Gunnerkrigg, yes or no?

I started reading it once but it felt like Harry Potter on estrogen. I'm sure it's a lovely thing but it's not for me.

Although I have no idea what First Materials are, thank you for answering my tedious questions! Let me take this chance to sing your praises for providing such quality entertainment and confess interest in making fanart. I adore your wit!

Haha, we went over First Materials months ago on the formspring. If you ever get bored you can always keep scrolling back. And fanart is my favourite thing <3

How giant are we talking here?

Remember the glowing blue bug the kids were chasing back in chapter 3? Big enough to prey upon them.

How spoilery would talking about Duane's army days be? You've mentioned before that he wasn't an infantryman, as well as explained the role of military wrights in general, but it seems a bit of a waste to keep a tacit caster behind the lines.

'Twould be very spoilery, I'd rather the comic reveal the story of Duane's army days. I'll just say he was never meant to enlist. As a tacit caster and a brilliant wright besides, he was too good for the army from day one. Life likes to throw us curve balls though.

If Duane switched the blunt aspect of his staff with an aspect of sharpness, will he automatically lose all effectiveness with the weapon and destroy everything?

I'm wondering how smart an idea this would even be. How would you hold the staff without cutting yourself? How would you get enough weight and momentum behind a slashing blow to get through anything? I think you'd swing at someone and, assuming it cut them, it would just get wedged inside them like an axe in a log. I suppose this is why there haven't ever been any wooden staffs with full-length edges chiseled along them.

I see! I understand the disintegrating sword properly now. Where does all the energy from/to breaking the metallic bonds go? Seems like destroying stuff is real easy - just steal an Aspect. Did the Edge return to the broken pieces? Can you ward Aspects?

The khert, useful thing that it is, takes care of all the messy business of loose Aspects and supplying and utilizing the energy necessary to break down ruined materials. The khert is the custodian of it all, and wrights, as powerful as they like to think themselves, are just waterbugs skating atop its ultimately unknowable surface.

Aspects can indeed be warded (wrights call it cemented) in place and protected from pymary. So when it comes down to it, with proper preparation it's not that difficult to handicap a wright or make pymary totally dysfunctional at any given place or time. If you cement down everything in a square quarter mile and a wright comes in, the most he can throw at you is a tantrum. First Materials are endlessly useful for this. First Materials are a wright's best friend and worst enemy.

Who would win in a battle between M.C. Hammer and Shark Week on YouTube?

Shark Week would win by a slim margin but then Yogscast would come in and settle things definitively.

How do you deal with the crushing banality of existence?

I don't deal with it. I've crafted an alternative existence that contains wise-ass rogue children and giant dogs and glowing bugs that want to eat you. I live there instead. You're welcome to join me.

"Well, white IS a colour. Or rather it's all colours." - I should have expected that from someone whose favorite book is Moby Dick.

Also anyone who knows anything about colour theory :3

Maybe not where you live. Still available in soda machines around here.

Lucky devil.

Are there really giant crows in Unsounded? Are they intelligent? Are vliegeng intelligent?

Vliegeng are dumb as horses. Most of the giant crows are as dumb as crows. Most.

Oh really, now? And what would my name be, then? Mr. P.I.B.? ;P I'd rather not be known as a second rate Dr. Pepper.

Mmm, Mr. Pibb soda. You can't get this anymore, ya know :(

Pizza you say? Well I'd need an address for that, ya know.

Don't put up with my shit, Zeltoron.

What is the most difficult job you can think of?

Can't say definitively but they're usually the ones that pay the least. Funny old world.

Sorry. Pymary question. And from someone who's still fuzzy about it. Can lack of something be an Aspect to shift around? Give something hollowness and make a'splodey? Or, if you want something white to become black, you must take its colours away..

Well, white IS a colour. Or rather it's all colours. But I get what you mean.

The way the khert structures things, every Aspect type must be fulfilled in any given material. When you remove an Aspect what happens is you compromise the structure itself, like taking a block out of a Jenga tower. The khert abhors this incomplete thing and slowly (or sometimes more quickly depending on what's missing) works to destroy it. So in a sense your "Give something hollowness and make a'splodey" suggestion is quite accurate. If you take an Aspect from something without slotting another correct Aspect type in there, the something will dissolve itself.

An excellent example of this that we've seen was Duane taking the edge from the Peaceguard's sword back in the crypt. He used that edge Aspect to lop the guard's arm off. Without its edge, the sword dissolved. This was subtle but it was there.

If Duane had had his staff with him and switched Aspects around - switched the Edge of the sword with the Blunt of the staff - each weapon would have survived the exchange. But for the duration of the spell the sword wouldn't be able to cut anything - you'd just have a blunt metal rod with a crossguard and hilt. The staff, meanwhile, depending on where and how concentrated the Edge was laid upon it, would have gained a cutting ability. Then, as soon as Duane released the spell holding these switched Aspects in place, the materials of the sword and the staff would have rejected them and they would have popped back to their respective weapons.

Don't worry if you don't get pymary yet. You're not supposed to. The comic will explain it when it's relevant. For now if you want to think "It's magic, it don't got to explain shit" that's fine and good :)

Were Unsounded to be made into a movie and you were allowed to choose the actor to play Duane, who would you pick? The actress for Sette, or any other characters?

Hrmm, this is a boring answer but I just don't know. I can't envision them as real people; just as their doofy cartoony selves. I'd be interested to hear about actors anyone else thinks could play them. I draw a blank every time.

So does barefoot Sette seem extra devoted then?

Yes :3

Wrights seem to be pretty powerful guys, so is there a reason why warring countries don't try to out do each other by producing as many wrights as possible? About what is the ratio between regular soldiers and wrights?

Wrights are powerful but as you'll see, they have failings and there are easy ways to cripple them. If Duane could subdue any foe with just his pymary he never would have trained with the staff and his fists. Having a unit of wrights is very important on the battlefield but even then their role is usually supportive. Wrights do best - do their most powerful, useful work for humanity - when they're shut up in a nice quiet room and have time to work through their pymary carefully and deliberately.

There's also the problem that becoming a good wright takes years and money and there's a real risk that you'll kill or cripple yourself while you're learning. Bett back in chapter 2 was self-taught with an illegal license and Duane didn't bat an eyelash putting him down. If you don't know what you're doing you're like a five year old walking around with a sword.

But wouldn't that allow you to know whom they are? Besides, they're already showing their butts every time they try to troll you w/ silly questions!

I need to employ you as my Professional Internet Bouncer, shrunkenone.

When you tell your vast army of anons to let up on the khert questions, is that usually because we're approaching spoiler territory, you're getting tired of them, or some other reason?

Unsounded is long. It won't be finished for a while. Not all the details are concrete. If I show too much of my hand now I have less flexibility to change my mind later :)

Have you ever read 'Eumenides in the Fourth Floor Lavatory'?

I have not but I like the title.

Have you ever shot a gun?

I have. My dad owns a few guns and once when I was a kid he took me to the shooting range. Bang.

What was the last thing you drew?

Bugs. Duane and bugs. So many frigging bugs.

I now have the image of you as an actual personification of Cultural Void. It is horrifying, fantastic and perfect. I'm too in awe for a real question, is that okay?

You wasted all that time typing that when you could have been ordering me a pizza. For shame.

I reccommend Stephen King's book "Cujo." It was my introduction to the horror genre and is very well written, even though he can't remember writing it, he was so drugged out. The movie doesn't do it justice at all.


OK, what's with the tree shoes in Monday's update?

That highway right there is a pilgrim's path. It supposedly follows part of the route that the Twin goddess Tirna took when she was banished to the world of humans by her sister. Part of the terms of that banishment was Tirna could wear no shoes and could dress only in ssofti flax, no matter the weather. Originally pilgrims would remove their shoes when they followed the path and go barefoot, as Tirna did. That's since translated into leaving an offering of a pair of shoes stuffed with candy or jerky or bread somewhere along the roadside.

What's your favorite saying?

"You're so dumb you couldn't get the piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel."

If you had a join a cult which cult would you join?


Have you read Stephen King's Dark Tower series?

I have not. I used to work with a guy who was obsessed with Stephen King though, and he'd blather on in my ear. The only Stephen King I've read is The Shining and the short story 1408 was based on. Underwhelmed by both, preferred the movies. I am a cultural void.

In your opinion, what song or music genre would best suit Unsounded in general? Perhaps something we can listen to during our 20th read-through?

OMG don't make jokes about Terry Pratchett like that *sobs*


Terry Pratchett?

That's right, Mr. Pratchett, you're Terry. Don't forget your name yet :(

I read the first few pages of Artifice that you linked - from those pages alone I think you'd immensely enjoy Asimov's Robot Novels trilogy (starting with The Caves of Steel) if you haven't read them already. It's sci-fi,but very, very human.

Well, the concepts in Artifice remind me of Blade Runner and, to a lesser extent Aliens. But I'm much less interested in robot-boy than long-haired gay-boy :)

Did you actually get any butt pictures

No (but that's okay).

whats your favourite butt

To answer honestly I need to see all butts. All anons send me a picture of your butt.

What flavor goes best with chocolate?


Oho, are you a fan of the amazingness that is Avatar: The Last Airbender? Favorite characters, episodes, etc.?

Avatar is awesome, definitely a fan. I'm a fan that can acknowledge the series' shortcomings though, so I'm not one of those scary zealots. Still, when you compare it to other serialized longform animated western shows you... hear crickets. Er but even standing on its own Avatar is good stuff, made with love and care. Favourite characters are the fire brats, Zuko and Azula. Zuko is easily the series' most complex character, for better or worse, and Azula is a wonderful villain even though she's almost impossibly mature for her supposed age. The last two episodes of the first season are probably my favourite. There was so much meat packed into those episodes and it was all very tight and well-written. Hard to fault.

Yes, Dune has dumplings. This is not a lie.


Have you ever heard of Richard Brandl? His yodeling is the most superior of all the yodels. Here, have some techno yodeling.

Is there any yodel porn? 'Cause imagine him yodeling into your lap. Yodel-odel-odel-Oh-OH-OOOOHHHH.

Does Sette appreciate the fine art of yodeling? Do you? You'd better.

I love a good yodel. Have you ever heard John Denver's Calypso? SUPERB yodeling bit.

perhaps i'm not looking hard enough, but: why is it that in the fancy pages Duane has the bandace/brace/etc, but normally he doesn't? is it a glamour keeping it from being evident? or something? -or spoilers-?

Duane wears a glamour that sits over his face like a mask. It obscures his decayed and ugly zombie face as well as the bandages and other bits to do with his condition. Sometimes the glamour slips for whatever reason, and we get to see what he really looks like.

Whatever happened to the coppers black hound that was seen at the end of chapter three?

I suspect he came to the poor guard's rescue not long after Duane and Sette took off. Carried Siwl and the lizard back to town.

Will there be any more of those um...more detailed prettier pages like pages 16-17 in chapter one or that one panel in chapter 4 page 14 any time soon? I really like those.

I don't overuse those, they're for... dramatic moments. Also they take a long time :) There will be more, but I can't say when.

What's YOUR favourite page of the comic?

Difficult to say. I hate most pages. I suppose some of these Mulimar pages coming up aren't too terribly drawn and are fun.

Ah! Read Dune!

Isn't it really just a very long recipe book? Everyone starts talking about spices when Dune comes up.

Actually what I meant was that you'd keep all your rights to Unsounded and you'd be the head honcho when the ballet or whatever is being made and everything will be done exactly like you say it should.

That would be amazing and of course I'd be all over it. Hell, this is a favourite fantasy of any creator, I'm sure ;) Ahh, a three season cartoon series for the main comic... miniseries for backstories of certain characters... a feature length film directed by M. Night Shootmeintheface to enrage fans and renew interest in the animated media... hells yeah.

Have you read any good webcomics lately?

Actually, I read through Artifice the other day and enjoyed it very much. Good writing and phenomenal art - - But see that URL? STUPID STUPID STUPID. "Yaoi" is going to turn off readers who aren't into yaoi when the story doesn't even appear to be yaoi. "Yaoi" plays to ideas of semes and ukes and gentle rape and plot what plot, and the comic is not at all like that. I want to smack the owner in the head and tell them to stop marketing themselves so poorly.

Of course, all this lovely setup could be leading to a fifty page long sex scene in which case okay, I take all that back.

If someone threw enough money at you, would you turn Unsounded into a movie? TV series? Ballet? Damn, now I can't stop picturing Duane in a tutu.

I'd never sell off the rights unconditionally. If there was a movie or a television series proposed I'd insist on creative control. Unlikely but this is an unlikely scenario anyway. Trust me, the comic just gets weirder the further on we go - no one would want to make anything more out of it, I promise you :) Although damn, a ballet would be choice.

what do you think of the Baron Harkonnen?

Google tells me he is from Dune, but I am unfamiliar with Dune :(

Have you considered setting up a Kickstarter to try to raise money for you for a living wage for a year so you could try doing your comic full time?

Oh, I dunno, what would people get out of it? They're receiving the comic for free either way. I'll probably open donations back up at the end of this chapter, that was a nice little boost last time I did it.

What would you ideal job or career be?

Making my comic :)

Where.... should we send our recordings? What is... the deadline? What is... your favorite color scheme?

The deadline is, oh, next Friday. Send them to [email protected] An mp3 or an ogg or a youtube link or whatever you can manage. Colour scheme... black and red.

Is it possible to have the opposite of a spectral limb, where the limb itself physically exists, but there is no khert underlaying it?

Indeed. Common affliction among (crappy) wrights. Once you lose the underlying structure though, you slowly lose use of the limb. It'll atrophy and fall off in time, as though it's had its blood supply cut off.

So vliegeng are pretty big, right? Cause we saw them on that battlefield. And following the laws of physics, if they had material wings, those wings would be HUGE. Are the spectral wings also HUGE, and can one vliegeng's wings interfere with another's?

Naw, the spectral wings aren't all that big because they're not really wings. They're specialized appendages that latch onto the currents in the khert and skate along them. Riding a vliegeng is like riding a very jerky roller coaster. And sure, since they're made of spectral material they can interact with other spectral material, so they could be fouled by another's wings. I like the idea of vliegengs' wings all entwining with each other when they mate. Squishy khert love.

If your handwriting was a font, what would it be called?

She Keeps Fratboy Heads In Her Freezer

I think Zeus struck you down for even thinking of letting Sette answer Formspring questions.


If your characters all had animal familiars à la The Golden Compass, who would have what animal? What animal would you like to have?

I think a ferret could be cool. I watched The Beastmaster the other night, a favourite of mine, and having a thieving ferret around to make mischief and steal valuables would be pretty hip. Duane would probably have a big mastiff. Sette would have a lion. Matty would have a white baby seal and his dad would have an enormous silvery molecricket. Jivi would have a handsome golden rat with a twitchy pink nose.

You and Duane are stuck in a room. He knows you created him and that you're to blame for all that's happened to him. You don't have any of your creative power over him. What will happen? What will you doooo?

Here is a piece of advice that may one day save your life: if you find yourself alone with one of your characters and you feel threatened, play God. Start naming off things only you could know about the character, like the most embarrassing places they've masturbated and what they REALLY think about THAT CERTAIN PERSON. Prove your divinity, put on a haughty demeanour, and before you know it they'll be sacrificing goats to you. Humans generally cower before and simper to their gods, and your characters are probably no different.

Jus' sayin', Indra is far more attractive than Zeus.

Maybe. I've always been pretty partial to Zeus as depicted in God of War. Indra needs a triple-A action game.

Are there any creatures that reside only in the khert?


Wrightwork is done in Old Tainish, and Aldishers speak Tainish. How similar are these two languages to what everyone else speaks? Could you talk in Old Tainish, and folks most anywhere would be able to get the gist of what you were saying?

There are indeed two Tainishes; Tainish and Old Tainish. The former was derived from the latter, which is the language of pymary. Flippant speaking of Old Tainish runs the risk of Making Things Happen, so long ago it was reserved for only wrights. The two languages have grown further and further apart over the centuries, largely by keeping Old Tainish restricted to the academies, scholarly literature, and of course actual spell-creation and -casting. Everyday Tainish uses a phonetic alphabet and has dropped all pictograms from its writing, and it's normalized verb conjugations (in Old Tainish there are two-hundred verbs with their own distinct endings omg).

Almost forty percent of Old Tainish's vocabulary is concerned with concepts specific to Pymary. A dozen words to describe the strength of a scent; words for the speed of wind versus the speed of a falling object; words to measure sharpness, colour saturation, degrees of physical pain. You don't just always want to blindly reassign Aspects, you want to have the words to measure out specific amounts and distribute them accordingly. You need to know all this to be a proper wright and operate with finesse.

Nowadays to a Tainish-speaker, Old Tainish sounds like Old English would to us. Pretty damn unintelligible.

Did vliegeng originally have physical wings?

That's an interesting thought. You think they may have originally had physical wings that overtime subsumed into the khert, growing more and more spectral? Guess you'd have to think up a good reason why spectral wings are more advantageous than fleshly ones.

Are weather patterns connected to the khert?

Everything's connected to the khert. It dictates climate, seasons, and all natural cycles and laws.

Who says it's Zeus? There are a lot of thunder gods.

I acknowledge only the One True Thunder God Zeus, heathen.

Would one be able to catch Duane with a huuuuge magnet? :3

Yes :3 He might get embarrassed and set you on fire afterwards though.

Are you actually making Tainish into its own language - I mean, like pulling a Tolkien with the Elvish - because that would be awesome and I would want to learn to speak it... were I ever good with languages.

Yeah, Tainish is a language I've fully developed over the years. If I could roll my r's I could speak it pretty well. I'm no Tolkien though, I'm sure the language is full of mistakes.

Does Duane ever jingle or clank a bit when he moves around? If he does then he must be horrible at stealth.

He's a bit jingly, yeah, and crap at stealth anyway. Sette's the slippery one.

Dude! My house was hit by lightning once too. D: It killed my internet, graphics card, and T.V..

That is so sad :( It would have been cool if it had brought your house to life.

You know, you're the second person I know (well, as well as you can "know" your favorite anonymous webcomic author......) whose house was hit by lightning. The first person's house and possessions were completely torched. Scary shit, man.

'Twas a morning not unlike many others in the Stygian otherworld known as my bedroom. A storm had rolled through earlier and, as I sat at my desk enjoying my ritual second cup of coffee, I still could hear the mad cackling of orphaned raindrops leaping to their deaths from the leaves of the bouganvilla outside my window. Little did I realise that my own fragile existence would soon be in similar peril.

Formspring glared white at me from the rectangle eyes of my waiting displays. More khert questions, I scoffed to myself, scanning the pretty paragraphs between sips of brew. I should start letting Sette answer them in-character.

What happened next happened without warning. The naked foot I had resting on my bedroom carpet was suddenly and violently assaulted by a brutal tongue of electricity! Up my leg it jolted, crashing into my gut, and I yelped as though branded, jerking backwards in my deskchair! All around me a sudden, deafening peal of thunder arose, brief but enraged, louder than any heavenly drumstrike I'd ever heard before! The eyes of my monitors blinked closed, struck dead. Click, click, hisss went my computer tower. The cheery twinkling of LEDs faded to a comatose darkness.

Hours seemed to pass as I crouched in a predatorial posture, staring, wondering if I was dead. Then my computer, like an old friend assuring me it had survived the worst, rebooted. Windows XP loaded. The old mandelbulb wallpaper loomed as it always looms. Yet, gazing about at my desk and the panoply of electronics, I saw eyes that remained closed... and closed would they remain for all eternity.

Farewell, Linksys router. Rest in peace, cool blue LED speakers. Good night, modem, motherboard LAN, and cordless telephone.

In the wake of this harrowing event, I can't help but look to my lightning-baptised right foot and wonder what eldritch electricity-based abilities may manifest within it. Or perhaps a subtler art has been worked. Will I, in nine months time, give birth to a half-man/half-god? Has Zeus himself penetrated my foot and implanted the seed of some new hero? What mysteries lurk in this now heavenly heel? Have these tainted toes tasted a miracle? Sainted sole, give up thy bounty!

Fear not the lightning, anon! I have touched it and lived to tell the tale!

Is there anywhere that doesn't have a khert?

I was half-way through answering this question when I was literally struck by lightning. Zeus wants you to remain ignorant, I am sorry :(

I must confess, when the talk turned to invisible body parts I thought of something completely inappropriate.

I've gone there too, anon. I feel your shame.

I speak German... so every time I read "Murkoph" it shows up in my head sounding like "Murrkopf" which means "grump." Were you aware of this? Or is this simply coincidence?

Coincidence. I think that is lovely though, thank you :3

Can I talk dirty to you in Hawaiian?

Do you own a ukulele?

Have you ever done martial arts?

I always wanted to but no, alas.

Do Aldishmen ever use pymary to change the color of their hair so people don't know what caste they're from?

It doesn't work so well in Alderode for reasons I can't say, but Aldishmen out-country frequently glamour their features to disguise themselves from foreigners.

Do you own a carafe?

Yes, and I use it carafe-ully.

Why is it called the Dammakhert?

Tainish again. Khert is khert, damma is superior/evolved. Superior and evolved to the Aldish, weird and scary to the rest of the continent.

A while ago on Formspring, it was established that wright-plods made fine plods, and could be used as remote casting devices by handlers. Can normal plods be connected to the khert if there is a shortage of premade wright-plods?

They could, but their spectral brains lack a knowledge of pymary since their living selves weren't wrights. This makes them kind of useless as spellcasters. It's illegal anyway. I can't imagine any government liking the idea of post-mortem, unlicensed wrights.

Is your khert always linked to where you are born? Are souls part of the khert? Does the act of consciousness coming into being tie it into the locational khert?

The khert is linked to where you are conceived and its composition generally depends on where little zygote you spends your first three months. Your parents could conceive you in Sharteshane, travel abroad for a while, and then you might be born in Cresce, making a lovely multiculteral stew out of your internal khert. I don't have much to say concerning souls and the beginning of consciousness.

Why did he take the stylus?

Because he is a toddler and it probably looked delicious.

So how does having say, no hand but a spectral hand in the khert affect people? Will they be wrights due to this? Do they have unusual powers and if so, what kind of powers?

Actually no. No powers whatsoever in the vast majority of cases. It's just a physical deformation. The idea is that unlike an amputee, who lost a limb later in life, they're born with all the connections the khert would have to a fleshly appendage, but no flesh there. So they can interact with the physical world just fine, it's just you can't see any hand or foot or finger doing it! That might be a bit creepy or a bit cool.

Does it bother you when people refer to Duane as a "lich" in their comic reviews?

Not really. Duane is as much a traditional lich as he is a traditional zombie, so the one label is as goofy and useless as the other. And it's not like I've given his origin yet, so no one yet knows how he came to be. Assuming he is some kind of lich is as good a guess as anything. Of course, it's my preference that a reviewer take the sentence or two necessary to explain more clearly what Duane is instead of falling to easy labels that might give perspective readers the wrong idea.

With Duane being pretty much a dry corpse and all, how much does he weigh? Would Sette be able to carry him should his legs break?

If she stripped him of everything, she could probably just carry his body around for a while, maybe drag him on a blanket. This would be a horrible thing :3

I think a human skeleton averages twenty-five pounds but Duane's tall so we'll say thirty. Add another ten pounds for assorted bits, and then a good fifty to seventy pounds for braces, wire, replacement parts, and Duane probably weighs 100 and some change.

How does society treat like, the glowing people?

How do most societies treat freaks?

I've been wondering for a while now. How did the copper in chapter 4 page 11 know that Duane was Aldish?

He's been tracking Duane and Sette on Toma's orders. He knows she's a Sharte girl with a tail, and her companion is an Aldish wright in a hood. Crescians hate the Aldish as much as Aldish hate the Crescians, so using the designation as a pejorative felt right when turning around and seeing the dude was about to swing at the back of his head with a stick.

Did your stylus turn up?

It did, thankfully. And I was right to blame my hellion nephew with his jellyfish foot that was not so jellyfished he couldn't waddle off with mah property.

Is Matty's blindness related to the khert?

It is not. His eyes just don't work.

You're a fan of Quigley Down Under? I love that flick, though it's one of those movies that also makes me secretly glad I'm female, because I think every guy who sees it must suffer for knowing that he will never be as manly as Quigley.

It is true, bro-sis.

I have long harboured a crush on (young) Tom Selleck, probably because Magnum PI was all my mother watched when I was a very young child. So I totally dig Quigley Down Under. Plus it's got Alan Rickman playing a villain, as Alan RIckman does so well, and it's got great gun fights, and I like the crazy chick and her tragic past, and the Australian scenery, and it's just a good time all-around. *high five*

Surely not something involving Tom Selleck?


Did it take long to pick names for your characters?

No, they come with their names already attached, oddly enough. Sette has always been Sette, Murkoph has always been Murkoph, Bastion has always been Bastion. There's rarely a name-picking process, they just show up in my head wearing "HELLO my name is" tags. Oh, here's a fun fact though. In RP, Quigley was Matthew Quigley. Points to you if you know what that name's from (and if you do, you can imagine why I decided to change it for the comic).

What game is Duane tangentially from?

Vagrant Story. But one cannot put enough emphasis on "tangentially."

Does "for now" mean that this scandalous discussion may see a continuation in canon? (Help, help, why are my ears pricking up so happily over a dead guy's long-ended love life?)

Well, it's a good story. I'd much rather have it told in the comic where it can embarrass and entertain characters :)

Do you like Othello? It's my favorite Shakespeare play. What's your favorite play?

Othello is alright. Everyone in the play is an ass. There was a film a decade or so ago called O that took cues from it but was modern and about a basketball player. I found it highly entertaining.

Would Duane's mom be proud of him if she could see him now?

That's a really tricky question if I'm meant to take it seriously. I'ma go with... yes?

If you were a superhero, what would your powers/name/costume be?

I dunno, it would be pretty cool to be Shadoweyes. So maybe some kind of awesome mutation that wasn't too icky. Maybe a ninja turtle! I would be a ninja turtle who could teleport like Nightcrawler and also I'd know magic. I'd wear a cape and a mask to hide my hideously distorted face and fingerless gloves because they are cool. My name would be... GRIM SHARD.

Do you prefer large dogs or small dogs?

Medium dogs are best, but if I had to choose I'd go with big dogs. Big dogs are (in my experience) gentle and loyal and cuddly. Something about being bred small and oddly furred makes little dogs lose their dog minds, I've found. Also they seem breakable. My neighbour has a chihuahua and when I'm in her house I'm constantly terrified I'm going to step on her dog. But Great Danes and St. Bernards and big old Newfies, they're so much fun to roll around with and fight with and get knocked over by. Dogs!

Have you ever broken any bones?

My collarbone when I was a kid. I fell out of a tree house.

Are there other natural casting talents, like tacit casting? Can plats be tacit casters?

Tacit casting plat... assonance assonance assonance

Anyone born in Kasslyne has the potential to be a tacit caster but it's most common among plats. It's probably genetic. I talked once about vliegeng and some other critters who have khert-specific adaptations. Well, tacit casting is a beneficial mutation among some humans. It's not super rare, but it's still uncommon.

There are a few other khert-specific... I hate calling them mutations... khert-specific genetic advantages. There's another main character who has a very useful one that I don't wanna talk about just yet, in fact. But just like we have babies who are born missing fingers or with little tails or whatever, sometimes in Kasslyne you have people who are born missing bits of their body and instead have invisible phantom flesh that they can still use to manipulate things. Or people will have flesh that for whatever reason is too closely aligned to the khert, so they glow in the dark. This is all passing rare, but it's how the world works.

So Duane needs a moist tongue and palate to speak, but, uh, what about lungs, a diaphragm and a trachea? He said his internal organs have all rotted out, so even with his drooliness how can he talk?

One day you shall see how it all works, I promise.

Oh? Then you've only seen soft vore fans. Some like hard vore too. The rip & tear stuff. Then again, there are some who seem to enjoy soft at first, then a detailed digestion once in the stomach. I love my odd vore friends.


If you become undead, just remember anyone you might eat MIGHT get aroused by the concept and that should help stave off your appetite.

Most of the vore I've seen involves being swallowed whole. Zombies aren't so tidy. Rip, rend, shred, tear.

Could you just go on about pymary for a bit? I adore the concepts and details. I'm sure it would make a certain collection of muses happy too, how could you refuse?

Ha, I've given up most of the details though, I think. I did fill out the wiki a bit better, so there're entries now for the important concepts - - If you have a specific question though, by all means ask :)

If you die before finishing the comic, would you object if someone resurrects you to finish it? Or will you just go all Duane-angsty and/or Murkoph-crazypants?

No way, man. Get a necromancer and do it. DO IT.

But I might eat you afterwards. Being undead seems to always make one peckish.

"Ch-ch-ch-chip and Dale! Rescue Rangers!" I've had that song stuck in my head lately. What songs have you had stuck in your head recently?

That crackpot Der-shing Helmer posted Paradise by the Dashboard Light on tumblr. and it was stuck in my head for so long I had to acquire a few mp3s. Meatloaf is cool but I think his name should be Meat Taco because he bawls and frets like a hormonal woman.

The Rescue Rangers song is DEADLY catchy though. All those Disney Afternoon showss had such great intros.

Ah, it's so infuriating to hit upon spoilers here! It's like I'm reading some really interesting fantasy novel and someone comes along, smacks me in the face and steals the book. Would that I had discovered Unsounded after you'd finished it.

Mmm, you shouldn't find any spoilers on formspring. Not for anything important. If someone asks a question with a spoiler in it I delete it. So no fear :) The most you'll find here is mention of setting aspects that are common knowledge among characters, but that haven't been mentioned inside the comic itself yet (or may never be because they're not relevant).

The nature of the classes? Can that be taken as an implication that the Aldish did not institute or create the classes themselves?

Ho ho!

So. Hurricane Irene looks like a monster. Are you guys going to be okay down in Florida? It looks like it might miss you, but I'm worried. :(

No, it's on the opposite side of the state. It has nothing to do with where I am :)

How much can you mess around with your own physical properties using pymary?

As much as you care to. Most of the weirder things you might imagine, though, are pretty stigmatized. Societies tend to police themselves.

Duane's primary job in the army was to manage vliegeng pee, wasn't it?

He seems to know a lot about it.

Are Aldish operas kind of like revenge tragedies?

Hrm, not necessarily. They tend to be either religious - telling stories of the Vaosa - or nationalistic, telling tales of great moments in Alderode's history. And within those confines they are very concerned with sex and violence. They're one of the only outlets in Aldish culture that's historically been immune to society's overall prudishness. Anything goes at the opera house. There's a very popular Aldish folk hero named Grimly Julian, a roguish fellow loosely based on a real highwayman/swordsman/pirate who once terrorized the countryside. There are scores of operas concerning his adventures, the people he killed, the women he tupped, the wrights he battled, and the ships he sank. And it's all depicted in graphic detail, with beglamoured effects, bombastic songs, naked chicks, the works. In most cases you don't go to the opera dressed in your best to sit quietly in a seat and appreciate the show. You go to sing along and laugh and cheer and get fake blood or water splashed on you.

But there are more stoic operas too, meant for a more sophisticated and discerning audience - Aldish independent films, if you will. These are the pricey ones that all the opera singers aspire towards since people don't generally throw things at you there. These shows are attended by councilmen, clergy, nobility, the wealthy, and the subject matter leans towards the metaphysical; allegorical tales struggling to explain the nature of the Dammakhert, the gods, the classes.

Which other comedians do you like?

George Carlin, Ricky Gervais, John Oliver - all great.

How many spells must Duane cast on himself to properly function?

Many. It's one of his primary handicaps. Since he's constantly so preoccupied with keeping himself functioning, it's detrimental on his spellwork when he must deal with a sudden threat. He's burning the candle at both ends.

Duane drools. Is it possible for him to cry as well?

No, 'cause he's not using spells to create tears the way he uses spells to keep his tongue and palette moist (a necessity for talking properly).

The Parrot Sketch is probably my favorite, and John Cleese is great. Which season do you prefer? I would guess Autumn or Winter? :P

Ha, I fear you are far more knowledgeable than I. I know more about the movies than the show, I think. Life of Brian and Holy Grail are favourites.

Speaking of Hicks, do you like Bill?

I didn't know who he was until I got Netflix, and watched a bunch of his stand-up on there. Good stuff! He's like George Carlin Jr. I'm a big TOOL fan so when he went into that routine sampled in Aenima I lol'd for a thousand years, having had no idea what it was from.

Also he was very easy on the eyes.

I really want to know why Murkoph isn't falling apart now. He doesn't seem afflicted by the lack of structural integrity that Duane is. This is spoilery, though?


Oh man, I know that sarcastic text laugh. I got it all wrong and Duane was really a badass fighting machine, wasn't he? Come ooonnnn, don't make me wait for 4 more chapters, that's like a year from now!

Wow, I guess that really is a year from now. Let's hope one of us doesn't kick off before then :3

/Did/ Duane die a virgin?


WHAT... is your favorite color? Also, are you a fan of Monty Python?

I like scarlet! The colour of freshly shed blood glistening in the snow. Monty Python rocks though when it comes to John Cleese I'd rather watch Fawlty Towers than Flying Circus.

What sites would you recommend for someone who's interested in RP'ing?

Once upon a time I would have said my site, but that's closed. Sob. Try if you're just starting out. It's casual freeform chat-based roleplay. The site's dated but the people who are there have been there forever, and play actually involves something other than furries cybering. It's a good environment in which to get your feet wet.

Why did you choose to make Unsounded a webcomic, rather than some other form of media? Obviously, you're a rockin' artist...

Well, thankya.

Why is Unsounded a webcomic... It probably would have worked much better as a novel, but fantasy novel manuscripts are common as colds, and I don't write that well. Making it a comic seemed like the most sensible thing to do if I wanted it to be read and to stand out. Making it a WEBcomic ensured I could publish the thing with a minimum of fuss.

Fuck/kill/marry: Duane/Murkoph/Bastion ? (Bonus round: same question, when all are how they were when *alive*?)

Why do you give me these indulgent questions. Surely you know I'm going to make an ass out of myself.

Duane and Murkoph I do not desire to fuck or kill or marry. Bastion, however, I would bang like a gavel on a wayward tarantula. Not only do I find the man smokin' but he's a very creative, unscrupulous wright, so he knows (and has personally created) spellwork of a, how shall we say, very physical nature. So man, you know you'd have a good time.

BONUS ROUND: Same answers. Duane was much saner and attractive when he was alive, and he was a good guy, but not my type. Very controlling, very pedantic, very religious, very nationalistic. Luckily dat ass, or he may have died a virgin.

Do you have a favorite city, or a city you'd most like to visit?

Ooooh, I am so very unworldly. When you speak of favourite cities my video game brain drifts immediately towards fictional locations like Lea Monde, Rapture, Midgar, and the charming village I lord over with an iron fist and 64 blocks of TNT in Minecraft. I would like to visit Seattle though. I have friends who live there and I want to eat a geoduck and also have a fish thrown at me.

And those circumstances would be...?

Don't ask Murkoph details. You won't get 'em :)

Share this with your nephew! If it doesn't make him feel better, then that leaves only soft serve ice cream.

Nyuuuu teddy bear faces X3

Are there any circumstances under which Murkoph won't decide to kill/maim/eat a person he's around?


Jellyfish is Starfish's dad, and if you thought /Starfish/ was bad...

I think Sette may have to insult him by calling him Jellyfish in the future.

Oh no! Is she ok?

Yes, he went to the doctor and is okay. His foot got all red and puffy, it was pretty gross. He only cried for a minute though, he's a total champ.

How do you feel about being asked these silly questions?

If they entertain you, I'm game. I had a harrowing day actually so it's nice to be goofy. I went to the beach with my niece and nephew, and my baby nephew was stung by a jellyfish! It was horrible D:

So you and Murkoph get swallowed alive by a giant whale. What are the chances of both of you getting out alive and remaining fairly unharmed?

I'm a goner. Murkoph is pretty resilient though, so he can at least do me the favour of disposing of my waterlogged corpse (on toast with a splash of Tabasco).

Do you own any silly mugs?

Funny you should ask this. I worked for a few years at a novelty drink manufacturer and in that time I designed a crap-tonne of mugs, tumblers, shotglasses, and travel mugs. So yes, my cupboards are full of mugs, most of them designed by moi, and if you happen to shop at AAFES with any frequency, you've probably seen my goofy designs :3

Where did you pull the name gruftgrammer from? It sounds very pleasing.

Gramary is an archaic word for magic. I thought gruftgramary was an archaic term for black magic but Google is disagreeing with me. Still, I'm almost certain I got it from fiddling about with a pre-existing old term. It may have been something I saw in an old Crowley book. I idly researched the occult back when I was playing some pretty scary characters.

Who would you most want to do a guest comic for your own comic?

It's already happened

Can anyone compete with that? I'm not so sure.

Did you ever play/look at Guild Wars?


Screw you. That link Freaked me out. Wasn't. Fucking. Expecting. Happy now?

Yes :) The same thing happened to me when I clicked on it. It's so horrible.

"Find him, bind him, tie him to a pole and break his fingers to splinters, drag him to a hole until he wakes up naked, clawing at the ceiling of his grave" Gah! I can't get these lyrics out of my head! Are you happy now? Oh, and thanks :)

The Decemberists are love, aren't they?

If you should ever get swallowed alive by a giant whale, who of your characters would you like to have with you in there?

Some of my characters were swallowed "alive" by a giant kraken in RP once, so I have empirical evidence that Murkoph would be very useful in this situation. Whale sashimi's on the menu!

Ah, you freak! I just finished with that. I guess that means you are/were on /co/?

Reddit :3

Do you know of/have an opinion on James Stokoe?

Orc Stain guy. Never read it, but the art is super nice.

Here's a good comic. Scroll down, it's great!

Good work with the misdirection, Sister. The Captcha following grows! Hail Mellon~


Did Starfish bit off Jivi's ear?

I didn't see any detached bits of ear floating around in those panels.

What are your favorite song lyrics? (brasileiros: Quais são as suas letras de músicas favoritas?)

"Find him, bind him, tie him to a pole and break his fingers to splinters, drag him to a hole until he wakes up naked, clawing at the ceiling of his graaaaaave... oooooohhhhhhhh"

What did you think of Morrowind? What did you like about it?

Morrowind was fun. Big old fantasy sandbox game. I remember being really into alchemy but that's all I remember.

Have you heard about that fish parasite that starves the tongue of blood and then takes its place in the fish?

Yeah, I think QI talked about those wee horrors. I spent a while trying to express the process in ascii emoticon form but had to give it up.

I don't think mouths are THAT bad, personally. I find them rather fascinating myself, and, in their own unique way, beautiful. But I guess I'm just strange like that.

Totally strange ;)

What are you wearing? What did you do today? What are you drawing right now? You need a blog, Miss Cope.

I used to keep a regular blog back when I had fandom related things to whine about. I still have a Livejournal but I don't think I've posted in it for a year. When I have a regular job again I bet I'll start writing in it. Hating on coworkers is all that keeps me sane when I'm trapped in wage-slavery.

I am wearing! blue jeans. Some old teeshirt. Glasses. Today I! ran some banking errands for my brother and made a cheesecake to take to my niece who loves my cheesecake. And I started inking a fabulous new Midnight Tea Party story. Unsounded-wise I'm still drawing fightin'. Chapter five is one long brawl.

See how boring I am? This cannot be blogged.

Also why add Captcha?! Did formspring just add this, can you turn it off ):

It was no doing of mine :( I don't get it when I go to ask questions though, I bet it's only for anonymous peoples. Register an account!

What happens when you wish upon a starfish?

You can't sit down for a week.

You know people want to see a Nomura-designed Starfish. Just imagine all those belts, hitched on the last loop, and zippers practically bursting open.


"Best drawn is Blade of the Immortal, hands down." I recmmend you give Vagabond a look. It's really well drawn, even better than Blade of the Immortal I dare say. And it's about samurai and samurai are awesome, no?

Yeah, I know Vagabond. I still prefer Samura's artwork :)

Who is your favorite actor, and why? Actress? Fictional character that is not your own creation?

Favourite actor and actress... I don't get too into this stuff. Gary Oldman maybe? He's impressive. Actress... I've always really liked Whoopi Goldberg.

Favourite fictional character, fffff... Kermit the Frog.

Actually, it looks like it might be a straight-up movie - no scifi/fantasy overtures with submarines or dragons. It has William Hurt and Donald Sutherland in it.

Very interesting. I'll keep an eye open, maybe it'll pop up on Netflix.

Why does space creep you out?

Vermicious Knids.

What's your favourite manga? Best drawn manga?

Favourite manga... Nausicaa, Gankutsuou, Monster, Blade of the Immortal. Best drawn is Blade of the Immortal, hands down.

What RPG did you play your characters in originally? Was it an open text RPG for anyone, or did you and a bunch of friends just decided to pick a couple characters and see what you could come up with?

It was what's commonly called "freeform" RP, which is role-playing without relying on dice or any formal battle system or rules. I've role-played on a small scale over AIM with friends ever since I first got online. I didn't get into a structured setting until after college though, when I was looking at some referral logs and saw someone on a site called Shattered Realms was hotlinking some old art of mine for a character profile page. I scoped the site out, went into a chat room on a whim, and wound up really liking it.

I played there for a year or two, made some new friends, played in someone else's setting, but wound up not getting along with the person who owned that setting (it was cliche as all hell, too). So me and my circle of friends decided to vacate the site and the chat format altogether. With some input from them I started putting Sharteshane together, combining some setting elements from my long gestating comic with ideas from my playfellows. I set up a BBS, got an idea for a game in my head, and starting GMing. We kept at it for years and years.

The keys to successful, fun freeform RP are a dedicated GM, an interesting setting that's both fleshed out and flexible, great villains, and a good group dynamic. If everyone is foremost interested in telling a great story and being true to their characters you don't need rules, just a shared aesthetic.

I got this for you.

You are too kind.

"I will very readily never buy another Bethesda game if this is true." - have you bought them previously? What'd you think? Morrowind is a neat fantasy setting, IMO. You obviously dislike the dispute, but it seems more of a trademark protection issue?

Yeah, I played the hell out of Morrowind back in the day. I guess my problem with this lawsuit is that Mojang wants to name a game "Scrolls." That's it. "Scrolls." Bethesda claiming that it's too close to "The Elder Scrolls" smacks of lameass corporate bullying, and there's not much I hate more than plain old stereotypical Corporate Evil.

What do you think is the *most* ridiculous JRPG character design? Oh, and I would totally dig that incentive.

Ha, that's like picking the orangest orange. Ummm, sticking with playable characters, I'm going to go with Mojo from Chrono Cross. The hell, man.

What sort of calendrical system do they use in Unsounded? Is there a calender somehow synonymous with ours, or do they have a seasonal or lunar calender?

I answered this question before but I'll answer it again in the wiki, eventually. The countries all have different standards, it's a bit of a mess.

Fuck/marry/kill: Richard Diebenkorn, Henri Matisse, Alex Katz.

Apathy. Gentle cuddles. Apathy.
Okay. Favorite contemporary artists who aren't illustrator/comic book people.

These labels, they trouble me. My favourite contemporary "fine artist" is Ayami Kojima, but she also does illustration work and has even - gasp - made some manga. It is approximately as difficult to make a living these days as a comic artist than as a fine artist, and illustrators don't have it much better. While I feel differently about people who do art while sucking the corporate teat, placing fine artists above illustrators or comic artists is a silly thing. Maybe you're not doing that at all and are talking about strictly the scope of their work, but I must make certain.

Kojima is great though. James Gurney, BROM, Serrano, Range Murata - all tops.

I think the combat-boots-with-girlish-dress is a symptom of the 90s. That's not a defense, just an observation. Very grunge. Especially like when the dress is a button-up-- like Aeris/th.

Could be, could be.

Vincent was pointless and sucked from Day 1. Good riddance.

Well, all characters are pointless in the end. It's all just brain fluff to distract us from the meaninglessness of our miserable lives in which none of us get the pie we deserve (I want pie).

But you have to realise that most Vincent fangirls were never in love with Vincent; we were in love with the PROMISE of Vincent, with what was between the lines, left unsaid, behind the scenes, before the game, off-screen. When Dirge of Cerberus was shat upon the world it nuked a thousand lovely fantasies and bits of fandom, replacing them with rancid fecal excrescence.

Favorite "traditional" artists? I don't know how to frame this question-- I mean like, what are your favorite artists who are not of the contemporary illustration/comic book crowd? Answer could range from Velazquez to Sol LeWitt as far as I'm concerned.

Illustrators. Love 'em. Mucha, Wyeth, Harry Clarke, Rackham. They're all dead, they should count. The old masters are well and good but at this point in my life I no longer feel the need to stare at Jesus and Antiquity fanart. I rather liked Matisse in school, but he doesn't thrill me anymore. If I'm stepping outside the field of illustration these days I like really edgy modern artists like Serrano and even Banksy. Piss people off. Wrap things up in fabric for no fucking reason. RAWWWWR.

Do you know Japanese?

I know weeaboo Japanese :3

Whaat? Not even Vincent? I thought you loved his design!

Dirge of Cerberus made me kind of hate Vincent and everything about him and all those wasted years of fandom. I am a bitter, bitter fangirl.

There are some redeeming things about his looks though, sure. Even a broken clock gets the time right twice a day, as they say, and that can apply to Nomura's character design skills. Vincent's colour scheme is cool, the bandanna and cape and hair are all very dramatic and nice. The claw design is goddamned terrible though and the clownish metal sabatons over his shoes are stupid. They're exaggerated and even stupider in post-FF7 media. I remember finally seeing him in high-res in Advent Children and wanting to diiiiie.

I cosplay Ms. Gainsborough, and was actually relieved when AC gave her some pointless arm belts...the bolts on those armor ring things dig in and hurt your underarms. No sane person would wear them. (Also, out of curiosity, Aeris or Aerith?)

Yes, Aerith is a great example of Nomura's bizarre, clashing costume designs. He mixes Aerith's pretty pink dress and red jacket with those clunky boots and the weird metal bands. It makes no sense. No human being would dress in that ensemble. I think Sephiroth, Cloud, and the rest of SOLDIER are his best designs in FF7 but the rest, ugh. Poor Tifa.

I prefer "Aerith" for no real reason. "Aeris" is nice too, it sounds like heiress, like she's the heiress to the abilities of the Cetra, but Aerith is similar to Earth, which also is appropriate. I suppose the Compilation just got me used to the 'th.'

Yuna is the only really pretty thing Nomura's done, IMO, and he still managed to slap some combat boots on her. Don't even start me on Lulu.

