Christopher Hitchens just died, yo.

That's fucking awful. I knew it was coming but, man... I really enjoyed his books, his interviews, and his insight. Chomsky will probably keel over tomorrow.

I'm curious, what are your tastes in yaoi?

Too incriminating, man. You don't wanna hear it.

Is this 'oh yeah I draw guro porn too' thing for real?

Just for fun. And maybe once a year, unless someone specifically commissions it. I'm not going to weird out on you, I promise.

Have you read the Finder series by Ayano Yamane? Some definite ticks in the art, but it's still pretty great. Crimson Spell by the same author is my personal fav, but it might be too... non-brutal for you.

Yeaaaah, Finder isn't for me, but thanks. My tastes in yaoi are so obnoxiously specific there's no point trying to hook me up with anything. In fact, my absolute favourite stories are all in novel form, because I guess they're too weird to be worth drawing. I dunno.

Ah, crap, I'm supposed to be doing a short comic for a (light) guro anthology... that I have forgotten about until just this moment... whoops.

oh mighty Ash, do you have any tips for writing good quality fantasy stories? as in anything I should remember when creating the world, or universal do's and don'ts?

Actually that comic I linked down there, Mountaingirl, has some aaaaaawesome world-building, very elegant and clear.

I think probably one universal don't, particularly if you're doing a fantasy comic, is don't shoehorn a bunch of unimportant stuff in there. As fascinating as we find our fantasy worlds to be, readers are nine times out of ten much more interested in the characters and their exploits, and those exploits are what keep them turning pages (or clicking arrows). So it's like with any other story - CHARACTERS FIRST.

I think consistency in implementation of what makes your world unique is pretty important. If you have magic, depending on the cost of the magic, many many other things in the world that you might take for granted may just not be there. Always think everything through. Make timelines, record where and how what tech developed and why. Remember that humans beyond their hunting and gathering days are very into controlling their environment, so they are extremely likely to have figured out a way to curtail the "supernatural"; whether it's casting out witches, capturing "power" in objects, offering appeasing sacrifices - or writing shitty legislation that censors the internet because the village elders feel it is taking power away from them.

Also, religion. Watch Joe Campbell's Myths lectures sometime. So few people these days think about the interplay of religion and culture properly, but Campbell lays out pre-Enlightenment mindsets pretty well. Whenever Sette does something particularly Gefendur and people decide she's religious... I can't help but feel they are not observing the action in the proper light. Religion IS culture. Culture IS religion; everything from what you say when someone sneezes to what winter holiday you celebrate, even if you don't consider yourself "religious." These are all informed by the religious history of where you were born. So yeah. Never ignore religion, even if you've decided you're writing an atheistic society.

The pic of Ethelmik is amazing. I want to live in a tiny apartment on the top floor of the house with the pointed roof. Or at least wander around in the video-game version. Will Ch 6 still be predominantly in Ulestry, or move into Cresce?

You don't wanna live in Ethelmik, man. It's not the most wholesome of cities, and the noise of those waterfalls would drive a person mad *_* Chapter 6's first few scenes are in Ulestry, then we move across the river into Cresce.

I /thought/ I recognized some of your work on porn sites. You do good stuff!

Guro yaoi fan, hmm? Good for you!

December 19th just happens to be my birthday, and I think yours will be the best gift!

Well, aren't you just sweet as pie.

When's the last time you drew someone naked? (this could be you or them naked, or even the drawing itself!)

Like, from observation? With a real life nekkid person? Or from a picture? I draw naked people from photos aaaaaall the time because that's pretty hot, son. From real life though, it's been a few years since I went to the Saturday figure drawing sessions at the art centre downtown. I'm not even sure if they have those anymore but the smell in that place wasn't pleasant. I dunno why there's a mad rush in the unbathed hippie community on drawing naked people, but they always showed up at the figure drawing sessions. Not that I don't love hippies.

But yeah, I don't have a naked person I keep in my closet for difficult poses or anything. What I do use sometimes for crazy foreshortening is this guy - - I would say every artist should have one, it's the best poseable model I've found.

What was the last comic you read?

Today I read what exists of Mountain Girl by Ross Campbell - (buy it, it's fun ). Yesterday I went on a Glenn Fabry bender and read Neverwhere and Thor: Vikings.

>Give me your relatives. *gasp* are you asking me to marry you??

*gasp* Of course not! I'm asking you to go on a skiing holiday with me so I can murder you in the mountains and come back with your assumed identity, taking your place in your life and touching all your stuff! Marriage though, geez, what a commitment.

Please don't be insecure about your next chapter. We, your loyal fans, will always love you. Always. Yea?

...probably not :3

I have seen the encrusted bowels of the internet. I know that it's only one wrong move between Semi-respected Creator and 4chan Joke-of-the-month. Sometimes I think I shouldn't answer so many formspring questions each day because it will make me come off looking like an attention whore, but I'm not an attention whore I just want to be niiiice *sob sob*

Anyway, who cares, it's nearly Christmas! Have a Jolly Rancher candy cane. They are the bomb.

Why is the incantation for Duane's light spell in chapter 1 written in the normal English alphabet when all subsequent spells are written in Tainish pictograms?

Because I wanted to show that the foreign scribbles are actually a different language, but I didn't want to then translate THAT into English because I thought it might set up the expectation that all the spells would be translated. But that would be silly since they are not that interesting. It is very difficult to work with multiple languages in a comic, anon, don't even get me started.

I am so hyped for this chapter you would not believe it mountains and mountains of expectations here.

*sob* Although to be honest, I was looking back over it the other day and if nothing else it's a very -pretty- chapter, in my opinion.

Are there any wrights who are practical and don't bother with the flashy stuff?

I'm sure there must be. My characters just lean towards the ostentatious.

>dat feel when you listen to a new song over and over again until you're sick of it

The fanfictiony comic thing made me laugh. Kudos to whoever made it! Is it accurate?

I know, wasn't it great? And who knows! It could be accurate, or it could just be marvellously cute speculation. From now on, all theories are to be submitted in MSpaint form.

Cat breath bothers you, but not zombie breath???

I have never smelled zombie breath! Neither have you. Maybe it smells lovely :)

Gran also handled a severed head someone handed her while helping clear a bombed building during the blitz "It was just like a turnip, I didn't mind". Callous just means thick skinned, hard to rattle, same root word as calloused hands.

Wow, your gran sounds amazing. I never really had grandparents, I have no one to tell me riveting stories of grislier times. Give me your relatives.

You ever gonna ship Matty x Duane?

Go stick your hand in a toaster.

AH now I am even more curious about your publicly-admitted yaoi :( Any way I can extract that information from you?

Death first!

Didn't mean to lecture about callousness, see my gran is a sweet 92 year old lady who calls me and asks me if I agree deformed babies should be put down. Says she used to work at the hospital and they had a special room for that. "It was a kindness". @[email protected]

It's an interesting topic. The extreme preciousness we assign to fetuses and babies is a pretty modern thing, one that's largely come about because medicine and our overall quality of life has so vastly improved in the last century. But one's attitude towards your gran is going to shift depending on one's personal beliefs, I imagine. Anyway, I wouldn't call her callous, not if she's sweet to you in lots of other ways. Hers is just a different worldview and a different life experience from yours.

I just realized that cover art was of Matty arriving to give Quigley the news, and is actually relevant to the story instead of the comic equivalent of sexy arts! I feel slow.

It's okay, there's a lot going on in that picture.

Interesting cover. It looks so innocuous, which fills me with dread since I know it's going to be an ultra-tense climax chapter. :o

Ahh! It's not supposed to be THAT much of an ultra-tense climax chapter. Don't expect awesomeness, what if it sucks? Expect absolute shit, so maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised T___T

AAAAA stop looking at meee nooooo

Have you ever seen 7 Faces of Dr. Lao? In the movie, Dr. Lao uses a firework-type thing to make it rain! Quigley's stormfinder reminded me of tht. Also, it' a great movie.

I haven't seen it but that sounds terrific.

Would you be willing to share the recipe for your broccoli cheese casserole? I need something to go with ham for New Years and it sounds scrumptious. The pumpkin layer-cake makes me slobber, too, but I'm not great with baked desserts.

Sure, it's not too hard. You need four packages of frozen chopped broccoli, one giant jar of Cheese-Whiz, like two cups of rice, a can of cream of mushroom soup, and some onion. Let's say two onions. Chop the onion up and fry it in butter 'til it's all cooked and squishy. Mix that with all the other ingredients in a casserole dish. Put some milk in there. Maybe a cup of milk? I usually eyeball it. Bake for thirty minutes at 350. Et voila! Like most casseroles, this one's pretty difficult to mess up. And it's soooo gooooood. I suppose one could be a more legit cook and use some kind of actual cheese sauce instead of Cheese-Whiz but Cheeeeeese-Whiiiiiiz.

How did the Ulestrians survive this long without blowing themselves to kingdom come?

Ulestrians on the whole aren't dumb, but Mulimar is out in the boonies. These dudes usually only have to deal with pig thievery and kids making too much noise after curfew. The horrors of the Frummagems are unknown to them :O

So, what would happen if you tried to counteract the khert's coldfire with a normal, hot one?

The gossamer trap was incorrectly set. Compare its state when the guard triggers it in chapter 4 to when Sette triggers the one outside the crypt in chapter 2. She tore the gossamer out of the spider and threw it around indiscriminately. Hence when it exploded it exploded backwards into the khert, doing some physical blunt damage to the alleyway and buildings but starting a fire elsewhere. The khert has the GHOST of that fire in it - it has the shape, the movement, the destructive nature of fire, but not the heat or even the right colour. The khert only THINKS it's on fire. And to try and mend itself it's responding with its initial defense mechanism which is to try and smother an imbalanced Aspect with its opposite, sending Coldness to smother a Heat that's not even there.

Now, lighting a real fire would help against the cold, but the fire would be in the material world and wouldn't have any effect on the pseudo fire burning inside the khert. The best way to fight a big area of damage like this is with a team of wrights. You get half your guys to hold a stable connection, and the other half to guide pymary through that will help the khert put out its own problem.

Callousness is not evil, it's a lack of sensitivity, and it fits her to a T from what little we know. Her only surviving son is lost and enslaved and imagines her telling him he has no balls when he asks for help, also cannon firing while nursing? O_O;


What would happen if the entire cast suddenly had brightly-colored party hats? Like the hats just spontaneously appeared on everybody's head?

It would be time to party!

Do all Jamaicans have Crescian accents?


I second the wonder that is this cover. The way you draw hands is so expressive. Bastion's are another favorite example. When working pyramy through the hands, does it respond to physical technique/craft, like sculpture or drawing? Or playing a piano?

It honestly doesn't make a difference :) But formal schooling stresses elegant technique so wrights well-represent their Academy of choice after they graduate. Wrights, particularly ones who fight, all want to look badass and gentlemanly and knowledgeable when they're squaring off against each other. This is another reason why so many spells are glowy and epic looking when they really don't need to be. Silly wrights.

I recently discovered two tracks from Silent Hill 2 that are just some of the most beautiful sounds I have heard my entire life. Is the rest of the soundtrack just as lovely? What are some of your favorite vgm soundtracks?

Silent Hill 2 and in fact the Silent Hill series at large has a mind-numblingly gorgeous soundtrack. I really recommend you acquire all of it. I don't believe Akira Yamaoka is doing the soundtrack of the latest game but that's really okay since at last the audio will match the quality of everything else in a post-SH4 Silent Hill title.

My favourite VGM! I'm something of an aficionado. My favourite composer is easily Hitoshi Sakimoto and if you look at my page he's beating every other artist on there by like four-thousand plays >_> Out of his work, Vagrant Story and FFTactics are my favourite albums. I'm also really keen on Michiru Yamane who has done a lot of Castlevania music. From the west, Bioshock, the God of War's, and Beyond Good and Evil have good tunes. Legend of Legaia, Donkey Kong Country, Devil May Cry 3, Metroid, various FF albums are all favourites. Lumines has a killer soundtrack.

I don't like super modern VGM much. It's all trying to be film scores which I find a bit boring, since few of them have particularly strong melodies or anything very striking musically going on with them. Strings and ambience, yawn. I'd rather listen to the soundtrack from VVVVV than Skyrim. Part fanfic, part fanart, all atrocious. :)



This is adorable, you have bettered my life and probably the lives of others. Thank you.

Yours is the only webcomic for which I wish fanfiction existed. What is wrong with me?

I wish there was more high-quality Silent Hill 4 fanfiction. We all have our crosses, anon.

The device (with backstory) is very cool and the cover is gorgeous. Now, uh, I don't want to be a douche, but there's one too many black beads on that abacus-storm-thingy. It's all so pretty, but that bead, Glass, it's... taunting... me...

Haha XD It's not really an abacus though, it's how you input coordinates and instructions into the pymaric, so I uh, claim that. DO NOT QUESTION THE PYMARIC, it is beyond our ken.

Hmm, looks like "Elan Aled" is an anagram for "A Land Eel"! Very interesting. Also, it's an anagram for "El Anal Ed" (so obviously he's a luchador / porn star).

He's named after my neighbour Elan, who has an amazing Jamaican accent and who is probably the only fifty year old man I know that I wouldn't mind seeing naked.

Chitz is attached by velcro!


So. Regina. Hazards of Love's Forest Queen. Same person? If not, at least the same voice?

Wow, that really would be a good singing voice for her. Nice one. Regina is not as callous as the Forest Queen though. Regina is not a villain :)

Quigley gets posed more attractively each time he appears, as evidenced by the cover for Chapter 5. He's your favorite, admit it. And for a question..can I ask what weird pymaric work he's doing there (if it's not a spoiler)?

Remember how he told Starfish they'd sneak into the city once night fell? How he'd summon a storm to blot the moonlight? It's funny but I developed a whole method for how that would work, and he's in the process of it right there on the cover - but it never gets talked about again in the comic :3

Anyway, that box with the abacus looking thing on it is a stormfinder. It sweeps the area around it looking for moisture in the atmosphere, and helps Quigley calculate what kind of wind is necessary to move the storm into the area he wants. Ha, Quigley isn't my favourite character but he is one of the more handsome characters in the story, and I am only human~

Ephsephin's gonna be pissed that Matty dropped his bottle of wine.


Does rain mess with pyramy?

Nope! In fact you can do things out when it's raining you couldn't do otherwise.

Good God woman, that cover is beauty and :3 incarnate.

Aww, shank you :3

Is Chitz pymarically attached to Matty or does he just have perfect posture?

Chitz is attached by the unimaginably strong power of Character Design.

Next chapter cover, please????

Four questions marks???? Fine! D<

My theory was that either Elka or Toma is "Elan Aled", and that they're only chasing Sette because they don't want to blow their cover. (Also, it's unclear if "Elan" would know who Sette is.......I guess they'd have to see the vial of glowy liquid as ID.)

Good theory, good theory.

Please share the titles of your guilty pleasure yaoi :D

The only one I'm admitting to publicly is One-Thousand and One Nights :3

Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra?

Nat King Cole.

What do you think about the Dissidia games?

I played the hell out of the first one, mostly so I could unlock me some sweet, sweet Judge Magister Gabranth. Haven't touched it in a while but it was a faaairly enjoyable game with really horrible cutscenes and writing. I mean, I've played a lot of bad jRPGs in my day but there is a special kind of stupid when it comes to most of Squeenix's writing. And they can stretch a simple premise out for miles. It's like an Alzheimer's patient telling you the same goddamn story over and over in slightly different ways and they've developed a fixation on the words light, shadow, and chaos. Damn, I'm having flashbacks now.

Oh Mighty Glass, Your humble servant does not wish to anger You, but the anon speaks some truth on the rape issue. Recall Unsounded Chapter 2, Panel 3, where Holy Book recounts Eph contemplating the very misdeed. It be Your will this offense was thwarted.

Oh, he talked about it sure. But if every guy who talked about or threatened rape was actually a rapist, most of the internet would be in jail.

Ooooo, Duane's gonna be real mad when he sees Sette's face. He's gonna get all green and glowy and magical and do SOMETHING CRAZY. If he's not dead. But the hat, Glass, tell me about the HAT.

The hat meets its doom in this chapter. But I'm not saying when. Nor who murders it. Nor who comes forward to support its wife and children afterwards. Think of the little hats. Think of the little blue beanies and the yarmulkes. I'm sad now, anon. So sad.

Do people think the dammakhurt is a scar?

Depends on the people. "Dammakhert" is Tainish for "great khert," so obviously the Aldish, who named it, think it's pretty awesome. Foreigners have a different opinion.

I'm the anon who got Duane's advice on a job interview a few weeks ago. Sadly, I was too nervous and it showed, and I didn't get the job and I am very, very unhappy about it. Surely Duane has some method of coping with crushing failure and hopelessness?

I'm sorry you didn't get the job :( He does have one secret weapon against depression that I personally find almost always works, if you can gain access.

I felt preemptively sorry for Eph because I figured he'd run into Duane and get his lungs burst. But then he nuked Duane off a cliff and I was nonplussed. He is a bully and an accessory to child murder, a slaver and a rapist, but he does have some moves.

A rapist, eh? Not so sure about that one but the rest is pretty spot-on. Unkind character. Poor choice in hats.

Have you seen Burn After Reading?

I have not.

How bewildered are you that people seem to be turning Ephsephin of all characters into a dark horse?

I must admit I'm a little disappointed that the audience has so quickly clued in to the fact he's the secret hero of the story. I thought I'd disguised him pretty well...

Is the Dammakhert one such scar?

Could be.

If Duane wanted to, could he turn himself inside-out, or would that be beyond his power?

I find tons of reasons to get out of bed without feeling any bleakness at being a transient soul. I don't yearn for anything to validate my existence. My only hope after I die is that the people I love live life as fulfilled as I have so far. Feels good.


Have you become fond of Ephsephin's character as you've written him? The pose and lighting on the final panel are delicious. I don't like Eph, and yet I find him interesting. Sort of like I'd take a pass at his face, but those muscles... :)

Haha, he's all yours, man. I really don't care for the guy except when it comes to smacking him around and getting him to contort his ugly face in new and horrifying ways.

I did die once or twice, I'm the better for it, I think. After dinner? Do you decaf or...?

Naw, gotta have caffeine, but I eat dinner at 6pm and don't go to sleep 'til 3am, so...

Speaking as a Mormon, hot chocolate is my breakfast (and/or lunch, dinner, midnight munchies) drink of choice. Mormon's know cocoa almost as well as we know jello. Ever had Stephen's brand hot chocolate? Their amaretto and cinnamon flavors are teh bomb.

I have not! I do like hot cocoa, but it's much more fattening than a cup of coffee with artificial sweetener and fat-free creamer, so I don't often indulge :3 You will always know more about it than I.

Yeah, I'm listening to the audiobook of Moby-Dick right now (while sewing Digimon toys, for added surrealism) and probably the thing I like best about it so far is the particular sort of humor. I'd thought it would be really Serious Business throughout.

The image this paints in my brain is excellent.

Moby-Dick isn't an easy book to read (or listen to). It's full of allusions and archaic language, like Shakespeare. Try this site out if you get lost -

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” What about the meaning we take from and give to each other? Do you believe humankind is doomed to extinction through natural or self-inflicted means? Still just curious. ;)

Ahh, that is one of my favourite Hamlet quotes, well done.

What ABOUT the meaning we assign to each other? Our relationships define our lives, it's a very broad thing to ask about. Sometimes it can be really bleak to think about the big black emptiness behind it all, but I think it can help to set the solipsism down a while, look around, and realise we're all in this together, and that any "permanence" we have access to in this life is provided by those around us. We have - via society, art, technology, and the written word - created an entirely manmade afterlife. You can quote Shakespeare up there because we have preserved the best parts of him - his soul, if you will - and he is accessible to anyone who wants to know his thoughts on things. Like many other afterlives, there are qualifications to get into this secular one. You have to have something worth preserving. You have to speak loud. You have to interface with the community... but the opportunity to live "forever" is there. It's an interesting thing to think about, isn't it? It's not what most people want out of an afterlife, but my niece never wants to go to bed either.

Is humankind doomed... Well, "doomed" is a harsh word. It's kind of selfish to want humankind to continue on indefinitely. If the dinosaurs had continued indefinitely there'd never have been us. But the dinosaurs and countless other species had their chance, and now we're having our chance, and some day perhaps some other species would like to have a go of it. Hopefully, though, it's not anything you or I will ever have to worry about. Being dead is not without its perks.

How many mugs of coffee do you drink a day? I've cut down a bit, but I used to drink around 12.

Twelve? Did you die? D: I have one cup in the morning and one after dinner. If I had twelve...

Nihilism as a life philosophy has always scared me. It seems so bleak. But I suppose there is much to admire about folks who believe this and choose to get out of bed in the morning anyway. That's actually amazing. And it gives me a character idea. Yes!

Haha, excellent! Find inspiration everywhere!

I'm not sure anyone deserves to be admired for their beliefs. I try to admire people based on what they do. Nihilists and people of faith probably all get out of bed for the same reason anyway: coffee. Unless they're Mormon. Then it's... I don't know... orange juice?

In any event, breakfast beverages really fuel the world.

Nudity notwithstanding, do you ever have a hard time deciding what is okay or not okay to put in your work considering the target audience? Sometimes I can never decide if certain violent acts are okay since only certain characters would commit them :(

Yes :( There are things in my script right now that I'm just not sure how I'ma get away with them. There's really no way to win without censoring yourself. I don't think violence is that difficult to deal with though - violence is pretty accepted in popular media. It's the nakedness and the sexual content that people really flip out over. But violence, if you don't fetishize it and if it serves a narrative purpose, usually gets a pass.

Any advice for the creation of proper villains? Mine are all flat and dumb... :(

Oh, I bet they're not as bad as you think. Just give them believable motivations; make them antagonists instead of "villains." Antagonists simply have goals contrary to the goals of your protagonists. Antagonists don't have to use aboveboard means to get what they want. They don't have to play nice. They can be selfish, vindictive, and cruel. Villains can be and should be badass. They can do all the cool things you can never let your protagonists do for fear of alienating the reader.

Yeah, that's my primary advice. Make your villain Cool. Make them know they're cool. Make it so your audience knows that your villain knows that they're cool. But don't take it too far or try too hard, people can sense that and will be turned off.

Make your villain a very pretty man with long black hair in a black leather duster and also a vampire with a hot girlfriend. Then you will always have at least one reader (me).

Stew you afraid of spiders or any annoying thing like that?

Yeah. I really can't stand bugs. Roaches. Spiders. Grasshoppers. Crawly things. I like lizards and frogs and snakes that don't want to send you to the morgue, though.

Dogs are the best! I also have 2 dogs and I love them. I have 2 cats, too. Do you like cats, Ash?

Well... I don't HATE them. Cats just don't do anything for me. Dogs and kids are the creatures that will make me turn into a grinning idiot destroyed by the power of squish and cuteness. I'm sure this has to do with how I was raised; no one in my family ever had a cat, they were all dog people.

I want to live in Kasslyne, Ashley. Where can I find the wardrobe that will take me there? Tell me one exists! T.T Which country would you likely live in, were you existant in your world?

I think I would like to live in Cresce, probably on the southern coast where it's temperate and lovely. They're all about social justice and joie de vivre, with plenty of appreciation for the arts ;D

Happy New Year, Ash! My resolution is to not fall in love with fictional characters anymore. *looks at Duane* Well, that didn't take long. -shortest resolution ever.

Eww, don't love Duane XD He's allllll skully and cross. Happy New Year to you too!

So you have two dogs? What kind are they? (I have four, god help me.)

You need ten dogs. You need a pack! :D

I have two obnoxious, stinky mutt-things. Ebby looks exactly like Donkey from Shrek except he's black, with paws and a scruffy terrier-esque head. He is pretty good-natured unless there is food around; like, he'd let Max (my toddler nephew) blow belly-farts on him but then try to eat his face if Max dared to have a cookie within snapping distance. Carter is kind of a chocolate lab/whippet mix, petite, fluffy, and doesn't like ANYONE except me. She barks and goes insane at strangers, especially men in baseball caps for some reason. She was my brother's dog for a few months and he got her from some dubious neighbours before they moved. I'm pretty sure she was abused as a puppy (perhaps by a man in a baseball cap?). My brother didn't like her and was about to abandon her to the pound but Ashley don't play that.

Dogs are great. I don't know your dogs but I love them, anon.

Is it sad that when I hear the song "Do it like a Dude" by Jessie J, I think of Sette?


Jimi Hendrix once sang about a golden winged ship passing by. Now I know what he meant.

Thou surrenderest to a hypo, Ishmael.

Re: The Art of Fielding: Too bad! The beautiful rhapsodizing in it on Melville finally got me to pick a Moby Dick. Looking forward what this'll be like.

Moby-Dick is my Bible. When people do parodies of it, sequels, homages, reinterpretations, updates, or abridgements - I think I feel how Muslims felt when The Satanic Verses was published.

Except for the Moby-Dick dream in Bone. That was just adorabibble.

...How ironic. I just watched that episode of A:TLA. I decided it was high time I watched it again, just to re-experience all the fond memories. I'm way too old for it, but hey, I still like it.

I used to watch Yo Gabba Gabba, on my own, unironically.

You are never too old for anything on television :3

I hope you really do go for an Agador-Sette, so funny! Happy New Year! Did you do anything special? I slept until five minutes before, had some wine with the countdown, went back to sleep. Lame. :(

Hey, man, sleep is one of my favourite pasttimes, don't knock it :) I stayed in, played some Terraria and Cave Story+ and did some work. There were a lot of fireworks going off and my one dog is a complete spaz who panicked and tried to climb into my lap for an hour while my other dog shot her disgusted looks.

I just finished 'The Art of Fielding,' which was, among other things, a love letter to male friendships, baseball, and Melville. I mean, the book was about baseball in the way that Moby Dick is about whaling. It is an emotional & lovely book. Recommended!

Glad you enjoyed the book, man. I don't think I could read a novel about baseball though, it would put me to sleep.

Happy new year! I hope that it is one that includes much happiness for you. ^_^

Thank you, darling. I hope during the coming year all your troubles last only as long as my new year resolutions.

Unsounded needs more beards. Like full-on, luxurious dwarf-beards. Or maybe that fake beard that Sokka wears.

"Sokka" is too weak a name! He is WANG FIRE!

Yes, I distinctly remember Meriko. I am trying to get knocked up right now (well not NOW, obviously), and I had to swear to Vadne and Aquarimina's players that I would not "Pull a Meriko."

Minda the mommy. I suppose I approve of this. You may very well pull a Meriko in spite of best intentions though, babies are amazing timesinks.

I now know your favorite pie, but to be a decent stalker, I also need to know your favorite color, meal, pudding, and webcomic other than your awesome own. :)

Today my favourite colour is scarlet, my favourite meal is a roast beef sandwich from Publix, I don't like pudding but I would eat chocolate pudding if you put a gun to my head, and my favourite webcomic is Shadoweyes which possibly doesn't count because I don't read it on the web, I buy the collected print trades. Hoho!

Does putting specific gods and goddesses in Unsounded ever worry you that you might pull a Deus ex Machina? What is your opinion on the Deus ex Machina?

I'm not too worried about pulling a DeM - I foreshadow and establish things to an obsessive extent. The phenomenon itself is almost universally considered a bad one, and I know I always feel cheated when a story resolves itself cheaply. I believe that Avatar: The Last Airbender did this with the lion-turtle, which was kinda shockingly left field, but the last season has a lot of writing issues overall so whatev.

Got any unusual but real fetishes you're comfortable sharing with your (largely anonymous but you can trust us c'mon) Formspring fans?

Ohh, I would bet the majority of formspring has negative interest in this topic. Let's restrict the talk of my kinks to churros, pie, and Vagrant Story.

Do you ever have nightmares?

I barely even have regular dreams - or at least, I don't remember them. And when I do they almost always feature the most banal and everyday happenings. If my dreams were a television channel, I would not subscribe.

Aha! I get it! Sette is a pyramic that's gone awry. That's why she has a tail and no boobs - she was crafted without them. She's the Frummagen version of Frankenstein's monster, isn't she?

Hmm, I dunno. Pymarics don't usually bleed. Or breathe. Or eat apples. She seems pretty alive.

Seems like Duane's going to need another wardrobe change. Mebbe you give leetle sneak peek sometime? Here is a pretty flower. @-)----

Aww, it smells so lovely~

Duane will indeed need a wardrobe change, especially after like, chapter seven, yuck, gore everywhere. But I haven't designed his next outfit. He won't need it for a while so I have some time to tinker.

"These journal entries are transcribed from a crumbling, dog-eared, bloodstained volume attributed to a literate zombie by the name of 'D. Adelier'..." Does Duane always write in such a vexing manner? He makes me feel illiterate reading these.

wut wut wut how did you find those? Stop Googling D: None of that is canon, it's all RP-verse.

I come back from four hours in Terraria and it's all madness all over formspring. Why was the word "labia" in my inbox! You people!

Surprisingly enough, I have never touched the FF series. What games from that series would you recommend? Note that I do not have a PlayStation, but I do have a PS2 and PS3. I can also obtain any older games if they're available on PSN or Xbox Live Arcade

For FFs I recommend FFXII, FFVII and FFTactics. Those are my holy trinity. FFXII is PS2 and I saw a used copy at Gamestop yesterday for like ten bucks. Of course everyone's different. If you really like romance and very little challenge, you might dig FFVIII or FFX. If you want a more retro feel you might like FFIX (or FFI through FFVI if sprites don't bother you).

But, but - the spider made a heart for Sette! How could it cheat on Chitz! (The spider and the spider x Chitz picture are both so very cute, by the way. ^_^)

Love triangle!

"... a damaged khert ... Things float and melt and freeze and change colours and age or de-age or glow or vanish or turn into delicious churros." Is... is it bad that I think that I'd love to see that (presuming no sufficiently significant ill to others?

No churros on this page, but the wonky khert after-effects are briefly shown later on -

As a matter of fact, when you squeeze the Dalek, it yells "Exterminate!" or "You would make a good Daaaaalek!"

Excellent XD

I sympathize not knowing what to buy people. The best present I bought was a plush Dalek for my older sister... for everyone else, I had to just guess.

Does the Dalek talk at all? :3

Oh, I took you seriously when you were talking about Toma's intestines splattered all about. I am so gullible!

Oh ho ho! Just watch out for Matty's tragic death and zombie resurrection later on in the chapter :(

This has probably already occurred to you but if you have hesitation in putting nakedness up on the webs, maybe have removable censorships? For those who care about penis and for those who don't?

No, this would imply that the nakedness is somehow important to the story, when it's not. The story is the same whether there are cocks or there are no cocks, so may as well be very sparing with the cocks.

"there will be so much nakedness I haven't yet decided how to handle it." You could do like the Conan comics from the eighties that had strategic shadows that pass exactly over the nipple or maybe you can just draw whatever and pretend you're european

I'd love to go with that second option - that's where my artistic instinct wants to lead me - but you know how weird some people can be when there's an uncovered penis on the page. Jars of guts - okay - but you better put pants on that air elemental.

Are there any thieves who can use pymary? Wrights turned thieves?

Absolutely. Wrights can and have gone into all kinds of lines of work. There are even Frummagems who are wrights. Mwa ha ha.

For those of us who haven't been following this Formspring for long enough (and who don't want to scroll down through an unknown number of pages :P), will the previously-mentioned sentient sea-life appear in the comic at some stage?

Yes. And there will be so much nakedness I haven't yet decided how to handle it.

Is the stricks plague an unfortunate but naturally occurring illness, or does it have more sinister origins?

I wonder.

I think you said earlier that Nary offed his own da to get the family business. Would Sette ever consider doing such a thing once she's older and less presumably in need of him?

Well, Nary offed his da because they got into an argument. They were already partners at that time. Would Sette kill Nary when she's older? Ya know, it's tough to say. We change so much in our transition from kid to adult, so I'm not really sure what she'd be like when she's older. Can't call this one.

The spirits of the sea and sky that made love and wrought with it great storms in their passion?

You phrase it so wonderfully. I think most people call them storm whores.

I bet there are invisijellyfish senet beasts with their own Khert. The fishies gravitate with them like astral bodies. Or there is a seekrit water Khert that the oh-so-smart wrights don't know about. I think you underestimate my amount of free at work.

I want your jorb.

My vote goes to seekrit water khert ;3

Is there an Aldish caste we haven’t heard about? The wiki says there’s seven, but the Breeds poster says there’s only six. I'm super intrigued.

The seventh caste is the sort of non-caste of the kussen; the khert-detached slaves that live separated from the rest of society so energy can be extracted from their minds to power all manner of things. Milk damsel mentioned them briefly back in chapter two.

So, is the land-dwelling population aware of the "nereids" that live in the sea? Will we ever see them in the comic?

Yes and yes. I'm not sure I'm going to call them nereids anymore though, they need a new name.

What is it that Bastion is smoking in those drawings in your gallery?

Depends on the drawing. Sometimes he smokes weed, sometimes it's just his tongue smoking. It does that now and then.

How do the Ssaelit think the first wrights came about, then?

Same way the Gefendur think they came about. The Ssaelit believe the Twin gods once existed, but their own "god" killed them.

Nearly 30% of ducklings are born from duck rape.

Not Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

I saw this pic and thought of you

Ducks are smarter and better than people in every way.

Also, I thought for sure this would be a picture of a severed head or poop or poop on a severed head. Pleasant surprise.

How did the first wrights learn to program stuff into the khert for everyone else?

The Twin gods taught them. Well, that's the mythology anyway.

Will we learn more about just how Cara ended up in Starfish’s slave-trafficking outfit?

I hadn't really planned on it. We'll learn more about the stuff she talked about, but Cara herself was just an unremarkable kid who came to a Bad End.

Your Christmas-buzzing answer makes me think this is you: Did you find cool presents for people this year?

HNNNNG I almost got teary at the end. I fucking loathe and adore the sentimentality of Christmas commercials. I am a monkey, Habe; ONLY A HORMONAL MONKEY.

I did pretty well with Christmas shopping this year. I bought my dad Twilight Princess, which I hope he will enjoy and which I hope will get him to stop playing really terrible flight sims, and I found my gay brother a Breakfast at Tiffany's teeshirt that features Audrey Hepburn as a zombie. Christmas morning should be fun.

Beards are certainly NSFW. If people were more aware of the ratio of Lumberjack : Sawmill deaths as a direct result of beards they'd be shocked and appalled. That applies to any heavy machinery. Even Santa wears a beard-net when he inspects his factories.

This is good information here, you must publish a pamphlet.

Is Murkoph-as-zombie even out there lurking in the story yet? I see him working in Grettaerin as an earnest and slightly agoraphobic Bronze banker named Joena Puckle. That is until he finds out the girl he’s about to ask to marry him is a gruftgrammer...

On, anon, you are so delightful.

I was in that pie. Now I'm in your digestive tract.

All right.

Why are there no photos of the pie prior to being eaten? *sob*

For the same reason there are no photos of Sasquatch. Pie in my house is elusive, endangered, and doesn't stay in one place for long.

You seem to be in a Sette-mood again, dear. Hopefully you'll be better once you come out of the pie coma.

It's almost Christmas, anon *_*

I'm buzzing slightly.

The pie is a lie, you monster.

There was a PIE here. It's gone now.

Have you heard the soundtracks for the Assassin's Creed games? The one for the newest game, Revelations, is particularly amazing. Jesper Kyd x Lorne Bafle.

Joy! Rapture!

Are there any recreational sports in Kasslyne?

Someone has brought a homemade cherry pie into my life.

What climate change problems might Kasslyne face? And there must be a point of Peak First Materials, right?

I have pie.

If a wright is disconnected from the khert for a felony or suchlike, can he or she be reconnected or is it permanent?

Usually. If you've done something that bad, though, you're more likely to be outright executed.

I JUST saw the new Hobbit trailer, and though I never cared for the book in comparison to LotR, I loves. NSFW?

Beards. Not Safe For Work.

Hmm, if there's a "casual" villain, is there also a formal villain?

They're all in politics.

Why're there shaggy boar in the street and people on the rooftops? Do people normally chill out on the rooftops? Do they have roof gardens? That city doesn't strike me as a great place to raise pigs—are they being taken to slaughter? Or to get sheared?

There are people on the rooftops so they can get a better look at the cool destruction in the street. The pigs are on their way to the butcher, yes. Kill 'em in the evening, let the blood drain overnight, section off the meat in the early hours of the morning to sell.... mmm... sausages...

Are the gods in your mileu actually real entities with independent existence autonomous of their believer's minds?

I wonder.

I have a feeling that by the time Unsounded ends, all the major characters will either be dead or in hiding.

I do like a good tragedy.

Sorry to sound impatient, but with less than a week until the new chapter, I was wondering when those promised Duane & Sette questions will be resumed.

Inspiration must strike, I'm afraid. That formspring is quite the creative writing task, and if I'm not in the mood, I write terribly. Don't get too excited about it though. The vast preponderance of questions are spoilers and shan't be answered. Most of the rest are pretty goofy or questions that it would be out-of-character for Duane to even acknowledge.

I did promise though, so the few viable questions in the batch I will tend to before the comic starts up again, no worries.

I have discovered that event planning is something I hate almost more than life itself. What work duties have been the worst for you?

Anything that makes me have to call someone. I think phones are evil inventions.

You know what the cure for hysteric mania was?

Yes. Same thing it still is :3

Do you have any guilty pleasures? Like a show or something that's really schmoopy and romantic?

Well, there are a few yaoi manga that I follow. One of them - a print series that I have to pay for, even - has the sort of wonky anatomy that's been a popular target of ridicule on tumblr as of late. But I don't care, I like it :) I like a few very bad horror movies as well. Those probably count as guilty pleasures even though they are neither schmoopy nor romantic.

If the joke's well told (or good enough if written) I can laugh even when I don't get it. Am I a strange person?

Perhaps you are only giddy, like one of those Victorian ladies prone to fits of hysteric mania.

what do you suggest for ashley withdrawal

Play more Vagrant Story, of course!

Reading a sailor's XVII century biography, it occurred to me that medicine in Kasslyne at least has the advantage of fast amputations, as demonstrated on Petr by Dr. Duane. Then I thought that on sea that doesn't apply anyway...

That's true. Seems that no matter what world you live in, being a sailor is a shitty life.

Have you played Amnesia: the Dark Descent?

I'm scared :(

I'd promote Elka. To my wife! She's hot!

Not my type, personally. Too high-strung.

I felt the same way about the second Suikoden!! I thought it was blasphemy too, but it just couldn't compare to the first. "Blah" is very apt. BUT, if you complete it, you're rewarded with Suikoden III - luscious gameplay+story annnd .. adult Futch!

*high five*

When Matty said that the stuff the RBB are smuggling "likes pain," I assume that was just his own childish interpretation. Are they smuggling illegal First Materials?

One geeeeenerally smuggles illegal things. If they were legal, they wouldn't have to be smuggled.

"Smuggle" sounds so close to "snuggle." What a great word.

Fine, I'm silly. It is kind of creepy that you could tell all three of those came from the same person though. How about something on why the Red Berry Boys are called the Red Berry Boys? Surely this is subtle enough for you. *Bats pretty eyelashes*.

Well, that's not a spoiler :3 It's been answered and should probably be in the wiki but I have forgotten to add it. The Madishanian papers chose this name for the group after someone in an article referred to the jarred viscera they left behind as canned red berries. Grisly.

Did you ever think you'd live in a world where My Little Pony is considered manlier than Vampiers? Oh Twilight, what hast thou wrought?

...when you put it like that. I dunno though, sometimes I'm sure that MLP is just some massive group troll that I'm not in on.

I'm trying to imagine Sette and Regina meeting and in my head they either get along fabulously or Regina sees the tail and teeth, and tries to put her on a mantlepiece. Sometimes it's both at the same time.

I wish I could show you this bit of script, but, no :3

What do you think about those crematoriums in the UK that are planning to use the energy from burning dead bodies to fuel electricity?

I haven't heard of this! What a marvellous idea. It's hard to believe that there exists such a large amount of dead bodies to be burned though. I personally would rest easy knowing someone had burned my corpse to power a coffee maker and brew themselves a delicious cup of coffee.

I have a theory that the Red Berry Boys are using hollowed-out bodies to smuggle...............DELICIOUS CANDY. (On the other hand, it doesn't look like candy would last very long around Starfish......)

Flesh pinatas all around!

When chapter 4 concluded, did anyone ask if Duane was dead?

Duane's been dead all along, dear.

Have you played any of the Suikoden games?

Yep, played the first one, loved it. I couldn't get into the second one though. I know that's a freakish thing to admit but there was something so predictable and blah about it, my attention refused to adhere.

So if Elka were promoted, she'd dye her streak red?

I think she'd do her whole head red, and then go get absolutely stinking drunk and sing her way around town. But no one would promote Elka, she has anger management problems :3

I have a theory that "Elan Aled" is an alias for someone we've already met. >:-)

Ha, who? Winalils? Interesting :)

How exactly is Frummagem pronounced? I've been saying 'FROM-uh-gehm' or is the last syllable pronounced a 'jehm'. Cause, you know...gems = treasure, and they are a family of thieves.

From-uh-gem(as in precious stone). You got it.

is sette's mom a lion and that's why she's got a lion tail because her dad had sex with a lion and she's the baby

Yes. We play fast and loose with genetics 'round here.

Regina vs. Elka: who wins? Land or sea-based battle. Yes I know they're probably on the same side.

Oh, Regina. No contest. Elka is young and naive. Regina uses her nails and goes for the groin.

So given the picture below, I assume Regina's appearance in Jivi's dream was a creation of his imagination? You know you've raised a kid right they dream about you as a monster giving them helpful advice.

Regina is definitely not a fish person.

So, what's Sette's daily intake of meat to veggie/fruit ratio? I mean, does she eat meat more, and how much more often that fruits & veggies? And this is not countin out in the wild, but back home, where she has more food options.

They eat a lot of seafood in Sharteshane but even then they don't eat the amount of meat we're so used to in the western world. Sette probably gets a bit of fish a few times a week, occasional bit of goat or pork or chicken a few times a month, but mostly it's root vegetables and grains. And lovely pies.

How does this parrot make you feel?

If I wasn't snuggled in mah bed I'd be dancin'!

Duane's Adventure with the Plat Platoon is fascinating. Do children lead these platoons, or adults? Are there special requirements for commanding child soldiers? Since they're Plat kids, I assume they don't receive much education, huh? Thank you!

The child-wrights are a distinct group within a soldiery order, but they're still lead by the same officers as the rest, and those officers are always adults. There's a hierarchy among the lesser ranks though, so even within the wrights there's a chain of command. Plat kids in the army have generally gone through two or three years at an Academy which sets them up with a decent grasp of Old Tainish and the basics of pymary. Nothing terribly sophisticated is demanded of them, so it's enough for what they're doing.

Enlightenment or Romanticism?

I would say the Enlightenment, as it inspired some pretty awesome revolutions and philosophers. As well as the modern age.

Which Frummagem is Starfish doing business with? Nary or Stockyard? Is Winalils involved? You're not going to tell me anything, are you? *Crosses arms and huffs grumpily.*

...silly person.

What kind of substance is most usefully transported by (dying) human bodies?

Will it be explained why Nary took/kept Sette in the first place when there's so clearly going to be questionable paternity? That seems like a pretty uncharacteristic move and it makes me all curious and intrigued and stuff.

Asking obvious spoilers is very silly...

OK another re-read question - did Sette actually think the Wandering Root would listen to her, after it swallowed Duane?

Of course! She's Sette Frummagem, the most amazing person in the world. Seriously though, she's never met a wandering root. Conversation was at least worth a try.

You seen the new Muppet movie yet?

No, I keep being all stupidly busy! I may wind up downloading it when a decent copy becomes available.

The Mariner's Revenge reminds me of The Watchmakers Apprentice by The Clockwork Quartet. Songs with stories are the best! I love your taste in music :)

From songs with stories it's a short step to outright enjoying musicals, anon! Take heed! :)

"I suppose the thought of Ashley Riot on a chocobo or having a beer with a moogle has always been a little difficult to wrap one's brain around anyway." See, I thought those things had all been destroyed or exterminated...

Could be. Since horses never make an appearance in VS though, chocobos could always be argued. Made for fun fan debate, and really, Ivalicians CAN look awesome on chocobos, FFXII proves that.

Never played Revenant Wings, no DS. :( Maybe I'll get myself one for Christmas. Any interest in Skyward Sword? I still play LTTP like once a year, but Wind Waker and Twilight Princess bummed me out.

I never had a Gamecube or N64 so I missed out on the 3D Zelda's. Which is probably why the Wii Zelda's don't interest me either. LttP is tops though.

"formspringers are my favourite people." did you just say "formspringers haven't posted enough requests for naked pictures of all your characters"? because that's what i heard.

Don't make me wag my finger disapprovingly at you, anon.

How important to Sette is blood relation? Does she just believe her dad thinks that and if it isn't true he'll abandon her, or would she be devastated to find out he adopted her?

Don't tell her I told you, but Sette wants very much to have a group to belong to. She wants to belong. The blood part is important because among her group there are a lot of individuals who don't want her to belong, that find her an inconvenience. Claiming blood relation legitimizes her in the family no matter what other people say, and she'll always have that no matter what.

Looks like Regina and Sette can get together and trade tips for keeping guys from grabbing their hair mid-action. Does Elka have any hair secrets? Like, is her blue streak covered in poison or explosives or something?

No, but doesn't it match her pretty blue uniform so very well? :3
Oooh, Sette needs to braid thorns into her tail! Oooh, or just tightly wrap her tail in thorns!


If my memory serves correctly, a while back you mentioned that the wrights in your RP days sang to perform pyramy. Considering Carol of the Bells originated from a Ukrainian well-wishing chant, would such a song be a good comparison to this concept?

Yes, when I was writing about it I made great show of the melody and meter being important, flavouring the lyrics one way or another. It's a very awkward idea though and the thought of wizards battling by singing at each other hasn't survived my demand that Things Look Cool. It's probably an idea better for a video game, maybe an awesome fantasy-flavoured Ouendan/EBA.

