel (= 'slipper') already, but Morgen means 'morning' (or 'tomorrow') in German.

I use Dutch as a shorthand for naming some things in Cresce, not always in a coherent way. The capitol city is Fluisterad, for instance, which I got from cramming fluisteren and stad together. In my mind, the people who founded Cresce long ago originally spoke a Germanic language that's long since gone extinct, but remnants remain here and there, mostly in place names, or in the name of a weapon or a mount, which you might superstitiously name in the language of your forefathers in order to secure their watchful eye.

The trailer for Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit": great trailer or greatest trailer?

The beardiest trailer.

Formspringers would love RP-verse Duane. He murdered his killer. With an axe. Murkoph cried and cried (at least until he'd finished eating the corpse), and Duane saved the girl. Fun Fact: I am also married. Mr. Minda makes video games. Internet Forever!

This doesn't always work out though. Remember Meriko? She got married and had a kid and disappeared forever except for like, fucking Gaia-Online. Marriage will destroy your soul, don't listen to Minda.

Do you ever worry about burning out on Unsounded, since you give so much free time to it? It is my favorite comic by far, so now I worry about it.

Burning out's a danger for any artist, and it's one reason I insist on keeping my buffer up. If a time comes when I want to take a month or two off, I have that option without having to interrupt the posting schedule. But the way my brain works, I'm very much into finding a thing and fixating on it for years and years at a time. I have an obsessive nature like that. I mean, I ran a ten year long RP campaign.

If she's really going to walk like Agador in boots, I would LOVE to see that at some point in the comic's future. I think her complaints would be more vocal, and swear laden, than Agador's. ;P

I once put my dog Ebby in baby booties, because cruelty to animals is fun and educational, and he did this amazing tippy-toe walk around the yard like he was navigating a field of very small cactii. Then he tore the booties off his feet and ripped them to pieces. I think Sette would act similarly.

I was going to say that maybe it was Biru Noss . . . but I don't think a malfunctioning arm would do that to you.


Is it just me or did Boo's design change slightly between chapters 2 and 4?

*looks* Yeeeeah, seems like I nixed the knobby joints on his legs and elongated his face mask a bit. Yikes, the art on those old pages is wonky *blowtorch*

If she hates stuff on her feet, then why wear boots in the holliday pic/snow ball fight? ;P

Because frostbite.

Maybe Sette should have Wolverine claws that she can retract and stuff. If she doesn't like things on her feet, is she going to have issues should she find herself in a snowy/cold environment like Alderode?

She will be like Agador in The Birdcage.

Oh. I was meaning he was kinda similar to Nary, so maybe related to the Frummagems. Thanks for clearing that up! :)

Ooooh. Yeah, I guess I can see that similarity. They are both Sharteshanian so there's that :)

Did the Formspring reaction about nudity surprise you?

Nothing surprises me. I'm a channer.

Bah. This is what happens when I talk at 4am. I meant the guy in the picture you posted on your tumblr, whose stripping as he walks into the barracks past the guy with the smiling coffee cup.

I knew exactly who you meant.

What would you say if I told you Starfish reminds me of the walrus from The Walrus and the Carpenter?

I'm not sure he's as sophisticated but this is actually a really apt comparison. Does that make Ephsephin the Carpenter.

I feel kinda bad for that poor guy sweating his face off in Wednesday's post. I betcha he's one of the few being affected by the Khert. That, or he has something like a Pymaric Pacemaker and is now therefore DOOMED. Doom do-doom doom doom

Haha! You guessed it, more or less. Well done. And you know that fellow's name if you think about it.

There's a neat documentary series by Terry Jones on 'toob, medieval lives. People's teeth were apparently not so bad - we keep piling processed sugar onto ours, which is why they rot so easily.

Yeah, all you have to do is look at an animal's teeth to get clued in to this. My dogs don't brush their teeth and they look just fine - but they also do not eat Pringles and candy canes.

Am I supposed to be speculating on Ephsephin's choice of blue and red in his wardrobe, spiky silhouette of black hair, slight sideburns, chin stuff, dense build? I seem to recall you saying he was a throwaway, but he casts certain similarity to another...

Hmm... if he does resemble another character it's one I'm not familiar with. In my eyes he has a pretty generic look going on. Educate me!

If she's getting claws, she needs them for her bare toes, too! 20 sharp pointy digits instead of just 10!

Yeah, I was thinking that too. She really hates stuff on her feet though, it might bug her.

Sometimes it's so hard to wait and see how things play out in the comic. I just, I just want to see it RIGHT NOW. Do you have this problem when drawing it?

Yeah :( I want to hurry up and get to the second half of chapter seven. It's going to be so difficult and weird to draw and I can't wait to defeat the challenge! *fist shake*

All this talk about homophobia and anons harassing poor Duane about sexism has made me wonder about the other characters (or cultures) in the Unsounded universe. I want to know what Elka or Toma would think...

"... Are Duane's bigoted views universally shared, or perhaps just Aldish? Or are they his personal beliefs? What do other cultures feel in the areas of racism, sexism, and homophobia? (Sorry for the super-deep question)"

Well, the question doesn't have to be super deep, I can sum up pretty easily. Alderode hates everything. They're a patriarchal theocracy where "the nail that sticks out is hammered down," to use the Japanese phrase. Homosexual dalliances are seen as one of the excesses of the wealthy. Queers of more humble means are stereotyped as shiftless and irresponsible, and if they don't get married (to someone with whom they can make babies) and live a good, traditional Aldish life, they're probably going to get booted out of their caste group, sold to a kussenna, or even stuck in jail or an oubliette. It's harsh and bad for you when your caste rejects you for any reason.

Cresce? Cresce has no problem with gay sex or gay relationships but gay marriage is not a thing. It has no place in their society mostly because of logistics when it comes to land ownership, work assignment, food distribution, etc. Cresce is one of those semi-Communist utopias that sounds so great on paper but never works in practise - except it DOES work in practise there. To keep it doing so though, there are some very strict rules that have to be followed for the good of all. Still, Cresce is the most socially liberated of all the countries of Kasslyne.

The rest of the continent is a mix somewhere in-between these two extremes.

Now, sexism follows along the same country lines more or less, with women having nearly no rights in Alderode but completely equal footing with the fellows in Cresce. Racism? Not really an issue. Both the Ssaelit and Gefendur scriptures are very specific about not judging on appearances or skin colour - I mean, there are whole chapters dedicated to this and they use very clear language - so racism doesn't really exist. And this makes me happy, for racism is my most hated -ism.

Are you still friends with many of your old RP buddies? Do you have internet shenanigans with one another still?

Some of them! Mostly my friend Fox, who is probably my best buddy and who knows enough about Unsounded that if I suddenly drop dead you can hound her to sum up the rest of the story. I also chat with my friends Adam and Steve sometimes but Steve got married so now he's All Grown Up and really much too important for the internet. Some of my playmates I never had anything in common with beyond RP, so without RP that was that.

Oh, there is also @mindaroth who sometimes appears on formspring to be awesome. She played the necromancer who, in RP-verse, was responsible for zombifying Duane. Writes a great villain, that one, although I think all she does these days is cyber on Shards ;3

Do pymarics like Sette's spider work in a manner similar to the plods, employing memories recorded from living spiders and the like, or are they more "mechanical" arrangements of Aspects, like commands to a Logo-driven turtle robot?

An out-of-the-box Beadman's Better Gossamer Trap Arachnid WonderPymaric! is a purely mechanical arrangement of Aspects, like a programmed robot, yes. Sette's spider is "broken" though; it's not only broken because it's spinners are shot, it's broken because it's been infected with personality, and can now choose for itself. This is why Sette found it in the trash heap.

Has anyone attempted to place human memories into an artificial body instead of a plod? Is that feasible without a human brain and/or body parts?

This happens spontaneously, constantly. I'm not going to go into detail right now because a character in the story will one day explain it very well and I want you to be surprised ;) But whenever you see sentience in any artificial constructs in the story (Uaid or the spider for instance), it's because over long usage, the pymary that powers them has snagged too many memories as it's travelled through the khert, and they've been "infected" with personality.

Does a damaged khert not directly affect humans (and hopefully two-toes)? I notice in the page posted earlier that while strange things are happening all around them, no changes seem to be acting directly upon any of the humans (nor the single two-toes).

Yeah, the khert doesn't often directly mess with complex organisms when things like this happen. It's floating the goats there and it might float a person or age them a few days but complex organisms are composed of so many Aspects and so many laws of operation that their own complexity serves to insulate them. There are always exceptions of course, and there have been really horrible accidents were people have just dropped dead after a devastating injury to the local khert. This particular disaster's not quite that serious. Maybe one day we'll see one -really- horrible.

Epileptic Tree: Sette is a young, epileptic wandering root! Duane is so concerned for her in these later chapters because, having destroyed her last living relative and discovering her nature too late, he hopes to preserve the now-last of her kind. :P

Hmm, this could explain why she's keeping Duane around. As a wandering root, she plans to consume and digest him later. (Put your pants back on, shrunkenone.)

How far is it feasible to go with simulacra? Could one replace everything below the neck? Everything but the brain? Parts of the brain itself?

You can go reasonably far. A lot of simulacral (this is now an adjective) progress bottlenecks at current anatomical and medical knowledge. Wrights and doctors know what an eye does. What a right arm does. They're not too sure about internal organs.

You've been super tight-lipped about Sette. Usually we can wheedle a little something something out of you. But, non. Why you so mean? T_T

Secrets are all this poor soul has. You would have me empty my pockets for your fleeting amusement! ;)

I read this post: "It's important...not to just make one's work...one long exercise in wish-fulfillment. Unless one is writing porn". And I hear this: "I want to make Unsounded homophobia free, but if I do that, it'd basically be writing slash fiction" :|

What in particular is it about my comic that you interpret as homophobic?

Did Sette consider veneers? Perhaps she filed her teeth, didn't like the result, and got herself some genuine shark-tooth veneers from Dr. Needle's Painless Custom Dental Blingery. After much thought, she decided against ruby imbeds that looked like blud.

Sette would always go for the blud. I decided today that what the girl really needs are some claws. She's not precise enough for knife-fighting, she's more of a mover and a jumper and a... flailer! Like a cat. She needs stainless steel claw-gauntlets. One day.

Reading your Formspring makes me happy, Ashley! I have missed you and your lovely comic. Also, have you ever put a version of yourself in your comic, like a cameo signature?

Darling <3

I suppose I could stick myself in a crowd shot. I haven't done it yet though :)

Will the answer to Sette's mysterious nature (tail, lack of bellybutton and "missing stuff") come up in the story? I ask because I'm curious, but want to avoid delving into it if it's likely to include spoiler material.