I agree one-hundred percent.

Would it be possible to booby trap someone's smoking pipe with a small smoke eel?

I'm going to go with Maybe on this one. Why so violent, anon?

As a creator doing a serialized work - do you ever worry about the potential for internet speculation to inadvertently spoil plot points and twists? The more a work becomes popular, the more people talk, argue and speculate about every future installment.

I can't say it's something that keeps me up at night. After all, no one can REALLY spoil anything except for me, can they? People can speculate all they like and I love to read that, but I will never say (unless it's something I feel is obvious anyway) whether they're on to something or not. Honestly, even if someone does guess something early, it's kind of a compliment. If you drop enough clues and tell a coherent enough story that someone can figure out a plot twist in advance, that's a good sign.

Anyway, Unsounded is never going to be popular enough for that kind of mass attention. It's too grim and weird.

Once you have watched The Fall, could you respond with your opinion of the movie? I am interested to know what you think. Thanks! -Z

It was good! One of those movies where it's obvious everyone involved obsessed over every frame and every shot. Eccentric costume design, great sets, really lovely colours. The little girl was adorable. I think overall it was a bit style over substance, but that's okay once in a while.

Have you read Sherlock Holmes?

When I was a kid, yeah. My grandma had a big old collected edition of Holmes stories and I read through it one summer. Hound of the Baskervilles is scary.

What happens if you accidentally inhale a smoke eel?

They reform in your lungs and chew their way out of you. PROTIP: Don't inhale smoke eels.

You realize, of course, that you've now cursed yourself to an eternity of having to keep track of which direction Jivi's facing in every panel he ever appears in?

It's not so bad. Next time you see him he'll have a nice ratty bandage around his head.

Is Jivi's mom alive?


Smoke eels! They are beautiful, and fun to look at, and a little confusing... what exactly are they?

They are mysteries :) Seriously, even most of the comic characters don't know what they are - they just ARE.

Is Jivi's pirate-fish-dream-mother proud of Jivi for trying to stand up and fight? It's not like he accomplished much, and now he's less one ear for his troubles.

She'd be proud of him for talking back, yeah. That's all she's ever wanted him to do. Jivi has a bad habit of waiting too long to act, though, and then acting at the worst moment and usually in an inappropriate way. He isn't the most sensible kid around.

Alright, how about Yoshitaka Amano?? I adore his art.

Amano! Amano is stellar stuff, I like him enough to own artbooks. You have good taste.

How do you feel about Marche's character design? In fact, how do you feel about the FFTA games in general?

Marche is pretty stupid looking in my opinion. I don't care for Ryoma Ito's art much in general. FFTA games... enh. They're this weird and unentertaining (to me) kiddification of Ivalice and I just can't get into them.

Agree or disagree: "Reputation is an idle and most false imposition, oft got without merit and lost without deserving"?

If I'm remembering correctly, Iago said that, and you should never trust the counsel of an irate parrot voiced by Gilbert Godfrey.

In any event, it's a pat generalization, and those are always dangerous, but there does seem some truth to it. Do you have to write a paper for school? Use Anthony Wiener as an example. A sterling reputation shot to hell just because he tweeted naughty pics of himself to consenting adults.

Tch, fine. In that case, could you distort an object with pyramy? Say, something was supposed to be blue, could you altar it's blue aspect with a sound, so while the object was trying to continue being blue, it instead quacked?

It's an interesting idea but you'd run into some problems. To explain those problems you have to dig a bit deeper and start talking about how the khert arranges reality and how it structures Aspects in order to form Materials. It's a long and boring subject so just rest assured that these structures exist and are very important.

The short of it though, is you cannot generally mix and match Aspect Types. You can't assign a colour to a sound, or a texture to a taste, or a temperature to a velocity. It's trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, and the khert doesn't like it and will try to abort the unnatural thing that you are attempting to create. So long as you are dealing with the khert, you are dealing with a set of natural laws. You can't break the laws of nature by bringing something into existence that shouldn't exist. In another reality, under a different set of rules, it might exist, but not here.

Are there ways around the laws of nature in this setting? Obviously, else our talkative zombie friend would not exist. But this is why Duane is so very careful not to be found out. He should not exist and any wright who sees him is going to recognise this and want to know HOW HOW HOW. Duane's existence is symbolic of Something Very New.

But ninety-nine point nine percent of pymary done by your common wright off the street is absolutely subject to what's possible in nature, so turning a colour into a quack is a no-no :)

Ugh, think how much work it would take to eat a whole person. Save your undead strength for the comic and I will bring you hamburgers instead, ok?

No, I want sushi :3

So the places you'd most like to go are all fictional and highly dangerous?

Well, in theory I'd love to visit London and Paris and Bruges and Tokyo, but this is as likely to happen as me visiting Rapture or Midgar so enh.

If you and a voraphile were swallowed by a whale, what would you do? ;P

Take shelter beneath the whale's tongue in order to avoid a battering from the voraphile's enormous erection at having finally been swallowed by something.

How do you feel about emotions?


You anxious for the new Skyrim game?

Not reeeeally. My favourite kind of games these days are simple, customizable ones like Minecraft and Terraria. Is this a mark of old age? The only triple A titles I can make myself show interest in lately are Arkham Asylum and the new Bioshock.

Well, six foot long. An alien essence possesses a woman's tongue so that it has a mind of it's own, and together, they kill people. You really like tongues, eh? Would you want a 6 ft long, prehensile tongue?

I would not. Our mouths are some hideous, alien cavities, man. Open up wide in front of a mirror and just gaze into the glistening wound of a food-hole in your face. I swear I sometimes cannot stand being corporeal.

Tongues are horrific, I like them in that sense. When you let go of how used to looking at other people you are, and really gaze at us objectively, we are some monstrous collections of carbon.

Do you like sci-fi? Do you have any sci-fi literature/game/manga recommendations?

If a movie is good and also happens to be scifi, I won't hold the scifi against it, but it's not my favourite genre. Space creeps me out, robots bore me, science is appreciated but I don't dream of electric sheep. I'm much more into fantasy and history.

Cheesy horror films? Ever see Killer Tongue? Robert Englund and the actor who played Pinhead guest star as victims.

I do like tongues. Is it a six-foot tall killer tongue? Imagine being smothered by a giant smelly tongue. That's good stuff.

I just saw a commercial a few hours ago for Moby Dick being on TV - a two-part movie. I dunno if you would get it in Florida, but would you be excited, or are you a book-is-law fan?

Is it the reimagined Moby-Dick with Danny Glover and dragons? Or the new submarine retelling with Brad from Rocky Horror Picture Show? Or is it the old tv movie with Patrick Stewart with hair?

You may as well make an ice cream flavour out of the book as make a movie. The best parts of it are Ahab and Ishmael ruminating existentially and you can't film that. But who doesn't like a good whaling movie and a new set of designs for Queequeg's tattoos. It's all good.

Favorite regional style of food, and why?

Chinese! Because it tastes good.

What's the worst injury you've ever gotten?

Uuuhhhh, broke my collarbone when I was ten. I think that's about it.

So, what kind of horror flicks do you like? Any particularly cheesy gems?

I think my favourite cheesy (bad) horror movie is The Haunting with Liam Neesan and Lili Taylor. The house it's shot in is so awesome and I love all the special effects. Also got a soft spot for ghost movies overall. Poltergeist, El Orfanato, The Shining, the remade House on Haunted Hill, Silent Hill, etc.

Other favourites... The Fly, Event Horison, Suspiria, Ginger Snaps, the first and second Hellraisers. Is Warlock supposed to be horror? 'Cause I love it, cheesy or not.

Dude, I have THE BEST vote incentive idea: Do sketches of how Unsounded characters would look if they had been designed by Tetsuya Nomura.

Hahahahaha XD

I dunno, man, do you think enough people would get the joke? Not everyone is a geeky jRPG fan.

Sometimes I have trouble resisting the urge to vomit rainbows when you're on my Tumblr. I forget you are human and not a god. Do you forget that too? ..or are you really a god? You're not allowed to respond to this with low self-esteem.

I don't


All I've ingested today is a can of yams, three stale gingersnaps, and about five cups of coffee. If I'm a god I want my goddamend ambrosia and nectar. I might settle for your rainbow vomit if it tastes like Skittles.

Re: The questions about the favorite "fine artist"-- I had so much trouble framing the question I wanted to ask! And I hate it when people prioritize "fine" art over "illustrative" art. Couldn't find a way to ask that without sounding like a jag off.

It's all good. I still love you, anon.

Here in Georgia it's understood that Florida drivers coming through our state are horrible drivers. What is your opinion of Florida drivers?

Yeah?! Well Georgians are even worse drivers! Go suck on a peach and die!

Seriously, I haven't noticed. The consensus around here is that tourists drive like dick, but I think that's universal. So a Floridian tourist in Georgia is going to drive as dickishly as a Georgian tourist in Florida. People drive poorly when they're in unfamiliar territory.

Or who knows, maybe Floridians are bad drivers, but I don't know why they would be. There's nothing special about the roads 'round here.

Do you have a flavor?

Tonight my flavour would be gingersnaps and black coffee.

Do you ever have days where everything you draw turns out terribly? Any advice? It always seems to happen to me on days when I actually have extended time to draw. :(

Yeah, bad drawing days are the worst :( I think sometimes it boils down to being anchored too much on one side of your brain. You gotta jump-start the part of your brain you need. Look through some artbooks, check out what's popular in the last 24 hours on dA, watch some awesome 2D animation. Then just draw aimlessly, but quickly, from observation to loosen your wrist and imagination up. I swear bad drawing days feels like there's a hairball in one's creative pipes. Gotta flush that bitch out.

I meant the work you aren't paid for, i.e. Unsounded and the like. What do you tell yourself to stay on track when the motivation isn't there?

Oooh. I guess I'm not the person to ask. I always have motivation for doing my own art. In fact, it's the biggest factor whenever I'm procrastinating on paying work :)

What's your motivation for doing your art/writing/whatever? If the motive is fame or money or attention or validation, these things can defeat you. The motive should be pure love of creation. I would say.

Favourite animated Disney movie?

A tie between the original Fantasia and The Rescuers Down Under.

How do you force yourself to work when you are feeling unmotivated/tired/cranky?

Well, if you don't work you don't get paid. If you don't get paid, you don't pay your car insurance or your power bill or feed your dogs. These are strong incentives.

What's your most surprising talent?

Though I'm super ungirly, I'm great with kids and babies and I'm a good cook. I should have been a housewife.

What's your opinion on Quakers?

Excellent oatmeal.

Your top 3-5 Most Hideous Nomura character designs.

Number one is easily Shalua from Dirge of Cerberus, the Worst Game Ever Made. Look at it. LOOK AT IT

More though, okay... such a cornucopia of crrrrrap. Let's go old school with Yuffie Kisaragi. What the hell is she wearing on her arm. Why the fuck aren't her shorts zipped. Why does she have an iron shackle on her left thigh. There is no cohesion in Nomura's designs. It's some articles of clothing and then random shit slapped on. It's so horrible I can't even.

The FF characters in Kingdom Hearts. They are all bullshit. And what is with Nomura having to adorn Sephiroth's base design in random shit whenever he's in different games? Is Sephiroth a fucking Christmas tree?

I have to lie down now, I can't do more.

Speaking of Tetsuya Nomura, what's your opinion of his designs? Personally, I'm annoyed of his designs and think that they're starting to look the same.

He's a very poor artist. Back in the nineties you could just call him uninspired and lacking in technical skill, but now you really have to add Overall Terrible Sense of Aesthetics to the mix. His issues go beyond just lol!zippers. He's a bad draftsman, his character silhouettes are poor, he has no colour sense, no originality. He's just bad, bad, bad, and it sometimes blows my mind that he holds so much power.

Do you like dim sum? If you don't you should give it a try, I think you'd looove it! Had some for lunch just now (:

I've long, long wanted to try it, but I never have :( Send me some.

Do you have any hints or tricks for writing dialog with a good flow? I'm told my character don't talk like people really talk.

Hey, I'm told the same thing. Solidarity. Ya know what I do sometimes? I write a scene in prose first. When you're writing in prose you're ideally getting inside characters' heads in-between them actually speaking, and that can help you come up with more realistic, intriguing dialog. S'like I'm rewriting this scene in chapter 7 at the moment and there's a lot of really sudden, almost surreal stuff going on. The tone has to be perfect and charaters' reactions to it have to be spot-on. So I'm writing the whole thing in prose first to make it all gel. Give it a try.

Murkoph, Starfish and the Joker walk into a bar. What happens?

Murkoph recalls a story that clowns are able to fit into really small spaces. He decides to be ironic and cut open Starfish's belly, then stuff the clown inside and sew him up. Afterwards he beats everyone in the bar to death with a broken chair, gouges their faces unrecognisable with smashed bottles, and makes himself a dry martini with an eyeball in place of an olive. He takes his drink and the relevant parts of the nearest female to a cozy dark place beneath the docks.

Hast seen the White Whale?

Will there be an overabundance of pouches in Unsounded?

Only if Squeenix fires Tetsuya Nomura and he comes to live under my bed and do character designs for me.

UNF, I just can't wait to get through that storyline with comprehensible script! That translation? Introducing the one black guy as the "Exotic Wizard"? lololol Thanks for all the info!!

No problem!

I think we need a "Duane's army life" flashback because its important to see what he was like pre-undeath. Especially as he becomes increasingly unhinged, hmm?

Perhaps, perhaps.

Have you ever tried Meditation?

Yes, but there's not time enough in my day to make a regular practise of it. Besides, I'm pretty chill anyway.

What do you think I should write on my blog about next?


Running over the same old ground what have we found? The same old fears~

Buy me a beeeer~

I'm thinking of buying a PSP just to play the improved FFT. But I don't really like videogames anymore? I just want to keep playing that one, forever, maybe. Is it worth it?? Are there any other really worthwhile PSP games?

Absolutely. I'm a proponent of the PSP, I play mine much more than my NDS. The FFT redux is astounding - as an FFT fan you really should play it. Did you ever wish someone would resurrect Algus so you could kill him again? WELL, HOLD ON TO YOUR HALBERD.

Then there's Ogre Tactics which you should play since it's like FFT's dad but also excellent on its own. If you really dig SRPGS I also recommend the Disgaea ports and a little game called Jeanne D'Arc. Dracula X Chronicles is a 2.5D remake of Castlevania Chi no Rondo and it is oldschool and delicious and has SotN packaged with it as an unlockable bonus. The Prinny Game is old school brutal platforming action that will destroy your soul. Lumines, LocoRoco, PuzzleQuest and Patapon are super fun puzzle games. The Dissidia games are engaging provided you are wise and skip everything related to any semblance of a "story." Likewise with Crisis Core although it has Zack who is a pretty likable character all told. Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is a good time. So are the God of War PSP games...

And this isn't even getting into the PSP installments of series I don't play, like MGS and GTA and Little Big Planet, all of which have been praised. I would say a PSP is a wise investment.

((You should install CFW though, research this))

Pink Floyd fan, huh?

Ever since high school. I've since sold them but I used to have every album on CD. When I was a kid I thought The Wall was the deepest thing ever. I still have no idea what the core idea behind that album/film is but the butt-judge has a testicle-chin so it doesn't really matter.

Balthier!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 I'm thinking of buying a PSP just to play Tactics Ogre. y/n??

It's pretty good. Maybe not worth the price of the game plus a PSP, but 'tis a glorious remake. I still like FFT's battle system and characters better though.

If you had to destroy the world and every living thing on it, how would you choose to do it?

Someone's having a bad day.

What do you think of FFT? I share your appreciation for Vagrant Story, but FFT is probably my second favourite JRPG. Which character was which?

FFT is one of my favourite games, so I think pretty highly of it. I really liked the PSP port. I don't understand the hate it gets, it made a perfect game perfecter. Fun to play, awesome characters, awesome story, awesome music, awesome art direction, endlessly replayable, fabulous fun for the whole family.

I knew someone was going to ask character classes. Hell if I remember. I think Duane was a broken Calculator by the end and everyone else was some flavour of tank. That's how I play :3

When's the last time you had a good run?

You don't run with DDs.

if you had to describe Unsounded with a pulp blurb, how would you do it?

Pretty similarly to what's on top of this page, I'd say -

Are you a Hitchcock fan?

Hitchcock is cool. Rear Window is a great film.

Maybe the flashback could be an incentive??

Draw a whole chapter just for an incentive? Not likely, bro :)

I typed in nunsounded by accident, but it got me thinking. So what would your favorite transplantation of the story alt-fic be? Like that Blame! one-shot that turned cyberpunk dystopia into high school shenanigans.

I dunno, man, I've never really thought about it. I'm not the biggest fan of alt-fics. I guess I once played through FFT and used all Unsounded names for recruited characters. Does that count?

Favorite song lyrics?


Have you ever had a near-life experience?

I know not what it is to truly live. I should go sky-diving.

Will there be ghosts in Unsounded?

Chapter Six :3

If you're happen to be interested, "Now and Then, Here and There" is a Great but incredibly sad anime. Hmm. Need a question... Are you going to watch it?

I might, the wiki article looks promising. So hard to find time to dedicate to watching things though, especially when I have to keep my eyes glued to subtitles and can't multitask. Thanks for the rec!

It deserves its own flashback.

We shall see.

Would you like to have been a wailord?

I googled this and a bright blue pokemon whale leered at me. No.

Suddenly I get some very comfortable questions about that young apprentice that vanished along with his mother and the guy who called Starfish Starfish. I mean I was disturbed by the story at first but now . . .

Yes, Starfish is not a pleasant fellow.

Isn't City of Lost Children wonderful? Do you have a favourite scene or is it all equally delicious for you?

I really, really like all the scenes with the organ-grinder and his flea. That music is soooo creepy. Great movie overall though: perfect tone, perfect direction, amazing effects, full of quirky original ideas. Ahh, love <3

Why did Starfish bite Jivi? o.O

That is for you to speculate on.

Would you like to have been a sailor?

Not really, that was a pretty miserable existence. Melville did it right. He dabbled in all of it - the navy, whaling, commercial voyages - had lovely adventures for a few years, then retired from sailing to write books that no one liked and work an office job for the rest of his life.

Have you ever had a near-death experience?

I don't believe that I have.

Favorite non-animated movies?

So hard to choose. The Royal Tenenbaums, Conan the Barbarian, The Butcher Boy, The Fountain, Batman Returns, Aliens, The Fly, Suspiria, City of Lost Children, and on and on.

"We get why Duane hates Cresce, right? We don't need a chapter dedicated to it." I might be a little dense, did I miss this? Is there a specific reason that's been spelled out that I can't remember? Give me the "For Dummies" version.

Wow, you read the formspring far back. Duane says back in chapter two that Alderode and Cresce have been fighting for ages. He tells "boring soldiering stories." So I figured the implication was fairly clear that he was in the Aldish military and probably spent a lot of time firing upon and being fired upon by Crescians. There's a specific incident that really hammered home his hatred but I'm still up in the air over whether this incident deserves its own flashback chapter or no.

Has Starfish ever bitten his nips

Is it possible to bite one's own nipples?

My god you have pocoyo on your deskpot? 10 points to you. Great comic btw, love how you polished your photoshop lineart over the time.

Pocoyo is the best. My niece and nephew find it hysterical and I find it to be the most adorable children's programming on television. Glad you like the comic. Those old pages, man, I can't stand to look at 'em.

So Regina Flash ain't a fish person?

Ha, no, she's just a normal lady. Well, not NORMAL.

Does Murkoph always try to kill people he meets, or is he capable of having a pleasant conversation and going on his business every now and then?

You'll have to wait and see.

But (it looks like) you have fish people in your work!

That is slander, sir, and I shall not stand for it.

So fish people are therefore delicious, but not kosher.

Stands to reason.

Oh damn, the word was "you". What would YOU get from Duane?

A kiss on the hand and a punch in the mouth.

You are stuck in a room with Murkoph and Duane and you left your creative control at home. Duane will protect you but he may only do so by using a sword. How screwed are you?

The real question is whether Murkoph would gut me first or Duane would accidentally cut off my head. Although Murkoph is only mad north-north-west; you never really know if he's going to tell you a story or open up your bowels. Unpredictable fellow.

What's the saddest anime in your opinion? Movies don't count so no Grave of the Fireflies.

Why can't movies count? You're a steely petitioner, anon.

I think... the hardest I cried at a series was when Wolfwood was killed in Trigun. But I wouldn't call Trigun a sad anime. I guess... for overall depression factor and pervasive grimness I might have to go with Cowboy Bebop. It's pretty hardcore to kill off your main character at the end. There are a lot of depressing stories in there too, even in the first episode. So yeah, Cowboy Bebop.


Ash. A lot of sooty metal braces. Two blackened glass eyes. A vague sense of disapproval.

Fish people make good sashimi.

They say human flesh tastes of pork. Would fish-people flesh taste of like, fish plus pork? This sounds delicious.

So what would get from Duane? Spleen handing or uptight courtliness?

I think you forgot a word in there.

Oh! So fish-people, by dint of being fish-people, are more to blame for bad manga than non-fish-people?

Have you ever known a fish-person to create a GOOD manga? Have you? Think of one! I'll wait.

The fish people?

Pirates of the Caribbean reference. Pay me no mind.


What is "I'm the goddam." I'll take septuagenarian superheroes for a thousand, Alex.

Which character in Unsounded do you find the most difficult to write? Or, the better way to phrase it might be, "get inside their head?"

Duane is tricky. Duane is a constantly clashing poisonous stew of distractions, delusions, and conceits. He's always just a hair's breadth from snapping, either verbally or violently, but he still has this deep need to be Relevant and Good and Exemplary. Getting in his head is exhausting. Sette is so important when it comes to tempering him because she's at once vulnerable but doesn't put up with his bullshit. He is tricky to write around her. Tricky tricky.

When he's not around Sette or someone else who shakes his worldview, he pretty much defaults to Uptight Gentleman or Going To Hand You Your Spleen. These defaults are much easier to deal with :3

I suggest you give Blame! a try then. It's also by Nihei and I think it's one of his best works and one of the best manga I've read.

I'll check it out. If I don't like it though, I'm coming for ya.

What are your top 5 favourite manga?

1. Gankutsuou
2. Blade of the Immortal
3. Nausicaa
4. Monster
... I can't think of a fifth. Most series I read the first tankouban or three and then lose interest. I blame uncreative translations, shounen comic repetitiveness syndrome, boring art, and the fish people.

Are you a fan of Disney's Gargoyles from back in the 90s?

I was a fan when I was a kid. It was pretty edgy back then - mild swearing, actual BLOOD. Haven't watched it since becoming a boring old adult though.

You are stuck in an elevator with Murkoph and Duane. What do you doooo?

Do I still have creative control? We would stage A Very Small Production of Sweeney Todd.

Sette might mug you, but surely Duane wouldn't eat you? Also, I turned 30 a week ago, so I feel you on the age thing. Yesterday outta nowhere I had a vision of myself as a kind of overripe fruit, all wasted and useless. It was something, let me tell you.

Belated happy birthday! We are indeed overripe fruit. But like, overripe bananas are the best bananas for banana bread. So we can still be bread.

Have you read any manga by Tsutomu Nihei?

I read his Snikt!bub comic. Dude's a badass, his work's so rich and textural and meaty you wanna dip a chip in it.

Does that mean Grissom is gone for good? I never knew what the deal with Murkoph and Bastion etc. other than what you put on your website, so part of the fun of reading Unsounded is waiting to finally get their backstory.

I've never RPed Grissom extensively, he always belonged to friends, so I've never had the opportunity to develop him into something of my own. I might draw him for fun now and then, but he'll never be in Unsounded. Also, just to keep it real, I can get away with keeping Duane's name Duane, but I don't think I could get away with having a Duane and a Grissom in an original story ;)

It's a shame my friend Amanda doesn't have a site at the moment, I'd point you towards her awesome Grissom stories.
Surely Jivi would listen to you? He seems like the kind of kid who'd respect his elders. Or Matty, Matty would totally do as you say.

I don't require obedience. I just don't want to be mugged or eaten.

31? Psh! I remember your work from back in the days when Duane had a bowl cut and was this unfortunate videogame extra you latched onto and spun into something totally new beautiful and WEIRD. I miss Grissom. Point being: Long time fan here. Happy B!

I miss Grissom too. My friend Amanda played a spectacular Grissom, and then my friend Meriko played an equally spectacular but utterly different Grissom. I miss RP I miss my RP friends arrrrgghhhh.

I'm comin' for ya, missy.


If the character in Unsounded were flavors of jello, what flavors of jello would they be?

Motherfuckers would all be lime, with that gummy knot of whipped cream hospitals and school cafeterias stick on top.

You are, like, thirty. That ain't old! Don't give up so easily!

Thirty-one :(

From its zenith the sun begins its long, slow bow, expecting no applause; and Into my lengthening shadow slinks Death, the dusk light catching on its coffin nail fangs and glinting ruddy, bloody wet.

Happy birthday!!! Are you now older than Duane? Would your age give you any authority with Sette?

I'm older than Duane was when he died, but not older than he is now. Sigh. Sette would call me an old woman, knock me down, and steal my purse. I have the upper hand with none of my characters. NONE.

Is that wordpress link one of your dogs?

No, it was some silly photo from reddit, I think. My friend Mental likes to keep me abreast of the latest developments in Adorable Internet Dog Photos.

On that screenshot you shared, I saw "Hero (17)". Is that Zhang YiMou's Hero? If so, you have good taste.

It's a good soundtrack!

FFFFFFFFF THE FALL IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER. I have started playing Minecraft because of you. We are now even.

Do you like Minecraft? :3 I don't know if I like The Fall yet, I haven't had a chance to watch it. All the screenshots I've seen are so freaking compelling though, I have high hopes.

What does your desktop look like it? Pimpin' dual screens. I've had that wallpaper nearly a year now. Mandelbulbs are the shit.

When Duane realized he had been yoinked from the grave and couldn't feel pain, did he do anything stupid for shits? Did he jump off a cliff? Did he put his hand in a woodchipper? Did he stick his face in a pit of fire ants?

I suspect Duane's resurrection happened differently from how you are envisioning. In other news, I have downloaded The Fall.

This has been a week filled with five Mondays and nothing else. My question to you is, why were there not five updates of the comic? Why?

Because I did not produce five pages last week. I don't like to post more than I create in a week, this is how buffer deficits happen :3 I think we get four pages this coming week though, there are two I want to post together. So hey! Maybe you'll only have four Mondays this week. Think positive.

Check out my new profile photo and respond!


Happy Birthday, Ashley.

Thank you, dear.

What are you playing these days?

Entirely too much Terraria. I didn't care for it at first, it felt like a less compelling Minecraft, but the mining and underground exploration is actually much more fun than Minecraft's. I like picking my way along underground, closing up tunnels behind me so I'm not ambushed, finding pockets of enemies and figuring out how to approach and dispatch them. Also dat enchanted boomerang. It's a shame the game is so frigging ugly. I mean, it is insultingly ugly.

Will we ever get to know more about Matty's mom? If so, will it be soon?

Yeah, you'll learn more about Matty's mom. "Soon" is a relative term though. Let's say you'll definitely have all pertinent questions answered by the end of the first book.

Ducks are amazing! Haters gonna do something though, eh? How's Murkoph doing? Also, are you SURE there is no chance I could read Tanners? :o

You WILL read Tanners if you stick with Unsounded :)

Was Matty's mom a babe-ilicious babe?

If she were a president she would be Baberaham Lincoln.

... any particular reason you like ducks? They don't seem quite as interesting as dogs or lions.

There have always been a lot of ducks in my neighbourhood. I think they're fun to watch. They're kind of fierce fuckers too. The ducks around here have little hooks on their bills and they hiss when they're in a bad mood. I would not mess with these ducks.

What's your favourite animal? Besides dogs, of course.

Lions. Or ducks :Y

If you can use pymary to shrink things down, it follows that you can use it to grow certain things, if you know what I mean.............Like making giant tomatoes to eat or something.

I didn't say pymary could shrink anything, man. I don't reckon that it can, I can't think up a method for it.

This isn't such a huge issue, but the characters page lists Matty as nine and the wiki as eight, so I was wondering which one was the imposter. Also, with Quigley at 23, that would make him either 14 or 15 when Matty was born. Is that typical in Kasslyne?

It should be eight :) I've been meaning to edit that character page for months but I am famously lazy. Plats do everything very young, including marry and have kids. It probably seems a bit icky but they don't live past thirty, so time is not to be wasted.

If a gentleman of a Cresian would upset Duane's view of the world, would a criminal of an Aldishman create the same effect?

Depends on the Aldishman, but yes.

nooo don't shave his hair! recent page is love. i am falling for him. i love the style change. ahhhhhhh <3333

Calm down, deep breaths.

Blech, after last night, hospital visits for pain suck awfully. Have you ever had to deal with hospitals a lot? Pain is stupid also dumb.

Aww, I hope you're okay now. I've had my share of hospital stuff. Senior year of college I had my gallbladder out and wound up with some pretty severe pancreatitis afterwards, so I was in the hospital about a week. I went in for an outpatient procedure a few months ago, but it was a good thing, since I'd been waiting a year for it. Curse these mortal, fleshly bonds.

So you're making that McDonald's for us, right? How's it coming along?

Not a McDonald's, just had an idea for... something.

Can pymary be used to shrink others, or oneself, without the pesky laws of physics getting in the way? Square cubed law, and all that; such as oxygen particles being too big for the tiny lungs to process. If so, what's the smallest one could possibly get?

Someone else asked something similar to this not long ago. What is this obsession with shrinkage.

OK, Jean Valjean vs. Duane Adelier in a battle of noble martyrdom and outrage over the plight of abused children. Who wins? I'd ask about Sette vs. Gavroche, but we all know they'd team up to rob everyone else blind.

In the middle of reading this, a Les Mis Jeopardy question came up on television I shit you not. This game is great I have to watch the rest of it. Alex Trebek is so adorable, I wish he was my grandpa.


Back. You know, I could never stand Valjean. I've never heard him played by anyone I didn't want to kick in the teeth. Also, his character is just very whiny, isn't he? Duane can be whiny but afterwards he tends to be violent, so this all kind of evens out well. I suppose if the ultimate outcome of the outrage battle is just to be outraged and yet not do anything but sing about it, Valjean has this wrapped up. Duane would be too busy dissecting the offenders with a sharp stick.

Why can't I quit you?

Try a nicotine patch.

Is there a reason why Jivi and the others are chained by the neck rather than by the wrist/ankles? Less material? More secure? More of a psychological impact? I'd hate to have my hands and legs free only to be shackled around the neck.

If I had to guess - and since I'm the author I reckon that's my job - I'd say Starfish shackled them like this because it's particularly cruel and degrading, and that's how Starfish rolls.

What's the worst book you've read? (Hard mode: Worst book you've read that you didn't have to read for school.)

My default answer is Tess of the d'Urbervilles but I had to read that in high school so... HARD MODE answer is some viking porn book of my grandmother's I read when I had to stay with her for a few days as a kid. Even at eleven I knew that book was a sub-par literary endeavour.

Tell us of this strange "Cleave-land"

It was very industrial looking to my tropical Floridian eyes. I was only there twenty-four hours but I didn't like it at all. I ordered Chinese for dinner at the hotel and they didn't bring me a fork so I had to eat lo-mein with two mechnical pencils serving as chopsticks. It was your fault, Cleveland!

What is something you want to learn more about?

Programming and code. I taught myself some perl and PHP for fun years ago, and wrote some primitive chatroom software, but I've never had the time to delve really deep into a programming language. Everything about programming fascinates me and if I could go back in time I think I would have been a computer science major.

When you eat, do you ever pretend like you're a zombie and that you're eating human remains? I do that all the time and I think it's awesome.

You get this one all to yourself, champ.

Was Lambence connected to the Sharteshane lich?


How much does taking breaks from updating affect the size of your readership?

Couldn't say, I haven't tracked it specifically. Obviously pageviews are down on days when there aren't new posts, but from month to month readership has steadily risen over the past year, so the breaks don't seem to bother people too much. I don't see how they could, honestly. Three pages a week for a chapter at a time with a month break in-between is pretty reasonable, I'd say.

Humm numm shibai humm numm shibai humm numm shibai... You're not taking MY heart!

Then, suddenly, the British army!

Foot fetishists? Eeeew! Now, /hands/. Oh yeah baby, /dem digits/.

Don't get too worked up, but I used my naked hands to draw every panel in tonight's comic. I even sweated on the tablet a little.

Do you do any sort of warm up drawing exercises to loosen up?

No specific exercises, but I like to spend a few minutes drawing aimlessly in my sketchbook before I start for the day. I should spend more time warming up and working on fundamentals but I feel so rushed lately. The cold hand of Death has settled on my shoulder.

You seem like some one who has travelled to a lot of far away places. How travelled are you?

I've never left the US. I've been as far north as Hartford, Connecticut, and as far west as a job interview in Cleveland, Ohio. I've lived in central Florida all my life.

It's simple Cope. If you want your webcomic to be free of foot fetishism, everyone must constantly go barefoot.

Do foot fetishists dig on Hobbits?

Are the Black Tongues jolly animal lovers and philanthropists?


Do you find the idea of existence as an undead person attractive?

Only if it's relatively strings-free. Who doesn't want to exist forever? I could get so much art done :3

Have you seen/read Les Miserables? If so, who would win in a contest of bastardry and theiving: Nary-A-Care Frummagen or M. Thenardier?

Wooooow, that's a clash of the Titans. I would probably say Nary because he has more clout behind him than Thenardier, but they are both on a par when it comes to core heartlessness.

So can we expect any Kali-myth death cultists in the story?


Do you get really big luminous fish? Like luminous sharks? Do they come from that area with luminous water you mentioned?

They do, actually. If you're the only thing not glowing in a luminous body of water, you stand out too much and are eaten. So nigh everything that lives in lambence glows - partly from ingesting and breathing the lambence, partly because it's imbued their body with its own bioluminescence. That was always my reasoning behind it. Lambence is all over the place in Sharteshane and was a big deal in RP.

What are you top five favorite books?

1. Moby-Dick
2. The Vampire Lestat
3. A Tale of Two Cities
4. Treasure Island
5. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe


D: I shall do it now just to spite you.

I doubt black tongues find it depressing to steal happiness from dogs.

Why do you malign the Black Tongues. Perhaps they are jolly animal lovers and philanthropists.

I think it's simply the fact they're bare, and naturally dirty soles. That seems to attract some folk. And as she's the only female who's regularly barefoot, and thusly often showing soles, it brings the foot fetish folk's attention to hers.

You know much of this.

I have it. Murkoph is the result of Bastion trying to make his best poodle into an attack human. He thought such a happy yet evil poodle would make a happy attack human. He was kind of right.

Ohnoes, you've spoiled it.

What kind of ranged weapons do they use in Kasslyne? I've seen bits and pieces of evidence for such, but nothing concrete.

If you're not a wright, you're going to want a bowgun. There's a character later on who's a bowgun deadeye. Very badass.

Is Duane smokeable?

There was an episode of Six Feet Under where some stoners snorted the ashes of their dead friend. Just throwing that out there.

So Jivi was thought up just for the comic?

Sort of. I've had the idea for him in the back of my head a long time, but he never got the chance to stretch his legs in RP like Sette or Duane did.

Aside from the hair, Jivi looks a little different from the last time we saw him. Teenage growth spurt, stress-induced weight loss or style change?

Style change. He's a new character for me so I'm not all that consistent drawing him. My bad.

Does Duane have a thing about fire because he's basically tinder (I keep linking him in my mind, if this is the case, to the scarecrow in Wizard of Oz), or does it bother him because he can't feel the heat like he could when he was alive?

He can actually feel the heat WAY WAY too keenly. Temperature and pressure are the only sensations he has left, so even the slightest warmth is uncomfortably hot against his frigid self. He deals with it during the day but everything is much harder at night. Comparing him to the Scarecrow is apt. He's pretty dried out :)

I was looking at the picture on the facebook group of Duane and Sette dancing. If Duane's arm does snap off, does he put it back on and pymary it together, or stitch himself, or do zombies/galits have some form of cellular regeneration?

You'll get a clue how his body fits together in a few pages, actually. Wait and see on this one.

I assume that since it's a fish, then the lantern must be full of water, making the lantern pretty heavy for its size. How does its weight not render it impractical?

It's really not that big of a lantern; certainly heavier than an oil lamp but it's either use the fish, wig out her zombie, or stumble about in the dark :)

Feet are hard for you to draw? Sette's creepy foot fetish fans should appreciate when you put such shots in your comics, then. :P

I wouldn't say they're hard to draw, but I have to think about them more than I do other parts of the body, if that makes sense. Ha, I don't get having a foot fetish over Sette's feet. They're kind of trollish.

Stealing a dog's happiness aspect would kill the dog, which would be very depressing, which would ruin the purpose of stealing the happiness aspect in the first place.

Well done.

What are you going to do for your birthday? Gonna eat anywhere special?

I was going to go to John's Pass with my parents and my brother's family, but that kind of fell apart. John's Pass is kind of a fishing village/boardwalk deal with cool shopping and restaurants right by the Gulf. I shall probably just sit here and draw now :)

Danny the Champion of the World was the first real book I ever read. The weirdest stuff comes up on your formspring!

Because we're awesome!

From the chapter 4 title page, what's in the lantern Sette is holding?

A brightly glowing bioluminescent fish. Duane doesn't... like... fire much at night. It's best not to use anything that generates heat too near him.

I too was terrified of the Vermicious Knids, though the Witches scared me even more. I'm surprised Sette's favorite isn't "Danny", though, since it's basically a book all about how stealing things from jerks is awesome and will make your dad love you.

It might well be Danny but I haven't read that one ;) If you think she'd like it better, I revise my earlier answer!

Is it me or ... is Jivi with hair ... rather hot ... *runs away since he's what, 14?!*

Yeah, fourteen. I still dunno if he'll shave his head again when he has access to a razor. Maybe I'll put it to a vote.

What human body part do you find the most difficult to draw?

Figure drawing is all about knowing the shapes that the body breaks into, and feet are the weirdest: five undulating tubes of diminishing size stuck into a slightly bent wedge with a sphere smashed into the back. So feet.

Could you steal dogs' happiness aspect and use it as an anti-depressant?

I'm not so sure emotions are aspects, anon.

Because of the slake-moth things? Or the dimensional spider?

All of it D: All of it was creepy.

How do you feel about Mad Max? Or post-apocalyptic works in general?

I've never seen an entire Mad Max movie, just bits and pieces on cable. Tina Turner's earrings are fabulous. Post-apocalyptic stuff... eeenh. I like it more when it's hinted at, when time enough has passed that a new civilisation has built itself up, and what was once post-apocalyptic becomes just remnants of an ancient culture. Movies, vidya games, and books featuring grungy people picking around a colourless garbage dump are kind of boring to me.

What dog would you ride?

Pretty fond of Bastion's black poodle, won't lie.

steampunk y/n??

I have nothing against steampunk if there's a point to it being used. I want an awesome story that really takes advantage of it, but steampunk for the sake of steampunk gets my goat.

Would it be possible to capture the pleasant emotional aspect of a hug and then cast it on Duane? :D

No, but I will hug the Duane in my brain for you. There may be a Duane in your brain as well. Search about and hug him if you find him.

And then go take your psych meds.

Is DeviantArt telling the truth about your birthday's coming? If yes, I certainly feel like you deserve a Present

Yep! My birthday's on Sunday. I'm so old, Anon. So old.

Every time I see Yawning Quigley I yawn too. Do you remember if you did too when you drew it?

I bet I did. I smile when I'm drawing smiling characters and frown when I'm drawing sad characters. Artists are weird.

I'm getting a pet potbelly pig in the future. What should I name him?

How far in the future? Will it be a cyborg pig? Name it Limbaugh.

I assume there's something that would prevent a mad wright from stealing a dangerous amount of heat from the Sun?

Yeah, distance. The sun is pretty far away. Wrights are tapping into local dispersed heat, not technically the sun itself. Even with that you have to pay attention or you're going to gather too much too quickly and set yourself on fire, which is going to ruin anyone's day.


No, Mr. Shinra, go back to bed.

Could you steal the smell aspect of catnip and give it to a dog? Also, could you steal a dog's happiness aspect and give it to a human effectively creating a human dog-minded drone? Because lets face it. Being happy isn't what dogs do, it's what they are.

Yes and lol.

Grow up around many nuns?


What, in your opinion, is the scariest book ever?

Perdido Street Station D:

Why were plods in warfare banned? While I'm at it, who manages international bans like that, and is there any such authority that both the Aldish and Crescian armies must submit to?

Nope. There was an attempt to form a sort of United Nations deal after the last major war - that'd be the Foi-Hellik affair the lady mentioned on today's page - but Alderode stopped showing up when Sharteshane started petitioning to get Anchert back (an island long in dispute between itself and Alderode). Cresce took Sharteshane's side and Alderode went nyah nyah nyah and sent vliegengiers to drop bombs on Anchert so no one would want it anymore. This is why we can't have nice things.

Plods are banned because there's no effective way to keep enemy wrights from using your own slain soldiers against you. Pretty much everyone thinks this idea is abhorrent and blasphemous and horrible, so there's never been much dispute over this ban.

What does the typical operative of The Window look like?

You'll have to wait on that one :)

*sigh* Thinking about taking the edge from a blade and putting it on Duane's staff, for whatever reason, made me think of him taking the edge from Wolverine's claws, so he could cut anything. Are you an Xmen fan?

I read the comics when I was a kid. Just to be a total nerd, I wonder if Duane couldn't suck up all of Logan's healing aspect and completely regenerate his body. I suspect Adamantium might be counted as a First Material in the Unsounded world though, so Duane couldn't take anything from it :3 For that matter, Logan himself might be made out of First Flesh, since he's nigh immortal. Fun shit to speculate on.

Why are the starfly merchants splattered with a blue substance? What part of the starfly is that coming from? ^_^

Starflies have glowy blue hemolymph. The merchants sell both whole starflies and starfly juice, which is mostly used by wrights to make lights. When Duane does his little blue handlight, he's drawing light Aspect from vials of starfly juice in his satchel. That stuff gets everywhere.

Is the governing body of wrights international?

There are a few different ones. The Window is a strictly Aldish organisation. They're very harsh and very absolute. You cross them and they will execute you.

The Pymaric Standards board is based in Cresce and its laws are practised throughout the West Kasslynian Alliance - that's Cresce, Ulestry, the Manildas, and Madishane. The remaining countries have their own local laws, but they generally follow the PS' lead.

Who's your favourite "chaotic evil" character?

Can I be arrogant and say Murkoph? Murkoph.

Sometimes when I hear Atheists talk about their religion, I mentally replace the words "science" and "logic" with "Batman".

I dunno. It's not working for me, anon.

I have been touched most intimately. Never before have I experienced such pleasure and elation from one such as this! And so I . . . I think it's love. O' Great One, may I marry Unsounded?

Yes. Take it away somewhere to a richly accoutered bridal chamber and make nasty with it until it screams for tonight I hate it and its demanding ways.

Redstone? That's it, we are creating all of the world in Unsounded in Minecraft. Now. What server?

Oh, you <3 You know what would be really awesome since I have Castlevania on the brain tonight, is if someone would recreate in Minecraft the whole of Drac's castle from Symphony of the Night.

Sometimes when I hear Christians talk about their religion, I mentally replace the words "God" and "Jesus" with "Batman".

Perhaps the same can be done with all religions. But enough talk - have at you!

Crows are pretty smart! Corvids in general display pretty complex behaviour and significant problem solving ablities. How do you feel about animals that are smarter than the average bear?

Do crows understand redstone circuits? If they don't understand redstone circuits I'm not impressed :3

Gonna try building Mulimarr into Minecraft?

Nah, Mulimar is a pretty boring city in most respects. Our heroes will visit cooler ones later on.

What's your favorite kaiju?

My favourite kind of monster, weeaboo? Hmm. If vampires count as monsters, vampires.

Are plods/galits the only kind of undead in Unsounded?


What's your favorite STD?

Babies <3

What's your operating system of choice?

Windows XP SP3. I just installed my new ethernet card. Desktop internet is back online, baby, yeah!

I can see losing an arm or whatever and getting over it, but can I assume a wright can lose more of their spectral underlay than just an arm? If they lose the heart or brain or something that must be a horrible lingering death and the knowledge of it too.

Indeed, indeed.

Oh, and is the fucking-up-and-losing-khert-underlay thing related to the points of connection to the khert? (IIRC there was one in each palm.)

Darling anon, let us stop talking about the khert for a while.

What's this I hear about a sex-change scene?

I have no idea.

Wait, what? Sex scene? Where now, multi-page? Sex what who? What am I missing?

What? News to me.

Is the khert secretly the matrix

Could be. I've only seen the first of those movies, once, in the theatre very drunk with some friends in college. We spent the whole time loling at Keanu.

I bet if you asked /b/ for some yodel porn they could supply you. Rule 34, and all.

I want porn of Yoda yodeling, yo.

What's your favorite historical personality who died via lingering wounds?


What's your favorite nonviolent political upheaval?


You like cooking though, right? So Dune should be right up your street either way.

I want more dumpling recipes. Does it have dumpling recipes?

Look at it this way: if you're a lightning incubator for Zeus, what kind of kid are you gonna get? Hercules? Minos? Helen? They've all got pretty major flaws. Whereas with Indra, you're getting Arjuna. Classier divine conception, you know?

True, true, but I'm not all that classy a person. I'm eating half a cold Steak n' Shake burger for breakfast in my underwear.

Yeah, translations do tend to ruin the initial idea, which is a pity. Oh, to be able to speak another language, even a fictional one... bah. And I'm Pagan, so I may have missed some of the connotations, but I still liked it. :D Favorite mythical beast?

Unicorn! There was a time in my life when I collected Made in Taiwan cheap ceramic figurines of unicorns. I had a whole shelf dedicated to them. I am not proud.

Cresce has been referred to as a 'republic', yet it's also been stated multiple times to have a queen. Does this mean the political system is akin to a constitutional monarchy, like Great Britain IRL? I hope this doesn't verge onto any spoilers.

You'll have to wait and see on this one :)

Where do aspects go after the wright who borrowed them doesn't need them anymore? Do they get recycled? Can you take part of an aspect, or only all an object has? Can you take little enough that you can put it back when you're done with it?