I don't suppose you're feeling better and considering restarting the Duane & Sette Formspring? Like the anon below, I am growing weak and sickly without new Unsounded material to think about.

Sure, I'll tell Duane to answer a few more questions before the formspring closes for the new chapter. There're seventy questions in the inbox at the moment though, so he's going to be pretty choosy.

I thought the lame RPG joke was funny, I just wondered if it was actually true. It seemed to me like wrights might want to armor themselves up!

Indeed! If it's appropriate to their station I have no problem putting wrights in armour.

By the way, is the baby Regina's breastfeeding Jivi, or does Jivi have any siblings that will show up later?

It's not Jivi, but Jivi's had a number of sibs that didn't make it out of childhood. He's Regina's only surviving kid at the moment.

Yeah, but the art gets inordinately better later. I love some of the hyper-detailed backgrounds in more recent parts. Um, what about Vinland Saga and/or Otoyomegatari? Have you read or looked at either of those?

No mistake. I picked up a bunch of random volumes for like fifty cents apiece at my local Borders when they were closing, and the latest Berserk books look pretty badass most of the time. There's still weirdness and inconsistency with the faces but at this point if he wants to make up for that by spraining his wrists on dem backgrounds, so be it. Or he may have a really kickass assistant, I dunno how Miura works.

Vinland Saga I have heard good things about and the other one I have never heard of! I am very picky. With manga, the art's often there but most times the writing fails to grab me. It's like, I dunno, Tegami Bachi. One of the most gorgeous manga I've seen but the story and characters are a boring string of cliches. I want the total package. Blade of the Immortal, Monster, Nausicaa, or Akira. Yeah.

"Mage classes can't equip heavy armour, man :3" - is this actually a thing for wrights?

No, it was my lame attempt to make a funny.

Maybe Regina *is* trying to be hospitable, and is actually firing a Crescian T-shirt cannon. Hmm?

That could be. Perhaps there is a chill in the air and her enemies have shown up bare-chested. She doesn't want them to catch colds whether they fuck snakes or no.

On the character designs for Unsounded, even on soldier types, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of armour. Are knights and platemail and things a part of Kasslyne, or are the breastplates of the Peaceguard about as heavy as it gets?

You will see more armour as the story movies in certain directions. We're not there yet though and mostly we've been dealing with wrights. Mage classes can't equip heavy armour, man :3

Do you like Berserk?

I liked the anime series a whole bunch. I had a hard time getting into the manga when I tried. The art in the earlier volumes is really bad.

Do mine eyes deceive me, or does Regina have SPIKES braided into her hair? This seems like a good idea in combat, actually...

Yep, every braid has steel thorns braided into it. Pain in the butt to draw, but if you're going to do close range shipboard combat with that kind of crazy long hair you really need to some way of deterring people from grabbing it.

At least tell me she and Duane meet at some point. A foul-mouthed, badass Crescian lady privateer must be high on his list of things to hate.


Regina: the ultimate multitasker. She can breastfeed and blow "gutless snake-fuckers" to bits at the same time. I must say, I admire her. But I would never want to get within 50 yards of that woman. Maybe a little farther.

That's wise.

What is this you speak of a Berserk movie? D:

girl where u been

On the topic of animation, have you seen Avatar: The Last Airbender, the original series? If not, go. Go now and find it. The last four episodes of the series are nearly standalone, and a great place to start if you're skeptical.

Avatar is fun times, if a little kiddified. I dunno if I'd recommend a person start at the end though, champ, that kiiiind of spoils the entire series ;) I've heard a few lukewarm reviews of the new Thundercats but man, cat people. I imagine them with cat-breath and it's an instant weenie-shrinker..

Most of my favourite animation still comes from Japan, though I haven't found a new series to really fall in love with in a few years. I had high hopes for the new Last Exile but the cast of children was a turn-off. The new Berserk movie will hopefully be awesome.

I can't think of anything else to ask you Unsounded-wise. I need some new material to speculate and obsess over. I need it to be the 19th!!

Remind me next week and I'll post the cover early to formspring, because formspringers are my favourite people.

What's Matty's favorite kind of pie?

Tough to say. Perhaps all the pies.

So how's the break going? Is the buffer still at 63 or have you been making some good progress? You mentioned mapping out Ch 6 earlier.

I've been super productive comic-wise over the break thanks to donations. The buffer's up to seventy-five pages! I've rescripted chapter seven, chapter six is completely thumbnailed and I'm fourteen completed pages into it... new cover art for the site, some new fun art just because... *salute* Operations continue smoothly, sir.

Do you know of/have you seen the french cartoon Wakfu? If you haven't, you must check out the first season, it has the greatest villain ever.

Yeah, there are constant Wakfu threads on /co/ so I've watched a few clips on Youtube out of curiosity, but Flash animation makes me crazy. The characters never look alive to me. I'm kind of old and kind of a lifelong animation nerd, so there are some things I still can't get past yet. One day.

What would Duane's reaction be to seeing MJ's Thriller?

I think it would be pretty hard to convince him Michael Jackson's not a necromancer. And then he would explode the television.

I think Duane should go around dramatically holding out an apple whenever he speaks. It'll be all symbolic and shit. And when he gets hungry, he can eat it.

I dunno, Sette would rather he just knock people around and eat brains when he's hungry :3 Apples lack badassery.

Don’t really care about romance, just think a more central clash of POV between Balthier and Ashe could have made her less whiny in the early going. But it’s true it ain’t broke. How about a sequel with Larsa as a main protagonist? Loved him.

Fair enough. A sequel with Larsa would be brill! Very likable little girl-boy. Did you play Revenent Wings? I didn't get far into it, I thought it was kind of dreadful, but apparently he pops up later on.

Seriously? That cap is so cool. It really adds to the aura of insanity.

She has one with the seal of Cresce printed on it that she wears from time to time. She's definitely crazy but she's so awesome and successful in her craziness that the palace lets her get away with a lot of shit it normally wouldn't tolerate. Gosh, I love me some Regina.

Enough with this FF talk! Can you recommend us a good shooter?

I don't play shooters D: Unless you count like, Bioshock. Which I think a lot of people don't.

When I picture Nary & his pals hanging out at their home base, for some reason I always picture them singing the "Gaston Song" from Beauty and the Beast ('cept about Nary, of course).

Haha, that's epic. Nary scares the shit out of me though, it's hard to picture him as even murderous Gaston from the final scenes of the castle invasion.

Holy shit, Jivi's mom is awesome. Please tell me we get around to her in the story soon.

Not soon :(

I always used to say that the key to designing a FF character is to start off making them look really cool, then tweak one or two things to make them look completely retarded.

This is the most accurate thing ever said on the internet.

Where did the word galit come from? Did Duane invent it?

Naw, it's Tainish for zombie. Haha.

Oh, Regina's a privateer, not a pirate? She just got a lot more interesting!

She's a real lady!

Meh, Basch is awesome, but talk about angst. With Balthier as the lead you could have moved away from Fran and had him in with Ashe. He would have been a stronger counterpart of opportunism and immorality to Ashe’s hyper-righteous morality.

"Moved him away from Fran and had him in with Ashe." Do you mean in a romantic way? I don't like that very much. Ashe spends the game mourning Rasler which shields her in a really awesome way from becoming another helpless princess character hanging off the male hero's arm. I really like that she starts the story a widow and remains faithful to Rasler, that's unique in this kind of game.

If Balthier had been the lead we would have been with him at every moment. A handy thing to do when writing a badass character is to observe them from the POV of a less badass character, and to leave large swaths of their life, history, emotions, and outlook a mystery. Balthier is cool and that makes us want more of him, but if we'd been given more, he might not have come off as cool. I am reminded of Jack Sparrow. In the first PotC movie, Jack is secondary to Will and is all the cooler for it. Then the second and third movies shifted focus to him and Jack's frippery and affections just began to annoy the piss out of me so that by the end of the trilogy I couldn't stand the bastard anymore.

But, ya know, maybe Balthier as the lead from the very beginning of the game could have worked. Who knows. I just find myself pretty satisfied with the way FFXII ultimately turned out. If it ain't broke, don't fix it :)

Is Sette's dad secretly a half-lion hemaphrodite, and that's why she is how she is now?

No, her dad's Nary Frummagem!

So Jivi's father must have been a bearlike slab of muscular power, grim-faced determination, rugged handsomeness and sheer distilled masculinity. Right?

I think you're thinking of his mother.

Totally agree on FFXII as tops. It was just fun to play, without all the usual FF tediousities. OMG I CAN EXPLORE WITHOUT A FUCKING RANDOM ENCOUNTER?!? Only problem was that Balthier should have been the actual leading man, booting Vaan to second-tier.

Oh, I dunno, would Balthier have been as cool if he was the lead character? If he had been there'd have been a need to dwell on all his angst. Instead his daddy issues and his black past stay pretty understated, and he gets to remain the aloof badass through preeeeetty much the whole game. Honestly, if I had to give Vaan the boot I'd have gone with Matsuno's original idea of making Basch the lead character. He wanted to but apparently the bigwigs thought the game needed a younger hero to appeal to the kiddies and the girls. Little do they know everyone thinks Basch is about fifty times hotter than Vaan.

I remember the other two. Beat all 3. :) Soul Blazer had some really sweet music, too! Ever play the Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest) games on the NES?

Nope, never touched any of the Dragon Warrior games :) It's funny but my NES/SNES experiences were shaped by what video games my local grocery store had to rent. My parents were always cool with buying us the consoles for Christmas but we never seemed to get any damn games. It wasn't until I got my first job in high school that I started to fill out my SNES library.

What do you think about Final Fantasy 4?

I think I haven't played it since I was a kid :3 I remember it, Chrono Trigger, and Soul Blazer were the three games my brother and I always chose to rent from the grocery store, even after we'd managed to beat them all. And I remember that terrible moment when we'd get the cartridge home and pop it in the box and hold our breaths praying whatever cocksucker had rented the game in-between our rentals hadn't saved over our slot. Life was hard back then, man.

"FFX is the only FF I could never bring myself to finish. It's all yours, champ." LMAO. Or should I say "HA. HA. HA. HA. HA."

We do not joke about this scene, anon. It is devastation.

Elka is mai waifu. dy/dx

are u sure yer man enough

With school (finally) being over, I really cracked down on myself about finishing my novel, and have given myself set studio hours, so I treat writing like another job. Do you have set hours that you work on Unsounded during?

Good for you, man! Write like the wind! I work on Unsounded whenever I have free time. I have absolutely no life so that gives me plenty of opportunities :3

Would the "Family" part of Nary's tattoo be a lie, or is Duane wrong and Sette's daddy doesn't want her offed?

I wonder.

Do you think of the Ivalice in VS as being the same Ivalice in the other games? I think FFXII is one of the best FF games too except for the whole 'Vaan what are you doing here you don't have a point' factor.

It wasn't revealed until just this year actually, but Vagrant Story DOES NOT take place in Ivalice. Matsuno himself confirmed it over Twitter, and claimed all the FFT references were only Easter eggs for the amusement of fans. Personally, I always thought Valendia being in Ivalice was a fun idea since it expanded the VS world beyond the bounds of what the game presented, but it's not a deal breaker or anything. I suppose the thought of Ashley Riot on a chocobo or having a beer with a moogle has always been a little difficult to wrap one's brain around anyway.

Mmm, FFXII... Vaan is a unconventional character but I don't know that he's pointless. He and Penelo are an important plot device, there to ask questions, stir the pot, and provide a bit of levity and naivete to the group dynamic (preferable to another Yuffie/Selphie/Rikku in my book). True, he never falls into any of those tropes that normally make underage orphans into relevant protagonists of fantasy epics (he's not a prophesied hero, he's not the bastard child of the villain, he's not secretly a god) but he's still a competent warrior with a stake in what happens to his country. I kind of like that the entire story doesn't all boil down to being about him at the end. But that's me.

Oh, Toma's actually dead? Damn...

Like the pharaohs, man.


FFX is the only FF I could never bring myself to finish. It's all yours, champ.

What are you playing these days?

Was playing Arkham City but it lost my interest. I think last I left it I was supposed to go meet Penguin at a museum, I dunno. Terraria released a patch with a bunch of new content so I started a new world on there and spent way too much time mining earlier in the week. Also played Vagrant Story for a few hours today after last night's DoC essay. I need a good PS2 emulator so I can replay some FFXII and LoK. Also tempted by Trine 2 but I think I'll wait for a sale.

Does one have to be a Muppet to break the 4th wall? Deadpool does it so well!

My Deadpool knowledge is minimal. He's no Sam Eagle though, that's for sure.

I am so, so angry at my coworker right now. I can hardly contain the RAGE. I can't stop my heart from pumping out of my chest. What have you done when in a similar situation.

AHHH! Put your heart back in your chest for starters, that's not healthy. I can't say I ever had any actual coworkers who pissed me off. Usually the bosses were so terrible the rest of us banded together for mutual support. Just ignore the prick and keep to yourself. If he's goading you the best thing you can do is totally ignore it. Don't let him see he's upset you.

If he's done something really unacceptable, go to the boss about it. You're there to make money, not deal with a coworker's bullshit.

What are your thoughts about breaking the fourth wall?

I say if you break the fourth wall you better be a Muppet.

Woah woah woah FFXII is better than FFVII? BLASPHEMY

You say tomato, I say Rogue Tomato.

Does the hood impede Duane's vision at all?

I'm sure it must.

Well, can we see more exteme close ups of Sette's bare soles, then? ;P


What would Nary's version of 'Truth, Justice and the American Way' be? What animal would Regina dress as to strike fear into the hearts of, uh, law-abiding citizens? I guess she's halfway there with the fishface.

Yeah, I think Regina would favour some kind of aquatic avenger since she's a privateer. Maybe she'd be... SHARKMAW, dark avenger of the Crescian Seas. Nary is utterly unpatriotic but he does believe in a certain few creeds. FAMILY, MONEY, AND A CLEAN BLADE is probably what he'd stitch across his chest.

You should write a crappy game column, or just a crappy-things-I-hate-column. I spewed cream soda when I read the Dirge of Cerberus review.

I'm not sure I'd call it a review so much as a protracted string of expletives :3 I did maintain an opinion blog for a long time, but it got kind of miserable. Best to accentuate the positive! Then troll the shitty shit anonymously! chapter two, did Duane calling Sette a "viper" (2.40) actually hurt her feelings? I never noticed before, but it looks like she's actually upset over it in the next few pages.

I do think it hurt her feelings, yeah. Duane often playfully calls her stuff but she could tell he really meant it when he lost his temper there, and she didn't understand why he was so mad. Not understanding why made her even more upset. Sette is sometimes deceptively complex.

Thanks, Glass! As one who came across and dearly loved your FFVII Nibelheim fanfic back in the day (and still love it, in fact!), I was severely curious on what about the new games you disagreed with so much (I have not played either). I CAN SLEEP NOW :D

Any time, darlin'. Never play Dirge of Cerberus. Don't even watch scenes from it on Youtube. It truly is detrimental to the sanity of anyone trying to maintain a love of FFVII. God, I feel like drinking a bottle of Listerine just from talking about it as much I have in the last hour.

I AM VRY SERIOUS!! Thank you so far, but I want the juicy, cringe-worthy details! What was so awful about the chara development and plot of the end of CC and DoC as a whole that ruined the FF7 series for u? Was it new characters, or altering existing ones

CC did not ruin FFVII for me. It wasn't bad on the same level DoC was and, most importantly, it did not concern the characters I cared most about so even its stupider decisions were largely inoffensive to me. It also had decent gameplay, good effort, good music... CC is not on the same (basement) level that DoC is at, so don't mistake me there. CC is an okay game.

But since you asked so nicely, part of my problem with Crisis Core post-Nibelheim is that I have grown up a fair bit since FFVII and I expect more out of my games, whether they're jRPGs or not. I wanted a realistic emotional reaction from Zack, the characters around him, and the world at large after four years passed with him and Cloud locked up in that mansion. But never for one second did I feel that four years had passed. That was a total mood-breaker for me and from that point on my suspension of belief was shot and the story was dead. Add to that some really stupid gameplay bits like god, wasn't there an extended bit where you're running through the countryside randomly picking up guns and having to shoot at shit in the distance? I remember it being really dumb. And then that final boss fight, and the weird, surreal, stupid way Zack treated Genesis afterwards (or maybe it was before, it's been years)... I don't know. It felt like the creators didn't know what in the hell to do after Nibelheim. They should have figured out a way to end the story there.

Now. Let me take some deep breaths and attempt to explain why I loathe DoC. Okay.

I won't lie. As wretched as DoC's gameplay, character designs, music, and controls were, it was indeed the STORY that made me want to break the disc and ram the shards into my eyes. Before that game I was a die-hard Jenova Project fan. I cared a lot about Valentine and Hojo and Lucrecia and the stupid Shinra mansion and all the drama hinted at in FFVII but only so very loosely explained. Fuck, I wrote a fan-novel that took place smack in the middle of it. I was invested. Total FFVII fag.

I think many of us FFVII fags who have grown up and grown out of the fandom, though, can look back and realise that a lot of what we liked about FFVII were things that we ourselves had read into it. A lot of the DEPTH that we proclaimed was there was either exaggerated or outright manufactured by us. FFVII's famously shoddy translation all but REQUIRED reading between the lines, overlooking silliness, playing some things up and other things down. We could imagine that the creators had MEANT more than had ultimately been put on display. We could apply our own creativity and our own ideas to these imperfectly realised characters, and produce awesome things, sharing them with a likeminded group of fans whose imaginations had also been sparked by this game but who wanted there to be even more.

Years passed and those people grew up. The fanfiction got even more sophisticated and the characters even more three-dimensional. Fanon grew more important than the canon that had spawned it. The FFVII fandom was a rich, rewarding, very cool thing back in its heyday. Certain circles of it were very savvy and intelligent. You may scoff at me, but I promise you they were.

Coming into that... there's no denying there was no way for any of the FFVII compilation titles to compete with the sophistication of what some of the fans had produced. No one was going to be happy. Advent Children, Crisis Core, the animated shorts though... they were still ultimately dealing with big old zany anime concepts and boys with giant swords. Japan can never fuck up a CG sword fight. So those titles, to me, were really just peripheral amusements; inoffensive, silly nostalgia bombs with lots of fun action.

But then there was Dirge of Cerberus. DoC not only tackled what I most cared about from FFVII, but it decided to take character relationships much more sophisticated than heroes and rivals, and a situation much more delicate than The End of the World, and resolve all of it TERRIBLY. It lazily reduced the Jenova Project to an ugly black and white cartoon - not even an anime, a cartoon. Its new villains were there only to string the boss fights together. It rejected the idea of making Hojo, Vincent, Lucrecia - ANYONE - in any way human or relatable. From scene one, Vincent is an intolerable, whining asshole with no character arc that I can discern. Lucrecia is an impuissant mewling damsel. Hojo is a cackling cardboard cut-out. All of the new characters are plucked straight out of the bowels of the most shoddily produced anime series, designed with a wretched aesthetic (the designs are SO BAD), conceived with a total lack of care and imagination. It was trash. It's not even really worth getting mad about any of the specifics because I don't feel I should care about the specifics. The creators certainly didn't.

What I mostly get mad about is the wasted potential. The setup was there for a great story and an awesome resolution to a mystery that had made a lot of people really curious for a number of years. It got squandered though. Kitase was more concerned with making his shitty shooter (that no one liked, even people that don't give a shit about the story), and the characters were just poorly concocted devices to tie the levels together. And ya know what? Towards the end of it I decided that's fine.

It made me realise that there never had been any particular unrevealed depth to FFVII. What was there was there. There was no depth to Vincent, Lucrecia, or Hojo. They were just cartoon characters in a video game, and if their creators didn't care about them enough to make them into humans when they'd been given the chance, I wasn't going to keep pining after something that had never been there.

And that, anon, is how Dirge of Cerberus ended my enjoyment of FFVII. Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy XII are better Square games anyway :3

I would love your spoiler-ridden opinion on your abhorrence of Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus. PLEASE. It's something I've been insanely curious over for months!!! I must know your in-depth analyses of them!!! LOTS of details and specifics!

Alas, it's been too long since I played them - particularly Dirge of Craperus - and I've forgotten most of the details. Crisis Core wasn't THAT bad though. Angeal and Zack are both likeable characters and though the story has its ridiculous turns (the fucking apples, fucking Loveless, fucking Angeal being dead and then not dead and then dead again and arrrgh) and its blatant retread characters (Hollander=Hojo and Genesis=Sephiroth [and Zack=Cloud but at least that's vaguely canonical]), up until Nibelheim it's not a bad game. The gameplay itself is dynamic and the roulette limit breaks or whatever that was was fun. Couldn't you dodge? I don't remember. The FMV was sexy. Dat over-da-top Sister Ray fight. Anyway, it was okay. The end game was just crushingly retarded.

Dirge of Craperus is in the top three shittiest games I've ever played. The music was uninspired, the character designs were fucktardedly fuckdoucheafuckadfa;odiqaowef

The gameplay was repetitive repetitive repetitive and the fact that the creator had the GALL to excuse the shitty controls by saying you should be playing it with a separate PS2 keyboard peripheral made me want to mmmmmurder facesssss. The level design was like something out of a phoned-in licensed movie game. The story the fucking story I don't even feel like acknowledging because the rage, anon, the rage will take me and I will just devolve into fuck fuck fuck fuck

That game was awful. That game was AWFUL.

Can we see more of Elka's throat in future chapters, or casual art?

Can't you like feet and dickgirls like a normal anon?

Damn you, formspringer who posted The Mariner's Revenge! Now it is stuck in my head. You may not remember me, I was a child of three, and you a lad of eighteen; but I remember you, and I will relate to you how our histories interweave (da da da, da dah)

I wanted to link to them doing this song in concert but I can't find anything appropriate on youtube. I should rip the DVD. Boo.

Are you considering making new pictures with the chapters, like with the headers and backgrounds in the main archive?

I don't think so...

What do you think of the new Florence and the Machine album?

There's a new album? I will hunt it out.

Keyboard navigation javascript whatsitnow? Just chiming in that the new art’s great. I have to add that I like the layout of the Unsounded site, too. It’s super functional and stays out of the way.

Thank you, dear.

That response to Toma and Elka being added to the character page was a little ominous.

Well, Toma's already deceased anyway. Sette and the spider blew him up, remember?

Jivi looks like he's taking badass lessons from Toma.

I'm laying out the latter half of chapter 6 at the moment and it's so NICE to finally let Jivi DO stuff. Boy's been playing victim in the slave cart far too long.

Can the comic website have a link to the wiki please?

It does. Click "World" in the top left.

I noticed that the wiki seems to be locked; it's impossible to make an account for it. This kind of defeats the purpose of a wiki. Do you intend to open it any time soon?

Naw, I never intended for it to serve as a traditional wiki. Too easy for people to get in there and post spoilers or just outright vandalize it. There are some formspringers and friends of mine who have helped me fill out what's there to this point. If you'd like an account you can email me and I'll happily provide one :)

Ah! Silly me. That worked. Very impressive, though I'm a little worried it's a bit too busy (the color bleeds into the main blog).

Could be, could be. Most of my update entries are only one sentence or two though, so it could be better in the long run to have a larger design over there.

What's this I hear about new art? I can still only see the wandering root picture on the right side of the main page.

You may need to clear your cache.

Thanks for sharing the track. Love it. There's joy in the music, chaos too, and a sweetness. Have you heard this one? So good.

Of course! Big Coldplay fan. I don't LOVE the new album, but it's generally pleasant.

We are two mariners, our ships' sole survivors in this belly of a whale. Its ribs our ceiling beams, Its guts our carpeting, I guess we have some time to kill

I used to have this entire song memorized.

. . . I am imagined someone shoving Duane instead Uaid's chest now so he could stay coherent. I am amused by this.


Not trolling, I swear. How would the Khert work on ice that, say, begins on the land and stretches into the sea and is thick enough to walk safely on? stop working as your get on the water as normal? Stop working on land because Ice is water? work on ice?

Nope. The khert adheres to earth and variations of earth (stone, metal, ores, etc). Ice is as abhorrent to it as water.

You're pretty much exactly on target. The only real difference is that it's in words instead of pages, and the number is higher. Seems like creative types from a bunch of mediums are looking up to you. No pressure. ; )


Oh, and Jivi with dreadlocks or something would be awesome. :-)


Hey, Glass, you're interested in politics, right? What do you think of online warfare? Have you heard of Stuxnet? I just watched a nice little video about it; if you Google "Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus," you can watch it, too. Blew my mind.

I'll have to look that up. The state of the world is really depressing me lately. Have you been following the climate conference in Africa this week? Climate change makes all the issues that feel so big - education, gay rights, drug rights, government corruption, even the wars - feel so unimportant.

Sette riding on Toma's sword would be an awesome combo attack for the Unsounded video game. I'll have to revise my team picks for the final dungeon. :-) Are there any plans to add Toma & Elka to the Characters page?

Not yet, my darling, not yet.

Do you like babies?

I have a lot of experience with babies. Unless something is going Wrong (usually colic or some kind of illness), babies are lovely and predictable and even occasionally fun. They sleep a lot, which is nice, and when they're not sleeping they're dumb, and mostly just want to be held and to watch television. I like babies.

Can I just say that I'm lovin' the new layout?

The layout's exactly the same actually XD I just did some new art. I'm glad you dig it though! I've offered to trade art to a super intelligent programmer friend of mine if he'll write me some keyboard navigation javascript, but I'm not sure it'll be done by the nineteenth. Cross your fingers.

Why is it that the hounds (at least, as far as I can remember) are always one single, solid color? Will we ever meet any multicolored hounds with markings? Or is that sort of thing not encoded in the hound genome sequence, and thus impossible?

No, it's because mottled dogs take longer to colour :3 Good theory though, good theory.

I like how it features a Jivi with hair <3 :D

I think Jivi's hair will keep growing and growing throughout the series and by the end he'll have an afro big enough for Uaid to hide in.

The new art is pretty rad, but I have to ask: is it just me, or does it kind of look like Sette is surfing on Toma's sword? I mean, it's obvious she's not because of depth of field, but at a glance it gave that impression.

Yeah, I did notice that afterwards. It kind of makes me laugh. Never take anything too seriously.

Say, that's some nice new art up on the main page. Any reason for the change?

Ooooh, change is good, right? I was sick of looking at the other picture, that chapter with the wandering root was quite a while ago :)

As a novelist... I can totally sympathize. I have trouble finishing things because I think the entire thing is crap and don't want to finish it so other people will read it and publishers will reject me. It's a vicious cycle of doom.

I understand :( I had this issue for years. I have to be really careful about looking at old Unsounded pages because I just want to go back and completely redo them, and moving forward seems futile. I think sometimes artists have to put on blinders and be totally monomaniacal.

Ya know though, I think Ted Naifeh once said every comic artist has 1000 shitty comic pages in them, so the sooner you burn through those 1000 pages, the sooner you'll start making GOOD comic pages. I bet there's something similar for writers. Write, even if it sucks, and get all that shitty shit out of your system :)

No I mean I don’t like zombies at all. I think they’re dumb. I dunno if this is an insult but your comic was weird because of that and it almost turned me away. But I was looking for gorgeousness and you had it. Now I completely love the zombie character.

Thank you! And naw, I'm not insulted. Honestly, I have no interest at all in the popular idea of zombies either. People are always Hey Glass! What's your favourite zombie movie! And I'm like... none of them...

Rather I am intrigued by the concept of the sentient dead; the idea of being there in some physical, conscious form after the end of your life. Ghosts and vampires are fun but ghosts are too removed from mortality and vampires have been over-romanticized. What if you want a character who's neither though? A character who endures his own decomposition? He's still mortal in a way, bound to a physical body with all its hinderances, moving towards a day when that body will no longer support him in the physical world; but he's also transcended it, seen beyond the veil, and stands lonesome and apart from every living thing around him. Crap like this fires my morbid imagination.

Anyway, there's not a good word for a creature like this so we have to default to zombie.

I hate spiders. I love Boo. Is there more in store for him?

Yeah, but not immediately. He's going to hide in Sette's shirt for a while. Little guy's had a big day!

What type of mustard?

Does the khert work over large bodies of mustard?

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I think you might have given Duane and Sette your cold.

Sette got a cold once and lost her sense of smell. She hid in a cupboard and wouldn't come out for four days.

Um... did you go get medicine? I think it might be making you just a tiny bit loopy.


Okay, so the khert doesn't work over water. What about from the back of a giant island-sized turtle? Or would you be using the turtle's khert?

...because I plan to gnaw off your ear. Your delicious ear.

Could one use a "bottomless" bag to maintain the khert connection between the earth-filled ship and land? The khert from the storage locker would seep through and maintain the ship's khert; unless the bag *must* be on the same land mass as the locker.

C'mere. I'm going to spread mustard all along the side of your head...

Could you get a really, really long tube full of dirt and hang it form the back of a ship full of earth, and then take it out into the ocean and perform pymary on it?

This is so impractical I'm not sure I see the point :O

Uaid has his own personal khert network? O_O That must allow for a lot of interesting spell potential.

The mobility is useful!

Will we get to see more of how that process of baby mountain ogre to mountain works? Since Uaid has been altered, will he still turn into a mountain? (How has his khert network been changed due to those alterations?)

We'll learn more of Uaid's origins and destiny later on.

Do islands/continents then begin as something like Uaid? If continental kherts are incompatible, how does it work with Uaid and the continent he's tromping over? I suppose if he becomes part of that continent as a mountain, he's a sort of offspring?

Yeah, Uaid is of Kasslyne so the khert attached to him is entirely compatible and in sync with what's around him. No real issues there. Did the continents begin as ogres? The major mythology says no so I'm going to go with that.

So the plod wiki, very interesting. Is the plod hunger-driver wright created, or a deeper flaw? I’m saying is it a holdover from war-era spells they were developed from and hasn’t been corrected due to lack of knowledge/concern, or something else?

Good questions but you'll have to wait.

Honey mixed into some kind of herbal chamomile tea is miraculous for sinus/throat type issues....just so you know. :3


On the lines of the honey and lemon idea, try a tablespoon of honey with a tablespoon of lemon juice and a wee dram (or big dram if you fancy it) of whiskey and then fill the cup with hot water. The alcohol helps kill the germy buggers in your throat.

Did you know that Jim Henson died of strep throat? This seems like a respectable way to go.

You should have gone and coughed all over the kids. Plague builds character!

It's the holiday season, anon! Karmic fines are doubled when mistletoe is present.

So basically: Nary = Superman, Regina = Batman?

This breaks my brain a little, but sure, that works.

What are you asking Santa Claus for this year?!?

Such urgency! I don't really get anything for Christmas, though this year I've organized a Secret Santa in VGMC. Secret Santas are the best.

I recall that you are a Decemberists fan. I only just stumbled across Yankee Bayonet and it made me cry (and then I had to listen to it approximately 40 more times today). Have you heard that one? Do you have a favorite?

Yankee Bayonet is a great song. All their awful, tragic songs strike a chord with me, which may be why Hazards of Love in its entirety makes for my favourite thing by them. Eli the Barrow-boy is a close second though, mostly because it's my little nephew's favourite lullaby, creepy as that may sound. I used to sing it to him every afternoon when I'd rock him to sleep for his nap. It's funny. A friend bought me one of their concert DVDs and Eli is on there. Max (my nephew) gave me the strangest look when Colin started singing it, like, wow, Aunt Ashley, how does that unattractive, trollish man in the glowing box know your song and how dare he sing it? Do you have litigation pending?

Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey in hot water. Cool. Gargle. Same idea as salt water, but I like this because it feels like I'm concocting something. For the snot, inhale lots of steam from a hot shower. Feel better, dear.

You are sweet <3 I've been sucking on menthol cough drops most of the day, that's helped.

Who is Will? How do people know about these things? What am I missing?

You're not missing anything relevant, darling. I have art of characters on dA and elsewhere, and I think those characters get speculated on and referenced even though they haven't shown up in the comic yet (or in some cases, will never show up).

Ouch! Cold, flu? Tonsilitis?

Just a bad cold, I think. It sucks though because I had been scheduled to do volunteer face-painting at a Christmas party yesterday, but I had to cancel so I wouldn't give all the kiddies my plague.

Are there Vliegeng eggs? Or do they live-birth it up and just come out all adorable like that? This may have been asked, but I need to know if I can pokemon vliegeng or not.

Vliegeng are warm-blooded and give birth to slimy bundles of legless joy.

Have you ever eaten Psyduck?


Could Duane stick his head on a fresh corpse? What part of his body is the thinky part in?

Duane's body already rotted once and it all but drove him insane. I don't think he wants to put himself in any position to have to go through that again. His body right now is dried out and relatively painless, and it suits him about as well as anything's going to.

What colour hair did Duane used to have?

Pink. And it smelled faintly of shortbread.

Are you ever going to continue the Duane and Sette account, or is that all until the next chapter break?

Today I have a headcold and my throat feels like shoe leather. When I feel better, I'll wake up Duane and get Sette back in line.

Will we be meeting Jivi's mom eventually? I have to say, if that's the image her own son has of her, maybe Duane's estimation of what Crescian women are like isn't so far off...

Jivi's mom is AWESOME and TERRIFYING and OUT OF HER MIND. One day we'll meet her.

So Vliegeng space shuttles are a no go. Damn.

They'd just go up there and eat all the First Cheese on the moon anyway.

Have you ever eaten duck? Because it is fantastic!

Have you ever eaten a geoduck? I want to have one before I die.

Does the little blond girl also play into why Duane is so devoted to kids? Is Duane a gold? Is the khert a living thing with a kind of sentience, or maybe more like a raw current connecting things? Do you like Monty Python?

Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. Definitely!
Please a link for this Quigs-Duane cloak picture. I have looked and can't find it! It's driving me crazy!! Side note, we're to see more of Blondo, what about the dead-looking dude on 04-14. He's a plat, right? I think he's whoopassier-looking, too.

Hmm. I'd say you've already seen quite a bit of that guy. Quite. A. Bit.

The khert seems to be attached to land (since it thins out in the air). Would the same apply to bodies of water -- the khert is attached to the very bottom of the sea, for instance, but not the surface?

You've got it, the khert is dependent on the earth. There was one amusing theory on TV Tropes that Murkoph's made out of First Materials since he was standing untroubled on a dock in an old comic. Well, docks and bridges can be "grounded," which just means that inside of them or below them they have a strip of earth thick enough and long enough that the khert's able to run untroubled over water.

The khert does run through the sand and stone at the bottom of large bodies of water, but it's weak and crushed into a pretty flat and useless area. It's a good thing to keep in mind though.

Will the Peace Guard ever get their own chapter?

Oooooh, you'll see.

If you flew up really really high, maybe up into the atmosphere, would the khert still exist there? Or is it concentrated on lower altitudes only?

Good question! The khert does indeed thin out and eventually vanish the higher one travels. Vliegeng pilots have to be careful not to fly too high or their mounts will lose hold of the khert and go tumbling.

So, is it fair to say if Sette were a boy, Duane would be administering beatings on a daily basis? I bet the Aldish army has drummer boys or pages of her age or younger under military discipline.

Absolutely. This is a great question. Sette gets away with so much just because she's a girl and that's part of her value to her father. He has this sticky-fingered felon hiding in the guise of a vulnerable little girl, the perfect component to a host of crooked schemes. She certainly drags Duane around by the nostrils just by flashing an impish grin at him. He wouldn't be as patient with her if she was a boy, you're right.

Beatings though? Okay, here's a bit of a story.

Plats die by thirty, hence they get their professional starts in life very early. There are entire units of fieldwrights in the Aldish army made up of seven to ten year old Plat boys. If Matty had continued his course he would have doubtless left home to serve in such a fashion.

Anyway, Duane entered the army suddenly and in a low station due to circumstances best left unsaid for now. He had little martial training at the time which meant he went right into a group of fieldwrights; right into a group of ten year old Plat boys - and some of them outranked him. Oh, horrors! He was seventeen with an education behind him from the finest Seminary in the country, and couldn't help thinking very little of his comrades. But the kids took him under their wings, showed him the ropes, and even saved his life a few times. It's one reason Duane has such devotion to and respect for kids. Even when he graduated from the fieldwrights and achieved officership, he was always a fair hand with the youngest lads under his command. He might talk a big game on formspring but he never smacked the boys around or freaked them out with the scarier spells. He was a flippin' teddy bear. And don't think he didn't catch hell for that sometimes.

So beatings? Beatings have their place. Sometimes there ARE kids that need to be snapped out of their selfishness and brought back to reality with a swift kick in the ass. But Duane doesn't think Sette's in that category, boy or girl. Sette gets beat on a daily basis at home and how much good has that done? Would he help her now by beating her more? Duane knows better.

what was the name of that video you showed us with the heads in place of the peoples junks? i can't find it again.

I had an Unsounded-themed dream last night. Duane was in full zombie mode and kicking ass. It was awesome. On a related note, I see that the pic with Duane holding Quig's cloak takes place at night, so I assume Duane will be in full zombie berserker mode.

It's an interesting chapter. That's all I'll say :)

How long do you think Unsounded will turn out to be, in rough terms? We've seen four chapters thus far, and I'd like to know if we're close to getting into the thick, juicy plot of the story, or if we've only just scratched the tip of the iceberg.

Oh, it's going to be pretty long. If you're in this hoping for something short and sweet, I must disappoint :) I will say that most of the big questions up in the air right now aren't questions designed to hang around forever, and will be answered within a few chapters. I like to keep things moving briskly... or as briskly as webcomic pacing allows, anyway.

Is Murkoph like Patrick Bateman? I mean, they both seem to like dissecting females. And stuff.

Yeah, but Bateman only murders people in his head and all over his appointment book. Murkoph murders people all over pier 19. I watched American Psycho the other night actually. It is the most hilarious film.

How do the Gefendur reconcile the fact that the language that supposedly shaped the world is spoken by Ssaelit? It seems like it would lend some credence to their religion, or at least its origin story thing.

I'd have to get into the religions to explain it and oh, that would be so much typing. Let it be a mystery for now.

I noticed Duane was storing some manacles at one point, and I wondered what they were for. Now I know!

And knowing is half the battle.

The Unsounded tropes page is beautiful! How did I not read it before? "Butt Monkey: Ephsephin". fff

I know, right? So many lol's. I like the one entry begging Duane to put his hood back on.

(Is the blonde guy Will?)

No. But no more questions about him! You'll met him one day (so there ya go, he's not dead).

I discovered a short piece of text about a battle in Durlyne googling some of the things you said. Would this be canon in Unsounded's world?

Proooobably not but I'm not sure. Link?

I agree that "Blondo McWhoopass of clan FantasticSkin" was probably one of Duane's bros / someone under his care. Duane blames himself for leading him to his death (likely caused by those decidedly Crescian looking explosions in the background). Theory!


You guys ever go onto the speculation page on TV Tropes? I found it the other day and man, some of these are adorable

For complicated work, you really need to get the new "Adelier" model plod. It's still in prototype phase though, so there are some minor kinks--mainly excessive verbiage and occasional flares of violence and drama, no big deal. Go on, give it a spin!


But the blonde guy on p. 16 is Aldish! He's wearing a Durlynian uniform, and Durlyne is an Aldish...........state? Province? Territory. Anyway, I always assumed Blondo McWhoopass from p. 16 and Duane were broz4lyfe before Duane was killed.

Province is a good word in English! Durlyne is an Aldish ginnal (or province), specifically where Duane was born and raised (and died). Blondo McWhoopass is a Durlynian soldier.

But, but, isn't the uniform on 1/16 Durlynian? (Misc sketch 01) And also, doesn’t Duane say on 2/11 the badge thingy is from a cavalry unit (not infantry). And via 2/14 isn't DUANE the Eighth Motadwe in Durlyne? Could that mean… OMG DUANE WAS BEAUTIFUL!

Good deductions! But does Duane seem the type to have overpowering flashbacks about how goddamned smooth he used to look in his army uniform? :3 My money's on that soldier being someone else, but definitely a Durlynian, yes.

Do spell-makers 'compete'? Like are their brands of spells and do certain wrights favour one brand or another?

There are often competitions to win royal commissions in Cresce (one of them becomes a plot point later) and government funding in other countries, but spellcraft is all regulated and shut up tight by the lawmakers of the land, so brands like that don't really exist. You use what the government allows to be burned into the khert, and then released to the Academies.

What do you think of writers/artists who use "Earth" languages (such as French) in their fantasy settings? Is it cheap? Is it smart? What do you say to the people who snark it? Do you punch them?

Honestly I wouldn't do it for an extant language but I feel it's okay for dead ones that only see usage in place and characters names. You have to remember that EVERYTHING is a translation. I'm translating Continental into English so it can be read, but in Kasslyne the Continental language certainly is NOT English. And if there was a second language, and I wanted to acknowledge that it's a separate language, why not "translate it" into a different language from our world?

Yeah, you can argue it's lazy, but it's also good for readers to help keep confusion down. If you see a French name (or even a regular old English one most of the time) you know immediately that character is Aldish. If you see a placename that leans Scandinavian, you might just guess it's Crescian. It adds a recognition factor that using made-up sounds wouldn't necessarily get across. So maybe it is a little cheap but I also think it's a little smart.

Haha, holy shit, go look at the new Google logo. Adorabibble!

You have turned formspring into performance art.

My good man, I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about.

I'm sure this has been asked before, but what, if any, languages besides Continental, Old and New Tainish are spoken on Kasslyne?

Let's see... there is Continental, Old Tainish, New Tainish, the hissy and largely unpronounceable language of the Two-toes, Crescian (which no one speaks anymore but you can get an idea of its flavour in place and character names), Frèrais (the language spoken in Alderode when it was founded but it's quite dead now, though you can again see it in certain place and character names [hint: it's French]), and Sette.

Upon scanning through a few of the earlier pages (mainly to ensure you had not deleted the special journal entries—I'm watching you!), I again came across the image of the blond-haired Crescian man (ch. 1, pp. 16). I have new a theory...he killed Duane!

That bastard!

Good theory, good theory.

It appears that the fabric of reality has broken on the DuaneAndSette account. Duane said I was fat and hug boys! I am NOT fat! Q_Q

My word! That doesn't sound like Duane at all! I wonder if Sette has overpowered him and taken control of the account. But then, how could she be communicating when she can't read or write? Curious.

Are...........are you feeling alright?

Of course. Why do you ask?

Lemme see if I have this right--so by doing lines in pixel at a high res, then shrinking it down, you get the nice soft anti alaised look with the added bonus of easy flat coloring? That is a really good idea, dunno why I'd never thought of that before.

That's exactly right. And it's not exactly an intuitive thing, I guess. I didn't know to work like this until someone else told me :D

Tobacco, opium, purple weed, those are all somewhat open and out there? Are they frowned upon, illegal, et cetera?

Other than the Gefendur softi, it's all legal everywhere (though the opium is a bit frowned upon as you might imagine). Duane used to quite enjoy his pipe. Fantasy settings, my friend; they are awesome.

This might have already been asked, and I'm sorry about that, but are there any fictional drugs that are big problems in Kasslyne?

Kyrf is kind of a thing in Sharteshane, it's a smokable mushroom that knocks you on your ass. I don't know that it's a problem though, it's mostly a thing among sailors and pirates. Gefendur priests and paladins use softi flowers to induce prophetic visions, but only they're allowed access to it. Otherwise there's tobacco, opium, and purple weed (which is really just weed but purple :3).

Mayhap you have much better coordination with a mouse than I. What selection tool are you using?

Maybe you're setting up your lineart differently. For the easiest flatting you want 1 bit black and white lineart. If you do your lines digitally this is easily achieved by inking with the pencil tool at a high res. Then it's just a matter of magic wanding (no aliasing) areas and filling them on a separate layer. That's what I do, and then I use the polygonal or freehand lasso for ares that aren't entirely delineated in the lineart.

Wait--Did I just hear you say that you do all your flatwork with a mouse? WHAT KIND OF GOD ARE YOU--

Ha, if you need a stylus to flat your pages you're doing it wrong :D It should be selections and fills - mouse and keyboard. Anything else would take waaaaay too much time.

What are you on the Myers-Briggs personality test?

Never taken it. I'm sure I'm some manner of sociopath.

So, how exactly does reciting new Tainish phrases allow wrights to switch around aspects using the khert? Why *must* it be Tainish? What connection does the Tainish language share with the khert? How is it connected? Why?

Many questions you have, young scholar! These are core mysteries of the world you ask about, you'll have to sit on them.

If you were to tunnel underneath a large body of water, would pymary work in your tunnel?


What is your preferred fork size?


(lol lol get it?)

I just got home from a shift at work to find, in a formerly blank frame on my wall, my girlfriend printed and put inside it Murkoph saying "BABY! It's what's for dinner!". I am not sure how to hold these feels. I think... she might be a keeper.

Murkoph agrees so hard.

Does the khert work on the other continents?

Yes, it has to. The khert is part of this world. But I imagine that since the continents are all so isolated the khert has come to develop in different ways on them, and they probably are incompatible in some ways. Fun to think about.

If you fell into the world of Unsounded, would you be a really awesome wright, since you invented Old Tainish and know all the intricacies of pymary?

Naw, I'm not smart enough. The fancy stuff requires doing a lot of math in your head which I am rubbish at. Though I suppose since I wouldn't have computers or comics to distract me, I could attend a nice Crescian academy and THEN become an awesome wright :D

Do portal panels work across water? For example, if Sette took Duane's bag across the ocean to another continent, would she still have access to the storage closet?

She would not. Her hand would thunk against the bottom of an empty bag.

What would happen if someone in Kasslyne discovered electricity?

I'm not really sure. It's not a line of thought I've explored.

Oh I agree about pymary being scientific, what I mean is, it's such a useful and convenient shortcut (As you said, the command console for the universe) that they're not likely to bother with less glamorous methods, at least until first materials run out

That's true. It's the same way with the US and green energy, I suppose. I'll admit that Kasslynians are pretty damn lucky their world is set up the way it's set up. How awesome would it be to have a tireless plod labour force to do all the dirty jobs. I would buy a plod to flat all my comic pages and then to make my bed.