Yes, avoid that delving. By the end of the story, all will be revealed. For now, try not to think about it.

How tough is it being perfect on a daily basis?


I shave my head. ;P Of course, i'm no John Kassir, and my Crypt keeper impersonation is very sub par. :P

I conclude you are Lex Luthor.

Wow, you really shouldn't have posted that person who quoted Duane's livejournal, if you didn't want me immediately googling and finding it!

I suppose there's no reason for me to not want that old stuff read. It's just VERY old and the writing is rather self-indulgent and and and none of it is canon to the comic. Anyway, I defy anyone to actually make it through, that's some dense prose, much of it referring to RP happenings that even my playmates probably don't remember anymore.

Yes, yes I have seen Ichi! Very odd movie, but I liked it. The torture scenes were too much for friends & family, though. As for Sette's pearly whites, it's dawned on me they're likely not so pearly, or very white. Or very clean. No oral hygiene.


Hey, Ash, beyond it being original and written well, what do you tend to look for when reading for a good book? Or webcomic. Specifics, even?

Originality isn't a big deal for me, to be honest. I'd rather see established ideas done well than a bunch of concepts that are different just for the sake of being different. Sometimes it's nice to dive right into a story and feel familiar with the setting and the archetypes instead of having to pay attention to a whole bunch of world-building info and high politics and blahblahblah. I'd much rather write that stuff myself than read about it, haha.

I guess a lack of free time has made me grow into an all-around shallow consumer. If I see hot guys, preferably hot guys with long, dark hair who seem to be dealing with something difficult in their life, I want to know more about them and I will peruse their show/book/comic thankyouverymuch. Is that specific enough? :)

Other than eye candy I suppose I gravitate towards books that deal with the metaphysical in some way. I still like vampires. Tall ships and maritime adventure.

But perhaps you do not mean genres or characters. Technique-wise, I really like florid language. Melville is an obvious favourite but I always really loved Anne Rice's writing. I like rich vocabularies, wordplay, shameless purple prose. I don't mind when an author waxes rhapsodic or rambles on about the scenery or a character's clothing or the sunset; as long as they do it beautifully.

I wish I had the free time to read like I used to, but making a comic eats up most of it. C'est la vie.

Sette socked in the mouth? I say, if she sees it coming, don't clench; open wide and bite down. They'll think twice before punching her face again when they bring back a bloody appendage missing a finger or two! Or just smile & show off her pearly whites!

Have you ever seen Ichi the Killer? :O

Does Sette ever bite her tongue or her lip on accident and subsequently take out a chunk of flesh? Because, um. Ouch.

She used to do this aaaall the time. Now it's just when she gets nervous, like how Edward Scissorhands nicked himself now and then. The worst is when she gets socked in the mouth though. She tries to remember to clench her teeth when she's in a fistfight.

Don't you ever feel cheated by the ridiculously boring battle fashion of the FF series? There's no leaping out of the way, no jerking the control stick in a wild frenzy, no leaping to your feet, hitting buttons erratically, trying to swing a weapon at you

That's because they're turn-based RPGs, dear :) RPGs are more about strategy than reflexes. For the latter you go with a shooter or a third person action title like DMC3 oooor you could play Vagrant Story which brilliantly incorporates both RPG strategy AND reflexes because it's all, like, the perfect game.

I just noticed that the cup in the page you posted earlier has a smiley face! :D


Speculation: The devious individual who filed a little girl's teeth has not yet been introduced. You don't have to say anything, Glass, you can just nod or shake your head.


I love her teefs. Sette must have had some giant chompers to start out with, cause the filed ones are still a good size. Google reveals actual filed teeth are creepy and tiny. Are the origins of the teeth related to the tail and... er, missing ladyparts?

Well, she IS a comic character. I do take liberties with her design, like making her teeth bigger than they'd probably be ;) Your question - maybe, maybe not.

Well, I'd say his voice actor would suffice, John Kassir, but I dunno if he'd be considered attractive by your standards. Nor if he'd use the voice & puns to woo a girl who wanted that out of him. ;P

My golly, he's adorable. He's even balding in an attractive way. Now if he'd just shave his head and black out his eyes he'd be perfect.

I don't really understand where all these Sette X Duane shippers are coming from. I actually think the fondness comes from Sette's lack of a caring fatherly/older brotherly figure and from the little girl Duane sees in chapter 3 page 36...

I'd like to subscribe to your pamphlet, anon. I think you know what you're talking about.

Was it Sette's idea to sharpen her teeth, or her loving father's?

I wonder.

But if they're Okane ga Nai characters, the height rule means Duane is Kanou. And Sette's obviously the money-obsessed seme of the pairing! If she's Ayase she'd rob him blind inside of five minutes.

I reject the height rule.

Thank you very much for sharing that picture! Not only was it enjoyable in and of itself (khert-chaos does turn out to be fun), but it was an interesting insight into your method. For that matter, thank you for putting so much into the comic's art. ^_^

And thanks for reading!

One thing that the art thus far leaves me unsure of is quite what Sette's teeth look like: are they shark-like, as they often seem, or perhaps leonine (such as suggested in the panel in which Elka pulls out her tail), or something else entirely?

Sette's teeth are filed. They were normal human teeth but at some point they were manually sharpened. Ouchies.

So...is Sette really physically a girl? Is she a different species all together? Is this too spoiler-y?

Sette is Sette :)

No tengo ninguna idea de que preguntó la persona que habló frances, pero ¡quería hacerlo también! Capitán Toma es tan guapo y fuerte, ¿no? También Elka lo quiere, ¿si?

Lo siento si mi espanol es mal... Si, Elka quiere el Capitan pero ella respeta el matrimonio de Toma. Hay esperanza. Ella es paciente. Tal vez la esposa de Toma morira'!

"Duane and Sette - even if Sette was physically a boy - are too abrasive for your average yaoi fangirl." That's why we'll write them OOC! :D

D: Okay, but make them the two characters from Okane ga Nai, that would be hilarious.

Tonguing the Crypt Keeper? My mind is racing with horrendous double entendres and puns told to us in his voice. I'm both queasy, and laughing. I think I'll be blowing chunks w/ each 'ha'. >.<;

I always thought if you were to put the Crypt Keeper's personality into an attractive living body - I'd tap that. He's a funny dude.

Why did he not answer the cup, Ashely? All it wanted to do was know if he enjoyed the theater and he looks as though he found a two-toe in bed with his sister! How rude. I should hope that his is not representative of the hospitality of the Peaceguard!

Does it help if I tell you he's having heart palpitations and is frantically trying to get to his medicine? Sometimes there is no time for courtesy, even to suddenly sentient cups of frozen coffee.

Ack! The Boo/Chitz cuteness is melting my faaaaace. I really want a Chitz plush, and a glowing Boo toy. I lurves them. Story-wise, would Matty ever be able to upgrade Chitz? Or would he have to construct an entirely new pymary-aid?

I'm glad you like Boo and Chitz but I cannot answer this :D

Wow, I'm amazed that other anon noticed all those details in the picture, including the rabbit heads, which I totally missed, but confused Frantic Guy in Blue with Toma! Your coloring is great, btw. And color/shading makes a comic more readable, too.

Thanks, man. I've always had a hard time reading black and white comics on the internet. It's vicious on the eyes and usually they're on a colourful website which washes them out even more.

Will... will Sette ever have boobs? Not... not actually a trolling question, honestly curious. :/

When she grows up, you mean?

...no. Sette is missing some stuff :/

The stone wall is melting, that girl is sinking, the ship's on fire, and those goat-dogs are flying. Catastrophe galore! But—wait—is that Capt. Toma? I like those bunny heads on sticks, by the way. Another after-effect of a damaged khert, or?

Yep. Plants sprung out of the ground and blossomed into rabbit heads. It happens. That's not Toma though, far too skinny.

I ship the cloth thing and the broken spider, OTP.

That's canon, broseph.

Ain't a question, but I'm just saying' I'm one of those weird Christians that thinks homosexuality is completely fine. Love is love, bro.

And there we have it.

The idea that Duane would not condemn me immediately to Duane-Hell is promising! It is exhausting to deal with so much hate in this world for something I didn't choose, then to find it in fantasy worlds just... makes me want to flip tables Jesus-style!

I understand. It's a battle choosing how to depict societal issues in a fantasy story. Whenever I feel very torn over how to decide them when world-building, I tend to look at the history of our world - and historically, from society to society, homosexuality is often either gently discouraged or cleansed with fire. I'm sure you know this. And I'm also sure that both you and I know the exceptions to the general rule, but we can't honestly deny the overall trend. It's important as an author not to just make one's work and one's world one long exercise in wish-fulfillment. Unless one is writing porn, of course.

Unsounded deals with some gender issues later on, but not in a heavy-handed way. It's not that kind of story. I hope that you never feel excluded though <3

If Duane and I attended the same dinner party, would he do the polite Christian thing and ignore my existence? Or would he take out a stake and skewer me in the chest? I hear if no Bibles are available, stakes are the next most thing effective on homos.

Some Christians would ignore your existence, some would feel the need to tell you you're going to burn in a lake of fire, some would probably think you look really cool and perhaps would like to share a churro with them. Christians are a diverse bunch, in my experience.

I'm not sure how you are in person though so I can't say how Duane would react to you. There is one very important aspect to Aldish society that I haven't talked about and would prefer not to introduce yet, but it's quite possible Duane would think you were pretty damn cool.

It's not the heterosexuality that scares me. It's the underage child bit. I am not fit for this internet and all its fetishes! Duane's dislike of the homos does makes me sad, on that note. Is he all Westboro Baptist about homos?

Hey, man, I'm with you. I'm really not down with the whole sex with kids thing either. I know this is a controversial opinion that we hold, but we should stand up for our beliefs.

Is Duane all Westboro Baptist about people who sleep with people of the same sex... Well, what makes Westboro, Westboro? The way they protest? Outside of the sensationalist manner in which they demonstrate, their beliefs aren't all that different from other Biblical literalists. More moderate Christians who like to selectively ignore the Old Testament still aren't all that approving of homosexuality, they just don't tend to shout this from the rooftops or grade it as much worse than other sins.

But anyway, Duane's not a Christian of any stripe, is he? So no, he's not like the Westboro Baptist group.

Oh. Well then Sette x Duane definitely. I am going to stop talking about this now. [crawls off to die

I love you, awkward lesbian.

I am really bad at internet so I have no idea what rules you mean. Explain!

Back in my day, the order of the names in the Character X Character description told you who was on top. The first name was always the seme - the dominant one.

I guess if it were going to happen, Sette /would/ want her name first, wouldn't she.

Oh, please don't tell me you kids aren't using the old slash rules anymore. You're going to make me feel one-thousand years old and completely irrelevant.