The moment a wright starts picking apart what Nature has joined together, decay begins. Aspects separated from their original contributor must be constantly tended to lest, unanchored, they melt into the chaos of the khert. Nature doesn't like free-standing aspects. Aspects are meant to be attached and assigned. So the khert tidily destroys and consumes aspects the moment a wright has finished with them. It also tends to destroy and consume the contributor because without all of its aspects, it is often no longer a viable instance of itself. For example, if a pair of wrights are smacking each other around in the woods and one of them takes all the edges off all the leaves to form a couple slicin' dicin' projectiles, those leaves are wont to instantly decay and vanish because without any law defining how their contours interact with the world, they can no longer logically exist as leaves.

You can indeed take only partial amounts of aspects, depending on the aspect. Every aspect has specialized units of measurement that can be used to isolate and extract specific amounts. This is crucial for a lot of spellcasting like, say, borrowing heat from the sun to start fires.

I found Moby Dick yesterday at the book store, and was Extra-happy and bought it at once all the while thinking of you. Yet I'm saddened I couldn't find it in English and I'm worried I may miss some of the book's essence. I'll tell you once I finish?

Please do! I personally always dislike reading translated novels. In proper prose the language itself is just so important; rhythm, rhyme, alliteration, it should all be married into the final work. I want the author's lips right in my ear; to have a translator's lips there instead, it feels like adultery.

@zzakko and I watched The Fly today, in your honor. Aside from watching Brundle's body rot while he's still in it, what's your favorite part of the film? Mine is how Stathis is made out to be a good guy despite sexual harassment and abusive behavior.

Naaaaw, there aren't any good guys in The Fly. Stathis has that action hero stint that seems so suddenly at odds with his previous role as jerk creep fuckwad, but he's almost immediately punished with those AWESOME acid-vomit amputations. I wouldn't say he gets off easy for being such an ass.

Man, my favourite part of the film though... "I'm ssssaying... I'll hurt you if you sssstay..." Sad Brundle is sad.

What's your bowser of choice?

What's your browser of choice?


I was raised strictly Catholic for most of my early years. Though I'm atheist now, I did get a bit of a culture shock twang at the Kingdom Hearts mention! How 'bout Milton?

I in no way meant to offend. Catholicism is my favourite flavour of Christianity; it is rife with blood and scandal and history and one is served a light breakfast every Sunday at mass. I went to a Catholic elementary school, you know. We're all but bros!

Milton I am not all that knowledgeable on. I've read excerpts from Paradise Lost, mostly when other works were alluding to it, but that's about it.

I read a lot of old literature, so I get to add Moby Dick to my list. Are you, by chance, a fan of either Shakespeare or Dante Alighieri? Dante's Inferno is my favorite book.

Shakespeare is amazing, of course. It's probably cliche to say it but Hamlet is one of my favourite things ever. "Oh that this too, too solid flesh would melt, thaw and resolve itself into a dew! Or that the Everlasting had not fixed his canon 'gainst self-slaughter." Much Ado About Nothing is one of the funniest plays there is outside of Oscar Wilde's oeuvre, and Macbeth will give anyone nightmares.

Dante is... Catholic. I mean, that's not a bad thing, but he is very Catholic. I read the Inferno when I was in high school and certain images still stick with me, but I've always felt I was missing out because I couldn't read it in Italian. There's a certain crossover fanfiction element to it, don't you think? It's like a fourteenth century Kingdom Hearts. He takes his favourite characters from Classicism and History, plops them in his favourite lands from the Bible, and therein starts writing gruesome scenarios to punish people he doesn't like, all while his Mary Stu protagonist is searching for his Long Lost Love. I don't hate Dante or his work at all, I guess at the end of the day I just see more than a bit of silliness behind it. Them Doré illustrations though, no one can hate those.

I have never read Moby Dick, but have been intending to for some time. When I finally finish it, may I geek out with you?

Please do! Moby-Dick is a very difficult novel to get through if you don't read much from that period. The language is dense and it is full of contemporary allusions that no one can possibly understand without a guide ( is a great resource). Be forewarned that it's not a traditional narrative, either. It jumps around from being an adventure tale to a travelogue to a cetological treatise to a stageplay to a series of metaphysical and existential ruminations. Patience is required!

I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but will there be romance in Unsounded? The non-platonic type of romance?

Uaid and Starfish. Deep and real.

What about... Treasure Planet?

I have pretty high standards when it comes to Treasure Island adaptations and Treasure Planet didn't fit the bill. I found Jim obnoxious, Long John tried too hard, the captain was a cat, and I'm not the biggest space story fan around, so the setting with all its scifi bells and whistles didn't do much for me. I watched it once, when it first was released, and that was enough.

What's your favourite Roald Dahl book? What do you think of Roald Dahl?

Who doesn't love Roald Dahl? I think The Great Glass Elavator is my favourite, it's the one I read the most when I was small. Remember the vermicious knids? The illustrations of them terrified me.

The best X-Man is Salivo. He doesn't ever swallow.

His costume is awesome. That speedo and chic black leather bib.

Do you have puppy powers?

This depends on what those entail. I have never met a puppy I didn't get along with. So maybe I have puppy whispering powers?

What's your favorite saint story?

I quite like St. Lawrence, honestly. St. Joan (d'Arc) led a pretty awesome and messed up life too.

Snozberries! Which Roald Dahl book would be Sette's favorite? Which would be Matty's? (To simplify things, let's stick to his children's books, so Sette cannot immediately pick "Pig".)

This isn't too difficult! Matty's would be The BFG, perhaps for obvious reasons. Sette's would be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because she appreciates the moral which is to be as horrid as possible but in moderation and on the sly.

What's your favorite X-Man or X-Woman?

Back when I read the books, long ago, it was Gambit and Bishop and Chamber. These days it's Wolverine because Hugh Jackman's ass.

What are your top 10 favourite vampire movies?

Interview with the Vampire...

And that's about it. I can't think of another worth watching. Maybe Once Bitten? Everyone likes a young Jim Carrey.

Do you anthropomorphise household devices and goods?


Will you ever draw an incentive of Duane munching poodles all Louis de Pointe du Lac style?

This is a good idea.
Ah, how can you tell people to buy a gun and not share your thoughts on gun ownership? Pssshaw.


I see you like the book Treasure Island. How about Muppet Treasure Island?! It's a fantastic movie with Tim Curry and muppets!!

Indeed, one of the finest films ever made.

How do you feel now that every single nation with a AAA credit rating also has Universal Healthcare?

The same way I felt before the credit rating was dropped. The same way I've felt since the Healthcare debates. THE SAME WAY I FEEL WHEN I PUNCTURE MY LEFT EYE WITH THIS PAIR OF TWEEZERS.

How do you feel about music from the Glee cast?

I fear I'm fifteen years too old for Glee.

Look in front of you..............NOW! Do you have a waffle? And wouldn't you be happier if you did?

I'd rather a crepe ;_;

OMG, thank you so much for mentioning Foobar. It's amazing 0_0

There is no better player. Even if it's a little crash-happy. :D

That dolphin looks delicious.

Why can't every day be a Monday, Wednesday or Friday?

Because then we'd never have weekends. That would be horrible!

Re: Moby-Dick: But that's why it was funny enough to hurt myself laughing D:

You nerd. I like you.

What's your favourite batman movie?

Batman Returns

Winamp or iTunes?

Foobar. It is the only rational choice.

What is your OTP

Macaroni and Cheese.

Why wont it let me smile at your answer to "Who's your favourite villain?" more than once? WHY?

Perhaps because it realises that calling Moby-Dick a villain is a silly simplification :)

Elka's like you? So, you can be blunt and make innuendos to friends without a second thought?

Fuckyeah, homecheese.

What's your favorite question you've been asked on formspring?

The first time someone asked about Unsounded as a vidya game. Such ponderings are highly entertaining to me :3

Who's your favourite villain?

Moby-Dick D:

How many Duanes would it take to defeat Batman?

You can never defeat Batman, silly anon.

Are you happy you were born a girl, or do you think you would've liked to be born a guy? Or does it not matter so much to you?

If the Sorting Hat had asked me, I probably would have chosen to be a guy. No period, no annoying boobs, natural upper body strength, ability to be taken seriously at Gamestop and comic book stores, etc. I don't sit around with my wrist to my forehead sighing Woe To My Ovaries, but since I don't plan on ever USING said ovaries, it would have been more convenient to be a boy. C'est la vie.

Deep meaningful relationship w/ your ass? You know THAT comment is fodder for trolls and anon comedians, right? ;)

I've a generous nature.

What religion were you raised as? I saw you said you enjoy making your religious family uncomfortable.

I was baptised Presbyterian and we went to church for a year or so when I was a kid, but my parents were never that into it. It's my extended family that is fairly religious. For the most part they've written off my poor brother so they may all go fuck themselves thank you kindly.

Do you think, in the far future or even once Unsounded is finished (you mean it will have to end? T_T), you might post up some of those scenes you cut as Deleted Scenes or something of the like?

It could happen. Mind you, these scenes are only in script form so I'm not sure how interesting they would be :) I do my best not to have to cut actual art or God forbid finished panels.

I've recently fallen in love with your chair.

Unfortunately for you, it enjoys a deep and meaningful relationship with my ass.

How do you pronounce 'Unsounded'? I think the 's' is silent, but my friend insists the word is two syllables. Who's right?


what? It is too much 3 in the morning for your antics, anon.

Hmm. I presume the aspect of poo-flavor would have to be taken from inside the cursee's own intestines, yes? Since that's a constant, reliable source of that aspect. Does that mean their feces would, as a side-effect, taste like whatever they'd eaten?

Oh, God, you're grossing me out. Should I answer this seriously?

When you nab an aspect off something, that something often falls to bits. It's like the whole of a thing is a carefully arranged Jenga tower and you've just taken out one too many blocks. It becomes a thing that shouldn't exist, and it destroys itself. So presuming the caster did use his own digestive system as an endless Fount of poo stink - and don't we all - he would poo the destroyed leavings of his poo. Which wouldn't be that big of a deal.

Your mind, it is is a wild place. You should be a Black Tongue.

I get my ideas from your brain too! Sadly, I can do nothing with them as you always beat me to the punch! >.<;

Seek me out, steal my brain, and murder the rest of me. Really, must I do all your villainy for you?

What are the best and worst attributes of posting as a webcomic, do you think?

The format hurts the pacing and there's no way around that. That's the worst. The best though, is just getting out there. Before webcomics, the only way for an amateur to be read was by going to conventions and printing up (via a xerox machine and a long stapler) your own books. Publishers had everyone by the balls. Now, no longer.

What size do you try and keep your buffer at?

If it's between sixty and eighty pages, I'm content. Right now it's seventy-something. Sometimes it's hard to post pages I did so long ago and come up with something interesting to say :D My brain is much more focused on the scene I'm drawing right now.

Presumable you know what Kasslyne was like in the past. Have you thought about what it will be like in the future, too?


Who is your favorite fictional book character?

SO HARD. Um. Um. Sydney Carton. No, Aslan! No, Vlad Taltos. No, Severus Snape! The Vampire Armand! Huck Finn! The Cat in the Hat!

Does Starfish smuggle extra children in his belly? I imagine a very large zipper.

AAAAAA I bet there's a kindergarten class in there.

It looks like Duane doesn't have much faith in the gods or goddesses, but I was wondering if there was just the one religion in the world of Unsounded, or if we would be introduced to others?

Gefendur really is the dominant religion of the continent. It doesn't play nice with other religions and has historically stamped its competitors out. There is one heretical religion however - Ssaelit - that has endured where you might not imagine anything outside the norm would endure, and that is Alderode. Ssaelit is a monotheistic religion that sprang out of Gefendur belief, but it insists the twin gods are dead. Alderode is the only country in which practitioners of Ssaelit can worship openly, and they've flourished. Everywhere else though, they're persecuted and sometimes outright killed.

There are a few other belief systems but they are quite small and isolated compared to Gefendur and Ssaelit.

And did you just come up with the idea for the god[desse]s, or are they based on some deities in a religion of our world?

Nope, they are mine. There are four of them - two pairs of twins - and they are the gods of the continent's main religion of Gefendur. Within Gefendur there are two major divisions - the fraternal and the sororal, with one sect granting dominance to the holy brothers and the other, naturally, to the holy sisters. I've spent a good ten years developing this religion for roleplay so I can spout off far too many details that really are not important to anything at all :)

'zines, eh? I can only imagine anything you produce being either terribly illicit, or Melville propaganda perhaps. Maybe even both! So the question being, what did your zines concern?

Haha, sorry to disappoint but I was a much more innocent creature in ages past :) I had a story in a cowboy/western anthology, and then another one about pirates. When I was in college I also printed up a b/w story about a ah, Disney duck character I used to have.

Re: Robin. To take crowbar deaths for you, obviously! Though, I don't think Batman would die to a crowbar, he didn't die when Bane broke his spine after all. Maybe he just likes having more deaths on his hands? Motivational! Maybe...

You could be right. Batman is kind of a nutter :3

Where did you possibly find the patience and resolve to wait that long to start posting?

It isn't hard. This is how print comics work. You go to the store (or people used to, anyway), and buy the whole finished book. It's only very recently that this fetish of finishing one page and then throwing it at an audience has come about. Maybe it's because I'm old. I used to xerox and distribute 'zines for fucks's sake.

I'm of the fervent opinion that webcomics overall would be much, much better if people would would create a buffer of at least a few dozen pages before starting to post.

How many pages did you have done before you even started posting Unsounded?


Or you could make poo taste like bacon and gross out your friends!


I remember you answering a question about Money and how Fifty gold sem was a lot and etc, That is a part of World-building that always troubles and confuse me. Do you have advices on economy-building so I can properly price things when necessary?

This can be a really complicated aspect of your world or you can streamline it. It really depends on how much economic systems excite you. I created a completely new system for Cresce and it's quite complex, but not everyone wants to do that.

Ask yourself some questions. How advanced is the society? Is there a middle class? Think up a plain jane middle of the road, average citizen. Are they an indentured serf or is there opportunity for them to go out and earn money working for other people? What do they need to survive? Do they have to pay for where they live or do most people live on inherited property? Is there any bartering? Does the government care about the peasantry or about the landowners/corporations/gentry?

If currency is a main feature of day-to-day life, you need to work out how much money a working class person needs to get by every week. How much is their rent? How much is their food? How much are taxes? What is the bare minimum they need to make to meet all their physical needs? That will give you a sort of minimum wage, and then you can use that number to price goods. Price luxuries beyond the means of an average worker (and introduce credit, if you like). Price bread within their means. Don't be afraid to break away from a base ten system when you split your currency into coinage. Don't be afraid to do really weird things with currency, like use a gem standard instead of gold. Get creative.

I think my girlfriend likes you more than me.

Start a webcomic.

Could you use pymary to trade the "flavor" aspect of two objects? You could make an apple that tasted like bacon -- the ultimate health food.

Haha, you could indeed. You could curse someone so everything they eat tastes of poo.

Pymaric McDonald's.

I know you're joking but this is giving me an idea <3

Do you think pymary could ever bring about something akin to processed food?

Well, processed in what sense? The world does have carbonation and canning technology, but it's all practical - no pymary.

Re: Arkham City skin -- I hadn't seen that yet. I always thought it would've been a great idea if they had a skin for Arkham Asylum to make Batman look like the Adam West Batman. Complete with "POW!" effects when you hit enemies.

I would replay the game for that.

I know this is a question that, having been asked it myself, I should know better than to put here, but I can't resist. Where did you get the idea for Unsounded and the characters in it - particularly Duane and Sette?

I got the ideas from my brain. Where do you get your ideas from? ;)

I find that pretty disgusting, but only because of sticky your hands would get. How many brothers do you have?

Two magical male siblings.

In a related question, have you ever eaten a bug on purpose?

No. I think I could eat one of those fancy dishes with the ant eggs in, provided they didn't look like ant eggs, but like, eating a cricket? Or a fucking grub? I get the heebs just thinking about it.

Who would win in a fight between Batman and Duane?

Batman. No contest. I've come to the brink of fistfights over who would win between Batman and Murkoph though :3

Here's a question for any Batman scholars out there: has Batman ever come up against an undead opponent? What happened to his No Kill rule then?

Have you ever closed your eyes and tried to guess what color Skittle you're eating?

When I was a kid I would empty the whole bag of Skittles into my mouth, chew them all up into a grainy bolus, mold it with my tongue into a perfect sphere, drop it in my palm, admire the lovely shade of moldy purple grey it had become, and then chase my brothers around with it. Everyone else does this, right?

"Perhaps Matty wishes only to throw Cheezits at seagulls." And then one of the seagulls chokes on a Cheezit and we all have a good BAWWWWWW over it?

Yes, and it will be a gull of snow-white plumage, feathers the colour of the Quigleys' hair, and we shall all be reminded of their short lives, and fap to the sadness and the deepness and the BAWWWWWWW

Do you ever look up tutorials to learn something new or freshen up certain skills?

I really have no use for tutorials. Most of them are just blog rants with pictures attached. When my brain or hands are feeling rusty I go do some drawing from observation, or copy paintings I like.

Laptop or desktop?


Cope I can't believe you would drop that spoiler. That is some grade-A bullshit. I was content to sit on my magnificently constructed theory and you throw out some Word of God. Now who will be surprised when the Two-Toe loses the gore-filled kiddy skin?

Let us record it here for posterity. THIS ANON KNEW.

Sorry, 'nother khert question [that's completely irrelevant to the plot] and then I shall desist. If apes existed in Kasslyne, would they have connection points in their feet, too? Cause, you know, opposable big toes and all.

Interesting line of thought, but no :) All bipeds and quadrupeds have the same khert points, with two in their fore paws or hands, and none in the rear.

Are you a semanticist?

I wouldn't say so, although the english language fascinates me and I follow too many linguists' blogs.

Heart, gut, and spine? It sounds like you could do some really fascinating pymary if you were a combination wright/bellydancer. (Sadly, it sounds like Alderone might not smile on a female wright...but we do have at least one in the cast already...!)

Interesting, interesting.

What's Matty's favorite food that his father makes for him?

Ha, Quigley doesn't cook. Matty does all the cooking. And by cooking I mean sandwich-making.

I bet Matty secretly wants to go to the shore so he can drown himself after Fiddy Sem dies. Then we can all have a good BAWWWWWW over it.

I'm going to the shore tomorrow so I can throw Cheezits at seagulls. Perhaps Matty wishes only to throw Cheezits at seagulls.

"Oh, he'll tell someone in the comic one day why he wants to go to the shore." As he lays dying in someone's arms I'm sure. I'm on to you!



Okay, MOM.

Do you like good movies?

No, I loathe good movies. I keep a 24/7 stream of The Last Airbender going on one monitor.

What is your favorite soft drink flavor?

Coca-cola T_T

What about recommended manga? I have a preference for sequential art over animation, I don't know why.

Blade of the Immortal, Hellsing (up to the heavy Nazi BS anyway, it lost me after that), Nausicaa is a must, Darkside Blues, Akira, RG Veda, Monster and... there's a three volume Gankutsuou manga that has some of the most beautifully rendered visuals I've seen. I'm sure you've read Death Note. I didn't like DN's story much but the art is so impossibly precise and perfect and delicate, it weirds me out.

So you're saying we need to - get this - 'khert' it short, eh? Eh?

Hohoho. Khert it out, you.

Does Sette have a connection point on her butt? Is that why she has a tail?

She has a tail because awesome people have tails. She has too much awesomeness to be contained in a standard model so extra awesomeness trunk space is required.

Is there a connection point in the forehead? Is there a wright who just headbutts people with spells all day, every day? I feel there should be.

This is an awesome thing. But no. One in each palm, one through the heart, one in the gut, and the rest are scattered down the spine.

Oh god Duane's not some kind of horrifying ticking wright-bomb is he?

That's one theory.

Wait, nevermind, I didn't scroll down >.< Disregard my indignity.


Are you a Browncoat?

Is that like, Firefly? Haven't seen it. Always liked Buffy though.

Can wrights use wright-plods to cast spells as if they were cooperating with another living person? If that wasn't the aforementioned intriguing question, I'm gonna keep coming up with more till I get it. Just a warning there :P

Nope, that was the question. You so clever.

I got a couple of questions based on the last few: Does a prosthetic hand inhibit a wright? Can a wright use the khert through a wright-plod she's controlling? How do you disconnect a wright from the khert?

Prosthetic hand - as long as it's been crafted specifically for a spellcaster, it doesn't cause any problems. Can a wright use a wright-plod? Yeeeees, that was the question I was hinting at. And I'm not going to answer it! :) Same with khert disconnection, sorry~

Can the rite that gives wrights their connection to the Khert be done to anything else? Living non-humans, and non-living things in general? I assume it's not a typical enchantment, since no First Materials are involved and I seriously doubt it wears of.

Two-toes can kind of be Rited and use pymary, but they don't pronounce the language very well so they have trouble. But no country allows them to be licensed wrights anyway. Other than lizards, the Rites only work on humans.

Laputa? Are you thinking of Castle in the Sky, or is this some other brilliant animated movie of which I'm unaware?

Yeah, I think Disney calls it Castle in the Sky but I've always known it as Laputa :)

Can you use a pymaric or first material as a kind of node for the khert? Does it leave a signature you can route spells to from a distance?

Yes, and this is how the telegraph system works. The tricky thing with the khert is there is no absolute navigation. Nothing like absolute longitude and latitude. You have to start with a point of entry - your hand, a First Material, etc. - and plot all routes relative to that point. But if you started with a point and knew for certain that there was a receptor a specific distance away, you could hopscotch spellwork. Of course there is the danger of someone displacing your receptor and either killing your spell or causing it to bounce back to you and cause damage. One common wartime tactic is for your enemy to take one of your outposts or towns and commandeer their telegraph office. That office has the coordinates of every other telegraph receptor in the country, and they can use that to send attacks along before you realise it and dismantle the system or block the offending receptor.

Signatures! Yes, all pymarically driven aspects leave traces (wrights can do something about this but only a very paranoid one is going to bother), but the khert's constant motions wipe these traces out pretty quickly. You better be really fast and really good if you want to track a wright's pymary.

What's your favourite animated movie?

Difficult! Tonight I'll say Laputa.

No, sadly, just an Almond Joy. Chocolate milk, amaretto, & cocnut rum.

I think I'd rather just eat an Almond Joy :)

Can wrights' bodies be made into plods? I assume that wright prisoners are probably disconnected from the khert, but what about bodies sold by family members or graverobbed? (I'm not talking about Duane at all, he's a special case drenched in spoilers).

Yep, wrights' bodies make fine plods. The only difference between a wright's body and that of a layperson is the little scar from their Rites. The Rites give spellslingers input access to the khert but knowledge of how to use that access isn't something a brain-rotted plod is going to take advantage of.

There is another intriguing question that could be asked now, but I wonder if you'll come up with it? :3

Can you use pymary to control things you can't see/are outside a certain range? I'm thinking of using it to write on a parchment your friend is holding in your hometown miles away, setting fire to enemies' thatch, etc.

Can you use pymary to control things you can't see/are outside a certain range? I'm thinking of using it to write on a parchment your friend is holding in your hometown miles away, setting fire to enemies' thatch, etc.

It really depends what you're trying to do. Writing on a parchment that is miles away? There's a pymaric for that, but the precision required is impossible otherwise, which is why most people are still using a sort of telegraph system. Setting fire to anything depends on the stability of the local khert.

The latter ties into why wrights use hand gestures and will answer another question someone asked, so let's kill two birds with one stone.

Aspects travel towards their target via the khert. The khert is in constant, semi-predictable motion, like tendrils of jellyfish tentacles flowing along an ocean current. You can predict the current, as sailors and meteorologists often do, but the tendrils themselves are less predictable, subject to the caprices of an unknowable... mmm, essence. The shorter the distance an aspect must travel, the better the chance it will reach its destination without a sudden jolt in the khert throwing it off the mark. The further you want it to go, however, the higher your likelihood of error.

Where do gestures come in? There are twelves points in a human body that are connected to the khert - surprise surprise, there's a connection in each palm. So to up your likelihood for a successful union of aspect and target, wrights most often use the waypoint of their hand in-between the two, shortening the distance and upping their chance of a successful strike.

Because your hands are always connected to the khert they're stable points of contact. You can keep aspects parked there while you're dealing with other aspects (but don't keep them parked too long or you're likely to blow off your arm [there are many wrights with prosthetic hands]). If you have a light aspect you can keep that parked inside your hand so you have a convenient movable torch. And so on.

The other major reason for gestures? A sweep of the arm is instant momentum. Attach it to your aspect and you have your projectile.

Do you like winter or summer better?

A thousand times winter.

What's your favorite food?

Strip mall Chinese.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would you change?

I would make greed as socially unacceptable a crime as murder or rape. Greed is bad and we'll kill ourselves with it.

What's a gruftgrammer?

Someone who illegally writes their own spells in gruftgramary (a corruption of Old Tainish created by the Black Tongues), bypassing the regulations placed on what's relatively safe and permissible with pymary. Gruftgrammers are crooks for the most part, using their illegal pymary towards nefarious ends. One cool aspect of it, though, is they often have tricked out spells, customized to their tastes and a lot cooler looking than by the book pymary.

I love your taste in quick foods! Do you ever partake in mixed drinks? I created one, if you'd care to ever try it.

I don't drink! Do you have a recipe for a Shirley Temple? :3

I was going to suggest it as a vote incentive, then I decided my art would create anti-votes. I definitely don't suggest replacing every page with it, ugh.

No, it's wonderful! :D I won't use it as a vote incentive though, I didn't PAY you for it or anything, wouldn't sit right with me. You are so nice though <3

So I asked a poetry question a while ago and I completely neglected the obvious follow-up: have you ever written any poetry?

Ohlord, yes. I used to have a poetry section on my website. It was all bad. All of it. I am not a poet.

How did you decide to create Unsounded?

Lost a bet with Satan.

Do you have any advice for people who have a lot of story ideas, but don't know what to do with them?

Sure. Don't feel that you have to do anything with them. The ideas are the easy part. Everyone has ideas. Having ideas plus talent plus drive and dedication though, this is the magic combination. If you don't have the latter two just be content to daydream.

How do you fit it all in your brain? I mean, the entire world of Unsounded, the fantastic characters, the little details in the scenery and clothing? Heck, characters alone numb my brain.

Well, it's really less about fitting it in the brain than on the page, isn't it? :) The hard part for me isn't coming up with details, it's keeping them out of the comic. So much crap just isn't important, but it's there, behind it all, all the same. Sigh. My kingdom for an editor.

an "honourable Crescian gentleman", will shake up Duane's nutbar worldview, eh? Paging Captain Toma to the Duane Re-education Room! :D

I am not subtle :3

That's what I thought! I think I still have the Guide to Liches lying around somewhere, I caught it in a sale a year or three ago. Did they have a master, and if so can you tell us about him/her?

I really love that Van Richten guide, it was always so inspirational when I needed a throw-away monster for a game.

Sharteshane had four vassalich princes - Stellant, Rinst, Gronde, and Thield. Their master, their "father," and the possessor of their phylactery was Lord Nihil, High King of the Sunless Lands. Nihil was your standard horrifying RP lich villain: indestructible, evil, employer of a million and one minions. His existence was wrapped up in many secrets however, many of which made his destruction particularly tricksome. Good times, good times.

What do you think of the original Planet of the Apes?

It's kickass, man. I watched a cool mini-documentary about movie make-up on Netflix the other night and there was a Planet of the Apes segment. Good times all around.

Have you heard of Echo Bazaar?

It's like a browser game, innit? Time sink.

Is Sette a furry?


In the case of Plats, the career thing seems obvious. Do the other classes have a wider range of career choices or is there pretty much a class for every career?

There's a lot of overlap and it's not absolutely impossible to have a career outside of your class, but you'd get so much bullshit it's not worth it for most people. I don't want to go into too much detail about this right now though, as it edges into spoilerville, and things I'd rather let the comic introduce.

I take it Plats don't socialise much outside of other Plats?

None of the classes do, for the most part. You can't marry outside of your class, and your career is largely determined by it, so social mixing is a bit taboo in polite society.

Are there any likes or dislikes you have intentionally incorporated to be represented in the world of Kasslyne?

...yes. Some of them won't be difficult to identify.

What would the purchasing power of 50 gold sem be in today's dollars? Since Quigs says it's greater than 6 months' earnings, I imagine it's on the order of $50,000........a nice little chunk of change for what he thinks will be a few days worth of work.

Sorry for not answering this question for so long. I needed to pull out my notes to answer it and now that I have, I can't find the currency info! If I'm remembering correctly, a labourer will on average, in Ulestry, make two gold sem a month. You can live modestly on that. One gold breaks down to 140 copper, and then you have halve and quarter coins of that. Sems are square coins. A half sem has half of itself punched out in the middle. A quarter sem is a bracket shaped-- [

If someone just says sem, they're talking about a copper piece, or you may even hear "penny" if I'm feeling awesome. There used to be silver sem but silver shot up in value a few decades earlier and a lot of people melted the coins down, as they had become more valuable for their materials than as currency.

Sem are valid in every country but Cresce and Alderode. They all have the same shape but designs naturally vary from land to land. And finally, yeah, fifty gold sem is a small fortune.

Why /do/ people keep associating Duane with a Swedish accent on this Formspring? Does he just like chocolate-a mouse-a that much, bork bork bork?

I guess he looks kind of Swedish in some of the unhooded pics of him floating around. He tends to look like my male family members when I paint him. That is the default male facial structure in my brain when I paint without reference, arrrgh.

Are there any bugs you dislike?

Fuck roaches and mosquitoes D<


They were a cornerstone of Sharteshane RP but you won't see 'em in Unsounded. I borrowed the concept from a Van Richten Ravenloft guide.

Where do you live? (guess florida but you priced a manga in €)

Florida indeed.

I am astonished that your friends do not like Unsounded... I would like some elaboration. May I have some?

Unsounded isn't for everyone. The story structure is weird, the characters are... bracing, there's violence on kids, it's a COMIC. I think the friends of mine who don't like it, don't like it for the reasons anyone who doesn't like it doesn't like it :) I am not offended.

Damn your ass. Follow up question: you have a talent for combining the cute and the macabre. Is there a word for a genre that embodies those two qualities? Macute, perhaps, or Cutabre?

Ooh, I like cutabre.

So "chaste young women" and "educated Aldishmen" are Duane's favorite people. Does this mean his worst nemesis would be a dumb, old, Crescian whore of indeterminate gender?

You'd think so. But Duane expects all Crescians to be brutal idiots, so his worst enemy, really, would be an honourable Crescian gentleman who can shake his skewed and brainwashed worldview up a little bit.

One of your bbs players here (see if you can guess which one.) One thing that has always impressed me about your created world is the Gefendur religion. You've touched briefly on it in your comic; any plans to explore it in more depth?

Yeah, though not in the way RP did. RP wound up being all ABOUT the Gefendur religion and the gods - as I'm sure you'll recall the whole storyline, at the end, orbited around Nihil, the vassaliches, and how they related to the Twins. Gefendur is a feature of Unsounded but it's more part of the world and some characters' motivations than it is or will ever be what the story's about. I think Unsounded is a lot more character driven and Sharteshane was more setting/plot driven. You think?

And I guess this is Adam :3 I think Fox would know the answer to the question.

I'm working on my own webcomic at the moment, and wanted to know if you had any advice for the writing portion of it (I'm the author, not the artist). Should your every page be filled with it's own small story or does it work to have them that only build?

Well, this is the Big Question when it comes to story-driven longform webcomics, innit? Generally, I don't worry too much about having pages that stand alone, but there are some rules you should follow if you're writing for a story that goes up a page at a time. The most important one is don't have a page end with a question that is answered on the next page. The reader is not going to remember that question by the time of the next update. Remember this rule with all your dialog. If it's a conversation, don't split a major dramatic sequence of lines up between updates. Try to get it on one page or plan for a multiple page update.

For actions, particularly in fights, the opposite is true. End a fight page with the attempt, and then resolve that action on the next update. It creates mini cliff-hangers and a sense of tension.

Don't be afraid to update in chunks. There are always going to be sequences that just don't work if you dribble the pages out one at a time. It's more work to plan for these but if you and your artist are serious about your comic, you need to light your asses on fire and put in the effort to do it right.

Now, if you do want to do updates that are more self-contained, no webcomic out there yet does them successfully in my opinion. But don't lose hope. What you should do is go and look at Prince Valiant. It figured out how to do a proper serialized page-at-a-time story nearly seventy goddamn years ago. Good luck!

In regard to your observations on vampires... true on all points. I agree.


Wait so if vampires regenerate, couldn't you just chain one down and endlessly harvest limbs from it? Farming fingers and hands and legs and stuff, as long as you kept it fed? What about organs? This is awesome!

Not a bad idea if you can find a market for vampire bits.

Is Elka pretty happy that she's in a big cool town now, instead of rural Nowheresville?

Yes and no. She's that much closer to home, which is nice, but now she can SEE home across the river without yet being allowed back over the border. AGONY. Also, Ulestrian constables are dumbasses. Total hicks. Lulz are on the horison.

I guess it's a little hard to explain in just 255 characters. I guess full regeneration is more standard in pop-culture as well as the Asian vampire mythos. But vampires are almost impossible to kill. If all one had to do was go for the legs... well.

There are so many different kinds of vampires it's hard to make sweeping statements of any sort. "Vampires are almost impossible to kill" is just not true in every vampire story. In some vampire stories vampires are absolute pushovers, and that's okay. In Buffy, all you have to do is put a pencil through the centre of their chests. The majority of Rice's vampires die pretty quickly of sunburn. "If all one had to do was go for the legs..." Well, in most vampire lores I know of, vampires die if you behead them. "If all one had to do was go for the head..." I really don't see a lack of regenerating limbs to be that big of a deal.

Vampires require frequent watering and grow well in the dark... perhaps they are unplants?

And you win lol of the day.

I've been wondering, why did you name the comic Unsounded?

"By heaven, man, we are turned round and round in this world, like yonder windlass, and Fate is the handspike. And all the time, lo! that smiling sky, and this unsounded sea!" - Moby-Dick

Something unsounded hasn't been plumbed yet. You don't know how deep it is or what's at the bottom. It's an unknown - like Death, like the limits of a man, like God, like eternity.

I thought regeneration was pretty standard; if it wasn't, there would be a lot more handicapped ones around. Vampire stories like Rebirth, Vampire Hunter D and to a lesser extent works by Anne Rice where they do have accelerated healing capabilities.

Accelerated healing, sure, but limb regeneration? I don't know... Vampires are vampires and no real logic is needed when explaining their ins and outs, but I think I prefer mine without limb regen.

I've always tried not to be creepy in the perverted manner. Doesn't it fall under "inappropriate stuff"? If not, what does qualify as inappropriate?

Well, the really "inappropriate" stuff you never see because I delete it :) Generally, inappropriate's do to with genitals, questions that are too personal, gross kid stuff, and MLP.

Oh gosh, you make me even more curious. Poor Momus. Why haven't Momus's legs grown back?

Because... he's not a plant? Are there vampire stories where vampiric limbs regrow? Now you have ME curious.

The Yorick comic is not crappy. I recently discovered it on your website and fell in love with it. I'm glad I'm not the only anonymous on here who has an interest in it. I myself am very curious about Momus. He only appears in one illustration from 2008 .

Momus has a cool looking design, doesn't he? Briefly, he was defeated by Yorick's father centuries before, had his legs amputated, and was hooked up to that wheeled contrivance with a steady IV drip of animal blood. He wheels around the manor dreaming of his glory days and plotting ways to make the resident corpses miserable. He and Ophelia become grand friends. As she's the only mortal around with a working circulatory system, she can trade goblets of her blood to him for favours. It all works out well.

You even think about the architecture and urban planning of each city, don't you? Today's page officially made me geek out. Screw the real world. I want to study this one.

When I go completely insane and abandon reality in favour of a schizophrenic delusion with zombies and small, squat, talking dinosaur-men in it, you can come along!

Out of all 2000 questions you've answered, what percentage would you classify as 'creepy'?

Not as many as I wish. Every now and then someone thoughtful will come along and ask about lizard spanking, and I appreciate those efforts, but formspring will just never be as perverted as I've long hoped and dreamed it would be.

Woohoo, lizard spanking! <3


What's up with Two-Toes and spanking?

Are there rumours circula

Do Two-Toes have ritualized spanking ceremonies?

Did I mention something abou

What's the letter that the Two-Toes is crying over in the incentive? It's something utterly depressing, isn't it?

I have no idea! Maybe it's the page from Deathly Hallows where Snape dies, and she's totally a fan-lizard.

is giving a yaoi manga to my male friend and coworker (who loves anime) not kosher? my friend (girl) thinks it'd be hilarious but my guy friend thinks it's offensive. what do you think? guy friend suggested a yuri or h manga instead.

I don't know... giving fetish hentai to anyone who isn't into that fetish is a wee bit silly. Turn the tables. If he gave you a fetish story you totally hate, how would you feel? To top it off, you know how most straight males feel weird and threatened by gayness. No good can come of it. I'd go with regular old straight hentai.

Suddenly! Your computer dies and can only be fixed by curious tech repair types. How horrified would they be by the contents of your hard drive?

Baby, I'd be going to jail.
How do you feel about the current situation of the American economy?

I think it's a fantastic place to be if you're filthy rich. For the rest of us - start a garden, stockpile canned food, and buy a gun.

vote incentive ... sette amidst a litter of lion cubs. it was the first that came to mind. it would be adorable *^*

Aww <3

When you go fishing do you ever pretend the fish you are trying to catch is a malignant albino sperm whale?


Every time.

I got thinking. You said before that Duane is Not good with blades and the like, hence why he uses a staff. What it was like when he still needed to shave? (Assuming he doesn't anymore) That's how he got that lip scar?

He has no skill with sword-fighting. Doesn't mean he turns into a gibbering mongoloid whenever he has to do anything with an edged implement. Silly anon.

The vote incentive suggestions got me thinking.. there are Strawberry Fish in Kasslyne. That implies that there are strawberries of which the fish description is based on. Strawberries are an Earth specific plant. How did Kasslyne get them. Are they good?

Kasslyne has apples too. Perhaps there is a transdimensional rift somewhere that leaks fruit from our world. I imagine Kasslynian strawberries taste comparable to Earthian strawberries. And the apples probably taste like our apples. And the snozberries probably taste like our snozberries.

When our robot overlords rise, what will you offer to appease the almighty God-machine?

GLaDOS porn.

Do you own a gun? How do you feel about gun ownership?

I don't own a gun... My feelings on guns are mixed. I just typed them out and they are incoherent and strange. Let's not delve into this particular black swamp.

What's a good way to dispose of loud neighbours?

If you're a boy, piss all over their front door. If you can't aim your pee conveniently, poo on their front step. Feces and urine are important tools of communication.

Does Quigley like his sandwiches with the crusts cut off?

It'd be hard to cut the crusts off. Matty uses big flat bun things. I know you care so much about this :3

So which IRL religious myth do you find most appealing?

Gautama's life is a probable myth, and quite nice. Hercules' life was rife with violence and the bizarre right up to the end, it's highly entertaining. There are some fun Kali myths. Everyone likes a crazy bitch who participates in dance contests. Catholic saint stories? Always a good time. My character Lawrence was named after a saint who died by barbecue.

You really do like your Melville, huh? How did you first come across him and why do you think it made such an impact on you?

When I was a kid I was very, very, very into the nautical. I'd go out with my neighbours on their sailing boat, I built model ships, I wrote stories of high maritime adventure! and I read every bit of nautical fiction and nonfiction I could get my hands on. The Young Sea Officer's Sheet-Anchor, Two Years Before the Mast, Treasure Island, The Bounty Mutiny, Horatio Hornblower, Master & Commander... Eventually I came to Moby-Dick. Man, I thought it was the best book ever. It was the first time my young self had come across the idea of a creator God who didn't intend benevolence, and the first time I'd seen metaphor used to such a profound extent. I think you have to read Moby-Dick to really get why it's the best book in American literature, you can't just have it explained to you, but it's so bold and so uncompromising and just so beautiful, there's nothing else like it. I think it shaped my aesthetic forever.

I quite enjoy some of Melville's other work, though some of it, like Pierre and Israel Potter, are even chewier than Moby-Dick. I've read everything he ever wrote, from the novels to the poetry to a fascinating collection of his correspondences. If Moby-Dick is too difficult I always recommend the short stories. Billy-Budd and Bartleby and Benito Cereno are ace.

After you read Melville's work though, you should read about Melville. His life was amazing and ultimately so sad. If you are in New York you should go visit his grave and leave a pen and some ink on his headstone.

How would you feel if Jesus himself came down from Heaven and licked you?

Slightly spitty.

So did you ever go through a period where you thought about becoming religious? How did you feel about the idea of God as a kid?

No, I'm not really programmed for religion, and never have been. I don't remember if I ever seriously believed in God as a kid - I was too busy obsessing over Batman and Disney movies. My religion has always been Art. "Only art can counteract the entropy of the universe and redeem history; only art allows man to transcend time and space and resolve the painful contradictions that threaten to engulf him."

I do find religions terribly interesting from a sociological perspective. When you get past the repression and the blowing people up, they are full of some of the most beautiful stories we have. I love making up religions and gods. You can dig deep, get to the nitty-gritty of what communities really find important, and sound the darker depths of our violent and carnal natures. Religion is full of sex and death, and these always seem more important to practitioners than the generosity and the hospitality. We are monkeys obsessed with sex and death, and terrified of the Void. Nothing hammers that home more than the myths and faiths we've created for ourselves.

What's your most stereotypical habit?

I bite my fingernails. Down to the nubs. Long fingernails make me insaaaaane.

Have you even killed an animal and then eaten it?

Sure, I've caught, cleaned, and cooked fish before. This is actually one of the most enjoyable activities I can think of.

Then how about we replace Tuesday with another Friday and have two Wednesdays in a row?

*thumbs up*

I've recently fallen in love with your char, the one-armed barkeep Will... will he appear in Unsounded? ;w;

Yeeeees, but his barkeep version is actually him AFTER the events of Unsounded. So I guess you know that he survives the comic :) He's not a major character but you will see him later.

What was the most significant thing you would have liked to put in Unsounded but had to leave off so far?

There was going to be a scene where Sette and Duane try to steal some saddlehounds at the waystation to outrun the cops. But the hounds wig out, one of them tears Duane's hand off, and Sette has to coax it out of its mouth while Duane spits nails. Fun, but unnecessary. That brief bit with the milk hicks adequately displayed that dogs don't dig on zombies, a fact that will have some relevance later.

In chapter 3, originally the waystation lady figures out Sette's robbed the tip jar and sends the brute squad after her, so Sette and Duane leave the waystation in a slightly more hurried manner. Wasn't really necessary though, and I liked the more somber exit with the plod ominously burning behind them.

Also in chapter 3, in my first script draft there was a pretty good religious conversation between Duane and Sette. I really liked it, but it got cut. That chapter used to be entirely different, without any of the revelation that Duane wants to eat people. Instead it was almost entirely about the religions. But it didn't really make sense. That chapter was coming down off that situation in the crypt and I needed to explain the big reason why Duane wigged out so hard. The religious stuff is pertinent, but not for a while, so it was really too soon to get into it. In fact I regret those two pages describing the gods in chapter 3 because again, it won't be pertinent for a while. I should have cut those too but I wanted a visual break from the rainy gloom. Regrets, regrets.

Finally, this chapter we're on now was originally an enormous flashback chapter to Duane's time in the army. I have it written and I quite like it, but I ultimately cut it because it introduces characters we won't see again for a long, long time, and the message it conveys is a bit overkill. We get why Duane hates Cresce, right? We don't need a chapter dedicated to it. Anyway, I'm not sure if I'm going to use that story later or not. There are two really important, situation-defining flashback chapters for Duane, and then this third army one that maybe I should just leave to some exposition and not show first-hand. I have not yet decided how to handle it.

"Some of the books are quite expensive and I would describe them as hardcore." - What do you mean by this?

I guess it means only a hardcore fan would put out the money to acquire them, because they're expensive and difficult to obtain. I was importing Studio Ghibli artbooks long before they were translated and released domestically. I have all the Gankutsuou production books - not the artbook mind, but the black and white small run production diary books. Man, I have all kinds of junk. After I'm dead, my estate sale will be a paradise for weeaboos :3

What was the most significant thing you would have liked to put in Unsounded but had to leave off?

I can't quite say yet, because there are a few things that are still on the table. I have them penciled into the outline as maybes.

What scene are you working on right now?

A lot of pymary-driven smack-down.

What does your room look like? Is it filled with hardcore stuff? Is it hipster? Do you arrange clothes in your closet by color?

My room is books and books and books. Some of the books are quite expensive and I would describe them as hardcore. When I used to have money I'd import pricey Japanese artbooks and toys. I have a plasma ball on a shelf for when I need to feel like a mad scientist. I tore down all my posters in a pique of self-annihilation, so my walls are fairly bare. There's usually a dog under my desk. I like lions so I have a small collection of lion crap, including an antique hand-painted wooden circus sign advertising a lion show. There's a cowskull named Oscar wearing a top hat hanging in the hall. In one corner I have a little shrine with Guanyin and Budai sculptures surrounded by candles. I'm not strictly Buddhist but I like to make my religious family uncomfortable when they're here.

What's your favourite sport, and what kinds of fictional sports exist in Kasslyne?

I am not into sports. I have hence rather ignored sports in my setting. I'm sure they're there and I'm sure they're lovely, but unless I have to deal with them directly I don't think about them :3

Which of your characters is most like yourself?

Probably Elka. She is sometimes uncomfortably like me :|

Have you ever read Sybille Bedford's work?

I have not.

Ooh! Linguists' blogs! Like what? is good. I also like , , and among others :)

Were you a bookworm as a kid? Any favorite YA authors or books?

I was a hardcore bookworm. I was also really poor, and my mom didn't know about libraries so I didn't know about libraries. In effect then, I read the same books of my grandma's over and over and over. The Narnia Series. The Little House on the Prairie books. The Anne of Green Gables books. The Bobbsey Twins books. I remember when I finally got to middle school with its awesome library and could read new stuff like Treasure Island. Ah, shit was cash. My favourite book as a kid was probably one called Flight of the Sparrow. It was about a little girl in France who steals a painting and has to leave home. I remember it made me bawl a lot.

Are there any songs or bands that you associate with a bad experience or time of your life? Do you avoid them?

Type O Negative, which I still really love, almost always makes me think of when I was really sick my last year of college. I don't avoid them though. FEED ME PAIN. I'll put it in my art.

Hey, they made Robin look kind of badass in the Arkham City concept art. And the Dick Grayson Robin is pretty badass in Teen Titans. I could see why Batman would want certain incarnations of Robin around.