Are you at all a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic?


Have you heard of The Reconstruction? It's a freeware RPG that deconstructs a lot of fantasy tropes. No typical fantasy races either (it has cat people and lizard people, but that's about it).

Cool beans!

Why did you make two extra continents if you're never going to set stories in them? Are they really that boring? Does pymary not work there, or do they have the same khert?

They're lovely places but except for one particular country, they are largely irrelevant to Unsounded. I have vague ideas about them but those ideas could change some day, so it's pointless to ask me questions :) For now they are off the map.

In many ways, scientists in Kasslyne are fucked, because they have magic that works, much like in the short story "The road less travelled" - primitive aliens who have a magic space travel method try to invade earth using... muskets.

Hmm. What if we thought of the sun as magical? How grand the giant ball of fire and gas in space is! How magical the heat it gives to us and the sparkly, beautiful fire that heat can make is a clever sorcery indeed. It's all magic, and nothing scientific about it!

People not familiar with a sun might look at one and all it does and think it's just a big, weird magic system, and solar panels are a magic artifact for changing sun power into electrical power, and fire is so sparkly and badass, and wow, it even makes your plants grow? Cool magic system!

Well, we know it's not magic. We know the why's and how's. And scientists invented those solar panels. They invented light bulbs to complement the sun at night, and central air conditioning to beat it back during the winter. Scientists don't necessarily work against natural systems or even in competition with them. Scientists work with them. They are constrained by them.

And the khert is a natural system; a natural part of the Kasslynian world. Pymary is an orderly, consistent SCIENCE for all intents and purposes. Wrights aren't scientists anymore than a person who uses an iPad is a scientist, but the people who create their spells are. These people experimented with combinations of aspects and new Tainish phrases and just how to read images on the brain and translate them to colour and light and trick the eyes of everyone around into seeing something not there - that's not just pymary but a glorious symphony that uses the myriad natural systems of the world to create a pseudo-technology that even we haven't figured out yet.

We look at pymary and think: MAGIC. Duane would look at a television and think: MAGIC.

What's your favourite phylum of animal? If you can't decide, then what's your favourite class? (You can look them up on Wikipedia if you don't know them off the top of your head.)

ARE YOU IMPLYING I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SCIENCE?? I'm going to have to go with Chordata because most everything outside of that realm makes me get out the Raid and Lysol. For class I'm gonna have to be biased and pick Mammalia. Dogs, lions, unicorns... can't be beat.

Your love for ducks makes me feel like this:

Did you know that I can do a perfect duck call? It freaks my nephew out and makes him tackle my face.

Oh man, I just saw the Muppets. I spent half the movie laughing hysterically, and the other half with water in my eyes. I hope you enjoy your viewing!

I've heard it's really good ;_; I'm still kind of weirded out that Frank Oz had nothing to do with it.



So pymary doesn't break conservation of energy, because it's only transferring Aspects from one place to another. But transferring or changing energy takes energy too. Where do wrights get that energy from if the khert itself isn't a power source?

The long-held theory is that wrights themselves produce and provide the energy because they're living beings; incessantly churning energy-producing and -burning factories. Obviously Duane's existence knocks this theory on its ear. He should write a paper. Anyway, the topic will be visited later in the story.

Is it possible to speed up the natural healing process using pymary, even slightly? I suppose if "life" isn't an Aspect, it wouldn't be, but...

The theory is there and it's solid, but it involves manipulation of Law, specifically Time, which the khert doesn't allow wrights access to. There is a near constant attempt to get into the khert and wrangle the Laws, but no one's pulled it off. Wrights are stuck using just Aspects.

So it's very difficult to actually heal wounds once they've been inflicted, but it is easy to prevent or mitigate damage beforehand by reinforcing the body with hardening/toughening Aspects?

Yes. This is something even we have figured out, which is why we wear helmets when we Rollerblade and always buckle our seatbelts.

Do they even sterilize wounds if they don't have a germ theory of disease? The Romans did, because they knew empirically it was good practice but the idea kind of got lost for the next 2000 years, at least in most of Europe

Right, they don't sterilize wounds because they're afraid of germs. They sterilize them to seal the opened body from the khert, which is the custodian of the world, remember, and always eager to move processes along and put matter and Aspects in their proper places. This is what they believe and in this case it doesn't get in the way of the actual nature of reality. You see that a lot in history, where people figure out the right way to do something, but not necessarily the right reason for doing it.

So medicine again. Back in Chapter 2, when Duane finds Cara nearly dead, he says something desperate along the lines of "I can fix this!". Obviously he couldn't, but what was he planning to do exactly?

She was bleeding to death, so he was trying to manually (or rather, pymarically) stopper the severed arteries. Duane's no doctor and all he has is some basic field medicine training, so he was really just panicking and doing the only thing that came to mind.

Have you heard of the Old Kingdom trilogy? Before I encountered Unsounded it was easily my favourite fantasy story of all time. It has excellent worldbuilding and a consistent magic system (the rules are actually a major plot point)!

My knowledge of fantasy books is, I have come to find out, terrible! Back when I had time to read a lot I leaned towards Melville, Twain, Dickens, and all the old classics. So no, I don't know Old Kingdom.

Why are there so many songs about rainbows and what's on the other side?

I'm seeing Muppets this week. By God, I am.

So portal panels can be used to transfer Aspects, not just physical objects?

Something or other like that. I'll be honest - this subject is a work in progress. I don't have all the details hammered out yet.

Can't transfer wounds to plods because plotlol, right?

Well, what would the plod transfer back? Dead flesh. Not a good trade.

Well in Bujold's book it was just one dude, who was basically undead and transferring his wounds to someone else, not an established medical technique. Raven from teen titans healed people by taking their wounds too but on her they faded away quickly

Yeah, directly taking onto yourself someone else's injuries is a pretty standard fantasy spell, my friend's necromancers used to have a technique like that. I had thought about having something similar but I didn't like the idea of a wright having that kind of Get Out of Jail Free card, and it doesn't feel right for the system. Healing magic can really break a story, you have to be so careful with it. So my solution is for it to require an expensive external component (portal panel) and the injury has to go on to someone else. Honestly I don't ever plan to even use it, but the theory's there just in case :)

Lois Bujold had something like that in one of her Chalion books, if the wounds can be transferred to two or more people from one then the damage might be a lot easier to handle

Ahh, there is nothing new under the sun~

While pymary may not be useable for medical treatment, couldn't be used for preventative things? Such as giving your skin the durability of rock/metal, or the same for your bones prior to potential injury?

Totally. Very common for wrights to beef up their defenses in such a way.

More likely for wound transfer, you'd use slaves of prisoners of war. Perhaps a race of humans bred entirely for that purpose!

So cruel! I'm not sure anyone could get away with that nor would anyone want to, but interesting idea.

Ooh! Could regular doctors keep animals around for wound transfer for ordinary patients?

Seems like it must only work from human to human. So no, alas.

Aside from generally being awesome, how is it that you go about promoting your comic?

I honestly don't. I think my readers to the brunt of the work :)

What kinds of musical instruments do they play in Kasslyne? Er, has this question been asked before? It seems pretty important.

They have a lot of what we have! Lord Winalils plays piano. Murkoph plays guitar. I am the least musical person ever so the subject of instruments makes me nervous. I figured it's better just to go with traditional ones so I can't mess them up too bad :)

Is there any way you can show us some of the better questions that Duane and Sette can't answer? I'm very curious to see what people are sending.

Aw, I'm sorry. They got deleted.

Is pymary used in medicine? Could, say, a surgeon use aspects of healthy organs to fix a damaged one? Or something like the hardness of stone to repair broken bones?

I've often pondered how pymary might be used in medicine but it seldom goes well. Your example there doesn't really fly because the problem with broken bones isn't that they're too soft or brittle (except in Duane's case), it's that they're in pieces :D Same with lacerations. What is it about a laceration that makes them a problem? Nothing that can be mended with the application of a couple Aspects.

Mostly I'm thinking Aspects can supplement more conventional healing by sterilizing wounds and then letting a healer stitch and bandage them, and that's an important thing.

I do know that specialized portal panels can have a place in "healing." Very important people's doctors can use them to transfer wounds to other people, leaving their patient relatively in one piece. I like the idea of monarchs having a small group of people who are kept around just to accept their injuries. Like royal tasters but with more BLUD.

In regards to plot, how did you define your scope? I'm currently writing my own which spans a large political shift that will be the backdrop for the story and I'm having some trouble in deciding how much to show and where to place my ending. Any advice?

It's hard to give advice without knowing more specifics, but plot should really take a backseat to theme and character. Make plot decisions based on these. Vague, I know, I'm sorry. As for the ending, end your story when your main characters' arcs conclude, and not a second before or after.

I don't have any formal creative writing training so I may not be the person to ask these questions too XD I've yet to prove that I know how to structure a plot!

Yes. And, overall, just a good story with plenty of famous actors. I do recommend it highly, and would like to know your thoughts on it, once you've seen it!



v____v ..oO( <3 )

But I almost missed the bonus texts on my first read-through! Surely you will preserve these delicious things as well, somehow? ;_;


So really rich kids could use two-way parchment to pass notes at school?

Theoretically... but kids take school pretty seriously.

Ever think of writing a musical? It would've seemed natural for Sette to break into song during her gleeful tear through town, especially when riding the umbrella. All the characters in that sequence could've belted out some bitchin' verses along the way.

Man, I'm down with this in a totally unironic way :3 I love making up rhymes. Shame I can't actually write music. Is that a requirement for writing a musical?

You realize that it doesn't matter if a printed version of Unsounded is inferior, people just want to hold it in their hands, to stroke the pages and give it pride of place on their bookshelves?

I know, and I appreciate that enthusiasm. But I don't think some people quite grasp how much time and work is involved in getting out a print book by yourself. The idea of all that shipping alone is daunting. Print is not, to me, a big deal and since there is also little monetary incentive to do it, the idea of taking all that energy away from simply creating new pages is very unappealing to me.

If I found a publisher who was only interested in print rights, I'd consider it. But the only two who have wanted to take me on wanted to take much more than that, and Ashley ain't down with it.

Unsounded is a WEBcomic. It's not a print comic camping on the web and hoping for better things. A printed edition of it would indeed be inferior. In addition to those few pages that actually break the page/margin border, on the many many pages where art goes right up to the edge there's no bleed! Word balloons would have to be shifted around to escape being cut off, covering up important art and needing replacement art done underneath since they were drawn right into the panels instead of layered on top. Since pages weren't designed to lay next to each other they'd look awkward and ugly paired up in a book. Oh, anon, I can't begin to tell you how much I really don't want to try cobbling a print edition out of Unsounded. It wouldn't be pretty and I would be miserable.

So, this was Sette as a kid?


"Hey Duane I really like this 'electricity' magic system that Glass uses to watch The Muppet Show and heat up Hot Pockets. Where do you get such creative ideas?"

Some of the questions they've been asked are hysterical. Shame I have to delete them XD

Do you ask for help from others for making the comic?

Only when it comes to donations, I suppose?

Any Thanksgiving plans? I hope you have a pleasant one :)

Thanks! I'm going over to my brother's house in Melbourne to feed my face. It's five hours in the car, which sucks, but food! I hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving too~

If you don't answer a question I send, can I assume that means the answer would be spoilery?

Or the answer was uninteresting or boring. Or the question had been asked before. Or you stumped me and I need more time to think it through. The possibilities are endless!

What would your coat of arms be if you had one?

Something related to this

Inheritance Series - any strong feelings? What do you think of the magic system?

These are the books with the doofy looking dragons on the covers? Never touched them.

What's your favorite (Alucard) male videogame character?

You have been doomed ever since you lost the ability to love oWo

What if, like, there's an alternate dimension where a young Duane draws comics about a webcomic artist named Glass Shard?

In our next exciting chapter, Glass watches old episodes of The Muppet Show while spearing olives on the end of a mechanical pencil because all the forks are in the dishwasher. Will she leave the house today? Will she make her bed? Find out this and more in the next riveting issue of Glass Hasn't Talked to Anyone But Her Dogs in Two Days!

Soooo... Skyrim?

Too expensive still! I'm banking on a Steam holiday sale. But man, I still need to play Arkham City. I believe that's out for Steam this week.

How does Pymary work over a distance? (Ignore if already asked) If Duane knew the x and y of an enemy, even if they were on the other side of the planet, could he effect them just the same as if they were in front of him? Or does it rely on sight too?

Pymary is largely coordinate-based relative to khert connections (usually the ones in one's hands are used). If you know the precise coordinates of something relative to your connection, you can send something there, be it a blast of fire or a kiss on the cheek. The difficulty comes in the khert itself. The khert is constantly moving, like water rippling, so the pathway you send your Aspects down will drift, and the further your Aspects have to go, the further they will drift off-target. This effect is lessened if you have the good fortune of possessing a peculiarly stable connection the khert, such as Plats enjoy.

Hopscotching Aspects from point to point is a more reliable way to send a spell a great distance, and this is how telegraphs, two-way manuscripts, portal panels, etc. work.

I'm surprised you didn't say Fran! What are some of your favorite PC games?

Fran is fun but her outfit is cheesecake and she's a little wooden. I think Samus and maybe Agrias would be favourites after Heather. I like chicks who are rounded characters, who feel like they could realistically do what they're doing in the game, ya know?

Favourite PC games... Bioshock 1 & 2, Thief 1 & 2, Minecraft, Arkham Asylum, Audiosurf, Monkey Island :3

Who's your favorite female video game character?

Hrm, there aren't many very good ones, are there. I guess Heather Mason is pretty cool.

Isn't it weird that I'm afraid to hurt Duane's feelings by asking him pointed questions about his zombieness and about Alderode?

No, I think it just speaks well of you as a person :) Hey, Duane may not be real but -I- might not be real. In the world of the internet, we're all playing characters.

Will Duane and Sette get a supercool formspring background like yers?

I should see what formspring has to offer in that department. They had fifty questions last I logged in. I'm afraid to look now :O

Have you played Ico or Shadow of the Colossus?

Of course! Both are lovely games.

Get back to me on that lava pit, I'm trying to build an evil lair and I wanna make sure my moat is wright-proof >:)

Haha, I'd go with water then, but it needs to be at least twenty-five feet across and twenty feet deep to disperse the khert adequately ;)

What kind of freelance are you up to these days? :)

I do stand-by graphic design work for a few local businesses and the local news/weather station. Last week it was a brochure, a few logos, and a teeshirt design for a fish-fry event. Nothing interesting.

So Uaid isn't just a baby mountain ogre. He's a baby mountain! That... is so cool. And cute.


I remember you mentioned some time ago that you built the Howl's castle papercraft. Was it the normal castle or the flying one? Also, have you read the book?

Oh, it was the flying one at the end. The wings were a pain, I wound up cheating and using round toothpicks. Yes, I've read the book! And the sequel. One day I'll get around to reading the newer one.

Ya know, the first time I saw the movie I really disliked it (dat abrupt ending), but after reading the books and watching the movie a few more times, it became one of my favourite Ghibli flicks. Sophie is a pretty great character.

Is Uaid immune because he's made of a First Creature / other First Materials, so the aspects that have been bound to him are unaffected by the khert and therefore he's not affected no matter how removed from it he is? He may need some water wings though.

aha <3

Uaid's made out of a mountain ogre, a type of senet beast (or First Creature). Mountain ogres aren't called mountain ogres because they live in the mountains. They're called mountain ogres because they BECOME the mountains. So Uaid is essentially a giant moving monolith of earth, with his own personal khert network.

Still needs water wings.

Is Uaid immune to these concerns because he's made from First Materials? Or is it specifically because he's made from a mountain ogre, which is itself a First Creature?

You're on the right track.

Would it be theoretically possible to create a land bridge between two continents? If so, would pymary function over it?

Theoretically, I would say so. I'm not sure how the two kherts would act when they tried to mingle though. Might blow up the planet! :D

If your throat is the sarlaac, does that mean your food digests slowly in your belly over a duration of many years? And that you can hold quite a lot in there?

No, it means my throat feels spiky and monstrous from gallons of snot running down the back of it for three days T_T

So wait, if docks can be pymary-safe just be adding some dirt to them, can't you do the same by adding dirt to the base of a ship or something?

I'm in a puerile mood tonight. So, sex and pymary, what fun combinations have people made from those two ingredients?

Combinations more fun than my limited imagination can conjure, I'm sure. I would say the possibilities are endless.

And that is my stock don't-make-me-incriminate-myself answer :D

Who would win in a fight between Sette's Da and Jivi's mom? Also, vote incentive idea: younger Duane with fluffy pink hair!

Ahh! Too close to call! I think maybe if it's a sudden fight, Da would overpower Regina since he'd have superior raw strength. If there's time to plan though, Regina would come out ahead because she is wily and slightly more well-connected. Battle of the century either way though. Rawr.

Warm blooded, sure, but they are also kert-escian horrors. I dunno, maybe I thought they would rock about like platypus'. Platypus fan? You know the males have poison barbs on their back legs?

No kiddin'? Wow, don't they seem like animals designed by a hyperactive five year old boy? Not holding that against them or anything, but one can imagine a preschooler adding increasingly incongruent items to the feature list on the platypus' Level Up! screen.

Oh man, thinking of the Khert being dependent upon earth and having dirt lining the interior of a dock's leg or something made me think of Captain Jack Sparrow and his Jar of Dirt. :D


. . .that's the Sarlacc.

I know. That's what I Googled to find the image :3

Have you seen Baz Luhrman's "Romeo + Juliet" lately? It's actually aged really well! The Mercutio in it is pretty much how I image Murkoph to look, move, act, but more nice and in more drag.

Ahh... hrm. Harold Perrineau is an attractive fellow but I'm not seeing the similarity. I never cared for any of Baz Luhrman's movies, I'm afraid, but I do respect how bold he is.

Murkoph sprang fully-formed from my brow a long time ago. I had to figure out in reverse just who my subconscious had cobbled together to create him. I have since decided he's an ungodly mix of Brandon Lee from The Crow, and Magnum PI era Tom Selleck. Wrap your brain around THAT.

Ooh, may we see pics of your 'shoe leather' throat? :)

Regarding a fresh corpse rotting again: That's why I told Duane he needs a braindead but live body to plop his headmeats on top of. Okay I know he wouldn't go for that kind of thing, but could it be made to work?

Nope, don't think it would work. There are some things you just can't cheat.
I'd wager a guess that the 4-14 guy is Dwayne himself!


What's the correlation between religion and language in Alderode?

"Tainish is the religion of the Ssaelit, Continental is the religion of the Gefendur. I think it is about time to do wiki entries for these two."

Did I really type that last night? Can you tell it was three in the morning and I was half asleep. Let's try that again.

Tainish is the LANGUAGE of the Ssaelit, Continental is the LANGUAGE of the Gefendur.

So are the questions that Sette answers for Duane the ones that you didn't want to answer, or the ones for which answers would have contained spoilers?

Naw, she just picked them at random.

But, if Sette is leading Duane around during the night doesn't he notice that the place where he fell asleep and where he woke up are not the same?

Sometimes - - Sette's pretty good at what she does though. Anyway, the details of this will all come out later.

The "Duane will become Murkoph." one made me laugh in a very happy way! Do you have a favourite?

I think that one's my favourite too! :D I don't know who the author is of most of those paragraphs but he is very clever.

It would be awesome if Formspring is how Duane finds out that Sette is controlling him at night.

Oh, I suspect part of Duane already knows. He's just hoping he's wrong.

Thank goodness. I thought you had snapped under the pressure of 100+ Formspring questions per day and decided to go all ax crazy on your fans. I was a bit curious as to whether you'd crack completely and start trolling us through the actual comic.

Ax. I would never use an ax. These are modern times and a chainsaw is called for. FEED ME A STRAY CAT.

Duane and Sette smiled at one of your questions? Which one? o_O

Oops, I think I was accidentally signed into that account instead of my own when I wanted to smile at an answer so I could reference it later. My life is very complicated, I am like Batman.

Say, if Duane was able to answer questions on Formspring for several days in a row, does that mean that time moves slower in Kasslyne, relative to us? It would explain why it takes a full chapter to cover a few days in Unsounded :D

Cheeky. It always bothered me how time passed differently in Narnia than it did in the real world. Not necessarily because of that difference but because the kids snap back to the original age when they return home. What a gyp.

How long does night last in Kasslyne? I want Duane to answer my question about Aldish breakdancing already!

Haha, night ends when Glass feels like writing the long-winded zombie again :3

You should do a spin-off series where Sette and Duane sit on their couch at home and make wacky comments about all the latest video games.

I fear this could only end in explosions.

Can Blondo McWhoopass PLEASE be his canonical name?

Until his real name's revealed, it can be Blondo McWhoopass. AM I NOT MERCIFUL.

Do you like techno music? Does techno music exist in Kasslyne? Do Sette and/or Duane like techno music (assuming it exists)? Would they (assuming it doesn't)? Is there anything better than UN-TISS UN-TISS UN-TISS techno music for pumping up fight scenes?

I dunno, I'm bad at music categories. To me it's all fucking electronica :D Which I really like. I've been listening to Happy Hardcore most of the night. But uh, electronica or techno doesn't fit Unsounded at all, no, I am sorry.

Plats = good wrights, short lives. Coppers = poor wrights, long lives. The khert seems to be inherently destructive ("the entire world is made of sand and soil, the khert is the sea and wind constantly battering it"). The khert is basically killing plats!

Sure, the khert is naturally destructive. Our world's the same. It's slowly killing you right now, in fact.

After Duane is eaten by the walky root in Chapter 1, he speaks something in Tainish, presumably to summon that light. Couldn't he have just tacit-casted that instead? Does tacit-casting have any drawbacks?

Nah. Duane cast aloud without thinking, the way you might read a sign and say it aloud without meaning to do it. But mostly it was so I could show he was using pymary and didn't just have a hand that naturally glows blue in the dark.

Omg! It's night in Sette and Duane Formspring Land, and Sette's making Duane transcribe her properly while he's all out of it!

You deserve a prize for figuring this out.

Will could be dead yet still thinking, and therefore not dead. Dead is never what it seems. Speaking of dead things, the speculation page needs more theories on Bastion's balls (or lack thereof) and their role. They could be out there. Watching. Waiting.

H-how do you know about that? This topic cannot be introduced to formspring. No. No!

That's a flashback, right?


I the hand just a hand, or is that carriage "bottomless"?

Some kind anon answer this one for me.

I see a giant hand. Is that Uaid's hand? Is that a younger Quigley? Is that scene depicting Uaid's capture? So many questions. I doubt you'll answer any of them.


Could plods really be taught to do fiddly things like using computers to flat comics pages? The plods in Chapter 3 struck me as being kind of dense and, well, zombie-like.

Haha, I think they'd lack the fine motor skills to work a mouse, you're right.

"... and just how to read images on the brain and translate them to colour and light ..." Does this explain why some forms of pymary appear colorful? Because the mind of the wright associated that color with whatever action they are performing?

There is a glamour component to a looooot of spells, especially the tricked out spells that gruftgrammers use. You'll see next chapter how Quigley's spells are all themed, like a clothing line, it makes me lol. Anyway, glamours are achieved by lifting imprints of imagery and impressions of colour off the brain of the casting wright via micro-arrangements of aspects so complex I can't even begin to imagine them, and then restructuring the light around the target to reflect the imagery. It's pretty impressive to contemplate.

I am contemplating getting a PSP for Christmas since it's gone down in price so much! What games would you recommend starting with? Since I know you are a fan of the PSP :)

I dunno, you might want to wait for the Vita to come out, the PSP is going to be old tech in pretty short order.

If you do get it though, I'd recommend FFT, Tactics Ogre, Disgaea, and Joan D'Arc if you like TRPGs. Otherwise there's Last Order, the God of Wars, Lumines, Patapon... lots of other games I don't care for but that are generally popular. Also go for CFW so you can play pretty much the entire PSX library on it. It's a good handheld to own.

I've been listening to Dog Days are Over again and again and again. I blame you. Thanks <3

It's a great song, innit? She performed it live on Colbert once and it just wasn't as good.

WILD SPECULATION TIME: the people in that shot look like plats. Soooo, Quigley's from a giant family, isn't he, and they're all sneaking to the border to throw him a surprise birthday party. :D

Yay! I like this!

What's the last song you listened to on repeat until your own brain beat down your door and demanded you change it?

I think... Night by Zola Jesus. It's my GODDAMN I WANT TO DIE RIGHT NOW song.


Hahaha. I told you it was mysterious.



I'm going through Unsounded withdrawal so baaaaad. Please alleviate my pain with some scrap of comic page. Something anything AAAAA

Here's a mysterious shot, try to figure it out.

I would never.


Should I propose to her with a ring... on a severed hand? Or would that be going too far

Have you been snooping my directories, missy?

So pymary might work differently in the other continents?


Will we ever learn about the nature of the khert, how it works, what it really is, etc. in the comic?

Maybe. It's bad writing to explain every fiddly detail of one's world in a story. Only a select group of readers are interested in such things.

Happy Thanksgiving!

To you too! <3

Hi, argentine here with no experience in thanksgiving food...sooo sweet potato souffle is a main salty plate or dissert? because I loove sweet potatoes.

It is a sweet but savoury dish. It's mostly mashed sweet potatos, spices, butter, cream, and sugar all mixed together and topped with walnuts. It's delicious!

Is it sad that when I type "g" into my Firefox address bar, the first result that comes up is your Formspring page instead of Google?

This power--! I feel it flowing through me!

I've had a lot of unanswered questions but also a lot of good answers, thank you very much! I like to think the unanswered ones are so because Duane is incoherent with rage at the impudence :)

Haha! Sometimes it's that, sometimes it's spoilers, and sometimes questions are phrased in a way that he doesn't understand. Duane exists in a culture unlike our own. When the sexism stuff came up and people were talking about "separate but equal" and "gender rights," these are concepts that seem very straightforward to us but that don't exist in Alderode (or Kasslyne at all, for that matter). It's a weird clashing of times and cultures that really can't be addressed in a first-person manner from him alone. So they're best ignored entirely.

Can illustrations be sent via two way parchment? Or, could an illustration be copied onto it with transfer paper? (And if that's the case, could it be used to send Sette a lion photo?)

Yeah, the way it works is anything you put on the parchment in special ink shows up on the sister parchment. So you could write or draw or play tic-tac-toe with someone. Although it's a pretty damn expensive way to communicate so I probably wouldn't advise the tic-tac-toe.

What are you cooking for Thanksgiving? My friend convinced me to attempt sweet potato pie this year :)

Mm, sweet potatoes. I'm doing a sweet potato souffle and broccoli casserole, which is probably the greatest of all casseroles.

Are people asking you less questions now that they have Sette and Duane to bother?

'Twould seem so! But I'm having to delete a lot of Duane and Sette questions. I hope it doesn't make people mad. Formspring just isn't the platform I prefer for the unfolding of plot and character history.

Catwoman sucks by the way. Why are they making me play as her in Arkham City. Don't they know I'm the Goddamn Batman?

On the other hand, print is more permanent for the readers. The problem with web-only comics is that the artist can just up and close shop anytime, deleting all their comics and leave everyone bereft.

If for some strange reason this fancy took me, I would upload zips of the pages and html for readers to keep. Have no fear, I am not a melodramatic douche-wand.

I find it refreshing that you put the web version before print. Everyone is so enamored of print for unspecified reasons. I like books fine but I read and enjoy far more stuff on a screen nowadays.


I can't remember if Troy has a Trojan Horse, but it does have Peter O'Toole. And a constantly shirtless, highly-muscled Brad Pitt.

How well you know me, anon.

Who is your favorite Batman villain? (From any game, series, movie, etc.......)

Ohhhh, this is tricky because Batman is less a cohesive storyline containing consistent characters than it is a template upon which different ideas can be built. In TAS, I would say Mr. Freeze is my favourite villain. In the Burton films I would say Penguin. In Nolanverse and the comics I would say Joker. In the Arkham games I would say Harley. It all depends! :O

At odds who to cheer for? Ever see Troy? They did a good job of establishing that concerning sides. Oh, each side certainly had bad men that you knew were rotten, but there was never an established good vs bad. It was just two opposing sides.

I should check this movie out. Is there a big CG Trojan horse in it? I need this in my life.

Have you read 'Estonia'?

I have not. I am currently reading old Doctor Strange comics and appreciating Stephen's sculpted thighs.

It just occurred to me that Cara could have been a carrier for the Weeping Plague and passed it along to Jivi, Starfish, et. al. (Though I guess Matty would be immune.) How long do you have between catching the Weeping Plague and first onset of symptoms?

You have two weeks. Cara had been away from Fachlyne much longer than that however, and she never would have made it from the country if she'd been a carrier. So everyone's safe. Good thinking though.

Do you have anything against dragons? Anything in the fantasy genre that irritates you to bits?

I'm cool with dragons if they're done well. I even enjoyed the movie DragonHeart! But mostly I like to fight them in video games.

I don't like armour that doesn't make sense; whether it's guys wearing too much of it or girls not wearing enough.

I don't like elves because there is something smug about them. "We are exactly like humans but our ears are pointed and we're less hairy, so we're going to live longer. Sucks to be you, shitlord!"

I don't care for inconsistent magic systems, but that's to be expected.

I don't like that white men and white boys are always always always the protagonists. It is stale and boring.

I hate two-dimensional villains. I want to be constantly at odds with myself over who to cheer for. I want to cry when the antagonist dies.

This has probably been addressed before, but since formspring doesn't allow to search previous answers (not us anons at least), I must ask: Will there be more bonus texts? They're pretty neat stuff, and I'm intrigued about M.A.'s quest for publishing.

No, I decided that subplot, while potentially interesting, ultimately didn't do enough to serve the major themes of the story. I think I'll tackle the ideas in it another way in another form. Formspringers bullied me into not taking down the entries that did make it up but I may have to revolt and do it anyway :D It's confusing, probably.

Oh man, I hope it's Sette who kills Matty, who selflessly throws himself in front of her blade. Then Chitz can be Duane's new eyes!

And his new face for that matter.

Me: Sweet, it's after midnight! Time to check the latest Unsounded like I always do! You: Sorry brah, I'm on hiatus for, like, a bajillion years. Me: okay.jpg Nah, just playing. Enjoy your break! See you......I guess either late December or early January!

I'll resume updates December 19th. Donation goals were met :) My readers are the best. THE BEST.

Oh, I got a better one! Has anyone tried building an undersea fortress to protect themselves from pymary?

Not that I'm aware of.

So...does a vast pit of lava have the same khert-blocking capabilities as a similarly-sized pit full of water?

I'm not sure. Needs a thinking through.

Why does pymary not work on the ocean? Does the salt kill it?

Yes. Pymary is a slug-based craft and salt shrivels it up into a goopy mess.

What is the final boss of Unsounded?


Gurren Lagann fan?

Never seen it, alas. I started watching the new Last Exile series. Lolis everywhere. Devastating.

If you draw me a buxom Plat pin-up, I'll make a monetary donation. Would you like a monetary donation?

Plats don't run too buxom; they lean fey and slight. But you are welcome to commission character art. Email me for prices~

It actually doesn't really matter what I'm doing. All I can think of is you.

All I can think of is stew.

Duane, were you ever concerned that the outcast mongrel people of Alderode would organize and protest for equal treatment and recognition?

Hoho! You're asking the wrong account. He probably won't answer this one though.

So, the Aldish. Does the carpet match the drapes?

Yes. It's kind of funny actually. If my style was less cartoony and I drew appropriate body hair on everyone, Quigley would be a polar bear.

...I'm sure no one really needed to know this.

I seem to recall you said that pymary doesn't work on the ocean. Let's say an undersea volcano erupted and raised an island. Would pymary work on the island?

After some time for the khert to establish itself, yes. The conclusion that must be drawn is that the khert continuously works to exert itself over all matter, but liquids have a property that in large amounts works to disperse and weaken its influence and grip. This is a natural law of the world.

Matty gets killed off in Chapter 5?!? Dammit, every time I like a character he's either gay, married, or killed off in Chapter 5!

But he comes back as a polite zombie!

They were talking Moby Dick on PBS the other day. I could think only of you.

I'm not a whale :(

There's a puppy on that page! Quigley and Starfish are less gregarious than our dear friends tail-beast and zombie. They're not going to sit around and answer questions.

Do you ever moments when your characters refuse to cooperate and make it impossible for you to write them?

Yes. That's usually when I go play computer games for three days. Some answer-seekers go to the desert; I go to Rapture.

If you met Murkoph in real life, what would you do?


Are there any types of shapeshifters in Kasslyne? I suppose pymary wouldn't permit the transference of bodies, would it? If so, it's a pity.

Interesting you should ask this. My dear friend Fox created a race of shapeshifters that we worked into the setting in RP. They belong to her and I will never use them in Unsounded, but they do sort of exist in the setting canonically.

Hey, if Matty gets sliced open like a pinata, he'll spill out zombie-candy! ... sorry, Duane.

Horrible, horrible.

Woah, woah WOAH! What's this about Sette leading Duane around at night? And this may have to do with Bastion's gift vial? Man, how did I completely miss the leading-around-at-night thing. Any chance you could point me to the pages I need to reread?

It's nothing that's explicitly stated, it's just there to figure out if you read between the lines :)

Well, of COURSE Matty gets killed. How else are you gonna have him raised from the dead like Duane? Wait, I wasn't supposed to reveal that was I? Don't kill me, Glass! ^.^;;

Matty will be the cutest zombie ever T_T He will always ask permission before biting you.

"Remember when we established a few months ago that Matty is killed off in chapter 5?" WHAT.


Are you really killing Matty off in chapter 5?

hahaha ha

Wait..Matty dies in ch. 5?? WHAT?

Mwa ha

What about being in the mood crying on a cop chick's shoulder so she becomes attracted to his sensitivity and broken heart? I have learned everything can be used for shipping.

Chilling, anon. CHILLING.

Have you heard about the crazy happenings in downtown NYC today? I work in downtown NYC but have been - alas - at work all day. If you lived in NY, would you have joined the protestors too? What do you think you'd be doing today?

Actually I've been working all afternoon and haven't been following any news. I will go do the rounds right now. My brother lives in NYC. You should go find him and do something creepy.

I haven't been reading your wonderful, wonderful comic long enough to know the entire end-of-chapter deal. Do you still answer Formspring questions during the break?

Of course! I live to serve.

Ooh, ooh! Does Elka fight Quigley? And afterward do they go out for a drink and talk about decorative armor?

Of course not, silly. Remember when we established a few months ago that Matty is killed off in chapter 5? Quigley will be in no mood to flirt with the cop chick when his son has been opened up like a pinata.

Oh hey, Khan Academy. What do you think of that?

I found a link to it on reddit a while ago but I haven't had a chance to delve too deeply yet. I love all the algebra exercises though. Back in (ugh) high school, I used to think algebra was damn near the most fun and exciting subject there was outside visual arts. I had a pretty hip maths teacher though.

What character is the most difficult to write with? Draw? RP?

Tonight I'm going to go with Murkoph on all counts. At his best, Murkoph is my favourite character, capable of shifting from irreverent mayhem to poignant rhapsodizing on the nature of reality. At his worst he's an obnoxious, impotent wanker. I have to be in the most perfect frame of mind to write him properly; channeling the madness of the cosmos; gettin' on my insane cannibal mojo.

Have you heard about the American Internet censorship system? Thoughts?

Hopefully it's voted down. The internet is tedious enough without adding excessive censorship into the mix.

Couldn't the workings of Duane's bag be converted into a pymaric cell phone service? How long until we get the Beadman PyPhone?

It's certainly an idea.

Sette, what sorts of toys did you have as a child? Were you ever a child, or were you always a tailed beast of fearsome troubles?

Sette's Da isn't one for buying toys. I don't think Sette ever had much in the way of playstuff, though I know when she was younger the dice and tallyboards they used in the gambling house fascinated her a fair bit, and she'd swipe them to play with.

I have a theory that Duane was a science experiment meant to determine if you could use pymary to bind a soul to the remains of the First Human.

Duane the First Human. You'll be giving him an ego.

So that tumblr pic with Duane holding Quigley's cloak..........from that I surmise that Duane will blow Quigley's clothes off............possibly with some sort of explosion.

That's one theory.

Can I break the story by sending details that Duane shouldn't otherwise know to his Formspring account? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............

WELL PLAYED, SIR. What most impresses me is all this information is actually accurate. Stop paying such close attention D:

Why are people trying to sneak spoilers out of Duane and Sette? It's the most backward tactic of sneakiness ever.

I know, right. There are like 35 questions in the inbox and half are spoilers. Sneaksy hobbitses!

You told us a while back that the chapter before this one was a Duane chapter, and that four was a Sette one. Can you tell us who the next will belong to?

The original title of the chapter was "The Quigleys." That should answer your question :3 Chapter 6 is Jivi's chance to shine.

I think I'll have to agree with anon on this, WHY??? THE CLIFFHANGER, IT BURNS!!!!

*fire extinguisher*

If Toma's clothes actually were blown off, I hope the poor man didn't lose too much skin and hair along with them. DD:

To mar such a form would indeed be tragedy.

Oh, what other formspring? Will you post a link to it please?

It's possible they're talking about this one - - I have nothing to do with it, of course.

How are you going to manage TWO formsprings? I thought you got enough messages through one?

I do! But I felt bad taking a break this time so I thought I'd make the other formspring to be nice. It's just until updates start again. People do need to be patient with it though. Duane and Sette are busy people, always on the run from something, and it's sometimes hard to pin them down long enough to answer questions ;)

If people ask you about suggestions for their work, would you give it? Specifically, I have different ideas on how should I start my own comic, but I'm not sure which one to use, if I e-mailed you, would you give your magnificence opinion?

I wish I had the time, my darling, but these days I'm a bit swamped. You don't need me though. Talk about your comic to your friends, gauge their interest, and get their feedback. A few friendly ears, even if they're not attached to artists or writers, are invaluable.

You know, I would buy a digital version of your comic. Everyone has already established that a hard copy would be awesome, but I know how you feel about that. Why u no have Lulu Store? Even that nice Chandler lady who does the sexy writings has one!

I'm not against selling pdf versions of the chapters, it's just dealing with how to format them. Do I just totally lose the page effects? If I do that then the free html version is the superior version so who would want to buy the inferior pdf? These are the thoughts that haunt me.

I'm just disappointed. Dammit Glass, what were you thinking?! D: HOW COULD YOU?! That's it. I'm done with you. No more... NO MORE!!!!


When it comes time to split up the party for the final dungeon, I'd choose: Party A: Duane, Sette, Elka; Party B: Quigley, Jivi, Toma for maximum balance (even though I'd worry about breaking the Elka-Toma relationship bonus).

Replace Jivi with Matty. Uaid summon!

On the other hand, I'd leave my Lv. 1 Matty back with Uaid, even though Korean min-maxers would've figured out you can use his high Innocence score in conjunction with the right pymarics to cause massiv damage with each strike.

No, no, Matty is totally overpowered and broken, you have to keep him with you. He's the only one who can summon Uaid, and once you summon Uaid the fight is over.

Before the comic reaches the last comic of the last chapter, we will one day see a flashback that shows Duane when he was alive, how he died, who rezzed him, and why/when? IE, all the stuff people ask will see an answer before it's all over & done with?

These questions will be answered but not necessarily in flashback form. And not necessarily even in towards the end of the comic. There are much bigger questions that haven't been asked yet. There are much bigger things at stake, much bigger issues to deal with, much bigger concepts to explore.

I'm disappointed that the explosion didn't blow off the rest of Ephsephin's clothes. *drool* Also disappointed that it didn't somehow blow off Toma and Quigley's clothes. :-( Like imagine Quigley just sitting there, and all of the sudden BOOM he's naked.

You are my new favourite anon.

I hope you have a good break, Ashley, getting drunk on the addiction that is creativity. :D


I wouldn't mind Duane clothes being blown off, but that's because I like seeing how time has ravaged him. It's like finding interest in the forest when the leaves are gone, and cold, damp decay has set in.

I fear Duane would lose all dignity if he lost all his clothes. There is such a tiny sliver of intrigue separating him from the the ranks of other undead. If he was seen in all his skinless, hairless, desiccated glory I really think it would be hard to come back from that to the strutting blowhard. Everyone would have seen the man behind the curtain, so to speak.

Hilarious like a clothesless Toma?!?!


Do you think many people were disappointed that Toma's clothes weren't blown off by the explosion? Or were they?!

It's hilarious that you should mention this.

Thanks for another great chapter! I see what you meant about the last page now. Do you have any teasers you'd share for Chapter 5?

Glad you enjoyed it! As for teasers, just what's on that preview page. It was actually really hard finding snippets of art to include on it that weren't spoilery. It's a pretty twisty, densely packed chapter.

Are you Team Edward, Team Jacob, or Team Guy-Who-Almost-Hit-Bella-With-A-Car?

Ech, Twilight. I've never understood any story where a vampire was able to fall in love with a mortal. It would be like one of us developing romantic feelings for a hamburger. I am Team Nosgoth.

Can you share 'donation goals' or is it something you'd prefer to keep private?

I'm hoping to make a month's worth of freelance money. Then I can take a month off of freelance and do mad comic production work :) That would be sublime.

Do you have characters that you just love hating?

I used to love to hate my character Will. He was so sweet and kind-hearted it was awesome to stab him lots and cause him suffering.

I've read IT but haven't seen the movie. IT wasn't terrifying but my high-school self enjoyed it immensely. It had a lot of slashy, sexy stuff in it surprisingly. Maybe there's a correlation...

Am I having a pipe dream or did Tim Curry play the clown in the movie?

From now on, Ephsephin's theme song is "Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO.


Or will everyone have the BEST DAY EVER? Maybe we need to crack the khert open all over the entire world, maybe that's what's holding Kasslyne back.

I concur! The world gets way more interesting when the khert cracks open.

Do you think many people were disappointed the explosion didn't blow off Duane's clothes? (no)

No indeed.

Would you do this if you could?

Not in a thousand years :3 I'm more interested in spelunking and deep water exploration.

Do you think many people were disapointed that the explosion didn't blow off Sette's clothes?

Is there any mystery left? We've already seen her in her skivvies.

The Khert being so susceptible to damage must make warzones interesting places to be a wright. Are there treaties limiting the kind of stuff you can do in war, like we have limits on bio or chem warfare? Or do the evil Aldish just pull stunts all the time

Pymary in warfare is hiiiighly regulated and there are indeed treaties defining what's permissible. We talked about it on formsping a few months ago, I think, but in short, fieldwrights play a largely supportive role to primary forces of infantry and cavalry, who do most of the fighting. Alderode is as keen to stick to the treaties as anyone else. If they cross the line, Cresce will cross the line in a heartbeat, and no one will have a very good day.

So, using pymary when the Khert is damaged around you is akin to the old Looney Tunes set up where one lights a match to see they're in a room w/ gun powder & TNT? ;)

If luck's not on your side, pretty much :) I bet the khert seems terrifically vague and dumb at the moment, but its coolness will eventually be proven, I promise.

Ephsephin's pretty stacked! Does he work out?

Before he began his illustrious life of crime (which wasn't very long ago), he worked in a warehouse hauling boxes around. Tends to build one up, that.

How does Sette feel about the bag remaining on the cliff while Duane plummeted off it?

Terrible. That zombie owed her money.

Does the damage Sette did to the khert extend all the way to where the explosion went off? Just curious.

Nope. It's isolated over in Mulimar for now, where the web explosion was. If the khert was damaged where they are now, Ephsephin's little pymaric hand grenade probably would have misfired and Duane probably wouldn't be able to talk.

So... I am drawing Pennywise, the dancing Starfish. Are you terrified? Are you a Stephen King fan?

I like a lot of the movies based on his books. When I go to read the books themselves, though, I don't find them very compelling. Damnedest thing.

And yes I am terrified of Pennywise!Starfish D:

forgive my complete lack of savvy and intelligence but what is pennywise? is starfish in pennywise something worth cringing over?

Pennywise is the evil clown from Stephen King's IT. I haven't read it or seen the movie either though, so don't feel bad.

All right, it's been bugging me for days now. On Ch. 4, pg. 72, is Sette and Duane, between them, saying "tomorrow" thrice a reference to Macbeth, or am I seeing Shakespeare in my pudding?

I could lie and say it's totally an allusion and aren't I sophisticated?

But it would be a lie. You are more sophisticated than I. Have a biscuit.

Would blackberry pie happen to be your favorite? I'm eating blackberries as part of lunch and they are just divine :)

I hate blackberry pie :D All the blackberry seeds make me insane. I'm glad you like them though and that you have some, freakshow <3

Do you watch the Walking Dead? There was this zombie in one episode that had gotten stuck in a well and was all chubby and swollen. I hope Duane won't be in that river too long.

Water's the thing that will ruin a perfectly good dead body, it will.

What about selling a pdf bundle of each chapter so people can read it offline?

I would like to do some black and white side story comics. Maybe I'll sell those as pdfs since they're not crucial to the main story, just fun.

I love your comic! Are there any books/prints/media that I can purchase to support it?

Not yet, but I have some ideas.

Okay, if you don't draw Starfish as Pennywise for a vote incentive, I'm gonna do it. ;)

Do it do it do it.

So Duane fell into a river, right? Might this be the setup for those piratical elements you mentioned?

We shall see!

Selling Duane's pieces? Don't tell Sette! She'll gather them up and charge and arm and a leg just for, well his arm & leg. ;P

Shrunkenone! You made me lol.

That' terribly non-consoling. I bet you're great fun at funerals, or grief counseling...heaven forbid!

Duane died so many times back in my RP days, I just chortle at it now. Oh, look, Duane's fallen off a cliff! It must be a Monday.

Noooooo, Duane! How in the world do you manage to so effectively draw facial expressions? It's driving me nuts.

I struggle with it, believe me. But thanks <3

Oh, do we get to call dips on Duane pieces now? I want his head! If that's gone, I'll take a hand. Zombie hands on the mantlepiece always lend a certain grandeur to a room.