I don't know, the internet has stranger fetishes than Duane x Sette. Some people on the FB page even squee over them, real names and all. Just tread carefully now imbued with this knowledge.

Duane x Sette? Hohoho, now I KNOW you're fucking with me. All the shipping I've seen has been Sette x Duane :3

So, unable to sleep, I was browsing my selection of video games and noticed that it's not much of a selection at all. And I've beaten them all. Several times. I want to broaden my gaming horizon. What games would you recommend, and for what console(s)?

I'm not much of a console gamer anymore, sad to say, so my console recs would all be PS2 and earlier. If you feel like playing some old school titles, check out the Legacy of Kain, Devil May Cry, and God of War series. These are all good third person action titles (LoK is my favourite). If you like RPGs, I have to recommend my all-time favourite game Vagrant Story, which is a dungeon-crawler with an emphasis on inventory micromanagement. There's the FF series of course, but I'm sure you've played what you want to of that. There's Legend of Legaia, a lesser known RPG for PSX, which is a favourite of mine. It's an RPG with a really unique turn-based battle system where you input individual martial arts strikes that form combos that you can chain together. Great story and characters too. The Castlevania series is of course awesome. I can't imagine you haven't played Symphony of the Night so try Curse of Darkness for PS2. It gets a lot of hate that I don't think it deserves. Hmm, the Silent Hill series is great, play the first four of those and then close the lid on it.

Omelette du fromage? Non, non. Faire l'amour sur la table de cuisine, puis après un peu de vin et de fromage. Mieux, oui?


Oui! :D

If Sette was a boy there'd be hoards of Sette/Duane stories and art. Much bigger than with Sette as a girl. End of story. There would even be an angst bonus since apparently Duane thinks the homosexuals are horrible people.

I am not so sure your hypothesis is correct. Duane and Sette - even if Sette was physically a boy - are too abrasive for your average yaoi fangirl. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

I know you know about the Sette/Duane shippers. You have to know. They're crawling all over your Formspring and getting it dirty.

I really don't think there are many shippers, my darling, and those people who profess to be are mostly taking the piss. You can't ship Duane with anyone, he is a dessicated corpse. You can't tap dat. It'd be like tonguing the Crypt Keeper.

I'm reading all about your Khert, and read your response about the gossamer trap going off wrong, and... oh my god, all of your work is amazing. If I could put a quarter that much effort into my worldbuilding, I'd be content.

Well, world-building isn't anything if all the rest isn't in place. I need to work more on all the rest. Thanks though, dear :)

Exactly! I've no desire to have kids,so I won't have anyone to take care of me if I live to be 90. I think 69 is a good age to go. I like the number. ;P And, yes, I think you're in my approx age group. 25-35 range. No go eat a cheez whiz/mayo sammich!

69 isn't a bad age to go at all. You get to kind of posthumously troll the Obituaries with it, too.

They tried to get Elka in trouble for the same thing that rowdy kids get in trouble? I cannot decide whether to be condescending or amused, but I'll go for amused. I can't decide whether Elka keeps Toma out of trouble or if Toma keeps Elka out of it.

They keep each other out of trouble :) Or get each other IN trouble. They are a good team.

Bad for me how? Hell, the tastiest things in life are bad for you. So, food wise, you can either eat nasty, tasteless food for many decades, or enjoy what tastes GOOD for a few less decades. I take Dennis Leary's stance on getting old. ;P

This philosophy is difficult to argue with. There's a lot of talk about our generation (I'm gonna assume you're around my age) not living as long as our parents, but is this a terrible thing, pragmatically speaking? Social welfare programs are like to deplete themselves, many of us are choosing not to have kids so there'll be no one to change our old person diapers, climate change may very well put a damper on water and food supplies... meh, who wants to be an old person in that kind of environment?

Carry on then :3

I think no one complained about Doc Manhattan's visible junk out of pity. Pity for a man who has eternal blue balls! :D

Ho ho ho!

Cheez Whiz!!! Spread it on bread w/ Miracle Whip (or mayo if you hate on the Whip) and it makes a damn tasty, quick sammich!!

No, shrunkenone, no! That is bad for you!

You make very good rhymes, which is important, musically, I think. (can't rhyme to save my life) I dunno, but I think you'd do well as a Librettist. :3

Aww, thank you :3

An early Merry Christmas, or whatever you may happen to celebrate. If you don't celebrate anything, then have a great weekend, at least. ^_^ - A fan of Unsounded. (And since that's not a question: are spectral khert-fires dangerous to anything?)

Ahh! Why did I not see this time-sensitive question. A belated Merry Christmas to you! <3

Spectral khert-fires are mostly dangerous if you try to work pymary around them. And a damaged khert does do some really weird stuff, since the laws of reality go all wonky. Things float and melt and freeze and change colours and age or de-age or glow or vanish or turn into delicious churros.

Is it wrong of me to think of Matty every time I hear "Daddy Ate My Fries"?

I looked this up and... I'm cool with it.

I dunno, if we're talking air elementals I don't think people will care as much. I mean, look at the Watchmen movie. I don't remember any big shitstorm about his balls hanging out half the time.

Yeah, I was really surprised they left Doc's junk in the film, and kind of pleasantly surprised at the lack of shitstorm about it. I dunno, man, people are unpredictable.

What was the final score in Duane and Sette's snowball fight? If no score, what was the final scene? Did Sette stab Duane in the knee for his trickery?

Duane won the battle but Sette won the war. That night, once the zombie was senseless, she buried him in the snow and left him to freeze into a solid, man-shaped chunk of icy bone and flesh. The next morning she wouldn't toe him into the sun to thaw until he'd managed to sign that she was indeed the queen of the world and either outright better than him at all things or too smart to bother learning how to become better at the things he's so good at, because they are stupid things. Sette never loses; she only strategically delays her inevitable victory.

Do you sing at all Ashley? Do you enjoy singing to yourself or others? Do you oft wax lyrical, warbling into the cold hours of the night?

I enjoy singing when I'm all by my lonesome, but I'm no good at it. I love music sooo much and I truly think it's the highest form of artistic expression, but I have no musical ability whatsoever in any area. I even suck at making fan soundtracks. It's pathetic.

Do you think if Sette was a boy that the weird Sette/Duane as lovers thing would have less followers, or more?

I... think... the same... but the people who do it would be different? I don't know, my brain cramped at the words "Sette/Duane as lovers."

Could one use memories recorded in the khert for high-speed teaching, a-la the Matrix?

No, because that is cheap and gay. The Matrix has some interesting ideas going on for it, but the instant kung-fu garbage really grinds my gears, anon.

Is that the flask Sette stole on Ch04Pg45 gave to the dude on 46 making an appearance on Panel 2? Is the Flask the real Narrator? IS THE FLASK THE ISHMAEL OF UNSOUNDED?!

That bottle shape is all over the place. It's the bottle Matty spills on himself earlier in chapter 4. It's the bottle Sette drank out of for lunch in chapter 3. It's shown up in chapter 6 already. It may indeed be the very eyes of Doctor T.J. Eckleburg, symbolizing the All-Seeing gaze of God.

Or it's what Beadman's Better Imbliblicals are bottled in, and everyone drinks that shit :3

Visiting the family for the holidays, I was greeted with Beaker poking out of my old, childhood stocking. That alone made my day three times as bright. Do you have a favorite Muppet? Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

You got a Beaker? That's awesome! :D Kermit and Rowlf are my favourite muppets~~

The wakfu cartoon had a brothel, and that's a children's cartoon. Unsounded looks like a French comics album, quality wise. Be French, Ashley. Be French!

Omelette du fromage.

You could use the panels with nudity for vote incentives as you draw them (sans dialogue of course). That way you could let more readers know about it, get their opinions, and (if necessary) be ready with some fig leaves when that plot arc comes around.

Perhaps, perhaps.

What would happen to Sette if she were beheaded? Would she remain dead?

She's pretty cool with this as a manner of execution. Makes a big mess, freaks out everyone watching, maybe her head will fly off and smack someone in the face... Much more gruesome and cool than hanging.

Is there going to be an incentive soon? I'm still waiting for "Duane hosts the Muppet Show" from way back when on Formspring.

I will do this one day. It's a four panel long comic though, so I haven't had the proper chunk of time to set aside to draw it. I'll post up a new incentive of some sort this weekend.

Okay now - did Toma just casually fix his dislocated shoulder or no? Ist that physically possible or is Toma too badass to care? :D Also: <3 Duane description!

I saw in the comments the talk about a dislocated shoulder, but I can't say that was my intention... When my shoulder or wrist or fingers are stiff it helps to pop 'em. That's what I was going for. Still, casually fixing a dislocated shoulder is pretty badass so if that's anatomically possible right there I'm ah, gonna say that's what he's doing :3

See, for gifts, I've found that the one thing that never goes wrong is food. Sounds like you're pretty good with it too (can I have the recipe for the pumpkin cake?). Wrap up a cake or a pie. Or take people out to their favorite restaurant! Perfect gift.

Pumpkin cake recipe - http://www.kraftrecipes.com/recipes/luscious-four-layer-pumpkin-cake-65930.aspx - It's as rich and unctuous as a Middle East oil lord, so cut the slices small when you serve. Also they are not kidding when they say to let the cake cool completely before you frost. If you don't, your cake will jizz all over your counter. I did send my good Mormon friend a loaf of chocolate pumpkin nut bread for Christmas. She was very grateful. I think I like my friends more than my family.

Man, who the hell bitches you out for getting them a present? That's just, I don't even.

Family, dude. I dunno.

Does keeping all those spells working at once tire Duane out, or leave him distracted? Or is it pretty normal for a wright to keep up simultaneous, continous spells?

It doesn't tire him out, per se, but it does distract him and somewhat hinder him when he needs to be putting pymary to alternate purposes. I was going through old RP the other night and found this outsider's perspective on Duane. Maybe it is telling when it comes to what he comes off like since he has to take such a direct hand in the maintenance of his body.


Never scowled down at her tea. What did Will see in him?

Adelier was all elbows and knees; gangly like an awkward waterbird underneath his stupid cloak and hood. He moved with the careless grace of a man who'd once trained for war, but Nevra knew the brats on Criseyde Way made sport of sneaking up on him unawares and sending him tumbling. It wasn't hard to do, he was in a perpetual balancing act; a corpse on stilts. When it was quiet, one could hear him creak.

There were other eccentricities, like the time it took for him to speak when he was startled. It had creeped Nevra out the first time she'd seen it. He'd had no breath in his lungs! Nothing had come from his mouth when he'd moved his lips to answer a question. He'd paused, carefully inhaled, and then spoken in a throaty whisper like a man with a terminal cancer.