I could see why Batman's writers would want Robin around - but I've always had difficulty seeing why Batman would. It's cool though. Comics.

...Starfish has no belly button. Is that intentional, or just how you draw stuff..?

He has a bellybutton. He's wearing a shirt, it's just skintight.

Miss, if you were any more awesome, you'd need an extra appendage like Sette. Would you also have a tail or would like like to have something else? An extra arm or leg or perhaps horns?

Are you the limb fairy? I would like wings please; Raziel wings that jack-knife into themselves and look awesome awesome awesome before Kain rips the bones out.

But, you're too cute for me to hurt you! Plus, I can't draw. I need your hands. No, I'll just call this villainy a failure and just enjoy your art & comics.

Aww <3

I agree. I like having brothers. I think I would have been miserable if I had had a sister.

*thumbs up*

... maybe one of the milk hicks? At least they just got to go home and milk the pigs. Milk the to elaborate on this a bit?

Big pigs make more milk than goats 'round these parts. And someone's gotta milk 'em :3

Who's your favourite Robin?

Jason Todd. But only because he's beaten to death with a crowbar. I don't personally like the idea of a Robin. You got Broodman McBillionaire running around gothic Gotham bustin' heads and that's fine. But then you throw a little boy in underwear and clown colours next to him and you kinda kill the mood for me. Why would Batman ever bring a kid out on the mean streets with him to fight crime? It is weird to me.

I don't know about growing up with brothers. I have two sisters that weren't girly at all. Instead of obsessing over boys, we'd play video games. Between the three of us we know most things about Final Fantasy VI and Earthbound. Ever play Earthbound?

That's awesome! Maybe I would have lucked out and had cool sisters, who knows. My brothers like video games. My youngest brother used to play the Silent Hills while I'd watch and run to look up the puzzle answers online. We played most of the FFs, the God of Wars, Legend of Legaia together... I think our breaking off point is Kingdom Hearts and Legacy of Kain. He enjoys the former and can't stand the latter, and I'm the opposite.

My other brother likes WoW and Counterstrike and other games I do not care for. I tried to tell him about Portal 2 recently and he just accused it of being another of my Woman Games. He is a troglodyte.

Now you know all about my brothers. And no, I have not played Earthbound.

Re: Batman vs. Undead -- I remember seeing a "Batman vs. Dracula" movie. In it, Batman reduces Dracula to ashes with a solar energy machine. Also, he seems perfectly willing to "kill" Ra's al Ghul, but I'm not sure if he technically counts as undead.

I need to look this movie up. Did you see the TAS skin for Arkham City? It's making me all nostalgic for the cartoon.

Older or younger? How did they influence you/you influence them growing up?

Both younger. I'm not sure they influenced me much. Did I influence them? I might have turned my youngest brother gay by showing him Escaflowne at too young an age. Soon after he began obsessing over Sailor Moon and Magic Knight Rayearth, and it was all dicks dicks Tori Amos dicks gonna be a fashion designer from there on out. I love him immensely even though he is far too cool for me now.

My other brother has a Very Important Job with a government contractor and makes much more money than I ever will even though he flunked out of high school, spent his teenage years breaking into houses, and was in all ways a terror. But I'm not bitter. Life, kids. It's not for pussies.

Ugh, I'm sorry how had to grow up with brothers! I know what it's like. AUGH PENISES

Better brothers than sisters, in my case. Girls always like such stupid stuff, I can't imagine I ever would have gotten along with a sister. No offense to any girls reading this.

In response to your batman question... there is a "The Batman V.S. Dracula" animated movie.

I almost asked this but Dracula was a Marvel character, far as I know, and I wouldn't have thought DC would use him. I am intrigued.

Dynamic process indeed. Did Duane ever like candy?

When he was a wee Duane, I'm sure.

"I guess he looks kind of Swedish in some of the unhooded pics of him floating around. He tends to look like my male family members when I paint him." You have Swedish ancestry then?

Polish and Scandinavian. And English. And a little Cherokee for colour.

Where do you get your brain?

I suppose from my mother, which is a horrifying realisation.

Do you sell prints of your work? If not, why not?! I would love prints of your work. Or an art book. That would be even better ;^;

Some of it prints out okay from the web. Make some prints, I don't mind :)

How do you feel about Rutger Hauer?

I'd drink his bathwater.

Have you ever thieved?

I have.

If you could be one of your characters in Unsounded, which would you be and why?

That's a devil of a question. Every character has something wrong with them or some kind of enormous, horrible problem. I guess... maybe one of the milk hicks? At least they just got to go home and milk the pigs and lead boring lives after their scene was over.

On the Skittles: I was with you until you started chasing your brothers. Did you have a name for the resulting flavor, by chance?

Well, you can't really call it a flavour, can you? The flavour can heavily depend on what one eats BEFORE chewing up the Skittles. Say you were eating Doritos beforehand. Your Grainy Saliva Every Flavour Bolus is going to then contain nacho essence. It's a dynamic process, Zakko.

I really honestly read the last question as "horrifying tickling wright-bomb"- Is that also a theory? I'm actually intrigued on a serious level, what kind of spells could one work via tickling? If you can take that inquiry seriously.

I'll have to leave this one to the fanfiction.

Now I can't stop imagining the khert as a giant cosmic jellyfish. Mind if I call it Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy?

You're special :3

Ha! Semantics. He just doesn't like the word zombie. Have you seen Zombieland?

I saw parts of it on cable. It seemed cute :3

Is a Galit meant to refer to a Plod who has retained his memories/soul (does Duane still have his soul?), or does it mean something else?

A galit, funnily enough, is nothing but the Tainish/Aldish word for an undead thing. Duane isn't a plod - he doesn't know what he is - but if he has to be called anything he chooses galit.

I'm voting Matty is actually a mass murderer and he wants to go to the shore to render the multitudinous seas incarnadine. Am i close?

Think he may be faking the whole sweet and innocent blind boy routine? He could be a throat-slashing Two-toe inside a boy-skin. Check his back for a zipper.

Poor Matty. He certainly doesn't act it, of course, though it's clear he sees the world through an optimistic lens, despite his being blind. Does he think the sea holds some magic, or is it just childhood hopes?

Oh, he'll tell someone in the comic one day why he wants to go to the shore. You'll have to wait for it :)

"Call a storm"? Is that a typical wright thing or is it indicative of Quigley's quality?

Wrights aren't supposed to go around changing the weather. It's indicative that Quigley be BREAKIN' DA LAW.

Nag-nanag-nag-nag... yeah, you'll get that if you read your comments. I think. Anyway, does Quigley not like his boy, Matty, or was it Uaid that he didn't like? As per your character descriptions.

I regret that character description so hard, it seems to be confusing lots of people. It's written from Matty's point-of-view, and Matty is certain his father does not care for him.

Do you like samurai movies any?

I like kungfu flicks. Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and the like. Oh, I've seen a few Zatoichi flicks, those are always good.

I thought that would be it, but your detail is too interesting to stick to one question. If there are telegraphic points in the khert, and these can be recorded, can the points of a wright's body so connected be recorded too? Does the government do this?

It's not just wrights that are connected. Wrights have input access, but every living thing is connected to the khert. The khert is the coalescence of all of the natural laws of the world. All natural things are connected to it and in some way influenced by it.

We should lay off the khert chatter though. It gets close to spoilers :)

Since there are twelve point in the body that are connected to the khert, would performing some kind of dance up your chances of a spell hitting a far away target? And is it possible to use some other part of your body to cast spells?

Yes, but the other points are close to vital organs, and dangerous to utilize. Dancing? Ahhh, nooo...

Do you have a list of 'Must see' anime that you would recommend to others(me)?

I'm not sure I can recommend a series wholly without reservations, since I'm not sure I like any series that has complete cross-genre appeal (except Cowboy Bebop, but everyone's seen that).

I would say Gankutsuou if you don't mind some shounen-ai with your melodramatic Count of Monte-Cristo futuristic scifi reimaginings. Escaflowne, if you don't mind some shoujo soap opera with your violent mech battles. Last Exile if you can bear a slapdash ending on another otherwise superb fantasy tale with some of the best world-building ever and omg Range Murata's character designs. Then there's Trigun, Berserk, and Samurai Champloo but these are all pretty old school these days.

I can recommend certain movies without reservation. Satoshi Kon's oeuvre is superb from his first movie to his last. Same with pretty much everything Studio Ghibli has put out.

Can a wright disconnected from the khert become a gruftgrammar, or does the disconnection permanently remove their ability to access the khert, even illegally?

It removes all khert input access entirely.

Does Duane smell really gross and corpsey? Like if someone got a real good whiff of him would they like puke or something?

Naw, he's a seasoned old mummy. More musty than anything, like a leather-bound book that's been up on a shelf too long.

What's the worst job you've ever had?

Buddy, I could talk your ear off. Every job I've ever had has been some flavour of shit. The worst one, I guess, was working for ten dollars an hour in an asbestos-ridden, rat-infested warehouse "designing" novelty drinkware. Three-thousand designs. All print-on-demand. NO CATALOGUING SYSTEM. Five computers. None of them networked. Now go find this obscure firehouse design from six years ago and make a fucking mug out of it. At one point I was the only one left in the department (the turn-over was crazy) and I was playing art director and staff for a few months - still on ten an hour, mind. When more artists were finally hired in, they all left again with a few months. I think it was the closest I've ever been to really killing myself.

Anyway, I've never had a job that didn't make me miserable. And small business owners? Total cunts.

Does all the finger practice mean wrights are particulary dextrous, or gifted at slight of hand?

Not really. Sette could out-maneuver most any of them when it comes to sleight-of-hand.

Zombie Winston Churchill? He'd drink all your booze and think of creative, eloquent ways to insult you and make you feel inferior. It'd be like living with Duane and Sette in one person. Could your fragile artist mind really handle that?

It would be


Can one wright steal control of another wright's plod(s)?

Yes. One hazard in pymary is very easily losing control of whatever you're handling to another, better wright. The only reason the khert does what a wright tells it to do is because he's speaking a language in a manner it understands. You can't outright contradict another command the khert's been given - this causes errors in the khert's internal logic and errors make things blow up or destroy themselves - but if you're badass you can very quickly call out a counter that complements an initial attack and changes its outcome.

What did you like so much about Mighty Max? The unconventional finale?

I liked the character designs and the animation and the rockin' guitar in the intro theme. I liked how it was a combination of episodic and overarching plot. I liked how mature it was for a western cartoon, with characters actually dying and sometimes there was blood and the fight scenes were actually brutal and some of the shit that came out of Skullmaster's mouth was creeptastically horrible villain-poetry. I liked Tim Curry and Richard Moll and Tony Jay - all together in one series! I liked the concept and didn't even know about the doofy toys until long after I was obsessed with the cartoon. It was funny but also terrifically dramatic. The monsters were great. The settings were great. It was just... perfection.

The ending, yeah... I mean, you can look at it like a giant troll, or you can wonder if it wasn't trying to comment on the cyclical nature of history. Inescapable fates and history repeating itself are big themes of the series, so, ya know, I'll give it a pass.

One of my favourite series ever though, easy.

Dude, you eat Kraft Mac & Cheese mixed w/ tuna? Spring water canned tuna, not that oily crap, right? i LOVE that! It tastes SO good, and is so easy & cheap to make!

I don't eat it often because it's super fattening but yeah, man. That's heaven in a pot. (and ewww, oily tuna, no way).

Mighty Max, man I freakin' loved that as a kid. I had like every playset. I bet you're mad jealous.

Pssh. I bought them all off ebay in the height of my Mighty Max fandom. I was kind of already old when I was into the cartoon :D I have the Sega game. And I don't even have a Genesis.

Are you antidisestablismentarianist, or prodisestablismentarianist?

Whichever one where I get to burn down shit. I've always wanted to throw a molotov cocktail at someplace expensive while a Hans Zimmer score blares in the background.

Can I hang out with you when you're a dead artist?

I shall never die.

Carnal stimulation eh? Well, then, what are your turn ons, Glass?

The Mighty Max cartoon, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese with a can of tunafish mixed in, striped socks, stormy weather.

Instead of horrible Sette/Duane fiction, I give you Photoshop mastery, as promised. Behold its glory.


I'm just going to delete every page of the comic and replace it with this. High-larious X3

Will you marry me, and can we have children with lion-tails if i ressurect them some crazy wizzard/soldier uncle to play with?

Why anyone would ever want to get married I have no idea.

What was Satan supposed to give you if you had won the bet?

A nice, predictable, PAYING job in an office cubicle somewhere.

Questions aren't as creepy as you'd like them to be? Seriously? What about all those non chaste questions about Sette you answered, and likely the plethora you deleted that never saw the light of day?

Creepy and inappropriate to be sure, but percentage-wise, this being the internet where all things good and pure come to be raped by pogo-sticks and blinded by Tang and sand, I once was certain a good seventy-percent of questions would concern prepubescent genitals and/or the author's preferred methods of carnal stimulation.

Seriously though, I'm taking the piss when I talk about being disappointed by the relative lack of perversion. World-building questions and vampire debates really are much nicer.

I think Starfish has a rather interesting character design. Did you come up with his name after you designed him or before?

I think... after? His character is newish but his design is really pretty old. Originally he was one of a pair of henchmen that are violently dispatched in the opening chapter of Tanners.

Which now-dead artist would you like to bring back from the dead as a zombie and have work for you producing secondary comics and artworks?

Winston Churchill. Did you know he was a passing good painter? He would also write the most awesome dialog.

Which soon-dead artist would you like dead?

"Many that live deserve death. And some die that deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then be not too eager to deal out death in the name of justice, fearing for your own safety. Even the wise cannot see all ends."

Which now-dead artist would you most like to hang out with?

Artemisia Gentileschi was pretty boss. I don't get along well with artists though. Mostly I want to hit them in the mouth.

Do Quigley's specs magnify?

I knew someone would ask that. No, he just sees the glint of Peaceguard armour. The local constables wear leather.

One more thing before I leave you alone: The last panel in Chapter 2, page 43, and the entire page 44, is my favorite part of the comic thus far- Duane being all protective. Any chance of seeing more of that. S'ok if you don't answer. I still got to gush.

Of course. Duane is Sette's "attack zombie and flesh protector." It's his job to keep protecting her :) Glad you dig it.

Particularly when going through all of these questions, I feel as though I have missed a great many somethings. Are other people just better at catching onto the functions of your crafted world than I am, or is Unsounded the sequel to something else?

I think there is a formspringer or two who has been here for a very long time, and remembers all the info I've given out on here. So they may be referencing answers I gave quite a while ago and which you'd have to browse for a long time to come across :)

I wouldn't worry about the details though. They're there, but the important functions all get hammered home very clearly in the comic, when they're relevant.

"It occurs to me that letting a comic reader into the RP bbs could be bad." - you keep foiling me, but one day I'll get there!

Not if I murder you first, you fiend.

Ever seen the character Clockwork, from Danny Phantom? I know it's coincidence, and I'm just making parallels to unrelated things, but he is similar to Duane. Hell, I find myself looking for parallels from Unsounded everywhere. Too. Much. Obsession. O_O

Not familiar, I'm afraid :) I bet there are a lot of characters out there like Duane though.

What's your favorite book? Or books?

My favourite book is Moby-Dick. My second favourite may be either A Tale of Two Cities or The Vampire Lestat. Depends on my mood. Right now I'm reading "Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson" by Camille Paglia.

You ever seen an animal at a gym and just wanted to take it home and eat it?

I know you meant zoo but it is gym it is gym it is gym. I have seen many animals at the gym that I wanted to take home and eat. Hundreds even.

Every time I see Sette's surname, Frummagen, I cannot help but think of the word "frumious," crafted by the great Lewis Carrol. Any chance you found him to be some inspiration?

Lewis Carroll is great. So is the word "frumious." "Frummagem," however, is actually an old thieves' cant word :) There are a few bits of cant scattered about in the story. I used to be able to write in it pretty fluently back when I enjoyed tormenting my players.

Do you ever find plot holes in your own work? Do you try to explain them? Or just let them slide?

Yeah, I'm afraid you can never let a plot hole slide. It's good to have a comic at least completely outlined before you start, then you know the structure is good and you have elbow room to fix the holes. Always fix your holes.

I've noticed a lot of recipes on here. Anything concerning tater tots? Seasoning, perhaps?

Tater tot seasoning? I suppose I would recommend a rather sophisticated tomato-based sauce with a hint of sweetness and Worcestershire. I can't remember the name of this delightful substance and it can be difficult to locate here in the states, but if you scour a few grocers you may get lucky. I recommend the squeezy bottles.

Holy god yes.

It occurs to me that letting a comic reader into the RP bbs could be bad. So here, I saved the pertinent thread out for you - - I wrote Will, my friend Stacy wrote everyone else. We switched back and forth between point of views. Good on ya if you can get through it, I'm not sure I could.

No one else read that. It's perverse.

I signed up for this website just to smile at your answer about RP and poor Will being raped and torn apart. Maybe it was the sadistic elf-pimp that did it for me. It's downright inspiring. Am I bad?

Not at all. Want to read the thread? It's still up on the bbs and it is tasty and also awful :0

Is not being able to search formspring frustrating, even for your own use? Are there questions that you answer very thoroughly, and that contain information you have recorded nowhere else?

There may be, but I like to live dangerously, so it all just adds to the complicated, hair-raising drama that is my life.

I'm a little upset that the link to the infamous fapfic no longer works. Too depressed to put in the form of a question.

Oh, did they take it down? I can't say I'm sad for it. Write a better one :P

Is there any way to search all these crazy formspring entries? How am I supposed to find answers from days gone by? How will I know if this question has or hasn't already been asked?

There is no way to know. Formspring is shit. I usually answer repeat questions though, just not as thoroughly as the first time I answered :)

Do Alderode wrights eat Crescian babies? I've heard stories, let me tell you, of how those bastards operate.

I heard this on Glen Beck, don't tell anyone, but the entirety of Aldish pymary operates on the stolen souls of Crescian babies o_o And every time an Aldish wright casts a spell, A KITTEN DIES.

Equality of longevity...? Alderode discriminates against people with significantly different lifespans, like the Plats, don't they. : [


What tools did you use for the lizards.jpg vote incentive? The shading is pretty clearly digital, but what's the workflow like?

Oh, nothing fancy. They are only doodles done in Photoshop in-between jobs. They were drawn with a hard black round brush, and the shaded one was done with a round brush with the opacity jitter active.

Goddamn, all I wanted to do was cheer Duane up with a hug, and you had to make a custard curse and now see what horrors it led to. There may be a lesson here for creators who want to torment characters relentlessly, no?

It seemed to somehow lead to cups of fingernail clippings so you are totally right and I repent of the custard curse D: From now on, hugging Duane only transforms you into a pleasant, run-of-the-mill, Kafka-esque roach.

How do you get so many visitors and readers to Unsounded? Have you made loads of internet-friends, or is good quality comics enough to get popularity?

Speaking as one who has access to Google Analytics, I can assure you I do not have as many readers as you might think. And most of my friends don't like the comic so they don't read it :D Buuuut I guess doing a thorough job on art and putting out a comic that at least looks like you've spent some time and energy producing it is a big draw. Make it look polished and planned and make it obvious that it'll be around for a while and is worth getting into. Yeah.

That is autocannibalism. I hope you enjoy sitting next to Ugolino in the Inferno, Cope.

There are a lot of people in the Inferno I could sit next to. When it comes down to archaic depictions of Hell, though, I'd much rather chill out in a Bosch painting.

When I chew my nails I like to save the bits in a cup until I can have a good crunchy mouthful. Bits of skin and hair can be good for this too.


I was eating goldfish crackers when I read that jesus christ goddamnit

I don't know if eating your own chewed nails counts as that, but it can lead to appendicitis. Be careful! D:

I'm afraid I would rather die than stop the life-long habit of biting my fingernails. And of course I have to eat them afterwards. Spitting is such a dirty habit.

I like your illustrations on da of the little zombie boy Yorick and the girl Ophelia (cute names too). What's the story here?

Years ago I placed in Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga competition with a short (and crappy) comic about Yorick and his family. I threw the whole thing together fairly quickly but it's still the only time I've ever been printed. Afterwards I was afforded the opportunity to pitch the story as a series to TP. I developed the story more, discovered what it was actually about, and realised I had no interest in ever letting TP own it. So that didn't work out. And nothing of value was lost. And TP doesn't even exist anymore.

Now and then I think on the story fondly. It's much more All Ages friendly than Unsounded, yet... decidedly more existential and grotesque. I'd like to draw it someday. For now I just do the occasional illustration.

Would eating custard that used to be a human be considered cannibalism?

I sometimes swallow my own fingernails after I chew them. Is that autocannibalism?

Has Sette ever been given a present?

I almost wrote a mini-comic with this theme. One day.

So is there any way you could turn Elka's baton on her in the same way as a sword? It seems like there must be some aspect to borrow...

Sure, you could swipe its solid state, reducing it to a condensed swarm of superfine sawdust, and then whap someone upside the head with that solidity. Same concept as taking the edge off a sword or knife. Nothing is safe from aspect-stealing except for the bodies of trained wrights - generally - and First Materials. The thing to do is get yourself a weapon made out of a FM. Then you bash the offending wright's head in. Then you win!

You realize eating custard that used to be a person is, unfortunately, vore, even if it's a vague nuance of it. I felt I should warn you, before you fantasize about it too much.

Well, a hamburger used to be a cow. I suppose McDonalds is vore from a cow's perspective.

Could you tell us what the astrological signs of the characters in Unsounded are? I don't know if they have them in that world, but maybe just tell us around-ish? There wouldn't happen to be a Sagittarius in the bunch, would there? ;)

Aww, I don't really believe in astrology so I couldn't say. Sette doesn't know her birthday. Duane and Quigley have winter birthdays, Matty spring, Toma summer, if that's any help in speculating.

Will Sette ever shank her trolling, creepy fan boys so her creator will stop being forced to imagine unsavory things, and thusly save thousands each year by no longer requiring so much brain bleach?

It's the internet :3

When confronted by an element of the fuzz as cute and hunky as Toma, would you outsmart him, snog him, or both?

The snogging would lead to the outsmarting, much like Morgan Adams at the beginning of Cutthroat Island.

If Duane turned someone into custard would they be legit to scoff?

Scoffing would be mandatory.

Will we see more of Jivi,I can see alot of character development with him.I cant tell if he's gonna turn out good or bad.

Jiviiiii. He's comin' up.

I read vassal and heard Duane saying wrestle in a Swedish accent. I guess I'm stuck hearing him in a Swedish accent now.

At least it's not a Chinese accent, I suppose.

How old is Quigley, anyway? Given his odd and silly display over money on Friday's page, I put him at early twenties. He'd totally be an annoying college nerd in our world, wouldn't he?

Quigley is twenty-three, I believe. He was pretty cool in school, much more fun than he is now! Everyone in Alderode but the lowest classes talks like Quigley talks. They are a stiff and formal people.

Oh...I see. Eh, might as well keep the cool points, they don't resell very well used. And I suppose I should explain that the Florida comment was because Miami is where Dexter takes place. Oh, I need a question here, have you considered watching Dexter?

Ooooh. Well, Florida is a terrible state, I assure you.

I don't watch much television and when I do I'm pretty selective. One secret to productivity is to cut the drivel out of one's day, and that usually includes the vast majority of tv. I'm kind of an old snooze, sorry :3

What would you do if someone offered you $10,000,000 for Unsounded, with the stipulation that you'd have to draw everyone's butts twice as big as they are currently?

For ten million dollars? I'd be puttin' some junk in dem trunks.

Will Sette ever capture Matty and make him her vassal?

See below.

Will Sette ever marry Matty, go traveling to somewhere with interesting divorce laws, and take advantage of said laws to bamboozle him out of treasures he does not, in fact, have, then actually fall in love and live with him happily ever after?

Will Sette ever mary Matty? (Matte?)

I daresay Sette isn't the marryin' kind.

Have you ever run away from the fuzz?

No, but after writing Frummagems for ten years I feel I could outsmart them in almost any circumstance.

Are you planning on producing pvc figures of your characters anytime?

That would be fun but I haven't plans to do it, no.

Will Sette ever meet Matty? I get the feeling that he's too nice a person for her to ever get along with. But then again, she'd probably rob him of his house within a couple minutes. :D I really wanna know if all those awesome characters ever meet!

You'll just have to keep reading! :)

Aaaaaaah another Doctor Who fan! You're 31.86% more awesome now, and I don't care that you live in Florida! Although seeing a zombie turn someone into custard sounds slightly more traumatic than having a raggedy doctor appear in your yard.

I think it may all depend on the shape of the resultant custard. If it's an actual firm human-shaped custard - a human flan - wobbling slightly, melting under the sun, that would be traumatic. If it's an amorphous liquid blob of fragrant custard that splatters from the zombies fingers to the ground in a custardy manner - why that's simply a delicious time.

If any sorry sod does attempt to hug Duane and turns into custard, may I bring the fish fingers and make a meal of them?

Must be one hell of a scary crack in your wall.

I dreamed about Unsounded as an animated cartoon the other night. Do you think it would translate well to animation?

Sure, it'd make a fun cartoon! It'd be great to see some of the action scenes animated.

When do you usually upload new voting incentives? It seems a little sporadic. Is it just kinda whenever?

It's totally whenever. I will probably upload a new one with tonight's update though. would I assume correctly that you are a fellow Dexter fan? 8D Well you just became 25.6% more awesome! live in Florida though...o_o

Florida does suck :( I've never watched Dexter though, his was just the first serial killer's name that came to mind. Do I have to give the cool points back? ;_;

The questions were about Duane - his clothes look so smooth in the comic for someone without skin covering his abdomen where cupcakes fall out... hence the inquiry about the bodysuit (or perhaps, layers of clothing?)

Some of it's just artistic license. He's a comic character so I'm not going to draw every little bump and ridge under his clothes, I don't like how it looks. There is something more going on though.

Custard?! I might risk it if it would make poor Duane feel better. However, I suspect you'll say that turning someone into custard would make him feel worse. So here's my question, no wriggling out: what action could a person take to IMPROVE Duane's mood?

Duane's often in a amicable enough state of mind. He just doesn't abide bullshit. So don't engage in any bullshit in his presence :) He likes well-mannered individuals with an appreciation for the arts, bonus points if they're upstanding and ethical, bonus bonus points if they're a chaste young lady or an educated Aldishman.

Does Duane wear a bodysuit or some other such thing?

He's definitely got something going on.

What sort of time span does each of the three books cover?

Won't go book by book but overall it's about two years.

Could Duane survive as just a head? (on a stick?)

Go to bed, Dexter.

Of course there's romance in Unsounded. Starfish X Children is already an official couple.

That is bad and you should feel bad.

Look, how about a hug? Could Duane get a hug without something horrible happening?

NO. THERE MUST BE HORROR. If you try to hug him you will become custard.

hat mini-comic is just . . . D: I want to coddle Duane even MORE now. How might he react if he was to be coddled in a rather overbearing way? And has he ever been captured?

Well, Duane is a kindly sort. If a random spazzy female came up and coddled him I'm sure he'd be polite about extricating himself. Has he been captured... I would rather not say.

Okay, okay so - he still has skin covering his face and hands, right, but not his stomach? Then why do his clothes look so smooth? Is he wearing a bodysuit? Why do you fill me with questions on Murkoph that I already know you won't answer? Why so cruel?

Oh, do those questions refer to Murk? Yeah, not answering them. All I'll say is that Murk is what he presents - no coverings, no glamours. But he and Duane have frightfully little in common, physically.
Can't believe I'm asking this, but I really gotta know. Will there ever be any romance in Unsounded? (Sorry, I'm really adoring Duane) You have the full right to ignore my hopeless romantic self.

Ya know, I'd rather not say. The minute I say, people will start looking for it. So I'm not saying :)

What was the thing/aspect you loved the most about FFXII and what was thing you hated the most?

FFXII! My f-est of ffs. My favourite thing... were the characters. They are all awesome. Even Vaan and Penelo who are arguably completely unnecessary are at least thorough and complete in their unnecessity. Balthier and Fran are two of the greatest game characters EVER. Basch and Gabranth are twintastic. Ashe is for the most part a flipping badass. Larsa is an upstanding young woman, Vayne has beautiful hair and goes all Guildenstern at the end, and Dr. Cid has some of the most fantastic and sympathetic motivations of any game "villain" ever. I love love love the cast.

Least favourite thing... Well, it was too easy, but it's an FF so I oughtn't hold that against it. Oh, I didn't love the final "dungeon." The game doesn't really HAVE a final dungeon and you can kind of smell how either time or money ran out in that department. There is a bit of slapdashedness to a lot of the latter game, mostly because of Matsuno's departure, I'm sure. I am all but convinced he meant to have Balthier do what Reddas did. Balthier has that history as a Judge that almost nothing is done with, and imagining him there at Nabudis years ago "pressing the button," and then having to redeem his crimes with his life - that would have been excellent and very Matsuno. Squeenix probably axed the idea once they realised how cool Balthier was and how he might make them more money in other games. That is my theory.

Regardless, FFXII nudges past FFVII to be my favourite FF. It is FFantastic.

Are plods all males that reproduce sexually?

One day I will meet you on the street. One day.

Can I give Duane a kiss on the cheek? Sure Sette would be grossed out, which is half the reason why I'd want to, but I think Duane deserves a bit of affection XD

Sette wouldn't be grossed out so much as convinced you're going to catch salmonella. I think Duane would rather kiss the back of your hand and pat your little head, bless.

Okay so if it just tumbles out of him how does Murkoph... goddamnit.


that ... duane .. comic ... think i have ... died ... of .. teh cute ... you .. should ... make ... that ... the ... vote ... incentive ..... .. .. ... *dies*

... ...!!

I feel so bad for Duane in that mini-comic about where food goes, he looks so pitiable and miserable. Please tell me he won't suffer such humiliations in the actual comic, I don't think I could cope with seeing it in full color.

You have to break someone before you can fix them.

You realise that you are now holding my still warm and beating heart in your fingers until Chapter 5. Careful you don't get my blood on your keyboard.


Dear Glass, this is inappropriate but I've been wondering for a while now: when Duane eats, the food "falls" out. But where... does it fall out from? Does he have a giant... hole... somewhere? I... I need to know.

The Smallest Duane will show you.

Do you ever get worked up over the stuff you write or draw? I sometimes wonder if creative types can make a scene or event so sad or otherwise emotional that they get upset while creating it.

Yes, I actually wrote a scene a few days ago that made me bawl. I would hazard to guess that a creator who doesn't occasionally get worked up over their stuff is a cold and artificial sort. If you can't strike chords in your own heart, how can you hope to strike them in anyone else's?

Jesus what did you just post on tumblr I don't even

Murkoph does stuff like that. It is his art.

Matty is so cute. And I don't even like kids. Does he know any martial arts or anything in order to defend himself? Or is his father really letting his son grow up as a sitting (and blind!) duck? I am concerned for Matty's well-being.

Remember that blind swordsman from Ninja Scroll? How all the rest of his senses were enhanced to make up for his blindness and he had become a swordsman so amazing that he could rival even the great Jubei? Yeah? That was pretty cool.

Matty can't do that. He makes really excellent sandwiches though, and tells good stories. Also, fiction tells us that a kind and friendly nature is sometimes the greatest weapon of all. Or it gets you killed in chapter five so your father can spend the rest of the story hunting down your killers so he can wreak bloody vengeance on them and their entire families.

I get equality of gender, and equality of opportunity, but what is this "equality of longevity", which Alderode seems to so disrespect?

I am certain the story will let us know in due time.

Hey cooldude. Does Duane dream at night when he's asleep/unconscious/knocked out/whatever state a plod is in at night?

I wonder.

Listen to this song, it's fabulous.

Will we ever get to see scenes from Duane's past life? (Or 'life' would suffice, I suppose.) And do we find out why exactly Sette has these cat-like tendencies? Do people interbreed with animals in Sharteshane? :O

Yes, yes, and... maybe? Hohoho.

I wanted to Say I got even my Father to be a fan of Unsounded. Need a question... How do you fell about it?

I think that's awesome :D I hope he doesn't mind the cursing.

So if newspapers are possible, that means there are printing presses, or something comparable. Since that is the case, how did Duane manage to get a job hand-copying things? Printing presses usually sent copiers out of business pretty fast I wondered.

When an office needs a document duplicated these days, they have computer printers and xerox machines. In the old days though, they had to keep a staff of scriveners on-hand whose sole job it was to sit around all day and copy documents by hand. Printing presses and movable type were invented quite a while before methods were discovered for document duplication for small businesses and personal needs.

Are plats all males that reproduce asexually?

Ewww, no.


Ahh! It is on this page - - A donation would be appreciated right about now, actually. I had to renew the comic's domains today. Thank you! :)

If a dance competition was held who of your characters would win and in what styles would they all dance in?

Everyone would do the Mamushka, and Sette would win because she'd be at the perfect height to hamstring all the competition.

I was just rereading your awesome, awesome comic, and for the first time I noticed exactly how creepy the bottom right corner of chapter 2, page 6 is. Is that barbed wire? And tree-arms? Or just random arms that happen to be near trees? Alderode is scary.

That was Cara's impression of the woods she ran through. The branches were like grabby arms and there were thorns everywhere to snag her hair and dress. Aldish trees do not actually have long, gnarled arms and hands, I'm pretty sure.

Will Lan Brookin and/or the "Miss" referenced in the old easter-egg letters ever appear in the comic?

Spoilers spoilers spoilers. Although thank you for reminding me to tidy up those letters.

If someone were to poke Duane's face (without him freaking out and dropping the glamour), would they think they felt living flesh? Or does his glamour only affect sight?

It only effects the light. If you try to touch his cheek your fingers will fall through and come to rest on cold, leathery skull.

Does Duane think he became a galit for a big reason (e.g. fate, God's wish, anything like that), or is it just some terrible thing that probably had to happen to someone, or did he finish worrying about it and doesn't care?

Duane will explain his feelings on the matter one day.

Some time ago, I argued that Bastion would defeat Quigley handily in a bishounen competition. After seeing Quigs lounging in that fine shirt (and giggling over money!), I am quietly withdrawing my support for Winalils. I hope he can stand the loss.

He'll have to learn to live with it :3

Is Quigley a money grubber simply because he likes money? Or is it also because he's also concerned about providing his son with a good inheritance?

Ding ding.

If you could do a crossover between Unsounded and any comic, manga, or cartoon (or any similar media), which would you choose? Also, if you could pick 3 super powers, which would you choose?

Aaaahhhhhh too hard to choose.

Um, this is going kind of old school but what about Escaflowne? It's fantasy, it has a wacky and super obnoxious girl character with a cat tail that Sette can boss around. Duane and Folken can have a brood-off, and Quigley and Uaid can challenge Van and Escaflowne to a mecha battle. And then they can all kill Hitomi and eat her corpse. Hohoho!

Superpowers! Super healing power, where I can like, touch someone and instantly heal them of their disease. Teleportation is a must. And then... is immortality a power? I want to live to see the extinction of the human race. And then I can have the whole planet to myself and hang my Symphony of the Night wallscroll anywhere I goddamn well please.

Are there any found cities of gold in Alderode?

You are a silly person.

So, what about wildcats? Not big cats, just... wildcats. Like Pallas's Cat?

Well, I wouldn't go out of my way to hit one with my car.

Aww, does this mean we don't get to see Alderode until the next book?

I said nothing of the sort one way or another :3

How many chapters per book? Thirty?

Couldn't say. The first book is almost entirely scripted but the other two I only have outlined.

Hey I remember you saying Unsounded would have three "books". Do the books have their own names?

Sure. This first book is "Inside-Out." Second is "Land of Mountains and Monsters." Third is "The Green Flash." Titles are subject to change, of course :)

Are there any lost cities of gold in Kasslyne?

If there are, they're lost.

When pressed, could a wright, say, launch himself and a boulder from a catapult, then use the boulder's momentum to propel himself farther? Come to think of it, are there even catapults?

Now you're thinking with pymary! There WERE catapults, but war tech 'round these parts favours cannons.

Why is Duane always hungry? What happens if he were to eat a human being? Why is he so extraordinarily in control of himself? (Apart from being obliged to by contract, I think.)

For the most part, Duane's in control of himself because he IS himself. A normal plod doesn't have any sort of conscience or internal struggle going on. Duane, for whatever reason, has retained his memories and personality. Since he's always been a strong-willed and stubborn sort, that counts for a lot in undeath. Of course it's not easy to always be waging minor psychological war with one's baser instincts. When Duane has his ultra-violent moments I'm sure it's rather a relief to just let himself wig out on someone he can kill without any objections from his conscience or his humanity.

Duane's a bit nuts if you haven't noticed.. He's been doing this for too long.

Do you dislike cats?

Domestic cats just don't do it for me. I don't actively DISLIKE them, but I prefer dogs a thousand to one. There is an aloof creepiness to cats that turns me off. Motherfuckers all seem to think they're still in ancient Egypt and I should kiss their asses. A dog though... a dog is your best friend forever. He'll attack people that are fucking with you and he'll protect your kids and he'll go apeshit with joy when you come home after a long day. A dog is a true bro.

"Better to change the opinions inside heads than lop those heads off. Better to cause the gut to churn with emotion than with poison. Better to make the heart race with excitement than to put a dagger in it." I like that!!! Did you write that yourself?

I did. I write sometimes, it's a sickness.

What would you choose as a signature weapon?

My signature weapon is my pencil. Better to change the opinions inside heads than lop those heads off. Better to cause the gut to churn with emotion than with poison. Better to make the heart race with excitement than to put a dagger in it.

TNT's good too though.

Will we be seeing any Tip-Top Tom strips?

Soon as you write me some :D

Do creatures that take evolutionary advantage of the khert exist outside Alderode? Actually, do the glowing bugs kept as pets/light sources use the khert like vliegeng do?

It's been suggested that they may. You can extract their specialized bioluminescent cells and make them into some very handy torches for wrights who need a light aspect in a dark environment. When Duane does his hand-light, he's pulling light from a starfly flask in his bag.

Why are people so mean to vliegeng. :( All they want is your hugs! And your organ meats!

Just a bit of organ meats! Just a taste!

Has anyone besides Bastion tried to teleport inanimate objects?

I'm sure, man.

To what degree has pymary augmented medicine in Kasslyne? Are there any Kasslynian equivalents of "modern" medical practices that wouldn't normally be expected in fantasy settings?

The medical sciences aren't all that great. Most people believe diseases are the result of falling out of favour with a god, and treatment often involves hiring either a priest, or a wright. The priest is just going to pray with you, maybe oversee a sacrifice. The wright is going to scrye the khert for impurities. Neither treatment seems to work particularly well.

Pymary is good for violent injuries if the conditions are right. It's not difficult to bid the body heal itself faster than it normally would, closing wounds quickly enough to escape infection, but it does knock a person out for a while. With some exceptions, anything like surgery is taboo. It's one reason Starfish has to employ a lizard to cut his slaves open - human surgeons are hard to come by and most of them are crooks.

For Plats, 25 to 28 years of life doesn't them give much time to maintain whatever population number they have. Is procreation part of their societal responsibilities or do they have some biological difference that makes them go at it like bunnies? :3

Culturally, Plats do everything early. They start schooling early, they get married early (almost all marriages are arranged) and they start having kids early. Plats live together in big old communities and kids are raised by their neighbours as much as their parents. There really aren't all that many Plats though. They're the smallest of the Aldish classes. Keeping their numbers steady is always a concern of the government.

I want to see the Black Tongues but you've been so open about answering questions with them involved that I'm afraid they don't matter to the story. : ( Say it ain't so.

I've said what the Black Tongue are, what common citizens know them to be. You don't know the secret stuff. But if you ask in-depth questions I'll probably bin them :)

Could someone cut off the wings of a vliegeng and use them as a makeshift personal airplane? Does anyone make clothing or any other interesting materials out of vliegeng wings?

This is a cool idea. Perhaps the Black Tongues have experimented with it.

How can Quigley sit atop a giant ogre traipsing through the woods and not get some bird poo on him with such extravagantly long and dangling attire?

Artistic license, man! Artistic license!

Would it be right to suggest that Sette thinks you shouldn't plead for salvation from impending destruction - but rather should punch the impending destruction in the face and grab salvation with your own hands?

This is apt. I actually just finished a little scene with her in some dire straits and never once did pleading arise.

When you said the thing about the Vliegeng fly-skating all I could think was WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.


Can a corpse be a First Material?

Not a human corpse.

Hmm... you said that useless plods are always burned. But Sette states at some point that people shouldn't be burned but buried according to Gefendur faith. Are ex-plods not considered humans? Which bodies get used for plods anyway?

Plods are mostly the bodies of prisoners - people who died or were executed in prison for crimes. It's also possible to sell the body of a family member to a plod manufacturer but this is a bit taboo since the body will have to forego traditional funeral rites. Some people aren't all that orthodox though, or they really need the money, or they might really have loathed the person who died.

Come harvest time when labour is in high demand, body thieves have been known to skulk about looking for fresh corpses to sell to plodders. Spooky.

Well, I'm more interested in what you think Quigley's voice sounds like. :3 What the creator of Quigley thinks he sounds like. But I know how it can be, not quite knowing what one's own character sounds like...


Is pymary's weakness on large bodies of water due to some weird property of water, or is the khert systematically different there? Does the contour of the land under the water have anything to do with it?

Good theory but not answering this one.

Hello! I would just like to ask, is there ever a chance you might put up a tutorial art wise? For... well, anything, really. Colouring, panelling, doing backgrounds- or even just a 'this is how I make a page' sort of thing, if you don't mind me asking.

Hello! Ya know, I don't think I can add anything to the already healthy amount of amateur tutorials on the internet. Besides, I feel that I'm still learning and am in no position to be trying and teaching others. As for how I make pages, it's so straightforward I can't imagine it would be of much interest. Script > Thumbnail > Sketch > Ink > Flat > Shade & Effects > Come back four months later and change all the dialogue and post it.

Voila :3

"Flying is what birds DO. Flying is not what birds ARE." - That's actually why I thought birds would not work, but I just wanted to check. I figured air control could do it, but balancing the control of pushing airstreams would be beyond most anyone.

True, true.

Would Colin Firth's voice be like Quigley's? Or maybe Benedict Cumberbatch? Or Stuart Townsend?

Whichever voice you feel fits him best :)

Do either of Cresce or Alderode have national flags?

Sort of. They fly pennants with their colours on them but countries 'round these parts are more partial to enormous brocade shields with their crests sewn in. And both countries have crest designs, yes.

Before, with the arms, there was talk about better and lesser First Materials. Now this was for a specific, combat-suitable prosthesis but in general are some First Materials 'better' than others, and if so in what way?

Yes, some are better than others. It comes down to how structurally sound they are both physically and pymarically. Some materials are simply able to hold a heavier weight of spellery, or programming. This gives the wright more flexibility in crafting a pymaric.

So is pymary pretty useless for travel, or at least rapid travel? No flying, teleporting is insanely dangerous...what about just speeding yourself up somehow?

Pymary really is limited in its uses, it's not a cure-all. But I suppose if you had a Fount of momentum - a self-renewing aspect of momentum - you could theoretically apply that to something like a wheeled cart and get some good speed going for an indefinite amount of time. First thing that comes to mind is some kind of city-wide trolley system powered by the momentum of a local waterfall. In this case pymary really just becomes a stand-in for hydroelectricity.

But when you factor in that pymary ceases to work properly over large expanses of water (particularly the ocean), you're right in thinking it's useless for travel.

Would vliegeng have been able to evolve those "wings" if they hadn't developed in Alderode, with it's unspecified khert oddities? Can they fly outside of Alderode, and if they can't naturally, is there a way to augment the wings so that they can?

It's a good question, but the vliegeng would have evolved in their current form regardless. Alderode's khert oddities aren't as old as vliegeng are, and they fly just fine once they've left Alderode's borders. There are some other creatures that have evolved odd relationships with the khert as well. It's just part of how this world works.

How did Duane fly with that earth thing at the beginning of chapter one? I can't figure out what aspect he used and it's hurting my brain!

The earth clod wasn't really flying, it was only a lift - up and down. Condense a passing cloud so it falls as rain, transfer the momentum to an object. Instant elevator.

What/who do you imagine Quigley's voice sounding like?


I don't know! I really have no one in mind for him. He's young and slight, so I wouldn't imagine he'd have a very deep voice.

Quigley's an ok/good/caring parent isn't he? I have searched my feelings and know this to be true!

He is what he is. There are good days and there are bad days. Such is the life of a single parent.

Can you tell us how they do fly, or is that something that should come as a surprise?

The short of it is they don't fly - they've evolved spectral, wing-like appendages that are able to grasp hold of the circuits of the khert and skate along it.

Say, if by some miracle Duane gets teleported into our world and doesn't instantly crumble into a pile of skittles, what kind of jobs would he apply for?

Hmmmm. Well, he wouldn't know English, so he might do well in tech support.

What the hell is that on page 48 on chapter two?


Do vliegeng fly?

Some breeds do. Though they don't fly in a conventional manner.

What's the last thing you will ever draw?

A pension.

What's the first thing you drew?

Couldn't tell ya, I was only a toddler.

What's the last thing you drew?

I'm drawing Duane planting his knee in a bad guy's jaw at the moment.

Is it bad I use the smile feature to save interesting things you say so I can find them later?

No, I noticed you doing this :D I gotta be careful in the future, you can totally be the Consistency Police and kick my ass for forgetting my own rules :3

Can pymary let you fly, or is too hard to find a source for that attribute swap? Would birds not work?

Flying is what birds DO. Flying is not what birds ARE. Aspects, what pymary deals with and can reassign, are what things ARE. What is it about birds that enables them to fly? Doesn't really have a pat answer.

The best pymary has been able to manage thus far are short bursts of momentum. When Duane did his little jump back in the crypt, that was enhanced by swiftly stacking solidity in the air below him so it pushed him up further than he normally could go, like a springboard. But outright flying hasn't yet been accomplished.

If swords can be immune to pymaric influence, then presumably other things can be created that are too? Is there some mineral or First Material that rejects pymary?

Simpler than that. What can be permanently enchanted? First Materials. A sword with First Material components in it can, then, be enchanted so it is invulnerable, and pymary fails against it.

So his choice in weapons had nothing to do with the fact that he knew someone could take his edge and cut his head off with it?

Not specifically no, though I'm proud of you for your insight in asking that question :) There are swords available - expensive though they are - that are immune from pymaric thievery. Toma better get himself one.