I should put his leavings on ebay, all proceeds to go to a children's charity. I'm sure that would have been his final wish. *sniff*

"All that hot air, I thought he'd FLOAT!". All I can think of now is "They float. They ALL float down here. When you're down here with us, you'll float too!" Ephsephin as Pennywise is an equally terrifying and hilarious image.

I dunno, I think Starfish may work better in Pennywise cosplay... and this idea makes me want to hide under my bed forever.

Team Fortress, your thoughts? Do you partake?

I do not. I love the little CG shorts though. The Medic one was sublime.

I am so terribly distraught over Duane's fate right now....say something to be consoling! D:

He's probably in a few dozen different pieces now, so there's plenty to share.

Bah, I'm not as drunk as you drunk I am!

You have no idea how sexy you are to me at this moment.

"I shall one day make her weep for someone other than herself." -The (possibly very late?) Duane Adelier Also this update makes you evil.

I don't see her weeping. Do you see her weeping? Sette weeps for no man. Nor zombie! D<

How do you feel about mucus?

Put the booze away.

How do you feel about muscles? (good in stews)

You are drunk.

Damn, Ephsephin has a hot bod! Too bad he's evil.

You could reform him. Show him the light of your love, anon!

How do you feel about musicals?

They are the best. If you go back a few weeks, I listed off my favourites.

You say you went to art school? what kind of program(s) did you take?

Haha, I like the accusatory tone of the first sentence. Is it so hard to believe someone who draws so shittily actually paid for a four year art education?

I was an illustration major. Lots of drawing and painting studio classes, portfolio-building, stuff like that.

oh my gooooooooood you're going on a month hiatus tonight, aren't you? HOW COULD YOU. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY.

Happy Birthday! :)

Do you read Dr. McNinja? (I ask because I just finished it and it's on my mind)

No, but I've heard it's very funny in an actually funny way and not just relatively funny compared to other "funny" webcomics. I'll read it one day.

Anything like a pymaric video game?

LuDucks asked this once, I think. How about little tin soldier pymarics that you set up on a gridded field into armies, and then sit back, shout commands, and watch them fight each other? That's more fun than a vidya game.

Will you ever publish Unsounded as a book? I can see how that might be difficult though, since some of your pages grow outwards. (But if you ever do make it a book, I would definitely buy it!)

I doubt it will happen any time soon. Unsounded really is a webcomic. I'm opening donations next week though, give me your money anyway :D

If this post gets dubs, Jacob the Giant Pink Dog is a meme.

Silly anon, this is not a chan.

I thought you said Ephsephin was dumb. That wasn't dumb at all!

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

What is Sette calling 'blackberry'? Why is Duane talking about pies?

Mm, read the page again.

Thank you, Ashley, for that awesome two-page update. And right before my birthday too. I'm counting it as a birthday gift—and probably the best I'll receive.

Aww, don't say that. Think positively. Perhaps someone will gift you a Chia Pet or a Hickory Farms assortment of cheese and fine sausages.

If you're going give us a literal cliffhanger, I genuinely love you


Do you frequent any forums? Any good ones out there?

Not forums, no. I hang out in a small DC++ chatroom with people I have known for many moons. Forums, like tumblr, are often circle jerky and tiresome.

I'm really enjoying your comic! Do you have any advice on how to find an RP group (online or offline)? I'd love to try out roleplaying, but have no idea how to go about it. And my friends are uninterested. Thank you!

Good RP groups are pretty much impossible to find! I've always been lucky enough to have friends who liked to write as much as me though, so I haven't ever had to beat the streets much in search of playmates. Hm, a lot of online RP groups tend to revolve around fandoms. Are there any fandoms you're really into? You could get a start RPing a fan character, meet some people, and then move into original stuff. That's one tactic.

RP doesn't have to be a big group thing though. Some of the most fun play I ever did was one on one with a friend over AIM. You just need that one special person.

I think the sexiest thing ever is when a girl eats a sandwich. Can we have a vote incentive pic of Elka eating a sandwich? Or maybe even Quigley dressed in drag (he's quite pretty).

Prepare to soil your drawers, my boy

Are there any songs about the khert?

I'm betting there are many, many songs about the khert. I don't really have Tolkien's obsession with writing songs into a setting though :3

Did you have legos?

No, but my brother did. He had the cool pirate Lego ship and prison island. So many good times.

What do you do when the endless misery and cruelty in the world threatens to overwhelm you?

Sometimes your brain can feel like a bubbling crucible and you're just a bit of protein struggling to see anything outside of its own boiling. But it can be comforting to remember that You Are Nothing. You are nothing. No one and no thing means anything; we are circumstance and chemicals, here briefly, then gone and soon forgotten. The misery and cruelty aren't endless; they're just cyclical. One day the pointless round of predator and prey will end, the earth will be a too-warm rock, parched and barren, and no one will remember any of what happened upon it, least of all you.

"And Sette does seem like she would be among the cruelest, given the right circumstance." Is Sette the type of person who would cause someone else harm just to watch them suffer, or only when she feels she can get something shiny from it?

Oh, I dunno. You've watched her for four chapters now. Does she seem pointlessly sadistic to you?

So, the Khert isn't a power source, but a highway for pymary? Is the "source of power" pymary itself, or the wrights who use it? Or even the gods they serve?

The "power source" is surely the Aspects themselves and how the laws of reality act upon them; it's the momentum stolen from a waterfall or the heat stolen from the sun or the sweep of a wright's arm as he hurls a solid swipe of molecules towards an opponent's cranium.
Cliffhanger ending? On a double update day? Really? (Actually I shouldn't complain that you made two pages...)

What I like is it's a cliffhanger and they're on a cliff. WOAH.

Yeah, Chapter 4 can end with a knife in Sette's chest....and then in Chapter 5, there's a puff of smoke and it turns out "Sette" was really just a log or something, then suddenly there's a dagger at Eph's throat! Haha, I've seen way too much bad anime....


I think it's really cool how you make the page to fit the website, stretch beyond its normal limits. How much effort does that take for you?

It's only a lot of effort if I actually give myself a bunch more to draw or paint outside the bounds. This latest explosion page was no bother since I kept Duane and Sette on a separate layer so, when I shrunk down for the web, I kept them a little bigger so they'd go over the borders. I have the entire page template saved in one psd with slices marked, so it's really just a matter of dropping the art in and saving out the proper slices, then aligning them with css. Very easy.

Ach? How Scottish do the Aldish sound?

As Scottish as you want them to sound, baby.

Sette and Duane were just feint main characters all this time, weren't they? #asplode

Dead! Everyone's now dead! Next chapter picks up with the real protagonists, Miss Paws and Jacob the Giant Occasionally Pink Dog.

So if Duane walked into town now he'd stop functioning or blow up because of the damaged khert?

It would be very interesting, that's for sure.

is it strange that your comic reminds me of oblivion?

Everything reminds me of oblivion


Do all wrights get headaches when the khert is fractured (part of their connection?) or is Duane especially stricken due to being a magical construct?

Anyone who attempts to or is in the process of working pymary around and particularly inside of a damaged section of the khert is going to suffer some adverse effects, the least of which may be a headache.

Pymary is the rearranging of Aspects, right? The khert defines the pathways via which Aspects move. A damaged khert has tangled, truncated, burning, even utterly obliterated pathways. So if you bid Aspects move when there is no way for them to do so, you get at best nothing at all, and at worst an earth-rivening feedback explosion; the khert's version of a BSOD, I suppose.

Duane is very much a pymaric construct. He's not in the thick of the troubles at the moment but his existence relies so heavily on his enchantments that even from his current vantage he feels a bit of... sluggishness in the pathways his maintenance spells rely upon. This manifests as a headache.

I'ma babble about this here for the heck of it, but I've been seeing some incorrect assumptions that the khert is a power source. The comic will explain this better next chapter but the khert is not in itself a source of power. It's a source of order and structure, a vehicle for the moving of Aspects, and some other things, but it is not a power source of any kind.

Was Lord Nihil undead? Or just immortal?

Hrmm. I'm gonna go with undead.

How melodramatic are things gonna get?

In the short term? Maybe a teensy bit, but Sette doesn't really subscribe to melodrama. She subscribes to kicking you in the nuts.

Am I bad for wanting this chapter to dramatically end with a knife point mysteriously protruding through Sette's chest?

Part of me says no, of course not; another part says it's too early in the game for such melodramatics ;)

Would you mind telling those of us not well informed about Lord Nihil? :D Villains are love. (well, and hate, too. It's a complicated relationship.)

Alas, I can't divulge his coolest secrets, as they wound up being rather cosmic in nature and would be too spoilery and relevant to Unsounded. But legend has it that Lord Nihil is the undying king of the undead city far beneath New Tawhoque, Sette's hometown. He gobbles up disobedient kiddies (though hasn't caught Sette yet), steals pies, and blights the land. Behave, naughty children.

Have you ever killed someone, just to watch them die?

Only in Reno.

B&J Cherry Garcia!! That's my dad's favorite flavor, I grew up asking him to PLEASE choose another flavor for the freezer once in a while, but he liked it so much he never did. This flavor seems to cast an obsessive hold over those who eat it.

Your dad shared his ice cream with you? Nicer than my dad :( My dad used to eat the food off my plate at dinner if I didn't finish it fast enough.

Who says I wouldn't be going with you, dear Glass?

Creepy <3

I don't know that anyone can be more cruel than children. And Sette does seem like she would be among the cruelest, given the right circumstance.


Nihil short for nihilist? And they're a villain. ... ... ... ARE YOU GETTING PHILOSOPHICAL ON ME?

Nihil by itself just means "nothing." Perhaps Lord Nihil didn't have a high opinion of himself? Bastion once thought the best way to defeat him would be to fill that nothing with -something-, perhaps marmalade. Then he could be Lord Marmalade, beloved by all.

Do you think this chapter has the most pages overall, or will they just get even bigger as the story goes on? I mean, 75 seems like a lot.

Chapter 4 is indeed the longest chapter so far. Chapter 5 is only sixty pages (finished it last night, go me) but chapter 6 is much longer. I suppose the page count will jump around depending on content. I don't force myself to stick to a set length. That freedom is one sweet advantage of webcomics.

How many pages are left in this chapter?


Who is Lord Nihil?

Lord Nihil was the Big Bad of the Sharteshane RP and probably the coolest villain I've ever devised, if I may be so bold.

Unsounded has a great magic system. I like the idea of the khert -- it seems a little like electromagnetic fields in real life (and can be exploited just like EM fields in real life). I also like how it can be FUBAR'd if you abuse it. Nice job!


Is there any more advanced forms of media than a newspaper in Kasslynne? Given how pymary works it seems like a system of instant communication could be developed.

Kasslyne lacks Twitter.

Vader used to be good. Egotistical, but good, then he fell to corruption. Sette was raised in corruption. While I wouldn't call her 'evil', I would say she's obviously much more corrupt.

She needs a good defragging.

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia. Mmmm.

The Khert repairs rogue aspects of the physical world, but can the Khert repair itself?

It can. It can also be helped along as it does so by knowledgeable wrights. Without help, it can take a while to get back on its feet.

Were humankind able to create virtual reality that seemed real enough that it was a true reality, would you want to live in your world of Unsounded, or are you content with the real world?

Nah, not if it's just virtual reality. I would miss you too much, UmbraeCalamitas!

What is a khert? Is it like the Veil or the Warp? It's bad if there's holes in it, right?

The khert is pretty fragile then? If even ms Paws was afraid of damaging it (Though I suspect in that particular case it was jargon for "I don't want to do it")

I suspect you are correct.

The khert isn't so very fragile but it does have its limits, and damaging it means a bad day for everyone in the area. So a good wright is a careful wright.

Hi Glass! Sorry if it's been asked already, but what font are you using for Unsounded? :)

Anime Ace 2, which is available from

"I think Darth Vader would have a soft spot for Matty though.........How do you not want to be nice to him?" So basically, Sette is more evil than Darth Vader?

You seem surprised by this.

I'm amused to see that the dumb "test question" I submitted when I was surprised by the "sign up for Formspring" window got more smiles than all my other questions put together. I'd smile if I weren't an emotionless Anon.

Let us gauge our power and see if we've levelled up far enough to take over the planet. EVERYONE! Smile at this question! Good things will happen if you smile at this question!

Will we be meeting Lord Nihil in Unsounded?

Absolutely not.

*SPOILER* Lord Winalils does not die.

There are worse things than death, Guy Fawkes mask.

How do you pronounce Ephsephin?

Exactly how it looks. Ef-sef-inn. Equal stress on all syllables.

"Sette... *huff* ...I am your father."


Also, Ephsephin seems to have a soft spot for Matty despite being a child-kidnapping slaver, which I think gives him more depth than the average throwaway character. If he were smarter, I think he'd be pretty awesome.

Perhaps, perhaps. I think Darth Vader would have a soft spot for Matty though. I mean, he's a sweet and soft-spoken frail blind boy who talks to a plush on his shoulder. How do you not want to be nice to him?

Bett also seems to have some depth to him. The whole "jealous of actual wrights" thing makes him interesting, and I'm curious as to how he got mixed up in this whole business since he seems like everyone's bitch. But he's fat and fans for him!

Bett needs speculative fanfiction! Write it, anon! I think Ephsephin is at least as ugly as Bett though. He's balding up top and has mean eyes.

Yesterday (while skillfully avoiding to work) I read the little comic about how Sivis came to travel with Murkoph. Man, that rat is so sweet! And you have a badass picture of him on your deviantart account, too. Will we meet Sivis in Unsounded?

Alas, no. Sivis comes into the timeline after Unsounded takes place, so he won't be in the story :(

When you ran your own RPG games w/ friends, you said you had a unique system that had lax and little rules compared to D&D. Did the characters involved have character levels they progressed? And if so, what was the max level one could reach?

The "unique system" was that we didn't have much of a system at all. We trusted each other to always do the most "dramatically appropriate" thing. We were all writers, which helped, so there was sort of a shared understanding of where scenes should go and who should win what fights in order to keep things interesting, force our characters to grow (and defeat can cause a lot of character growth), and keep the plot moving along at a compelling pace. There were rules for when we had untested players along, such as, in a fight, you only write attempts, and you do not write if they are successful or not. And you absolutely never kill another character unless their player has given you permission.

If there was ever an argument between players I'd step in and make a call or at least mediate, but our games tended to run pretty smooth and friendly so it wasn't often necessary.

It seems common throwaway characters become favorites. I doubt Boba Fett, for example, was intended to be as big a deal as he became!

True! Boba Fett was always pretty awesome looking though. I just read the wiki article on him randomly and wow. For a while Lucas considered making him Vader's brother? Laaaawl. Star Wars! Family reuinions in space.

Duane will be pleased with Sette, she blew up a crescian and brought him back one of the red berry boys to play with. So much for not crashing cops, eh Sette? (I'm pretty sure Toma isn't dead, but not for lack of trying on Sette's part)

Sette is a practical lass. If the only weapon you have left is potentially lethal, you better use it. Better a crashed cop than a crashed YOU.

Only Sith deal in absolutes, anon :3

My dog is Sette incarnate. She's overbearing, thinks she's the queen of everything, steals whenever she gets the chance and has a FANTASTIC tail. She doesn't have an attack zombie (that I know of) but she leads our other three dogs around by the nose.

AAAAA keep her away from the knives.

Is Ephsephin trying to impersonate Waldo? If so, he's doing a poor job of it. Hat + bright red shirt + dark, looming outline = conspicuous.

Perhaps it is not yet clear, but Ephsephin is not the sharpest tack in the box.

test question -- ignore


I really like Ephsephin's character design. He looks really tough (especially now that he has a facial scar), and I think his torn half-coat and hat ensemble look cool & unique. Too bad he exists mostly to get pwn'd. Are you surprised that Eph has fans?

Absolutely. Everything about him screams Throwaway Character XD I designed his outfit as I was drawing him into his first panel, so not too much thought went into him unfortunately. But I am glad you like him and glad that no one seems to find him too tedious. He is tenacious. That's kind of an admirable quality, I suppose.

On page 69, 4th panel: Why are there boats in the air? You only see buildings in the 1st panel. Were the boats inside?

There was a little junkyard between the back of the buildings and the final cliff wall. In the junkyard were broken boats. Originally one of the panels before was more of a top-down view as Sette climbed over the wall, and you could see some of the junk back there, but the angle got changed.Probably should have changed the other panel and nixed all the junk so it was clearer. C'est la vie.

How about Mongeese?

Mongooses are badass. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi!

Oh, what was your thesis on?

I went to an art college and for senior thesis, Illustration majors had to propose and produce illustrated products. I chose to do a graphic novel, natch. It was a short story about the Norse gods Balder and Hod as kids. Lame as hell. Though I suppose my Hod was something of a prototype for Matty.

Why do you spell it 'Confusion of Colo(u)r'? Did you learn British English before American English?

I prefer a mix of BE spelling and AE spelling. I'm cool that way.

I should warn you, normal ferrets won't rescue you if you're trapped in quicksand. They'll jump around at the edge of the pit, make silly noises and then steal things from your knapsack. Like Sette, I guess.

Sette is the ferret my parents never bought me.

What's the illest you have ever been?

I had pancreatitis and jaundice senior year of college due to complications from gallbladder surgery. My potassium was so low, I was told, that I was on the verge of a heart attack. But doctors like to exaggerate. Anyway, spent a week in the hospital, nearly didn't finish my thesis. Sucked.

How is Crisis Core? I just got it but haven't played it yet. Is Cloud portrayed more one-dimensionally in that too? Is old Zack not too annoying?

I really enjoyed Crisis Core through Nibelheim. It's a big fat nostalgia bomb with some fun, mindless gameplay. The FMV is sexy and badass. Zack, Angeal, and Sephiroth (believe it or not) are extremely likable, cool characters. Cloud is pretty okay in it but he's a very different kid at this point in his life, all eager to please and country boyish.

But then everything gets fucked up and the post-Nibelheim game is shit. Still, it's good for a while!

I wonder if Duane heard, felt, and/or saw that explosion. He should be done fixing himself up by now, right? Time to retrieve the delinquent.


What do you think about non-dog/cat pets? Ferrets, birds, gerbils, lizards etc.?

I used to watch The Beastmaster incessantly when I was little and for six straight years nagged my parents for a ferret.

A late question that I believe you may have answered before, but I can't recall the answer to: on pages 9 and 10 in the second chapter, how exactly does Duane magnify his view of the little village area in the forest?

High level pymary, my friend.

I'm not sure if this has been asked, but how do you feel about Occupy Wall Street?

I wish it had a different name but I support it fully. Tomorrow is Move Your Money day, I believe. I already moved my checking account to a credit union, but you should too if you haven't.

Does the nature of a first material influence the properties it can be imbued with? Is first glass better for enchanting your eyesight, for instance, and first steel for resilience?

First Materials are pretty flexible right across the board, that's one of their awesome properties. What different First Material types do restrict is just how many Aspect changes they'll tolerate before they begin to crack. There are different grades, with glass being near the bottom and silver being at the tip-top. A higher grade means the material will hold more Aspects per gram allowing for very complex enchantments, like the kind that powers the mechanical spider or the breath-boxes at the gates of Cresce.

Can pymary be used to steal the aspect of size? From minor alteration (bigger or smaller) to greater alteration? WHile I'd like to know about the giant/shrinking aspect, I'm specifically thinking use for hiding/disguise as another age group.

It can reassign dimensions, but this doesn't work how you're thinking. Age and aging/time passage are laws stored in the khert - they're separate from Aspects. If you want to hide via pymary, your best bet's nearly always a glamour.

Review for Habibi?

Ahh, I dunno, I'm hesitant to give one. There's no denying the art is great and the scope is ambitious and the research and work that went into the whole thing must have been insane. But... I didn't like it. I don't think it was meant for me. All of the religious stories and the obsession over numerology - for the first time in a long while I actually found myself skipping pages while reading something. It was such a slog at times and the villains were all flat as cardboard. Neither of the protagonists spoke to me and I found all the raping and angst melodramatic, and the dialogue forced. The incestuous undertone was a mite creepy too.

Still, if you really like warped fairy tale romances and are jonesing for Middle East culture as filtered through a white guy, give it a shot.

Duane/Oxford English Dictionary OTP4lyfe (sorry, you must be getting a lot of these now). Anyway, if money is Sette's prize, what will she do when she learns of inflation (the economic kind)?

Just sounds like a good excuse to get out there and steal even more :)

How many of your characters are fat, other than Starfish? What does a fat Two-Toe look like?

There are a few fat characters... Knock-Me-Down is pretty chunky but in a muscular gonna fuck ya up way. Iori is fat but she's an old lady, she don't gotta look good for anyone. And... there are some others. Fat Two-toes! I dunno, they're already pretty pot-bellied. How does fat get distributed on overweight reptiles? I'd need to research.

That panel on page 69 depicting the devastation after Boo's webs went ka-bloom, with Sette clinging to the broken wall on the edge of the cliff? One of the best scenes in this comic so far, I'd say. Though I'm sure there are far more awesome ones to come.

The very last page of this chapter is in my top five for favourite pages so far. I hope everyone digs it.

OTP Sette x Bag of Gold Sem

>implying feasibility matters to us fanficcers.


My favourite kind of fanfic to write back when I indulged in such things were stories that filled in the gaps. They had to still jive with canon but address things that were left out. I found it fun to work within the constraints :D

Yeah, I miss BTAS' outfit for Harley. But I guess that's what happens when you translate cartoon/comic books to pretty realistic CGI.

That's the excuse they like to use, but in reality they just have a pretty poor aesthetic. There are plenty of hyperrealistic 3D games that don't have ugly character designs.

I suppose, but What if someone wants to write something about boo? like his origins, Personally I was thinking of doing a fic about Sister Tirna during her banishment to the world...if uh, you dont mind or weren't planning on doing that yourself ^^;

I might, but if I did that wouldn't be a fanfic, that would be canon :) But no, you can write about whatever you like of course, it just seems like a pain in the butt going to all the trouble of gathering up a character list. But as you will, my dear, as you will.

I cannot unsee Quigley working Harley's outfit. The one from Arkham Asylum. Damn you, Glass. Damn /you/.

Does everyone agree that the Arkham games have some of the ugliest character designs around? Or is that just me.

Global warming is going to be really kind to mosquitoes. You should start respecting your new insectoid masters now, no?

I'm a Floridian. I've been their bitch since birth.

>Implying I'm not going to write 500,000 words about an Aldish peasant and their dog

I am horrified.

Is duane racist?

Maybe? But I don't think of him as racist. He hates Crescians for their country - the culture, the monarchy, their economic system - not for their ethnicity. Racists believe a race is inherently inferior - biologically fucked. Duane thinks the Crescian SYSTEM is inferior and its people ruined because of it, but if these same people were in a better system - oh, say, the Aldish - they would be just as awesome as Aldishmen. I don't think that's racism. It's definitely some sort of -ism, maybe extreme nationalism, but I don't think racism is the right label. I could be wrong though, I'm not good at using these labels right.

Whats the name of the sovereign of Alderode? I dont know if this is a spoiler or not but I'm trying to fill in a character list for FF.

Alderode has no sovereign. It's ruled by four religious leaders and a large council of appointed advisers. If I were you, I'd list the characters on the characters page, Starfish, Ephsephin, Turas, Toma, and Elka, and let that be enough. There's just not enough info for anyone else to make any kind of feasible fanfic.

um...this might be a bit much. Please can you um, make a list of all your characters for unsounded? all of them, even the two toes because I'm not sure how many characters you have and I'm requesting this comic to fanfic and they need a list of characters

Yeaaah, it's a bit much. If you're making fan material, the work is up to you, m'dear.

Of course, being insect and insect sized, you may wish to hate on two toes, other large animals of your comic, and Sette. :P

Insects are hateful, aren't they? Did you know scientists have said we could completely wipe out mosquitoes and the eco-system at large would suffer no real harm? Let's do that.

I read that as "why do you hide your face behind that cow!?" and laughed at the inexplicable mental imagery for some minutes.


What is your favorite body type to draw?

Chubby motherfuckers. I love drawing Starfish so much. I need more fat characters.

The last characters you drew and last game you played have now been swapped. Pretend this is a question.

The last characters I drew were Starfish, Quigley, and Toma. And I've been replaying Arkham Asylum in preparation for the sequel. Sooo TomaBat, JokerFish, Quigoracle? Or maybe Harley Quigley. Hahahaomg this works for me.

You may wish to hate on frogs if you're an insect. Or insect sized.

You have gotten to the heart of it, anon.

As someone who has been a bit exposed to your tastes, I do kinda think you'd enjoy Game of Thrones. Don't worry...I can send you an one has to know. It can be our secret. If you read it on your computer, no one will ever see the TV promo cover

Do you like ebooks? I have a hard time with them. I'd much rather have a paper book I can snuggle in a chair with. I will consider this Game of Thrones book! I bet the library has an old pre-television series copy with that lovely smelly brown water damage inside the covers that library books get.

If you want something with gore and adult themes and swearing and good world building may I recommend The Lies of Locke Lamora, by Scott Lynch? Has all of the above, and is an excellent read. I'm working on the sequel right now. It's also good so far.

Noted and thanks! And thanks to everyone who recommended titles to me, I'll take them under advisement <3

lol oh bob, please can you take that lovely piece of story with Count Settula and Duane and put it somewhere? like in your deviantart account so I can read it again without having to look through formspring?PLEASE????

Make a formspring account, smile at the stuff you like, and it'll save it in a special section you can refer to whenever you like ;) That's really the best way to use the site and you can still ask stuff anonymously.

FFXII!Cid is such a glorious ham, don't you agree?

Absolutely. He is my favourite FF Cid by a fair margin.

I wish whoever rec'd the Edge Chronicles was on formspring, I loved those but haven't met another reader. If you're not averse to checking out kids' series you might also like one called Mortal Engines. Inventive, carnage, etc + surprisingly morally grey.

Maybe the other YA lit fan will appreciate this recommendation.

You don't know Sgt. Slaughter?! The only wrestler badass enough to be a member of G.I. JOE.?! Formspring needs to let me link youtube videos...

I can link them! For example, here is my favourite scene from FFXII

Is Sette a good swimmer? :D


Have you ever read the Edge Chronicles books by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddel? They are technically for kids but I think they'd be right up your alley with a very inventive world, interesting monsters, and tons of carnage.

Thanks for the rec~

Hey, I asked the question a while back about Ringling. Thanks for answering, I know it's kind of personal. The only reason I asked is because I am a freshman there (CA) and I find it inspiring to find people as cool as you who who went. Not a question!

Freshman? So you've only been there a few months. Work hard, don't slack off, think outside the box. Good luck :)

Who would win a fight between Murkoph & The Joker? (I got Arkham City on my mind......)

The Joker has Plot Armour. That shit is impenetrable, even to Murk. No Arkham City spoilers! It's not out for Steam yet.

How big is Kasslyne? Bigger or smaller than the U.S.?

Wide across as the US seems about right.

Ah like them quetzals. What about your favourite marine animals? The formspring background say anything bout your view of the deep?

I do really dig on betentacled things. Octopus tentacles - and I say this without giggling - are beautiful structures, I love to draw them. Blue whales and sperm whales are amazing. Crustaceans are delicious. Sea urchins and sea squirts are alien and wonderful. I even love the tiny coquinas that wash up with the breakers and tickle your feet. The oceans are pretty great. It's a shame we're completely fucking them up.

Does the complexity of a glamour make a difference in how difficult it is to cast/maintain, yeah? I just wondered, maybe one illusion is much like the other for wrights.

Superficial visual complexity matters not. Thoroughness of an illusion though, sure. Like, do you want your glamour to cast its own shadow? Show up in reflections? Emit its own light? Bounce and colour other light that falls upon it? These things can get pretty complex.

You're right, David Patraeus would never join the WWE. Sgt. Slaughter wouldn't let him in.

I was so proud of myself for being able to namedrop WWF earlier. But now I have no idea who Sgt. Slaughter is. All of this is beyond me.

Could pyramics be used to make a sort of videogame?

Sure, why not.

If you had a child, what would you name them?

I would name them after myself. 'Ashley' is wonderfully unisex :3

this may sound like a stupid question but what is R.P.? I know it's roleplaying, but what do you do?

Well, roleplaying can mean a lot of things, from tightly structured games with lots of rules and stats and dice to simple, unregulated freeform interactive fiction written online between a couple of friends. I would hazard to say that most roleplaying, though, is at heart about playing a character through a story in cooperation with other people and their characters.

In my case, for a number of years I was the GM (game master) of a forum that hosted a game, or story, that took place in Sharteshane, where Sette's from. In addition to making up the setting and guiding the plot along, I played a host of characters alongside friends of mine. In our case, "playing" just meant "writing." We didn't use stats or dice. Because we were friends and trusted each other, we settled all disputes by writing our way out of them, and the cleverest and most convincing writers won. The story I guided my players through lasted for years and wound throughout every genre you can imagine, from slapstick comedy to angst to romance. It was good times.

So is the current calamity the stickiest situation Sette's ever been in?

Naaaw. She only has two different factions on her tail, plus she has a very powerful ally waiting in the wings. A real sticky situation is when you're all by your lonesome and an entire city wants you not captured, but six feet under. The current calamity ain't nothin' - Sette got this.

All those discarded pymarics in scrap heaps--Am I the only one picturing a scene from Terminator, where they rise up and go after their former owners? 8O I'd be to scared to chuck one just because of this.

Mwa ha ha :)

Toma's too dignified to join the insanity of wrestling is what I'm guessing, y/n?

I wouldn't say that, but the man DOES have a reputation. It would be like if David Patraeus decided to join the WWF.

"Dammit Boo, I'm too old for this shit!"


What are Duane's opinions on glitchy pymarics with attitudes?

Duane disapproves of everything fun, he's such an old woman.

Rude and Reno are the best part of that franchise, no lie. What I wouldn't give for a 'Reno & Rude Do Midgar' game.

They certainly saved Advent Children.

Who is Duane supposed to be in your awesome Tumblr Hallowe'en pic? Someone brooding and heroic, no doubt? And I can't see why Sette would want to be a vampire, two fangs is step down for her.

He's dressed as a Belmont from Castlevania. Most of them are indeed pretty brooding and heroic. Sette would probably give up some teeth if it meant she'd get an entire castle of ghoulies and beasties under her thrall.

Come to think of it, gutting and coring a baby whatever it is and turning him into a glorified mobile home is kind of a shitty thing to do.


Aah, The Name of the Wind. I support the anon who suggested you read this. It is very good indeed. And, I... had a question, but I seem to have forgotten it.

I am still reading Habibi. It got really, really weird.

Oh, said movie other people talking about is I, Robot. Pretty good, actually.

Nope, I think other anon was talking about a movie called Runaway. I, Robot has Will Smith in it. You're right, it was a pretty decent flick.

Imagine the pymarics being put into a empty room and then questioned by angry looking men to determine whether they have gained a personality or not. But that's not how it's done, is it?

Let's pretend it is.

All this stuff about "responsive pymarics" vaguely remind me of that one Tom Selleck movie...what was that thing called? There were evil robots. Anyway, are you going to expand your character page sometime soon? Will Boo get an entry?

I don't know! But I'm a fan of young Tom Selleck, I should see this movie. The character page! Duane, Sette, the Quigleys, and Jivi are the core cast for a while, but eventually some otherrssss may go on there. I don't want to put them on yet though, I like to make you sweat.

Are there any Pymerics that, upon gaining a personality, their creator chose to keep them; let them have their feelings? If I created something and it started showing affection & such like a pet, I couldn't bring myself to scrap it.

Sure, man, this isn't that uncommon. Look at Uaid. Like all interesting things though it is, unfortunately, illegal in most countries. Classes of pymarics that run the risk of empathy infections - they're called Responsives because they use a complex arrangement of Aspects that allow them to hear and respond to verbal commands - are supposed to be checked out once a year - kind of like the emissions tests some states have on automobiles. If your pymaric is found to be too emotive, it gets taken away.

This isn't as cruel and pointlessly evil as you might imagine though. Not all pymarics are going to develop personalities as lovey-dovie as Uaid and Boo. It's just as possible they could get very survival-oriented and kill their owners. It's for your protection, citizen!

An aside - don't harass me with HOW DO RESPONSIVE PYMARICS WORK?? questions. I'm not a wright! I'm not that smart. I just know the theory seems plausible enough in the confines of the system.

Uaid seems to have plenty of personality. TO THE SCRAPHEAP WITH HIM. Since he was already a living being before he got turned into a tool/vehicle, is his personality unchanged, or did he grow a new one?

You'll have to wait on this one.

Oh, I understand why they might be scrapped. It was more of a 'Oh God Why the Horror the Horror' kind of thing. Poor pymarics.


That'll never happen? R.I.P. Captain Toma?


What are the chances of us seeing The Toma drop the Crescian Elbow on some Aldidish or Sharte jabroni?

I don't even know what this MEANS and I'm lol'ing.

Is Toma famous enough for there to be an actual wrestler version of him, like The Toma? Or would such a character only emerge once Toma decides to hang up his cuffs and step into the squared circle?

This will never happen XD But that makes me sad.

You speak so fondly of the "RP days." Have you considered rustling up the old gang for another go around?

No time :( Proper RP takes a lot of time.

Oh I see, I wasn't sure if the enchantment that made pymarics sentient made them capable of using pymary themselves. Wow. I gotta get me one of those! I want a spider that can learn how to build and enchant more spiders. Spider Army!

Ah-ah, there is no pymary that makes pymarics sentient. Sentience and personalities come independently and unpredictably. It'd be like if your cellphone, after a few years, starting ordering pizza for itself and wanting to talk to you about its political opinions.

ElkaXQuigley makes perfect sense. I mean, they haven't appeared in any scenes together yet, so given the antagonistic relationship most of the characters seem to have with each other, they probably have one of the higher "relationship scores".

True, true.

So who fixed Boo? Elka? He was pretty broken the last time we saw him

Elka shoved all its bits back in its butt, but it's still not working right.

Orr.. do pymarics have the ability to heal? I recall the rat killing roaches got broken as they were eaten but emerged fully whole from the rat (This is a folowup to why is Boo not broken anymore)

The rat traps are tiny sawblades with beetle bits on top. The rats pick off the beetle bits to get it small enough to go down, and that primes the mechanism to explode a set amount of time later. There is only a tiny amount of pymary to the rat traps, they are mostly tiny clockwork machines. But no, Boo and those rat traps cannot self-repair. Boo is still broken and isn't enchanting his silk properly, as you will see.

"Signs of personality in a pymaric usually mean it's time for the scrap heap." Oh god why.

Well, think about it. A person relies on a pymaric of any type to do as it's commanded. If the thing starts getting a personality and stops responding to commands in a predictable way, it's broken. It's no longer any good.

So does Boo use First Silk or is it made from other components? I assume not, since his supplies would be fairly limited and I doubt pymaric spiders come cheap. Unless he's capable of gathering the materials he needs and -spins- his First Silk?

Nope. Remember that you can enchant any material at all so long as you actively upkeep the enchantment - First Materials can just be kept PERMANENTLY enchanted. Boo himself keeps the silk enchanted so he can use the regular stuff. He does run out of silk though, and then he relies on his owner to fill him back up.

Can I just say, your answers are ridiculously good? Are you making this stuff up when we ask, or do you really have the world worked out to the point where most questions people ask already have answers?

Most questions have answers already. I've been writing and RPing in this world for over a decade, so a lot of things have come up that actually needed answers, resulting in the world now being stupidly detailed. But sometimes people ask about weird stuff like Gefendur hymns or the details of Ssaelit marriage ceremonies, and I got no idea.

Is there a way to search certain questions?

Alas, no. Rather than implementing this feature, which would actually be useful, formspring rolls out crap that no one cares about.

QuigsXElka, I'm calling it now!

That's kind of a hot idea, isn't it.

I got Butterfingers for free when one of my party guests last night brought too many! (But I spent like ten or twelve bucks on the ingredients for two pumpkin pies from scratch, which were devoured, so. Um.)

Butterfingers are the best fingers.

Ah, I was looking forward to Habibi. Is it not worth buying then, or should I keep hunting for it in libraries?

Well, I'm not through it yet so it might turn itself around, but I don't know. It's a very expensive book to buy outright in any event, so I would try to get it from a library first if I were you. There is kind of a fetishistic quality to the storyline and the main character that weirds me out and turns me off, but maybe it's just in my head.

Considering you like exploring with flawed characters, which I love you for, btw, I was wondering what you thought of the TV series Mad Men. I'm behind the times and only just started watching.

I've never seen it! I know it gets all kinds of rave reviews though, so you must have good taste. I'm pretty boring when it comes to a lot of popular media. There's not much room in my schedule for the consumption of it. I'll tell ya what I've been waiting for forever though is some new BBC Sherlock. When is that shiz coming out!

In Friday's update, the second panel where Sette's eyes widen - does she look pleasantly surprised because she's seen the plods (has she turned the corner already as in panel 3) or because she smells them?

Considering the angle she's coming from, it's probably because she smells them, yeah. The delicious, rotten aroma of good luck.

oh...pedophilia? yeah me too. On a completely different note, are there going to be any couples in the unsounded comic? ( that sentence probably came out wrong, but I just wanted you to know that I was the same person who asked the question before ^^;)

I'd rather not say :) The story will never revolve around romantic entanglements though. So boring to me!

Well, if there's a chance we'll see some awesome wrestling, is there also a chance we'll see some of that righteous Aldish opera you mentioned? :D


So, how's it going with the next chapter/s? :)

Five pages left to do in chapter 5. Going pretty well.

Have you read The Name of the Wind? I just got it and spent like seven hours straight yesterday reading it, it's good. Wonderful story, immersive world, main character broods a little but isn't obnoxious about it.

Haven't read it, no. I'm reading through Habibi at the moment. It's lavishly illustrated but a little boring.

how many questions do you have to answer everyday because of this site?

Lots! I just deleted a bunch of repeats and non-questions though. Sorry!

What's your favorite fictional bird?

Fictional bird? Does Darkwing Duck count?

Ah, Hocus Pocus. So easy to identify with the kids when you're young and so much easier to identify with the witches as you get old. Anyway, what are your Halloween plans?

Going to sit at home and give out candy. I bought Butterfingers!

Couldn't you make a "living" sex doll of a really sexy corpse by making it a plod and then remove their teeth and maybe chop the hands off just to be on the safe side? Why am I asking this? I feel really horrible all of a sudden...

Go write a story about it, dude.

You mean Duane's glamour looks something like this?

Haha! Yes!

I understand you having a problem with the topic of sex...but what do you have against kids?

I have no problem with the topic of sex except when in conjunction with kids. Kids and sex. Nope.

"Duane's hood and the unnaturally dark shadow it casts" -- wait, is Duane's hood also enchanted? (You knew someone was going to ask!)

Oh, I thought that was obvious. It casts a perfectly black shadow so you can't see his eyes no matter the environmental lighting conditions. But it's not the hood itself that's enchanted, it's just what Duane has his glamour looking like underneath it. Don't ask about this though because it does get directly addressed one day.

In chapter 3 page 16 Quigley calls Starfish " Muol " What does that mean?

It's Tainish for a person who's beneath your station.

Sooo, how crazy is Duane from 1-10? And is it "hearing voices crazy" or... ?

That remains to be seen.

Have you seen Legend of the Galactic Heroes?

No, but I have a friend who talks about it incessantly so I assume it's awesome.
When will we get a good look at Duane's zombie face again? :D Sometime soon or... ?

Patience :D

On p46ch4, Sette passes an old man with a drum, and in the hat beside him there's a bottle... And the bottle looks like the bottle Matty had earlier in the chapter, is this a coincidence or did Matty also pass there and give the bottle to the old man? :P

It's actually the bottle Sette had in the panels previous. The old man had his hat out for tips, and Sette gave him her empty soda bottle. Subtle gag is too subtle? Probably.

So, why do Cutter hate humans so much? Well, I guess some of it's explained by the racism and discrimination, but did something especially horrifying happen to the poor lizard to turn him into... Well... Cutter? Is this a spoiler?

Perhaps Cutter will explain it to us one day. But considering how shitty the human race has been to his people, I don't think the mystery is too profound.

We haven't seen much of the military of Alderode or Cresce. Will that change? I presume they have extensive armed forces due to the political climate. Or are massed troops not done so much due to wrights?

No, you're right. They both have extensive armed forces. But we haven't reached either country yet much less their DMZ, so yeah, not that surprising we haven't seen any soldiers outside of the Peaceguard.

The Thing is such a fantastic movie. Do you like John Carpenter movies (for what they are, anyway)?

The Thing is a GREAT movie. What I've seen of Carpenter's other movies is kind of a mixed bag. Like Argento, he's not a director of a reliable, consistent quality. But In The Mouth of Madness was good. The Fog and They Live! are pretty enjoyable.

If there ever's an Unsounded fighting game, which fighter would it most resemble?

I'm not sure, I don't really play fighters D: Fighting games, sports games, and games in hues of grey and brown with soldiers in all go firmly into the Fuck This category of my brain.

Sssooo, if you bought a big enough bag, could you just deck out your Beadman's closet like a room and climb in the bag to sleep there every night while traveling? Or even use it as an emergency escape route? Also, Beadman must be rich as Croesus.

Alas, bags don't come big enough. Duane's is about as large as they get. Beadman's is quite wealthy, yes. They're not allowed in Cresce because Cresce quite dislikes capitalism, but the Beadman family and factory hold about as much sway in most of the eastern countries as the local governments.

What is your favorite bird

Malay eagle owls, monk parakeets, and whooping cranes. Birds are cool.

Well, I guess so long as you provide us with interesting vague answers, I'll live.


What if Duane just stuffed Sette into said bag?

Go back and look at the bottom quadrangle shape of the bag. That's the shape of the panel through which stuff has to pass. No person can fit through that.

You just love vague answers, don't you?

I can give vague answers or I can outright delete questions. Pick one *_*

So, Starfish is Stockyard Frummagem, isn't he? Isn't he?? And Sette is actually smuggling Duane as part of the whole Red Berry Boy operation, because whatever "likes pain" probably would love something like Duane. The jukrum thing is just an excuse.

Good theories, good theories.

Can plods do skilled labor? If so, is their skill dependent on their skill in life? Do they need to be taught at all?

Plods can do relatively skilled labour. Why that is I shall not say.

If you made a sandbar like a mile long into the ocean, could you use pymary at the end?

Look at this scene, it is one of the greatest in all of cinema.

Does Sette understand there's a storage limit or is she going to keep throwing things into the bag until the closet explodes?

Let's hope the latter.

Like old school vampires? You mean stuffing Duane in a crate filled with earth or something similar? Would it have to be Aldish earth or will any old dirt do?


You've put the image of Sette gleefully nailing Duane into a pine box full of dirt into my head.


Come to think of it, wouldn't Duane himself cease to function over open water? I can see this causing problems in the future...

There may be a way around it... a way that works for old school vampires ;) But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, ho ho ho.

Wow, so even lakes and rivers can mess up pymary?


How nasty is Duane's vault at Beadman's? Are there filthy organs and such lying around there? I mean, how common is really horrible stuff found in Beadman's vaults anyway? And do you have to pay to upkeep those vaults?

Duane is a tidy sort, his closet is characteristically tidy - or at least it was until he met Sette. Now it's mostly full of tinned fish and stolen goods. And yes, there's a quarterly fee to rent space. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could travel almost anywhere and have persistent access to a whole room full of your stuff? I think out of all the pymarics in the story, Duane's bag is in my top five favourites.

I have your FF7 fanfic on my hard drive. If you don't post a detailed rundown of exactly how Duane's undead physiology works, it goes online.

*narrows eyes*

*assumes a battle stance*


Come at me, bro.

My ultimate Unsounded dream is for Sette to die in Duane's arms after stealing everything in the world, causing Duane to wish he could be as awesome as her..

That is Sette's dream as well T_T He'll never learn though, will he. He'll never understand how sad it is that he's not as awesome as her.

Murkoph was a Jet, wasn't he?!? (You don't have to answer--your silence is deafening!)


One day you will take Murkoph questions. And I will be there. Waiting. In the shadows. Like a boss.

I just realised Unsounded is almost three-hundred pages long so far. How fucking crazy is that?

You have me suspecting the worst of Duane now, so I wonder would he have got so bent out of shape if Cara wasn't Aldish?

That's an awesome question.

Do the Jets have a leader named Bennie?


Do you think I should start calling them Lignites? Or maybe use the French and call them Jaiet. I still have some time to change my mind!

My ultimate Unsounded dream is for Toma to die in Duane's arms after doing something selfless and heroic, causing Duane a full-on Aldish crisis. y/y

But Toma has a kid D: I don't want him to die D: D:

Could an unscrupulous individual - say, a burglar, or a disgruntled employee - go through the various storage closets at Beadman's and just swipe people's things? Or seed them with Beadman's rat traps to clamp the fingers of the unwary?

Gosh, that sounds like a fun April Fool's Day.

Would you be up to giving a rundown on each of the major VS characters? I kind of dig your analysis and would enjoy reading more of it.

Ninety-nine percent of people just don't understand Vagrant Story's story. It shames most RPGs with its economy of narrative - it's always a game first and a story second, which is how video games should be, I believe. That kind of means, though, that one really does need to read the prose segments in the Ultimania for a more complete picture of the plot and characters, since the game trims its plot so close to the bone that a few of the finer points just don't make it into the story at all.

The VS characters though... Ashley Riot is an incorruptible rock; he's like the foundation of a good, strong courthouse after the walls have burned away. He has no ties, no family, nothing to cling to but an unyielding sense of duty. So he's the perfect skeleton upon which to drape the mantle of Roodbearer. Was his family killed? Did he kill them? Was it all a fiction concocted by the VKP? Personally, considering he speaks to their ghosts after he tells the trials of the Dark to fuck off, I believe his family was real and they truly were slaughtered in front of him. At the same time though, were they? If solipsism is true, his family was real if he believes they were real. The facts don't matter; history is all hearsay anyway.

As far as bad guys go, Guildenstern is a good one. Deluded, overzealous, psychopathic, arrogant, treacherous, has no problem with collateral damage, and basically just wants to be in a position to tell the world what to do. He's easy to despise, particularly after he chucks Samantha off the roof. You always want a Big Bad who you enjoy hating.