He was always distracted, too, always delayed in anything he did; a flicker of a second before he laughed at a joke or smiled at an acquaintance, or rose from a chair. What was going on under that hood that he was always somewhere else?

When he and Will sparred though... Nevra had to admit the stickman could fight. It was the only thing that brought him out of his distracted amble through life. It was thought into motion then, smooth as clockwork; and sorcery like nothing she'd ever seen before. Maybe that was all Adelier felt was honest enough to dedicate his attention to anymore. To fight, to kill, to train, to teach... in these roles it was his skills that demanded respect and to be the uncanny monster was an asset. Interacting with the world in other ways though... the pleasantness of idle conversation... here he had to be the mortal man and care about mortal woes. There was nothing he could do or say that wasn't a lie.

Nevra sighed. Maybe Will didn't see anything in Adelier after all. Maybe he just felt sorry for him.

What would happen to Duane if he were beheaded? Would he remain undead? If so, would he be able to talk (as I presume that his speech does not rely on lungs or working vocal cords)?

A beheaded Duane would have trouble keeping his hood up. He'd also be rather embarrassed but he wouldn't cease to be. He actually does rely on (rebuilt) lungs and (pymarically enhanced) vocal cords and (conjured) palatal moisure to speak, so cutting off his head would be one surefire way to shut him up.

How do plods work? Is there some sort of spirit bound inside them (this supported by the page that shows the burning of a plod, and perhaps by their hunger), or are they perhaps animated by complex application of basic Aspects (such as motion)?

Well, ostensibly plods operate similarly to your last suggestion there; driving biological forces are reawakened in a corpse, and the instinct and impetus to satisfy those forces is repurposed into motion. That motion is shaped by memories that have been isolated and recorded into the khert, so that you can at will install into the plod a memory of how to sweep a floor, or paint a wall, or chop a log down into firewood. Other reassigned Aspects keep the corpse limber, whole, possessed of necessary senses, etc.

The sticky question is what else is fired in the corpse when its baser needs are reawakened? Are base biological needs permanently attached to our idea of the soul? What about memories?

The public perception is that plods absolutely do not have anything like a soul anywhere inside them; they are base clay and nothing more. But the question bothers certain countries enough that they don't support recycled labour, and the Ssaelit believe plods are absolutely blasphemous.

Who can say who's right.

I dunno about 'strategic obfuscation' of nudity. To my experience, all that does is draw unwarranted attention /to/ it. It's like censor bars, or f%#k. Does anyone seriously not know what word is represented by f%#k?

You're preaching to the choir, friend. Wait and see how it looks, when it enters the story. Maybe I'll surprise you and pull it off.

I have to agree that changing something that you might have done (nudity) just because you might offend some readers does feel unsettling to me. Of course it isn't my comic, but I wanted to add my input.

I think it's important to look at the big picture. Do I lose readers just so I can show nakedness? If the nakedness isn't that important, is it really worth it?

I understand your feelings though and I do share them, but sometimes we must do what is practical.

I dunno, I think a gift card is OK. The important thought to me is that whatever person gives me the gift doesn't stress about it. Plus, you can show how well you know someone by getting them a card to a store they really like.

Yeah, that's a good philosophy.

Are you materialistic? If not, what do you think changed your view from that of your family?

I am absolutely not materialistic. In fact I went shopping with my brother and mother today and it was very difficult. I love them to bits, naturally, but they are very fashion-oriented and have to go into every clothing store in the mall and scrutinize every article of clothing and OHMYGODIDON'TCAAAARE. Sometimes I think my brother turned out so materialistic and superficial just because I never was, but we are extreme opposites on the fashion spectrum, which makes for an amusing irony. He's the daughter my mom always wanted.

I think I'm the way I am mostly because I live so much inside my head. I like the space around me clean and tidy but I don't care if my couch is colour coordinated to the drapes, or if my sandals are ratty so long as they are functional or if my jeans are fashionable so long as they are clean. I try not to judge people, but worrying about fashion seems like the most pointless, superficial waste of mental energy, time, and money. And hoarding a bunch of stupid bullshit? It's unhealthy for you, your wallet, the environment, society... myeaaaargh.

y u make me rant

One of the commercials playing over the radio at my job is "get your loved ones a Goodwill giftcard, because nothing else says 'you know what you want better than I do'." I respect your efforts in trying to appease loved ones. Gift cards are thoughtless!

Oh, sweet Buddha, Goodwill does giftcards? My family is all highly materialistic, and don't buy clothing from Wal-mart much less a thrift store. They would MURDER me if they were ever presented with a Goodwill giftcard.

That's Christmas shopping for next year all sorted then, thanks! :3

How was your Christmas?

My Christmas was great. I love Christmas - not for the presents, not for the mythology - but for twinkly lights in unlikely places, for Christmas songs and Christmas movies, for my mom's cooking, for my own cooking, and - in the last few years - for the delight on the spoiled faces of my niece and nephew.

This year I made lots of crazy awesome shit. I did this four-layer pumpkin cake with cream-cheese pumpkin frosting. I did chocolate chip cookies from scratch and these fucking amazing toffee bars with macadamia nuts and coconut. I did a scalloped potatoes recipe I got outta Joy of Cooking. I did chocolate pumpkin nut bread and broccoli cheese casserole. I have surpassed my mom when it comes to cooking. I stand alone at the top of a Pyramid of Fat, holding a Sceptre of Cheese, wearing a Tiara of Cookies.

But yeah, I don't care about presents. I'm too old to receive them and I'm terrible at buying them for other people. It's like, I dunno, my middle brother. He's a wingnut. He works for a defence contractor. He's mean and violent. So so so so I panicked and got him a gun mug. He opened it on Sunday morning and as he proceeded to bitch me out I had to wonder what the fuck I was smoking when I ordered it. And my dad hates Twilight Princess. He told me he has no interest in herding goats. Great way to really engage the player and suck them into the story, Miyamoto.

Gift cards gift cards it must always be gift cards.

RE: nekkidness - it's your damn comic. Our society accepts boobs because straight males rule all. of. the. things. It's time to see some goddamn human anatomy besides giant titties. I am even saying this as a huge lesbo. Gimme peen already, jfc. /end

We shall see :U

I love Sivis! I actually named my pet rat after him :'''D Can he at least get a mention in Unsounded? I love him dearly ;;

He might get a mention! Or maybe he'll make a cameo, though the idea of a talking rat prince mage doesn't sound quite as natural in Unsounded as it did in RP ;D

The Thief games are awesome. The Cradle mission still makes me want to go and cry in a corner. Did you know that they're making a Thief 4?

Yeah, I think I heard that. I bought Thief 3 ages ago and it's been sitting in my Steam library, unplayed, uninstalled, and staring at me.

If you like conmen you should read Lies of Locke Lamora. It has awesome world-building and flawed characters with wicked schemes. Plus, alliteration.

Soonish, sister or son, shall I seek out said story.

I adopted a new dog, and since he was gangly, dark, and looked like a small, fuzzy Benedict Cumberbatch, I named him Sherlock as it was appropriate. But now my family is trying to rename him Yeast. He is too beautiful to be a Yeast. ;_;

Well, as interesting and as attractive as Benedict Cumberbatch is, I don't know that I love the name "Sherlock" for anyone, man or beast, as there's almost no way to keep it from sounding like a sarcastic insult. Although, taking him outside to poop only to find out that he didn't need to go afterall, and then being able to say, "No shit, Sherlock?" would be pretty awesome.

The name "Yeast" has possibilities because it's kind of random in an anime way, and it's a funny word, and I enjoy bread. I don't know, anon, I can't call this one.

Are you good at writing sex?

Definitely not. Pretty bad at drawing it too.

Bah, don't worry about the upcoming nudity. I know what to do with it. Vote incentives! :D

Well, the naked elementals are a while off but there IS a love hotel in chapter six and a brothel in chapter eight x_x I'ma have to change the name of the comic to Unsordid.

I have a soft spot for thieves. Do you know any games or books or whatever that have a thief as the main character?

Well, the obvious game that comes to mind is Thief, which is a spectacular First Person Sneaker starring Garrett, the incorrigible badass cat burglar. It has some of the best world-building I've ever seen in a game as well as a great story. And there are sequels! The first game is pretty dated these days but not in an unplayable way. Check it out.

The first obvious book that comes to mind is... The Thief! It's YA lit, but it's still pretty good. The setting is ancient Greece or something except it's not, but it has some fun politics and pretty good characters.

I like conmen slightly more than outright thieves, but the line can be kind of thin sometimes.

How about strategic clouds and bits of foam?

Yes, this is wise.

I don't mind nekkidness. But from your comments on it, i take it you were one of few disturbed by Dr.Manhattan's dangling blue junk in The Watchmen?

Pssh, no. I have absolutely no problem with nakedness anywhere. I just know most of the rest of the world does. If I put a penis in my comic I know, for instance, that my good Mormon friend will probably stop reading it. Hers wouldn't be an uncommon reaction, I'm sure.

I suppose since the comic isn't ABOUT nakedness, it's not necessary to try and prove a point or raise a fuss or get all prickly about pricks. Artful obfuscation is probably the way to go.

I think from now on you should draw every character in Unsounded naked all the time, no exceptions.

nuuu Starfish

Of all the questions asked, I don't think I've seen this one yet: What first inspired you to begin drawing, and for how long have you been creating art?

This is one of those great questions that I can only give a boring answer to. I've been drawing since I could pick up a crayon. There's never been a time in my life when I wasn't drawing.

Have you ever read the Dorohedoro manga?


Will, Lawrence, Sivis, Hettie, and Nihil—will we be seeing any of these people in the comic? Personally, I'd like to know more about Will. He seems very naive.

Will yes, Lawrence yes, Sivis no, Hettie is dead, Nihil no. I can give a little info on Will. He's ten years younger than Duane and served with him as a boy in the Aldish army. Will's family is one of the most powerful in Durlyne, and his father was one of Duane's superiors during his time at the Temple of Song. Will is the sweetest person ever to live on the earth, though he's kind of a man-whore and not the sharpest tack in the wall. He was supposed to be a wright, for instance, but he never had the head for the language or the math so he flunked out of the Academy. Still, he is lovable in his dumbness.

You could just use Anime Anatomy.

Depending on the anime, this could mean just about anything.

I am now imagining deepsea fishwrights. Should I be terrified or amused?

I for one welcome our new deepsea overlords. There are sentient beings in the water, ya know. People who've been following the formspring for a while might remember some chatter about them.

Do you do a lot of plotting while you're pooping?

You really shouldn't sit on the toilet too long, anon, it's bad for your sphincter.

Maybe the ocean has its own different kind of khert/governing force and that's what the fish use? Since water is matter in liquid form, it needs instructions like everything else. Not sure that fits with rivers and lakes, though.