The mental image of Duane carrying Sette around on his shoulders like an awesome uncle is adorable, and it's cruel of you to deny us the chance to actually see it drawn. I can't believe Sette would even want to do something so kid-like.

Perhaps she has an ulterior motive, gentle reader.

When you say that only First Materials can be permanently enchanted, do you mean that pymary on other materials wears off quickly, or that other materials can't hold an enchantment at all?

They can only hold an enchantment that is being actively maintained. Don't worry about trying to understand pymary right now, the comic will explain it in due course.

Has Duane ever told anyone (or had anyone discover) that he's a zombie?

He implied somewhere in chapter one that he'd been run out of towns before, so indeedy yes. No one likes a zombie in the neighbourhood, drags down the property values.

Who is Victori Arbert?

The Victori are roughly equivalent to Gefendur saints. Arbert is one of them.

I want very much to see Duane with a sword now.


Do you have a tumblr?

I do, but I hardly use it -

Oh God. Is Duane like one of those old war veterans, going on about stories from back in the day?

Sometimes ;_;

Does Sette have any phobias? I mean, aside from jars full of kid-sized organs.

She's exceedingly scared of her da, if that counts.

How long does the plod enchantment normally last? How long would it last if the plods didn't go and rot into uselessness so fast? Come to think of it...when they're "disposed of"...are they just disenchanted and tossed into a company mass grave, or what?

The plod enchantment lasts as long as the handler/wright is casting it. Once he stops, the plod is just a corpse again. Plods are only human corpses and cannot be permanently enchanted - only First Materials can. Once a human corpse rots beyond usefulness, it is summarily burned. No fuss, no muss.

It's interesting that Duane is terrible with edged weapons but is good at using edges to chop off people's arms on short notice. Or was it only sheer luck that he got the guard but not Sette?

Rather a different skillset, I'd say. But no, hitting the guard was not a lucky shot.

So, Duane is horrible at using edged weapons but good with staves. But what happens if he tries to use a spear or a halberd?


Testicle crows for the lizards, eh? Brings a WHOLE new meaning to, "Just LOOK at that face, Martha. This one's got a LOT of spunk!!"


Reed's attack zombie in the fanart section is glorious and I hope he/she knows it. It brings up a vitally important question though: who among your characters is most stylish, or fashionable? Glamour-clothes don't count *coughBastioncough*.

Oh, but glamour clothes are the BEST clothes. Imagine not being restricted by material or even conventional physics, when dressing yourself. There are rich ladies who own hairclips that keep them artfully surrounded by dainty yellow butterflies as they run their errands; ladies who go to balls dressed only in softly shimmering light - opaque enough to hide the naughty bits, but otherwise ceaselessly shifting hue and luminescence with every gesture. Maybe you dress yourself in leaves like Peter Pan, or maybe you just wear a cloud or a few carefully placed waterfalls, or maybe you coat yourself from head to toe in blue scales, like movie Mystique.

All terrifically expensive of course, but if you had the money or were a wright yourself, think of all the looks you could have from day to day. Super fun!

Ahem. To actually answer your question I think I have to say it's either Bastion (and I'm stubbornly insisting glamour-clothing counts) or Regina, a character you've not met yet. They are stylin' mother fuckers.

Ahem, it is essential that you discover

Conan and a giant pug. Sweetness.

Can you explain a bit more about the plague please?

'Fraid not :)

Are you a fan of the Oxford Comma? I think all the cool people use the Oxford Comma, and since you're cool, you should probably like it.

I'm a bit of a comma junkie, so I do use the serial comma, yes. I'm also a dues-paying member of Melville's semicolon fan club.

Is it possible to teleport something other than yourself? I can see why it would be difficult to teleport yourself AND your clothes, but why not just teleport your clothes instead? I'm sure Bastion would enjoy that.

Bastion's been trying to figure out how to do this for ages. He doesn't enjoy losing everything on him every time he teleports. Near as he can tell, a spirit only has claim in the khert to its own physical bits. Every time he sends something other than himself into it, it just disperses without a spectral anchor in the material world to keep it together. So unless he can figure out how to extract and control the spirit of a pair of pants, he can't 'port pants.

Okay, so let's say two people, Guy A and Guy B decide to go teleporting. They put all their shit in the khert and fly where they need to go. Hypothetically, could Guy A rematerialize himself with his own will and personality, but steal Guy B's looks?

It wouldn't work out so well because he'd have the other guy's brain, and with it his memories, personality, biases, etc. So he'd become the other guy. Brain always trumps spirit.

Was Sette popular with the boys?

At home? No. She doesn't get along with anyone at home. It's a battleground.

Does Bastion's clothes glamour keep him warm, or does he just tough it out? Must be pretty hard on his junk.

Haha, if he's going somewhere cold he sees to acquiring proper clothing first-off. Teleporting isn't always the most convenient way to travel.

Can I be you when I grow up? Please?

I wouldn't wish me on anyone. Aspire to be someone with money and a job.

Do you think it's true that men age like wine, and women age like milk? I've had some pretty fine cheese in my time, and Duane sure isn't wine-like.

All the old men I know are jerks while most of the old women are pleasant and helpful. I deem this saying le bullshit.

If sunglasses were available in Kasslyne, would Sette make Duane wear them?

No, 'cause they're not worth the hassle. You'll notice Matty doesn't wear dark glasses either. They're significant of mortal illness in this world, specifically plague, which is transmitted via eye contact. Alas, they lack all connotations of coolness.

Has anyone ever approached you about putting Unsounded in print?

Yep, one company did. I didn't like their terms though, so I declined.

I'm getting the feeling Duane was popular with the ladies, and possibly even a player pre-corpse. Yes?

No comment.

I know it's only Saturday but... can next week's incentive be Bastion astride his fabulous poodle? I really want to see it now.

We'll see :3 I'ma be busy this week, I got family in town.

So. Lions. As Sette knows about them and the pretty boy guard doesn't, does this mean that they are found farther south in places like Sharteshane? Are they common? Or is KO'd guard just zoologically challenged?

Naw, KO'd guard just misunderstood Sette ('cause I thought it was funny). He knows what lions are. Alas they were hunted to extinction on Kasslyne centuries ago. They are very tied up with the Gefendur and Ssaelit religions though and are in a lot of their fables, so Sette and everyone else knows them from those. The first time Sette cracked open an illustrated Gefendur storybook and saw a painting of a lion, she knew she had a lion tail. That's much more majestic and powerful than a rat tail or a monkey tail or a mule tail, but she's yet to convince the world of this.

Let's say, hypothetically, that you did end up in Kasslyne (not necessarily Alderode). To what extent do you think you could -- and/or couldn't -- take advantage of your knowledge of that world?

I would take full and total advantage. I would fix all the problems without anyone having to die or suffer horrible torment, knowing precisely who to tell what to get the proper solutions. I'm a cruel and callous god when removed from my world, but if I was down in the thick of it I think I'd have to make everyone happy.

Afterwards I would ride around a giant dog forever.

So if you look Bastion directly into his eyes, he'll briefly appear naked, but if you try to look at his weeny his clothes will reappear again?

Oh, you.

Which character introduced so far would cope /worst/ in our world?

Probably Duane. Our world lacks pymary so he'd just collapse into an inanimate pile of leavings.

So...if, when Duane loses concentration, his glamoured face loses color, would distracting Bastion make him naked?

No, but killing him or somehow making him lose consciousness might. Duane's particular hangup with his glamour isn't a common complication.

So that just means that Bastion is really badass, right?

He likes to think so.

I know why Sette doesn't wear shoes or socks. She's seen

Hahaha, a thousand feet of film... Thank you.

Are you tired of answering so many questions? I have plenty more to ask, but I don't want to bother you.

When I get tired of questions, I take a break from formspring. No sweat :)

So, hypothetically, if you had the will and ghost-balls of a superhero or some such thing, could you dematerialize (as if teleporting) and then will yourself back into existence faster, stronger, and less bald?

Hypothetically. The theory seems sound but so far no one's managed a way to come back as anything but what they went into it as.

What's the etymology of Frummagem, out of curiousity?

It's an old thieves cant word meaning to hang or choke someone. How it actually came about I have never read anywhere.

Reading your answer on teleportation reminded me of the remake of The Fly, which I watched last night. I like Jeff Goldblum, but D= to Brundlefly. Do you like that movie? It seems like it'd be up your alley.

I freaking love that movie. It's actually one of the only movies I can think of that successfully shows what it would be like to rot while conscious inside your own body.

Teleportation sounds like the kind of thing plenty of governments would like to get their hands on; is there any kind of moral or social reason why there wouldn't be an officially sanctioned spell for it already? Also, can Bastion teleport his poodle?

I could lecture on teleportation actually but to keep it shor

fffff it's a Saturday, why not, and this'll never make it into the comic.

Teleportation is terrifically illegal; a hanging offense, even. It's not for any moral reason but rather because it's too powerful and uncontrollable for laymen. Only certain wrights in the government's employ are allowed access to the syntax required to make teleportation work, and most of them are no good at it because they're afraid to use it at all. You see, teleportation requires the instantaneous diffusion of every bit of your body into the khert. This amounts to your destruction - destruction of flesh, of brain, of the very will that determined you ever meant to teleport. Only a thin membrane of phantom intention holds your bits together at all; a ghost-anchor left in the material world.

The hazards of this situation are myriad. The khert is in constant motion and has a naturally decadent effect on all matter within. Wrights theorize that the khert is the reason all things decay, that it's eternity cocooned by time, nested within the material. You have maybe a minute before it's eaten up your transmogrified body and it's gone forever. Meanwhile, conditions outside of the khert are equally harsh on spectral matter. Denied a brain, logic no longer matters, time loses meaning, memories fade.

So your ghost better know exactly where on the map it wants to go. And it better have the presence of mind, the strength of will, and the sheer ghost-balls to get there and call its body back in time.

So teleportation isn't just a spell. It's an ability that requires you have mastery over body and mind. If you do, the world can be your oyster, geographically speaking.

But alas, no, Bastion cannot teleport his poodle :( He cannot teleport his clothes either, but thank goodness for glamours. One interesting thing to ask oneself when Bastion is in a scene is if he's wearing anything at all or if the fancy S&M garb is just a conjured trick of the light.

Ok, I won't ask why Quigley doesn't want Matty to learn pymary. But... I do wonder, how else does Quigley expect his son to make a living? Matty isn't exactly fishmonger material.

I think Matty would do just fine selling fish! Why you wanna close doors for the child? Encourage him to get out there and market those cod!

So if Alderode is one of the areas that is not very appealing to you personally, what made you decide to start the story with an Aldish main character?

Because often, characters who come from troubled lands wind up having terribly interesting lives. We can't just write about stuff we like. Writing about stuff we hate and disapprove of is sometimes so much more rewarding in the long run.

...did someone seriously just ask 'did Quigley make out with Uaid'? o.O

I wish I'd caught on to that sooner XD New OTP forever.

Are there any Dragons in Unsounded? Or, something similar in that it breathes fire?

This is a Dragon Free Zone, I'm afraid.

Can you tell us anything about piracy in Kasslyne? Or even explorers? Has anyone ever tried to discover new lands?

I could write an entire separate comic and set it on the high seas around the Kasslynian continent. I love it. Without writing an essay though, piracy is alive and well. More interesting to me and more relevant to Unsounded's storyline, however, is the current proliferation of privateer attacks between Cresce and Alderode. We will get up close and personal with that one day.

Which character introduced so far would cope best in our world?

Probably Starfish. He's a mite psychotic so coping with an entirely new reality would be right up his alley.

Did Quigley make out with Uaid in a daring escape from his military employers? Because if that happened, or if it didn't, you need to y'know, draw it.


Not looking forward to Murkoph joining the story, I'm tired of cheerful psycho character types, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. But, if he's a Galit like Duane, can he maintain himself as well as he does? Doesn't seem the type for detail work

Let us not speak of Murkoph yet. He may surprise you.

What is the actual roundabout average height, though? Is Duane very tall, or is Quigley quite short? Does it vary too much for an answer to be given, area by area (even in one country)?

Hmm, to be honest, it's not something I've thought of much. I've been assuming people are as tall in Kasslyne as they are in our world. Duane is considered taller than average, yes, and Quigley and Bastion are a bit below average. Quigs can't help it, plats tend towards short and slight and pretty.

Did Quigley make off with Uaid in a daring escape from his military employers? BECAUSE IF THAT HAPPENED YOU NEED TO DRAW IT.

*dreamy sigh*

Is it still possible for Matty to learn pymary? I don't want to see him get stabbed in the initiation though. *sniffle*

Oh, sure, he could learn it. Anyone can at any time. I don't reckon Quigley wants him to though (don't ask why).

How do dogs with people allergies fare in Kasslyne?

They are made into delicious Asian dishes.

I guess my question pertained more to just carriages containing Bastion. I doubt he's as liked everywhere as he is on formspring. Teleportation sounds dangerous too. It's not Terminator style teleportation is it? Explains the lack of shirt though.

Nah, it's sexy, illegal, gruftgramaric teleporting that he perfected himself. Bastion is smokin' cool.

Will there be any information in the wiki that isn't already on Formspring? Will we still be able to ask questions (perhaps on a different venue) when the wiki is up?

I'm not sure, m'dear. I'm not going to have a chance to really look into a wiki for a while. It's a fair bit of time and work involved.

...have you written more for formspring than you have for Unsounded by now?

No contest :( I have eighteen questions in my inbox at the moment. Whhhyyyyyy.


May God have mercy on your soul D:

The whole of this formspring? So we can expect like twenty wiki pages about shirtless Starfish iterations?

Article of the day. Every day.

I'm sure Bastion is disappointed that there are no cats big enough to ride. He doesn't seem the kind to ride a slobbery dog around. Though, perhaps he has a Doberman-esque steed? Or a Vliegeng?

Fortunately for hoity-toity types, there are carriages. For a long time I planned on having some that were pulled by highly manicured poodles but then I realised that is silly. Bad Glass, don't be silly! *draws Bastion on a red-eyed black poodle*

Out of your characters, who would you most like to bring to -this- world? What would you do if that person appeared on your doorstep one morning?

I'd bring all the characters destined to be killed off, to spare them the chopping block :)

This morning I had a dream that Starfish came to my house to cut my hair. Only when I turned my back to him to cut, he grabbed me from behind, molested and nearly raped me! I am not even one of these Starfish fans! What do you have to say for yourself?!

Cool story, bro. Don't let it get to you. Unless Pedobear hangs around outside your window I'm sure you're too old for Starfish's tastes.

I had a dream that I went to the mall with my friend Chris. Why can't I have fun rape dreams? :(

Do Duane and Murkoph know eachother at this point in the story? And more importantly, what should I make for dinner?

I like a good casserole when I'm out of dinner ideas. Or pancakes. Make pancakes!

Ignoring other question :3

Pantoffel is so cute. <3 He kinda looks like a saluki cross. Maybe with a golden retriever for the ears and a bit more bulk. Is he a kind bred just for riding, whereas the mastiff-like ones are pack animals? PLEASE EDUCATE ME ON GIANT DOG BREEDS! :D

Yep! The saddlehounds (the dogs that people ride around) are pretty expensive, bred and trained specifically to follow voice and gesture. No reins or spurs are needed, and they make excellent partners. If you're hurt by someone or unfortunately killed, odds are your dog is going to hunt down whoever did it, tear their throat out, and drop their mangled corpse at the doorway of your camp or station house. You don't get that kind of bloodthirsty loyalty from a horse.

The pack dogs are generally much gentler in disposition... generally. They pull carts, pull plows, put the kibosh on small carnivores and pests and human trespassers, and are even decent baby-sitters. But they're not cheap either, and they can be expensive to feed if you don't live in an area where you can trap meat for it. They're not great hunters - they've been bred too big and ungainly.

Dogs are nice. Domestic cats don't exist in this setting but there are big cats around, some big enough to take on the dogs. That'd be a sight.

I've seen a lot of comments about the amusing past vote-incentives. At some point are you gonna stick them up somewhere so the newer readers can see them? Pretty please, with a cherry on top? :>

For now I've been tossing old incentives up on Facebook - - I'll add them to the site later.

What's going to be in the wiki? :D

Probably the whole of this formspring, compiled into a more readable form!

I really like the dynamic between Toma and Elka. How long have they known each other for?

A few years. Long enough that even though Toma is Elka's superior she can get away with calling him an asshole. I like them too! I just wrapped up drawing a scene between them in chapter 5, it is very Dramatic but also Cute.

What are the rough heights of the main cast?

I'm going to use Imperial, don't hate me, it's what I know. Duane's an even 6', Toma's 6'1", Elka and Starfish are 5'5", Quigley and Lord Winalils are 5'7", Sette is... short. 4' something. Jivi is a few inches taller than her, and Matty is a shrimp. I think I decided Uaid is sixty feet tall when he stands up straight.

So if Duane was one of the big kids in school, does that mean he had a considerably larger frame when he was alive? He seems pretty scrawny now, but is that just due to the decay?

Yep. Check out his height in comparison to other adults they've encountered. Duane's a tall fellow and was pretty built when he was alive. First natural beefiness, then the army, then... other callings. Now he's just a trussed-up skeleton for the most part.

Speaking of Duane's name, will we ever find out what "eighth Motadwe of the Temple of Song" means in the comic? Or is it the kind of thing we need to turn to FormSpring for?

No, that'll be pretty important later. For now, in short, it means he was of the clergy.

Were Toma and Elka part of the original RP cast, or are they webcomic exclusive?

Webcomic exclusives! My RP buddy Steve is top-notch at playing cops so he always handled the law enforcement characters in games.

Guh. What you just said about the eyes... reminded me again of how horrible the whole situation is. Having your own body rotting. Having to look for new eyes. D: Does Duane ever find it, well, kinda freaky? Or is he just used to it now?

Duane spent the first year largely out of his mind, wandering the backwoods of the western wastelands in a haze of agony and delirium. So yeah, he found it kinda freaky. A person can get used to anything though, particularly when he's found proper motivation and a steadying frame of mind.

Have you read A Song of Ice and Fire?


Haha, all this talk of waltzes and passepieds and quadrilles makes me wonder what Duane would think of dances like the tango and salsa. Too risqué? (I know those dances developed much later - especially salsa - but still :P)

Yes, too risqué :) At least, too risqué for an upstanding Aldishman. If the foreign barbarians around him want to vertically molest each other on a dancefloor, that's their business, but he'll take no part in it, thank you.

Isn't the inability to feel an issue with artificial limbs as well as plods? If addressed from that angle, it would be way easier to get the research started, and then Duane could study the results and jury-rig something for himself.

That's acting on an assumption that artificial limbs provide sensation to the wearer when they actually do not. Their benefits are largely only mechanical. But it's not very relevant anyway. Duane's hands are tied simply throwing spells at his body to keep it in one piece. Every day is a battle with the detrimental effects of time and environment on his withering form. Worrying about getting a sense of touch back is low on the list when half the time his fingers don't want to stay attached.

Oooh~, thanks for telling us the proper pronunciation of Duane's name. It sounds nicer now. :D However, it makes me think that his nickname should be Anne. Did the big, mean kids at school ever call him that?

Until around eleven or so, Duane WAS one of the big, mean kids at school. He was well-liked but if you tried any crap like making fun of his name you'd be crawling around after him begging permission to retrieve your teeth from his knuckles.
Given Duane, Sette, Toma, Elka, Quigley, and Starfish, which are the best and worst dancers?

Duane and Toma are lovely dancers, believe it or not. Waltzes and passepieds and quadrilles and the like. Starfish is probably the worst. Not much time for dancing when you're obsessed with trying to transmogrify flesh into gold.

Are pymaric equivalents of cameras/recorders possible?

No, although there is something very much like a telegraph and something very much like a radio. The latter I'm still thinking over, the idea for how it might work came to me while designing some of Quigley's meteorological apparatus. Pymary + primitive technology = a good time!

Do you think that we can make a supper for us both on one clam?

Get along with ye or I'll be combing ye!

Link to your old stories please? Especially if they are bad fanfiction.

In your dreams, broseph.

I was expecting to find mountains of fan art in the fan art section of Unsounded's website and was very much surprised to find not so much. Is there more that just hasn't been put up?

I think there are a few drawings of Duane on dA but they weren't officially submitted to me so I didn't put them up. Do a search for Unsounded and they should come up. Haven't really gotten much fanart though.

How did Duane function in Sharteshane if he couldn't tell when people were picking his pockets?! You'd think he'd go broke pretty fast.

He never had much money - he was working at a scrivener, which is basically a human copy machine. Fortunately he didn't have to pay for food or heating oil. But yeah, if he went into certain parts of town he'd come home a lot lighter. One of the perils of undeath, I suppose!

Hmm, it's almost twelve-thirty. I reckon I better update the comic.

Your writing is brutally awesome. If you're not capitalizing off the comic, why give two shits about what haters think? As you recently noted, drawing the comic has improved your art. To the same effect, writing consistently will improve your prose.

Well, I wrote consistently for ten years of RP and it did indeed dramatically improve my prose. God, you should read some of my old stories. Actually, don't. Ever.

I will consider these kind words of yours.

Oh noooo, I liked those. :C I'd understand if you wanted to stop but why not leave the old ones up somewhere?

We'll see :) Maybe I can devise some sort of misc. writing section.

This might have been asked before...but when Duane burns the little god figures that woman is selling he say something: "ssael fhikemun rish." Was that just a generic sort of insult or what?

"Ssael revealed the way." Ssael is the entity Duane and others of his faith consider the one "god" of the world.

I miss the old hidden manuscripts at the bottom of your comics. I know you're a busy woman, but can we expect to see any of those return sometime soon?

Actually, I have come to the sad decision to nix those. I was going to run a prose story parallel to the comic but I lost interest in it. And I got a lot of pretty brutal criticism on my writing. So next time I do some site work I'll be taking those down. Sorry :(

Is it true that sometimes working on comics is like being force fed your favorite food for 14 hours a day?

That's pretty accurate. Like, I spent all day drawing and inking a particularly grueling page when really I would have rather been playing something mind-numbing on Steam. I tell ya, comics aren't for pussies.

Oh wow, your dogs are all named amazingly well. You have a secret gift, maybe you should just make a career out of this?

That would be a pleasant job to have.

Fuck Sette's dog's name, what's Sette's name! No, wait..shit, nevermind. :P


Fuck Sette's dog! Are we ever going to get a close up view of important parts of the map? I MUST KNOW.

One day I'm going to draw out a super detailed map with illustrated borders and cool areas labeled HERE THERE BE MONSTERS. One day ;_;

There's a Rebecca?! I'm a Rebecca! But I won't get my hopes up, seeing as most literary Rebeccas are kind of evil. Will it be OK if I name my kid Nary A Care, though? That seems like a recipe for a confident, laid-back person (eventually).

Or a felonious, throat-cutting, whore-bashing mob boss! Oh, I kid, Nary knows I love him.

Fuck Toma's dog! What is Sette's dog's name? I MUST KNOW.

Ahhh! It's Wrath of Dog (just Wrath for short).

Fuck Duane! What is Toma's dog's name? I MUST KNOW.

Ahh! It's Pantoffel.

Ah, screw it- DUANE HERE I AM SENDING YOU A HUGE HUG ACROSS DIMENSIONS/REALITIES/WTF-EVERS! /hamtastic. Most I have ever wanted to hug a fictional character. SEE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE. D:

I want to hug fictional characters all the time! Fortunately I have an actual Duane plushie that someone made me so I shall transfer your hug to him.

Hi, new reader here! Finished the whole archive today - so addictive. <3 But bloody hell, I feel so bad for Duane that it actually reached physical achey-ness around the middle of Chapter 3. Such a broken man. ): Wish I could give him a hug.

Aww. Thanks for reading, man. I hope you enjoy the rest of the chapter :)

How much can Duane feel? I kinda assumed he'd have something magical to help with that or he'd have the same problem lepers do (besides, he yelled when Sette bit him). Then again, he didn't react much to Toma's stab. Will he feel Sette's (future) hugs? :>

Duane can feel two things - temperature and pressure. Anything that compresses his bones manages to wriggle sensation into whatever it is he thinks and feels out of now. So flesh wounds do nothing, but Sette chomping his fingerbones was quite startling. It's kind of disappointing for Sette who found that picking his pocket was not a challenge at all :(

I just looked back at the earlier chapters too. Duane is really looking dire now, isn't he? Could he steal some of the pretty-boy peace guard's good looks for a while?

Aww, does he really look that bad? Oddly, I think he looks better now than he has since the comic began. His design's more sleek and his outfit's prettier.

What are your favorite scenes to draw? Conversations, high drama, action?

Action, without a doubt. I like figuring out the choreography of a fight and challenging myself to draw dynamic poses. Also, action scenes generally benefit from minimal backgrounds and backgrounds are tedious, so that's a bonus. I kind of don't mind gratuitous fights and explosions and characters getting to show off. It's the shounen-fan in me.

Are annoying anons at risk of getting their hands chopped off for typing variants of the same stupid question?

Formspring meme perhaps? Who knows.

Does Matty know how long Plats usually live?


What kind of research has gone into the causes of/cures for Plats' premature aging? If none, is it because the Aldish social order is considered too important to tip the balance that way? Or is it just "the way things are", which nobody questions?

Let's not get into the whys and hows of Plats just yet please :)

Why do Plats die?

They just do, sweetie. Don't be sad.

Is Sette at risk of getting her hands chopped off if she sticks them in her mouth and bites down really hard?


Is Sette at risk of getting her hands chopped off if she sticks them in the mouth of a Vliegeng?


How long do Plats live?

25 to 28 years.

Is Sette at risk of getting her hands chopped off if she's caught stealing in Alderode?

The Aldish laugh at your primitive idea of criminal punishment. They have much more elegant ways of keeping society in check.

Why do (some) people keep spelling "Duane" with a "w"? It is beyond me.

Probably because when he first said his name Sette mocked him by drawling Dwaaaaaayne. What puzzles me is why a few people call the comic "THE Unsounded." No articles in the title please, my peoples.

Ugh, I went back to the second chapter to see what page he first said his name, and cringed. Lemme tell you if you want to improve your drawing a lot in a year's time, start a webcomic.

Can I draw erotic fanart of your characters using MSPaint? It will be the first time I have drawn anything since secondary school.

Why you wanna hurt me, baby?

Is there anything special about the symbols on Duane's gloves?

Nope! Sette just thought the black designs looked fierce and cool.

So Herman Melville must have been crazy enthusiastic about Independence Day. Are you doing anything to celebrate?

Nah, I'm pretty broke this year. I think I'll stay in and get caught up on freelance.

What can you reveal about Murkoph in the Unsoundedverse? Is his existence well-known? Is he some dark rumor or legend?

I ain't saying nothing about him yet. Sorry, mate :)

Is Duane having flashbacks to his own life (and death)? I can't tell...


Is Sette at risk of getting her hands chopped off if she's caught stealing in Cresce?

Probably not. If she's ever in custody I think people in authority will be more concerned with her tail. Depending where she is, she might be handed over to wrights for study, or beheaded as some kind of demon.

Do you have any full body drawings of vliegeng? After having seen what their heads look like, I'm very curious about the rest of them.

There are a few different species of vliegeng but here are some shots of the Greater Bog variety, the ones that see the most military use -

May we eat the fleas we pluck from your beard?

I thought that went without saying.

Tacos or burritos?

Burritos. And lemme tell you about the best burrito filling: One can fat-free refried beans. One can diced tomatos with chilis. One can southwest style corn. You're welcome.

The plight of plods and the controversy over their ability to think brings to mind robots in many a sci-fi tale. Could "I, Plod" be an alternate title for Unsounded?

Nah, 'cause this isn't a primary theme of the work. It motivates a few things but Unsounded isn't -about- zombies. They're just a part of the setting.

Cake or pie?

Pie. if Duane smells a bit better than Sette at the moment, and his smell is warded, but she can still detect the smell of rot...does that mean that Sette can smell through olfactory glamours, or just that Duane's smell ward isn't that good?

It means she's a little brat who says he stinks like rot when he doesn't. Sette is meeeean.

You mention that views towards plods vary from country to country. What kind of stance does Alderode take on the issue?

Undead are actively hunted out and incinerated on sight. Zero tolerance.

Oh my god, don't feel crappy, feel happy! I have fanart for you, but it won't be done until tomorrow because I am on med withdrawal so my eyes go opposite directions on their own. It's fun. Have you ever had a weird bodily experience you want to share?

Aww, fanart <3 Yet I am horrified. I hope you feel okay.

Weird bodily experience... I walked around a theme park in bad shoes last year and the nail on my big toe turned black a few days later. It was like that for a month! Then one day it all but exploded and spurted horrible black blood all over my carpet. Eventually the entire nail fell off! I felt like Jeff Goldblum in The Fly. It was amazing.

If the wrights who make zombies decided to stick all their enchantments on a suit of armor or something similar, would it a) be maneuverable like a plod and/or b) crave human flesh?

I am skirting so close to spoilerville but lemme try and answer this vaguely.

There's more benefit to plods than just the fact you can enchant them into locomotion. If that was not the case, there'd be no point in using them because one could, as you suggested, just enchant some suit of armour, which would not then try to eat you. The nature of a plod is it can take commands and - somehow - perform them accurately. A handler can, for instance, give a plod a bucket of paint, a brush, and command it to paint a wall, and the plod will do this to the best of its physical ability.

This ability is what makes plods controversial from country to country. Some believe it's indicative of the presence of a consciousness, maybe even a "soul." How can a corpse know how to do these things without explanation? But wrights in plod-friendly countries wave this concern off and say it's to do with the nature of the pymary that makes plods what they are - no souls involved, no taboos broken, no one hurt.

Re: Pymary & Minds: Damn, there goes my theory that Duane was planted full of false memories when he was magic'd back to life.

A cool theory all the same, friend.

If Duane (and presumably other zombies) have dulled senses, probably no nerves, and possibly no stomach for the nerves to reside in, how can they physically feel hunger? Or is it just a psychological thing? Or is it just too spoilery?


Seriously though, it's not a real physical hunger. Necromancy excels at aping "life" and forcing it upon corpses. If it can make a bag of bones and pretense gracefully dodge a Peaceguard's sword, if it can make him able to reason without a brain, hear without ear canals, cringe at the warmth of a sunny afternoon, it can make him hungry.

I wish there was a wiki about Unsounded so that I could know everything about it RIGHT NOW. The world you've created is just that intriguing. So this isn't a question but just a GOOD JOB!! Now please make sure that you finish the story, pleaaaase!

I'm feeling very crappy tonight so thanks for the enthusiasm.

Could Duane use pymaric limbs, like artificial ones?

Duane could attach an umbrella to his shoulder socket and pivot it around like an arm. So sort of. It would have to be just the artificial limb without an enchantment on it. If it was already enchanted, that spell would react badly with his own ensorcelled nature, and something unfortunate might occur.

In other words, Duane IS one big enchantment. Hook up other enchantments in there and stuff might go boom.

Does Duane consider himself to still have a soul?

In the way that his religion defines the soul, yes.

Does Duane sew up any wounds/holes he gets? If his insides all fell out and he's all dry, he probably doesn't smell... does he? What's the point of eating someone to sedate your hunger if they're just going to fall out? SPOILERS YOU CAN'T ANSWER, RIGHT?

Nope, he doesn't really smell anymore. In fact he probably smells slightly more pleasant than Sette at the moment.

He does lots of maintenance on himself beyond sewing. If his hands ever got too bad and he couldn't write anymore, he could always open up a taxidermist's shop. He's pretty aces at it by this point.

And wanting to eat yet possessing no stomach? That's kind of the torment of it, no? You can never be sated because you can't contain anything. It's just a void of hunger and no way to deal with it beyond ignoring it firmly. WHY is he hungry all the time? Why are the plods the same way? It must have to do with the origins of undeath in this world, I'd say *whistles*

RE: holy weakness - It was in the "What if Unsounded was a vidya" question, my bad, I just assumed the same would thus hold true in the actual comic. So it's just fire and blunt instruments then?

Ahhh, yeah. I was talking about magic in terms of RPG tropes. Sorry for the confusion. As for ways to hurt Duane there are plenty of ways to do so beyond fire and blunt instruments. He is far from invulnerable, just talented and resilient. My preferred attacks on him are psychological.

Could you use pymary to read other peoples' minds? Would you have to trade one of your own thoughts for the thoughts of the person whose mind you're reading?

Nope. For many a millennium this is a problem wrights of every school have worked on, but so far no one has figured out a way to pymarically read minds. The problem rather boils down to the wise men of the world not yet understanding the brain nor human consciousness. Pymary ofttimes has to work in concert with other fields of study. You can't manipulate something you don't really understand.

What are the Wandering Root's eyes made of?

Intrigue and mysticism.

Your Little Palpatine wants you to eat waffles?! What did he say? "Your hunger gives you focus! Makes you powerful! Let the syrup flow through you!"

Carbs are the path to the fat side! Carbs lead to paunch. Paunch leads to sweatpants. Sweatpants lead to Wal-mart--

Wait, that's riffing on Yoda. But yeah! Palpatine wants me to eat waffles. Fuck him though, I

ate a cheese-filled crepe instead noooooo

So Duane's manners are all a cover for his inner dark side? Does his inner dark side take the form of Emperor Palpatine telling him to let the hate flow through him? Because that'd be awesome.

We all have a Little Palpatine inside of us, baby. Mine is telling me to go to IHoP tonight and have a giant fattening waffle for dinner.

You did say Duane was vulnerable to holy magics earlier on formspring, though - is 'holy magic' more of just a different branch of magic than something directly divinely inspired?

Did I really say that? There was holy magic in RP to accommodate systems that other players were bringing into the game with them but there's no "holy magic" in Unsounded. I might have been referencing RP but I can't recall what the question was or what I might have said.

In the last panel of today's page, we can't see Duane's eyes, but Siwl is looking right up at him. Can Siwl see through the glamour from that perspective?

I won't say no. I wonder if zombie-face will be the last thing the poor boy ever sees.

You mentioned earlier that all your characters are basically assholes. Are there any in Unsounded that are all-around good people? Toma strikes me as one, as does Matty and possibly Jivi.

Sure, man, all three of them are decent sorts. Matty is kind and selfless all around, it's almost obnoxious. Jivi's big character flaw is dealing with guilt, and that's only because he's always trying to do the right thing. Toma is fairly complex but his problems are mostly not his fault. That he has a difficult time dealing with them now and then is just human. I have another major character, Will, who is really, really frigging nice too, sometimes you want to slap him for always taking the high road. And then there's Minnow who is... a joyous, life-loving saint... but yeah, I have some good guys.

But Duane, Murkoph, and Bastion are who I consider my Three Top Personalities. They're the ones I can answer any question on, whose lives I've documented from birth to death (and redeath). They are my favourites and they are all, in their ways, asshats. I mean, Murkoph, like, I'm having a hard time dealing with him in the script because if I don't censor him I'm going to have to change my comic rating. He is a Horrible Entity.

Duane has the good fortune to be a main character though which means he gets to change and grow into less of an asshat! Have patience with the guy, he's been dealt a shitty hand.

Well, that is quite small. Ant size should work nicely. Would Sette still notice someone so tiny?

Okay now, buddy, I'm not writing your fapfiction for you. I charge for that.

How small would you say pymary could make someone, then?

As small as you require.

Who has the most powerful backhanded pimp slap in Kasslyne?

UM UM Sette bitch-slaps someone later in this chapter! So Sette?

Some of the best fapping comes from unorthodox speculation! Surely you know that first hand!

Sir, I know not what it is you are implying but I'll thank you to leave my parlour this instant!

You spin me right 'round baby, right 'round, like a record baby, right round round round~ ...I want your love? *Hopeful look*

You have my love forever <3 I only killed myself in jest.

Why do you think people diss Sette so much (and seem to worship Duane)? Was it unexpected? What about characters like Murkoph and Starfish?

Well, I'm not entirely sure that's the case. I know Sette has garnered massive hate - and rightfully so - but there are some people who insist she is their waifu. And there are people who think Duane is a hypocritical, unlikable douche-terrier who speaks in paragraphs they don't feel like slogging through half the time. From what I've seen, there really is no fan-favourite (Starfish notwithstanding). There's even a group of readers who loathe everyone in the story and just read it for the world or the art or because simply cutting themselves when they're bored would get their shirts all bloody.

But Sette-hate and Duane-love isn't really unexpected, no. Most everyone in RP hated Sette and most everyone liked Duane. My characters are real people inside my head and I can't change that they all are, in essence, assholes :) I've said it before, but Unsounded isn't an easy read.

Why blue for zombies?

You lost me.

Can pymary be used to make a person shrink to a much smaller size?

I'd have to give this a good long think to decide for sure, but right now I will tentatively say... yes? If you require such pymary for a vore-fantasy, by all means use it guilt-free. Nothing worse than unorthodox speculative fapping.

Any particular reason why Siwl's pommel is flipped round from an arrow into a loveheart on pg10 of Chapter 4? I personally think the loveheart is cute and non-manly.

Ha, there are mistakes like that all over the place. One problem I have with working digitally is the monitor never feels big enough. Zoomed in to draw and ink, I can never see what's what in other panels and other pages, and always lose track of details. I like the heart better too though. Gentle Siwl <3

Aaaand that last question about fanart was from me. Why is Formspring so irritating?

Better question is why do we keep using it? There are alternatives. I think we are sadists.

I was supposed to write a horrific 4chan inspired fic, featuring Sette and Duane in love. After a few attempts, I just can't bring myself to do it. Could I do art of it instead? There will be less traumatizing sex and more amazing.

Haha, if you feel moved to do so, I won't stop you. I am a fanart whore and will reject no subject matter.

What do you think is a good age to teach children how to draw and appreciate art and how would you go about doing that? I babysit my 5 year old sister and I'm just curious what I should be teaching her and when. Huge fan by the way :)

I would say it's never too early, but it's probably best to teach by example. Learning to draw properly takes a lot of practise and things that require practise without immediate pay-off can seem an awful lot like work, or a chore. So let your sister see YOU making art and reading comics and watching animation and, since kids idolize their siblings, she'll wanna do what you're doing. Just don't force it on her if she has no interest in it or she'll never take to it.

I noticed Duane's Cape is yellow-ish on the bottom at the last panel. Is he going to do something or it just has nothing to do with anything? And I think this is a spoiler, isn't it?

Nah, that's just some poorly executed reflected warm light from the leafy ground. Makes no sense on cell-shaded characters, I don't know why it's there.

What mythical animal's skin would you most like clothes made out of?

A chimera! So many options. Lovely lion-skin bomber jacket, snakeskin boots, goatskin bra.

Dear Glass, when creating a world, what kinds of lore (birth of the world, gods, religions, rituals, burials, etc) should I remember to include? I am trying to sort of various lore lists from different stories and feel as though I'm forgetting some.

I think it's entirely dependent on your story. You have to decide if you're writing a novel or a travelogue. All the delicious little details that may be so fun to come up with in pages and pages of notes may have no place in your actual story and could get you in trouble with critics.

I've known a few authors who get so hung up with world-building that they never actually start the story. Their world remains forever suspended in their imagination and they just keep piling on more lore while the actual plot and characters remain sketchy and distant. Characters first, then plot, then setting. When you know the plot - beginning, middle, and end - and the characters, you'll then know what lore you need to come up with to support them.

Aha! I've unraveled the clues. Sette isn't human-she's an Awesome, a member of the hitherto undiscovered species homo praestans. Hmm? *puffs pipe*

Works for me!

I bet Kasslyne has special fencing techniques and such you could tell us about.

Ya know, it probably does, but I don't know enough about fencing to speak intelligently of them :)

So why wouldn't Duane just thump him with magic? Can magic be traced?

Sette's rather curious about that herself.

What do you think of a world where no sex is allowed and baby is born from in-vitro?

If it's a world for a fictional work I think it's highly intriguing. I want to know the origin of it and how it's enforced and how society has evolved around it.

Is "Myeaaaaarrr" the sound a pirate cat makes? Or maybe a Viking cat.


Potentially dumb and impractical question: If Duane has (hypothetically removable) glass eyes, and he hid them somewhere but put two completely ordinary, non-pymaric glass eyes in their place, could he take off his hood without going all zombie-face?

It wouldn't even be that complicated, he could just momentarily turn off the enchantments in his current eyes - but then he wouldn't be able to see. Maintaining glamours takes skills with deceit and an artistic ability. Duane's a decent artist but he's a bad liar, so it's a psychological "failing" that causes his disguise to falter when you challenge him by seeing his eyes rather than something to do with the eyes themselves. It's calling his bluff. You could do the same thing if you verbally challenged him about it. This is a handicap something will have to be done about once they're around more people. I doubt Sette will be gentle and understanding.

The incentive! Poncho! Poooonnnchhhhho~ Poncho?

Poncho O_O

Even better. All halos and lollipops would be no fun. Does this mean Duane's gonna pull some serious Clint Eastwood style smackdown? Ever seen "The Unforgiven"? Yeah. I bet Duane can decimate people when he wants to.

Myeaaaaarrr we'll see.

I think the next voting incentive should Duane as a chicken coop raider.

Duane dressed as The Fantastic Mr. Fox raiding a chicken coop.

Do you know of the romance novels with the Vikings flung through time who become Navy SEALs?

Vikings are the least sexy things ever. I could not fap to that material.

I know that traditionally zombies eat brains, but in your particular universe, is there a canonical reason why they'd crave human flesh more than, say, strawberry fish?

Unsounded undead crave all warm, living flesh - human, animal, lizard, whatever. It's just they have a special desire to rip specifically into people for heretofore unexplained reasons. Those reasons do exist though, yes. Duane would wolf down a whole tank of strawberry fish if only for a blessed few fleeting minutes of satiation, but not in polite company. There's nowhere for the meat to go so it'd be a rather rude way to soil his clothing and look pretty disgusting.

Why does the brains thing persist in Unsounded? Just a coincidence. Horror stories in Sharteshane like to accuse plods of brain-eating just like ours like to accuse our zombies of it. It's a thing.

You say Duane is a terrible liar, and Duane has a sense of morality like it's a bad thing. Murkoph's cool and all, but I'd rather hang out with a nice moral zombie with too many words in. We could go to the library. Maybe fight some crime too.

Oh, I didn't mean for it to sound like it's a bad thing. It's only that he's an unfortunate type of person to be in the situation that he's in. If he didn't care about hurting people or lying to them he might overall have an easier go of it.

Of course, Duane isn't all halos and lollipops. He'll be displaying that in just a few pages, as a matter of fact.

(libraries are the best)

What did you do today? ANSWER.


Uh, I woke up at 6:30, showered, had coffee, fed Max oatmeal. He ate it all so he got a banana cookie. Watched the news, got on the laptop, played with Max, had more coffee, made myself some eggs. Watched The Daily Show and Colbert and flatted an illustration. Got Max dressed, went to the bank, then the library, then the park. Got all sweaty, came home, Max and I had lunch then took a bath. Now he's napping and I'm here typing out a list of crap to you.

Lovely day so far!

Is Duane's facial glamour actually what his face used to look like, or some random features he stuck together? Does he have to have an image in mind to construct the face? Does he have a gallery of other faces for casual wear or disguises?

It's similar to what it looked like at one point, yeah. When you envision your own face is it an entirely honest and accurate representation of what you actually look like? Chances are it's a bit younger, a bit more flattering, a bit less detailed. Same for the face Duane projects.

He doesn't have other disguises. It's trouble enough keeping up his current one, and he doesn't really like doing it anyway. It's all a big ruse and he's always been an upfront sort. It's why he has to wear the hood: If you look him in the eye, you break his glamour - Duane is a terrible liar.

Tampa anon from before here! Oh man, it's weird to have internet-people live so close to me. XD Anyway I work in that Sesame place, just started this summer for the monies. Ngl, best part of the day is when I have to go into Cloudbounce to fetch children.

Epic, man. I always kind of wanted to work in one of the theme parks except I'm pretty sure the weather would destroy my flesh and spirit. Busch Gardens would be great though, I'd think, because of all the awesome animals. And dem coasters. I could ride Cheetah Hunt twenty times a day. My family and I used to go a lot in the old days when Busch still owned it and they had the big old Hospitality House and free beer. Good times.

Did you shoot a man in Reno, just to watch him die?

When I hear that whistle blowing, I hang my head and cry :(

So work surprised me Monday by granting me my coworker's unused Cintiq 12WX. Love my Intuos, but this thing is FUN. Great for sketches+lines, not so much for painting. Man I wish I was rich so I could buy you this thing! Can I buy you one when I'm rich?

You so nice. I don't really need one though, as much as I imagine I'd like it. I'd probably have a hippie moment and give the money away instead.

This might be creepy to say, but I really admire the way you convey how /unsafe/ it is to be a child in this kind of story without harping on it. I empathize with your young cast and the rotten hands they're dealt, even the ones who are also douchebags.

Thanks! That's one of the running themes of the comic, I suppose, and something I'm always trying to work through. Our lives are such accidents, so profoundly effected by the situation we're born into. Life should be fair if you're a kid, but it hardly ever is.

How is your art so amazingly awesome? You have such a cool way of gauging the correct level of detail given certain situations.

So did Ren and Stimpy :3 Thankya.

I enjoy your comic deeply. It reminds me very much of a classic fantasy novel in graphic novel form, with a twist. A lot of comics seem dumbed down to me, afraid to use too much text, or they're too frantically paced. Unsounded is a breath of fresh air.

Or a breath of sewage, according to some! Thankya. I pretty much create what I enjoy, trends be damned. I like a lot of text (you're lucky I'm not using Silver Age style narration, I considered it for a while) and I like stories that aren't afraid to meander, stop and look around, have fun with themselves. I'm glad you dig it.

I had a dream last night that you had accidentally posted the entire rest of Unsounded instead of a single-page update. In case you're wondering, Unsounded ends with Steamboat Willie chasing a giant grey whale.

Well, that clears that up.

Do you have a goal as far as your TopWebComics status goes? If you give a specific number, I'll use my otaku skill-set to help you get there. It is a shame that a comic like "Flipside" is ahead of you.

Aww, that's sweet of you but at this point I'm pretty meh about TWC. I think I managed to get and stay at a point where I was high enough for the site to serve as advertising, but actually being in the top ten isn't really

aaaaaaa Winnie the Pooh movie commercial so cute

important to me. I could get in the top ten if I did incentives every update but that might make my page count suffer! So I wouldn't worry about it :)

How do you feel about museums? The museum I work at has a collection of human fetuses and embryos preserved in formaldehyde that were created in the 1930s and 40s! I just thought that you might find that as interesting as I do.