Then there's Sydney, the one the game wants you to think is the bad guy. He tries so hard to come off that way in the opening scenes, swaggering around and overacting the part. The entire opening scene is a stageplay with Sydney as the star. There is no key. The manor invasion is a pretense to maintain the support of Hardin and the rest of the cult, and get some leverage against the Duke.

The rest of the characters are an interesting mix. The Crimson Blades are just zealots. They're not really bad people per se, they're just deluded by their faith in their god and in the Cardinal and Guildenstern. Samantha is just a ditz who hooked up with the wrong guy.

Hardin's story is sad but it's nothing he didn't kind of bring upon himself, and he redeems himself alright at the end. Merlose is mostly there for ass shots and to serve as a catalyst for exposition. Her Lea Monde power is almost literally to inspire exposition, it's an amusing plot device. Joshua is cute.

Who else... ah, Rosencrantz. Well, Rosencrantz is a villain second only to Guildenstern in how much you want to him in the teeth with a rock. It's his manipulation of the Duke that kind of started the whole mess. The Duke was getting ready to make Rosencrantz the next Roodbearer. The reason Sydney kidnapped Joshua was to prevent this, as Joshua had become the only person the Duke really cared about anymore (remember how quick he was to burn his household and everyone in it). A proven prophet, Sydney prophesied Riot's arrival and occupied the Duke's manor both to get his claws on Joshua and to draw out Riot. It was a pretty good plan.

But yeah, Vagrant Story. Still my favourite.

"Foi-Hellick affair (don't ask)" OH COME ON

Not yet *_*

I seem to remember you saying that you used simple php to put your site together (damn formspring and its lack of search). I'm trying to learn php right now, it's not going too well. Any tips?

Chyrp, which I use for my update blog and comments, is php and mysql. I recommend it because it's super lightweight and easy to customize, and you could probably use it to update a comic, but I don't. The comic portion of my site is totally separate from the blog part, and it's just straight html and css. I wanted it that way so I could do whatever the hell I wanted with it whenever I wanted (border breaking, weird css effects, tiled images with animated gifs, etc). If you are learning php for the sake of making a webcomic site, stop! I mean, php is awesome and fun but you don't need to reinvent the wheel to put together a site. If you are just learning php for fun, I salute you. I learned out of a big fat book called "PHP and MySQL Web Development" that I bought at a library sale. And I learned PERL from PERL for Dummies. Books are our friends! But programming - like anything - requires dedication and concentration and repetition. Keep at it! Don't get lazy!

What's Murkoph's favorite bit of flesh to eat?

I don't take Murkoph questions! :D Even silly ones.

Is Murkoph a Sharte? Also, given his exploits and longevity, shouldn't he be a household name or a cautionary tale parents tell their children?

RP Murkoph is not Unsounded Murkoph.

There's no way to see past vote incentives for people without a Facebook, is there?

Not at this time, darlin'.

If they can do portals in moving bags then there must be larger portals for travel, surely? And if they're not fixed in space, then they could be used in warfare to shorten supply trains, moving troops around, etc... a clown car Trojan horse...

Haha, I like the idea of the clown car Trojan horse. Though it would have to be a Trojan dog, I suppose. But no. In spite of much research and head-banging, wrights can't seem to get a portal panel to hold stable beyond a certain size. So the tech is good for "bottomless" bags, two-way manuscripts, a daisy chain shipping system (the postal service utilizes a limited network of portal panels), but it's no good for big stuff. When wrights were trying to expand the tech a lot of objects, animals, and people went into experimental portal panel pymarics never to come out again.

there's no way to see past vote incentives, is there?


Why isn't there any Rule 34 on Sette and Duane?

That's not my job, I'm afraid.

who's Siwl again? is the general population of cresce black? and if not, how can they tell ones that aren't from aldish? what if that one lady what was being dragged away actually CRESCE but with rare red hair and eyes??? HOW DO WE KNOW?????

They know o_o Siwl was the Peaceguard dude Duane savaged at the beginning of the chapter. The vast majority of Cresce is black. There's an olive-skinned minority of Ulestrian heritage, and there's like a .1 percent minority of whites who have to carry identification to prove they're not Aldish. There was a time when whites were pretty discriminated against in Cresce but after the Foi-Hellick affair (don't ask) the country moved past it and solved the issue with mandatory identification documents for whites.

why aren't Elka, Toma and the others in the "characters" section?

So you can remain uncertain over how much longer they have to live.

For some reason I keep thinking that Duane is that one blonde guy you see in the belly of the walking root, in the vision? was that him fighting, or was that a cresce dude? and if so why was he white, when all the cresce's I've seen are black?

So many mysteries! Mysteries upon mysteries! Siwl is Crescian but he's not black.

I've stared at that video for a long time before anything remotely sensible came to mind...And I'm still speechless, was this all some elaborate plot to get me to shut up about murkoph?

I'm making this tonight for dinner. Come on over!

I'm working at a place now too that has a lot of spanish workers. It's funny how those 4 years of hs spanish i thought were worthless has turned out useful. I thought I learned nothing from those classes, but I'm surprised at how much I remember.

It's true!

It just occurred to me that I've been following Unsounded for exactly one year, ever since finding one of your pages on the /tg/ archives. Isn't that something? Happy Unsoundaversery! (For me, that is!)

Happy Unsoundaversary to you! Thanks for sticking around <3 I did a bit of concept art for chapter seven last night - which is a very weird and disturbing chapter - and I think I can promise you that no matter what happens, at least this comic will always have something new and bizarre to offer. And it will always be a right bastard to children.

What is Crescian wrestling like? Serious or showy?

They have both! The most popular kind is the showy, staged female on female kind. Badass bitches build themselves up, put on costumes, and go at it in a ring. There are storylines and internal dramas just like silly fake cable tv wrestling. I have been trying to think up a way to fit this into the story. My soul aches for it.

How does weigh work within the bottomless bag?

I know the bottomless bag is bothering certain Aspies in the audience. Let me explain. Bottomless bags are manufactured by Beadman's Betters (as in Beadman's Better Rat Traps). Duane's model is a Beadman's Better Travel Bag, for the discerning gentleman about town. When it was created, the bottom panel was permanently mirrored to a panel inside a storage closet in a Beadman's Better facility and artifactory. Everything put into the bag is deposited through the panel and into this distant space. The bag never weighs more than an empty bag.

Are interactive illusions done? Like could a wright at a rich kid's birthday party write an illusory adventure or story with pymary?

Yep, there's a spell just for storytelling. It is awesome and one of Duane's favourites.

For the record: *I* didn't think Siwl was pathetic. He was rather careless when confronting Sette, but in the fight with Duane he really didn' t have a chance. Will we get to know him and Maike better?

Mm, no comment.

Siwi didn't do too bad considering he's still alive, but from the point of view of a casual observer he does look pretty pathetic, yeah. I sill blame Toma. Could Siwi have fared a little better if he'd had better intel on what he was facing?

Siwl was told to track but not engage. Toma wouldn't send a kid and a lizard against a wright who could do what Duane did back in the crypt. There are ways for laymen to deal with wrights, and Siwl didn't have the tools to do so back in the woods. Although, considering Duane chose to fight melee anyway, I suppose it wouldn't have mattered much if he did! Siwl needs to level up.

In Alderode, are all of the population either copper, jet, gold, etc... Or are there "normal" folks too that's neither of those? I look at Cara from chapter 2 right now and wonder...

Nope, if you are born Aldish, you are born into the class sytem. Cara was Jet - black hair, pale, blue eyes.

How jealous is Sette that Toma has actual PLAYS and STORIES written about him, while she toils in obscurity?

Plays are for wankers. The only place Sette wants her life story and impressive exploits recorded is on a WANTED poster.

What made you abandon your original concept "Tanners" in favor of current "Unsounded"?

Well, it sucked and it wasn't working. The old main character - while a character I absolutely adore - is a bit too depressed and passive to hang a narrative off of. Sette and Duane are all Rawr! Gonna git 'er done! Lawrence is more, fff, I'm taking a nap, figure it out yourself. So while he's still a really major character he'll work better if there's someone else around to provide the brunt of the motivation.

Is Siwi giving an accurate rendition of what happened, or is he embellishing to make himself seem less pathetic?

Aww, did you think he came off really pathetic? I guess most people would when going mano a mano with the overpowered zombie-wright. Poor Siwl. Toma's boys (and girls) are pretty damn loyal to him, so Siwl probably takes one look into those disapproving eyes and can't help but bawl out the truth.

Crescians like wrestling?! I am now picturing a Crescian Rock look-alike with a big gold belt coming to the ring with pymeric pyro while Elka uses the voice spell to do ring announcing.


¿Usted habla español? Or just enough to nick grammar and pronunciation? :P

Three years of high school Spanish, four years working for a company that employed seventy-five percent illegals, few of whom knew enough English to ask where the bathroom was. My Spanish has gotten rusty from misuse but I'm not too bad.

Is Starfish slang for "asshole," or does that nickname mean something else?

Both? I think?

If Bastion had encountered the Red Berry Boys trying to kidnap those milk maids, would he have intervened like Duane did?

Who can say.

Llederod? Is Tainish based on Welsh?

Not intentionally. The double L reading as Y is from español~

How do you pronounce Cresce? I assume Alderode is "Ahl-de-road"? Something like that?

Ahl-de-road works. In Tainish it's Llederod, which is yeh-deh-rahd, I guess one can imagine how the former derived from the latter. Cresce is easy. Cray-sh!

Yes, a 'shart', notice the missing 'e'. Not a pleasant thing, & often used in humor as the word itself is giggle inducing. I presume the land itself is said 'shar-teh-shayne'? I choose to pronounce the the shorter term 'shar-teh'. ;P

Shart-shayne, shart-teh-shayne, sharty-shayne - all depends on where you live. Locals go with the first pronunciation.

Quick! You have to swap bodies with one of your characters! Who do you choose?

Ahh! I think Elka has a great bod. She's tough and not too tall and also cute when she wants to be. Same with Sette actually, though the tail fleas and biting my own tongue would get on my nerves. I can't be Bastion or anything, I'd just fondle myself all day.

Has Duane written any poetry or fanfiction that he'd find embarrassing today? I bet the reason why he's helping Sette is because Nary found some of it and threatened to put it on the Internet for all to see.

The idea of a teenage Duane crouched over a sheet of parchment and zealously scribbling fanfiction makes me lol a thousand lol's. Because it's totally something he would have done as a teen. He did write lots of bad poetry when he was younger, mostly religious or romaaaantic in tone.

What's the silliest song you know?

This one's pretty silly.

Sharte. How is that word pronounced..cause it looks so similar to another word meaning messy flatulence. ;P

I didn't know about this horrible word :( I'm afraid it's probably pronounced the same. I guess it's a good thing that Sharte and Sharteshanian are equally valid, but let's say a native is going to prefer the latter. And the former moves into insult territory :D

Did Sette steal Siwl's clothes? Where did she put them, the bottomless bag? Have the two just arrived at the city? (I'm sort of relieved that they don't look in too bad a shape.)

She stripped him to find any hidden jewellery or wallets , but didn't actually keep his clothes or armour. Being the little cow she is though, I think she threw everything she didn't want into the stream for lulz.

And yeah, looks like they just got there and are shamefacedly telling Toma what happened.

What is Crescian theatre like?

On the floor, depending on the genre, it's merry, loud, there are snacks to throw at the bad guys. In the boxes it's usually more sedate. The theatre isn't as popular in Cresce as in Alderode. Crescians are actually much more into wrestling :D

Do you/have you read Game of Thrones?


Why is everyone dumb? >:(

Sorry :(

Is it easier to switch an aspect than replace it? So for instance, would it be easier to switch aspects between four objects rather than hold and replace four different aspects taken from them?

I don't believe so. I'd have to think about this one a while.

So if his heroism is exaggerated, does Toma have the skills to back up his hero status?

We'll have to see, won't we?

Has Duane written any plays? Which heroes does Duane idolize?

Duane has written poetry and even a bit of music, but narrative works aren't really his favourite. Duane's biggest heroes are Ssael, who is not only the prime deity in his religion but was the greatest Composer (creator of spells) in history, Fhaltiras, another great Composer and painter/illusionist who is quite the celebrity in Alderode, and his father.

Hmm...well, perhaps you could sketch the reality alongside the theatrics! Or have Elka provide us with insightful and suitably respectful commentary from the Peaceguard box?

Perhaps! Actually, Elka was still a teenager when all this first happened. When she saw the play I fear she probably had stars in her eyes the whole time. As an adult and as Toma's bro, though, I think she'd have to razz them if they both somehow saw a performance of it together :)

A question I've had for awhile. Duane doesn't really know how he works - but is there anything in the world's mythology that is similar to his condition? Would someone who sees that he's a corpse say "Oh shit, it's a BLANK", or would they have no ideas?

This is a good question, I like it, but the answer is really kind of something I want to save for the comic. Sorry :(

I hereby humbly request a scene from a performance of the Right Heroic Exploits of Dashing Captain Toma for a vote incentive. Any scene. Please, bless us with a glimpse of this landmark work of theater. ♥

Hmm, I don't know if it would be as humourous as you're thinking unless you know what actually happened, so you could compare the exaggeration to reality. But we'll see! I like your little heart, it makes me want to please you.

Does Duane have any plays written about him?

Thankfully not.

You have scarred me for life with that video. o.O; I want to share it, and yet, at the same time, I don't...

Show it to your mother!

Are certain kindsa Aspect swappin more natural to the khert than others, and easier to maintain? Them military wrights have a stash of objects holding various Aspects on 'em ready for casting? A Swiss army knife/Cresce army all-purpose Aspect tool!

Yeah, some Aspects ain't no big thang to switch around. The khert goes pretty easy on glamours, so anything to do with just appearances is slower to wind down than pymary that, say, makes a banana so hot that it insta-fries anything it comes in contact with. Objects carried around by wrights specifically for their Aspect are called offerings, and yeah that's pretty common. Most wrights keep offerings of starfly juice on 'em specifically for making flashlights/torches. I'm picturing Toma!actor dramatically on his knees with his leg "broken", brandishing a sword over his head in both hands and screaming to the heavens, "HONOOOOOOOOR!" (And then the pymaric fireworks start going off...)


It's easy to forget how varied in size kids are, a little squirt like Sette suddenly becomes a looming bully faced with kids half her age, I liked how you handled that interaction. This also isn't a question :(

Sette and Matty are always fun together. They are oil and water, man.

Now all i can think of is Unsounded/Reboot crossover, perhaps some vote incentive of Sette stealing Glitch from Bob.

Mwa ha.

Pshaw, Gunnerkrigg Court is on Wikipedia. In the immortal words of the anonymous masses; "If they can do it, so can we!"

Your optimism and your enthusiasm are almost invigorating! I'ma go take a nap :3

whats maybe? is that even an answer? or is it a way for you to not answer but sort of anwer and leave the questioner writhing in anticpation of whether or not murkoph is going to be in the unsounded comic???

Would you mind if I put Unsounded on Wikipedia? I have been feeling the urge to plug this thing.

Go for it! Although I'm not sure the comic is popular or culturally relevant enough to last long on Wikipedia. They tend to cull smaller stuff pretty fast.

Have you hung out with other webcomic artists, went to cons, had wacky adventures?

Nope, I'm a lone wolf. And artists are twats, you never want to be friends with them. Trust me.

Why was Elka carrying a dangerous pymaric around? Don't they have evidence lockers or somesuch around here?

I don't think she trusts the local authorities or their facilities.

Do you have trouble writing children such as Matty, Jivi and Sette? I know this seems to be a common problem with writers, as you often see most kids portrayed in Hollywood to be... not kid-like at all.

Hmm, I don't THINK I have trouble with them. Kids are pretty all over the place. Unless you have kids or are around them a lot, I think it's easy to assume they're a lot less intelligent than they really are, or that they're all one Type. Kids can be fragile or tough or naive or shrewd or shy or in-your-face. And kids are almost always small mirrors of their parents. I think if you get this right, you get the kids right.

And also, we could make something delish for a while as we swallow it, then release the spell once it's inside ze belly! Culinary wrights, c'mon!

You are brilliant!

How accurate is the panoply of dramatisations of Toma's heroism?

Have you ever watched Avatar: The Last Airbender? There's an episode towards the end of the series where they go to see a play based on their exploits. It's about as accurate as that play was :D

You did say Duane's condition is a bit distraction to him wrighting it up though, a while back? Is part of that maintenance of spells?


Well, technically I'm jumping to conclusions, too, but I'm pleased mine are closer. :3 It doesn't seem feasible to stagger around mumbling spells in between the moaning for brains, y'know. |Does| he have any First Materials on him, then? : )

Maybe, maybe. His eyes are definitely pymarics made from First Sand/Glass.

I know it's too soon now, but will we ever get to see Duane completely unglamored, seeing how he truly looks as the walking, wrighting corpse that he is? Keep in mind, I think a good (for the most part) Zombie fighting evil is awesome. :)

Definitely! I wish I could tell you the details of how and when this goes on, but it's pretty intense, trust me.

Your magical system appears to be somewhat computer-gamey, is this just a natural influence for someone of your generation who grew up playing them or... is this comic actually set in a computer simulation?? *GASP*

Haha, I promise the comic isn't like a fantasy version of Reboot. But thinking of how khert and pymary work in terms of how software and programming work kind of helps me understand and then explain the concepts. I would chalk it up to my having been using computers far too long, and having basic programming and game-making skills. And I think it would be amazing to be able to hit a function key in reality, pull up a console window, and start hacking existence to my liking. That's kind of what pymary is. Reality hacking.

Could you make a golem (meaning a sentient inanimate object) with pymary? I know this is somewhat similar to the plods, but if you were to make something completely out of first materials could you bring it to 'life'?

Indeed. This is essentially what Uaid and Sette's new spider friend are.

Silly anon, Duane's all blinged out with First Materials! He's a thinky zombie, he anticipates these little difficulties. ♥

Not entirely accurate, but at least you're thinking about it and not falling to incorrect assumptions like the other guy :)

So what you're saying is that Duane, even while he goes mad with flesh-ravening hunger at night, is still constantly refreshing the spells that hold his body together, even unconsciously? Damn. He has to be one of the best wrights out there.

I don't remember saying that, no.

Hmm, How long can aspects last? I mean, assuming one had enough swords, and grew out their nails, couldn't they apply 20 swords worth of sharpness to each nail and effectively be like Sabretooth or Deathstryke as far as their 'claws' go?

Provided they're slotted to a material, Aspects last indefinitely - that is to say, as long as their nature allows. But it's only either a spell, or the effects of a First Material that will keep them slotted. You can enchant your grown-out nails but they will only remain enchanted as long as you actively maintain the spell. Imagine you've been given a string of twenty numbers to remember, and you must every five minute recite those numbers back to yourself. This is comparable to the brain space required to keep a spell going. Your concentration or your memory falters, you lose consciousness, you become distracted - and the spell ends. The stolen sharpness Aspects - provided you performed an exchange and slotted your nails' natural sharpness somewhere safe - snap back to where they should be.

The khert KNOWS. It knows when Aspects are where they shouldn't be. The khert doesn't particularly like pymary and is always exerting itself against unnaturally placed Aspects. So constant spell maintenance is necessary or the khert is just going to tidy up all your careful Aspect rearranging and leave things depressingly normal. The khert is the only, best safeguard against wrights fucking up reality itself.

Man, Sette has really made a mess of this recon mission, hasn't she? Maybe she is not the genius thief/spy/everything she makes herself out to be?


OH COOL! So Elka could steal the "size" of a fly and be nigh-unhittable in a regular sword fight?

In theory but then she'd sink through the ground until the ground's contour struck her "fly" contour, and it would just be all kinds of a mess. Gosh, and what if she lost concentration for a moment, slipped the spell, both dimensions snapped back in place, and suddenly her lower half has meshed into the ground and she's chopped in two pieces and dead? Certain aspects are real dangerous to mess with.

Could Elka steal the doggy's huge size and go tear-assing through Mulimar?

Kind of! She could steal its physical dimensions and assign them to herself. It wouldn't make her look any different, but it would affect how she interacts with objects around her. It'd be like changing the hitbox on a sprite.

Are you good at failure, I mean do you have a lot of practice, are you experienced, do you have a talent for it?

Sure. I'm a professional failure, man.

Is it possible to write fanfiction of your own stuff?

Probably not technically, but if someone told me so-and-so had just fanfic'd their own work, I'd know exactly what they meant. And it ain't flattering.

Will the dog get its voice back when the cop lady releases the spell?


Why did the doggy stop being pink when Sette upset it? Was the mage not done casting or what?

Nope, she hadn't sealed the spell to the pymaric yet. When the chaos started, she just let the spell go.

How did you feel about Hardin? I felt pretty bad for the dude. In terms of personality/outlook I think he and Callo are the two most sympathetic/admirable characters in VS and Sydney clearly just never regarded him on the same level as he regarded Sydney.

Hardin just makes me bawl ;_; The ending of that game is so Shakespearean in the scope of its tragedy. It's difficult to know just how sincere Hardin's loyalty/love for Sydney were since Sydney was so famously charismatic and manipulative - it could be argued that part of Hardin's fealty may have been magically coerced. But I do think Sydney cared a lot about him. Sydney is just too much the leader, too aware of how much more important the matter of succession and the Wellspring are than the life of poor John Hardin, so he has to make some calculated, even cold choices.

But the game goes out of the way to show Sydney pausing and speaking Hardin's name when he's stabbed, so I think it's clear Sydney really did care greatly for him. That's one awesome thing about VS - it's so sparing and concise in its storytelling that when it does give you something, its importance is obvious.

"silver forests between this world and the next"????


Is Toma publicly known as a hero? What did he do to get his war hero status?

Emil Toma is pretty well-known; something of a household name in Cresce and Ulestry. Jivi will tell the tale in more detail later, but in short, Toma took out a gang of murderous highwaymen and saved a few members of the royal family - all on a broken leg. Cresce is a bit of a gossip mill, so whenever things like this happen someone has to turn around and turn it into a novel or a sensational newspaper article or write a play about it. Toma had all three happen, and now he just can't go anywhere :3

Yeah, just replying to agree. For my money the FF7 Cloud is the only canon. Everything else has been symptomatic of Nomura's put-zippers-on-everything disease. It's like, guys, Cloud had angst but he had a sense of humor. Also he was never that pretty.

I'm not sure what happened to Nomura. I think success went to his head and now he either won't take criticism or has surrounded himself with yes-men. George Lucas syndrome.

You should check out disneyfacesswap.tumblr. And I agree about Cloud.

Some of those are nightmare fuel.

I saw Elka's uvula... HOT! >:)

Manners, boy. She's an officer of the LAW.

Thanks for answering. I can't believe I said 'their' instead of 'there'... what has been your most embarrassing grammatical error?

I used "ye" incorrectly for the longest time :(

I'm a fan of Cloud as a character myself, speaking of. Comatose Cloud is always good for shits and giggles. And I like he was a little assholeish but not full-on asshole, a little goofy, and airsick. Good times.

Cloud can be cool depending on what he's in. I really liked him when I played the original, and my first FF7 novel centred around him. It's a common complaint, but the newer FF7 media forgot that Cloud had a goofy side, and had undergone massive character growth throughout the course of the original game, and just regressed him into this bland emo asshole. But whatcha gonna do.

Do you still write fanfiction?

Nope. I haven't written any in quite a long time.

Who is your favorite character from VS and why?

Sydney Losstarot of course, one of the greatest characters in all of fiction. Sydney is one of those awesome characters who starts off as the antagonist but ends up the hero of the whole damned story. He's all contrast. He's a pretty boy with ugly claw limbs. He's vulnerable but a badass. He's frail but powerful. He's unrelenting but a martyr. He's miserable but playful. He's full of life but preparing for his own death.

He is also really, really, really hot; the last of my crushes from what historians have termed my Claw Period, beginning with Folken from Escaflowne.

Are their demons or devils in Unsounded's cosmology?

Sort of. There are creatures referred to as demons by both the big religions, but they're not "evil." They're just scary. They live in the silver forests between this world and the next, and they eat the minds and memories of wandering spirits, allowing them to reincarnate afresh. They're kind of the final destination of ninety-nine percent of the dead, and they're a scary idea.

How do Ms. Paw's pymarics work? Does the little First Glass ball get hung around the dog's neck and it just makes the dog around it pink? Also is she single can you set us up.

Yes, I think it goes on their collar all pretty and tinkly. I would bet Miss Paws is single. Make yourself look sexy and go call upon her.

Have you ever been trolled?

Certainly. Perhaps even often. Perhaps even now.

They will be ready for the zombie apocolypse, however, so if they get that particular end-of-the-world.

Way to think positive.

Too late I already read your FF7 fic, back in the day. Though I don't really remember much? A lot of blood in the Nibelheim mansion etc. etc. etc. Ah, classic ff7! those were the days.

Yeah, the Nibelheim story was pretty ridiculously violent. I don't remember it well either but... I do recall there was like, a team of scientists there with Hojo, Zack, and comatose Cloud pre-game, then Vincent is awakened prematurely and goes batshit, eventually killing everyone in the story except for those characters I had to keep alive since they had to be around to be in the game later on. It was loosely inspired by a Mei-Q-Rondo doujinshi.

Well, if there isn't any other planets for them to ponder on, then that limits their concepts a bit. They will never dream that there are other worlds outside their own and will be completely unprepared for the inevitable alien invasion. They are doomed.

Alas :(

Heh, awesome! And that gets a smile because Mokey was always my favorite fraggle, too! With Red coming in as a close 2nd. :)


Is it just me or is Duane the MacGyver of Unsounded?

It's less that Duane is the MacGyver of Unsounded and more like his creator is the Macgyver creator of Unsounded.

Do you want us to stop asking biology questions about how Duane works? If you answer no, we will continue to ask increasingly tricky questions that only a doctor could answer. If you answer yes, we will ask even more :3


Ever watched the Venture Brothers?

Nope. I like their skull logo though.

Can pymary put multiples of an aspect onto one object for example a sword with cutting aspects from 20 swords? Also, possible for the love of the twins keep it away from Duane at all costs!

Condensing Aspects is a huge part of pymary; it's one reason why it's so useful and so powerful. So yes. And yes!

What do nose goblins eat? What do they sound like? How do you teach them to play music? How do they breed? Do they breed often? Do they breed in Duane's ears? Do they have a very good sense of balance? What do they look like? Blah blah blah blah blah?

Bacon. Vacuum cleaners. With a tiny whip. With Barry White accompaniment. Every spring. Copiously. They never fall and they never bounce checks. They are like Olympic Chinese acrobats, and only slightly smaller.

Have you read Cooking Comically?

Just the strips that have made it onto reddit. It's cute! But that 2AM chili is a fucking lie.

Is murkoph going to be on unsounded?


Can I just say I completely agree with your opinion about the FF7 completions? D: My god, Geneisis makes me want to punch a goat. Damn Loveless is a poor man's Shakespeare without all those delicious Double Entendres. ;3;

*thumbs up*

You know it's crazy to look at Chapter 1 and the current Chapter and see the improvement. I think you started out great, but what is your opinion on how doing this comic has influenced your artistic/writing ability?

One problem (among many) that chapter 1 has is it was sort of a pilot episode; thirty pages with a beginning, middle, and end so I could gauge how well Duane and Sette worked together and if I could maintain interest in drawing them for that long. So the chapter lacks a certain amount of spit and polish, and Duane's design really isn't streamlined in a way I like. Also, ten years of RP leaves one with habits that don't work in comics, so the dialogue is kind of superfluous.

But drawing and colouring three pages of comic every week for two years is going to make anyone improve. Duane and Sette have gotten more streamlined and consistent visually, I think I just plain draw better than I did two years ago, and I'm more conscious about dialogue. With any luck, in another two years I'll be even better *_*

Does Duane get like, maggots and stuff? Or did he? Is he pretty much mummified by now?

Yeaaaah, back when he was slightly fresher he had maggots. Never wonder why the man occasionally seems unhinged. No one experiences the full-scale rotting of their own body and comes out of it sane.

For real you should hit us up with that FFVII fanfictions you wrote already


Fraggle rock? I wish my cable service had the hub. Hell, I wish Fraggle Rock could be bought season by season on DVD. I still love that show. Who's your favorite fraggle?

I like Mokey because she is a strung out hippie.

I am going to a Halloween carnival now to paint things on strange children. Be back later!

"tiny senet beasts he carefully captured and bred" AHA! But you can't breed senet beasts!

All senet beasts except for NOSE GOBLINS can't be bred! Geez, anon, everyone knows THAT.

Why can Duane walk straight when the fluid in his ears has dried up?

I was waiting for you.

The short answer is nose goblins: tiny senet beasts he carefully captured and bred and implanted in his ears and sinus cavities. After much painstaking effort and while being very dizzy, he carved itty-bitty fifes for them out of hollowed-out spaghetti noodles, and on these instruments they play certain melodies whenever he starts leaning too far to the left or to the right, in effect keeping him perfectly balanced. Nose goblins are notoriously tone deaf however, so their playing is atrocious and this is why Duane is always very grumpy.


*pats your head* I'll forgive you this time, Glass, but never let the greatest duck to come out of England slip your mind again! He is a very important memory of our youth! :) Why can't THAT show air as reruns now?

I dunno but I've been surprised recently by what's on television. The Hub has reruns of Fraggle Rock, man.

How soon will we find out more about Duane? My curiosity is killing me.

Well, depends on what specifically you're waiting to learn. A lot of stuff comes out in chapter 7 and 8 that might interest you... but I always enjoy backstory more than information on like, I dunno, why Duane can walk straight when the fluid in his ears has dried up.

If Duane needed to speak to cast, would he have run into more problems keeping himself running?

Definitely. He'd still have problems, since... well, you'll see.

Is crazy an Aspect? If it isn't, it should be. Just think of all the fun wrights could have, unbalancing world leaders and making their opponents yell "millenium hand and shrimp!"

Until someone turns the Crazy on YOU and you feel compelled to wear your shoes on your hands and sleep in the refrigerator.

Any love for Last Order?

Last Order wasn't too bad. I liked Hojo's character design and I have no issues with Zack overall as a character. He's a likeable chap.

One of my big problems with all the FFVII compilation games and movies is how much I felt they dropped the ball with the writing. It's particularly bad in Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus, where everything is either a shameless FFVII rehash (Genesis is just Sephiroth and Hollander is a poor man's Hojo) or it's all anime tropes and cliches. This is going to sound terrifically retarded and I accept my retardation, but over ten years of responsible, careful FF7 fandom one becomes accustomed to fan theories and stories that have some fucking sophistication and care put into them. So when the actual legit expansion comes out and it's written like one of those bad fanfics one has spent ten years AVOIDING - it wounds the soul, man.

But Last Order wasn't too bad. It was at least pretty and had good action. Like Advent Children, pretty much.

Count Duckula was my goddamn childhood. Well, that, Mighty Max and Bucky O'Hare. These are the only cartoons I remember watching as a kid.

MIGHTY MAX! One of the best cartoon series of all time. Some of the first fanfiction I ever wrote was Mighty Max ;3

But the Sansa Clicks are only around $30! :) Mp3s in general used to be cheaper years ago, the one I have I got used for $20 from a friend, but I think even new it was $70. The ones today are so overpriced, they're the price of Intuos's! @[email protected] I blame Apple

Haha, I know. I work from home though so I don't really need a lot of commute stuff like smart phones and MP3 players. My computer is always right here :)

Do people smoke or toke anything in the Unsounded world?

Yep. Duane used to smoke like a fiend and look at him now! He should do anti-drug adverts.

Oh, I thought you were talking about real ducks. Of course cartoon ducks are awesome! But why no love for Darkwing?

Much love for Darkwing! I watched a bunch of Darkwing on youtube the other night actually. "Dry Hard" is a very underappreciated episode.

Do you use an mp3 player? Favorite kinds? I like the ones made by Samsung :) The Sansa Clicks and Fuze look cool too.

Naw, I'm po' folk. I don't have money for such things.

I realize it's far too spoilery for us to know exactly why pymary doesn't work at sea, but do wrights know?

Not for sure, no.

Are Unsounded cliffs standard-sized cliffs?

Depends on the cliff.

who is that person as your avatar?

That's Murkoph. He's pleased to eat you.

All those ducks mentioned, yet you forgot Count Duckula?! Glass, my dear dear wound me. ;.;

Oh, God, I totally forgot Count Duckula. I have a Count Duckula pin stuck to my corkboard. I know of Count Duckula!

What, no mention of Daffy Duck? I am disappointed.

Daffy always stuck me as a poor man's Donald.

Psh, the only truly majestic duck is the Space Duck.

What about Duckman? Howard the Duck? Scrooge McDuck? Baby Huey? Ducks have given us so much.

You ever get that feeling when you can't tell whether your Formspring question doesn't show up because the author didn't want to answer it, or because you never actually sent it in the first place? It's like, "How can we tell what's really real, man?"

Have another toke, my brother.

What's with the attraction to ducks?

They are majestic.

Are there any Wrights who attempt to draw the infinite darkness or demonic presence from Hell or whatever equivalent Kasslyn religions have? :D Because it would be cool to see a character who researches and attempts stuff like that, like Faust or somethin

Oh, definitely. The ranks of Kasslynian spellwrights are filthy with the overzealous, the superstitious, the desperate, and the insane. Like Congress.

Why don't you just bribe a friend into buying you pizza? :P

Because I had McDonald's and now I am full.

How does Duane, er, think? I mean, he had to repair eyes and mouth after being reanimated, so how does his brain function (and hold memories from life) upon being reanimated, before he has the chance to magic it into a steady state?

How Duane works is one of the mysteries of his existence. He doesn't even know the answer to that one.

Also how does he talk if he has no lungs to force air through his mouth, moistened though it may be?

He made himself new lungs of a sort. They work pretty well.

Does Sette scream 'rape' as a way to simply overreact and dramatize situations, or is she honestly trying to trick bystanders into thinking here victim? (Elka is pulling one of the limbs from out of clothing of a young girl, after all...)

I would say both.

Sette needs to do something about that tail, makes it way too easy to identify her. Has she ever had problems with this before?

Definitely. This is a big reason she takes to stuffing the thing in her trousers. Sette and her tail have a love/hate relationship. On the one hand, she loves it because it makes her special and amazing and weird. On the other hand, it's very grabbable, easy to make fun of, and makes her way too distinguishable. Conflicted!

do you have any preference of pets? the famous "are you a cat or dog person?"

Dogs, always. Cats are alright but I'll always prefer dogs.

Do pymaric limbs function on open water?

Good question. No, they do not.

Would you trade your breasts for better drawing skill? I know this surgical reclaimer, see...

I'd trade my tits for a sketchbook, man. I'd trade my tits for a Snickers bar.
Making pizza is not that hard, I started making them a few months ago after I found out there's a vending machine that makes them. If a machine can make them so can I. This is not a question, sorry.

Homemade pizza is just not the same as greasy, excellent, made-in-a-real-pizza-oven delivery pizza.

What about a fiddling contest? That seems to be the devil's weakness.


Is the view of the universe heliocentric or what? Do astronomers know the sun is a star, or do they think it's something special? How does this relatively concrete science tie in (or cause conflict with) Kasslynian religions?

Haha, I dunno, man. I don't have any astronomer characters so I really haven't thought about the state of astronomy in the world. I suppose in places of learning, where rich people have nothing better to do than stare at the sky, they realise the world is heliocentric, but average Gefendur on the street thinks of the moon as a hole in the sky, and the sun is a sword wound in the Mother's belly through which the light of the Twins' land heats the world.

Sette's ego is totally another planet, c'mon.

Hohoho. Does that make Duane a large grey moon revolving around her?

Are there First Materials in stars? Like, I dunno, First Helium or something?

Maybe. Write a fanfic about it :3

ROFL, I just read the other Anon's question as "have their been any unmanned missions to the womb".


If the sun is a fount of warm aspect stuff, is the utter abyssal vacuum that is most of the rest of space a fount of cold aspect stuff? And if so, can you pwn people with it?

Wrights aren't drawing directly from the sun; they're drawing and condensing localized heat from the sun - stuff around them. The sun itself is too far away. So that's a nope on drawing from space.

Are the Ulestrians these kind of Raw Food Hippy wrights? Due they have a greater-than-average number of them?

I don't think so.

...have there been any unmanned missions do the moon? How do the moon and sun figure in the whole 'world born in a womb' mythology?

I answered this at length a while ago. Wait for the updated wiki.

Will they not discover more planets cause there aren't any, or just cause they won't? (technical limitations, mysterious clouds of mystery, "these aren't the planets you're looking for", or perhaps pluto-sized floating rocks which aren't planets).

There are no other planetary bodies in this solar system. So ronery.

I think I may have asked you this before, but what's your favorite pizza topping? This is critical.

Hawaiian, please. That's pineapple and ham. I haven't had pizza in so long, it's expensive *_*

So the Unsounded universe has no stars aside from the Sun? Must be lonely at night. Have there been any manned missions to the Moon?

No, there are stars. The question was in relation to a solar system, and there is only one sun/star in the solar system. Other stars would have to be outside of it, riiiiight? Pay attention in school :3

No manned missions to the moon.

What if the devil challenged you to a drawing contest, and if you won you got a golden tablet & stylus, but if you lost he got your soul?

Nah, what would I do with a golden tablet and stylus? Besides, everyone knows you should never challenge the devil to any contests, you'll always lose. Bitch cheats.

why haven't you asked any questions?

Too busy answering them! Really though, I don't know too many people on here. It's hard to think up questions for people I don't know :/

not to sound rude or anything like that but its never occured to me that i never wondered what gender you were, i always assumed you were a girl. what are you're thoughts on this? and WHAT gender are you???

I am female. I don't have many particularly interesting thoughts related to this. Periods kind of suck, I suppose.

How many planets have astronomers discoverd in the Unsounded solar system?

None. Nor shall they discover more. There is a sun and there is a moon.

Suppose you're at a crossroads at midnight, and naturally the devil appears to offer you world-class skills in any area in exchange for ALL your drawing ability. What talent would you accept his bargain for?

This question has been in my inbox a month now, and I still can't think of anything. I admit defeat.

Why would anyone steal Chitz? If first materials can only be overwritten once, aren't the fabulous and valuable first copper fragments only good at this point for being Matty's friend?

Weeeell, when I said they aren't recyclable that wasn't entirely true. There's some wriggle room with ores and gems, it just takes some badass wrights and a lot of time. I probably shouldn't be making too many blanket statements about First Materials. They are Enigmatic and Not Fully Understood.

Are there First Materials on the moon?

First Cheese.

After reading the pymaric page, it got me wondering about turning first sand into glass...that doesn't mess it up?

Nope. You can physically alter First Materials as much as you want, even make alloys out of First Ores and some regular ore. What makes them really special is how the khert reacts to them, and that's a difference largely unaffected by physical manipulations.

Of course, different wrights are gonna say different things. There are wrights who think it's freaking blasphemy to alter Firsts in any physical way. They won't use glass or alloys. They'd buy a chunk of First Timber, screw it onto an amputee's stump unaltered, and craft them an enchanted log arm. They are like Raw Food Hippies.

Do they have recycling programs for first materials?

They don't work that way. Once you start moving their Aspects around, you corrupt the First Material, changing its nature. They're not really recyclable and hence not a renewable resource. I suppose one day it'll all be gone, and there won't be much holding wrights back from becoming overpowered and taking over the world.

Then is it taechi, taeglit, etc?

You got it, toots.

How does one count in Tainish? Do they have numerals to represent their numbers as we do? Do/can they spell them out? How would one count from one to ten in Tainish (spoken/written)? Forgive me, I like numbers.

Yes, they have numerals but I am too lazy to draw them for you at the moment D: One to twenty is - in, chin, glit, glin, chikh, da, do, chokh, nikh, bae, baen, baechi, baeglit, baeglin, baechikh, baeda, baedo, baechokh, baenikh, tae.

Damn. Good first materials answer! Follow-up: "Making them necessary in the crafting of pymarics" - pymarics being enchanted items?


Are senet beasts still around today?

Duane and Sette found one in the first chapter.

What ARE first materials? What makes them "first"? Is it just like... anything that hasn't had any pymary done to it yet?

Gefendur mythology tells us that the Twins created the world Perfectly, and every material in it was perfect. The original world had the most perfect trees and the most perfect animals and the most perfect stones and ores and water and air. These were the first materials and they were the best materials, created first-hand by the gods.

But it was all TOO good. The first animals (called senet beasts) grew spoiled by their perfect world and their immortal existences, and one day told the domineering Twins to piss off. To punish them and to make their world forever subservient and imperfect, the gods introduced the idea of decay. Now the perfect materials began to break down into less perfect materials, materials held hostage by the unbreakable laws and processes of the khert. Hungry organisms obsessed with destruction began to fester in the waters. Eons passed and they evolved into animals and eventually, mortal humans.

But buried deep, hidden in out-of-the-way places, there are still traces of First Materials, survivors from the first days of the world. First Materials have two very special properties. One: they're attached to the khert in a unique way that can disrupt pymary. Two: they can have their Aspects permanently shifted and remain that way independent of a wright (making them necessary in the crafting of pymarics).

Was the stick that Sette had in chapter 3 really from the wandering root? Does that mean it's a first material? How much would it be worth on the black market? Or any of the other junk she offered?

Yep, it really was a bit of wandering root twig, hence it was really a bit of First Material. It's always a remarkable occasion when Sette actually does tell the truth about something, eh? The twig is, alas, just a twig. If there was more of it I bet it would be worth a small fortune. As just a twig though? Enh. The other stuff was pretty junky too. Unless you understand how awesome and soon-to-be-famous Sette Frummagem is, of course, in which case you should buy these souvenirs immediately because they will only go up in value by dint of having touched her remarkable personage.

Aha! Then Sette is Tirna's reincarnation!

Good theory, good theory.

Do the different groups/families of the Frummagem family do different things?

There's only one Frummagem family, they run most of New Tawhoque/Hanghorse and the central Sharteshanian peninsula. The family itself is mostly managerial. They collect jukrum from and provide protection to smaller, subservient organisations. Those organisations and individuals include mostly brothels, fences, gambling rings, and a few large thieving groups. These ah, satellite operations aren't strictly "The Frummagems" but they're not allowed to do much without the family's permission. There are only a few services that the family itself directly offers to clients - enforcement, assassination, and, on occasion, burglary. Capiche?

I've got it! Sette is the lost little sister of the twins, spat out by the Khert for being so unpleasant!

That would be so sad! But that's kind of the goddess Tirna's story, so it's not likely.

Is Elka about to spank Sette? I can see it in her eyes...


You should secretly do /34 of your own stuff. G:

It amuses me that you think I don't G:

Does Sette have a mom or did she just spontaneously generate from her dad's discarded um. leavings.... ?

Certainly a mystery.

If Sette's tail gets pulled off (thanks, Elka), will it regrow like a gecko's? I foresee tail-farming and harvesting opportunities.


Have you ever played magic the Gathering?


Are there any other non-human races that can converse with people?


Really? I always thought Elka had a thing for Toma...

I have a thing for vampires. Doesn't mean I'm going to start drinking blood :3

oh...I get it now. wired back on, how weird. Do the different races have different accents? and what would you compare them too if they did?

Well, no one's speaking english. They're speaking languages we don't know that I have helpfully translated into english so you can understand the comic. Any accents they have are going to be accents unknown to our ears. Buuuuut I know that's kind of a bullshit answer :3

When I'm writing dialogue I generally go like this:
East of the Westgate Mountains (particularly Sharteshane) - The worst of them talk like they've steeped Dickens and Twain pages in a cauldron of rotgut, and gargled with it. Figures of authority often take to aping westerners to sound more educated and important.
West of the Westgate Mountains (particularly Cresce) - American English wound back a century. Neologisms are a no-no. No "okay." Education is great in Cresce so everyone speaks pretty well.
Educated Aldish - Mostly speak Tainish/Aldish. When speaking Continental though, it's posh english, light on the contractions, very stuffy, lots of five dollar words, lean towards Britishisms. Tainish is always preferred though.
Uneducated Aldish - Much more likely to be monolingual, but generally sound like less pretentious versions of their overschooled counterparts.

I had an argument with myself over how to write the Two-toes' dialog. They're very hissy and growly when they speak but did I really want to scatter S's everywhere? That gets so irritating to read. So I let them talk like everyone else.

What is Elka's love-life like?

Fairly nonexistent. She's a career girl.

Duane thinks he's too mature to emulate a cartoon, eh? You should make him do something childish, like host the Muppet Show!

I smell...


would you mind if there was fanfiction of this?


can you show a picture of the cuddlefish? hopefully NOT eating a human child?

Ya know, I have sketches of them but they're some of my oldest critter designs, so I think they're archived in a binder... somewhere. Sure you don't want me to draw one eating Sette?

I'm now totally fascinated by the wright who was pinkifying the dog. Does she do that kind of thing often? Does she find it embarrassing? Does the old lady at least pay well?

The name of her stall is "Miss Paws' Prettiest Pymarics" so one might assume she specializes in making dogs look pretty. She's just an NPC, so to speak, so I can't pull up an extensive psychoanalysis, but I would presume she likes her job if she likes dealing with dogs and their occasionally fussy owners. Can't be too much worse than being a dog groomer in our world. Does the old lady pay well? Well, First Materials are getting pricy, so that means Miss Paws must raise her prices. Since glamours are generally a luxury item they're the first thing to get squeezed out of a tight budget. To keep competitive, then, Miss Paws is probably making a smaller and smaller net profit off her base price, with most of the costs going to materials.

It's tough out there in the dog pinkening field.

What's the biggest, gribbliest venomous thing in Kasslyne?

Grebbers are in the top five (though not venomous, alas). There's the cuddlefish that lives in rivers throughout the northwest. It has two mouths stacked on top of each other and poison-tipped barbs and is big enough to eat naughty children. Smoke eels are pretty horrible if you encounter them in certain circumstances. Fighting them off is like trying to fend off a small cyclone of razor blades.