Do you ever get tired of answering all these technical questions for the Unsounded verse, or do you enjoy explaining?

I do get a little blah with it from time to time. But if you guys are taking the time to read my comic I can take the time to answer questions. Seems like the right and proper thing to do.

If matter has to reference the khert, what about fishies? Am I missing something? Or does the Khert exist over water, it's just that pymary doesn't work so well with it? Do fishies have their own Khert like Uaid? I am concerned for the strawberry fish!

Haha. That is indeed quite the mystery. I can't believe you keep up with this formspring, you sexy animal. It would have bored me to tears by now <3

Pardon the annoyance. May I get a link for that Ch 5 preview page, please? Yes, I know, you are completely correct - I will save things to my hard drive in the future. Happy Holidays!

Alas, it is gone! I deleted it from the directory when I started updating again, and I had deleted it from my computer a while ago. Anyone else out there have it for this anon?

Happy Holidays to you too :3

Are you familiar with role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons? If you are would you be willing to write something like a scourcebook for the Unsounded universe? I know I personally would love to be in a game run in it.

I dunno, I'm only superficially familiar with stat-based systems so I'd probably be rubbish at trying to apply one to Unsounded's setting for a sourcebook. Someone contacted me a while ago about their writing one, but I can't really let anyone do that, ya know? It's my stuff. Sorry, sorry.

Are Duane’s (real) eyes still green as previously mentioned or that blue-whitish color?

Duane's real eyes rotted. They were green when he was alive though, yes. I drew alive Duane a bunch last night. So schmoopy.

It seems like it’s going to be dark soon in chapter 5. Will we get a little more on the meaning of the cuffs or talisman, then?

Chapter six kind of definitively addresses both of these concerns.

The khert sounds like DNA, in that it contains the instructions for how everything works. In that sense, everyone is sort of like a cell within a ginormous, complicated being. I find this very spiritual. Is that interconnectedness important to the story?

Yes. I like your analogy very much.

You said in an earlier question to the effect that Duane didn’t have full access to the khert. Yet it’s also been said he was born connected to it in a special way. So how does that all work, are there levels of access?

Baby Duane came into the game with two special features: tacit casting, and with an outbound connection to the khert already in place, making a wright's rites redundant (but he went through them anyway for social and cultural reasons).

Duane doesn't have full access the way almost no one has full access except for the highest officials of the government. You see, it's possible to burn spells into the khert, making them universally accessible by anyone just by them knowing the words to call the spell forward. These burned spells are the official canon of pymary, and all that anyone is supposed to use. Duane doesn't have the ability to put spells into the khert like this, almost no one does. Hence, he doesn't have full access.

Would disconnecting Duane from the khert kill him, or just really mess him up because he can't keep his extra spells going?

There are generally two ways to be connected to the khert. I think of them like UNIX permissions because I am a sad little person.

You can be read-only, which is what most people are, and what ninety-nine percent of people are born as. And then there are people - wrights - who undergo a brief procedure that grants them *ahem* execute privileges so they can shuffle Aspects around the khert via pymary.

If someone took away Duane's wright privileges, disconnecting his ability to input to the khert and work pymary, he'd be pretty messed up indeed. All the little spells he has in place that ease the workings of his body would fail, his mouth would dry up, his glamour would dissipate, and he'd be a shambling, mumbling, stereotypical zombie, with the key difference that he'd still be Duane inside, just without a cooperating form.

Now, if you disconnected him fully from the khert, he'd keel over. Anyone would. A connection to the khert is required by everyone. Since the khert contains all governing laws, matter can't interface with reality without referencing itself in the khert.
...Would it make me a terribly bad person if I would very much like to see this "landscape strewn with small intestine" you hinted at...? .__.

I wouldn't say so. But I don't believe it will happen. Captain Toma did not in fact break open like a pinata and festoon his entrails all over the burning blue alleyway.

Wait, I missed something. You can disconnect someone from the Khert? Is it akin to, say, utilizing pressure points to cut off a person's chi?

No, Ty Lee. It's more like mangling a person's spectral essence at the pertinent points until it can no longer interface fully with the khert. Imagine you have USB ports in the centre of each palm, and someone jabs a screwdriver down into them a few times.

Thoughts on Osamu Tezuka? I don't much care for his art style, but some of his stories (like Adolf) are fantastic.

Would it shock you to know I've never read any Tezuka? I think it could indeed be the style that's the turn-off; it immediately looks so dated I've never been sure there was anything still relevant about the stories. I'm sure I'm wrong though, circumstances have just never conspired in such a way that I sat down to read and find out.

My apologies if this has been asked before, but has anyone ever voluntarily become a galit?

Mm, if by galit you mean a plod, certainly. One can sell one's corpse ahead of time to the plod creators for a modest sum of money.

What does Sette want to hug?

Nothing in particular at the moment. In more of a stabby mood than a huggy mood.

I was not jealous before, but now I am. Cherry is my favorite. :P I prefer it without the pits, but alas, I always get one. Is your favorite pie cherry? Do you like peach?

My favourite pie is a tie between mince and apple. I would eat nearly any food in pie-form. I would eat Mrs. Lovett's pies. One pie I do NOT like, however, is peach. I don't like peaches in any incarnation, they're sickly sweet and taste faintly of vomit and also the fibrous texture is like sucking down snot laced with animal hair. I have gotten into heated fights with my best friend over the inherent evil grossness of peaches.

Elka's badass. Is she riding Toma's hound?

Nope. It's her own doggie named Morgen.

You have not told us what kind of pie it was. What kind of pie?

Delicious cherry. Made from scratch, too, so there was the added adventure of errant cherry pits.

I just realized something about all the comments for Elka. None of them take the biggotry between countries into consideration. So, as as someone who joked about dating her myself, I ask- Would Elka date a young, white dude w/ clean shaven head & face?

Elka wouldn't date anyone right now; like Sette she's much more interested in her work. If she was in the market though, she might take a white guy into consideration provided he wasn't Aldish. Crescians and Aldishmen don't hate each other because of how they LOOK. They hate each other because of centuries of warfare, and irreconcilable philosophical and cultural differences.

Toma is Elka's perfect man. Can you compare? :3

Hey, Ash, do you have a favorite character from the comic, or do you try to love all of your creations equally?

My favourite character fluctuates with my mood. When I'm feeling dismal, I prefer Duane. When I'm feeling manic and full of myself, I prefer Sette. Between the two of them they almost make one complete, normal person.

Gah! How do you convince your brain to recognize the "ask all friends a question" and "ask a specific friend a question" when you're clearly an idiot? *headdesk*

I don't know, I'm trying to figure out why the inbox number is now very bright and green. Formspring engineers are like chicks constantly retreating to the bathroom to primp.

As... weird of a question as this is for me to ask, will you be showing the mangled, exploded body of Captain Toma should they find him, or merely silhouette it all? I am... trying to determine how gruesome you are willing to take this comic. Also, bored.

Yeah, I think the next page will have to have a NSFW warning. You really don't want to be caught by your boss gazing in horror at a landscape strewn with small intestine. Don't be bored. Did you see the new Hobbit trailer? Beards. Beards everywhere.

Is Jivi from Cresce or Ulestry?

Jivi's Crescian.

Is it just my imagination, or are Ulestrians slightly lighter-skinned than Crescians? Elka's pigtailed friend seemed more dusky than dark skinned.

I hadn't really thought Ulestrians were that dark-skinned at all; more olive-toned than anything. But there's lots of variations in both Ulestry and Cresce. Variety is the best!

Oh, dear anonymous lover of TNG, I love Patrick Stewart, but no one beats the epic-ness that is the Kirk, McCoy, and Spock. Ash, ToS stands for The Original Season, and is the best imho. The new movie was pretty good, if you don't wanna watch the series.

Oooooh. Mm, I've lived thirty years without Star Trek. I can live another thirty ;) We all like different things, and that's awesome.

I have a phone interview for a fancy new job tomorrow which I am excited about. Is there some Crescian or Aldish blessing of luck you can bestow on me?

Oh, you don't want either of those, they're not all that inspiring. Duane gives good counsel: "Comport yourself ever as a gentleman (or gentlewoman). Let no amount of money nor prestige sway your good and illimitable honour; do not flatter nor wheedle, do not lie nor brag, do not take a thing if you must give up something much more valuable to have it. We own naught more valuable than our character. So, go with God, go with dignity, go with honour, and no matter if fickle fortune favours you or shows you the door, you will journey on unsullied."

I have never read Moby Dick, but thanks to Unsounded, I was able to use that quote to draw a precarious parallel between a Decemberists song and The Great Gatsby in an English paper. For that, you have my most profound gratitude. *salute*

Don't thank me. Thank our dear friend Herman.

WHAT? You don't like Star Trek? OK 1. I’m a girl. 2. TOS or TNG? Very different series. 3. Can see joyless in the early stuff, but TNG Season 3+ started adding color and humor. 4. Picard getting abducted by the Borg is EPIC DRAMA. 5. You make me sad. :(

1. Show me your boobs. 2. I don't know what TOS stands for in relation to Star Trek, I am sorry :( 3. Okay, but that's a lot of episodes to go through first. 4. When I look at Picard I see Professor Xavier. 5. Don't be sad, have some pie.

So Duane was born connected to the khert, but still had his stabbity rites done? That must have been because they're a socially important rite of passage for young wrights, right?


Are you worried about rising sea levels? Florida is not really the safest place to be.

I'd love to move out of Florida, but I don't have the resources. Besides, my family's here. We can all go down together!

The abbreviation for the Temple of Song confuses me so much, makes me think of Star Trek. So, very important question: Star Wars or Star Trek?

It makes me think of Terms Of Service. WHICH OF US IS THE BIGGER NERD. I prefer Star Wars, definitely. I've only seen a few episode of Star Trek. There's something so dry and joyless about it, it's not for me.

Your backgrounds always astound me. You put so much detail into them. How do you do it? I think it would drive me insane. Then again, I'm not an artist, so I can't really understand. I am not gifted with art skills, nor with the patience to acquire them.

Aw, thanks, man. If one is a pro at anything, it's easy to make something look more time-consuming, difficult, and tedious than it really is. Backgrounds are no big deal at all, though laying out perspective grids can get obnoxious. I think a year of playing Minecraft has made my backgrounds a little better. I have some slightly more creative ideas for buildings and interiors now ;D

It seems to me if the Aldish didn't have the Crescians to band against, they'd soon split along caste and religious factions. I'd ask Duane but he'd just give me the party line.

This is an insightful theory and in fact, historically, war with Cresce is what saved Alderode from a self-destructive series of religious civil wars centuries ago. So hating on Cresce is pretty important to the country's continued existence. Aldish politics, man, they'll drive you bats.