I think that's great. I wouldn't mind being pickled in a jar after I die. It seems slightly more dignified than those plasticized anatomy exhibits.

Since you've mentioned reading: do you frequent any good book blogs or sites?

I don't. Since that's a boring answer I'll add that I'm rereading a book I used to read constantly when I was in the fifth grade - Grimalkin's Tales - I found it in a plastic bin in a storage shed and it smells tremendously of poisonous mold. It's quite good.

Did you take the (your?) child you watch all day to Busch Gardens with you, specifically to the Sesame Street Safari of Fun? It's so weird to think you went to my workplace this weekend, even if I was off at Metrocon anyway. XD /tampa anon

Haha, no. My dad works for Brighthouse and they had their company picnic at Busch Gardens this year, so I tagged along with my parents after 6pm to get in free, and was there pretty late. This was a few weeks ago. The Sesame Street portion did look really cute! I liked that giant yellow space bounce. I've been a Central Floridian my entire life so I've been to Busch Gardens lots. What part of the park do you work in?

Share with me a tidbit of philosophical wisdom, o sage of seven great benevolences?!

Don't give a toddler a root beer float. It will wind up on the shoes of everyone in a ten foot radius.

So wrights prefer their studies to parties, eh? Those guys need to be encouraged to see the fun in life. Perhaps you could explain to them why a rave is like a wright's desk?


What do you think of the "pop culture phenomenon" of zombies? The 'infected' type seems to be more popular than the living dead. Why do you think that is? Because it's more scientific? Which do you prefer; the living dead, or the infected living?

I'm not really a "zombie" fan so the current zombie saturation in just about every media one can think of doesn't get my attention much. Stereotypical zombies are mindless and cheap-to-implement monsters with boring motivations, and I prefer fantastic monsters in my fiction, like Predators, and Aliens, and Vampires, and Werewolves. Stereotypical zombies are meh.

What I'm a fan of is the idea of undeath and undead characters who are sentient and can appreciate their affliction. For a long time this made me really into vampires but most vampire fiction is too pretty, and doesn't really deal with the death part of undeath enough. Sentient corpses are the ideal for me.

I think my favourite "zombie" movie is Shawn of the Dead. That had infected zombies. So I guess I like infected zombies? But ya know, there are people who require "scientific" explanations behind their movies - these fucknuts gave us Midi-chlorians - and there are people content with the unexplained or the mystical. I can go either way.

You wake up and you're the opposite sex now Wat do?

Fap, I suppose. Get it out of the way.

Then just go out and run errands and see if I get treated differently. Go into Gamestop, go to the comic shop, hang out at the mall, take Max to the playground, see what happens. FOR SCIENCE. I'd do a lot of running, too. I haven't had a good run since my tits grew in.

Y U NO DO PINUP OF BASTION? Him are magnificent bastard.

My dA is rather littered with Bastion pictures :3 Besides, he won't show up again in the comic for a while. I don't wanna be a cocktease.

In a mad rave which wright would be the maddest raver?

None of them! Wrights are bookish, boring, and cerebral. Let's take Sette to a rave and get her juiced up.

Would it be all right with you if I did a Fallout 3 run with a child character based on what I understand of Sette's character? The thought of running her through a barren post apocalyptic wasteland is honestly badass. She'd do well.

Do it. Send me screenshots.

Definitely the just want to participate in telling a story with other people and playing characters roleplay option. I would gladly devour any wisdom you spew forth on this matter. :3

Well, unless you already have a group of friends who want to roleplay with you, you'll have to find another group to join. Terrifying prospect. Freeform roleplaying, to most people, means either cybering or playing fan characters. You might try - My friends and I used to play there. It's chat-based so you have to be quick on your feet, but there are still a few good players left who have an interest in dramatic play and original characters.

I'm not sure of any trustworthy bbs-based roleplays since mine closed down, but chatplay is a good place to start. It'll force you to learn to write well fast, develop your character quickly, and try a bunch of different things without committing to a storyline right off. Chatplays are generally much more flexible and don't require someone leading the adventure. Longterm BBS play really needs a GM or else characters wander, players don't know what they're doing, and there's no one dealing decisively with NPCs and the setting.

Best way to break into another RP group? Write a character who will care. Don't write a character so wrapped up in their own problems and backstory that they require OTHER characters to care or they become unplayable. Make a character who will actively want to aid the existing characters and storyline, and then when you have some cred you can start introducing your own character's particular drama. There is nothing more obnoxious than a n00b showing up with a ME ME ME attitude.

Hmm. I recognize a kindred spirit - does Bastian share certain... qualities, with Starfish?


Can you draw Bastion without a shirt? OH WAIT, HE ALREADY IS! Does he find Sharteshane too hot for his liking? I like the leather straps tastefully covering his nipples.

I've drawn Bastion without a shirt so many times it's lost all meaning.

Did Da give Sette that black eye?

That one? Naw. She got in a fight the day before with some street brats. You should see the other guy.

Fox here. Bastion is playing a piano arrangement of 'Valse Lente' (Waltz of the Hours) from Delibe's Coppelia, a ballet (I was mistaken about it being opera). It's about a mad scientist who creates a life-like dancing doll. It seemed appropriate.

And there you have it.

"Four-Eyes McPremature-Aging."? With cool boots, cool hair, cool clothes, cool kid, cool glasses and cool fighting skills, Quigley is quite easily better. This is a question?

I really shouldn't pick favourites from among my characters, they'll turn on me, but you do make a stirring argument, sir.

Is it true that Bastion kind of stinks at fighting?

*squint* Where are you getting your information from?

Does Lord Winalils stitch his own clothes?

Costumes in this comic will get zany at points. The story's been stuck out in the woods for too long - I fear Lord Winalils is a culture shock. But no, he has a tailor, dear. A very creative, daring tailor.

Gosh. It's a good thing Stockyard's mother didn't wear knickers. Did she come out of the experience none the worse for wear (considering)?

She survived it, sure, and there were a few helping hands. Getting put in the stocks for a few days in Sharteshane is like taking a holiday to the country; get away for a while, get off your feet, relax, see the world from a new perspective.

Which fast food place has the best French fries?

Checkers. A thousand times Checkers.

Winalils is so delicate-featured he looks like a girl. I can only assume he wears leather straps in place of a shirt in order to convince people he's not. I maintain that he would win any bishonen-off handily over Four-Eyes McPremature-Aging.

Time will tell. Your comment made Matty cry. Feel bad.

YEAH HOCKEY WOOO Am I right? Go Canucks!

My love for Canada is outstripped only by my apathy towards all organized sports.

This isn't a question REALLY, but you weren't online. Diego suggested that you do something like this with Unsounded, and I wholly concur:

Kickstarter is an awesome thing. But I can't be arsed.

So how significant was Duane as a 'phenomenon'? Did he invent any spells? Are there run-of-the-mill weather wrights out there casting 'Adelier's Atmospheric Enhancer' for example? Do his handicaps go beyond 'is a dry sack of bones'? Too spoilery?

Mostly too spoilery.

Some of Duane's handicaps are to do with his unfortunate state of undeath, sure. The other major one is one I've talked about on formspring before. Duane's a good boy; a law-abiding, academy-trained wright. He doesn't use anything illegal, so if a wright comes up to him wielding gruftgramary or some other forbidden pymaric syntax, the galit might find himself well on the defensive. Even the best wright is limited by his toolset, and Duane won't dabble in illegal spells.

Is that a bird on the new character's sword/dagger hilt? What's the reason for that?

Lord Winalils is an enigma for now, I'm afraid.

I quote "...a wright better than any other..." - I'm allowing for some exaggeration, but is Duane really that good?

Not the absolute best in the world, but he is indeed a phenomenon. He has many handicaps unfortunately.

Have you ever read any Angela Carter?


Will the Rat Prince appear in Unsounded?

He could, but as far as I can see he wouldn't add anything to the story, so probably not. I think he'd clutter things.

Who is your favourite cannibal?

Hannibal Lector. "Oh, and Senator? Love the suit."

Right on, I can't ever read another Mievile book either. I mean, I was afraid of moths before reading Perdido Street Station, but now... Anyway! Who would win in a bishonen-off between Winalils and Quigley? My money's on Lord Leatherstraps there.

Now that's an important question. Hmm, I think Quigley is definitely more of a bishounen. He has slightly finer, more delicate features, and then that styled white hair. Very pretty, though the spectacles do diminish the effect a bit. Bastion has the pretty face going on but the cheekbones and the kohl tone it down. Also, he tries too hard when he's getting dressed. Keep it business casual, Winalils, please.

I wonder how many readers of yours know who Julian Sands IS, or what movies he's been in. I know I like Bastion already, but hearing what voice you envision him with just upped his coll factor times 10!

Heh heh, people are making a lot of fuss over Bastion. Too bad he's in this flashback and then we don't see him again for ages. JUST A TASTE.

And I say YOUR cool factor is doubled by knowing Julian Sands. The first Warlock film is some cinematic gold.

Are you an accomplished chef?

No, but I play one on the internet.

What do you think of Rat Kings?

I have a character who is a Rat Prince. I think they're groovy and full of parasites and disease.

I like Bastion already, but I wonder if you could enlighten us as to how he sounds?

He sounds exactly like Julian Sands.

Florid prose, grisly scenes...are you by any a chance a fan of China Mieville? [I tried googling your Formspring answers and didn't see a mention of him, so hopefully it's not a repeat question!]

I read King Rat, which I didn't care for all that much, but then I read Perdido Street Station and it SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME. I mean, it was wildly creative, beautifully written, totally original, but those moths, man, those moths! Nightmare fuel forever!

I'm definitely a fan of his but I'm too scared to read the other books in that setting :D

I don't think I'll ever have my own children, but if that opinion ever changes, and I have a daughter, would it bother you if I named her Sette?

It wouldn't bother me but it might bother your hypothetical daughter. If I ever had a kid I'd name her something video game related, like Zelda, or Toadstool, or Companion Cube.

By jove! The inbridled horror! To fill a man's well deserved victory pipe with a poison most foul! Surely such depths of evil can only be Moriarty!? *dramatic violin music*

*monocle* I leave no evil depths...



Why have you not filled up your Tumblr with porn, as you promised me you would? Filthy lies!

I'm sorry, man :( I wish there were more hours in the day, I'd porn you right up.

Will we see a Kasslyne wiki? Yes? Yes? Yeeesss?

If someone sets it up and hosts it, I'll fill it in. But I'm too busy for it at the moment :(

AWESOME the recipe for your dumplings!! I was going to ask you for it when you first mentioned them, but didn't want to seem weirdly obsessed with your gastronomic pleasures. Yay I'm going to try making them!! :D Not a bad start for a tuesday!

You go, man! Lemme know how they turn out, they're pretty idiot-proof. I'm thinking about transcribing my Adulterous Housewife's Tuna Noodle Casserole some time.

I'm interested in starting roleplaying. How would you suggest an ignorant noob goes about this?

It depends what kind of roleplay you want to do. Are you interested in combat-centric stuff? With dice and rules and stats? Or do you just want to participate in telling a story with other people and playing characters?

Well my good GlassShard....*lights pipe* It would seem I've found your tumblr. Would it happen to be named "Confusion of Colour?" Hmm? Hmm?

I am truly chagrined, Mr. Anonymous. Or at least I would be if I hadn't taken the opportunity to stuff your pipe with poison while you were distracted with the hunt. GOOD DAY, SIR.

I found your Tumblr!! Victory is mine! And no pr0n, though I'm gonna have nightmares about Murkoph making pie come out of his crotch. Do I get a prize? actually but close enough! The crotch-pie was your prize. Delicious confectionery ejaculate.

I am sitting here fretting over a family member that is sick and won't do anything to fix it. Can you cheer me up by telling me how 1. Awful or 2. Awesome Duane's family was? Or will that be too spoilery?

It's pretty spoilery :( I'm sorry a family member is stressing you out :( I'm sure there is a reason for their not seeking treatment, there usually is; money, depression, fear, something. See if you can't figure out what it is, then tackle that.

What is the least pleasant thing about barfing?

Cleaning up. D:

Sette seems an odd name. Is there a reason for it?

Doesn't seem that odd to me.

Are there penny dreadfuls in Kasslyne? What're some common story types if there are?

There are but nearly every country has content restrictions, and most stories are propagandish in nature to please the censors and squeeze other stuff through. In Cresce there are lots of stories of cruel Aldish wrights raping everything that moves and sucking the souls out of children and babies. In Alderode it's always Crescian monsters arrived to sabotage the government and also do some rapin', or it's tales of Etalarche, a dream-stalking monster who drives innocent people insane. Continent-wide, the Black Tongues become villains and greywrights and Ssaelit and Mmatont. Kasslyne is full of haters.

Stockyard seems an odd name. Is there a reason behind it?

Stockyard's mother gave birth to him while she was spending a few days in the stocks, half a dozen of which are located in Hanghorse's appropriately named central stockyard. He just kinda slithered down her leg and lay there in a puddle looking bemused. How could they not name him Stockyard.

Favorite flavor of ice cream? Bah, what a boring question! No way I'd ask that! Nah, what's your favorite color? Now /that's/ an important question.

I never met a colour I didn't like. But how about... alizarin crimson, emerald green, and bruised, stormy early evening cloud pall.

So I was curious... midst my junk mail was an ad for some dull magazine called, "Glamour". Then I stopped, and wondered if contrary to appearances, it was in fact a magazine showcasing the latest and greatest in Wright 'glamour' techniques? Is it? :D

That's a fun idea. Articles on what glamour-oriented pymarics are popular that season, where to get them, what shops and wrights are most in demand :D

Certain upper class ladies do engage in a little hobby called whitelighting. Glamours effect light of course, manipulating it to fool the eye into seeing things that aren't there. Highly educated dames will work long hours enchanting the light in their homes, bleeding colour into the corners to make some rooms seem lit by sunlight through a jungle canopy, or coastal moonglow or even a funky aurora borealis for baby's nursery. I would bet they have a periodical dedicated to the practise.

What's the opera song?

I can't recall, my friend picked it out. Fox, tell the nice people what song that was.

Why does Starfish like that stuffed dog so much? (Hopefully this question gets last 2 or 3 have gotten [REJECTED].)

I'm not saying why Starfish likes that stuffed dog so much. Ever.

Do you own any cool heirlooms?

Nope. I come from poor stock.

Is there a reason why Duane chose Sharteshane to settle down after undeadifying himself? I imagine it's either because it's physically farthest from Cresce and Alderode or because it would be easier to blend in, but I doubt he likes the high crime.

He would say it was for both of your reasons. Is there more to it? Perhaps so.

That underwear strap solution is fairly clever. Sette seems to pay attention to clothes (getting a new blue shirt, commenting on Duane's boring gray cloak). Perhaps she has a stable, non-criminal future in the world of fashion?

Perhaps monkeys will fly out your butt and make you breakfast?

Any clues? Also, did you know Scott McCloud likes Unsounded? And that you are the most awesomest and inspirational webcomic artist evar?

So much shit was lost when I found that blog entry by McCloud. I kept trying to tell people irl about it but no one knew who he was. That was a high point of my life though. I'm glad to inspire anyone, man, MAKE ART UNTIL YOU BLEED.

What is Starfish's opinion of the rest of the Red Berry Boys? Are they all good bros, or is it strictly business? (I'm especially curious about Bett; he seems like the bitch of the group.)

Strictly business. The only one of them that's a friend is Turas. The rest are coworkers from a warehouse they all worked at together, including Bett. But no one liked Bett. Pretentious jerk with a weird pymary obsession.

For added Elder God-related fun, maybe we could have an ancient threesome? Janos/Hylden Lord/Elder God. And Janos is in his BO2 beast form. And Starfish joins in at some point for kinky crossover action. Best pairing.

I dunno, champ, you lose me when you speak of BO2. I strongly disliked that game for a number of reasons and I'm not sure even the stickiest of slashing can save it. Umah is up there with like, Yuffie Kisaragi in terms of characters I'd like to see disheartened and boiled by a constipated Mola Ram.

So.... What would Starfish's talisman be if HE went into dreams ala inception? (Why hasn't anyone asked this yet? Why has it taken so loooong?)

That stuffed dog he was holding in one of the incentive pic shots.

What's your favorite ice cream color?

I'ma guess you really mean ice cream flavour and I'ma answer Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia. Have you had this? If someone somehow cured AIDS with a giant device made out of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream I'd still probably eat this device :(

It seems like that strand of hair would be really irritating and keep blowing in Murkoph's eye. Doesn't he mind?

When I first made up Murkoph years and years ago he had super long hair down to his waist, all filthy and ratted like the hair of some death metal zombie. Then someone burned most of it off, and corpse hair don't grow back. So he ain't trimming his bangs :3

So when you like Doctor Strange, you're really just saying you like the brand that Doctor Strange represents? What is it that attracts you to that brand?

Sure, although Doctor Strange once held the distinction of not being very much at all like a typical superhero. He was cerebral and mature, and an outlet for exploring metaphysical concepts comic artists didn't otherwise have much opportunity to dip their toes in. In his latter years he's become much less interesting. He could actually do with a reboot.

But sure, I still like certain superheroes even though I don't think many of them count as serious literary characters. Batman is awesome even though he's much more of an idea than a person.

Do you think facebook is ruining the internet? As in, previous online community socializing consisted of BSS's with actual topics of conversation, and that seems to have been largely replaced with facebook convos consisting of "Just woke up" *like* *like*

Nothing is powerful enough to "ruin" the internet except for outright government or corporate censorship, bandwidth throttling, and teenagers. Facebook makes the internet a helluva lot more BORING though. The truth is that people who WANT to converse will find a place to do it, whether that be on BBS's, lengthier journal sites, or in chatrooms. People who are satisfied with Liking and Retweeting will do just that and not a jot more. So Facebook is a place for these people. And skippy-doo, I say, because if the mouth-breathers weren't on Facebook they'd just be elsewhere getting their idiocy all up in my shizzle.
Feh, who needs Raziel/Elder God when you can have Moebius/Elder God? Dat old man on eldritch abomination action, mm-yeah. ;D

Can't... envision Moebius' member... and maintain... sanity...

Have you read the Illuminatus! trilogy?


Is there a mirrorverse Starfish named Fishstar?

Sounds like some kind of aquatic space god.

If you had an unlimited budget to design and build your own house, what would you create?

I would replicate my Minecraft fortress: molten lava track lighting everywhere. Gigantic print-outs of eight-bit video game graphics on every wall. Chickens in the bath rooms. Zombies in the basement. Soothing muzak intermittently piped in from God knows where. Countertops that are just giant cakes and a sod roof with a wheat field on top. Absolutely nothing else on the entire planet.

Got an opinion on the DC reboot?

I don't read superhero comics anymore so I should probably keep my yawp shut buuuuut...

I think it's irrelevant in many ways. Superheroes (almost) never fundamentally change. Even big ground-breaking events almost always reboot themselves back to status quo a few issues afterwards. Face it, most superheroes aren't characters at all, they're just commercialized themes around which to base products. Rebooting them means they're shedding a bunch of narrative baggage and streamlining their branding.

I'm sure it's irritating if one reads any of these series on a regular basis but you're such a tiny fraction of the audience that actually makes DC any money. They really don't care about you.

Woohoo, people that don't ship Raziel/Kain~ I think of them as a father-son relationship rather than a brotherly one, though, personally: there are just little moments throughout the games that give me more of that vibe. /this so isn't a question but meh

It's certainly debatable and there's no questioning that even Raziel ultimately deems himself subordinate to Kain. I don't think I could personally forgive Kain for sacrificing a son though; a brother and friend, sure, but putting a son through the wringer and then turning him into a sword... enh, it'd make me like Kain less. But that's just my personal hang-up.

But yeah, I don't care for shipping Raziel and Kain. Raziel and the Elder God though, watch out! :3

People seem to think Starfish is a bit of a pedo, but from what I can glean from his handling of Cara in Chapter 2, he just prefers kids because they're easier to harvest organs from. What is he?

Well. Let's let Starfish speak for himself in the comic. Wait and see.

I have a theory that the whole thing will have been a dream and the comic will end with a non-zombified Duane stepping out of the shower. I bet I'm right on the money, aren't I?

You are so on the money you are like that trippy Masonic pyramid eye on the dollar bill.

I have a theory that Sette is secretly a marsupial, and that while she may not have nipples or a belly button, she does in fact have a pouch.

And in that pouch is a slightly smaller Sette. That slightly smaller Sette also has a pouch. In that pouch is an even smaller Sette. And so on and so forth until in the tiniest pouch imaginable there is a rolled up fortune cookie fortune which reads that LuDucks must share her delicious hallucinogens with the rest of the class.

I know where Sette's nipples and belly button are. They're on her tongue, in her mouth - that's why she has that accent.

That's pretty /d/, duck.

What's that little ring around the base of Sette's tail? Fashion statement?

That'd be the strap on her undies

It's bad enough having to thread one's tail through one's trousers every time one must take a leak. Having to thread it through one's underwear too would be intolerable.

I have a theory that Sette isn't really a child at all, but a full adult of whatever species she really is. I also suspect she's part of whatever the Unsounded equivalent of the fey folk would be.

I love theories. That's a good one.

Do Two-Toes smell with their tongue? (Are they called Two-Toes?)

Yep, Two-Toes (or just call 'em lizards). And nope, they smell out of their nostrils. The lizard people were originally subterranean and lived their entire lives in near blackness. Because of it they have great senses of smell and but pretty poor vision and hearing. They also have some fairly accurate echolocation abilities and can emit screeches that will temporarily deafen any humans in range.

But they're still small, weak, and generally intellectually inferior to humans, so when their caverns were invaded by miners ages ago, they were pretty tidily routed and relocated. Nowadays patrol units like to have one or two at hand for their sensory abilities. When you're on the trail of a wright who can go transparent or throw a glamour over himself, a Two-Toe is pretty invaluable. If it hadn't been raining when it was, the Peaceguard likely would have caught up to Duane and Sette long before now.

And that is Two-Toes in a nutshell.

Darn you, Ash! Now I'm going to spend all weekend searching for it! Hopefully if I do I won't accidentally click on your pr0n section :P

It doesn't have any porn! Now I'm going to spend all weekend filling it up with porn for you :P

But ... but ... it says Ashley Cope! And there's Chibi Zombies there! Why do you hurt me so?!

Looks like they're just linking to me in an entry. Ach, I used Google to find it and then wasted too much time playing with the guitar.

I found your tumblr! Is it called the shallow end?

Nope. Foiled again, Mr. Tongue! Mwa ha ha.

From what you replied to that other question concerning Sette's appearance, does that mean we'll find out in the comic later why she's nipple-less and belly-buttonless? (and has a tail and the teeth thing?)

Of course. I'd be a horrible person to set up something like that and never explain it D:

Do you like shota? What are some of your thoughts about it?

It's not my favourite but I judge no one for their kinks. I don't even like yaoi much anymore though. I'm getting boring.

How did Sette get to be such a good climber? Isn't that cheetahs? No, I think it's leopards.

A cursory examination makes me think there's more monkey than big cat in her genetic make-up. So it could be the monkey DNA :3

I spent fifteen minutes skipping backward to find that language guide you linked. Forumspring is slightly terrible.

Formspring sucks :( It breaks all the time and is full of glitches. I want my money back!

I've noticed you keeping mum about many questions about Sette's origins, and about what she is, etc. Does this mean that, one day in some far future chapter of indeterminate numbering, all these past questions will someday be answered?


A good story is a series of presented questions and mysteries. Acknowledge them and then let go of them, knowing that one day when it's appropriate to the story, the questions will be answered. Webcomics are tricky beasts because you're only getting three pages of story a week, and days at a time to ruminate over each page. It can make things seem more important than they are.

But yes, one day you will have all the answers.

You said in the comments on the latest page that Sette looks the way she looks because that's what she's supposed to look like - so does that mean she's really not a mammal, in the strictest sense?

It means she's different, just like the tail and teeth mean she's different. That's all I'm saying outside of the comic for now :)

Okay, I won't read it-- I skimmed the first few paragraphs so I get the idea. This stone shall remain mostly unturned. Anyway, since spam-asking LoK-questions is fun; what's your stance on the relationship between Kain and Raziel?

Good. Thank you. I am at peace.

Kain and Raziel... Well, I begrudge no one their slash-fun, but I prefer bromance when it comes to those two. LoK does it all for me, I've never felt the need to supplement the story or the character relationships with slash. Their relationship is already so layered and complex that, to me, adding romantic love into the equation just complicates it needlessly further. Defiance and the Soul Reaver games really are about that relationship. The Hylden, saving Nosgoth, Janos, it's all just a framework for how these two asshats learn to deal with one another.

The clash of personalities is terrific, no? They're both stubborn, controlling freaks and neither ever really trusts the other until the end.

Okay, I found the fic. This is probably a sign that I know my LoK fic sites a little too well. On the subject of fan-tribute-stuff; would you be opposed to people cosplaying from Unsounded at all?

*cries* Please don't read the fic. If you like LoK that means you are a Cool Person and I care what you think about me T_T

Cosplay Unsounded? If it feels good, do it.

This LoK fanfiction you've written; can it be found anywhere online? Or is it blackest-pit-of-computer-harddrive-never-let-anyone-see-it kind of thing.

Some clever Googling might find it. In my ignorance I submitted it to a fansite so I haven't been able to entirely scour it from the web, but you really don't want to read it. It's very old, poorly written emo tripe. I cannot stress enough how eyeball-gougingly bad it is.

Considering Friday's comic, I have to wonder if Sette would be just as calm to go about as 'bare' she is now when she's an adult. <.<;

If it meant taking down a cop without putting herself in harm's way, probably.

"His name rhymes with Extramarital Affair." Not Toma, I thought he was Mr. Law and Order Family Man?! What is the world coming to?

He would be Mr. Law and Order Family Man until he met me. I would rewrite his personality so that we could make love in a celestial pizza parlour while Enya sang for us, for I am his god and that would be good.

Do you have a link to the fan soundtrack? Does the pronunciation of Toma's name rhyme with hanly munk?

Well, I have a link to the description of the soundtrack, but it's many years old and I haven't hosted the mix itself in a long time :)

Toma's on the pages I'm laying out tonight. He's all bluddy and tattered :3 His name rhymes with Extramarital Affair.

Back to parasites, does Dwane's magic protect him from carpet moths and wood borer beetles? If so, are there spectral parasites who gnaw away at the unnatural forces keeping him half-alive instead? How many of them look like fish?

Imagine opening your eyes one morning, feeling a tingle in your otherwise insensate palm, and looking down to find a handful of shiny maggots gnawing their way around your suddenly exposed phalanges. Back in chapter one when Duane finds the millipede hanging off his hood, he makes his feelings on insects known pretty clearly. He's been dealing with them directly and via spellery since he woke up dead. Fucking bugs.

I refuse to Google carpet moths and wood borer beetles. I'm not doing it!

The rest of your question is spoilery :3

What's 'an fst'? soundtrack.

If you could be queen of any country at any period, what country/period would you choose?

Well, none, because monarchies are outdated and tyrannous forms of government. Besides, who'd want to rule a bunch of monkeys.

You're not blind, just prematurely adapted for the post-nuclear war bunker society to come.

Thanks, I feel better.

How do you pronounce all of those names in Unsounded? Sette, Duane, all the country names...

Sette rhymes with Betty. Duane rhymes with Duane. Any other names you'll have to ask for specifically as there are, you have to admit, quite a few.

Have you ever considered creating a tumblr? I love stalkin....I mean reading...yes reading...the tumblr's of people with fantastic web comics.

I admit to nothing but it is within the realm of possibilities that I perhaps have one, Mr. Holmes. You will have to search long and hard to locate it however, traversing perilous pathways and overcoming tricksome traps in the hunt to satisfy your rapacious curiosity and locate a prize that contains absolutely nothing of substance or interest! Do you dare? DO YOU DARE.

What's the best kind of undead?

Mine <3

Since you've mentioned you like the LoK series: do you prefer Kain or Raziel as the viewpoint character in it? I'm curious mostly because Duane has a similar vibe to the latter and I was wondering if you like that archetype as a protagonist.

I fear I more than "like" the LoK series. I've done fanfiction and fanart. I even... I even made an fst.

I love Kain! But you're right, Raziel is my bro. I have a huge soft spot for antiheroes. Bonus points if the antihero is loquacious and dramatic, a total badass, and undead. Oh God, and that tragic, martyred ending. You cannot know how much I want to cuddle that skinless, blue, long-winded, soul-eating wraith.

Duane does have a lot of similarities, but Duane is more hero than antihero, motivated by relatively uncluttered altruism and religious conviction. There are darker shades in there of course, but he's no Raziel, ethically. Raziel blithely rips people apart and, other than that weird compassion he displays for Janos Audron, seems to find it very difficult to care about anyone outside of himself and his vengeance. I forgive him for that, dude writhed at the bottom of an acid bath (that's a band, actually) for centuries, but, ya know.

Short-sighted, yeah? Or long-sighted? I was always pissed as a badly short-sighted kid at long-sighted people who complained about their eyesight.

The one where I can't see things more than a foot in front of my face. Spectacles are a lovely invention.

How about the Moirae? I always thought they had fantastic names.

I have to agree with you!

Are you excited about any particular movies coming out next year? The Hobbit? Space Pirate Captain Harlock? The Dark Knight Rises?

Hmmmm. The final Harry Potter film, perhaps? Oh, the Silent Hill sequel. The first SH film was so terrible that it actually circled back around to... tolerable? I don't know but I really like it which makes me a pariah among Silent Hill fans. I cannot wait to see what depths of suck the sequel will reach.

What is your favorite snack food? Do you snack a lot while you're working on your comics? I do and I have crumbs all over my tablet :(

I am presently nursing an addiction to jaffa cakes. They are the perfect work snack because they don't make crumbs everywhere.

Why doesn't Murkoph rot? Would eating flesh sustain Duane?


That was a pretty sick burn, Ashley Cope. Do you have any other putdowns I can steal and use on my useless friends?

Did I burn someone? I didn't mean to. Sometimes the fire of my Inner Awesome burns so hot and so bright I can't really be held responsible for who's singed by its molten phalanges.

Put downs though, this is a fine art. I'd have to know more about your useless friends.

In addition to being a gothfag, I also have an entomology degree. Do you need any help on the previously mentioned parasites? There's no horror of fantasy nature hasn't already beaten. I suggest human bot flies.

I know way too many people with entomology degrees. None of whom have careers in entomology.

Say Duane was going to sunbathe. What would he put on his skin?

You are assuming he has skin.

And if bot flies brutalize your phobia too much, tiny parasitic lungfish and blood drinking butterflies are totally Unsounded. What could be more appropriate to your weird little world than open wounds being swarmed by beautiful, thirsty butterflies?

I'm pretty into deep sea life these days. There's this episode of Blue Planet I've been watching over and over on Netflix.

Hey cooldude. Have you ever heard of or read the comic "Crossed"? Someone posted a few pages on /b/ last night. Imagine a zombie story where all the zombies are as intelligent and sadistic as Murkoph (but not as good looking). It's kind of like that.

Yeah, I know all about Crossed. Don't hang out on /b/, it's bad for your soul.

omg. OMG. Your new vote incentive! How do you come up with this stuff? Do you have an extra big head for an extra huge brain for extra huge awesome ideas? Like Megamind?

Haha, that drawing is all but a transcription of a couple different requests, man. Not sure I feel it's all that creative. Need to come up with something for Friday now, alas.

You do realize, I hope, of course, that now you absolutely must draw a picture of Sette licking herself clean. For the good of all that is dark and unholy!


Our new apartment that we were supposed to move into today has cockroaches. They are running around, confused and scared about the new floors and clean unit. How do cockroaches make you feel? An in-depth analysis will make my gf feel better.

Seriously? I am hugely petrified of cockroaches and other crawly things. Insects are my phobia. Last summer my next door neighbours were foreclosed on and evicted. They were hoarders - real hardcore hoarders like you see on the telly. Once the new owners started emptying the place out and demolishing the insides in preparation for a renovation, twenty years of cockroaches, spiders, and rats scurried right the hell over here. For a few weeks, soon as the sun went down, I'd see a roach or two in the vicinity of my bedroom and would have no choice but to freak the fuck out. I got two big cans of Raid and kept them with me at all hours like loaded pistols. It was a horrible period of time and I am lucky to be alive today.

So yeah, I am a shrill wretch when it comes to bugs. All the same, I'm sure your new home is lovely :3 (just don't ask me over)

Come to think of it, what /does/ Duanne think about Sette's tail? You've probably already answered this, but formspring search fail etc.

He thinks it's a curse, since that's what she said it was. Believing in curses and things isn't all that superstitious 'round these parts. Curses do exist and Duane knows of a few a lot stranger and a whole lot ickier than having a tufted tail and a keen sense of smell.

Augh! My duck secrets, you know them! Hoooooooow?

I watched a LOT of duck cartoons when I was younger. I know that your wealthy keep their money in large towers and your women are identified by large bows.

Teddy grahams: chocolate or honey. CHOOSE.


Honey I think? Chocolate is awesome but not in bear form.

I see your 'Frontier Psychiatrist' and raise you Also ducks, which are SCIENTIFICALLY 90% butt, can be easily understood if you replace their quacks with 'damn it'. Now I'm off to do gothfag stuff!

I love that Hot Chip vid. Did you know that ducks have notoriously lengthy corkscrewing penises? I saw it on QI.

Speaking of ducks, rape, and video games, I grow more convinced by the moment that you and LuDucks are two antelopes in a pod. Going by this theory, have you played Amnesia, The Void, The Path, both Portals, and Zeno Clash?

I have played both Portals but the rest of your list is alien to me. Are you and LuDucks lovers? I will not abide love.

Ducks are kind of horrible rapists.

"Kind of?" Most don't even have the decency to wear pants.

Are you a fury? What do you think about t hem?

I think you'd best be referring to us as the Eumenides if you don't wish to face our terrible vengeance.

If Sette and Duane (or any of the other characters for that matter) could travel into dreams ala Inception, what would their talismans be?

I thought about this one for a while. Duane's would be *spoiler*. Sette's would be her favourite silver quarter sem, the one with the scratch on the King's face that makes it look like he has a mustache. Jivi's would be a boatswain's pipe. Matty's would be Chitz.

What's your favourite kind of bird? Do you like birds?

Birds are astounding. Gravity is all like, better stay on the ground, bitches, and birds are like, stop getting all up in our shit, you just a THEORY. Ducks are my favourite. I saw an enormous duck fight a bald eagle outside my bedroom window once. Shit was cash.

Show us Toma's wife and kids! (Not in a pinup way!)

That's an awesome idea. I've never drawn them before though so they don't have designs.

Look, I can't sleep due to lack of eyeballs. Any chance the next incentive picture could cajole them back? I'm thinking shirtless Quigley, (pre-Galit) Duane and Toma? Murkoph can even come if he plays nice.

I really need to do an incentive picture for tomorrow's update. Uh, c'mon inspiration.

Augh damnit I'm insomniac again. But it let me read through the Unsounded archives! Very cool, doing that all at once. Have you ever had to deal with damnable insomnia?

All the time. That's when I read a book or go plumbing the depths of YouTube in search of gold.

What about an animated sitcom with Starfish? He could be like Fred Flintstone.

noooo keep Pebbles away from him T_T

Perhaps Duane should use pymary to make Sette a flea collar! ;P

Lemme tell you in Unsounded's world, a lot of people have fleas. And lice. And ticks. And other vermin I haven't made up and named yet but I'm sure they're very itchy.

Favorite drinks? Of both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic variety. :)

I like a frosty bottle of Diet Coke, or a tall glass of fresh orange juice. Big fan of coffee. I don't drink alcohol so the second question's an N/A.

Any plans for an Unsounded spinoff starring Starfish? He seems to be the break-out character of the series. :3

He's so vile, don't like him :(

Does Sette lick herself clean? Does she have fleas?

No, I was only foolin'. And yes, she does have fleas.

May I say that the idea of Tim Burton naked hurts me more than your words ever could?

Yeah. He was never a looker at any age.

Not a Demon's Souls fan?

Haven't played it.

Are you keepin' it real?

Must be. I've shed almost two dozen formspring watchers in a few days. I am a hate machine.

The new Bioshock looked a little bit more cartoony in the preview. Do you have an opinion on that?

It's probably the less atmospheric lightning keeping them from hiding the bad models and animation as they did in the first two games. I love Bioshock lots and the environments are tops, but their engine does them no favours when it comes to character visuals.

What are your favourite old videogames?

My all-time favourite game is Vagrant Story. Tied for second place are Final Fantasty Tactics, Symphony of the Night, Order of Ecclesia, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XII, Soul Reaver 2, LoK: Defiance, Planescape: Torment, Super Metroid, and Legend of Legaia.

I want to thank you for not making me pay Lu five bucks. Were you unable to lure Sette to the waterhole until the herd arrived?

Lu failed to recall that cats lick themselves clean. Vile beasties.

Despite its lack of antelope I also strongly recommend reading Norse Mythology. You can do so very quickly. The Poetic Edda is tiny and the Prose Edda is optional cause it's all hero stories, and that's the entirety of Norse recorded myth. I love that.

I'll add it to the queue. *salute*

Oh, and as for games, surely you're looking forward to Alice: Madness Returns? Although I guess you're less enthused than I am by underage Victorian girls wielding knives and covered in blood? Antelope antelope antelope?

When I went to Busch Gardens Saturday night it was teeming with antelope and impala and I thought of you.

Alice. I have an erudite and rather highbrow manner of making fun of Alice enthusiasts: Put on some striped stockings and masturbate to naked pictures of Tim Burton in a Hot Topic change room, gothfag.

I kid, I kid.

Are you excited for anything at E3?

I was lamenting earlier about how I just couldn't get enthused this year. Lately all I do is bitch about how good video games USED to be. Am I officially Old?

I guess I'm looking forward to Arkham City and the next Bioshock. And my death.

So Dwuan loses his wits at night. This we know. Does it start right at sunset? Also, he does not look violent. Is this because of his fierce mental fortitude or just the nature of his condition?

Wait and see, wait and see.

What's the difference between a wage-wright and a regular wright?

Wage-wrights are in the employ of the government.

Thanks to that vote incentive I'll never be able to love anyone again, I'll live alone in the mountains, eat my own poop and cry myself to sleep... BECAUSE IT WAS SO DAMN SEXY!!!! Man, those manly manboobies... I'll fap to this for years!

I think you are Starfish's only fan. He's all yours, friend.

What's lambence? A naturally glowing rock/substance?

Lambence is a strictly Sharteshanian substance that has a loaded history irrelevant to Unsounded. In brief, it's naturally occurring glowing fresh water.

Starfish certainly works as a vote incentive! Up about fifty places!


Just... fuel? Fuel for whatever people need fuel for most?

Ovens burn wood (and peat further north and in Sharteshane) for cooking and warmth. Rich people have hotboxes (a kind of pymaric) to keep toasty in winter. Industrial steam engines burn coal. Starflies or glowy fish are kept for light by the poor. Wealthier people use imported lambence or pymarics. Et cetera, et cetera.

What hats do people wear in Unsounded?

Lots of different hats! And sometimes no hats at all. Actually that pudgy dude Bett in chapter 2 was wearing a purloined wage-wright's hat. It's rather flower pot-ish.

My eyes have fallen out of my skull and rolled away thanks to the incentive picture. How will you ever top that?

The blood is not on MY hands! That picture is the malformed child of the formspring anons. I leave it to formspring to top it D:

Thanks for that vote incentive pic! You've managed to make Starfish look sexy, cute, and threatening all at once. (Since I'm the person who first asked for shirtless Starfish, I feel like I've indirectly contributed something to humanity.)

Contributed something to humanity, or SEALED OUR FATE. Time will tell.

Hey, it's me your old friend. It's been a while since I heard you, Why don't we try yo meet again? If you have time please come to this small town called Silent Hill. Sincerely, your best friend

Is this the plot hook to the next SH game? Because it would be a lot more intriguing than those of the last few installments.

What are 1) the most common and 2) the best sources of fuel in Kasslyne?

Fuel for what, pray tell?

Elephants have no sense of rhythm, hey?

And bears don't dig on dancing.

I dunno if you answered this (Search function, NOW, FS), but will we ever have the amazing chance of seeing you LiveStreaming? (or anything similar?)

I've tried to livestream but it stutters so badly it hardly seems worth it. I fear my hardware is not up to the task.

Norse mythology is amazing, yes. Just did a big research paper on it. I got to read the Eddas. Good stuff. Norse mythology is amazing becuase it is the only mythology that has the manilest god dress in drag. Have you read the Eddas?

The Eddas! No, I have never partaken. I'm afraid my mythology enjoyment was on a much more superficial level than yours. You should feel superior now and laugh superciliously into your wine glass, college-educated elite that you are.

Husk corn? That's not all!

...I don't have a comment worthy of that video.

Re the cover image: if Sette actually got to lead Duane around on a leash like a plod, wouldn't she'd be enjoying it a lot more? She could choke-chain him every time he used words with more than 2 syllables.

I'm sure she'd like nothing better.

Would a Sette bath pic really be that horrible? I mean, I doubt she has access to a tub, so it'd probably just be a quick washup in a stream or pond or something. She doesn't strike me as the self-conscious type - except about her tail maybe.

I started sketching one and you're right. It's really a more goofy concept than anything else. I'll post it on Friday :3

You can always ask me how I feel about corn for revenge!

Do you husk corn with your teeth?

And they really need to give us more characters for this textbox. Irksome. But yeh, do you think you'd ever post a comprehensive guide to the world's mythology, so I could do this? I took a class about comparitive mythology, and now I can no longer let my

...mythology sit passively."

It is, unfortunately, not high on my list of priorities. Pertinent info will be explained in the comic when it's appropriate, but right now a guide just wouldn't add anything to the story or the theme, ya know? The religions do wind up being very important but not until later. I think it's cool you dig mythology though. When I was a kid I was into Greek and Norse myths.

Glad you got a formspring account :D

For real, have you ever laid the beat down on an ornery alligator?

I saw some crocodiles at the zoo yesterday. They looked more bored than ornery. There was a dancing elephant too - I swear she was dancing to the piped in tribal music. Sway, sway, trunk sway, eat some hay, hey! Also there was a sleepy rhino, an enthusiastic hippo, a bunch of faggy flamingos, and a zebra I came really close to petting because he was so damn near the jeep. Ahh, I love aminals.

What do you think of space?

Space gives me the creeps. Space is for all intents and purposes God, and God is creepy.

How do alligators make you feel?

Is this a Florida stereotypes question? Florida bigot! Florida bigot!

I will never cease to be impressed by the amount of detail and mythology you conjure up in response to questions. Your world is so complex and considered, the only fantasy I've seen to compare is Tolkien. How long has this been in gestation?

Thank you <3 I think the reason it's so detailed and the reason I can answer so many questions on demand is because much of this world hasn't been in "gestation" so to speak. Rather it's been a living, active world for ten years as I ran roleplaying games in it. Players would need information for their characters and I'd have to come up with it.

Much of this info will never be in the comic. Where in the story can I justify explaining the mythology of the moon and sun? It is for you alone, formspring, use it wisely.

I'm sure I deserve it all for the paperdoppel comment, and as long as that never becomes a terrifying reality I can cope. To make this a question: is there anything special about the moon in Unsounded? What's the folklore like?

Sure. Well, we have the Gefendur Twin gods that most people believe in, right? Right. Well, Yerta, the mother of the world and the Eldest Sister of the Twins, holds the entire world in her womb. The moon is her navel and the conduit through which she communicates with her children. The sun, on the other hand, is where her brother Riv, the father of the world, stabbed her during the war of a thousand tribes long ago, wherein the different sects of Gefendur fought each other for dominance. Through that wound pours the warm light of the Outside, where the Twins live. Yerta wanted to keep her children alive forever, safe inside, but Riv wanted them to fight and struggle for their place among their creators, and tried to cut them free. During the day humans struggle and work by the light of Riv's demanding, and at night Yerta hugs her belly, blocks the light, and cradles her children to sleep.

So is it June 6 yet?

Monday! I really like the first scene of this chapter, I'm mildly excited to post it.

Do you get a lot of email? Formspring probably cuts down on a lot of it.

I do get a lot of email but it's mostly work-related. Fun times!

Do you have a sweet tooth?

I have several. I will fight with my nephew over a cookie :/

Why does everyone want to see Sette having a bath, geeze, give the girl some privacy.


I can safely say I never thought following a webcomic creator on Formspring would lead to me checking out Pink Sniper and some written erotica depository, but there you go. If nothing else, you've taught me "curiosity killed the cat" is no empty warning.

I'm sorry :( I'm really not a deviant, Anonymous just brings out the worst in me.

Written porn? Go to asstr(dot)org. For serious.

I sense you suspect me unschooled in this area. Pray do not. Let us speak no more of porn, I am a Very Serious Comic Artist, you know.

What's your favourite gadget? Also, great to have the comic back!

My favourite gadget! I've wanted a Cintiq for ten years but they are not meant for the poor. My favourite gadget that I've owned though... I have a microscopic black eeepc that serves as my laptop. It's pretty ugly and looks like it came out of an old scifi movie, like Aliens or Blade Runner. I love ugly clunky hardware. Suck it, Apple.

If you lived in a cyberpunk world, what augmentations would you have? (Are you looking forward to Deus Ex: Human Revolution?)

Ya know, I should be, but I've never played the other games and I hate to enter a series late. It does look frigging epic though. Did you ever play the Thief series? Garrett has an awesome mechanical eye that he can use to zoom in on stuff and look badass. I wouldn't mind some 20/20 mechanical eyes so I wouldn't have to wear glasses and would also have that cool glowy reflective thing going on when people shone headlights at me.

Are you addicted to porn?

No, dear.

Are you addicted to chewing broken glass?

Has anyone ever killed herself by eating broken glass? I've long wondered this.

Are you addicted to anything?

My comic. My niece and nephew. Ivalice games. A couple artists. Methamphetamine. Pie.

Do you like to read smutty romance novels??

There are two big things wrong with romance novels: the romance part and the novel part. Who wants to slog through three chapters of terrible writing and "romance" just to get to the porn? Who is able to care about porn characters long enough to stick with them for an entire novel? No. Cannot have it. The best erotica is short, to the point, and written by internet perverts.

My gf wants to know what your essential porn is. I told her I would ask!

...I like the written kind. That's all I'm saying.

Are you addicted to the internet?