Why don't vilegang leave a trail of smashed trees and giant footprints in their wake?

No feet!

Elka means business, huh?

She always gets her mutant.

Do male Ulestrians sound like the "Dude, you have no Quran" guy?

I don't think I know this dude.

wire back on???..I dont get what you mean, like...IDK, my brain flops at the thought of it.

Look at biology classroom skeleton sometime and you'll get an idea what I mean.

If Quigley's trying to keep a low profile (what with being Aldish, invisible and smuggling mutilated slaves) you'd think he wouldn't want a wake of destruction left behind him. Do people just pay him and his contraption no mind?

Quigley knows what he's doing, mate.

How would you and/or your characters finish this line: "I am the terror that flaps in the night! ..."

Sette: "I am the flea that makes your tail fluff itch when you're trying to kip!"
Matty: "I am the spilt jam on Chitz's backside that keeps sticking to my hair!"
Jivi: "I am bump you get on your tongue after too much lemonade!"
Duane: "I am-- far too serious and mature for this."

Oh what the hell, Midnight Tea Party.

Not gruesome enough for you? :)

How do Grebbers behave? Are they just completely ferocious and attacking everything, or will they leave you by if you leave them by?

If you are made of meat and smaller than them, they want to introduce you to their digestive system.

I find the grebbers strangly cute, despite the dangling body from that one's mouth.

That one is alarmingly fluffy.

Who'd win the grebber vs vliegeng fight?

Grebbers usually win, believe it or not. Imagine a mongoose and a cobra.

Can has Grebber sketches?

No time tonight D: Here's some old lineart of them

Why doesn't Uaid leave a trail of smashed trees and giant footprints in his wake?

Has something led you to believe he does not?

Why the story of Lot?

Rape, betrayal, genocide, incest, wife turning into a spice monolith... but full of good morals for everyone!

Have you ever been creeped out by a folklore story and if so, which?

Does the story of Lot count? Because probably that one.

Aw yeah, a directory. Time to look at things uncontrollably.

There's nothing too juicy in there. It's a repository for junk.

Will the wiki be updated during the break?

Yes, I can see this happening. If you've asked what seemed like a reasonable question and I've not answered it, it's probably because it was a repeat. I'm going to go through the formspring a bit over the break and copy some stuff over to the wiki.

Do Crescians breed Grebbers?

Nah, though the Palace keeps a few in its menagerie. They really can't be domesticated - which is cool, that's part of why Crescians think they're badass.

Where is Sette hiding that phial that Lord Winalils gave her? It hasn't been detected or shaken off like much of her other loot.

It was a necklace, if you'll recall, and she's wearing it under her shirt.

Where do people poop in large cities? Where does the poop go? I sure hope they don't just fill a bucket and throw the contents out the window...

In Mulimar, people poop in pots in outhouses, and someone comes around a few times a week to collect it. Ulestry's pretty tidy like that. Some larger Crescian and Aldish cities have lovely sewer systems. In poorer eastern countries, people dump poo in the streets or the nearest body of water.

Duane is an awesome rotten, sanctimonious bore, that's why! :D

He'll pop back up before the chapter's done, I promise :)

Have these formspring comments changed the story at all, even a little bit?

I'm afraid not :( Reader response and criticism in general, though, have helped me improve slightly as we've gone along, so that's good. I am not against taking the audience into account when it comes to settling smaller plot points - I'm an entertainer after all - but the overarching plot and the destines of major characters are pretty set in stone.

To what extent do you think a child is capable of villainy?

Define villainy. Define child.

What is the symbol on the Peaceguard badge Elka is wearing? Like a sword and wings or something?

If I was less of a lazy cow, it would be this

do the Ulestrians all have valley girl accents

Yes. This is canon.

Oh, what do you think of Jainism?

Like all religions, it is a little goofy. But at least they don't blow things up.

What do Ulestrian forest rangers do when they encounter a Grebber?

Run away or attack it. Ulestrians aren't Jains or anything, man, their pacifism applies politically and towards humans, not towards animals.

Those pigtails don't look quite like any other hairstyle I've seen in this comic. Are they just a personal cute/eccentric fashion choice, or do they have some significance?

Personal fashion choice. I suspect her boyfriend told her they look totally cute.

Will you update CasualVillain during your break?

Doubtful. I might update dA a bit though. I need to redo so badly I don't even like to look at it :D

Can (and do) Ulestrians sign up for the Peaceguard?

Nope. Crescians only.

How long until we get to see Duane again? :)

Aww, what do you want to see that rotten, sanctimonious bore for?

Are there any wild creatures that might attack human settlements, or do they follow the old 'no monsters in town' RPG rule?

Grebbers will eat your baby. And your in-laws. And sit on your house.

Will you be taking a break after Chapter 4 and, if so, for how long?

Yep. One month. I'm going to open up donations at the end of chapter 4 as well. If I raise enough, I'll start updates again a bit sooner.

I have a person that literally repeats my name all day, everyday, for no real reason. At least 15x an hour. For the past 8 years. I'm thinking of coming up with a new name to answer to. Any ideas? (doesn't matter if it's a boy or girl's name)


Sooner or later, this space too shall obey Rule 34. Any advice for aspiring prurient fan-artists, or did you beat them to the punch already?

Yes, but I'm not giving you self-incriminating details, anon. All I ask is I'm shown any and all rule 34 as soon as it comes into existence, as these sorts of things bring me laughter and delight.

It's a normal night in Sharteshane when suddenly Batman arrives, ready to clean up the streets and take down Sette's Da. How does this play out?

I think... Batman would have to take out the entire Sharteshanian government if he really wanted to clean the place up. Then he might serve in the King's stead, ushering in a century of lawful Bat-rule.

You are right. When Toma shows his dark side I am going to get all adamant and be all, "What is this bullshit?!" and then continue reading because your webcomic is like crack to me.

I am like that with Marvel comics. Why do the things we love to read love to hurt us?

Who (or what?) would win in a fight between Duane's hood and Matty's attack hat?

My money's on that attack hat. It really knows how to get a head.


How many pages does Chapter 04 have left?

Fifteen. It's seventy-five pages total.

I know Ulestry is peaceful and all, but has this gaurd lady never had to fight someone? Wouldn't those pigtails fly in her face during the heat of battle? Not to mention the potential for someone grabbing them...

Why is Elka so dismissive or hostile to foreigners, even her allies in Ulestry?

She's a very brusque and no nonsense individual, dismissive and bitchy in the face of any and all perceived bullshit, whether it comes from foreigners or Captain Toma. Think about it from her perspective. She and the Peaceguard are there in Ulestry away from home busting their asses to keep another country and its citizens safe from harm, and here comes sour-faced pig-tailed Ulestrian sash-twat being a whiny ingrate. Elka don't play that.

Are people in Cresce predominantly left- or right-handed? Elka seems to favor her left, and Petr... used to.

Oh, mostly right-handed. I guess the two lefties are just a coincidence.

AAAA, I just saw the latest update to Midnight Tea Party, I knew it would have a horrible twist! You tricked me, GlassShard!

Oh, I'm sorry! Well, I don't want you to be surprised again! D: On the next page it just shows all the fairies bobbing in a boiling, bubbling cauldron of blood while the flesh sloughs from their tiny, fragile bones :3

Do you like the Vincent Price version of The Fly, the remake, or both?

I like both. I LOVE the David Cronenberg version.

Are smoke eels a real thing that exists or just visual metaphors or hallucinations. When Kara died they seemed the latter but they turn up in many places so I'm not so sure.



Do you like Junji Ito?

Not really.

I am poo in your butt. That's an improvement. At least I'm where I'm supposed to be.

Oh, hush. I'd give you a kidney if you needed it.

I googled Santorum and regretted it. I am but poo in your eyes :(

No, not in the eyes, in the butt. Sure you read the right definition? :3

What is the goofiest thing you have ever done in front of others?

Probably something from college, I have no idea. We used to go to Walmart at 3 in the morning and throw the giant bouncy balls at each other.

What kinda movies/shows do you typically watch?

I like classic horror flicks like Suspiria, The Fly, Hellraiser, Alien, Poltergeist. Popcorn movies from the eighties and nineties; quality animation from anywhere. I like dark fantasy like the Conan movies, Beastmaster, Labyrinth. I do not like most popular Hollywood tripe. Transformers, superhero movies, slasher flicks, fuck that noise. I'm not above watching bad movies if they at least come with an interesting premise though. Human Centipede was pretty entertaining.

As far as television goes, I don't technically watch it. Instead I catch stuff online (The Daily Show, Colbert, TYT every day). Netflix has some intriguing trash tv like Hoarders and Pawn Stars that only require half your attention. And I guess I watch a fair amount of kiddie movies when my niece and nephew are around.

It guessed Sam Vimes for Toma, not too bad. Also expected answer for "Is sete bad" was "yes". I say "No", girl just has bad influences. Unless word of god says otherwise?

You'll have to wait and see on that one.

Have you read Blankets?

Yeah. It was alright.

...still guessing, now it suggested Emperor Karl Franz from Warhammer for Toma. : |

I do not know this kraut D:

In the process of trying to guess Captain Toma, Akinator suggested Pantsman from VGCats. Discuss.

I do not know this "Pantsman."

Oho, and finally Baurus, from Elder Scrolls, who at least looks similar-ish. In the end I had to introduce him - not in the database.

Man, I don't know how you could even put Toma in there yet. At this point he's a pretty cliche trope. In fact, I expect dissension in the ranks when I expose his soft underbelly later on. "MUST EVERY GOOD GUY BE FLAWED WHAT'S WRONG WITH DIS COMIC??"

Is there a Kasslyian equivalent of a bedtime lullaby like "Close Your Eyes"? What about Der Struwwelpeter? D:

Your new handle makes me think of "Santorum" which makes me think of santorum.

So, you aren't a pokefan, but fond of Pikachu? Any others of the critters you like?

I think the only other one I can name is Meowth. He's pretty zany.

Ignore this if it has already been asked, but what good webcomics do you read? I mean, I can't read Unsounded ALL day :P

Shadoweyes is my favourite. But don't read the web version, order the collected trades :D Artifice is probably my other current favourite but it's gay scifi romance so, you know, possibly not for you. Lackadaisy has the best art and really great writing but it's best to forget it exists for six months at a time so there will actually be some new pages to read. There are lots of other good webcomics, go exploring!

I mostly read print though, honestly. I have Habibi on hold from the library, cannot waaaaait.

If you could be any two characters, freakishly combined into a new character monstrosity, who would they be?

Bruce Wayne and Pikachu. Filthy rich, martial arts master, adorable, pika pika.

Do you realize there isn't a link from the main casual villain page to the comic?

Yep. I kind of ignore my CasualVillain site. I'm a terrible person.

"The being Duane identifies as his God is sort of supervisor over a vast array of lesser transcended humans who are all worthy of reverence and attention." So Duane's basically a Catholic then?

Maybe. I would say it's a bit more Buddhist in that there was a person who first figured it out, and then people who came after who figured it out with his help.

I introduced Sette, Duane and Quigley to akinator, but he sometimes asks me questions I don't know how to answer. Duane, Bald or blonde? over 40 or under? Sette has a brother or not? (That pic with the lion in your gallery, is it canon?...) etc...

I actually went in a while ago and answered a bunch of Sette questions for Akinator. She's shown up there for a while. Quigs and Duane though, that's news to me. I'll have to see if I can get 'em.

What's Mmatont? Is that related to the Ssaelit faith, like an offshoot or something?

Nope. It's its own thang.

are you a homestuck

Tried it ages ago. Got bored real fast.

The movie takes place before that, so no. You know what you should do? Eat some doughnuts while watching. |-)

I like the way you think.

Reading longform comics a page at a time is tortuous indeed. Maybe we're all just masochists. :p But seriously, it's hard. I only read Unsounded regularly, yet I'm sometimes tempted to quit for a few months and binge later. But I can't! D:

If you ever did though, I would understand :)

I see that you enjoy Trigun. Have you watched the movie yet? I ask 'cause I just seen it. It was pretty good. Very nostalgic. :D

I forgot there was a movie! I need to check it out. Does Wolfwood still x_x?

was it earth all along?

I hope not D:

does duane heal like a normal person? or does he have to reconnect and maybe glue his limbs back on? (like his fingers...)

He doesn't heal at all, but then it's hard to hurt him, too, because there's not much there. If something falls off he has to wire it back on. All his fingers are wired since the joints decayed.

--wait, you mean Toma's wife wasn't head over heels the minute she laid eyes on that charming man? O_o

Emne (Toma's lady) thinks he's a hot piece of meat indeed but they have nothing in common :D They married because she's rich and titled, and he's a war hero.

Hm. Alright, no Alderode questions. What about courtship in Sharteshane, then? How would one of those nice farming/fishing village boys court his sweetheart, and/or vice versa?

Sorry for not answering the Alderode courtship query, my information just wasn't very interesting. The Aldish generally marry for money and status, which isn't a new concept by any stretch of the imagination. It isn't much different in most of the rest of the world. Most marriages are arranged, even in Sharteshane :( In fact I just ran all the married couples in the story through my head, and they were all either arranged or mostly loveless. In some cases the love came later, after shared experiences and kids, but none were sparked by great passion or romance.

Could Duane repair a broken bone with parts from another body?

He could and has replaced bones, yes. Acquiring body parts of the right dimension is a bit of a bother though. Grave-robbing, so distasteful.

How do you beat Sephiroth?

With little difficulty. I have never played a game where he was a challenge.

I dig it when you update early, lets me check Unsounded before I leave for work. It sounds sad but the webcomics round is usually the first thing I do when I go online in the morning. What's your internet routine?

Aww, I could be biased, but I don't think that's sad at all. I usually check my RSS feed a few times a week and that has a smattering of webcomics in it that I follow. I don't follow many though. I don't know how you guys do it but I can't stand to read a longform comic a page at a time. You're all crazy! :D

My morning routine during the week is to sign into VGMCentral (my chatroom hangout of choice), check reddit, check Twitter, then put on The Daily Show, Colbert, Democracy Now! and any new Yogscast while I work. Once I run through those it's music or Netflix for the rest of the day.

Whats the history between the aldish and the cresce? which one started the war in the past and do they share the same religion?

Enh, the comic will get more into their older history later on.

Both countries are predominantly Gefendur but Cresce stresses the Sisters and Alderode the Brothers, essentially presenting opposite halves of the same coin. Coin halves that want to stick pointy things into each other.

I agree with the anon who wanted you to not trim dialogue! I like it how it is, and wouldn't you rather make new stuff that's really good than go back and redo old stuff? Plus, if you don't like the earlier art (why not?!) you'd just get upset doing it.

I suppose, but don't you ever look back at old things and just cringe to behold them? I'd like to be able to read through my comic without wanting to fall on a sword and die of shame D: But maybe laziness will win out as it so often does and I'll just leave the old stuff be.

What's this about cutting dialogue?! I find that idea appalling. Part of the fun of this comic is watching it evolve! Please, no takebacks! :(

We'll see :3

Why 'CasualVillain'?

Because it sounded pretty cool a decade or more ago. That domain is older than some of my readers :3

How big do dogs get? Cause that one's pretty huge.

That's about as big as they get, I'd say. Jacob's mama's pretty big boy, in't he? D'aaaawwwww.

How common are wrights? Like, as a % of the total population?

Ech, I dunno a percentage. They are pretty common though, since pymary reaches fingers into all kinds of careers. Every village is going to have a few, though they will probably only be basically trained and not very bright. A large town's going to have a few hundred - working in government offices, managing plods, managing weather, teaching, entertaining, crafting pymarics, working as constables, etc.

So, if Gefendur is a fairly standard pagan/polytheistic religion, what's Ssaelit like? Duane refered to "God" once, so I'm guessing its monotheistic? Why is it not allowed outside of Alderode?

It's monotheistic except not really. The being Duane identifies as his God is sort of supervisor over a vast array of lesser transcended humans who are all worthy of reverence and attention.

The Ssaelit faith doesn't get on with the Gefendur faith because the former has decreed that the gods of the latter are dead. That's going to stick in your craw if you're Gefendur. The Gefendur faith is also a very militant one. One of their prime tenets is stand with us or die. The days of the big holy wars are pretty much long done, but that's only because the Gefendur killed or converted everyone already. Even still, if you go around advertising that you're of a different faith, whether Mmatont, Ssaelit, or something more obscure, you are likely to be strung up or thrown in jail.

whats your method of updating? do you make a bunch of pages and then post em slowly over the weeks while you are working on pages further on? or do you work on the next page in between the days you dont post?

I maintain a sixty to seventy page buffer. You guys are reading pages I finished six months ago. I generally finish three pages every week to make up for the three pages I post, and the month off in-between chapters helps make up for when I post double or triple pages, or just have a busy week and can't finish enough.

Do you have a funny story about being caught/catching someone jerking off, the one time my mom comes in my room late and I'm in front of the laptop, pants undone, and hunch over quickly when i hear the door. Not sure she saw but that's suspicious as fuck

I have never had this happen, thankfully, but let me tell you something about mothers: they have no clue. Your mother probably doesn't even like to think about you having genitals. So she will not allow her brain to put any possible ideas or indications together that might lead to the possibility of her having nearly caught you playing with yourself. I wouldn't worry about it.

As for a story... well, my brother was giving a handjob to his boyfriend in his boyfriend's bedroom when his boyfriend's father walked in. My brother freaked the fuck out and - I shit you not - escaped through a window, leaving his cellphone behind. My mom had to call the boyfriend's parents and beg for the cellphone back because my brother was too afraid :)

But geez, man, lock your door next time :D

Hahah omg I just saw your Cris Ortega post on your twitter, there was a massive uproar a month or two back over her, she's stolen bits and pieces from so many artists, nearly all of them extremely well known. Can't believe she got away with it for so long

I think it's pretty hilarious, myself. It's not really a malicious act, just extraordinarily lazy and goofy. If you're going to go to all the time and trouble of painting the figure, paint the background yourself too!

But her art's really boring anyway. Ethereal same-faced digi-painted fantasy chicks in too much make-up staring into the camera. My least favourite genre.

>that feel when it's 11:50 and you want to go to bed, but you don't 'cause you know the next unsounded page will be up in 10 minutes

For you, I shall update a little early.

Where is all your online concept art/doodles that everybody keeps talking about? I confess that I have dug around the casualvillain directory, but I seem to be missing some.

Well, you could check my dA, there's stuff there both in the main gallery and in the scrap section. You could also check the Facebook group, that's where I stick the old incentive pictures.

what's the weirdest story idea you've had? or the weirdest part of any story you have written?

I plead the Fifth.

Do you prefer your gods to be human or inhuman? Or a mix?

I prefer my gods to summon Staypuft Marshmallow Men for my amusement.

No, no, go ahead and list the stats of your characters. The incentive makes me want to make this into an RPG. What is Sette's speed, exactly?

My characters don't actually have stats, I was kind of joking ;) They were from freeform RP, number-free. You've seen Sette in action, she's pretty damn fast. Over nine-thousand at least!

Is Sharteshane controlled quite tightly by the king, or is central authority weak?

I think it's easy to infer from the strength of the gangs and even the strength of the Eye that the King is a very distant authority. It's been a pretty corrupt and distracted dynasty for the past few centuries, more concerned with court life and intercoastal spats with the Aldish than with making sure everyone down south has enough to eat. Sharteshanian cities are kind of miserable places. The fishing villages, vineyards, and farms aren't too bad though, I'd live in one of them.

Do not go back and sneakily trim dialog! That would be AWFUL! D:

Many would disagree with you :D

Are there Aldish classes that are particularly clumsy as wrights?

The Copper are notoriously crappy wrights. Cliched Aldish joke: How many Coppers does it take to light a candle? Fifty-one; one to spark the wick, fifty to rebuild the house.

Can you tell us how Elka is as a wright?

Wouldn't you rather wait and see her get into a scrap with someone?

Has anyone tried to be Sette's boyfriend? Or girlfriend?

None are so foolhardy.

If senet beasts can't reproduce where did the baby mountain ogre that became Uaid come from? Perhaps a giant senet stork.

XD Baby senet beasts stay babies. They don't grow up. That ogre's been that age since the beginning of the world.

Are there different combat specialisations for wrights or does it all kind of come together? Speed is really important in wright combat, right?

Speed is very important. Unless you're a tacit caster your opponent can hear your spells as you're casting them, predicting what's coming and acting accordingly before you've even finished. So the faster you are - both physically and mentally - the better. Every martial wright has a specialization but they don't break down into hard and fast schools. You really want to find maneuvers that interest you and practice them and get awesome at them. Make your own specialization, just like other warriors who choose a weapon and practise with it until they are unbeatable.

Duane is very awesome and able to amass large amount of Aspect at a time, and keep a lot of different Aspects straight in his head, allowing him to do complex spellwork that normally requires a pymaric. But he's not that fast and he's a bit too analytical for his own good. Quigley, on the other hand, has problems with more than a few Aspects at once, but he's fast like lightnin' and, as a Plat, the khert is super stable for him which makes him accurate like a boss.

Now I should stop before I start listing stats.

What about relationships that aren't heterosexual monogamy?

You're expected to work, marry, and make kids. Dalliances outside of those social responsibilities are frowned upon. Of course if you're rich, you can do whatever you like.

How exactly does Gefendur "love" twins? Is it a healthy love? Platonic adoration love? Creepy "I need an adult" love?

One day you shall see.

Can we see picture of vliegeng on the ranch??? I think they're so cute and creepy. I want a plushie of one!

I, too, would like a vliegeng plushie. I have no ranch pictures, alas. It may please you to know that when Lord Winalils was five he wanted to work on a vliegeng farm when he grew up and have a thousand vliegeng and rule the world with vliegeng.

Better question is, what's wrong with twins specifically? o.O

Oh, nothing. Twins are super special. Gefendur love twins.

"hunting out twins" - that sounds very death and stabby. Maybe its the word "hunting". If they don't kill them, then what do they do with them?

Some stuff :3

What happens to hoarders in Sharteshane?

Hoarding seems like a problem that mostly effects the modern western world. Something to do with consumer culture? I don't know that it would be an issue in many other societies.

If you want the nonserious answer though, Sette breaks into their house and takes all their shit, curing them. A month later she sends a bill for her psychiatric services.

I think work is starting to get to me - my fake laugh is becoming my real laugh. D: Has something like this happened to you?

No... I'm kind of one of those bitchy people who doesn't laugh at something if it's not funny. Try it! :D

Is Sette nervous in a room full of rocking chairs?


But why kill twins? They're cute D:

I did not say they were killed.

Does the state raise/breed vliegeng?

Yep. There's a facility in Grettaerin on the north coast where most all the domestic vliegeng come from.

Into your gullet whole? D:

Is chewing not a part of fellatio when you go about it? Well, that's just a choking hazard, anon.

How big do ships get and how heavily is naval capacity invested in by the nations of Kasslyne? Can you use pymary to construct a ship even if it can't aid it while you're out at sea? Can you manipulate winds in-land that will have effect at sea?

Ships get big. Think four-masted barques with a hundred or more forty pounders aboard. Cresce, Alderode, and Sharteshane have the largest naval forces, with Sharteshane outstripping the other two a fair bit. Sharteshane's navy is epic and they can almost always beat back Alderode if they start pushing too far south and fucking with their islands. Everyone is scared of Sharteshanian ships.

Your pymary questions... enh, it's just not done. Sailing ships in Kasslyne are pretty old school and not too different from how they used to work in our world. There are some differences, like dealing with the elements, but seamanship is seamanship.

Ooh, now I'm curious about courtship, too. How did Duane used to imagine his future, ideal Aldish courtship would go, when he was an idealistic young thing? And is that traditional for Aldish types?

Haha, you almost tricked me. I don't wanna talk about Duane's earlier life yet, you'll have to wait for the comic :)

Did you ever get to see what the inside of the hoarder's house looked like?

Yes. It was a place of misery and woe :( Looked just like those houses on the hoarder reality shows.

Do people get married in Unsounded world? Like, is hetero-monogomy the norm, with some Twins-religion ceremony binding people for life or some other marriage-equivalent?

Hetero-monogomy is most common but plural marriages are also common outside cities in Cresce, where matters of inheritance can make for sticky business. If a farming family has two sons or two daughters (you're not allowed more than two kids in Cresce), a new spouse is expected to marry them both.

Since gunpowder exists are there any wrights who swap the explodability out of it into random stuff? Exploding cigar, exploding firewood, exploding ham sandwhich?

This seems feasible, sure.

Fellate and eggroll? How deep can you take those things! o.O;;

Into my gullet and out the other end, anon :3

Are there anything like police in Sharteshane, or just the enforcers of various mobs?

Ech, there are kingsmen, which are like extremely violent cops stationed in every major city, but you can buy them off or avoid them pretty easily. The scariest force in Sharteshane if you like breaking the law is the Eye of Redemption. They are a passel of crazy Gefendur paladins that have permission from the palace to enforce "morality" on the populace, picking up where the kingsmen leave off. Not only do they not take kindly to standard pocket-picking and burglary, they take it upon themselves to keep Gefendur "pure." This mostly means burning heretics at the stake, hunting out twins, and making sure everyone goes to worship twice a week. Some of the Eye are nice enough, but the rest are some twisted, scary bastards who really dislike poor people.

I really dig the design of the Peaceguard. How did that come about?

I wanted something streamlined that wouldn't make me insane to draw, but something that was pretty distinct too (and that would contrast nicely with Aldish uniforms later on). I also didn't want them to look too threatening or "violent," since they're a peacekeeping diplomatic force. So nice gold-coloured breastplates, dapper sashes of different colours to denote rank, and a badge front and centre since they're cops. Pretty straightforward.

What kind of things do you get nightmares about?

Nothing too interesting. My dreams are cliched, they will never win an Oscar.

Have you ever owned a boat?

No, and I'm kind of torn up about it. I've always wanted my own sailboat.

Hooray for American Chinese cuisine! What is your favorite dish? Kung Po chicken for the world!

I love steamed dumplings, they are so hot and smushy.
I love lo mein with pork, noodly, greasy, and gushy.
For sweet and sour chicken I would swim Niagara Falls.
For now I'll fellate this eggroll, cup these sesame balls.
All this Chinese food has made my heart a ticking bomb
But this bothers me not, because OM NOM NOM NOM.

Do the people in Kasslyne think the world is flat?

No, that would be silly. They think it is a series of nested domes :3

What's your favorite cuisine?

Japanese is pretty great. So is Americanized Chinese.

Bottomless bags seem like they'd belong to a rather different class of "magic" than glamours, flight, or even teleportation; what kind of Aspects would have to be applied to the bottom of a bag to make this work? And where would one get them from?

Mary Poppins Aspect of course, silly anon. Located in generous amounts on Cherry Tree Lane, London, England.

Is it because the sea is constantly moving and it's very hard to get the measurements of things right over water?

This is good thinking, but nope.

How open are we talking about here? Also, freshwater or saltwater? If you take a vliegeng out over the open sea, will it just sorta fall out of the sky in a sad tangle of oversized tail?

Freshwater or salt, it matters not. Wrights have measured it out and the khert begins to go wobbly when stretched across any more than twenty feet of water, six feet deep. No one knows for sure, but the popular theory is that if the khert holds no dominion over the watery world and the creatures that inhabit it, there must be some other network or system that works in tandem with it and controls water. Otherwise, any terrestrial creatures would die as soon as they left shore, since all creatures require a connection to the khert to function. The khert is definitively landlocked.

How does pymary work on islands?

Same as it works on the mainland. It's only over open water that it stops working properly.

If gunpowder is present on ships, hasn't it been exported to land at all? Even with pymary being very common, it seems like cannon would still be of use...

I am sure there are cannons here and there on shore but I can't think of many applications where they'd be all that effective against a wright. They can't compete - they are stinky, dirty, loud, and slow, so they don't see wide use except in naval battles.

Bombs though, I can see a good old-fashioned bomb or stick of dynamite coming in handy. Sette needs a bomb.

Octopuses live no time at all, you're setting yourself up for heartbreak.

That's the point, anon. Then you get to make delicious takoyaki.

How many days are in a year in this world?

It's not standardized. The beginning of each season is measured against certain requirements. It's summer, Yerta's season, when the starflies start mating. It's winter, Tirna's season, when the first snow falls. And on and on.

How long are days in Unsounded world? Are they 24 hours too? Do they have 4 seasons?

4 seasons indeed, each named for one of the Twins. I'm going with the twenty-four hour standard too. Changing some things just feels like making them different for the sake of a difference.

How do couples traditionally court in Kasslyne?

Entirely depends upon where you live.

What was your most traumatic experience with a bug?

Every experience with a roach is traumatic, but last summer when my hoarder neighbours' house was being flipped after they'd been evicted, there were roaches FUCKING EVERYWHERE once the sun went down. They were everywhere but they were ESPECIALLY on my feet because they are fuckers and they know I hate them.

One night I was working at my desk and I turned around and saw one on my windowsill. I jumped up and grabbed the Raid and sprayed it but then I saw another one - a huge motherfucker, on the front of my white wicker dresser. I knew if I moved too fast it would scuttle off under the bed or my bookshelf and then I'd never find it and I'd have to sleep in another room that night. So I stood frozen, staring at it, the Raid poised in my hand like a stick of lit dynamite. I inched closer, biting my lip, until I was only a scant two feet away from it, ready to strike--!

But it was actually just a black bra strap hanging out from the drawer :3

What are some of the more popular holidays of the Gefendur and Ssaelit religions?

Treenahin is the big one if you're Gefendur; the midwinter holiday that every religion seems to have. There's no gift-giving but there's a big sacrifice and then everyone gets drunk for four days and eats a lot. It's in celebration of Yerta's pet fawn which... ech, it's a long story, but it's in celebration of the day Yerta first got the fawn. There are specific celebration days for each of the four gods, one every year in four year cycles.

Ssaelit (of which there are perhaps a twentieth as many as there are of Gefendur, don't get the wrong idea) don't celebrate the Gefendur gods, naturally. They celebrate the birthday of their own vaosa (like a patron saint) and then there's a lovely feast day to remember Ssael's victory in the Outside, which is a long story too, don't even ask.
are you going to publish this? I want to buy it!!

I'm publishing it right now! Online. What, you mean you didn't pay for access? I'm calling the police D:

what ethnicity are you? if you don't mind answering...

I'm white as a Moby concert.

Gunpowder is necessary on ships? Is there some sort of difficulty with using pymaric means of warfare on bodies of water?

Pymary stops working predictably over open bodies of water. Don't ask why~

Well there were like fifty whores in the Frummagem Den. I guess there are contraceptives in Kasslyne though?

Just coathangers.

If you could change one thing about the story as it has gone so far, what would it be?

I'd trim dialog :D I'll probably go back and do this one day, sneakily.

I get turned on when I'm angry, it's really weird. What should I do? :O

Begin fapping whenever someone starts an argument with you. You'll get the last word, every time.

Game of Thrones fan? (Books, TV show, same diff)

Woefully ignorant, I'm afraid.

Has anyone invented a gun yet?

Pymary renders gunpowder somewhat unnecessary except shipboard, in cannons, which is the only place you'll find it. The wrights of the world would never allow guns anyway, claiming it would put unwarranted power in the hands of the ignorant. There's already a lot of unhappiness over destructive pymarics being available to the general public instead of reserved for wrights and the military.

Is there a spell that makes people explode into gooey bits? It seems like you wouldn't need much else for magical warfare.

Explosions aren't too difficult. The problem is keeping the other guy from moving out of the way.

Any plant-like first materials? First material wheat, mayhap? I assume the first material creatures had to eat something other than themselves?

Most First Materials are from plants, but they're increasingly scarce. First Material plants and creatures (aka senet beasts) cannot reproduce. The story goes that they've been in the world since its beginning but they can't die (naturally) and they can't reproduce themselves. So since people started harvesting and hunting them for their valuable bits, they've been overall decreasing in number.

Your tumblr has many good things on it, the least of which is that DELICIOUS dumpling recipe omgah. My friend and I made some last week and hnnnnnn our mouths were drooling. Thank you ♥


squids or octopuses?

To eat? Octopus. To engage with romantically? Still octopus.

THIS is Glass-fucking-Shard. I'm here to fuck bitches and draw webcomics. And I'm all out of bitches.


Too late, I listened to Shrunkenone and now I'm compelled to spread the word! Glass-fucking-Shard is AWESOME. Also, do you ever do self-portraits?

I spent most of high school doing self-portraits. I went through some kind of insane Van Gogh period where I drew myself over and over in coloured pencil except in-between self-portraits I'd copy comic panels out of issues of Disney Afternoons and X-Men. Otherwise exactly like Van Gogh.

But I don't do self-portraits anymore, unless they're cartoony.

I give shrunkenone my sword. Listen to him, all! ;3


Is Sette her father's only child? That seems somewhat unlikely to me.

She's the only child of his that he acknowledges. Why do you assume he's a playa? Perhaps he is a pure and chaste gentleman.

Gah! Your scratch file has Matty trying to feed Chitz some... is it porridge? I am overdosing on the cuteness. *loves*

It's some of Iori's famous breakfast stew. Concept art for a later chapter :)

Then, if you have no self confidence, we'll do it for you. i invite your fans to join me! *ahems* "Bitches, THIS is Glass-fucking-Shard. And she's AWESOME! Also, thanks to the OP for coming up with that declaration! :)

Do not listen to this man.

Just wanted to let you know that that little portrait of your brother is absolutely awesome and I wish I could paint like that.

Thanks, brah.

How come Sette doesn't have a "nickname" name like "Nary-a-Care", "Stockyard", or "Knock-me-down"?

Oh, she has a few nicknames. They're just not very flattering :(

A Shartian thief-king sounds like a hereditary position. Why would anyone respect Sette's authoritah once her da kicks it? Would she have to fight for her seat?

These are good questions. They will be dealt with.

Who's the warrior lady with the bodacious ta-tas in the upper left of your scratch pic?

Her name's Knock-me-down Frummagem. Chapter 6. Be there.

Are you a fan of dubstep?

Yeah, I enjoy it in moderation. I listen to a lot of electronica during the day, mostly chiptunes, trance and ambient. I don't do much heavy bass though in general.

"Five year old with a crayon"? Puh-lease. You should just be like, bitches I'm Glass-fuckin'-shard and I am awesome. (Also, you gave a tumblr? :D)

I can't do that, I have no self-confidence D: And yeah, I have a tumblr. There's nothing good on it though, trust me.

Are there many atheists in the Unsounded world?

Quite the opposite. The Gefendur religion is very popular.

Guro fan?

Not hardcore. Just like a little goo. A smattering.

I'm trying. I'm trying really hard not to become a necrophiliac, but anytime I glimpse Duane's butt, my mind goes in all kinds of directions. Nng. There should be a law against dat fine, shriveled tail. Suggestions?

Have at it, champ

Duane finds himself in the body of some average Crescian guy for a day. Nobody will ever find out it was Duane and he knows it. What he does?

He would... appreciate the irony.

Ah, he'd probably enjoy being ALIVE and in a functioning body for most of the day. The fact it's a bit darker than he's used to really wouldn't compare to the fact he doesn't feel ravenous and frozen and horrible. I think he'd eat all the food and possibly solicit a prostitute.

Who were the original main characters in your Tanners comic? Also is that Jivi with hair in your scratch file. Love those sketches y u no post 2 ur tmblr

I fear you may have had an aneurysm towards the end of your question, seek medical help.

The original main character in Tanners was a fellow named Lawrence. He plays a big part in Unsounded but you won't meet him for a long time. There's also Jeremy, Midmolil, Blythe, Rebecca, and some antagonists I'd rather not mention. They're all still in Unsounded, but not for a while.

Jivi is not on that page... I hope you don't mean the doofy drawing of my doofy brother in the top right. Ah, I thought about posting it to tumblr since I went to the bother of saving out a jpg, but then I saw Tracy Butler had posted some sketches and NOPE. She makes me feel like a five year old with a crayon.

You said you do warmup art before working for the day. What kind of art do you do? Is it sketchy or more finished?

I dunno, I just let my hand wander. Here's a few layers from this week's scratch file

Why are Sharteshanians white while it seems everyone else on the lower continent is darker-hued? Are they of Aldish descent?

Actually, Kasslyne is predominately fair-skinned. But we won't be visiting most of its countries in this story. Cresce and Ulestry are territories that were conquered and populated by offshore settlers. I suppose it was a sort of reverse of what we've seen in our world's recent history. In Kasslyne's case, it was dark-skinned, offshore invaders that successfully routed fair-skinned locals.

Anyway, Sharteshane is mostly coastal so it's really a melting pot of ethnicities. You've only seen a few Shartes; you'll meet some of Sette's other countrymen who are quite tinted.

Favourite Gaga song? :)

A close tie between Teeth and Born This Way :)

Did you go to Ringling College of Art and Design?


What do you think of the 5-0?

You mean the cops? Hard to make a blanket statement. I've had good experiences and bad. You can't call all cops pigs anymore than you can honestly call all soldiers heroes. There are dicks in every organisation, and at the end of the day each force is mostly full of people just trying to do a decent job and make some money.

Getting a kind of Victorian vibe off the Aldish here. Would that be an approximate call to make on them?

Mmm, not toooo far off. I don't object to your vibe.

Do you make a lot of grand speeches IRL?

Nope. I hardly talk IRL. I save it all for the internet.

The way you describe Alderode, it sounds like everyone's trying to fuck everyone else over. It sounds like Sharteshane, but more "high-class and magic-y". However, Duane seems like a decent person. Is he an anomaly?

Hmm, Duane IS an uncommonly... kind and generous individual... but only if you're the right kind of person. He's a bit brutal and vengeful otherwise which aren't really traits I'd include within the label of "decency." I wouldn't say he's an anomaly though. He's actually a quintessential Aldishman: hates the right people, respects the right people, lives by a chivalrous gentleman's code. Y'see, two components are needed for a society to be really successfully awful - the people who fuck everyone over, and the people who acquiesce to and even approve of and defend the fucking. I suppose Duane is the latter type.

But, ya know, I may be biased because I've been writing him being a dick for the past fifty pages. His circumstances HAVE made him really desperate to focus on matters outside of himself, which results in a desperate need for philanthropy. Look at it askew, and that makes him a good guy (although he's no hero in my opinion, not yet). He may make his grand speeches but at the end of the day I think they're mostly so he's not left alone with his own thoughts.

How do you feel about the EU?

I feel it has not panned out as well as everyone had hoped it would :3 But at least we're all fucked together. Solidarity!

Do you use Apple computers? I heard it's impossible to do anything artistic without one, and I don't know enough about computers to find out for myself.

I dislike Macs a lot, but I was forced to use them quite a bit in college and at former places of employment. I worked in my college's IT department back when the campus was first switching over to OSX (this is how old I am) and wound up teaching a short UNIX workshop for my fellow employees. Anyway, there was a point in time when it could be argued that Macs ran Photoshop better and their Cinema Displays were the best LCD monitors around but those days are long past. These days anyone who tells you Macs are required for anything art-related are bullshitting you, or are fanboys.

So, when boys start learning pymary, do many of them want to create women? How hard would it be to do that?

I assume you mean make a woman that's somewhat tangible and you can interact with, like a summoned pymaric beast. It's pretty difficult. But you can go into certain pymaric shops and buy one so it's not like it's necessary to reinvent the wheel :)

The latest Midnight Tea Party story is almost too cute and sweet. Can I expect soul-crushing ghoulishness to come later?

Mmm, I'd listen to Habe on this one. He's being pretty truthful in his captions :)

Who's the 5000.s bounty on? Seems like an old one. Do bounties often see much return?

That one's not a bounty, it's a royal commission. You'll see the poster better another time, it's actually important in a later chapter. Setting bounties gets results! Makes bounty hunters pay attention and they're much more diabolical than the Peaceguard.

What do you think of Lieutenant LaForge? (did you know his VISOR screws into his temples~)

I never watched Star Trek but I think you're talking about LeVar Burton's character, yeah? I see him and think Reading Rainbow, always have :3

what exactly is sette saying in your last page?

"Fuck y'all, I don't even care."

Did you have a religious childhood? I went through a similar period but I'm pretty sure I can trace it back to being fucking terrified of the devil due to my Catholic roots. Got the same thing with zombies; really interested now, was terrified as a child.

I really didn't have a religious childhood. My mom and dad are those vague kind of self-identified American Christians who've never actually read the Bible and just sort of distantly believe if you do good things and aren't lazy, you'll get to go to heaven some day, but enh. My brothers and I were baptized Presbyterian but we went to a Catholic elementary school (and were charged more for not being the proper faith). I had to sit with the other weirdos in a special part of the church during Mass, which I think might have started me out on this odd path of really enjoying the study and observation of other religions from afar, but having no place in any of them. Anyway, we never went to church regularly. My brother is gay but there was never any big religious scandal in my (immediate) family when he came out. My parents are flexible.

I've read other places about really religious people remaining that way because they've been made to be so fucking terrified of some kind of boogeyman. I'm sorry D: It IS a pretty good racket though.

With what you've said about your characters I'm a bit nervous when I hear "brave and incorruptible" - it makes me hear funeral bells.


"Luke Skywalker types" - what about the brave, incorruptible Captain Toma?!

Haha, Toma is no Luke Skywalker. The man's thirty years old. He's seen shit. Brave and incorruptible though, these are true.

What kind of obsessing over the occult? Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, sort of thing? Are you religious or superstitious at all?

Obsessing as in reading and researching. I don't personally believe in any religions or superstitions (except I'm pretty sure all my action figures come to life and talk about me when I'm not in the room), no, but I lean towards solipsism, which in my mind means that for all intents and purposes, every philosophy, faith, or belief system that's ever existed has been absolutely true, so long as it least one person believed it fully. This makes all of it precious and worth study, even the lowliest, most ridiculous, and most hateful of beliefs. This is why I'm an atheist but not a militant atheist. My atheism is true for me but Joe-Bob's Baptist Megachurch is true for him, and Amber Moonchild's Wicca is true for her. Fatalistic atheistic solipsism. That's my creed.

But anyway, I read (past tense) a lot about alchemy, the Cabala, astrology, numerology, summoning demons; Francis Barrett, Crowley, Cavendish's book, that one on Witchcraft by the Italian... Compendium Maleficarum, I think. All of it very fascinating. I also used it in writing years ago, mostly in goofy ways when dealing with wizard and demon characters.

At least Sette's upfront about her failings, huh? I think grey characters often make a story more interesting. Tbh, I get the impression there will be no unflawed characters in your story? Jivi and Matty seem the best-natured but too timid and naive.

Jivi and Matty are kids so they're allowed to be less complex and conflicted than the adults. They're foils to Sette, but all three kids share the theme of having corrupt and criminal parents. I do like flawed characters. I like heroes you spend a lot of time being angry at. Not so fond of the Luke Skywalker types.

Uh, to put it nicely: "The best lack all conviction, while the worst / Are full of passionate intensity" This is an excuse to ask you if you like Yeats. Do you?

He was a flipping lunatic, so of course I love him. I wrote a paper on him in college and afterwards spent a few years obsessing mildly over the occult. He was a scary, brilliant fellow. Nice poems too.

What do you think of Michael DeForge?

My interest slides off of his art like a greased penguin skidding across a frozen lake.

Are there furries in Unsounded?

Unless you count Sette or the Two-Toes, newp.

Since Sette has shuch sharp teeth, and I doubt there's a large amount of oral hygiene available, I take it a bite from her could cause some nasty infections? I'd equate her to a Komodo Dragon, with many deadly bacteria that'll kill if she bites you. :P

They do say that humans have terribly toxic bites, much moreso than dogs or anything. So yeah, if Sette bit me I'd be dumping some alcohol on there pretty hastily.

"Culture shapes your world" - I know! I just was surprised because Duane is very likeable and compared to Sette, moral and upright so when he rants about the Crescians I tend to trust him. Then I notice what it is exactly he's complaining about and waiit

Haha, yeah, there's some cognitive dissonance going on there. I suppose I rather like that about his character. He has an excellent good heart - so good, that he's never thought to doubt or question what he's been taught all his life by the people he trusts and respects. I also love that it makes readers go o_O and no one knows who to trust and people bitch on forums about what a bad writer I am and how unclear and grey everything is. Love it!

Some lyrics from P!nk's "Please Don't Leave Me" remind me of Duane and Sette's relationship. Am I insane?

I was unfamiliar with this song but it's terrific! I love the video, it's twisted and wonderful. I agree with the Sette and Duane dynamic. Well done.

Any game in particular that he incentive is based on? Also it should be a canon strip for what happens next in the story.

I almost didn't draw this because the idea is so cute I thought I might want to use it in the story later. But no! We cannot let it be canon, anon, that is silly :3 Ahh, what game though? Let us name it HABERDASHERY DUEL X: THE HATTENING.

Does it annoy you that so many comments come from anons? Do you prefer us to actually posy with names?

Not at all, man. Do what feels good.

Does having her tail tied up and to the side unbalance or otherwise inconvenience Sette?

I think she's pretty used to it. She wouldn't go climbing any trees with it tied up though, she does depend on it for balance when doing fancy stuff.

Yeah, alcohol causes warm blood to rush to your skin, so the nerves there presume you're cozy, but that heat has to come from somewhere and that somewhere is your body core. You didn't need warm organs, right? 'Cause it all radiates right off you. Brrr.

This is extremely interesting. Do hobos know this? Quickly! To the streets! I shall distribute pamphlets!

Is Sette aware that drinking just makes you feel warm, while bleeding off a lot of your valuable body heat?

Hell, -I- wasn't aware of that. Is there nothing beautiful left in the world, anon?

Are there ever people who can see the khert without the aid of glasses or such? I'm playing with an idea that will probably never bear fruit, but still...

There are. It's one of those rare genetic abilities I mentioned a while ago.

What would happen if Sette's da somehow miraculously became a model citizen?

He IS a model citizen! If you live in Sharteshane :)

But I dunno what would happen. Sette would probably assume he'd gone crackers. It wouldn't be long before one of his lieutenants mercifully knifed him and then took over.

How much wine can Sette drink before she becomes totally trashed. You're previous responses make her sound like she drinks often, but i'm not sure that's what you're implying.