What, Ashley? You don't want dominatrix-Sette walking around whipping boys with her tail? I have the insane temptation to doodle this.

Do it. Make it so!

In that case, being with Sette must be a balancing act upon a balancing act! Like a tiny acrobat on your shoulders keeping you focused on the current task but constantly reminding you that big heights = big splat. Not a question, I just love your chars

Aww, they love you too. Well, maybe not Sette.

Considering their religious intolerance, I can't help but feel that Kasslyne needs to open their eyes to the joys of religious debate as we know it: http://tithenai.tumblr.com/post/3215186237/two-churches-located-across-the-street-from-each-other

So cute XD Thank you.

Is there a question that you'd like us to ask?

Question yourself! Were you productive today? Kind? Did you eat enough fiber? Live hard!

Sette dies, doesn't she? You're feeling sad because you're thinking of the tragic death you've concocted for her later on down the road, aren't you?

It really does make me sad because if she dies I'll have to draw new cover art again :(

I'm dying to see this new cast you mentioned. As it's going to be set in Alderode, will we get to see some aspects that Duane may have once had in life? E.g., will any of them be from the TOS? I suppose I'll have to wait to find out.

Oh, this is so far in the future I feel goofy for bringing it up D: But yes, the characters are all directly connected to what's going on, so that'll include some people from the Temple of Song.

Could Duane remove what's left of his flesh and make a cloth body to cover his bones?

I reckon so but at that point he may as well just go skel. Unless you mean he should make like, a padded cloth body. And be a plush. Because kawaii.

"I don't think ninety-five percent of people would last" So how did Duane last? What motivation was there for him to get employment and generally go on acting like he was alive, rather than just giving up out of despair? Or is that spoiler territory?

This is mostly spoiler, but I touched on some of his motivation a few questions down with the lovely Kirbish.

I had an Unsounded dream last night! Duane could jump huge heights and distances thanks to his supernatural strength and light frame (being just a skeleton and all), and a territorial owl started attacking him, thinking he was a rival.

This is a beautiful thing.

Since the Ssaelit abhor the idea of undead, how did Duane come to terms with himself? Did he then find solace in the fact that, along with his sentience, some shred of his dignity remained intact? Or did he find a different way of rationalising himself?

Well, that's the thing. He hasn't come to terms with himself at all. He hides behind a thousand distractions, leaps towards any opportunity to make himself feel alive, purposeful, useful, -human-. He doesn't want to think about himself, or remember, or anticipate. His is a careful mental balancing act and the slightest thing can throw his thoughts in directions he cannot endure... because the fact of the matter is he's damned, and there isn't any action he can take that will save any part of him. That mental paralysis leaves him in stasis. There's nothing to do but to keep going and pray every evening for some revelation.

So, if Sette found herself a galit like Duane, how would she react, and what would be the long term effects to her sanity?

She'd never last. I don't think ninety-five percent of people would last.

I believe you once said Duane's name is pronounced differently than in the real world? doo-AHN or something? I was wondering if Sette pronounces his name the same way, the rare times she uses it, or if she pronounces it differently than it's meant to be.

Nope, she pronounces it Dwayne. Because she is a twat.

So the "temple of song" is one of those misleadingly named things that are the opposite of what you expect? Because "breaking heads" is not the first thing that springs to mind on hearing the name "temple of song"

Haha, yeah, I guess so. It's only called that in reference to its actual main structure, which is a huge tower carved in such a way that it makes music when the wind blows through. But TOS refers to the whole second branch of the Ssaelit ecclesiastic, military, and governing body, which is located at the Temple of Song facility in Durlyne. I suppose it's like how flexible the word "Vatican" can be.

What did Duane do to cement his reputation as an impressive wright?

Duane was first recognised as a badass when he was a kid. Not only was he born a tacit caster but he was born already connected to the khert. This happens sometimes and when it does the People In Charge pay very careful attention to you. Anyway, they made sure he had the proper education.

The second time he was given official badass status was after a certain event in the army, one that made sure he didn't stay in the army long and instead went to the Temple of Song to knock heads around. Duane had an interesting life.

Oh man, I'd read that! I would SO read that! So. Has anyone actually seen Bastion's lover? How long have they been together? Are there exclusive photos?

I'm tempted to show you a picture of the guy this rumour probably would have stemmed from. He's ah, not exactly a paragon of lust.

If Sette's dying wish was for him not to burn her body but bury it, which would win - his pushoveryness with her and respect for a last request, or his sincere belief that it's better to burn the dead and she's just confused?

Oh, I think he'd ignore it and burn her. But let's not talk about Sette dying, it brings sadness unto me.

In Alderode, snowball fights are serious business.

Too right.

Pah! I demand a detailed energy flow diagram accross the entire trophic pyramid. But seriously, giant porcupines would be awesome. Do any animals, aside from the senet beasts, have any form of natural pymary? Are starflies natural critters or constructs?

Starflies are regular old bugs and their bioluminescence is achieved through natural means. Vliegeng fly by attaching to the channels of the khert via spectral appendages on their back, and skating along them. That's different. Then there's smoke eels.

Your ecology's a little unbalanced. Where are all the hervibore animals? And wouldn't Grebbers have eaten the lions before the Geffendur got them? Or were they proportionally hueg too? Any Aurochs or Irish elk hiding in the forest? Ooo giant porcupines!!

I don't believe my ecology to be unbalanced, but no one wants to talk about boring herbivores. Grebbers and vliegeng are interesting creatures. Deer, goats, pigs, coneys, marmots, and the like - not so much.

Anyway, grebbers and lions lived in totally different regions. Kasslyne is a big place. Even if they did come in contact, I can't see a grebber hunting lions when lions live and hunt in groups. They may be smaller, but there are many more of them. It'd be like a grizzly bear going after a pack of wolves. Not so bright.

"In which two rights make a wrong" - the biggest, cheesiest grin on my face when I read that. Glad you're back!


Oh. Ha. I only ran out of room. M/S -Mentor/Student. F/D - Father/Daughter. I should make a point to remember that I'm the only one privy to my mental processes....

Not what I thought it was ;)

Male submissive, female dominant, at a guess.

This was my guess as well :3

So. Thought. The cremation thing. Does that have anything to do with zombies? And not wanting people to be made into them?

Not so much. The Ssaelit do abhor - absolutely despise and reject the idea of plods and all things undead - but they do so for the same reason they espouse cremation: human exceptionalism and human dignity. There are many dogmatic differences between the Ssaelit and the Gefendur, but the philosophical difference kind of boils down to one thing: the Gefendur believe that humans are indebted creations of the Twin gods, inferior to them in all ways, and created for the purpose of worshipping, entertaining, and glorifying their pantheon. The Ssaelit, however, believe humans are inferior to nothing and no one, that they have a duty to become the best humans they can be, and that they not only have a right but a responsibility to transcend nature.

Was that "O-o-okay" a nervous reply because you mistakenly think your skills are lacking, or an eye-twitching stutter while you're thinking of ways to get this crazy comic-stalker away from you? -.-

It was mostly because I don't know what m/s-f/d means and I am terrified.

Duane, undead cleric... If he wasn't already shown to be an awesome character, those two words would get any fantasy loving individual to check him out! Such an interesting, rarely seen, combination. :)

Is it really? It's such a contradiction I would have thought it more popular. You can do cool things with it. Back during RP when Duane really was more of the traditional fantasy priest type, I never let him use healing magic on himself OR anyone else. Since healing spells are harmful to undead and since in my mind magic is a force that has to pass through the mage, it seemed like even healing magic directed outwards would bring him harm. So there were always situations where he'd have to stand by and watch characters die because he couldn't cast the necessary spells properly.

And then there was of course the requisite The Gods Hate Me angst. Is it more sinful to commit suicide and end the evil thing I have become, or to live on as an unnatural abomination? Because I am this unnatural abomination, am I thus doomed to the Hells when I do finally die? How can I possibly destroy myself then? And on and on.

Undead priest characters: built-in conflict.

Oh man, now I'm imaging all the things you could do with snow while manipulating the khert. Instead of snowball fights, you could have giant snow-monster fights. It'd be all kinds of epic.

Snowball fights? Snowball WAR.

That new vote incentive is wonderful. Duane would own people in snowball fights. I want him on my team.

He is a terrible cheater.

Which would win in a fight, the seal of Cresce, or the seal of Alderode?

One of them is a bigass stylized grebber below the crest of the Sonorie dynasty. The other are the six rings of the castes encircling the old Tainish symbol for Strength Through Unity, all of it ringed by a limbless vliegeng. This is really too close to call.

what approach do you recommend for working out continent shapes and naming places? is it necessary to create a naming language, or is just making up names for places and people enough?

Continent shapes - put a pencil in your hand, close your eyes, and go crazy. Continent and place names - it's not necessary to make a whole language. I live in Florida. We have Lake Okeechobee from the Native Americans and Punta Gorda from the Spanish and Lakeland from the English. Place names are going to depend on the history of the place! You can really get away with anything, same when it comes to naming people unless the culture is still pretty insular. I wouldn't sweat it too much.

Leysa, Mikaila, Simon, Lemuel. Will we meet any of these people? Have we seen any of these people?

I wonder.

What is the average length of pregnancy for Plats?

Standard nine months.

I've been reading over all these comments for the past couple hours (I believe it's been about two now), and I've seen more than one comment about Duane burning corpses. Would Duane cry at Sette's funeral? ... Is it possible for him to cry?

Would Duane cry at Sette's funeral... imagining this situation makes me want to bawwww myself. He's not physically set up to cry so he can't but he's never been much of a crier anyway... more of a slaughter everything in sight and then go get drunk guy.

On the bottom of this picture is a sketch of Sette catching a frog and showing it off to Duane-- http://www.casualvillain.com/Unsounded/images/misc_art/sketch01.jpg and I was wondering if Sette was looking for Duane's commendation? =3

Haha, yes, it was an idea I had for a short story. Duane was having some trouble with getting one of his elbows to bend smoothly, and he wanted some manner of slippery aspect to ease the joint. So Sette promised to catch him some frogs to use. Now he has to assure her she is the best frog-catcher in the entire world. Brain fluff :3

Um... the one buying crack was me. I know it's a bad habit. I can't think of a question right now so I'll just say, have a good holiday. :] I hope it's filled with lots of tasty things.

Tasty things. Like crack. Ho ho ho! <3

Ash, if you bring back Duane and Sette after chapter six then I will pay you a bajillion dollars for every page. If you don't I'll convince Murkoph to eat your legs.

Of course they will come back after chapter six. Provided they don't die first :3

Was the woman being dragged off by the guards at the border crossing really Aldish und a Copper? You said that the Coppers are the most secluded caste, so it would be quite unusual for her to walk around so far from Alderone, right?