Nope. I'm a digital artist though and I have a kid I watch all day, so I'm on the computer a lot but not necessarily doing crap online. I'm mostly interested in the internet when it comes to chatting with friends - and I would hope everyone has a few friends they're addicted to chatting with.

A usb cup warmer and/or chiller? Oh God, this sounds like the most amazing gadger fusion ever.

Ohgawd, it is. I have a severe weakness for usb gadgets. Thinkgeek is packed full of them. Need moar ports.

So Duane fakes it as a plod as his disguise fades? Or in Mulimar are there perhaps wrights to see through it?

We shall see.

Dear Glass, I am moving in 3 days. For the first time in 3 years, I will have my own room. I have forgotten how to make a proper creative lair. Do you have any decorating advice on how I should arrange my room?

Man, I understand that excitement! I spent a few years without a room, sleeping on the floor of my brother's bedroom like some kind of pitiful lumpy animal. Make sure you have a nook wherein you can do everything but pee without having to get up: computer, tv remote if you have one, your most important books, a usb cup warmer and/or chiller, essential porn, and possibly a pet, to soothe your spirit. I find blobby things relaxing so consider a lava lamp or fish tank. Also, I keep a can of bug spray handy. This will deter intruders both insect and bipedal. Aim for the eyes.

Pirates aren't known for being as swift and sneaky as Sette is. But her actions ARE more pirate than ninja. Think, really, Sette would be more of a ninja pirate? They DO exist!

In my mind ninja are collected and honourable, precise and highly trained. Sette just doesn't seem to have the ninja gene in her. She's more the drink and rape and pillage sort, ya know?

Wait is that a Johnny Cash reference? Do you like him or is that reference just a clever ruse to appear educated?

I'm certainly not educated but I do like Johnny Cash. Kind of preachy but his music makes you feel like a badass, even if you're listening to it while shampooing your Pomeranian or something.

Do you believe a character's personality can be stretched a little to further the story (say, a previously antisocial boy befriending a nice girl who saved him from an ass-kicking), or should the story be dictated by the characters' personalities only?

It's your job as the author to figure out reasons for why characters change and act against their natures. Main characters often go through arcs where they start a story one way and, through the influence of events and other characters, they end the story as a different person. Hero's Journey and all that (Google it). If you set up a character as having a very strong personality though and then they suddenly do something totally random just to suit the plot, the reader will recognise this and get annoyed and write awful reviews of your comic on internet forums and you will be sad.

The antisocial boy befriending the girl who saved him from an ass-kicking has a reason to befriend the girl - she saved him from an ass-kicking. So I think you're covered. This friendship can help draw him out of his shell, give him some confidence, she can teach him to how to be a badass, and voila, he's grown and changed as a character in a hopefully believable way.

What are you going to do once you've finished chapter 4? Start work on chapter 5 right away?

I think I may go to Busch Gardens first and then I think I may go shoot a man just to watch him die. But after that chapter 5 for sure.

I sent a non-question about the cover pages for Chapter 4. Let me rephrase it-does the first image foretell anything, or is it referring to what we already know about Duane's zombie problems? And, is that dog rubbing its face the cutest thing or what?

Chapter 4's cover... answers a question Duane asked but didn't really pursue in Chapter 3. It's just a piece of a picture that'll come into better focus later. More broadly it's a hint that our travelers will be coming together again in the following chapter.

I like to drop some plot into all the chapter covers. They all show stuff that happened but didn't get story time - Duane and Sette leaving Sharteshane, Cara's parents being burned, Cutter tending to Ephsephin's injuries, and all our players continuing on to Mulimar.

What colour Sette wants HER dinosaur to be? What About Duane? Murkoph?

They don't know what dinosaurs are, silly.

I know what's on June 3rd, god! I was trying to be ambivalent and put you at ease. You're so ungrateful to the people who casually follow your intensive creative work.

I-I'm sorry D:

Do you have 20:20 eyesight?

Nope. Thick glasses. Very blind.

Alright, how about your personal responsibility to care for your fellow humans? What do you consider that to be?

That's between me and Gautama, baby.

Is Duane at risk of being eaten by scavengers?

You remember when that vulture was trying to eat Conan on the Tree of Woe? I showed Duane that movie. Duane said Conan went too easy on the vulture.

How do you feel about taxidermy? I used to find it terrifying but since I work in a natural history museum, I think it's quite interesting!

It's definitely interesting although I have no desire to taxidermy my pets when they die. Preserving one's friends and family could be a fulfilling hobby assuming they die at convenient points in one's life. I guess that could be arranged if one feels no compunction at betrayal, manslaughter, doctoring evidence, establishing alibis, etc. Knitting is nice too.

Which of your characters would be pirates with you? And which of them would be ninjas?

I think... Sette would have to be a pirate, along with Jivi. Duane and the Quigleys are definite ninja material although Matty trips over things a lot so he would not be very stealthy and would probably commit seppuku at a young age. Wow, come to think of it, Alderode on the whole is pretty ninja while Cresce is pretty piratical. The age old feud is finally explained.

Does Sette's responsibility to care for her fellow human beings even begin at all?

How well you know her.

How is casual nudity regarded among the nations? Are there any casual naturist/nudist organizations, or is the common view on clothing (depending on climate), much like the North American view, that is, mandatory?

Depends where you are. Cresce is probably the most casual. If it were summer you'd see bare boobs and chests on the street, they're no big deal. But even in the more modest countries things are toned back a bit from how they are in our weird, sex-obsessed modern world. It's okay for kids to play naked at the beach or for moms to breastfeed or for guys to work outdoors in just their skivvies on a hot day. No one's shit is lost.

Where do you think our responsibility to care for our fellow human beings begins and ends?

Oh, that's not a question I can answer. That's a question everyone has to answer for themselves.

We don't hate you, Glass. We LOVE you! That's why you have So many stalkers! Er, i mean watchers! Yes, that's it...

I just found a random ten dollar bill in my pocket. Was that you?

Why bees? Isn't incinerate a better plasmid?

I couldn't tell you the exact numbers but BEES. I mean, BEES. You can use fire in any game but in how many games do you get to use BEEEEEEES?


I'm anonymous because I secretly feel you'll hate me for my questions, so being Anon keeps you from sending that hate straight to me. Shame on me?

No shame. I'm often Anonymous for the same reason. The day anonymity is no longer possible on the internet will be the day the dream dies.

Do you think Wikileaks is a real and urgently present danger to the threat of the United States and its allies, and should be eliminated and destroyed at any cost, for the preservation of the nation?

If they really were a danger I'd give them more money.

I guess a city in the air would need to import a lot of water? Maybe they get it from clouds or something?

For that matter, so would a city under the sea. That was how Fontaine grew so powerful, he had his mitts in all the importing and smuggling. I wonder if Columbia will take the Laputa approach and demand a "brain tax" from the terrestrial, floating around the world demanding offerings of food.

What's the closest thing to Rapture in Kasslyne?

Like, the city? I don't have any underwater cities :( Keenly do I feel this deficit.

What is the ultimate?

Depends on the restaurant but it usually comes with bacon and a large soft drink.

Oh damn it, Woke up today, and still isn't June 3rd. When it will come? Why is it Taking so long?

Damn the linear nature of Time! Srsly though the page I'm going to post Friday is on dA already so you won't see anything REALLY new until the sixth. Do you hate me? :3

How many pets have you had, total?

Hrmm. Many fish. Three hamsters. Four dogs. Two brothers.

What charities would you advise donating to?

I very much like Amnesty International and Doctors Without Borders but this question will always depend on what's important to you. You've probably heard of it but if you really like seeing your money in action, is a very fabulous and modern sort of online "charity."

What's so special about June 3rd, exactly?

That's when Unsounded starts updating again. It's been on hiatus for a month.


Yes! :D

Are you excited about Bioshock: Infinite? I am so excited, that even though the first two Bioshocks scared me too much to play, that I will get over my fear of splicers and such!!

Yeah, but I will miss Rapture D: I have a water affinity so stomping around all those leaky corridors was pretty boss. Instant mood, instant atmosphere, instant terror!

Exploring wide open spaces is like a whole different dynamic for Bioshock. And Infinite seems so blatantly political, I'm super curious how they'll handle it and what they'll have to say. I think I read somewhere that there'll be more NPCs mixed in with the enemies and they won't attack unless provoked. Columbia should feel really alive and cityish.

Would you kindly draw Sette's bellybutton for me :D

That's it. Where are my bees.

Who is the most interesting person you've ever met?

I'm feeling bashful admitting this, but it's you, Anonymous. Labyrinthine and unknowable are the hallowed halls of your imagination. Such visions you have! Sublime one moment, perverse the next. Sometimes you seem lofty of intellect - extensively schooled, well-read, worldly, and wise. Yet you always remember your inner child, occasionally allowing your spelling and vocabulary to devolve to their humble beginnings. You know of politics and the arts, wet farts and fetishes of dubious legality. You've sounded the depths of the universe, Anonymous, and measured the waist of heaven. Most importantly - and this is what I admire most about you -you are never ashamed to be just who you are.

Would you kindly draw sette sitting in front of a computer for me?


Got a favourite film director?

Them Coen brothers seldom fail to please.

If you were a pirate, you could come pillage my town and take me away with you. <3

Alright. But uppity prisoners be keel-hauled.

I assume wardogs see some use in Kasslyne. What are those breeds like?

I don't know for sure, I haven't designed them yet :D I'm thinking of a less jowly mastiff, super built and heavy, with cropped ears. Such awesomeness I can't even.

No, Duane is just a pyro, and a flamer! ;D


Do you know of John Rawls at all? Your comment about a free society made me wonder what you'd think of his First and Second Principles of Liberty.

Principles of justice, you mean? And sure, I read Theory of Justice in college, it's kind of a liberal manifesto. Inequality is concomitant with capitalism but our current outrageous inequality has come about because of neglect of Rawls' second principle. The bloat of the top 400 has no benefit whatsoever on society and has in fact created the wonderful American plutocracy we're experiencing today. Lest we Socialize, there will always be owners and employers and this is an inequality that is, arguably, to the benefit of all. But it's definite injustice to play peasants to a network of money'd shadow-kings who enjoy universal immunity because they have the money to buy it.

A friend recommended some Schumacher to me and I've been reading Small is Beautiful. Many interesting ideas.

So do you dream about Unsounded? How often?

I never dream about Unsounded :( My dreams are cliches about forgetting to study for tests in school or running through dystopian landscapes with zombies at my heels. If my dreams were films they'd be made for television tripe.

Seems like your cynicism abides by the old maxim of "Never work with animals or children"? How much does this kind of stuff affect you on a day to day basis? I can't imagine getting so upset over such a removed event.

You cannot imagine getting so upset over such a removed event. Hmm, I could type anything here and it wouldn't matter. We'll never be able to communicate. We don't speak the same language.

Could you see yourself doing anything other than peddling intricate fantasy for fun? Perhaps glass blowing, or maybe Street Fighting?

Yes, I would like to be a pirate. I would like to be a pirate so I could kidnap and ransom a Governor's son.

Also I would like to make a video game. I want to make a video game so badly. I want someone to put out game creation software specifically for crafting Metroidvanias.

Will Sette ever get another puppy, after what happened to her first one? :(

Who says anything happened to her first one? :)
Does Sette have any scars that we could see?

Nothing remarkable.

How inflammable is Duane compared to a living person? He's all dessicated and dried-out right, so could a well-placed fireball make him go up like a torch?

Man, probably. I guess this is why he doesn't smoke.

He's a nutter though. Fire is detrimental for obvious reasons but he insists on using it. Is he facing his fear? Is he defying it? Is he self-destructive? Is he cosplaying a Firebender? Who can say.

What would Sette do if she was zombie-fied!?


How do you stay motivated, organized and timely with your writing, drawing and planning on Unsounded? Do you stay on task and on schedule with relative ease?

Motivation gets difficult towards the end of scenes and during scenes with a loooot of detail to slog through. I really don't know how I push through that. Threats. Cutting. Calories. Taking internet breaks. Whatever works.

Making a comic is an obsession. It's probably a mentally and physically unhealthy thing. It's on your mind constantly. You are always planning it. You're always drawing it. It's there when you wake up and it's the last thing you fantasize about before falling asleep every night. So I'm not sure there is much of a "schedule" to it. It's a lifestyle. It's a mental disorder. It's all I do.

It's easier with images, but how do you know when a piece of writing is ready or done? When working on a script, how do you decide if it's done or needs more refinement? For that matter, when do you know you've done enough preparation to start writing?

In my experience, there is no Done. You can noodle a drawing or a piece of writing forever and find new flaws every time you look at it. I suspect a certain sense of detachment is important when it comes to creative endeavours. Yeah, we're all married to our ideas and our characters but you can't hold them back for the sake of achieving perfection or they're gonna die in the womb.

I would strive for Good Enough. If it's clear, if it's interesting, if the characters are consistent, you're golden. But don't trust yourself. Get the thing written and in some degree complete, and then bribe a friend to read it.

I've been making up script on the fly a lot lately and that's not always smart. I had some friends read some pages just tonight, actually, and there was a point they were confused on because I'd overcomplicated it. A few discerning friends are worth their weight in editorial gold. They will tell you when your writing is done.


Aww, don't be so excited, it makes me terrifically nervous. What if you're disappointed? What if the next chapter is super lame? In this life it is wisest to go into all things with low expectations. Please ;_;

What about other illegal hugs - reverse heimlich, throat, eyeball, etc.?

Woah wait. Duane's a zombie, right? No use for internal organs? Sette could fill him with loot! :D

I, too, have had this thought! The only downside of this is he'd likely rattle when he walked so stealth mode would become unavailable.

Have you ever heard of Vasily Grossman? I get the impression you might like what he wrote.

"...only one form of retribution is visited upon an executioner — the fact that he looks upon his victim as something other than a human being and thereby ceases to be a human being himself, and thereby executes himself as a human being. He is his own executioner..."

That's pretty badass.

Okay so while, I guess, being creepy and checking out your favourites videos on youtube I noticed the final scene of the Last of the Mohicans. God damn, isn't that just an incredible finish? For me as a kid, that and The Vikings were defining films.

You're going to be so disappointed, but I've never watched The Last of the Mohicans all the way through. I caught the end on cable once and really loved the waterfall area. I favourited the ending on Youtube so I'd remember to set a scene there someday :D It all seems very depressing though.

...why are people asking if Sette's a girl? Are they retarded? Serious question.

I suppose that -would- be a twist.

Is Sette a boy? I know people refer to her as a girl, but are they right, even if she (he?) doesn't complain about it?

Sette's a girl.

What about other illegal drugs - opiates, cocaine, etc.?

Not for me and I wouldn't recommend them to a friend, but they shouldn't be illegal. The real measure of a free society are the freedoms it allows its citizens. Our society has more restrictions than freedoms. NUKE THE PLANET RAAAWR

Would Murkoph have an opinion on copyright, or would he consume the inquirer, perhaps both?

Twitter spy!

Murkoph would bite everyone's fingers off, gouge out everyone's eyes, and solve the issue entirely. If someone went out tomorrow and started selling printed out copies of Unsounded to people, Murkoph would say it was my fault because I wasn't giving readers what they wanted. Fanartists and even pirates fill a need that the creator isn't filling. If someone's selling fanart of your characters and making a lot of money from it, you're not filling a desire in your readership properly with your own output - maybe there's a niche there who wants porn of your characters or your characters drawn in a more realistic style. You're never going to draw it yourself, so why is it hurting you? Murkoph would remind you that people draw Jesus all the time and sell copies of that. Does Jesus bitch?


Would Sette ever eat bio-luminescent fish?

Wouldn't you? They'd be fun to eat in a dark room.

So how did you like Portal 2? Is the turret aria at the end the kind of music Duane might enjoy?

Ya know, I would have liked Portal 2 if it had been much more difficult and if it'd had a bit more of an edge to it. It was certainly a high quality game and it had lots of fun moments but it just couldn't compare to the first one. I mean, the first one was CREEPY! You work your way through the tests, realising slowly that GLaDoS is evil, finding the scribbled hints as to the fallacy of promised frosted confections. There was no way they were gonna top that. The villain in 2 is quirky and funny but he never feels threatening. And the bigger the facility turned out to be, the more tenuous became my suspension of disbelief. And J. Jonah Jameson was all I heard every time Cave Johnson talked. And then the different sploochy liquids... it just all felt very cartoony and over-the-top by the end. The turret opera was the clincher.

But don't get me wrong, it was still a worthy game. Just... ya know, it wasn't the first one.

Turret aria... sure, Duane might like it. I certainly thought the music was pretty enough. Valve is giving the soundtrack away for free, ya know.

What is that in the lantern?

Some bioluminescent fish.

What do you think of cannabis?

I think I don't have enough of it in my pale and flavourless existence. I also think it should be legal and I grow extremely irritated whenever I recall that it is not.

Are you going to see X-Men First Class? I'm really excited because it's coming out on the same day Unsounded starts again. AND all my finals papers will be turned in. :D

I saw it was getting really great reviews! I won't go see it in theatres but I shall certainly watch it when it is available via alternative venues :3 Dat young Charles and Erik. Meow.

What's something you have in common with Sette? Duane?

Both Sette and I become extremely irrational and kind of stupid when we're raging super hard. All thoughts of the future and all possible consequences are immaterial in the face of making our enemy suffer.

And, possibly related, like Duane, I cannot stand when people hurt little kids. I watched a documentary on the orphans of Sudan the other day. After a crying jag, I went and donated most of my Paypal account to a charity. This world, man. Fuck this world.

Is it June 3rd yet.

Friday! But you can see the page I'm going to post if you go scope my dA account :3

Do you enjoy swimming being at/in the ocean? What kind of natural environment suits you best?

The beach isn't as fun since the oil spill. The very idea of humans and the ocean has been spoiled for me.

I love the Smoky Mountains a lot, that whole area around Cherokee, North Carolina and Pigeon Forge, TN is extremely attractive. Keepin' it real though, my natural environment is a computer desk and an air-conditioned bedroom. I am no child of nature.

What sorta meds are you on?

Not enough, let me tell you.

What's your favorite way to make an imaginary character suffer in deliciously interesting ways?

Write a comic about them!

Or put them in an RP adventure. The most horrible thing I can immediately remember doing was to my character Will, when some friends and I played a Silent Hill-esque adventure in an otherworldly demonic sanitarium. Will got all kinds of appendages ripped off in graphic detail - and this was no less than a week after being raped and almost murdered by a sadistic elf-pimp! Ahh, RP.

Do you play video games? What's your fav genre fps, rpg, strategy?

I don't play as many games as I used to. These days I'm strictly on PC/Steam and it's usually a big title like Portal 2 or Arkham Asylum. I used to play a lot of console RPGs and action titles like DMC and Legacy of Kain. Good times, but not terribly productive.

Hey, now, keloids in general aren't so bad. Just slightly raised/lumpy scars as opposed to tidy flat white seams. I've got one on my shoulder - no big deal. So...has Duane got any scars left amidst all that rot and sloughing-off of muscles?

Duane IS a scar.

How about pymaric wings?

Silly, that's what Red Bull is for.

What's your favourite convenience store?

Oh, c'mon. You're not even trying.

Which is your favorite ocean, and why? :D

The Atlantic! Because, ya know, that's my turf. It's really awesome that we're destroying our oceans. I think that's great.

Do you play any MMO's?

Nope. Unless Minecraft counts.

How extensive can pyramic enchancement get? We've already seen partial cy(py?)borgs, are full on brain-floating-in-a-magirobot-body pyramics possible?

The First Material rule keeps things somewhat constrained. Permanent enchantment only being possible on FMs, there's a limit to how many enhancements a wright can actively upkeep on himself. Duane's really pushing it, as a matter of fact.

Permanently casting on First Materials is well and good but you're limited to the mechanical possibilities of the First Materials if you're talking about something like a cyborg body. Technology can currently engineer some fine joints and hinges and pymary can move them - hence simulacrums (fake limbs) but what's going to keep a brain alive if it's put in a mechanical body? This is beyond the current realm of mechanical possibilities, and why plods are popular as opposed to engineered and enchanted mechanical automatons.

Have you ever been inside a burning building?

We're all inside burning buildings.


What would you do if you were Herman Melville for a day?


I guess I should be avidly reading Moby Dick before you resume your comic, so as to miss no more references?

If you like. Moby-Dick isn't for everyone. Formspring has amusingly flagged your question for questionable content.

I remember seeing a pic of yours where Murkoph cuts off his own head so he can suck his own dick. So yeah, I'd say that Murkoph can out-squick Starfish by a large margin, as sexy as he is.

Listen to this person.

I know about the myth of genius loci, and I know a there is a water woman who arises from interpretations of that, but I have no idea as to the exact source of the two. Please tell?

"It was a clear steel-blue day. The firmaments of air and sea were hardly separable in that all-pervading azure; only, the pensive air was transparently pure and soft, with a woman's look, and the robust and man-like sea heaved with long, strong, lingering swells, as Samson's chest in his sleep.

Hither, and thither, on high, glided the snow-white wings of small, unspeckled birds; these were the gentle thoughts of the feminine air; but to and fro in the deeps, far down in the bottomless blue, rushed mighty leviathans, sword-fish, and sharks; and these were the strong, troubled, murderous thinkings of the masculine sea.

But though thus contrasting within, the contrast was only in shades and shadows without; those two seemed one; it was only the sex, as it were, that distinguished them.

Aloft, like a royal czar and king, the sun seemed giving this gentle air to this bold and rolling sea; even as bride to groom. And at the girdling line of the horizon, a soft and tremulous motion—most seen here at the Equator—denoted the fond, throbbing trust, the loving alarms, with which the poor bride gave her bosom away."

--From "The Symphony," my favourite chapter of Moby-Dick

First put the idea into my head.

Do you play touhou?

Nope. I like the music though.

Please give us moar webcomics. Shadoweyes is fab, but I am not yet full.

Hmm, I don't read toooo many webcomics. Here's a list of what I keep up with.

Shadoweyes - Amazing.
Starfighter - Gay. Awesome art.
The Meek - What everyone compares Unsounded too but which is five-thousand times better so I'll never win this game.
Nedroid - Funniest gag comic on the internet.
Delve Into Fantasy - A fantasy comic that doesn't get the attention it should.
Lackadaisy Cats - Best drawn comic on the internet.
Doki Doki Checkmate - Supposed to be gay someday. For now has a cool art style.
Midnight Tea Party - On hiatus for the moment. Really nicely written. Features some of my art.

So, you & Murky are just best buddies, not butt buddies, then. Got it! :D

*thumbs up*

Alright, serious time question. Is it remotely possible that Murkoph can out-squick Starfish? I think not! The gauntlet is thrown.

I could probably win this with another nsfw link to a drawing but I'm trying to be a Very Serious Comic Artist! Your gauntlet must lie unacknowledged on the floor D:

I'm just asking cos I've seen a tone of Murkoph-zombie-porn in those directories you've linked us to and cos it seems you're attracted to him. Don't be offended for my asking. Do you have a zombie fetish? Or something similar?

I don't. I draw Murkoph being perverse not because I find it titillating but because I really enjoy fucking with taboos. And so does Murkoph. That's why we're buddies.

What have you wanted to do for years but haven't gotten around to yet?

Shave my legs.

Burning plods smell like bacon.

Denny's should put them on the menu, then.

Do you really wear snuggies?

I have one hunter green Snuggie that I use when it's cold enough. Don't hate on the Snuggie, it loves you.

What is the most dangerous geometrical shape?

A contour drawing of my fist.

If your vivid description of Kasslyne storms makes it into the comic, you stand to inspire a whole new type of weather fetishist. Windies? Stormies? I hope you can handle the responsibility.

Hopefully it'd inspire some awesome rule 34 art! The sea having relations with the atmosphere is downright poetic.

Can anyone pinpoint specifically just where I got this water women and wind witch idea from? I'd give some kind of prize to anyone that successfully did so.

Any cool webcomics you're following that we should know about?

Shadoweyes! It's not strictly a webcomic - in fact you should so totally buy the graphic novels - but it's like the most entertaining and inspirational and unique comic I've read in a thousand years. It's my favourite right now.

No, wait okay. What if I gather a programmer, a musician, and game designer to make an epic action-RPG game out of unsounded?

I think I'd get really caps-locky and litigious and become an especially florid Encyclopedia Dramatica entry :D

Lovely big masses of scar tissue. Always charming, on the feet or otherwise. Does Sette have any interesting scars? Does she scar all keloid-y or is she nice and tidy about it?

I'm sure she has scars all over from being knocked around a fair bit, but one shouldn't draw every little mark on a cartoony character, looks off. I wiki'd "keloid" while eating, blech.

Do you like Frasier?

fffff I used to watch the hell out of Frasier. It's one of my all-time favourite shows. To this day it pisses me off enormously that Frasier didn't get with Roz. Best episode? The radio drama murder mystery.

Really? You mentioned Starfish's feet and no one seized on it? I feel bad for you, Cope. Your general readership lacks the discernment to appreciate the top-knotted, nipple-centric obesity porn we both want this comic to be. Those wooden clogs! So rustic!


It just occurred to me that at the end of Chapter 3, that mob is burning that plod right outside the waystation. Where people are eating. The smell must be horrendous. Kind of rude of them, isn't it?

Some people, man. No manners. I guess the waystation really should get itself a No Smoking Zombies sign.

So did you read comics as a kid? When did you first get interested in sequential art?

When I was a really little kid I was all about Disney Adventures magazine and Disney comics. In high school I expanded my horisons and read a little of everything - Marvel and DC and indie books and even more Disney comics. I've always aspired to participate in some way in the things I enjoy, so I guess I wanted to start making comics as soon as I started reading them. I used to copy panels over and over and over. There was some chromium covered X-men Annual that I kept secretly in my desk (my mom thought it was weird that I read boy comics) and I must've copied this one moody shot've Bishop a dozen times over two weeks.

What other world would you want Sette to make a guest appearance in?

There aren't a lot of worlds she'd work in. I think in most places she'd mouth off to the wrong person and have her face imploded by a set of iron knuckles or perhaps an elephant gun, depending on the local tech level.

Man, fuck Sette's feet. What kind of soles is Starfish packing? Just imagining his warty, callused heels... mhmmm.

I talked about his feet once when I told his uh, origin story on here. Uh.

Have you ever drawn Dormammu? He is my favourite.

I haven't D: I am slightly shallow and tend to only draw the sexy characters.

So, hows work on the new chapter going? I hope it's going great!

It is! Six pages left until it's done. I won't make it by the third but close enough. Overall I'm pleased with how it's turned out. No laggy bits, lots of different things to see, not nearly as talky as chapter 3, some good action sequences. I hope everyone enjoys it.

So what Doctor Strange arc would you write? Or is that confidential?

After Doc lost his Sorcerer Supreme title I thought they dealt with it in the most uninteresting, ham-handed way. But such are cape comics these days. I'd write him dealing properly with that and confronting some new, truly dreadful and icky threat by Dormammu. I reckon he'd have to call on Clea for help and it would get all kinds of awkward and sexy. Also, it would just be Strange and Clea and maybe Wong. No freaking Avengers.

If you had to write a soap opera what would it be about?

I'd just pick a superhero title and write an arc. Preferably Doctor Strange.

Oh, ok. I don't suppose a low angle for a 'bug about to get squished perspective' will ever be seen of Sette, then.

Who can say.

Are you a fan of Terry Gilliam? For some reason, I feel like you would enjoy movies like Brazil or Fisher King... or especially Tideland.

I have not seen any of those movies! I like his Monty Python stuff, Parnassus, Fear & Loathing. Time Bandits is interesting.

Murkoph has nice Bewbs! Reminds me of a like from female Forsaken in WoW. "They're real. oh, they aren't MINE, but they're real!" 'Little Murkoph' doesn't seem very active, though.

Not very active? When -I- view the image he's packing a Sequoia. Maybe you just don't do it for him?

Just like to inform Mr. Anonymous that Sette does, indeed, have breasts. But she's too young for you to be looking at them, mister! Go look at pies or something. Tasty pies.

I love pie.

I would look at boobs but Sette doesn't have any. None! Duane has more boobs than Sette, and that's terrifying. I'm sure Murkoph does too, but he keeps his boobs nailed to a wall.

Merciful God, look what you are forcing me to link you to: nsfw

Oh, ok then! Does this mean you'll do more close ups of Sette's bare soles?

Only when relevant to what's going on, I'm afraid. I gotta get some boobs in this story. Don't you know you're supposed to be looking at boobs?

So that storm stuff was really cool. Further to that, do most 'elemental' forces in the world of Unsounded involve actual elementals? Further to that, is this what Smoke Eels are?

There are stories - myths really - about how once every Aspect had an anthropomorphic equivalent, but that doesn't seem to be the case now. Most wrights will tell you it's likely they all whithered away and died when pymary was first discovered and put into wide practise. Only the wind and the water survived.

Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent?

Bruce Waaaaaayne. I would punch Clark Kent in the nuts.

Wait wait..if you can get aroused by Jack Black in a kid's show, why can't I enjoy Sette's bare soles?

Did I say you couldn't, my darling? Really though you should watch the episode. That man can dance and it is sublime.

Man, who doesn't like the smell of dead fish? That's dockside perfume.

Hell yeah! That fishy salty mildewy aroma you get around seawalls is one of my favourite smells.

I think by most standards, the best father the head of a crime family in a shithole like Shartshane can be is still a pretty terrible father.

Maybe :D

In an earlier question, someone mentioned that Cresce seemed like the best place to live. But. Sun-scoured beaches, extreme heat and the smell of dead fish don't sound very inviting. I say we give spooky cold Alderode a chance? This is somehow a question?

I dunno, Cresce has a pretty spiffy climate and some other benefits. Alderode isssss... you'll see.

Is the fellow waving in the background of Chapter One's cover Sette's Da? And if he is, does that mean that Sette modeled her outfit on his look? That's simultaneously so cute and so tragic D: (because, you know, he's a terrible father)

Yes and yes and maybe. Are we so certain he's a terrible father? Maybe he's as good a father as he could possibly be given the world they live in and the positions they're in.

Haha, I'm the guy who originally asked for a shirtless Starfish pic about 1000 questions ago. I'm glad to see that at least one other person has taken up the banner. :-P Also, I like the idea of Matty x Sette........when they're older.

Sette goes to the right of the x for no one.

I just can't get behind it. For me, pepsi is better than coke. What makes coke so much better than pepsi for you?

The taste. And the logo. And the cocaine.

So, you like Jack Black? If Unsounded became a live action series or movie, who would you cast Jack as? And who would you have play Duane & Sette?

I can't imagine Unsounded in live-action. In my head it's always animated or, possibly, done with Muppets :3 I do really like Jack Black though. He did an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba and it is the most erotic twenty minutes of children's programming I have ever seen.

We're on siren signal number 5. I want to know about just how bad storms get in Kasslyne. Do they have sirens? Or do people just die?

I will tell you about water women and wind witches because you are in distress. But I know you'll be okay. I have psychic powers.

Storms and many other meteorological happenings in Kasslyne are the fault of anthropomorphic instances of the wind and the water. These elemental beauties live pleasurable existences unseen in the atmosphere and in the oceans, carried by fate's erratic currents, drowning in the dreams of beetles, peoples, and streams. Now and then, though, errant strands of thought-stuff rouse them from their stupors: family arguments, the struggling of a baby bear in a trap, the shriek of trees cut down and women raped and children killed. The elementals wake up and, to distract themselves from the wickedness of the world or maybe to counteract it, they make love to each other.

The winds kick up and dart into the waves and the waves cavort and laugh and thrust into the sky. Stormclouds gather, the barometer drops, and a million glistening rain-pellets are born from the empyrean. Salacious lightning parts the pearly-grey thighs of thunderheads. The water women shake their foamy tresses and the wind witches (who are mostly male) stab cold hail and eager waterspouts into the acquiescing breakers. Thus, storms.

Now, humans are wise and humans are wicked. The wisest and ofttimes the wickedest humans are wrights. Pymary wasn't yet an old art when wrights discovered nature's whorish ways and thought to control them. Methods were found to condense and cut the vapourous wind, and to solidify and stupefy the slippery water women. Soon elementals were rare in the wild, kept instead in cages and made to rut when it was convenient for man.

Sometimes sailors claim they still catch a glimpse of a female face in the scud, or a mountaineer will swear he feels the cold push of arms in a blustering gale that keeps him from tumbling off a cliff, but these sightings are always related in hushed voices. The wind and the water are hunted things still, and those who love them won't give them away.

Nah, not just a Murkops vote incentive pic, you should have a Murkoph vs Duane sex-appeal contest!

Perhaps. Duane wants to know if he may do the swimsuit portion of the competition in his cloak and hood.

This is the second time tornado sirens have gone off today where I am. Having grown up used to snowy tundras, I am mortified. So, how do tornadoes make you feel?

That sucks you're stuck in tornado hell, I'm sorry :( I've never really had to deal with them much. Down here in Florida it's more about hurricanes. I saw on the news that some guy survived a twister recently by hiding in his bath tub. Maybe spend the night in the tub?

how bad do storms get in Kasslyne?

Very, very, very bad.

What was the most tranquil moment in your life?

Post-op Demerol shot in my ass. Hot damn.

What do you think of the moon?

It could do with a face. I never know how it feels.

I personally would love a Murkoph voting incentive pic! Murk's gory, glorious, and full of philosophical goodies. Draw him for us?

I'll try and find a moment to :)

I'm attracted to your comic. I'm printing it off, page by page, and assembling a paperdoppel to make sweet and tender love to. Is that so wrong?

Paperdoppel. You are so funny, I want to know who you are.

Which variant of the Charleston?

I... I don't know ;_; I'm not even one-hundred percent sure I know what the Charleston is. Is that the one where you make your legs insubstantial and they ghost through each other?

I think well more than half these questions are due to your often humorous responses, and to test to see how far you'll go when it comes to answering vs deleting a given question, myself.

Most likely :)

What would Sette and Duane be like as rappers?

"People always be harshin' me fo' the way I talk, oi
be beatin' me for cheatin' them and acting like a boy.
But I won't change me diction, standin' by me conviction,
Don't care about no friction, gonna do what I enjoy.

Wanna take over the gang ya know, and be the thievin' queen,
I would mug a toddler for his sweets and toys and spleen
But don'tcha know I'm mini; tailed, short, and skinny,
Bodkin be callin' me a ninny, things is harder than they seem.

So Da brings in this zombie and I'm all giddy
Be thinkin' he'll obey me and we'll take over the city
But Da says make your cousin pay, hit the road today,
Duane will help you in the fray, that corpse won't have no pity.

So six weeks we been hikin' westward tryin' to find
Where me cousin's holed up but I got no peace of mind
'cause I don't wanna be dead, this has me filled with dread
though all I've said is to me fate I am resigned."

Duane refuses to participate.

Is Kasslyne on the gold standard, or does it perhaps use pymaric materials for that?

Haha, no, it uses gold and a few precious gems. It would be kind of hilarious if they did use some kind of enchantable First Material though. You could pass someone payment for a house, walk away, and then have it blow up in their hand.

Is Matty's expression on the teaser to Chapter 4 a reaction to seeing Starfish shirtless?

How did you guess!

Has Sette ever seen anyone killed? I'm assuming her Da has taken her to see public executions as a cautionary tale about not getting caught, but has she ever seen anyone murdered before her very eyes?

Sette has seen some very bad things. Much of it she prefers not to think about.

What do you think of W.B. Yeats?

I like Yeats a lot because he was slightly batshit and full of interesting ideas. I appreciate that he gave us "widening gyre" which is right up there with "cellar door," in my opinion, when one is looking for phonically beautiful English phrases.

What is wrong with Formspring people. D:

You should see the questions I'm deleting :)

Sette and Matty gotta date, but I imagine it would be awkward.

When people younger than sixteen date I want to vomit into a shoe.

Is... is it wrong that I'm attracted to Starfish's rigid sausage tits? I... I feel dirty.


Hi Glass! I live in central Florida too - do you ever attend local cons? (I do apologize, I'm sure someone's asked this before...)

I don't do cons, no. They are expensive and weird people are there. Weird people who would want to see my armpits or tickle my feet. I can't have this.

I'm attracted to Sette's bellybutton! Please draw it for meeeee!


Is it wrong that I'm attracted to Sette's left armpit?

What have I done.

I'm attracted to all your characters fused into one chimeric, human centipede-like whole- and if that's wrong I don't want to be right!

That movie wasn't very good. I think they're making another one.

I take it Sette wouldn't take kindly to someone tickling her feet, either.

Who is "someone?"

Is it wrong I'm attracted to Sette's bare soles?

I'd rather someone's bared soul and a droll stroll 'neath their sole parasol towards our favourite watering hole post a fine fillet of sole.

Do you have a favourite kind of dance?

Uh, the Charleston? I'm not really one who dances.

People are attracted to Sette? Now /I/ feel dirty. :C

There, there. I am certain they are attracted to her in an entirely platonic way.

Is... is it wrong that I'm attracted to Sette? I feel dirty. >.>

She's pretty cute. Dat attitude though.

I am not attracted o Murkoph at all and think he sounds fairly horrible. Is there something wrong with me?

Yes, I'm sorry :(

I could not follow that thought process at all. Why are they similar? Are you just being absurdist?

Pineapple marmalade of course.

Do you have booties/clothes for your dogs?

I do not. I do, however, enjoy it when strangers dress their own animals in ridiculous attire. I suppose it's like porn. I just don't have the nerve to be a porn actress but I admire and appreciate the output of those who have bravely chosen that path in life.

Glass factory? A leathery as you claim those bare soles are, I doubt they'd cut her feet. Maybe just feel uncomfortable, like walking on pointy rocks for the rest of us.

Even search and rescue doggies have to wear those charming booties when they're working around broken glass. Sette has feet, not hooves.

Is... is it wrong that I'm attracted to Murkoph? I feel dirty. >.>

Murkoph has aroused everyone he's ever met. He has turned entire Baptist congregations gay, even the babies. It's a curse.

What are some of your favorite foods at the moment? Favorite comfort foods? Rainy day foods? It's gloomy and rainy here in NYC today and perfect for yummy chili :)

I've had an addiction to take-out Chinese steamed pork dumplings forever, so I set out to learn to make them myself. Now I can only mine are BETTER and possibly the best in existence. I haven't ever been to China but I'm still pretty confident saying this. These are my current favourite food.

My parents are in NYC for the next few days! If you see some really stressed out, fifty-something, highly tanned Floridians don't mug them please.

Sette will wear shoes the exact moment she's required to go barefoot. And they won't be shoes, they'll be big honking stompy boots.

Goddamn you're right.

So, Sette will always go barefoot? Nothing would ever make her want to wear shoes, or boots? I presume, if she were to enter our world, & had to wear footwear to enter some places, she'd likely go for flip-flops. They can be slipped of f so easily.

True, but they're flip-floppy - too noisy for a sneak-thief. I think she'll go barefoot until she's given a good reason not to. Maybe Da will relocate their ken to a glass factory some day.

The shades question was about the plague that spreads through eye contact in Unsounded. I'm almost certain I remember reading about that here, if I'm wrong, just ignore me. But if not, the inventor of sunglasses could be your world's Jonas Salk!

An interesting idea. Let us not speak of the plague though, it's a ways off :)

You should have kept it! I'm sure Sette's allergy-mangled accept would have had doubled the number of inquiries about that sort of thing. How would you write that, anyway?

"Stoopid zobbie pluggind up be dose! I'mba wrapb you inna *blows nose in Duane's cloak* tarpaulin and drop ya offa pier!"


Anyway you'll explain the next chapter's cover? ^____^ What is that necklace Sette is wearing?

Not too far into chapter 4 you should be able to add the clues up and figure out what it may be.

See when you say Sette's allergic to certain kinds of pymary? Given that she 'smells' magic of whatever, does that mean they make her sneeze?

Sneezing, watery eyes, congestion - usual allergy symptoms. Once upon a time in RP she was allergic to necromancy, but I had to drop that lest Unsounded not work out so well :3

Which character do you spend the most time with? Or are they all yelling at once? I'm guessing Murkoph, but that might be because you scare me.

Yes, it probably is Murkoph. He's visually the most interesting, psychologically the most complex, and he spouts the best dialog. Do I really scare you? That's excellent.

I did wake up this morning with a great line of dialogue in my head from Cutter, Starfish's rhyming lizard companion. "Run along, Jivi, save your own skin! Or I'll save it for you, dried and salted in a tin!" o_o

I find it interesting she'd wear a tail sock, but keep her feet bare. She has no concept of priorities, does she?

That's what makes it funny :3

Does Sette's bare tail ever get cold enough she'd consider wearing a tail sock?

I like this idea :D

Could a plague outbreak be stopped if the government issued everyone a pair of wicked shades?

If it was a plague of nerdiness.

If you do opt out of formspring, I would just like to say that it was a very interesting read from someone who is both an enormous fan of your comic and an indulger in geeky fantasy-related hobbies. Thank you for communicating with your audience!


Are you on tumblr?

Yeah but I haven't posted anything, it's just for following others. If I ever do I'll link to it.

Is there some way for the people that regulate spells to tap into the Khert and figure out when people are illicitly casting? You make it sound very dangerous to cast any sort of spell with questionable origins.

Why yes there is a way. That's half of what the monitoring organisations do all day. Different countries have different penalties for hacking spells and using illegal schools of pymary. None of them are terribly pleasant. Some of them you don't recover from!

Do you think there are essential steps to be taken when endeavouring to create a fantasy world? What are the important steps you went through when creating the world of Unsounded? Was it a nebulous, organic growth or were you focused in your imaginings?

I don't think I'm arrogant enough to insist on essential steps to anything. Everyone's different.

My worlds begin as sketches. A world should serve a story so I take the ideas and themes of the story and craft the setting around them. Unsounded has definite themes. There are concrete philosophical arguments at the heart of it. I knew I wanted those themes to echo in myriad aspects of the setting. They're obvious in the governments of the two main countries and in some of the deepest secrets of the pymary system. But after I had those ideas in place I had to go into each of them and figure out how they worked. Having just the idea of a system isn't enough, even if it's a perfect thematic complement. It can't just work on an artistic level. It has to be consistent and believable so it can serve the practical needs of a story as well. That's where focused brainstorming and design come into play for me.

I'm also sorry for being a monkey. Real question: since pymary requires figuring so many variables on the fly, are wrights all human calculators? Or is it more like the kind of mental estimations one makes when, say, throwing a basketball through a hoop?

No, there are definitely numbers involved. In fact the gibberish foreign characters I sometimes toss into spell panels are the Tainish numbers and calculations behind what's going on. One's mental acuity is definitely a factor in how well one performs as a wright but the real geniuses are the people who actually write the spells. They work for the government and will fuck your shit up.

=( I'd like to let you knw that I am an Anon that appreciates you being on formspring. I always like seeing new questions answered! So my question: Do you think you'll quit formspring soon?

Aww <3 I may quit it, yeah. Tumblr has the same Question and Answer feature but it actually indexes, so it could prove much less frustrating. Anyway I'll decide by the time Chapter 4 starts going up.

Super summer style Sette vote incentive pic pleeeease! :D

Mmmm, no. But I AM in the mood for some gory Murkoph.

Do you ever have dreams of freedom for your robot or artist races? Be warned that those who reveal this often are killed by angry humans.

I don't want to be killed by angry humans D:

How do I make my coloring palette less garish and amateurish?

Observation, I would reckon. But your style is pretty cartoony so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Work on your drawing foundation first and worry about colour later.

Just stop answering when the talk of spellcraft bores you. The way I understand it is that you're removing heat from the air around you and concentrating it to make a fireball. What makes it more difficult to remove heat from your opponent?

I don't mind talking about pymary if you don't mind reading. Disinterested parties can skip it. I have been bullshitting (when it comes to making up magic systems it is all bullshitting of course) for over a decade, appeasing the tempers and egos of many a role-player whose character has run afoul of one of my mages. I'm pretty good at it.

Anyway. Fire spells draw from the sun and from actual fire sources. That's their nature, and they were created thus in order to keep them safe and predictable. They do not draw from the air. Drawing from the air is discouraged because the air and its aspects change depending on where the wright is. Sometimes it's winter. Sometimes you're at a high elevation. Sometimes you're underwater. Air is not reliable.

It's important to remember that legal wrights do not write their own spells. They are not allowed to and couldn't even if they had the knowledge. They are using prepared spells that someone much more intelligent than they are has worked out - the difficult math's been dealt with, the dangerous balancing act's been tested and worked through - wrights are just plugging in variables and calling the spell forward. This is how the entire system is kept regulated and how lawless, random, world-ruining pymary is prevented.

Now, the difficulty in removing heat from an opponent? For starters, can't be done legally. No such spell exists.

Putting legality aside, let's say your opponent is a wright. This means he can consciously cement all his aspects in place and you ain't gonna be able to touch them. This is one of the first things a wright learns to do because it is their primary vulnerability. If he's not a wright and just some poor schmuck you want to freeze to death this is still a difficult task because his heat aspect is what pymary calls a Fount, or Renewing Aspect. We remain warm because we're constantly burning energy. Pymary has a difficult time dealing with Founts because the aspect "slot" is very sticky. It's easy to remove the aspect but very difficult to insert a new one. Imagine a river. It's easy to dip a ladle into a river and remove a cup of water, but the river doesn't miss it and you're never going to be able to dry the river up. Likewise if you pour, say, a glass of wine into the river the current is going to disperse it and wash it away.

Well, block the source then! you might say. Except pymary doesn't work like that. It deals with product, not process. The process is, as a wright would reverently quote, the "dominion of the gods."

Now this is not to say what you are proposing cannot be done. Almost anything you can imagine can somehow be done. But when you have a spell idea the better question to ask is would it be legal? Would it be safe?

Has your Formspring experience been that loathsome? Why?

Gabe describes it best:

Sette is a monkey. With a lion's mouth.

She's pretty simian.

On behalf of all anonymous Formspringers, I'd like to apologize for us being monkeys.


So, you visit /a/? Do you watch anime? What anime do you currently watch for this season?

I don't visit /a/ all that frequently, only to see what's going on and if there are any older anime threads. The last "new" series I watched was Tegami Bachi but I didn't get too far into it as it was just so damned inferior to the manga. Oh, and I watched the Wolverine anime :3

Are you ready for the rapture this weekend? D:

Rapture weekend? I thought it was raptor weekend D: I better call Dr. Grant and break the bad news.

Maybe you're a robot dreaming that you're an artist dreaming about unicorns. What then?

Lately whenever a human or group of humans does something I find particularly loathsome I think to myself, "That person is a monkey," and I feel better. This technique has allowed me to keep using formspring.