She hardly drinks at all, honestly, but the idea of her drunk makes me laugh. In RP she used to hang out at the local pub and sneak the abandoned drinks off the tables before the barkeep could clear them. Comic Sette mostly drinks during the winter to keep warm. I don't think it takes much to flatten her, she's pretty skinny.

Wow! How long did it take you to build the whole castle?

About a week. It wasn't the most awesome thing I've ever built because, if you've ever looked at this particular design you'll know it's crazy complex and all the instructions are in moonspeak, but it didn't turn out too bad and it was definitely the most elabourate papercraft I've done. Have you seen that lifesize papercraft Link? Crazy!

What would Sette do if she suddenly discovered that she had a very persistent and headstrong Lawfully good aligned voice in her head?

Apply more wine.

Could Sette even buy wine legally?

Sure, man.

I have a really bad craving for root beer right now. What's the last food or drink you had a craving for?

I could go for an orange.

Have you ever tried doing any papercrafts?

When I had a printer I did 'em all the time. You know that bigass Howl's Flying Castle model? I came, I saw, I folded, I came again.

What would Sette do if she suddenly woke up to find that she had a second head with a Lawful Good alignment? (Let's assume that the second head is just as "headstrong" as Sette and can't be intimidated easily.)

I think she'd punch it 'til it shut up. Works on her conscience! Then she'd go visit one of those seedy back alley surgeons. Then she'd sell the head, take the money and go buy a lot of wine because damn, what a day.

I would like to note that in the far future I would really appreciate seeing any sketches, particularly anatomical kind of things, of any critters from Unsounded - perhaps as voting incentives?


Think you might wanna do an Unsounded wallpaper one day? It doesn't have to be terribly complicated, I prefer something not too distracting as a wallpaper anyway. Perhaps just some neat drawings at the side or bottom?

I'd love to do wallpapers. I'm such a perfectionist though, the ideas I have would take me a while. I'm kind of working on a new index page graphic that could be turned into a nice wallpaper. We'll see what happens.

Addams > Munsters, right?

Of course! Here is a more controversial opinion:
Film>Comic Strip>TV series

"Life-size zombie action figure". Somewhere, a bell just went off in Sette's head.


What a coincidence, I once had the fancy of Murkoph + I can't decide video but decided it was too much work. Way too much. Question: Matty's "sight" wasn't enough to detect Sette going for the pymaric?

Chitz wasn't facing her - she came at it from the side. Chitz projects in a tunnel forward, so Matty has pretty much nil peripheral "vision."

Magpie Killjoy's "My Only Regret" and "My Darling Handsome" are good Murkoph songs too. You might have a hard time finding them though~

I love the creepiness. Never let up on the creepiness.


your thoughts on rice boy and order of tales?

I started reading Order of Tales once, it was really cool. Not sure why I didn't keep at it.

Why are all the creepy monsters and shiz from Alderode?

Short answer: because Alderode is fucked up. I mean, it really is a dysfunctional place.

But don't despair. Cresce has its share of really weird things as well. We will in upcoming Crescian chapters meet grebbers (which Alderode does not have), water witches (which Alderode does not have), and get to know a few Two-toes better (again, which Alderode does not have). Also, I think the Gefendur religion will freak people out when it's time to delve a little deeper, and that shiz is all over.

I don't know why I feel it's important that you understand the comic is ALL creepy but it is. It's ALL CREEPY.

What's the purpose of a double spine? You seem to like your snaky/eely things also, is that right? Vliegeng are kinda snaky.

The purpose of the double spine is it's grotesque and has all kinds of malformed limbs growing off it. If you want the mythological symbolism behind it, you'll have to wait for the comic to talk about them.

I do like snaky bodies! They are faster and easier to draw. I like them as design elements too. You can twine smoke eels all over the place and they just look cool, man.

Duane talks far too much to be a Vincent expy. He is a talky zombie. :X

Sette agrees. And there is something wrong and unnatural about talky zombies, damnit.

Couldn't "made a living brutally enforcing the whims of a fascist corporate-state" extent to Duane as well? Maybe not the corporate bit, but... Alderode's military?

Actually, you may have me there. I was-- I was testing you! :)

Do Vincent and Duane have alot in common?

Do you think so? Vincent is an emo, lovelorn, bitter, taciturn, "cool" loner in an ostentatious outfit who, before he was shot, made a living brutally enforcing the whims of a fascist corporate-state. Duane is a blustering, garrulous, occasionally ridiculous, patriotic pedant with an overblown and not entirely unbiased sense of justice who doesn't care what he looks like provided it doesn't make you too uncomfortable. They have a few superficial similarities but they're really quite different. And as one who knows Duane's entire history and origin, I can assure you he's different all the way back to preschool :)

I actually write for FFVII too, now and then. Did you ever write about Vincent? I imagine he'd be pretty good practice for a self-loathing, somewhat melodramatic undead guy with a cape and a hero complex. : )

Haha, yes, Vincent was always my favourite character :) I wrote two FFVII novels, and the second was all about him and Hojo; a sort of prequel to the game that took place when Zack and Cloud were in tubes in the mansion. It took Dirge of Cerberus to make me really dislike Vincent, Hojo, and FFVII, so thanks for that, Squeenix.

I'm guessing this'll be a spoiler, but do smoke-eels fall into the same category as etalarches?

I would call smoke eels monsters, so sure.

Are there other two-spined creatures (even nightmare ones)? I'm thinking of this in terms of Earth evolutionary trees; is that at all like your approach to making monsters? If not, how do you design them, and is it a goal to make them "realistic"?

Well, etalarches aren't natural creatures like Two-toes or giant dogs or even the vliegeng. They are unnatural monsters that are explained away by Kasslynians via Gefendur or Ssaelit mythology. So they get a pass and don't have to be realistic. Neither do the senet beasts, like the wand'ring root from the first chapter. They fall outside the order of things and though there's a rhyme and a reason to their design, they don't have to be all that feasible because they were created as-is, and did not have to evolve from anything else in existence.

When I set out to make monsters I almost always make them symbolic of something so they server a deeper purpose than to just pick a fight or look icky. For instance, the wand'ring root was designed specifically to show how toxic Duane and Sette's relationship is. They go into that valley, meet this lovely creature (granted it does try to eat Duane but eating corpses is what it does, and he gets out okay), and they poison and destroy the whole thing. The wand'ring root was empathetic, their vitriol turned it nasty, and Duane had to put it down.

Etalarches sound freakin scary! Are they from Alderode?

Originally, but everyone knows about them nowadays o_o

The more you talk about your fanfiction, the greater the urge to go to greater lengths to discover it. It's gotta be out there somewhere, right?

I think back in the day there were some sites that had some of the short stories archived, but that was a long time ago and I have no idea if they're still around. They're really not worth reading though. They're bad but not entertainingly bad. They ramble on and are unedited and poorly structured and just crap, man. Save yourself :)

What would the characters in Unsounded's theme tunes be? (I bet someone has asked you this before, sorry if they have.)

Yeah, it's been asked, but I can't remember what I said XD I don't have definitive songs but I like Scissor Sisters' I Can't Decide for Murkoph, and Un Dernier Verre by Beirut for Duane.

Are there any traditional fantasy monsters in Unsounded? You seem to have gone for intentionally different beasts what with the vliegeng and such. Any cockatrices, hydras or the like?

No, and you're right about that being intentional. The world feels more real to me if the beasties are original. You might hear characters TALK about dragons or kraken, but these aren't real critters in Unsounded anymore than they're real in our world. A real monster would be, for example, the water witches I talked about a few months ago, or an etalarche - a skinless, dual-spined, two-tailed beast that shuffles around in your nightmares with a giant glowing crow trapped in its exposed ribcage. Isn't that cooler than a dragon?

Huh. You wrote FFVII fanfiction?

Lots of it. Years and years ago I was mildly famous for my FFVII novels x_x I take no pride in this, I figure it was like being famous for accidentally farting on television or something.

Duane needs to get himself petrified.

Petrified bones would be convenient. Put tiny hinges and ball joints on everything and he might be nigh as maneuverable as a Revoltech figure. Life-size zombie action figure, that would be kind of awesome.

In the least awkward way possible, I really enjoyed your old fanfiction back in the day when I was a wee lass first starting out and I do very much wish I could read it again. Is it available online somewhere?

It is not. But don't despair. You may remember those old stories fondly but if you read them again now you would wonder what in Midgar you were smoking when you enjoyed them the first time around. They were some of my first attempts at writing -anything- and they show. Let them moulder in their cyber graves :)

I've been silently following your formspring for a while now, and I have a question. You said earlier that Duane went crazy for the first couple years of his undead life, how was he able to find new, glass, eyes before his old ones were ruined?

There are many questions that can be asked about how Duane got to be what he is, and how he's survived for so long. You'll have to wait for the comic to answer them :)

How do you stay motivated?

I never have a problem staying motivated to work on my comic. That's my favourite activity to engage in. Getting motivated to do paying work, that can sometimes be a challenge. I like to do solid prep work beforehand, that can get me in the mood. Gather reference if it's needed, look up similar artwork for inspiration, measure out dimensions, set up templates, etc. It's minor, mindless stuff that can make the task ahead seem less daunting, and also get my brain fired up and thinking in a different direction.

Ah, rereading archives I just noticed the title page of chapter 4 explains why Duane is so disoriented. At night he becomes insensate and Sette drags him along for a few more hours of travel he's not aware of. Missing all that sleep can't be good for her!

Well done, well done.

Have you based characters off any real people you know?

I have recently redesigned two characters to better match the ages of my niece and nephew, so when they grow up they can show my comic to uninterested people and say HEY THAT'S ME WASN'T MY AUNT WEIRD??

I once RPed a horrid vassalich monster whom I named after an illustration professor I had in college. Such a motherfucker, I can't even.

Are Duane's eyes enchanted in any special ways?

They are glass eyes and they are pymarics. They are so very enchanted.

How much would Ephsephin's hat be worth on the black market?

*intense stare*

Are boobs uncomfortable? I have a gut and I find it really uncomfortable. But then I think to myself that boobs are basically two mini-guts hanging from your chest, and I don't hear women complain about them. Maybe I need a gut bra?

I loathe boobs. Mine are obnoxiously big. They are like floppy, horrible tumors. If I had the money I would have them sliced off.

But there's no real point in complaining about them. There's no realistic way to get rid of them! You can at least lose weight. I'm stuck with these things forevah :(

But no, no gut bra for you. Lay off the junk food and soda, work out, and lose weight. You'll be healthier and live longer and have a better chance of scoring pu-tang (or pu-wang, if that's your fancy).

Who is the last friend you made?

I made a small snow golem out of two snow blocks and a pumpkin. Together we shall rule the world.

How much would Sette be worth on the black market?

Free to a good home. Or a bad home. Please, just take her. I'll pay YOU.

How much would Duane be worth on the black market?

two dollah

I remember you saying we wouldn't get to the other continents in -this- story... so, does that mean you have other things planned? Spin-off(s), maybe?

None that take place on the other continents :)

So Matty's name is Mathis Quigley the....2nd? 3rd?

Just Mathis Quigley, thank you.

Also fellow nail biter that originally asked the question, but... you do chew them thoroughly, r-right?

Naturally :)

Do outsiders ever get into Alderode? If so, are they treated as part of a caste?

Alderode's borders are closed, I'm afraid. If you manage to get in and are caught, you're either imprisoned, killed, or deported.

Why the strong interest in politics?

Everyone should have a strong interest in politics! D: Formspring asked some political question a few weeks ago, and I swear half the responses were from kids (mostly girls) saying they didn't pay any attention. Damnit!

Can you arrange it so that "Yakety Sax" plays in the background for the next few pages? Seems like it will be appropriate.

Brilliance :3

Will you ever draw any panels that show us what the world looks like through Matty's perspective, Quigley's perspective (when he has his khert-seeing glasses activated), or maybe even Duane's perspective?


Has anyone tried to use pymary on the atomic level? Could someone create the equivalent of an atom bomb?

The atom's not been discovered yet :)

Are there any really cool 'wonders of the world' in Kasslyne?

Surely. The first one that comes to mind is the Temple of Song in Durlyne (in Alderode). It's an enormous Ssaelit temple hand-carved a millenia ago into a towering natural spire of stone. It's gorgeous, but what's most wondrous is that when the winds roar at its highest elevation, they play music in the carved rafters. Ssaelit oracles listen to the melodies and sing prophesies.

What's the most Sette's ever stolen at once?

I want to write a short comic someday about this very subject. So let's leave it a mystery for now :)

How much would Chitz actually be worth? How do wrights tell if something's a first material or not?

First Materials aren't connected to the khert in the traditional way. This keeps the khert from washing away and clearing up any pymary placed upon them, which is why they're crucial for forming enchanted pymarics. You can't tell this at a glance though, even a wright needs some enchantment or object that allows them to view the khert and the material.

How much is Chitz worth? The copper inside is worth a fair amount on the black market. Enchanted as-is, Chitz as a pymaric is really only worth anything to Matty. Another blind person couldn't use him, he was crafted specifically for him.

What do you think of the Occupy Wall Street protests that are going on?

I'm not there so I can't speak definitively, but they are somewhat short-sighted. They are all brimming with youthful enthusiasm and hippy sentiment, but is anyone planning for the long-term? Wealth disparity, a collapsing middle class, a thoroughly dirty and defunct government; one-thousand and one issues that add up to the proverbial red, white, and blue dick up the ass. This protest cannot be like the Arab Spring. We don't have a single dictator or even army to rally against. We have a whole class, an entire financial system, entire branches of government that are against us. There's no one person to throw rocks at.

Change is either going to come bloodily - and I mean that literally - or it's going to come via a long term hijacking and renewal of the system. That means establishing a new political party and finding new, truly Progressive candidates to represent it. It's a lot of hard work, planning, and sacrifice. It's not just setting up tents on Wall Street.

But these protests are a good start. They need to go national, grow in scale, and try to establish a few solid demands. It'll be exciting to see if it bears fruit. Roll out Mademoiselle Guillotine!

Do you keep up with what's happening in the Batman comics? If so, what do you think of Damian Wayne?

Don't read 'em, man, sorry.

I guess I made an assumption that because Plats seem to be disadvantaged they are probably more restricted in terms of mobility, marriage options, etc. than other classes so genetic stagnation would be more likely. Is that very wrong?

Every class is restricted in their mobility and marriage options, so it's not just Plats. The major problem Plats have is they don't live long and their career options are limited because it's assumed there's no point educating and training Plats, or letting them become invested in any organisations, because they die on you. They are wastes of time.

I am biting my fingers to keep from typing more, because it edges into territory I wanna save for the comic.

Is Matty named after his father?


Have you been/do you go to Renfairs?

If I have money and someone to go with. There's a pretty good local one every spring. I don't dress up or anything but I find them more enjoyable than comic or anime conventions. I'm a nerd.

Oh, also they kind of -look- frail, y'know?


I remember something about Plats having a fairly closed genetic pool, so it seemed logical that if they have one prevalent disorder they might well suffer from more than one. Like how Amish closed communities have certain prevalent disorders.

Ahh, clever boy. But you must remember every class in Alderode is forced to only reproduce within itself, so this idea could be used for everyone. The problem with Plats is they essentially are dealing with the side effects of albinism and of whatever it is about them physically that so shortens their lives. Their insides age too rapidly and it effects them in adverse ways, so you have teenagers contracting cancers normally seen in eighty year olds and otherwise young men with the lungs of centenarians. It's kind of creepy.

Why wouldn't evolution have weeded them significant problems outta tha' plats? (Is there evolution...)

Because humans have broken natural selection. We're at the top of the food chain and we support our weakest, sickest members instead of letting them naturally die off and better the gene pool. Anyway, Plats are frail and have physical problems but that doesn't stop them from reproducing and living their lives. They just deal with their issues and have a societal structure in place that helps them do that.

So if for whatever reason Quigley didn't have his glasses screwed into his skull, would his poor sight adversely affect his ability to cast spells due to his inability to see how far away, what angle, etc. etc. something was?

Yep. Just like if you took the glasses off any marksman.

The way you draw Sette seems to change between when she's casual and ridiculous and, with these most recent pages, serious. Was that a conscious choice? Could you say why you do it? (I love it mind you, but I am curious)

Yeah. I'm like that with most characters, I'd say. Artistic license :) I had lengthy, soul-sounding arguments with myself long ago about whether or not to have chibi moments in the comic. I decided against it, but I still let styles shift depending on the tone of the scene.

My style is always fighting with itself though. Big loli anime eyes have nothing to do with the shape of the skull. The moment you tilt the head up or down, you have to put the anime eyes backseat to the shape of the skull, which makes a character immediately start looking more grounded and less cartoony. It's a thing.

I'm the spitting person again, today she did a particularly spray-like spit that caused me to paused and look at my arm - she actually noticed and was immediately apologetic. I'm glad except I'm sure she'll just continue (why are bosses that way??)

I don't know, but they are. I never want to be anyone's boss. I would become a jerk-off. It is the Law of Things.

Either the James Bond villain, Jaws; or that Venture Bros. villain, Baron Von Unterbite. ;P

Ah, so.

When (I assume in the far, far future) Unsounded comes to a conclusion, would you consider putting these documents up for browsing? Or are they sacred/do you have other conceptual projects they would ruin?

I suppose they could go in an artbook, at the end. That's so far off though it makes me giggle to even think about it ;)

What would Sharteshanian (sp?) hipsters be like?

They would only steal from foreigners because local currency is just too popular.

You say Plats are genetically predisposed to poor vision. Does this mean that Mathis' and Matty's poor and nonexistent sight, respectively, stem from the same underlying problem?

No, Matty lost his sight during a traumatic incident, but if he'd had better eyes to begin with he might still have some vision remaining. I suppose the underlying weakness kind of exacerbated the injury. His mom wore specs too so he was damned to have bad eyes, completely blind or not, poor little dude.

Are plats fairly ridden with genetic weaknesses?

How'd you guess? :( They often have bad eyesight, poor constitutions, lung problems, cancers. Frail folk.

What do you think about all these gender issues that have come up concerning DC's new books?

Ya know, superhero comics are an artform. It's popular art meant to entertain and distract, but it's still art. If the creators feel like writing sluts and dressing them like strippers, they don't have to censor their intentions to make anyone feel better. And if a person doesn't like this they damn well don't have to buy the books.

Art is always a reflection of the environment in which it's produced. You don't censor the art in order to change the environment - you change the environment to change the art. Sexism is alive and well in the western world but bullying it out of superhero comics isn't the first step to changing that. When you try, particularly when you don't really understand anything about superheroes, you produce a lot of negative feelings and a lot of bitterness.

So, I've been informed by a local hobo that the local bums think that because of my paleness, how I move, and my 'aura', that I'm a vampire, and they're watching me. Has anyone ever started weird rumors about you?

None that weren't true.


Do you have a word document where you keep all this lore, or is it all stored in your head?

Some of it's in my head, most of it's in documents. I have a big old five-thousand year Kasslyne timeline written out, info on all the Aldish classes, a diagram of how Cresce operates politically and economically, a list of all the Aldish kings until they changed political systems, blah blah blah. Shit like the brow ports though, that's just in my head (though not literally, which is a shame, because I'd like to screw stuff into my skull).

Is poor eyesight genetically common amongst Plats?


The confluence of glasses-ports and hipster glasses...

You wouldn't understand.

May we see an example of Old Tainish?

Not yet D: I'm trying to make the calligraphy cooler.

Quig's glasses are part of his skull? Doesn't that make it terribly awkward to wash his face properly?

Nah. Brow piercings are really popular up north. Two tiny silver ports are drilled into the skull above the brow. Jewelry, spectacles, headpieces are screwed into the ports. If you look at the painted page of hoodless ugly Duane you can see the two tiny ports in his forehead. So Quigley's glasses just attach to the tiny ports above his left eye. I would sketch a diagram for you but I'm on my netbook at the moment.

Does Matty know how Chitz was created? If so, what does he think about the process?

Matty has a rough idea. Matty knows, though, that Chitz is the difference between his being a nuisance to his father, and being a completely unmanageable burden, so he didn't raise too much of a fuss when the idea of creating an expensive sight aid was brought up.

So if you need to specify velocity and direction and other programming variables in a spell, but you need glasses, and some brat with a big stick knocks those off, how good are you gonna be at being able to see those things to specify them in the spell?

You can't knock off Quigley's glasses without really hurting him. They're drilled into his skull :3

Materia? Really?


What's your favorite Metroidvania game that actually exists, then? SotN?

Tied with Super Metroid, yes.

What's your favorite fictional system of magic other than your own?

Final Fantasy VII's and Vagrant Story's :3

My boss has the extremely unfortunate habit of spitting when she talks, so much so that after a meeting I have to leave to discretely wash my arm. How would you feel about it if this was you. :(

Try to stand further away from her during conversations D: Why is she spitting on your arm specifically? Is this splashback from your attempts to fend her off? Wear a rain slicker!

Has Quigley ever killed a Two-Toes?

It's not beyond the realm of possibilities.

What is the best thing?

To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

"This here is a real bargain. A real live parakeet fer only fifty gold sem! This one here is Flopsy; I named 'im meself! What? It ain't a stoopid name! Yer stoopid cuz yer blind! Yeah it is kinda limp but Limpy was a lame name, y'know?"


Duck-Duane looks fucking badass!

He'll quack your shit up.

So you like Lady Gaga? :D

I do! I don't like most of her lyrics because she tends to sing about the most obnoxious and superficial bullshit, but can't deny dem beats or dat 'tude.

Do you think an Unsounded forum could be made one day? We know you're really busy being AWESOME and providing the nourishing pages that get us through the day, so you can probably just let us collaborate on something if you so choose. Whatever works best.

If someone felt like making one and hosting it, I wouldn't have any problem with that. I'm not sure there's demand enough for one though. I know Unsounded has a topic on the tvtropes forum, so if you're super desperate you can go check that out.
Man, it makes me so sad that Quigs and Sette are fighting in that panel. How come they can't be broz4lyfe?

Maybe they will be some day. Don't lose heart!

What's the most anxious you've ever been?

Surely back when I worked at a certain company that used to make me absolutely insane.

Have you played Demon's Souls?


Have you ever heard of a game called King of Dragon Pass? It's not very interesting, but it does have a tribe of duck people - as in Disney-style duck people - in it. They amusingly give you a game-over invasion if you bother them too much.

I am intrigued.

Did Duane do stupid things in wright school?

Not so much. He was very intent on learning how to be awesome and the best at all things. He was one of THOSE kids.

Oh my god, I am excited for the events in the comic over the next few weeks. Are you excited for it too?

Well, I was excited for it back when I drew the pages six months ago :3 It IS some pretty good mayhem though, I hope you enjoy it.

Have you read the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck?

Of course. Don Rosa for the win. I used to be a huuuuge Disney nerd, with a particular fondness for the ducks. I never got a chance to go apeshit on formspring over the Boom Studios DWD series but there was much shit, and it was all ape.

Vote incentive! Draw Matty with an "attack hat".

Ooh, I like this.

Your lethal height momentum answer made me imagine tween wrights playing bouncy castle... I wish I could art enough to make this so. Would a young student get up to nonsense, or are they taught syntax until all joy is bleached from them?

Kids are going to be kids whether they're learning pymary or arithmetic. But they're not going to go very far in their chosen fields if they don't buckle down and learn all they need to.

Kasslyne appears to be considerably advanced over your more typical fantasy world in some areas. How long have factories been around?

Society on Kasslyne is very old and has been through a few different eras of progress and regression. At the moment, what factories there are have been around a few centuries.

I believe that the correct answer to the "If the Aldish police police police police, who polices the Aldish police police?" question was "Fuck the police."

There you go.

Are Chitz's buttons imbued with somebody/something's aspect of sight? If so, what poor creature was struck blind to provide Matty with a modicum of "sight"?

Chitz doesn't see so much as he echolocates like a Two-toe, and sends raw shape imagery run through a few filters to Matty's brain. Matty only sees a monochromatic vista of rounded off shapes, like untextured, badly rendered CG. I'll let you guess what creature was sacrificed to put Chitz together.

Have you entered any of your art into contests or had it presented in galleries? In Grand Rapids, MI there is a huge art contest going on called ArtPrize. While the chances of winning are slim, I think it'd be a great way to get your name out there!


Do bats even exist in Kasslyne? Bruce Wayne would have to take on the mantle of Starflyman or Vliegengman or something. Or maybe even Giant Corgiman.

GIANT CORGIMAN. The hero Kasslyne deserves.

Hey GlassShard, how do you type with boxing gloves on?

Use your toes.

Why would Blacktongues make themselves stand out so much with the mouth tattoos when Blacktonguery is so illegal? I mean, I guess it's intimidating, but don't they ever just want to zip out to Wal-Mart for some milk or something without causing a fuss?

The thing with many members of the organisation is they are arrogant, over-educated, bull-headed badasses. They WANT to be standing in the line at Wal-mart with their frosty half-gallon of soy milk and for you to catch a flash of tattoo on their tongue and for you to lose your shit. This is how they spend their Saturdays.

Also, they have to have the tattoos. Part of what the group is all about. There are reasons for this I shan't tell you right now.

ULTIMATE CHALLENGE TIME! Let's say you could only choose one of these options: 1) Unsounded is made into a video game of any genre of your choosing, or 2) Unsounded is made into an animated feature film by any studio of your choosing. Which do you take?

Oh, the video game easily. I can cheat, y'see. Video games can have animated cutscenes (even Studio Ghibli has animated cutscenes for games)and fully orchestrated soundtracks and professionally produced voiceover. If I could combine the expensive presentation of a triple A title with the gameplay if the world's best Metroidvania, that, my friend, would be the beast I would unleash unto the world.

Do you have any suggestion or tips for someone who is trying to come up with a good magic system?

Consistency is important. If you make a rule, stick to the rule unless you have a good reason for breaking it. Don't use the four elements. They are done to death. Mages should always wear cloaks, this is a cosmic law. Stray from cliches except for the cliches that work.

Yesterday, there was no internet at school and I couldn't read Unsounded that day until I got home. A Monday couldn't have been any more bleak. Oh, right, question...What's the coldest weather you've been in?

It was a particularly harsh Connecticut winter. I only lived there a year and had been a Floridian all my life, so my body was not ready. I remember a guy took me out to this really posh Japanese restaurant and afterwards, at night, we were walking around some of the shops. There was snow on the ground and all I had on was a denim jacket. I eventually got so cold I couldn't talk anymore, haha. But the food was really good, and then he took me to his place and we played a leaked pre-release copy of DOOM3.

Vote incentive! Draw Sette as a dog! :D

Yiff in hell, furf--- I mean, I'm afraid this does not interest me :3

You enjoy drawing parallels between Duane and dogs, don't you? I gotta admit, I'm loving it. :3

Woof :3

Has Sette actually killed anyone ever before. Aside from that poor pet rat.

She's never directly killed anyone, no.

And why are the Blacktongues called Blacktongues?

Because they have black tongues. Part of initiation is to have almost your entire mouth tattoo'd.

Concerning the questions about crossovers, since you don't seem satisfied with some already mentioned, then what would you personally like to see crossed-over with Unsounded?

I can't really think of anything, man. Sorry for being boring :(

Has your body ever expelled a snot-fetus?


I've embarassing quantity of formspring'd answers of yours, but I found no information on this. What are, or what do people think are, Blacktongues? Cara seemed to imply they were helpful, but ohman creepy outfits prejudice me.

Everyone knows who the Blacktongues are. Or they think they know. The Blacktongues are a shadowy international organisation that has dedicated themselves to taking pymary beyond the bounds that government has restricted it to. They find human ingenuity and human endeavour more important in scope than any taboo, public safety concerns, or religion. They want the kherts of all countries opened up for exploration and they want frivolous pursuits done away with. They are all about scholarship, societal advancement, and breakin' da law.

In effect, this has made them associated with many things in popular Kasslynian culture, most prominently necromancy. See, Blacktongues make almost all the pymaric breakthroughs, and though they start out illegal, sometimes these spells prove so useful and wonderful that governments eventually work them into the khert and claim creator rights. This is how plods came about.

Every government says the Blacktongues are dangerous criminals, and if a member is unfortunate enough to be brought into custody he's likely never again to see the light of day. But every government also has a keen interest in what the organisation is working on every quarter, so it's a strange relationship they have going on.

Do the internal organs of Two-toes have any neat redundancies, properties, organs, etc.?

The coolest thing biologically about Two-toes is their echolocation ability. They have these high-pitched screeches, like bats, and deposits of fat in their head like dolphins that catch the returning soundwaves so they can get their bearings in the dark. They also have a great sense of smell. As for the rest of their insides though, I'm not sure. I'm no biologist :)

How did humans find the Two-Toes underground in the first place?

A terramancy experiment gone awry at a magery. Tore the ground open. Night fell, the smoke cleared, and people above looked into the rift to find it GLOWING.

Don't eat the toadstools, Cope. Or the daisies.


What was the esoteric art the Two-toes had? Spoilers?

Honestly? I haven't developed it yet. I just know they have it. I know it lacks the verbal component that pymary has and may be entirely gesture based and to do with combining components. Could be potionry. I've always rather liked potions.

"Spells were sometimes called's freaking silly anyway, isn't it?" No, it isn't. In Finnish mythology that's the way spells/magic was done. To control something, you had to sing its origin. And then there were the shaman singing battles.

That does sound cool, I'll have to read about that. You must admit it would be difficult to make it work in a comic though.

What's your favorite Advance Wars/Castlevania game on the DS? I've played all the games of the former series on it but only Portrait of Ruin of the latter.

Days of Ruin is the best Advance Wars. It had a pretty grim and entertaining story and it fixes the CO powers which were kinda broken in the first DS title. Castlevania-wise, Order of Ecclesia is easily my fave game. I love it nearly as much as Symphony of the Night which is a lot of love. You've GOT to play it. The boss fights are MAGNIFICENT. And though it's a CV title and so light on story, the characters are still really bold and awesome and all the dialog is good. The voice clips during battle add a lot of characterization and are just plain fun. Ayami Kojima didn't do the character art but unlike in Portrait of Ruin and Dawn of Sorrow they didn't stick generic animu art in there instead. I dunno the artist's name but he did some fantastic stuff. Gotta play it, anon, it's da best.

So you're a big fan of mushrooms? Do you pick your own?

Sometimes toadstools pop up in my backyard. Do you think they're safe to eat?

Are there Two-toes who continue to fight human oppression as guerillas or anything?

I don't believe so. The bulk of the aggression between the two groups was a number of decades ago. The remaining Two-toes are just a sad minority now. Perhaps if a lizard champion rose up to lead them! but one has not yet come forward.

Can two-toes use pymary? (Apologies if this question has already been asked.) It seems like a two-toe would want to glamour itself into a human shape if it could.

Two-toes have an esoteric art that utilizes manipulation of the khert, but they don't generally practise pymary, no. They have problems speaking Tainish correctly - their mouths simply aren't designed to make the right sounds - so unless they have surgery to shorten their tongues and give them something more like lips, they can't speak the words required to cast the spells.

Is there any pymary that's cast through singing? In other words, will we ever see the Unsounded equivalent of "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo"?

lol in RP our magic system had a musical component. Spells were sometimes called spellsongs and wrights were expected to train in singing as they trained in spellcasting. This worked pretty fun in prose but there's no real way to carry it over to a comic and it's freaking silly anyway, isn't it?

If there was a procedure that would return Duane to his living body but permanently disconnect him from the khert, would he go through with it?

Absolutely. Well, so long as it didn't seem like some kind of trick or something that might damn him completely. He'd be pretty suspicious.

Do you have a DS? Can you recommend things for it?

My DS pissed me off today but okay. I recommend the Castlevanias mostly, they're the primary reason I ever bought a DS. Other than those I guess Advance Wars, Elite Beat Agents, um... Sugoku...

I play my PSP much more often :)

Do you have a goofy, bad movie that you like anyway?

Popeye :3 Also The Haunting and Kevin Costner's Robin Hood. I'm sure there are a thousand more but these are at the front of my brain at the moment.

How's your pancreas doing?

Pretty good these days.

Have you ever played or heard of VVVVVV?


Heard of it, played it, beat it. Very enjoyable little thing.

What about the Two-toes makes people(except those from Alderode) hate them so much and treat them like shit?

In a nutshell, Two-toes made the mistake of having something humans wanted. The lizards were lords and protectors of vast underground ecosystems located miles beneath the crust and full of verdant bioluminescent fungal forests, oceans, and mines. The extent of their extractable resources was mind-blowing, but the lizards, when humans came across them, were hostile and had no interest in trade. So the humans gassed them and took their shit.

This began a very protracted series of massacres - mostly of lizards, but lizards would sometimes make their way to the surface and set fire to human cities, kill lots of children and livestock, poison wells, etc. The Two-toe massacres happened underground, out of sight of the human public, and all the humans knew was that these extremely hostile, weird, smelly, foreign reptiles were raiding their homes and slaughtering their most vulnerable. So opinions soured pretty fast.

Underground lizards are almost entirely extinct these days and the survivors have had to adapt to the surface. It's not easy for them. Lizards have bad eyesight, they're terrifically short, they're built for digging and leaping rather than running and fighting. They're easy to make fun of and hate and mistrust. Most countries have laws about where they can live, what limited rights they have, what kind of work they can do, but it's overall a sorry situation.

I was just reading through the archive and saw you'd be a comp sci major in another life. I'm a male comp sci major floundering in the endless pool of learning that is "art". Am I the parallel universe version of you?

Considering that you apparently loathe mushrooms, this may indeed be the case, Bizarro-Me.

My 2 year old niece has enough patience to make it through most of My Neighbor Totoro, which makes me really happy. I plan on exposing her to all the Ghibli movies. Is there anything you want/have exposed your niece and nephew to?

Good on ya. My niece likes Ponyo and Laputa. Totoro was a bit slow for her and most of the other Ghibli films are a bit old for her (she's only three). I want to one day expose both of them to awesome things like classic Muppets and great eighties movies like The Goonies and Return to Oz. Probably this will never happen though because they're moving a few hours away from me, but it would have been nice.

What's your definition of a 'mall brat'?

Brats who hang out at the mall. This is possibly a regional thing. Mall brats aren't outdoorsy types so they're never at the beach. Their parents don't love them so they don't have money for the movies. They spend their lives in the foodcourt at the mall or camped in the manga aisle of a bookstore. I really dislike them.

"Magic" in Naruto is mostly cast through hand seals. There's little internal logic to that, either. Spitting a small fireball takes about 20 hand seals. The main villain's ability to raise and control legendary ninja zombies takes, like, one.

And that's fine, honestly. Not every creator and certainly not every reader gives a good goddamn about explaining their systems. That's cool. You don't have to have this whole backend to every metaphysical action your characters take if you don't feel like designing that backend. At the end of the day it's all just nicely worded bullshit anyway, and fun, entertainment, and badassery should come first..

Buuut the question was about a crossover. And I wouldn't want my system-restricted characters going up against characters whose abilities have no real rules or limits. No fun, no fun, no fun.

Thanks for the Naruto info :)

What's the most annoying sound in nature?

My niece on sugar.

I think you're trying to throw me off of my conspiracy theory, but it won't work. Chitz is Matty. Chitz sees all.

Perhaps. But he can't then turn around and gossip about it :)

omg I didn't know Chitz could talk. Mind = blown.

Chitz can't talk D: I knew I should have moved that fucking word balloon tail arrrrrgh.

Oh my God. I absolutely HAVE to see a scene where Duane steals the edge off an arrow in flight. Just think of how awesome that is. Just think.

I'll draw it for you sometime. I need to work on a character for chapter six who has a wrist-mounted bowgun anyway.

can you point me in the direction of you're aldish diagram, I think it's called know your aldish?

I wish I'd done a better job on this.

What kind of Unsounded crossover would you love to see? I foretell inevitable Harry Potter crossovers in the future (and probably Naruto). :P

I loooove Harry Potter but I haaaaaate the magic in it. It has zip internal logic and zzzzip guidelines. I wouldn't want a crossover with it just 'cause the wizards are totally HAX and would savage my characters by screaming Latin at them. I don't know enough about Naruto. It belongs in this nebulous Pokemon/DBZ/CCS/SailorMoon area at the back of my brain; anime for mall brats (no offense if you are a mall brat).

Oh, so a vilegeng isn't what came out of the glass bottle starfish broke open and tried to sick on Duane? I thought that creature was, like, an element or a spirit or something non-tangible.

Nah, it was a completely constructed pymaric critter. Some specialist wright designed it, pieced it together Aspect by Aspect, and stuck the whole spell into that pymaric. There are lots of summon pymarics and the creatures inside can look like damn near anything.

What is something in our world (not technologically different from Kasslyne) that the people in Kasslyne would be truly offended/disgusted by? Anything?

The first thing that comes to mind is how the western world structures families now. These days both parents work, kids go to daycare, great-grandparents go into homes, and the extended family is located all over the place and God knows where. Most societies in Kasslyne are structured around families staying together and supporting each other. The idea of daycares and nursing homes would probably creep out and disgust most Kasslynians.

What academic subject do you wish you were better at?

I wish I was better at all of it. I've forgotten so much from my school days. I've been trying to think up a way to engage in more recreational mathematics.

So you are totally my hero right now up until forever. I wanted to tell you that, instead of creating a shrine to your brilliance. :P One day, I want to get your autograph. :D

Aww <3 I haven't done anything very heroic though! I just draw a doofy comic.

I want to know about your axes. Favorite memories? Worst memores?

I tried to use an ax once to savage some wood. I chinned myself, bit my tongue, and fell down. I will never be a lumberjack.

Would any situation where Duane actually needs to rip the edge off an arrow (say, someone shooting at Sette) automatically make it a bad day and rob him of his ability to do so?

A bad day for you maybe. For Duane, it would be a Tuesday.

What political issue is most important to you?

Campaign finance reform.

If I mail you a sketchbook could you draw in all the pages then send it back to me? Also sign it please.

I will do this for one-thousand United States dollars.

Are Duane or Bastion badass enough to steal the edges off arrows that are in motion?


If he's having a good day, Duane is :3

Glenn Beck is so cool and smart! Are you a fan too? I love that you gave him a cameo in your comic!

I'm glad you like him too! He's one of my favourite comedians!

Is the crazy guy on p. 47, Chapter 4 the Glenn Beck cameo you mentioned some months back?

*cough* Yes. I wasn't entirely serious about that though, ya know :)

You changed your name origin answer! I'm on to you! Your roleplay section of is closed because of hassle? Perhaps there is some other delicious steak story there?

Hoho! No, I just gave the short answer.

The roleplay board is closed because the game was finished and everyone moved on :)

I want to know about your exes. Favorite memories? Worst memories?


Where did you come up with the name GlassShard/ShardGlass?

Well, it should be GlassShard but some wanker on dA had already taken it. Blah. When I first got online as a kid it was through AOL. I needed a handle and didn't want one with numbers in it, so I just kept trying word combinations until one worked. Et voila.

Is vilegeng racing a real thing? Can you bet on this?

I'm sure it exists in some form or another but gambling is illegal in Alderode :3

Is Chitz gonna kill one of us?

He's hidden the Black Spot in someone's Bible. I hope you don't find it o_o

Couldn't Duane just knick some recently dead person's stomach, magic it to function, and then sate his hunger? Or doesn't it work like that?

Years ago when he was very crazy and desperate, he tried something like this. Didn't work :/

Could someone remove the aspect of gravity from around them, causing themselves to float? And then maybe use some aspect sent behind them to cause velocity, and voila, flight?

You're not too far off from what wrights do in order to get off the ground. Some carefully applied momentum will indeed get you airborne. The problem with maintaining that is humans aren't all that aerodynamic. We don't have any wings or tail feathers to steer ourselves so you either plummet like a rock, speed upwards until you suffocate high up in the air, or crash very embarrassingly into something solid. The thing to do is combine pymary with aeronautics and make yourself a glider. You do run into the problem of creating an endless momentum to draw from, but it's doable.

Gravity isn't an aspect though, it's a law. You'd need to change the way gravity works upon you by swapping weight with something else.

D...does Matty's plush see all? I think I feel my soul being damaged.

Chitz sees you. Chitz sees all that you are. Chitz knows what you did last summer.

You've probably answered this long ago, but, er, what ARE vilegeng? I know what they look like and they're magicky, but now you're talking about them eating real trees-- I thought they only existed on the khert plane, or something?

A vliegeng is just a critter of the world. The Aldish army uses them as mounts and carriers. They are only "magicky" in that they have specialized spectral appendages that let them skate along the khert lines and "fly." Otherwise they're just big smelly animals with ugly faces and rhino hides.

Sette needs a theif butler. That is all.

But then, but then, but then wouldn't the thief butler thieve all of her things? You have not thought this through.

And Moby Dick was ONLY a whale. These are the albino metaphysics of the forest, Glass. Gosh. Anyway. Did the noses in Escaflowne ever get to you? The seem... very Pinocchio in nature.

I think... they did at first. I don't really remember, I first watched it so long ago D: But after a few episodes I was pretty chill with the designs. Yuki Nobuteru has a pretty brilliant, classic anime style. He did the designs in Chrono Cross and Lodoss Wars too.


Ahh! They're only trees! D:

Let me guess... Sette would prefer an action-y game, like GTA or inFamous?

Nah, I don't think she'd like video games at all. Or television. Stuff on a screen has no smell plus you have to sit down to partake? It would seem very fake and boring.

It wouldn't hold Sette's attention for five minutes. Duane would spend weeks building replicas of cathedrals and sophisticated piston-driven machinery. The zombies and skeletons would offend him though so he'd play on Peaceful.

It wouldn't hold Sette's attention for five minutes. Duane would spend weeks building replicas of cathedrals and sophisticated piston-driven machinery. The zombies and skeletons would offend him though so he'd play on Peaceful.

What do vliegeng like to eat?

Vliegeng are omnivores and garbage disposals. They'll eat damn near anything but whales and frost giants are their favourites. See those flat, blunt teeth? On the northern shores of the continent there are vast forests of trees called frost giants. These enormous trees protect themselves in the winter months by secreting moisture that quick freezes around them into a thin, protective ice barrier. It gets pretty thick and impenetrable as winter progresses, but vliegeng can crunch their ways through it and munch up the tree needles. They also like to hunt blue whales. They'll gang up on them and beach them and then tear them open.

More domestic vliegeng eat grain and whole goats and old dogs and pigs. Vliegeng are expensive to kept fed.

What would you do with a giant stone hand?

Give it to Uaid so he looks more threatening.

Your painting of Bastion as a kid was really cool, though he seemed totally different. Would you put that down to the style, or was he really majorly different as a child?

Most people are different as children than they are as adults, no?

It's difficult to gauge personality based on one illustration though... unless you just mean Bastion looked physically different as a kid in which case yeah, I guess I use a more cartoony style when I draw kids than when I draw adults.

A lot of stuff happened between that time period and when you see grown-up Bastion. Bastion's nearly forty-five at this point (I know he doesn't look it, his class ages differently) and he's the sort of man that always has to be DOING something. He's been everywhere, explored everything, read everything, known everyone. He left home at fourteen, abandoning his father's expectations for him and all of his responsibilities. He's cracked open pymary, made the Window very nervous, won the scorn of his elders and the envy of his peers. He hates big and he loves big. He's lost big and he's won big. I guess that, yeah, there are whole continents and oceans separating adult Bastion from the goofy vliegeng enthusiast in that illustration.

What happiness has money bought you?

None! I'm poor and unhappy :D But if I had more money I'd pay off my bills, pay off my brothers' bills, buy you a pizza, and be pretty damn ecstatic.

Can money buy happiness?

Yes. Sorry, poorfags, but it can.

Ever thought of painting acrylic stuff and selling it on the side? I bet you could auction off a badass Sette portrait for a cintiq.

I can live without a Cintiq, I'm pretty used to my Intuos. Must say, though, you overestimate my value if you think I can get two grand for a painting :)

How was your Talk like a Pirate Day?


Since Sette has a lion tail by her own admissions, is she then capable of falling victim to that old adage, "curiosity killed the cat?" This question came to me after reading today's awesome update.

I suppose everyone's susceptible to that adage :) I suspect it more likely that outside parties grow very curious about said lion tail and wind up losing their throats when they pry too close.

Does it feel like Monday to you? It doesn't feel like Monday to me. In fact, it feels a bit like I worked all Tuesday morning, and here it's Sunday night.

Yeah, it feels pretty Monday to me, mostly because the house is empty and all my doofy news shows are on :3

I woke up this morning to a baby chewing on my butt. o.O What's the second weirdest way you've ever woken up?

If anything's going to chew on you, a toothless baby's probably best.

Second weirdest way I've woken up... Uh, well, a boyfriend once farted so horribly that the stench woke me up. I wanted to scrape out the insides of my nostrils with goddamned nail files.

Ok, about Sette's voice. NOT her accent. The voice alone, do you have one for her in your head when you write out her dialogue? Is there anyone out ther, actress or character in media, that has the pitch & tone you imagine Sette to have? And if so, who?

Have you ever seen a movie called The Butcher Boy? The main character, though a boy, gets squeaky and incoherent when he's in a temper just like I imagine Sette does. He can go soft and lovely and innocent one moment, and the next be cursing you in a squeaking, rasping, expletive-ridden fiery tirade. Pitch and tone, he's a good match for her, though I'm not saying the accent is right.

Have you succumbed to the amazing addictive addictiveness that is

I have heard tales of the addictive properties of TVTropes, but I am apparently immune to its charms. It's very interesting and all but reddit is the real time-waster in my life D:

Hey! I'm a baldy mc bald bald, and I enjoy the smooth feeling of a bare scalp! Is that so wrong? ;.;

Depends on how good you look with hair :3

Could one steal the aspect of soft fuzziness off of Toma's head for a distractingly pleasurable attack?

But then Toma would be Baldy McBald Bald D:

Could one steal the aspect of many, many sharp things...say a entire quiver of arrows and launch them as one attack? With the appropriate momentum, of course.