Good thinking, so I'm not so sure that lady was a Copper. I would bet she was just a very unfortunately coloured Sharteshanian that chose the wrong time to try and get into Cresce. She should be alright though, they'll figure it out.

Since Formspring doesn't do searching, I googled Duane voluptuous blond. First result was about Dog the Bounty Hunter. Second result led to 1971 sex cinema. Did you know Clint Eastwood was in Civil War-set film where he sexes 7 women and hacks off a leg?

Wait, Clint Eastwood did porn? But - he's so unattractive. Leg-hacking is cool. Was it his own leg?

Ashley, if you create a tabloid magazine with all of that and more, I will love you forever, AND I will pay your for it. Provided there are illustrations. :D

Haha, it's work enough just creating the canon ;D

So if Sette died during their journey, Duane would burn her corpse, even though she seems to follow Yerta? (By the way, does Duane know that Sette somewhat follows Yerta? It was a surprise to me to find out she was a tiny bit religious.)

Sure, Duane realises Sette is Gefendur. Pretty much everyone is. Duane is the weird one for being Ssaelit, and he's quite accustomed to being on the down-low about it. The Ssaelit aren't proselytizers though. The Gefendur are the ones who have historically been very violent and very tyrannical about the spread of their religion, while the Ssaelit believe it is the supplicant's duty to come to them, and not the other way around. Who are you to look at another man and tell him he's hungry? If he's hungry, he will tell you.

And yes, if Sette were to die, Duane would perform Ssaelit funerary rites if he was able. That's part of his oath as a Ssaelit cleric.

I'm also kind of hoping that when he reappears to, perhaps, rescue Sette from her own foolhardy attempts at mangling Berry Boy faces, it's a big, happy surprise for her. Or at least dramatic. Ah hell, I just want more of that m/s-f/d relationship. :D


I love it when Duane smiles in the comic and your vote incentives. It makes me happy. I hope we get to see more of this in the future?

I hope so too. Maybe if Sette comes to like him a bit more she'll dedicate time to cheering him up now and then. And vice versa.

But you've got an entire community dedicated to interviewing you about celebrity gossip and the love lives of your characters! I distinctly remember you answering a question about Duane's interest in voluptuous blondes.

I was thinking celebrity gossip like National Inquirer. TAWHOQUE TALL TALES!

Nary Frummagem's Daughter In Rehab AGAIN. Famous Crime Lord Disowns Tailed Mutant, Says He's Cutting Her Off.

Town Scrivener Deathly Ill? Shocking Photos Show Pale Face, Emaciated Limbs, Shed Fingers???

Lord Bastion Winalils and his SECRET MALE LOVER. Is Well-Known Black Tongue Sorcerer Dishing It Out From The Front While Taking It From Behind???

ROMANCE In The Peaceguard! Captain Toma And His Lieutenant Share a Moonlight Kiss Behind The Waterfall. Exclusive Tell-All From One-Armed Comrade!

Et cetera.

So, uh, what's up with the bleeding roots and excess sword blades on chapter 1 pg. 16 (Blondo McWhoopass)? Is it an elaborate perception-type thing, like the trees visible during Cara's flashback? If not, what is it?

Symbolism and fluff, my good man, for you to take or to leave. There are some things that should never be explained by me.

Will the Duane & Sette account resume during the chapter 5-6 break, or is this all we're ever going to get?

Not sure. I'm going to go with a We'll See on that one.

Bastion's missing...............equipment? OH MY GOD, MURKOPH ATE HIS BALLS, DIDN'T HE?!?

Delicious prairie oysters.

Did Duane burn Cara's corpse because he recognized her as ssaelit, or just because as a ssaelit himself he felt it was the proper way to do it?

The latter. He doesn't believe the Gefendur religion is relevant to the true nature of the world, so even if Cara was Gefendur, not burying her as her family would have wanted makes no difference in his view.

Well, Mom's taking me to Oklahoma for Christmas to see my dad and my brother. :) But then I have to miss your comic updates. >< The horror! You don't give yourself enough credit, though; your comic is wonderful.

Haha, it'll still be online waiting for you when you get back. Have a blast in Oklahoma! Which is so well-known for... well... that one musical, I guess...


Is it the 19th yet?

Mañana. I was up too late last night trying to install Disqus onto the site to fix the crappy comment system. No luck yet.

Yay! Duane and Sette are back on formspring, thanks for the goodies. And don't be nervous about the next chapter starting, Glass, it'll be great. *Sends love*


Why did the Two-Toe lady in Knobbytop have her head tentacle thingies cut off?

I'm really not sure. It's one of those things where my design muse gave the orders and I just blindly followed. Maybe he got in trouble with his tribe and was mutilated and banished. He was all by himself and very friendly with the humans, which isn't terribly common among two-toes.

I just graduated college a few hours ago. I am looking forward to Monday and hope you don't mind if I consider your update a commencement gift. :D

Oh, man, congratulations! You're all educated and ready to enter the real world. I think you deserve a better gift than a webcomic update, I hope someone's bought you something nice!

Is Elarosny at all perturbed by Bastion's missing equipment? And how much of a sex drive does he even still have?

Let's not open this can of worms right now.

Re: Sad Party Person - Are you me? Seriously, that pretty much described my Thursday. I left teary eyed and pathetic :( I'm sure you were much better off than me, but happy puppy always helps. As does job hunting, anon :)

Oh, my God, you guys are making me depressed T_T Fuck people, you don't need them! I have just poured myself a glass of sangria. Have a drink!

I just went to a horrible work party where I was the lowest class and dumbest person there, and it left me full of terrible sadness. Therefore, I need to think of happy things, and must ask: will we ever see giant puppies in the comic?

I bet you were neither the lowest class nor the dumbest person there. Don't be sad. Here is a puppy just for you.

Will Jivi do something badass before the story shifts to Alderode? :3 Also, will he have dreadlocks when the story returns to him afterwards?

Jivi does a number of very badass things in chapter 6, my friend. Dreadlocks - probably not, but I do like cute braids :3 Everyone already thinks he looks like a girl, let's double down!

Has Duane always been a tacit caster, or is that a post-dying thing?

He's beautiful in his way 'cause God makes no mistakes. He's on the right track, baby, he was born that way.

Shifts to Alderode after Mulimar you say? That's a lot sooner than I would have expected. I thought they'd be in Cresce for a bit before that, breakin' stuff and uncoverin' things. Will there be a time-gap for travel, or does everyone jump in Duane's bag?

Our current characters don't move to Alderode at that point- the narrative leaves them and we'll meet some entirely new people in Alderode. It will be cool, I promise, though there may be a decrease in kiddish hijinks for a while. Anyway, this is very far off, don't sweat it.

What about differences between the castes as far as death rituals?

Aside from each caste having its own graveyard, not too many differences.

Have you seen the leaked Dark Knight Rises trailer?

I dunno, I've seen the threads on /co/ but I'm not the biggest fan of Nolan's Batman flicks. If he kills off Bats in the last one though, that would be epic-cool.

Woah wait, Bastion has a girlfriend? Where did you say this? Some interview I'm unaware of?

Hahaha, I wish someone would interview me about celebrity gossip and the love lives of my characters. But no, I said it right on here yesterday.

Will we see Elarosny at some point? Are there any Copper major characters further down the pipeline?

Sure! Elarosny is a pretty important character. Coppers are the most secluded of the castes; you don't often see them just wandering down the street, but they will come into play later. Once we're done in Mulimar, the comic shifts to Alderode for a while to meet a whole new cast of fools.

Bastion's a Jet. His girlfriend's a Copper. I'm guessing this is not a normal relationship, in Aldish terms at least.

They are not exactly traditionalists ;) But no, they are not in some arranged relationship. They just like to fu-- make love to each other.

What's the dating scene like in Alderode? Is it all arranged marriages, or are you pretty much free to date whoever as long as they're in the same caste?

Mostly it depends on what your class is within your caste - in other words, do you have money? Privilege? Something to bargain with? If so, your elders are going to match you with whomever will ensure your status and conserve or enhance power within your community. If you're poor, you have more leeway to marry for love, and to even court.

Is Bett a tactit caster? He doesn't speak incantations for the two spells he casts during his fight with Duane.

Naw, he's no tacit caster. I should have put words for him down but I was so fond of the art on those pages I didn't wanna cover it up with spell gibberish. One day I'll go back and fix it.

I discovered Konokuniya for the first time when I went to visit my own bro in NYC. I died when I saw the wall painting by Takehiko Inoue - not to mention their huge selection! I bought all the Vinland Saga volumes there <3 I wish there was one in Mexico..

I remember that wall painting! It was pretty super cool. I was also all over their Ghibli display, and they had one of those giant plush Totoros... soooo dreamy. There's nothing like that down here in Florida either, I feel your pain :( The most exotically Asian thing we've ever had was an actual boba tea shop, and it closed within a few months. Curse this phallus-shaped state.

In the future I will have to find and send you a used N64 and copy of Ogre Battle 64 in lieu of a donation :) :) :)

You'll have to send a television as well :D

I wrote a theme song for the eventual Unsounded anime, and I'm trying to decide on a title. I've narrowed it down to "BrozB4Hoes", "SXE Boys" and "Fire All Lasers!" -- I'll let you make the final decision.

FIre All Lasers!

I've always liked this song for an anime opening. It has the right sound, the lyrics have nothing to do with anything, and it's rockin' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy6bQTV99ec

Can spectral limbs be injured or damaged like physical limbs can?

Indeed. They can even be damaged physically, they're just terribly hard to SEE so aiming can be a problem :)

I think it says a lot about Duane's character that he wants to head into Mulimar and help them repair the khert, even though it's crawling with Crescians and their allies. :3

He's not a bad guy, for a zombie.

Mmmm. You're inspiring me to learn how to speak Tainish, now. Will you ever make some sort of guide to the Tainish language? Not for Unsounded, mind; but for those fans out there that appreciate the beauty of language.

Well, right now you can check out the wiki page for a few examples. Putting together a learning guide would be a lot of work though, and the language isn't yet perfected. There's a lot of vocabulary and deeper conjugation work I need to do. I'm flattered that you're interested though! Language creation is terribly fun.

Pff, Bastion is too pretty to stay steady. He's the Kasslyne version of Johnny Angel.


I don't know who that is.

I can say that Bastion having a girlfriend is 100% the most surprising plot revelation in the comic so far. Can you tell us who she is?

Mm, her name is Elarosny, she's of the Copper caste, she's gorgeous, and she's very into politics.

What are Aldish funerary rites like?

If you're Gefendur, you HAVE to be buried and decompose (except for one special circumstance) or you are pretty royally screwed in your next life. Decomposition is considered as important to dying as death itself. It's part of the humbling Death you owe the gods for the pleasure of your life. Gyp them out of that, and they'll make you regret it.