Do precautions have to be made to keep marauding spirits or other ethereal things from hijacking the Plods? Is that even a problem?

That's a damned good question, I'm impressed. It will come up in the story.

I haven't seen the Director's Cut. I have read the book though! Are you a PKD fan?

Oh, no, I haven't read the book, only seen the movie. Now you may call me the uncultured swine :(

Your mention of /d/ has given your talk of unicorns a horrible significance.

The unicorn dream was a Blade Runner reference, uncultured swine :3

Sette got any allergies? I mean, aside from being allergic to stupid.

She's allergic to certain types of pymary. Don't ask which ones *_*

1240 question answered?

It is madness.

How do we know you're not some kind of illustrating robot, given manic sentience by corrupted programming? Can you prove your humanity?

I dream! Surely robots don't dream. Last night I had a lovely dream about a unicorn.

You went over the process of spell making in a previous answer and I thought the concept was pretty cool. Wouldn't it require less effort to kill someone by freezing some blood in a vital artery than it would to make a ball of fire?

If one is an honourless assassin who is operating outside the bounds of legal pymary, one might theoretically use that method, but it's actually much, much more difficult. I haven't talked much about how the khert effects the movement of aspects, but it does, and making precise changes to the world - such as freezing one particular artery on a presumably moving target - would be damn near impossible.

If your target is asleep however, and you are very knowledgeable with anatomy, and you are a masterful wright who doesn't mind using a spell outside the law - sure. But at that point I personally would just sneak in the target's bedroom and cut his jugular.

Nothing's easier than a ball of fire on a sunny day. You got a limitless source of heat above you, a nice big projectile you needn't gather too tidily, and a vague trajectory to launch it down. It's n00b stuff. Just try not to miss and hit anything important.

Also, do you visit 4chan? What is your favorite board?

4chan is like an enormous postmodern art installation. It is possibly the only exciting place on the internet. I enjoy /co/, /cm/, /a/, /hr/, /d/, and sometimes /y/.

I'd dangle off your Mount Rushmore, if you know what I mean.

I never discuss love on an empty stomach.

What /is/ your sexual orientation? West, East? Maybe South? God forbid forbid filthy /North/.

North by northwest. Watch out for low-flying aircraft.

If you love Melvillian prose, surely you must be a fan of some poetry as well. Favorite poets or poems?

Favourite poems: I enjoy Billy in the Darbies by Melville, the entirety of Whitman's Leaves of Grass, A Song of The Degrees by Ezra Pound, Edge by Plath, Les Métamorphoses du Vampire by Baudelaire, Wandering Aengus by Yeats. I'm sure there are others but these immediately come to mind. Favourite poets... Yeats, Pound, Melville, Colin Meloy. Many don't seem to pay attention to poetry much these days. I don't trust these people.

What is the reasoning behind Alderode choosing the Vliegeng as its national animal? Isn't it just kinda... a creepy-looking beast of burden?

Probably the main reason is vliegeng are native to Alderode - you don't find them anywhere else. They are strong and scary and not entirely Of This World - like the Aldish. Also they act as one of the country's most reliable and potent means of defense. A trained vliegeng in battle is not something to fuck around with.

True, Matty doesn't get much out of books. His father doesn't seem like the kind to read aloud to his son. I guess it's up to me then. I usually don't like kids, but I'd still read aloud to Matty all day long.

Aww <3 Happiness is snuggling with a kid and reading books or playing Elite Beat Agents or cracking and eating pistachios.

Can we stroke your beard?

Do it. Pick my fleas.

I call bullshit that Quigley isn't super-cool. He's a Bookworm, White-Haired pretty boy, looks cool, And can kick ass. How can anyone think he's not awesome?

Some people despise white-haired pretty boys who kick ass. Anime is kind of supersaturated with them, I get the hate. But one of my favourite things to do as a writer is make the reader assume something and then hit them in the eye with something a little different. So we'll see how this flies.

What's with the hating on books? Books are awesome. Books are POWER. And Quigley is awesome. No question about it.

Quigley is very grumpy, which I suspect will bring on some hate. Anyway, he shows back up in a few pages so maybe the additional page-time will make his nerdiness easier to confirm or deny. He does really like books though. Who doesn't? (actually, I guess Matty doesn't get much out of them, does he)

Vikings were actually some of the more appealing guys in Europe, for their day. They actually bathed regularly, dressed like dandies, and kept their hair clean and nicely combed. (Pity about the pillaging and burning.)

Ya know who are some tolerable vikings are those fellows in How To Train Your Dragon. Hiccup's dad's beard is luxurious and fine. I would stroke that beard.

I support JivixSette :D . . . AND STARFISHXDUANE!!! HOT DAMN!!!

Oh, you.

Are you implying white whale sandwich is your favorite sandwich?

I'm implying I'd like to go insane and start speaking entirely in Melvillian prose. I want to be crazy in an interesting way.

Do Quigley and Duane know each other?


SANDWICHES EXIST IN KASSLYNE?! This is big news. What's their best sandwich? And for good measure, what's your favorite sandwich? I say BLT FTW!


I call bullshit--no way Quigley was on a super-cool anything, that guy is a nerdy nerd nerd through and through. His pre-Red Berry Boys life was all books, wasn't it?

Quigley used to be a lot cooler than he is now :D At the moment he's just distracting himself until he dies. Of course, aren't we all.

What's your favorite novel?

Moby-Dick. I was reading it earlier actually, scribbling moody thumbnails in my head for comic adaptation pages. I'd really love to illustrate "The Whiteness of the Whale" chapter. Almost every comic adaptation I've read is entirely too literal, skipping over the metaphysical chapters and obsessing over the whale-hunting narrative. They cut too much prose, too much meaning, too much subtext.

"Is it, that as in essence whiteness is not so much a color as the visible absence of color, and at the same time the concrete of all colors; is it for these reasons that there is such a dumb blankness, full of meaning, in a wide landscape of snows—a colorless, all-color of atheism from which we shrink? And when we consider that other theory of the natural philosophers, that all other earthly hues—every stately or lovely emblazoning—the sweet tinges of sunset skies and woods; yea, and the gilded velvets of butterflies, and the butterfly cheeks of young girls; all these are but subtle deceits, not actually inherent in substances, but only laid on from without; so that all deified Nature absolutely paints like the harlot, whose allurements cover nothing but the charnel-house within; and when we proceed further, and consider that the mystical cosmetic which produces every one of her hues, the great principle of light, for ever remains white or colorless in itself, and if operating without medium upon matter, would touch all objects, even tulips and roses, with its own blank tinge—pondering all this, the palsied universe lies before us a leper; and like wilful travellers in Lapland, who refuse to wear colored and coloring glasses upon their eyes, so the wretched infidel gazes himself blind at the monumental white shroud that wraps all the prospect around him. And of all these things the Albino Whale was the symbol. Wonder ye then at the fiery hunt?"


Does that mean there are super-cool plod hunting squads in Alderode? That'd be pretty hardcore.

Plods can't exist independently so it's more like there are super-cool rogue wright hunting squads. Quigley used to do something like that.

Alderode probably looks down on Cresce for its use of plods. But does that mean that Alderode uses slave labour (legally) instead? Is Duane in denial about the use of slaves in his country? Is slavery actually legal there?

Nope, they don't practise slavery either. Well, actually, they have slaves of a sort (they were mentioned by Damsel In Distress back in chapter two) but they are not... technically... slaves. In any event, they are not even a little bit important for quite a while.

How magic works in unsounded? Do you have a thorough magic system (energy conversion, etc) or you just flow it with the story?

There's a firm system. You'll learn about it in the comic when it's more important.
Here's a question that might be fun - what's Sette taking along with her on this trip? I mean like - bedroll, food, any supplies?

Yep, a bedroll, a pillow, her thievin' coat, her knife, bunch of tins of fish and beans, and a canteen for water. She's also picked up a bunch of stolen goods along the way. Travelin' light! She didn't know the zombie had the cool bottomless bag until it was time to go.

Do you consider your characters to be your creations, or that you just found some wormhole to their universe and retell their adventures?

Nah, I'd say they're my characters. Their adventures are less important than who they are, and getting them to the point now where I know who they are took a lot of work and writing. I have no problem laying claim to that :)

When in time will the backstories of Sette and Duane (particularly the nature of his zombification) be explored? The suspense is killing me! Why must you lie me, Ash?

Try not to think about it!

Love that video! Good song, sexy singer. And man, what a throat!

Right on!

HoBros? Not to be confused with hobos, of course! Are you a HoBro, then? Would you want to be?

I wouldn't want to date a guy I wasn't friends with first, if that's what you mean.

Why does Sette sleep in the stable?

You'll know why eventually.

Nice video. Would you ever dress up in clothes & make up like that?

I would. My favourite thing about that video are the drummers though. I want a giant drum and I want to go all native on it.

Do you feel there any circumstances under which hoes should come before bros?

I think ideally a ho should be a bro. Bed your friends.

Does Sette have any nightclothes, or does she just generally sleep in whatever she's wearing at the time?

At home she mostly sleeps in the stable, so usually she just stays in her day clothes.

You need to get Sette some fish flavored froyo, stat.

A light mustard and sardine sherbet might not be that bad.

What do tourists go to Sharteshane for? Are we talking resort holiday or whoring adventure?

Is there a difference? Does there have to be?

Seriously though, Sharteshane is almost all coast. Nice beaches. Interesting piratical history associated with it. Some Gefendur religious spectacles. Et cetera. Just don't leave the tourist towns or you're likely to be kidnapped, mugged, relieved of your organs, or recruited onto the wrong side of a whoring adventure.

How do you feel about penises? Love/Hate/Indifferent?

Indifferent. Well, when it comes to changing diapers, indifference leaning towards annoyance. If a girl baby pees when she's getting her diaper changed all she does is wet the table. If a boy baby pees when he's getting his diaper changed it's going in your fucking eye.

Sette's too cool for school. And basic hygiene.

Isn't this a great video? It makes me so happy.

How did you feel about college? Love/Hate/Indifferent?

College was pretty good. It was a four year art school and I lived on campus. Had a small group of friends, we were all pretty different and our dynamic probably would have made a good reality show. The professors were mostly good, though they weren't hard enough on us. My senior year illustrator professor was Shawn Barber. He's kind of famous.

I played way, way, way too many video games in college. And I RP'd way too much. Good times.

Going to any cons this year?

I don't go to cons, I'm too cool.

Will Balthier make a cameo in Unsounded? He's the reason I bought the PSP port of FFT. I guarantee that I will like your comic more if he makes an appearance.

Like bacon, Balthier does improve everything he's in, but he's not my character so...


I'm down with froyo. Actually it's the only "ice cream" I really eat, although I have to wonder if all the "active cultures" they advertise on the package really make much "difference." I feel like I'm writing FFT dialogue.

No way! Rhubarb ice cream is the best!

Eww! Death first!

I Intend on starting my own Comic. All I could think of has been planned, the only thing keeping me from starting is my deep Hatred for the pages that come out. Any advice to keep me from hating and never moving on with them?

I like that you've capitalised Comic, as though it is the capitol of Angstville or the proper name of the demon that is going to own you (both true).

Objectively, are the pages worth hating? How do they compare to the quality of professional published comics? How do they compare to the quality of an average webcomic? If you cannot quite reach the level of average webcomic, it may be worth holding off for a while. Take the time to improve your art and then come back to your comic later.

If the art is actually pretty good and you still hate it, welcome to the club. You're now an artist.

Mochi ice cream is the best. Which flavor is your favorite? I like green tea mochi ice cream =D

I like green tea mochi best too! *bro fist*

In Western literature, it's similar to lacrimae rerum, an awareness of transience and an accompanying sadness. I thought your (apparently) cynical worldview and ruminations on death might make it something that appealed to you.

Yes, so wikipedia informed me. I don't know that I see anything cynical about this particular concept however, nor anything even very bleak about it. It sounds rather positive. There is sadness but it is "gentle" sadness, the way one might feel when gazing upon a bowl of ice cream, knowing it won't last forever, knowing one will soon see the bottom of the dish. Since we're in Japan perhaps it is mochi ice cream. Why do you want to relate ice cream to death, dear anonymous. Why is your heart full of these morbid imaginings?

What kind of natural disasters is Cresce prone to? What about Alderode? Are there any that happen there often that rarely (if ever) happen on Earth? Like... dinosaur frying comets, exploding lakes, Yerta dropping her briefs, etc?

Alderode suffers from some nasty blizzards during the winter months. There's also the unexplained nature of its khert, which some might argue is a natural disaster, and the stricks plague which has much of the west coast quarantined. Cresce on the other hand is temperate and lovely. Sharteshane has the largest active volcano on the continent and every few years it kills a couple hundred people and hinders the tourist trade.

What kind of videogame would Unsounded be? MMO? Platformer? FPS? Adventure game?

I gave a really detailed answer to this once but it's buried in Formspring's unindexed innards. 2D action-adventure Metroidvania, to be brief.

What is the most difficult aspect of character creation?


How does Sette keep her hair so clean and tangle-free during travel? I must know her secret!

She brushes it one-thousand times every night and conditions it with the tears of zombies.

How do you feel about mono no aware?

I'm going to use my keen deductive reasoning to determine that "mono no aware" is a Japanese thing. However, beyond this astute deduction I have no clue what this Japanese thing is.

Would you ever draw Starfish reclining nude in all his glory? Or Sette, or Duane? Though nobody can match the glory of Starfish's rigid tits.

This is something fans are supposed to do :3

What kinds model sheet do you have in mind for that commission? Basic front, side, back view's?

You'll have to wait and see! It'll be more fun than that.

Who would you consider to be the 'core cast' of Unsounded? Just Sette, or more than that? I guess that gets spoilery.

Yeah, can't really say as it includes characters not even introduced yet.

Does Cresce torture suspected Alderode spies or sympathizers? That is, is Sette actually at risk of being strung up naked by her tail and roasted over an open fire?


If someone were to decapitate Duane, would he still be able to control his headless body, would it move of its own volition, or would it just lay there like a lemon until someone reattached his head.

He hates that I'm telling you this for it seems an awkward and bizarre ability, but he'd still be able to control his body, even if he was decapitated.

I firmly believe I am a smoke eel trapped in a human body. I am seeking advice on smoke eel conventions or support groups I might attend to meet others who share this dire fate. Can you help me? I will send pictures of my smoke eel costume when complete.

Can anyone help this gentleman out? I've always been pretty certain I'm the cursed reincarnation of Herman Melville's son Malcolm who died via suicide, but a smoke eel? That's just CRAZY.

Did you have any silly but prominent childhood fears?

I've always been nervous around dark windows, imagining disembodied heads were going to pop up over the sill and leer at me. If I'm in the right mood I still sometimes envision that at night D:

Is Duane as cute when he's mad as Sette is?

More hilarious than cute, in my opinion. I think his pompousness increases tenfold when he's angry.

Are any of your relatives artists?

My little brother is graduating next week with an arts degree, but it's for fashion and design. That's about it.

Are you a procrastinator?

So hard. Which is why I have twenty questions in my inbox at the moment. I'll save 'em for tomorrow.

I gotta say, I'm getting the impression that Cresce is the best land to live in. Giant wolverines, giant dogs, bitch-monarchy, highly attractive Peace Guard officers--it all sounds pretty good. I don't think Alderode and its porn-operas can compare.

You're probably right. And the coup de grâce? Pirates.

Are smoke eels a product of burning the dead, then, or just plods/zombies?

Smoke eels are strange and mysterious creatures.

Why Google Docs? Why not Word, or a spiffier program?

I dunno, Google Docs is pretty dang spiffy. I like that it backs up to the cloud, so the info is safe, and I like that I can access the files from either my desktop or my netbook, no fuss no muss. Before Google Docs though I wrote in Wordpad. No reason to have a RAM-hungry word processing program open just for creative writing :)

Wolverines are famous for their ability to down much larger prey. Do grebbers share this trait, and if so what kind of larger prey might they down?

They're famous for being able to kill vliegeng. And since vliegeng are the symbols of Alderode, Cresce has taken grebbers as its own national critter. Grebbers kill people regularly. The only way to really tackle one is in a coordinated group that ideally includes a wright or two.

What superstitions do you have?

When I leave my room my toys come to life and go inside my books and have adventures. Whenever I switch toys onto different shelves it causes them a lot of stress because the group dynamic changes and not everyone likes everyone else. My Doctor Strange statue serves as a psychiatrist and Balthier and Alex Rowe spend a lot of time on his couch.

I know you wont give a specific answer, but I think we're all dying to know what you make Sette sound like when you read the comic aloud yourself. You Do give her an accent, don't you? You just refuse to demonstrate?

I promise I don't read with the accents! I'm horrible at accents. It's the rhythm that I'm paying attention to when I read aloud.

You down with OCP?

If you meant ICP, no, not really. If you meant OCP I'm too square and I dunno what it is D:

Does Duane prefer Pepsi or Coke? What about Sette, Elka, Jivi and Toma?

Everyone but Duane likes their Beadman's brand soda. Beadman's isn't sold in Alderode. If they were all in our world they'd all like Coke though. Of course.

There needs to be a Coke equivalent in Unsounded. Make it so!

There is one! A whole brand of soda pops called Beadman's Imbiblicals. Sette was drinking a ginger beer flavoured one back at the end of the last chapter. Come on now, I couldn't invent a world and not have sugary carbonated beverages in it. That'd be unAmerican.

Is there a king of Cresce? And if so, does he get mad that his wife does so much seducing and raping?

Cresce doesn't have kings. Just queens :) Matriarchal monarchy ftw.

If you got any old model sheets hanging around they'd make a great vote incentive.

I don't make model sheets :( Fortunately someone has just commissioned a Sette model sheet from me so there is one forthcoming in a month or so.

Face cancer isn't funny. I have it. But then, I did rub my face in asbestos ritually every morning and night from the time I was 6 up until I graduated high school.

The Daily Show visited a town in Canada named Asbestos last week. You should track this segment down, you might recognise some kin.

What's your favorite war crime?

War itself is a crime so I always found the distinction comical.

How much equality between the sexes is there in Kasslyne? Are women generally considered as capable as men, or are there restrictions on what they can do/wear/etc.? Elka gives me great hope for at least Cresce being relatively progressive.

This depends HEAVILY on what country you're talking about. But we'll have to wait and see what the different societies are like as we get to them in the story :)

What if someone serves you Pepsi because they WANT you to spit it in their face?

Well then I hope they like face cancer because I'm pretty sure Pepsi gives you face cancer.

Can you taste PTC?

No idea.

Okay. Okay, right... coke > pepsi. Right, obviously. BUT... diet pepsi > diet coke. It's a fucking miracle.

Is it? I've never tried Diet Pepsi. Whenever I have to drink Pepsi I take a swig and then spit it out dramatically in the face of my hostess.

(kidding... maybe)

I know I can ask questions forever, so they aren't likely to taper off anytime soon. Will we get elaboration on what Duane meant about seeing Cresce's bitch-queen "seduce, rape and betray"? Her Bitch-Majesty must be a very 'hands-on' type of ruler.

You have to run out of things to ask about eventually! You can't keep up this madness forever! D:

And yes, of course we'll learn more of Her Majesty. Cresce is an interesting place. I daresay we'll be spending most of our time there.

Dwane and Sette are spending a lot of time traveling through the wilderness, or at least, off the main roads. Any wildlife they need to be cautious of?

Mostly grebbers. Big old wolverine things that live near water. Beware.

Would it be fair to assume some non zombies might be referred to as plods in a metaphorical sense? Like real people who work hard & aren't allowed much say in their jobs are called 'robots'; would some live laborers in your world be called 'plods'?

An interesting question. I don't see any reason why not, though I don't imagine the labourer in question would appreciate being called a plod anymore than a labourer here would appreciate being called a robot.

There IS a difference between coke & pepsi. I'll still drink pepsi if it's offered at someone's home, but when I'm paying for it myself, & it's a cola, it MUST be coke!

YES. You get it. You are a bro.

This might be an odd question, but when you write do you use pen and paper or a computer?

A computer. Usually in Google Docs. I type much faster than I write.

Sweating undead is my fetish and I'm very glad you've decided to go in that direction. It's hard to find. So many short-sighted necrophiles stick strictly to the 'realist' school and forego the inherent possibilities of fantasy.

Sweaty undead wouldn't be that hard to explain. You could just say it's condensation, or dew, or they were just running through the sprinklers. People don't try hard enough.

Could you list some of your favourite Western comic writers, other than Moore?

Hrm. Garth Ennis, Jeff Smith, Ted Naifeh. Gaiman did a good job in 1602 but i loathe Stardust so I dunno if he's a favourite. I guess they're all who stand out to me. With a few exceptions, western comics aren't exactly known as sources of great literature.

Beteemes zee vurds thet puoor frum yuoor yuoong muoot send cheells thruoogh my-a chuculete-a muoosse-a. Bork bork bork.


You've ruined my comic. I hope you're happy D:

Just verifying, here. A "galit" is a thinky zombie. A "plod" is a worky zombie. Just as Duane is not a plod, those poor buggers lashed to that cart are not galits. Yes?

In the comic so far, a "galit" is nothing more than what Duane insists he is. He has not defined it. Presuming that a galit is a zombie that can think and speak makes sense for now though, no arguments. A plod is the colloquial name for a zombie that's been put to work, yep.

What are some of your favorite western comics?

I don't follow many anymore except Darkwing Duck, RASL, and the occasional Doctor Strange one-shot. Some favourites over the years have been Preacher, Bone, Strangers in Paradise, Stray Bullets, Courtney Crumrin, V for Vendetta, Watchmen, Darkhorse's Conan... I like a few Batman arcs, some Shazam, classic Doc Strange. The Neverwhere comic by Glenn Fabry has some of my favourite visuals from anything.

Have you read Planetary?


Does Duane think Sette is a muol? Just how /does/ he see their relationship - simply that of protector and protectee?

Mm, I think that's something you have to guess for yourself from what the comic's presented.

Any Tainish swears you could share?

Sure. Quigley called Starfish a "muol," which is literally "servant" or someone you feel is beneath you. Call someone "giw" and you're calling them smelly belch-gas. A lot of harsher insults revolve around accusing someone of being a stain in the khert. Fly on the web, shit in the pipes, pimple on the breast, etc. If you want to sound particularly coarse, "maa prok iwtu iit" would be something like "fucking, frigging piece of shit".

Can you draw a vote incentive pic of Duane drawing a comic strip about fantasy webcomic creators who live in Florida? Sette would be off bugging him on his Formspring account, naturally.


So then, who's your second favorite writer?

Jeff Smith is a damn fine writer - dat RASL - but I think the last comic story that really impressed me was the Courtney Crumrin where Courtney meets the vampire teen. It handled the teen angst nicely. That'd be Ted Naifeh. Anyway, I think I have a bias towards artist/writers.

Is the V in Vliegeng pronounced as a V? I always read it as being an 'f' noise, like in German. Dunno why.

Well, I got the word from going on Google Translate and looking at lots of different translations of "Flying Snake." I liked the Dutch best - vliegende slang - but it it was pretty long so I smushed it all together. Vliegen+g. Is V pronounced like an f in the Dutch? Regardless, the locals have claimed the loanword for their own and are gonna pronounce it like a V.

Why do you say you're weak at drawing?

Because I totally am, dude. I'm decent enough that casual readers probably aren't bothered but anyone who really knows how to draw is going to take issue. There isn't a single page I can look back on and not find something wrong with some bit of drawing. C'est la vie!

Surely Melville?

Melville's my favourite author easily, but I think comic writers are the writers in question.

The neonomicon is Alan Moore's latest Cthulhu Mythos orientated comic. I just wondered if you had read it, it's received some pretty brutal reviews.

Ahh, that doesn't surprise me. The last book of his I read was Lost Girls and... er. I don't think I'd care for Cthulhu stories much (though I can't say I've ever read any).

I suppose I like Moore's classic stuff best, particularly V for Vendetta. Although... while I like Moore the man a lot because he's a grumpy and opinionated old bastard, I wouldn't call him my favourite writer. Don't ask me who gets that honour though because I don't know.

Do you ever get any trollish questions? I hope you know most of your fans aren't dicks. Or even ladyparts.

I don't get as many trollish questions as you might imagine. I do get a lot of questions in general though, woo. I've started deleting the repeats, potential spoilers, and goofy questions a lot more freely, so apologies to anyone who's felt the ax.

Do you enjoy drawing your comics? How much so? Why?

I do enjoy it. I'm pretty weak at drawing but it's my favourite stage of the comic making process. Drawing is the real act of creation, when you're marrying words to visuals.

For some reason, I always picture Duane with a Swedish accent. I think it's the dorky bowl cut & some of his dorky facial expressions on your concept art that does it for me.

Hey man. A Swedish accent is as valid as any other.

Sette's gotta experience a motorcycle ride.

Pssh. You think a motorcycle ride would be cooler than a ride on a fleet-footed giant dog?

Have you read the neonomicon? If you have, what'd you think?

Unfamiliar with it. Unless you're misspelling the book Ash quests for in Army of Darkness :3

What sort of future does Duane want for Sette? Does he have anything in mind, or is he just generally trying to guide her away from the illegal stuff?

Duane makes a point of not thinking too much about the future. He's not supposed to be experiencing one at all. For now he mostly wants to keep her alive and in the process find out what her father is up to.

Do you have a smock and beret for when you paint?

And a nude male model tied up in the attic.

Who would want to poison pigeons? And more importantly, why a spatula for snow whacking? What about whacking pigeons with spatulas? Oh my god it's 3am, should I sleep?!

Never sleep! There'll be time enough for sleeping when you're dead!

Is Duane's accent purely Aldish Durlyne or does he have other elements to it? What does being from Durlyne mean for his Aldish accent?

Sure, if you were a native you'd hear in his voice that he's from Durlyne. You'd be able to tell Tainish is his first language, too. His occasional Tainish mutterings are hint enough of that.

Differences aside, Can Sette's or Duane's accents be likened to any Terran accents (ie Earth)?

I pull from pretty much everywhere in the english speaking world for both of them, with a bit of Huck Finn, a bit of cant, a few Scottish turns of phrase here and there for Sette, but no hard and fast rules. It's more about an impression than any sort of accuracy to anywhere in our world.

I'm going for some degree of distinction between all the accents. The Shartish accent is a nonspecific patois of whatever I think sounds uneducated, a little exotic and archaic, and rhythmic. Aldish is stuffy, stiff, even more archaic. I wanted Crescians and Ulestrians to sound more contemporary, more American/Canadian.

Do you have a DeviantArt?

How is time measured in Unsounded? What year is it?

Seasonal time-keeping for most of Kasslyne is pretty Gefendur-oriented. There are four seasons, each named for one of the four Twins, but no standardized number of days for each. Instead there's a sacred tree in Ulestry's capitol and the seasons are ended and began according to when it begins to flower, or it loses its last leaf, etc. Each country has different systems for measuring the year, so it can be confusing. Right now we're 31 years into the current Crescian queen's reign so in Cresce, at least, it's the fifty-eighth day of Baelar's Quarter in the thirty-first year of Our Exalted Queen Manashairala Sonorie. Rather a mouthful.

Some of us WOULD go out in capes & hats, if we didn't get weird looks for it.

I wonder if they'll ever truly and honestly come back into fashion.

So what is your take on the 'originality' quandary? Do you believe that there are truly any original ideas out there people can strive for anymore? Or is everything in essence just an amalgamation of things one has seen before?

Sure, there are lots of original ideas, but no one wants to gamble on them or put in the effort. Frankly it's not necessary to. We idolize the retread.

Look at what really becomes popular anymore - reimaginings and updates of very old ideas. Just about everything out of Hollywood is a CG-ification of a movie or a comic or a tv show that's decades old. You don't make money these days by being original; you make money by being a stylish distraction.

Has the internet helped with this? Maybe? People can produce whatever they like and get it to everyone around the world now without relying on a publisher or a financial backer, but are they doing it? Most webcomics I can think of aren't exactly bastions of originality or creativity. Short animations (usually from student animators) tend to be a three minute build-up to a tired gag or a trite sentiment. When most poor, student filmmakers set out to make their low budget original film it's eight times out of ten a horror movie.

But I dunno, what do we do to help? Readers and watchers aren't very interested in original productions or illustrations or fiction. My three year old niece has watched Kung Fu Panda approximately five-hundred times. Most kids are like that and I'm not sure we grow out of it as much as we like to think. We crave familiarity. We don't wanna be intellectually challenged in our entertainment. We don't wanna open up our hearts to new characters and have to figure them out all over again. Another version of Alice in Wonderland? Another superhero movie? Another zombie comic? We all know what'll be waiting for us before even going in, and it feels good, man.

Fan media (or porn) is still the best way to get immediate attention on the internet. Only a few people really get their panties in a twist over unoriginality. So I guess I don't blame creators as much as I do consumers for not demanding something new.

Email meeeee!


From where did you draw inspiration for the Vliegeng?

I wanted something like dragons but dragons are done to death. I also needed something for long-range, mass transportation, and something to combat the large-scale offenses of Cresce. So vliegeng fit the bill.

Visually... I dunno, I just think that exposed teeth look is cool looking. They communicate with each other by knocking their teeth and horns together in certain ways.

Thanks, I have just one more question (well, two - firstly is it Ssaelism? A Ssaelist?) to ask about the religion: it would seem particularly sharp if the Ssaelit faith was one that had a very dim opinion of necromancy and the undead. Is this the case?

"Ssaelism" or "Ssaelit" both work as a name for the faith itself. In Tainish, iit or -it mean person/concept/thing, so Ssaelit works as a description of the worshiper or of the religion.

And yes, astute one, that is the case.

I'll get her pez dispensers, then, and sardines. oooh! I'm sure she'd love anchovy pizzas! But not public places where shoes are required.

Take her to the beach!

I can't say I'm surprised. Quigley is far too stylish for that has-been Duane, no?


If I wore an opera cape, waistcoat, suit and top hat for you, could I get a hug?

How 'bout a handshake.

Would Duane & Quigs get along well if they had met under better circumstances?

No :/

What's the most elegant style of dress?

I think we should all go back to dressing in opera capes and top hats.

I'm really looking forward to seeing your snowy landscapes, but how do you personally feel about drawing them?

Snowy landscapes are awesome! And they are easy. And pretty and dramatic and full of sparkle. I've lived nearly my whole life in Florida so I didn't know anything about a real winter when I moved to Connecticut for a year. The first time it froze overnight, I went to drive to work in the morning only to find a sheet of ice on the windshield of my car. I had no idea what to do so I whacked at it with a spatula D: And the first time it actually snowed and I had to drive on unplowed roads? I spun out a block from my apartment and then inched back home to tearily ring up my boss and tell him if I had to drive again that morning I would gnaw the skin off the backs of my hands. Also I was in such a state that I left my headlights on and my battery died.


But aside from having to drive in it I found snow awesome :3

Would you accept an invitation to go poison pigeons in the park? :D

What? No! Don't do that.

I donated $10, but I want it to go to Sette's schooling if that poor kid can't read. Surely Duane or someone can trick her into literacy. Maybe introduce her to the lucrative worlds of forgery and embezzlement?

I'm not sure Sette can be taught to read, she's pretty dyslexic and entirely too proud. Someone would have to really sit down with her and exercise great patience. And they'd have to bring an antiseptic ointment because she'd bite them in the face a lot.

Are there clowns in the Unsounded universe? Please say no. D:

Now that you mention it, I'd been thinking the story could use some clowns. Of course, it might be best to keep things simple and just apply make-up and malevolent wigs to the giant crows.

Pink Sniper? Can I ask why?

For great lulz.

Following on that "good is evil" question, what do you think Bizarro Duane and Sette would be like? I'd ask about Bizarro Toma and Elka, but I think they'd just switch personalities.

Bizarro Duane... would be Murkoph, haha. He'd give in to his desire to eat people and roam the land dining on baby-pie. He'd be utterly illiterate, godless and foul-mouthed, have an irrational love of the Crescian monarchy, dress in snazzy black leather, and wear a little silver skull stud in his left ear. He'd change his name to D-man because he's THE MAN.

Bizarro Sette would run an orphanage and live an ascetic lifestyle. She'd really hate fish.

I have a husky. Would you stab a dog? You seem to like them.

You're right, I wouldn't stab a dog :( Now you know my weakness. Please don't send a dog after me.

What would be the tipping point in popularity that would turn you more towards producing a book? How much more popular would Unsounded have to become?

Google's index page would have to celebrate the comic's next anniversary.

How can I learn Tainish?

Hire Duane to tutor you. He works cheap. He'll proselytize though, just a warning.

In the event Unsounded gets popular enough and you move past your anti-money tendencies, what kind of format would an Unsounded book be? Hardcover or softcover? Thin or thick?

Softcover definitely! 3 chapters per volume. New cover art. An illustrated glossary. A short b/w comic about life in Sharteshane.

What would an alternate "evil is good" Unsounded universe be like?

I think in that universe, all things considered evil in Unsounded's current incarnation would become good. But what is evil and what is good? Very subjective concepts.

What's your deepest shame as an artist?

I don't draw that well. My typography and design skills are also ass. It's really hard to pick just one shame because everything I do makes me want to crawl under a rock.

Is Sette gonna stab Starfish in the balls? Please?

What makes you think they wouldn't both get along smashingly?

How many pages will chapter 4 be? (can't wait :D)

It's not done yet D: But it's close. I'm guesstimating 77 pages.


Laying in bed. Should sleep but procrastinating instead. Sleeping just makes me more tired when I wake up.

You mentioned a couple of times that Chapter 3 was kind of a slog for you, so why was that? It's got the cool introduction of the god mythologies and the scene with Duane and Sette at the picnic table is charming as hell.

Thank you <3 But you have to admit the scenery and most of the art in that chapter was pretty boring. Lots of talking heads against dreary rain-streaked nebulous forest. Not much fun to draw. Also, I did major edits to Duane and Sette's argument, going back and adding a whole new page and panels to it just a week before it got posted. I angsted hugely over that scene because I deviated from my script big-time in laying it out, and I'm still not sure I was wise in doing so. What one gives away seems less important than what one keeps hidden. Anyway, time will tell and all that.

I am super disappointed you will not elaborate on the design of the Gefendur as your depiction of them forms two of my favourite pages in the comic so far - but that is that. Enjoy your Walmart soda; I hope it tastes like shame and the betrayal of hope.

You are so adorable when you despair. I would see more of it. Have you a pet I might stab? <3

How is torture regarded in the Unsounded universe?

Kind of a vague question. What sort of torture? To what degree? Where exactly in the universe?

Would Sette literally want someone kissing her feet, or just figuratively? I mean, those ARE some dirty feets she's got.

Figuratively, naturally.

Has anyone ever told you your personality is like Haruhara Haruko from FLCL?

I can't imagine anyone who knew me would, as that's not really me. I have my manic moments, I suppose, but for the most part I'm pretty zen. I only ever saw bits of FLCL but that chick was pretty zany, no?

So, hows donations working out? I did my part!

The donations were awesome. Most of it has to go to bills but I'm putting some away for some traveling I'll be doing later in the summer. You are generous and kind and probably smell lovely. I hope you continue to find the comic worth your pecuniary attention.

Were there any languages that inspired the history of Tainish? The division between original, "sacred" Tainish and common, spoken Tainish makes me think of Sanskrit/Prakrit a bit.

I am not knowledgeable of this Sanskirt/Prakrit division! I shall have to research.

I will tell you a secret, do not repeat it: the look and sounds of Tainish were loosely inspired by the few foreign lines uttered by Dark-users in Vagrant Story. Ssshhh.

So what made you choose norse mythology for that project?

I'm not terribly certain. I went through periods of fascination with Greek and then Norse mythology when I was a wee lass, and I suppose I thought that using elements from one of them for a college project was a good idea. Do you know the stories around Balder and Hod(occasionally Hodur)? They're rather poignant.

Happy mothers day! Sette is totally your kid. She gets you a fish.

Oh, no, the fish has mercury in it! I ingest it regardless and gain superspeed! Pretty good day.

Are you surprised at how fondly fans view Starfish?

I refuse to believe anyone thinks fondly of Starfish. I like to believe they're being ironic.

Oooh, what's she like when totally hammered?

Probably exactly how you imagine her.

Have you forgotten that I was, in fact, working on an Unsounded soundtrack (say that ten time fast)? Does this make me an intrepid reader?

You are intrepid to the power of ten. You are tentrepid.

Are you really doing a soundtrack? Oh, lawd.

So Duane's kind of an elitist dick then? I can forgive some scholarly snobbishness ("why can't everyone appreciate fine education the way I do, sighh~"), but hating on people due to lack of wealth and social standing is just wrong. Lousy snob-zombie. >:C

I don't know that I'd judge the galit by how he responded to a man who was proving himself in all ways to be of the lowest, most disgusting character. If Duane does have biases they certainly don't stop him from throwing himself in harm's way - repeatedly - for Sette the street-imp.

Have you ever had a writer's (or artists) block? I mean serious blockage here - months long. What did you do to best it? I've had one for the past five years and I need to get over it so I can be boss again.

I've never had real -artist's- block. Even when I don't feel like working on a specific project there are always others, or just doodling for fun. Drawing is such a mechanical thing, it's easy to do it without thinking about it and without much effort, like breathing.

Writing though, that's a whole 'nother ballgame. I've often had writer's block in the past; periods where the voices of characters just abruptly stop, and I don't feel like I know them anymore. In a lot of cases I never get over it. In my wake rot the corpses of a thousand abandoned ideas.

I think abandoning ideas and projects and characters is sometimes the only thing to do. Some things we hold on to out of habit, or maybe out of a fear that we'll never think of something better. There are a lot of ideas that can be psychic vampires, sucking out all our energy to create and yet never allowing themselves to creep out of the shadows and be realised. These bitches have to be exorcised and burned.

Of course, there might be a fine line between abandoning dead and unhealthy ideas, and exercising a bit of willpower and MAKING ourselves write the unfun stuff between the high points. Chapter 3 was not a fun chapter for me and I often just didn't frigging want to work on it. But I knew it needed to be in there so I made myself progress. It sucks but stories aren't always about our favourite things. Sometimes ya gotta slog.

If the block is deeper than all this though, you may just need to sit down with yourself and figure out the reasons why you can't create. Ask the right questions and then you can work on finding answers.

Will we ever see Sette drunk?

I promise this.

Is Duanne a prude? That is - would he vehemently and loudly (and ultimately futiley) object to Sette being any less than absolutely fully dressed when outside? I can't imagine /she/ would care, but he seems (to put it lightly) to be of different stock.

Bizarre as it may seem, I can't answer this question properly without including spoilers.

Pymary belongs to the upper class, and only the wealthy can become wrights, right? If so, was there some class snobbery in Duane's contempt for Bett's back-alley spellcasting? Like a "how dare this commoner attempt a nobleman's pursuit"-type attitude?

Have you picked up on that in retrospect then? Excellent.

Is Sette cute when she's furious? (she is totally cute then she bites off your arm)

Sette is cutest when she's angry, I've found. When she's conniving and bragging and swaggering she's at her least adorable.

For some reason, I always imagined Duane being bald. or at least buzz cut styled.

Well, he's certainly bald at the moment.

I seem to have the uncanny ability to check here as you answer, so we must be on a similar schedule. Your voting incentives seem to post your ranking on the webcomic list in question (from 40 to ~20, by my reckoning) - how do you feel about that?

At first, when I noticed that, I was like yeah! I'm going to do incentives every day and RULE THE WORLD. But quickly I decided that is very dumb. I mean, now that Phoenix Requiem is done, look what kind of um, stuff, is in the top ten. I don't want to catch fleas.

(I'm a secret snob)

Can we get a new vote incentive during this posting break? I needs mah exclusive vote lewt! (in the form of jpegs)

We'll see. If I post anything up I'll let you know on Formspring - I hate to clutter my RSS up with incentive announcements, how crass.

Is Little Gods about the godly twins of Kasslyne? Who is the bearded dude? He looks incredibly beast.

Haha, no. Those are pages from my college thesis, a really awful short comic about Balder and Hod (as in the Norse gods) as children. I still drew that poorly even in my senior year of college, be amazed.

How do you get your friends to call you by your "internet persona" name and not your real one?

It helps to not have any friends left outside of the internet :)

Does Jivi's pirate queen fish ma exist outside his head?


What did you used to draw like when you were much younger (early teens perhaps)? Are there any pictures you can show us? Please?

When I was a teenager I was pretty into Disney, although this largely revolved around an obsession with Darkwing Duck. I had an idea for my own Disney duck superhero, this little kid with lightning powers named Bolt. He also had a talking cat named Arrow. I spent many years trying to make a origin comic for these two, continuously doing the same pages over and over. I still have most of them, charmingly enough.

Here was my first attempt at my Bolt and Arrow comic, I think it was in sixth grade -

Here was my penultimate attempt years later in high school -

There was a final version where I switched to SRS BSN black and white but that was lost somewhere or other. Anyway, you can explore a few in-between versions in that same directory - There was no Photoshop back then (not in my house anyway) and I was pretty sure Crayola markers were the only markers in existence. I used to let new ones sit out with the caps off so I could scumble-shade with them after they'd dried out. Pretty brilliant of me, I'd say.

Anyway, if you look very, very carefully, you may just find the prototype of something quite Unsounded-related.

I've been told I look like a skinnier Brandon Lee. Odd, as neither of my parents are Asian. I don't see it.

I don't think Brandon looked all that Asian. Show me a photo of yourself and I shall judge.

Speaking of riches and fame, is it rude to ask how donations are going?

Donations went pretty well! I love my sexy, wealthy readers.

One of my friends decided to give me a heart attack and jokingly donate 1000 dollars though, so when I checked Paypal on Wednesday morning I shit a whole palate of bricks. Of course I was nice and refunded it (I shouldn't have).

So what other types of art and artists exist in the world? (I will never stop coming up with questions.)

You will have to wait and see!

What do you enjoy most about being a comics artist?

I like that I can do it all myself and I can make progress quickly. I tried animating by myself and I tried making a video game by myself. Got nowhere. Always had to consult other people. But not with comic books. They are great for sociopaths.

What is your opinion on comics as a medium?

Comics are DA BEST. You can do anything in them, they don't require a staff of hundreds to create, and they're guaranteed to make you rich and famous. Hohoho!

How are you enjoying your hiatus?

It's only a hiatus from posting pages. I'm otherwise working my ass off as usual :)

Is that... true? Crow porn?

*cough* Brandon Lee as The Crow porn. Used to be quite a fan.

Is giant puppy wrangler the best job on Kasslyne or what?

Have you been around many puppies? They love to bite. Now imagine a puppy that comes up to your navel.

Ah, but how long before you could draw a proper hen?

You are a silly person.

Murkoph should really comb his hair.

He combs his hair all the time-- OH. You mean the hair on his head :3

Who's this Will chap with the artificial arm?

You won't see him for a long, long time. Put him out of your head for now :)

What are your views on nudity vs porn? That is - do you consider all nudity to be porn, or do you have a more layered view?

There is a definite distinction. Nudity ain't no thang. It's a person without clothes on. Angora in The Meek isn't porn, she's just cold.

Porn is something that is designed first and foremost to titillate. A picture of a guy standing there naked is just a picture of a guy standing there naked. However if the guy is as hard as a trigonometry exam, has nipples encircled by whipped cream, and there's a lot of red velvet or black leather in the background, this might be porn. I don't think the distinction is that subtle to most people but there's a spectrum of tolerances.

What I sometimes have trouble with is porn that has all this ART around it. Do there need to be elabourate sticky sex scenes in stories? If they don't add something to characterization or to the plot somehow, then they're about as pointless as showing every time a character eats or goes to the bathroom. So if you do show whole sex scenes that don't have much going on beyond the old in and out, I would guess it's to titillate the reader. Have you made your story into porn then? I don't know.

What time zone are you in?


Does the Unsounded world have land squids? The Unsounded world needs land squids. Sette needs one on a leash as a pet, or riding her shoulder.

I approve of land squids. Someone should do something with land squids. I can't be trusted with them however. Too many tentacles.

I think you started something--eels now decorate my macroeconomics book. >.> Anyway, I was wondering, who is this fellow 'Bastion' I keep hearing about in the comments? --Hazel

He is an oily sort of fellow. You'll meet him briefly next chapter.

Crows? really?! Crows are HAWT! Are you gonna be drawing some sexy crow pr0nz for us? *drools*

When I was a younger, shallower person I had a sketchbook full of Crow porn. Ya know, I think I was twenty-two before I could draw a proper cock.

Have you ever read Name of the Wind? Lies of Locke Lamora? First Law Trilogy? Way of Kings? (I'm going to keep firing till I hit something.)

No to all of 'em! I don't read fantasy novels unless someone trusted and tried is hanging off my clothing clawing at my body and shrieking about how awesome a certain title is. That's how I read Perdido Street Station, some of the Drizzt books, the Jhereg series, and the like. I really prefer classic literature; it's like holding a séance and speaking one to one with the deceased.

Damn, now I want to see an Aldish opera. So...?

In the far future, there's a plot event that takes place around an Aldish opera. Until then, watch Repo: The Genetic Opera frequently. The music's wretched but the sentiment's not far off :3

Unsounded made me want to draw an eel, so I drew an eel. AND NOW I CAN'T STOP. D:

Man, I know where you're coming from. I used to randomly stick eels into all my illustrations just because they're so sinuous and creepy and full of evil. I can't counsel you to stop drawing eels. Draw them everywhere. Break into a stranger's home and draw eels on their sleeping face.

If you're an Oliver Sacks fan, there's an interesting anecdote about a man with visual cortex degradation and the dreams of those with such disorders in 'The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat'.


When is the moment when you felt the most elation?

Is it sad that no particular moment in my life springs to mind? I've had a pretty good run so far but it's been rather unextraordinary, on the whole. Maybe it was sometime in high school. High school was good to me.

Is Duane an opera buff?

He is! Opera is what all the cool kids are into back home. Aldish opera is a bit different from our Wagner and Puccini though. Better special effects. More casualties. Occasionally downright pornographic.

Is that snakelike figure in the smoke of the burning wight you taking artistic license or is it really, actually there?

Who can say, dear reader.

I don't supposed you'd do idea evaluations? *shuffles feet and looks at ground sheepishly*

For you, sure. Just email me. If it's out of my preferred genre though, I'm not sure I'll be much help. Sometimes life boils down to taste and aesthetic.

do you dream in colours?

Yes, but I don't often remember my dreams. Doesn't everyone dream in colour though? I thought it was an old wives' tale that some people dream monochromatically.