Certainly. You don't really need to steal the edges off weapons though. Some of the most devastating attacks can come from stealing the edges off a few square feet of grass blades or half a tree full of leaves. Condense that aspect and you have a frigging cleaver, man.

Can wrights steal sharpness aspects on the fly, like if they suddenly realize they're being shot at? Or is it the kind of thing only really good ones can get away with? Would a wright need to redirect the sharpness into something else immediately?

t's very difficult and sometimes downright impossible to steal aspects off materials in motion. So you won't often see wrights ninja-ing the edges off arrows. In pymary, you don't just tell the spell, "Oi, give me the edge off that arrow." You tell the spell, "Give me the edge off that steel located at x, y, z from my right hand." If the khert then goes to do that and there's no steel located at x, y, z from your right hand, you get either a failed spell or a backlash of energy to the face. If you think you can gauge where an arrow in motion is going to be in space by the time you finish your spell, and those are the coordinates you give, you are badass indeed. Much easier to just create a shield or MOVE. Or try diplomacy! No one tries diplomacy.

And how much did Sette actually take in?

She took in enough, nosy face.

I seriously recommend the books, then (Lord of the Rings). I've only read the Hobbit after that, though, and I'm not much of a fan. On that note, are there elves in Kasslyne? And are there ways to get to other worlds from Kasslyne?

No elves in Kasslyne. And no ways to get to other worlds, if there are other worlds at all in the setting. In RP we used some Planescape elements to allow characters from different settings to hop around but I haven't carried those over to the comic.

Are there giant labradors?

Why the hell not, I say.

What's yer poison?


Alcohol or tobacco?

I don't do much drinking for serious, but definitely alcohol. Tobacco is pretty frigging nasty.

What do you think about your future?

It's gonna be cold, it's gonna be grey, and it's gonna last me for the rest of my life.

Do you have any opinions on Walter Tevis?

I am woefully ignorant of the man.

How much is Sette expected to earn? Or was, before she left?

She's lowest on the totem pole so she has to fork over sixty percent of everything she takes in. It's a tiered system, so the more experienced and valuable clansmen pay far less.

Are there other mafia-like families in Sharteshane?

There are. Each one has hacked out (often literally) a piece of the country for itself.

What subject is/would Duane be worst at?


I bought Moby Dick yesterday, so prepare to geek out! Are you a Lord of the Rings fan?

I like the movies! I have never read the books though. I hope you enjoy The Whale :)

Could a wright steal the piercing aspect from an arrow and effectively shoot someone with it?

You can design a piercing attack from any source of sharpness. Comes down to the shape you give the purloined sharpness aspect and the amount of momentum you use to cast the shot. Arrowheads aren't immune to having their sharpness stolen.

What do you do to relax when you're hugely tense and agitated but don't know why?

I drink profusely and beat children.

How is Sette at math?

Pretty good. It's kind of a survival skill in her line of work. You owe Nary a certain percentage of your earnings every month and if you don't keep your own records, his (crooked) bookkeepers will keep them for you.

Would you eat a two-toe?

I'd eat goddamn anything.

Yeah, I wouldn't mind having a Two-Toes for thanksgiving instead of a turkey.

Do two-toes eat people?

One does for certain.

Do people eat two-twoes?

I don't believe so. Do they look delicious?

Is the anti-Two-toes stuff (like in today's comic) just world-building details, or is it a commentary? Should I feel bad for liking characters who are apparently on some level specist jerks?

If you couldn't like anyone because they are directly or (their society makes them) indirectly a jerk, you, well, couldn't like anyone. There is racism and oppression of minorities to some level and sadism and self-obsession in every society on the planet, no getting around it.

What sort of use do giant turtles have?

Historic records tell us that giant tortoises are FUCKING DELICIOUS. Giant tortoises are so delicious in fact that it took three-hundred years for a specimen to make it back to Great Britain and get its own scientific name, because sailors kept eating them on the way. I saw this on an episode of QI and decided immediately that Unsounded needed giant tortoises.

Anyway, Two-toes think tortoises are sacred animals and believe the only safe place for their babies to sleep is inside tortoise shells. It's a thing.

Giant turtles! Why do you keep making my dreams come true?

Secret to great world-building: take cool things, make them bigger and/or add a tail.

Do I spy giant turtles in pens in the first panel of today's comic?

You do.

Do you like dog meat? I actually prefer it to pork.

I've never (knowingly)eaten dog meat. We don't eat dog much here in the States.

Do you like pets?

Pets are nice. They are probably environmentally irresponsible but fuck nature, it needs to man up. Nature came up with Cordyceps and tigers, it's really gone soft since then.

Given how big dogs are in Unsounded, is beastality with them about as common as it is in our world wiith horses?

Bestiality with horses is common in our world? Buddy, you gotta move out of Alabama.

If Sette doesn't have a bellybutton, was she born from an egg? She's not part lion, she's part gryphon, isn't she?

Maybe I should give her golden animu wings.

And beyond that ocean? o_o

Moar ocean o_o

Seriously, there are other continents but we'll never go to them in this story. Let us leave them be.

What will we do with a drunken sailor?

Put him in the longboat 'til he's sober. Duh.

What's, say, south of Cresce or north of Alderode?

Ocean o_o

Are there any wolves in the world of Unsounded? If yes, how big are they?

Slightly larger than they are in our world. The domesticated dogs in Unsounded are so big because they've been bred that way.

Can the khert be damaged? Is it the kind of thing routinely absorbed and reset by the khert's undulations, or is there a possibility of permanent/severe damage as well? I'm not even gonna ask about the Dammakhert, I know you won't answer :P

Yes, it's very possible to severely damage the khert in any given area. It's not hard to do either, it mostly happens when you give the network more to clean up than it can handle. A damaged khert means no pymary until it's repaired. In the meantime, natural processes in the area go a bit wonky - things age or don't age at the proper rate, things float, things melt, chickens lay eggs with baby lizards inside them. Imagine a buggy computer program.

I suppose "do you know how awesome you are" is a silly question. Do you outline the chapters in like a word document before inking them, or do you outline in a comic form? And why did you choose the particular page format?

Bah, I feel totally unawesome today.

I write everything out in script form in Google Docs. I have the first eleven chapters scripted at the moment. There are sections in there where it switches to prose, mostly for scenes where the mood is really important, or where I couldn't quite work out how to write clinically about more surreal or bizarre happenings.

I think most comic writers use scripts. Dialogue is important to me so I like to have the breathing room of a blank document. I know some other writer-artists just thumbnail the whole thing and then make up dialogue as they do the art but that would drive me nuts.

I feel the Plat caricature is a pretty good representation of Quigley. He wears spectacles to correct that terrible wall-eyed condition, yes?


If so, at least Matty didn't inherit it.

Aaaah, so Duane is now kussen.

I guess in a way of speaking? But not really.

If Quigs' glasses are drilled to his forehead, how did he take them off and clean them in that scene where he kicks Starfish's ass?

There's a catch that releases them from the ports if you press it. Hoho.

Re: Spitting - I'm at a desk in front of a computer and she leans over my right side to look at the monitor during our meetings :(


It's all and well that you like Lady Gaga - she makes us due to the power of the Illuminati. But what other bands/singers do you listen to? Anything 'indie' we might not know? I myself love to rock out to old school Nightwish and Within Temptation.

Old school Nightwish and Within Temptation are pretty rockin', girl. Indie shit... how about Magpie Killjoy. "My Darling Handsome" is one of Murkoph's favourite songs. Or there's The Corsairs, whose CDs you could only buy at Ren Fests. Pretty damn indie. They do my favourite versions of a lot of folk songs and sea chanties. How about my friends Tim and Amanda who write music? They're awesome but you probably haven't heard of them *hipster glasses*

Hmm, through pymary, or other methods, are contacts available? We've seen the magic equivalent of bionic limbs. Can eyes be replaced much the same way? What other body parts can be replaced? Non sexual, I mean. One's jaw, perhaps?

Nope, no contacts. And sure, body parts other than arms can be replaced so long as the mechanical equivalent required is technologically feasible. A jaw, sure. Are you thinking of that James Bond villain? :3

How would Duane, Toma and Quigley each answer the question "What is best in life?"

Duane: "Into this world, bloodied by trial and circumstance, we drop squalling into the arms of the only one who will ever love us unconditionally. From those arms we pass to the embrace of wife and wedlock; an intertwining of arms and hearts into which new little lives are pressed, child by child, like flower petals in an endless book. A man shields and is shielded by his family. To be without a family is to be a flailed thing - a failed thing - stumbling naked through a storm of thorns. In this life, family is what is best."

Toma: "I never knew what I wanted out of life. I remember waking up as a boy, looking out the giant window behind my headboard, and seeing not the same vista of farmland and mountains everyone else saw but a big empty eye expecting me to stare back and sing out dreams to it. I never had any dreams, I don't work that way. I needed... someone else to tell me what to dream about. So I found Service. Do this for this person in this amount of time. And how satisfying! To have a goal for an hour or a day at a time and to struggle towards it, and to be appreciated by every person whose life you touch and leave bettered behind you. Maybe that's not a dream but it's something there when dreaming is over and it's time to roll out of bed. I'll take it."

Quigley: "Knowing - knowing the truth. Knowing the truth and rejecting it and killing liars. That is best."

Has Quigley killed two of every animal?


Remember when you posted that preview page to /tg? That was so rad. You should do that here to your loyal formspring followers ^_____^

How about a preview panel.

Would Sette sell a dead parakeet to a blind kid?

Yes -_-

What's your favorite photo?

What do you find so appealing about Metroidvania gameplay?

It's got it all, baby. There's a tremendous exploration aspect, there's combat that rewards timing, accuracy, and pattern recognition instead of mindless button-mashing. There's the gratification of a leveling system without the neurosis-inducing tedium of assigning stats. 2D graphics are more forgiving than 3D - I'd rather see lazy 2D graphics with a few palette swaps than lazy 3D graphics with clipping and polygon holes and low res textures, ugh.

"What's that, Commissioner Toma? Starfish is molesting the entire city?!? Great Scott! Come, Starfly! To the Giant Corgimobile!" Now imagine Adam West voicing that.

I'm lol'ing soooo haaaaard.

Fuck the police. You know what you should draw Sette as? A badass take no prisoners mouthy /duck/.

No need.

Can we see you type with your toes? Or, really, just your toes? >:)

There are photos of my toes on the internet. Find 'em, Holmes.

Monochromatic, rounded off shapes? orta the way they showed Dardevil 'seeing' in the Ben Affleck film?

Possibly? I haven't seen it.

Can YOU type with your toes?

Very slowly.

Are you listening to music right now? I know you've listed lost of soundtracks, but what are your favorite not-soundtrack artists?

At the moment I'm listening to last night's Colbert Report while I colour comic pages, actually. Favourite artists... The Decemberists, Coldplay, Explosions in the Sky, Beirut, Judy Collins, John Denver, Lady Gaga, Zola Jesus, Rilo Kiley... stuff I'm not remembering...

Ooh, I can attach photos to answers now. Thank you, formspring.

Hm... in a face-off between Sette and Starfish, who would be more ferocious?

Sette has dem teeth. She is built for ferociousness.

In regards to pymary, is there anything to stop a person stealing, say, the flesh aspect of someone's limbs to incapacitate them? Or from their vital organs in order to kill them? It's brutal, but it seems it'd be more efficient than firing edges at them.

You can't affect other wrights' physical forms. Learning to defend against such attacks and cement your own aspects is one of the first things a wright learns. Working excessive pymary against laymen is dishonourable, and not everyone in the world is a villain who doesn't care about their personal reputation. Finally, most of the spells you might imagine are illegal. So there are a lot of safeguards against those kinds of cheap and deadly tactics. If there weren't I can't imagine that pymary would ever have developed as it has - it would be too brutal.

That isn't to say personal physical pymaric attacks aren't possible, but it takes a certain kind of person to do them. You need someone who doesn't care about breaking the law, who doesn't care about potentially permanently crippling or even killing their target, who doesn't care about what people think of him, and who is clever and resourceful enough to learn the alternate school of pymary that will allow him to cast spells forbidden or nonexistent in the main branch..

How did Sette travel so long with Duane before she ever asked his name, or he ever told?

I was hoping it would indicate Sette didn't give a good goddamn about who Duane is or how he got that way. Most people, if traveling with a talking corpse, would be really curious about them and have all kinds of questions. But Sette's more interested in the mission at hand and what the zombie can do for her. It taking weeks before she even cares to get a name out of him is evidence of it. Or it's dumb. I'm sorry if it's dumb.

I thought about starting the comic in Sharteshane with introductions, or even starting the comic right as the journey begins. But I just couldn't imagine the two of them talking much the first few weeks, and I knew that nothing exciting happened until they came across the Wand'ring Root. So I started things in media res and hoped for the best.

If the Aldish police police police police, who polices the Aldish police police? Aldish police police police police police police? What about in Cresce? Do Crescian police police police police police police? Who polices them?

Ages since I've heard from you and this is what you show up with? LuDucks, this is unacceptable.

What would Bruce Wayne be in Kasslyne?

I suppose he could still be the goddamned Batman. I guess his utility belt would be stuffed with awesome pymarics.

I will look up Order of Ecclesia, thanks. Have you played Infinite Space?

I have not.

Have you ever read The Jungle by Upton Sinclair? I've been reading it for school and I've never sobbed this hard; it's so depressing.

The Jungle is very depressing and perhaps a little maudlin, but Upton's heart was in the right place.

Are you a bad enough dude to save the Queen?

On me way!

Are you a synesthete? Do you think any of your characters would be?

I don't think I am. I'm not sure any characters are either.

Are there any poses/expressions/body parts that you struggle to draw each and every time?

Anything sexy. None of my characters seem to have any interest in sex appeal.

Can two-toes use pymary? (Apologies if this question has already been asked.) It seems like a two-toe would want to glamour itself into a human shape if it could.

Two-toes have an esoteric art that utilizes manipulation of the khert, but they don't generally practise pymary, no. They have problems speaking Tainish correctly - their mouths simply aren't designed to make the right sounds - so unless they have surgery to shorten their tongues and give them something more like lips, they can't speak the words required to cast the spells.

Does a bear Chitz in the woods?

Hush, you.

Were you bullied in high school? What were you friends like?

I was not bullied in high school strangely enough. I suppose I attribute that to the arts program, which ensured a good quarter of the school was populated by artist, musician, and theatre nerds. I had a motley collection of friends. There was one girl who was creepily obsessed with model horses. We carpooled every morning for a long time. Another girl had purple hair and a face full of piercings and all of Ranma 1/2 fansubbed on VHS and I thought she was SO COOL. There was my art rival, a Ukrainian kid who made awesome robot sculptures out of matteboard. My best friend towards the end is someone I still associate with in that distant Facebook/Twitter way, so I can't talk shit about her in case she sees :3

I tell ya, I remember all my art teachers really well. A good art teacher is a joy forever.

Is Sette a bad enough dude to save the president?

I don't think you understand. Sette is with the ninjas.

What kind of student were you in highschool?

Straight A's, NHS member, took all the college credit classes, ate lunch in the art room. Total bore. I was in a special visual arts program so I got to have art classes for three hours a day. High school was good times for me.

Ooooh! Next vote incentive, Sette getting punched in the teeth! :D

Considering how sharp those teeth are, that would probably really hurt both parties.

When I save up one thousand dollars, I'm sending you the biggest sketchbook I can find, I hope you know. :P I'll send you the money all in quarters. :D

Woo! Gumball machine money!

What kind of Unsounded crossover would you love to see? I foretell inevitable Harry Potter crossovers in the future (and probably Naruto). :P

I loooove Harry Potter but I haaaaaate the magic in it. It has zip internal logic and zzzzip guidelines. I wouldn't want a crossover with it just 'cause the wizards are totally HAX and would savage my characters by screaming Latin at them. I don't know enough about Naruto. It belongs in this nebulous Pokemon/DBZ/CCS/SailorMoon area at the back of my brain; anime for mall brats (no offense if you are a mall brat).

Oh, so a vilegeng isn't what came out of the glass bottle starfish broke open and tried to sick on Duane? I thought that creature was, like, an element or a spirit or something non-tangible.

Nah, it was a completely constructed pymaric critter. Some specialist wright designed it, pieced it together Aspect by Aspect, and stuck the whole spell into that pymaric. There are lots of summon pymarics and the creatures inside can look like damn near anything.

Is Bastion in socioeconomically typical of other Jets?

Not really. Bastion's is kind of a complicated case, but he's of noble birth, and every class has within it a few ancient families of high station and profound influence. One thing I will say about classes because I already see this assumption happening, is that they have nothing to do with how much money you or your family have. The least of the classes can be some of the wealthiest, most beloved people in the country, while the most "privileged" of the classes can be living out of the gutter. We're not talking about the Indian caste system here or anything. Class demarcation has to do with something else, and you'll learn a bit more about that before the chapter's out, I promise.

What is the worst Aldish class to be in your opinion?

The worst class is the seventh class, the non-class called the Declined, or kussen. This is what's done to you when you become someone else's enslaved property. In Aldish culture and according to Aldish law, you're not a person anymore at this point, just a commodity.

Was Duane a gold class?

Keeep scrolling.

If you were born Aldish, what class would you like to be?

Scroll down.

Whenever I see the word "Tanners" I think of Full House. =(

Yeah, I used to get that a lot. One reason it's not called Tanners anymore :)

So if Copper is the class to be, I assume some classes are placed higher than the others? How are each of the classes treated in Aldish society? Also, is it forbidden to internarry between classes?

A lot of this stuff you'll have to wait for the story to talk about, man, I'm sorry :)

Which Unsounded character would you most appreciate as a stripper? I think Starfish in nipple tassels is an excellent choice.

Starfish is a good one. Bastion would be pretty great. Good body, pretty face, and he's kind of a smartass so he'd get into it.

What's your favorite art piece that you've created?

That painting of Murkoph sitting on the gravestone with the jars of organs at his feet. To this day I can look at it without cringing. In most other older illustrations I see a thousand things wrong and can only regard them out of the furthest corner of my eye without wanting to delete them utterly from reality. (I'm weird)

Zelda fan? Skyward Sword?

Link to the Past fan. Never played another Zelda game that could hold my interest longer than a few hours. It didn't help that I never had a Nintendo system beyond an SNES. Oh, wait, I did play through Minish Cap. That was fun.

Fellow nail biter! Do you swallow the nail bits, or spit them? No, not making a sexual innuendo. :P


I chew them up and swallow them *sob* No one is going to like me anymore.

Do you bite your nails?

Like a mofo. I have boy fingers. I can't stand long nails.

Does Quigs ever wish Matty was as tough and manly as he is? That boy needs to grow a nice, thick coat of platinum-colored hair on his chest.


what are some of the other genetic deficiencies that plats have? are they adept at magic though? because I remember jivi being immediately hopefull that matty could magically break them out of their cage when he first saw that he was a plat.

Yep, Plats are excellent wrights. This is what most Plats do for a living. They learn the arts as children and then often wind up in the military or working for the government as cops, trackers - any job where you need someone naturally fast, accurate, and powerful.

What are the disorders of the other classes, or is that too spoilery??

Let's wait on this one.

do you consider your comic unsounded to be an anime? please dont consider it to be an anime...

Well, it's not an anime. It's not animated. But I'm not going to deny taking influence from anime and manga. There's nothing wrong with that, don't be a hater :)

Are you always physically the class of your parents? Are the classes based upon regional lines?

Yes. Kind of.

Fan of Monster Hunter?

Fan of monster hunting. Not sure what Monster Hunter is.

For one of my Human civilizations, I have a fictional sort of flatbread called "Dabo" that they use for the basis of all of their meals, and just add shit onto it as they desire. This allows for lot of variety. You give good advice! Keep up the good work!

*thumbs up*

The skull ports are probably one of the oddest, most interesting things I've ever heard of in a story. Tell us more. What did Duane use his for?

Aldish wrights traditionally get the little ports their last year of school and then can wear awesome eyepieces that represent their Alma Mater, their career, their favourite opera stars, etc... or they can buy and wear spectacles that no one can knock off them. Quigley's specs, when activated, let him see the khert, so they are extremely useful in a fight and not just because he's blind as a bat.

Duane had a small silver piece above his eye that had a stone in it indicative of the unit he served in, with a shape that denoted his current rank and station of 8th Motadwe. The head of the Ssaelit faith has his entire forehead studded with ports and wears this elabourate gold and silver headpiece two feet tall.

Girls aren't allowed to have them :(

I'm about 3/4 done creating a universe for RP, DnD, what have you... I was wondering about the smaller aspects of nations and societies, like what foods they eat, the general attitude (MN nice, NY tough), the like. Any suggestions?

That's fun stuff, man. YOU ARE AS A GOD. You can do whatever you want. For food, one good thing to do is look at the geography and climate of a country 'cause this will tell you what animals thrive there, what grows there, and then you can devise the cuisine. If it's a tropical climate you'll have year-round produce, less emphasis on wintertime preservation of meat, small jungle game, maybe snakes and grubs and scorpions. If it's somewhere up north there's going to be lots of salted and smoked meat, cattle if there's grassland, goats if it's a rockier terrain, seafood if it's on the coast. Rice if it's wet, grains if it's flat and temperate. Food is all about the landscape.

General attitude should be a reflection of the country's history and the ease or difficulty of day to day life for citizens. If a country is frequently harassed and invaded by outsiders, that can make for a xenophobic people. City-dwellers are always competing for jobs and space, so they are fuckers. Rural types are more laid back. Everyone know this, I guess.

But yeah, just use a lot of common sense and search for real life parallels if you get stuck.

whats all this stuff about stealing sharpness or something off of an arrow in flight? ah dunt get de fundementals...

Don't worry about it, mate.

Who is your favorite YouTuber?

Simon from Yogscast, naturally. I don't know who you are, Figgle Chat person, but I'm sure you'd make me want to remove my retinas.

So does Chitz have some sort of telepathic link with Matty, or does pymary just allow Matty to "hear" Chitz sans telepathy?

Matty has kind of an imaginary friend relationship with Chitz. He talks to him and sometimes imagines he talks back. Or he'll refer to how Chitz helps him see as Chitz telling him or showing him things. Matty's kind of a lonely kid and has no friends D:

Can pymary be used to exchange damage, so to speak? IE, wright jumps from lethal height, & before impact, exchanges the gravity pulling on him with the gravity pulling on his target. He lands safely, target gets violently pulled to the ground & splats. :P

You wouldn't exchange gravity, you'd exchange momentum. If the other person's already on the ground and you're pulling them towards it, there's just not distance enough between them and a solid surface for a lot of damage, I'd think. They'd be plastered to the ground for the duration of the momentum switch, but no splat.

Maybe if you're falling and you make them fall upwards, counting on their own fall back down to hurt them. That's an idea. But sure, the mechanics work more or less how you're thinking in this case.

I woke up this morning to a cat chewing on my feet. o.O What's the weirdest way you've ever woken up?

I once woke up to a bald eagle fighting a very large duck outside my window. The eagle won and carried the duck off in its talons - I'm assuming to a congratulatory dinner at The Cheesecake Factory but I'm not sure.

Do you play any roguelikes?

Never understood the appeal.

Have you heard of the awesomeness that is Carol Berg? If you haven't I suggest you look at some of her books. Her writing is superb.

Not familiar with her!

Do you like to draw fat people? How much?

About as much as I like to draw skinny people. I like to draw a variety, it gets boring replicating the same thing over and over.

So *are* Jets and Coppers longer lived than normal?

Yep, and this is pretty well-known in the world. Some of the Aldish classes live a long time, others only live a very short time.

What if you stole the aspect of Toma's hair then attacked his head with his own hair?

This is like dividing by zero or something and the planet is at risk.

Say you have Object A and Object B sitting maybe three feet apart (though I doubt distance matters too much here). Could you use pymary to switch every single one of their aspects until you had effectively turned Object A into Object B, and vice versa?

Highly dependent on the objects. They need to be the same size and they need to be fairly simple, only made out of one or two materials. My netbook is made out of dozens of materials and isn't really an object so much as the result of many different objects - made out of many different materials - joined together to form a new thing. I couldn't put it next to a paperback novel and switch all the aspects back and forth; they are each too different and too complex.

If I had a sheet of cotton rag paper though and a sheet of aluminum foil, and if I had a lot of time and concentration to spare sorting out every single aspect, isolating them, and switching them back and forth from slot to slot, I suppose I could craft a sheet of crinkly reflective paper that crackles like foil, and a sheet of silent foil that tears like paper and is soft to the touch.

Is there a Kasslynian market for foods with the taste/texture of other foods? Cause I would pay good money for veggies that taste and crunch like bacon.

I imagine this is something that preteen wrights lark about with when they're first learning pymary. After that it probably loses its charm :)

I looked great with hair! Then it started thinning. Not to be outdone, I told Mother Nature to sit on it and rotate; if I must be bald, it will be on my terms & have been shaving my head smooth ever since. If I can't have it all, I shall have nothing!

It seems this is often the best route for a balding fellow to take. Good on ya. Did you grow some manner of facial hair to compensate? This combination seems common.

Just looked up some scenes of Butcher Boy on Youtube. You mean the red head, Francie? I'm going to have to watch this entire movie.

It is a great movie, very overlooked and underrated. And yeah, Francie.

Quigley is from Alderode right? Why did he seem to have a thing against two-toes?

Quigley hates everyone.

So what does Duane think of Two-Toes? I'm imagining that there isn't many near Alderode.

Duane feels a lot of sympathy towards them. There are no Two-toes in Alderode - something about the country is anathema to them and they can't seem to reproduce there. So since he grew up without any societal bias towards them, and he's come south as an outcast himself, he's pretty chill with lizards and doesn't get why all the humans around him are such assholes.

Has Sette thought much about suicide?

Sette is the least suicidal character in the history of forever.

I was eating my mangoes when I began wondering, Are there mangoes in Unsoundedverse? If so, did Duane ever had the pleasure of eating one before he died?

I don't think Duane's ever had a mango D: They grow in tropical climates and Alderode is pretty untropical.

If you were stranded on a barren island with another creature and the only way one of you could survive to the rescue you knew was coming was by eating the other, would you be more likely to eat a Two-Toe or a Human?

It would depend on who keeled over first. I don't think I have it in me to kill anyone, but if I was hungry enough I imagine I'd make a delectable stir-fry out of whichever corpse didn't fight back.

If you were a luchador what would your luchador mask be?


So are there still regular-sized dogs in Kasslyne, or have all but the wild ones (like the slightly larger-than-nomal wolves) been bred into massive beasts. Also, will we get to see a giant golden retriever? :3

Yeah, there are more moderately sized canines here and there, mostly in sheep country. Will we get there? I haven't yet decided. Giant golden retrievers are doubtful :)

Eat anything? Really? You're making the vores happy in their pants again, Glass. Watch what you say around them!

I'm so comfortable in my non-vore-sexuality that the voraphiles don't phase me, bro.

Do two-toes eat two-toes? Do people eat people? Would you eat a person for Thanksgiving instead of a two-toe? ..........I think that should cover all the other iterations.

Anonymous really likes to focus on a subject and tackle it from all angles. I admire their thoroughness.

I tried turtle soup once, and the turtle chunks tasted like steak. One could see why sailors and The Shredder would find them so delectable.

I giggled.


What class was Duane?


Also, out of curiosity, as are all the things I ask, how long has the idea for this awesome, awesome comic been stirring within your zombie-infested mind?

Well, Unsounded used to be called Tanners and Duane and Sette were minor characters. It took place entirely in Alderode and came off like some grim Frank Miller meets Jeff Smith monstrosity. I began this comic multiple times but every time, a few pages in, I'd realise it was shit, and despair. This went on for years.

The idea to completely shift it around came, I think, after a really good one-shot RP thread I played with a friend of mine. Duane and Sette had always had a great dynamic in RP but I hadn't explored it much 'cause it's kind of bad manners to play with yourself overmuch in roleplay. Anyway, the thread sort of had the same idea as the beginning of Unsounded, with Duane having promised to take Sette on a journey to visit her cousin, and they get sidetracked by mayhem (enchanted artifact smugglers and a dragon, in the RP thread). It was really, really funny, and the action was great, and they played off each other so well. A lightbulb went off in my brain. I decided I needed to make a comic about them, and they could be the secret ingredient in a new attempt at Tanners. I wrote the first two chapters and began making pages not long after that.

So far it's worked pretty well. There are a lot of things I'd like to change about the first two chapters. Coming off prose-based RP, the dialog really is too much for a comic, but in the back of my head I know this is all a learning process, and to just trust myself to get better as I go along.

What originally inspired Unsounded? I mean, when the idea of the first character, or creature, or gos[dess], or piece of land that now makes up the part of the world that is Unsounded (ha, pun!), what was it, or where was it?

Unsounded is no less and no more than the summation of everything I've been reading, playing, and doing for the last thirteen years or so. Maybe even longer. Sette was a character I had in high school, though she was completely different then. Duane I have been RPing since college. It's just all an amalgam of ideas born of roleplaying and too much thinking, and it's hard to pinpoint a real beginning.

After falling in love with your comic, I was completely unable to recall its name. I remembered your initials, but the comic name beyond "Un" was impossible to reach. This happened to a friend of mine too. So I guess the question is, why is "Unsounded"?

"By heaven, man, we are turned round and round in this world, like yonder windlass, and Fate is the handspike. And all the time, lo! that smiling sky, and this unsounded sea!"
Moby-Dick "The Symphony"

Something unsounded has not yet been plumbed; you can't know the depth of it or what's at the bottom. You should read that chapter from Moby-Dick, it is very amazing.

If you were Aldish what breed would you want to be?

Copper really is the class to be.

Okay.. how about: How much emphasis do the Aldish place on education, especially in relation to others?

Well, there is no state-run education as there is in Cresce. If you have the resources to send your child to a school there are some very nice schools around, but if you don't have the money you either teach your children yourself, send them off to the clergy, or they go ignorant. Secondary education is strictly reserved for those chosen to receive it. Money and station (or extraordinary ability) are required. One talking point frequently brought up to support the old animosity against Cresce is their state-run schooling, which is mandatory and tightly structured, so I suppose Alderode really doesn't believe most people need education.

Are the aldish restricted to those colors?

Yep. If you are Aldish, you are one of those classes.

Sooo, is Starfish a copper and Bastion a jet?

Starfish is Sharteshanian, not Aldish :) But yes, Bastion is Jet. It kind of feels weird calling him that, he usually refers to his class in Tainish (steekon, if you're curious).

Oh no, I loves me some theism. I was just curious, I don't see many rogues with respect to higher powers. Has Sette always been religious, like back in the RP narrative?

Yep. Even before we moved the game to Sharteshane she paid her respects to some unicorn god named Tahariel.

The idea of a religious or superstitious criminal is not at all strange to me honestly. Maybe you're thinking the Gefendur Twins are kinder and gentler than they are. But they insist on no Buddhist detachment nor Islamic hospitality nor Christian universal love. The Gefendur pantheon represent power, the balance of the world, and creative energy. They want blood sacrifice and obeisance, and in exchange maybe they won't smite you. Tirna, the darkest of the gods and Sette's personal favourite, actually dislikes humans completely in most stories. The idea is to give her stuff so she doesn't decide to dislike you personally.
aaaaaa, can we get a full sized poster of the aldish menace?:>

I took some of the text out, it's misleading (this is a propaganda poster, natch) and would only confuse you :)

I'm always surprised to see pious Sette. Is being religious more or less mandatory in everyday living for your playthings?

Mandatory? No. But it's kind of a theme of the comic. If too many theists bother you there's Quigley, who's a strict agnostic, and Bastion who would personally like to raze every religious institution in the world and put the gods themselves on trial. We'll get to the hipster atheists in due course, don't worry.

What sort of irrational fears did Duane have as a child (or that he still has now)? :3

Alas, nothing I can talk about that isn't spoilery.

Hells bells, Sette DOES have a bunch of religious bones in her body, doesn't she?

More superstitious than religious, if that makes sense.

How does social mobility happen in each of the countries? Education? Guild entry and performance? Enter the army, or raise a real big farm.. I guess I'd like to know about the hierarchy and its relation with education.

This question's too broad.

Omg! Sette being tickled! Next vote incentive! :D

I dunno. I suspect we'll see Quigley and Matty art in the next incentive. They feature heavily in the chapter I'm drawing at the moment.

Are there cows in the Unsounded universe? As a people eat the giant dogs?

Nope, eating dogs is taboo. No horses, cows, or domestic cats. Plenty of pigs, goats, sheep and deer though.

Something just crawled under the fridge and it had more legs than Sette has tricks. What should I do? o_o;

Nuke your house from orbit o_o It's the only way to be sure.

Do you like fags?

Not much of a smoker. Shit gives you cancer.

What do you think of dolphins?

Dolphins are nice. They're kind of slutty.

Do you like frogs?

I do actually. I frequently save them from my dog's water dish and get them back outside. Cheeky buggers.

What is your greatest personal weakness?

Wasting hours building shit in Minecraft.

I'm gonna be an obnoxious git and re-ask an unanswered question in a slightly different form. Is the khert explained by, or present in, in any Kasslynian religious dogma, past or present?

Oh, indeed. But it's not anything I'll be storytiming on formspring :)

What kind of beds do the Aldish sleep on?

I have an idea for these space-saving papasan chair/beds that are set into the floor, and they swivel around and have a table on the bottom for during the day. But I think a lot of people use these, not just the Aldish. We'll see how this goes.

Rasputin and Duane also both like to sing. This makes it difficult to avoid a few snorts of laughter.

Ha, true :)

Is Sette ticklish? Or Duane or M-Murkoph?

I have never known a kid who wasn't ticklish. So Sette probably is. Duane and Murkoph not so much.

What was the worst roleplaying dispute you ever had, that you can tell us?

As DM it was usually my job to settle others' disputes. The worst spats I ever personally went through almost always started with OOC fights that got dragged IC. Imagine being good friends with someone for years, and then one day he expresses feelings for you, you politely do not reciprocate, and he calls you a bitch and says he only ever RPed with you to get your attention. That really saps a person of the old RP mojo, I tells ya.

So would your solution to an existential crisis be to tickle yourself?

My solution to most existential crises is to listen to very loud music and draw or write violent things. I can't recommend it enough.

How many different pantheons of gods exist in Unsounded?

"Pantheons?" One.

Are the gods in Unsounded actual real entities, rather than simply beliefs?

That's the million dollar question in most settings, even our own.

How do you feel about having been asked like, four or five separate questions about the porn you like?

Pretty chill about it, broseph. As long as people are polite, we're all grown-ups here. I hope, I hope.

The Tainish worshipping gods unknown to the Gefendur - are these the Ssaelit gods?


I just noticed when looking at the latest pages again in succession: The starflies are getting a lot bluer when they start flying! Does something 'activate' in them then? Very neat!

Yes, they glow bluer when they're flying :)

Are you a fan of amputation porn?

No. Most guro is way, way too hardcore for me. I just like a little blood, a little suffering. It's like, french fries are awesome. But french fries with ketchup are transcendent.

Where can I hear all the singing mp3s from the contest thing?

Wait for Monday, friend.

how do you respond to the Why Why Why thing?


Today my sister and I were listening to the Anastasia soundtrack while discussing Unsounded. We immediately drew parallels between Rasputin and Duane, and, well...I will never be able to hear the song "In the Dark of the Night" without laughing again.

Yeeaaah, I guess they both have problems keeping their limbs attached :)

Are you on a diet or what?


Thanks! Now do Durlyne, Fachlyne, Grettaerin, Avelpit, West Avelpit, Valyne, Lolyne, Ulpha and Rotsa (Are your niece and nephew like this at all?)

My niece does that Why? Why? Why? thing, so you're pretty close.

Grateful for the information though! I figured Tain was probably important to the origin of Alderode. I have one or two less intensive questions (I think) about the map - what's up with the -yne and -a suffixes? And is the capital out at sea or in Valyne?

-yne is nothing, but -lyne used to be spelled lain (Spanish vowels in Tainish, so long I) and was Tainish for land. I know va is high so Valyne (Va Lain) is high land. Which makes sense since it's the northernmost district. I can't remember the other ones without looking them up. The -a is nothing, Rotsa and Ulpha are called after the people that held those lands long, long ago.

The capital city Valyne is across the channel on that large island. That's where the Vits Council rules, where the main office of the Window is, and where it snows ten months out of the year.

All of this food talk is making me hungry. What are some of your favorite food/dishes (besides dumplings!)?


I like Cherry Garcia Ben & Jerry's and Hawaiian pizza and my mom's spaghetti and my dad's potato salad and I like pork and broccoli stir-fry and tuna noodle casserole and baked sweet potatoes with butter and food, I like food, I like food so much T___T

Rowr rowr fight the power, Mmatont! Vive la resistance! Question mark?


would sette give Murkoph indigestion?

She's pretty bony. Not really worth eating.

What about just Tain?

Okay, anon, you'll get some paragraphs out of me. Let's go.

To understand Tain's current state you have to understand its history, particularly its history as relates to its relationship with the rest of Alderode. Most of Tain is situated in an enormous valley between two ridges of the Gold Mountains at Alderode's east end. Before most of the countries of Kasslyne were even formed, the continent was in near constant dispute over land and religious beliefs, but Tain was an unknown Shangri-La, rumoured to exist but undiscovered by the rest of the continent. The Tainish were egalitarian, pacifistic, living in a land of plenty, worshipping gods unknown to the Gefendur, and practising an art that would come to be known as pymary.

That all changed when they were discovered by Alderode's first king, a conquering bastard who appeared over the mountains one day with ten-thousand soldiers, and all but flattened little Tain into the earth. He killed a lot of men, set himself up a castle, and Tain wasn't the same afterwards.

Early pymary had no violent applications. The Tainish used it to manipulate the weather, grow their food, entertain their kids, light and warm their homes. The war-minded king wasn't very interested in a lot of this. In order to make the Tainish more indispensable and thus preserve them, one of Tain's leaders came forward and promised the king wonders. Lo, Tain began developing pymaric warfare. A few years later, the king took these arts and thousands of the first wrights back over the mountains, and conquered the shit out of northern Kasslyne. These were Alderode's first days.

Over the millenia, Tainish culture spread westwards as did its people and its language. Tainish became the language not only of pymary but of scholarship and the nobility. But Tain is a blighted land now for reasons I must leave unsaid, and the Tainish people are generally mistrusted. There is a subset of Tains who resent the thieving and raping of their country and culture, and they've branched from the rest of Aldish society to form the Mmatont. The Mmatont want nothing to do with Alderode, its religions, or its government, and hide out in the mountains to evade the taxmen and the army. It's a small group, but they give every person of Tainish heritage a bad name, and have caused a lot of the rest of the country to avoid doing business with Tain. Hence, these days the province is impoverished, ignored, and not a very nice place to visit.

Do they even eat breakfast in miserable Shartshane? (Rats on toast, maybe?) : [

There's not much eating done in Sharteshane :(

Would you rather eat breakfast in Alderode or Cresce?

I I I I can't decide. Today, I think, Cresce. Fried pork and onions and mushrooms sounds real good right about now.

Can you tell us about the provinces of Alderode any?

I could. That's a lotta typin' though :3

Also Jacques wrote a lot about food.

He did. One of his high points.

Enough of these fairy-tales of the monstrous Aldish and their supposedly baby-free breakfasts! What is the breakfast of the upstanding and honorable Crescians?

Haha, someone beat you to this one.

All the food except for meat and dairy and sugar, right?

*weeps* I ate cottage cheese last night. I'm a terrible person.

Did you ever read Brian Jacques when you were a kid?

I did! Repeatedly! The Redwall books were great fun but I wasn't that old when I realised they were all basically the same book. So I never read the whole series. I tried reading his Castaways of the Flying Dutchmen and found it dreadful. So I guess my feelings on Jacques are a bit mixed, but the man did know how to write some entertaining rodents.

if you were a secret agent what would you ideal assignment be?

To spy on all the food and then rescue it and then eat it.

What do the Aldish eat for breakfast?

If you're rich you eat delicious eggy stew with monny meat and root vegetables and folded pastries with almonds on them and sparkling nematona juice with frozen shredded rose petals. If you're working class you eat millet porridge with pumpkin and a tumbler of cheap wine. I love food. I want food. I want all the food.

Call me Ishmael.


What is your favorite specific thing to draw, and are you a random doodler?

My favourite specific thing to draw are injured, attractive boys. I rather hate to admit this because I'm sure I'll catch shit for it first time a character in the comic gets injured, but I really do enjoy the imagery. Random doodling, oh, a bit to warm up in the mornings but not as much as I used to. Which is probably evident from the lack of updates on dA.

Could you re-link to "that image of the vilegang"? I've read the formspring archives, but I missed it. I don't want to haveta scroll for a million years to find it : > Please and thank you.

Doofy big things

Have you heard of La Maupin?

Of course. There is a character in Unsounded loosely based on her. *squint* WHO ARE YOU.

How did you feel when Unsounded started showing as the top google result for that term?

Ha! Look at that! I wish "unsounded" was a more common word though. I'd like people to be just idly googling the definition and stumble across pictures of ugly zombie face and shirtless tailed adolescents. I want to troll the -WORLD-, anon.

Have you ever gotten unexplicable upset for no reason? And when people ask you why you're upset, you're just like "I DON'T KNOW D:<"?

That's called PMS, friend.

What is your shower routine like? Are you a man and use bar soap of PAIN for your hair or do you have salon products? Do you have any rituals? Do you like the water hot or cold or lukewarm? I must know about you and your shower.

I am the least girly girl that ever girled and also I am poor. So I opt for Suave shampoo because it's two-and-a-quarter for a bottle and grocery store brand bar soap to clean my crevices and shave those bits of my body society demands I shave. I get in and out of the shower (luke warm, please) as quickly as possible because water costs money, man!

Mm, I don't really have any rituals. I always do a roach check before turning on the water and taking off my glasses. No one wants to take a shower with a roach.

I am sorry I am boring :|

What's your favourite song in a disney movie?

Either Kiss Da Girl or Hellfire.

Like FIYAH! HELLLFIYAH! This fiyah in mah skin! This BURNING deSIRE is turning MEEEEE tooooo SIN

There aren't a lot of Disney movies featuring priests singing about how much they wanna stick it in a gypsy.

Sometimes when I hear Geffendurs talk about their religion, I use pymary to burn their cheap Baelar figurines and walk away like a boss.

Go back to bed, Duane. I'ma get a First Material router so you can't be leeching all my bandwidth Aspect.

Loads of fun! Okay, so you just basically said Immortals cannot have their life stolen by wrights? Is their some way that another wright could use a continuous regeneration/resurrection spell that Duane could nick off of? Or could you steal summoned life?

No, Duane's quite beyond the efficacy of any healing arts. I was thinking that Logan has that hax healing factor though, it can obviously restore and repair anything. There's nothing similar in Unsounded though because, again, HAX.

A kaiju vampire? Good lord! Given that "kaiju" refers, not to monsters in general, but to the specific class of giant city-stomping monsters presided over by the likes of Godzilla and Mothra, I shudder to think of the damage a kaiju vampire could do...

Ahhhh, that's right!

Is The Window fond of defenestration?

Well done.

So I found that picture of the vliegeng from back in the formspring. You've talked about what the big khert wing/skates are for - do their goofy little hind legs do anything apart from kick crazily when they get mad?

Hehehe. Angry kicky vliegeng. The legs are mostly vestigial. Their rear ends are getting too snaky and heavy to be supported by them.

After initiating the "sing and win art", I find myself too embarrassed to actually sing for you. It might have something to do with the yodeling I was to do. That, and like I told @zakko, I've always wanted to pay you for your talent. Commissions, y/n?

Commissions yes. Email me with what you're looking for and I'll give you a quote.

Man, it's just as well you're too embarrassed for the song. I have fourteen entries! It's madness! I haven't listened to them yet but unless one is a studio recording with a live jazz band, I think I'ma have to enlist help to decide which is tops D: My readers are the best readers.

I was going to ask if the comic would ever visit Anchert, because it seems to be an interesting place on the Facebook map, but seeing that Alderode has already bombed it, I don't want it anymore. Nyah. :p

Mission accomplished.

So. Licorice, yay or nay? And I mean the black one.

Noooo must eat veggies D:

Ooo all mighty Glass. School has started again yet I know not what to eat at lunch and my classmates are beginning to look delicious. Do you have any recommendations?

Well, not to go all hippie on you, but I watched Forks Over Knives last night on Netflix and renewed my vow to give up meat and dairy and sugar because it's why the developed world is fat and cancerous and heart attacky. So eat veggies. Eating your classmates will give you heart disease.

I'm a Windows XP fan, too - in fact, I went out of my way to get an install disc for it when I bought a new laptop during the Vista era - but an acquaintance who is wise in the ways of technology says I ought to install Windows 7. Thoughts?

I sometimes work on a Windows 7 laptop and it's pretty stable. The consensus seems to be that 7 got right what Vista got wrong and it's worth upgrading. I'm stuck in my ways though and haven't felt like tracking down a cracked version of 7 that is reliable and safe. Also I love my Slan XP visual style and wouldn't wanna switch to 7 and lose it D: But that's me. Upgrade to 7! It should be safe.

Would it be possible to use giant crows as mounts?

They're not as big as you're thinking.

You say that they could cement elements in place, but that sounds harder to do in practice than in theory. It's one thing to cement everything in an area, but how would you cement something like the heat of the sun? Like the wind? Would that be possible?

You have to mark out a field of containment and make sure that not only is everything in this field cemented, but it's not possible for your enemy to extend themselves outside of it. It comes down to having enough manpower on your side to maintain a spell of this magnitude and having enough First Material handy from which to yank the Aspect that's used for the cementing. You see large scale defenses like this mostly in the military, where all the resources are.

Combatting it is fun. You can kill enough of the wrights to bring the field down, you can combat it with your own First Material weapons which can be enchanted independently and permanently, and so are immune to fields of containment. You can get a large enough group of wrights together to try and wrestle the Cementing Aspects away from the other group of wrights and so open the field back up...

But all of this is a pain in the ass and a while ago generals figured this out. So nowadays, instead of this constant pymaric arms race, having wrights relegated to a supportive role is the trend.