Ssaelit, on the other hand, consider decomposition further evidence of the corruption of the world and feel it's an affront to human exceptionalism. Hence if you are Ssaelit, you're burned when you die, and your ashes mingled with farmland.

What percentage of your fans are Canadian, would you say?

Google Analytics tells me roughly ten percent. Not too bad.

In regards to Duane's use of Tainish, it reads with remarkable continuity from sentence to sentence. Would you have any advice to aspiring on how to present an imaginary language in their own work? Should one flesh out the majority of it first?

No, it really isn't necessary to create the entire language (I did, but I get bored). You can fake it pretty easily just by coming up with your phonemes (wiki this if you are not familiar) and establishing a grammar. If you were doing a comic you could just create a foreign font of pretty symbols and mash the keyboard whenever people are speaking in a different language, ha. That probably doesn't work so well in a novel.

Amek tairet, socha dek sala nahroret (As for Tainish, thanks for your compliment :3)

I was looking at that map of Kasslyne, and I thought it kind of looked like Canada. What other parts of Unsounded are Canada-inspired? (I always picture Duane speaking with a Canadian accent.)

I think Kasslyne totally looks like a bird perched on a grouchy rhino's head. Hmm, as much as I love Canada I can't say I've drawn any specific inspiration from it... although it may please you to know that without a certain amazing girl from Newfoundland with whom I RPed for years, Duane wouldn't exist. I also partly blame her for my strange spelling habits.

BookOff! That place is wonderful! Have you seen some of the import games that place carries?! *fangirl*

Man, I only visited once, when I was in NYC for Thanksgiving a few years ago, and it was aaaawesome. I was there with a local friend who was kind enough to escort me and then hang out staring and tapping his foot as I rifled through the entire second floor :3 I missed the import games though!

It's probably Bookoff, yes? :) They recently moved to a new, larger location. They are wonderfully discounted, my friend bought a stack of yaoi for like $5 (claims she bought to resell, but still has them, har har). Wonderful advice, ty tons Glass <3


Fuck Toma/Duane/Quigley, what about some Bastion? Bastion with anybody would be nice... except that dead girl he cries over. It should be Bastion slash. Bastion needs to hug him some boys, RIGHT NOW.

*gasp* I'm not sure Bastion's girlfriend would approve of this.

If this has been asked below, I'm sorry, but I can't find it. Will all the mysteries of Sette's tail/age/teeth/nose/parentage eventually be explained in Unsounded?


Saw this quote today: "We must all go through a rite of passage, and it must be physical, it must be painful, and it must leave a mark" and thought of the wright riting. Do Crescians have a similar tradition when they're connected to the khert?

Crescian wrights do have to be connected to the khert, but there isn't a big ceremonial deal tied up with it as in Alderode. In fact, in Cresce, treating the khert as a sacred force is considered distinctly Aldish, hence unsavoury and blasphemous - like putting the worship of something before worship of the Twins, which should take priority. Cresce does have mandatory national service though (unless one goes into the Gefendur priesthood), so this does serve the rite of passage role. It's a good quote.

On a different topic, have you ever seen an artbook for Ogre Battle 64? That's the only Ogre Battle game I've played, but damn if that isn't one of the best games of the 64. I started a file in hs that I steadily play every now and then (5-6 yrs ago.. haa

I would wager there was never an Ogre Battle 64 artbook. Most games don't get artbooks, even the fairly successful ones, so the thing to do is look for strategy guides, since they'll often by the only source of higher res printed concept and character art. I always wanted to play OB64 but I never had the console :(

I LIVE IN NYC AND LOVE KINOKUNIYA WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT FIRST D: Woohoo thank you Glass :) :) :) Always so helpful <3 <3 <3

Kinokuniya and that used Japanese book store you guys have... argh, I can't remember the name of it, but when I was visiting I got an FMA artbook for like five bucks. God, if I lived up there I'd be bankrupt in a week. Anyway, I always give my bro the ISBN since he has no idea how to pronounce the names, so if you go in there looking for a book take the ISBN with you and ask for help! Be the obnoxious otaku nerd. Embrace it!

Ok I ask only because I saw that artbook on your tumblr ;) Where do you buy Japanese imports like those? In the old days I used eBay but there are probably more sophisticated sites (haven't imported anything in forever). 274 pg Zelda Anniversary Artbook!!

I have a secret weapon - a brother who lives in NYC. Before he comes home to Florida for visits I send him a list of books to pick up for me at Kinokuniya. He brought me the Tactics Ogre book and Ayami Kojima's goooorgeous artbook when he visited in July. Of course I get lectures from him on why I'll spend 120 dollars for two books but I won't buy myself a new pair of glasses but SHUTUP. Art is life.

Ebay still isn't a bad choice but you'll inevitably see a mark-up. You can also try sites like play-asia.com but they don't have everything, and the shipping can be pretty bitchy.

Your script is remarkably entertaining to read. A nice breath of air during finals time. You should release these at the end of every chapter. :D

Haha, glad to help you decompress :D

You should poll your readers! Maybe you have lots of girl readers but only the boys donate because we girls are cheapskates. Then instead of saying no yaoi because your readers don't want it, say no yaoi because the important paying readers don't want it.

Well, there's no yaoi because -I- don't want it. But the demographics just kind of reinforce that. And also, a reader isn't more or less important depending on if they throw money at me or not. I love you all the same, my darlings. Kiss. Donations do ensure that updates continue at three pages a week though, so that's a good thing.

Maybe us dudes are more generous, girls are used to flashing a smile and a little cleavage, and everyone gives them webcomics for free.

That's so not true, you sexist pig. I put on my shortest skirt and hoochiest make-up and I STILL get a pay-window whenever I try to read Lackadaisy.

So anyway, who shaved Jivi's hair. Cutter?

Jivi shaved his own head. He likes it bald. Hasn't exactly had access to a razor since being chained up though, so he's gettin' fuzzy.

Spoiler alert: The plot will be resolved when Jivi's hair grows into a magnificent 'fro so large that the Red Berry Boys use it to smuggle things in, removing the need for half-dead human vessels.

Maybe this will be reason enough for Starfish to stop biting him.

"Encrusted bowels of the internet" - that makes me smile for some reason. It's something I could see Duane saying, too. "I have seen the encrusted bowels of Crescian gulags! WE ARE NOT CROSSING INTO CRESCE!"


"Duane failed geography in school". Nonsense, I can't believe Duane was anything but a straight-A student. (also, tango whiskey two fiver bravo. I would've bet most of your readers were women, to be honest).

Apparently he couldn't spell either. Someone has emailed me yet again about a scattering of spelling errors. It takes a giant set of balls to email a webcomic author about spelling errors. *fist shake*

And to be more serious about Duane and geography - they don't teach it in Alderode. It's a xenophobic birdcage that holds itself superior to everyone else. That there are lands outside of it is important only when it comes time to point weapons. So Duane really has no more than a rudimentary idea what the rest of the continent looks like, making it pretty easy for Sette to wander him around.

How do you know most of your readers are boys? I’m a girl. I thought you were a boy for a while. A boy named Ashley, which was a cool name for a guy. I didn’t like the goatee, but I liked your teeth. Turns out that was Murkoph, not a zombified man-Ashley.

You make me laugh :3

I can tell by the donations. A good seventy-five percent of them are from male names. I had thought Unsounded was a pretty girly comic, but my friends have assured me that is absolutely incorrect.

what's your creative process for Unsounded? how do you script (if at all) and execute that?

I script like this - (chapter 4's script - https://docs.google.com/View?id=ddr8b5s8_25g76cvfd9 ). If you have the patience to read through it you'll see a few things got changed, but other parts are verbatim. Sometimes actions fall flat when you go to draw them and you discover opportunities to punch things up that didn't occur to you when you were writing. Or at least I do.

I don't break my scripts down into panels but I absolutely have to have a script or I feel lost. From that script I do thumbnails for at least an entire scene before I start drawing it, but sometimes for a whole chapter. Depends on my attention span. From thumbnails I do each page to completion, which probably isn't the best process. I suspect it's better to draw a whole chapter first, then flat the whole chapter, then colour... but I find it tedious to work on one step too long so finishing each page before moving on suits me.

femanon here. me and all my femanon gal-pals can't wait for the hawt unsounded yaoi chapter. here's the secret girl code all us girls know so you know i'm a real girl: tango whiskey two fiver bravo. femanon out.

Haha <3 I hope I didn't piss you off by saying most of the readers are guys. Girls are awesome too. I'm a girl! Let's be girls together.

No Toma x Duane x Quigley super guro-yaoi fest? I has a sad. :`(

*bites lip*

Is there anywhere I can find a larger res version of the epic new front page art you put on the Unsounded site?

I dunno, think it would make a good desktop?

Is Duane aware that they are right next to the border with Cresce?

Duane flunked geography in school.

I get the death and (certain) violence and (now even) zombies, but other threads in your work perplex me. What is the appeal of gore for you? I'm not trying to change or challenge, I'm just honestly interested in an experience that is outside of my own.

You know, I'm not sure I can explain it properly but I'll try. To me, gore makes things real. It's a visual expression of anguish; of pain or rage or desolation that is vivid, visceral (sometimes literally), and infecting a scene like an Impressionist's brush strokes. I don't find the gore itself appealing - in fact gathering organ photos for that shattered jar of guts in chapter 2 was kinda gross - rather I'm into it as a very visual, powerful explosion of a battle lost, a hope shattered, a life come to an end. Gore is a punctuation mark and one that I don't shy away from.

Gore for the sake of gore... it can be beautiful, and I'd advise checking out an artist like Ayami Kojima for examples much more lovely than I can provide... but gore for the sake of gore in a narrative like Unsounded has no place. When things get bloody in the comic it's for a damn good reason (or because Murkoph is bored).

Goodness, mention sex and everyone goes crazy. This is almost as bad as the water vs khert question-avalanche from a little back. About that, if water = bad for Duane, how does falling in that lake in Ch 1 not KO him? Maybe you answered this already? ;)

Yay, a subject change! <3

It was pretty shallow. Look at the scene again, he's standing up in the water almost immediately after falling in. The rule is you must be twenty-five feet away from earth in every direction to have the khert completely dissipate and pymarics go plunk. There is some fluctuation in this depending on how strong or weak the khert field is wherever you are (if Uaid was in the middle of the sea and you were using him as your khert anchor, you wouldn't wanna get more than a few feet from him), but twenty-five feet is our rule of thumb. Thumb-feet.

Okay, I am glad Unsounded will probably not become a violent yaoi comic, thank you.

Violence, yes. Never yaoi. Most of my readers are guys, I would never do that even if I wanted to :)